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Launch a penguin as far as you can.
Fly fast, bounce high, brilliantly escape obstacles in all locations.

Upgrade your penguin to become the best on the leaderboard.

We Love You. Enjoy.


Subscription options

We have the following subscription periods in our game:

1. Weekly Diamond Membership offers a weekly subscription for $7.99 after a 3-day free trial. It unlocks 1 Unique Vip bat and removes all ads. The subscription also provides 5000 free coins on a daily basis or more depending on your upgrade level. And finally 50% discount for all in-app purchases.

2. Monthly Diamond Membership offers a monthly subscription for $19.99. It unlocks 1 Unique Vip bat and removes all ads. The subscription also provides 5000 free coins on a daily basis or more depending on your upgrade level. And finally 50% discount for all in-app purchases.

3. Yearly Diamond Membership offers a yearly subscription for $99.99. It unlocks 1 Unique Vip bat and removes all ads. The subscription also provides 5000 free coins on a daily basis or more depending on your upgrade level. And finally 50% discount for all in-app purchases.

End of trial and subscription renewal

This price is established for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

Canceling trial or subscription

You can turn off the auto-renew for the subscription whenever you want to through iTunes.

Check When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed. The current active subscription period can not be canceled. After your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use elements included in Subscription option.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at

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Ok first of all the penguins in this game are so adorable!! Penguins are my favorite animals and I have never had an app or game that has my favorite animal. The ads don’t bother be because they are really quick ads for me plus you can get tons of coins and diamonds with them. The ads for me are like 5 or 10 second ads. I don’t know why there are so many bad reviews on this game. This game is really good in my opinion. I was first not sure downloading this game but as soon as I opened it I fell in love with it its amazing. It’s really entertaining too. With online school you only get a little bit of a break in the day, so instead of me watching and not being able to finish a movie or and episode I just play this game. I also found bow masters and party masters violent and boring. I have been playing this game for the last three weeks and it has been amazing. It’s taking a long time to finish but the longer the better! So in conclusion I love this game. I hope there are other games that you guys will make similar to this!

- Nice F2P Game.

This game is pretty fun, looks good, and runs pretty smoothly for the most part. There is a bug where if you bounce on your initial decent from launch you get stuck in the air and endlessly fly but it doesn’t track your score when this happens so it’s not too big of a deal. I’m not sure if this is a bug either but at the end of each launch I still get an ad whether I wanted bonus coins or not. It’s pretty annoying because the ads for not getting bonus coins are only about 2-4 seconds shorter than the ones for bonus coins. Also the ad banner at the bottom makes it very hard to plan bounces especially in cracks in the ice or on the small penguins, made shift the banner to the top or corner somewhere. Finally I beat this game pretty quickly for only playing it for a few days. I think the amount of gold you earn should be scaled down by like 10-15%. Maybe lower the amount of passive gold you get while off the app too. After you max out ( and it happens very quickly for how many coins they give you) you have nothing to do with all this money the game keeps giving you. Maybe add some skins you can buy with coins that are pretty expensive for more late game playability. Maybe add special perks for using different skins? These are just a couple ideas I had to make the game more enjoyable, either way solid game and it was fun👌

- Massive amount of ads

The gameplay is alright, and the art style is pretty nice, but that is all I can give to this game. I do understand that this app is free, and the developers need to make money somehow, but having a 30-second, unskippable ad after EVERY round doesn’t do this game any good, as it will just drive people away more than it would make them stay and earn the developers money. I’ve only been playing this game for about 10 minutes, and I already want to bash my head repeatedly after sitting through the same ads for the same 5 or so games. Looking at all the other people who wrote a review, I’m pretty sure they all want to bash their heads as well. Yes, I know you can pay $3.99 for the removal of ads, but why would you? The concept of the game isn’t all that original, there’s many more apps that play the same and don’t have so many ads to the point I’m pretty much FORCED to pay if I don’t want to go insane. This game stood out to me because the graphics looked appealing and the storyline was kind of funny, as well as the fact that I like these types of games, but I’ll just go download another similar game as this one is virtually unplayable. Please, cut down on the amount of ads. When you do, you will see so many people flood in and download your app, and actually enjoy the game.

- To. many. ADS!

Ok,Ok, I’ve seen a lot of people complain about ads. I’ve just seen the ad and it looked fun! You could draw your arrow ( which is the exact opposite you could do in the real game). But in the real game. So many ads! I knew that other people where right. I thought they were just overreacting but they were being real! The game is kinda fun but it gets boring and every four seconds I get an ad. So annoying. I do not want to get premium because it is a waste of your money. Why you may ask.? It’s because the game is not fun at all and it’s kinda a waste of storage because you can’t play really because there’s too many ads. this rant is for purposes. It’s not for a joke. I think that they should like remove all the ads even though I got this from a ad. See, like Minecraft for example. Minecraft has a few ads so you can download it and in the game there are no ads. Idk why. And roblox too. I don’t think this games Fun. DONT GET IT. It’s a waste of your time and your life. I am here to report that this game is kinda.. not kinda.. really boring and there is no purpose. A penguin is in love and he asked a polar bear to help him. This is a very weird game but whatever you do, don’t buy it. It’s a waste of your time.

- Cute and fun 😊😊🤗🤗

So I like this game a lot!!! I wouldn’t say it’s my FAVORITE but it’s really cute! I love the concept of the game and it’s pretty challenging. The dances are cringy but I’m a cute way. The only thing I don’t like is the “Piranha death”. So I read a previous review saying “if the game is for kids then I don’t think the piranha death should be so bloody”. So of course I’m curious to see what that is...(because that’s what tweens do.😐) Annnnnnnnnnnnnd eventually I saw it.😧😞 That TERRIFIED me! (Well I’m kinda be dramatic) WAS THAT BLOODY OR WHAT. Poor penguin! Sooooo.... that good that my little brother didn’t see that because he watches me play this a lot. But I love the game the reviews are LIES! (Welllll not all of them.) But I love the game! (P.S I reviewed late I got this game long long

- Ok

So, when I was looking at the reviews for this app most of them were bad and saying of how there are too many adds. I got this game with low expectations (since I haven’t liked their previous games) but actually found it fun. The game doesn’t have that many adds. My only problem with it is that it is a lot like learn to fly 1 and 2. Don’t get me wrong, I like it better than learn to fly mobile, but it’s just a lot like the computer games. My other problem is that it doesn’t have a bunch of attachment power ups. I get that I doesn’t want to be too much like learn to fly, but in my opinion it just makes a bit harder. I actually meant to get golf masters but accidentally got this one instead. (Don’t ask how I managed to do that.) Other than that, I do recommend it to people who want to get it. It’s free and really you only have to pay for the diamond membership.

- Horrible( no offense)

First it says u can draw ur weapon, Then I download it, oh BIG surprise there is nothing about that in the game. That is a scam. U guys are mean scamming a poor 9 year old here!!!! Like come on!!! And second, there is nothing exiting in the game to do!!! I honestly think it’s boring and lame, I mean don’t get me wrong it’s ..... Cool, it’s just here’s my opinion..... There should be more to the game than just simply hitting a penguin 🐧 I mean thats the only thing u can do in the game, to me u ALL must have a different opinion. I mean it may be bad now but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix it up better. Here are some suggestions: Fix it up to where u can draw ur weapon. And add mini games to where there’s a lion 🦁 hitting a zebra all the way to a frying pan 🍳 or something. And make it toward u can press animals and learn about them. Or make a hide and seek with a human. Now let’s try to make this better shall we? Thank u for understanding 😁😝✅😄🥰😅. Bye bye!!!!!!!

- So Many Problems... FIX IT!!

Problem #1) TOO MANY ADS! Every single time I open this app, I automatically have to close out of 3 advertisements BEFORE I even begin playing the game.. AND it happens after almost every “game” which makes enjoying the gam3 extremely difficult. Problem #2) I have noticed a MASSIVELY TERRIBLE Audio/video sync.. that in itself wouldn’t be so bad if the app didn’t try to make up for all the sounds it missed when it stops glitching... the annoying hodgepodge of sounds that occurs about 8-10 seconds after launching my penguin, and then the sound glitches repeatedly afterwards.. Problem #3) Gameplay glitch that makes it so the penguin never bounces.. I have experienced this multiple times, I know when you tap the screen the penguin bounces down to the ground, but when this glitch occurs the penguin remains above the ground and never bounces no matter if you tap the screen.. the only way I’ve been able to rectify it is by closing out of the app and re-opening the app..

- The bug

Ok so I was playing the demo game and it was working fine until the penguin started reaching the ground. It kept going into the lake and it wouldn’t stop. Then it got into a snowball and that kept going into the lake and the snowball kept getting bigger. The snowball hit the seals, as it should, but the snowball won’t go away. The exit button was still there, but the x didn’t let me go out. Now my screen on this one app is just a huge snowball falling into a lake and coming up and falling back down and coming back up. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen in the actual game. I’ve played the actual game and it’s not that great. I really don’t like this game. The piranha part is too bloody, the graphics/animations are strange, and the bug is just annoying. Besides, beating a penguin with a bat?? That’s just too much. Please fix this game or make it better. Please.

- Almost perfect

Really like this game and it’s almost Perfect the one problem I found is is that there are too many ads After every try there’s an option double your coins for an ad and even if I don’t there’s always an ad and if you want to open your treasure chest it’s another ad I think I would give this a five star review if they would just take away some at I get that a free game needs money but this is just crazy I want to correct myself this is the day after posting this review and the already took away more than half of the ads so I changed it from 4 to 5 stars

- Fun but lots of ADs

Game play is simple, straightforward and overall fun but after each ‘kick’ as the game calls it, there is an AD and you can only skip maybe 5-10% of them. Even if you choose the option to get less points you are thrown into an AD. The problem come when you have accumulated lots of money and can upgrade the 4 upgradeable sections to 100, and no further. Then you just collect money and watch AD’s for no reason because the AD only increase the amount of money you get and not the number of jewels used to improve your ‘kick’. If each object used for a ‘kick’ could be upgraded to 100, then it might solves the issue. As of right now I have millions of coins but nothing to buy with them. I think this game was created just for a way to get an ad click to make money.

- What’s the point

I got the 3 day free VIP trial, which I was excited the game offered because it meant the game would be Ad-free which is the only way to go. This game is unplayable if you leave the ads active. What is laughable is that after the 3 day trial, VIP costs $8.99 per WEEK. Which is outrageous for pretty much any game, but I don’t even have words for how outrageous that is for a game like this. That’s still not the funny part. The funny part is that the devs must actually be pranking us. Or themselves. I couldn’t even use up the free trial to have to find myself worrying about the gigantic price tag on the game. There’s no need to pay a cent. I unlocked everything the game has to offer within a couple of hours. There’s nothing else for me to even do. How boring. What a stupid joke and what a waste of time. Thankfully, that’s one free trial I can cancel right away without a second thought. It was fun while it lasted, though.

- This is miss leading game

When I got this game I was looking to see where to draw the weapons like in the commercials and it wasn’t there .there is no drawing the weapons and I look forward to that I looked all around and there’s no drawings weapons and that’s the reason I really wanted the game so if you want the games of the drawing I don’t recommend I normally don’t do this but I feel like there’s other people like me that want to draw the weapons and I feel ripped off and I feel very offended by that because if you have any commercials for a Game you should have everything on the commercial so if you don’t want a lot of add or you wanna draw the weapons don’t recommend this game because I have a lot to add but no drawing weapons I don’t feel offended by that so don’t get the game if you wanna draw weapons so that’s all but keep in mind that you can’t draw weapons but there’s a lot of ads

- The Masters Series Review

Bowmasters. Partymasters. Bouncemasters. Pinatamasters. Even Hitmasters for all that matter. This review is for all of them. Bowmasters tries so hard to make a good game. The fortnight dances. The skins based off of pop culture icons. The Gosh-forbid SHARK!!! For Partymasters. Them too do the exact same thing, but it’s an idle game. Where you perform Make It Rain over and over again. Bouncemasters, the game where you have the polar bear hit the penguin with a bat so he can get to his girlfriend. Great campaign! WALK, boi! Pinatamasters is where you save the city from piñatas. With a shotgun. Hitmasters is where you play Bowmasters but with guns AGAIN! Wait, forgot one! Tank Stars. The less obvious Masters-series game because it doesn’t have “masters” in its name. But it’s Pocket Tanks. All over again.

- Just a little bit too many ads

Ok, the game is really good. I really enjoy playing it. But there’s too many ads. Ok I know your putting ads to make money but enough is enough. Like you have a ad every time you die and if you don’t won’t the bonus then you click the regular money that you get but you still get an ad so I don’t get why you will put a ad on both. And this is a problem I have for many games like this, so if there’s a free upgrade for something and you don’t want the free upgrade you can’t upgrade again until you get the free upgrade so it’s forcing you to watch the ad so you can upgrade that thing again. Well I mean it’s a good game I enjoy but theirs way too many ads.

- Great, gems

First off the game is amazing. I love the fact that there is daily challenges even more with a reward for completing all 5 of them. The fact that you don’t have to watch an ad for 1-5 gems or buy them is great. You can collect them fairly often in a regular hit. My only downside is a couple of ads. They can be annoying but when I’m low watching them helps with an upgrade. Also if you’re reading this please tell everyone it’s an ad for the free chest. Just in case they don’t know. Can you add maybe new bears of penguins. Keep up the great work!

- Bugs are not fixed lol

So this game is somewhat enjoyable except for the fact that it keeps freezing and sometimes the penguin comes down and goes back up and disappears and no matter how much I tap the screen it won’t come back down and I tested it one time because I could still press the pause button etc.. so I put my phone down and just watched it continuously go for 10 mins without the penguin ever coming back down and not able to bring it down. Also it’s annoying that there is an unskippable ad after every single round. Plus no matter how many “amazing kicks” I get or how much I upgrade my bat I have an extremely hard time getting anywhere. I hate games where after awhile there is nothing left to do and basically the coins are worthless. So I’m going to delete the game because it’s junk.

- Bounce this game

What a great game. Simple to learn. Nice graphics. Uncomplicated gameplay. All the makings of a very addictive experience and completely ruined by ads. I have a large number of games that I play daily that contain advertisements. This game, however, takes advertising to a new level. Every single effort in this game is followed by an ad. A fairly long ad. It’s actually an advertisement that you download here, with occasional gameplay. What a shame. See for yourself. Download and play this “game” and see how long it takes you to quit because of all the incredibly annoying and disruptive advertisements. See Jetpack Joyride for how a very similar game does it right, and has you playing regularly, for months-years. This “game” lasted less than an hour for me. Wise up App developers. There’s LOTS of competition out there.

- Great game but....

So apparently there’s a glitch lol. I hit the penguin and as he went over that purple planet that looks like it was kind of bitten into, he came back down but never hit the ground. I spent like 10 minutes watching my screen continue on with the game, but without the penguin bouncing on anything. Of course I let it continue just to see how far it would go, but as I reached 300,000 I tapped my screen for the penguin to come down & that just made the screen go faster. The last number I saw on the screen was 3,595,156, buy I noticed the screen wasn’t going to stop and I had to go back to main menu. Kinda bummed... Kinda over it... #ehh

- Advertisement Content

I just began playing this game last night and I loved it and won. However, I have two complaints regarding advertising. My first concern is there is way to many advertisements. People might delete this app because of the boring, continuous ads. I recommend to lower the ads so people can play easier and faster. My biggest concern is the content on this game. There are 3 out of 10 ads for +4 and 7 out of 10 for kids over 9. There are three bigger kid ads (+17) about Sniper 3D. The worst part is is that there are playable ads too. Kids under 17 can be playing in a legal, wrong way. Please remove all ads that are for +10 and conceded age levels and content.


I love it it’s so cute stop making bad reports it’s so cool I think that there’s nothing wrong with it I haven’t been getting any bugs or a lot of ads so stop with the drama whoever is reading this you should really get it it’s the coolest game and it’s really fun but you can’t draw the weapon but it’s still really cool you can earn the weapons with coins not real coins fake game coins my brother laughs he loves this game If this person is going to get this game it’s so cool and it is amazing I had a bunch of weird discoveries but it’s really cute and fun and really funny Bounce masters is one of the best companies

- I’m on the phone and love it

I’m on a roll and a few days off and then a half day in a week with a friend and a family to a birthday party for a while and I will take it to the next couple of weeks and I will take care of it and then I sale the app and I will take a look and I will take it to the store and I will take it to the shop and I will take a photo of you on your own I know I have it for a long and long but I’m a bit worried I know how long I have it for the rest and a little long but it is really fun I

- So many ads it’s unplayable...

This is typical adware freemium garbage. The gameplay is fine enough but after every swing - “Do you want to collect your coins or watch an ad to double the amount?...DOESN'T MATTER! Watch this 30 second ad anyway!” It’s so much advertising it breaks what little game there is to play. The ads are longer than the segments of gameplay. And I know what you’re thinking, well I’ll try it out and if the game is fun I’ll pay a few bucks to play it ad free. Good thought...oh wait! “Disable ads for $7.99 PER WEEK” you think this game is worth a subscription of $32 PER MONTH?! This is predatory garbage that uses cute animation to attract young customers, who aren’t paying attention, into a ghastly subscription. Stay away, shame on this crap, go develop a real game ya pukes.

- Great game! Only one problem though

I find this game great and addictive and it’s really fun to play! I just downloaded this yesterday but I already made it to the end! One problem I have with t though is it’s lack of nothing to do when you finish. Sure you can try to make it to the first on the global leaderboard but I’m not that experienced. You can fix this problem by simply adding an infinite map where you can upgrade your stuff and make it as far as you can. Or you can simply just add more maps. If you can do either of these things I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks! <3

- Mostly Great

I love this game! It’s so fun and I’ll even put up with the ads because I love it. But, there are a couple problems. I updated everything possible with coins in just a few days of playing and now have almost a billion coins and nothing to do with them. Also, the global high score board no longer loads for me. Finally, sometimes after an amazing kick the system like gets stuck after my first bounce so I’m just flying forever until I have to quit the game. Please try to fix all these problems in the next update because I still really like this game.

- Just wow

I love this game but I have found 2 glitches I can’t explain. 1 glitch is that I could reach a 50 air bonus and the 2nd glitch is I fell under the map and got a score of 4mil (but it didn’t save). I think there is an explanation on the second one. I think if you get an awesome kick and then drop down and land in an ice hole you go though the map and infinitely go until you go to main menu. I don’t know if that works but if it does it needs to get fixed. Sorry for the long review :P.

- Fun but can be gory

It is a very challenging and fun game but I have a few problems. When I’m finished bouncing and am collecting my coins it shows advertisements even though I don’t press the button to get more coins. I hate advertisements but I want to watch one to get a chest but I hate that I had ALREADY watched one. And I have a lot of coins but I wish that I could use it to buy bats. And finally, today I discovered something pretty disturbing. I was swimming in the pond and then piranhas came and then there was blood covering my penguin and then, dead penguin. I love this game though. It is very fun. Try it!

- Ad ad ad ad ad

This game could be fun but as others have stated, there’s way too many ads. Ad, ad,play,ad,ad,play. Even when you try to avoid the ads -AD. You don’t want to triple your coins by watching an ad? Too bad you have an ad to watch even if you skip. Don’t forget to watch on Instagram! Ad-ad-ad. I play a lot of games but this game and the ads beat every game I’ve ever played. 2 seconds of game play - 30 seconds of watching Ads. 2 seconds of game...30 seconds of ad. Reading the other reviews, I’m glad I didn’t pay for ad free - sounds like you still get ads. This game is chasing away money trying to get people to invest money... the developers should find a new job- cause this doesn’t seem to be what they are good at.

- Ad Simulator 2020

It’s a shame that there’s a fairly well designed game under all these ads. For every 10 to 15 seconds of gameplay, you need to watch a 30 second ad — even if you click the “I don’t want to watch an ad for 2x the coins, just give me the small amount” you still have to watch an ad. I don’t mind F2P games having ads, a developer needs to be paid for their work. But to have a gameplay to ad ratio as grossly anti-player as this game is, is a bit much in my opinion. And then we get to talk about the $7.99 per week VIP rate. What? Here is a prime example as to why you need your iTunes account locked down under password and don’t give your kids access to buy just whatever they want.

- Way too many ads

So I saw another review talking about how there were too many ads, but then they said they chose the top option after each level. Even if you choose the bottom option after the level, it’ll still give you an ad every time no matter what. I don’t know if this is a new thing since I’ve only been playing it for around a week, but having to watch 15-30 seconds ads after every game gets really annoying. Besides that, it’s a pretty fun game, but please stop putting so many ads after every game. It really ruins the experience.

- SO many ads

Oh my god this game is OVERRATED. You download this game thinking that you are going to enjoy it, but you get what you usually expect from a game like this. It has way to many ads. I usually find these games to be fun for the first few minutes. but then get bored after 3 hours because they are so boring. If you noticed, the game is trying to give you ads when they offer free upgrades for an ad. Overall, this game is good for 5 seconds and if you even get it I suggest deleting it.

- Lesbian Penguin

Okay, so I love how now in days more than ever we have LGBTQ people, and I am not hating that in this game we have a lesbian/bisexual penguin. You can see a female penguin in the beginning and you can also sometimes see a egg being laid, so this means that she is female. I do not know if this was a mistake, but I hope is isn’t, because I love the confidence people have when they come out. It is inspirational! If you don’t want your child to play this because of that then you can simply not download it.

- dont even download it

the game itself is very fun but when you get i to it and there is literally an ad every single round and even an ad to open chests you win while playing. like you can actually watch ads to get free chests and then the ones that you earn in the game then FORCE you to watch them before you can continue to play. i foolishly paid to remove the ads and all it did was remove the constant ad that pkayed every round. i still , however, amd forced to watch ads everytime i accidentally land on a *****%#%^ chest. i actually avoid chests i the game sadly because after all its supposed to be a fun little game not this huge ploy for money. seriously you can still make money and make a decent app.

- Too many ads, no advancement after you beat all stages

It’s a decent game but there’s more ads than there is gameplay time. You can get a good run for like 20 seconds but then there’s a coin multiplier at the end which even if you don’t do you get an ad. Then the chest is another 30 second ad if you get a chest, and then some upgrades are blocked by another ad until you cave and watch it. That’s almost 2 minutes of ads for like 30 seconds of actual gameplay. Also there’s nothing to really do after you get to the penguin girl at the end except try to work yourself up the leaderboard. Oh and the subscription thing which a lot of apps are doing now Is a complete ripoff like always. So 1 star for greediness.

- addicting but issues ...

I really like this game and it’s super addicting. But the ads are a major issue especially since they are after almost every game you play. Also this game ends so fast. I have had this game for a couple days and I have already leveled up on every mode for the penguin and have the highest level bat. I don’t know where to go from here and I am just collecting coins with no where to spend them. I don’t know if they will have an update to add more levels but as of now there is no where to go from here.

- Slow down on the ads

WAY to many ads, when I downloaded the game I thought there was going to be a fair amount of ads just like any other game would do, but this game is just something else. You can’t do anything without watching a 30 second ad sometimes if it leads to nothing. After every round when I try to collect coins (even the smaller grey amount) I will still be greeted with a long and somewhat 30 second ad that I can skip 20 seconds in.. the only way out of it is if you pay for VIP, which for some people is just way to expensive. (8.99 a week!) other wise the game is simple and has simple gameplay.

- Good game but the gems and ads

So, I just wanted a couple of gems so I went to the free gems place on this game. I completed one of the things to earn three hundred something of them and I never got them. So either I’m doing something wrong or that was a scam. so Developer, you need to fix this if you can. Now, the ads, most games have ads that are like five second skippable ads and I’m fine with those but instead after EVERY SINGLE TRY you have to watch a thirty second unskippable ads. On the outside, I’m fine. On the inside, I’m raging. awesome game though other than those two things.

- Really great game but a bug is bugging me!

I didn’t want to record the thing so I’m making a review 1. If this game is for children like me plz take away the horrifying bloody piranha death and it caught me off guard 2.So after I beat the game I wanted to beat my high score but when I was about to land my character was either invisible or stuck in mid-air because if I tried to make him dive he wouldn’t dive and I hated that so fix it 3. TWO MANY ADDS I MEAN HOW MANY ADDS DOES A GAME NEED AND WHEN I DIDNT PRESS X 2

- This game got my hopes up.

This game is really fun I like how you have a like a run to beat, and it’s pretty fun. But in all the ads for this game you got to draw the bat. So when I figured out you couldnt do that I was disappointed. Also can you customize your bird? Like pay coins for another bird. Also at least be able to customize your bat? Also... the ads!! There is an ad every second and it’s really annoying. And when I pick less coins not to watch an ad, I get an ad. When I pause the game there’s an ad! So annoying. I really got my hopes up for this game.

- Awful.

Game is great. I’d play it more often if I didn’t have to watch an ad every time I try to level up, which, mind you, has no other option forcing you to do so or not level up, every time I get a chest, and every time I finish a round. They even have one that has a 30 second ad after you exit the ad forcing you to watch a 30 second ad regardless of whether you opted out of earning the extra coins or not. This game is just constant ads being played while playing the game intermittently. Basically, if you’re going to download the game, be prepared to pay for no ads or watch tons of ads.

- Super fun and addicting

Max leveled all my stuff, and unlocked all but 5-10 bats in about a week or so, but honestly it's a really fun game but I wish you could trade money for gems, I have such a huge accumulation of coins and I've been playing probably just over a month now, even my boyfriend is into the game, constantly asking to play it on my phone when he can, but seriously, super fun game to dink around on but y'all gotta add some more stuff to it or y'all are gonna lose people who pay to play the game

- Idk care about ads I ❤️ this game

The ads are nothing and people say it’s a scam PEOPLE ITS NOT all games do that it’s not just this game so go hate on another game but anyway it’s so much fun I ❤️the little lady penguin so CUTE! And I like how you can bounce on the seals tummy omg I love it and the ads are super short and idc about short ads and I’ve had this game for a long time and no long ads at all but I love this game for the 5th time but everyone SHOULD rate 5 stars on this adorable game!!😘🐧

- Deceiving

Didn’t know that this was a subscription, it’s set up like any free game at first. I don’t want to subscribe to a game for 8 bucks when I can play many for free. They know most won’t read since we’re use to FREE GAMING being free. They probably got a lot of people this way. I have deleted the game because it’s deceitful. Most games ask you to pay first. Not to mention this was an advertisement on another game I was playing and I thought this was cool. Other than that the game is cool, but the developers should have a better way to let individuals know that this is a subscription based game other than me finding out because my Apple account is being charged.

- Too short!

This game was fun, but in like one day I finished the “story line” and in a week I maxed out all of my power ups and have really nothing to do anymore. I’d love maybe more story and boss levels?? Make it more challenging to get the girlfriend! Give us different boost options to buy with our coins while mid air! Maybe if we got a high enough kick we could maybe have a space level where we had to jump on planets and ufos and stuff. This game has tons of potential!

- Beware! Zero Support!

This game has an unreal amount of ads, makes it unbearable to play, so I purchased the game. However, after I purchased the game I was still getting ads, I uninstalled several times and clicked the “restore purchases” button under settings and yet I was still was getting ads. I emailed the developer, with a screenshot of my purchase history to prove I purchased the full version, 4 times over the course of about 3 weeks and still have yet to receive a response. I decided to speak with Apple directly to get a refund but they cannot do anything about it and said I need to email the developer. This developer is a joke!

- Death by ads

Gameplay is ok, but you can’t get into the game due to the amount of ads. I’m aware that it is a free game so they need to make some revenue but I refuse to be bullied into purchasing via ads. I have played a lot of games this is easily top five for ad harassment. Watch an ad to get x4 coins, don’t want x4? Watch an ad anyway! Want to open the chest you kinda earned last game? Watch an ad! Want a free level up? Watch an ad! Do you want to purchase a level? Too bad watch this add first. There was several occasions where I needed to watch 3-4 ads before I could do the next round. Over kill. The art was ok though.

- I am confused

I completed reaching the female penguin and now it just seems to be a free play version to where you see how far you can get compared to other rankers. I also just finished upgrading my abilities to their max, and I have a couple million coins left over. What do I use them for now after everything is upgraded? I am confused. It’s fun to get past the levels to get to the penguin at the end. But once all the levels are cleared, and the abilities are all maxed out, then it just gets boring. Or am I missing additional missions?

- Skip it! Only reason it is high rated is bot reviews

Like this. Could be fun, but is utterly unplayable unless you pay $2 for 3 day VIP, and $4 to remove ads. (What others say is the remove ads is really a less ads option)I guess they are hoping each person spends $6 bucks and keeps playing. Game is overall fun but a bit glitchy. I collected all bats and have nothing to spend coins/gems on in 1 day of playing (a lot of sitting at airport time). $6 for a 1 day game....skip. Another vote to skip for all of the bot review posts driving this game’s rating up. I understand the need for developers to funnel revenue but this is ridiculous and seems fraudulent.

- Fun but ANNOYING 🙄

This game is great an all, but there are way to many ads! You also don’t get to draw yourself a bat. Nope! You get stuck with the bat they give you. If you want this game to get any better, remove at least half of the ads and let people draw their bat like the ad said. I know you get money on all of the ads but if you remove most off them you can still make some money. YouTuber’s might even but you on their channel if you remove the ads! I don’t want to be spending 2.99$ for the ads to be removed. 🙄

- Too many ads

I think this game has a lot of fun perspectives, and can sometimes be very addicting. But the only problem is ads, whereas whenever you get offline earnings, and you click the silver button compared to the one that says X4, or X8, it ALWAYS brings you to a screen that says “Wanna level up?” Do you want to become a VIP?” “ Click here for more information..” I think you should remove that one part of the ad. Actually, remove all parts! Nobody is going to want to do the VIP thing if it keeps popping up.

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- Not too bad

This game is amazing the only thing is you have to collect lots and lots and lots of coins and I just hate it and it’s really dangerous for kids say they think that they can do these things in the world but they actually can’t but I still love this game so much because this penguin wants to find his girlfriend and it’s funny you and he goes looking everywhere because and they gonna have a baby and they gonna have so much fun together and she says no I think it’s hearts gonna be broken and he’s going to be so sad because they were not going to have their life that they hope that they were going to have animals so so so so so so so so so so so sad so I hope you guys liked my comment

- Stop ✋ sending me notifications

Please stop sending me notifications Bouncemasters it is a great game but I do not like the notifications I do not want to so many notifications you’re taking up my iPad storage pretty much and please the diamond membership not much people have people say that this game is a hack there’s a hacker store because people are thinking that you are gonna OutDaughtered I don’t really want to play this game stop sending notifications they’re annoying already

- Amazing game, some suggestions

Such a good game, I highly recommend it! But I’ve found that after you finish and find the penguin you fell in love with, there’s not really much else to do. I think it would be great if there was another map where you’re trying to find something else. Like your parents or another little cute story. It doesn’t even have to be for the penguin, it could be that we’re trying to find someone for the polar-bear that hits us, and then we have to bring it back. And lots of other cute little stories/levels to complete like that. Otherwise I think it gets too repetitive. Other then that, amazing game. And the character things are so cute💕

- Great game only there isn’t enough content

I managed to reach my penguins love in the first 40 minutes of playing the game and after an 2 hours I maxed out all of the upgrades and bought the infinity glove bat. Could you please update the game to remove the level cap or at least give me something to spend all of my spare gold on. Even more leagues wouldn’t be bad as the progress bar is looking a little bland as of beating the game and more bats would always be welcome. Ive also found you can glitch through the floor of the map once your fast enough and once I reached a score of 100k+ my leaderboard broke

- It's fun in all but too many ads

With out a doubt Bouncemasters is one of the first games I play every day but what bugs me is glitches, to many ads and the concept of the game is over in basically the first 5 minutes of gameplay. I wouldn't recommend getting this game if your not syre about it but if you really want it, go ahead. The ads in this game is INSANE! You can't go a level without getting an ad in each one. I have been playing this game for three days now, i'm on level 100 on all the different in game boosts and I basically have a truck load of coins and nothing to use them with. Overall Its an okay game.

- I mean it’s good and all that but.....

Bouncemasters! Is a really good game to play when your bored and it’s WiFi free but there is one problem It’s just that after you fly when you land, there might be a rock or the ice infront of you and you penguin hits it and the game finishes. It’s just not fair that there is the rock or ice that can stop you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Otherwise, it’s a really good game!! Ps. If you don’t want the ads, turn off your WiFi and your data🙂

- Cool game

This game is fun and entertaining you could play with your friends do more Activities and you can play anywhere around the world like the bus, train, plane and car if someone else is driving

- Nothing but ads even after paying $5 for no ads!

Ads and more ads. Paid for the no adds add on for $5.99 only to find it STILL randomly shows ads. And regularly locks options so you can’t use them for periods of time unless you click to watch and ad first! Also pushes for a massive expensive subscription to REALLY cancel all ads after. And really the game isnot even worth the purchase anyway. Steer clear. I’d be pushing for a refund Of the clear false advertisement of “no ads” if it was possible. Scam artists!

- Can’t even take it anymore.

This games scripting is terribly made along with the messages which are broken. All this game is is a gateway for ads so they can make money. It also kills your data, even if you turn it off there are still ad prompts (with terrible grammar) ‘wOw cHesT fOr yOU’ especially seeing it’s a batting based game, hitting it well results in a screen saying, ‘aMazInG kIcK!’ With air horns. To sum this game up. Ads cringe and terrible scripts.


don’t get me wrong the game is fun BUT THERE ARE SO MANY ADS ON AFTER EVERY GAME 1 AFTER COLLECTING A CHEST NOT AFTER USING A AD TO GET IT 1 AFTER COLLECTING IT WHILE PLAYING, IM SOOOOO ANOYED AT ADS I DON’T USE THE FREE WATCH AN AS THINGS BECAUSE I HATE ADS, AND THE STUPID DEVELOPERS ARE DOING THIS BECAUSE THEY WANT MONEY FROM OTHER GAMES COMPANIES AND THEY WANT U TO PAY FOR NO AD BUT THEY HAVE LOST A CUSTOMER I AM DELETED THIS STUPID IDIOT GAMES THAT HAS SO MANY ADS I WANNA KILL THE GAME I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME, ITS FUN BUT ALL THE FUN IS DRAINED AWAY BECAUSE OF ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- It is fun

Let me start this of by saying it is fun and you get to see how much fun it is and you can do everything and get free money for it because you get to buy free money for free and it is fun for you should play it

- Ads =AIDS

It’s actually so trash as you receive an ad after everything you do. It doesn’t even give you a choice and puts you into an ad every single time. It’s also very laggy as the ads cause this as it just doesn’t keep up. I mean like what do u mean. There are way too many ads otherwise this would be fun too play. The ad just ruins everything.

- In wish

The game is fun but to many ads they make it glitch and you can never play to many rocks or trees things like that I just want to play

- Deleting for two reasons.

First of all it’s a simple fun game, but this game has too many ads, and not to be mean the developers are pretty money hungry. I mean I’m not going to pay a weekly subscription just so I can get no ads and some different skins and stuff like that. It would be better as a 1 off payment, and the final reason is THE FLOSS. Why. just. why. It’s not trendy it’s cringe.

- Just an idea

The game is really fun u guys did an amazing job on, but I would love for there to be customisations for the polar bear and the penguin, other than that it’s amazing 10/10

- Glitch

The game is good in itself but there is a glitch in the game how on some rounds the penguin keeps flying above the screen non-stop. It needs an update and I would appreciate it if the glitch was fixed. Also the game is a bit short so youll only get a little story to the game.

- Good-ish

I really like this game but it’s far to easy! I downloaded 4 days ago and have already beat the game. I get that you can play forever, but maybe story mode a bit longer? Overall it’s a good game!


I like the game but the amount of ads is just insane all the creators are trying to do is make money they don’t care how many ads there is all they care about is money it’s so stupid and when your offline it’s even worse because when you try to upgrade u can’t do anything I hate all the ads

- Really fun

I love this game and the way I figured out that if you turn your wifi off you don’t get adds.

- What’s next

I finished everything and there isn’t much to do at the end of the game

- Good not excellent

Very fun would like to add multiplayer with your friends and family plz

- Ads = Cancer

There are just way too many ads. Even if you buy the no ads thing, ads will still appear. If there was a zero star option, I would choose that because of the ads. But talking about the actual game, the dances the characters do are really cringe. Please just stop.

- Too many ads

I get all free games have ads but when you end the round and it says x6 profit for ad and you click normal it gives an ad anyway

- Ads ads and more ads

Look I understand that you need ads but really every time you attempt a 10 second penguin bounce you get a 30 second ad. Ads are longer then game play. Sorry deleting.


I just HATE the flying earnings. I would rather none but I want a Choice if you want the flying earnings. It just waists a lot of time off the game. I keep on quitting and going in the game. Please make an update of a choice to get flying earnings.

- Great 👍

Sarah is so much fun to see when playing this game I love it so much and it has a great time playing this great game. Sarah


This game is fun and all but there a way to many adds every round it says collect your earnings and watch a add to get either 4 or 8 times your earnings and u can just say no but it will still make u watch an add 😡😡😡 P.S. every time u start from the beginning instead of the new stage

- Can’t avoid the adds

A lot of games have an option that after an attempt you have an option to watch an add to double your earnings on that attempt... but in this game even if you opt for no add and just take your earnings as is, it still shoves an add in your face! 😡

- If you don’t need ads

Then turn your WiFi off Yahappy

- I understand the need for adds, but come on!!!

I can’t decide if I like this game or not. I understand add placement, but this game has so many adds, it making me decide Not To Buy It. I can’t get a decent play of it to make that decision because I am forced to watch an add every 5 to 10 seconds.


It’s a great game but the devs are too greedy about ads that every time you hit the penguin, they will give you ADS afterwards. What I do is to restart the every time so I couldn’t see ADS

- Too many ads

It’s a good game and all but it has too many ads when you land

- Great game

Hi this game is great I love I so much nothing wrong with it so that he people that are coming Laing u are being selfish and rude

- Good 😃but adds🙁

This game is fun and addicting but there are way to many adds every single time you loose it gives you an add.

- Ads is Nothing like the game

Ok I am writing this to say that THE GAME IS NOTHING LIKE THE ADS!!!! In some ads, it says ‘draw your bat’ or whatever and in the gameplay, you just earn bats. I’m sorry to say but MAYBE MAKE THE ADS REALISTIC TO THE GAME!!!!!!! No hate the game is awesome really I am just saying make the ads like the actual gameplay.

- Ads

Why would I still gets ads when I paid $5.99 to remove them?!

- Ads

the ads that keep popping up once I finish and claim my 1x coins are ridiculous, what is the point of having a 30sec ad after that? That’s just basically watching an ad to claim the 4x/6x/8x prize


Hello!!! I looooove this game!!!!! It’s really good because I’ve had a NEW HIGH SCORE and I think that’s amazing!!! I’m giving you five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😅😀

- Review

Too many ads

- Don’t

So many ads it’s ridiculous. Great concept and could be a fun game if there wasn’t an ad every 10 seconds. And to top it off they wants stupid amount for ‘VIP’ which would basically just remove the ads..

- My review never got posted or approved how sad

I have no respect for developers who cannot admit or show others there are bugs or issues with a program or game. I can easily post this on google app store, forums, other areas.

- Ads

I’ve hit 8-9 little guys. Bought the upgrades and now start thru 8x 30 sec videos For $6 I can remove the ads or uninstall.... To many ads. Unless installed

- Really bad game

Literally every second in this game I play I am confronted with ads after ads after ads. I can’t even play anything. I think that I get to actually play the game once every minute!

- Dis game trash

Way too many ads in the game. Even if you can turn your wifi off you shouldn’t have to. This is absolute Dudu with all these in app purchases and subscriptions. This game should be for fun and not scam all your money


Feels like I’m watching ads 80% of the time on this app and only having 20% time on gameplay. The sheer amount of forced ads is ridiculous. Will not be playing again.

- Just to many adds

That’s all otherwise it’s the best game on my phone

- Kinda good

This game is good but the player only needs to do only 2 or 3 things. Both l think the game is really funny and good to watch!💙🤣😍🥰🙃😛🤩

- Ads😠

This game is really fun but the amount of ads in it is unbelievable. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game but just to many ads.

- Be like Golfmasters!

You should be able to get at least 2 more hits

- Ads

Too many ads and too much fortnite stuff but it would a good game if i didn't get a ad every 10 seconds

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- Absolutely no ads and I love it

There are no ads and that’s perfect,I hate when games have so much ads you can’t stand it.Only thing I would add is more challenge ge!Make more obstacles , but over all really really fun

- Ridiculous ads

Ridiculous number of ads. I’m betting you get a lot of people like me who delete the game rather than spend $8-20 for a subscription.

- Ads

I just paid 6 bucks to remove ads and there is still ads are you kidding me as if that’s not a rip off already and now I don’t even get what I paid for ?!????!????? 😑😑😑😡😡🤬

- Great game

This game is awesome seriously just turn off wifi for no ads u ad haters this game is sooooo fun !

- Adds kill this game

Honestly, it’s a really fun game, but the adds are too much. I’d buy the game if it was 1.99 to prevent this from happening, but for over 5$? This doesn’t make sense. Every time I play a round, there’s an add, every time I get a chest there’s an ad. It’s ridiculous.

- The game of ads

The whole point of the game is exit ads every other click.

- Stupid

It’s so goofy and immature I mean come on flossing penguins? Go get some original ideas playgendery

- Fortnite Dances?!? Seriously!

I play Fortnite but why add Fortnite dances? It makes cringe here pls remove

- Fix the leaderboard

I’ve gotten to the top 100 in the leaderboard 2 times now then beat that score by quite a bit as soon a get a score that puts me at the top of the leaderboard the leaderboard will no longer load

- What a terrible game...

I played this game once... terrible story,horrible ads, identical artstyle,pay to win,the word “master” in the title, and repetitive dont even bother wasting a byte of storage on this game...

- Cool!

It’s a really fun game and you can just have lots of fun! I love it and it’s a fun game for like kinda hop in hop out and btw just run off wi-if for no ads lol

- Too much ads!

WAY TOO MUCH ADS every time u die a ad is waiting for u

- ≧◠◡◠≦ It’s da best

≧◠◡◠≦ It’s da best

- So fun

Honestly the most fun game I’ve played in a while. So sick of all the idle games and this is so refreshing. Keep up the good work guys!

- I Love this game!

A really great game my son always says thank you very much dad!

- Danygamerpro250

Ps4 name

- Good

I personally like the game. People are so dumb that can’t think to turn of their wifi. I do that with all the games with ads. Although not too much of a fan of the fortnite dances. Still rate it five stars for its nonsensical humour though.

- Addddddds

So many adds they make me want to die

- No ads

It is so amazing to play a game that has no ads keep up the good work

- That said no adds:p

I wanted the game so I got it I did not let me make my own fly thing I think and you never get to her I got there she was not there I think but it said I got there

- Bouncemasters Game Is Amazing!

The game is so easy and fun to play 😃🥰 The little characters always make me laugh 😂

- 👍

Very good game I love it but it’s bug to muuuuch with or without ads can you please fix it Thank you 🙂👍


I started using this app and I never win I played for hours now I don’t wanna ever even think of the game.

- Yes

The new one is a good one to the end to a lot of people that are not the same person who is a good person and they are not as bad as you are they have a lot to be done with it and you don’t know why they don’t get the job and you yes

- The ads are dumb

The game is really fun but the ads are so annoying 😖 why are there ads I am probably the only one complaining about the ads

- Awesome

The game is awesome so addictive the vip is nice to you can have it free for a week and if you don’t want to pay for it you can just delete it and then just re download the game !!

- Nice game 👍🏻

It’s the best game ever. I played it every day . When I had to delete it cuz of storage I cried all night . Its an perfect game no adds it’s perfect 👌

- I love this game

But can you add a new part of the game?

- Lot

So fun that I love like this game

- Game

Amazing game I love it

- Hello

I play this games and im playing a lot and this game very frustrating me because i have a big score this is my score: 1037159 i have a pick for show you the truth but please help me to give me this score because the game have bug and don’t give me my real score thanks

- New game

You should make another game about a fox and a chicken with new bats !

- Momkokkoijiiijjjj

Hdhhxdj XX uhdxufcnjrfimecdfiijjrfrjijfjrdjifridjjrffrmjkmjimfrij wast of money

- Best game ever

Amazing game!!!!!!!

- Remove ads

Bouncemasters mre like admasters forced ads after every round

- WoW

I love THIS game

- Stupid

I and my sister hate robin

- 🤬


- Too much ads

Ad app

- It’s the best but just a little too much adds

The game is amazingly addictive buts ALOT OF ADDS

- Liars

Do not believe those bad reviews! This gam sis perfect if you turn off Wi-Fi! A bit immature but still a fun game. Love it but wish if leagues were a bit more shorter. Really addicting and fun!

- Stop saying ads

Stop talking ABOUT THE ADS

- Ads Ads Ads

The game was fun with a reasonable amount of ads till now. You spend twice as much time watching ads than playing. What a shame because now it’s off my phone in the trash bin 😔

- Too many ads

Literally I finish one game before and after they give me a frocking ad it is so stupid. It is a good game but you ruined it with ads. And to the the person that says”WeLl iT iSnT ThAt BaD” yes it freaking is🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Overall good game

Good game just has too many advertisements and pop ups

- Amazing game

No adds at all I love 5his game awesome game

- Glitches

The game is great but it is always glitching out😡

- Ads

It’s an overall fun game, but there are too many ads! I know ads give money but Playgendary is putting in an advertisement every time you stop moving and you receive your coins. Screw this game this sucks. Someone convince me to play still if possible which is rare

- It sucks

Every fife seconds there is an add, trust me it’s SO annoying and by the way no matter what you choose it plays an add no matter if you choose “Take bonus” or “Don’t take bonus”. On top of that it is false advertisement it says that you draw your bat and hit the penguin but really you just hit a penguin and it’s super boring, Maybe play it for 10 minutes before having enough. I truly don’t recommend it and not at all to anybody with strict rules about dating or crushes as it starts on a boy penguin that loves a girl penguin. Maybe you’d like this but only if you like ads every 0.1 seconds even throughout the gameplay and you like penguin romance because if you do this game is a total dream but it is really low quality and boring

- Not the best game

In the add the add said u could draw ur own weapon

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- Best game ever

I’ve played alout of games en when I say alout a bunch and I normally. don’t do review but this game Makes this one of the best games ever I love this games this. game is five star game I don’t now why it four. stars and six it should have five any way. This game is fun anywone who sees this review play this game it’s addicting really addictive. ok ok just get the game it’s super super super .super super super super super I don’t now how much. more times I can say super it’s super awesome.

- Enjoyed the game play, ads were tolerable

Maxed out the power ups and enjoyed the basic game play. Love the global leader board. Ads get you things so were tolerable. Ran into a glitch where the penguin goes under the ice and doesn’t come up, game speeds up and never ends. Letbit run all the way to 1,000,500 before I returned to main menu. Have had this glitch happen only a couple of times, but definitely there.

- I have been a good time with this one and it has a really good

Hi there are we going to have a meeting at the office in the next couple days I can get you a call and get your email address I really need your response and your time and I can not do it I can do that and if you can I have your time I need you a lot more and if you’re going I can tell if I can get a you to do that if it’s not a good thing you’re not going to be there I don’t know if it’s a thing or not but if you’re in a relationship I don’t know show is a way to get your time I need you a thing or a thing I need to do something to do and I don’t know how I can get to you.

- Broken ads!

I like the game, but the ads are utterly broken. Even after watching the whole thing, there’s no close button. The only thing you can do is force close the app, which means you lose the rewards from your previous run. Worse yet, the game forces you to watch an ad after so many rounds whether you select the double coins option or not. This makes the game completely unplayable, because until you complete your minimum ad quota the game will trigger another broken ad every time you try to play. Worse yet, the ads are for another game made by the same devs as this game, so you know they have control over the content. I would rate the game higher but this problem needs to be fixed, and the game should never play an unskippable ad unless the player is rewarded with double coins or other perks accordingly. All I expect is the absolute bare minimum standard of freemium game design, which this game currently does not meet.

- MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE amounts of ads

This game is amazing!! I love it so much!! It entertains me when I don’t have any WiFi, or when I have nothing to do, BUT... there is a MASSIVE amount of ads. If you could make the game have less ads, that would be great! I used to be spoiled as a kid... and your probably thinking what that has to do with this, well, if I start saying things as if I demand it...I’m very sorry, just forget whatever I said if it seems that way, but, thank you for reading! Overall, AWSOME GAME!! Bye bye! ~Sammy

- Makes me sad

This game is a lot of fun but there are SOOOOOOOO many commercials! It needs to be fixed because it is just to much and it makes me really not enjoy the app! It also doesn’t make me want to buy premium because it makes me mad at how many ads there are! Also I NEVER write reviews and the only reason I’m writing this is because people need to know and maybe it will get fixed. This is an extremely fun game but I can only play it for a short amount of time so I don’t get frustrated and I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend! Sorry! But keep working on it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Glitchy

I find the game quite entertaining and it really helps pass the time. However, as several other users have stated below, there’s an issue where you sometimes hit (something) off the initial hit and then you fly forever.. I think I got to 10 million? Interestingly, clicking on the screen to dive -bomb does nothing, but if you click on the pause button, that seems to work perfectly fine. Please Work on fixin this guys 👍🏼

- Why the free level ups?

Okay. This would be a much better game if you didn’t feel the urge to add a level up system that forces you to watch an advertisement to level up. Even if you don’t have WiFi, it stops you from legitimately earning levels. Also, I would like if different things had different abilities to make the game less repetitive. It’s just hit the penguin, level up, do quest over and over and over again.

- Bounce masters

I don’t want to bounce masters thinking that this game is going to be a lot of fun and I was going to enjoy playing it but what I found out is that this game is actually kind of just a joke. When you’re playing the game unless you just kind of guess where you’re supposed to bounce there’s literally no point of playing it because you don’t know where you’re supposed to bounce with and you just die so they need to figure out something to do about that because I think this game was a total waste of my time and storage on my phone. If you want to download this game I suggest you don’t I’m saving you a lot of time!!!!

- What the hell is the shark?

It’s a good game. The gun vs. thrown mechanics are interesting. But I have 3 questions Who the hell was on what and where can I buy it? The shark is so bad. When you see “Double shot every 10 shots,” why would you assume that it’ll also take 2 ammo? It’s so bad. Just skip it. Seriously! It’s the worst! Developers, if you read this, please consider changing the tooltip or the effect to something that makes sense.

- Good concept, they ruined it by being money hungry

Who in gods name is going to pay $8 a WEEK for an app? A game nonetheless? You have to be kidding me you think that is even remotely a good deal? There’s literally an ad after EVERY attempt, but don’t worry! You can get rid of those for.. $4.. Great game.. truly it is it’s just ruined by the ads and constant request to pay $99 a year for it. Really think about that. Triple A games come out at $60 generally.. an app called BounceMasters wants $99... 😂😂😂😂 it seems like a joke but it’s not. Grow up, tone the ads and the money hungry tendencies down and let us enjoy the work you put together. Don’t download

- Fun, yet ads cause crashes

Fun game reminds me of a webkinz game I played way too much. The thing is it has so many ads, and I’ve played games with plenty of ads before, but not only is it after every other thing you click. End a round,ad, earn a reward, ad. It also is ads that can’t even be supported by the program. In the ten minutes I played it crashed three times because of the ads. Still three stars though since the animation is good and it a solid game concept.

- Bruh

I have been playing this game for a day, and it’s ok. It’s only ok because they try to shove ads down your throat! There are so many ads! You can only unlock a chest by watching an ad. Think of how much money they’ve made by kids saying “oh look! I can get a chest by watching an ad! Awesome!”. And don’t get me started about the Fortnite dances. Every time you get an upgrade or just wait a little bit, the Pengu ripoff and polar bear start Fortnite dancing! They add this because kids “love Fortnite”. Well, I don’t. Also, they gave the penguins butts. Like, human butts, it’s horrifying. What has life come to?

- Almost too easy

This is a fun and cute game and personally, I don’t mind ads because they pay to keep it running. However, I was able to “beat” the game in just a few days and there’s really not much to do now. It would be nice for there to be many more leagues to reach so it’s not as repetitive. Also, there should be more stuff to spend coins/gems on. Skins/different penguins, boosters (e.g. a headstart), etc... It’s really fun but it almost seems incomplete and I feel like I’ll delete it in a few weeks or so.

- Majestic game but too many ads.

This game is literally the most epic game I’ve ever played. BUT. The amount of ads added to the game make it so unbearable you don’t even want to play. You can’t even skip the ads either, you have to sit there and watch the whole thirty seconds of it. At the end of each round you have to watch two videos(each thirty seconds of course). That adds up to be one minute of your time, which is more time than the actual game round takes. I seriously think this ad is adorable, but the ads have got to be fixed.

- Great! But...

Honestly a really fun game but it glitches a lot and i mean a looooooottt of glitches. Basically while your playing it will just glitch and take you back to your device home. Sooooooo frustrating!😡 but still I cannot deny that without the glitch it is awesome! So cute and fun! So please if the creators see this you need to fix the glitch and other than that great job your game is amazing!!!!!🤩😜😎😁 is this glitch happening to anyone else?

- Would have had it all

Frankly, I’m upset. I accumulated a large score of 2 million feet when the game decided to glitch, and place my penguin under the ground. I had taken a screenshot and sent it to my friends who said I should write a review to see if you guys can help me, I hope this review isn’t lost! Let me know if you can help and if you need photo proof. I do enjoy the game, however very much.

- It’s ok

I got in exited because in the ads in showed you making the weapon. I was confused about the scores such as nice hit and not bad if you get those like ratings it makes you go slower and not as fast as the other times but other then that it is a pretty good game but when I finished the game because I stopped flying I would get flying coins and you have to watch an ad for them. I didn’t really want to watch an ad but it wouldn’t let me not watch one there was no x so I couldn’t.

- Fun game for the family

This game is terrific for all ages. Fun graphics and easy to play While not overly challenging, it is difficult to master for sure! The only negative feature of the game is that the VIP membership is very costly ($8/ week). On the other hand, one of the best features of the game is the ability to play for 2 minutes or 2 hours without losing your “place”. I would definitely recommend this game, just not the VIP membership.

- Playgendary is The Best!... Just one thing.

This is so far the best I’ve ever seen. The Simulator is really fun. But the only thing about it is that Bowmasters, And this game has a bug. On my iPad, when I tap and I hit the penguin, the music stops. The Sound Affects Keep going, but SOMETIMES the music stops when I hit the penguin. This also happens in Bowmasters after I win a tournament or vs computer or anything like that. I’d probably like you to fix the bug. I’m not saying every app is perfect.

- Garbage!!!

First I want to say the graphics, sound and animation are a,axing, charming and quirky. The gameplay is fun and I WOULD enjoy this game if it weren’t for the fact that they want to charge you 8 dollars each WEEK!? Are you kidding me? No, just no. That’s a huge rip off and to top it off each ad is 15 to 30 seconds you can’t skip them. And sometimes it plays too ads in a row. No thanks, bye. You guys had something great on your hands but you screwed it up with the bull crap WEEKLY fee (still can’t believe the audacity of that) and the barrage of ads. You do NOT and will NOT have my business ever! Evaluate yourselves, Playgendary.

- Too many ads

The game itself is ok. I’ve played games similar to it and remembered how fun they were so I decided to download this game. My problem with this game is the constant ads that make the game unplayable. The ads pop up after every launch. That’s about every 30 seconds. The only way to get rid of them is to pay $4. I would have enjoyed this game a lot more if there were no ads. I’m going to have to delete it now because it is so hard to play when you have to constantly sit through 30 second ads.

- A really cool game

Bouncemasters is a pretty good game. It’s better than Golfmasters. Because in Golfmasters there are levels. To me levels aren’t really my thing, unless you’re talking about Super Mario. And in Golfmasters, it’s just a bear hitting a penguin for no reason. But Bouncemasters is different. Instead of a bear hitting a penguin for no reason, the bear hits the penguin so that the the penguin could go to his love. But there are too many adds. But still it’s a good game. 👍🏾👌🏾

- Awesome game!

I agree with some other people. It does glitch and yes it does need some updating every once and a while; but it is really fun to watch penguins jump on fat seals. And it helps your children not bother you because they get stuck in the game. Even I did! Any way I think this is a great game for kids of all ages and also adults to play.

- Ad City!!!

The game is really fun and amazing to play. The graphics are so cartoony and creative. Although, because of the amount of ads my 5 star rating would have to go down to a 2. After every time I go an adult appears! It is so difficult to get through the game with so many ads. Do not get this game it will waste your time!!!!!!! 😡 They will advertise their own games too, like Bowmasters. Guess what? I tried that game too and there were so many ads! There are even banner ads that can mess you up while trying to play the game.

- Forced To Watch an Ad to Continue Upgrading

This game has an over excessive amount of ads. The gameplay is fun, and I can just get rid of the ads by turning of cellular and WiFi for the game, but there’s one problem. If I get an offer to watch an ad to upgrade my penguin, I can’t deny it and I can no longer upgrade that category until like 6 hours later when it goes away. This is so annoying and it ruins the game for me. I don’t care if they want money, this basically ruins the game.

- What a mess

This game has SUCH promise, and just doesn't deliver. The ads are insane - I get it, make money, I understand - but this is nearly unplayable with the constant assault of ads. The next issue are the bugs. The global leaderboard is broken ALL of the time, and given that you can max out the power-ups in this game in literally three days, chasing a leaderboard is the only reason you'd keep playing. Coins become a joke after the power-ups are maxed out. It's too bad - the concept for this game is actually really, really fun. If it was designed for the long haul as opposed to a quick money grab, this game would be epic.

- Too many ads

This game is honestly pretty fun. But the reality is that the chance to find a chest during the game is almost 100% and to open the chest, you have to watch a 30 second ad to open it. Inside chests are the only place you can go to get gems that you use to get different bats. If I could use regular coins to get bats and there wasn’t an ad after EVERY game. I would probably still play it. Watching ads more than playing just makes me lose interest.

- Best game ever… But one glitch

This is the best game I’ve ever played and I play all the time but soon a few weeks after playing I discovered a Glitch, when coming from space if you land in an Ice hole you never come out and stay there forever I was able to get to 1 million just doing that but it would never stop and I just clicked main menu and it became completely forgot that it ever happened

- Fleeting

I’ve been looking for this type of game ever since I played a very very similar flash game on the computer. I was extremely excited when I seen an ad for this. I made it 3/4 of the way to the female penguin and was like this is awesome, so I paid to remove the ads. That took 3/4 of a day playing. 2 days in I now have no reason for coins, the global leader board isn’t really motivation to keep playing, I really really hope they add something else besides just leaving it as the leaderboard is “endgame”.

- To many adds

So I downloaded this game cause I thought it was pretty good and fun so I got it and I liked it a lot but the only problem is that every round I do there is always an add waiting to be seen. There adds all the time if you want a chest for free add and the main part adds every round you can’t even skip the adds you have to watch the whole add and be patient. Great game but way too many adds

- major issues

The game is fun. However, I am someone who is ranked high in the leaderboard. But once I broke the top 2,000 in the global leaderboard, the rankings stopped showing. Also, sometimes I’ll get a really good kick and then when I hit the ground I’ll be launched into the ground and be stuck infinitely moving without being able to stop without going to the main menu. As I said, I’m a high ranking player in this game and I really don’t want to have to quit, but if there’s no way for me to see my ranking then there’s no point in playing.

- Playgendary sit down and let’s talk

Your games were fun and entertaining but now your games are flooded with ads. And in every game you slap the “Diamond Membership” for more money. Kick the Buddy for example to get new weapons most you need to watch ads over and over. Bouncemasters a game that is fun but If you get a treasure chest YOU HAVE TO WATCH AN AD TO COLLECT IT also your ads are terrible most now say BeT yOu CaN’t HiT mE or hA lOsEr to make the watcher get the game your all trying to act cool but you just look like Nickelodeon. Stop craping out ads at us every 30 seconds and also stop shoving the Diamond Membership ad every time

- Too Many Ads and Glitches

I have been playing this game for a while, and I actually like it quite a lot. However, there are a few critical problems. The first is the extremely high amount of ads. The second is the fact that on some kicks, after you hit the ground, it is impossible to continue due to the lack of things to jump off of. I am not denying that the game is fun to play, but I hate when I play a game where there is no possibility of winning just to watch a thirty second ad.

- Iz alright

I’ll have to say, this game is pretty nice concerning the fact that there’s a backstory and the funny idle animations. But id there’s one thing that I hate, its the insane amount of obstacles, especially the ice. Never in my life have I hated ice more and I didn’t even think that there would be a reason for hating ice (except that it is extremely cold), but this game makes it possible. Overall, the game is quirky and fun and a really good game for if you’re bored.

- Read this comment plz

I don’t really like this game because it just gets on your nerves and you want to break your phone or just throw your phone so once and a while I have to take a break from this game and that’s not what you really want from a game you want a game that you are actually interested in so there is my feedback.😢😞😔

- TrashS

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- Love it.

Love it. Found a glitch. I was playing and I bounced on the guy in the ice cube when I never came back down. I clicked the screen 10 times and my distance just got faster. I ended up with 1 million but it didn’t submit since you couldn’t stop. Glad I’m not the only person that has had this glitch.

- Too many ads

Okay LOVE this app, but too many ads. The game itself is great and runs smoothly, but having an ad (unskippable AND long) after every single round is uncessessary. Most of the time I get 30 second ads back to back so I have to wait super long to play. I know the makers of this game have to make money somehow, but please come on it’s pretty annoying. Other than that the game is great. If there weren’t as many ads, then this would be five stars.

- Great game with too many ads

The game is great and the graphics are nice. However, there are too many ads. After your penguin lands you have to watch an add to continue. It’s a short ad but within a minute, I watch seven ads. Also if you get a chest the game makes you watch two ads to continue. One short and one long for the chest. The mechanics of the game is nice and I thought I could deal with the ads but after about ten minutes of starting the game I realized that most of the time was waiting on ads.

- Overrated do not get tricked into hitting buy pop up buy button

I get devs gotta make money but they are so aggressive in trying to make you buy the vip membership for a game that you hit a penguin as far as you can like are you kidding me you want to charge people $7.99 weekly or $20 a month or even have the audacity to charge $100 yearly??? Oh and on top of that you get slammed by adds upon adds and gotta pay $3.99 to get rid of them? The game isn’t even that fun or has any depth to it. This is just a way for greedy people to trick customers into the continuous pop up purchase buttons.

- Trash unless u fix things

First of all there should be more skins because people think ur being genderist and that’s not fair plus too much adds plus u should add some little seceret levels so not just the same boring old game every time because there’s not a point to the game if u do the same thing every time kinda like geometry dash there’s little hidden quests or secrets implanted into the game. If u fix these problems people might like ur game more

- Too much ads.

Ok, let me start off by saying this game has too much ads. When you finally stop on the floor and collect your coins, it gives you an ad. Then, when I want to upgrade it says “free upgrade” but you have to watch an ad to upgrade it or else you can’t. Also, when you hit a chest you get really excited but then when you try to open it, an ad pops up. This game is really fun and all but you actually spend more time watching ads than playing this game.

- Too many ads and too little gameplay

This game is fun to play, however, I made all my upgrades and purchased the 1,500 Gauntlet Bat within 24 hours of downloading the app. The two main problems? 1) Too many ads. Holy cow, what is going on with all the ads? I spent $3.99 on what I thought was a No-Ads feature. Turns out, you still have to watch ads to open “Free” upgrades. That’s an underhanded tactic, devs. This is especially true when you take into account that this is a kid’s game. 2) As I stated above, I “finished” the game within 24 hours. No point in buying any other bats other than the most expensive one, and without any more upgrades or features to spend in-game currency on, the only replayability motivator is to beat high scores. This game is flawed both morally and fundamentally. Already removed it from my phone after completing the final upgrade.

- Why so many ads

This game very fun and addicting but there are to many ads. When your run is there two buttons one to get more points by watching a ad and the other is to dismiss the offer and to claim your original prize. I usually dismiss the offer but I still get a ad! And this happens almost every time it starts to get irritating. Overall the game is pretty cool and fun but please take out some of the ads Thank you,

- Need to remove some things

First off there are WAY too many ads every time you stop going and try to go back you get an ad, also I think those.. Ninja penguins? I dunno but they take away from the greatness of the game they annoy me whenever I see them and last but not least, please get rid of the Fortnite dances it’s the part that makes me put off even playing the game

- Ads and loading!

I really like this game! The ads are a little excessive. Also ha some troubles with a glitch. I'm really annoyed with the loading of the Global League board. After setting a new high score, the board would not load until the next round! Then we I started ranking in the 15,000 the board won't load at all. I just want to know my global rank. Otherwise the game is getting boring.

- Sooooo......

I HAVE NOT PLAYED THIS GAME YET BUT.... I’m reading all these rating and reviews saying it is all really bad as the game is downloading and I’m just hoping they have fixed the game. Most of the reviews have been saying there are too many adds and glitches. I absolutely HATE ADDS and this is a problem that many games have because they want people to buy it and sometimes it can be pretty cheep as if it was one dollar but Some can be up to usually five dollars and I’m just hoping these problems are fixed.

- Developers! Please read

Hey Developers: this game is great! The only suggestion I have is to increase the level cap for upgrades. I have maxed out all of them and now the gold I collect means nothing and is just sitting there. I hope you add unlimited level caps and keep extending the map. If that is coming in the future I will definitely keep playing this game. Thanks for the great work so far.

- Too little content

I downloaded the game a day ago, thinking it looked fun and reminded me of 'learn to fly'. When I booted up the app, like most apps do any more, it offered a subscription thing and had a free 3-day trial. I did the free trial, knowing I'd cancel it before the end time, but honestly, it probably would have been better if I didn't do that. I beat the entire game in a day. Once you reach your end goal, getting to the lady penguin, there is nothing more after. Other than trying to constantly beat your high score which got really boring really fast.

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Bouncemasters - hit & jump 1.3.9 Screenshots & Images

Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images
Bouncemasters - hit & jump iphone images

Bouncemasters - hit & jump (Version 1.3.9) Install & Download

The applications Bouncemasters - hit & jump was published in the category Games on 2018-09-17 and was developed by Playgendary Limited [Developer ID: 1487320337]. This application file size is 307.83 MB. Bouncemasters - hit & jump - Games app posted on 2020-06-04 current version is 1.3.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playgendary.sportmasters

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