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Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes [Games] App Description & Overview

What is skylanders™ ring of heroes app? Com2uS X Activision's Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is back!
Skylanders will team up with Portal Masters to defeat Kaos and protect Skylands will begin!

Meet the Revamped Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes
- Summon Skylanders with one go with the new summon system. Summon Skylanders and add them to your team immediately.
- Revamped Skylander upgrade system! Go on an adventure to collect the required materials to upgrade Skylanders.
- Newly balanced villains and contents! Challenge yourself again to feel the new excitement.

Revamped Battle System
- Brain vs. Brain! Enjoy the renewed battle system.
- Battle with common Mana! All-new battle system awaits you.
- Use Skylander skills strategically in each turn and take down the enemies with Knockdown and Break status.
- Each Skylander is unique to its own trait! Come up with your own team to form skills strategically and claim victory.
Revamped Skylander Upgrade System.
- The upgrade system and the equipment system has been revamped! Go on an adventure with strengthened Skylanders.
- Evolve, Awaken, Superboost, and Transcend Skylanders along with level ups to help them grow.
- Check out the new Ether System, which will change according to the Skylander traits. Equip unique Ethers to match each Skylander traits.

Enjoy the New Contents
- Battle against the revamped villains with the changed battle system.
- Protect Skylands by entering the revamped Adventures Mode and Challenge Mode.
- Battle against other Portal Masters in the revamped PvP Mode.

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is brought to you by Com2uS Corporation and Activision Publishing, Inc.
Licensed and published by Com2uS Corporation. Engine © 2018-2021 Com2uS Corporation. © 2018-2021 Activision Publishing, Inc. SKYLANDERS is a trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc.

▶Please Note
The game may not run smoothly on devices below iPhone 6.

▶Notice per Access Authority
The app needs permission to access the following to provide game service.

- None

- Storage: Authority to use the external memory storage when downloading additional data.
- Phone: A function required to collect phone number to send event text messages.

※ You'll be able to enjoy the service except features related to above authorities even if you don't give permission to the above.

▶How to Withdraw Access Permission
You can reset or withdraw the access permission as follows even after granting access.
Go to Settings> Privacy> Select the app> Agree to give authority or remove

• Items are available for purchase in this game.
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Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Version 2.0.1218 November 2021

■ Last extension of Evolution stages! Upgrade your Skylanders to Lv. 140! ■ Increased the entry limit for Black Dimension and Awakening Dimension Investigation to 20 times per day! ■ Increased the Dark Subjugation entry limit to 6 times per day! Got feedback? Leave a review or visit and drop us a line!.

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Version 2.0.1116 September 2021

■ Strategy, cooperation, fun? It's all been upgraded! (NEW) Sweet Lollipop Regular Event Mission System (NEW) Light/Dark Limited Summon System, where only Light/Dark Skylanders will appear! (NEW) Evolution Level Expansion Got feedback? Leave a review or visit and drop us a line!.

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Version 2.0.1022 July 2021

■ From Strategy, Co-op to Fun! Everything is Enriched! (NEW) Water attribute legend Skylander Thumpback (NEW) Adventure content "Black Dimension" (NEW) Evolution stage expanded Got feedback? Leave a review or visit and drop us a line!.

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Comments & Reviews 2022

- Gacha Game People!

First off let me start by saying this is an amazing game with amazing developers. Alright now let me address something else. People DO NOT download this game if your expecting an open world adventure game. Mobile games can and will not become that in a very long time. This game is a Gacha game. What is a gacha game? Well it a game where you collect “units,” you then use these units to further progress in the game in various activities. You can upgrade them in a variety of ways. So in that case, this game is nearly perfect. Already far superior than any other gacha game on mobile. You have a 10x auto feature so you don’t have to keep clicking retry on your phone every minute, you have a new shard system which is amazing for FTP players. And yes this game is COMPLETELY FTP, Tectone(a youtuber) is a top player and has spent no money so trust me when I say that. Although is it nice to support the developers for what a great job they are doing, yes. And now for my Final Point, the developers, they are the best I’ve seen in any game. They respect community feedback and they are very open to changes. For example, energy that you use to progress in the game was massively reduced in the last update by 50% and now it’s easier to grind more than ever. They had plenty of other great changes too. Thank you devs if your reading this for providing a great game that keeps getting greater with massive updates, most respected devs on mobile!

- What a shame.

I started playing Skylanders: Ring of Heroes the moment it released globally with my girlfriend. It was something we bonded over and enjoyed playing together. We stayed up until it’s midnight release and have been super stoked about this game and have played it everyday since. We started a top 50 guild together and have had major progress. A lot of the updates have been manageable and pretty decent. Some of them, we’ve had to learn to roll with the punches; until this last one. We started off grinding and working hard to max out all of our heroes. Then, they made it super easy and we felt everything was just given out to new players, which we had to adjust to. But now, the last patch released has removed most of the content and pretty much made the game unplayable compared to where it was. The community has been expressing their concerns about several topics on reddit, and I know the devs see it; as they have commented before. Do they even play the game they maintain? Some of the features in this game are now crippled and they are still chasing monetary concerns. I understand they must pay for overhead of a business, but what is a product without customers? I am truly disappointed that Com2Us has ruined such an amazing game.

- Best game ever!!!

No comment needed, if you love skylanders or summoners war or both then I recommend this game. Just read the instructions and have patience and you will be a pro! Update: Still love this game and have been playing it everyday since launch! I do have an idea on a couple of things in the game that I posted in the com2us forums. 1. The type change of Shadow Spyro from defense to expert seemed unnecessary to me and other people. At first I was excited for shadow Spyro to get an atk boost, but as much as I hate to admit I think shadow Spyro was perfect as a defense type. So my feedback for shadow Spyro is to change him back to defense type and/or change his max level skills ibex wrathful charge and earth pound to remove every buff on all enemies and remove all debuff on allies respectively and I mean it like he removes every buff on all enemies and removes every debuff on all allies. 2. Runes are an important factor in the game. I would highly recommend a rune pack in the shop for mid to end game players so players can try to get the 6 star legendary runes they want or need. This feature was implemented in summoners war and requires real money to get over 10 runes if you know what I mean. So why not add a rune package like in summoners war? Of course that is up to you and I hope you read these suggestions and deliver them to the devs. Thank you and have a good day.

- A Recommendation for the Devs

I’ve never really liked these type of character-based auto RPG gacha games (looking at you, Marvel) mostly because they don’t let you play as who you want. I was hoping Skylanders would be different, but it wasn’t. So here is my suggestion to the devs: let the player choose at least one Skylander at the start of the game. The starting three you get (Hot Dog, Stealth Elf, and Blades) are awesome characters, but it’s discouraging to know that it will take me hours before I can unlock a Skylander I love like Spyro, Drobot, or Dino-Rang. Also, another suggestion, start including older characters more. I’ve noticed the character selection seems heavily based around the later games, which is fine, but older Skylanders like Sunburn, Camo, Zap, Eye-Brawl, and Stump Smash are sorely missing. I honestly expected this game to at least have the original 32 Skylanders, but I guess not. Other than that, it’s a typical gacha RPG game; you’ll either like it or you won’t. The UI is at times confusing and the amount of stuff required to do basic tasks like summon or level up Skylanders is frustrating, but that’s pretty typical for these games. I will give the developers this though: they have really captured the fun tone of Skylanders, and the character designs are spot on. All in all it’s a decent game, but it lacks a wide range of heroes and is a little grindy.

- Game seems to be going downhill with each update

I’ve been playing this game since the global launch and seems like there have been a lot of changes during that time. But this latest update seems to have made a lot of players leave the game I really love the new UI change but the ability to farm character shards from scenarios has been taken away. Please Com2us bring that back not being able to farm character shards in scenarios has made the game not as fun as it used to be I find myself forced to just rune farm or hit guild battles and PvP. Also seems like there have been a lot of crashes since this last update plus I enjoyed when I could see the experience I’ve earned on skylanders and for my overall level that’s been taken away as well. Really hope you guys re think certain things with this game hope it doesn’t go downhill a lot of players are not happy with the state of the game as of now. I really enjoyed this game before some of the recent changes really hope they listen to the fan base to give us a better overall experience in the future. And seems like they’ve really nerfed rewards from guild invasions,PvP and guild wars the new rewards aren’t great if you’re guild places first in guild war they should receive more then 100 Gems.

- Came for the nostalgia, then left

I’m unclear what the idea was behind this game. They took one of the better kid friendly games of the past decade, an action RPG with great combat, exploration, puzzle solving, and decently rendered cut scenes and top notch voice acting and turned it into a cookie cutter Korean-style gacha auto battler missing nearly everything about the original games except for the graphical style, characters, and font. Look, I dig daily grind games, my two most played games are daily grind gachas, but this game is extreme even for the genre. The most efficient way to “play” this game is to queue up ten autobattles and set your device down for 20 minutes, come back, and do it again, and again, and again. A lot of these gacha games are effectively autoplay games where the strategy and skill element rests in team building, but most developers don’t ask you to *not* use your device for hours a day just to “play” the “game”. And for what? An utterly pedestrian gacha grinder using Skylander graphics with no innovation. If that’s your type of game, it’s reasonably polished and possibly worth the download (although be warned that the game will download about another 900MB before you get to playing past the initial tutorial), but if you’re looking for anything like the original Skylanders games the only thing you find here is bewildering disappointment.

- Revisiting Long Time Fan

I have decided to pick up the game after the recent changes. My original review as follows and any updates I have made are in (). I’ve been a fan since the first game (Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure) and I still am a fan. The game is a common concept for a mobile game, just with a Skylander twist. The reason behind the three stars is for two reasons. First reason, the game crashes a lot on me and I know it’s brand new. New games do have their bugs and flaws that’s common. (This issue has been fixed thank goodness.) My second reason is, without the physical toys, this game doesn’t feel the same. ( It’s understandable since it a mobile game. 😞) I can only imagine the evolved Hex and Cynder as physical toys! 😍 An updated review for the updated game. I changed my review to four stars since the crashing issue has been fixed. What is keeping me from rating fives stars is the fact I have to start from scratch. After redownloading the game, it still had all my “connected” profiles. I guess my main disappointment is I have to recollect my favorites all over again. I hope to see more Skylanders join the game and hopefully an Undead Specialist Portal Master!

- From Good to Godawful

Before the most recent update that removed shard collection through adventures, the game was relatively good. It was kind of grindy for little payoff, but it was still mostly enjoyable. A big issue was the adventure stages provided little gold for many, many hours of grinding compared to how much gold you need to upgrade runes (and Skylanders). Now, they have increased the amount of experience and gold received from adventures (yay!), but it is drastically offset by a doubling of the amount of energy per stage and completely removing the ability to collect character shards through the adventure stages (except once a day through the boss stage for a very meager total). I was a pretty big spender on this game before the update because I wanted more gems to run adventure/distorted dungeon stages. However, now LARGE amounts of gems are required for collecting character shards by summoning. Consequently, there is not enough access to gems in this game. The amount of gems given (which are used for summoning and buying more energy) was reduced drastically for missions, level ups, etc. Basically, now WAY more gems are required, but gem access has been severely undercut. If you are considering investing in this game, I cannot at this time say that it is worth it. Save your money and time for a gacha game that listens to its players.

- Latest update was underwhelming

with the latest update, it is now harder to acquire soul stones. the chance of legendary-class drops on ticket and chests are at an all-time low, and the soul stone rewards on adventures were changed in a bad way. also, you can only fight the boss battles on each stage once now, so the road to level up is now longer. and that alchemy stuff is basically useless. it was bad enough that your status on the arena is reduced whenever another player beats you and resets when a new week begins, now this?! and those two new skylanders were (prematurely) released because there was no event to accompany them unlike drobot. now the other players in my guild are no longer motivated in playing the game like they used to prior to the latest update. developers, the players were happy with the way things were, so a piece of advice: DO NOT FIX SOMETHING THAT IS NOT BROKEN! you stated on the update that it was done out of listening to the players. well, it sure doesn’t feel like it! and even if you did, you delivered poorly! gonna give it another month to see if things would change. if not, time to hitthe app store for a new mobile game to play (like what the former players said).

- Skip Feature

Adding a skip feature to the game after completing missions would be extremely helpful, so that players can go back to the same mission and simply press skip, doing this they don’t have to constantly go through the whole battle over and over again to get what they need in order to level up and upgrade their Skylanders. If you add the skip feature it will allow players that have already completed a previous stage, to go back and loot the stage without going through the whole battle sequence again. If this feature is added in the game, it will help players strengthen their Skylanders more efficiently allowing them to progress further in the game. The game is fun, but not having this feature in the game itself is just........(sigh) boring. I get bored of having to go through the same battles over and over again. I’ll be changing my ratings for the game from 5 stars to 4. Please add this feature to the game, it would be incredibly helpful. Thank You.

- Most full of potential Skylanders Mobile game

I love this! I’ve been a fan since Giants, so when I heard there was a new mobile game coming out, and that it was actually good, I was immediately hooked! This is the first skylanders mobile game that’s actually even good, and I feel so happy because of it!!! Although, all in all, it’s not perfect. There’s a lot to be done. Awakening skylanders could be at least a little easier, and there’s still quite a lot of skylanders to add. And there’s also villains to add. There should be a lot more of them! Oh, and another thing. I’m still really hyped and hoping for a new skylanders game on the nintendo switch sometime. I think that it would be A M A Z I N G if we could get the awakened forms as maybe a final upgrade for skylanders in the game. Like, you’d have to get all of their other upgrades, and then get their soul gem. Then maybe you’d have to get them to their max level and bring them to a special alter or something to awaken them. It’d be awesome! Keep me posted for a new game, k?

- Money money money

Fun game based around grinding your favorite characters to develop the perfect team to fight in the arena. Boy do they want your money though. I’m cool with micro transactions but once you’ve bought the 2-3 starter packs for $10 they want you to up your addiction to costing at least $30 each pack, and yes, they are banking on you being addicted. This game can be fun for a long time but PLEASE don’t buy the expensive packs. It may get you to having a fully leveled squad quicker but you’ll realize that you’re just missing important learning curves in the game. I’d love to see more ways for players to be creative. Let us set up a match of 3 levels of our own Skylanders to test others against. Give more activities for guilds to communicate with each other. Building relationships is not encouraged. Let us battle with friends in large matches of either 2v2 or 3v3. More ways to compete and avenues to gain rewards will create more fun and PLEASE give us the ability to buy just simple $5-$10 packs insteAd of having 15 $30-$100 ones. Edit: would really be great if progression didn’t come with so much spending of coins on runes. Really hurts the desire to play the game.

- Not like the older ones so help

Is there a way to place on your Skylanders figures on Skylanders ring of heroes because I’m really hoping there is because I have so many free I would like to know thank you for your time and please helpIs there a way to place on your Skylanders figures on Skylanders ring of heroes because I’m really hoping there is because I have so many. I would like to know thank you for your time and please help. Update: I know now that you are not going to make another console game for the series even though I would like that but could you at least make it feel more like the other games like making it to where you could go around the world and upgrade using the fairy because this upgrading system is a lot more complex or at least let us control the Skylanders with a virtual joystick and buttons and it could just be a game mode you could chose please do so because this was one of my favorite game series and I don’t want to make it stop.

- Good game, needs some work.

So the game is alright, much better than before the revamp. However it feels like every other Gacha game. Collect gems/crystals, roll, play missions repeat. I feel like there could be more. Maybe add special attributes to special variant Skylanders? (Giants, Swap Force, Traptanium, etc?) Not only that, could we also get an actual skip button? It’s a hassle having to have to keep your phone on for an hour while not even getting the things you want half the time. I’ve got so much reserve energy I have nothing to do with it. Can you guys also please fix the scaling of the Skylanders? As a longtime fan, I find it a bit disorienting when a whole team of giant Skylanders is dwarfed in comparison to an enemy like Kaos. Final recommendation, please give us classic players something to do with the figures. Maybe add a scanner or something for each one and it gives us a prize, like a summoning ticket or a skin? Mine are stuck on a shelf collecting dust because the console and disc i used for them broke a few years ago.

- The struggle is real

With no means for a guild leader to SEND out recruitment requests, there is no way to get new recruits and a guild can be die out because of this. The arena is off the scales broken. There’s no challenge to it anymore and the payouts are garbage. Absolutely zero rewarding experiences with this game. It’s like you developers have set out to see how much you can break this game. You didn’t fix any of the things that I heard numerous other beta testers complaining about. You took away the story that went with the quests. If I was Activision, I would be considering taking your rights to the Skylander franchise away from you. I’m barely even getting on. Those that I have in my friends list haven’t been on for months. This app is dying and you’ve wasted my precious time when I beta tested this game.

- Not what I hoped for in a Skylanders game, but it’s ok

This game feels like an unrelated and already in-development game was reskinned to feature Skylanders characters and subsequently released as Skylanders Ring of Heroes. The complicated leveling and rune systems and the emphasis on the auto-battling grind is at odds with the more casual and kid-friendly nature of the Skylanders series as a whole. This, along with the sometimes awkward writing for the story portions of the game, is what makes me think this game wasn’t initially a Skylanders game. It’s not a terrible game by any means, it’s clearly mechanically sound and looks beautiful; it’s just a kind of generic grindy gacha game that’s not enough of a Skylanders game or casual-friendly enough for it to hold my attention in the long term. For now i’m having enough fun with it, but i think that’s mostly because i don’t play any other gacha games like it. YMMV. (I’m also personally not a fan of the steep prices for micro transactions, but that’s kind of to be expected at this point with mobile games in this genre.)

- Just Some Thoughts

I think that this game could be better, maybe by joining wishstones and the new omnigems together. There could be many types of wish stones, then friend/summon stones, allowing you to summon for less, while having the multiple types. There could also be a fusion of the the summoning wishstones (not friend) to gain more stones and items. Also, the max star count for skylanders should be 10 normally, 15 awakens, and even more ascensions of skylanders, such as Ultra skylanders (20 max star), Eon's Elite (30 max star) and Mega skylanders (50 max stars) Giving the players more time to play and goals to achieve, and granting Com2us and Activision a wider scope of ideas to implement in the game. (Also, how should Zoo Lou be a Nat. 5? He's not even a main character in his game. And I think I'm pretty decent at the game but haven't paid a penny)


So this is an amazing game but I have one problem so you can play and play because you basically get infinite energy but the problem is the gold sure you can save it but eventually you have to make you sky landers stronger and one of those thing that makes it stronger is the ruin item no problem with the ruin itself but the gold,you need to spend your gold on upgrading those ruins and I don’t know if it’s a glitch but if you try to upgrade it might say upgrade failed and even though it didn’t complete it still takes your gold and that’s majorly stupid being that you wasting it without even getting the upgrade complete because you need that gold to complete your quests and if you don’t have any you can’t play till the next day

- Decent SW refresh

These who play Summoners War, feel at home right away. Let me jump in to the negatives (don’t get me wrong - i like and play this game actively) - removal of speed stat and violent runes - without these 2 - there is really no strategy - just slap some runes on and you are ready to go, all that matters is rune quality. My other major gripe is how slow everything is... game loads for 2 minutes (and to add insult to the injury, you have to tap the screen mid way, for the game to continue loading.) and then every play, some screen loads, chests open, splash screen needs to be accepted and on and on forever.... lets say out of a 10 minute 10x run , at least 2.5 minutes are wasted on completely useless screen loads...

- Deleted all my Progress with New Update

I had started out really enjoying this game to where I was playing it everyday to stay current with my login rewards. I had constantly been leveling up my Skylanders to where they were at pretty high levels which took a lot of grinding. I also had a more customized Portal Master as well. And I take into account that apps have updates, so I didn’t really think about it too much when I get an update request for this game. But what I didn’t expect was after I downloaded the update and opened the app, all of my progress was gone and I was back to level 1. So you could imagine my surprise and frustration when all of my hard work was deleted in an instant. I’m still trying to figure out if I can find a way to recover my lost data from the Game Center, but I’ve had no luck so far. If there is anyone that can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

- Was expecting better

Ok so for a brief backstory I started playing skylanders as soon as the first game: spyros adventure for Xbox 360 came out. I instantly was a fan. But I coudnt keep up with the franchise and missed some of the games but was glad I had a Iphone 4 when the first mobile games in the franchise came. I wasn’t as entertained but you can’t get what you want all the time. But this one is ok just I didn’t see a skylanders mobile game like a rpg and if i did I kindve expected better and some more nostalgia and if there is any probably more voice lines and I don’t really care if there generic but this game can improve better. This is my thought and thank you developer for at least trying to revive the skylanders franchise and hopefully your game becomes better than the previous mobile games that mostly are now deleted and off the AppStore.

- A best way until there’s a skylanders seven

Skyanders ring of heroes is a great way for the beloved toys to life franchise of all time I played it since in 2011 to 2016 I read the comics watch the tv show and research the lore and story of skylands one thing I have noticed is the nightmare king and others in a anime style cutscene the gameplay is great the rpg elements is a nice way to train level up and awaken your every own skylanders com2us did a great job of knowing what the skylanders I know and love like Spyro blades ambush spitfire splat and new color elements of fan favorite skylanders and one who elements change also but just for light and dark and I wish they can make toys out of the awaken skylanders to put on my shelf I give this game a 9/10

- Good game just a few things

I love playing this game it’s almost the only thing left I have of Skylanders except swap force for the wii, the new update changes some things like characters before the update there were almost infinite possibilities with your character but now there’s only 3 to choose from another thing the tutorial goes long and it makes you do the battles instead of exploring, also in the old version when you beat an area you can go in it in normal instead of easy but now to do level 1-1 normal I have to beat the game in easy, but I like the change from 3 skylanders to 4, also when you get the update it doesn’t save any of your progress please make a way if there isn’t because I got a legendary and I don’t want to lose it.

- What Happened?

This was a promising fun game but it feels like the developers quit 3 months ago. No updates, no news, no information other than login stuff or gift shop stuff. We haven’t heard anything from the developers. The one year anniversary is just a login event?! The last updates (Months ago) changed a lot about the game. The rune drop rates in dungeons is atrocious. I haven’t have a rune drop worthwhile in over 7 months. They started to fix the gold issue only to have it reset back to the old ways on January 1. I feel like they could have added these login and gift event months ago and it automatically would roll out. We haven’t had a new unit or dungeon or any content since the last update. Which begs the question, what happened? Where are the developers and why have they said nothing for awhile? With no new updates, poor gold rate, and really poor rune rate drops, this game is not worth your time or money.


I don’t play a lot but this battle game is awesome you summon skylanders you choose 3 and fight evil!!! But I’m not at the end yet question if we complete the final one that light element place do we fight koas? If so I’m SUPER EXCITED I’m on the golden dessert don’t know if I spelled dessert right but I really enjoy this game I mostly wanted a REAL skylanders game you know like with skylanders irl but this is even better and I always play trap team on my tv but I LOVE THIS GAME. Ps. I’m gonna go play it right now for I am portal master crash Also I choose that name cause about every name I choose was taken except for crash. BYE CREATOR PLEASE CONTINUE MAKING AWESOME GAMES FOR US!!!!!!!!!!! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

- Skylander

Just go back to what you had. The original game was just fine. The original game was great. So many kids coming of age for a good wholesome game to learn how the play video games. Skylanders was/is the epic game like Mario. Just bring back the characters and stop the nonsense of in play buying type games. The original game was family friendly and had a lot to offer. Having a son on the spectrum makes these in game buys hard to discourage him from. He is 14 and just want to buy, buy, buy. As a parent, the app should have some way to turn off the option to buy in game items with US dollars. This way the kids can experience the game and the satisfaction of getting enough gems to buy their items. Letting them learn that hard work has rewards. This would help parents a great deal.

- Very good game!

I just downloaded this game and it’s so good! A lot to do a lot of recourses! Fair and consistent rewards for missions completed!!! However I have one issue! For the auto battle it’s very time consuming especially if it’s the x10 auto battle!! It’s time consuming and if I leave it on to follow through my phone stays unlocked and it drains battery to even complete the task!! Have you thought of doing skip battle for that so it saves time and it’s quicker to level up? I’ve been stuck for the past day! Other than that it’s a great game and worth it!! Hope you take my suggestion into consideration!

- Good but needs improvement

Not a bad gatcha game, very small roster and many lower tier monsters have better kits than 5 stars. Leveling is insanely slow, getting higher potential runes is scaled poorly based on power level, recommended power level for certain modes is scaled poorly as well. And upgrading monsters to the next star grade requires having 2-3x the amount of shards it takes to summon something in the first place, and with the very gatcha dependent system, this is a very difficult process. While arguably the kits of lower grade monsters is better, trying to get them to 5 star takes ages and hundreds of shards. Takes grinding to a whole new level... or just pay a couple hundred bucks.

- It’s a awesome game but...

I really like this game, but I can’t stand how many silly looking characters there are hero’s and villains alike, I’ve restarted my game several times just to spend the 2500 diamonds in hope for a cool looking hero with good stats, but I keep getting ugly awkward looking characters.. you guys should put more cooler looking characters in the game, make more characters that have that cool edge like Drobot or stealth elf, And not just for 5 stars, implement new low level hero’s too, I bet you guys would have more and more people playing this game if you did that, all in all I really like the game though, I’m still gonna play it.

- Great Experience!

I love Skylanders and have a big collection, and seeing all of my favorites in this game brings me joy. Since I love skylanders, I was so excited when I heard that they were releasing another mobile app. It was a long wait, but once I finally got my hands on it today, I’ve been hooked. I’ve played for over half an hour and I just can’t stop! I really like Blast Zone, definitely my favorite in this game. Overall, I think four stars is the perfect rating, it’s great, but not quite there yet. I’m sure you’ll continue supporting this game for a while, and I hope it’ll satisfy me unlock the sixth game releases, haha. I don’t normally write reviews, but I thought it had to be done.

- It needs more variety.

It feels like the character chosen to be playable were put in a cup full of popsicle sticks with their names on them. A lot of the good characters are missing and overall the set already is just, bland. Being someone who bought the original Skylanders, and every game following after it, including the extinct mobile apps, this is just lacking. I like how it works better than its sister game, League of Legends, when it comes to a lack of bugs, but overall it feels about the same, with just characters I’m familiar with. It be nice to see characters that were left out such as Zap, Camo, Pop Thorn, Hoot Loop, etc.. come to the game later on. Maybe change some functions to make the game, more original.

- Love

This is my childhood game since the beginning but there one problem it’s different with you not able to find coins or do other stuff that was used to be like on Xbox and other stuff moving killing enemy’s and get hats where are they also u have to level up using coins and it’s a great game but I have some old toys of the game and u can’t even use them like what because before on Xbox if you had a swap force Skylander and you have trap team you can still use it but now it’s like you can’t use any of them u have to get ruins or something but great game though

- Better than summoners war

I started playing summoners war a few years ago, it was w fun game. I came across Skylanders and I love the set up a lot more than summoners wars. I love the auto play 10 in a row, even for the dungeons and bosses. I hated constantly checking my phone in summoners war after ever single battle, and pushing play for ever single run. You have to do 1000’s of runs to get any good gear and on top of that you have to press play every single time. I wish I could do more than 10x auto runs but I will take that over pushing play every single time, any day.

- Slow Grind and Low Drops

This game is fun for the first 3-4 days. Plenty of resources and gems to buy “energy” recharge. After 3-4 days you will end up with 15-20 heroes sitting at max 3-5 stars. You will have a hard time progressing without spending days farming the same stages. On average 10 runs will get you 1-2 hero pieces. You need around 10-30 to level him up just once, but you need to repeat this 5 times to unlock the next level cap. I been farming for kaboom pieces for 3 days and still trying to unlock his max cap at 5 stars. In the end you have to spend those gems or pay to keep doing Summons and get those pieces or farm for 3-5 days. The game is fun, plenty of gems and resources, but a slow grind.

- Wow, having a blast so far.

What can I say this game has everything I could ask for. Good graphics, not pay to win, and good combat. They really outdid themselves on this one. Only portal master level 6 right now so not too far into the game but right now I'm enjoying myself. Usually I'll stop playing these kind of games after 2-3 days but I have a different feeling about this one. I have about $60 worth of free gems I got my just playing the game which is nice. This is my first review I've ever written and if you're on the fence about installing it, definitely do it. It's free!

- Rune system

Hi enjoying the game it’s a lot of fun. Would like to see two features added the first is a bad luck protection on rune upgrades. Perhaps every fail increases chance of next try by 1% or something similiar. It’s very frustrating not knowing if upgrading a rune will cost 5000 gold or 300,000. Also it would be nice if 10x auto battle just instantly did it. Pretty phone battery/time intensive. Perhaps if you’ve already 3* AND your current teams strength is higher then the adventure this could be an option. Keep up the good work the update is great. Thanks, Jake


I’ve played Skylanders on my 360 back in the day and when I seen this game in the App Store I figured why not give it a shot. I expected not to play this game too long due to the fact that Skylanders is more of a child’s game but that is not at all the case. This game is very addictive and I would recommend it to anybody that has just 10 minutes of free time a day. I guess I should also add that I’m not a big mobile gamer but I haven’t picked up my ps4 controller in almost a week because of this game.

- From Good to Bad

Since its launch, this game has had a few major updates. The game has changed significantly after the last and I would no longer recommend people to play. There are other games available that have more content, more things to do and require little to no money to progress. You will be prompted daily to spend close to one hundred dollars for a chance to get one Skylander. It is not worth it. Save your money and find a different game that you will enjoy. If you are still unsure about getting this game, read other reviews since the last update before making your decision. The reviews from launch are no longer relevant since the latest update.

- Meh...

So to be very honest I don’t typically write any type of review..however I enjoyed the the first getting premium tickets for 3wks to kick of the revamp is good and you don’t really think about how you don’t have a free premium summon once a day. The arena doesn’t auto generate new entries overtime it auto fills at 3pm and 3am est meaning limited chances to move up ranks. The key progression for dark subjugation makes no sense if I get diamond or higher why is it that I only get 7-8 green keys I believe it should be rescaled to give the players with high dps to either purple or gold since it’s a high tier and have blue or purple for mid tier and green for lower tier. There also is no way currently to boost your light and dark heroes. Which is sad we can have a unit to fix perfectly with out team but with no light/dark keys we can’t boost them At a certain part you hit a pay wall where if you don’t pay you barely progress this game HAS a good amount of potential but I feel as if the team pushed it out way to early and has decided it’s going to be a p2w game

- Screen size

Might just be a temporary thing but I am using a 3rd gen iPad Pro to play on 12.9 inch screen and the 2” of the top and bottom are just a terrible banner of the elements in the game it doesn’t become full screen. This is one of the only games on the market that doesn’t have any way to adjust screen resolution and definitely takes away from the fun since this iPad is my main way to play. Might be a fix in future updates but the game has been out for a long time in other countries and seen no fix to it. Would be great to get a response.

- Not the spin off I wanted

So I am a big skylander fan boy. I owned all the games, I have a wall of figures, and it was my favorite game series. This game does not hold a candle to the master piece that was the skylanders franchise, but it is in my opinion the best rpg game in the AppStore. It’s not bad, it gave me nostalgia, but I uninstalled it after a hour because I just don’t like how they turned a amazing game with an expansive world into a decent rpg. I am not saying it’s bad I just would like more modes, a better story, and more skylanders in it. Other than that it is a pretty good game and the best out of the mobile rpg genre.

- Fun Game

This game is awesome, but I want to tell new players in this game not to make the same mistake I did. In this game, you start with two Skylanders (blades and hot dog). They are for fighting the first chapter with. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM! But sereasly, they are horrible. The only reason I rated this game four stars instead of five is because it keeps asking me to rate this game! All in all, the combat stile is fun and I really enjoy this game. I however do not like how you always have to update the game to its latest version and why can’t you give sole stones to your friends? Please add an update that allows you to.

- Been a long time to meet the fun game

This is makes me feel fresh. Cause, there is a bunch of heroes but not same each other and clearly looks different from the typical hero in another turn RPG games. And the huge boundary of the elemental with the rune system has the potential to enjoy this game with a lot of strategies. Just one thing I concerning is they need to make us get into the inventory easier to catch the upgrade items or notice us to recognize easier that we got some new things in there.

- Nostalgia Overload!

This is a awesome game. Taking a spin on the old game’s characters and making a whole different feel was a great idea! Com2us did a good job with the gameplay, and I found myself playing this all night! One small thing I would change is all the stuff on your screen, maybe adding a hide button which would hide all the extra stuff on your screen, but other than that, please keep updating and adding new characters because I love this game!


I loved this game but something that concerned me from the beginning is that they had TREE-REXS (leaf element), CRUSHER (earth element), and NINJIJI (magic element), they did not have TUMPBACK (water element), BONCER (tech element)EYE-BRAWL(death element)Swarm(air element) Hothead (fire element) I know it’s a lot to take in but at least try also please make another skylander game I have so Many Skylanders and I don’t want theme to go to wast (like with a new porter and Skylanders so I hopefully you can add more gaints and it’s not just me but I’m sure everyone wants a new Skylanders game (not sure if this is actavishon)

- Sad

I really enjoyed this game to start out, but it seems that they have gotten greedy like so many successes do. They try to advertise more cards and the ability to trade them, but think most can’t tell that the legendary odds are far worse now and the ability to trade cards for more is meaningless based on cost. It’s sad that companies can’t appreciate the amount of time people spent out of the actual lives to play a meaningless game and even spend money that’s a total waste..and yet still scheme and design ways for the consumer to waste further time just to barely advance. I will not be playing much longer and I definitely won’t be recommending anymore

- What have you done to mah boi

So I was playing a random game and I saw this game in an ad and I was surprised because I thought they removed every inch of toys to life on the App Store! And sadly I was right. Look at this game it ruins the entire skylanders series! I grew up with skylanders giants, spyro’s adventure, swap force, imaginators, trap team, etc. but now looking at this game. I’m saddened to see this thing that they call skylanders. it isn’t skylanders if it isn’t toys to life! Please and I am begging you put toys to life in this you have done it with the other skylanders games on mobile but now those are gone. Please bring back the good days.

- Great game!

This game is great and I enjoy playing as my favorite skylanders and I really miss the old games as I grew up with them sense spurts adventure but please could you make the cost of re entering boss stages lower I’m trying to get my igniter awakened but I don’t have enough gems. Also adding skins or cosmetics for skylanders when completing a quest or summoning like chef chop chop from lost islands or just like hats for skylanders to wear would be awesome! And com2us if you read this please please please! Take this into consideration thank you!

- The last update

The last update of 2020 for this game made me get rid of all my progress so if you could make a way to have different profiles that would be great. As well to have a better chance upgrading you tunes. Other then that the game is great! I recommend this game but DO NOT download it if you think there’s a sandbox mode or something it is completely based on mission so creators if you find my review in this pile of reviews please respond and fix these things! I hope you enjoyed my review! Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!

- Work on runes

The game is really good everything is given in a good quantity except for one thing that is very essential in the game to progress better in the game, especially mid game and that is runes are not giving enough I feel, I struggle to get good runes for my Skylanders™ now mid game and sometimes I wish in the magic shop or shop runes were being sold along with shards which is a good thing. So plz if you can activision apply runes to both shops it would make many mid gamers process better.

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- I wish I could rate this game more than 5 stars!!!🤩🤩🤩

This game is the most fun mobile game you can find. It’s got great story, great presentation, and if you’ve finished the story, there’s still a bunch to do like the cave of gold or just farming your Skylanders until they reach their max level. Now just because I was a Skylanders fan before this came out, it doesn’t mean that I like it Orford only that reason. If I weren’t a Skylanders fan before this game, I still would’ve loved this. Great job to everyone who worked on this game and hopefully you can continue to strive further with this game!

- Game is great but farming skylanders puzzles is repetitive.

Skylanders with turn based combat is really fun but the combat gets annoying if you want to farm the common Skylanders that have a chance of giving you puzzle pieces such as the skylanders called tuff luck. If you want to get these puzzles without playing the match you can use auto battle option but it goes through the whole match and becomes repetitive trying to get those pieces in the area. A way to fix this problem is just skipping the entire match to collect your rewards like auto wins. Marvel strike force is one example of these mechanics working where select how many matches you want to do and then get all the rewards. People getting puzzles that just started the game won’t experience the problem but the people who have max level skylanders doing low level areas just to get pieces will experience it.

- Overall good game, but bad bugs and glitches

I just updated skylanders portal of heroes and I lost all of my data, everything, and now I have to start all over again but now I feel unenthusiastic to even play it anymore, it was great playing it though, it has a nice touch to the combat and the enemies and skylanders you can get are pretty fun to collect.

- Download times

I haven’t even played the game yet but this game already deserves this rating. Don’t download the game in 5 seconds but then tell me I have 3 more downloads I have to do once I’ve started the game that get longer and longer each time. Just put it all at the beginning so I can still use my phone while it downloads for 30-60mins instead of forcing me to literally leave my phone for an hour just because you can’t figure out how to package your game correctly. This game looks fun and I’d love to play it but so far I’m 3hrs in and I still haven’t even gotten to the start of the game

- One thing

I literally got the game a few hours ago and already I’m onto the second place we’re you find a boss. The game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun but there is one thing for me to say 1. The first land with the boss is straight up to easy although it might be that I’m just good at the game but can you make shore that you you make it a little bit harder but other than that the game is AWSOME! Star #1 star #2 star #3 star #4 and star #5

- I am speechless

This game is horrible............ HORRIBLY GREAT!!!! I am having so much fun playing this game, besides me already loving skylanders. So far my top three strongest skylanders are Stealth Elf, Eruptor and Spyro. I’m trying to complete a quest where it asks me to power up a five star rune, but first I just need to get a five star rune. I’m also up to the mansion of gloom which is awesome. Thanks for an awesome game. 👍

- Good but a little annoying

I would like to see all the Skylanders giants I can think of a lot of abilities for them the ones you have on the game now are tree Rex ninjini and crusher but I won’t to see hot head swarm eye braw and thump back and when you get in to the game and you have a lot of common and all that it takes forever to get another Skylanders but although I like it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- The closest thing to a new Skylanders game? I’m down!

When I heard that a new Skylanders game was to be released, I had no clue what to expect. After the series’ 2-year hiatus, most of the fans didn’t expect anything, but then we were BLESSED with this gem! Despite the DragonCity-esque format, mixed with a BestFiendsForever style fighting format, the game is awesome and extremely fun!

- As they say they’re “Back and ready to battle!”

Skylanders Ring of hero’s is a great game other than the fact that guild levels need to be raised every so often. Also, the blue exlixers for powering up skylanders aren’t dropped enough in The distorted dimensions. But this is an excellent game with hours of gameplay bundled into it.

- Activision, if your reading this, than I have a problem

My problem is that the Skylander game (Supercharger) freezes everytime I play it and I would like you to update the game. Some people still play this on mobile devices. Do not give on Skylanders yet!

- I dunno

I’m just supporting you creators for being brave enough to even actually start a game when you could get hate but just don’t listen to them you should focus on the good comments so again you should be proud and give yourself a nice pat on the back

- Amazing

This is such an amazing fame! I do have one suggestion: Ultimate moves: Like, skylanders slowly charge a specific ability like astroblasts wool encounter, where he summons a green sheep But, suggestions aside, this truly is an amazing game. Thank you so much for making this!

- Loading... 😣

The game takes ages to load. To go in and do a simple thing will take you one minute or longer just waiting for it to load. Me started on how long it took just to play the game at the first instance. ... then after playing one stage took another 10 minutes to load content. I can’t stand games that take forever to load. Delete

- Free battle mode

Love this game so much! The only criticism I would have is trying to match people to opponents closer to their team’s power in ‘Free Battle’ mode. It’s disheartening and feels pointless to consistently verse people whose Skylanders are 10-20 levels higher.

- Awesomeness

Great game overall a 7/10 I mean would love more customisation options character wise also an open world aspect would be great! If they could make skylanders into an MMO would be amazing please do this haha

- Amazing if you don’t mind waiting

This game is really fun and has a big potential. If you stick to the game for long enough you can get some really cool skylanders but if you are a person who won’t keep on the game for a long time this ain’t for you

- Character Exclusivity

Fun game for the most part, but a bit ridiculous that some Skylanders need to be paid for instead of worked for. Being so close to summoning a character with only 4 pieces needed but can’t be traded or asked for with in-game items. Needs changing for those of us who actually enjoy playing the game and work hard on a daily basis

- Just Bad

Everything about this game is bad. Boring and uninteresting gameplay, horrible story, glitches and bugs around every corner. It's just a last ditch effort to keep Skylanders relevant but without the joy of collecting rare and interesting figurines, it's just a generic bad game. The gameplay is confusing as the tutorial is uninformative and doesn't explain it well. The game is also surrounded by long download times. There is nothing good about this game.

- Skylanders ring of heroes is the best

I started playing this game the first day it came out I started to summon characters and I started to understand the game and how I got so addicted to it so I will always play this game and I will always keep this game THIS GAME IS AWESOME.

- Better than I thought.

This is WAAAY better than I expected. And they don’t seem determine to make me spend money, I can play fine for free so far, so I’ll keep playing.

- It is fun

I like the game it is very fun to play you should play it to but they should make a update because it takes to long to load.

- Couldn’t come soon enough!!

Finally another challenger to the SW and DHC market. Loving this game and it’s polished interface and graphics. Can’t wait to start streaming!

- Skylanders ring of heroes

This is an awesome game and if you don’t get it you’re every insult you can think of

- Bad levels

You put a little levels please add a lot more levels to make the game longer put over 1millon levels so other then the levels the game is cool.

- Don't bother

It's not skylanders, it's summoners war with different characters. the game play is changing, but who knows when. it hasn't had any tlc for 12 months. it can't be bothered waiting for the update - by their own admission it's a whole new game. time for something else.

- Can’t change servers!?

I got this game 2-3 weeks ago and spent countless hours grinding but joined the Au/Ca server as I’m from Australia. However, no one is on this server and I can’t join global without losing all my progress. There aren’t even enough people to match in friendly. This is so depressing.

- This is a great app but..

I have a love for skylanders and this game is a great way to play a skylander game in 2020. But it is missing the ability to add your own figures into the game. Otherwise it is a very fun and enjoyable game.

- Bad, Spyro got worse

Just go play summoners war over this spyro will never be the same of i can can 1 wish i legit want skylanders to never have been a thing. Skylanders is bad in this game it was the same thing on the console nothing but a cash grab any one that even uses irl cash on this game is just stupid not even worth ur time.

- Its prettty good

It’s pretty good but you get attacked with tons of ads when you load in the game

- Decent Game

I like the idea about getting soul stones to get a new Skylander but I wish you could also get skylanders from using the codes that are on the skylander figurines that you own in real life

- Very good quality

Higher than my expectations

- Love this game

Skylanders in 2021 could be worse my only complaint is that Ghost Roaster is not in the game yet.

- Neglected game

Not as good as the console games. Lacking in new content and gameplay. I feel like activision has forgotten about this game and Skylanders in general😤

- Trash

This game is pretty much like every bandai game, but even worse is the summoning for new characters, your not guaranteed and actual character, instead you spend all your hard earned gems and getting shards of different characters which is pathetic.

- Amazing

This is an amazing game I love it but can you please make a new skylander game we can play on like an Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo

- Best game

I love the Skylanders series and the game play if you could play offline I will be so happy

- BestGame

This game has overall great graphics with funky enemies. This games system of battling is different than many others I’ve played before. Two skills and time based, not turn based. Filled with loads of quests. I’ve been playing for quite some time now, and I’ve realized that leveling up monsters is incredibly hard (especially after lvl40). I’ve played other games like Summoners War and there level system is pretty good. So I’d say that many would be better off with exp boosters or something as a means to level up monsters faster. Another thing I’ve realized is the crazy amount of soul stones required for awakening with other awakening material. Sort of like the exp, the awakening part is incredibly harder.(especially the 5 star soul stones since there more rare) Even though, there are various times you can get 50 soul stones which practically guarantees a 5 star, but what are the odds of it being gotten 6 times. I’ve gotten like 6-7 opportunities to get 50 soul stones and only once I’ve got the same 5 star. There is a small soul-stone boost you can get from Omni gems but it doesn’t compare to how much is needed to awaken them. I’ve tried app support but it doesn’t seem to have the game there so... I’ve run into some issues of my own. I like to do quests a lot of the time and I got all the way to veteran 1 & 2. In veteran quest 1, I decided I should save the quest with 800 gems (quest 32) and collect it when I complete the other veteran 2 quests (all the way to quest 39)(don’t know why I wanted to save it). So I completed the veteran 2 quests and collected my reward 800 gems. New missions appeared. (my connection was bad at the time) Since my connection wasn’t at its best I slide the game off from task manager. I re open the game and realize the missions disappeared. I thought to myself, big deal I’ll just finish the last quest of veteran 1 and it should come back. So I completed it, and it never came back. If it was a glitch and there are no quests past 39 please inform me. If it wasn’t, can you please fix this issue. If I can fix it, please tell me how. (Com2us I recommend that you unlock the veteran 2 quest after the first one so this wouldn’t happen) thanks:) Please fix it soon, i like this game

- Ummm......

Yeah, I download this a few says ago with a hope of playing it today. I don’t mind the extra download needed to get it up to specs, but now everything is in Korean. I can decipher HIVE, and that’s it........ Otherwise, great game, given all I have seen is the startup page

- Hi

I like it because you have to work out strategies

- Someone how loves skylanders

I already got a lot of sky landies so lucky 🍀 I love this

- Its good but...

Its great! I will give you that. But, not all the skylanders are in the game. So could you plz add them in the new update?


Haven’t played yet still waiting on countdown but I’m hyped.

- Load times are horrible!

I really like this game but 4 + hour maintenance, updates and downloads that go for hours are just spoiling this game and that’s all in the first 2 days. Shame really it’s a big deterrent.

- Boring and expensive to play

Character design is quite bad and expensive to be good in this game, you spend money to get shards... not even a hero ... and the game mode is quite boring compare to similar games out there : eg . Summoners war, epic seven etc

- Awsome

It is very good because it is basically like a PlayStation

- Good game now ruined 0 stars.

Latest update has removed any reason to play other than to spend large amounts of real $ for very small results. Huge fan of the brand, after months of happy game play. This APP is now ruined... Do not read feedback for older versions as anything like the game play experience in this latest version. My suggestion, try the next game. Not this one.

- Excellent game

This is a great game recommend playing it

- I like it but...

I want a remake of the sky lander maker app please.

- Loading the game

Why can't I start the game ? I turn it in but nothing loads...I just wait and wait and nothing.

- Wanna add Skylanders

It’d be nice if the game can connect to the Bluetooth portal of powers so I can add all my Skylanders in

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- I LOST Everything


- New Update bring down everything!

It's true, if you look at other recent review saying about the new update/patch ruins the game, they are correct. The game has never been so quite since the update was released. Many of my guildies left instantly when they discovered many fun features that keep the game alive disappeared. Moreover, the game now crashes every 30mins or so on my iP6, this has never happened before and it's so annoying. Overall, dont play this game until the Devs fix the mess they caused.

- Great game

I love it. Maybe incorporate a joystick mode to travel (not fight) and maybe add some islands to travel to that you can actually see like the older version. It is amazing and I love it (put the things listed above in the game)

- Toooooo Grindy

Good game mechanics overall. Hero’s skills are very thoughtful. But the evolution, skill-up, awakening materials in game are wayyyyy too hard to obtain. You better have a spare cellphone to run this game 24/7.

- Skylanders

Very nice it!

- New features coming soon?

So I played this like a year or 2 ago, Like where you could make your own portal master and use villains on your team, I come back and see everything’s changed, like holy crap you guys did a real good job, I just have a 2 questions Will all the Skylanders be available in the far future? (Excluding the Donkey kong, bowser, crash, neo cortex I presume) Well some of the features return? Like guild bosses, still not sure what the 2 other features that are coming soon are, but I hope you guys keep this up

- All gone

I am very disappointed It took all the progress , what about the people that spent money on i game stuff

- Constant kicking

I honestly really like this game, but every time I start a few minutes later I’m kicked out and it has to reload everything. It’s becoming pointless to play and frustrating. If they fix that bug I probably play more.

- Not good

I had a account with half of the characters so just ad all the transactions that they all costs when they make me switch servers all that money lost and I can’t get it back just think about that fact when you play you may lose money and never get it back again

- Annoying

Ben playing this game for a while now. I don't like how the toys to life part is removed. Harder to unlock my favorite characters. Also, when in battle, enemies will hang up on one Skylander, making it difficult and frustrating to get 3 stars

- Good game

Can you make NBA now compatible with iPhone 5c

- What a great game

I think this game is awesome. I haven’t seen any problems with it

- Meh game

This game is ok but please bring skylanders lost island, skylanders cloud patrol and skylanders battlegrounds back to the App Store and compatible with iOS thirteen and up because those games are a lot of fun and there nostalgic to me thank you for reading this.

- Don’t waste your time

New players be aware this game has not had an update in over six months and no events in past two months. It has been abandoned by it’s makers. It was a good game while it lasted, but with player base dropping fast there is no sense in starting to play it now.

- I Love this game On PS4 BUt....

Mines wont load Pls help me

- Please read this!😢🥺

It’s crashing and I can’t even really get in the game in just kicks me out. I play on IPad. Is this a problem or a glitch? please reply I need to now what to do!🥺 I was watching videos thinking “aww why can’t I play..” PLEASE FIX I beg you! and thank you 🤧😢😭

- Takes 2 fricken years to load

This thing took sooo long I gave up and all I was seeing is your stupid Skylanders EVEN THE SAME ONES PLS MAKE THE LOAD IN FASTER DONT YOU REALIZE

- Rejoignez tous mon clan vous serez tous bien accepté

IMPORTANT Tout Le MONDE Rejoignez tous MON Clan qui est :raffollox42 et je vous recommande ce jeu et SVP rejoignez mon clan sur skylanders Héros qu’elle que chose (...)

- Add crash bandicoot!!!

add crash bandicoot!! pls!!

- They have given up on the game

They don’t do anything anymore to update the game it’s literally been 4 months plus without new content. New players will nvr catch up EVER.

- Olla

To whom ever reads this...... iv played more then a fair amount of phone games.... and I have to to say , hands down 5 stars across the board! One of the most addicting phone games I’ve played to date and would with out a doubt suggest and or highly recommend this phone game as a top 5 must have, play and spread the word of a fantastic game. To the creators

- Help

Just stays stuck on the title screen.

- I was very much missing skylanders

This game I love it skylanders was my favourite game series so yea 10/10

- Sad.

Horrible update. Completely ruined the game.

- Very Good!

This game is great and does not lag a lot,I think it’s actually very fun!Though it can be better,If this game was offline,I can play it everywhere!On a car,in a restraunt,And even in hell!!!(joke)But I think it’s still very good.Remember to continue making updates!

- So cute

I have 3 of the toys there so fun and cuuuuuuteeeeee

- Such wasted potential

Had so much potential to be a great game, unfortunately consecutive failed updates where developers were always making the wrong decisions on every little things have continuously bleeded the game of its best and most active players. This one is on a downward spiral, with the amount of interesting gacha out there, pick another one to start with!

- Change smolderdash awakening

Her awakening should be that her solar flare should trigger explode if the enemy has a bomb on them.

- It takes a long time to load

I waited 1 hour and it still has not turned on!!!!!!!so if you could make it go quicker it would be awesome otherwise it is great

- Horrible update ruined the game

This latest update absolutely destroyed the game. Arena is completely unplayable. They made it impossible to move up in rank and with their latest update notes; said they weren’t changing anything. So they basically broke half their game and claim it’s working as intended.

- Stuck

I love the game it’s just I’m stuck in a tutorial bit for the guild battle defence team I don’t want to lose my progress! Please fix this!

- Excellent game but way too much bandwidth demand.

The game is excellent but absolutely nothing can be done offline not even the parts of the game that do not require multiplayer interactions. So unless you have either a wifi connection always available or a unlimited phone bandwidth plan (which eliminates Bell, Rogers or any of their subsidiary as an option). You’ll need a lot of money for bandwidth to be able to play the game. Otherwise it would be truly an awesome game.

- Terrible execution of latest update

They destroyed the pvp portion of the game. Was really enjoyable up until then. Would recommend the game if they fixed the GIANT issue they seem to be ignoring. The latest update improved the arena, but an additional 25% decrease from losses would stabilize the arena permanently in my opinion. My rating still stands at this point

- Really fun, but be careful creators

The game is a joy, and when I first played it, it was a real grind. The creators updated it to make it easier to level up all the Skylanders you have, which I really appreciate What I want to caution the creators on is to not make it too easy. It’s not a bad thing to have a grind to a game, but I enjoy the opportunities we get to lower the amount of time it takes to push along.

- Barhoom

This is a truly remarkable and fun filled game that you guys have created. Always knew challenges to do and it is not a pay to play type game which I love. I have a recommendation. That is if it may be possible to people that have actually bought Skylanders from the original console Skylanders games be able to scan their physical figures into the game so we may be able to unlock them? Thank you for your time.

- Bad game :)))))

Many nice pet but havent show out

- Nice game com2us and activision

I am very impressed on the rewards I got when starting out on the game definitely recommending others to download and play

- Awesome game

Dropped every other mobile game I had installed once I started playing more clash Royale, swgoh played for 3 years , idle rpg, hero hunters..very appealing game best part being that saving gems up is relatively easy.

- Skylanders

The game is great but it’s missing something. How about make a option where battlecast card owners could use there cards for a reward. Also If you have contact with activation could you ask if we will get a New console skylanders

- ...

The game is really great but I wish I could use all of my skylanders figures to summon special or just normal plain skylanders.

- Love and hate

I love the game but I lost all of my gold and wish stones, I even have an screenshot when it took my gold and wish stones

- Great game

Very addictive

- I got sooo many rewards and got soooooo... idk

This game is sooooooo awesome

- Good Game, Only have 1 small thing.

The game is great and fun to play but the game is still new and is missing allot of other characters that I like. Here are those following characters: Magic: Star Strike Voodood Trap Shadow Tech: Countdown Drobot Drill Sergeant Fire: Sunburn Flameslinger Wind or Air?: Warnado Water: Thumback Graveclobber Earth: Bash Slobber Tooth Life: Shroomboom Camo Undead: Ghost Roaster Chop Chop Eye-Brawl Fright Rider Grim Creaper

- Thing I don’t like

The games is great it’s wonderful but please remove the 24 hours wait because when I leave a guild I have to wait 24hours to join another one and there have been so many maintances today but it’s a great game

- Good game

It’s a very good game but when I get my daily reward gems it never gives me it.

- Fun game. Better to have more events for rewards.


- Skylanders Cloud Patrol⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Skylanders cloud patrol is still a top 5 mobile game for me. Bring it back to the app store, please!!

- Sooooo

I like the game but I screwed up I accidentally sold the red potion not knowing I needed it to continue with the story

- Poorly designed!

I realize this game just released, but it needs serious work; right now it is one of the worst gacha games I’ve tried. The UI is poorly designed, and a lot of the systems are poorly explained; the touch controls feel unresponsive; and the behind-the-characters camera misses the whole point of collecting cool characters, since you barely see them during the gameplay. This feels super lazy and needs a lot of work. It’s quite generous with free stuff currently, because of all the launch rewards, but I just couldn’t stick with it. Even if they could just simplify and clarify the UI, that would be a dramatic improvement.

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Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

Who else is excited for the newest upcoming additions to Skylanders Ring of Heroes? Let's roll out the red carpet for Chopscotch and Mysticat!


Should have another episode of my Let's Play series up this Wednesday then I'll have my first Ring of Heroes video up this Friday on Christmas. Hopefully, I can get everything back on schedule before school starts back for me next month. #youtube #skylanders #bringbacktheskylands


@VampiricSk8r 🔥I wasn't a fan of Cynder's design in skylanders anyway. But i was never able to play the games, (except for ring of heroes if that even counts for anything, i just redownloaded that today- i noticed they stories for the characters-.) I'm just more familiar with her --

🔥 IgniteTheBlaize

Noticed I haven't posted any Spyro in a while, had to fix that before the end of the year All the awakened forms in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes are super neat-looking 👀 I definitely knew I was going to end up drawing Spyro's awakened form at some point


Take your Skylanders Ring of Heroes 🤘 gameplay to an all-new level with these awesome #BlueStacks Features. 🔗Read Now:


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Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes 2.0.12 Screenshots & Images

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone images
Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone images
Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone images
Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone images
Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone images
Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone images
Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone images
Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes iphone images

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes (Version 2.0.12) Install & Download

The applications Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes was published in the category Games on 2019-03-01 and was developed by Com2uS Corp. [Developer ID: 299175870]. This application file size is 1.3 GB. Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes - Games app posted on 2021-11-18 current version is 2.0.12 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: