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Welcome to Toca Life: After School, where how you spend your time is up to you! Explore your favorite hobbies — or discover a new one! Skate, create art, dance, make music, play sports or just chill! Meet 27 characters, explore four locations and have as much fun as you can before it’s time to head home!


SKATE PARK: Choose from the colorful skateboards and scooters, and feel the rush as you skate down the quarter pipe! Then grab an after-school snack and chill in the lounge!

ART WORKSHOP: Get as creative as you like! Enjoy painting? Create a mess or a masterpiece with nine colors in the paint buckets! Choose your favorite tool — paint brush, roller or air brush. When you’ve finished, make a print, choose a frame and hang it in the gallery space!

DANCE STUDIO: Build your DJ skills as you mix beats in the dance studio. Play around with different instruments and genres to give the dancers something to move and groove to!

SPORTS COURT: Head to the rooftop sports court to pick your teams, choose their colors and mascots, and play! You’ll find equipment to play basketball, football, field hockey and more. The rooftop is also the spot to express your artistic flair on the graffiti wall, play a board game or kick back with a good book.

Role-play in four locations: skate park, art workshop, dance studio and sports court
Meet 27 characters
Create and print art
Spray on the graffiti wall
Choose a skateboard and skate down the quarter pipe
Make music to dance to on the music machine
Freshen up after your dance — towels now work like outfits, so throw one on
Play sports on the sports court
Find hidden characters, skateboards and graffiti pets

Use the in-app recording feature to create an original video! This feature records your voice and your characters’ movements as you’re telling the story. Create videos up to two minutes long and save them to your camera roll to share your storytelling later!

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Toca Life: After School App Description & Overview

The applications Toca Life: After School was published in the category Education on 2018-03-22 and was developed by Toca Boca AB. The file size is 251.54 MB. The current version is 1.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Your favorite app has been updated!
• Life Weekly got a makeover and is now Toca Life MIX! Your source for everything happening in Toca Life. Check out the latest news, watch cool videos and vote in fun polls.
• Everyone can wear towels!
• And of course, we’ve fixed some bugs!

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Toca Life: After School Reviews


It’s great! But...  ReviewMaster1506  4 star

This app is wonderful and I love how you can draw and make paintings. I would give it five stars, but I’m only giving four because having owned all of the Toca: Life Games, I was kind of disappointed when I opened this app. It only had three places to go. I expect more from Toca. Even though it should have had more, I still really like it!


Toca Boca please read  tocabocafan#####1  5 star

I have a suggestion on what your next game can be it could be called Toca:house where people could design like 3 or 4 houses like even the kitchen and the bathroom and all the rooms in a house and all the houses could be different. There could be 3 stores 1 food store and 2 other stores that has house appliances and house stuff, and to get the stuff to the house you could have a moving van


I love toca boca!  Sandwich5150  5 star

I love toca boca and I just have a few suggestions you could make a Computer that you can tap and it brings you to a store that you could make your OWN custom Character!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TOCA BOCA!!!


Love it, but some ideas  Peachy'  4 star

I love the creative design of the app and how kids can explore different hobbies, but I kept finding myself bored. There is not a lot of things to do. And there is only one building to play in! I wanted another building that kids could play in, like maybe there is a diner nearby, or maybe there is even a abandoned amusement park close by. The game just didn’t have a lot to it. But again I am 11 so I definitely have higher expectations then a 6 year old playing this game!😂 Other wise I would give this game a ten out of ten! It definitely was a good one that I still play to this day. Thank you Toca Boca!


Amazing but…  gjggggjhg  5 star

Hi I love this game it makes me want to jump in the game but I need you too make a sale on Toca games


Let’s dig deeper  aktaco  4 star

Toca thought about putting boys outfits in the game and I am not much for a cheerleader but someone said the best thing I can do is go on the side line and cheerlead so it’s good that they took the time to do this.


Idea 💡  sage08838$(/+  5 star

U should make a toca mall where there’s shoe stores food courts clothes and more also there should be a store that u design and u can design the sign/logo and if it’s a shoes store or what ever please do my idea and get back to me thanks


Cool  pleasgbfggertdgffyttugrtygrut  5 star

Like it


Horrible  Taiye10  1 star

That game was a total rip-off that game was the worst that’s my opinion 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


omg idea is growing out of ma head like a flower 💐  Paleogrrl  5 star

They should make a toca life Hollywood with a stage and rock stars and you could get famous! And there could be YouTubers and it would be sooooo cool! Also this game was awesome. Love from you biggest fan ❤️


SO COOL!  KookiePlays  5 star

Okay,I was thinking,can you pleassseee make a Toca Life: Amusement Park! It would be great and all of the characters could ride on roller coasters! It would be really cool


Love it!  Undertale_cow  5 star

I downloaded this app about an hour ago and I’m already in love with it. Can’t wait to see more from the always amazing toca Boca! But I thought afterschool didn’t really fit the theme. I made it about a bunch of homeless kids who make their own living but enough about me. Also while I’m writing this review, I’m going to say there have been a lot of copies of your games, but yours are always the best! Keep making games and don’t let bad reviews or copycats put you down!


Please toca  Chelsermax  3 star

My name is Chelsea and I love to play these games. They are magical and inspirational but I just getting similar games. Like pets and farm they are the same thing. The only games I like are city, vacation and hospital. I would really like if you made a cruise ship. That would be so fun and entertaining. If you don’t I’m going to start stop playing your games. Can you please make a cruise game!🤞🏼❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


AMAZING!!  h3_man  5 star

Toca Boca — you've done it again! Another game of my favourite Toca series (Toca Life) is here, and it's so cool! I share these game with my 6y/o sister and my 5y/o brother and they LOVE them!! Thank you Toca Team so much for all the hard work you all put into making these games! They're AWESOME!!!


Totally awesome game  Danakin.Skywalker  4 star

I love the Toca Boca apps I have them all, can you please bring the Toca Boca life world app out soon I can’t wait to see it please please please


I love this  micky010606  5 star

Hey Toca Boca You should make one of the toca life’s were u can’t create every thing for like role plays and you can create your house preson pets family and etc etc From mickayla

Toca Life's Number 1 Fan

Hair Cuts  Toca Life's Number 1 Fan  5 star

Dear Toca Boca, I think your games, all of them, are awesome! One of the things I love are the cool hair cuts and was wondering if you could put them into toca city. Even if you don’t, I really love it that you look at all the reviews and I love how you make these games so great!





🤩🤩🤩  LongNhi2012  5 star

When will Toca Life: World be released for Australia??? —————————————————————————————— Before purchasing the app, I thought it was a bit weird to have an after school, simply because there was a school, and youth club was sorta like an after school hangout. But after playing this for a bit, I was quite impressed. With a range of diverse characters, showers, a court to play sports, a food truck, an art station, and more. You can create a bunch of storylines with that. The only thing I don’t really like is how there is basically just ONE building. It would probably be a bit better if you could maybe add a clothing store and a hair salon, sort of like toca city. And maybe change this games name to Toca Life: Hangout, or something like that, cause I feel like after school doesn’t really fit the theme. P.S I like how you provided uniforms and made the court into a place were you could have different sports. 😊


Toca Life: Other Apps  Gggohhh  5 star

To Toca Boca , I'm thinking that you could make a app called Toca Life: Beach and their is a big beach and a place for a lifeguard to sit and their could also be a beach house with a mum dad and a big brother or sister and a baby. Another place you could go is a beach shop were is a cafe and a shop and the cafe can serve fish and chips and ice cream and the shop could sell Life jackets , swimmers, towels, snorkels, sunscreen, hats and bags to put all your stuff in. Also there could be another app called Toca Life: Work In this app you can like choose a job and their could be a ice cream shop we’re teens can work. Shopping centre. And park with lots of places to camp and have a picnic. Thank you for reading Please make one of these apps.


Hi I write reviews an I just do not see mine up here  mermaid😀  5 star

If u ever see any of my pls make a new game about it but if u can’t I understand u are busy


Hi  Evie_Rehill  5 star


The ufmdmhfc,

Please Read. Even More Great Ideas.  The ufmdmhfc,  5 star

Hi me again. I was read some reviews and all you people aren't looking around enough. You need to find more secrets. For example, put someone on the toilet push the poop button above and get a hover board. LOOK AROUND. I also have some more great ideas. First a toca life wizard/witch. There could be five locations in a Harry Potter like castle (you can customize that however you want to though) One place could be a dinning area where all the Wizards and witches have food and battle on the tables against one another. Another place could be a magic spell class where you could choose and customize your own wand and press a button to do a spell. Another place could be a wizard/witch teachers lounge. There could be coffee,snacks,and cool magical arcade machines. One more could be a potion class where you could make potions with special ingredients (kind of like toca mystery house). Finally don't forget the storage area with robes (you can fill up the rest with whatever you want). Toca Boca AB if you are reading this please make it. Please please please. I beg of you. Thank you. From a 10 year old boy who has all the toca life apps and wants more. P.S. Please tell every one when toca life world comes out. I'm so excited!

Amy Dalog

I’m angry give U.S. toca life world NOW🤬😡  Amy Dalog  5 star

I have every Toca life game but life world but in every other country you give them toca life world but the United States im starting to tell people don’t download your games until toca life world comes out if it is way out in January some time oh help me god you WILL be having another talk with me


Ima want toca fantasy cus ima Tom Bowie  tilw507  5 star

I want to a fantasy it’s gonna have castles dragons orcs flying Dino’s and more I think that will be fun btw I loaf dragons maybe crystal animals maybe water animals and last half human part animals this is gonna be awesome rlly thinks of the tomboys btw I love blue maybe even robots super villains and super hero’s a theater and maybe homes a daycare full of dragon eggs and dragons and one human part dragon plssssss

fun machine🦄🦄😀😎

Could of been better  fun machine🦄🦄😀😎  4 star

The game is kinda fun. Now I know it’s hard to make games and you probably are sad about what people think but, it could used some more fun stuff in the app. Though I was also wondering if you could make a toca boca zoo? (It would be fun to have a zoo) I’m trying to make this review short so it isn’t crazy long. I also don’t want to be too harsh on you guys.


I CANT WAIT  Bruno311  5 star

When is Toca world coming out. I neeeeed to know


I love it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂  CoachLeFors  5 star

You Guys did so good on this one👍🏻! I cannot wait for toca world🌍! YOU ARE AMAZING 😉 I love you guys!!!!!!!!!

Killer Girl Ro

Heyxxx  Killer Girl Ro  4 star

I think the Toca Life summer camp or zoo would be so fun!!! I’m still waiting on around the world and I love that’s it’s free but do I have to buy locations like 🙄 y’all do too much dang it would get better reviews hun


THANK YOU TOCA BOCA!!!  Kellie987  5 star

Ok so I remember giving you guys ideas of new games INCLUDING Toca life world. But plz plz plz still make other Toca life games! I love them so much! (Also thx for making my idea a real app I can’t wait to get it!) here’s more game ideas: Toca life moving where you have a moving truck and all that moving stuff. Toca life build where you can build your own places and even characters! And Toca life club where you have let’s say 5 places for clubs to hang out. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for making Toca life world! It really means a lot to me, when I found out you guys were making it I had my lil bro pinch me to see if I was dreaming! Thx. P.S. (plz say thanks to Noah from Noah knows for letting me know because he’s the first one that I saw made a vid on it.) I LOVE TOCA BOCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


WE NEED THIS!!  layla1234or  4 star

I really think I would (and many more ) play more often if you had a travel app where if you bought the app you could travel with the people to different apps so if I had someone from toca pets I could go to toca vacation if I wanted to ? If you understand me

why not cheese

Great game  why not cheese  5 star

I love this game I know it’s made for small kids but at 10 I love the game it’s fun and there’s so much stuff to do 😻


What to add or fix  xxjessylovespandasxx  5 star

Would u be able to add some more babies and maybe more beds and milk

Toca Life: After School Comments

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