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What is toca life: after school app? Welcome to Toca Life: After School, where how you spend your time is up to you! Explore your favorite hobbies — or discover a new one! Skate, create art, dance, make music, play sports or just chill! Meet 27 characters, explore four locations and have as much fun as you can before it’s time to head home!


SKATE PARK: Choose from the colorful skateboards and scooters, and feel the rush as you skate down the quarter pipe! Then grab an after-school snack and chill in the lounge!

ART WORKSHOP: Get as creative as you like! Enjoy painting? Create a mess or a masterpiece with nine colors in the paint buckets! Choose your favorite tool — paint brush, roller or air brush. When you’ve finished, make a print, choose a frame and hang it in the gallery space!

DANCE STUDIO: Build your DJ skills as you mix beats in the dance studio. Play around with different instruments and genres to give the dancers something to move and groove to!

SPORTS COURT: Head to the rooftop sports court to pick your teams, choose their colors and mascots, and play! You’ll find equipment to play basketball, football, field hockey and more. The rooftop is also the spot to express your artistic flair on the graffiti wall, play a board game or kick back with a good book.

Role-play in four locations: skate park, art workshop, dance studio and sports court
Meet 27 characters
Create and print art
Spray on the graffiti wall
Choose a skateboard and skate down the quarter pipe
Make music to dance to on the music machine
Freshen up after your dance — towels now work like outfits, so throw one on
Play sports on the sports court
Find hidden characters, skateboards and graffiti pets

Use the in-app recording feature to create an original video! This feature records your voice and your characters’ movements as you’re telling the story. Create videos up to two minutes long and save them to your camera roll to share your storytelling later!

About Us:
At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Life: After School Version 1.328 June 2022

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Toca Life: After School Version 1.208 October 2020

- Updated for iOS 14 + Bug Fixes!.

Toca Life: After School Comments & Reviews 2022

- It’s okay, but I have an idea 💡...

This game is not my favorite Toca Life game, but I think it will be a lot better with Toca Life: World 🌎 I am so happy that you designed that game to connect all the a Toca Life games. Every game will now have so many possibilities when they are combined! But, I have an idea for an app to add to the Toca Life Series... Toca Life: Ski Lodge 🎿! There could be 2 ski slopes, one for experienced skiers, and one for beginners. And a main lodge with a large rock fireplace 🔥 and some seats and a store for ski supplies and a checkin desk. There should also be 2 cabins, a bigger one and a tiny one. Both with fireplaces, the bigger one with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen ( where the fireplace will be) , a little bathroom, and a small outdoor snowy yard with a build able snowman . The smaller one should have bunk beds, a kitchenette with a fireplace ( have you noticed I love fireplaces?😂) ,and a tiny bathroom. There should also be a snow mobile and a husky 🐕dog sled and a ski lift on the ski slopes. This game would make a nice cozy atmosphere and would be a nice and different addition to Toca Life: World 🌍! I would love if you would consider this idea 💡 ily❤️ and thanks for your time!

- I have MORE Ideas...

So I know I’ve made reviews to you before with loads of ideas, but, I have some more. I was thinking it would be cool to be able to connect devices with other people and play in the same building! I don’t know if that’s possible, but if it is that would be really good! And I have some ideas for actual games. One could be a toca art class. So there would be a big building for art class and lots supplies and you could make your own drawings. There would be a hobby lobby type building that has all of your arts and crafts supplies. And also a museum to display your artwork. Another idea is toca carnival. There would would be a boardwalk with a bunch of shops, restaurants, and games. There would also be rides and a ticket booth. And you can win a bunch of prizes from the games too! Another idea is toca fashion design and there would be a huge building that is three stories high. The very top floor would be where you can design clothes. The second floor would be for making your clothes, and the very bottom floor is a museum/shop. You can either display or sell you clothes. So these are all of our ideas for now. But I’m sure I’ll be back with more! Thank you so much if you are reading this toca boca. Cya!!!! 😊

- 😍😍😍 LOVE IT but a few suggestions....

Dear Toca baca I love ur games I have all of them and play them everyday and I have few suggestions for a couple of new apps. Okay my first idea would be a movie set where u could have actors and directors and get to make all kinds of cool movies and get to name them. There would also would be 3 or 4 homes for actors to sleep in or a trailer on set. Then there would be the walk of fame place where the floor is like marble with red stars on the floor and u get to name the stars after the characters. My next suggestion is that there is a NASA space station where u could launch ur self in to space and there could be aliens and make multiple planets for astronauts to land. And in the space station there could be the controller room where there’s footage of the plane and lots of computers. Then there would be a place where pieces of rock from different planets are displayed. My next suggestion is a world tour where you could stop in Italy,Rome,Spain,Britain, Canada, and Mexico or more and each stop would have a food place to show what food each country makes and house to show architecture of the country. Also there would be beach if there would have been a beach in that country. Thank u for reading my suggestions ok bye now.

- Suggestions

Hey! I love your companies apps and this one is amazing I just have a suggestion. What about a toca life royalty? There would be a castle and in that castle there will be two bed rooms one for the king and queen and one for the princess and princess. There would be a kitchen with a brick oven and an ice box. There would be a bathroom, a living room with a fireplace, and a dining room. There would be a village with small shop tent looking things that sell groceries, toys, and Mabey clothes. There would be a villager house with a small bathroom, one bed, one couch, a small kitchen, and a tiny garden outside. There would be a cave place and before you get to the cave there is a mystical place where fairies live. They would be little leaf pods hanging in the trees above a small pond. Once you cross that there is a wall with a gate and a troll in front of it, you can easily tap the gate to get through. Then you find the cave that has a puzzle to open it. When you open it inside is a sloth dragon! Thank you for all of these awesome games! I would appreciate if you read my suggestion and considered it. It’s fine if you don’t. Thank you!!!

- This Game is Amazing.

Hi Toca Boca! I wanted to say that a lot of people LOVE this game, including me. I especially love the art room. That is a VERY fun room to roleplay in! The skateboard variety is FULL of PERFECT designs that give you a hint about a character! Plus, the gold skateboard and the trophy aren’t bad either! I use those for roleplay tournaments! The port-a-potty... as Paige, in another review, said, the port-a-potty is GROSS! I only agree a little bit. The port-a-potty is gross in real life because, well, there could be... waste and urine stains. That didn’t happen in this app, thank GOODNESS. And what some people didn’t realize is that there is a HOVERBOARD INSIDE THE PORT-A-POTTY!!! THIS WAS AN AMAZING IDEA!!!!!!!!!! I USE IT ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, the sports room is VERY FUN!!!!! Not much to say here, I love sports, and I play all of them here. And thank you for letting the girls in the game put on football suits, because if they WEREN’T able to wear them, I’d be complaining about why girls can’t play football. Anyways, here are some of my ideas for other apps now! Toca Aquarium, Toca Ocean, Toca Zoo, Toca Theme Park And Water Park, Toca World, Toca Galaxy, and Toca Summer Camp! Thanks for reading!

- Love but needs more

Toca studios I think that after school was a great touch to all the games except quite different. I do like how you don’t have to shower with your clothes on and there is a cool board game. But I was only able to find one gem and the little pet animal In the vent has no special trait to it like your others. A cool idea for a new game is maybe Atlantis or underwater. In this you could make it a underwater city and the characters could be mermaids and merman and there could be some scientists in and above ground lab looking for the lost city. Also you feature tridents and make it so you can customize your character like in Toca life city. Another idea for a game could be fairytale or princess. You could feature nights and prince and princess costumes and make a castle with many floors. For fairytale you could make fairy’s kind of like in Toca stable . One more idea is Toca desert where there could be cowboys and Indians. If you like any of my ideas it would be awesome if you turned one of them into a game.

- Toca boca

Okay toca boca you guys have such kid friendly games yet older people enjoy sometimes too but okay guys your games are SO cool I have bought like most of the toca life but please please PLEASE make more lidfe games and for the millionth time the zoo Idea seriously I can’t even believe you haven’t made that yet like SO many people want it so bad so just I’m begging you toca if you don’t make it me and my friend are just gonna die. Also my friend and I made a suggestion to make a toca life palace. There would be a dining room bedrooms with velvet beds and a garden also a front yard and a street to the little cottage with tons of wild flowers and in the cottage would be an old lady then there could be a butler and a maid also a little market close by. And that’s my idea for a new toca life but always for the billionth time the toca life zoo!!! So if you make that this is what I’ll say 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😁😁😁😁😁😁 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ okay so if you do one of those suggestions I’ll be just like what is put above ☝️

- I have a suggestion,complaint and Ideas.

I think there should be more floors and that there should be more space it’s so crowded. I also think it would be great if you had a seacret tunnel that would lead to a train station in all of them so we could go to all of the other toca boca games. And by the way I loved the idea of the botton on the porta potty that has a hover board under it if you push the button. You should also have a sloth person in all of your games. Complaints. I hate how you only have four beds when there’s a lot of Peale that also need to sleep. And how you have a dance room and those triangle bottons that don’t unlock anything like the toca boca office unlocks a secret villain outfit. You should also have more things to do becaus I got bored so easily . Ideas I think that the toca games shouldn’t cost money becaus I real like I wasted my aloneness on it which I only get $5.00a week. I think you should listen carefully to what I’m going to say you should make a toca camp family bisness jungle safari animel life kids blast rich president super star equarime science survive . Sincerely it’s not your bisnece LOL 😃😜😋😎🙃😁

- I LUV all of the Toca Bocas!

I have every single Toca Boca and I love them all! I can play on them for hours just on one single game. But I have a few suggestions... First, you should make a camping Toca Boca where there is mobile homes and you can even buy them. You could also go in tents, roast marshmallows, and do other things with the fire. And also add 4-Wheelers and dirt bikes. You could also do a military Toca Boca where you could sign up for the military, and shoot, have dogs, bombs, and many other things. Also vehicles to drive. And finally, you should make it so your characters can go to one Toca Boca to another but with the same characters. So let’s say I’m on Toca after school and one of my football players get hurt. Well, I could transport over to Toca hospital with all of the characters in both games. Or I am in Toca school, then after school, I transport to Toca after school! These are just suggestions, but over all, I love all of the games. Thank you so much for the games!🤩🤗😉😁🤑🤠

- New game suggestions

Hi guys plz read toca boca. Now now we all love new games and I think my idea is pretty good or not bad.😬.so here it is, TOCA FARMERS MARKET. So there would be stand and goods like flower, veggies, fruit , foods, and more and that would be an area. Than the storage unit could have police out fits because there would be a thief (that’s kind of bad but ...) any way there would be a farm to grow the stuff, a house to sleep, and a park to hang out with friends after a long day of sales. Also a store to buy seeds and food to make baked goods and food.I know it’s kind of like toca farm but I think this would be cool and also some farm clothes in a closet to work with. But some extra characters some for costumers and some for salesmen ( people behind stand) I know this is kind of the same as other games but I think this would make a good game I would definitely buy it ( not just cause I made it up) 😂 and I know this isn’t a review but I hope this turns into a app thanks bye 👋

- Love this game! Idea for the next one. READ THIS!!!!!

This game has it all! The paintings the skate board! And it is awesome! I always do roommates for the bedrooms In the tower or whatever that thing is. And, I know this might sound weird, but I love the fact that it is raining! Ooh! Idea for you guys make another app or update one so you can change the weather! Ooh! Even better idea! Toca Life: News! There can be a weather report, there can be a wheel or button, or what ever you guys want to change the weather, there can be a green screen, you can make your own videos, there can be a snack place! It’ll be awesome you can make new characters, you can add old ones. But, then again The is Toca Boca, you probably don’t have time for some nine-year-old (goin’ on ten on Mar 21st.) you probably don’t have time for her. But, seriously, if you don’t make this, I will! You HAVE to admit pretty good idea. Please, please, please, acknowledge this!

- Toca boca should have all their toca life games in one

You should do this because it would be way cooler and people would want to play it more because it includes everything and it should have a lot of new characters and other characters from other recent games and I would call it toca life world or something similar because it would have all the other games together with many houses and places but in toca after school it was just one building and their was barley any thing to do because their was no house or storage room or stores so it should have been better and it needs some fixes but it is still a good game and also like what I said earlier about a new game I was thinking you should make you should add those new devices you did in toca after school and you should have a mall and cars and vehicles you can actually drive and use

- Buy. All. Toca. Life. Apps!!!

This and all of the apps in the toca life series are so amazing. They are SOOOO WORTH THE MONEY!!! Buy them if you haven’t. Now developers, here’s some feedback. I am in love with Toca Life World. But ever since I downloaded it, it won’t let me back in to any of the other toca apps except Neighborhood. This is a weird glitch and please fix. The other feedback I have for World is that one day I was playing the game and then all of a sudden it crashed and took me to the home screen of my device. When I went back into the app all of my progress was gone (I had totally customized EVERYTHING and this was devastating). Please fix! My final word on Toca Life World is PLEASE put all of the hairstyles in the barber shop in City. It would save me so much time. Other than that, you guys are doing GREAT! Keep it up! Side note: My friend sent you guys a letter about her idea for a toca mansion. I think that would be so cool!! please do that!!!

- Toca airplane/train or amusment park!

For the train, It would be cool to have an place with all the different hairstyles and hair colors, That you could change them to it, There could also be an place where you could create your own outfits (like mix and match), And an huge clothing shop! With alot of items! And also an mail place were you could mail items to toca city and other places. And an huge grocery store! With every item ever made in toca and even more! With an guide for all the different food combonations and it would be cool if you could make your own charaters and name them. Also an amusment park would be an cool toca game. And like hotels for the guests in the train game! Or... You could pair up your toca games like toca hair salon and toca tailor in toca life for an customizeble experience sorry for spelling Also i gotta say an game called miga town is copying you, Please do somthing, It is an exact copy and it is free and an scam.

- Just an idea...

If I am being totally honest which I want to be, this was not your best work. I have been reading reviews on all you Toca life games and it seems like young kids are thinking of better idea games then you. Personally my favorite was Toca life:city. After that it all went downhill. One of the best features in the game was that you could customize the characters such as change and pick their hairstyles. When I saw that it wasn’t included in the next game I was very disappointed. I would love to see a Toca city 2 or a Toca world. I like those games because it allows you to have many different story’s and use your imagination. In the games like Toca office and Toca stable it was all based on one thing so you pretty much had the same game each time. I like to be able to do different things each time I play. Also I would like there to be more then one house/apartment in the next games. I find it fun to play with more than one family at a time. Anyways thank you for reading I hope you listen to what me and your other fans have to say🙂

- It’s a good game!

Ok everyone calm down. Just because there is a little tiny thing that you don’t like doesn’t mean that you should go storming of to toca saying THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE. Be nice! They work hard and you can’t have every little thing you want ok! For the game, I really like it! I love the hover board, the art, EVERYTHING! It’s incredible! Also the rain is not that bad people. I’m proud of Toca for trying something new and even though people don’t like it doesn’t mean they should stop in the future. I think it’s very creative to add a little board game too. My toca characters play it and love it. ( or at least I think ). My favorite part of all though is that there are little hints of the other games hidden all over! I love that you do that. It’s what drew me into Toca in the first place. Thank you for reading this review and please continue with your career and make more awsome games like this one.

- Best one!!! 😍 Read me🖤🖤🖤🖤

I hate how otherS say it’s the worst one!!! (But I agree it shouldn’t always rain but why does that matter!) and yes I guess it’s the only Toca life I own but my friend has em all and let me play for a while and guess why I got this one, CAUSE IT FUN! I guess it doesn’t have as much as a story about what to do like office or hospital but you have to get creative! I mean I’m 10 and I’m in love with this game! If you aren’t imaginative that you prob wouldn’t like it so then get a diff game but if you love making up tales as much as me (wich is a lotta lotta lot!) than spend those 3 random dollars you found one the street! I mean it’s not like we prefer to pay money over free stuff, BUT Y PPL SAY IT EXPNCIVE!!! It’s 2.99 you get the penny back! ( unless there’s tax...... DONE DONE DON) just have you dada by you some drinks, return the bottles your self, get money (but Incase you were not thirsty just add it some dimes you collect) give u parents money and beg them to buy it ,and wa la! You earned it! Now have a lazy Friday, make up some stories, and if they good sell by the pound! But if you don’t have a divide to buy it on, WAIT THEN HOW ARE YOU READING THIS ARRRRRRRRRRRRRG. SINCERELY, BANDERSNATCH, You have no idea how many times I had to press the space button!!!

- Suggestions

Your last game was a good one and though it wasn’t as good as the others I managed to play it for hours. Anyway, I know it takes a while to make a game but, I figured it’s been over a month since your last release so maybe you need more things to incorporate or you’re trying to change the crowds mind and make an amazing game, but if it’s the first one I can give you some suggestions maybe you can create an amusement park, have like a rollercoaster, food court, water park, arcade, stuff like that. Maybe you can make or try to make a game that connects all of them in a fun way. ( I know it would be difficult to do that but it’d pay off in the end) anyway, just a suggestion. Sorry for the really long review/paragraph of suggestions. I’ve been playing this game for so long and I loved every second that I played, thank you for the amazing games, and thank you for reading this, if you read it. Again sorry it’s really long I talk a lot irl if u couldn’t tell. XOXO~Olivia

- Tocafanatic123

I absolutely love all of the games you make, I had toca city since the day it came out and I have all of them, including toca town. I have a suggestion, well 2 actually; 1. Connect all the apps into one big toca world, people can pay extra to have that app, and they can get a discount if they own all the apps, now I can see why that may be difficult, but it is highly requested thing and it would make fans like me ecstatic. 2. It would be awesome if you made a Toca life Factory, where you can make all of the items that are in your other games and there could be a duplex as well, so there can be two houses in one game because I am always disappointed that there is only one apartment with two beds when I want so of my other favorite characters to have a place too. Please consider this review, and thank-you for making your apps :)


I love toca life games and I'm so addicted to them there awesome! But I have one suggestion that I think would be great. If you had all the toca life games on your device then you could get another toca life app that connected all of them! There could be a train station that you could send people from one app to another toca life app. There could be a saloon where you could make new characters doing there hair and deciding their age. You could make clothes and then there could be the furniture store where you could design furniture and homes that were within the app where you create people. Let's say you were playing toca school and you sent your people over to this app on the train station well then you could design a home for them and they could stay here and then the next morning or whatever you could transport them back to school!


Ok so I remember giving you guys ideas of new games INCLUDING Toca life world. But plz plz plz still make other Toca life games! I love them so much! (Also thx for making my idea a real app I can’t wait to get it!) here’s more game ideas: Toca life moving where you have a moving truck and all that moving stuff. Toca life build where you can build your own places and even characters! And Toca life club where you have let’s say 5 places for clubs to hang out. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for making Toca life world! It really means a lot to me, when I found out you guys were making it I had my lil bro pinch me to see if I was dreaming! Thx. P.S. (plz say thanks to Noah from Noah knows for letting me know because he’s the first one that I saw made a vid on it.) I LOVE TOCA BOCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Edit: this is me much later reading this and you probably thought of that app on your own.

- Suggestion for new game

I love all the Toca life games and today In school I came up with an idea for a Toca game. In art class, I watched Wall-E and immediately inspiration entered my head. What if there was a Toca Life Future where there’s a big ship kinda like the ship in the movie), earth, a space mall, an alien planet, and maybe another location you could also add in. The ship could also have multiple floors. First floor could be cargo (ship area and robot place), second floor could be the living quarters, third floor could be an experimentation area, and the last could be a captain area. There could also be many ships that can go to another locations. Some ideas I had were a space tourism truck, a space food truck, a normal ship, and others that I can’t mention all in this. Overall, I hope you consider my idea for the next Toca life app!

- You can do better!

I have really liked your games in the past like toca office, toca hospital, toca city, toca pets. Because I was so excited to get this app, I paid my own allowance for it. Once I opened the game, I saw that it was raining and I tried to make it sunny, but I can’t. I went to level 0 and I saw people with skateboards and it looked really cool, but turns out you can’t do anything with it only go down a ramp. BORING! Then you go to the right and see a hangout area I have to say that is pretty cool. Then you see a food truck pretty normal; than you see a porty potty. GROSS! You go to level 1, and you slide to the left, you’ll see a painting image. That is the only good part about the game. You design a painting and put it in a canvas and hang it. When you slide to the right, you see a room and all it has it two tiny sculptures. This is the worst part of the game. And the rest of the floors are a dancing room, locker room and sports. I wasted my allowance on this game. I wouldn’t recommend it. Sincerely, Paige, a 10 year old fan.

- Good but needs a little je ne sais pas

I LOVE TOCA BOCA LIFE!!! But I do have some suggestions for this game and future games. First I really hope you update the after school game so that you can go to the train station or on the sidewalk so you can pretend you’re walking over. I really look forward to future games and have some ideas. I think you should make a camp where there’s a house for you to pack, a cabin, a lake, a feild and such. I also think you should make a toca boca life creator where you can make your house and create characters and the entire map! Here are some more ideas that are small: Zoo, Jobs (kinda like office but there’s more jobs to pick from) Road trip, Birthday party, Toy Shop, Movies, Shopping spree, book club... I would carry on but this is getting long... i hope you make these games and make new ones as well


1 i hope you take the scary gost game out toca life neighood 2 can you put a glich fixer in each game 3 can you do more cool secrets in toca life staples 4 can you make a toca life game were you can add cars, design your own character to 5 add cool mini games in toca life wold 6 can you add unicorn 🦄 stuff in toca life staples i loved the part you can somon a unicorn in the water fall 7 please add a suggestion app for toca boca fans to text the developers about stuff that they need to fix in toca life 8 add a Limited addition golden sloth for people to find because you did a great 👍 job with your sloth stuff 9 please do a Fashion show place for toca life after shcool it will make it mach more cool 10 plese make a crumpet hotel just like the pet hotel you made in toca life pet i hope you send a message back- toca life fan p.s you can do better toca boca

- This game is amazing!❤️

I hate how a bunch of people are saying that the creators could’ve done better and that the app is the worst one yet. I mean, the app just came out a week and a half ago! Give them a break! I love this app and think they did amazing! I love the mechanics for painting and the cute little Bat Bunnies game. I’m just wondering, how do you use the triangles on the dance floor? I don’t think I’ve found all of the secrets but what I have found is pretty easy to find. I think the best part of these games are the secrets and how fun everything can be. Thank you so much to the people at Toca Boca. I have enjoyed every Toca Life you guys have produced and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! ~❤️ P.S. I think the rain was a nice touch and when I saw the train in the background I thought: Is that a nod to their next game??🤔

- Great app!!

I really like this app. I like how the people can wear the towels now and all the new foods! But why is there that button that you can press when someone sits on the porta potty? It’s really confusing. I also have a couple of suggestions. I think there should be more characters to choose from. I also think that there could be more places to have food besides the salad bar. There should also be more beds so more characters can sleep. For new toca games I was thinking of toca amusement park: where you could go on different rides and win prizes from the games. I was also thinking of something like Toca mall: a place where you can shop and get food from the food court or go watch a movie (because there are sometimes movie theaters at the mall.) Thank you for taking the time to read this review ☺️

- Great job!

I think this is my favorite one yet! But I agree with some people that you should add more rooms but some people also said that the secrets are hard but they just didn’t look cuz I found the pet and gems hiding the dog thing was good I’m not gonna tell anybody where but it’s on the art floor! 5 stars I like how you can print the art out and I like the girl with white hair I tried to do something with the triangle like put them in the right order. And I like the golden hidden skateboard. Keep going toca! Maybe next one you can do one like in a cold place like an Alaska town with huskies and a fishing place with parkas and a igloo instead of a house. That would be fun. Well your choice anyway. Please release soon!!!! ❤️🙃 And to all the people who say it’s not good. Stop. Keep that to yourself.

- I Love It!

I'm 12 years old and still love everything you guys do. Your style is just so cute and I love the diversity you put into these games. For a future game, I would suggest a Toca Life Summer Camp. One location could be a lake with cannoes, another could be a dining hall, another could be a cabin with bunk beds, clothes, and a shower, one could be a forrest with a fire circle and tents, (Kind of like in Toca Town) and there could be a big hall with paintings and instruments and costumes, and outside there's a big flagpole. My other request is that you add more monsters to your games. In Town and City you had a lot of monsters but I feel like there's been less and less. I know you guys are probably already making a game, hence the Toca Mix votes, but this is just a suggestion. Keep it up!

- Suggestions for apps

So this is mainly suggestions, but the is overall good. TO THE SUGGESTIONS! So, I was thinking a Abc learning zombie game! Basically, you find an abandoned town, and you try to clean it up! When you think you are ready, there will be a button that makes zombies come. Then, a keyboard pops up and each zombie has a letter of the alphabet! Then, say a zombie has the letter "h" the player would press the letter on the keyboard to get rid of the zombie! That's just I first ides! To a life Zombie lab! Just a lab with mostly everyone one zombies but a few people are normal. There can be a room that turns people into zombies, and room that turns zombies, into people! These were ideas! Thanks for reading and you time! I would love to see one of these ideas made to games! Like I said this is a fun game to play. Welp, Bye!

- Best one yet!!!! But have ideas...

The game is awesome! I love the art studio! The sports room- amazing! You put some cool equipment! Light- up clothes? You guys are my fav! I love the game. I can't possibly ask for more. But I have some new Toca life ideas: Toca life castle, filled with majestic creatures and an arena for battling on horseback. Toca life Hollywood, for movie stars and singers to show off their talent. And Toca life zoo for animals to be seen by people. Oh, and I'm not trying to be mean and all, but I just don't understand why people are writing reviews that are complaining about the game. It doesn't make sense, because, well, there's nothing to complain about! But, everyone has their own thoughts. But I don't care what others think, all I know is.... I LOVE TOCA LIFE AFTER SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Idea for a new game!

I think it would be super cool if you made a game based off of the Bat Bunnies, like you could choose one of the characters, And you go on some sort of quest to save the bat-bunnie species. And the other characters could join you after you find them. Like they could be held prisoner in a cave by a mad scientist that wants to destroy the species. I think it would be really cool! Also if you did decided to make it, could you add choices that would have a affect on the story.? Just to make it more interesting. Sorry for such a long review. You guys are great! And sooo stoked for TL neighborhood super fun lookin! I can’t wait to buy it when it comes out! I’ll probably buy it the first day it comes out! #8 more days till it comes out! A what?!

- A complaint ☹️

So, I love all the toca life games. I love making my own stories and organizing the map. What most annoys me is that if you forget to play it for a while, or you just don't have the time to play, the whole thing just resets! So then I have to put everything back the way it was before. Also, the big update all the games just had, reset EVERYTHING! I was honestly very annoyed and now really don't wanna play them since I have to redo everything. Please fix this. It cost money so it should be better than that. I hope the producers of this game read this and fix it, because I really enjoy making my own stories and stuff like that. Thanks for reading my review and I really do hope you fix this problem. (Also I am taking no hate to this game, I love playing it.)

- Please read! I love you toca!

Hi my name is Sofia! Toca I think your games are AWSOME I love to play them I think I have all the toca life games but this one is probably my least favorite cause you can not do that much. I think it would be cool to have like a summer camp or like a toca life Las Vegas cause that is where I live and that would kind of cool and I also think maybe a toca life zoo or dance studio cause I’m a dancer and I think that would be very fun! Or make something cool for the boys like a race track or something like that. Anyway I love toca boca! And I hope you love it too! I also think you should get Animal jam play wild that’s fun! Ps my account name on animal jam is Sofialyla09! Love you toca! Please read!😘🦄❤️🌈😜🌸💩🧜‍♀️🎀💜🥞💋🌯🏒🥅🤸‍♂️🏄‍♀️📱📞🍔🛁🌭🌮🖤♥️💄💍🧞‍♀️🧚‍♀️👠👗🐹🐭🦋🦄💐🌷🌺🌸🌼🔥❄️💧💦⛄️🌽🍎🥥🥝🍉🍓

- So amazing!

Your games are so amazing and I don’t know why everyone says you can do better. I love all you toca games and have all of them. ps, I think you should combine all the games together so you can use all the characters and objects, also, you should add extra little things like a park with a fountain, and if you did a secret combination you can unlock a secret city. Also, in the combined games there could be a place where you can make and person animal to thing you want, and it would be like your own toca game, and I think ten dollars would be a reasonable price for all of that. Also, it would be really cool if you could do like a ski resort, or a cruise ship. I love your games, and I have bought all of the toca life ones!!!

- Love it all

I love the game i have all the toca life games and this ones just as good. I love the painting feature as I love drawing, and I think that the skatepark is awesome. Um could you add a storage area or a basement please. I have a bug to report, on the bottom floor next to the porta potty, the lights. The pink one in the middle between the leaves doesn’t light up. I don’t really care but I thought you should know. I love all the toca life games, please make a toca world or toca train station. Actually, please make a toca train station, with different cars and such, with a compartment car, a kind of free seating car, a dining car, recreation, etc. Also a few other things like a place to buy tickets, a kiosk, boarding area. Love the games keep up the good work!!

- I love your games! But I have a few suggestions...

I love your games and all, but... you need to give more surroundings. Like a home that you can drive a car to and from the activity building with. Or a school down the read with a bus that you can ride. I also have a few game suggestions. You should make a Toca Life: Apartment building with more than one apartment and with a pool. You should also make a Toca Life: Hotel hat has like an amusement park that you can travel to and a airport that connects to the city or town game. And you should connect the first vacation game to it as well. One last gam that you should make is a Toca Life: Preschool and Daycare that you ride the bus to. I hope you like my suggestions and maybe use them!

- Sad stuff 😭😭😭

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of weeks now. And it’s been amazing I love the game ideas and it’s a really smart game for kids. One day when I was going to play this game I clicked on the triangle where you click play I clicked it and they kicked me out of the app and I tried it several other times and he didn’t work so look at picking me up some rings review so maybe you guys can look into that and maybe fix the issue because I love this game it’s really fun game and I do recommend downloading it but my reading is the one because I can’t play the game anymore it was a five star and now it’s a one Star because this issue so please try to fix it. Thanks for your consideration a sincere Toca Boca fan.

- Please

I would love for Toca Boca to create a app called Toca Life Create where you customize your own Toca life character and send them off to whatever Toca life game you want I also think you should make a app called Toca Life World where you have all the Toca Life apps all in one where you could for example take a character from Toca Life Vacation and put it in the hair salon of Toca Life City and if you have the apps already it’s free and when you make a new app if you have the new app you could update it and it would add the new app to the game I would love for you to make these games I would get both also I really think you should up the rating because I love these apps and I’m 10 years old Thank you for reading this!


I am one that gets very excited when a new Toca life game comes out. So far the only one I have been disappointed with was the first one they ever came out with. Well I’m pretty disappointed with this one. Toca Boca get your act together and make better apps!!! I know you can! This place come with four tiny rooms. That all the places you get as to Toca city you get about 14 places. I wish I would have read more about this app before wasting my money on it. This was a waste of time, money & storage. Toca should be making something better like a Zoo or shopping center app or even an Aquarium!!! Imagine the possibility’s they have with their app but yet we get this!!! Please don’t waste the time or the money on this’s not worth it!!! Now don’t get me wrong I love Toca boca And the apps they make but this one was just utterly disappointing. Now I know you don’t want to hear an entire rant about this app but if you read this.... PLEASE DONT WASTE THE MONEY!!!!!!

- Has its ups and downs

Whenever I get a new toca life game, I play it for a few weeks religiously. With this one I feel like I played it a couple times and got bored. I guess I am waiting for something big to happen. I have lots of ideas for a new toca game, even though I am sure you are working on one right now. Towards the end of Toca I would life to have a grand finale type deal. Toca Life: World. it would have all the different Toca Life games and you can travel with different characters into the other toca life games. it’s just an idea and it would be tough, but amazing. So I guess i am just bored with Toca right now, and waiting for something new and improved! otherwise, it’s a fun game! no hate, no shade, hope i didn’t offend anyone 👌😁 Thankyou for your time, so here’s a potato 🥔 Прощай, maddie. (Прощай is goodbye in Russian if you didn’t know)

- Ideas

Hi toca boca I've been a big fan since toca town came out I love your games by heart and I have ideas for your next game toca life neighbor hood it's where you have two houses a community pool and a couple of shops another idea toca life water park it's where you can stay at a hotel and have fun at the water park there's a shopping zone and spa another idea toca life aquarium there's a building where there are different floors to look at fish eat there's a little house to those are just ideas hope you do one of them hi its me again im so exited for bext week i think the exiting thing that was announced on toca mix is gonna be a game thats epic cant wait to see it oh and btw keep up the goid work luv toca life mix 😆

- It’s okay

I have been playing Toca Boca apps for a very long time,I have spent a lot of money on them as well. And sometimes it’s worth it,sometimes not. But the games are very entertaining for all ages in my opinion. This game has four floors, since some Critics have been saying it is not very good I can agree and disagree. I agree because in some floors there is not a lot of stuff and it is a building with just four floors, Toca Boca can do better than this. But I disagree because most of the floors have quite a bit to do. It can get boring sometimes but it could be entertaining to some and maybe not all. All in all I want to say If you are looking for a game for quick game-play this is it. But Toca Boca maybe if you were in a rush or did not have any ideas, you can do a bit better then this.

- I waited to 12

I just don’t like this game I LOVE IT TYSM FOR ADDING RAIN I LoVE Rain u finally added it I’ve waited forever I absolutely love this game I stood up all night playing it I’m amazing Toca boca u never let me down I love all the secrets to the i always use the gold skate board 😁🤗I love all the paint this dose deserve 5 stars Toca I hope u take ur time to read this I’ve bought all ur Toca life games and I really think everyone should buy this it’s worth it I’m so ready for the next one lol I have some advice u should make water park there can be slides and a smoothie bar and and go karts and roller coasters and other rides water slide and water toy shop and it should be called Toca life water park just idea keep up the good work Toca AB.


So I’ve been a toca fan for a long time now and I have a few game ideas. One being toca life zoo where you have a house and the zoo with a hole lot of different enclosures. Next is road trip where one of the places to go is a RV and then a gas station and a monument type thing and a hotel. Then occupations so you would have a house and then a hole bunch of different jobs and job places to go and work so kids could see what they want to be. So now is my next one toca life hogwarts, and I know that’s a lot but you don’t have to do all of it but at least the common rooms and great hall and Hagrids house. And then toca fast food where you can go to different fast food places and take out. Last but not least is toca neighborhood where there would be a school and 3 houses a small store with more kids then usual and also a hair salon. P.S. I think you guys should put hair salons in all tocas because I think that kids should be able to make there self and own characters. Ok love you toca and hope you take my suggestions into account bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I got a magical idea! 👸🏽💡

I really like magical games that are roleplay,you don’t have to copy hogwarts but I just want a magical world! I mean you guys have so many magical and strange creatures you make like in the horse one. you just make a whole world of them with wizards, trolls, normal kids/adults, unicorns, and much much more! I suggest you make it so people can do spells! It will be awesome And the train station idea is great and this world could still be there to go to, you could make it so they have to go to a secret place in there where there would be a portal! It would be great for the magical people I know are gonna be playing these games. Thanks for listen also not just the makers of this game!

- Your best game ever!😁😁

Omg this game is so fun you guys have the best games I have all ten Toca life games and they are so fun one suggestion though I really get into a game and I forget that I can’t take a character into another game like in toca life pets a boy had a girlfriend and they were going to see a movie but I can’t take them into toca life city so can you make a transportation game but great game keep up the good work love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💕💕💞💞💕💞😘😘😘😘😘💞💕❤️💝💝💕💕💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 love zoey A eight year old fan💋

- Plz read dis 4 Toca world

In Toca world you should be able to put big animals in the place where you put the people. And also maybe add a zoo, in Ok street or something. In the zoo add a panther. Two to five adults and two to three babies same for tigers and white tigers and of course sloths and one of each snake frog and lizard a reptile house and a pride of lions and white lions and a pack of wolves and a pack of painted wolves and hyenas and lynxes and monkeys and exotic birds and peacocks and jaguars and a koi pond and some merakats and llamas and bears and mountain lions and cheetahs and PLZ READ and porcupines and dats all! And Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz read! Thanks! Plz hear me out! Great game! Bye! :3 side note LIONESSES female lions not just male, FEMALES. Thanks :3 :3 :3 :P :3

- Love love love

I love it and I’ve mostly used it as a college for roleplay. But I always get so excited when a new toca life comes out because I know it’s gonna be great. But PLEASE PLEASE make a toca world. So it’s adding all the toca life’s in one world ( not town ) But people like I think her name I Rita there would only be one. But so if love being this one character that’s in toca life farm but I want the house in TL city. And I want my BFF to be someone from vacation. This would be a dream come true. But instead of needing to spend five or more dollars it could stay at three because if toca life world comes out I’ll probably not use the rest of the TL but please please please think about it. It would be so dooper cool

- Great game and My daughter had an idea

Hi My daughter is a huge fan of toca life games! She had an idea where there was a game called toca life: royal. She said there would be a castle with a throne room,kitchen, the king and queens room, the princesses room, and the princesses baby brother the princes room. There would be a stable with horses and all sorts of animals. There would be a village with stands selling trinkets and food, also with houses for some of the villagers. She also said that there would be a magical forest with trolls, fairies, unicorns, and all kinds of magic creatures! My daughter loved this game and all of your games! Please take her idea into consideration she would love to have her game idea be made! Thanks for all you do!

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- Epic

This app’s awesome! From the design to the mechanics you’ve just killed it! The attention to detail is EXTREMELY high, and I love the subtle tweaks you guys have made with packaging and opening/closing things! And the PRUMPET in this one was totally unexpected! Thank you for incorporating such a cute little dude! I also just adore the way you guys created the spray paints and painting tools to work, plus their pretty cool animations! Also, thank you SO much for putting in new food into this one, it was super refreshing to get some new little goodies to try! I really just am OBSESSED with the beat mixer, it’s so creative and interactive! I made some pretty sick tunes with that device in no time hehe! Overall reaction to this app: 🤯 MIND BLOWN! Thank you so much Toca Boca Team for this EPIC app! I’m gonna role play my heart out! Byeee!!! ❤️♥️❤️

- You’ve lost your magic

TOCA HAS LOST ITS MAGIC!!after school is a good game overall but it’s missing that toca magic! It’s one building? What about houses, shops, tree houses, the park, sports centres?, and things people would do after school...maybe even have homework assignments! There is so much missing I hope you can take this into more thing...APP IDEAS you saw it coming! #1: Toca World Explore places you want to visit or have been! You start off with a globe spin it around to find where you want to go once you click you can book a hotel or rent a house you can become a citizen wherever and get a job to earn money maybe even own/adopt a kid...ALSO..please add making your own character* #2 Toca Work You start off with a small apartment and you choose a job when you complete your work for the day/night you can go on the computer and look at new houses or add them to your wish list when you earn enough you can buy your dream home...BUT WAIT THERES MORE!! You can make your own character *with:age, hair colour/length, skin tone, and more(don’t forget your own name for the character) Thanks for reading -Isabella

- Game ideas

Hi Toca, I really like your apps. I was thinking that in each toca there should be a train station and you can go there and get on a train. The train could seat 8 people and then, similar to Toca stables where the horse van has buttons on it which you click to go places, the train would have a button on it with one for each toca game. If you have bought the game then the button would be green, If you haven’t it would be gray. Then all the characters from each game can interact with each other and all the features. THANKS 🤗

- Amazing game! (Please read 😋)

I absolutely LOVE this game! It's got so much imagination put into it, and it's just perfect for all ages! Everyone is giving new game ideas, but I’d like to give you some ideas to help not only this, but all Toca life apps! Firstly, I’d like to thank you for making the towels wear-able!! Now for the ideas; 1. I think all of the mirrors should have reflections 2. With jam jars and bread, I think you should be able to make toast! 3. Dishwashers should be available in kitchens, it would be cool! 4. And finally, although it’s a teensy weensy idea, I think there should be hair ties which you can drag onto a person to tie their hair up, and tap their head to remove it and let their hair out! P.s I think a cool new toca app would be a water park!!! If you have made it through my kind of long review, thank you so much!!! I’m so excited to see more from you guys, thank you so much for doing what you do❤️

- 🤩🤩🤩

When will Toca Life: World be released for Australia??? —————————————————————————————— Before purchasing the app, I thought it was a bit weird to have an after school, simply because there was a school, and youth club was sorta like an after school hangout. But after playing this for a bit, I was quite impressed. With a range of diverse characters, showers, a court to play sports, a food truck, an art station, and more. You can create a bunch of storylines with that. The only thing I don’t really like is how there is basically just ONE building. It would probably be a bit better if you could maybe add a clothing store and a hair salon, sort of like toca city. And maybe change this games name to Toca Life: Hangout, or something like that, cause I feel like after school doesn’t really fit the theme. P.S I like how you provided uniforms and made the court into a place were you could have different sports. 😊

- Game ideas

Hey Guys! I just wanted to suggest some new ideas for future games. I have all the Toca life games and have always thought of new ideas. In each new game, we should be able to customise each of our characters, like facial features, colours, and hair etc. You could have a new game called 'Toca world' where all the Toca life games are combined. That would be amazing. So your characters from toca city could fly to toca vacation etc. If you do this everyone would love it! And i'm sure i'm not the only one thinking this! Thanks!

- Love it!

I downloaded this app about an hour ago and I’m already in love with it. Can’t wait to see more from the always amazing toca Boca! But I thought afterschool didn’t really fit the theme. I made it about a bunch of homeless kids who make their own living but enough about me. Also while I’m writing this review, I’m going to say there have been a lot of copies of your games, but yours are always the best! Keep making games and don’t let bad reviews or copycats put you down!

- 😥😥😥💔💔💔

This app is awesome, but also a total rip off! First of all, there are so many themes you could have picked and you picked AFTER SCHOOL, which is sort of lame because it is similar to the youth club you ALREADY HAVE in Toca School. Second, you have only four areas to explore, and WAY not enough clothing. You used to have a whole area to equip yourself with awesome clothing! Third, Toca Pets was so awesome and had all sorts of adorable pets that were so irresistibly cute! Now I can only find two pets, and that’s all. I am eleven years old and Toca has never lost its thrill. I spend lots of my time and money just playing on your amazing apps. Toca just isn’t the same anymore. Maya💔💔💔

- Love it ❤️🥇

I like all these new features and I especially love that you can change into towels but the annoying thing is that you can’t hold them I like how you make different looks witch fits in with the characters personality witch makes it easier to play them and mess around. This is the best game I have played yet and I am ten but I still love it every time I play it a Sense of happiness runs though me. Every toca life game you make and play it I will never regret it Isla 🐶

- Love it! But I have an idea

Hey I loooooove all of your games even though you must have so many awesome suggestions but I would love it if you could have the base characters that you have when you first buy the game but it would also be pretty cool if you create your own characters to add to the place so you can personalise your game because I think lots of people you love to play with characters that look like your family and friends!

- Toca fashion!

Hey Toca Boca I got I suggestion for a new game called toca fashion. Toca fashion is a game wear you can create your own clothes and add it to any your your marvellous toca life games. There would be a few lay outs of clothing them kids could add there own told to it. I also think you should make an character Designer where you can make a character and add it into any game. You could make baby’s kids and adults all in one app. But that’s just a suggestion. Xx #littleTocaGirl123

- Absolutely awesome!!!

This is an awesome Toca Boca game. I love it a lot, but I think it might be a tiny bit better if you guys could make it so that the characters in Toca After School are the same as Toca School. I know that you can’t change that now but please take that idea into consideration for other games that have the same sort of relationship that those two games have. Thanks so much for your amazing apps though. They’re awesome!

- New update?

HI! I LOVE UR SERIES OF TOCA LIFE! But I have a suggestion for this game. A lot of people do thing after school. So I was wondering if u could put in a tree house? Because if ur at home and u have a treehouse some people actually spend a lot of time there, like painting, reading, sleeping, eating. All those things! So I was wondering if you could please add it in? I hope u read this..... Once again, love the series and thank you so much for the great games!

- Toca Life: Other Apps

To Toca Boca , I'm thinking that you could make a app called Toca Life: Beach and their is a big beach and a place for a lifeguard to sit and their could also be a beach house with a mum dad and a big brother or sister and a baby. Another place you could go is a beach shop were is a cafe and a shop and the cafe can serve fish and chips and ice cream and the shop could sell Life jackets , swimmers, towels, snorkels, sunscreen, hats and bags to put all your stuff in. Also there could be another app called Toca Life: Work In this app you can like choose a job and their could be a ice cream shop we’re teens can work. Shopping centre. And park with lots of places to camp and have a picnic. Thank you for reading Please make one of these apps.

- Good but....

Hi Toca I love your apps and I am 11 I think 🤔 you should add a house which has 2 stories and a backyard With a tree house and base it of a real house you visit that would be amazing the only reason I am writing this is because I wanted to say that all of your toca life apps are amazing and every new one is better then the last but .. ...... NOT this one you have lost your app making magic! FIX IT TOCA Ohh and add people’s reviews thanks for your time ! Lola

- Awesome work!

I have always loved the Toca Life series and I have always been bursting with ideas like a carnival, or a Toca world where all the games are together, or a Toca high school, and much much more I love your games and I am only here to tell you continue following others suggestions and do your magic keep making awesomeness -person that comes up with waaaaay to many ideas

- Game Ideas

First of all, I am not trying to do your job. These are all just suggestions😊 #1 Toca Life: World When you open the app there is a globe you can swipe across and you can select different countries to play in. All countries have 3-4 different places you can visit regarding the countries culture. There can be native animals and people in the countries traditional dress. #2 Toca Life: Space This game is set in a space station. You can visit different planets, float in an anti-gravity room, and see the mission control room. When you visit the moon/Mars/Saturn etc. you can get your countries flag and plant it on the surface. Thanks for listening to my ideas!!!!

- New game

Hi, I really love all of these games but I’ve always wanted one called Toca World. It can be a mix of all the games in one! It would be so awesome and I know that other people would really love this idea as well, I know it may be a bit of hard work but I’m certain it will be worth the work in the end, please read this and make the game if you can, thank you Sincerely Ruby.

- Another idea

Hi. It’s me black pixel again. Now I know this is kinda lame but maybe you could make a toca life mall. Now I know that there was already a mall in toca life city but then again toca life after school is based on the youth club in toca life school. Anyway too much explaining let’s cut to the chase. 1. Toca life: mall. You could go bowling, watch a movie, go shopping and of course toys, toys, toys! 2. Toca life: chefs. You could cook for your customers and invent brand new foods. And who will win the cooking contest?!? 3. Toca life: Carnival. Almost every comment that I had recently read wanted this. Ride theme park rides! Watch the shows!! So that’s it! Please recommend my ideas!

- Incredible!! Craving more!

I love all ur apps so so much and I really wish that you made them more often but I don’t know how long it takes. I think you should take more suggestions from reviews because some of them sound good and like I said I totally love all of ur apps and I hope you never stop making more!! Thank you Toca!

- Love everything about this app

Hey I’m the one who sent that review on Toca band see no problems I love this new app it is like getting new LPS from eBay that’s how excited I was when my mum bought it for me I don’t see any problems but I also have one question why is the slough always so suspicious🤔 Love what you do keep it up 👌👌👌👌🤔😁😁

- Future apps

I have an idea for a future Toca life app that would be cool, Toca Life Theme Park!! It would be so fun! And maybe we should be able to customise characters and maybe be able to customise the house/apartment as in move the furniture around, change the colour of the walls ect. These are just a few ideas I had in mind.

- Awesome but crashes all time

I love this fun app but it keeps crashing for no reason so when I play it nothing happens but when I go off the app and try to go back on it it crashes

- Another Game Idea

So I was playing Toca City coz I got all the toca games and I was just thinking about a Toca Street? There is a street where you walk in, there is like a barber and all those shops. It sounds a bit boring but we could have cars or something! Thanks alot and keep up the great games!

- A whole new toca life

I think we should have a toca life shopping Myers smiggles and stuff hopefully we will get that one day .i have got all of toca brand and love them so much I think we should make more.i hope you liked my presentation bye till next time

- Next Toca Life ideas

This game is awesome!!! One idea for the next game could be maybe a toca swimming pool or toca daycare or even toca theme park!! I really hope you could take one of these ideas into consideration because I really love these apps and think it would be great if you make more!!

- Maybe next time

I always play on your toca Boca games however this one lost its thrill I feel not enough areas lack in creativity put in this a bit of a lame theme and not enough clothing I always buy every app but this one is a bit meh I’m regretting asking my dad to buy this app plus I’m ten it should be fun for me Please add more things to this and make toca Boca village (with lots of homes) 🙂😋🤷🏼‍♀️😐😬 but I have to say I am in love with the series 😊 New ideas Toca life village Toca life fun fair Toca life movies Toca life castle Lastly Toca life home sweet home (pretty much were there’s a castle hotel apartments homes a school park and movies ) I think it would make up for this meh game also don’t overprice Toca life home sweet home if you do it (please do it)


I love your games but there’s a company copying you! It’s called dr panda. I got some of them to test and they copied toca life town,toca life city even toca cars! I know that’s a fake toca Boca company and I hope they will stop there company. From Ellie (one of your biggest toca Boca fans) P.s can you release toca helicopter taxi? I have never had it.


Ow my god I just love this game so much it’s just an amazing thing what you have done and accomplished without your games. But maybe you could of added some houses or a train station or something than just one big building. Besides from the pat it’s amazing, keep up the good job ♥️♥️❤️❤️♥️♥️

- Please toca

My name is Chelsea and I love to play these games. They are magical and inspirational but I just getting similar games. Like pets and farm they are the same thing. The only games I like are city, vacation and hospital. I would really like if you made a cruise ship. That would be so fun and entertaining. If you don’t I’m going to start stop playing your games. Can you please make a cruise game!🤞🏼❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

- Toca life Forest

First of all great game I love toca life after school. Also I recommend that you create a toca life Forest, where there is a camp ground, bush trail, rainforest walk and water fall. Remember to include all of your fabulous animals (yes this is an excuse for more sloths) and I hope to see this happen. Yours sincerely a 14 year old toca lover.

- Hair Cuts

Dear Toca Boca, I think your games, all of them, are awesome! One of the things I love are the cool hair cuts and was wondering if you could put them into toca city. Even if you don’t, I really love it that you look at all the reviews and I love how you make these games so great!


Hey guys So I am just all for if toca can combine all our worlds together it would give so much better gameplay and all your favourite characters can go place to place such as on vacation or to the hair salon Thanks please make this happen


Toca Boca — you've done it again! Another game of my favourite Toca series (Toca Life) is here, and it's so cool! I share these game with my 6y/o sister and my 5y/o brother and they LOVE them!! Thank you Toca Team so much for all the hard work you all put into making these games! They're AWESOME!!!

- New game idea!

Hey peeps! I just wanna say a new idea about the next toca life! It could be toca life jobs or toca life, well life! Toca life life is bout the real world like there's jobs and kinds and high school and all the things that are in the real world that would be soooooo cool!!! See ya round peeps! :)

- New game

Hi guys I had an awesome ideas for a new game, Toca life wedding and you could have bachelor and bachelorette party's dressing rooms and a wedding ceremony area where you can decorate it how you would like your wedding. Please take my idea into account. Yours sincerely Harper Wright

- I love this

Hey Toca Boca You should make one of the toca life’s were u can’t create every thing for like role plays and you can create your house preson pets family and etc etc From mickayla

- Game ideas..

Hey! I loved this game but there wasn’t much to it... Anyways.. i would love for u to make a toca life game called “toca life” You’ve made heaps of games, why not just put them together and make whole game! Thanks for reading :)

- 😍😍😍😍😍

I love your apps there just fun and very role playing also pls make a Toca World with all the Toca Life apps are combined it would be very fun if you could. But pls make a Toca Zoo or a Toca Daycare it would be the best. Thank You 😊

- Just a idea

I love this game so much :) but I have an idea for the next Toca life game. Maybe toca life castle or mansion maybe even toca travel, whatever you decide just keep up the great work :) and pls add more rooms/ places

- Awesome!

I love it! The best one yet! I have an idea about the next Toca Life game; A Toca Life Space! With a a space station and a colony on the moon! I think it would be really cool. Please listen to my idea. Thanks. Love your games! :)

- Awesome

I really want to know if you all ready have all the Toca apps that you do not need to pay another $30 to $50 dollars in to ca life world 🌍

- Lovin' it!

This app is fantappstic! I downloaded it first thing in the morning at 7:00am. I was estatic when I found out you were releasing a new app. (like every new Toca Life app)

- So Creative

I think you did a great job the golden skateboard and all he hiding spots you make all the apps in the App Store way mor creative

- Good, but disappointed

Hi, I love playing toca games, I have every single toca life app. This one sort of failed me. There is only 4 areas to explore, and there could have been way more rooms. There could of been a speak, or a house. I love toca though.

- Game ideas

Hi guys I really think you should do a toca apartment place where there are lots of levels with different apartments Or A toca dance studio with a dance stage and there are costumes and you could do your hair and change your clothes and there could be dressing rooms Or A toca drama/theatre with a stage and a practice room and sheet music and scripts and dressing rooms and a buffet and merchandise Hope this inspires you 😊😝🤔

- Love it!

Love the game! There is something wrong with the game. Every 1.5 second the game pauses. It’s getting me cut. Could you please fix it? Thanks!

- The best game ever

I love this game because you can do a soccer 🥅 game it is sooo fun and I enjoy playing this game and it makes me very happy to enjoy this game and thanks for the great game


One TOCA IS EPIC AND HAS AWSOME FACES THAT IS WHY I CALLED IT EPIC FACE PLEASE MAKE TOCA ZOO AND A NEW QUAD BIKE IN TOCA LIFE AFTER SCHOOL AND THANKS FOR TOCA MIX and I remember this toca you tube app thingy I loved it so much when it closed I was so sad that I was crying 😢 please bring back that app you tube thingy PLZ IM BEGGING YOU PLZZZZZZZZZZZ Any way it is sooooo AWSOME SECRETSSSSSSSSS

- Just wow

OMG THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF MY MOST FAVOURITE APPS EVER!!!!!! I love how instead of painting and then just wiping it of you get to display your paintings! I love all the secrets these were some of the absolute best secrets and Easter eggs in Toca life ever!!!!!!! Love ya Toca❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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- Add a bit more

I got to say, this game is really fun... but it seems a bit empty. All the other Toca Life games have more. I think that adding a few more places, outfits, and items would make it a bit more fun. 😙

- Plz make more secret! :D

I love all the secrets but plz make more not to be mean or greedy but all the secrets are SO COOL 😎 make more 👍OH hey can y'all make a Toca mall too 😉

- Okay, just...

I love it, but can you change the weather so it’s not’s always raining and add more beds and clothes and add more floors. Thanks! 😋😀😋

- Fun, but painting glitch

This would have been a 5 star review, but there seems to be a painting glitch where the framed print can’t be produced in the game anymore.


I love this app it's super fun!! I love the dance studio the best! And toca boca can u please make a toca life sloths? It would be so cool to have that app so please think about it! Other than that this apps amazing totally worth your money people!😉

- Cool 😎

I love it 😍 I think art place is super fun 😱

- i want a refund

wasn’t like i expected

- I love the game

It is so fun but can you make more toca life apps




Its soo good i even have a boyfriend

- Bugs

There’s this bug when I make something in the art class but it is blank when I hit the frame button


Can you please make Marie toca life apps like Toca Spa or toca work or toca aliens or even toca vampires.So all I’m saying is MAKE MORE LIFE APPS! oh and the this game was pretty good...... I gave it a 4 star rating 😝😘🤪😊🇺🇸

- Please add more!

Please add more! Right now it’s just a building can you add a little more please😁. I also have a suggestion for a new game: can this new game be called “Toca Boca Life Mansion” like its were you have like 100 different rooms it would be amazing to see! I also wanted to say thanks for taking my Toca Boca suggestion into a real game (Toca World) it’s a little changed than how I described it but it makes me happy that you made it into a game😁😁😁! This Toca Boca after school is a good game just please add a little more. Thanks so much!!😁😊😁😊 I have another suggestion that I really hope can come true! Can you guys make a Toca Boca Celebrations? Like it has Christmas and Hanukkah and all the Holidays like Easter and Valentine’s Day and like Weddings and stuff that would be awesome to! Thanks sooo much! 😁

- Dance animations

I really love this game but when you dance can you add animations and some are different for certain characters please 😀

- Do im gone have the new game free

I have toca World and i buy design store and robot cafe do im gone have the new game free


It’s a great game but I have a question about Toca world, could you please make it like the game costs money rather then having a billion in app purchases? This game is great tho and I would rlly recommend it ❤️

- Love it!

I'm so exited for toca life world to come out! Love you peter karlsoon

- App Suggestion & Review

I have a suggestion why not for the next Toca Boca app have it like a auto repair car shop, but really I like the game and it’s sooo cool, so great work!

- Awesome! But...

This game is Awesome and Amazing! But I had a idea for Toca.. you guys should totally make a toca life water park! But if your here to read my game review: 10/10!

- Recommendation

I really want a theme park with a hotel, rides, a swimming pool, and food. That would be the best game ever!

- Good job

Toca afterschool is great.. it is just that it is always raining and i dont how to make it stop and make the characters prettier and add animals and more clothes, secrets and more places

- I think this is amazing

That fact that you can do so much in this game even find secrets is so cool I was so happy when I found that you could pre order it I couldn’t wait for it to finally open when it started to download

- Awesome

I love this game! A future idea for these toca games is like a toca restaurant I know they have the one on office but it should be restaurant grocery store and house in one! With all the pretty and cute characters. Just a suggestion! Keep up the fun games

- Toca boca

Hello can you please please creat a toca zoo or maybe a toca princesse please

- So good

I love this game so much

- Love it

It’s amazing can you guys make a toca boca pool with lockers a deep shallow and hot tub in it and oh ya a front desk and changing rooms with showers we’ll everything you will find at a public pool

- why does it crash

when ever i open the app it crashes and i have a new phone know it not my phone!

- Suggestion

I have a suggestion here it is : multiplayer so you join games of your friends and play in the same world but you have different screens and it can have up to like 10 players

- A concerned player.

I have played every game there is for the Toca Life series. I love this game!! But there's a little problem. This app needs more work and updates. I'd like more clothes and more food. Maybe another home? Overall, I find the game well made and good, but I think it needs some extra work.

- Awesome but please listen please

Hi I’m here to say I love Toca but I have a suggestion... maybe you could combine all the apps together? You would make a killing and it would be sooo fun for all of the game users where in one app there’s dorms,school,skatepark,stable,farm,city,pets,office,houses and town and hospital and vacation??? That would be so awesome! I know your probably not reading this and that’s okay😌 I just wanted to try :)

- Please!

Hi Toca Boca, I love your Toca life games so much, but when I keep playing them over and over again it gets boring. I think you guys should make it so we could take characters from other games and put them into different ones, that way we could make bigger stories and better ones. I’ve read other reviews and quite a few have requested the same. Thank you. Also as soon as I entered the game it kept on pausing as if it was about to crash , so I can’t even play it....🙂


So fun i have all the toca life apps and was wondering if you could make a toca life zoo and toca life sloths


It's awesome but for the next Toca life can it be Toca life cruise?

- Hi X3

Can u make my Toca Life Home i gave u? Plez? Thanks


Hi Toca, I ULTIMATELY LOVE your toca life game, I have all of them so far and I’ve been reading some reviews and I think your next toca life game should be... TOCA LIFE CRUISE! It’s a great idea because you can have little Cabines and a Restorant in the boat and an outdoor play area for the little ones and a secret night club for the adults! It would be AMAZING, I think you guys should really consider it. I think another toca life games can be TOCA LIFE CAMP! You can put cabines and a boat area and a cafeteria so the toca life people can go to camp during the summer! These are just ideas but I think people will LOVE them. I hope you guys read my review and take these ideas into though and consideration. Again, I LOVE all the toca life games and I can’t wait for more! Thanks a bunch! 😊

- OMG amazing

You guys are dong so good with your mew to a life games I have all of them but I think you should make a toca life mall or toca life city 2 (with a bigger city) and make more fashionable people. Omg I love you guys thx

- I love this game.😊

This game is the best one yet.but I have a game suggestion what about toca boca zoo it could have a house a zoo and some places to go and get stuff and a restaurant ware people go to eat on one side and then the other side is for animals.please try.I have been thinking about it and I would totally buy thank you 😜👍🏼

- I can’t get on the game and I paid for it!!

I got to try only once and it was ok but why can’t I get on all the another games work!😕

- Birthday party toca life?

Hey Toca can u make a birthday party app for toca life? with birthday outfits cake and balloons and birthday hats and bouncy castles and everything that birthdays have?

- Hey it’s awsome

I love play but we’re is the little fart guy WERE is HE

- Fun but...

I have always loved every game from toca boca but one thing i would like to see in the life series is playing with other devices. I also play the my play home series and one of my favourite features is playing with my sister.

- Awesome

This game is awesome! I have a suggestion for your next game too... Toca Life: House! You could make a family, paint rooms, add rooms, decorate rooms, change the whole house, add a basement and an attic! Create your entire story! I don’t know... I got the idea from a dream. It’s not the best but I tried?


It's so fun! It's worth the money!

- It’s ok

It always crashes on my older iPad but otherwise it is a very fun game to play!!


Really fun and good for learning and organizing!!!! I would LOVE if there was a toca life HOUSE!!!!! Like you could add shelf’s to your house, move furniture or even paint your wall!!!!! Just an idea!!!! Anyway really fun and would love to see more!!!!!😁😁😁😁

- Does the weather change?

Tell me please!

- Flying skateboard

Put some on on the portapotie press the poo above grab the skateboard click it and there u go

- Best but...

Toca Boca, This is by far THE #1 Toca life you’ve made so far. This is an incredible idea but I wish I could use my after school character in school. That would be AMAZING. Please take my thought into consideration. Over all=:) P.S it would be super cool if you could make it a pull out the couch on floor 0. Thanks Toca.

- FIRST!!!!!!

I love the skatepark so much😜

- Boring!

Make it multiplayer, constructive like the Toca Blocks and interaction with the objects and places and other characters than you'll have a great game. All toca boca are the same. After playing with them for for a minute you get bored and close it. You have the base plan but something big is missing in the interactivity! Sorry! But,c'mon you have the recipe there! You can do it. Now it's just boring.

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Toca Life: After School 1.3 Screenshots & Images

Toca Life: After School iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Life: After School iphone images
Toca Life: After School iphone images
Toca Life: After School iphone images
Toca Life: After School iphone images
Toca Life: After School iphone images
Toca Life: After School Education application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Life: After School (Version 1.3) Install & Download

The applications Toca Life: After School was published in the category Education on 2018-03-22 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 304.55 MB. Toca Life: After School - Education app posted on 2022-06-28 current version is 1.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocaafterschool