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Hey, Hamster here. I made PUSH, Zenge and Art Of Gravity.

GOAL: Fill up the figures. Relax. Have fun.

-Match shapes.
-Find patterns.
-Use spatial awareness.
-A bit of rotation and logical thinking.

Scalak contains 90 levels and is packed with ever evolving game flow that will let you feel quite good about yourself.

- To save battery use the HQ icon in menu.

Have fun playing.
Thanks for your support!


Scalak App Description & Overview

The applications Scalak was published in the category Games on 2018-05-23 and was developed by Michal Pawlowski. The file size is 441.51 MB. The current version is 1.06 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

iCloud fix.

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Scalak Reviews

Litte divot

Wonderful Game  Litte divot  5 star

Don’t stop playing if the beginning doesn’t get you. You will see a genius at work.


Super spatial intelligence game  Maewkaew  5 star

I’m always looking for cool puzzle games and Scalak is one of the most enjoyable and best constructed that I’ve found for using your spatial thinking. It’s got a good variety of puzzles with levels that build on themselves to form new levels like the increasingly complicated objects you build in the game. If only it had thousands of levels!


Love — but can’t save unfinished game  CoonKitties  3 star

Fun, relaxing, challenging — but if I can’t finish a puzzle in one sitting and return to it the next day, my progress isn’t saved and have to start the puzzle all over again. Can this be fixed?


Like Klocki and Hook? LOVE Scalak!  EmilyKazoo  5 star

One of the best of this kind of orthographic manipulative puzzle games I’ve played. Also, if you like Euclidian Lands, this will suit you. I bought the group of four ‘Hamster on Coke’ apps after determining they all had great looking previews and reviews. Very happy with two out of three I’ve played so far.


My favorite game!  PurpleOcto  5 star

I had a blast playing this game - I wish there were more levels. It’s challenging, but never too hard. Very well designed!


Great for the brain  Losttxon  5 star

This is fun and makes you think . Good for seniors like me. Keep adding more puzzles. thanks well done.


Great fun!  krl1412  5 star

It was great fun and entertaining!


Too short  SergeP  4 star

I liked this game, but easy finished it in one evening. Too short!


Excellent puzzle game..  Bayahta  5 star

Great puzzle, lots of fun.....hope there will be more levels...

Harmony 2

Great, but...  Harmony 2  5 star

I’ve counted from the last square that represents the end, and I figure I’m stuck on number 49. There doesn’t seam to be a way to skip that puzzle. Is it a typo??? It’s similar to the puzzles before that one, it doesn’t seam logical for me to be stuck. Is there any way I can get a hint? I love this game but I’m stuck. Help??? I’m back....I figured it out, wow what a great game, one of the best so far and I’ve played a lot of games. Thank you for making this. Hamster hugs

Jefferson Gibbz

Excellent  Jefferson Gibbz  5 star

Very clever and beautiful game.


Super enjoyable  Cosmo73  5 star

Great way to spend a few hours and well worth the price with the added bonus of getting the whole puzzle pack at a reduced price once I’d finished. Thanks to the dev


Great Game  Darrenms  5 star

I really enjoyed this game, a bit short but great concept. Cant wait for the next one


Average  Paschal675443346788  2 star

Pretty boring. Not worth the money really..


Really fun puzzle  richie-a  5 star

This is a beautifully presented and very fun puzzle app. The puzzles are unique and interesting, they make you think but are not ridiculously difficult. I love that their are no instructions and part of the fun is working out how the aim of the puzzles as well as finishing them. Unfortunately the puzzles are limited and you finish them fairly quickly. I would love an update with more puzzles.

Luxie Lou

Love it  Luxie Lou  5 star

I absolutely loved this game. Hoping there will be many, many more levels in the near future.


Great game  Hoggsey  5 star

Had a lot of fun with this. Shame that it is short but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!


Enjoyable  Skoodly  3 star

I enjoyed this but it took too long to get to meat of the game. The first two thirds of the levels felt like a tutorial and it was only in the last twenty or so that I really engaged.


Puzzle Perfection  Annansyd  5 star

No time limits, no ads, no in-game purchases. Just simple fluid mechanics and a learning curve that gives you a real sense of accomplishment each time you complete a level. Going to check out the designers other games right now!


Coooooool  Rovel  5 star



Great fun, until it stops functioning  angejh  2 star

I really like the game, however, every so often it stops responding to my finger taps.

In a no

Great  In a no  5 star



Highly recommend  Syndie  5 star

This is a beautiful game, elegant with easy mastery of the skills required to solve increasingly difficult puzzles. The music compliments the game well. I can’t wait for more levels!!!

Gabe Roth

Good game, needs more save points  Gabe Roth  3 star

Well designed 3D rotation puzzler, good mechanics, nice level design. The only problem is that if I stop playing in this middle of a level, it resets me to the beginning of the level when I come back, which is annoying and tedious. (Not a big deal with the early levels, which are quick, but later levels sometimes have multiple stages and the game sends me back to the very first stage.)


Halfway through still feels like training mode.  thebuttermaker  3 star

I’m a mildly smart guy but I’m halfway through the game and waiting for it to be challenging and not time consuming. Clever design but this is not that hard. In two play sessions I’m halfway through and haven’t been more than a little challenged. Worth 2 bucks since at least it’s not an endless runner or bejeweled clone. Every time it introduces new ideas, it takes a few levels to show you how to do it. For example section 4: take a second, look at pieces, make 2 or 3 moves, finish level. Update! Just realized it was 4 and up. I guess it’s for the under 10 crowd. Makes sense now.


Battery killer  akm166  2 star

Sap’s my battery. Nice game, needs fixing.


Battery Drain  CK52  4 star

Great game! Only thing it drains my battery I have an iPhone X. Fix this and get 5 stars! This game rocks! 😁😎😊


Awesome, but needs more levels  CT-MEG  4 star

I love this game. It was addictingly fun and I could not put it down. I have always enjoyed puzzles that require special understanding. This one fits the bill. While traveling to vaaction, I downloaded it for the ride. While it is tricky, I finished the entire game in 4hours. It needs to be built out into advanced levels like candy crush and other such games. If it had more levels, it would be 5 stars!


Room for improvement  Rheisler  4 star

I’ve played through about half of the puzzles and overall I really enjoy it. The controls get a bit annoying/glitchy when trying to turn the pieces precisely on larger puzzles and I would prefer more challenging puzzles


Phone overgeats  Maryc5364  2 star

Love this game but I have a iPhone 6s+ and I can’t play for more than five minutes at a time because it heats up my phone. I’ve closed out the other background apps, so what’s the problem? Appreciate your help and my rating would be much higher but for this one thing. Thanks


Addictive  Mickybaa  5 star

Excellent game, visually stunning. Would highly recommend.

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