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Cash Show is a live trivia show game with real money prizes! You just need to answer questions and you can win BIG MONEY! Enrich your mind and win big prizes with your knowledge! Daily Cash Shows!

* Show opens once a day at 9:30PM EDT (6:30 PM PDT).

* There are twelve multiple choice questions for every show, which cover topics like science, art, sports, entertainment and many more!

* You will have ten seconds to answer each question. Once you reach prize questions, you can win REAL money from every question with a correct answer! Answer all prize questions right and you will win a big PRIZE!

* If more than one player makes it to the end, they will split the prize. Otherwise, the winner will bring all the money home!

Come and win BIG MONEY everyday! The Cash Show is ready! Show us what you got!

Cash Show - Win Real Cash! App Description & Overview

The applications Cash Show - Win Real Cash! was published in the category Games on 2018-01-19 and was developed by Zentertain Ltd.. The file size is 111.78 MB. The current version is 2.14.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New version of Cash Show is available! Download it now!

- Cash Show now offers an offline Trivia Challenge in between the live shows, so you can answer questions anywhere, anytime!
- Show experience greatly improved! Enjoy a smoother show while answering trivia questions and win CASH!

Thanks for playing Cash Show!

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Cash Show - Win Real Cash! Reviews


Don’t download - Offered too infrequent  hperk21  1 star

This is an infrequent game made my con artists


Awesome  barbiedoll1966  5 star

Keep it up love it. Makes you use my brain. I need that TY

The Aydster

Banned with no explanation  The Aydster  1 star

I would be nice to know what the ban was for. Stay away from these guys with their HQ rip-off game.


LOVE IT!  NiNi_1216  5 star

I LOVE THIS GAME! I may not be able to play every day but when I do I enjoy learning so much from the many different trivia questions. My family and I sit in the same room and help the others when the other loses and continues to watch the show! Love the hosts and how upbeat their personalities are! Haven’t won a lot of money but love playing regardless!


Couldn’t play  Jessicainfla  1 star

You log in with your cell number but The very first time you have to send you an activation code and I tried it several times and they never sent the verification code to my phone so I was never able to even play

Martin, Chris

Shows daily? I THINK NOT  Martin, Chris  1 star

Next show isn’t until nov 11th. So I guess as this game becomes more popular, they can’t afford to do a show every day anymore. I’m not gonna keep this on my phone since it’s just a once a week opportunity for you to change your life with 0.03 $ in prize money.


Wait too long to cash out  MattLinc  2 star

It has been over than 2 weeks that I still wait to get reviewed, how long will it takes ??


Shows promise, but underdelivers  SalanderWu  3 star

App runs reasonably well during live shows, though sound can cut out and I have had freezes delay questions so I had even less than 10 seconds to select an answer. Trivia Challenge (get 12/12 any-time trivia questions right for a free ticket to skip to the cash prize questions) has full screen ads, and answers can be wrong. According to terms, you have 90 days to cash-out before you “waive” your Prize (winnings) which requires a minimum $10 before the Paypal payout can be triggered. At the time of this review, you only have 4 games per week *12 weeks = 48 games to cash-out, and <<10% of players get 12/12 Qs right which yields ~$1.50. Getting even 9/12 only gets you a few cents. Bottom line: good luck getting money on Cash Show, even with ad-based Trivia Challenge. I like the Show, but can feel like I am wasting my time. Let’s see how much longer I stick with it. Update: ‘Still playing, and hoping that the t-shirt sales they are making can be reflected in larger prizes, more shows, or increased likelihood of better power-ups. Enter code 8AYHC9 if you are a new player and want to get a free extra life! Update: now there is only one show per week (Sunday). This is being advertised as the “holiday schedule.” This follows a four day per week “back to school schedule” and 7-days a week schedule. They need to change their game play and prize model, because what they are doing doesn’t seem to be working. I am still hoping this is a transition period for the Cash Show, but I have no expectations to withdraw cash anymore. No cash, some show.


Don't expect money  dizomjoz  1 star

Earned $12 and cashed out. Never went intoy PayPal.


Cash show fun  JanelearnsChinese  4 star

It’s fun. I like how you can win some money, because it’s incremental.


Racist  Guard12  1 star

The game showed a video of some babies in black face tonight and the whack host tried to play it off like it was nothing. This app is trash.


Blackface video  lfrench94  1 star

A video relating to one of the questions was shown which appeared to show children in blackface. I believe it was shown by mistake but wasn’t properly acknowledged by the host or apologized despite many being disturbed by it. It played after the first question so there was plenty of time to acknowledge especially with comments coming in live and being read from Twitter. Should have been handled much better.


One Of The Best Trivia Games Out There  Nintengo  5 star

I got on the Cash Show bandwagon pretty late which bums me out. This is a solid trivia game with great hosts. Raf and Beau are a lot of fun to watch. The game’s fun plus they’re very generous with prizes. Would definitely recommend downloading this if you’re a fan of trivia.


Cash sHOw  abetterplace777  5 star

Penny’s on the dollar


Cash Show  GLORIAwagner  5 star

It’s the best trivia show! The hosts have lots of energy.

Kayo 90

Moneymaker  Kayo 90  5 star

Better than HQ😎


Blackface?  enoch_52  1 star

I was disappointed that in tonight’s show, in a question about Rock Paper Scissors, they decided to use a video of kids in blackface playing the game.

Arjoon kecey

Very good show  Arjoon kecey  5 star

Awesome show enjoy playing it


Great game  ejbarker  5 star

This app is really fun and easy to use. I actually understand most of the questions unlike HQ, where it gets so hard that only like 13 people are left. It is over all a great game.$


Talk  kathlkathl  4 star

Don’t talk so much.

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