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Amazon Kids+ [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Amazon Kids+ (FreeTime Unlimited) is an all-in-one subscription for kids that offers unlimited access to over 10,000 kids’ books, movies, and TV shows for children 3 – 12 years old. This fun and educational app is filled with trusted brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS Kids, National Geographic and Amazon Originals for Kids.

An Amazon Kids+ subscription allows up to four kids to enjoy unlimited access to their favorite content across devices including compatible tablets, phones, e-readers, and smart speakers. Plus, with Amazon Parent Dashboard parents can discover what books and videos their kids enjoy by viewing their Amazon Kids+ activity.

• Unlimited access to over 10,000 kid-loved books, movies, and TV shows
• Find new kids’ books and popular kids’ videos surfaced on the app home screen
• Dedicated content rows so that kids can easily discover their favorite books and videos - in English or Spanish
• Kids can enjoy new Spanish ebooks and videos that include characters and titles like Sesamo, Dora, Diego, LEGO Ninjago, and more
• Use the search feature to easily find a specific book or show. You can search the entire catalog of titles quickly by name, character, title, author, episode & more
• Kids can enlarge the picture book font by double tapping on the text, making it easier to read.

• Disney: Frozen, Moana, Star Wars, and Inside Out
• PBS Kids: Sesame Street, Arthur, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
• Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.: Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, and Dora the Explorer
• Marvel: Spider-man, the Avengers, and Captain America
• Amazon Originals: Just Add Magic, The Kicks, Thunderbirds are Go, Creative Galaxy, and Tumble Leaf

• See the most recently viewed books, movies, and TV shows
• Review your children’s Amazon Kids+ activity over the past 90 days
• Use Discussion Cards to start conversations with your kids on some of their favorite content

• Create up to four different personalized child profiles
• Switch quickly and easily between each profile
• Set age ranges for each child to create a personalized experience

• Try it free for 1 month!
• Your subscription will automatically continue as long as you chose to remain a subscriber
• Cancel anytime. 24 hours a day.
• Plus, one subscription works for multiple devices!

Endless fun for kids. No grown-up stuff. Amazon Kids+ was built from the ground up for kids to have a fun and educational environment to enjoy.

If you subscribe to Amazon Kids+ via iTunes where available, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then current membership period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of each membership period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal anytime by going to My Account or through iTunes. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited at the time of purchase, where applicable.

See for other terms applicable to your use of Amazon Kids+.

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Amazon Kids+ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are changing our name to Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ from Amazon FreeTime and Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. You’ll see this name change roll out over the coming months.

Amazon Kids+ Comments & Reviews

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- Love it!!! Worth every penny

My favorite feature is the parent dashboard. I can pause my Childrens tablet from anywhere as well as adjust the settings. I love how you can add content based on their age and videos etc are chosen from reliable websites like PBS kids etc. I also love how I have the option of enabling or disabling web searches as well as you tube. Which I love because web searches and you tube are a big no unless it’s for school related projects and I am searching with them. With the parent dash board you can see how much time your child is spending on apps, reading, websites etc. I have the education feature turned on so my children do not hav access to any games or videos until they have reached the allotted time I set for reading. For example they have to 30 for minutes first. Once they have reach 30 min. of reading then all the fun stuff gets unlocked!

- Could be amazing.. if..

Ok let start with the good.. love the variety of books, games, and shows. We use these for the educational purposes. Love that you can set learning goals and time limits. Now.. on to things that seem to be pretty big issues that make me consider not repurchasing... it doesn’t seem to have a simple way to keep your child from downloading or deleting the apps, books, etc that are on there... so I have to turn off the WiFi on them.. which after a little while then the ones that are downloaded start acting weird and not working... plus every time they click something it automatically adds it to their carousel. I also wish there were descriptions of what the apps contain instead of having to download something that ends up not being what you thought. And maybe they could do something where a kids can add things to a wish list where parents can view and approve or deny a new book, game, show.. its kind of a bummer because I want to love the FreeTime and it really could be awesome if they got a few things working better and added a few management options. Really not sure we will renew.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! It's awesome because of all the books and I'm like a book fanatic... But there's NO SEARCH BAR!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! This is kind of annoying because the app starts me on a series and then- because of NO SEARCH BAR, REMEMBER?- I can't read the rest of the series. The search bar would improve many things. For instance, I would get to read my fave books when I forget them at home. Many people would be able to read books that were on their level of reading, instead of being forced to read children's books, which are on here ALL THE TIME, by the way. So, search bar plz! Thx.

- App problems based on device

On my older son’s fire tablet he has the bar at the top on the home screen that allows him to select games, books, apps, etc. but when I open the app on my iPad, the app looks completely different. There is no bar, and none of the games or apps we have allowed him to download are showing up. We did not realize this was an issue until I tried to download this app on my iPad for my younger son and wanted to allow him some of the same games as his brother. We noticed that we couldn’t download games or apps. I thought this was a setting issue, so my husband and I took both the fire tablet and iPad and began to take a look around, only to find nothing. Yes, in the parent dashboard we can still set controls and pause the tablet as a whole, but all I’m seeing on his home screen is books, movies, and shows. We monitor tablet usage and his content very carefully, but shouldn’t both of our apps look the same???

- Need more improvements!

We have used the Epic app more more that five years and recently decided to try the Freetime app. to explore new books for our 9 and 4 years old daughters. Our fourth grade need to read everyday to complete her daily reading log for her school and need to record # of pages and time she read. In the Epic app I do not any problem with this; however, in the Freetime my daughters cannot use any of its books because it doesn’t show reading levels, book activity or numbers of pages for any of its books. I really like the app because it has a nice variety of books sadly my oldest daughters can’t use for school. It would nice if they also add a summary when pressing the book you want to read and also add a quiz as an option at the end of each book. I really hope they makes updates for this app. I will try it for a year and hope for the best!

- Good, but could be much better

For young kids, this app is great. Lots of games, books, ECT for a good price without needing Wifi all the time. What needs major improvement is the parental controls, which is basically the selling point of the app. 1. The choices of time limits is "weekdays" or "weekends". We all know bedtime for kids is later on Fri/Sat, not Sat/Sun. But the app doesn't understand that. It considers Friday night a weekday and Sunday night a weekday. 2. The educational goals only allow you to block games until they do it, or just have a goal that means nothing. It would be nice if there was something like "you must complete 15min of reading for every 30min of games" or something similar. Just more goal options. 3. Kids get no warning of when their time limit is close. It just shuts off without warning. A pop-up of "2 minutes left" or something would be reasonable. 4. The phone app for parents will not stay logged in as parents. It always defaults to kid's profile. I use my phone to control their tablets. I don't want to go through having to log off the kids and into the parent dashboard every single time from my phone. 5. I would like even more control over what they can do. Getting the option to block certain things vs. only restricting by age.

- Books can’t be downloaded, can only use if on Internet

I’m very disappointed. I was really hoping for an app that we could use to download books my granddaughter could have on the plane on our way to France and to read to her while we are there, so that we wouldn’t need to bring dozens of books with us, taking up space and weight. This is not the case. If I turn off my cellular and WiFi access, I cannot reread any books I thought I had downloaded. And I have just read that this app is useless and will not work outside of the United States. This on top of the fact that there does not seem to be a good way to filter through junk books, so that she only selects quality literature has this retired teacher feeling that this is not an app that is useful for our family. I do not want to have to prevent her from selecting the prominent junk books, to get to the actual quality literature. I’m very disappointed!

- Better iPad and iPhone Compatibility PLEASE

I’m a little disappointed when Kindle compatibility is seamless and this app for children who need to be able to see the words clearly is lacking. The words are super tiny and it doesn’t automatically conform to the device screen size. The child should be able to see both pages in landscape view and single page in portrait view without having to constantly zoom in and zoom out throughout story time to see both the words and then show the pictures. Especially with what’s going on, reading time is vitally important and spending that time with kids is much needed to ease anxiety. Your help in making this experience impeccable would be greatly appreciated. Let’s give these kids our best and the parents who are paying for this application. Thanks!

- How to cancel subscription!

In ITunes Store(not App Store), go to the bottom and select your Apple ID. Under the account settings menu that pops up, scroll down to subscription. You can cancel there. As for the app itself, you can’t see the selection until you agree to the trial. Lots of books, which I give 2 stars for, but almost everything in the video section is already available on Prime. Also, I hear on devices other than Apple, they have more options, such as children’s apps and games. It’s ridiculous to charge IOS users the same subscription price, but not give us the same content everywhere else. I’m sure the reason apps aren’t available is licensing issues with Apple, but at least reduce the monthly fee. Won’t be keeping the subscription...

- Easy for everyone!

The FreeTime app makes it really simple for kids to browse books and shows, and really easy as a parent to know they are not going to land on something inappropriate. I also like how it gives suggestions of new books and shows for kids to check out. Usually, when my kid gets “bored” with things, I end up doing most of the vetting to make sure the material is appropriate. This app gives kids a safe venue to check out new things and decide for themselves if they like it or not.

- Parental controls don’t work; difficult to cancel

New to this, but I downloaded it so my son could have access to lots of books to read. We download it and open it, and there are Super Mario Brothers gamer videos. Now our efforts to get him to read have turned into a tantrum. Updated: I spent a while on the computer setting up parental controls. However, they didn’t take effect on my child’s account on the iPad. So I spent the time to set them up on the iPad. Still not working. I can’t get him to read when there are a bunch of tv shows for him to scroll through before getting to the books. Now I’m trying to cancel the subscription. It’s not intuitive, so I looked up instructions. The options are not available within the menus, as it says they should be. What a waste of my time!!

- Adequate Results but unnecessarily complicated

The FreeTime Parent app certainly has a good amount of control available. However it is extraordinarily unintuitive. As near as I can tell, in order for my kid to be able to listen to music I have to download ANOTHER app (the Alexa app) in order to enable “skills”. I can control exactly how much time my kid needs to read or listen to audible (and props for those being separate settings) and I can control apps and movies - but I need a totally different app to link my music account? 🧐 Also, it would be really nice if I could either make a separate setting for educational apps or whitelist a couple favorites to have a separate time limit.

- Parental controls still do nothing.

NEW REVIEW: The new search is a welcome addition. But parental controls and limits still seem to have no effect at all on iOS. Why even offer them? It’s deceiving and makes the product seem broken. OLD REVIEW: Search and filters are a must. My child is 7 but reads at a higher reading level. There is no way to set that. And there’s no way to search for things he’s interested in. He’s far beyond picture books, but the Harry Potter books show up alongside the Pete The Cat books. It’s the most disorganized library ever. Also, I don’t want him watching videos or reading too late at night. I set those parameters in his profile on the website but they don’t seem to be reflected in the app.

- Great for kids books access.

It is unlimited books access for girls and adult. The features is that you can read books in any devices just download your unlimited apps and signing. It is portable; whether you travel or lying down as long as your device with you. Price wise, lower could be better since you use it every month . Highly recommended.

- Time limits and educational goals don’t work on iOS

The content available in the app is great. 5 stars on that. However, I really want to use time limits and educational goals to require reading before video watching. We had an old Kindle Fire tablet with FreeTime where that all worked as expected. But with iOS, no matter how I configure things in the parent dashboard, nothing is restricted. My other complaint is that I have a FreeTime Unlimited family plan but the app will only let me select one child’s profile. I can see the other profile but I get a confusing error message when trying to select it.

- Frustrating

Parental controls don’t work. The dashboard settings/menu are unresponsive in the app, and even when changed via the web, the videos still work even though they’ve been blocked. Hard to give the device to a child for them to read on without being able to turn off the video content. I still can not figure out how to turn off outside content access/browser. Maybe these settings are broken too. No save option for content, so no one way to build a list of books to read, etc. Where is the pinch & zoom for books? Why can’t you view just one page at a time? Having two pages on the screen at the same time makes the pictures & words too small. Why does the version history mention double tap/zoom improvements multiple times and yet I can fine NO OPTION for that?? The parent dashboard settings buttons are unresponsive. They simply won’t expand. The app support opens up a help menu that isn’t specific to the FreeTime iOS app. How do I contact customer service about all this stuff? Not good at all.

- Book problem

This app is good but has a big problem, say your reading a book, and then after a few pages you exit out of the book, when you click the book again to pick up where you left up , it forgets your place. You have to read a certain amount of pages for it to bookmark it. I was reading this book and was about halfway through, (it was a long book) I read a lot more, and was almost at the end, when I decided to take a break. When I opened the book, half my progress was lost, very annoying

- FreeTime Unlimited

This is an amazing platform for kids. As a teacher, I am enthralled by the vast amount of book choices available on the app. However, I found it difficult to find books I specifically wanted my child to read because the app I downloaded onto my phone did not have a search bar. Hopefully, after perusing the settings, I will find a way to add a search bar to look for books. If I had not encountered this issue, I would have absolutely given the program 5 stars.

- Must have Internet connection to use

Very unimpressed. When using from an iOS device you must have constant internet connection, there is no ability to download videos or books for road or plane trips where connection may not be available. The free month trial said that subscriptions start at $2.99 for one child with a prime subscription, but it gave me no option to choose my subscription type (and nowhere to view or change it later despite spending way too much time looking for it) and automatically signed me up for the $9.99 up to 4 child non-prime monthly fee. Do not recommend this subscription even slightly.

- Great BUT...

I just a stumbled across this app and it is amazing but it would be great if they added a list to save our favorites as well as a system to rate or give the consumer something that indicates what the book teaches (example: I don’t like just reading any old thing to my child so I would like to know before starting the book weather it teaches about motor skills, emotions, letters and numbers,etc) I’d also like to see other parents opinions of the books

- One of the best apps for kids

My neice loves this app! It works great on the iPad and has tons of content that keeps her engaged - books, games, videos etc. I see my neice pick it up and use it quite intutively. It helps that the subscription price is light on my wallet as well. Extremely satisfied so far and I hope they keep adding new content for kids.

- Wish it was books only

I understand that it is great to have options for children but I’m not keeping the app. I already allow my children viewing time for selected shows but when I want them to read from an app, I want to make sure that reading is the only option; not viewing. There are enough viewing apps - I needed something that wouldn’t distract from reading. Glad we have our library card.

- Wanted to like

I was never able to get unlimited FreeTime to work for us. As a homeschooler I wanted to use it as a way to provide educational games and activities during class time but found that it was difficult to only add the apps and videos I wanted. It became a pain to set up repeatedly and we stoped using it for several months as a result. I let them start again but since they have access to all the crappy apps as well as the educational ones, I’m still displeased with it. I can barely tolerate looking at the kindles and rejoiced when one of the kids lost theirs.

- Spongebob for 3 year old is a HUGE dealbreaker!

It appears the iOS app doesn’t have a way to disable or remove content native to the Freetime Unlimited app. This is a HUGE dealbreaker for our family. I'm not even sure why Spongebob Squarepants is allowed in the 2-3 year old age range! It appears there is a way to remove or disable native content using a Kids Kindle, but there is no way to make these changes on an iPad using the Freetime Unlimited app. I love this app. It is perfect and exactly what we need for our daughter to have the ability to read purchased Kindle books and to have access to other content, but I will not be keeping our subscription if there is no way to disable this content that is NOT APPROPRIATE!!! I would be more than happy to contact the developer directly if possible to discuss these issues in more depth.

- Best kids app

I simple love it! From the age filter to the screen time. I love how much control this gives you over the activities your child can do. I truly love it! I got the first fire 7 for my 4 year old God Son and then got a second one for his sister. I just truly love it. Will absolutely get a next one anytime I can.

- Great Concept if Wrinkles get ironed out

This app is great for younger kids! Lots of great books and more to choose from. I would like to see a function where the child can favorite things or add some Kindle features like highlighting/note taking/ maybe even emojis to respond to the text with! I also think it’s hard to read books with the fixed orientation and it would be great to zoom in on hard to read print.

- Books read aloud

I felt mislead when we got FreeTime Unlimited for the second time after the announcement of 1,000s of audible books. I can’t find them using search. When we ask Alexa, she just picks one at random. My children are 3 and 4. They’re not old enough to read the books, can we have the option to have books read TO them. It would be an AMAZING feature. Listening to books without the pages in front of them is not easy at their age.

- Needs improvement

You cannot prevent or hide the entire app selection from the kid. They can still download everything unless you want to go in and individually block apps ! I want the kid to be only able to see the downloaded apps which is not possible at the moment. Plus every time you try to go to settings or dashboard the app asks for password. In the same session if you go in and out it still asks for password. Not even a fingerprint or face unlock !

- Good idea but needs improvements

The book choices are plentiful but as other have mentioned there’s no search function. Besides the lack of search function there is no zoom in either. The fonts in these books are so small I can barely read it. Not very user friendly at all. Even though there’s age filter, but I still find things that doesn’t seem to be age appropriate for my daughter.

- Needs improvement

This app as others have mentioned needs a search engine. Though not many kids will know how to use this, some do. When a child is asking for something in specific it would be nice to search and it be there. Also the words in some books are so small and cannot be enlarged. I’m on the trial version at the moment however I don’t think I’ll be subscribing.

- So worth it! Bedtime reading so much easier!

We have now condensed or bookcase and gone digital with this app. I love adding new books and videos thru the parent dashboard after I purchase them. Also the free collection seems to be based on our preferences! Invaluable for bedtime reading

- Games and apps don’t work in iOS

6-yr-old son very disappointed when we opened the app for the first time and couldn’t find the ‘“educational apps, games, and premium kid’s skills.” LOTS of books and videos as advertised, but it turns out that the apps and games are only available on Amazon’s Fire and Fire TV. REALLY wish they had made that more clear rather than saying “enjoy unlimited access...across all of your compatible devices” and then listing iOS as one of those. Will be deleting the app and cancelling our subscription.

- Great but..

It’s a great App that is easy to use. However, I really wish they had a feature to read the books to you. My daughter is just learning. It would be very helpful and important to add a feature, where kids could have the book read to you, or an option to click on the word she doesn’t quite know, in the book, and it can be read to you out loud.

- The most aggravating experience!

I have had FreeTime for about a year for my two kids and it has so many issues itself that I’m about ready to give it up and sell the kindles....but I was excited about the new update and most especially this app!! But now I’m restarting my two children’s kindles, at least twice/day!! The FreeTime App doesn’t speak to the kindles and the actual FreeTime gives me “oops something went wrong” 3-4 times each day. I’m so over it.

- Great app but...

I love the variety but I’d like a language option. Whether Spanish books or subtitles in videos so you can learn Spanish or for other kids they can still engage in their main language at home with their parents. Also a search option so they can really explore like us grownups or teenagers do to find a book.

- No download option

I would definitely use this if it had an option to download the shows and watch offline. I travel a lot and would love to use this in airplanes or in the car without using data. But since there is no offline option it’s not worth the money for me.

- Parental control

Parental control is so easy to use it lets you limit their usage and limit the videos they can watch... you can put how much screen time your child can watch a day... glad I can use the app on my iPad as well and tablet!

- Does not have a list of audible books

I have found this app to be very frustrating, I bought the kids Alexa for my kids so they could listening to audio books. I have found it very hard and complicated to even find a list of audible books. When I ask Alexa for a list, “it usually just suggests the book for the week”, which I have no idea if the story is appropriate for my younger children. Any suggestions would be appreciated. At this point I’m ready to send the Alexa kid dots back.

- Don’t recommend

Tbh I usually don’t leave reviews on things because most of the time I am very satisfied with what I get but this app is just horrible I try to read some books for my kids and it always lags. I can never read the book that I want. I spent almost over half and hour trying to find a book that would load but never happened so I decided to write this ... smh good thing I didn’t buy anything

- Absolutely the BEST book app for kids

I have 2 boys ages 4 & 6. And I have tried many other book apps both free and subscribed ... I am extremely impressed and grateful for this one! We read delightful books everyday now together. Thank you Jeff Bezos!!!

- OH NO 🤦‍♀️

Ahhhh oh no! Look, so the review that I sent that said all that stuff about only season seven and Spanish season four being there...well...I’m a stupid head so that’s wrong. When I actually tapped on the Ninjago season, I saw that I could still watch all of the seasons. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ to me. Anyway, I still would love to know about season ten. Thank you.

- Books rendering problem

For what it is it’s not a bad app . Unfortunately, most books do not render properly on IPad Pro . This is especially evinced for all superheroes comic books. The rendering is so poor that books are unreadable : pictures are cut , text is non visible , so you basically paying money to disappoint your own child because the books they selected can’t be read ... I expected way better for a “book” company ...

- Thorough and great!!!

Was looking for an app to keep up with books, and the time for how long each book was read. This app is well designed, and I’m quite excited to see my son’s abilities expand. Outside of the book element, there’s so much to do. I am hoping to find a way to organize the books by reading level. That would be a reason to give 5 🌠s.

- Some Suggestions

Love so many things about this but have a few suggestions on ways it could be improved -block certain videos I.e. anything zebra gamer does -break out audible from “screen time” -allow shut off times by app type For example, If my kids wake up in the middle of the night, I want them to be able to listen to books on audible but not be watching videos or playing in apps example 2, I would like to set an hour max of “screen time” per day whether that be apps or videos but not count the time they read or listen to books in that bucket of screen time like it is today

- Too many bugs

Trying to add a profile, but no option to do so, because I signed up as a single child and not a family. Everything I try is a dead end. The help phone number that they provide under help and trouble shooting, calls me and says “we’re sorry, the number that called you is not in service”. They need to fix these bugs, when they test the product🤦🏻‍♂️

- Free Time is terrible to unsubscribe

I signed up for my son to use during our stay at home order. He didn’t use it much because the books he like to read were not offered. I decided to cancel it after one month and they sent me a $9.99 charge. It was impossible. The directions they gave me to cancel led me to a screen with random words and no option to cancel. Frustrating given the fact that we signed up because they said it was free.

- Good selection-needs bookmarking

This is a good app with a lot of books to choose from. It needs a bookmark feature. When I go back to the book because I had to do something else, it takes me back to the beginning rather than where I left off. Please update soon. I noticed the app hasn’t been updated for months.

- Password prompt tiring

The parent dashboard should be a separate app. Parents should have the ability to access the controls quickly and easily without having to switch out of a child’s profile. Freetime should be easily paused anytime and access should be able to be granted for specified amounts of time while outside of time limits without having to toggle the entire service on and off or enter your password multiple times

- Still needs work, letters in book to small

I didn’t like the fact that the book pages were small. The letters are 2 small. Yes, the page can be expanded to be bigger by using your fingers to expand on a iPad but to turn the page you have 2 go back to its original size. Takes time thus, to much of a problem 🙁Keep updating so it gets better.


I can’t properly review an app that won’t load! After downloading and logging in, the loading screen has been stuck for over 15 minutes. Closing and reopening the app gives me a black screen, deleting and redo loading multiple times does nothing. Thankfully this was day 1 of the 1 month free trial, so that I could see how the app works and browse content before buying two kids edition Fire tablets. Certainly not happening now!

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- My son loves it!

My son loves to read everything and anything about dinosaurs, along with everything in between. Then the shows are an added plus. This is one app my husband and I don’t mind him being on.

- Not searchable

The search function on this app is useless. You can’t search by title, author, or subject. This is basic search criteria, why is this not available? Want science fiction? You’ll get any title with science or fiction in the description. My son has severe ADHD, trying to find the book he wants on this app sets off his anxiety. Even I can’t find the books he wants on here. It’s useless. I like the idea of FreeTime, but you’re better off just ordering from the library.

- No Audiobooks

I was hoping to share selected audible books with my kids on their iPods. And block TV and movie content. After trying several hours, both seem to be not possible. Audible books are simply not available in the app, and parental limits are simply not applied when set in the parent dashboard. Too bad, as some of the exclusive audible content is really good. Too bad, but as is this app is unusable for guided kid’s media consumption.

- Perfect for the Grandson

My 4 year old grandson just loves the variety. His use of electronics is very limited. He’s very good at picking things that fit in his allowable timeframe. There are plenty of educational items as well as fun things for entertainment

- No zoom

We love this app but I hate that we can’t zoom or enlarge in the books. My daughter wears glasses and even with her glasses she can’t read some of the books. It makes her very frustrated and discourages her from reading. Then I have to pull out a physical book and hope for a better situation. Please add an enlarge or zoom feature!

- Needs improvement

In my iPhone 8 some books won’t load. The ones that load take forever but then are better.I think that fixing the load thing would be good. The book that I want to read but doesn’t work is “Everything you need to ace since In one big fat notebook.”

- No to bad

I rated this a 3star because I like the large amount of choices to pick from. Unfortunately I have a child that is just learning to read and there are no books that will read to her. Also the print is very small. Maybe some improvements could be in the future.

- Audible books for toddlers?

My daughter is 4 and cannot read, however she loves the selection of books on the app! Is there an audible version so she can enjoy the books?? I selected her age, so you would think audible books would be available? If not, will be deleting app after free trial...

- I LOVE IT. But one setback

I love this app and would recommend it to young readers, but it says unlimited, and well, IT’S LIMITED! I say this because when I tried to search for a book, it didn’t show up! I typed the exact title. So, “freetime unlimited” is limited! So please TRUELY have every book. Truly yours, -A Concerned Reader

- Crappy Content Dump

Lots and Lots of stuff. No good way to find what you want! Where is the search? How do I mark something as a favorite? How do I mark something to come back to? How do I rate content to get better “You might like”recommendations? How can I search by reading level? Or limit by reading level in the dashboard. 10,000 content items is a lot to scroll through at 3 items wide. Hard to find things even under the limited categories they give. If I go to characters and themes. Look under LEGO it shows 4 seasons of ninjago and 2 of friends. Look under ninjago you get 6 seasons Look under friends you get 3 seasons. Hopefully this app gets its act together and becomes the great thing it could be.

- Best app for kids

This is by far the best app for kids. The parent control dashboard is amazing and helps maintain limited use of their tablets during the weekdays and weekends. It’s worth the investment especially if you’re a prime member.

- Breaks books - Much worse than Kindle

Once unsubscribed over the awfulness of this app and a dead Kindle Fire battery. This app remains far worse, with a frequently broken reading experience. Some small improvements, though, with the addition of search. Adding back a star, but feel like I wasted my time trying again.

- Great. Not all there.

Great idea, however is disappointing that the setting in the parental dashboard does not reflect in my child’s profile. Such as blocking videos and setting different reading levels. I would like to set the profile for a more challenging read for my son but I keep getting lower level content.

- Please provide a search function

We purchased the Freetime Unlimited subscription specifically because some of my son’s favorite authors have books here, however when we went to the app, there was no way to find them. I am very disappointed that a basic feature like search is missing. This is a major fault.

- So want to like this

I SO want to be able to use this, but I can’t control what books show up. I want to choose books I know she would enjoy that are on her reading level. The preset reading levels don’t apply to my child. Also, I don’t want her able to watch videos. Is there a way to disable video access? She gets enough tv and when she’s on here I want to know she’s reading and not watching videos or tv.

- Parental controls don’t stay set

These tablets work fine enough for the kids to play. But I spent over an hour on the phone with customer service to fix the issue of the parental controls not staying set it was a waste of time. Parental controls don’t stay set and that was the reason I purchased these ones in the first place.

- Pathetic service and App. Not recommended

My son started reading a book, and the next day the book disappeared from the catalog . There is no accountability. When I called up the customer care they said it’s a third party app which they have no control over, you are free to cancel the subscription. The book still shows as ‘free on FreeTime Unlimited btw. That’s the very reason we subscribed to this app in the first place.

- Good but…

I have this on my tablet and on my phone. But the only thing that works on my phone is videos. Because I don’t have internet. Please make it so books work without it. I ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟 books!!! I want to read on my phone. Please. Please. Please.


I only downloaded so I could use while on vacation in Mexico since the hotel has free WiFi. I could not stream using the WiFi or using my cellular data since both ways said that it’s not available outside USA. I have T-Mobile and when I come To Mexico I automatically connect to the Mexican cell networks for free with unlimited data. But I still cannot use this app while in Mexico. I have no use for this otherwise.

- The font needs to be adjustable

It’s hard for my 5 and 7 year old to read some books because the font is too small. They lose their place easily because they’re used to bigger lettering in books that they read in school, and at home.

- A suggestion

I really like the app. But I have a suggestion maybe there could be a search bar. And if you like the book and there is a series it shows other books in that series.

- Needs a search option

Theres a large selection but its difficult to find a specific book, its frustrating when you dont have a lot of time to scroll through everything to find one book.

- No way to change which child is covered

There is no way to change which kid is covered by a subscription. It says to switch on another device. What other device? Where on the web page? I’ve wasted an hour looking. Perhaps they are trying to avoid Apple fees. Fine, then make it easy (or at least possible) via the web page.

- In a longer chapter book, it won’t remember where we left off. SO Aggravating

In a longer chapter book, it won’t remember where we left off. SO Aggravating. clunky to use. keeps deleting the books we haven’t read in a while. But if anyone knows kids, they know that they go hot and cold on certain books... but doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in them... I don’t like it. Sorry

- Books mostly TV based

App is a great idea except the quality of available books is poor imho. Most books are TV show based. Seems focused on turning children into consumers, which would be more expected/acceptable if it were a free service. For $10/ month I would like to see more of a subscription based library.

- No search feature

It’s crazy that there’s no search feature. My kids get frustrated trying to scroll through endless titles. Also, the print is teeny, tiny. My kids are learning to read and need to use their finger to follow along. There’s no space to do that.

- Already buggy

Just downloaded looks like it has some great content. Though I don’t think we can download a thing to for of line usage. My really frustration is it freezes when I try to get into parental controls. Might cancel before the free trial is over.

- Such a great app for kids!

My son and I are having so much fun reading all kinds of books! We look forward to exploring all that this app has to offer

- Hate it

Be careful with this app once you cancel your subscription they subscribe you back to their app and charge you every month without your consent check your bank I’ve unsubscribed and they manage to subscribe me back and charge me and take money from my card if I could rate this app a 0 I would but it won’t give me an option don’t waste your time with this app

- Why Not Casting

Now I can’t allow my kids on small device and stair at it all day. If all books videos and audio can also be Casting option then it can help many parents. Most likely very soon I will be canceling my subscription and delete this app.

- FAIL on my levels

This system needs... 1. DAILY controls, not just "weekday" and "weekend" 2. Ability to extend time in a case-by-case way, like Apple ScreenTime, rather than changing time limits only "now and forever" 3. TouchID or FaceID to access Parental Controls rather than password AND otp EVERY time (since "don't ask me again" is broken too, does nothing)

- Can’t enlarge books!

While reading FreeTime books with my daughter, I realized that you cannot enlarge the books to fill the screen. This makes the writing for many books VERY small—too small to read in many cases. I can’t be that upset; this is why they have free trials! Until I can be assured that the words are big enough to read (along), I won’t be renewing my subscription.

- Needs audio to go with the books

I would like to see audio with the books for the little ones who are not able to read yet but still enjoy listening and looking at the books.

- It’s good except

The books don’t fit to the screen so on a lot of them you can’t see the words. And there is no option on screen for the kids to zoom or make it bigger:(

- Only books and videos

I was very disappointed when we tried using FreeTime on an iPhone. My son’s kindle had broken and we tried letting him use FreeTime on my new iPhone for our 7 hour drive to family over the holidays. What a disappointment when it only had the books and videos!

- Not customizable enough

I am really disappointed with the free time app and the kids unlimited. It does not allow me to regulate what is on the tablets enough. Even if I put that my child must read books or audio book it still allows some games to be in play. It is frustrating when we purchased these tablets to be a source of education for them.

- Ft

My child loves exploring the kid friendly internet, he reads books and plays free games, my child tells me that he loves these games. He has a fire tablet, and he’s eight. It’s perfect for my child.

- No audio!

I like the app and everything it offers but I wanted an app where the books were read to my three year old. He really likes to listen to books on the iPad and this doesn’t read to you like I was hoping!

- Good but bring back the games/apps and also bring back the old icons

There are books, videos, and other stuff but no apps!? Makes no sense honestly, and also bring back the old profile icons they look better. 😩

- Needs a lot of work

App has good titles, but the interface needs a lot of work. Take a page from the Epic! books app. I can’t zoom in, add books to a collection, set bookmarks, browse by genre, or turn videos off. I was excited about checking this out, but I think I’ll cancel and subscribe to Epic! instead.

- Wonderful on tablet

This is a great app on the tablet. I love all the choices under the parent dashboard. When trying to control the device from a separate app, it doesn’t work. If I want my daughter off the tablet now, I can’t shut this off from my phone.

- iOS version doesn’t allow downloads — lame app

If the point of this is entertaining kids, say in the car on a long drive, and they cant even read a book offline... guess what, it’s useless. Misleading adverts suggest you can use some content offline, wasn't expecting movies, just maybe some books... but the app won’t even open if not connected.

- Doesn’t work as advertised

Time limits do not work. Seems pointless to pay for this app when my kid can watch tv shows that I’m already paying for with prime. The point was to be able to block the television programs until the reading portion was done. Not worth the $10 a month.

- Very frustrating to use

I signed up because there is a button advertising that my child can read a book they really want but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add it to their Freetime account. I can only see how to share content from my own library or a small list of recommended books in the app. Extremely frustrating.

- App will not open on iPad or iPhone

I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, but I cannot log in on any device. It starts signing in but then just loads forever and eventually says signing out without ever starting. Contacted customer service but never got a solution that worked. Really want to use this with my kindergarteners, but sadly can’t get through.

- App Works Great Except for Offline

The app works great when you’re online or using data but I wanted to put my sons books on his iPad so he can read them on road trips, but there is no way to download them. You can only access your content when connected to the internet.

- I love it!

I love that you can see how many minutes they spent and I like that it has different things like videos and etc.

- Love it!

Can you delete books you read and book mark more than one page? Please add this!

- Won’t work on iPad

Intended to evaluate the free trial for potential use on my four iPads for the kids. But we can’t get the app to work beyond the subscribe screen for iPad. I installed it on my phone and it worked fine but the whole point was for the iPads - not to hand over my phone. There is no help for troubleshooting the app and I have been left frustrated and disappointed.

- Disappointing - can’t mirror shows on the TV

Part of the reason I bought this app was because I want my kids to be able to watch quality TV on the actual TV and not on the small iPad screen. But only now that I’ve paid and subscribed do I see that we can’t do that. Please add screen mirroring so we can share with Apple TV and watch on a big screen.

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Itz Fritz

@montecristoceo The kids are young and this is the kind of homeschool books we read at night.

Maureen Murphy

@Rod_Is_TheOne My thoughts exactly. He will ship the kids via amazon .


#Cleaning #kids playhouses

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🎄 Immi, her granddad Tollie, and her boyfriend, Gray, run The Santa Ahoy Special. It's going to be a great #Christmas for the kids. But Christmas day brings a different surprise...


Thank you @Fatimapabani28 for the first aid kit from my amazon wishlist! Two kids, this is a necessity 😂💜

Shadrach Maplecorn

@boriquagato @magistertalley But not for the work from home crowd. The middle/upper middle-class with Amazon Prime delivery, Uber eats, and time and tech to teach their kids while they play “quarantine” and bake bread. It’ll kill the poor and lower middle without these luxuries first, unfortunately.

Terri Jones

@learnwithbamboo @ifine_nyc So cool! Here's something really cool also Amazon used a snippet of My grandkids kids Alexa Skills Preview and Review of Bamboo Math in their new video today

Ajay Kumar Mishra

@amazonIN it is better to buy phones from shop rather than your website ....replacement ordered but delivery refused as phone already delivered not working statement by amazon guys....if it was working why I will ask for exam ....will never gift from amazon

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📺 Need some new home entertainment ideas? Here's are the best kids & family shows releasing on streaming services Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime & Disney+ in September. #netflix #stan #amazonprime #disneyplus

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How cool is this Bamboo Math Kids Alexa Skills video snippet is in Amazon video great job Milanie and Chrisette #bamboomath

Deepak Vora

See, #Amazon has also refreshed #Echo lineup with new #custom #chip for #AI powered #Alexa to respond to commands more quickly. . The updated #smart #speaker #lineup also features a sleek new design and new capabilities for kids, the new Echo Show 10 feat…

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@Chinese_amazon You'd be offering mother daughter duos.??? F' me. I'd cash out my kids college funds for that.

Amazon Kids+ 1.8.3 Screenshots & Images

Amazon Kids+ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Amazon Kids+ iphone images
Amazon Kids+ iphone images
Amazon Kids+ iphone images
Amazon Kids+ iphone images
Amazon Kids+ iphone images
Amazon Kids+ ipad images
Amazon Kids+ ipad images
Amazon Kids+ ipad images
Amazon Kids+ ipad images
Amazon Kids+ ipad images
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Amazon Kids+ (Version 1.8.3) Install & Download

The applications Amazon Kids+ was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-06-24 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC [Developer ID: 297606954]. This application file size is 42.21 MB. Amazon Kids+ - Entertainment posted on 2020-09-18 current version is 1.8.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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