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Welcome to Granny.

Granny keeps you locked in her house.
Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything.
If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running.
You can hide in wardrobes or under beds.
You have 5 days.

Good luck!

The game contains advertisement.

Granny App Description & Overview

The applications Granny was published in the category Games on 2017-12-12 and was developed by Dennis Vukanovic. The file size is 233.60 MB. The current version is 1.5 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

* More places to explore.
* Now there is a second way to escape from Grannys house.
* Added "Practise" difficulty.
* More useful items to find.
* Granny is now gone a little longer when she gets shot with the shotgun.
* Granny now has a "pet".
* Fixed some bugs.

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Granny Reviews


Make two player  hazzman28  4 star

I would give it a five star rating if this game was a two multiplayer game Yours sincerely review writer

doom sizer

Play this  doom sizer  5 star

If you like jump skears play this and soz for the wrong spelling


I love granny  SeanyMate66  5 star

Granny is so awesome and I will keep cheating because this is revenge


Brilliant game but  Tynsey  5 star

I absolutely love your game my brothers also adore your game It is a great game to play. But when I play I normally sit with my brothers we all play granny and what I’m trying to say is it would be the best game ever if you added multiplayer mode so you can play with people all around the world which would be fun as to play and I would recommend this game more for people. Thank you if you read this.


Multiplayer  Tiff000666222  5 star

On granny can you add multiplayer?


Great game but needs multiplayer and mic on app to talk  Hihihihihihihihihuhfgh  5 star

Terrific gameplay but I think it needs multiplayer at max of 5 players and a mic to talk plus mods on it for extra fun thanks😀


Add on stuff pleeeeeeees  NoahM0203  3 star

Make the backyard bigger and a new other way to escape where you block the spider and slide Down a slide and run to the graveyard and put a special key in the stone and then you see the graveyard saying RIP granny and put a mode where you can be granny and also put where you can escape granny’s house in a circus and make the backyard mutch bigger


Make it more popular  Eloop12345678  5 star

Try by it making granny less creepy so more people will play.


suggestions  sash777  5 star

I love this game so much, it is so much fun and I have got all my friends totally addicted, though I do have a few suggestions if you were ever to make another update... I have talked with my friends and we would love it if we could have an option to do multiplayer! We also thought it would be super cool it if we had the chance to play as granny... that would be awesome!! This game is fantastic as it is but it would be great if you could possibly take these suggestions into consideration!...

turtle girl 123

I love it but...  turtle girl 123  3 star

Don't get me wrong I love granny but I downloaded it and now it is not deleting and I have waited 2 hours and it hasn't moved or downloaded.but overall I still love this game and it is so much fun.


I love this game  hellomynameissoccer  5 star

I get scared really easily so it would be nice if it could have a option to be day! Also you should add multiplayer, that would make even more fun!


Granny  t.setz  5 star

I loved this game a lot it means a lot to Me unfortunately I can’t download it right Now because I do not know what is going On but one day I maybe can download It agin Iove ayanna💋


Great but needs multiplayer  jydyn  5 star

I think this is a great horror game but I think it needs multiplayer because it is nice having someone to help you escape through the house and in multiplayer I was thinking that there would be team work where you would work together on granny and that you could be granny and you could add unlimited players so that all your friends could play and there would be separate team so that there would be two doors to escape from and there was two of each item and they would all be in different spots and there would be a text so that you could talk to your friend or who ever your playing with but I think it is a great horror game I am only a kid and I love this game.


Love the game a lot just some minor things  Gamer430  5 star

Ok don’t get me wrong I love the game but just saying when you go to the door in the game and tap on the part we’re you need the pliers it says “I need a cutting pliers “ you might want to fix the grammar and on practice mode the word practice is spelled “practise” just some minor things you might wanna fix other than that this game is really fun some suggestions I would make is when you have “more locks” option on to make the new ending have more locks

Samantha Cheatham 5th grade

Multiplayer  Samantha Cheatham 5th grade  5 star

I’ve seen some reviews saying there should be a multiplayer mode,and I agree,but I think there should be more than one person trying to find he stuff and not one person be granny while the other is trying to get out.I think both people should be trying to get out.❤️❤️


Make changes plz  Cardi923  5 star

I like Granny but I don’t like the bear traps and I HATE the music, but everything else is good.

dainel bryan

Update please  dainel bryan  5 star

So I think granny is the best horror game in the world but ever since she got a spider it’s been very hard but I learned how to kill it but I feel like I played the game a little too much and have been escaping every time I play it I have had it for about 4 months and I play it every day but I don’t play it much anymore because it’s getting old it would be awesome if you made a update on granny. I give you 5 stars on rating because there is nothing wrong with the game it’s just same old same old


I LOVE IT!!  harpcicle  5 star

I think on granny the time limit makes the game go faster and how it’s so scary....the point is,I LOVE IT!!


Awesomeness  ❤️💜❤️💜💜  5 star

Ok now this is THE BEST APP EVER but I love so so many amazing horror games on my iPhone I have so many horror apps on my phone and this is my #1 favorite horror games but I am excited for more updates soon. Oh and also I am always trying to figure out where the padlock key is and then I notice that it is bye the spider thing but anyway this GAME is AWESOME 💜💜💜❤️❤️👵🏾


Love it!!!  RF FAN 98  5 star

Seriously love this game, very entertaining. It gets better and better with every update! Keep up the good work . Hope to see more updates and more games soon!

fizzy izzy3

Granny  fizzy izzy3  5 star

I love the new update.Granny is so fun and the little secret pet is my absolute fav.It is very funny because I still get scared in practice mode when she isn’t even there.I love the idea of the game and the game is not too scary for me as a kid . Definitely play Granny #addictedtoGranny


Aaaaaaa!!!  benjaden  5 star

This. Game is. So. Cool I. Love it. So. Much. And. I. Hope. There. Is. A granny two. And. Anyway. Can. You. Get. Mods. On. iPods. Because. I. Really want😭😭. Them


Multiplayer mode  mariewhite1234  5 star

Need to get multiplayer mode so we can play with friends it would be much more fun and we can team up with each other pls get it


Granny  bel2400  5 star

The best game ever 😁😁😁


Needs Multiplayer  LAVABUCKET123  5 star

Needs Multiplayer or Local play.Two people in the house and they start in different rooms and then the granny.When someone gets hit by granny they are knocked out and spectate the other person.2-4 player.Granny is not a person.


You’ve outdone yourself  superdoggie08  5 star

THE GAME IS AMAZING. I love the “pet” 🤫. You’ve done good DVLoper. Granny now has over 💯 million downloads. Granny’s a bit scary for me, I mean I’m a kid but if a kid that has never EVER played granny I think they would be scarred so adding that difficulty practice was good, just one issue, THERE IS WAY TOO MUCH BLOOD. That will just creep people out. Like what’s on top of the shed 😹😹😹. I started when the 1.3 update came out and granny is AMAZING. Keep up the fantastic updates, everybody appreciates it 😼👊👊👊

rjw chnc uh fuhc

Best game I’ve ever played  rjw chnc uh fuhc  5 star

It’s the best game I have ever played thank you for making it and plus new spider 1.5

sean sandwidge 😅😅

Granny  sean sandwidge 😅😅  5 star

This is the best game so far and I would love if use brought more stuff into it I really rate this game

Emily Donnellan

Best Game  Emily Donnellan  5 star

I really love the game just make the tv work. My least favourite thing is the pet spider

Unicorns couldn't be more real

I LOVE THIS GAME!!  Unicorns couldn't be more real  5 star

This game is soo good! I really recommend this game to anyone who wants a tense horror game!

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