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Welcome to Granny.

Granny keeps you locked in her house.
Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything.
If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running.
You can hide in wardrobes or under beds.
You have 5 days.

Good luck!

The game contains advertisement.

Granny App Description & Overview

The applications Granny was published in the category Games on 2017-12-12 and was developed by Dennis Vukanovic. The file size is 335.68 MB. The current version is 1.6.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

*Added rats (Nightmare mode).
*Christmas is gone.
*Fixed some bugs.

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Granny Reviews


Plz do this  jbhuie  5 star

You guys really need to add multiplayer and to where it does not require internet because my friends want to play with me but we can’t. You should also make it to where granny has to be like right in front of you and not three feet in front of you

justin butt

It is hard  justin butt  2 star

I hate the game because it is hard you put it on easy it is so hard but you get nightmares and they aren’t good so I don’t recommend the GAME


Multi  The3rJeff  5 star

You guys should add multiplayer cause me and my sister play granny and love it and if you had granny we would try to escape together


Awesome but scary  Dragonlover🐲🐉🐲  4 star

I am a total scaredy cat but this game is funny and scary at the same time! I love trolling her


I LOVE IT BUT...  AwesomeAppSellerReviews  5 star

I really love this game! It’s so much fun! BUT I wish there was a way for us to join each other’s game. I’ll be playing Granny with my friends and we all wish there was a way to join worlds. On the next update please try to make this possible, it’ll be fun! Thank you. I still continue to play this cause I love the updates :)


Awsome almost better than FNAF  Starfeather2  5 star

Really good the only thing I hate is the new look of the spider it gives me the chills


This isn’t granny it’s glitchny xD  Fahdjah  1 star

Pls stop making “horror” games pls make make good game godddddddd

cute cat🐈

You are cool  cute cat🐈  5 star

The game is amazing!


Crazy 😊  NOTLaurenzside  5 star

Granny is a good horror game for adults and kids, if you don’t like jump scares or intense things, you will not like this game, but for all of my people who love scary things like me then you might like this game, it has jump scares and some intense moments among the game, but to sum the game up for people who haven’t played it yet, you are a girl or boy who got locked and trapped in a old lady’s house, witch her name is granny which explained the title, and you have to fine keys and different challenges to escape by the front door or the garage, it depends when you play the game, because the old one is only eacaping from the door but the new update allows you to escape by the garage or door, but I do preffure this game


Multiplayer  drakefake  5 star

This app is great but I do think it should have a multiplayer option.


Cool  msnhdgrhrjdhdbehhddhudosnsb  2 star

It’s fun bout don’t let your child see it


Granny on. Console 🎮  Abbyrose2102  5 star

So granny is really popular on mobile devices and pc.but I got a good idea what if you put granny on console Like ps4 Xbox one and Nintendo switch

nick name thats not taken

LOOOVE IT BUT IT needs... multiplayer  nick name thats not taken  5 star

This game is super fun I’ve completed it 5 times! But I think it would be more fun with multiplayer! I’ve see the reviews about wanting multiplayer also.


The game  Jortid  2 star

Why can’t we be granny mode and spider mode

nugger wugger/ mr. chippy

best gam evr deniss orgranich is the best granneh makr everrrrrrrrrtft  nugger wugger/ mr. chippy  5 star

omg guys u hav to get this game it is beautiful and i think i’m falling in love with granny. she is beautiful. u will for shore luv her. she is so smexy. it’s so fun and challenging and kinda scary. my favourite part is ramming the car thru the wall at the end. it also kinda makes me sad that i hav to say goodbye to granna nugger. granny is kinda weird coz she murdered her whole family but she is rly kind hearted.... sort of. the graphics and noises are bootiful. highly recommend. thanks for reading. also can denis granochik pls give me ur blessing to marry granny. also can u send me granny’s dress and her baseball bag so i can spank her with it for being a naughty gurl. also watch out mouldy piece for meat and her dead family and her shotgun and dirty bathroom and her pet tirantula that lives upstairs. also she has a pretty rad car which u cna use to escap. fankkkkkkssssssss peace out from nugger wugger/ mr. chippy


Great!!  Mercad3z  5 star

You can play this over and over and never get bored love it💖❤️


One of the top best game  sdfbghhjk  5 star

I love this game it is great it is so good that I can play it every day I wish you could add nightmare on the practice easy normal hard very hard extreme


Dead granny room  ElleBelle13334258382  5 star

I love this game but I have one question. What does the room with the pictures and dead granny mean? Do we have to find something else, or? Is it important???


BEST GAME  stwiggys  5 star

But can you guys add something like an elevator that starts front he car room and ends in the spider room or the room below it. You could make it that if you use the elevator 3 times it breaks down. That would make the game waaaay more fun and more enjoyable. AND could u guys PLEASE MAKE A MULTIPLAYER MODE IT WOULD MAKE THE GAME SO MUCH MORE FUN AND IT WOULD GET A LOT MORE PEOPLE PLAYING. Also Can you guys please MAKE A GRANNY NUMBER TWO AND IT COULD BE A DIFFERENT HOUSE IMG IT WOULD BE SO COOL


What I think  strizzzza  4 star

So this is what I think, I think this game is GOOD but it does need some improvements like the graphics they are not that good they need to be more realistic like the walls, floor, and granny... but besides all that it is actually a good game I like that you have to find tools to open the door or to start the car, all and all it is still a good game


Amazing game but needs multiplayer  gshbsjshjsbsh  5 star

This game is one of the best horror games out there but imagine how great it would be if you could play with other people



I’ve been playing this game since the beginning! I love it! But we need better jump scares. Also I think granny should have a scarier weapon like something sharp. The game is still good and I’m still giving 5 stars.


Great job!  TacoBell1235  5 star

Spooky and creepy. Playing for Hours! Download is sooooooo worth it!


Great game  Cconlen  5 star

I loooooovvveeee this game! It’s super fun and addicting! When I want to play a game I choose this one! Best game EVER!!!😁😁


Try and put these ideas in granny  BrittneyDaniels  5 star

Well I like the idea where there’s multiplayer but I would like On practice for it to be a little bit harder like more locks or more stuff to escape with and the multiplayer is a really good idea with the offline multiplayer and online multiplayer so can u try doin that and my idea BC I can beat granny on all difficulty’s within 5 mins and I want it to be harder and be more adventurous to so can U try to work on that Thx. 🙂☺️.

Flamethrower Games

Best Mobile Game!  Flamethrower Games  5 star

Granny is the best game on my phone. I play it everywhere I go. Even the steam version is awesome! Even my five year old brother loves to play! From developer to developer, keep up the good work.

Death_dab360 on PS4

Best horror game in the world!!😜  Death_dab360 on PS4  5 star

I absolutely luv this game it fills me with joy and used to be chills🤣. But still it is amazing 😉... if u don’t have this game, you should get it😉 thx


You need to had a new game  pstar-7  5 star

A slendrina another slender man 👨 pc granny on mobile a 1.0 remake of one of the games you made

Alfredo The King

Multiplayer  Alfredo The King  5 star

Add multiplayer.

Ella 24

The game won't even lode!!!😡  Ella 24  1 star

The game can't seem to lode I've put in my options (like quality and difficulty) but after I hit continue the game will just crash!😡


Good I guess  hazelnut🦄🥑  2 star

I like it it’s just it took 3 hours to download. But good job


Granny  pietpompies10  5 star

There should be a mode where you can be granny


Addicting  AegyoGirl💙  5 star

I remember before when granny wasn’t even that popular and I thought it was the best mobile horror game out there and look at it now. Super fun to play and very addicting. Keep up the good work DVlooper╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


Granny  chloebyrne781  5 star

This game is so good but can u do another update cause this update is deadly 😂 <<< dead > ly 😂😂 see what I did hahah right ❤️

kayla loves slime🐬

Bad  kayla loves slime🐬  1 star

No modes and normal granny but before there was no nightmares 👎

con the try hard

Con the try hard  con the try hard  3 star

Hi love playing granny it’s a good game but they need to add multiplayer that would make it more fun


Granny  chelsealover2809  4 star

It’s a good game but I would have a ghost mode like evil nun but other then that your doing very well Ghost mode is where granny is there but you can knock all the stuff down she still can’t kill you because your a ghost but granny moves around thanks


Addicted 💓💓  Katelynbbz  5 star

I love this game so fricking much but it could be better just make a multiplayer mode to it aswell... like it’s an online mode where someone is granny for the 5 days trying to find the other online player


Make a multiplayer option  grannnnnnyyyyyy  3 star

Where you can connect with your friends and one person can be granny


I think it would be cool  katrolo16  5 star

I think it would be cool if you could play multiplayer with other people in granny like you could help them out and they could help you please try and do it I would love it and my friends would to

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