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An infinite Golf course! Shoot the golf ball into the hole! How far can you go?

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The applications Infinite Golf was published in the category Games on 2017-12-06 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 54.63 MB. The current version is 1.20 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Holy ads  Viddoc  2 star

When I see this many ads in a game I make it a rule to never download or buy any one of them. Concept of game is fun. Game play loses fun with ads after every failed attempt.


The keys make it so bad  PandaLover9803  2 star

I started playing this game before the update that included birds and keys, and when the update came out I was okay with it. Yeah it made the game a little harder, but I liked the challenge. But then the problems started. Too many times I’ll have a 20 hole in one streak, and then it gives me an impossible hole. The key will spawn right above the water line or at the end of a cliff leading to water, and I’m forced to destroy my streak to complete the hole. It’s insured and has led me to considering deleting the game if I can’t even hope to create huge streaks. These problems need to be fixed, I don’t care if the keys are removed or not, but the shot that you take to get the key shouldn’t count as one of your shots if it guarantees death.

Gaming guy 120

Meh  Gaming guy 120  3 star

Whenever you don’t get it in the first time it would say you lose or it says out of bound or something like that.It is so annoying but its ok


Every time you go in between that there’s always adds!!!!  I Do ANY THING  3 star

I play it still



I mean, WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!


Birds & Keys ruined this game  bobonojoosnsk  1 star

Go back to the old version with 3 try’s and without birds & keys!!!


Once again three stars  nightpulsation  3 star

As I said in another review the game needs an endless mode or needs to just be endless in this case just to go along with the name it’s infinite golf there should be no end or running out of balls it takes away the fun of the game


Bad  12345677876543356  1 star

Soooo many ads

GREAT gaim

Great Game  GREAT gaim  5 star

So I downloaded it yesterday and am already done so I don’t know what to do anymore if you guys could add more different types of balls


Extremely disappointed  Doc14357  1 star

Even with the purchase of ad removal, the game still requires that you watch an ad video for another game in order to continue playing. Ruined what could be a nice, low key game. Mostly I’d like my money back. Deleted the app.


Awesome  tess01  5 star

Is the best game ever.


Not impressed  mattpgs1  1 star

Paid to remove ads, only to find you still get all the ads just removes the 2 second ad at the end of the game, do not pay to remove ads, complete trick


Terrible Trial  Frippy,  1 star

All good games let you play the game for a short period to see if you like it. This game inundates you with adds for 30seconds or multiple 15second adds. At least let us play it for awhile before you make us buy it. There are lots of better golf games.


Challenge yourself  astarie  4 star

It’s really cool and challenging to play Infinite Golf. You should try it, you might just like it.


Change it back  Lachyjm  1 star

This game used to be great until an ad barrier started sitting in front of the third shot and the introduction of the stupid flying chicken


Suckssss is trash  Foshiz123  1 star

This game use to be so good when they took the ball count from 3 to 2 and the ads have deleted this game I’m so sad was my fav 5 minute quick game


Ads galore  ch0par  1 star

Looks like a good game the amount of ads had me removing it in 5min. Would have purchased but the ads drove me nuts.

lowest game and ads

Your stupid game  lowest game and ads  1 star

F**ck you and your stupid adds stick em up your a**


Too many ads  nigells1978  1 star

I really think it’s a good game but every single round you will get ads. I was considering in buying no ads and then it’s $5 to enjoy a free game. It’s honestly ridiculous how there are ads after every shot and $5 to buy no ads on a free game.


Ads  bdiskdg  1 star

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads

Ferns king fish 1888

Too many ads  Ferns king fish 1888  1 star

Every 4 shots there is a 30 second ad. Too much. I spend 15 seconds playing the game and 30 seconds of ads.

Libertarian man!

Way too many ads to enjoy the game  Libertarian man!  1 star

Had to watch 3 ads before I could play the game. Failed a few times, had to watch an ad or two in between each game. No thanks. You can remove ads for 2.99, but all I wanted to do was try the game out. The ads ruined it for me.


It’s good  CoachKen47  5 star

It’s good


Eh  Iphonegamer123  2 star

Fun game but the ads and keys ruin it. Not sure what the point of the little balls in the air.


ADS  drogosandybanks13138888  1 star

Opened app to play for first time, immediately had to sit through two ads for other games. Played one level, 30-second unstoppable ad pops up. App deleted. 3 minutes app time with 8 seconds of gameplay. Be better, game. Be better.


Cool Game  lkhdndnc  1 star

I would like the game but after every time I lose and have to restart I always get an ad never purchasing 2.99 for ads


Commercial simulator  rustynuggett205  1 star

If you plan to play this game without buying ad-free, only expect 2 shots between every ad. This is not a game at this point, it suffocates you with unskippable, multipart ads about other games. What’s the point? Even if you download those games they’re probably flooded with ads too. This Game is absolutely terrible thanks to the ad-apocalypse and I wouldn’t trust it or any games it advertises to be any different. 10/10 “would delete off my phone again.” -IGN


It use to be good  HOTROD 0516  1 star

Wow! So many ads it’s ridiculous. I am done playing this game.


Fun game but commercials kill it  jamesditty2001  3 star

That many commercials is ridiculous...

Jason Miklin

Incessant ads  Jason Miklin  1 star

The ads are insane I spend more time watching ads than playing


Robbery  DD1739  1 star

Paid €3.49 for ad free version because I couldn’t play with the volume of ads. It only gets rid of ads directly after the game but you still get ads when selecting an extra ball or second chance. Completely dishonest and effectively robbing people of their money for close to the exact same ad experience.


Terrible  Bdfhgenchhefngwreuwwrga  1 star

Ok lets get started , 1/There are way to many ads like stop please how do u expect someone to enjoy a game that you can barely even play because of all the ads 2/ Also why do u have to pay to get rid of them i mean I understand paying but can you please put a reasonable price 3/ Because of all of this i am going to click the ‘DELETE’ button because this game is terrible 😡


Fraudulent game  ush5892  1 star

When you pay it doesn’t remove ads. Company are fraudsters how do I get my money back. AVOID

Bitta bob Marley

Changed lives  Bitta bob Marley  1 star

Game was kind of fun, ads were a bit annoying, but they’ve become greedy by needing to watch an ad to get another life, not fun


Third ball gone  Niamhepoo  1 star

Was good game till they got rid of the 3rd ball/life !


Updates have ruined the game!!!  deathstench11  1 star

I can tolerate the ads but when you get rid of an extra life and have to tap for an extra ball to be greeted with more ads then it becomes a joke. Avoid this game!!!


Update  VeryUpsetPlayer  1 star

New additions are terrible. Please bring back 3 lives aswell!!


Used to be good  BeanoNotHere  1 star

Then they ruined it with ads and got rid of the 3rd life


Buggy  fionan131  1 star

This app was fine until it kept on showing ads until the app crashed got a score of 87 when the app crashed and said I got a score of 11!!


Not worth it  Dylan2122  1 star

The game is alright but there are so many interrupting ads that usually have timers so you can’t dismiss straight away. You can get the add free version for €3.49 which is 10x times the games value.

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