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An infinite Golf course! Shoot the golf ball into the hole! How far can you go?

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The applications Infinite Golf was published in the category Games on 2017-12-06 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 40.44 MB. The current version is 1.15 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Minor fixes

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Infinite adds  Speedyone66  1 star

Infinite adds never ending unless you buy the game not worth it for me


Crooks/Con Man/Liars/Don’t pay for no ads  MikeyC53  1 star

I paid for no ads and I still get ads. I want my money back You’re crooks how do you sleep at night


Nolan likes it  djdkfbaosbd  5 star

Nolan likes it


Insane amount of ads  Acs820  1 star

Unplayable. Give me a break. 15-30 seconds of ads between each game.

blake or billy

It’s ok  blake or billy  3 star

It sometimes gets a little Annoying.Its pretty fun tho.its good for free I guess you should get this app.have fun!!!


After paying, still ads  Sbradsh3  1 star

What the crap??!

walkermnt rebel

Ok  walkermnt rebel  3 star

Three shots is the perfect amount before watching the video. Would rate 5 for that change


Please don’t punish users when your ads fail to load.  GulfL  3 star

Countless times, when gameplay is at stake (another chance, another ball), the ad doesn’t load and the player is left forfeiting what was promised. This is horrible UX. When your app doesn’t load an ad properly, give the user the same experience they would have had if the ad had loaded. Don’t punish the user for your mistake (or that of your ad partner).


Sucked  bobo121345  1 star

There too many ads. Very frustrating.


Vicious Ads  P4l4d1n  1 star

I understand they want to make money just like everyone else but five or more ads per game is excessive. And they still get two or more ads in if you buy the no add version?!? Neat concept for a fun simple game but not worth the time cost.

Deleting after review

Waste of download data  Deleting after review  1 star

It looked fun on the ad but when I downloaded it 2 shots missed then an ad. Then 1 shot missed Then an ad and so on. For how cheap the graphics are it should be almost ad free. So I got frustrated with it after the 2nd hole and deleted it. I want my data back!!


Too many adds and game cheating  GoodButBad2  3 star

I love the idea of this game, but there are something’s that need to be fixed. The adds, for one. There are SO MANY. And then there’s the game cheating. When you are rolling really slowly towards the hole, it stops practically in it. It will also stop when it shouldn’t, and should continue rolling down a hill. Although, sometimes this works in your favor.

Emma is cool!

Bad  Emma is cool!  2 star

Too many ads


Bought the game and it still has ads  jaysan38592  1 star

I bought this game just to get rid of the ads and nothings changed. Very annoying

50% shelf life

Weak  50% shelf life  2 star

A game that takes half an hour to code shouldn’t be 50% ads


***** WARNING CAREFULL : Don’t pay for this game  michaelv1973  1 star

Paid for full version of game to delete ads and at end of each game still get ads. RIP OFF!


Used to be a good game.  BACKBONE.BMX159  1 star

This game has gone downhill. The user is bombarded with advertisements that last 15-30 seconds upon starting a round, finishing around and failing a round. It is constant and very annoying. The idea of the game is great and was quite fun. But again, I said it’s gone downhill. The resource of the ball being reduced from 3 to 2 is immensely frustrating especially when you are faced with levels that require you to waste your first shot and then puts you into a position where you MUST get a hole in 1 or fail the level. The process is simply this; play one level; watch an ad; play two rounds; ad; lose; ad; quit to menu; ad. It is like squeezing lemon over a cut and rubbing in some salt to top it off. Not a way to attract new players and keep the existing ones entertained. I was able to enjoy this game and compete with my colleagues. My colleagues have all uninstalled the game as it is no longer enjoyable and today as I’ve had enough I am uninstalling until this is improved on or reverted.


Infinite golf  Roholkjhgfdartyui  1 star

Every time you use the same power on a shot, it gives you different strengths in shots, doesn’t make any sense at all


unplayable  n163126  1 star

The ads make this game frustrating & unplayable; even if u were just wanting to try it out to see what it’s like

Jashan Randhawa

Ads are so annoying  Jashan Randhawa  2 star

The game is good but the ads are unbelievable. Can you please cut down on the ads? Or maybe just make me pay like couple Of $ for the game instead ? Uninstalling it because of the ads


Still have ads  Phinsider12  1 star

I bought the $2.99 in app purchase to remove ads, yes I still see ads...:/


Fun, too many ads  BCommanding  2 star

The amount of ads is crazy. It’s just fun enough that I still play it for now, but please make the ads less frequent!


Too many ads  rob34873  1 star

Too many ads


Too many ads  Ric0oo  1 star

Holy ads! Sold your soul to the ads department can’t enjoy the game without paying 3$! You’re crazy


Don’t pay for ad-free  isucampbell  3 star

I paid for the ad-free version, and I still have ads.


Riddled with ads  dedeaux89  1 star

Not worth the download, potential to be a fun game but the free game is plagued with ads, not enjoyable and even without the ads probably not worth the 3 dollars honestly


Scam  mdobs15  1 star

This has an in app purchase to get rid of ads, but then I have to watch ads to keep a game going. Scummy to steal money like that.


Way too many ads  JeffCat72  1 star

Absolutely littered with ads


Misleading  jbrosupra  1 star

How are u going to name a game infinite golf but only have two balls per hole and it’s game over? Oh, I can get another if I watch a stupid ad. Umm no


Obnoxious  keonasdad  1 star

Too many ads.


Fraudulent game  ush5892  1 star

When you pay it doesn’t remove ads. Company are fraudsters how do I get my money back. AVOID

Bitta bob Marley

Changed lives  Bitta bob Marley  1 star

Game was kind of fun, ads were a bit annoying, but they’ve become greedy by needing to watch an ad to get another life, not fun


Third ball gone  Niamhepoo  1 star

Was good game till they got rid of the 3rd ball/life !


Updates have ruined the game!!!  deathstench11  1 star

I can tolerate the ads but when you get rid of an extra life and have to tap for an extra ball to be greeted with more ads then it becomes a joke. Avoid this game!!!


Update  VeryUpsetPlayer  1 star

New additions are terrible. Please bring back 3 lives aswell!!


Used to be good  BeanoNotHere  1 star

Then they ruined it with ads and got rid of the 3rd life


Buggy  fionan131  1 star

This app was fine until it kept on showing ads until the app crashed got a score of 87 when the app crashed and said I got a score of 11!!


Not worth it  Dylan2122  1 star

The game is alright but there are so many interrupting ads that usually have timers so you can’t dismiss straight away. You can get the add free version for €3.49 which is 10x times the games value.


Poor  Dylolo  2 star

Good game but way too many ads


Too many adverts  Nbd-Dublin  1 star

Too many adverts, good game but I had to uninstall it because of the constant adverts.

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