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Shoot the ball to the line of balls. Three of the same color will explode. Clear the line before the first ball of the line goes in to the hole. Balls can bounce off the walls. Unlock awesome new maps with your score. Make combos and get SPECIAL balls.

Check it out when you reach 10000 score!

*Eye-friendly color
*Unlimited time
*Play offline

Have fun!

Ball Shoot! App Description & Overview

The applications Ball Shoot! was published in the category Games on 2017-12-12 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 283.66 MB. The current version is 1.2.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- bug fixes

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Ball Shoot! Reviews


Too many ads  BaM*r¥k$  3 star

Love the game...and I get that because it’s free, there are going to be ads. But an ad in between every single level is ridiculous. Would have gotten 5 stars if there were less ads.


Poor version of a great game. More adds than game time  Kitem  1 star

I spend more time watching adds than playing the game. I’ve had way better versions of that game by other developers.


TOO MANY ADS!!  Musicteacher123  1 star

This game is fun, but an ad after each level?!? NOT OK!! I’m deleting this. There are way too many other fun games I can play without the bombardment of ads every minute. If you’re gonna make me watch them, at least give me a power up when I do. Ridiculous.

Freedom Lad

Rules of the game  Freedom Lad  2 star

Not understanding how to play game


Nice!!!  PiliGirl808  3 star

It’s harder than I thought


Too many ads  Jim.the.traveler  3 star

The game is good not great and WAY TOO MANY ADS.


Needs new/more challenges  Tw8462  3 star

Like the game but needs new/more challenges.


Too fast  OneRaider  2 star

Balls travel too fast to achieve a reasonable skill level

zzzNoNames Left

Simple and too many advertisements  zzzNoNames Left  2 star

Reminds me of a more complex game back when flip phones came out. You have to watch 15-30 seconds of advertisements in between each game/level (30 seconds of play). Not worth it to play.

hanna maxi

Ball shoot  hanna maxi  1 star

Too many ads


Addictive, too many ads  Charmy34  5 star

Great game, quite addictive but too many ads


Ball Shoot.  2366lehman  1 star

Even for a free game the amount of ads are ridiculous. I can’t be bothered.

Brooke the Horse Lover

Tnx  Brooke the Horse Lover  5 star

Thank you


Works well & is fun but it needs a tutorial/walkthrough!  budgiebreder  4 star

I have spent a few days figuring out how to get each special item to appear. It makes the “challenges” particularly hard as you have no idea how to get stuff like the time capsule to appear and yet you need to do so twice in order to pass the challenge. A how to get each special and/or walkthrough of the app, eg that tell you about other game modes would be awesome!

Queenbee 61

Ball shoot  Queenbee 61  5 star

Keeps Dementia away!!!!!


Killer app.  mhatme  5 star

I am addicted


Too many ads  -#$+=  1 star

And again too many ads


Not recommended at all  AFR.z  1 star

Don’t even bother yourself to download it. It has tooooooo many ads! 2 to 3 ads pops up after each round, and you would prefer to not play at all. It is entertaining but I don’t recommend it as the ads are very annoying


Crashes  Anothermummysmurf  1 star

Keeps crashing. No stars can't play. Fix it!


Advertisements make it impossible to play  zul2579  1 star

This game is good fun but ad videos pop up literally in the middle of playing, and they pop up continuously. What a terrible feature. Waste of time. Don’t download


Very good game  Narufoe  5 star

U should get this game it’s a very very very good game I recommend it to anybody it’s simple yet fun


Fun but...  buckcitydickywivkt  3 star

I find this game to be fun but the constant barrage of ads for the same stupid games over and over and over got tiresome within minutes.

Fun fun77

Cant even play.  Fun fun77  1 star

I was really excited for this game, Voodoo is one of my favorite developers. But after reaching challenge #6, all the game does now is just freeze over and over again. Can’t play more than 30 seconds before it just locks up, but don’t worry- the ads work just fine.


Love this game so much, I’m riddled with anxiety.  kmccffrty  5 star

Love this game so much, I’m riddled with anxiety.


Ball shoot  Treefairy1  3 star

Toooo many ads


Worst  Realzspit  1 star

Took one of my favorite games off mini clip growing up as a kid and made it worst what’s the objective to the levels and how are we score it’s like they just throw the game together and rush released with a real beta test team have to do better

Johnny camp

Boring and strange ads.  Johnny camp  2 star

Not difficult. Boring after a day. Ads that pop up strange questions about China and launch a browser means time to delete the app.


Too many ads  Wcp755  1 star

I understand that ads are a part of an app. But this game overloads you with apps. I’m sick of them I’m deleting this app


Glitchy but addictive  ARPerkins  3 star

Love it but it has a lot of glitches


Too many ads waste of time can’t play game  sefcx2  1 star

Too many ads more than one and in between each level

Aaron Jonesy

Too many ads  Aaron Jonesy  1 star

An ad plays between each turn. This is too many! Also crashes every time I load it


Not as described  GillenMagic  2 star

Paid for no ads. ‘Revive’ doesn’t work, it just crashes the app, and also still makes you watch a 30 second ad. There are no other levels/maps.

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