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Touch the screen and move your finger to move the ball.
How far will you bounce?

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The applications Splashy! was published in the category Games on 2017-12-07 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 143.02 MB. The current version is 1.4.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Performance improvements.
Splash effect.
Fever boost.

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I Love splashy  Rylee.huestis  5 star

i Love splashy because it is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!


Good game  chrisdaman92  5 star

I have a score of 781 and I’m on level 10 I didn’t believe I could do it but I did like wow 781 and on level 10 like wow


U have so much fun 💎👑  gameMaddie08  5 star

You will always have something to do when u are in the car all u have to do is get out ur phone 📱 and play this game and it is a little bit hard I was on the same level for 2 months sooo yea but it I still a good game and that is why I give it 5stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ty


Not for kids  concern_parent  1 star

This game has too many ads that are not kid friendly


Good  jesssjesssjessjessiejessbjitbh  5 star



The games that I love  kahmiyaaasas💙  5 star

The games that I love the most and the games that I always play the most I can play it all day long because I love the game that I download and I play them all because they are fun to play


Its ok  😎❤️👌🏻  2 star

And this game is a good mini game but I don’t play that much it works when you don’t have Internet but it works fine when you do have Internet I guess it’s a ok game


I love it  uniiiiiiiiiss  5 star

I love it


Thank you so much  petlover6  5 star

I am a great person


Love it it’s so fun  ShayShayGaming  5 star

This is also a difficult app but is also called at the same time new house called it difficult because you have to pass level and you’re just so challenging but yeah it is a fun app so I recommend everybody should download it


Splishy splashy  Wotnow1  1 star

I purchased this game so I can play it without those annoying ads. Well guess what they are still there. I paid to have them removed. Not happy. Fix it. This is ridiculous


Splashy  futdgyu  3 star

Ur the best


$  NF$  5 star

This game is awesome and super relaxing to play when your not in race mode


BONUS  xNeytirix  1 star

What’s the point of the BONUS letters nothing happened!


It not a bad game  bizzil1980  3 star

It something to pass the time


Best game ever  Livsch  5 star

Best game ever only started today.


Emily’s review  JuliePan  5 star



Glitches  mac.s97  1 star

The game is so addictive but so many glitches and won’t even let me play properly! I can’t pass level 29 because it freezes at the end where the flag is! Please fix this problem.


Annoyed and disappointed  sbhasjbss  1 star

I used to love this game until I recently updated it and now it just glitches constantly, even when I haven’t died yet it just stops working and starts playing an ad


While addictive it glitches a lot  Bell_makeham  2 star

Hi I have been really enjoying the game but I updated it to the latest version and have found that the game keeps Glitching causing me To Die faster


Its amazing  wengiefan#1  5 star

I like this game a lot because you do not need WiFi and when you are bored you can play the game and eat some snacks and you will not get bored and I only had this game for two days


Make fifind a cere to diabetes  crcfyivygvuigyb  4 star

Can you add a lemberginie to driving car simolater


Bugs  ItsAkuaNotAqua  4 star

The new update has led to the inability to pass certain levels. Or has made it incredibly difficult. Specifically level 26 and 27. There’s a spike in the center of the second to last tile. So crossing the finishing line is almost impossible.


False Advertisement  andygirl82  1 star

Hey! So I found this game on Instagram. It said “If you score 400 you get to go to Disneyland”. If I don’t get a ticket to go to Disneyland in the next month, I’m suing. I’m just kidding, please don’t take this seriously. XD

the lover for this game

Love it  the lover for this game  5 star

So first of all I love it, although there are some thing that could be better first, it’s a LITTLE bit hard when your a beginner because it’s a little bit hard to steer and although wish there were more things to choose from, other then that it is awesome! 👍🏻

salty boiiiiiiiii

Game  salty boiiiiiiiii  1 star

The game is okay but what happened to the normal infinite mode?

Renee souza

This game is the worst game ever  Renee souza  1 star

I hate this game

wunna wa

Hard  wunna wa  5 star

This game is hard


Good but...  elïź  4 star

You have to complete goals for new skins to play with and it’s harder than it looks so download at your own risk. I still love the game though. I recommend buying it.The levels and races are a challenge but are still easy.the skins are awesome too.hehehe. Yep that’s it.that’s the game.hope you love it too.bye


Emma’s Review  fusghd  5 star

Like the Game it’s so fun and I Like The Game.


Excessive ads and performance issues  GamerDad48  1 star

Game lags regularly to the point where it is annoying to play, way too many ads also.

Mags 200

Perfect but…  Mags 200  4 star

It's too hard in multiplayer mode and I get frustrated because of that.(I like It) I Like the game and all of the voodoo games

Hollie like game

Game  Hollie like game  5 star


fire ball xzx245690&@€

Miss  fire ball [email protected]€  2 star

Can you please get rid of the annoying vibration because whenever I jump it does it and it is very annoying


Keeps freezing throughout rounds  Elyn232  2 star

Would be a good game if it didn’t freeze all the time!

ig analyzer fan

Why I gave you 1 star  ig analyzer fan  1 star

Good game but way too many ads cut down on the ads and I hate when it makes that boing noise. That’s just my opinion


Too many ads  jaydee2626  3 star

Good game but way to many ads after every single game there’s a ad gets annoying


Total crap  Evasmith2901  1 star

I am only giving u one star because the game keeps frezzing and way to many ads that is why i am deleting the game 😔😔😔


👎  Kiecka  1 star

Way too many ads

unicorn progect

Why I. Don’t like it  unicorn progect  1 star

It always freezes no matter what but I like to pay on it but it’s not the type of game if reach for everyday

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