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Touch the screen and move your finger to move the ball.
How far will you bounce?

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The applications Splashy! was published in the category Games on 2017-12-07 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 180.25 MB. The current version is 1.2.11 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Miscellaneous improvements.

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Lei Ober

Terrible.  Lei Ober  2 star

Okay. I see the plot for this game I personally enjoy the concept of it, but it’s insanely glitchy. I gave it three days just to see if it was things loading, but today I started playing it and it was the same as before. I do not recommend this game at all.


Super awesome!!  gabarouch  5 star

Great game. Very addicting. Update : Love the new night mode!! Update 2 : the world builder is awesome!!!


Boring AF 😡  Datonegirl33  1 star

No music basic.

Mandy. MA

Wicked Annoying  Mandy. MA  3 star

The ball doesn’t stay right in front of my finger and it makes it really hard to play. i hate it.


Good, but have some suggestions!!  youdon'tknowme16  4 star

I really enjoy this game, and I love how you can pick different characters!! But, I do have a few suggestions... it’s sometimes glitchy, so I think there needs to be an update for bug fixes. Also, I think I’d be cool if we got to create our OWN landscape, instead of having it automatically make something once you pay with your coins. (You may not know what I’m talking about, but you would if you would play this). So, yeah that’s all I have to say! I still really enjoy this game, tho! 👍

Adam Holmes

No sound!  Adam Holmes  1 star

You need to add some type of sound into the game, it’s just so quiet. And you should add different modes, Also do something with the gems other than changing the level the slightest bit


Splashy  jb4135  5 star

Me and my best friend for life love this game. Ya

I like to eat my self 💩

Good for entertainment  I like to eat my self 💩  4 star

But one problem is that the island symbol is gone does this normally happen you upgrade the island that’s on the water but the symbol to make it appear is gone

Airline Tech

Deleted within 10 seconds  Airline Tech  1 star

I opened the app and was hit immediately by ads. Deleted.


Good Game  hudson👋🏿  5 star

I like how it makes you really Focus you will love it trust me ❤️


LAG !!!!  C.iaran  2 star

Used to be my favourite game until I constantly die or miss a “perfect” land and ruin my streak due to LAG. So annoying, other then that the game is great but it’s borderline unplayable when every 10 Seconds it’s glitching


Amazing game  Akuachy  5 star

Splashy is amazing game when I did no ads no ads came WOW! Better then stack jump


Splashy  ChristieB29  5 star

It is so relaxing

Kate Emma Martin

Super fun buuuuut...  Kate Emma Martin  4 star

This game is sooooo addictive and for some reason never gets boring or tiring at all. While I love the background feature (it’s really cool and I love using my gems on that) I get too distracted and sometimes the background interferes with the actual platforms and goes through them? I would really appreciate the ability to turn the background on and off.


Annoying!  Selmes10  1 star

I hate how it glitches during the game, causes you to die every time!!!


The BONUS letters  TD??  5 star

I’ve been playing for a little while now, and I was wondering why I have only found two of the bonus letters? (B and O) I was just wondering if it was just me or you can’t get all the letters for whatever reason. Anyway, it’s a very addictive game and keep up the good work.


DONT UPDATE!!!!!!  Sasluv  1 star

With the new upgrades half of the platforms are inside of trees and I can’t see them, this has caused me to die too many times and if this is a new thing they added well then take it out!!!


This is addictive however...  Jebfshjan  3 star

While this game is addictive, I have noticed since the last update it glitches A LOT causing me to die. I have also noticed that while I had nearly 600 gems I was unable to do anything with them however my partner was able to use his ones to purchase stuff and change his background on his game on his phone. I have now lost all my gems because I deleted the app and reinstalled it to see if that would solve the glitching issue. It did not. This kind of turns me off the game. Hopefully these issues can be resolved ASAP.


Good but.....  Bellewill  4 star

It’s really fun and definitely one of my favs at the moment! The only thing that I’m confused about is the fact that your collect gems in game but what are you supposed to use them for? I’ve clicked of every button and none of them involve using the gems?!


Dont bother  paulagoris  1 star

Everytime you die there is a 30second ad. So 10-20 seconds of game play then 30seconds of ads


Addictive  mocky1  3 star

Great game but too many ads


Addictive  Yappermouth  4 star

Excellent game apart from no sound please add some sound effects thank you


Don’t recommend it!!!  Soccerdiggerx2  1 star

Always lagging and have the newest update but very poor app A rushed game compared to Voodoo’s other addictive game😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

Rebecca Cunnane

Crap  Rebecca Cunnane  1 star

Always lagging


Great game  lovish2k14  5 star

Very addictive🙈


Terrible performance  Dirkeschtan  1 star

The idea seems fun but the game keeps freezing for a few seconds repeatedly while playing. I suspect it’s the mini ads loading at the bottom of the screen as i watch them change after every freeze. Not worth spending money on a game if i am forced to pay to remove ads without being able to experience it properly to decide if i want to pay for the full experience.

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