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How long can you stay on the Twisty Road? Roll along the road and shatter glass for points. If you're courageous​ enough, jump off the road to skip ahead. Be careful and don't fall for too long or game over!

-Tap and hold the left side of the screen to turn left
-Tap and hold right side of the screen to turn right

Twisty Road! App Description & Overview

The applications Twisty Road! was published in the category Games on 2017-11-21 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 155.35 MB. The current version is 1.8.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Twisty Road! Reviews


Difficult but challenging in a good way  Tektspydhplhfhdpydogx  4 star

At first I figured people in the reviews were all overreacting about the controls...but nope, they are insanely frustrating and difficult. However it makes me feel even more challenged. I got this app like five minutes ago and am already at a high score of 17. But it's really hard to go far cuz it only lets you fall for five secs before ending the game. Also the ads don't really bother me. All apps will have ads and I'm able to skip it after five seconds anyway. I recommend getting this app if you have a lot of patience! (Even tho I have very little) Edit: it's been a few days now and my high score only went up 2. Oh well. Now, after getting used to the game, I can say that it's actually really fun. It is quite easy to roll off the side, but most times I am able to find a new road to land on. Again, it's just more challenging, which is good.

person xddddd

lol this game is bad  person xddddd  1 star

it’s bad xdddddddd

Lobarhon J

Love the game but to much adds  Lobarhon J  4 star

It’s an amazing game to play when your at places like doctors,airports, or when your waiting for someone. I suggest you try this game out❤️😄

mb yall

TwistyRoad  mb yall  4 star

This game is so fun it makes me soooo relaxed but it also angers me a bit


👍👍  hejdhenjejdjd  4 star

This game is very fun but it glitches sometimes


Too many adds  srah.-.b  1 star

Usually adds wouldn’t bother me that much, but there are SO MANY. And on top of that, they aren’t just ones you can immediately X out of, you have to wait like 10 or sometimes even 30 seconds!!!!


Great game but why is there so many ads  theadblocker  3 star

I love this game but it has SO MANY DANM ADS if you didn’t have so many danm ads everyone would give this game 5 stars


Ads  Sakoin  1 star

Ads is a main issue

funy bone

To stressful  funy bone  3 star

This game is pretty hard I am constantly trying to complete level 5 and it is so hard it will probably take me a year to finish all the levels


Really challenging but that’s what make it fun  ajdhsnenf  5 star

I just got this gam but I already love it I keep dying but I just keep playing


I like it butttttttt  Lahie1  3 star

I Love it but I won’t you to keep falling


Ad Ad Ad Ad......  srollem  2 star

Way too many adds to make it any fun. Some tweeks around how long you can fall before greying out would be better. The Ads make it unbearable.


Good but what go and read my review 👇  mm🍭  4 star

Hi I think it is a good game but it is so hard to do if you are really good then get it you will but make sure you will be happy with it because I play it and it is so hard 😂 lol! Trust me plz Up to you 4 stars because it is still fun and you can try to get there! 💄💄💄❤️❤️️💓💗


Ads  Mithilc  1 star

Worst game ever. So many ads. There ads after every go.


😒  DancersWorld  1 star

Sooo boring and sooo frustrating and I don’t usually feel that way about stuff but...


Fortnite is better  Cocomarie24  5 star

FORTNITE IS BETTER!!! It is so hard and annoying

kevin kellers wifyy

Review  kevin kellers wifyy  5 star

It is g8. Needs less adds.

Max and (jordon)sort of

This game  Max and (jordon)sort of  5 star

This game is fun forever and a day it’s the best!!!


Twisty Road  Beardo12  5 star

It is the greatest game in the world and I want to rate it 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/5 I love it ❤️👌💋


Hello darkness my old friend  xXReefinXx  3 star

Take out fading and let me Fallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

@riana Deleon

Ugh  @riana Deleon  1 star

Such a frustration 😫😒


This game is awesome  vygyrdesshnnu  4 star

This game is awesome it would be better without as many adds though. I would give it five stars but all voodoo games ares are like this and it gets old. I mean I’ve heard lots of people complain about adds with voodoo. The thing that makes these adds even more terrible is that they give you adds about other voodoo games and not other games by other developers. At least in helix jump you can skip the rest of the add half way through it. I only give it four stars because the app has way to man6 adds. Thank you


Get it  xhckfkckc  5 star

Fun game helps time go by


Not Worth Your Time  b1n1e1  2 star

The base game is mediocre, extremely uncomfortable and boring concept. But the reason it is so bad is because of the unbearable ads after every single round, ads in places where you’re supposed to click to play the game (and then you click the ad by accident) and banners all over the screen. The developers are money hungry, they go to extremes just to make a few cents and the game is a boring arcade game as an idea.

Ryon B.

Decent but WAY too many ads  Ryon B.  3 star

The controls are somewhat decent, though I find them to be extremely sensitive and unpredictable at times, sending me way off course and rolling off of the path. The most frustrating thing by far is the amount of ads. After almost every time you die, you’ll be forced to sit through a 30 to 45 second ad, most of the time you can skip half way through, but it’s endlessly annoying, having to sit through one every other death or so. Also, the game may sometimes take you back to the home screen, where there is almost always an ad on the right side of the screen. It’s ridiculous, this app is plagued with ads and it ruins the experience. The game would be a thousand times better if it weren’t for them. Aside from the endless ads, the game is okay. The controls can be unpredictable and inconsistent at times, but there is a decent amount of content that can be bought with diamonds. There are only 9 items in the shop that must be purchased with real money, however, they are only a dollar, so not too bad.


WORST APP EVER  55_Softball  1 star

OK so I have played many apps in my life but this is the WORST APP I have EVER played. 1) The Controls are crappy u tap it for half a second and you already fall off of the road.2) Plus once you have fell off of the road you only have 5 second to get back on which is impossible with these controls.3) 99% of the time you are watching adds. You watch one add for like 1 minuets straight and you can’t skip it halfway through. And sometimes you watch 2-4 adds in a row. Then if u accidentally hit the add it’ll take you to the App Store then you’ll watch another 2-3 adds before you can’t play again. If y played this app for an hour straight 59 minuets would be completely adds. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!🤬

make it possible to play

Make it possible to play  make it possible to play  1 star

It’s to slow to turn, and there’s no point in making a game if someone can’t play the game, like what’s the point. Hear me out, please update the game and make it possible to play. Thank you.

ear boy

Cool  ear boy  5 star

This is cool man


Frustrating “game” aka crap  gamer094563  1 star

This isn’t even a game it’s just something to make you frustrated. Like, you can’t even play for five seconds without sliding if the stupid trail. And, the ads are just torture. They are so long!!! All I can say is that you shouldn’t waste your time trying this game; it’s crap that takes up time and space.


Stuff  svgfghhj  5 star



Its okay....🤔😑🙄  soniaxyx  5 star

So basicly i know people are saying that ther is a lot of ads(becaus ther is😑) but if u turn of ur damn wifi then there will be no ads 🙄but like I CANT EVEN GET THROUGH THE 1 level CUZ ITS SO DAMN CONFUSING WHICH WAY TO TURN !!!!


Review  katemymate❤️❤️  5 star


scammed keep away

So many ads  scammed keep away  1 star

Do not install this app,there are thousands of ads and when you fall off it kills you instantly even if there’s a road beneath you!Rating 1/5


Advertising  truedub  1 star

Don’t waste your time with this game. The amount of ads is shocking. All the time. Everyone you “die” another ad. And not short ones either. All 30 seconds.


Fun  Jimbowie1  5 star

Very fun offline game that can give you hours of not being bored


Advertisement Issue  Dalerz03  1 star

There is not a SINGLE turn that I can take in this game without there being an advertisement after it. I know you make money on ad revenue, but it annoys the hell out of me when after every turn I have to wait until another ad goes by so I can go again. It is.. to put it nicely.. EXTREMELY ANNOYING. Please take into consideration the people who play your game, and cut back on these ads by a MAJOR amount

Meh butter butte reused

No sound  Meh butter butte reused  4 star

Everything is good just no sound plz fix

gwan kawasaki

Twisty road  gwan kawasaki  1 star

It is way to hard


Way to many ads  Awex32  3 star

Great game but the ads drive you nats

Flower fluff girl

Amazing and addictive  Flower fluff girl  5 star



So-So  Daring2212  2 star

It was a good game but not very fun and the controls were a bit bad


Why don’t I see the levels  Dandanbunny1445  3 star

My app says it’s updated but my friend has the levels and I don’t. Why?

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