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Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely touched a camera, Camera+ 2 will make you love taking photos.

Camera+ 2 is the best and most powerful camera app available. A complete rewrite of the original Camera+ that sold over 14 million copies, Camera+ 2 is better, faster and stronger than ever.

A lot of things have happened in the 8 years since we first released the original Camera+. iPhone cameras have improved dramatically - not only in terms of sheer optical quality, but also in the array of technical and creative tools they provide. Manual controls, RAW capture, depth editing are a few of the capabilities whose presence in a mobile phone was unthinkable just a couple of years ago.

We decided it was time to rebuild Camera+ to prepare for the next 10 years of mobile photography. We rewrote everything from scratch to create a solid and modern foundation on which to incorporate the advances we'll see coming with every new iPhone release. The result of that effort is Camera+ 2, and we are incredibly proud of it. It preserves the personality of the classic app you love, and it will enable us to continue in our mission to provide you with the best and easiest to use tools to express your creativity and personality. We hope you like using Camera+ 2 as much as we loved creating it.

Here are some of the best features in Camera+ 2.

Everything Included
Camera+ 2 supports and adapts to iPhone and iPad. Use the same shooting and editing tools consistently across all your devices, and take advantage of multitasking in iPad. All features, filters and tools are included in your purchase for all platforms - no in-app purchases required.

Manual Controls
Photographers that need absolute control over their shots can use Camera+ 2’s advanced manual controls to select the precise settings they need. Shutter speed, ISO and White Balance can be selected using on-screen wheels and controls. In dual-lens devices, you can easily select Wide or Tele depending on your needs. The good thing about our manual controls is that they don't have to be present on-screen if you don't need them, so casual photographers are equally welcome.

RAW Capture and Editing
Enable RAW capture to get the exact image captured by the sensor at its full precision, to get the maximum flexibility while editing. Use our built-in RAW Editor to develop RAW images, or edit them on your computer with the tools you already use.

Depth Capture and Editing
In compatible devices (those with dual cameras, currently the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X), a Depth-capture mode is available. When you enable depth capture in Camera+ 2, the depth information is saved alongside the image, and the adjustments in The Lab section of the editor can be selectively applied to distant or close subjects.

Shooting Modes
Use the Smile mode to allow Camera+ 2 to detect smiles and shoot for you, or the Stabilizer mode to shoot only when your iPhone is steady enough to produce a sharp picture. The Slow Shutter mode provides you with the means to take long exposures, even in daylight. Burst and Timer modes complete our comprehensive offering of shooting modes for specialized purposes.

Best Photo Library Integration
Camera+ 2 editing tools can now be easily used on all the photos in your Photo Library. Switch between the Photo Library and the Lightbox by simply tapping a button. Or use drag and drop gestures on the iPad to copy or share photos. Files and iTunes integration are also available, so you can easily transfer pictures to your computer or other apps.

Faster and More Efficient
All-new editing tools rewritten from scratch take full advantage of the newest image processing technologies of iOS 11. We could discuss this at length but we think it suffices to say that we met our goal to make editing, sharing and exporting faster than ever.

Camera+ 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Camera+ 2 was published in the category Photo & Video on 2018-05-29 and was developed by LateNiteSoft S.L.. The file size is 72.79 MB. The current version is 1.1.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Many thanks for all your feedback. Thanks to it, in this release we have improved several areas:

* The camera grid is now more visible.
* The camera level now indicates when your are perfectly aligned.
* The camera to Lightbox transition is now smoother.
* When saving images, we now use sequential file names.
* Fixed timing issues of slow shutter mode.
* Fixed a crash when going to background while smile shooting was active.
* Fixed a bug with the zoom slider position when exiting and reentering the camera.
* Improve how the editor crop works when the picture has been rotated.
* Fixed the editor preview in the photo editing extension.
* Other minor adjustments.

Please keep writing to us!

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Camera+ 2 Reviews


Edit brushes are missing?  Gary1San  3 star

This was always my favorite iPad photo editing app because of the ability to brush on/off edits. It appears that feature is gone. I might be missing something since I don’t see this issue in any of the other reviews.


Excellent photo and photo editing app.  JohnOnIngle  5 star

Very good controls and filters.

John DeNicola

One of the top 5 Camera apps  John DeNicola  5 star

Camera+ 2 is one of the top 5 camera apps. I’ve been using camera+ for years now and it is superb in every aspect. I have bought every single camera app for iOS and it’s in a league of it’s own. Support is excellent too


Good but not perfect  Cyberhec  4 star

I like the new design. The ability to edit directly in Camera Roll is great. Too bad copy/paste edits doesn’t work here as it does in the lightbox. The app does seem a bit slower than the legacy version, but not enough to bother me. Syncing of lightboxes between devices has been removed. This may be irrelevant for new users but very inconvenient in my case. Having said all that, the developers deserve 10 stars. My whole iphone experience wouldn’t be the same without this app.


One of the BEST, camera app around.  JGBog  5 star

I usually don’t write reviews unless an app changes things for the better. After using this app for a while the difference in my pictures is night and day. Allowing more control giving me a better understanding of the mechanics that make better pictures. Thanks for this app shows a love of what you do.


New update... Still No TIFF?  Markarts  2 star

After several updates there is still "No Tiff Save" added into this version as there was in the original. Made a HUGE difference in image size when importing into Lightroom or Photoshop for desktop editing. The V2 is simply the same as the original so expecting more after all these years is kind of a real letdown. Will support the developers though I know they can provide a extreme "cutting edge" experience that surpasses what many apps have today. Maybe Camera+ Pro will provide that?


Don’t waste your money  keentwo2  1 star

This app is almost no different then the previous app. I don’t see the point in downloading it. This made me so mad I switched my camera app all together.


Not great value for changes  Duglydog  2 star

Thought I was getting more features,, not just better filing. I paid $2.99 for filing??!?? Thought there was an improved depth of field or something I needed. Not happy / want new camera features.


Focus issues  Sigatapu  1 star

App has issues focusing the subject in low light. I used the stock camera and I don’t any issues.

Bungo Crabbetz

Perfect upgrade  Bungo Crabbetz  5 star

I love Camera+2’s ease of migration of pics from Camera + Legacy, and the new tools! Great job!


Love it!  VioletPhoenix  5 star

Fabulous! Easy to use camera app with great features.


Great app  annestee  5 star

Very helpful when taking photos in difficult light and different scenarios.


Mighty midget !!  Brooboy  5 star

Camera plus is the best possible app for iOS devices. An improvement on the original suitable for all photographic skill levels. Outstanding.


Camera+2  romteddy  5 star

You just keep creating new standards. Been with you forever.

Purrfect Puss

Great app.  Purrfect Puss  5 star

Always been a fan of this app. Now even better.


Camera2  billabong1959  5 star



Simply Brilliant  touchdown8  5 star

I’m very impressed with this app. So easy to use and accuracy plus. I’d love to see a version that includes video.


Disappointed  Lonnie24  3 star

I’ve been using the app Camera+ for some time and was excited to here the new improved Camera + 2 was being released. Since installing the new app on my iPhone 8 my photos look terrible. I’m hoping these problems can be rectified and the editing tools improve.


Keep up the good work!  jainrj  5 star

I’ve been a part of this journey since the iPhone 4, and the app has never disappointed me. In fact, it motivated me to pick up a DSLR and kickstart my photography hobby, which I’ve turned into a full fledged business!


Best app  Samdwihmanj  5 star

This is best photo app that I have used!


Eh  d0pe415  3 star

Upgrade where?

Michele For

Love it  Michele For  5 star

Love the way it makes my pictures looks. I’ve been using the first app for a couple years and love it so I’m excited for the new one


Laggy and no difference  ReavesInc  1 star

Not only is Camera+ 2 the same as camera + (so far) its also extremely laggy. I edited the same picture on both apps with an iPhone 8+ and Camera + out performed Camera + 2 in smooth photo manipulation changing tool speed and saving. Hopefully they fix these issues and add more features, otherwise it’s a waste of money.


The best  HolyClam  5 star

If you buy only one camera app, this is the one!


ZERO improvements. In fact, WORSE  TBE111  1 star

Worse in the sense that it’s way over complicated to use now. Can’t even figure out how to save to camera roll. If it worked fine the first round, why go switch things up? Use what works and ADD to it. Don’t change the good. Don’t buy this version. And DEFINITELY don’t upgrade.


Not that stellar  ythefly  3 star

The camera app is pretty powerful. But the control is some what complicated. Of course it rivals iPhone camera app and provides way more control and some extra functionality. The cameras is slow to open sometimes. The photo editing app is slow as well and is not as intuitive as snap seed. The app crashed a few times while I was taking shots. It's a good app but won't replace my iPhone camera app when the speed and crash happens so often. It needs to fix the speed and bugs.


Do not buy!! Buyer beware  hdkdnb  1 star

I want a refund. Money wasted. Primarily purchased this app for time lapse feature. When you select 30s (the longest available) the "timer" completes the photograph in 4-5 seconds... NOT 30! Apple also says this item is not eligible for a refund. $3 wasted!


Same as the first  Illvendetta  1 star

Don’t waste your money.


Not much of an update  Bogey_Bob  2 star

I see no difference between this and the prior version. Certainly not enough to justify a new version. My biggest gripe was things like clarity lack a slider. Basically it’s on or off. The filters are slow to take effect vs the prior version as well. I expected more as it’s a nice app but continues to fall behind others.


No customer support  Leveypa  1 star

This app is being destroyed by a complete lack of interest in fixing glaring errors. The app reports the device being used incorrectly on different screen resolutions and dumps a lot of metadata in the wrong fields which messes up any presentation of the pictures. Take note of the lack of support before purchasing it.


Next level  Rissiepit14  5 star

This app took my iPhone photography to the next level.

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