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The celebration of RULES OF SURVIVAL’s First-Year Anniversary is officially starting! From November 7th, revolutionary updates and amazing gifts await you in game!
- Daily Login Diamonds
- Top-up Get 30% Bonus
- Valuable VIP System
- Anniversary Carnival
- Classic and Advanced Supply Discounts
- 1 Million Dollars Ca$h’n Shoot
Lite version and Ultra version are also on their way! IT’S PARTY TIME!

Welcome to the brand new RULES OF SURVIVAL arena, where the deathmatch has now been raised to a thrilling epic scale! This is a Battle Royale game now played by over 230 million people worldwide.

May we present you with a fully upgraded new 8x8 km map that allows 300 players to battle on a wide variety of terrains. Only one will survive!

Beware, your safe zone is shrinking! So collect scattered weapons, arm yourself to the teeth, and wield your tactics like no other.

Alert !!! It is not just any survival game. You will re-write the RULES OF SURVIVAL!
Come embark on a world-class battle royale NOW!

【Game Feature】
Run or Fight!
- Absolute fair play in a massive HD map.
Last Man Standing!
- Solo or team mode in a 120 survivors’ battle.
Pick up and Use!
-Wide variety of firearms and accessories.
Fast and Furious!
- Drive vehicles across different terrains.

Click “Help” in-game to contact us if you need help.

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Rules of Survival App Description & Overview

The applications Rules of Survival was published in the category Games on 2017-11-14 and was developed by NetEase Games. The file size is 1.91 GB. The current version is 1.0.58 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- New firearm: Healer. It can be used to temporarily restore some HP of teammates or enemies that have been knocked down. During this time players can shoot, move and use items as normal.
- Four-wheeled vehicles now have tires that burst. Tires belonging to four-wheeled vehicles in Ranked Matches can be shot out after update, but the vehicle can still be driven. However, the speed, acceleration and steering sensitivity will all be reduced if they are shot out. The reduction is more apparent with every tire blown out. This content is available in all game modes except Death Race Mode;
- Set a target for 2019: Set yourself a new target at the start of the new year and pay a certain amount of gold into the pot to participate. When you have achieved your goal you can split the pot. You can also choose one friend to complete this task with you!
- Boot Camp has been rebooted. Rewards for Boot Camp missions have been increased. Apart from an increase in mission rewards, completing each stage will give players additional rewards. Also, two exclusive looks have been added to the final reward, Phoenix and Crimson Tiger. In addition, veteran players will be classed as new recruits for 14 days, which allows them to repeat Boot Camp missions and claim corresponding rewards;
- Added a new in-battle hide looks function: A Hide Looks option has been added to the in-game Backpack looks list. When activated, only you and your teammates' looks will be visible. Enemies will be unable to see your equipped looks;
- This week's game mode is Bonanza: Game mode will change to Bonanza after update. A large number of advanced items and rare weapons available in-game;
- Firearm modification: M249 machine gun damage has been slightly reduced, while QBZ rifle damage has been slightly increased. The number of QBZ rifles placed on maps have been slightly increased;
- Crossbow modification: The projectiles speed is greatly increased when fired and falling trajectory has been reduced. The firing effect for G-Launchers remains unchanged;
- Changing graphics in settings will also change shadow and resolution settings. After graphics have been changed, players can still change shadow and resolution settings separately;
- New resolution options have been added to settings. The following are the options as well as their corresponding default graphic settings: Poor (Low), Low (Smooth), Standard (Balance), High (High), Ultra (Excellent);
- A new Anti-Alias option has been added to settings in android game versions;
- Opening doors on PC versions has been improved. The open door button will no longer appear when a character faces a door behind them;
- RoS Ultra has been optimized. Lighting has been added for the darkest parts of the night in-game. Some fog is present in the mornings and at dusk;
- The refresh distance for finely detailed grass has been increased. Players will see less grass refreshes when moving;
- Improved the presentation of standing after climbing onto a high area;
- The purchase restriction logic on the firearm recommendation interface has been modified: Each type of skin can only be purchased once and this is permanent;
- The refreshing of remodel images on the Workshop interface has been improved;

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Rules of Survival Reviews

CRAshiNg Boi xOx

Is it me or.......  CRAshiNg Boi xOx  3 star

I like wasting money on the game since there's skins that i like. But there is one thing that makes me throw my iPhone in the floor? that is, CRASHING! Plz fix it for iPhone 5s for IOS 8-10! (Plz reply to my comment) I like playing the game but the CRASHING (PLZ FIX It!)


Good  tironaehab  5 star

This is a good game i really like it


Crashes so much.  TitanGnome  4 star

I love this game very much and I play it everyday and even during class. But I have only one complaint to make and that is how it crashes so much. Everytime I’m in a game, at one point, it just crashes and I have to get out of the app and get back in. Sometimes, it gets really annoying especially when I’m in the safe zone or I’m near an enemy player. I’d give it 5 stars but you guys really need to fix your crashing. I love this game so much and I’m grateful to be able to play a great game like this! :D Update: What to do if you lost your account I spent some money on it.


Imad  imadbarzani  5 star

This is may live

Hamba Aallah

Stuper slow and always stuck  Hamba Aallah  1 star

I used to play this everyday..ever since the 1 shot 1 kill hack i stop playing coz its boring whats the point after months not playing i tried playing again and its super solw and its stuck when in a fight and end up dead. So disappointed with this. Tried the repair kept on poping up error and im forced out if the game.

The tencan man

Wow  The tencan man  5 star

Best cell phone game I’ve ever played!!!!


They literally just copied PUBG  Johnguineapig06  3 star

Deadass it looks like PUBG the only difference is the map the guns and the name it’s a good game but PUBG is a bit better


Lags  jeheheuqjdywusnewujandjwjam  2 star

Lags constantly and exits me out the game

kik 102

Hi  kik 102  5 star

Can you plz fix the lagging and glitch plz

ur mk

Bad  ur mk  1 star

This game is soo bad it takes for ever to get in a game Just play PUBG

Trav boy

Cool  Trav boy  5 star

Love this game


large red packet  xno_04  3 star

so i basically picked up a bunch of red packets but there’s no diamonds that went to my mail i picked up an amount of a large red packet.... idk what happened pls fix this and give me the amount of diamonds from the red packets that i picked

ROS All The Way

Really Good Game  ROS All The Way  5 star

This Is A Really Good Game To Play


Creator respond please needs work  hotfire3213  5 star

Please make a day that has gifting and you get a gift random from creator collect then wait 1 hour and keep collecting them 👍🏼🤪😁


Lag  poosjjsbbe  1 star

This game is really good but the reason I quit is because there is too much lag even if I have it on power saving. I believeI have a decent device but it stills lags.PUBG does not lag for me


Oof  gchtxvk  5 star



Overall very good game  Danksavage699  4 star

Overall very good game, realistically exciting, enjoyed very much, although fps could be improved, major glitches in game but overall not bad


Fix bugs pls  gdjeruhf  5 star

Please make sure hacks are not implemented into this app please thank u and I just got a win. FROM NoahButDeafualt Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺


Fixing it!  boom1052  3 star

Excuse me pls fix the bug! I can’t see my character nor moving the screen, it even worse that I have to reload game 7 times and all the functions start to lagging.


Annoyed  Coughay  1 star

NetEase, I used to love this game, I was a week one player. i played almost every day for a good year, but I cant play the game anymore, I load up the app and as soon as I go onto a game I cant load in, i get stuck, i reload the app and it does the same thing, this has been happening since the RoSanta update, even when i could play i couldnt get through 5 minutes of a games without crashing multiple times, this is really disappointing as I’ve played the game for ages, spent money on the game and everything, its not even like I can get my money back. Fix This NetEase, I’ve been with you from thick and thin, but this is the final straw.


what to heck  aksxmi  1 star

lol the play fortnite


Worst game ever  STEPHENLITTLETON  1 star

The graphics are so terrible and everything about it, I think PUBG is better than any battle royals game

كملوا يا وحوش

والله جميله اللعبه كملوا وضيفوا اسلحه  كملوا يا وحوش  5 star



ROS  ElproKill  1 star

Dear rules of survival this update is bad each day is going bad and bad I will dele ROS me and my friends :(


Love it ! But  puggielovers  5 star

I do love it very much. Thing is that the layout is kind of hard to control at times. Something I love is that there aren’t just boy characters cause girls also play this. There should be more options that are “free” for the looks and other things. CauseI don’t a have a option to get things that are money.😊


New update ruined Gyro option  ALIENSECRETS  3 star

Fix the jumping glitch add some backflips. But first fix the gyro option because it’s inverted and it’s now useless to me... I won’t play this game until the GYRO IS FIXED... THE GAME IS TRASH UNTIL THEN.

Pee Jeff

Can’t login  Pee Jeff  1 star

Just update this morning, then I can’t change account, why? Please fix it, I can’t use other account


Ur trash  Itachi702  1 star


Monsterus nightmare

👍👌🏻👍👌🏻😁😁  Monsterus nightmare  5 star

Love the game so much fun!!!


Great but not  AG121102  3 star

I love the Game but it’s way way way way too laggy, I have an iPhone 6 and this game runs like crap, it used to run better on my iPhone 5s but barely, can’t do anything with 2 frames per second 😕

Darragh Flynn

Too many hackers  Darragh Flynn  1 star

Not enough being done by the developer to stamp out hackers and people paying for mods such as aimbots. Apart from this, everything is awesome.


Crashes  #jjwusheer  4 star

This is a very good game but for some reason it crashes every few minutes. Other than that this game is amazing


This game full of hackers  Chunny.S  1 star

This game consist of hackers every game people shoot you with hacks, underground, aimbot, wallhacks, 1 bullet kills from full health and makes the game unfair and benefit the hackers. They tell you to report the hackers at the end game but they for nothing 90% of the time and even if they are banned they are banned for 3 days then back to hacking. This game does nothing to fix it and just a money hungry company that doesn’t care for any of the customer or players and only money money money. Don’t even invest your time into this


Fix your game  Scream1836  1 star

Fix your game !! Noahfromyoutube even shows you how much hackers are this game and that’s why it gets a one star. I use to enjoy it so much but now it’s who has the best hacks wins!!

Happy personxox❗️

Annoyed  Happy personxox❗️  2 star

Love this app but today when I went on the app it said my account has been banned for 5 days, I understand I may have been reported by another player but since I have never done or said anything inappropriate or anything that would hurt or annoy another player I don’t understand why my account was banned.Can you help fix this?


Looks like a good game  Ladybirdxxx  2 star

Looks like a good game but whenever I go in to the game it (always) crashes I love the game it looks interesting and I would like if you did bug fixes.thank you for your corporation.😀


Hackers and Cheaters. You know the problem.  problem1101  1 star

You know what all the players are saying, hence you don’t really do anything. Temporarily banning hackers and cheaters? Yep that helps, like taking a cup of water out of the ocean. You know whats wrong already and you’re just acting blind and stupid.

Youre everyday opinion guy

Good game but slow run  Youre everyday opinion guy  4 star

I stopped playing the game because if I was in a fight out of the the ring I knew the only way to stay alive is if I find a car and it’s hard late game to find a car


Good game  BlackMik2  5 star

Nice game keep updating for the future.


Almost  FalabiDaBeast  4 star

The game is working it’s way to the top gib the game a try

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