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What is papa louie pals app? Let your creativity shine in Papa Louie Pals, where YOU create the characters and stories in Papa Louie's world! Design and save a collection of your own unique Pals, and use them to build scenes and stories to share.

It's now easier than ever to design your own characters! Use sliders to adjust your Pal's body, choose from a wide range of skin tones and hair colors, and add extra details like freckles and makeup to your Pal. Find just the right hairstyle for that perfect look, and change the mouth and eye styles to give them some personality. Switch to the clothing section at any time to choose from hundreds of unique shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, hats, and accessories for your Pal, and change the colors of each item to create an amazing outfit.

Creating Pals is only the beginning! Combine your Pals with scenery, word bubbles, and props to arrange your own custom scenes. You can place Pals anywhere you like in a scene, and use gestures to rotate and resize them. Choose from a wild assortment of poses for each character, and change their facial expressions to match their mood. There are a variety of backgrounds you can use in your scenes to help tell your story, and dozens of props that your Pals can hold in their hands. If you Pals have something to say, you can also add word bubbles and captions to the scene!

Are your Pals looking for even more friends? You can also include Papa Louie and his famous customers from his many restaurants like Papa's Freezeria! Multiple Customer Packs are available that include a handful of customers, tons of new backgrounds and props for your scenes, as well as new clothing that any of your custom Pals can use. Customers can use all of the same poses and props as your Pals, and they even come with their own unique alternate outfits.

Once you've created a scene, you can save an image to your device, or share it with your friends through messages or on social media! You can also go back and edit any of your saved scenes and Pals whenever you like.

Use the images of your scenes for all sorts of things like comic strips, memes, or visual fan fiction. Showcase your character designs, create crazy situations for your Pals, or tell a story across multiple scenes.

- Creation tool based in the Papa Louie universe
- Design custom characters with hundreds of clothing items, hairstyles, and more
- Build scenes with the Pals you create
- Choose from multiple backgrounds including patterns, outdoor areas, and indoor scenes
- Give props to your Pals in your custom scenes
- Add word bubbles and captions to tell a story
- Get Customer Packs to add poseable customers, new backgrounds, and more themed props and clothing

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How to contact Papa Louie Pals (Flipline Studios)?
Find this site the customer service details of Papa Louie Pals. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Papa Louie Pals Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Papa Louie Pals Version 1.9.123 April 2021

- Fixed issues with some hairstyles - Fixed issues with some customer outfits - Various bug fixes.

Papa Louie Pals Version 1.8.318 August 2020

Fixed additional issues with certain hairstyles and hats.

Papa Louie Pals Comments & Reviews 2022

- To the creators of the game,

This game is a great character creator and scene creator and I’ve been playing it since I was little. But, I think these would make the game better. 1. The option to make the bangs a different color than the rest of the hair or to make ombre hair with out owning the freezaria, sushi game etc. 2. More props or prop categories like every day object props ( like more objects for jobs that the characters might have if a story creator/ player was to give their characters jobs) 3. The option to give players pets for scene making. When I say that I mean adding an on off button for pets, poses that let you interact with that pet ( making it look like you are petting a dog of sum) and selecting a pet like a bunny or a cat that will appear next to the characters. Read someone else’s review if you want to know more about the game and I hope you have a good day!! To the creators *again* These “requests” are optional. You don’t have to add these to the game they would just make it better. *also no hate intended* thanks for reading, all the best, Flora-

- Please read ( it’s not about the game)

This game is amazing but... it’s not about it.. I was thinking maybe you could do papa’s freezeria or cupcakeria or hot Doggeria or burgeria for free... it’s just I played them in computer and I was so happy! They were amazing! And sooo good! I would play it everyday! It filled my childhood with happiness whenever I was sad... I would play it and I would laugh so hard at the character’s reaction when I make a burger that she or he doesn’t like! I would always love the look of the food! But sadly... the computer.. it’s ruined because I played games on it.. I felt so awful I knew I wouldn’t Play these games anymore... until I got an iPad! I was so happy! But I’m super upset that the other games are not free on iPad.. so I’m asking! Please please make only one game free of the cooking games! I really want to Play them! And my parents would never ever buy me a game so I’m just asking this little favor! I hope you understand! Or at least make it free for a limited time... and then put it back on sale! Thx for reading!

- Great but please read this

A) this game is AMAZING B) but I have two complains 1- I understand it's probably hard to do but i really wish that pals could hold two things not just one. 2-you could maybe rotate the pals so they are facing straight at you, not at an angle 3-THIS IS THE ONE THAT MATTERS THE MOST~ I want the same hairstyles for girls and boys. What if I want to make a girl bald? Well I can't. What if I want a boy with long hair? I can't. I really wish y'all could combine all of the female hair styles with the male hair styles and make one big thing. My next complaint is body types. I really hope some day in the near future we can make even more body types. And the next thing is you know how you have to choose a female or male? Maybe this is no radical but maybe their could be a third option of a non gender character. That's it tho. The game is amazing besides that.

- Papa Louie!!

I love this game! Some suggestions to make it even better!: 1. Being able to put people behind counters and in bed ect. 2. Heart eves and kissy faces and more facial expressions 3. More costumes!!!!!!!!!! I want clothes like suits and overcoats that you where over a suit! 4. More backgrounds! 5. Adding a character to a papa Louie game as a customer. You have an option called add to game when you select your character and it will show all the papa games that end with -ria and if you don’t have the game you tap it will take you to the App Store but if you tap the game it will take a 😀 and will load your character in to the game and when u open the app your character will be there and it will show new pal! You make your order, (if) a holiday comes you can make your favorite holiday! And change your order if you want to u can make up to 10 pals when it shows the new ingredient and shows the pals on order sheets with their name below and when u tap it would will let u change the order. Your pal will still be in the app papa Louie pals and when u delete the character from the ria app then it will still be in pals! Thank u

- We need free stuff

I love this game and I love all the Papa’s games. I wish different packs were free. And I wish that if you bought Papa’s Scooperia the actual game or any of them, then you would get the pack in Papa Louie Pals. I play a game called Toca World and if you buy one of the other individual games, than you get the stuff from that game on the big Toca. Or you can make an option where you can buy every pack at once, like buy the whole game. In other news, I love the game!!!!!!!!! Soooo much! Thank you!


Ok so thanks for Reading this so there is a way to get the app ,or to play the app to see if it’s worth buying... step 1 go to safari or google, step 2 search “coolmathgames” it should thane you to the front page, step 3 go to search in coolmath and search “papas” you should see all the papas games, you just click on them and 💥 BOOM!.....note: after you exit out off coolmath it will not save your progress but you can still see if you like the game also there is no HD versions in coolmath so I’m sorry for that...... HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL 😊❤️

- Papa Louie Pals!!!!!!! (Please respond if you can)

Papa Louie pals is an AMAZING app. And by the way, do you look on the flipline wiki? If so, I’m 12stopgetsomehelp, and I made a blog post for Christmas style of Drakson just for you guys to think about. Anyways, it is such an amazing app! But I have a question. If the Cheeseria pack had 11 characters but Pizzeria had 9, (I forget), why weren’t LePete and Moe on there? What packs will they be in now? Or will those 2 just not appear. Same with Matt (by the way Matt and Tony, thanks for these games!) and Kayla. What packs will they appear in?

- Best game ever!

This is such a fun game to mess around with. It’s fun to make your own little characters and to make scenes with them but since I don’t really use the scenes that much I don’t have a problem with it. But one thing I thought would be cool if the characters you make can somehow get into one of the other games, I know that might be hard to do but I just thought it would be cool for one of my characters to come inside a shop and order something to eat :)

- One of my faves🙃

I love this game! I like making pals of people I know and I like making scenes and pals with my friends. The new things that came with the update are great and I have a suggestion: maybe you could add some more a ship scene, or a highway scene from the perspective of a driver. I also suggest adding a motorcycle helmet, the kind of name tag that you pin on your shirt, and a gun with a holster. I'm making Highway Patrol pals and I think they'd look better with these things. ✌🏻😁

- I love the game but the others cost money

So I just got this game I love it but I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THE OTHER ONES But I can’t. So can you make them all free just want to play those games so can you respond to me why the your other game cost money 💰 that’s why I gave it a 4/5 so can you do that for me

- Suggestions

can you add a pose where it looks like the Pals are drinking and eating, rather than just holding the food and drink. There is also lots of accessories that would be cool to have like if you could add ear buds like the character from hotdoggeria, and earrings too, maybe some more hair styles for the girls? Sorry if I’m suggesting too much but I really like this game 😅

- This game was amazing make me feel like it was everything is going to

Now I felt like everything was gonna be the best and I just want it to stay that way until I found it and played and played and die and now I think I’m gonna freaking me the hell simulations what what the health simulations I care about is the little girl

- Suggestions

I love this app. But I would like it if there were more clothing items and body types to choose from. Like maybe a more muscular body type. And some more skin colors like blue and stuff. And just more items to clothe characters with. Like maybe superhero items. And maybe some animal stuff or whatever. I just wanted to suggest these things just in case you read this. And if you did. Thank you!


Okay. I have just got this game, and it is amazing. I love how you can make a card for the characters. This game is definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played on iPhone. One complaint, though. Could you make cooler accessories. I know we have a sword, but maybe you could add like a bow and arrow or SOMETHING. Otherwise good game.

- Why is there no 👶🏼😕?

Don’t get me wrong this game is AWESOME 😎 So I just got it today and I made my Mom Dad and me and I really wanted to make my baby sister but I just couldn’t 😔😢Look I know that there is no babies 👶🏼 in the actual Papas games but I just think it would be really cool to have them😋😛😝😜🤪Thanks For Reading This Bye-bye and have a great day:)!

- This game is awesome

This game is better than all the other Papa Louie games combined. I never expected you guys to make a scene creator using Papa Louie characters! I just wish you would add more pack from the other games you made including sushiriea, bakeriea and pastariea (maybe jakksmith?) other than that I love this game.

- ITS SO COOL, love it!

This game is great and I love it and I like having the choice of having multiple colors on your clothes, but can the avatars be holding one thing in each hand? That's bothered me... and can you add more backgrounds please?I'd really appreciate if you fixed those! That's all I have to say!

- Love the game!

I love this game! My only downside is I wish there was an option where you could make certain scenes into a slideshow so it could look like a whole little movie for you to watch. Otherwise, I hope more games come out like this! 🤗

- Love this game!

I would consider this game more like an avatar creator. I love how I can make hundreds of avatars and give them each there own style. Also, the new flip card feature is so cool! You get to make a trading card for each character you make!

- Great game and I love playing it

So I got this game and I absolutely love it I can put my ocs (original characters) in this game. I’m at the moment waiting for costumerplooza 2019 so I can submit my characters. Thank you for listening guys and keep making awesome characters.

- Why do they cost???

Don’t get me wrong. I love these games. But why do they always cost? There’s only like 2 free ones and I can only play it on the computer. I love making pizzas and burgers but I really want some free ones. Thank you!

- Can’t Transfer...

I wish they could transfer characters (pals) into the actual game without paying money! Really disappointed when I had to pay and couldn’t actually use it... PLEASE fix this! Love this though!!! 😀

- Shouldn’t there be an undo button?

This is a good app, but shouldn’t there be an undo button? That’s the most basic thing. Why’s there no undo button? Even Mario maker, even that had an undo button. And another thing, why do the packs cost money? Can’t we just get them for free?

- Requests

I love this app. I want three things added. An option for no shoes, to hold two things at once and be able to alternate hands, and for the clothes accessories like the backpacks, make it possible to wear suspenders and a bandana or tie and backpack. Thank you.

- Why Flipline Studios needs money.

Hi, I heard why you guys need money, so you guys could keep the business running. So just wanna let everyone know why you guys made the apps cost money. But I am enjoying the app and Papa’s Scooperia HD. Keep up the good work!

- 😋

I love this game (I was hoping u guys can do a buy all at one option instead of doing 0.99 each and also some more free stuff to) but still I enjoy this game

- Good but needs updates

I like using this app to make little stories I just want a update that you can make props that the characters can’t hold and more actions

- I think I is good

I really enjoy the game but I dunno I feel like it’d be cool if you can make your own outfits for characters like Papa Louie, Sue, Big Pauly. They can be alternate outfits and stuff. That is just one thing that I think would be a really fun edition.

- Read

Amazing game but I think you should add earrings for the girls and maybe different shoe styles, one more thing maybe you could add jumpsuits like orange or black and white otherwise t is great

- Awesome 🤩🤩🤩🤩

When I first got this game, I spent literally all day playing it, I really like games where you can create your own people and make a story along with it. I really love this game🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️

- I love this game!

This game is amazing. Like really Good but I’m also Surprised it’s the only free papa Louie game and that every other papa Louie costs money. Tbh I’m actually having fun! Making scenes, making different pals, etc.

- Best but it needs something.

So I really like this game but I thought that you could add something to it. Like adding our own furniture please!

- Cute and fun

I love papas games and when I saw this I was so excited. I love creating pals and that is so much fun! And I can create little pictures and that is really fun! I recommend it for all ages!

- Something good and something bad

I like this game but why can’t I purchase the packs it only says Sorry you can’t make any purchases right now That is just confusing🤔

- Confused

So far I don’t really like this game AT ALL because, whenever I go to make a scene and I want to add pals, it only comes up with the character that I made. I tries to tell how to get one but, when I go to the list of pals, all it shows up with is one character. I hate this game and I thought that it would be really fun but it really isn’t. I am very disappointed.

- I love this game

I really love this game because I always play the papas games on the computer and I like how it is the same style people. I love this game but in the scenes I don’t know how to flip the pals around to face a different angle

- Make some improvements

The pals can only hold one object at a time. Can you guys please make them hold an object on each of their hands?

- Almost Perfect

I really love this game. I love to create love stories. But. I would really like if you could make videos instead of just pictures. Then I would be super happy. 😁

- Super fun app!!😍

I love this app!! It is so fun and you can create anyone you want! I have one request for the developers...could you create a motorcycle prop? And a motorcycle helmet too? That would be awesome!😁😁

- The game crashed

Flipline please fix this because the game got crashed because of papas hotdogeria style got finnish when i hit the finish button it got crashed thank you


I love papa Louie pals and I think you guys should let us make comics and scenes.I also would like to have interactive backgrounds(people can sleep in beds.) Also, Can you guys add a character creator in all papa Louie games? Thank you.

- Suggestions

Add a Papa's Pizzeria pack, Papa's Bakeria pack, Papa's Taco Mia pack, and a Papa's Sushira pack. Also make those packs Free. -Artificial skin colors. -Trishna's uniform in Papa's Cupcakeria pack. -Rapunzel hair. -V bangs. Papa's Pizzeria pack. Customers: Roy, LePete, The whole Romano Quartet, Joy -15+ items and clothing Papa's Taco Mia pack. Customers: Mitch, Maggie, Jojo the Food Critic -15+ items and clothing Papa's Bakeria pack. Customers: Janana, Whiff -15+ items and clothing Papa's Sushira pack Customers: Koilee, Elle -15+ items and clothing Also make Papa's Waffleria.

- Pretty good

I love this game but don’t like the crazy amount of ads. Plz make video creating an option. Really fun already though

- What in the world happened to my pals’ eyes?

When I opened up the game, it changed my pals’ eye colors! Fix this goof up plz I grew up playing Papa Louie games! Thanks and Happy Turkey Day, IcePrincess66

- Pretty cool!

I really like how the character customization is really good and that you can make characters from any fandom!

- Not so good

I don’t really like it because you can only do pictures you can’t meet people or talk to people it also gets boring and the last thing is that there are soooo many ads.

- Ads

If you buy a pack the ads should be removed

- Need effects and skins

Dear flipline studios I am making peanuts characters simpsons but I need some effects and skin colors for Bart and pig-pen what can i do?

- great game .. but

game is great! but it would be awesome if you guys would add highwaisted jeans, vans, a long sleeved striped shirt and have the option to wear a dress without pants then the game would be EPIC :)

- Where’s Koilee?

In the Papa's Scooperia Customer pack, I noticed Koilee was missing. I know you put her in the Papa’s Scooperia game, but it’s odd not to put Koilee in the Scooperia pack.

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- Amazing game

I really love the game and I find that all the clothing and characters are from the games, I really like that because you can put your own twist on other characters lives. I wish that you could do a cartoon style thing, you could make a few scenes and lay them out like a cartoon. Other than that I really enjoy the game.

- Some suggestions

Great game but I think it might be better if you could please add voices for the characters and the fire screen for someone it’s really mad! Thank you for reading and please add this😁😁👍👍

- Good but...

Needs some improvements. You should be able to make videos and it would be great if we could make our own backgrounds. It gets a little boring because there’s not much to do

- Movement.

This is a great game by I just think there should be some movement or at least make it a stop motion

- Papa Louie Pals

This game is so fun! I play it everyday and it’s so fun! I have a suggestion, maybe have an option to include folders to save certain scenes to them. Hopefully you add this in! Great Game! 😛

- Why no Jojo?

Please give us a pack that includes Jojo and Quinn. Then this would be perfect.

- Does not have much to do

When I downloaded this game, I was expecting it to be like the papa Louie games that you find in Kizi. I was disappointed when I realised that all you do is make scenes. Was expecting much more!

- Great game

No description added

- Great role play!

Great games! But too many adds that aren’t JOUCY!

- .

miraculous simply the best up to the test when things go wrong

- Omg

I love the game it is so amazing best game ever

- 2 probs just 2

No movement Boys can have girl hair but Girls can’t have boy hair Love it otherwise

- amazing

yeah🙌yeah🙌nga better turn me up😆🙌

- Sooooo fun

I love this game❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



- 🕳👩‍🦽

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- hi

whos here from tiktok😋

- Good game

I love this game but can u make papas bakeria a mobile version since I love that game thx🥧🥧🥧

- I love the Game!!

The best game I've found here, which I've been looking for something just like this for years now, But I would love it if you could add children you know like kids or babies!! It would make the game EVEN BETTER! Five star rating!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Yes

Thx for awesome love time I love

- wowee

best app ever 💯


The games good but y’all should add more stuff <33

- amazing

amazing game! i love louis pizza pals!!

- amazing

i love this game sm also bc you can make emo people :) theres also many different skin tones which i think is pretty cool. So get the game you wont regret it :D

- Fun

This game is so much fun you can make your characters

- Very good

Real good but I think it’s kinda boring sometimes. 😆 Can you just add this : -Turn around the people to like, talk to others -And last thing, can we have like animals so people could be like scared or like idk, tame pr something like that pls? It could be more interesting to do and less boring. That’s all I have to say ! Have a great day ! ( ◠‿◠ )

- Something everyone would like

An order maker where you make there order for all or one game of the franchise! 🥰

- Cool but..

Hey, this game is p epic but you know what would make it AWESOME? 1. Allow us to drag the items and put them in a scene 😜 2. Multi colour hair 🤩 3. What if I want to put the object in the other hand 🤔 4. It’d be sooo cool if we could change the eyebrows to angry 😠, sad 😥, etc. Not just the eyes!! 👁👅👁 5. And yes, I agree with a lot of other users... what if I got a new device and want to SAVE my pals and my customer packs?? There could be a thing where you type in your email or sum, then you can have access to your old pals, your old customer packs without paying AGAIN!!! 😸💁‍♀️ So yeah, those are all of my ideas 💡 and I really hope you can put all of these in the next update!! 😝😝 > no pressure tho 😁< Bye! 💕

- Hope good

I am downloading it hope is good

- What if you don’t have hair

I love the app it’s very fun but I have a request for the hair there’s lots of options but there’s no bold option WHAT IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY HAIR!

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have heard so much good stuff about this game. I think it's awesome too!😁

- 💗

Love it so much

- Perfect

These games are perfect maybe make a papas fish and shops place

- 😊

I heard great things about this game

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This Game is Epic and all but for this years papa’s aire can it be Cookie one please.😀🍪

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Fabián Núñez

@SonicSalvage @Piggy_News I did it with my Papa Louie Pals game app

Spicy Sandwich

Watch our new Papa Louie Pals episode "Roommates" it both funny and Exciting. Link for the video: #PapaLouie #Papalouiepals


NIA got a Papa Louie Pals makeover. I wouldn't even question my actions at this point. #Papalouiepals #Flipdeck

Ariann Baltazar

@FliplineStudios Oh my! She's from Papa Louie Pals originally!


@763Lpo Creaited un Papa Louie Pals? Ok not bad


It’s a app called Papa Louie pals, btw :1


Thought I'd make papa Louie pals scene poking fun at the fact that the flier Alberto/Penney saw said stress free work even though a good half of the fanbase has a heart attack on day six because they got big pauly's order wrong. #papalouiepals

Papa Louie Pals 1.9.1 Screenshots & Images

Papa Louie Pals iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Papa Louie Pals iphone images
Papa Louie Pals iphone images
Papa Louie Pals iphone images
Papa Louie Pals iphone images
Papa Louie Pals iphone images

Papa Louie Pals (Version 1.9.1) Install & Download

The applications Papa Louie Pals was published in the category Games on 2018-03-26 and was developed by Flipline Studios [Developer ID: 514634238]. This application file size is 108.36 MB. Papa Louie Pals - Games app posted on 2021-04-23 current version is 1.9.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.flipline.papalouiepals