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***Now the Official Hunting App of the Bone Collector Brotherhood***

BaseMap is the only outdoor app you will ever need. Turn your phone into a GPS, map your outdoor adventures, and interact with the BaseMap community.

• Know your exact location even without cellular or WiFi service
• See where you are in relation to property boundaries, roads, trails, peaks, or boundaries
• Navigate to trail heads, favorite places, markers, or anything you need to locate with our powerful Search and GoTo features.

• Interact with the BaseMap community and share your location.
• Capture and log all your outdoor adventures
• Real-time location sharing so friends can see where you are in case of emergency (connection reqd.)
• SmartMarkers - Automatically capture the weather conditions at the time you add a marker.

• Log your hunts as detailed as you'd like. Record your hunt type, species/size, weapon, unit/GMU and much more.

• Wind forecast to better plan your hunt.
• Know the exact day and time to hunt a particular stand and visualize wind direction and scent drift in relation to your location.
• Forecasts, temperature, moon phase, sunrise/sunset, wind, and more.

OFFLINE GPS and Tracking
• Cache maps for offline use and use anywhere…even without service.
• Save as many offline maps as you want with unlimited caching (Pro).
• Know exactly where you are in real time even without cellular coverage.

• Drop your marker closest to the GearDrop marker and win free gear.

• As close to boots-on-the-ground as you can get
• Tilt and rotate the map to see the terrain from every angle

• Export markers and view them right in Google Earth
• View the terrain in true 3D

• Over 700 layers and growing
• Nationwide Color Coded Govt Lands
• Nationwide Private Parcel Boundaries and Owner Names
• Nationwide Lakes, Rivers, and Streams
• Water depths for East coast, West, Coast, Gulf coast, and over 4,000 U.S. lakes
• Nationwide Hiking Trails
• Nationwide Wildfires and Timbercuts
• Nationwide Wilderness and Roadless Areas
• State specific hunting layers including hunting unit boundaries, private hunting opportunities, WMA’s, and more
• Multiple Topography and Satellite Imagery basemap options
• Much more

• Nationwide plans so you never have to be restricted to just one state.
• Fastest layer rendering speed
• Sync all your map data between your phone and the BaseMap web application.


Basic (Free)
• No Ads
• Connect with friends
• Nationwide parcel boundaries
• Hybrid 3D Imagery (map tilt).
• GoTo Navigation
• Nationwide Roads
• Nationwide Trails
• Nationwide Points Of Interest
• Nationwide Lakes, Rivers, and Streams
• Hunting Units
• GPS Location and Tracking
• Multiple Topo and Imagery basemap options

Pro ($4.99/mo or $29.99/yr)
• Everything in Basic plan
• Access to over 700 Layers
• No Ads
• Unlimited Data
• Unlimited Offline Use
• Nationwide parcel owner names
• Nationwide color-coded government lands
• 3D Earth view
• Google Earth Integration
• Import/Export KML and GPX with BaseMap online application
• Real-Time location sharing

Hunting Research ($9.99/yr)
• In-depth hunting research tools
• Filter hunting units by species
• Hunting season dates for every unit and species
• Detailed harvest success graphs for Western big game species
• Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be turned off any time in your Apple account
• Your Apple account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

For questions or more information, contact us at:
Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

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New and improved weather center now with offline capabilities. Bug fixes

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- Very impressed!!

I’ve had BaseMap for about a month. I started with the free version, then upgraded to Pro. Being able to look up a property line or who owns a property is something I use on a weekly basis. I used it today for a friend to determine who owned a neighboring property so he could ask permission to track a deer. Topo maps are great to scout without the groundwork (although I love the groundwork!). I can mark locations to keep track of where my trail cams are set or I can mark summer weed beds for winter ice fishing. I can also access water depths for lakes, which will also help me find drop offs for fishing. The load time for parcel ownership and boundary lines is much quicker than other apps I’ve used. I measured a 64 yard shooting distance across a pond, which was accurate when double checked with a range finder. I’ve used other mapping apps, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed with the features BaseMap has to offer. I still have a lot to learn within the app, but so far I am impressed and highly recommend it!

- Must have GPS ap

This is by far my favorite mapping app. If your an outdoorsman, hiker, hunter or any other individual who needs accurate mapping for outdoor activities, then you will really like this app. I have been extremely impressed with the ease of use but also the cost when considering it gives you all 50 states at a price point that other apps only give you for 1 state. Considering I hunt a few states every year, it can get expensive quick having to purchase a subscription for each state. The centralized menu button and large icon access makes it extremely useful In the field, especially with one handed operation. Plus it has the easiest layering system I’m used. They are thoughtfully organized and can be quickly viewed and utilized. Plus the ability to save favorite layers or go straight to active layers is a huge advantage that you didn’t realize you needed until using it. It’s will be my new go too during backcountry hunts.

- Simply AMAZING!

For years I have been looking for a way or an app so that I could view boundary lines in real time and not just wonder where I was in relationship to them. This app solves that and so much more. I have been searching for land for the past few years to fit the house that I’m looking to build. Not only will this app allow you to measure the distance of the boundary lines, you can also draw shapes on it to see how your home or project will fit on it. Another handy feature is the ability to cache and save an area so that when you’re off-line you have a way to view and use. The online videos are short and extremely helpful to get using this app in less than five minutes. The only drawback I have found after using for a week is that some of the land ownership information is a bit out of date, sometimes as much as four years. You are not supposed to have access to this information in the basic free version however when you use the cache map you can see it, that’s how I know. Also read other reviews That mentioned the same issue. Not a huge concern for me and considering I’m using the basic, free version. In summary, I just can’t say enough good things about this app period. What have you got to lose.....try it!

- The BEST mapping app out there!

Great app! Much more detail and options for layering than other apps currently on the market! It honestly is the best hand held mobile app there is. I have TONS of experiences with the competition and basemap takes the cake! With so many more layering and in depth mapping options it’s worth every little penny for the membership and it’s a fraction of the cost of most other applications. And the newest addition of the GearDrop is so nice! Literally all you have to do is have the app downloaded, drop a pin and you can win hundreds of dollars in FREE gear no strings attached! If you’re sitting in the fence with downloading the app, just do it! Sign up for the free trial and I promise you you’ll not stop there. For this price it’s a no brainer current and the most accurate info for all 50 states is at the palm of your hands.

- Would be 5 stars

The app is great and everything I would want In a hunting app. The fact that it has google maps and google earth is awesome. Before I used to switch back and forth from onX and google earth but now I have it all in one. Being able to buy the whole country for $30/ year is super sweet too. Everything is awesome except for one fatal flaw; when you’re moving around on the map interface it miss clicks on pieces of property and a page pops up with the land data and property owner info. This wouldn’t be too big of an issue by itself but a second page pops up behind the first that is an advertisement to upgrade to another of BaseMaps services. So when you’re moving around the map scouting out an area or property, the miss click will happen and then you have to exit out of the first land data pop up and then exit the second advertisement pop up to get back to the map. This will keep happening every 10-15 seconds, just enough to make you go nuts. If there was a way to get rid of the upgrade advertisement and maybe a double tap for the land data then the app would be a lot better in my opinion. That being said, I probably won’t switch back to onX because of this. It is really annoying and that’s why I can’t give it 5 stars right now. If you’re on the fence about the app I would recommend giving it a try.

- A must have

I have been using Basemap for a while now and I cannot day enough good things about it. The level of quality in the maps is superior to anything I’ve found to be currently available. On a recent mule deer hunt I can confidently say that I would not have filled my tag without Basemap. Not only did we e-scout all our areas prior to the hunt but more importantly we used it for stalk planning. Using the highly detailed maps, we were able to place a marker where the deer was laying and then use Huntwind to plan our approach. That combination turned out to be highly effective as we were able to complete several stalks to the exact point the deer were without blowing them out. If you hunt or do anything outdoors, make the small investment. You will not regret it.

- Perfect for anyone on the trail

I’ve used the BaseMap app for the last few months, both the free version and now the PRO version. I’ve expanded my interests in hiking and really gotten into trail running for legit fitness benefits. Not only is it helpful to find great locations near all my travels the app makes it easy to navigate unfamiliar territory and track progress and elevation changes. Truly unique in providing various background map and overlay options for just the right amount of local awareness of surroundings. I would love to see some additions for things like voice prompts and headphone control as well as plug in syncs to music all in in this one app, but that’s sort of a selfish ask. BaseMap app works great just like it is. I’d recommend it for any person venturing out into woods, parks or trails or even to find that hidden little fishing location everyone else has overlooked.

- Still trying to figure it out

The potential is incredible. I can't figure out how to make a map section available offline, or know which maps have offline availability. I was just up the canyon this morning trying to use it but I didn't have a signal and suddenly the whole app became useless because I couldn't see anything. So trying to control offline content is my current focus of attention. The online content is awesome. Just awesome. On my motorcycle I would use this over my Garmin if I could get it to update a bit quicker. Also, I still have to buy another app in order to get disbursed camping sites. No disbursed camping info. I want to use this to find out of the way places to camp and it almost does it all. But not quite. This only four stars.

- I recommend to everyone!!

I’ve been using Base Map for almost a year now and am very impressed with all their features. What is even more impressive is their support team. I was having troubles with my app on two deferent occasions and they fix and help me in record time. I have switch two of my friends from OnX to BaseMap and they love it more. I use BaseMap for finding out what land I can and cannot hunt on and land that is Blm or state land. Saves a lot of guessing. I use it to find ways to rivers and steams to fish. But most of all it has supplied me with a lot of horns I couldn’t find without the app. It allowed me to locate places that I thought were private but wasn’t!!! Their satellite imagery is the best and really detailed. I’ll be using BaseMap for life!!

- Awesome

I really enjoy the app but what I love the most is the customer service. I purchased the pro version and about three weeks ago it quit letting me use the pro version of the app. Today I was trying to look up some trails in Az that I want to ride when I go there in two weeks and I couldn’t use all the pro version of the app. I sent in an email and within twenty minutes I received a response that apple didn’t show my subscription that I purchased at the end of April and Basemap went ahead and restored my pro version with no questions asked. I will never let this subscription end because of all the off road trails and the awesome customer support.

- Positives and Negatives

I like that one subscription gets you access to layers in all states. Compared to that other hunting maps app this is convenient. Some layers are really useful and only available in this app, not in the competitor's app. It is easier to draw overlays in this app. The map view occasionally crashes, does not display with correct layers selected/deselected. Force quitting and restarting gets it working again. Some layers are displaying far less detail than the competitor. Notably, POI has way less detail than recreation sites in that other maps app. Lastly, I realized the app was tracking my location when no tracks were being recorded and cannot find any option to purge this data. Overall I will probably only renew pro sub when the relevant layers are useful for a particular trip.

- Great for marking trail cameras

I recently used BaseMap to record the locations and other features surrounding trail cameras. I then checked the trail cameras on a few of the maps available when back in my office, and noticed nearby water areas, draws and trails that animals would use. This helped me to determine that the cameras are in good places. Also, I can keep track of which cameras I put at different locations and this is extremely helpful to me. I can photograph the areas and also, keep track of various big bucks that I have seen at certain dates—in the notes. I will be using it to explore nearby conservation areas this summer. There is a learning curve, but it’s not steep.

- Lots of features. Great for being in the outdoors!

I’ve been using BaseMap for several months, for hunting and scouting and for hiking. There are some really great features including a variety of map views and many great overlays to help you locate exactly what you’re looking for. The 3D map feature is awesome to see terrain. Marking spots for baits and cameras is very simple, and I love being able to add pictures. Highly recommend this app to anyone that will be outdoors. Recent updates to the app have made it even better. The offline capabilities are excellent for when there’s no cell service. And the weekly GearDrop game is a great way to explore the many features and layers.

- Best Hunting Ap I have used so far

Love this ap, the maps, the interactive features, and those features that help me eliminate the stands and or areas I need to avoid due to a risky or bad wind. The new weather forecast feature is a great addition. Has the team figured out how to get the feed time phases in here? I know they can be unpredictable at times and its just based off the moon positions, but I have always used them to match when I am seeing the deer feeding or moving to food and setting their patterns either by it, or by taking off an hour or so and logging that areas pattern. Just a plus feature for me if its available.

- Amazing Features and Benefits with BaseMap!

There are getting to be some really decent mapping systems designed to assist the outdoorsman in their quest for full featured value. This app reaches the summit before all the others in my estimation. (And I’ve ran with more than a couple)! The number of and the intuitive nature of the layers are impressive. When properly utilized you can achieve 80% of your scouting time, in less than 20% of the time it used to take!! That’s significant! However, don’t take my word for it alone. Spend the money for the first subscription, and see for yourself if you don’t indeed get more than your money’s worth.

- Best Outdoors Map App

I’ve tried just about every map on the App Store and BaseMap is easily the best. The sheer amount of options with layers and maps is unmatched. The customization is unmatched as well. It is so easy to track and mark everything I’m doing and compile a custom map to meet my needs. They’re always adding new features and details. I’m hoping to see some more markers for wild plants such as trees, flowers, edible plants, non-edible plants, toxic plants, and more for the avid naturalist and to assist the hunter as well. If you know what your game is eating you have an edge in finding them. Keep up the great work, guys!

- What every outdoorsmen or women needs!

BaseMap is were it’s at! With all I need to know on where to find public lands to enjoy, or if needed, a way to find a landowner’s name to ask permission to enter, BaseMap has been with me for nearly a year now. It has given me price of mind to know where I am, and track myself across a price of BLM to reduce conflicts with private land owners. I’m any arborist, so when I’m not out in the woods for myself, I’m using this app to help clients find neighbor’s names so we can talk about tree issues that are coming from their property. It’s been a great tool to have in and out of the field.

- Not bad, good price, but needs work.

Really need to work on updating the public hunting land...I live in WV and the boundaries are no where near where they should be, does not give accurate amount of acreage, and a lot of the public areas aren’t even on the map. Take for instance sand hill wildlife management area it is 2,000 plus acres and the app states it is 16 acres on one then 2 or 3 on the other. I just bought a year subscription due to the price over onX, but if this what I can expect from this app this will be the only year I’ll eat $30. I understand y’all are just gaining traction, but if you’re going to compare yourself to onX and have people say that your app is better, y’all better be squared away before hand.

- Unreliable

The 3D mode is cool and the layers are pretty detailed, however the information such as property ownership and physical location are not always accurate. The property ownership hasn’t been updated in over a year and when hiking I find I have to switch to other map apps to get things to load even with the downloaded offline maps. I would not recommend this app for serious hikers or hunters. Definitely wouldn’t recommend the hunt subscription either it gives no useful data for where I am at in the Southwest. This app had a promising start, but over the year I have had it there has not been enough development on the app to make it worth another year for what you get.

- King of Maps

I’ve been like most other outdoorsmen, and tried multiple different mapping systems. The big names, the small names, the chips. This year I finally settled in to what I believe to be the best mapping and scouting tools to date. BaseMap thoroughly provides information so clearly and easily, while maintaining the most accurate and up to date information in regards to property lines, ownership, and access. Everything about it has been enjoyable and it comes at a large fraction of the cost of its competitors. Very pleased, and highly recommend

- A Must for Any Outdoor Enthusiast!!

I have been using BaseMap for the last few months and love all the functions. The landowner information for all 50 states is my favorite feature since I work and hunt in several different states. It is easy to use BaseMap on the desktop to do my e-scouting, and then mark waypoints to use on my phone in the field. The offline maps use way less memory than other apps I have used, and work better when out of service. This app is a must have tool for anyone spending time outdoors!

- Best Hunting App Out!

A outdoor enthusiast/ hunter must have! Ease of use in terms of logistics planning far exceeds any apps I’ve seen out. The actual digital platform of the app is very clear and easy to read. This app does everything and more than the $600 Garmin a friend had purchased. I enjoy it specifically for the offline maps as I’m hunting in areas with no cell service. Being able to track your every step and return to your waypoints could prove to be a life saver - literally. Excited to see where this app goes in the time to come.

- MUST HAVE Technology on Any Adventure!

I’ve used quite a few different mapping systems and apps out there, and I must say, BaseMap out performs in every category. Some of my favorite features are the 3D abilities when using apple products! It is a GAME CHANGER. I also love how the app stores the current location of what I’m looking at even if I close the app. It will zoom back in to where I left it! That is HUGE to me. Location sharing, tracking abilities,hunt data, etc. this technology from BasMap is a MUST HAVE! I can’t wait to use it more on my adventures...

- Wow

I have had BaseMap for around a year and a half! They have added so much to it here lately I love all of the add on’s on the left side! I literally use this app everyday checking weather the moon phase barometric pressure and so on! I don’t just use it for hunting I also use it for UTV riding! I have used it for GPS to get me places that I am unfamiliar with! Now the gear drop I am just wondering what else they can come up with! This is a must have app and is the best in its category! I have tried them all and none of them compare to BaseMap!!

- Trapping with BaseMap

I trap a large amount of mountainous country and the majority of it has no cell service. By using the offline feature that BaseMap provides I am able to add a trap marker for every set that I make. I can use various icons to identify the sign I find as well as naming each location. The peace of mind in knowing that others can use my phone to bring up my markers to find my sets should I not be able to retrieve them is huge. The pinpoint accuracy is amazing! I will never trap without it again. Thank you Jeff!

- Basemap the clear winner.

I used OnX since it came out and was on the cards for the gps’. Then the phone app came out and I used that. Eventually there were issues and lost waypoints. Then I began looking for an alternative and I found Basemap. I used them side by side for a year. Eventually I made the switch and I’m not looking back. So much more innovation and support. 3D maps and a price you cant beat for the ENTIRE country. You be be sad you made the switch. And remember... YOU CAN IMPORT ALL YOUR WAYPOINTS!

- Not reliable in the field!

When it works it is nice but very slow (running on a iPhone X so not the phone, it’s the software). Frequently didn’t show public land on my last hunting trip. If you hard quit it would sometimes come back. When it did display land status it was VERY slow to load, and marking location was not effective, would try to re-store last location you marked. HuntX must use similar or same basic database, MUCH faster, and never failed to load (more expensive though, but in the end, if you are in the field it was more reliable—important hunting in the west where you can have a lot of mixed public and private land). I DO NOT recommend this for hunting in western states, just not reliable enough!

- Great app!

I used Onxhunt for about 3 years before switching to BaseMap. I find that BaseMap has more up to date property owners than other apps I have used! So far it is a great app and planned to use it for the foreseeable future! If I may suggest an improvement or enhancement, if there would be a way to incorporate city limits or annexed property boundaries that would be super helpful! This would be a huge benefit when it comes to Waterfowlers and finding property outside of city limits. Thanks!

- Mario

First deer season with BaseMap. Used it to take us to spots previously marked, without having to leave tracking tape or other signs hanging on tree branches. Since we only hunt weekends (that pesky thing called work during the week...), we had noticed, in previous years, that someone else hunted our land / spots, obviously following our markers. Did not happen this year. That’s a big plus. We killed the limit and had great hunts. Glad we subscribed for the pro version.

- Mountain

This app is the real deal! Been in the Big Horn mountains for 9 days now. Super easy to use! Easy to re-locate wallows and fresh sign by using the markers. Love the (track your steps function. The app shows great detail of trees, grassy areas, and rocky areas. By the way it’s super useful to route out the easiest way back to your spike camp. I do recommend paying for the subscription if your hunting in the mountains just for the topography maps(it will help you plan your hunt)

- Love it

After having time to learn about the many multiple options that this app offers, I will never hunt or scout without it. Whether you hunt private, or public, you wouldn’t believe what you can learn by utilizing the multitude of layers BaseMap offers. This weekend I placed a trail camera deep on my property, where I have never stepped foot. Not only did I add a marker where the cam is, but I left a track back to the camera. It literally marks your steps. Great stuff BaseMap!

- Best app of its kind

I use this app for off road tracking gps and its the most responsive app I’ve used. There’s a small issue when moving the device around but I contacted customer support and they actually replied and said the issue would be fixed on a coming update. Great customer service. Update: They fixed the bug report shake thing. Not only did they reply they fixed the issue. Good people you are. Thumbs up

- Amazed at this App!

This App is Absolutely AMAZING! If you are an outdoorsman, hiker, hunter, or just enjoy the outdoors, this app is for you!! It includes weather and wind notifications, as well as your location at all times (it’s even world wide). For those hardcore hunters, it also includes features such as stand locations, trail locations, and even can mark food plots and bait piles! If you want to up your hunting game, GET THIS APP!! I promise you will not be disappointed. Hey, it’s FREE!👍🏻

- Good app to have.

This is a good app to have for backcountry hunting. The tilt feature could have better terrain features like maps on the iPhone. I also think the roads layer could be better, elk hunting in Arizona there were well maintained backroads that were not marked on my app. I love how quickly high resolution maps save and how large of an area you can save versus competitors. The map quality is really good as well I feel. Simple interface for the less tech savvy. Overall an app I would recommend.

- For the money

This lasted October my Dad want OnXmaps so I set it up for him I think $29 for just the State of Oregon. I decided to try the 7 day trial Version it was nice but I wanted more excess to other States and that was going to cost $99 a year. Then I heard the Kifarucast with Aron Snyder and one of the BaseMap team and what baseMap had to offer and to me at a little over $40 I got all 17 Western state and hunting units along with the Eastmen big game forecasts. I think it is worth the money.

- Best GPS/Tracking app on the market

BaseMap is such a great app! I’d say it’s the best mapping app for any hunter out there. I personally love it for mapping out my hunting spots. So many great features that i enjoy using! My husband and I love it. We use it to locate different duck hunting and fishing spots. It’s very helpful in finding out who the landowners are of these certain properties. Get this app today! You won’t be disappointed. Also you can’t beat the price!

- Basemap usability

I downloaded the app a few days ago and it is amazing how easy it is to customize and save maps. I have a high end farming gps but the screen is small and doesn’t have nearly the features basemap has. I will be using it in two weeks elk hunting and feel like I am already more prepared. I was using the state of CO. Online hunting atlas but really don’t have a need for it now.

- Best hunting app out there

I moved to Arizona recently and had never hunted here before. Downloaded Basemap and upgraded to Basemap pro, also added the hunt research layers. Best money I’ve ever spent. It’s been a complete game changer. I can see peaks, troughs, saddles, private lands, wilderness areas, etc. I’ve been able to set markers for places I want to check out so I don’t waste time while scouting. Can’t say enough good things about this app.

- Back to OnX

Heard great things about it so I tried it this last season. Downloaded my maps for being offline the night before. Got to my hunting spot and only to find I was downgraded from pro and none of my maps were available. Drove back into service next day to try again and also downloaded maps on OnX just to be safe. Emailed customer service when the trip was over as I could not waste any more time screwing around with it. They fixed the problem. The next month in another season the same thing happened again. Back to OnX. If you want something dependable THIS IS NOT IT.

- Montana

This is a great app! I live out here under the big sky where there is a lot of room to roam but people like their privacy. I really like how the different layers can show me when I can enjoy where I’m at or if I need to keep moving. The topo features are good to so I can get a feel of the terrain before I get there, which is great if you’ve ever had to turn back thanks to an unexpected cliff. Great job guys! Thanks.

- Superior to the competition

This product has drastically improved my e-scouting and has allowed me to carry over this research to success in the field. The variety of layers and clarity of imagery within the maps has allowed me to get a better idea of hunt areas well before I step foot in them. I highly suggest purchasing the subscription, you will not be disappointed!

- Very useful

I really liked saving maps and then my phone would use gps so I would know exactly where I was on the saved map. I’ve always had my Garmin on my to track my trips but when it came to terrain and being able to see the details, BaseMap was far superior in my ability to know exactly where I was and where I wanted to go. Highly recommended.

- If you Love the Outdoors, You’ll Love This App

This App is where it’s at for any hunter and/or outdoorsman! The ability to scout locations from your phone and make plans for future hunts is incredible. Being able to share your location with friends while out and about is priceless!!! I would recommend this to anyone just for that feature alone! TAG Outdoors

- Not working

Tried logging in on desktop and would not accept my password.... clicked the “forgot password” link and it says it sent an email but email never came through. Tried multiple times with no success. Sent them an email to try to figure out what is going on and have received no response. I am logged in on my phone but don’t want to log out for fear I won’t get back in. Maps are good if they are working. I also have ONX and customer service is really good. They just don’t have as many layer options.

- Does what I need, great imagery

Used for an Elk hunt, while my buddy used OnX. BaseMap had better quality and higher detail satellite imagery. However OnX had more option for waypoint symbols. In the end, the imagery is worth it more for me, whereas the icons are more of a programming issue that can be part of an update. It would be nice if there was Apple Watch integration to start/stop/pause tracking instead of the time it takes to open the app, etc.

- Disappointed! Horrible for fishing

Do not get this app for fishing! I have not been able to find one lake anywhere else in the US that this app provides topo/ depth contour charts for. This app does not provide contour maps for even the huge famous bodies of water that are award winning fisheries. This app advertises many bodies of water with contour charts. False! Unless you are fishing only in Minnesota or in one of the Great Lakes don’t get this app. This app auto charges so I am trying to cancel my subscription but where and how to do that is not in a conspicuous spot. Going to contact this company for direction on that. I’ll see how that goes.

- Best Hunting planning/gps tracker

I’ve been using BaseMap for years now, it’s amazing to see the advancements and technology. I’m so excited to continue to see BaseMap make incredible updates. The google earth 3D imagery is by far setting this app apart from the rest. The speed and accuracy at which BaseMap loads and tracks is awesome! Thanks BaseMap for such a great app and reliable!! Keep up the great work!

- You may not be where the app says you are

Be careful trusting with where this gps says you are. On several occasions I’ve entered known coordinates into this app and it says they are in another state! To get layers to function I have to force close then open again, the maps are slow to “focus”(not sure the right terminology) but it can take several minutes for the maps to not be blurry. Online and saved offline maps. I paid for subscription but will not renew unless the bugs get worked out. As of now I wish I could get my $ back

- Best of the best

I was skeptical at first in getting this app but after I have I can’t see getting anything else… The GPS on here is more accurate and then the GPS program that’s built into this phone and I have a iPhone 5s. would definitely recommend for someone who hikes, Hunt‘s, or generally does some sort of map or GPS work.

- Parcel ownerships are not up to date

We have lived in our home for over a year and the parcel ownership is still showing the previous owner. The County we live in Assessor GIS map is up to date. I bought this app to use for hunting and for work but with out-dated ownerships I will not be able to use for work. Please update this information.

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- Great app not for Canada yet

Like the app a lot, only downfall is the lack of Canadian inclusion in all of the features mainly the hunting portion. Satellite views are nice but dated for Canada. Buildings that are removed still show on rural properties.

- Do not spend any money on this App

If you are from up North Canada... do not spend a dime on this app! It does not work well. The offline maps are not accurate. The graphics are horrible in Offline mode. I made the mistake of buying the whole package. I’m now stuck with the bill! At least I can delete the app from my phone!

- No Love for Canada

Looks like a pretty solid app if you live in the US.... most of the map layers and features don’t work for Canada though.... GAIA it is....

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- New to BaseMap but super impressed!

My wife & I started using BaseMap to establish a new hunting area & mark our boundaries, but now we find that we use it for all kinds of activities. We pick berries & mushrooms and we love to hike, so this program helps us stay on public property & track harvests & hikes too. Starting to apply this program to boat fishing, with success also.

- Awesome app

I've used onX for a bit but wanted something more responsive, so I checked out Basemap. I haven't turned back. As I'm in the south, most cell coverage isn't that great, so having and offline option is a real plus. Especially when we're driving our quaids and don't know where/who's property line were closing in on.

- Best map on the market

I have had ON-X Hunt maps for several years now and had base maps for about five minutes now and I can honestly say worlds better way more user friendly way more options the 3D is an amazing tool and invaluable you also get all 50 states for the price of one. Great job BASEMAP! I’m very happy!

- Okay

Some of the base layers do not update, sometimes you can find areas of public for certain game animals. The harvest data is not reliable I have had the app since the beginning of season about the only thing it’s good for is viewing a gmu, public land, and a little bit of scouting the map is pretty decent about updating. But with all that said it’s not to bad if the base layers and harvest data was fixed I would enjoy it more.

- Best mapping app out there

I’ve been using Gaia and onX maps for the past few years, found this app and it’s now my ‘go to’ over any other. Having the ability to know where any previous years burns are is a great tool for when I’m hunting or scouting a new area. Very pleased with the pro account services. Two thumbs up

- Best hunting imagery out on the market today

Easy to use, fast upload of data and accurate parcel data is what I expect using a product while backcountry hunting. I would highly recommend using this product if you are serious about planning your hunt to navigating in the field.

- Mappers Dream

If you are into maps, topography, water sheds, hiking, research or any other solution about your location or where you want to go, you have arrived at your final destination !! No more bouncing from one app to another. Confidently move from multiple layer after layer which makes unknown terrain simple to navigate! Thank you- Stephan J.

- Great app for outdoorsman

BaseMap has been awesome, it’s helped me in multiple aspects. I only hunt and hike public property so knowing exactly we’re I am is extremely important. I also am able to research areas and property boundaries from my couch before heading out there. The high light features in the pro version are well worth the price!

- Works fine but...

It works as advertised for overland activities. However, when it comes to using it for fishing or boating, it becomes useless. I fiddled with it for at least half an hour, trying to get a water depth reading anywhere in the US. Best I found was some contouring on the Great Lakes and coasts, but that was it. I already have maps to help with hunting, really could use the same for fishing, but this sue isn’t it.

- Best Map App for Hunting and Fishin

I switched from OnX to BaseMap almost 2 years ago and couldn't be happier! It is half the price and it includes every state which is a huge deal for me considering I hunt on average 8 states per year. It has every feature you could ask for and every one you didn't know existed.

- Free vs pro

Would be able to rate higher if I was able to try the key features that would set it apart from other similar apps such as the 3D mapping but why would I pay $4.99 to see if the app performs as stated a three day trial would be better than free and pro set up to show case the main features since there are other more established apps with more features for the same subscription price

- Keeping up

This app and company are definitely keeping up with all changes! Consistent updates along with changes to bugs when needed!! This has really changed the game with E scouting and the 3D feature is allowing me to look at canyons and plan out thermals in a whole new way!

- BASEically perfection

While back in the states I’ve found myself wanting to fish a river but stuck at a turn off. Can I fish it? It wasn’t until this app could I feel confident in going down the path. This is such a great catch. Highly recommended. No other app beats this. I deleted competitors after feeling underwhelmed.

- Perfect or more than just hunting

I recently moved from OnX to basemap for various reasons. OnX is mainly just based around hunting. There is not much more than that. Basemap was better with hiking and fishing. There are also some other cool features such at logging, following people and setting pictures for your points.

- Great economical alternative to Onx.

This app is worth the price. We used it on several out of state hunts and it was great. We especially liked the tracking feature which props seance of security in some remote areas. There were several properties on the map that did not have any property owner info available, but overall this is a better value than Onx.

- Almost Perfect

I had OnX Maps for years and switched to BaseMap because you get more access to features for a fraction of the price. My only suggestion is to give the option to change the transparency of the shaded areas of public land. It is hard to see some of the areas on government land because it’s shaded too dark.

- Does more for less

Cant see what I’m typing in the review space. Love the app in comparison to the other option. Even when I use it in Alaska I find it extremely useful for park boundaries and tribal allotments. For less than a third the price for the alternative it is a real value.

- With BaseMap, you don’t pay more for less!

I absolutely love that GoogleEarth is seamlessly integrated in! Saves so much time when trying to e-scout. Plus if you’re in the field or come to town and need to find a new spot mid-season, time is money and BaseMap will save you lots of it on both ends!

- Initial feedback from Pro user

Great all around map app for general use and awesome for hunters and outdoor activities. I would like more wildlife marker icons. Polar bear, Sitka deer, and maybe some more share options for marked locations. Also landowners phone numbers or email would be great for getting private land hunt info.

- Need Help how to work this site

I know this app has many features but the one thing they need is information on how to work everything? I would like to update and get the advanced set up so I can use this for hunting and hiking, but I can’t understand the first stage. I will try to find out more, also if they had a phone number with a real person to talk about this site?

- Old Maps.

Apparently if you don’t pay for the premium map you get maps that are several years old. When I zoom in to where I live I see bee hives. Haven’t been any bee hives in 5 years. Overall, disappointed. Also it seems that only those who have upgraded get better directions as to where the Free Gear is. Before they stated this new thing I used to at least come close. Now the clues seem to be geared toward the premium buyers. HuntStand is much better. Will be deleting this app.

- Sliced bread has nothing on this!

So many awesome features in a hunting navigation app that loads quickly when you need it to and allows you to download some really large maps for use offline. The 3D feature is icing on the cake when it comes to BaseMap!

- Awesome!!!!!

I absolutely love BaseMap!!! I have had it for about 2 months I mostly use it four 4wheeling and snowmobiling I have traced all of my local trails on it and use it to find new ones as of right now I have the free version but may upgrade later so that I can see what’s private property etc,

- Amazing

I love this app. It’s by far the best map for hunting. The other apps are terrible to use after having BaseMap. The quality is so much better and you can save a much larger area rather than a tiny square. Happy with the purchase. Will defiantly be buying again next year!

- BaseMap

Not a tech person by no means But this app is user friendly I’ve used it over the last couple of days in an area that is massive woods with ridges it is too get turned around But with this app you are able to cut out the guess work Thanks

- BaseMap superiority

Having used all of the map applications, BaseMap is far superior to the competition. The Pro version, less expensive than competitors base models, has really helped me dial in my hunting locations to pinpoint exactly where to hunt when! Amazing product highly recommend.

- Seriously impressed!

I have been using BaseMap for a couple months now. I have been searching for an app that works well for finding public land, or who owns private land for scouting/hunting purposes. My husband and I have both found this to be the best option out there!

- Best hunting app

I used to use huntwise a few years ago then switch to OnX for a good two years till I found out about BaseMap. By far way better than the other ones out there. It’s sad something so good is never Heard of because OnX sponsors everyone. BaseMap all the way!

- Fantastic app!

My fiancée and I have been using this app for a couple of months and we LOVE it!! It helps us determine which areas of terrain are most suitable for us to explore. It eliminates the annoying times we have to waste otherwise. I highly recommend buying this app!

- Great Ap

I’ve been using the app for a few weeks. We have hit up several national parks and using maps offline has been a godsend. all the layers available help us find private/govt land and it just gets better! Well worth the price. Loyal to the Tribe! #fieldcraft

- Good but needs some improvements

Overall very good, useful, and user friendly but road/trail use descriptions and restrictions fall short of their main competitor. If this is important to you, you may be utilizing alternate apps or the old paper maps which can be confusing and hard to interpret.

- Like it so far but missing key features!!!

I am having some issues with viewing maps online but it saves me from having a land app and water app. It doesn’t have directional arrow from your location. So depending on if you don’t have landmarks nearby you could go the wrong direction. Topo lines are very hard to see when zoomed out in the sat photo layer.

- Hunting must!!

The 3D imagery is amazing, easy to scout and find areas for your next western hunt. Tons of features that are a must for me when hunting multiple states. Easy to use and navigate, save offline maps, makes k waypoints and sent info to hunting buddies. This is an everyday app for me. Great job basemap!!

- My most helpful tool

BaseMap is great, I am a logger in Virginia and I use it all the time for work. The landowners info is a great and very useful feature. My hobbies are hunting and horseback riding and it is great for both. I take a hunting trip out west every year and I depend on Basemap. I use it almost every day.

- Building a straight fence

First you set the beginning point and mark it on the computer map. Then go to the ending point a set a marker there! Then draw a line from the first point to the end point! Now use the line to place the post on the line. You will have a perfectly straight fence line!

- Even Better

I noticed BaseMap included location sharing and search in their latest update! This app was already amazing now it’s even better. I’ve tried all the other mapping apps out there and this is by far the best!

- Very disappointed

I was excited to use this app for hunting and hiking and everything, and got the pro right away and it never worked!! Spoke with customer service several times was told to delete the app and re-download it .. tried that several times and still no change, and really had no help from customer service and was told to contact Apple then I was unable to get a refund!! I should have just went to Onix in the first place !!

- Best offline gps app available

Just like the title says, it’s the best gps app for offline use! It’s also the cheapest per year and the image quality of the layers is top notch! Not sure how the guys can make it better but I’m excited for what basemap does next!

- Love it!!

I have been using the app for the last several days while driving around the mountains! It has been so helpful in seeing where we have been and where we are going!! It is also very easy to use!

- Eye opening!

This app just keeps amazing me the more I dig into it and use it. I use it for everything from researching new hunting grounds to researching dream hunts and checking out land ownership. I’ve gotten rid of all of my other apps because I just don’t need them anymore. Pretty awesome!

- One of my top used apps

Not only do I use BaseMap for recreational purposes, I also use in my professional work. I have recommended this app to 35 people so far and I have only heard rave reviews about it. Download and use, you will not be disappointed!

- Hunter’s best friend!

Used the app on my sheep hunt. Worked well and owner names were accurate. I used the marker and flags to create easy maps since I was new to the unit. Loved the tracking feature and found that I could really retrace my trail with ease. Must have!

- Pro Subscription Here

This app needs an option to transfer a waypoint to google maps so I can drive there. How is this not an option!? Next there need to be an option to turn off the yardage numbers when drawing a object! Its super annoying and that need to be an option. Make this happen developers!

- Great Detail!

Switched from your biggest competitor because of poor customer service and reliability. BaseMap has been great. Maps show very good detail and the new 3D feature is BA. Keep doing what you are doing and you have me as a customer.

- Hunting App

I recently tried the app to compare similar Hunting Apps, I was impressed! Here in Utah, having the knowledge on ownership, private/public is a must hunting. I would and have suggest this app to anyone who enjoys hiking, hunting and spending time in the outdoors assuring where you are at all times.

- Awesome

Used this for my hunting season. Great connection and always knew where the public land was at. Only con was that sometimes with low signal it would take a while to “log-in.” Very impressed and will be using next year.

- Hunting

I love using this app it has opened new hunting areas and me and my dad will set down and show each other new places and debate which one would be better I recommend it to everyone that hunts

- A must have

BaseMap has quickly become one of my favorite, most used Apps. I’m addicted to trying out the multitude of layers you can add into your maps. If you’re an outdoorsman, a hunter or even a real estate investor BaseMap is a must have App.

- great app

As a professional hunting guide this app helps so much! Knowing property boundaries is very important and another big help is being able to see where you are compared to the animals and draws or canyons between you and the game.

- Awesome app

This app has so much information and many more features than the competition. The maps are clear. The app runs smooth. The 3D mapping is amazing. Good work! How is this app only $30 for the year?

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BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps 4.1.6 Screenshots & Images

BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images
BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps iphone images

BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps (Version 4.1.6) Install & Download

The applications BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps was published in the category Navigation on 2018-04-22 and was developed by BaseMap Inc [Developer ID: 1048889806]. This application file size is 654.89 MB. BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps - Navigation app posted on 2020-10-19 current version is 4.1.6 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.basemap.BaseMap

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