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What is garena free fire: winterlands app? Free Fire, the world-famous survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in the wild, or become invisible by proning under grass or rifts. Ambush, snipe, survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty.

Free Fire, Battle In Style!

[Survival shooter in its original form]
Search for weapons, stay in the play zone, loot your enemies and become the last man standing. Along the way, go for legendary airdrops while avoiding airstrikes to gain that little edge against other players.

[10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits]
Fast and Lite gameplay - Within 10 minutes, a new survivor will emerge. Will you go beyond the call of duty and be the one under the shining lite?

[4-man squad, with in-game voice chat]
Create squads of up to 4 players and establish communication with your squad at the very first moment. Answer the call of duty and lead your friends to victory and be the last team standing at the apex.

[Clash Squad]
Fast paced 4v4 game mode is now open 24/7! Manage your economy, purchase weapons, and defeat the enemy squad!

[Realistic and smooth graphics]
Easy to use controls and smooth graphics promises the optimum survival experience you will find on mobile to help you immortalize your name among the legends.

[Contact us]
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Garena Free Fire: Winterlands Version 1.94.116 November 2022

1. New PvE mode: Zombie Hunt! Pick your Talents and Boosts to fight against zombies. 2. Football Fire: new football gameplay on Social Island. 3. New Lone Wolf Map: Ice Ground. (Coming soon.) 4. Weapon Mastery system: Use your favorite weapon to build your mastery and earn exclusive skins! 5. Reworked Loadout: Enhanced strategic importance. The CS mode now supports loadouts. 6. BR and CS adjustment: Faster game pace. 7. New Weapon: Trogon. 8. Clash Squad Season 16 - Begins on 11/16 20:30 GMT+8..

Garena Free Fire: Winterlands Comments & Reviews 2022

- Amazing but still has room to improve

Free fire is my all time favorite game and I really love it, it's got good weapons, fast vehicles and great players. However, I'd like to say that there aren't only Spanish-speaking players in this game. I'm from Asia, and it's really hard for me to understand the Spanish words and and concepts in the game, so I'd like it if you could please change that back to English. My selected Language is English in game, however I've noticed a lot of Spanish words coming up and it's just really hard for me. Second of all; the diamonds. I'm not saying that the buying diamonds option should be completely lost however, if you could get around 50 diamonds, maybe each time you leveled up or ranked up, it would be great. The diamond prices are so high yet we don't get diamonds in game and have to pay a lot for a few starter packs. That's a really big issue if you ask me. However I really love free fire so I'm hoping that soon enough, these issues would be resolved as well!

- No Customer Service

It's a fun game but poor/no CUSTOMER service. I submit a ticket for an Item I acquired to lvl up a character and it’s bugged. I couldn't use it. After I submit the ticket explaining the situation I never heard from them. Ever... And it's not the first time I have submitted a ticket in all the time playing, and nothing. But they do send you emails if you have to get off a ranking game because you're having a real-life situation at your house. The game by itself is fun unless you encounter “The hackers” which are a lot. “Players”, which they don't disband. (Accordingly to them they do. But when you see their account, they have been there for a long time.) In the game, you can see the player blinking all around the map, running at a ridiculous speed, or not getting hit by shots no matter how many are shooting at him, but they one-shot you just by aiming at you. I know what is a good player vs a hacker. “Computer programmed commands” (Mods). That makes the game worthless to play. It is a competition against a none winning event. You're just destined to die and be the joke of the game. Does Customer service do something? It's like an old drunken record played over and over, as the answering machine when you do not want to be bothered. So I give one star for the poor/none existing CUSTOMER service that ruins the game.

- It can be WAY better

This game is fun and all, me and my cousins play it all the time but this game has some problems that need to be fixed if you want a stable community. 1st problem is that when I’m playing ranked and I die early or in the middle of the match it’ll bring me down let’s say 38 points and it drops me from diamond 1 to platinum 4, but when I go up 38 points it doesn’t move me up as much, it says I went up 38 but it feels like I moved up 10 points. 2nd problem is that sometimes when aiming at the head it goes to the body instead of shooting the head, this gets annoying because Me or one of my cousins will be close or far range and will be aiming at the head of an enemy and it’ll drop down to the body which in many scenarios it will get us killed. 3rd problem is that if a car runs over you, it shouldn’t take away all of your health away considering that in this game it’s easy to run over someone especially with the monster truck. 4th problem is the fact that we can’t get the ninja skin due to the cg15 being taken out of the game therefore we can’t have the skin. That’s all the problems that I can think of as of right now, so please if you can fix this problems it would be great.

- Game is ok but

I’ve been playing this game for a year and I really like it, especially after that bug update which re-made the home screen, lobby, friends list etc. But what I don’t like is the Aim Precision. I have it on Precise on Scope and it’s super annoying when you are dealing with duos or squads since it changes targets. The other thing I hate is the Card luck thing in which you pull a card and get a reward. Well, I’m peer sure it’s not just me, but whenever I have to choose one it always and I mean ALWAYS get the worst reward possible. For example, I remember that time when I pulled a card and the other two had 500 diamonds and 2k gold. I was about to sew your company for selling fake game, but you are lucky that I didn’t lose my temper. Let’s not talk about all those hackers who shot you inside the walls or the unreal weapons. I mean, come on! How much recoil does the AK really have? At least this got fixed when you added the Bipod so, thanks, I guess. Lastly, you should really get some ideas from teens (recommended age is from 15-17) help you with the design and graphics. You need some stuff like that. That’s all I had to say, because I don’t want to write a book with all the problems that this game has. Please reply me.

- Great game

I like this game over some of the other shooter games. I have a few criticisms though. I’ve only been playing for a few months with no issue. Lately when I play clash squad ranked the game just cancels and takes me back. Now it’s been messaging me that I’ve been AFK and has prohibited me from playing ranked. So I have to play regular clash squad in order to be able to play ranked. It’s wack cuz I just wanna play ranked man. Also people who pay should play people who pay. Classic isn’t the same once you reach a certain level for the people who don’t want to pay for premiums and stuff. You could unload on a guy and he’ll shoot you once or twice and you’re down. It’s the little things. One last thing, the app is glitchy you’ll freeze in a middle of a game and all of a sudden be facing a different direction. Or opponents will just disappear somewhere else.

- This game makes me hate every piece of humanity…

Bro this game is doggy doggy its facts to. The people who play it are 7 yo that still dont know how to read. My “friend” once said this game was better than fortnite,warzone and apex all at one, the next thing he noticed was me using his shirt as a napkin. Im not being racist or nothing but half the time people who say thing game is better than you know something actually good are latinos and i know cause i had to live with them once. Lets cut to the chase this game is just a big fat L the game is for people who have trash aim and need a ton of aim assist, the game’s also pay to win. But what i hate alot is that people actually post bad clips of their gameplay and saying there literal gods well duh this game is kinda designed to make people cool with there gameplay, but if they were playing like actual famous mobile first person shooter games they would miss 99% of their shot and still get the kill cause i did literally all the work. I had my friend play apex legends mobile and he was not cracked at all he got downed by some bot who when i found him was aiming at the ground. The people who play this game are toxic, and thats really all

- Latest Update

Yo whom it may interest, so Free Fire has been the best game, in my opinion is more than a game. The point of the game is to interact with others and within that interaction you build trust, friendship and who knows. The game has been always good with some ups and downs but remained good. A few days ago an announcement was maid saying that on Dec 11th a new update will be done, reducing 999 ping lag or however you call it, they also announced that the region will change. This is where it affects me and majority of the people from my friends list, we were not expecting the fact that we would be separated/split/apart... my guild has been COMPLETELY destroyed and can not play with the people I usually played with. My question to you is what’s the point of playing free fire if you make all this changes? Is it even worth playing it? My answer is NO! There’s no point and would not have one since it’s not the same... When Call of Duty was created majority of the gamers left and decided to leave Free Fire behind. Instead I stood there and kept playing it because of what it means to me! Unless this changes I will not be playing Free Fire this is totally messed up and completely unfair. F I X T H I S P L E A S E

- Really fun, Amazing game(please read!)

So far I love this game it’s fun to play with my friends and really good graphics now this game is unique but no shooting games have animals(not to kill) me and my friends agree that you should add them we were thinking that, Horses can surely be added, now I bet ur thinking horses, what for? But when u think about it horses 🐎 can be used for transportation and speed u can make different breeds of them like for speed, strength, and durability, my friend DOG LOVER OF LIFE literally would love wolves, theses furry friends can be tamed and turned into dogs 🐶 who fight for u now they can be killed (same with horses) we also thought about natural disasters like forest fires, tsunamis, earthquakes that shock you, etc..... natural animals too that can attack u but not fully kill u when u kill them u can get resources (up to u) this game has a lot potential and is clearly VARY unique I hope u take to consider me and my friends ideas 👍👍👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😉😉👌👌👌👌👌 GOOD LUCK 🍀

- Awesome game

I’m so far in love with this game. The simple controls and smooth gameplay make it the best battle royale game on the App Store. Some things I would consider for future updates would be to have 100 people on a bigger map rather than 40 on a smaller one because In the first minute 20 people usually get killed making the game slow. I would also add 50v50’s similar to fortnites new game mode. Other than that this game is perfect and I can’t wait to see it grow EDIT: I’ve started to see situations in the game where it’s a stalemate between 2 people from cover. These situations can be annoying because it’s also an easy way to get sandwiched between multiple enemy’s. So I think grenades or Molotov cocktails would be a great addition to the game. Also the render distance is not very far, and I get that it’s only a mobile game but if it’s possible to make the render distance further then that would be awesome.

- A few more fix

This is a fun game ,don’t get me wrong but , a few annoying problems as I try to shoot other people in the head it goes down to the body which makes us die it’s annoying that’s one problem and the second problem which I REALLY hate are these cheaters I’ve ran through alit of people exploding and while playing clash squad I’ve been face to face with someone that’s spawned right near us to kill us like WTH is that about and about the clash squad I find it unfair how it’s acceptable to have ( i don’t know what it’s called) a dome looking thing around you to protect you from others and accepting a bush . And not to mention I try to log out of my account and start a new one and I’m not looking forward to sign in with the other stuff if you could just make it possible to make a new user account button because whenever I click guest it brings be to my old account. Other than that it’s a good game I just hope you can read it

- Great game but need help

Edit: As mentioned below Ive lost interest. Its the same thing every game! Go on a kill streak, Game gets serious lag spike i die instantly, and then i level up and get gold but theres nothing to spend it on. Oh yeah and ever since i logged onto FB not only has connection been bad but i haven't been able to select load outs anymore. This game is great but the worst of this game is the greed. :/ I know fashion has nothing to do with the game but everything costs diamond barely anything costs gold so once you play it just gets old cuz your not gaining anything from it and you cant get diamond unless you pay real money. So already you've rendered gold useless. Rather than making all the clothes and stuff cost diamonds make most stuff cost a lot of gold so people can be motivated to keep playing and all the rare and unique clothes and stuff can cost diamonds which you can get by competing in events and stuff or completing challenges/quests. Do that and I give 5 star.

- This game is fully great but have some problems

I like this game and hope for more events but this game have some problems. 1.At the aiming we have a bug sometimes we aim at the enemy head when we shoot aim go on body and if you close at enemy this aim miss (when aim go on the enemy body)make you die. 2.So much times for we join to a battle take a bit long time to join. I have some ideas for make game better 1.The biggest thing I want for the free fire is better quality I always play the game when I jump out from plane is the trees are on low quality and when com to ground go on classic.I want the quality upgrade (like the fortnite have good quality and PUBG) 2.always I go to store to buy some wearable and gun skins and luck Royale all of the can buy with diamond Please do one of this works( 1.make diamonds in battle pass(for classic 1-10or20 diamonds and for the elite 20-50) 2.make more this can buy with diamond can buy with coins) just one map for battle Royale and ranked mode (not Bermuda and kalahary) for the every happens (like disasters happen on that map) 4.make more characters like 100 characters with ability or no 5.(if you creators want do it do this)add the build with materials Creators if you like this ideas do they in the next update and if don’t like it don’t do they.

- Great game...can be better

The latest update brought chrono aka new character,which has the ability to create a freaaking shield around himself,that is so op considering other characters,like dude i top uped like a year ago when hayato was payed character,now its free and i dont intend to top up soon in free fire bcuz its such a sellout now,we literally have to buy stuff to seem like a “pro”.i mean i do have payed stuff but the fact custom skins increase the stats of a weapon kinda suks,the chrono character is too op bcuz even the noobest possible player can swipe out a whole squad with the stupid ability,aloks power is nothing in front of it,hence it wud be cool if u cud decrease time for the shield or reduce its durability,its so not fair. Alok is a payed character too but no one wud mind its powers compared to that of chrono,so yea.

- Clash Squad Ranked- Unfair

This will probably be the only bad review I write about this game but I just got the updated version and I’m a pretty good player, my rank is a platinum three. However I have to state my opinion about the new season version of the clash squad ranked mode. First off, before the app update I was a triple gold in this mode, making me high enough ranked to get the golden pistol gun skin. But thanks to the new app update and the introduction of a season in clash squad ranked I was brought down to a triple silver, no stars. So I started playing and I managed to get to gold one, with two stars however I end up losing ONE game and it brings me back down to a triple silver! Frankly I think you should do away with the “season” thing, it doesn’t make any sense, I mean we already have a season for the whole game, what is the point of making an individual season for a mini game? And we should be allowed to buy as many grenades and gloo walls as we want in the clash squad games.

- Too many hackers

Most games will have cheaters who have found a way to manipulate the game in their favor which makes it difficult when you’re trying your best and they kill you with one shot because they hacked the program to make their guns do more damage no matter where it hits you. Efforts of developers, whatever those may be, have done little to fix the hackers taking control of the game, and it’s very clear that they have control. I’m a decent player, I don’t cheat and can usually get 1-3 Quadra kills per season. But can’t even get one shot in because people keeping cheating and I get killed with one shot. There was one game where my whole team was killed as soon as the rounds would start, we just all dropped down dead until the clash squad game was over… now, my family and I, who pay for the fun outfits and weapons, can’t play past 6pm because EVERY GAME will have hackers and it brings your overall score as a player down… there’s going to be a point where we can’t play at all…

- FreeFire voice chats.

I have nothing to complain about the game, like everybody’s game there’s bugs hacks cheats and things to get worked on. But I do have one issue, regarding the voice chat. For therapist month or 2 actually, I updated my IOS, and I no longer am able to communicate using a wireless headphone. Once I turn on the voice chat it cuts off the headphones and sound comes out of the phone on a low volume, if the mic is off everything works fine. Turn back on the mic everything shuts off again. Sadly, I just bought a new phone, I figured it was the only thing left to give a try. And it still does not work. Tried with other phones, tried with other headphones as well. In case some ppl might think it’s my headphones that’s with the issue, turns out after the IOS update, I was not thenonly one with the issue. I’d really like that fixed.

- Why?

No wonder you make a decent amount of money off this game; you make it so the ppl who don’t buy you’re dumb pass or currency mainly get TIME LIMITED cosmetics like tf? This isn’t a hate review but it’s really annoying and I doubt I’m the only one who thinks this. Seriously though; you can’t get any more greedy about it. Please be more compassionate towards you’re community instead of giving them time limited cosmetics so they can look at a “shadow” cosmetic for the M16 for 24hrs and then have it poof out of existence. At least have decency to make the cosmetic look good. I’m sadly going to uninstall. It’s not a good first impression shoving the battle pass and all that in a new players face right away to get them spending money on the app. And the movement, the sounds; you probably worked hard and long on but it doesn’t cut it for me. There’s more than one gun with the near same reload sound, noise, and there’s more bots than actual players. Sorry to be so hard but it’s true.

- I love this game amo este juego

Look I love this game so much even though I’ve gotten in trouble for playing it too much but the one thing that bums me is the incredibly toxic community of free fire and the hackers are extremely annoying also I worked extremely hard to get to diamond level but with the new update I went back down to gold it’s impossible to get back to diamond way more hackers than there were before and the new among us thing is amazing but sometimes you get a booyah with out even playing it you get in the game then 2 seconds later booyah what’s the point of that also you should MAKE A RACING MODE OR A MODE THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SHOOT FROM A CAR A 50 CALIBER browning m2 machine gun it would be amazing I would play it even more

- I agree with pro gamer

I love the game but the matchmaking is REALLY REALLY BAD! And there is no way to be a pro gamer unless you have an elite pass or have diamonds, the discounts are amazing but the prices are HIGH!!! If you are in the top 25 in rank mode your rank will increase only a lil bit but if you are in the lower part it will decrease so bad. I am a pro, I entered platinum 3 in less than a month but I am now in platinum 2 it is so painful that you give me extreme pros and I am left in the dust with reduced rank. Lastly the bugs are too much, if I open the ranked game in some seconds it doesn’t connect and takes me back to the lobby even tho I have 4g unlimited WiFi the bugs are irritating sometimes my game just quits and if I’m playing ranked game I might have been dead. Please please fix all the above issues

- Great game , needs improvements

The game is soooo fun and addicting, I like it better then fortnight ! The controls are easy , the only thing is that they should ADD MORE MAPS‼️ the 2 they have are cool but it would be way more fun with more maps and also instead of 50 people you all should make it 100 , because there’s times in the game where it’s really slow due to the lack of other players but other than that I’d give this game a solid 9/10 should also add more weapons and also this game just wants to take MONEY MONEY MONEY ! The “gold” that we earn all you can buy is a bunch of CRAP 💩 !!!!!!! And in order to get anything good you have to spend real money and i don’t mind because I’ve spent money already but everything is so expensive!!!

- love this game

i’ve had this game about two years and it’s only in the last few months i’ve actually figured out a strategy to increase my winning rate (i was playing for fun previously and i started playing more and trying new things, and went from a low win rate to me winning - or being in the final 2 about 30-40% of the time). absolutely love it. i’ve tried other games like PUBG but i love being able to move the camera around and see around me, without being stuck looking at my back. i wish bermuda had grappling hooks, but it’s all good because kalahari is the best map lol - i do wish there were more maps that could be played, but i love the game anyway lol

- Bug issues with new update

The game is great and is one of the only few games that I have actually spent money on but there seems to be a problem. Ever since I got the new update, when I’m in the middle of a game roaming around or fighting, I suddenly get completely thrown out of the app for no reason at all. When I press on the app again to try an renter, I’m suddenly either on the floor dead hoping that one of my teammates will revive me or my character continued running until I reopened the app and suddenly I’m in a fire fight halfway dead, and I have to be apologizing to my teammates and explain to them how the new update throws me out every time now, and this problem make my friends not wanna play with me or ever bother trying to save me. Also some of the shootings is not so great.

- I love this game

This app is so fun you can play it with friends and cars are fast the weapons are nice my friends and family members love this game to they have new updates all the times and you can play different types of rounds in free fire i play it all the time I definitely give this a five star this game is fun to play when board or anytime you can spectate your teammates after you die so that you are not board and there is not a limmite of how many people can be in a group you can have as many friends as you want on free fire the only thing bad about this app is that it takes a long time to download but that's all that bad about this app other than that I love this app

- I Should Not Be Getting Shot Behind A Wall

I’ve love this game I’ve been playing it for a while now. And I have pretty good internet live in NY so it’s not my internet. But lately I’ve been getting shot behind walls everytime I peak and hide behind a wall I will get shot like 2-3 times before the game finally realizes I’m behind a wall. And now this is getting more severe as in I’ll get shot almost die put a gloo wall and still die 2 seconds later and this just happened to me and that’s why I’m writing this review but other than this you guys should add a spectate feature so that you can spectate your friends while you wait for them to finish their games but please fix this the new season just started and I’ve lost over a lot of ranked points over this PLEASEE FIXX!!!

- Best battle royal game I have played so far

I have been playing this game for 6 hours each day but I don’t like the way we all get diamonds can you please fix the way to get diamonds the only way I can get diamonds is by hacking and getting unlimited diamonds and coins but I don’t want to do that because it is cheating and I don’t want to cheat in this amazing game So developer please fix it pls. One more thing you have to fix is the showdown mode I don’t call it as a fixing part but I have a funny story I all ways gat a booyaa I forgot how to spell it first of all and when I play other modes like ranked mode I always get a booya and I will tell you the other part later

- Prime-16

Hello I will not I have a message for the people that created this game I will not say is a bad game, but I see that kids in many countries are addicted to much of this game especially I know that there are so people that Are not in there virtual classes because there to much addicted to this game well they waste money in diamonds for things that are not really real and in a way is kind of bad and young teens like 14 or 15 are becoming rebellious to there parents because of this game well not in the U.S. but in South America well I play this game too but I want To help a fried to not be to much addicted at the game just like you guys ask a reload to have diamonds please I want to ask you that give like a limited time to this game to help teens, like not playing more than two hours that’s all thank you


The game is great; the guns, the arena, the concept, the people. I've made a lot friends, but there's one MAJOR problem. When you sign in, unless you link your account to Facebook or VK, you're basically screwed. I've been playing every day since I downloaded it last month! But that means nothing because about four days ago, I got an error; "authentication failed, invalid platform". I've tried to find solutions, but I can't. I thought maybe the error would go away in a day or two, but no. The only way to possibly fix this is by deleting the app and re-downloading which would mean my account is gone. I wouldn't have as big of a problem with it if I at least new my friend's account names, but I don't. There is no "support" for the game; I've searched everywhere to find one. I'm using an iPhone btw.

- Amazing and free

I have been playing for a while now and I really like this game the different abilities of the characters and pets are really fun and add a different game play than most battle royals. Lots of the characters you need to pay for that’s if you don’t spend years saving up on in game currency but there are ways to get different characters pets skins and gun skins without spending a penny it takes a lot of time but every once in a while you can get things for free I really like talking to people in duos or squads but there are not many people that speak English so if you reading this are a English speaker please join my guild We-english and friend request me SiGuy72

- Best game

I be playing this game for 1 an a half year now an I love it but it’s still lacking some things we need better graphics far range view far range scope bigger map more times more players it doesn’t matter if it’s more Memory space we play the game to have fun an I spend a lot on the game an if we can get better graphics an far range scopes an bigger map I bet more people is going to leave pubg an come play free fire an I play free fire every single day of my life an no other game give me what free fire give me that rush an good feeling an that feeling for more gameplay an I begging you please if we get that I bet more people can come an enjoy this game with us thank you an we love you keep up the good work😘

- Diamonds and voiceovers

This game is the only pvp game I play so far. It’s a nice game I would rate it 5 start if not for the things I think you should consider. Firstly diamond, they’re very expensive to get and I think they should be given to people that actually deserve it as rewards. For example attaining heroic is as useless as whatever, it’s hard for amateurs to get there. I suggest you reward from heroics upward with 50 diamonds each time they attain another rank such as master, grand master. 50 diamonds each for the first time they attain in a season. Secondly is about the voiceovers, they sound immature. I think you should make them sound more mature thanks. I enjoy this game a lot. Kudos to developers 👍

- Attention garene,

today i rate you only 1 star, but i really like this game, i’m playing this game almost to 2 years, i also played your national tournament from bangladesh, you guys didn’t fix our net pin problem, there is not only one problem we have many more problem as like hacker my id lvl is 68, but one hackers came with any gun he shoots me i die because that’s was a head shoot, and the most recent problem we all suffering kar98 hack problem, but you guys didn’t fix any problem for us! we also do top up, we are giving you money you deserve each and every facility we need and a it’s not fair game, we was good with our old Singapore server, we do not like indian server, please change our server bring us back our previous Singapura server, and please fixed all the problems. otherwise garena you will lose your popularity and lose your game players.

- Needs a few upgrades but it’s cool.

Can you make a global chat/guild chat/ private chat to promote our guilds and squads/duos, and after the winner of the game can you double the reward and give chests depending in 3rd, 2nd and 1st. Change the blood to red (because it is black idk why) and make the M249 have extended mag and make the shotgun extended mag too, with an aiming sight and the M249 have a less recoil so it does not take time between each shoot and make molotov cocktails and for the cars to have a mounted machine gun (on the commander car) and for the car to have more space for more teammates and to be able to shot through the windows or to the outside, make recon drones to recon areas without exposing the person.

- 2 slight problem

I love the game and there’s a lot to do Though there’s 2 problem 1 is that alit but f hackers end up getting away with hacking. It gets annoying I report them and some what 7 weeks later I see the same person hacking to be honest I feel like these problem aren’t even being solved . Number 2 the diamonds It seems like the only time you get diamonds is by buying them the next thing is that coins can be useless like you can’t even purchase things with it like if we can get like 50 diamonds for ranking up or leveling up like not everyone can buy things online and I wanna purchase things but nothing is for coins which seems very unfair pls fix this and pls update for easier ways to get diamonds.☺️

- I like this game very much but...

This game is so fun I play like10 times a day with my cousin sisters and brothers but my only problem with game is that the prices with gems is so high and there’s barely stuff u could buy with coins I didn’t spend my coins in so long now I have over a 100k there’s not much you could do with that so please add more stuff you can buy with coins and lower the gem prices and I absolutely love clash squad,Yes more than classic clash squad needs to be a little more challenging tho I hope this update makes it challenging’ and that’s all don’t get me wrong tho is a really good game better than Fortnite and pub g any other battle game tysm and have a great rest of your day.

- Good game

But you guys gotta fix many things especially in ranked game too many players are doing a dirty game they have the best everything, accuracy with the guns they can jump like a frog, they can run like a horse , what else ho you guys gotta change or take famas out of this game like you did with desert eagle because is the gun that help them to play dirty! With me is almost impossible to kill them when they are fur but they can do it easy with me even if I have all the components that give me more accuracy it don’t work and when we are face to face they won most of it because they jump so high and stay up for time they need to kill me less then a second and to finish please take the ice Granada !


So, I just started playing this game this year (2020) and I absolutely love it it has to much detail to the graphics and I caught on to it very quickly. In fact even my 6 yo brother knows how to play it and he’s almost better then me. At first i thought it was just a dumb knockoff of Fortnite but it’s actually way better. One thing I quite don’t enjoy about it is that we can’t change our language. I’m currently in Brazil which it puts my language to Portuguese and the people who are in the game also speaks Portuguese but I prefer to speak English so that’s pretty bummy. But other then so this game is A M A Z I N G and I def recommend it.

- Better game than pubg, Fortnite apex and cod

So I just wanna day that this game is amazing because the graphics is good and aim is good but I have 2 problems. 1st is lag, yes lag, whenever I play clash squad there always seems to be lag whenever I fight someone and then I die, 2nd is that I hate it when you have to spectate your teammate when you die so I have a suggestion. ADD REVIVAL PLANES until the last one takes off when there is 10 people left, so if your teammate dies then you get their dog tag and they are in the revival plane for the next 1-2 minutes so Add that if your planning on next update pls respond to this because this is gonna bring lost players back TRUST ME AND RESPOND PLEASE

- My favorite game

I’ve been play this game for like 2 years and I play a lot, literally everyday. What I like about this game is I could play with friends and chats, talks. If you finding a survival games this would be a recommended game for you. This game was really fun and I’m even a girl. After I playing for while a became so much better with all my skills. Hope that it will have more events to get stuff because for who that can’t be able to has gems to buy stuffs. Overalls I really really love this game and became my favorite game most of the time. I I hope this game gets more successful and keep updating guys

- I like to play but it has disappointed Muslim

Hello Iam Muslim and I always support Allah but I saw that Adam character and EvE I saw that they write I saw on Adam s writing that he is the first man in the earth he walk that is not good because he has said the bad thing our prophet Musa (s) was walk first in this earth and EvE also write the same but EvE is woman she also write I am the first woman on this earth why u guys disappointed us Muslims if u don’t love Muslims than ignore than why u just write that in Muslims and elimdevils friend and u guys support them me and my all the friends deleted this game for dissapointing Muslim and in free fire I saw there is a chair and that chair is for devils friend and we call the devils friend darjal

- Love this game!

I really enjoy playing this game. It has a lot of fun options for games. Unfortunately, I’m giving it 3 stars because of the region problem. When I started playing this game, I was able to join teams with my friends and family members who play Free Fire from México. Now, I get members who do not speak English or Spanish and I really dislike that they changed that. It becomes Beijing at times when I don’t get a group I can communicate with. Yes, I have emailed customer service and they said there is nothing they can do, for now. I would definitely give it 5 stars if we can play with any region we prefer.

- Love it❤️!!

I downloaded this game thinking so I would not like it or have no interest in it but I played it and loved it there are great people in this game you could communicate with!! But lots of people meant ask for socials. Anyways you have lots of options of guns and you have teams of 4 sometimes 3 and you work as a team to defeat the other team and you have to do 3 to 4 rounds and whoever wins wins. You should definitely download I did not explain good enough sorry😅😅 But if you want to friend me My user is Meyaa45: Hope we could play just tell me. Descargué este juego pensando que no me gustaría o no tengo ningún interés en él, pero lo jugué y me encantó, ¡hay gente genial en este juego con la que puedes comunicarte! Pero muchas personas querían preguntar por eventos sociales. De todos modos tienes muchas opciones de armas y tienes equipos de 4 a veces 3 y trabajas en equipo para derrotar al otro equipo y tienes que hacer de 3 a 4 rondas y quien gane gana. Definitivamente deberías descargar No lo expliqué lo suficientemente bien, lo siento😅😅 Pero si quieres hacerte amigo Mi usuario es Meyaa45: Espero que podamos jugar solo dímelo.

- Why I started to dislike the game

Was a very interesting game until the introduction of the M1887 aka “pop shotty” or “2pop”. This shot is an overpowered. Close range weapon. It has too much damage at that far a range for a shotgun. Couple that with the FASTEST RELOAD SPEED EVER winning against this gun in the close range is next to impossible. The game has become very buggy. With an increasing number of hackers. You never know when you’re gonna be placed at a disadvantage in squad matches because the audio in the games is very unpredictable. The aim of the guns. Are also so random. One moment you’re shoot and 90% of the shots are gonna miss Meanwhile in other moments a person could be using the same gun and you’re hit with a random headshot. Just bring back the old FreeFire

- Hakers

Garena, I'm already tired of the hakers, I'm a North American region, they changed me without asking anyone's opinion, they changed the region in their favor and my only complaint is that I'm in a region where there are only hakers, and why can't I play better a game in peace when I know that there is a haker and maybe the first ring begins and we are all dead 😤, the only thing I ask is that all accounts are well received or that they put an anti hack or that they change region for at least those who have time playing with you, I've been playing since beta 2018 came out, I have tests, my account is level 73, and maybe I don't have the legendary passes, but I do have the normal ones, sakura, hip hop, all of them, and I'm already tired of the hakers, I just hope with this at least they get in touch

- Amazing but it’s the diamonds

I absolutely love this game but its the diamonds that is bother me! I feel like you should be able to get at least a few diamonds by doing challenges or leveling up! I think if someone wants a lot then you should keep the purchases if that makes sense! Like I really want emotes but my parents said no! Whenever I try to place a gloo wall it is like a 5 second delay or most of the time, so if you could please just give us diamonds by doing challenges and fixing the gloo wall delay it would be nice, and one more think it keeps saying that my “file was corrupted” how do I fix that?

- Entertaining and fun by far

I have been playing this game for over a year I played almost every day. The character is full customized and well balanced. To become a hero character you really need to compete; that gives this game the awesomeness. Don’t have to buy anything yet it’s great when you do. I will love if they find a way to protect your character more and be able to shelter yourself better. I remember when they first started and all the trajectory it has gather, I hope it keeps on growing and make it the best there is in survival mode. 5stars

- Copied PUBG Mobile

I downloaded this game one night to check it out. The first thing I noticed was how similar it was to PUBG Mobile. This is a good thing, PUBGM has great mechanics and to see another game mimic this is interesting. I played my first game and instantly noticed many different problems. The gun fights were not intense at all; sensitivities should be more customizable. It felt like I was dragging my finger for ages. I always play with Gyroscope, but it is impossible to use on this game. There’s also a render glitch where you can see people through grass when you ADS from long range. All of this could be looked over IF this game didn’t directly COPY the flight and parachute audio from PUBGM. The sounds are exactly the same, it’s honestly unbelievable to think they thought we wouldn’t catch that.

- Good Game, however...

Positives: Gameplay is as good as can be expected. Graphics are really good, but not so good as to cause issues. Nice variety of weapons and upgrades. Negatives: Good luck having teammates that speak English... renders the in game chat useless. Would be nice to have vehicle upgrades such as armor, or a muffler. Would also be nice to have a more interactive environment. Barrels, gas tanks, crates etc that can be shot up. Not every one wants to spend real money in a game, how about a way to get diamonds other than purchasing with real money? Would also be great to obtain weapons in loot crates. Also, lots of in game money wasted on crates that contain items for the opposite sex. Can’t use them

- Convert coins to diamonds

I like this game, though I don’t know much about guns, it doesn’t matter, I enjoy this game, but I just wonder how to get diamonds without paying anything, I have lots of coins, but all the stuff and characters I want, all have to get with diamonds, there’s literally nothing I can find that uses coins. All I ask is that we convert our amount of coins to diamonds and then it’s easier that way, therefore, everyone can have their own favorite character to play, without waiting to receive and keep playing many matches just to get them. It takes days to get them and I just really hope y’all can change that and we can enjoy free fire even more than ever. Thank you!

- What u Should I add.

Hey there my name is Andrew and I wanted to talk about free fire and what you should add it in it so my cousins and I were talking about this and we thought you should add free flyer on PlayStation because a lot more people would like to play it and you should also make it free we would really love free fire so much I would get addicted to it I would fight with my cousins just to get on the PS4 to play 😂 and you shall also make it so we can play on mobile and also play with people on PS4 thank you and hope you read this sincerely, Andrew

- Game is good but

This game is good to play but there is one thing that is not good is that we can’t get enough diamonds and I recommend to include something in game where we can get diamonds easily like give some tasks to earn diamonds and also the magic cube. I’ve been playing for a more than a year and never received any magic cube so there should be a way to get it. It’s fun to get new clothes and the only way we can get those clothes is by buying them. I don’t want to spend money on game to buy new clothes. So to engage more people you need to improve on that make it more fun and interesting. Thanks!!

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- Another review about a week later after my previous review

So again this game is fun but I thought of 2 more problems So basically whenever I play duos or squads on br ranked whenever I die first I’ll try to leave the game and the message “ur teammates r tryna revive u u sure u wanna leave “ will pop up and I’ll say yes but whenever I do so it won’t give me any br points so basically I have to watch my teammates for about 5 mins if the game to get me rank points so y can’t u just have it so that ppl can leave as soon as they die and get rank points The second problem is the game punishing u whenever I try to play br ranked so whenever I die at the start if the game the game would punish me and reduce my rank points y like one time I got like 4-6 kills all at the start of the game but wen I died, the game basically reduced my rank points also wat if someone is saving up something from the rank shop so they keep playing ranked br but there terrible at the game so the only thing there getting is reduced rank points so how about u don’t punish ppl and how about u reward them with rank points So can u add the things i talked about in this review

- Meh..

It’s really good if you have the storage to have it. It takes up a lot of space, but it’s.. kind of.. worth it. The graphics are.. meh.. I mean, comparing it to the photos that they show to you, it’s terrible. But, it’s pretty fun and challenging. It’s basically fortnite but like: “hey change it up a bit so the teacher doesn’t notice” type of game. I honestly don’t like it that much because: 1. Every clothing, accessories, etc, that you buy only last a few days until it’s not accesible to you anymore, so you have to buy it again. 2. It’s like a money grab. If you want a nice skin you have to pay for it. Almost everything that they show to you, you have to pay it. It would be better if they could make it so that you could pay stuff with your own money that you earned throughout the game, but NOPE. You cAn do it, but basically nothing that they show to you. 3. I already said this but, the graphics are horrible. My eyes hurt. I mean I understand why, cause it’s a mobile app, but holy jesus. 4. I don’t really like the idea that you have to download every single thing you buy. Like, for example: you buy something you really like, and then you have to download the entire pack. I saved my money to buy it, and now I can’t even have it cause I don’t have enough space? It’s annoying.

- To: free fire

This game is really really good and hard but can you guys fix some problems like it takes so much connection 1. I need to pay so much money to get things I was thinking if you guys can fix that problem like if someone joins a game and if someone wins that game it will give like a card and if someone gets 10 of those cards they will get 1000 diamonds 2. I need to unlock them? Back to diamond problem I mean it already takes so much money to pay now you need unlock them WHAT??? In one of the updates you guys NEED to fix that if you guys don’t fix that problem I will rage quit if you guys can fix the problems this will be the best game ever

- Good but...

This game is a pretty good copy off player unknowns battlegrounds but there are some things that should be improved like this, when you jump out of a car 🚗 while you are driving accidentally and you run for it when you get to the car it glitches in front of you + there aren't any grenades in the game which is annoying and I wish there were knives to stab people but other than that it is a good game.

- Amazing! Just some bugs

If this game can be rated 5+ starts I would, this game is just amazing! You can vc with friends, add friends, 1v1, 2v2 or other things but there is only something wrong. Whenever I buy diamonds, it never goes on the bar, last time I brought some diamonds and it wasn’t there, I updated it and so much but it wouldn’t come so I never brought any. If you can fix this bug I will be very pleased 🙏

- To free fire

The best game I ever played it is better than pubg it feels good when you have time for playing the time when safe zone comes But it needs a better graphics and a great display But it is great when I see new season and new updates I become excited for this new update please fix the graphics I can highly recommend everyone to play FREE FIRE!

- Nice but add this options please.

This is a very good game and I am playing it from 2019 and enjoying it. It would be so much better if you add TPP and FPP mode to the game. It's mentionable that when we reload the weapons the character doesn't even take out the magazine out of the gun and this means make the game more realistic. If you can please add the peek and fire option to the game. Add helicopter, doors, 6x scope and 3x scope. Remove red dot scope from guns.

- Pretty good😁👍 but...😕

Well I absolutely love the game much skill required and awesome experience BUT there is literally only one thing I have a problem with, I play on iPhone 4s running iOS 9.3.5 and every second game the game crashes at the 1 minute before you jump out of the plane where you just run around and stuff like I said don't have any other problem with the game so please take this into consideration and fix it!!! PLEASE.

- I love it!

It is really lovely and fun! A lot of my family members really like the game, bit of probs but it’s awesome! But I think when a person gets out, or goes AFK for the whole round or every 1-2 mins or more seconds/mins I think (In clash squad ranked ) the team shouldn’t loose ANY stars. So anyway… the game is great! You should try it for yourself, it’s good for any device :)

- Worth the download 👍🏽

This game is good, easy to get used to and not as complex as the other battleground games out there. Only a few suggestions: • More character customization options like hair styles or something would be nice. Sick of seeing everybody that looks the same lol • Grenades would be nice since a lot of people like to camp houses on top of stairs and its very hard to kill them because they can see you run up but you cant see them • More profile character icons. Idk why my character has hair but my profile icon looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad 😂😂😂 • You can only get 800 gold per day so it would be nice if it was higher or even unlimited amount would be great

- Nothing can top this game

I really like this game but the thing is it takes so much storage just for downloads and sometimes the game dosent even load in or kicks me out immediately and something happened to my cousin were it said like corrupted file or something so can you check what happened to the game?

- Hackers

I only got one problem with this game. HACKERS 😐 like every time I shoot them in the head X2 they just run in the same spot (if that makes sense) they don’t move they just run in the same spot and when I shoot them they don’t die but when they shoot me I die straight away? Like it makes me furious

- ...

I don’t know what to say....this app is very good. Well I should say that it is AMAZING. Never have I ever played a game as amazing as this one. The thing is that I hate how you have to pay to pay to get diamonds. It is almost impossible. I love every update because it just gets better and better. I love the app.

- Need a few more modifications

I absolutely love the game but the only problem with it is that there aren’t a wide range of weapons to choose from and when it comes to the maps, there are only 2-3 maps in which you can play in

- Unbelievably good game

Honestly you guys have nailed this game, a mini version of battlegrounds with good graphics, veichles, big selection of weapons and attachments, a massive map with 30 players and insanely fun gameplay.. and the controls are spot on.. really impressed with how simple and easy the game is to play. Looking forward to future updates keep up the good work!!

- Cheaters buying their way to the top

If you want people to buy upgrades then put them in a different league!!! You try and play the game honestly and level up and it’s just filled with hackers and cheaters in the higher leagues. You literally get a minute into the game and get shot once with a pistol from ages away and die instantly it’s a load of bs just going to stop playing until my rank goes down again and it’s actually fun playing with people that don’t buy/hack their way to the top

- I love this game

I am a veteran who has been playing since Day 1 on free fire it has changed a lot but I would please like you to bring back the free fire 2017 lobby song and on Halloween add the zombie mode from 2017 also it would be very nice to bring back memories

- Best of the best

If I could I would give this 10 billion stars the graphics are fantastic pitch with detail and position and the detail of weapons superb and the sound effects are the best unlike other games how do I say victory it is Boyayar Which is Fantastic change

- Nice

This deserves a 5 stars but when I started there is like a thing that give Andrew and other character in certain levels. But I didn’t get any characters so, I don’t have Andrew. I would like of you to make it so we can purshase Andrew in the store. THANKS YOU!!!

- By watching ads for getting diamonds

Hello garena I am a student and I don’t have bank account and I can’t purchase bundle,elite pass etc please garena I request you to bring system by watching ads for getting diamonds hope you understand our feelings your dear survivor

- Indian server selling everything👎😑

This game disappoint me every time. In Indian server, you have given all the old and rare items in diamonds and through giveaway. It is not necessary to give the jersey set through booyah app. Only elite dresses are left to sell 😡. I know,someday, garena will sell old elite dresses too. No value and respect to old players😔Garena is being money minded everyday.😑 They should think about wish of old players too. Totally disappointed 😟( especially Indian server)👏🏼

- Great game

I like free fire a lot, it’s a good version of PUBG but hackers, I have encountered many of them, and only been rewarded for banning one please fix it, also could u add an EMP grenade or something to stop cars from Driving for a little and turrets in rampage from shooting this would be a great addition to this game keep up the good work

- Best mobile Third Person Shooter game I’ve ever played!

OMG!!! THIS UPDATE IS LOOKING PRETTY DOPE!!! I’ve been playing this game for a year or so, and it has always satisfied my thirst for challenge and adrenaline!! The gameplay and game modes are entertaining and even more fun when playing with friends. I’m glad this game was made. Thank you! Garena Int. for this masterpiece.

- It's great but their's problems!

I started playing this last 2 weeks and it is fun cause it's real easy killing all the noobs around the map but the worst thing is the lag! Like omg fix the lag guys I always get I lag when I am in the middle of a shoot out or when the game starts the lag is in the game forever and the update did nothing either to help. It's a fantastic game with the cheap graphics for free and the guns are cool but please fix the lag bro.

- Something weird happened

Hello So I have been playing for 2 weeks and for some reason I managed to get 210 HP I’m NOT a hacker but I think this happened when I used a First aid kit I liked it but it was weird so I guess it’s was a glitch.

- The best game

The game is like you are in war well it is in war with other player but it is very fun.I like the custom game but my favorite mode is clash the mode is so cool I almost play it everyday after school or the weekend I like the fast car.

- Free fire not opening

Your client version is different from the one under operation . Unable to continue the game please go through this issue and solve quickly Iam waiting for the reply

- Introduce Gyroscope

I would love to see the gyroscope feature in Free fire too. As an mobile esports player, I’ve played a bunch of battle royal games but this game was my least priority because it lacks what makes a mobile player one of the most lethal player around, The Gyroscope. It’s just my opinion tho. No one has to agree on that but I would love to see Gyroscope being introduced to FF.

- Good game just the Lagging

Have a really bad lagging time even tho I have unlimited Wifi at home and the only person using it. And what's even annoying is when me and my bf play when u shoot at someone they don't even die at all even tho there just standing there and reloading their gun it's like no matter how many times you shoot at them they just don't. Feeling as the only people that goes number one are the bots

- All the new updates!

If you’re reading this don’t mind the other comments the game has many updates you can even change the graphics and FPS and ultra mode looks OP!


This game is just overall AMAZING! The mechanics and the visuals of this masterpiece really sets the whole thing of! Freefire has got to be one of the top battle ground games in the WORLD! Congrats to you guys Garena and we all hope to see some more amazing things in the game

- Best game ever

There is nothing wrong with this game. It is the absolute best. It is very close to Fortnite level, but it’s more realistic, but I’m only saying that because I not allowed to get Fortnite but remember that this is my opinion, but other then that it’s a good game👍👍🧨

- Good!

This game is really good but there are things which would have made it better if there were more maps if maps were bigger and if there was 100 player battle Royale

- I hope I get famous and my name is lokirish btw

I absolutely love this game and I am really good at it which is one of the reason I like it but some of the problems is that for the m1887 gun all the gun skins you have to use diamonds for it , if it is free I would love the game even more

- Too many noobs

This is game is good. There are good updates but there are too many noobs. I’ve been playing it for a while and I always get paired but with noobs which is really annoying because it’s not fun. Noobs don’t know how to play and we always die once we land.

- Hacker Ban

There are many hackers on Indian's server. The identity of these hackers should be banned. I think you should take a good look at these aspects of Indian server community managers and YouTubers are very bad people. They support hackers. There are still many hackers on Indian servers. Why the ban is not hackers ID. One hacker after another every two matches, why is this happening, then what is the Indian server community doing? My two requests to Garena, please ban hackers ID and keep a close eye on the Indian server community.

- Good but

The aim assist just needs to be a little stronger because it only works when you first aim in after that it’s all up to you to hit them which is hard on mobile

- Amazing, I love it

I absolutely love this game, the graphics are amazing and I love that I can play with my friends, one thing that I find annoying is I have to pay so much money to get a skirt for 24 hours, but overall its amazing!!!

- This game is fun

But they could make some adjustments 1 there to many bugs I’ve come in contact with once I went under there earth 2

- Connection Timeout for Nepali players??

Every second game we Nepalese players suffer from connection timeout and we cannot enter the game. Bowler bash was also total unfair to we Nepalese as one or two member of squad gets connection timeout and still we get point deduction. The conclusion is: event is designed in such a way that Nepalese teams should suffer as you kept the deduction rule on quitting the game and take our points after throwing us out of the game????? Same on you guys

- Hamza

hello garena developers , we are players of Europe server we started to hate the game because of the new prices : skins -lucky royal - emotes - weapons skins - fire pass unlike the other servers and we want the old way to reset accounts and diamonds back in this new update ,or we are going delete the game if you don't answer . All we want is equality between the servers and bring the old account resetting back. #we_want_our_diamonds_back_or_boycott_the_game

- Thank you

I’ve been playing this game since season 4 and on all that time the game has just gotten better but I did have a brake for 2 months but I’m glad to be back

- Good game indeed

I love this game, it has sooooo many fun features to look forward to and keeps it interesting with the daily rewards. It is great, but I swear if it keeps crashing ever second game. Imma jump off something real high

- Say No to Pay2Win

Everyone can see in the comment section, lots of small children are asking diamonds with Garena. That’s the main reason small children who are under 18 are force to suicide esp in Indian server. Please make sure you address it properly. Make a special league for those who are under 18, make sure there is no attribute in the gun and they have their own league i.e. heroic/grandmaster.

- Best game ever

This is the best game I have ever played. I have played for so many years. But I have only 1 problem. I have no diamonds in my account. Garena if you are reading this please give some diamonds to HyperxM5839Y. Thank you.🙂

- The best game

I think free fire is better that Fortnite because you can play it on a phone or iPad. I don’t have anything else to say because it’s fantastic!

- Greatest iPad game to play ever

I love how it gives you great graphics and you can change if there s blood or not if on different platforms definitely would buy

- Good Game

This is a really fun and addictive game and well done to the developer. Ive been experiencing glitching when i go to shoot and its loke the game freezes for 5 seconds and then starts again. could the developer fix this for me. Sincerely Ethan

- Best mobile game I’ve played!

This is such a good game it’s hard and easy at the same time. But the graphics need a bit of work.

- Ranked mode misuse

Whenever I play the clash squad ranked game, I receive a mail from free fire that I am misusing the mode and abusing people but my microphone is always on and now when I played this mode again, I received the same letter and now I am not able to play this mode. Why does this happen free fire? I need the answer and the same happened with my friend too

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- Gift section change

Put Skyler in free or in gift section other nice game for now

- Love the game but..

I really hope you take my following suggestions into consideration.. - add rarity to the crates (like items you can sell for coins like real PUBG) so it’s valuable - always improve by adding small things maybe guns etc - more crates or uses for coins - over time improve graphics

- Free Fire 🔥

I like free fire because you can talk with your friends and play with them and shoot people and wokung is great I love the game I give it 5 Stars 😁

- About the new server

Please put United States and Canada back to server EE.UU, there is Spanish people who play the game that live in those countries who’s accounts had a lot of money put into and now they have no one to play with but bots and new accounts.

- #mo9ati3on

نحن العرب نطالب 1-العدل بين السيرفرات 2-جعل الشخصيات بالمجان لكي يكون هناك عدل 3-تحسين البنغ بالسيرفر العربي 4-حل وتحسين مشاكل اللاعبين العرب 5-اعطاء جوائز قيمة للعرب 6-زيادة نسب الحظ باللاكي رويال وتخفيض سعره اذا لم يتم تحسين الوضع بسيرفر الشرق الاوسط سنضع لكن نجمة واحدة ونتوقف عن لعب لعبتكم وإن تحسن لكم كل الإحترام وسنضع لكم كامل النجوم مع احترامي لكم....👍👍

- good

It is good for a gun game on phones, no ads and easy controls, please make the aiming thing better though, a lot like pub g, really cool

- Worst game I’ve every played in my life

This game is so trash it’s not even funny play this game if your iq is lower then 10 and if you can’t aim for yourself

- Bruh

Lose everything and never gets to win?

- Do not invest your time or money into this game

This Battle Royale is a blatant rip-off of PUBG Mobile, it steals mechanics and play from all types of games without any creative flare. its graphics are horrible and only wants you to pay money.

- Worst game ever bad graphics

PUBG gives us better battle royale experience with good graphics this games has the worsstttt graphics in the world don’t download this game u will puke

- Fair platform for Nepal

Justices for Nepal (ping problem , didn’t get any fair platform) Thank you!

- العدل ثم العدل ثم العدل

نريد فقط العدل بين كل السيرفرات من الشرق الأوسط إلى سيرفر المطورين

- Sucks

This games utter garbage your constantly being spawned outside the man or not even spanwing and crashing your app instead there’s no quite option so you have to restart the entire app when you die screw your game you guys are idiots if your gonna publish an app make sure it’s finished instead of releasing this piece of crap should be deleted people just drive around with jeeps its stupid

- The best game

Ff is the best game then pubg pubg is trash Free fire is best

- Poisa lutne

I other words pay to win

- Lots of hackers enable to play

This game has become now a home for hackers and the players who want to play fair are not happy with this term. Please do needful so that we can enjoy the game and make sure that who so ever use hacking may be charged or punished for that step otherwise this game will not be the same as it was before. I have been playing this game from 1 year and thought that this game is cool but now I think It’s not.

- pubg but P2W

hey everyone, i’ve been playing this game for a while, and it is pay to win! the only reason i play this is due to the space issues i have. the weapon skins give buffs, you can buy characters with ability’s, and one has a revive aoe ability! it’s ridiculous, and you should move it to a specific gamemode, like pubg does with Evoground, and even then the ability’s aren’t too op. you devs don’t read this, but try making your microtransactions more cosmetic, instead of gameplay related.

- Make it like Pubg

It’s a really good game, but can you add some game play and graphics like Pubg ? And can you add more gun graphics too ? Thanks, no other problems.

- Fix your game

Fix your ping you fools and shut up about the cyclone there can’t be problem in 3countries and there was beautiful amount of ping problem in bd before the cyclone came so you should step up you game hala gadha r baccha 😑 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

- Nepal

#platform for Nepal #no discrimination to Nepal

- Force close on iPhone 6

Please fix it , still force close on iPhone 6 ,!!!????

- Auto back

iPhone 6 users have problem of auto back whenever playing rank game solo ,duo or squad fix this other the game will be down .Also ,So many partiallity in Indian server. shame on u

- Update size

Try to reduce updates size, bring on small - small updates

- Force field is ruining the game

It’s turning this game to pay to win no matter how well you play force field is a bail out please nerf this it’s super over powered

- Good

It’s good

- Love your game

Sir I love you😘game but I am your old user and and I am playing your game with over one year. Can you please give me some diamonds because I can’t buy diamonds because I am a child my id KamalGi5443X

- Bad graphics and game

It is the worst game I have ever played and graphics are worst on full graphics settings

- Stupid Game

Get Out App Store

- Cheating and stupid game will delete

Very stupid and cheating game don’t play it لعبة كلها غش كلما بلعب وبوصل لنتيجة ٣ /٠ وفجاة الفريق التاني بصير قوي وبخسرني وبصير هو ٤ وانا ٣

- Amazing game

The graphics are beautiful almost like real life I like how ypu can get vehicles and ram people over I like how the games work I would totally recommend if you don’t download the game then we’ll I don’t know if you even have a life download the game you won’t regret your decision

- Poop

Trash game ever

- Un banned me

I am banned in Cs racked so please un banned me username HUSSEIN

- This Is Awesome

My cousins suggested this game to me and said it was like PubG but free I didn't believe them now I played it and I do (spawn at plantation all the time XD)

- Better than Fortnite

These game is 99.98% better than Fortnite cause it has better graphics better guns more players and better microphone quality.

- Fix your sever

Fix your sever I am on heroic 5 star on ranked but whenever I start the game my ping does not get stable and I am not Able to play the game and my wifi is working proper. Please fix it

- Make evo guns cheaper/easier to level up

In my opinion u should add missions to level up evo guns cause for some reason there sort of expensive to level up so please do that and also fix the dam fake damage that happens cause i headshot someone and he doesn’t drop because apparently his gloo wall is faster which makes nada sense so please fix it.great game too👍🏿

- More avatar options || level 1 Players

There should be some options with the avatar for free for females. we should be able to customize the colour Anyway! Level 1 or any lower then other player level should be able to play with ppl with higher level .

- Block all cookies

When I tried to login it logged me out and I tried to login and they said disable block all cookies I disabled it and then it said enable all cookies please help me out free fire

- Hateing

There isn’t any Respect for new players I hate this Game

- Freefire

It has to much gb

- Opiniones

Quiero aportar ideas para que el juego free fire tenga mas popularidad,ayudar aportando ideas para nuevos eventos, dar ideas para skins de armas y skins de ropa y poder dar ideas para nuevas colaboraciones por ejemplo tengo algunas ideas para hacer una colaboración con el anime naruto y otra para el anime de dragón ball , para el de naruto tengo ideas para skin de ropa,armas,mascotas,Emotes,nuevos personajes,pase élite etcétera, también podría ayudar a promocionar las cosas si me otorgan la v de verificado puesto a que tengo problemas económicos

- Chê game

Game như cức 🤡

- Audio issues

This is a great game however the gaming experience has been poor lately with the audio, after connecting AirPods with the new IOS 16.0.2 the MIC does not work in the game with the AirPods and all the audio of the game gets sent back to the phone. This is very frustrating since on the phone it is harder to hear the team we are playing with. Please look in to it as I am no my the only one with this issue.

- Awesome

Very respectful, found a lot of new friends, never had a problem with the app

- Great app get it I really like it because u get to when’d get lives sometimes

it’s a really amazing way to meet and get to know new people. I’d give it a 10/10 and recommend it to other people!!

- I love this game

Awesome game and can’t wait for future updates! 😁😁😁

- Hru

Please recover my account -(2823644508)||[please please] Login in my mobile ——————

- Diamonds

Hello free fire team i topped up 520 diamond inside my free fire account but has not added diamonds to my free fire account yet. My free fire id-3828046341

- Bad

Copy pubg

- Why

Is bieber in the game.

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Garena Free Fire: Winterlands 1.94.1 Screenshots & Images

Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone images
Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone images
Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone images
Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone images
Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone images
Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone images
Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone images
Garena Free Fire: Winterlands iphone images
Garena Free Fire: Winterlands Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Garena Free Fire: Winterlands (Version 1.94.1) Install & Download

The applications Garena Free Fire: Winterlands was published in the category Games on 2017-12-08 and was developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED [Developer ID: 1335627134]. This application file size is 1.32 GB. Garena Free Fire: Winterlands - Games app posted on 2022-11-16 current version is 1.94.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dts.freefireth