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WatchChat is the first app that allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch. You only need to scan a QR code and then you are ready to roll!

With WatchChat, you can
- access all of your WhatsApp chats (and group chats)
- reply to chats via keyboard, quick replies, dictation and scribble
- use a variety of different keyboard layouts*
- view pictures (and zoom into them in native resolution)
- listen to voice messages
- customize quick replies and chat font size
- start a new chat right from the Watch
- archive chats
- …

*The currently supported keyboard layouts are:
- FlickType (English)
- ABC (English, Deutsch, Español, Português, אבגדה, Ελληνικά, Suomi, русский)
- QWERTY (English)
- QWERTY (Español)
- QWERTZ (Deutsch)
- אבגדה)עברית)
- QWERTY (Italiano)
- AZERTY (Français)

Setting up the app for the first time only takes 4 simple steps:
- open the app on your Apple Watch
- open WhatsApp
- in WhatsApp, go to "Settings" > "WhatsApp Web/Desktop" > "Scan QR Code"
- scan the QR code that will appear on your Apple Watch after 10-30 seconds
- if a popup comes up, just try again, it will work out eventually :)

As this is a 3rd-party-app, I would really appreciate if you had suggestions for further development so I can take your ideas into consideration. If you encounter issues while using the app, don't hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to help.

Please keep in mind that, as the app isn’t officially affiliated with WhatsApp, available features and functionality are subject to change. To keep up with everything, the app has been updated about once per week since its release in 2017 - I am always looking for ways to offer new features or improve the existing ones.

WatchChat for WhatsApp App Description & Overview

The applications WatchChat for WhatsApp was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-10-27 and was developed by Alexander Nowak. The file size is 42.51 MB. The current version is 1.70 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

- improved Arabic keyboard
- updated FlickType keyboard

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WatchChat for WhatsApp Reviews


Love it  Toaster_2012  5 star

Love the app with the last update 😊


Missing an important feature  Alborous  2 star

Very good app ! However it does not work when my Iwatch is working on cell only without my phone around.


Not able to use cellular  aguitem  3 star

I like all the features except that I have not been able to use it with cellular. If I am not close to my phone, I cannot use it. I downloaded to be connected with my students during trips, but it has only been working with my phone close to it. If someone can let me know how I can use it with cellular or if that feature can be added, the app would be great.

Kelly Lizbeth

Solo falta poder reponder mensajes de voz  Kelly Lizbeth  4 star

Excelente app solo falta poder responder mensajes de voz


Pésima  jajaajjajajajajaj  1 star

Es súper mala esta app no la recomiendo tengan cuidado a mi no me funciona


Don’t work very well! Disaster!  Haydut86  1 star

It don’t work on my watch 4 all the time. Don’t get my voice also even it gets writes wrong things! DONT BUY IT


Does not work  Bluekoolkruiser  1 star

Doesn’t work on my new Apple Watch series 3 . Support has not been quick to resolve.


Good but needs improvements. Not worth $2.99 as of now.  Kevoo_1  3 star

*NOT WORTH $2.99* The idea of this app is very cool, but putting it to work it seems it has been a little bit difficult for the developers. You don’t receive notifications from this app. When you get a message from the original WhatsApp, then you gotta go to this app, wait for it to refresh so you can see the latest messages and then answer them. Is it better than the original WhatsApp? Yes, because there is no WhatsApp for Apple Watch as of now, you can only instantly reply from the notifications, whenever you get a WhatsApp message. Is it worth $2.99? Hell to the no. This app should cost $0.99 just to support the developers because of the idea and the work they certainly did. But no more than that. It needs work. When this app gives you the ability to receive notifications (replace or duplicate WhatsApp notifications) and do replies without entering the app, then this app would be worth it.


Voice Notes  sslakhani  4 star

It's an excellent app, absolutely love it. But I would appreciate if you could add the feature of sending voice notes also from the watch


No te da todas las opciones que dice  norturna  1 star

No se oyen los mensajes de voz ni te deja mandar mala aplicación 👎🏻


Very satisfied!!!  edenbenovadia  5 star

I purchased three WhatsApp apps for the Watch and definitely, with no doubt this one is the best. Works smoothly and fast, designed perfect easy to use and the keyboard idea is great, works perfect. Thank you !


FIX REFRESH SPEED!!  elcangri21346  2 star

it would get my 5 stars if this app refreshes.. when i have my phone in the car and i have the watch with me and i hit the app it never refreshes, obly does it once i get back to the car where my phone is..


Awesome App  Mr.Bizo  5 star

Very nice apps . You can use it to respond to all of your WhatsApp messages . You can view pictures, listening to the voice message . Tape your message easily with the very nice new keyboard. I love it and I recommend it to all of the Apple Watch users. Thanks much !!!


If it had its own notifications...  Knarf82077  1 star

It would actually be good if it had notifications. I get the WhatsApp notification, which I can reply through instead of something from this app. So I have to leave the notification and find the app to respond? Not user friendly


Not worth it.. and not needed.  Bfrye5488  1 star

I purchased this app last night thinking that it would improve the way I communicate on WhatsApp through my watch. But it doesn’t even send WhatsApp notifications to your watch. You have to open the app on your watch, refresh it, wait a few seconds, and then you can see the conversation. I guess that’s the only purpose of this app - to see the full conversation of a chat - and I’m not sure why you would need to do that. It’s much easier to just use the WhatsApp notifications that you already get on your watch from WhatsApp and respond that way. This app doesn’t allow you to do that because there are no notifications. Therefore, this app is pretty much useless and certainly not needed.


AWESOME!!!  angelar24  5 star

Don’t worry about the negative feedback! This APP, is AWESOME!! You should try and buy it right away! Simple amazing every update!


Horrible  dtq05  1 star

I never get notifications, messages dont load, sometimes i cant even write back. It just doesn’t work on the watch.


Fails every time it try’s to connect  Smortensen  1 star

The code fails every time it reads it. Waste of money. Don’t buy this App you will end up wasting your money.


Not worth it.  ajcruz0128  1 star

I don’t think this app is worth paying for yet. Messages don’t keep up. I get a lot of messages and the app never refreshes, I have to do it manually and even then it doesn’t show me my new messages. It’s also too slow... needs a lot of improvement to be worth paying for...


4 stars  l3andro89  4 star

Works but shoulb be free, i dont get notifications on my watch if i dont open the app i wont see that some one text me

Stiftung iPhone

Bugged  Stiftung iPhone  1 star

Got stuck in wrong language. Deleted and reinstalled this app and WhatsApp on iPhone. No change. Worthless

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