WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp

WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

WatchChat is the first app that allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch. You only need to scan a QR code and then you are ready to roll!

With WatchChat, you can
- access all of your WhatsApp chats (and group chats)
- reply to chats via keyboard, quick replies, dictation and scribble
- send voice messages
- use a variety of different keyboard layouts*
- view pictures (and zoom into them in native resolution)
- listen to voice messages
- customize quick replies and chat font size
- start a new chat right from the Watch
- …

*The currently supported keyboard layouts are:
- FlickType (English)
- ABC (English, Deutsch, Español, Português, אבגדה, Ελληνικά, Suomi, русский)
- QWERTY (English, Español, Italiano)
- QWERTZ (Deutsch)
- AZERTY (Français)
- אבגדה)עברית)

Setting up the app for the first time only takes 4 simple steps:
- open the app on your Apple Watch
- open WhatsApp
- in WhatsApp, go to "Settings" > "WhatsApp Web/Desktop" > "Scan QR Code"
- scan the QR code that will appear on your Apple Watch after 10-30 seconds
- if a popup comes up, just try again, it will work out eventually :)

As this is a 3rd-party-app, I would really appreciate if you had suggestions for further development so I can take your ideas into consideration. If you encounter issues while using the app, don't hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to help.

Please keep in mind that, as the app isn’t officially affiliated with WhatsApp, available features and functionality are subject to change. To keep up with everything, the app has been updated more than 50 times since its release in 2017 - I am always looking for ways to offer new features or improve the existing ones.

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WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- voice messages playback fix

WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp Comments & Reviews

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- Good but needs improvements. Not worth $2.99 as of now.

*NOT WORTH $2.99* The idea of this app is very cool, but putting it to work it seems it has been a little bit difficult for the developers. You don’t receive notifications from this app. When you get a message from the original WhatsApp, then you gotta go to this app, wait for it to refresh so you can see the latest messages and then answer them. Is it better than the original WhatsApp? Yes, because there is no WhatsApp for Apple Watch as of now, you can only instantly reply from the notifications, whenever you get a WhatsApp message. Is it worth $2.99? Hell to the no. This app should cost $0.99 just to support the developers because of the idea and the work they certainly did. But no more than that. It needs work. When this app gives you the ability to receive notifications (replace or duplicate WhatsApp notifications) and do replies without entering the app, then this app would be worth it.

- Excellent but there’s room for improvements

This is an excellent app but it can be better. The developer has done a terrific job considering WhatsApp hasn’t put this out for us using Apple Watch and is improving it quickly. Notifications are done through Apple Watch notifications and WhatsApp. Sure you can respond to a message this way but you can’t see an entire chat or prior message once you’ve responded. Using this app you can see a chat with pictures and recordings. You can see all of your chats and choose which to respond to. You can’t do that without this app. It is definitely worth the $3 and I’m sure it will get better. Give the developer time and suggestions. Refresh can be faster. Can notifications be better? how about when receiving a notification, having a button that takes you directly to the chat? Right now if I get a notification and I want to read the thread I have to get out of notifications and open watch chat to see the conversation and respond. Thanks.

- It works!

Here are things you can and cannot do with this app on your watch: you will get all notification perfectly, you can open all the conversations you have, open a voice message, type a message (only in English unfortunately), record a voice message to become a typed message (also in English only), replay with any emoji you want, open and zoom a picture, send a quick reply (you can set your own), send a scribble. You cannot: make a voice call (but you will get a notification after someone call you), type or record a message other than English (very sadly). For me, this app deserves a 5 star for having these amazing features, but i still really wish if i can make a voice call or at least type or record a message in my language (Arabic). I hope Arabic language will be add soon by the developer. I hope you guys find this review helpful!

- Great app! ... When it works

You get most of the basic stuff from whatsapp like replying, voice messages, photos, see your recent conversations and search contacts. Overall I think it's a great app... When it works. Most of the time the app freezes and you can't see new messages also if you try to send a message it might look like it was sent but once you get into your phone you'll notice the message is not even there. You'll need to close the app, unlock your phone, sometimes even reinstall it just to make it work for a few hours before it freezes again. The app is great and I know the OS has many limitations also since this is a third party app it makes it a lot more difficult to implement all of the features available from whatsapp and make sure they work but still it needs to improve a lot, I rather have a couple of basic features cause at the end of the day the apple watch is not meant to replace your iPhone but at least have those couple features work like they should be.

- A fine and functional App

It was irritating to learn that the WhatsApp app folks have not yet modified their App to be fully compatible with the new Apple Watch I just purchased. Getting WhatsApp notifications on my watch is and was something I want and need. Fortunately I discovered WatchChat 2. It pretty much does everything I need and want it to - and it works well. A huge plis is being able to get thoughtful and quick feedback from the developer. I had a few questions regarding installation, use of, and access to the WatchChat app - and the developer answered them quickly, thoughtfully and articulately. Bottom line - not only is this a functional and incredibly useful app - but customer and technical service and help directly from the developer make it a great one, in my opinion. I don’t normally take the time to write detailed reviews - but the quality and usefulness of this app - combined with the intellogent and helpful customer support from the developer - mean a lot to me. I’m seriously recommending it.

- Not worth the money

I just bought the app and honestly would have asked for a refund if I could. The app takes for ever to load voice messages and when they start playing they suddenly stop. Also I can't lower my wrist as the minute the apple watch screen turns off the voice message stops playing. Basically the voice message feature is broken in this application which is one of the main reason to purchase the application. Also application constantly freezez and I have to relaunch it to get it to work. Finally the UI is extremely unpolished for an app that costs $3. It has potential but needs lots of improvement. Also doesn't ring when you get calls. Can't leave voice messages. Finally it didn't support gifs. Deffinetely not worth the price.

- Great App

After I learned there wasn’t a physical WhatsApp app for the Apple Watch I decided to purchase this one and try it out. In the beginning I was having trouble with setting it all up. I waited the 40-60 mark and nothing happened. The “retry” option wasn’t working either so I contacted support. They got back to me that same day with the solution to reset both my phone and the watch and pair them again. The app is now fully functioning and is great! I would recommend this app. Hopefully the app will be updated with improvements further in the future.

- It works for me, for now! *first time Apple Watch buyer*

It has worked for me at the moment, but my only complaint is that I cannot receive the notifications directly from the app for when the message arrived, reply to you through the app and not through the notification provided by the Apple Watch. Also, not being able to edit the conversations (delete, archive) directly from the watch without having to use the iPhone; not being able to see the status of WhatsApp; and the one that every time you enter the app you have to wait seconds per connection and it doesn’t do it instantly.

- It's a good app just needs improvement

Am currently using this on my watch but I notice lately it takes forever to refresh n sometimes it doesn't refresh at all if I don't keep pressing the refresh. Also when I get new WhatsApp messages and am unable to read it right away. When I try to go back in WhatsApp to reply, those messages are not there but when I check my phone it's there. I just want to go in WhatsApp without having to refresh it to get my messages. Please fix

- Not worth it.. and not needed.

I purchased this app last night thinking that it would improve the way I communicate on WhatsApp through my watch. But it doesn’t even send WhatsApp notifications to your watch. You have to open the app on your watch, refresh it, wait a few seconds, and then you can see the conversation. I guess that’s the only purpose of this app - to see the full conversation of a chat - and I’m not sure why you would need to do that. It’s much easier to just use the WhatsApp notifications that you already get on your watch from WhatsApp and respond that way. This app doesn’t allow you to do that because there are no notifications. Therefore, this app is pretty much useless and certainly not needed.

- Works great

Initially I had a bit a trouble getting the app installed to my watch, but the developer was VERY responsive when I wrote about my problem. Within a few minutes I was online and everything works great. I think my problem might have been a weak WiFi signal but at any rate, the app ranks high up on my list because the developer shows commitment to his product. So nice to have all your conversations on the watch and be able to respond right from the watch. Hats off to this app.

- It’s good

Have used the app for about a month and a half. So far I have enjoyed being able to reply through the watch, and also being able to create your own quick messages. However, from my experience you have to refresh the app on the watch and have WhatsApp open on your phone so the message goes through. Also recently I have contacted the developer and he is very good in replying about any problem or inquiry. I appreciate that.

- Good job. Keep it up

I was having trouble scanning the QR but he was intouch and helping out till i got it to work. I love it! It was worth the $3! I wish the list of my msj could refresh faster and when i get a notification to just be able to click and open the convo instead of having to close and open the app. I enjoy listening to the recording now on my iwatch and being able to see pics instead of having to get my phone out to do that.

- Top notch customer service

I recently switched to an Apple Watch Series 5 (before Fitbit Versa) and I really missed seeing my WhatsApp messages. I watched some YouTubers and they recommend this app. After having some installing issues, I contacted the customer service and let me tell you, best customer service I’ve received in a long time. Alexander guided me step by step and it’s working now and I’m thrilled to see all my WhatsApp messages on my watch!

- So far, works w/ Apple Watch 4, iOS 13.1

I tried some of the other free alternatives and couldn’t get them to work. I’m surprised such a popular messenger service doesn’t offer a native client for the Apple Watch. Having said that, I haven’t noticed any recent reviews and, if you’re like me, wanted something recent that gave a little more indication of what’s working. I set it up in a matter of seconds, much like the other alternatives, which reaffirmed the other ones didn’t work. This one populated the messages and I’m able to scroll through. I wish there were ways to better show the different groups (IE bold/different font), but guessing Apple causes some limitation, perhaps. I use WhatsApp a lot, and for me, just having something display the messages I see on a group chat is worth it. I’ll update the review once I use it more.

- Not able to use cellular

I like all the features except that I have not been able to use it with cellular. If I am not close to my phone, I cannot use it. I downloaded to be connected with my students during trips, but it has only been working with my phone close to it. If someone can let me know how I can use it with cellular or if that feature can be added, the app would be great.

- Best Watch App for WhatsApp

It’s not perfect but I’ve tried all of the watch apps for WhatsApp and this is the best out there and it gets better every day. The developer is quick to respond to issues and releases updates regularly. Easy and quick to send and receive messages and photos, soon it’ll have the ability to send voice messages, I can’t wait!

- Great but

so far the app is great. any issue you have, you can email the developer and he responds promptly. my only two things is that I have difficulty being able to hear the audio messages and also, the Flicktype keyboard was better how it was. now you have to actually press a space bar rather than slide to the side. I just prefer the old keyboard

- Very good App

I bought the watch and i don't know that it doesn't have the whats app and i started to look to download any other app and none of them worked so this app is perfect and i don't know why people give bad rating even if you have an issue the developer Alexander is so helpful and he can help you right away so thank you for your help

- Works well

I downloaded it to have the ability to initiate a whatsapp conversation from my apple watch when needed, and it gets the job done. I tried all the alternative apps that are free and none worked. This one works well so far and it loads very quick. 👏 to the developer! Looking forward to further enhancements!

- Brilliant app and wonderful dev!!

Very pleased with this purchase. I very briefly had trouble getting it to sync up properly between my watch and the what'sapp app on my phone and so I emailed the dev for support. They returned my email like half an hour later, and bada bing bada boom, fixed! Super happy to have this app, as I rely on whatsapp for communication with some of my friends. Thanks for a great app!!!

- Great Support

I just installed the App and because I was not following the instructions correctly the App was not reading the WhatsApp messages at all but I sent an email to the Developers asking for their support and I got a very fast response and they solved my problem very quickly. Special thanks to Alex for his quick reply and effective support. Best Regards, Dimas

- synchronization

This is a personal experience. I had a problem with the synchronization of my Apple Watch with the WatchChat application, which I had just installed. I wrote to the support and they gave me attention and solution in less than 20 minutes. Excellent service and quality. My 5 stars

- Doesn’t play well with desktop version of WhatsApp

If you are using the desktop version of WhatsApp it will log you out as you can’t use both. This isn’t a shortcoming of the app but ultimately might make it unusable for you. There wasn’t a warning for this in the app description on the App Store. Otherwise it works well.

- It works!

I tried a different app. I could not get it to work. WatchChat worked right away. I had one question and when I emailed support, I received an answer that worked, very quickly. I am thankful I can now use WhatsApp on my Apple Watch. My belief is that it was worth the small cost.

- This app is Amazing

It is an amazing application for applewatch, I think that is what I was looking for, to be able to see images search for chat answer them. I recommend to you guys, and best of all, if you have a problem you can contact the creator by email, he answers instantl.

- Just amazing

This app is the solution to use WhatsApp from your Apple Watch, a simple way to review your old and new chats, send messages and open some media like photos (is basically WhatsApp Web). Highly recommended if you use this messaging service frequently.

- It’s worth it!

There have been major updates and the app gets better and better. People may have given a poor review because it crashed over the weekend, but Alex released updates and it worked just fine. Very convenient app. I recommend it.

- Great App and...

The developer actually answered my email within a few hours. I love this app. It gets the job done! I can see when messages comes in on the iwatch. I had initially a connection problem, I emailed the developer and he solved it for me! Highly recommend!

- Real Apple Watch breakthrough

For some reason Facebook and Whatsapp show no official love for the Apple watch, and that's too bad. This app really goes above and beyond to go around all limitations and provide a solid expirience for the watch. Sure, it's not connected to notifications. But hey, that's an OS technical restriction. Image previews, alternate inputs mechanisms and a quick slick expirience shows the deep thought and extensive work done to provide such an excellent product. Overall, worth the money. Let's hope it will keep improving at lease until an offcial client becomes available.

- Awesome App

Very nice apps . You can use it to respond to all of your WhatsApp messages . You can view pictures, listening to the voice message . Tape your message easily with the very nice new keyboard. I love it and I recommend it to all of the Apple Watch users. Thanks much !!!

- A bit improved

Please keep the updates coming. It is slowly improving. But it’s still not good enough for me to count on this app to receive and reply to messages because they still don’t go through at times unless I am just replying.

- The next best thing

Great app that allows you to view complete messages you receive on WhatsApp including images and videoa and reply easily. The missing star is for not receiving notifications so looking forward to this update. Highly recommended

- Thank goodness!

So happy to have this in my watch to facilitate my what’s app chat. I had a hard time downloading at first (user error), but then support team was responsive, helpful, and patient. Worth the purchase for sure.

- Very satisfied!!!

I purchased three WhatsApp apps for the Watch and definitely, with no doubt this one is the best. Works smoothly and fast, designed perfect easy to use and the keyboard idea is great, works perfect. Thank you !

- Scam

Does not work properly, everything feels awkward and not responsive, bugs all over the place. No notification, when you open a group chat with a lot of unread messages it shows the last ones (does not show the old unread one, just the last few) When you open a chat it does not mark it as read. It’s all just a scam, going to file for refund

- Great Suppor!!

I had a couple self-caused issues while installing and support response was the best! Great App - Closest to real WhatsApp available in the market and works great! Very user-friendly! Nice job on developing! Absolutely recommend.

- A+++

It’s a great, i love the improvement on every update. Keep up the good work... love the app and will recommend it to everyone... we only need 2 thing now(send new message & notifications.)👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

- Please update app for watchOS 6!

Now works on watchOS 6. Still has severe limitation such as requiring a person to open whatsapp on their phone before the watch app can connect to whatsapp. Previous: Not watchOS 6 compatible. Worked great, 5 star on watchOS 5.

- Voice Notes

It's an excellent app, absolutely love it. But I would appreciate if you could add the feature of sending voice notes also from the watch

- Watch

I love the app, the only thing I am waiting for is to be able to listen to WhatsApp voice notes directly on my watch with out having to take out my phone

- Not a great app

I should‘ve listened to the reviews. This app has good intentions but fails to deliver. It will only update messages if the app is on your Watch’s screen, and takes a long time even over good wifi. There are no notifications of new incoming messages. Some sent messages are never sent and you get no warning about it. Wish I could get my money back

- The App works as expected! I recommend!

I have been using this app since I bought my Apple Watch. It’s a game changer for those who use WhatsApp at their phones. The customer support also by the developer is also very nice. I had a problem trying to sync the app again after a did a reset on my Apple Watch. I sent him an e-mail and he promptly reply me with some troubleshooting hints. Then BINGO!

- Totally worth the purchase!!

I came back in just to leave a comment, thank you for making this app. It performs perfectly 👌🏼

- Worked.

First try it didn’t work. I contacted Alex and he gave me the troubleshooting. Now it works! It also gives me a notifications. Nice app.

- Pls Make this app work for cellular

This app only works properly When my phone is with me. I want to be able to see the whole conversations and stay updated while I’m exercising and running errands without my phone. PLS UPDATE THIS!!!

- Not worth it at all.

Since this app doesn’t not received any notifications it automatically turn to be not worth. Takes a lot of time to open the new messages. And overall after few weeks of the purchased it stop working properly. I want a refund!

- Perfect update

I just tried the new voice note feature right from my Apple watch, it’s TERRIFIC!! well done guys 👍🏻👍🏻

- It is very unusable!

the messages arrive very late and when you reply they last a lot to be sent, also when you can use your iPhone and you go to WhatsApp and see the conversation you answered, it says that you have not seen the message when you actually answered it. it is very uncomfortable '

- Hello

This is the worse . Why would I have to open watsapp on my phone all the time so Message’s can refresh. Might as well I keep my original watsapp on my phone. I just waste my money. I have a cellular watch and I can’t even receive notifications while I’m away from the phone . Please fix this issue

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- good but can be better

it takes long to load and even after while and taping “retry” does not load. it’ll be great if it can include both scribble and emoji in one message...and also more than 1 emoji per message

- Good Work but still need more to fix and add functionality

Hi I really appreciate your hard work but still the app needs to do more work and fix the problems and the glitches and to be more faster when you open the app for some reason the app doesn’t update the chats list still shows 30 to 40 hours ago every time even I tried to force restart the app on my watch series 3 cellular but still not update my chat list also please please I want you to add ARABIC Keyboard and I want to add function let the videos play on the Watch also please why the app not working when my iPhone not with me I have the series 3 Apple Watch Cellular please update the app so it can work without My iPhone X so I can receive and send messages also another problem when I want to hear voice message it will play but when the Watch screen turns off or sleep the voice will stop playing please can you fix and find solution to let the voice message play even when the screen off or sleep Thank you so much for your hard work and I know you been working hard to make this app as perfect as you can please get back to me as quick as possible and I can’t wait anymore longer to see what I’m asking and want from you to make this app the best app on AppStore Once again Thank you so much

- Works very well

You have to turn on Apple Watch notifications for the official WhatsApp on your phone. Once you do that, you will get WhatsApp notifications on your watch. You can then open WatchChat to view the new messages. Updates fast on Series 4 watch. Great effort, given the constraints. Developer responds quickly to email, and regularly updates the app.

- A Total Waste Of Money

Bought this app thinking that it would be better than the native Apple Watch WhatsApp notifications. What an Absolute Total Disappointment. Every time it’s opened, it tells you to wait for 10-40 seconds to update. And, if it doesn’t update then you’re expected to tap on [Retry]. But all this is just for show. It never Updates At All. The messages are hours, if not days out of date, All The Time. The Developer should, at the very least, allow a Free Trial Period, if not provide a Refund. It Doesn’t Even meet the Australian Mandatory Consumers Refund Policy.

- Could be improved

The app works well, I can listen voice message, but I can not record. This app is mostly used to send message overseas, in foreign languages, and doesn’t work with other languages than English. Even voice writing tool haven’t other options than English, I’m not native speaker so with my accent is useless.

- Great app but doesn't work without your iPhone

Does the job well in the absence of an official WhatsApp app. For me 2 things are missing - 1) doesn't work on cellular with my watch b) doesn't allow WhatsApp phone calls. I'm quite new to the Apple watch so if the above does work and I just don't know how to set it up then please do let me know!!

- Fast, reliable and great development

Developer updates app all the time, meaning this is now by far the fastest WhatsApp app for the watch, and with the FlickType keyboard, also a really intuitive way to use WhatsApp on a small screen.

- Rubbish. Not worth getting at all.

Bought the app which I rarely do and was unpleasantly not surprised at how bad it is. Loading takes ages (I have the latest Apple Watch), not good to look at and simply is not functional at all. It feels like a college students first attempt at an application. Awful. Give me my money back. I even got my wife to buy it thinking it would do a good job and she hates it also. Worst app I’ve ever bought hands down.

- Doesnt work independently for cellular Apple Watch 4

I setup the app as per instruction on my cellular Apple Watch 4. As soon as my iPhone is on flight mode or switched off or left at home, the Watch doesnt send or recieve any WhatsApp messages on Watch’s cellular network. Does this app only work on bluetooth or it works independently on cellular Apple Watch 4 and I am setting it up wrong. Please help

- Great app, but please note you need to use phone and watch

Not working without the phone.

- No notifications

I tried everything but still no notifications can be seen on Apple watch and this app without notifications doesn't make any sense to download. I can easily look to my phone. Waste of money.

- LTE?

Works well on Bluetooth but doesn’t seem to refresh on LTE. Possible to fix?

- Pretty poor effort. Not satisfied

Fair effort for giving it a try but really slow for New messages to come through and update. Won’t be wasting my time using this app.

- Good app! Does what is supposed to do!!!


- watchchat

Wonderful app for Whatsapp. Try it, works very well.

- App is good, a few glitches but improving all the time

A really good option for you if you want whatsapp notifications on ur Apple Watch. Quick. With some standardised replies. Improving with each update- not going backwards like some of these solutions.

- Total waste of money

Got it installed on my I watch but could not get it to work. For some reason it totally messed with the passcode. The I watch constantly shut down and then required me to input my passcode, would do that then the screen would go black reopened the watch and required to input passcode again. Managed to finally open the app on the watch and the phone shut down again AND had to re-enter passcode. Basically left my I watch unusable for other apps. Finally deleted the app after 10 minutes. Total waste of money and am feeling I was ripped off. ADVICE: DO NOT BUY THIS APP AS IT DOES NOT WORK. YOU WILL PAY MONEY FOR AN APP THAT DOES BOT WORK AND WILL MESS WITH YOUR IWATCH.

- Finally the wait is over! I can use WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Just bought Apple Watch series 3 and I’m happy that I can receive and send messages via Watchapp. Can’t wait for the app to have more functions. Thanks for the hard work.

- Don’t wast your money

Nothing work even I’ve got the series 3 watch u can’t listen to voices even its untouchable I wish I listened to the previous reviews and didn’t purchase it So if you don’t believe give it a go and see for yourself I contacted the developer and he goes we sorry the hear that can you be specific with the problem even I had told him I can’t listen to voices and it’s untouchable so u better save your money and save your time

- It works!

It does everything I needed check my messages and reply them \o/ I wish I could listen to my voice messages and see emoticons but maybe in future versions good job! 😁

- Not happy

Tried 20 times to scan code - still Can’t get it to work - feel like I have wasted money ...

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- FlickType support

A pretty good app, but I’m currently having issues with flicktype integration. Any support on this? It seems it doesn’t completely download.

- Like it!

Good application for apple watch. Immediate response from the supporting team.

- Awesome!

I'm not one to write reviews, this may be my 2nd one I've written. This app is literally gets better with every update! I've emailed with a concern in the past and the developer replied himself and was able to troubleshoot, fix the problem and educate me. Something I was not expecting but really appreciated it! Keep it up!

- Doesn’t update very slow

Very disappointed, unfortunately. I have to open the app wait for almost 15-30 seconds to get the message to be downloaded with pictures or text. This is not a smooth experience at all. I have an Apple Watch series 4.

- Working Fine So Far

I got this app on Apple Watch 5, so far so good as I am using it for the first time. No issues thus far, I send voice messages, load media and listen voice messages from other ppl. Overall good so far, will see if it will continue working. The only drawback I see in this app so far is that fact that messages won’t show on my Apple Watch notification centre, other than that it seems fine thus far.

- not worth it

the waiting 30 seconds for the app to connect to send a message ruins the whole point... might as well pickup my phone

- Fix the bug

Can you guys please fix the bug of 5-40 seconds wait before I can view my latest messages? It would be of great help. Thank you!

- Good app

Works great!!!

- I loved it

I loved this app on watch but i want to know how we can send voice messages on whatsapp that was the big reason i spent money on this app please lemme know asap

- It’s working now

Initially it was not working for me. I gave 1 star and then bug is fixed now. Quick response from the app team. Thanks for the help

- Waste of money

Plz revert my purchase, its not scanning the qr code and i am bot able to see chats in my watch total waste

- not working at all!

Please give me back my money, I'm just wasting my time waiting for this f * app download on my Apple watch and it never ends! Please do something better!

- Great app

This is a great supplement app to have on your watch. I had a few issues at first but thanks to the exemplary support from its team it now works fine. Very happy with it and it’s developers.

- This one works!

Finally after tried few different app, this is the one with a 100% positive response. I really recommend this , also the customer service at very high standard. The best. Thank you.

- Much better!

App is much better than before with this update. I'd still like to see how the developer can incorporate the ability to start a new conversation. Otherwise, a big improvement in both quickness and functionality.

- App is not working properly can’t get a refund

I’ve purchased this app to work with my AW4 and Iphone Xr. No, notifications are coming. The new content is shows on my watch, only when the whatsapp app was opened on the Iphone, which makes this app absolutely useless . Also it takes about 5-10 sec to load a full resolution for new content on my watch. I’ve tried to refund it, but Apple declined my request while the payment is still under pending conditions. It just a waist of money and looks like a scam. Not sure what to do?

- Great App; Great Responsiveness

I love this app. It lets me speak to family with having to go dig my phone out of my purse. The 5-40 second delay is only to refresh chats. Because the notifications pop up immediately (as fast as they do on my phone) I can respond to those quickly and not fall behind. The developer is ridiculously fast at responding to emails and updates the app almost as quickly. I am very impressed.

- Dont ever buy

Please dont waste your money on it, Didn’t even worked once

- It’s ok

The app would have been perfect if I would receive messages directly on my Apple Watch instead of on my iPhone. I am Apple to send messages fine but receiving a msg won’t show unless I open what’s app on my phone and then it will show up on my watch. Really annoying. Don’t waste your money.

- It works, but I don’t use it

It works. However, it’s slow, and it doesn’t send notifications. What does this mean? You get the regular notification, you dismiss it and the, look for this app and open it. Once you click on it, it takes 20 seconds to sync so I end up checking the message on the phone. The concept behind the Apple Watch is to see notifications quickly and this app doesn’t allow it.

- Works absolutely perfect.

For those of you searching for a reliable WhatsApp app on your Apple Watch this is it. I first tried chatify and it was garbage, but this one is worth the money. Definitely recommend you buying it. I don’t know why there is people saying it doesn’t work in the reviews... perhaps when it first came out it had problems. But it’s 100% now. Absolutely 5 star performance. Even comes with a complication for my watch face. If you want a working WhatsApp app buy this one. You won’t regret it.

- Very responsive

Just installed the app on my AW4 and must say I am pretty impressed. Very easy to use and very quick to browse through the chats. I would recommend displaying the avatar beside the contact name. It would make the interface look nicer for sure. Other than that, only compliments - I do enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

- Terrible waste of money

Only worked the first time. Would never work with the Apple Watch from then on.

- Need improvement

It’s not good. Can’t send voice message.

- Fake reviews for sure.

Hey guys, I’m an avid Apple user and leave good and bad reviews. This app is terrible. It doesn’t refresh. Photos and attachments are terrible time. Nothing here is real-time. Was never meant to be real-time. Don’t buy this app. The reviews are just...

- The app we deserve!

It works like a dream. You get notifications through the WhatsApp notifications, and you can reply with a built-in keyboard, or with the usual scribble, dictate, etc. You can open WatchChat through its Complication and compose new messages. App stays signed-in, much like the desktop application. Dev is prompt, courteous and patiently explains ins and outs. HIGHLY recommend this app.

- App stopped working

App has stopped working, all I see is the qr code won’t synch with WhatsApp. Please fix

- Latest update

Can’t see the chats on Watch only shows QR code even after scanning. Please fix.

- Not that great

It has its use , but most of the time the app on the watch doesn’t update and doesn’t get the notification

- Good job

this is app is amazing working good with me that what i was need , it’s worth it the money , keep updating the app for best , thanks

- Love the concept...but a lil slow

Kudos for the effort, demo worth paying for coz I hope it gets better over time. Been waiting for this ever since I first Got my Apple Watch, but I don’t ry use the app since it takes forever to sync. Hope in the future it’ll sync in live real-time and acc make the app usable

- Whatsapp

Followed the instructions and the app isn’t working

- Great support!

I’d like to thank Alexander for some trouble shooting. But he went beyond cal of duty responding on Christmas Day which was not expected! Thank you. Finally WhatsApp on my Apple Watch. All the best with your app and continued success with future development. Works beautifully on my Watch Series 3. I mistakenly tried to QR code snap with my watch on wrist. Not correct. Has to be flat on desk or surface and must try to tap camera screen a few times for focus but based on developers suggestion it happened in less than 10 seconds. Kudos.

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- Voice messages

Please try to put send voice messages and receive notifications from the app!

- Excellent

This app is excellent! It does everything I need it too and the creator is incredibly responsive and helpful!

- Voice / Audio massage

It would be a very great thing if we can send voice/audio massages ( recorded massages) And thanks for this great app 👍👍

- If it had its own notifications...

It would actually be good if it had notifications. I get the WhatsApp notification, which I can reply through instead of something from this app. So I have to leave the notification and find the app to respond? Not user friendly

- Not worth it.

I don’t think this app is worth paying for yet. Messages don’t keep up. I get a lot of messages and the app never refreshes, I have to do it manually and even then it doesn’t show me my new messages. It’s also too slow... needs a lot of improvement to be worth paying for...

- Perfect

Works perfect, amazing app for Iwatch. Had a question and Alex replied within minutes. Don’t hold back, buy this’s a beauty

- Great app!

Brings Whatsapp to your wrist. Continual improvements by the developer. I highly recommend this app. A great value for $3.

- Unable to load full recordings

Sad to say, it was unable to load the full recordings. Needs improvements

- For me it’s an excelent option

I like this app a lot, they have a good support and it’s works very good ! Recommended

- 4 stars

Works but shoulb be free, i dont get notifications on my watch if i dont open the app i wont see that some one text me

- Needs lte capabilities

Watch only works when I have my phone on me... once it gets that I’ll have no complaints..


it would get my 5 stars if this app refreshes.. when i have my phone in the car and i have the watch with me and i hit the app it never refreshes, obly does it once i get back to the car where my phone is..


Don’t worry about the negative feedback! This APP, is AWESOME!! You should try and buy it right away! Simple amazing every update!

- Useless!

I was expecting something at least working!!! I was waiting for massages, but apparently, I have to open the app and wait for at least three minutes so I can receive and respond to the massages. This app should cost 0.01 if I want to be generous

- No notifications, doesn’t auto-refresh

The app never shows notifications or auto refreshes. It’s as if the app doesn’t exist until I open it and manually refresh. Definitely don’t recommend.

- Service

The support is excellent, I wrote to him and he answered me immediately

- Voice notes

The app won’t play any voice notes from WhatsApp.

- Having problem is Itú this app

I can’t receive any message from this app neither notification. I hope they can fix this problem, because it doesn’t worth $2,99.

- Never receive real time notifications

Have to be open in order to receive live notifications or wait 30 seconds to refresh.

- Missing an important feature

Very good app ! However it does not work when my Iwatch is working on cell only without my phone around.

- Works great!

I just installed this app and it works great. Love the keyboard options! Good work guys! Rob - program manager at Microsoft

- Note voice

Ok all worked perfectly but where is the note voice f... ?

- Best App

The best app 😍😍 Thanx for fixing everything Keep on going 💪🏼💪🏼 I really recommend it ♥️♥️

- Best solution for whatsapp on Apple Watch

Powerful easy to navigate application . Hope the author include arabic keyboards asap

- Not worth it

Still can’t use it, messages doesn’t pop up. Won’t load messages. Says to wait 10-40 seconds But still nothing happens. I regret spending money on this.

- Doesn’t work

This app appears on my phone but NOT on my Apple Watch, with this being said I am unable to connect it at all. This was a waste of money and I wish I could get my money back 😒😒

- Online status

Why I can not see the online status of contacts in chats already opened. Chatify has the option available.

- Does not update messages

Please update the app. The messages don’t update on my watch even after I wait for the app to retry

- Keyboard

The keyboard disappeared from last update


It stopped working after 2 days. Too expensive for something that doesn’t work. Should be free until he can come up with a stable version of the app.

- Very slow app

The application takes too long to update. It is supposed to be useful and update at the same speed as the iPhone but not. I'm not happy at all.

- Horrible

I never get notifications, messages dont load, sometimes i cant even write back. It just doesn’t work on the watch.

- The app doesn’t understand Spanish

I’m trying to speak Spanish by audio, but the app doesn’t understand what I’m said. I don’t know why if my Apple Watch can understand and write Spanish.

- Worthless don’t buy it

Worthless don’t buy it,, it’s not working as you think,, every time you need to see your msg you neet to restart you Apple Watch

- 👌🏾

This app is worth the download. Really great 3rd party software

- Disappointed

Downloaded and have yet to successfully get it to install on my watch

- Upset with update

After the update this morning the app will not open on iwatch 🤬

- Not working on cellular

This is a WhatsApp app for the Apple Watch but unfortunately it is not working on the cellular which is useless

- It’s not working

I bought the app and it was working well until today, I don’t know what happened

- W-chat

Very frustrating. App does not work properly and continuously freezes. Would love to get a refund. I do not recommend.

- Don’t waste your time and money

Doesn’t even update your messages 90% of the time.. do not buy this app

- Not worth money

The app hasn’t loaded messages in days and could never view photos...

- Awesome

Thank you! Just what I need!!

- Doesn’t work!

I downloaded it three days ago and still doesn’t work on my watch! I do want my money back!!!

- WASTE of MONEY - Non Refundable 😀😀😀

Don’t bother and save your $2.99 it doesn’t update or Sync after installation and U can’t even request a refund either, as It’s Non Refundable as per Apple.

- I can’t install.

I just bought and I can’t install it. When I press install in my watch app, nothing happens.

- Don’t work very well! Disaster!

It don’t work on my watch 4 all the time. Don’t get my voice also even it gets writes wrong things! DONT BUY IT

- Annoyed

Which I could get a refund. The stupid app just choose when to load the chat on the watch smh

- Problems

I have problems with this app, I can figure my Whatsapp in my Apple Watch never charge after the QR

- Horrible

Does not send a notification to your watch. Pretty much useless

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WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp 1.982 Screenshots & Images

WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp iphone images
WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp iphone images

WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp (Version 1.982) Install & Download

The applications WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-10-27 and was developed by XAN Software GmbH & Co. KG [Developer ID: 942090166]. This application file size is 48.68 MB. WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp - Social Networking app posted on 2020-09-16 current version is 1.982 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.bassapps.WatchChat

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