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What is titan throne app? Grow, conquer, and claim the Throne! Write YOUR heroic epic as an Orc, Elf, Undead, or Human in this new evolution of fantasy and RTS.

Lead your Heroes with savage might or dazzling magic. Kit them out with upgradeable spells, troops, and gear. Ally with players around the world for endless territory wars, throne battles, exploration, and expansion in your own never-ending story.

- Choose Human, Elf, Orc, or Undead: Each race has its own strategies and stunning 3D castle!
- Upgrade dozens of unique buildings, research projects, and new mystic Spells.
- Fight and chat with alliances of real-world players! Design your banner, declare your creed, and build your empire together.

- Collect crazy powerful Heroes from EVERY background! From Joan, the righteous Human rebel, to Bloody Mary, the bloodthirsty Undead queen.
- Customize your army with 50+ troops, from common infantry to legendary dragons. Switch up your formation and upgrade Hero, Troops, Gear, and Spells completely separately!

- Race to take new lands before your enemies! Control resources to control the realm.
- Change the world! Your opponents are REAL players with wile and ambition. Launch massive group attacks, defend allies in real-time, negotiate treaties, or stab them in the back.

- Swoop to join your ally’s sneak-attack. Trap your enemy with last-minute reinforcements. Real-time battles need team work and instinct!
- YOU control timing and targeting to cast explosive Spells and trigger massive combos.
- Strategy beats all. With the right combos and timing, David beats Goliath every time.

Your legend begins now!

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Titan Throne Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Titan Throne Version 1.4.312 July 2021

Fixed some display errors in some screens. Fixed some text display errors..

Titan Throne Version 1.3.520 December 2019

- Battles that occur at a Lord’s Castle on the World Map will use Crown War mode and will continue to reduce losses for the attacker and defender. - Added Dark Gold ranks to Hero Enhancement with the highest being Dark Gold 4. Dark Gold 1 rank offers 2 optional Gift Points. Dark Gold 2, Dark Gold 3, and Dark Gold 4 ranks offer 1 optional Gift Point. - Improved the Battle Power provided by Gear, Jewels, and Technology, and accordingly more accurate reaction of the troops’ battle abilities. - Adjusted the hero special features for Mages and Barbarian in Melee Mode. Energy recovery is faster, but Mage Damage is reduced. - Remade the set effect of the orange gear Destiny. The effect has been increased overall. - Adjusted the special feature Sacred Destroyer of hero Nobunaga. Now the provided additional True Damage has been increased. - Adjusted the special feature Shadow King of hero Sargon. Removed the hero effect to enhance Damage to a target with negative morale and has changed to the effect of hero steals Attack and Critical Hit damage bonus after hitting a target with negative morale. - Adjusted the level growth for the hero Sargon. Strength growth has changed to the growth of Luck and Morale. See the reference picture for specific adjustments. - Adjusted the special feature Earth Heart of hero Nzinga. Increased the Damage of Earth Spells. The original effect of “after use Earth Spells for allies” before was “to increase Luck and Morale” has changed “to increase Magic Defense”. See the reference picture for specific adjustments. - Adjusted the troop Behemoth. The skill Trample range has slightly expanded and the 16-star special feature Trample 6 has been adjusted to Unyielding 5. - Fixed some of the in-game UI display errors. - Fixed some of the in-game text display errors. .

Titan Throne Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good Launch Needs more Content

So Titan Throne isn’t exactly the most “fresh” content but what is here is well executed. On launch there isn’t any game breaking bugs so bravo for that. However, it does have some drawbacks such as long wait times for troops who are lost too easily, The tutorial is bad if non existent, and you have to choose a faction without knowing much about any of them except the aesthetics and no matter how much you attack a mine it will not allow you to secure it as yours whether you occupy or plunder and sit you wanna zoom in particular areas of your city good luck with that. So there is room for improvement but it’s a new game and to be expected. —————————————————————— In Game the gameplay at first is lame and dry but as you join an alliance it helps grasp and captivates you. You’ll see there are of things to do some being cool such as getting donations, obtaining area to get elite mines and defending that area from other guilds. Aside from the drawback of base members being 20 in a guild the guild aspect is very polished. —————————————————————— Overall thoughts and concerns are that the support does take a while to reply it’s been 3 days now so that’s terrible. Beware of spenders and micro transactions if you get city wipes you lose it all since most of your power is from your troops so wary on spending at first until you somewhat grasp the game. In Game user: AlexAstro

- Interesting game play

As a player of WAO I didn’t know what to expect in this game. It is quite different from WAO and it has its good and it has its bad but overall me and my alliance enjoys this game and is having fun playing it. I have had the luck of playing with my original members from the alliance I played with in WAO though so this is a learning experience from us all but a good one. I like how they have a cheaper monthly pack and a full monthly pack that way everyone will have access of a monthly pack unlike WAO. Many great ideas that WAO lacked and they placed in this and there are also many they took away as well, like being able to send resources to alliance members and also making resources very hard to come by, but st the same time it allowed for a challenge that we never had to do in this game before. Thank you for creating another great challenging game that requires teamwork and another game that you don’t have to spend any money at all and can still grow and play and have fun in.

- Avoid this game.

If I could put 0 out of 5 I would. It doesn’t even deserve a 1 star. Absolutely the most trash customer service. You will always get the same generic answer. “Thank you for your feed back we will forward to the development team” knowing they aren’t going to do anything about it. Constant lag or glitches that cause you to not be able to play the game. No refunds of rewards that are lost when glitches occur. Avoid at all costs. Nothing but wallet warriors. Expect to spend loads of money to keep up with the wallet spenders. Camel games only concern is to keep putting out different buyable packs every week than to give you more quality content. Camel literally took content from wao and put it in this game. Camel was so lazy. Camel didn’t even change the name in the update from wao to titan throne. Camel as a game developer is only after your money. Camel prolonged the game by putting updates in that slow your growth or make it were you have to wait weeks to months to build up enough of either blood or hero cards to enhance. Which is sad because this game has such potential but in the hands of camel it will die out.

- Still developing..

So I’m gonna be honest the game is fun the game is addicting but the game is not developed to what it should be. You cannot buy speedups with Gems. It’s pretty hard to get your hero card ranked up. The cool downtime or building times are very high for just beginning for example in technology there is a day and 10 hour wait time. For energy at the start of the battle. (Or something like that). It is very hard to gain power from buildings and technology there’s not much to build at the beginning most of your power will come from troops... Which leads me into yet again another complaint the time that it takes to train at the beginning for the amount of troops you’re going to train is outrageous. Yes I do spend and I also grind. There is no vip system or anything to give and edge for spenders stats wise or cool down wise. Realm 76- TheForgottenKing

- Not bad

To give a straight and honest review, it’s not bad. I started off thinking it was another in of the mill thousand dollar to win kind of game and I was pleasantly surprised it’s not. So far I’ve been able to progress rapidly and spent next to nothing and I’m quite enjoying the game. Lots of stuff to do and honestly hard to keep track of everything. My gripes fall under the concept that the game does have a lot of limiting factors that preventing you from growing to quickly which is both good and bad. Also the navigation of the map is this game is trash, there is no indication of where alliances are located or players and you are forced to search for them manually and then write down the coords so you can find the location quickly. But all in all it’s a refreshingly new experience for this type of game and I intend to continue playing for a while. Cheers

- Not bad at all

Really am enjoying this game! They have taken elements from heroes of might and magic which is a classic pc game I use to play heroes 111 being my fav. They also have taken elements from other games and made it into this game Titan Thrones while there is some room for improvement which there always is it is a great game and lots of fun. I love the artifacts and the adventure quests a lot. It’s also cool that you can choose between 4 different races to use to start the game. I will def be playing this game everyday.

- Do not trust Camel games

A lot of hype around this game a year ago. Multiple timely updates. New realms opening frequently. Promises made for continued development - even within the game portions say “coming soon”. A game that had 70 realms is now down to under 10 after multiple mergers. No game updates AT ALL in a year. Most have left the game out of frustration with Camel and highly unbalanced hero’s that time and money invested has been a complete waste as they stopped rebalancing and updating. This has left the game with a few Alpha hero’s that people were lucky enough to have selected over a year ago when development was active. Camel is very lucky they are not held to U.S. ethical business standards. I’d recommend staying away from this game and any other Camel game. I have no idea how this game is still 4.5 stars - don’t trust the overall rating as they are old reviews for a great game that had potential. This game is a 0 out of 5 now and I wish I could get my money back - as do literally 100’s of other players.

- Great Idle War Strategy Game

I am very pleased with finding this great game. It plays like most mobile strategy games where you have your kingdom, unlockable tiers of troops based on kingdom lvl, heroes to hire and use to evolve themselves and each other, an adventure timeline to help boost your heroes xp lvl, monster battles on the world screen, action tiles and resources tiles to occupy and drain/defend, and of course a gem system which is actually very fair compared to other titles like this. Anyway that all sounds like just another war game right? But Titan Throne throws on nice spin with their Hero Types. You can choose from four different types of kingdoms, human, undead, orc, and uhh elf I think? I didn’t really look I just went Undead and I am having a lot of fun with this game. It feels a lot less like a pay to win game, strategy and alliance decisions will outweigh gem purchases as gems are mostly used for speedups for tech, troops, and construction rather than epic gear for your heroes. I know this review was a little long but as a long time mobile gamer and even longer time console and pc gamer I know good work when I see it and I would like to see the community grow so this game can get really fun!

- Great game has some cons tho..

I love this game a lot ! If you like games that are interactive and you get to play with others from across the world then try this game out! I do have cons ! It takes money to be able to upgrade in a reasonable time. If you want to survive you’ll have to spend money or you’ll just become a farm to the bigger guys in this team. Some of the concerns I have is the packs that they offer on here are just a little to pricey ! Secondly, they really don’t have any good packs to buy. I would like to see them have gear packs available!! That would help a lot of us smaller guys from being completely destroyed ! And I think they should have events that are reasonably able to be achieved. Like diamond events and gear events and so on. It seems like this game has a fare ways to go before it becomes as good as guns of glory or WAO.

- I want a refund

I’ve been playing this game since it came out back last summer of 2018. Since this time I have been realm merged now for the 3rd time. After the first realm merge, I moved to a new realm thinking a fresh start would help me keep pace with others, which it did for a while until the next realm merge.. now I’ve been merged once again in new realm and it took me almost two full months to catch up to earlier realms progress.. now just as I’m catching up we are announced for yet another realm merger to an even earlier realm which means I will again be surrounded by stronger players who will try to farm my castle. I’ve been a paying customer for almost a year and I demand a full refund as no money I could possibly spend can prepare me for the developers greed and need to push smaller player in to feed their biggest money players. I’m out and will not stop until I’m 100% refunded every penny.

- Happy

Excellent tutorial and beginners help. This made it much easier to get going. Still trying to understand some areas. Like the joining of a Guild and having to wait 4 hrs to do some things. The other is the hero area. I thought when I started, I get one hero and build just that one, no, got other heroes that need the same help that I just have given completely everything I got and find that my need to catch the others up now. Ha. Can’t win it all. I gave 5 star to the game anyway. Knowing would have been the better and I still like the game. Happy, is what I am, with the game for a first timer.

- RIP titan

I stuck around with titan since the beginning. 100% I remained because of the community of players. The game itself is full of bugs.... every event is sometimes virtually unplayable (arena, crown, Elite war, alliance campaign). Those are also the only events as the game has not revieved an update for months. When me, or any one of my team mates contacted the developer team regarding bugs we are met with an automated answer or they blame our internet. They have also taken cash bought gems of players claiming they have bought third party packs which 100% never have. I feel scammed, and like I wasted my time. I rarely write reviews but after all my friends have left because of the ill treatment I felt it’s time for me to leave and share my experience for the next person that downloads this app.

- Titan Throne

Wow!!! This game probably out beats any game I have played, this game is easy to play it doesn’t require u to pull a lot of money out of your pockets like the other games they don’t rake ur eyeballs out you already get a lot of rss, as well as other gifts from killing monsters, doing different kinds of adventures please do not change this game. Well maybe 1 things would be helpful I think you guys should make steel alittle bit easier to get it stops some of the enhancements. But other then that this is a great game. Keep it coming very addicting..

- Big spenders ruin the game

One giant spender has bullied everyone in our realm into joining one of his alliances or obeying his rules. Alliances in top-five have no way to survive his onslaught fueled by $4000 per month spending in packs. He has attacked our rank 3 alliance into oblivion single-handedly, attacking nonstop up to 20hrs per day for weeks. His spending makes even strong alliances banded together unable to defend against him. There are no mechanisms in the game to prevent tyranny like this and the developers do nothing when this type of bullying is brought to their attention repeatedly. Save your money and your time; invest neither in this imbalanced game that caters to big spenders at the expense of hundreds of average gamers who spend more moderately. Take a look at realm 7 to see what a server on its deathbed looks like.

- Best game! Even better then WaO!

This game is fun and addictive and very easy to play it has everything you need in a game. Packs are good and start cheap and only get expensive after you have bought most of the better packs anyways and made a ton of progress. In realm 23 I am Lilluvless the Alliance leader of PDA the Rank 9 Alliance on server feel free to join us once your power reaches 30k. Getting there in a day is easy even for free to play players. Spenders can get to 80k in a day if they are active and use gems and packs to make progress. Happy warring and enjoy Titan Throne!

- It’s amazing!

I love this game so much. I’m always looking for a strategy game that involves building a castle, but all the ones that I’ve seen baby you and there isn’t much fighting or anything at all. This game however is he exact opposite. You can fight monsters, go ok adventures, fight real people, as well as join alliances and all sorts of other things. I also love the graphics and the ability to choose a race, etc. I DEFINITELY recommend this game. It’s exciting and super fun!! 😁♥️

- Eye Candy with good game Finally...

While this game could be better especially in the area of combat matrix most games like this have cheap graphics. I’m so glad someone finally took the graphics seriously and added some I candy to a strategy concept we generally enjoy. This game is not for the week of her nor is it for the part-time gamer this game requires a lot of attention to succeed. Lastly it is A pay to win game that’s way too much on the expensive side although I’ve seen worse.

- Titan Throne

Cool game, wish there was more ways to battle, MMO and PVE, large battlefields, multiple opponents at times. Gem mines for people who can’t pay for gems, the game is slow around castle 9 unless you pay some money for gems and gear, dungeons and raids would be a good addition as well, cool game, you guys are getting close to all the hype about new games coming out on the phone and tablets, I normally would play on a computer, but games made for phones work well for me right now. Thanks

- Not to bad

It’s a fun game to play and I love the awesome new people I’ve made as friends, but like all these games the game makers get greedy.... it ends up costing a ton of money to get anywhere in the game. At first it’s fine but the higher u get the more resources it demands from u. So then u have to buy lots of packs to achieve that. The blood stuff u need to enhance troops u can only get with buying packs so don’t expect to get far in the game unless u have money to spend.

- Hmmm...

At first I thought this game was going to be boring or dragging but I found a good alliance they were friendly and nice and from there everything changed. Now I’m getting a report from my iPhone screen time that I’m logged on an average of like 6 to 7 hours per day and I was like oh no this is starting to be addictive but it is. So if you want something to kill time I rather take most of your time to play this game

- First week

Ok so I am glad to see camel working rapidly to fix the bugs and issues. I do have faith in corrections being made on the issues BUT this limit on gathering on elite mines shows a complete disregard to camels loyal game players that already spend way too much! This needs to be adjusted and fixed immediately. They don’t want us having 15 farms but we can’t even gather resources??? Ridiculous. Hanging in there. I hope camel reads this. Been a loyal supporter of camel games since WaO began but may have to find a new game if this isn’t corrected.

- Garbage

Trash game, if you are here from wao, this game is nothing like it. Highly pay to win, the packs barely give any type of reward. Extra soldiers you train are useless as you can only take a limited amount with your heroes( amount scales with level) and if you get attacked the extra troops not in your march don’t do anything but wait to be slaughtered. The battle mechanics are highly unbalanced because even if your are defending, the attackers suffer barely any losses while almost half of your match would most likely be in the hospital for many hours(10+ usually). I don’t recommend people to their time on this.

- Leaving it’s dedicated players in the dust

Titan throne has been a good game and the 3v3 battle system made it very fun for a long while! Unfortunately, they have not updated the game for almost 6 months now yet when their detonated player-base message them they constantly say they will be giving updates soon.. this is an absolute lie and they have no issue releasing new packs over these past 6 months to drain whatever money they can from their players before they inevitably shut this game down. It is extremely sad to see what you’ve done to us - many of us had high hopes and loved the direction you were taking the game but you have absolutely destroyed it by neglecting us - ALL THE WHILE you give your other games frequent updates even during this pandemic that is going on in the world. Very sad. Shame on you. I, along with many other big spenders will be leaving for good and I know the rest are soon to follow.

- Beautiful game

First off, as I started to play, I was struck by the gorgeous graphics! The castle interface is beautiful! I really enjoy the castle development and that you don’t have to deal with too many buildings which made it much quicker to manage upgrades. The only gripe I have is that energy runs out too fast and I’m very quickly left with nothing to do but wait.

- Lousy game

This game started out well for only being 3 or 4 months old. Serious update last week ruined the game, made it lopsided. Hero’s that were good were nerfed, when I had asked the dev’s to replace what I had lost during the major update, I was fed a generic answer. When I kept complaining about my losses due to the update, the devs blocked me from replying anymore. This was advertised as a free game with some in-app purchases, now it has gone completely pay to play. Camel games are greedy fakers. My advice is Not to install this game. I’m out of it, they will never see 1 red cent of my hard earned money!

- Best of its kind!

I’ve played multiple strategy games over the past 5-6 years on my iPhone and so far this is the absolute best one. It is still early, but it’s been the best start of them all. Mobile strike, Game of War, Last Shelter, and etc... does not have this game bested. Start now and enjoy the game play. You’ll be addicted to it within the first 60 seconds.

- Only for active players

I've only been playing for 3 days but I could tell right away that it has a lot of the same gameplay as WaO which means if you don't stay very active or plan to spend money then this might not be the game for you but if you want to put the time in then this game is great for the person who loves war games like war and order

- Fun, but...

This is a fun game to play, not going to lie but there’s barely any variety with the troops as in there isn’t enough unique foot soldiers to play with. I know this is a recently made game and there are some bugs but it makes up for it to be non-pay to win, besides the variety of troops that is my only nit pick about this game

- It is Stuck

The game is stuck at loading screen and saying first time blah blah blah please wait connecting to server to configure but just sits there forever, help fix game so I can play for the very first time fetching server configuration it says then it popup saying retry or exit game can not connect to your server, Why why? It is advertising in many games and now it is broken? Help me. Is this game even playable? Have not been playing at all help fix this and please answer me

- Camel does it again. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Congratulations to Camel Games on another fantastic strategy release. As a WaO veteran; Titan Throne adds layers of strategy to the battle system that we wished for in WaO. Active participation in the fight, using well timed spells to defeat stronger Lords; upgrading weaker tier troops to stand toe-to-toe against higher tiers. A little pricier than WaO. Less gems for your buck but a better experience. Marchello, sm1 Alliance; Realm #2

- Love the Game

As a WAO player, I was hoping for your next game would be just as good, and I wasn’t disappointed, but if there is one thing that comes to mind is the limit on gathering from elite mines that kinda annoys me. With the amount of resources needed for upgrades you would expect to be able to gather as much as possible from elite mines. An answer to this would help out a lot.

- Great game

I have been playing war and order for the past three years, my castle is currently at 33 I love that game. So I was very surprised of how fast I fell in Love with this game! The graphics is awesome and the game play is great! It mixes what is great on war and order and brought it to Titan! Good game! Calling all my fellow war and order teammates! Come and join the next great battle game!

- Good so far

It’s still early in the game so it’s hard to give it 5 starts, but it’s been good so far. I’ve not experienced any major glitches, so that’s a plus. If you like the original WAO then you will see a lot of similarities. It’s a mash up of WAO meets final fantasy. Just enough old wao to give it that familiar feel, but enough changes to distinguish itself from the old.

- Not a pay to win

I paid money in the start cause why not spend a few bucks, but it didn’t do enough to give me any significant jump. You’d have to spend hundreds to become in unreachable which makes the game much more balanced, unlike other games. I really enjoy it!

- Angry

I’ve put a lot of time into this I’ve had fun playing until this morning, the update whiled all my armor and now I can’t use it and I’ve upgraded spells that I can no longer use until my hero is 10 stars when it used to just be 4 in other words I will delete this game if that don’t fix this it makes no sense and makes it impossible to level up now that I’m literally half the strength and was struggling already congratulations you guys managed to ruin a perfectly fine game 👍🏼

- New Features

I just started playing because my lvl 29 castle in WAO was unbinded and they wouldn’t tell me if it was recoverable or not. But, I’m sort of glad that it got lost cause i’m actually enjoying this game a bit more than WAO. Like the sad part is my friends from WAO haven’t transferred over so it’s just me, but still loving the game.

- Great Game!

I’ve been playing for a few days and I’ve enjoyed the game so far. Got a good guild with active players which makes the experience even better. Good events and quick respond team from the development team. There’s a few bugs but nothing too serious.

- Free 2 play LIE

Advertisement said “never pay to win” but when buying diamonds helps other players be better off then you. It’s pretty much a lie. I hoped this wasn’t one of those “free-mium” games that is just barely fun and is much better when you pay money but that’s what it is. Save your self the time and data by not downloading. Also I would suggest ignoring ratings and reviews that look like they are were written by paid writers and look for the ones that speak in a more realistic and normal voice.

- Very interesting

I downloaded this game the other day from seeing an ad on Facebook. I gave it a try, and I am already hooked. Gameplay is addicting, leveling up is very easy, the in game rewards are worth it. And things done take to long to get done. It’s challenging and fun. I highly recommend it.

- Wonders of a game

This is a great game, it’s a time based game but it’s great because it a ‘long-game’ kind of game that gives you something to come back to play when you have time or nothing to do. Or you can leave it and let it run itself and come back to prizes and rewards

- Newbie in this type of war game

I’m new to this game type but I have played game of war, brutal age, and invasion and by far I love this game already like I haven’t spent anything yet but like you don’t need to if you choose not to so I recommend people to come play and I recommend elves or undead but the choice is yours honestly

- Easy to play.

This game is more of the same of the war strategy games. Pretty simple design, which I’m cool with. Some things are done well, others are lacking. Overall it’s a pretty decent game. I’m only about a week in though so my opinion may change when I get into some higher level content.

- Know what you’re starting

The beginning of the game was quite fun. This all started to change after the first server merge - the game becomes strongly pay 2 win, and also requires multiple alts/farms to have any chance of keeping up. If you can’t keep up, you’ll just get smashed by bigger players over and over - there is little means to fight off a higher level opponent unless you’re willing to spend money to stay in shields. Don’t start if you aren’t willing to pay.

- Customer service not helpful

Have called out multiple issues through customer feedback page citing data and providing screenshots. Get replied to that I am reading in game messages wrong. Guess what? The issue was that the message I received did not match expected battle outcome. Therefore, not helpful camel. Also, new update will add many gameplay hours. Hope you have no life when starting this game.

- Awesome game

Love this game. Little more involvement then just farming and trying to build your city/empire up before some jack wagon with a credit card destroys everything and beheads your hero. Graphics and story line are something straight out of a dragon lance book (for you old school people). 🤘

- Game looks great

I’m moving to this game after playing War and Order for 2 years now, I must say this game is quite a refreshment, it has a lot of similarities to WaO yet it’s so different in many ways. Only been playing for a couple hours but I can see it’s just the start...

- Abandoned game

Camel has abandoned this game. Over 8 months since the last update. 6ish months since the last new realm. The heroes remain unbalanced. The arena system is broken. It doesn’t allow you to cast spells, or constantly makes you reload into the match preventing you from casting spells. Camel has spent the last 8 months updating their other games, and have even pitches rights to another game, which they are already updating and releasing new realms on. This was a fantastic game that camel left to die.

- I really liked it but

I was enjoying the game but then I logged off for the night and the next day it wouldn’t load. It was stuck on the opening loading screen for 20minutes till I eventually gave up and deleted game. I had to redownload and all my progress was gone. Like I was starting over again. Which really sucked since I already joined a guild and met some awesome people. Please fix your game glitch and I’ll rate 5 stars.

- No pay

This is one of the better no pay to win games. Find a newer world to start in and everyone keeps pace with each other. Play the game as you want not as everyone else wants you to. Definitely love it so far!

- Dead game

This game is dead. There is no update and no bug fix for 6 months. Arena is bugged, big battles are bugged, and the developers blame your own internet connection when ALL players are experiencing the same thing. They update their other games but forget about this one! They make new packs just to milk more money out of the players and yet have failed to give us any fix on bugs or any kind of update. This game is dead!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD. There is no new realm for 4 months !!!!

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- Ok

Pretty good game 👍

- Worst so far from Camel

Customer service is non existent, 12 days and counting of unanswered mail, don’t expect anything more than an automated mail anyway. Glitches and issues not addressed. Missing items not replaced. An arena designed to generate spending with a system that should not be legal. Thousands of dollars wasted because you can’t do much without it, and as with most games these days just a couple of months and the kingdom is dead due to an outrageous game imbalance. The inadequate compensation for game end issues that effect individuals for long periods of time before addressed and the complete lack of regard for customers is good enough reason to skip this game.

- I think I’ve found what I’m looking for.

I’ve been on the hunt for a game I can get stuck into and enjoy. So far, this is ticking boxes for me. As I type, I’m very much a newbie and still lost in learning, but I’m confident this game has me hooked and it doesn’t appear to be a money grab game either, but time playing will tell me if it is. I recommend to give it a go. It looks like a game that’s worth its weight... enjoy!.

- Most mechanical complete game of its kind

If you have ever played lords, Wao, wow ? This game implement most of the best features of those games. Highly mechanical pvp structure with plenty of complicated features for those like me that enjoy theorycrafting and trapping big fish (massive spenders) Overall is a very very fun game to play, easy to learn but very hard to master. Give it a go, the complexity of the pvp system will get you hooked.

- Game Dead.

Game is long dead, all developers and even the main point of contact on the official discord (QueenHelen) has ceased all communication with people on that discord. It’s been 4 days since issues have been raised and there has been no response. TT is literally a BETA game where Camel has screwed up royally. I have a lot of time and money (860k march + c27) into this game which had huge potential, only to have it fall hard due to lack of communication on the devs part. Realms are opening every 6 days also leading to immense amounts of realm hoppers and dead realms left behind.

- Awesome game

Love this game. I have played a few games similar to this and so far this is the best one. The different things you are able to do is great. Story line is great and can't wait to see where it goes. And being able to see and fight in battles is top notch. Just love it.

- Not just a Grinder

Unlike most games these days this is not just endless grinding. Granted you have to grow your castle and heroes but there are also a lot of 'distractions' like mini quests etc. This game should hold my interest a lot longer than most.

- Enjoyable but unrealiable

This game is fun, but in allows for in app purchases to further grow your hero’s and marches. Unfortunately when the game glitches it can offset some of the bonuses you have paid for and the game developers often reply that they do not see an error in your log. I would not recommend making purchases in this game unless you are willing to accept that errors may be ignored when they happen.

- City

The game as a whole is fun and good. However the city is boring, you can’t see any real growth as you develop and they aren’t immersive. As in their are very few people walking around, maybe if you could see a larger population or something in the field to represent your army it would be more engaging.

- Grindfest par none

It can hold your interest for at least a day, couldn't ask for much else.

- Awesome game

Graphics and gameplay are very nice. Lots of daily tasks which wont keep you idle.

- Enjoying

Awesomeness game keep up the good work

- Game play

Game is similar to iron throne, but to buy packs is and shields are to expensive to buy, didn’t like the way the prices were and games play is.

- Alright

Just started playing so I’ll dive it time....

- Great game

Great game I’m having awesome fun

- Game WAS fun

Game started good and fun. Then now the game went to full pay to win system. And to many unbalance in this game.

- Awesome game

Love the game

- Top

Cool game

- Great game

Great game.

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- Great game, slacking dev team.

New realms come out at a sluggish pace. Bugs that have been in the game for years remain unfixed, irregularities and strange glitches during battles, brutal lag during realm events.

- Nice Game but...

Getting into a game is easy, but if you decide to use your money for the benefits of improving the ‘quality of life’ and getting into the game (meaning buying packs of gems or other items to move quickly to next level); I would suggest a word of caution. My experience has been anything but enjoyable. Some of the problems I ran into are; 1).The company does not respond when issues arise or timely. 2). The company suggests they are always right and the player is wrong or at fault. 3). Security for other player or other persons access into accounts. I was robbed on several occasions with small frequent purchases that I never received...other than a bill. 4). Items I purchase using gems...took my gems, but never received compensation for. 5). 2 of my ‘farms’ were not accessible after a large software update. It made the 2 Facebook switching unacceptable. When I sent the information about the two the only response back was repeated requests for the same information. Never resolved. When I sent feedback to Camel regarding the stated item posted situations they either ignored me or blamed me for the issue. So as a result I severed my ties for good for any game being managed or associated by this company. I hope anybody else who is thinking of downloading and playing any of this company’s game should be thought very carefully.

- Nice game!

This game is really nice... we can see the combats. you have to fight with spells and some differents type of troops! You receive good rewards that help you to grow fast!

- Not bad

Could use some love, but better than most.. I bore easily and it keeps me occupied when I wander... looks iffy though... staying on my phone either way yea?

- Rating entirely based on devs

The game itself wouldn’t be too bad - If you could actually play it as intended. Ridiculous requirements for any hero gear past the basic, mostly useless provided options. FIX THE FKN ARENA. This has been an issue for months and 0 cares given. During battle, loading screen will appear and switch views, usually by which point you’ve lost or have severely been damage. This can happen multiple times per battle. Horrible lag. Freezing. Sometimes battles time out and can’t be exited unless you restart game OR goes back to arena home screen and the battle hasn’t counted towards completed fights. No new updates in over 6 months. No new realms. And quite frankly, pretty much useless for anyone not looking to dish out thousands of dollars. Pay to win takes on a whole new meaning here and has basically turned into a battle of Olympic Spender$. Find another battle rpg to try and don’t waste your time here.

- Like the HOMM characters and the graphics

If had the option for turn based battles , it would be a 5 star for me

- A Masterpiece!

This game is incredible. One of the best of his kind i have ever played. Félicitations aux concepteurs. A fine art!👌 And music is good!:) Alex

- Time sink

Much like other builders but I like the connection to DDO/Warcraft characters.

- Must have

Love this game can’t put it down

- DON’T bother!

Don’t bother downloading game or anyone who does have it don’t bother buying any packs. They going to shut down the servers soon.

- Good game play

I’ve played a ton of these types of games and this one plays very well.

- Awesome

Game is perfect just what I was looking for

- Game

Not bad game small print tho needs bigger lol. Wat and order fans may like this game still new tho

- Titan throne

This game is dope

- 无敌


- It’s just okay nothing more

Typical game. Quick to level up at first then you need to spend money to win. Gets boring quick. There are better games out there with better player support.

- Solid game

I’ve played most of the mobile games like this and so far I’m liking what I see. Also my server isn’t full of spenders, so that’s nice.

- Good game

Worthy to try

- Time for a change

Really like the adventure to detail. The gameplay has taken some getting used to but I am really enjoying the changes from games like RoC.


Amazing game with addicting features. Never a gamer but this game has me in love!

- Good

Amazing game thanks

- Fantastic

Fantastic. Castle layout and graphics are awesome. I prefer the wao realm layout better tho. Everything else is pretty awesome. 👍👍

- So far so good


- 👍

Fun and good

- Good game!

Interesting game

- Awesome game!

Amazing game! 😁

- Hey gamers

Not bad at all defiantly worth a try

- Good game

Keeps me going

- Great game

I’m liking this game , it’s exciting to do the quests and gain the power , I’m still in the learning process but get the jest of what’s to happen

- Fun

I like it so far it's kept me engaged, a fair amount to do stil enjoying it on day 3

- Good

I like it so far

- Good

Pretty good game.

- really good but just request

I really love this game and all his combat system but for increase it I think you should reduce the advance teleport price because it’s like 20$ for one or you can add some quest or dungeon where we can win tp. Another think, I think the reward for up your castle should be better because for an example the reward for lvl 13 castle it’s only 70k of each rss but it cost like 2,3M rss to do it. Thank for your game and continue like that👍👍👍👍

- Not bad few improvements

Good overall game. Clean and uncultured interface. Smooth combat. Excellent team player “rally” system. Could use a bit more variety of units/heros, & improved language translations. All in all not bad.

- Awesome game

The best game ever played

- So far so good

Seems to be going well. Let’s see how much a diff paid users vs free play is

- Really enjoying it

I’ve played a few other games like this, but this one has great graphics and and a variety of challenges.

- Fun

Very fun good

- Fun game

Fun to play

- Awesome game

Played WAO for 2 years and started playing this game recently and am loving it.

- Nice game.....

I had to feel my way around, BUT once you get going, it gets better and better...love it!!

- Dope game

I love this game

- 2 thumbs up

Love this game!

- I love it.

This game is alright, I’m a big fan of war and order now I got two games to keep me company. Wao and titan throne I gave these two games 5 star thank you camel games . 😎👍

- Found a bug... enhance hero locked loop

Similar to WaO. Looks great, found a bug. Update: now two accounts locked in the same Enhance Hero loop. Another update: main account now locked up just as the other two. I’ve contacted support twice.....crickets.

- Could be improved, by quite a bit.

Graphics: 4/5 Interface: 1/5 Characters: 5/5 Customizations: 3/5 Gameplay: 3/5 World Design: 4/5 Note: After the success of this developer’s last game War and Order, which I played for 3 years, I am checking out this newest game from Camel Games. I am currently playing as Lord_Aramaki in realm 1. Graphics: Incredible graphics for Heroes. Pretty castle graphics on the maps. Appealing interface colour and fade effects. World map monster animation, Crystal mine graphics etc, could be improved. Interface: The single unexpected downfall after such good design in War and Order. It’s as if a new UX designer was hired, straight out of school, and for cheap (or didn’t have a single say). 1. The important information relevant to gameplay, and what makes the game meaningful, are hard (some are impossible) to find, and hard to see. Imagine you looking around on the live action map and sees an alliance tag that is probably a farm alliance affiliated with a main alliance (main alliance TTT, farm alliance TT8). You want to look up the farm alliance, to see the descriptions if they are affiliated. Good luck. Press any flags or buildings on the map, there is no access to alliance descriptions of alliance that owns it. Not even the alliance castle has direct or indirect link to the alliance profile of that alliance. Press bottom right alliance button, it only shows your alliance, no access to other alliances. Looks around the interface, no way to access a list of alliance, and search button only let you search for resources and monsters on the map. Sadly, you now presses the enter city button on bottom right. Sad, because, you will lose the viewing spot on the main map, which you can bookmark in 2 clicks, but when popping back into map view, cannot access any locations you have bookmarked before, unless you bookmark something else again, and then navigate through a loophole. Now game loads, into city screen. Clicks on Radiant Plaza (names here often not clear indicator of function. A lot of fluff. Benefit of a nicer sounding building name often does not balance out with the loss for interface usability). Only options are Ranking and Game Guides. Okay, click on Ranking. Default goes to individual ranking. Alliance ranking has no search functions either. You have to keep scrolling down, infinitely, squinting to see the name of alliance and leaders, as if reading a WW2 staffing roster on size 8 font. This game is not designed for older folks or ones with bad eyesight. The important information relevant to gameplay, and what makes the game meaningful, are hard to find, and hard to see. All the buttons at the bottom having similar colours looks nice from a distance, until you have to look for a specific one to click on. Give them colour, give them texture. The developers and every person working for this company need to play their own game in test realms 1-2 beyond the first few hours. Your players may also play as long and tolerate the interface for not long after. 2. Trying to pressing all the tiny buttons in this game often have unintended consequences, which confuses, discourages, and frustrates the users. For example, on the map screen, the key circular buttons are on the bottom of the screen (by the way, the most often used buttons, such as mail, should be placed on the sides. Alliance button is done so, which is good, something done right). Now, try pressing the Mail button, or any of them, you may suddenly sees a popup of an ugly monster that fills your screen. This is not a virus. The game interface simply registered your finger press so precisely that it registers any point in between those floating circular buttons at the bottom, even though they lined the bottom, and no user in their right mind would mean to press something behind those icons. This issue happen in many other screens of the game as well. Increasing the Invisible click registering box around an item (donation screen donation buttons etc), as long as not infringing on other clickable items on the same page, can make users feel very easy in doing what they want to do, without worrying and getting stressed out with laser precise clicks. This is also very difficult when it comes to using thumbs, which the game forces users to do with a landscape only interface design. The interface mistakes are not complicated to fix. In any window/screen, consider what are the possible motivations that the player ends up in that screen. What are the most likely reasons they are there. Then, make those buttons easier to find and click on. Features recommended to add: Customization capabilities for alliance flags, player profiles, city buildings. Personal housing, which can access heroes, and later, pets/ride, achievement, awards, visual customizations as well. Easier access to relevant information (alliance profiles from map alliance buildings or flags, searchable alliance by tag/names). More alliance technologies and skills (can ask players in a contest for ideas)

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far too loud

Attack on Titan stans have huge- i mean HUGE claims to the throne when they say it’s the 🐐 anime. i don’t think it is but id rather argue for than against. that’s how big a dub Isayama bagged

Kayla Smith

@auntiesam_2 @sharjeelmoghal @Killateral @JasonSCampbell Exactly. He literally tells Gomora while sitting on his throne in Titan “the universe is finite, it’s resources, finite.” He wanted to commit mass genocide to cleanse the planet. (Per the movies!)


Titan Quest: Legendary Edition containing all the patches and DLCs (including Immortal Throne) is out now on iOS: As a side note the other app was updated and you can buy each DLC for 5$: Controller support is coming soon.

Glass and Ass

@zero_mccall Don’t know what you play, but: Kenshi Darkwood Lost in Vivo Deep Rock Galactic RoR2 Dark Souls 3 Titan fall 2 Team Fortress 2 (Free) Nuclear Throne Fistful of Frags (Free) Ratz Instagibz (play with friends, no one plays actively) TF Classic Cont.

little grey mouse, doctor ephemeri of rat poop.

there is no diamond cut as precious as this dark brutality of basalt columns that forged together make a empty throne made by Vulcan, a chair worthy of a God or a Titan but not for mortal man.

King (Harlequin)

What can we learn from GameStop Shenanigan??? Ningen domo Yo!!! Attack On Titan is Real!!!🤣🤣🤣 Dinosaur-san... Keep screwing around.... And we'll sit on your Throne🐻😎

Morgan James

Currently Playing Re:ZERO Prophecy of the Throne Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Mario 3D All-Stars Attack On Titan 2: The Final Battle Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity @heyheyheygaming


Been rocking this sweet Titan chair from #Secretlab since the pandemic started. It’s gotten me through some intense homework sessions and has become my gaming throne lately

Jazmin L’Amy 💀 Freak Magazine 💀

"Beyond Extinction possess the all-encompassing formula to catapult them into the death metal titan territory, and their debut EP The Fatal Flaws of Humankind perpetuates their guaranteed ascent to the throne." 💀 Full EP review linked below.

Absolutely Jasper

i swear to god if myanimelist users somehow make the final season of attack on titan overtake Fullmetal alchemist brotherhoods throne i will be beyond pissed. It doenst even come close to being better than brotherhood

Eɱρҽɾσɾ Bҽʅσʂ.

The Emperor stopped moving in the throne. He took a look at the note and held it to his eye. '' Hm.. The first order of The Titan I said no to. Killing Eda as a child. This must be his punishment. ''


I'm not a good player by any means but I feel like I'm just more stubborn than anyone (700+ deaths on my solo shattered throne run on Titan, anyone? lol). But the Vandals do really hurt when you're underleveled. Playing PWI on a PvEvP server broke my brain permanently.

greywolfe, the bear

@incognitocub that's pretty neat :) i played through anniversary edition, but broke it up to keep the "flow" of the original game. [i played what would have been immortal throne almost right after i played standard titan quest, but i needed a little bit of a tq break between.]


here's a complete playlist for my play through of the original titan quest that i streamed. in the future [after eastshade is done], i intend to put up immortal throne. but for now, enjoy the base game:

greywolfe, the bear

here's a complete playlist for my play through of the original titan quest that i streamed. in the future [after eastshade is done], i intend to put up immortal throne. but for now, enjoy the base game:

Titan Throne 1.4.3 Screenshots & Images

Titan Throne iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Titan Throne Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Titan Throne (Version 1.4.3) Install & Download

The applications Titan Throne was published in the category Games on 2018-05-25 and was developed by Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited [Developer ID: 1603183695]. This application file size is 225.33 MB. Titan Throne - Games app posted on 2021-07-12 current version is 1.4.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.camelgames.throne