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Florence is an interactive storybook from the award-winning lead designer of Monument Valley about the heart-racing highs and heartbreaking lows of a young woman's very first love.

Florence Yeoh feels a little... stuck. Her life is an endless routine of work, sleep, and spending too much time on social media. Then one day, she meets a cello player named Krish who changes everything about how she sees the world and herself.

Experience every beat of Florence and Krish's relationship through a series of mini-game vignettes - from flirting to fighting, from helping each other grow... to growing apart. Drawing inspiration from 'slice of life' graphic novels and webcomics, Florence is an intimate and unforgettable story.

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The applications Florence was published in the category Games on 2018-02-13 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive. The file size is 1.23 GB. The current version is 1.0.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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This build includes additional international store support.

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Beautiful  Lilyf0102  5 star

Extremely meaningful and beautiful game. It really connected with the players emotions on a person level. It made very upset when Krish and I broke up, but seeing Florence move on like that also mended that broken heart- just like Florence's.


Different  Xen90  5 star

I’ll admit I went through this story fast as I was impatient then around midway I slightly regretted it...Florence is a beautiful story well told and I absolutely love the hands on aspect; you get a slight glimmer of her life as though she is a real person you know. It’s basically a story of a girl who falls in love then learns how to move on and fall in love again except when she falls in love again, it’s with herself. It a good reminder to what matters most in life. Amazing character development for all the characters in the story. Looking forward to more stories from this developer! Also if you’re worried about spending money remember that the ‘free’ games really aren’t free whereas this one you get and pay what you see. Honestly the best money I’ve spent on a mobile game ♥️


Woah  cocalisa  5 star

This game or story or whatever it was was amazing I’ve never seen or played or done anything like it and it was great even though it made me super emo and cry more than it should have it was beautiful and I’m happy and that’s all I have to say


One of a kind! Beautiful and fun!  JoyPeace  5 star

I really enjoyed this game. I look forward to more from this developer. My life is happier knowing creatives of this type are alive. Bravo!


Florence🖤  jmek😊  4 star

Great story of self growth. Goes by very quickly though.


Very Touching and Real  shyshy1122  5 star

Wow, the story was told in such a clever and beautiful way. The relationship was so realistic and the emotion of it was spot on. I love how all of the little puzzles were fun and some had metaphors hidden behind them, wonderful!


Beautiful  kelseyr713  5 star

Beautiful in every aspect - music, story, and presentation. Thank you for making this game!


The game was super short  Hcydjvheyfvu  4 star

Ik it takes a lot to animate but still ;-; it was a realllyyyy great game tho

Weird donut godz

Great  Weird donut godz  5 star

This game is beautiful, but the only thing that bothers me is how short it is, the puzzles are great, and everything else, but a longer story would be nice.


细节太棒了qwq  太白兔甘草糖  5 star



Such a great game  Bigbentheclocktower  5 star

The way you get to interact with the characters is unlike any game iv played before, this masterpiece had me enthralled by everything that was coming next. An emotional story with an unlikely outcome, brilliant work and worth the money!! Fantastic!!

Toby Knights

Less a mobile game than it is art.  Toby Knights  5 star

Most thoughtful game I’ve ever played, including pc and console games. It’s gentle, emotional and incredibly clever with its mechanics. I can’t think of a single negative thing to say. Everyone should give this game a go.


Breathtaking  harrymellon  5 star

Absolutely the most beautiful game I’ve played on the App Store. Wonderful story that makes you nostalgic and fills you with butterflies. Great work.


This is amazing  LaiLai436  5 star

I love this app so much, it warmed up my heart and I experienced pain with the characters. Make more games like this but maybe make them free?

Boxton 68

Beauty, gentleness and depth  Boxton 68  5 star

Somehow, the simplicity of the activities still communicated depth. More so, the depth was attainable, universal and cathartic. It was a journey that I truly felt a part of.

Alicemern Joial

One of the best apps  Alicemern Joial  4 star

I loved this interactive app! The animations and music is BREATHTAKING!! You could tell the creators put a LOT of effort into making this app. I enjoyed this app and the ways it shows Florence’s life story (Very Creative) It was 100% worth the money for the quality of the app! The music through out the app fitted PERFECTLY with the moods through out EVERY chapter! Though I did feel like it was over before it started and should of had multiple endings! I think (if the creators got a chance) that this interactive game should have a sequence where it shows what happened when the boy left and his story did it get better or worse? In addition it would have been EVEN BETTER if they had of added multiple endings! But overall it was an AMAZING app and I had a memorable experience!


Beautiful Storytelling  Japester  5 star

It’s a beautiful story, heartbreaking at times. I appreciated the choice of making the primary character a woman, and an Asian one at that, who had an Asian boyfriend. I’m happy to pay for works of art like this.


This is what I’ve been looking for  Anonymous0539  5 star

Florence is a beautifully drawn, simple interactive, story telling game. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I fell in love with the insanely perfect music, the stunning animations and the unique interactions throughout the story. I hope it’s get all the recognition it deserves.


Beautiful  J:/Dos  5 star

A heartwarming experience that makes you think about your own life.


I’m Destroyed I mean in a good way :,)  Milkvalley  5 star

This game takes you on the path of the crazy feeling you get when you fall for someone. Each element is perfectly thought out to the point of being heartbreaking. You might want to capture the beautiful artwork in screenshots or wish you could screenshot the relationship. It’s not a easy ride and you get so many fuzzy feeling it’s hard to accept the reality. you really wish you could go back. As we all do at that time. It’s a beautiful story crafted by amazing story telling and artwork. I would play it again but I might start sobbing.


Wow.  CrispyCola  5 star

I can’t explain how this made me feel. I relate with everything. I love this. I loveeee it.


Great game, way too short.  Elle16w84yw  3 star

Self explanatory


Florence  TheHappiestOfHaleys  5 star

This is the best money I’ve ever spent. I love this game with all my heart.


Not worth it  Annie0118  5 star

I paid three bucks to get depressed and now it’s done and it gets deleted. Waste of money.


Good game  pamelaletamendi  5 star

A fairly short game, but quite real and true. I absolutely loved it.


Pointless  O9Brian  2 star

It’s a depressing pointless game the art is good but that’s it

Trino king

It’s amazing  Trino king  5 star

Florence is an amazing game that tells a very heart warming story even though it has a short length the game will make you feel all kind of emotions while playing this game shows what phone games are capable of being that instead of just addicting ad filled games this one tells a good story now I will warn you it has a short length I beat it in about 30 minutes but it’s still fantastic and I hope this game gets a Pc port so it can more wider audience may check it out I give this a solid 9/10 it’s really good and I can’t to see what else this team develops in the future


Deserves some credit  ANVKR  4 star

The experience was a healthy attempt at something new and different. The story was relatable (I even look a little like Florence!) and I felt that the finished product was something from the heart. The music is really very beautiful to me— the richest part of the game. Big compliments there!! To be honest, I just wasn’t able to get as emotionally involved in the story as I would have liked— Despite evident thoughtfulness on the part of the makers, I still felt that many of the ways I was asked to interact were not enough to close the gap between myself and the story. The game play may have lacked certain nuances, but I think it’s a necessary step in the process of making something better next time... all in all I’d spend the money again if for no other reason than to support the continued growth of the idea and the people behind it. The game struck me as very sincere, made with warmth and honesty. We should want the media we consume to come from places as kind as these.


lovely art and music!  AmazingEvieisnotonfire  5 star

i bought this yesterday and since have played it twice!! i love the story and art and everything about this game! i heard about it from a gaming podcast and hearing them gush about it convinced me to buy it, and i’m so glad i did! definitely recommend!


This game is great but annoying  Flfdosmencj13  1 star

I was led to believe this would be a long game when I finished it in less than an hour. I spent $3 on a 15 minute game, I would have loved a longer game. Besides it being so so so short I like It


Meh  dfdddhhytrfftyyrrryu  3 star

Charming but insubstantial story. Beautiful artwork but the gameplay, such as it is, is more is a distraction than adding to the feel


So lovely  yermamisasaint  5 star

Saw this in an end of year list and an hour and €3.50 later I am sat here crying. So simple and true and evocative. Genuinely lovely experience.


Beautiful!  otaqus  5 star

Fantastic game, well deserved Mobile GOTY!

Caius Augusto

A tiny masterpiece that can be found in each of us  Caius Augusto  5 star

It seems that everyone can relate to the history. I was expecting more since life continues... but I am glade to be part of this brief moment of her life. :) beautiful sound track and great experience with a simple but fabulous design.

αєѕтhєтι¢_ρєα¢hєѕ 🍑🌸

Breathtaking story :D  αєѕтhєтι¢_ρєα¢hєѕ 🍑🌸  5 star

I didn’t really know what I was going to get when I bought this app, but I am honestly so glad that I bought it. It is definitely worth the money. It is an incredible story, it is so captivating. I love how it is interactive, it makes you feel like a part of the story, rather than just a viewer. I loved this app so much, it has to be my favorite app ever. I could watch it again and again. The only thing that I didn’t like about this app was the ending, it was sadder than I would have liked, but that doesn’t make it any less of a brilliant story. I really and totally recommend this app . It was amazing, please make a Florence 2!


Florence  Auds7427  1 star

Did not like the game at all Puzzles repetitive Artwork not colorful enough Game far too short Story line predicable Music was good though


Beautiful  LillyBubbles85  5 star

A beautiful short story! Highly recommended, the thought put into producing it was amazing.

jim bob joe malone

Short but sweet  jim bob joe malone  4 star

It tells the beautiful story of first love and though it is quite short it is still a lovely experience


An incredible piece of art.  The_E  5 star

Florence is an elegantly and innovative story told about something we’ve all experienced in our own ways. This is the definitive example of gaming as an art form and beautifully demonstrates how simple gameplay mechanics can not only increase your participation with a story but also be elegant story telling devices themselves. All this combined with a charming art direction, gorgeous score and genuinely moving and gripping narrative told without a single word ever spoken makes it something that is both universal and incredibly intimate. I cannot recommend this enough.


great!  jjdbvan  5 star

lovely, unique... please add moaar chapters!

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