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Florence is an interactive storybook from the award-winning lead designer of Monument Valley about the heart-racing highs and heartbreaking lows of a young woman's very first love.

Florence Yeoh feels a little... stuck. Her life is an endless routine of work, sleep, and spending too much time on social media. Then one day, she meets a cello player named Krish who changes everything about how she sees the world and herself.

Experience every beat of Florence and Krish's relationship through a series of mini-game vignettes - from flirting to fighting, from helping each other grow... to growing apart. Drawing inspiration from 'slice of life' graphic novels and webcomics, Florence is an intimate and unforgettable story.

Florence App Description & Overview

The applications Florence was published in the category Games on 2018-02-13 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive. This application file size is 1.23 GB. Florence current version is 1.0.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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This build includes additional international store support.

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Florence Comments & Reviews

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Bédatch   5 star

Amazing game!. This is the first mobile game ever than made me cry 😥❤️

Minty.misa   5 star

Great game overall. Everything from the story line to the music to the art in this game was beautiful. Definitely a relatable story and shows that even through moments of pain you can eventually find happiness again.

aisslingg   5 star

amazing game. really sweet game. the activities and actions were so cool and i loved all the underlying emotions. short but obviously so much work went onto it. reasonable price for a great little story

AbbeyWAngevine   4 star

Excellent Game, Not Worth the Money. Florence was a great ten minutes. I was smiling the whole time, and the music and visuals were fantastic. However, it’s still a walking simulator, and quite expensive for something so quick. If you have the money to spend, absolutely get it; if you don’t, watch a YouTube video of the gameplay.

The ninth br   4 star

Not really like the ending. We not just need our dreams, we also need another one who can makes you really complete. But the whole story makes me cry, and really impressive muisic! -1 star for the ending. the story have more than a half of the time telling about the encounter and the life of two person. Then you have a very short ending telling me that even she lost her love but she still have her dream. It's a little bit abrupt. But still a good game, it deserve the price.

Soundwire   5 star

Well worth. To anyone who wants to be touched by an interactive story, get this app. To the devs: thank you for this, it's an inspiration, kudos and bravo.

Avery_jade06   5 star

Amazing but short. I love this game I just wish it had a never ending story line! It was too short but it had a really great lesson and I would definitely recommend this app! 5 stars

CartridgeBros   5 star

Lovely. This was just what I needed on a rainy Sunday

Krijae   5 star

Beautiful Story. What a beautiful story! This app is so special and the story telling is so true and honest. I love the mini games, scenes, and motions throughout the story. I absolutely enjoyed every bit. For me personally, I loved the music. Wish the story was long and they come out with a sequel. Luckily the tunes are able to be streamed and on Spotify. I would highly recommend. Short story, but worth it. Will play it a couple times in a year! It’s worth the purchase!

supcoconut   4 star

.... The end....

Deeyke   4 star

Should warn people if their ringer is off played the whole thing in silence. Turn your audio on!

Sareyinbarrie   5 star

Great. It’s like you do everything the book does and it also tells you a story

mandycrv   5 star

I am ugly sobbing, this is SO GOOD. (Semi spoilers ahead.) That was one of the most positive and wholesome stories I've seen in a very long time. Such a beautifully realistic portrayal of how great a relationship can be in the smallest ways, but also a beautifully realistic portrayal of how romanticism doesn't last and people can be fulfilled in other ways, and that we can be more than our relationships. As an animator who moves around a lot and has had to say many goodbyes, this really hit home, and I'm so glad to have this story to look back on in tough times. I usually don't write reviews but this has become a story that's personally very important to me and I just wanted to express my appreciation for the creators for putting so much love into this. I'm so sad to se that there are people that found the ending to be a "letdown", and I hope they realize how important it is for us to keep teaching people that they don't need a significant other to be happy and fulfilled. Thank you for this beautiful, incredible story.

Hedgren   4 star

Lovely short story. A lovely short story. I liked the ending.

charbroiled bun   5 star

Amazing and made me cry a little. A true to life story that captures the ups and downs of a relationship... I feel like Florence could be any of us really. A beautiful slice of life story game, the music is what really makes it, along with the delicious colour work and illustrations. Easily played through in an hour or two but you won't want to put it down.

boyzzindahood   1 star

This way to short. The story was amazing but I paid 3.99 for a couple of chapters lost my respect

HH Player 1   5 star

A mellow & enjoyable journey. Loved this story/game. The art, the flow, the story itself, the gameplay - it was all pitch perfect for a relaxing but engaging experience. Well done! Already looking forward to what this studio will do next.

DatSwirlix   5 star

Worth every penny. And the storage it takes 😉

chrisvee   5 star

Classic story told in the best way.. I didn’t know what to expect when going into this game. I’ve heard good things, but haven’t read much about it. Definitely worth the play through. The story is great, but even better is the way that it is told.

Fishrock123   5 star

An experience that is a must.. Florence is an incredible whirlwind of an interactive experience, unforgettable. This is something that will stick with me.

hfxnick   5 star

Short but enjoyable. Loved the art style, interactions and music. Very well done. Great little story.

gayblais   5 star

Therapeutic. This game really helped me get through a tough break up. A profound illustration of understanding that when a risk is made in vulnerability and it doesn’t play out in your favour, peace is found with recognition that it was something to feel. Beautiful.

debasdf   5 star

Perfect!. Can’t wait to see more from the creators

BreYersDS   4 star

Superbe expérience. Très belle expérience. Musique, les éléments narratifs. Tout est parfait. Ce n’est que la durée qui m’empêche de lui donner une note parfaite.

Corneliusyo   5 star

Amazing.. This is one of the most emotionally impactful games I've ever played. Definitely worth the money. I intend to play it again.

TheZachRobinson   4 star

Something from Every Relationship. I really enjoyed this game. The music especially is fantastic and really helps to set the mood. The puzzle elements are very simple, however that really isn’t the point to this game. Every relationship you have (successful or not) helps you grow and find a piece of yourself. Highly recommended if not for just the music.

narF SnW   5 star

Very nice and cute. Covers real life, not just the happy meetup like in movies. I like that it's short and concise, about 20-30 minutes, like a good graphic novel.

Paranoidandroid1999   5 star

An emotional and thoughtful example of interactive storytelling. Florence is a beautiful experience that uses video game mechanics to tell a simple but universal story of love, loss, and finding yourself. One of the best ‘games’ I’ve played in years.

Kareem Shehata   5 star

Fantastic interactive story. This is storytelling done right on iOS. I went through all of it in an hour on my iPad and loved every moment.

Sweet Frank Tea   3 star

A decent 30 minutes.. Pretty to look at, A+. Great music, A+. Some interesting storytelling techniques, A-. The story itself fell completely flat, though, D-. I was expecting something more. Artsy girl meets guy. They move in. They become disinterested for no particular reason. They break up. She’s better off for it. That’s it. It is handed to you on a platter. It felt hollow. This was simply low effort and didn’t hold up to the rest of the game.

Advertorial    5 star

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hattie2021   3 star

Was it really worth the money?. I spent about $5 on this game, it was a bit disappointing, as the reviews I read were quite positive. The game only took me half an hour to complete the complete story line, which is sad because it was good while it lasted. The game ended kind of suddenly. It would be great if it was free. A bit of a rip off :(

anita kocsis   5 star

So good. I loved it so much how the animatons where great Should get and is the best 🐥🐛🐺🦆🐗🦋🐢🦗🐍🦑🐙🐠🐡🦈🐋🦍🦓🐫🐪🐄🐂🦙🐑🐈🐩🦢🦜🐁🦡🐉🐾🦆

Meltedsoyou   5 star

Amazing. Emotive.. After hearing GiantBomb’s Vinny Caravella talk about this during their game of the year deliberations I had to try this. A short but very relatable experience that guides you through its story through music and visuals. Thank you for creating and sharing this. I want also pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face in the mountains team!


Completely moved. Thank you for such an immersive and heartwarming gameplay experience. The storyline and the way it was presented both ripped my heart out and made it soar. Amazing work and amazing design.

flipmodeXXIII   5 star

Superb. Played this on the train home and didn’t want it to end. I’ve never enjoyed a mobile game as much as this. Highly recommended.

SoBlessed24/7   5 star

So beautiful. Simple, sweet and calming. I have never enjoyed an app so much...kudos to all of the collaborators, thank you for making my heart soar & feel & relax...words cannot express how much I appreciated this ❤️❤️❤️

CoreStrength   2 star

Meh. I wanted to like this game. But I found it a bit bland and uninteresting, rather like Florence herself. The story and the gameplay both had a few nice moments. But overall not that interesting.

mikeraven77   5 star

Great interactive story telling. Great music, beautiful art work. If you’ve ever been in a relationship you will understand, the interactivity perfectly suits what is happening. Buy this game, you won’t regret it.

S_G_Pringle III esq.   5 star

Don’t play at work. If you’re a forty four year old man at work, do not play this unless you want everyone to see you bawling like a little kid.

Ellamella1742   5 star

Florence. Lovely

lepews   3 star

Beautiful but too short?. Enjoyed the cute story, loved the amazing music and performances, but found the whole experience way too short, and sad to see no alternative plot or story based on interaction.

Hello Fix it pleaz   5 star

Love it. Understandably, paying for games can be irritating and can be found as pointless after download, just not this one. The detail is amazing and it is evident just how much work has been put into the app. Although it is short, I still really enjoyed it and loved the small, yet meaningful interactions throughout the game. I 100% recommend this to anybody as it takes you on an interesting journey that is sure to be captivating for many people❤️I absolutely loved this game and it was definitely worth the money.

HIMSteveO   5 star

One of 2018’s best iOS offerings. Florence’s clever and varied mechanics are integrated into a well-told, and ‘real’, story in a great way. While a bit on the short side, you wouldn’t want it to be longer - it says what it wants to say, and gets out just before you’re feeling done with it. A really modern way to tell a tale as old as time itself - love and heartbreak - while remembering to add on the importance of moving on, Florence shouldn’t be missed.

Ploompa   5 star

Wonderful. Short and stunning. Thank you for making me cry.

Florence Enjoyer   5 star

It’s good folks. The game,, it’s extremely good

Rachinska   5 star

Beautiful game. Proud Melbournian to be playing a well designed Melbourne designed game 😊

the ads need to be changed   4 star

Great, but one thing. This game was really amazing. It was put together brilliantly and the mini games were short but entertaining. Although I would have loved the game to be a bit longer and with the relationship between Florence and Krish to end with them back together again. I would also have liked to hear about about Krish’s side. But maybe all this could be included in a part 2 of the game. 😏

dog vomit 69   1 star

Fun but needs to go for longer. Na

thelegofan1210   5 star

Florence Review. Brilliant emotional experience. Worth the money!

Nano235   5 star

Beautifully heartwarming. I came across this game at the common good exhibition at MAAS and fell in love with it. A beautifully designed and narrated story with an amazing soundtrack making this a must have.

Miffbagger   2 star

It could have been so much better. It’s a shame. It has beautiful animation and promises so much but the puzzles are ridiculously basic and the story is pretty much the story of all failed relationships. There’s nothing extraordinary about the story, I wish it had more drama, surprise and, well, a way to actually involve the reader.

CloudRunner55   5 star

Great Execution of Young Love. Clever execution of gameplay ideas to evolve story that didn’t affect pacing, nor feel arbitrary to the plot. Ideal to be played in one sitting.

FallenHope07   5 star

Amazing!. Worth every cent; a great game that incorporates mobile features that will make you reflect on yourself!

styjoy   5 star

You’ll finish this in less than half an hour, but. You’ll remember it for years.

piriop   2 star

not worth downloading. kinda pretty but not really

Ricketty85   3 star

Beautiful and inspiring. But not worth paying for........ beautiful graphics but very basic. More like your reading a book

Willsam71   5 star

Beautiful. So different to anything else I’ve played. The music made me teary and the graphics are so lovely. Love how the interactive and puzzles bring you into the story. I wanted to linger on some parts just to listen and get lost in the mood. Must play with sound up!

Tana_88   5 star

Awesome but short. Brilliant story telling. Did not take long to finish as I raced through it but found the mini games to set the right pace and tone for the game. If you’re after a quick and short story book, this is the right game for you.

Aussiegalah   2 star

Meh. Great music and design but very short for a paid game without any decent ending. Could be far better

Hoov3y   5 star

Uplifting. After just experiencing a breakup myself, this was both heartbreaking and uplifting. Loved every second of it

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