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Screen Mirroring + for Roku [Productivity] App Description & Overview

What is screen mirroring + for roku app? Screen Mirroring+ for Roku is the easy mirror app to share your iPhone or iPad screen on your Roku Streaming Player, Roku Stick or Roku TV. It's the most advanced screen mirroring solution with zero delay and the highest screen quality.

Mirror photos, videos, games, websites, apps, presentations, documents and spreadsheets on Roku.

* Supported Roku TVs: Hisense, Sharp, TCL, Insignia, Hitachi, Philips, Element, JVC

* Your iPhone/iPad and your Roku must be connected to the same wifi to enable screen mirroring. Please do not use VPN, Proxy, VLANS and Subnets.

* Latency is supreme (below 1 second) when you have good wifi network conditions

* No hidden subscriptions or costs

* Sound is not yet supported, but we are working on it. Please use Bluetooth speakers as a workaround.

* Black screen issues: Some third party apps prevent screen mirroring. When you try to mirror them, you will just see a black screen on your TV, for example with Netflix and Disney+. This is a restriction chosen by Netflix and others, so we cannot fix it at the moment.

If you like the app and our constant work on it, please give the app a positive rating on the App Store. Many thanks in advance from the development & support team.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with Roku or any other trademark mentioned here. ROKU, the ROKU Logo, STREAMING STICK, ROKU TV, ROKU POWERED, the ROKU POWERED Logo, ROKU READY, the ROKU READY Logo, "STOP DREAMING. START STREAMING.", "HAPPY STREAMING", "THERE'S A TON OF ENTERTAINMENT IN THIS LITTLE BOX," and "NOW THIS IS TV" are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Roku, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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Find this site the customer service details of Screen Mirroring + for Roku. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Screen Mirroring + for Roku Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Screen Mirroring + for Roku Version 2.525 February 2022

- Bug fixes.

Screen Mirroring + for Roku Comments & Reviews 2022

- Could be better

I've actually had this app for about a year or so and for the most part, it's OK. I just updated my apps and saw where they want an honest review so they can improve the app, so here we go! The apps interface and appearance is well laid out and the ease of use of the app is very simple. However, almost every time I have used this app, there is serious lag or sometimes complete freeze ups. I also have a different mirroring app that has no lag at all but is very cheap looking and poorly laid out. So, if you could do something to prevent the lag or freeze ups, this would easily be a top 3 app in its respective category.

- Screen Keeps Going Black

I will apparently be charged 2.99 for this app but unfortunately it doesn’t work as I’d hope. I give it 2 stars because although it works as far as connecting is concerned it doesn’t work very well, every 3-5 seconds the screen goes black, and it doesn’t play the videos on my camera roll very well or clearly a lot of lag and glitching. I’m disappointed because my roommate has a smart tv (Samsung) that he watches tv shows on with way more success or picture quality (and sound) than me. Idk it maybe a Roku or Sharp thing because he has an iPhone as well. Hopefully something can be done to fix this because it’s not cool that ppl are being charged for something that doesn’t work.

- It’s not worth the money

This app is garbage!!! I wish I could get my money back!! First off it doesn’t even stay connected... so about 45 seconds after I hit the “start mirroring” button the app just shuts down. After trying several times I’m extremely frustrated. Second the lag during the 45 seconds it did work was the worst, it Was completely off from the phone which is terrible cause the sound matches the phone and I’m trying to look at the tv to see what I’m doing!! The sound not transferring to the tv is also frustrating but the one thing I was willing to deal with if everything worked. Overall Not a great experience especially when you pay for the “PRO” version!!

- Streams for a couple second then goes to a black screen

So far this is the only app I’ve gotten to work for complete screen mirroring but after about 3 second it goes to a black screen on the Roku screen then comes back and the quality of videos is not very good either, the only reason I’m giving it three stars is because it’s the only app that’s worked so far please fix this

- Doesnt connect/customer service horrible

I almost never review apps because I just don’t feel like it.... however, I downloaded this app hoping that I could watch certain Facebook videos on my TV. I’ve tried on multiple occasions and tried many many ways to connect the darn app, but every time it tells me the same thing, which is the exact same thing customer support told me to do. I have tried every option on the screen in order to get it to connect, and the only difference CS said was to move my modem/router closer, which just isn’t possible???? I’m just severely disappointed all around and I hope that the makers can fix these issues for other people.

- Problem Fixed! Continuing to use this app every day

My first review on this app was 5 stars, as it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I ran into a few issues later on and re-reviewed the app 2 stars, explaining the glitch. The response came with clear set of instructions on how to fix it and I was able to get it working once more. This is by far the best screen mirror app on the store and I use it DAILY. I encourage users to give this app a try! Thanks Again Cameron

- Scam! Do not waste time or money!

I paid 2.99 for this to work and it literally connects to whatever is on the background of your phone and just freezes there. Then the whole time it’s recording on your phone but not on the tv. Total waste of money. If I could give this app 0 stars I would. There is probably no way to get your money back and that’s why scam apps like this continue to thrive off of non working content. Then I read a review where they told a guy to basically do ten million things just to see if it helped. I’m for certain it didn’t help at all. They know there content doesn’t work and they’re profiting. Hopefully they use that 2.99 to actually get it right because right now it’s WRONG. Smh..

- I’m so disappointed

I purchased this to cast some work outs from twitch on my phone which my gym is providing during the pandemic. While it was easy enough to set up, unfortunately, there is a pink lit up horizontal stripe blinking through out (I have epilepsy so this is certainly a no go even though my seizures are controlled- the blinking is a trigger). Also there is an extreme lag between what is happening on the screen of my phone and the TV and the screen on the TV screen freezes often making it pretty much impossible to do any aerobics or dance routines. I wish I would have read the reviews. I wish I could get a refund. No one should pay for an app that is ineffective. I am hopeful there will be updates to this app.


Well I started with the free version but every couple minutes it switched to blocking what you were watching to 10 seconds-ish. All I wanted was to play a memorial video of my Mom. So I bought the PRO version, happy to pay, still did not work well and the block appeared again while showing it. Trying to cancel it now and get my money back but no luck on customer service, which would have been helpful on the day to have had. Looks like this is also connected with Facebook so now I’m realizing any service to help is unlikely. Will contact my bank to reverse charges.

- Not recommended

Easy to connect and get working but it is horrible trying to view. Huge lag time, several seconds. Very jumpy and glitchy when viewing. I had to stop viewing as it was giving me a headache! Tried everything to correct but no luck. I was close to my router, good connections and signals. I took a risk and upgraded to the pro for $2.99 after the free one wasn’t working. I lost, it’s no better. Oh, well, lost my money. Won’t do that again! App not recommended. 2 stars only because it is easy to install and connect. 0 stars for everything else.

- Not helpful and misleading

I downloaded the app in an attempt to mirror the French Open from my phone to my tv screen. Would’ve liked a FREE 3 day trial to test the app and make sure it works for what I need. Not sure if I now need to buy another app or service that this one tried to steer me toward, but come on, put in plain language for non tech people what the app can and can’t do. Better yet, a more fair and sensible way to do business I think is offer a free trial. If your app/service works, people stay. Guess it’s not good idea if you don’t stand behind your product though.

- Very Laggy. Low quality image and video.

Worse than phone. I’d use this for a slide show to display some photos but with my iPhone I’m not able to get sound from the TV mirroring and the Roku Stick I’m using. I had planned to use this to stream video of a small screen to my TV using my phones camera with the Nintendo Switch Lite since it’s non dockable. It may work for some games as a janky DIY solution but it’s not what I was hoping for even for basic phone tasks. I think it’s a great concept but this app underperforms and could be much better.

- Would give 0 stars if possible

I literally never review any apps but had to make a special exception for this one, especially because this app costs money but literally doesn’t work? Like at all? No easier to connect than a regular screenplay and doesn’t even work. I would say there is lag but lag only applies if there is a delayed reaction. I use this, it works for all of five seconds, and then stops working. Now I’m out three bucks, don’t get this app it is a complete waste of money and a joke that they charge you for crap

- Works well for about 30 seconds

When I first fired this up I was impressed. It started up easily and worked with hardly any delay. But my screen mirroring stopped after about 30 seconds, leaving the screen frozen where it was when the broadcast stopped. It continues to fail in this same fashion. Even after I paid to upgrade to Premium I can’t get it to keep running. It starts again easily but it takes longer to restart it than it stays running before stopping again. How do I request a refund?

- Glad I didn’t believe the other reviews

This does exactly what I wanted it to do. Put my iPad on to my Hiatachi ROKU tv. Yes there is some “data packet” issue but it was only $2.99. Cheaper than an Apple TV. We are stuck in the house and when we want to watch Mass on FB on the iPad, it was pretty bothersome and small on my iPad Pro. My daddy always said “you need to test it yourself and decide.”

- Doesn’t work. Scammed. Misleading description.

Won’t stream video from my iPhone to my Roku tv. Lost $3 Edit: The app falsely advertises what it does. The app description should be clearer about its limitations. Clearly from all the one star reviews people are being misled about the app’s functionality. This app doesn’t mirror your screen (shows black screen) if you’re trying to stream video from any useful app. I wanted to stream a football game from the Yahoo Fantasy app and it did not work. I want my money back. This is false advertising.

- Zero stars if possible

I paid 3 dollars for this app to crash 3-5 seconds after connecting. The screen freezes on whatever I have open. I tried mirroring just the app to see if it works, my home screen and multiple different apps and it didn’t work on any of them. I’m now trying to figure out how to get my money back because this is not what I was expecting at all. If it worked and had a terrible quality of picture and sound I wouldn’t try and get my money back but because it doesn’t do anything I won’t let it go.

- The Lemon of Apps, waste of time, should be a crime

Read through comments and reviews giving this app a chance and figure it might be worth it, it is terrible, just as the remainder of all the other bad comments describe, I have amazing internet connection, a 4K tv, brand new iOS device, I’m right next to tv and router. This app is a scam . Gets you to pay $2.99 just so it can connect for about 3-5 seconds and freeze on the very same screen it opened on; the screen goes black! If only there was a lemon law for cheap apps like this. Im upset my App Store even suggested this.

- Worst $3 ever spent

I’m not making a big deal of spending $3 on this, but I was expecting when you play the videos on your tv it would also play the sound. WRONG! It will only play the picture on the screen and you still have to rely on your phone to play the sound. Also, don’t try to play your shows off HBO MAX, tiktok, etc. and expect them to play on your tv because guess what, IT DOES NOT!! I read to reviews and assumed they updated the app and it is not that bad. I should have listened to my gut and should have not bought this app!

- Doesn’t stay connected

The app works initially as you would hope for about 3 seconds and suddenly goes black screen on the tv. I left it there for a few minutes hoping it would refresh and open back up but no luck. I’m giving two stars because the app has potential to work but can’t hold a connection. An issue I see common in the reviews. Idk if it’s an issue on apples end or Roku but the app definitely isn't worth a dime when it doesn’t work.

- If I could give this a zero i would

I’m trying to screen my phone to watch a movie for an assignment I had to do for class. (Im in college btw) And its repeatedly saying its not connecting because of connection or something . Leading me down a rabbit hole downloading all the random apps just for them to say the exact same thing. The simple fact that Im already a broke college student made it no better that I had to pay almost 5 dollars for an useless app. Should’ve listened to those other reviews🙄.

- 0 Stars

How can I contact support about a refund . I feel as though I’ve been swindled. I had high hopes for this app and it did not meet my satisfaction. It does lag , the screen mirroring doesn’t show up to fit the whole screen which is cool I guess . But the contact support isn’t helpful it’s hard to map through any of this app and there isn’t much to show for it so that’s odd . I just wanted to contact support for help and can’t even do that ... please point me in the direction of a refund or something

- Has potential to be good

Paid 3$ for this app and for the first 2 or 3 seconds it works fine but then goes in and out flashing black screen sound does not play through it either I was wanting to watch a movie that I had on my phone through my t.v so I paid money for this app to not even do what I needed if these issues would get fixed it would be a wonderful app so I give it 2 stars instead of none because if these issues get fix it would be an amazing app

- Works as expected

We love to use this app to cast NY Times crosswords onto the tv and solve them together. It works as expected. It not great for casting videos, so I would not expect that. There is some lag time, and the occasional crash, but finding a true mirror app is rare, and this app does just that.


If you’re mirroring anything other than videos it’s okay but 9x out of 10 that’s what we all use it for. Therefore I wasted $4 BUT luckily I didn’t pay for the plus video/tv or what not part for 5.99. I noticed the lag and was like well why pay for the sound I’ll get with that add on if the “latency” is bad. P.S I have one of the best WiFi connections out their.

- Trash

I bought the app for $2.99 (which I never buy apps) and did everything it asked of me. I connected it to my roku and tried to screen mirror but nothing happened. It says it’s broadcasting but nothing happens on my tv. The only thing that happens is a timer counts up and the screen mirroring emblem flashes. I tried for 30+ minutes to get it to work but nothing ever happened so I’m extremely disappointed in the app and if I could give it less than one star I’d happily do so. What a waste of time and money.

- I just payed for this app and it is refusing to play HBO max

This is junk! I can’t mirror HBO max the whole reason I bought the app!!! Seriously everything on my Roku is updated! It is not on my end at all! It plays completely fine on my device but will not load past the first second that shows the loading screen. I’d like my money back! Better would be is if this actually worked! I use the app that this app recommended app cane from and live it but this one is junk!

- I want my money back!!!

This doesn’t even work. I never write reviews bc usually I feel like maybe I just messed up somewhere along the lines BUT this time that is not the case. I have tried using this app with several different apple devices and three different hisense roku TVs and it mirrored it once to original screen but would show anything else after that. Then once I stopped the recording and tried to start again it won’t do it at all. This is horrible and a waste of my time and money!

- IMPORTANT before installation

The app is great, and everything is simple. However, this app only works for the portable version of Roku (the stick and box) and won’t work with built-in specific Roku(s). If you plan on buying the app to do such, and your device is of the supported brands, make sure you are not using a RokuTV and instead are using the portable versions. As of writing this review, this is not mentioned in the app description for both the Roku app and the paid app directly. Be advised when installing this app. Until the support includes RokuTVs aswell, the app is useless and will result in a error of (null) (null) if it isn’t supported.

- Did not work.

Bought the “Pro” version since I hate ads. Well it didn’t work. After pressing the start casting button, nothing happened. These developers must be laughing every time someone like us gets suckered in to throwing away money. I wasted too much time just trying to get it to work. I blame Roku the most. I was just wanting to help my parents stream an encouraging video. “Casting” “Mirroring” tech should be free basic feature if you pay for products with the built in hardware. Money well wasted.

- Horrible!!

Okay, I should’ve just gone with my gut and not purchased the screen mirroring app. It is a joke. Do not waste your money. I am so mad at myself that I paid $2.99 for something like this that doesn’t work and I need a refund! The output quality is terrible, especially the words on the screen where there is no clarity. The screen freezes and there is a terrible lag time. Again, do not waste your money even if it is $2.99. Where is the integrity and products and services anymore?!?!

- Disappointed

I downloaded this app because my Roku led me to it. It does project the whole screen, and if I’m just on my phone, it works fine. However, when I tried to watch a video that was on my phone, it lagged so much that it drove me crazy. Also, I expected the Pro would have more features than the regular app, but it doesn’t. If I could, I would return it. It definitely was not worth the $2.99 for the pro upgrade.

- Worst $2.99 ever spent

Let me start by saying I have the fastest and best broadband option my provider offers, so that isn’t the issue. The app connects with my Roku easily, but the lag is absolutely terrible. I haven’t been able to watch 1 thing past 30 seconds in length. The sound only comes through my iPhone and not tv making the lag even more frustrating. The sound continues even when the picture on my tv is frozen. Find another option for screen mirroring!

- It Works!

I have a very new Roku and this works like a charm with hardly any delay. Almost instantaneous. And it’s extremely easy to set up and use. Very worth the purchase. Only thing it doesn’t seem to support is sound, that still just comes from my iPad. But overall great app.

- Completely useless

I believe this app is a scam. Roku tells you to download it to screen share, but you can’t turn your screen or display any videos. The worst part is that Apple airplay would work, but it appears as though Roku goes out of their way to block airplay on compatible devices. They then make you download this app, which doesn’t even work. Beware that the other app they tell you to buy also does not work.

- Scam

This app is crappy quality, and hardly works. For actually good quality streaming it lags to the point where you shouldn’t even be screen mirroring, there’s no sound on the device you are streaming to and not to mention you pay for this app. Seems like something you should be able to do for free but apparently not. Either way I was curious enough to pay, and I was very disappointed. Won’t be using this.

- Not what i thought

Purchased just so i can screen mirror a live event onto my tv through my phone proivder... only to find out i need to be connected to the wifi which completely defeats the purpose of me buying it. I would love a refund but highly doubt i get it. Do not recommend *edit* even after attempting to use my hotspot it still did not want to work. Absolutely do not recommend this product to anyone. Biggest wast of $5 ever

- Don’t waste your money

Why charge for an app still in development and doesn’t work and I see everyone saying it goes black after 3 seconds while the developer keeps giving the same advice over and over when it’s happening to so many people it’s obviously not there devices it’s the app. I’ve had the app for a while and there has been no improvements or updates to the app it’s a scam.

- Poor screen performance

I have an Apple network with access node within 6 ft. Signal is very strong. Can connect without difficulty, but the lag is horrible. It gets a little better for a while, but then returns. iPad screen is fine. Tv is not. I don’t have any issues with the ruko performance while watching other tv/movie programs. I expect I will get the same canned response that others have gotten. I followed all of the advice they have given so I don’t know what they can do.

- Last update

Thank you for updating this app to fix freezing. The mirror now works great with literally no latency. I have upgraded to the Pro. Will you ever develop this to transfer sound also? Great work developers and fixers!

- Found mirror on my iphone to cast to Roku

Swipe down from the top right corner. The mirroring app icon in control center is two rectangulars. It is much clearer on the television than Mirror+ Roku. I have the settings for Mirror+ for “Image Quality” set to the “Highest”. I hope the control center screening always works and I can remove this app. I used this app for a couple of weeks so I guess it got me started.

- In and screen..

Every two seconds black screen. Doesn’t stay on the mirrored screen. I want my money back. *****It doesn’t matter what I am running on my phone. It starts going in and out right away. ~•~•~•~ •I’ve tried everything to get a refund but I get absolutely no customer support and this app doesn’t work. REFUND my $ Please!!!!!!! THIS STILL DOES NOT WORK...I want a refund. Don’t send me down a path of red tape...please.

- Useless

I got this app so I could watch my security cameras on a large tv through screen mirroring and it goes black about every 3 seconds. I read a review about the problem I tried to lower the resolution and it still go in and out to a black screen. I thought you guys would have fixed it. I want my money back it’s a waste of space on my phone. My phone and router are within two feet of the television this is crap. Unbelievably send me a fix or refund my money.

- Unfinished Software

When I complained, the developer wrote me saying the app was currently "in development," and they were hoping to add sound at some time in the future. The hassle of getting a refund is greater than the cost of the app, so I got swindled. On a brighter note, I figured out that by using Homekit on my iPhone or iPad, I can stream content directly to the Roku without the need of any third party app. Whatever you do, don't waste money on THIS app.

- Terrible lags

Subject line pretty much sums it up. I’m on very high speed fiber optic internet and video still lags from phone to TV. I like watching mma and boxing and when trying to mirror it from my phone to tv with this app, I find myself just watching on the phone because there’s no lag. Disappointed and definitely a waste of my money…

- Freezes!!!!!

*In response to the developer’s response to me... - I have great internet and have troubleshooted every point of reference you shared with me. This is not our issue, it’s a app development issue! And the most concerning part of this is that you are selling an app that is not functional at best and not offering refund for the bad purchase! - There should be a trial period offered of atleast three days for you app to eliminate the waste of $ for the consumer. You are raking in unearned revenue on the basis of false promises of an app that has no intentionality for working properly. - This app will be reported to Apple by me for scamming apple users. This app just freezes and does not project sound to TV! I can deal with the sound but the video will not even move at all.

- So far so good!

Really pleased with this app so far! It can in handy when our SmartTV’s mirroring app was not working. Picture seems pristine, and there is no noticeable lag. Looking forward to to a longer tryout of the app tonight, but I couldn’t be more pleased so far.

- Love it but . . .

This is a great app to have and very convenient, but the screen won’t stay up it keeps blacking out like every 2 seconds. If it stayed up and didn’t have that little glitch then this app would be absolutely amazing.

- It crashes.

While it does mirror the image and actions on the phone to the tv. For some reason in my experience the app just closes itself. And it stops mirroring to the tv. I will put 1 star just to get the attention for this to get fixed but if the crashing wasn’t an issue it would be a 4-5 star review. Hope it gets fixed. And just if you need any information I’m using the latest iPhone update and I have an IPhone 8. Thank you.

- Great app.

The app works well for connecting to the tv but the only two issue I see is that that lagging for any apps that run and the sound dose not come out the tv. I will give this app props and will be waiting for new updates to improve on this app.

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- Did not connect iPhone 11 to Roku

I first purchased Video & TV Cast | Ultimate Addition which did connect to my Roku player - a bit clunky but works. In the interface it had a link for Screen Mirroring which claimed I had to make yet another purchase when tapping. Screen Mirroring+ for Roku lists the player and says it is connected but after tapping Broadcast it tries to connect for 6 - 10 seconds then stops. Yes I did make sure Video & TV Cast | Ultimate was disconnected.

- Doesn’t work on Telstra TV

Waste of money.. both apps where a waste of time, just want you to purchase more things and then still wont work.

- Does not work

I purchased this for my Telstra TV which uses Roku, however it does not work. It is incompatible. I would like a full refund as this was not made clear.

- Don’t Bother.

I downloaded this app to use with Roku. I paid for the pro, but have no sound on the tv. This app is not compatible with Apple iso, can’t believe it is in the Apple store.

- Just bad

It is slow and no sound comes from the tv it bad quality and theres a delay wast if money

- Red band Flashing

A red band flashing through out the screen mirroring. Please pay back subscription payment $4.99 Thanks George

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- Please refund payment.

App is not what I expected.

- Cancel

How do I cancel this it is terrible

- Do not buy!

This app is not for streaming video. Sound stays on your phone. Very glitchy. I would like a refund!

- I want refund.

One of the useless application and it’s not working.I want refund my money which I paid on this app.0star* to this app

- No subscription!

Every single app I’ve tried in the past has always made me sign up for a subscription so glad this one didn’t I bought the pro version right away

- Don’t purchase this app

This app does not work well, it’s leggy and overall is a terrible user experience. This is the second time I purchased after getting a refund the first time, hoping the new version would work better. It doesn’t.

- Does not work

No good

- Didn’t work

Paid my money to get this app and it tells me to wait 30 seconds for it to start once I linked it to my tv, and then it never works. Just continuously tells me to wait 30 seconds. Just threw my money out the window paying for this app.

- Does not work

I would like a refund as the app does not work

- Poor quality

Also no sound support

- Just wasted $6.

Don’t bother.

- Very bad app

- Downloaded to use with Apple Fitness

Does not sync properly

- Roku screen mirroring

I added the app Roku screen mirroring and try using the QR code air said download the tv qr app from Safari and all I got was app to download the pro version of screen mirroring and tried the qr again still nothing works just a scam to buy pro app and nothing still works never mind trying help support return send back the money you. Scammed off me and give credit to my card.

- Waste of money

This doesn’t work. I don’t even know why it even comes up when scanning the QR code on my TV. Not cool Roku! My basic Roku app works better. Completely unimpressed.

- Okay ✅

Hi there 😞😞😞😞😩.

- Apps not as advertised

Not what I expected. Please refund.

- mirroring still lags and delays

Worst download no different from regular Roku mirroring still lags and delays

- Sucks

When I try to cast video it is pixelated and glitchy. Movies and sports won’t even load and start playing. Likely due to our slower internet speed, but being advised on minimum internet requirements would have been nice prior to paying for the app

- Ça coupe

Ça coupe

- Misleading

I can’t mirror what’s on my phone to the screen and when I get in the app it says I have to pay another 8 dollars to cast videos I want a refund

- Do NOT Download this App

This is the worst Streaming app I have ever seen. No audio, streaming is laggy and inconsistent. Just save you money.

- Scam

Garbage! This is not streaming. I should have looked at the rating first! You would think that with the garbage rating that you have and all the complaints, you would fix it or stop taking people’s money. SCAM!!

- Horrible.

Grainy video and no audio available. Why are you charging when no audio? You charge and then provide a disclaimer that there is no audio at this time…pls use a bluetooth speaker. Ridiculous!

- Refund payment

App is called screen mirroring but emits 10 images per second (I give 0 stars)

- Does not work

Pls refund my money… frustrated

- Ridiculous

No audio… does not state that. Only discover after paying…

- Don’t get the app

This app does not work on your roku. Wasted my money on this. Please don’t spend your money on this app it does not work

- No sound!

No sounds

- Terrible.

This app is absolutely awful. I downloaded and paid for this app so I could stream FX Canada from my phone to my tv , got into it would not stream video and then wanted me to down load the video player for Roku to play videos, like really? Another 8 dollars and neither one of them works. What’s this scam??? I want a refund for both apps ROGERS. This is nothing but garbage. 15.00 for it so just show my phone screen nothing more.

- Qualité

Pourri qualité

- I want my money back

How do I get my money back call me at (613) 790-0860

- Do not buy

Refund me please. Only image is transfered to tv, no sound and image is not fluid.

- Not what I expected

This app is not what you expect you still have the same look of non pro waste of money please refund !

- Not worth

Too laggy

- Crap


- Maryse Pellerin

Le son ne fonctionne pas avec cette application

- Glitch glitch stop

Every couple of minutes I had to restart. Very annoying. Do you have a solution? I had my phone on DND. So frustrated right now.

- Disappointed

The quality on the screen is ugly and small. I cannot share the content that I want. I do not recommend and would greatly appreciate a refund.

- Garbage

I want a refund

- Junk

No sounds cast

- Problem would embolden work

It wouldn’t sync to my TV I’m going to get a refund.

- Refound me

Is doesn’t work. No difference with the free!

- Waste of money

Not useful! Just waste of money!

- Refund my payment


- Doesn’t work

As soon as I launch the app, it crashes.

- Don’t buy!

Wish I had read reviews. Terrible product, doesn’t stream worth crap and no audio. Very choppy video and no audio.

- Useless

The roku sends you to this app to be able to mirror to your tv. Paid a lot for this one but it is no use. You cannot play videos and cast them to the screen because all it wants to do is record what you are doing. And it tells you it cannot play videos while recording. It does not give you an option to not be in recording mode. This was a rip off

- Transfer from app to tv is slow

Choppy videos, slow reactions, can I get my money back!? Ugh

- Don’t pay for this!!

video is VERY poor and glitchy and no sound to the tv! I would like my money back!!

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Screen Mirroring + for Roku 2.5 Screenshots & Images

Screen Mirroring + for Roku iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Screen Mirroring + for Roku iphone images
Screen Mirroring + for Roku iphone images
Screen Mirroring + for Roku Productivity application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Screen Mirroring + for Roku (Version 2.5) Install & Download

The applications Screen Mirroring + for Roku was published in the category Productivity on 2019-02-24 and was developed by Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This application file size is 24.93 MB. Screen Mirroring + for Roku - Productivity app posted on 2022-02-25 current version is 2.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.Screen-Mirroring-Roku