Screen Mirroring+ for Roku

Screen Mirroring+ for Roku [Productivity] App Description & Overview

TV Mirror for Roku is the easy mirror app to share your iPhone or iPad screen on your Roku Streaming Player, Roku Stick or Roku TV. It's the most advanced screen mirroring solution with zero delay and the highest screen quality.

Mirror photos, videos, games, websites, apps, presentations, documents and spreadsheets on Roku.

* Supported Roku TVs: Hisense, Sharp, TCL, Insignia, Hitachi, Philips, Element, JVC

* Your iPhone/iPad and your Roku must be connected to the same wifi to enable screen mirroring. Please do not use VPN, Proxy, VLANS and Subnets.

* Latency is supreme (below 1 second) when you have good wifi network conditions

Limitations and Support

* Black screen issues: Some third party apps prevent screen mirroring. When you try to mirror them, you will just see a black screen on your TV, for example with Netflix and Disney+. This is a restriction chosen by Netflix and others, so we cannot fix it at the moment.

* Support: For support or feedback, please contact our team by mailing to

If you like the app and our constant work on it, please give the app a positive rating on the App Store. Many thanks in advance from the development & support team.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with Roku or any other trademark mentioned here.

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Screen Mirroring+ for Roku Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes Please rate us on the App Store == It‘s very quick and will help us improve this app to provide you with better features and services

Screen Mirroring+ for Roku Comments & Reviews

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- Doesn’t work

Tried on two different iPhones, jams after 5 seconds. Did try a different streaming app (free) and it worked perfectly, so I doubt the setup was the problem.

- Ya rien qui marche je vien de depenser 4$ pour votre app qui marche pas c’est de l’arnaque

Sa pu

- Catfish

Not full screen , cant play videos. Not worth it

- No audio

No audio through TV. Makes this a wasted purchase.

- No volume

This app sucks do not buy it. The volume doesn’t go to the tv and it’s very slow and choppy

- It keeps bugging

The screen appears for a couple of seconds and then bugs... Paid 3.99$ for nothing!

- Not working!

Horrible app! Do not waste your money!!! It did not leave the screen broadcast page on my TV! So annoyed!

- Don’t waste your money.

Every time I want to do anything on my tv the app stops and says it’s an illegal broadcast. How is reading email on your tv screen illegal. ITS MIRRORING. Unfortunately there are no minus stars for ratings

- Roku mirroring

It do not work between my iPad and the TV. I would like to be refund.

- Refund!?

Does not work how can I get a refund?!

- Worst application

How do i get are refund?? Lagging and nothing is there...

- No sound

Can only get audio through phone

- Horrible

How do I get a refund?

- 😡

Give me a refund now!!!!

- Terrible

I don’t know why this app was recommended for my TV. Don’t waste your money. It freezes after the first few seconds of using, and doesn’t unfreeze. After exiting the app, nothing was responding at all. And I see I’m not the only one with this problem. I would like my money back.

- Complete rubbish

Probably the worst app I’ve ever bought. It just doesn’t work, period. How do I get my money refunded?

- Do not buy!

This app is not for streaming video. Sound stays on your phone. Very glitchy. I would like a refund!

- This is worthless, audio doesn’t work

Same as above

- Do not waste your money

To screen mirror from your phone it doesn’t even fill the tv screen. The sound only plays from your phone. Waste of $3.99 and I will be asking for a refund!

- i need refund

this app don't allow me screen mirror full screen and make the sound with tv. this is nouse app. Please refund me.

- Roku Pro Screen Mirroring app failure

This Roku Pro app will not link to my Roku TV. It keeps reverting back to App failure message. I would like a refund.

- Poor Quality and usage

Can not get a secure connection to the tv. The mirrored screen keeps constantly flickering. I would like a refund.

- Junk

Want my money back

- Scam

Says it has high quality and zero delay. Complete opposite. Low quality and tons of delay. Don’t buy, and I want a refund.

- Audio fail

Will not mirror sound from music apps onto roku TV. This was the only reason I paid for this app. Apple refused a refund 5 minutes after purchase. I do not recommend.

- Does not work

Don’t waste your time or money. This doesn’t work. Displays a screen saying it’s broadcasting on the roku but doesn’t actually broadcast anything and doesn’t transfer sound at all. Waste of money.

- Waste of money

I can’t make it work, it goes to the broadcasting screen and then will not mirror my phone at all.. stupid

- Laggy no volume, delayed, nothing is right with this

Constant black lines coming up all over my screen. Can even see picture. Waste of money, please refund...

- Not helpful

Doesn’t supporting casting Facebook live videos. Please refund.

- No good

Useless. Glitches and too slow to be useful for video

- Glitchy and useless

Possibly the least useful app I have ever purchased. No sound on the video except from the cellphone, and the image was low resolution and jumpy.

- Doesn’t work

It worked for one second then froze completely. I paid for absolutely nothing and I’m mad

- Does not work

The app and display freeze within - minute of beginning broadcasting to screen. So not worth it, even with recent big fixes. Not impressed, especially with having to pay for this app.

- Awful

Terrible! Cuts in and out constantly.

- Horrible

I want my money back. It keeps disconnecting. It flashes every 3 seconds with a pause before it shows up on the tv again. It’s extremely delayed from my iPad to the tv. I want my money back.

- Poor streaming

I got this to stream a workout video and the delay is horrible it keeps showing a black screen instead of the video then maybe 2-3 seconds of video then back to blank screen. Waste of money

- Connection

Connection is to poor it’s really bad. I didn’t liked.

- Slow waste of money

Slow waste of money

- Glitches like crazy. horrible picture quality. No sound.

Glitches like crazy

- Not to good

Not great. Does not play smoothly

- Garbage


- Do not recommend

Super glitchy. We can’t even cast photos! Do not waste your time with this app.

- Worst App ever

I just paid 3.99$ and it disconnects rapidly don’t recommend to anyone buy this app , just wasting money

- Should have read review

Does not work. At all.

- iPhone 7 with tv sharp roku

Very disappointed Imagé intermittently displays


This app is a SCAM do not purchase, it only loads a picture of your screen. Waste of money that I’ll never get back.

- Does not transfer audio

App does not transfer audio and quality is bad. Don’t buy it. To developers answer, that I need to check connection, and other details, Don’t you think that I did ???? If there was an option to get money back I would take it. Your application does does not do what is advertised and you should pull it down. Do not rip off other people !

- Great app

Works good

- application nulle

lag sans arrêt... qualité de l’image exécrable en mirroring.

- Version pro

Payer pour la version pro pour finalement rien avoir de plus

- Just bad

It is slow and no sound comes from the tv it bad quality and theres a delay wast if money

- Red band Flashing

A red band flashing through out the screen mirroring. Please pay back subscription payment $4.99 Thanks George

- Does not work

I purchased this for my Telstra TV which uses Roku, however it does not work. It is incompatible. I would like a full refund as this was not made clear.

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- Terrible

Does not work!!!

- Refund

I want my money back, this app is worthless and the worst mistake of my life was purchasing it!!!!

- Doesn’t work

Wasted money connects but no mirrors or cast

- Horrible!

Does not work at all. Keeps going to Qr screen!

- App is complete garbage

First of all the audio still plays off your device and not your tv which is stupid Second it’s insanely slow and laggy I bought this so I could stream baseball games to my tv and this does not work at all

- This is some bs

Super glitchy horrible 1/10 would not recommend

- Not working

I the tv won’t even connect.

- Horrible

This is horrible the screen stalls and right now as I type my screen is FROZEN ON THE TV!!!!! You have to pay for what this is CRAP!!!

- Horrible quality

This app is not even close to 3 dollars worth. It’s horrible and should just be free or updated

- Horrible app

This app does not let you stream any videos or pictures just your home screen , if I could give it one star I would , I want a refund this is the worst $3 I have ever spent

- Terrible streaming

Tried to play a movie from my phone and the connection at 10’ freezes up. It still plays on the phone but will not unfreeze on the tv through the Roku ultra without stopping and restarting.

- Don’t get it, is a scam

I wasted 3 dollar and the only thing it does is record the screen.


Didn’t work

- Frozen 3.0 should be the name

Always freezes

- Although it works the quality is poor

Although it works the quality is poor and I can’t hear anything thru the tv only thru the phone.

- Terrible quality


- Lag and delay

Not worth the 3 dollars

- Zero stars!

It doesn’t work at all. I have no idea why!

- Sound

There is no sounds coming from tv


Terrible. Fake. I want my money back.

- Terrible

Wish I had my money back. No audio to the tv. Won’t full screen video. Missing my apple on tv.

- Trash

My screen linked but my tv froze an nothing would work it would just be frozen

- Very Very VERY POOR!! Keeps freezing when you start to stream a video.

Not good

- Frozen

Connects, and as soon as you exit the app to leave it disconnects. Even if you don’t leave the app and watch the main screen it disconnects in less than 10 seconds. Doesn’t ever recconect on its own. Waste of $3

- Picture Only

No sound mirroring. 2.99 waisted.

- Can’t get it to work

Terrible, don’t buy. Doesn’t work! Stays frozen...

- Bad

Very bad connection!!!

- Does not work at all

I paid for this app and I am so disappointed- I never write bad reviews but this doesn’t work at all.


I bought the pro version to discover that this app doesn’t do the mirroring. It does broadcast. The icon has the upper and lower part for broadcast. The mirroring part is in the middle and since is so little is difficult to access. I want my money back! I bought it for mirroring NOT broadcast!

- Screen Mirroring

I’m not happy because of it didn’t do what I expected it to do. I paid $2.99, for the app to mirror any shows of my iPhone.

- Don’t bother paying

This thing is terrible! I’ve had it for 10 minutes and I haven’t been able to watch the first thing on it. It freezes as soon as it connects to the tv. I hate wasting money

- Could have more FPS

The FPS is bad, The devs need to set the FPS to 100 so its not so short on timeing. Overall I recamend buying it!

- Don’t get this app

I bought the app hoping to be able to stream my phones browser. It showed a low quality photo of my phone screen every 10-30 seconds. It would turn off if I tried to use my YouTube on my phone. It’d be nice to get something of quality from an app that I payed for. Hope they can update it for much much better performance and quality.

- Not working!

I would give “0” star. I actually would like to get a full refund! It is not working on my iPhone, every-time i start casting it freezes on the first 4-6 sec and stay there forever. So, I couldn’t mirror my phone even once! What kind of product is it?!

- How do I get my money back

App doesn’t work and not if the videos were helpful

- Not what I expected

The app projects a screen shot onto your Tab. I guess I was expecting something a little more dynamic. Hope I can get my money back.

- Sucker

Doesn’t play Apple TV+. What a waste of money

- Not good

Does not work

- Watched tutorial, read FAQ, still won’t work

I’m pretty technical but I could not get this to work. I can connect to my tv but the app won’t stream from my iPad. Useful only if you want to cast your photo library. Won’t cast HBO Max, which is why I bought the app. Save your money and don’t buy this app.

- Could be better

I've actually had this app for about a year or so and for the most part, it's OK. I just updated my apps and saw where they want an honest review so they can improve the app, so here we go! The apps interface and appearance is well laid out and the ease of use of the app is very simple. However, almost every time I have used this app, there is serious lag or sometimes complete freeze ups. I also have a different mirroring app that has no lag at all but is very cheap looking and poorly laid out. So, if you could do something to prevent the lag or freeze ups, this would easily be a top 3 app in its respective category.

- Trash

Slowest app I have ever used!!!!

- Not working

Doesn’t work

- Stuck on ScreenBroadcast

Doesn’t work at all. Shows Screen Broadcast with a red dot, Screen Mirror+R with the counter stopped at 00:06. Want my money back!

- Directions Simple

The directions were simple, but app is slow at best. Three dollars down the drain.

- Didn’t work

Seems easy, everything is downloaded and connected, but just does not connect. Seems strange this is recommended by, gets the $2.99, and doesn’t work.

- Horrible

It’s 3 dollars for what?

- Please refund me

Please refund me, the video is terrible quality with a shotty frame rate, & no audio comes out.

- Poor app.

How do you charge and not able to have sound. Pretty horrible

- Terrible

App is not user friendly

- Doesn’t work

I want my money back. The app doesn’t work.

- Déçu

Une application non fiable pour le prix, je suis déçu

- Roku mirroring

It was terrible - usless

- Doesn’t work

I have a Roku smart tv and bought this app for the ability to mirror my iPad. The screen blanks out every 3 seconds. I should’ve read the review before wasting my money. This is a know issue that’s been reported multiple times before but I guess fixing it is too much trouble. I would like my money refunded. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

- Very rudimentary

Doesn’t work at all. You’re better off just spending the money buying an Apple TV device if you want good quality audio and video.

- Works but laggy & buggy

Every 3 seconds, the tv screen goes black for 2 seconds. Tried on iPhone X and an iPhone 6s, same thing on both.

- Doesn’t work

I tried using this app to stream from my iPhone through my Roku Ultra to my tried to work, but then said there was a problem loading... this happened with every video I had. Well, I wasted $3.99.

- Refund?

Can I have a refund? I used iTunes points and it isn’t compatible with my tv model, thanks for your time.

- Blink the screen

After done mirroring screen automatically hide and show display after every 5 second

- No Sound!!

Video mirrors fine on iPad but no sound comes across.

- Dlamamrde


- Don’t waste your money!!!

I spent the money for the app so I could stream from my phone to my tv but because it records there isn’t any sites that will allow you to mirror the video to your TV so that was a waste of my money I highly recommend not getting this app or any like it because you won’t be satisfied with the outcome. What a joke and a waste not worth a single penny. Heck it isn’t worth if it was free.

- Burned

Ive just spent 5 bucks on this might as well Burnt the money. Thanks

- Crashes every time after 10 seconds

I just spent money on this app and it crashing already not even 5 minutes into the app . It continues to record but shows nothing on my TV . Y’all gotta fix this cuz this ain’t cool.

- Doesn’t work

Tried with iPhone 7, not working at all. 😤

- Stay away of this app (No sound feature)

How come I can mirror without the sound! If it’s still under development your shouldn’t sell the app till you complete it! Or you need to make it very clear that no sound functionality! The screen mirror also is getting turned on and off with no reason! Please add the sound functionality and I’ll revisit my review. Please let me know also If I can refund the price for this app?

- Video only

Only mirrors the video, not audio. Sound comes from iPad, not tv

- Would not connect

This is not working for my iPhone 7 to my roku tv

- It doesn’t work

It doesn’t respond with the iPad or the iPhone

- Working

Working but choppy

- Slow and laggy

I thought this would be great to stream my mobile games to my smart tv, the app is laggy, shuts down, and the constant recording creates an uneasy feeling for me.

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- Isnt working

Just downloaded this, not sure if its exclusive to the u.s.a or not but considering the other reviews having the same issue. Maybe this is the problem.. can you look into this? Id rather address issues than demand a refund straight away... ive connected my device to my ipad, it says its connecting, then says “click go to application” instead of shrugging this issue off like its not a problem, could you help me and everyone else who are having the same issue, without just being directed to apple for a refund? Surely this will only help you/your app developers resolve the problem.... if that is simply ignored then your making a false app that doesn’t work to gain a profit for personal gain. Which debatably is fraud... lol no need for mind games or manipulation theres already plenty of that in this world already ;) all the best, i hope i hear from you soon and we can resolve this problem.

- Waste of money!!!

Does not work and does not support sound either big rip off 😡

- Sound would be nice

Install fine Connecting and mirroring fine No sound so what’s the point ?

- App did not work!

App did not work and have contacted Apple. Would be great if you could fix the app.

- Refund

I bought this application because it would allow me to mirror with the volume from my phone incorporated. This didn’t work, the all freezes perpetually. I’d like a full refund please.

- Refund

How do I get a refund please this app is useless. Sound comes out of the phone, 5 second delay for picture. Some things don’t screen mirror at all! I only bought it as I thought I had to because Roku took me to your page when I was trying to set up mirroring.

- Doesn’t work

I have a Now TV stick powered by ROKU, but it would now appear after I have paid £2.99 for the app that this app won’t work with the Now TV stick even though it’s powered by ROKU 🤦🏼‍♂️ £2.99 Down the Drain ☹️ Wish I had never bought it, Apple should be ashamed that they allow these app’s to continue taking people’s money even though look at the reviews now, there’s CLEARLY an issue

- Delayed cast and app crashes

Everytime I switch my display in my phone, the app crashes and stopped broadcasting. When broadcasting, there is a delay on the screen which causes headache. I want a refund!

- i want a refund!

It’s good that there’s no delay like another app. But it keeps on stopping every few minutes. I upgraded to the mirror plus thinking & hoping that it would be better & it will not suddenly stop. To my dismay, the free app was better than the upgraded & I wasted my £2.99. Both apps, sorry to say, are both rubbish, they both just suddenly stops every few minutes which is so annoying! Can I please have a refund? Thanks!

- Waste of money!

Doesn’t work!

- Waste of money

Super bad super slow cut sooo much not worth it

- Waste of money don’t buy!!!

Meant to be smooth mirroring!!! Absolutely terrible picture and totally out of sync!!!

- What’s the point with no sound?

What it says in the title

- Poor

I thought I’d take my chances as the reviews were not good, but this is very poor. The lag is terrible, any fast movements do not display and even if you connect sound to a speaker the time lag is so bad it’s unwatchable. It’s not my internet or anything as it’s top spec. Worst app I’ve ever purchased. I also would like a refund.

- So Laggy it’s unusable and then crashes

Really disappointed with this app, promised so much and failed miserably. It lags about 3 seconds behind and drops 7 out of 10 frames, can’t use it at all. Then it crashes with a ‘null’ message. I’m close to WiFi, so is my Roku. Everything is updated. I want a refund!

- No sound

App works, but very clunky and no sound is played

@lifeofproxy Thanks for reaching out, Chris! Screen mirroring for Roku is available for Android and Windows only. i…

@KarleeKanz @RossRaihala @hbomax @Roku looks like there are Windows and Mac apps for it:

Roku remote - TV Cast & Screen mirroring for Roku

@ScreenMirror for Roku #roku

@ZiniTevi: [iOS] ZiniTevi 1.2.8: - Fixed casting video on Roku - Change several position components on UI Player for flexibility. - Fixe…

@Altavistagoogle No, you are just wrong. That is literally what AirPlay & Chromecast are used for - casting what’s…

Update: I’ve confirmed there’s no way for me to play Peacock on a TV. Peacock disabled HDMI & screen mirroring, it’…

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Screen Mirroring+ for Roku 1.7 Screenshots & Images

Screen Mirroring+ for Roku iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Screen Mirroring+ for Roku iphone images
Screen Mirroring+ for Roku iphone images
Screen Mirroring+ for Roku ipad images
Screen Mirroring+ for Roku ipad images
Screen Mirroring+ for Roku Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Screen Mirroring+ for Roku Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Screen Mirroring+ for Roku (Version 1.7) Install & Download

The applications Screen Mirroring+ for Roku was published in the category Productivity on 2019-02-24 and was developed by 2kit consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This application file size is 19.99 MB. Screen Mirroring+ for Roku - Productivity posted on 2020-07-04 current version is 1.7 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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