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Bunch Group Video Chat & Games [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Group video chat with friends while playing your favorite games!

Bunch is the first group video chat app for multiplayer games. It allows you to party up with friends over video, and jump into your favorite multiplayer games together. It's just like a house party - with amazing games you can play with friends - anytime, anywhere.

Bunch comes bundled with several awesome multiplayer games you can play with friends. You can also launch many of your favorite multiplayer titles - and play them together over video chat!

Here are some of the games that are built-in and exclusively available on Bunch:

◉ Draw Party: Draw silly pictures with your friends, and guess what they are drawing

◉ Mars Dash: Race with friends on hills of Mars

◉ Flappy Lives: Flap through the pipes with friends - the last bird standing wins

◉ Bunch Pool: Play pool with up to 8 friends over video chat

◉ Trivia: Test your knowledge with friends, and see who is the smartest

◉ Hoops: Score the highest in 60 seconds to win!

◉ Crazy Cards: Inspired by the classic cards game - first one to finish up their cards wins!

◉ Stay tuned, more games coming soon!

Want to play a game already downloaded on your phone, but can't find it on Bunch? Shoot us an email at support@bunch.live - and we'll make it happen.

- Questions or feedback? email us at: support@bunch.live

- Tag your fun game moments on our instagram: @bunch.live

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Bunch Group Video Chat & Games Customer Service, Editor Notes:

◉ Fixed some bugs!

Bunch Group Video Chat & Games Comments & Reviews

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- Good Games Bad Quality

first of all i'm just going to say that this is a good app. The games are mostly fun ( my faves are mars dash and hoops) and its cool playing them with friends . BUT.... The quality of the games is pretty bad. Ever time I click on a game it either gives me a black screen or says loading for like 5 minutes straight then says that the game is having trouble loading and I have to press try again a million times. This happens most on Mars Dash. A lot of the time me and a friend will be playing Mars Dash and the game will start for me and I will start running and playing the game as usual, but for my friend it still says loading and they never join the game. It doesn't show them on the line down below either, and it says that they left the game( even though they didn't ). This has happened to multiple friends in multiple phones. Also it sometimes can take like 2 minutes wait between when I click something ( hi, leave the room, end the game, mars dash, etc) and when it actually happens. SO FRUSTRATING! 😑😫😫😫 EDIT ABOUT A MONTH LATER: OMG you guys fixed it! the new update o mars dash is amazing! I have been having no tech issues whatsoever and neither gave any of my friends. IT IS SO AMAZING! thank you so much it is so fun. the scenery is wonderful and the fact that you can play with other people because sometimes i want to play mars dash but none of my friends can play and before that meant i just couldn't play but now i can so yeah it's awesome

- Awesome app!

I love using this to talk to my friends and play games with them, especially with the Coronavirus and quarantine and school being cancelled for the rest of the school year etc. I really like that I can talk to multiple people at a time, because with Group FaceTime for some reason not everyone can be added, and on Bunch anyone can. I love the games that are on here, Mars Dash, Flappy Lives, Draw Party, and most recently Pool. But there are a couple things that in my opinion need to be fixed. When I tried to play Minecraft with a friend over Bunch when it sent me to the Minecraft app it just showed me one continuous photo while my friend played. Also, one of my friends has mentioned to me multiple times that there should be a tic tac toe game and for Trivia there should be a Mythology deck (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, etc.) and I agree with her in that. I have had this app for about as long as I have had my phone, which is to say 3 years, and I do not plan on stopping using it any time soon!

- This app is amazing! 😁🙃😊😉

This app is super fun and easy to use, but the sign up was hard because something kept on happening (I forgot what it was I have had this app for so long) and I finally got in and I feel it is super safe as well! I feel it is safe because you can’t just have someone randomly come into your party because you can lock your rooms automatically and for friend requests, if you don’t know that person, then just decline the request like you would on any other app. I feel it is super fun and a great way to kill time and every game on there is very fun once you get to learn it! And I’m so happy they have got the game Among Us on there because I feel that would be really fun. And the only reason why I’m saying WOULD BE is because I have no idea what keeps on happening because I have the app on my phone and when I click on Among Us all the sudden it says I need to download that app and I already do so I don’t know what goes I there, but other than my technical issue every part of the app is fantastic! 10/10 recommend downloading!!! Thank you for reading my report on the Bunch app and I really hope you download it and tell your family and friends because if they don’t have this app they are missing out on a lot of fun opportunities!!! 😁😁😁

- Nothing is working!

So I was on the app and I tried to play with my friend. I tried to invite her and I pressed the invite button but it didn’t work. Nothing happened. I even tried to invite her through Messages and SnapChat. Nothing happened. So, she invited me instead and I joined her party. We tried to play some games but whenever the games were loading for us, nothing happened for me. The screen was black for me while the screen for her said loading and stuff like that. Nothing happened for me. Also, I pressed the “x” on the top left corner and tried to leave the game too. NOTHING HAPPENED. I couldn’t leave the party or leave the game. So instead, I refreshed the game to leave and tried to play and invite again. It still didn’t work. I shut down my phone. STILL DIDN’T WORK. The calls worked but nothing else did. I tried to play several games in Bunch and the games couldn’t load for me. The screen was just blackish greyish. There was still no loading screen for me, but my friend got a loading screen. Also, I deleted the app and downloaded the app to see if it would work this time. Still nothing. I’m sure this is an amazing app but nothing is working for me! I don’t know if it’s my phone or what. My phone has never had issues like that.

- Again dear bunch

So I know I just wrote to y’all but I thought I said say something else about the issues so one it keeps hanging me up and then I join it hangs me up and nit only me but my friends so when u join it hangs me up and it says that she or he left and that’s one of the issues and there is a lot more and I don’t won’t to right a hole story but I guess I have to let you guys know so nobody else will have this problem and btw like y’all game Mars dash Roblox and hoops is my favs but that’s nit the point and it says that I only have 1 friend but I really have 10 it’s says 10 but it doesn’t show me and if I’m on the internet it does not work I don’t know if y’all working on it or like what but it really is a problem and if y’all can right back to me a fix this it we be really a happy thing and I’m really going to need to get it fixed and when I try to join it would put on a black screen so pls pls pls get it fixed when it’s fixed I will get back to y’all bye have a good day Xoxo

- It is fix and I love it

So I put inAnother review that it “was” fun but the reason why is because it did not let my family played the game it would lead to people play the game not the other two it would have the screen turn black so I was really confused how I can fix it so that’s why I put the review because he used to work I just went on it today or last night and it worked perfectly fine I mean I was able to play the games the FaceTime was perfect everything was awesome thank you for listening to me or at least fixing your mistakes. It is also very easy to use because my whole family could play during this happening it’s really hard to have a game you can play with that game it just makes it easier and also my family we have a different source the phone so we can’t normally FaceTime you can FaceTime on there I just love it I think it’s a really great app rated a five out of 10 they fix their mistake everything is perfect now I love it. Thank u

- Cool App But...

I downloaded this app because so many friends have been pestering me to do so. This is actually a very fun app, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to hang out with friends but cannot due to social distancing. The only problem I have with it is that there’s a bug that does not allow you to set your own profile picture. That might just be me though, since my other friends could do it. Every time I go to the settings and change my profile picture, it saves and then shows that profile picture until I close the app and reopen it, showing the generic monster picture. I know it seems silly or small, but I would like my friends to see that it’s my user and I can do that with a profile pic. It’s not too big, but it’s kinda troublesome. Other than that, I’d definitely give it a five star rating.

- Giving my opinion

This add it’s very different I think we change is probably how you get into the app and get more games for your friends and you can play because these games are getting an old maybe you guys can like every week a new game comes out that will be so much better my friend said a house party it’s way better than this and my opinion is that Bunch is better but if you guys should make this game so much better this will be probably the best game ever to play with your friend on a video call but the thing is when you get out of the app but you’re still on the call with your friends sometimes it glitches and you get kicked out the party and I don’t not like that so if you guys can fix that glitch in this fix a little bit up updated that probably be a good app👍🏽

- Fun, but needs work on the profile settings

Is a fun gaming video chat app that you can invite your friends to play with you. The problem I have recently been having is changing the profile picture. I will go to edit and change my profile picture then save it but when I come back later to play, the picture has changed to a ghost monster. It is fun but I don’t really like having a monster picture and I would rather have a profile picture of my choice that doesn’t change. after a while it gets annoying because the profile picture doesn’t save as what you want it to be I suggest fixing this problem in the next update because my friends also experienced this problem as well.

- There needs to be fixed bugs and issues

So whenever I am online even though it’s in private people can still randomly join without warning on my screen, so like I’m in a zoom meeting and suddenly my friend texted me I opened the chat (even though my room is locked) she just randomly joins without permission, and I’ve been experiencing lag and low quality for bunch, can you please fix these? And whenever I play trivia or guess what, the categories (other than food and animals) are things we don’t know about, other than that, this app is so good I can hang out with my friends during COVID please fix these bugs they really bother me a lot but I recommend this app if you want to chat with friends! Also just a suggestion can u please make it so we can send gif, voice messages, and videos in the chat, I would really love this a lot so yeah

- Cool but heats my iPad like nothing else

So me and my friend use this communicate and it’s so much fun! I didn’t give 5 stars because sometimes the chat feature doesn’t work, and my messages are lost in cyberspace. Another thing is that they would just glitch out for no reason. Also like the title says, my battery get so hot I can barely hold my device. Other then that I thunk this is a great app to have UPDATE! alright I don’t know what you did, or maybe something happen on my end, but it doesn’t heat my battery up anymore which is a plus. Next, the new Mars dash is ✨awesome✨ it’s so cool how I can change my character to baby yoda XD. Either way, amazing app don’t think I’ll be getting rid of it ever. Thanks for reading this, and have a great day!

- Awesome!

I love this app especially since they’ve added more games(downfall there is you have to own two of the new games beforehand which I don’t have a problem with because I own those games but other people I know don’t want to buy it just to play every so often). This app helps me connect with the people that matter and have fun too! The one thing that would make it 5 stars for me is if you had more variety of games...I’ve played all of the games with my friends and after a while it gets repetitive. Another card game like phase 10 or go fish, chess/checkers, connect four, anything two or more people could play. If there were more options it would without a doubt be the best app around!! 🙌🏽

- Amazing but one problem

I love this app!!!😁 I can ft anyone I want when I want and we can play games together too! My favorite game is mars dash! But there is one things I hate about it and this reason is why I gave the app four stars, u need to have messenger to get more games. That’s fine but I don’t have Facebook and I need Facebook to get into messenger so I think this app needs to get updated so that we need something other than Facebook because I made a Facebook account and messenger didn’t accept it, therefore I cannot get more games on bunch and I don’t want to keep playing the same gaMes over and over again, it’s annoying 🙄 U should download it though if u don’t have FaceTime I recommend it BUT OVERALL I LOVE THIS GAME 😍🥳😉😁 Hope this helped u

- Copy

Hi so I think that this game is kind of a copy of house party but I am a big fan of it I have I’ve tried it out with my friends and it it works it works him so I just wanted to say that you know it’s some kind of a copy but I’m still fan it’s just him so I love all the games that you put on but one thing that I really like on house party that’s not on bunch is that you can you can text your friends on bunch as well as Houseparty but you can’t set send face meals which I really really really like doing on house party and I think that that’s really really helpful because if you just if you’re too tired to text to type it works really really well so that’s about it thanks bye

- I love this app

I really like this app because I can talk to my friends and see their faces when I play little mini games and I can even invite then to play with me if I have their phone number. You barely have to do anything to get it you just have to do some things and then you can play with your friends while calling them. It is a little laggy so you have to fix that but so far no one I repeat NO ONE even got hacked I really recommend this game me and my friends play it like every single day when I got this app we play in the morning and even at night or at the afternoon too. It doesn’t take to much info to get it set up.

- loved the app... at first when it ACTUALLY worked

i love the concept of this app and when it was working for the first couple minutes of me having it, it was great. but then, it stopped. my boyfriend and i cannot get into the same room no matter what now. and the app wont let us become friends either since no links we send to each other work and when we look up each other’s usernames it comes back with no results. its really frustrating considering thats the whole function of the app!! we’ve spent the last 30 mins trying to figure out how to play any game at all together with no luck. both our accounts say we have 1 friend, but neither of us can view or play games with said friend (assuming it is the other person). really let down when it seemed so promising at first :(

- I like it a lot!!

This is a really great game. So before I found out about bunch I was on FaceTime with my friend and we were playing games. And we both were wishing that there was a game where we could play games and FaceTime at the same time. And then my friend Madison found the game and I love it so much. But I wish that there was a mode where you could just play by yourself. And I another suggestion is to get a new game where you have to try and knock each other of of the world. So like you can chose your marble and you get to complete with your friends to try and knock each other off of the world. Thank you and I love your game.♥️♥️♥️💕💕💕😍😍😍

- My issue.

When I heard about this app I was really excited! I invited my friend but when I got out of the app I couldn’t see my friend, I could still hear their audio but not their camera. My friend told me, that she still can see me when she’s out of the app. I was confused. I went to settings to see if I missed something, it said that my microphone and camera were accessed, my friend told me that the app asked her to enable her microphone, her camera and something else with her screen like you can see your friend in the corner of your screen . I never got a thing saying to enable something with my screen. 🙁

- Amazing app

This app allows you to play games with your friends while talking to them in real time, I haven’t seen or used an app that allowed this before. It’s great game to just chill on when your bored at home with nothing to do and it helps get rid of the loneliness that you might have with this virus going on. Plus there going to add more games with our suggested which is good because they are listening to us and seeing what we want. Overall this app hands down is a five star app, hopefully y’all give it a try, share it with your friends and like it the way I do.

- Bunch is a miracle

Ever since me and my friend always wanted to play but in every single game we have to type in chat so we’ve been looking all apps. Either don’t work or cost money and then I saw a Bunch and I was like I guess we’ll try this and it was amazing I use this like every day and there should be a couple other games added like TicTacToe and I think that’s it if I could write this more than five stars I would rate this 1000 stars ⭐️ thank you 🙏 for makeing this app. If I was Apple I would make this already downloaded into every single phone

- I have an I Pad and I don’t have a phone number.

I was really pumped to get this app at first because I would be able to play and talk at the same time with my cousins who already have this app. But when I downloaded the this app and got on it asked me for my phone number. I was really sad because I have an I Pad and I Pad’s don’t have phone numbers, and the app told me to put in a phone number. Please make an option to put in an email for I Pad users. I was really excited about this app but then this happened please fix it 😞😔🥺😢😭

- Amazing! But...

I love this app, me and my friends love to use it and it’s a great app for voice chats! We like to play among us but not all of us have Group FaceTime/discord so this was a good app to install :) we also enjoy the games on here a lot I only have two problems though, 1. “Downloading assets” this takes a long time and some of my friends can’t play any games at all, the game should come with all instant games already installed so you can play immediately but you have to wait instead 2. Not a lot of instant games. There’s a few, but after playing for an hour you get kinda bored of them, so it would be nice to have a few more instant games! Anything would be fine as long as you don’t need to download an app for it, a fun idea for a game would be something where all the players are competing against eachother, like a battle Royale game would be really fun!! Other than that it’s an amazing app and I definitely recommend it!! Thanks for listening!

- This app is amazing!

Before I got this app, I wasn’t able to play online games with my friends, (for example, Roblox) but when I got the app, I told my friends we should try it. We got together one day, we opened the app and we pressed on the Roblox game attachment, and viola! We were able to call and play at the same time. If you are having the same issue as me, I totally recommend downloading Bunch. It’s a simple way to call and play online games with your friends! When all is said and done, I give Bunch 5 stars! It totally deserves it!

- More games and no need of apps to run

Hi I just downloaded this app today to deal with the boredom of quarantine. I thought it would be fun to play such games with my friends. However once opened I discovered that only 6 games were shown and when I clicked on more games it took me to a random messenger website. Also some games require you to download other apps to be able to play. That should not be required. Please try to fix this and add more games that don't need another app to play. Other than these issues it is a good app to pass time and stay connected with friends.

- Great game, but was a little slow

This game was really fun for me and my friends to play. It is really cool how you can talk to your friends at the same time as playing games. The only thing that wasn’t good about it was that sometimes the audio cuts out a little bit and sometimes it takes a while to load. I was also really confused because when I started playing a game with my cousin, the app also automatically invited my other friend to play too. Other then these minor difficulties, I would definitely recommend this app to others!

- This app is the best

Omg when I tell you this app is so amazing. First of all you can play with a lot of people and be in the phone while you are playing. Secondly the people could be all over the world, but you have to invite them . Thirdly, their is so much games, their that you can buy or add their. And lastly, you can either be muted while you play, and your camera can be off if you want it to be. And that is all I have for you guys. I hope you guys like that app, and support it, by leaving a good review on the app just like I did.

- We Are Very Afraid....

I got this app to talk to my friends and it was all fun and games for the first two hours. But then, when people claimed to have “left” the call, they could still completely hear and see us but it showed no evidence that they were still in the call and we can’t see them either. It has also added people to the call without their knowledge when they weren’t using the app. None of my friends feel safe or trust this app and are afraid the camera and microphone continues to be used after the app is closed. Also the games almost never work unless there’s only 2 people in the call. The screens turn black or the game never loads in. Please fix this app because we’re scared about our privacy and safety.

- great but..

I love how it’s so easy to find your friends. You can go from Snapchat or your contacts, It’s not complex at all. Once I connected with one of my friends though.. We had trouble playing some of the games because we didn’t know what to do. So maybe you could add directions? Otherwise it’s great the quality is awesome. The audio is terrific, I just wish there was more games. Many of my friends got bored easily because we had to play the same games over and over. Love the app only thing it needs is more games to be perfect. 👍

- I LOVE Bunch

Bunch is a great game for kids and teens I just absolutely love it. One thing I wish bunch had was filters. Sense bunch is connected to Facebook and Snapchat I think it should definitely have filters. On Facebook messenger you can also use filters and on Snapchat ft you can also I think it would be great for this app and even more enjoyable then before. THXS for reading please give this a try I think many other people would enjoy this feature too please please try it. THXS once again. SNAPCHAT IS alyssarev2020!

- Inviting a friend is the worst I have ever seen

I have been working for about 30 min to do what should be the simplest thing in an app such as this. I downloaded the app independently of any link initially. When the friend invite came through my email, it was a link to the App Store. Following the link does nothing by take me back to the App Store where the only option is to “Open.” Once in the app, there is no notification of a pending friend request and no obvious way that I can find to add users from within the app itself. I really dont understand why this is so convoluted. This seems like a good app in principle, but if you cant even link friends without a GD battle, it really loses some steam.

- Y’all I have Among Us...

So I have looked through this a little and haven’t had any group meetings yet. I came across an issue while browsing the games. I have had Among Us for a long time, but the app says I don’t have it. Please fix this so I can play Among Us on Bunch! **************UPDATE************** Bunch quickly responded and told me that you can open a game even if you don’t have it. This makes perfect sense, so just click open when you get redirected to the App Store. Thanks Bunch!

- Love the app

Hi I am one of the users of the app and I love it and I love how many people you can play with at once there’s so many games that you can pick from and they are a really fun it keeps you entertained and you don’t get bored like regular FaceTime I give this app a five star rating because it is fun and is not like any other app the only thing is that’s I don’t like if you are off the game for a while you out but other than that it’s really fun entertaining and the best FaceTime app

- Video chat doesn’t work for all of the games

There doesn’t seem to be video chat for Clash Royale and Mario Kart - the games I play the most. Audio is there for them but might as well FaceTime at that point. Audio is okay quality wise. 4 star because I think this is a really good idea for an app and I don’t want to knock it down too much as it’s always improving. I can’t stress enough that if you add video chat for these games, it’ll make a hell of a difference - I would have a good reason to use this app.

- Great Game/App!

Very fun and addicting to play with friends! There are no ads at ALL, and you can play ALL of the games for free! Plus, no need to worry about hackers or anybody else getting into your group because you can lock the party and there are codes to get in. I literally have nothing bad to say about this game it’s amazing! Also, the video is better quality than FaceTime, so no need to worry about that. If you are on edge about getting this app, get it!!!!

- Fraud apps

When I first downloaded bunch I was so excited to use it and interact with friends but I deleted the app scared of trackers and on my “friend’s” device it showed that I was still logged on to bunch!!! I rate this app 1 star. My friend was still able to text and call me via bunch. When on a bunch video call the cameras are really faulty. The mic wasn’t working and my friend and I couldn’t hear each other before i deleted Bunch. I rate it 1 star because it was really easy to text and call. If two friends r online they immediately get put on a bunch conference together without even wanting to be. I think this app could be improved a lot.

- It’s good but we need new thing

This app is amazing but there’s one thing we need may your PLEASE add Netflix to watch with your friends or family at the same time like we need that because I have to quarantine but I have to stay away from my family and we, normally have movie nights but I can’t do that so we wanted to watch a movie on call so, I suggested to get Bunch and try but nope, no we can not watch a movie. Ya that’s a a lot but ya god bless you for who is reading this :) I

- This app is amazing

Bunch is amazing cause of how it helps people be able to talk and while they do they can play games at the same time! I totally recommend this app. If you aren’t wanting to always play the game on bunch there’s Houseparty to. That may sound bad but Houseparty and Bunch are both FaceTiming apps that play games except bunch has more games! Have fun with this app hope you all can enjoy talking and playing games with your friends.!!

- Too many bugs

It’s a great concept but there are a lot of bugs. I tried playing with a group of 5 friends but I couldn’t play at all. The audio was echoing, the screen was pixelated, and it would take me to a black screen every time I tried playing with them. Sometimes my camera becomes disabled and when I try to enable it, the camera stays frozen. There was also a problem with the mute button. It would mute all of us and I’d have to restart the app. The games were very glitchy as well. When I play with 1 other person, it was decent but when I played with my friend, it was horrendous. I kept seeing “this person left the chat” and “this person joined the chat.” When I am actually able to play (only with one other friend) the game would lag a lot and the characters would fly all over the place. The app is great and I see a lot of potential! Hopefully you can fix this!

- It’s an amazing app but..

It’s an amazing app bc u can just chill and talk and play with ur friends which is amazing Bc sometimes ppl play and talk with the same device but the only problem for me is that with my iPhone I open roblox with my friend and the camera turns off but my friend doesn’t so can u pls tell me if I need change something in the settings bc I’m kinda new to this new app! But other than that it’s an amazing app and I recommend using it! Have a nice day!❤️

- Ehh

Okay Bunch is really nice way better than house party buttt it is really glitchy sometimes and when I try to do most of the games with my friends they don’t really work it just shows a black screen and says “Not working Try again” but a lot of the games are fun and most of them work rarely but I love how you can chat with your friends are lock the room and they have such nice games so i think the only problem would be the black screens and glitch,Thank you for letting me share my opinion!!

- Amazing customer support!

I love the app, but I wanted to suggest a new game to add known as Creative Destruction. I was expecting to be met with a bot that just replied with, “Thanks for your feedback!” Instead, I got an actual person who not only ensured that my suggestion was on their list of games to add, but also suggested other games to me that were similar. Love it! I wish more companies were so quick to respond!

- Great way to stay in touch!!!

I love this app!!! While my daughter is with her father for an extended visit, sometimes FaceTiming can get a little boring and it’s easy to run out of things to talk about. With this app, we’re able to see one another while playing a game with one another. It’s really easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun interacting with one another!!! ❤️❤️❤️

- Great app

I love this app since all this quarantine has been happening I need some more ways to keep in touch other than FaceTime. The hearing quality is really good and it’s better for kids than house party I just got it yesterday for my daughter she loves it and thinks that it’s like house party but better she loves to play with her friends on there now thanks for taking the time and making this app I love it for her.

- Great for long distance!

My boyfriend and I are doing long distance for the summer and this game has added so much fun to our otherwise challenging situation. We especially love moon dash and flappy lives! Only reason it’s not 5 stars is that I would like to see a few more game options. There are lots of games that you can play while on bunch, but it makes it pretty laggy as you are essentially running two apps. But the games so far are great!

- Needs some improvement

Overall the app has helped to get thru this social distancing. Compared to Houseparty this app is more interactive and my friends and I enjoyed it... WHEN IT WORKED. Like others have mentioned the app has some issues. When clicking on a game some would have a black screen or it would freeze. Sometimes someone would be kicked off the app and would still be able to hear us (the people still on the app). When that happens make sure to close the window, not just exit the app.


It is so useful for when I want to talk to my friends and we have nothin to do on ft(FaceTime) we can just go on bunch talk and play at the same time. Which is AMAZING especially for me and my bestie we talk 24/7 so we always get bored while talking to each other. The app is super nice bc we can play our fav games I will use this forever until I forget it abt the app(but I probably won’t bc its amazing)

- Love this game

I love this game a lot. I love how it pings you when somebody wants to play with you. All the games are super fun to play while seeing your friends. Both easy and fun! I can’t say I play all the time, sometimes my friends aren’t available. I love that there’s a arch for people’s bar. The problem with that is I’m physically talking to a stranger let alone watching them. Overall a fun game to play!

- I love this app but..

I love this app it’s amazing I love talking and playing to my friend on it but I wish there were more games and when you click on suggest more games you didn’t have to login to messenger because I don’t have that and I can’t get that also a suggestion for a game is stick man hook also can you add filters cause that’s one of the things me and my friends love to do

- Fair...

So sometimes it says that there’s an error and u have to retry but it always ends up working :) I really think they should add TikTok so u and your friend could scroll through funny videos and I feel like lots of ppl would think that’s a good idea and download it I mean, what’s better then scrolling through tiktoks with you bestie? And I love how they have roblox I haven’t played roblox on it yet but it’s probably awesome so I would definitely recommend this app

- Taking a little while to authenticate. . .

I am using my Snapchat account to log into the game, but once I did, I only saw a cute purple 3-eyed creature with a purple background and a title that says" Authenticating..." It also says "😇 Tip: Add at least 3 friends to have more fun on Bunch" below that. Once I downloaded this game, I was 30% on my device, but once I sent this review, I was 20% and I'm still waiting. I even tried refreshing the app and it still did the same thing!😡

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- It’s a good app but needs more games

This app bunch is really good because you can FaceTime lots of people at once but I think they should add more games because I am getting tired of playing the same games to I think bunch should add way more games so you never get tired of playing any! Even though I love bunch so much and I’m on it most of the time talking to my friends we don’t have the same games so we have to play the same games over and over because there isn’t many games to play! But overall it’s a good app!

- Bunch Regular

Bunch is great because you can play games on FaceTime regardless of where you are. Only two negatives - the bugs/app crashing, ugh super annoying when you’re playing or talking and it glitches and sends the whole app into a spazz. The second isn’t really a negative more of friendly suggestion(?) lol it would be super cool if the app had more games you could play without having to download another app.

- You need to get this app now

Omg 😆 this app is truely amazing and fun especially during COVID-19, we can’t see our friends so bunch can help. Bunch is a app where you can play many different types of app you like with your friends, the amazing part is that you can FaceTime your friends while playing the app🤩 you can talk and see the person your playing with. So download bunch now and play this with your friends and don’t forget to tell others about Bunch.😊

- Won’t let me join

I give it four stars because my friends use it and they say it’s really good but the reason it’s only 4 is because whenever I try to continue with Snapchat it says authenticating but then it goes back to continue with Snapchat meaning I can’t use it so I’m not sure what to do.

- This app is amazing!!!

Despite its few hearing glitches this app is the best face time ing app in the world! It has so many cool games and is very easy to talk to your friend. But I would recommend a different way to log in despite apple or email because some of my friends find it hard and are unable to join but others wise. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ + infinity

- It’s making my iPad glitch out

My iPad will be on 100% then I will join my friends and it will go flat idk what the problem is about that but it also takes 2min to load but other then that it is a great way to communicate and keep in touch with you friends Great app

- you...

I think the app is great but you should make it so you dont have to download the app and you can just have it on your phone and apparently me and all my friens said it was glitching alot so it could use some updates and you shoudnt have to call on the app aswell

- Love it 99.9%

I really love this app but the only problem is that when you delete it then download it again I have to make a new account and I can’t log back into my real account and I have to make a new account other than that 5 out 5 stars! 𝐼 𝐿𝒪𝒱𝐸 𝐼𝒯

- This is the best app ever

This app is epic! I can call all of my friends without trouble! And best of all, this is not a scam! It also works beautifully and there are no glitches or wifi disconnections during calls. I literally friended my friend 5 seconds after I joined. I love this app! Download it now!

- I press ready for the game and it keeps saying waiting for other

When I first started this game I use to love playing the games it would always work when I pressed ready but now I try and it keeps saying waiting for others and not letting me join the game please tell me what’s wrong because I love bunch and I wanna know if I’ve done anything

- Please stop sending notifications when I’m online....

I 100% love this app, but when I go on and play with a friend ALL OF MY FRIENDS CAN JOIN and I’m not okay with that, please stop sending them notifications so i can play with one friend without someone else joining. Otherwise I love this app, I would 100% recommend

- Loving Bunch!

I find it super enjoyable! Being able to play games and talk to your friends all on the same device?! The only reason I don’t give this full marks is because they need more variety in there games. %96 - %100

- Bunch is amazing

It’s an awesome way to communicate and have fun with friends. When your in lockdown even you can’t catch up with friends there is bunch! It’s not only FaceTime it’s an app that lets you play on FaceTime and it way better!

- My review :3

Ok.. I LOVE to use Bunch because it is really fun, especially when you are in quarantine. I can talk to my friends and family! I enjoy playing games with my cousin on Bunch my favorite is maybe Roblox or Minecraft I don’t know but it is REALLY fun. This is my review :)

- Awesome but some glitches

I play with my friends and one of us leave but we actually didn’t leave it was a glitch that made us leave

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This app is amazing there’s hardly any lags and it’s an amazing way to keep up with your friends if they don’t have a phone number or an email

- I haven’t used it yet but I think it looks good

I haven’t used it yet but it has fortnite Minecraft and roblox all for free and my friend doesn’t have face time to this is an alternative for FaceTime

- Super disappointed

I’m so disappointed because 2 of my friends downloaded the app and they had the same problem so I couldn’t play with them becuase they were stuck at the loading screen or it kept crashing. Mine worked but I’m so sad that I don’t even get to use the app cos it’s not working for my friends please fix this bug

- My friend can’t sign in

My friend tried to sign in so we could play but he didn’t have Facebook or a phone number. I signed in using the Apple choice but that didn’t appear for him. He is signed into game centre but it still didn’t work. Please fix Sincerely, Harry

- Don’t really like it

I tried to get on and I am only a child so yeah and I don’t know my parents phone number. I also would like this app to be kid friendly. Thanks Ola

- Love it!!

I love playing games and watching and talking to my friends at the same time. Would love to see more games coming out in the future.

- It’s amazing

It’s fun because you get to play games while able to talk over the phone with ur mates and right now it’s actually pretty handy

- Bunch

Bunch is good for speaking to friends/family while paying a game with them and still being able to see there face and talk to them

- Play this play play play

This game is so good you can play with your friends or you get new friends if you know any accounts

- Bunch

Hi i am Mia and i love the app its just one Problem that's why i did not give you a 5 star ok but i love everything else and if you would like to know the problem just let me know.

- Honestly why i like bunch

I like bunch because you U can play so much games with your friends even Roblox there are also much mor games on thrt

- So fun

My iPad was on 100% and it ran flat in about an hour but it was rlly fun for an hour instead of FaceTiming my friends and I could also play games

- Love it!

I’ve only used this for a few months but it is unbelievably awesome thank you for making gaming with pals easier.

- I think

I think you should be able to talk to strangers on there not just your friends so you would be able to play with strangers because it'd increase people being Social.

- Less games

OMG!! This app is sooo good! So many players to play with but for me...I think there are less games on this app. Whenever you do an update, pls add more games. But this app is the BEST!!!

- Bunch

I love bunch because if you don’t have games on bunch or you are not aloud That is how you can play one of this games and see how it is ❤️❤️❤️

- Wow wow wow

This app is so fun you can even play Minecraft on it me and my friend spent hours talking and interacting I would give it ten stars if I could of a million

- Amazing aps

I love this app so much I been playing which my friend for an hours I can’t stop playing this

- Bunch

5stars it is awesome I can chat with my friends and play games with only using 1 app instead of like 2 or 3

- The best app I have ever played

This app is better than almost every game you should get it is also free

- Bunch

Bunch is really fun and you can play so many games with your friends I love this app so much

- The amazing app

This app is amazing it lets you call friends and lets you play game’s at the same time

- Amazing app

This app is amazing I got to talk to my friend because it’s been 5 weeks and now I can talk to him

- I love it!

I like bunch but I think there should be more variety of games. Otherwise it’s great!

- Very buggy

Keeps crashing and closing down over and over again. Will work for a minute then crash again

- Awesome but needs work

It needs work beacaue We u can’t see each other during games

- Bunch

It good I can play games with friends and family over a call it’s good as


Honestly I love this game me and my friends get to connect and play fun games keep up the good work bunch!

- Omg

It awsome u Can play with your friends and talk at the same time omn you're phone or ipad

- More games?

This app is great and I love it, but can it have games like fortnite if possible?

- I love bunch 😍

It has me hooked it’s my fav app and I love the way u face time ur friends ❤️😍


Look here I’ve been trying to authenticate for the past day and all it’s doing is closing the app and it won’t log in to my Snapchat and all I wanna do is use bunch so I can talk to my friends and have it connected with my Snapchat

- Won’t work

I put in my phone number and it sends me a message and won’t proceed to the next screen. Then I delete it and then try again and it won’t even let me put in my number. Please fix this

- How I feel

This is a good app but kinda hard to use I love the idea of this and can’t wait to use is even more

- Epic

This is cool cuz now I can call friends while playing games

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- How this went

It was really fun talking to your friends and play game at the same time you should try it but sometimes the games don’t work

- Games

It’s an okay app but I don’t know how to get more games. I only see the 6 games and none of the games from the ones advertised in the photos like uno or monopoly.

- Netflix

Please put Netflix on here so we can watch with friends

- I think people like this if you add it

I love everything about this app but I think if you add this people will like it better please allow them to send videos and maybe send like your old pictures or videos all at once because it does take a little while to do that thank you and maybe a link still if you wanna send your friend stuff like a YouTube link or something anime be like I don’t know Netflix or Disney+ you can watch stuff with your friends together instead of your friends just putting it on the camera and maybe more free games for us to play thank you for listening I hope you can do this if you don’t I understand

- Friends

I want to play by myself in Roblox so why do I need to be on a video call with my friends. And I don’t get how to play the games.

- wjvhjdjc

anytime i try to play a game with my friends as soon as the game starts, it kicks me out right away. i can’t do anything.

- Why can’t you use gmail?

I don’t have those things that you have to use please let me make it with gmail.

- Good App but Needs an Update

If you could add more questions to the trivia game mode, I would gave a 5 star. I keep seeing the same questions. Also you can add a sports section to the trivia. And if you can add more games to the instant list it would be appreciated. Overall good app but needs an update asap.

- Great concept, poor functionality

I was super excited to play this game with my friends during another gruelling lockdown. It sounded like the perfect app but unfortunately it worked to no avail. Downloading each game is a pain and sign up proved unsuccessful with each one. 0 stars for functionality.

- I had so much fun

I had so much fun on this app I love it!<3

- Great app

Great app to talk with your friends and play games with them

- Bunch

This is a very great app what I like about it is that you can play games with your friends or family it’s a very good app and I recommend getting it

- Eiekidiz

Love it but please help my flappy bird is the colour white and don’t know how to change it help

- Awesome

I love this game it’s awesome you should definitely get this game it’s very fun!

- I just started

I just started and I think it’s a great game.you have to send texts to your friends so they can join and stuff like that but besides that it a great game and you should download it. I will send another review when I have it for a few months

- Fun but only in English

I want a French version for the quiz game

- horrible

this game is so laggy and it doesn’t let me and my friends play. our wifi is amazing but the game makes us so laggy and i’m tired of it. you made me waste 10 minutes when i could’ve been talking. this game doesn’t deserve anything nor the money their making.

- Two


- I l o v e this ug g a m e

So ya

- It’s good

It’s good bc of COVID-19 and we don’t wanna get conrona virus

- so good

this game is amazing with friends and is makes times like this not boring

- Boo


- Cant see all my friends

The app is good and all but i cant see all my friends even tho the said the are friends wit me

- No friends

For some reason the game says sorry could not find that person and I had to try 20 times to get one friend but it’s awesome And it’s fun

- Make game more inclusive

As a insecure person it’s rlly annoying that I have to put my face on display at all times. Pls make camera optional. Thank you.

- Can’t delete account

Stupid to hide delete account option, can’t even delete my account

- Bunch

I love this app! nothing you need to improve accept for more games and a bigger thing for the chat! :)


I didn’t see PUBG in the app so how I’m I going to chat with people if you don’t have PUBG please add PUBG thanks

- Pretty good

I downloaded the app yesterday but so far it’s good and I’m just waiting for my friends to join me so it’s pretty good I can’t wait to talk and play with them

- I love

Omlll this app it’s very good and doesn’t lag for me so yea💕💕✨✨💕

- This works so well

I can finally play while on a voice call

- Awesome


- It’s a great app but…

The only problem is it is a great app it doesn’t actually look ring on your screen

- So bad and so dum

It said that you can play roblox and among us seeing each other but me and my friend just tried to and it did not work i do not recommend this app it’s dum not to be rude

- The link doesn’t work??

After reading a previous review that only 6 games show (same for myself), Bunch replied with a link that accessed all other games, but it didn’t work for me :(

- Oh my god yes

It is so fun to play with my sister totally recommend

- I love this app

This app is like the best I can talk to all of my friends and play with them!

- Best games

I love it I can play with my friends and I was playing with my friends and we had a lot of fun

- GREAT 👍🏼

I love bunch! Even though sometimes it says my friends left the room when they actually didn’t leave and the call ends! But aside from that, it’s great <3

- bunchh

love this app for sure!! but some times when I try and play games with friends, it will say "n downloading assets" for like hours on end, and I can't play :/

- 👍

Pretty good I guess, but can you please add Netflix and Among us?

- A bit glichy

I love this app but I do wish it were a bit less glichy

- Bunch

This app is so awesome it lets you do you much

- It helps a lot when playing with friends and family


- Fun

It’s really fun to just have a bunch of games that you can play with friends on your phone in one app

- Thanks

Love it would love to be sponsored by them

- The best with friends

It’s so fun

- Bunch

You can play so many games with anybody and you can go live this is the best app I have ever had in a while I would get it if I were you

- I can’t find a game

This is a great app! I love it. But I can’t find a game: Subway Surfers. I installed it but when I search it up I cant find it. Please add this to the app. Good job tho!

- Hi

Can you add a game that’s like among us

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Bunch Group Video Chat & Games 6.30.0 Screenshots & Images

Bunch Group Video Chat & Games iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bunch Group Video Chat & Games iphone images
Bunch Group Video Chat & Games iphone images
Bunch Group Video Chat & Games iphone images

Bunch Group Video Chat & Games (Version 6.30.0) Install & Download

The applications Bunch Group Video Chat & Games was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-10-12 and was developed by Bunch Live, Inc [Developer ID: 1524298676]. This application file size is 136.08 MB. Bunch Group Video Chat & Games - Social Networking app posted on 2021-04-23 current version is 6.30.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.z1.rumble

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