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What is rdr2: companion app? The Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion delivers your in-game Journal, the full game manual, an optional comprehensive strategy guide and more.

Arthur Morgan keeps a detailed journal of his experiences. When connected to the game you’ll be able to examine these entries and illustrations firsthand as new pages appear in the Journal.

Your essential compendium for the deepest and most detailed Rockstar world yet, the Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Official Guide by Piggyback® is packed with information about every aspect of Rockstar Games’ epic tale of outlaw life in America's unforgiving heartland. This digital version, unlocked via a onetime in-app purchase, contains every page of the physical Standard Edition guide in beautiful high resolution along with interactive menus to make finding information quick and easy.

The official manual for Red Dead Redemption 2 detailing general game controls and everything from player attributes to combat, fishing, hunting, horse bonding, activities and more.

When connected to your Rockstar Games Social Club account you can also gain quick access to an online interactive visualization of your current progress towards 100% completion of the Story, the web version of the Wheeler and Rawson in-game catalog and important Red Dead Redemption 2 news and announcements.

Rockstar Games, Inc. ©2005-18. Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption, and R* are marks/logos/copyrights of Take-Two Interactive. All other marks and trademarks are properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Piggyback® is a registered trademark of Piggyback Interactive Limited. PIGGYBACK.COM and the Piggyback logo are registered trademarks of Piggyback Interactive Limited.

Use of software subject to license at rockstargames.com/eula; online account terms at www.rockstargames.com/socialclub. Violation of EULA, Code of Conduct, or other policies may result in restriction or termination of access to game or online account. For customer& technical support visit www.rockstargames.com/support.

Non-transferable access to special features such as exclusive, unlockable, downloadable or online content, services, or functions may require single-use serial code, additional fee and/or online account registration (13+). Access to special features may require internet connection, may not be available to all users, and may, upon 30 days notice, be terminated, modified, or offered under different terms. For information about online services, fees, restrictions, or additional terms that may apply to this game, please visit www.rockstargames.com.

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited.

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Find this site the customer service details of RDR2: Companion. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1293430833/rdr2-companion/contact

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RDR2: Companion Version 1.5.101 October 2020

iOS14 Support Please Note: The Map feature has been disabled indefinitely..

RDR2: Companion Comments & Reviews 2022

- Serious recommendation:

I don't know anything about building apps but is there any way you could have some sorta "pause" feature so when we're not in immediate need of the app (mainly the map) we can hit a button and it will stop all usage of the app that is a battery drain? Like, for example, when i enter into a city, especially if i know it well - i'm not in need of the app and it's just sitting there draining my battery. Of course, i could close it out - but that's really annoying. Also, if this is possible, is there a way to do it without it having to basically reboot as if you closed it out completely and re-opened it? Or maybe opt OUT of certain aspects of the app that you aren't going to ever use - or at least not going to use in the immediate future; to further help with battery issues. Because i also check Facebook a lot when i play to talk with friends AND i stream via the MIXER app (both of them) so i've got a MAJOR drain on my battery as it is and this app (god - it's an AWESOME app a i really do mean that) is such a ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS drain on my battery. Which is only going to increase two fold when online comes out and i need my companion app to track other players constantly since there is no passive mode in online mode - unless you are at your camp with the white flag up. Anyway, other than that this app is phenomenal. 🤙

- Great for single player. Wish it was better for online

Everything is very useful, however I wish there was more online use other than map and catalogue. I would love to be able to follow my RDO character progress from my companion app (unless I’m missing something.) and to be able to check my awards and stats. I also would like to be able to preview my own character in the wardrobe selections. I know that’s a long shot since a catalogue in real life is usually a model wearing the clothes as it is now. But it would be really great if I were to be able to preview my current character outfit and change wardrobe options mobily. Maybe something similar to the Destiny app in 3D. Also I gave a 4 rating, however would really give it more of a 3.7 due to the fact that I just tried to make purchases for online and was given an error. Like I said. Great for SP, needs some TLC for online.

- Please Fix Battery Bug

This app is exactly what I want in a companion app, and Rockstar definitely nailed it for sure. This rating would absolutely be 5 stars if it wasn’t for the current battery draining glitch impacting some users. I have an iPhone X and a USB-C to Lightning fast charger, which normally charges my phone from >5% to 100% in less than an hour. When I use the companion, not only does my phone become too hot to touch, it also drains battery at a rapid pace. I was at ~50% battery when I began using the app most recently, and after 45 minutes of use, my battery had dropped down to 7% (while on the fast charger!). Rockstar: I don’t leave reviews unless I really need to share critical feedback as a consumer for the greater good, but this needs a resolution, and a fast one. I don’t think using this app is a good idea until the issues are addressed. I would gladly change my rating to 5 once addressed, but until then, it’s back to using the in-game map every 2 minutes ☹️ Everyone else: Don’t let my review turn you off from the app, I honestly love it and would be using it every time I play, but it’s tearing up my battery and it’s unable to be touched when operational. Give it a try and see if it works fine for you, but if not, I would really give this another shot once it’s fixed. It’s worth it!!

- Nice Addition

I rarely use companion apps for games as they seem pointless and don't really help much towards the actual game themselves. However I have found that this one is an acceptation. I turned off the hud in game so it makes it very immersive so much that while playing had several people look at the screen and ask what I was watching and mouths drop when I said I was playing a game. Having this app opened while playing helped a GREAT deal with that as I am able to view map, make way points, view all of my statuses and follow everything in realtime with ease flawlesslyand it feels like I am Arthur himself simple opening the map to view my surroundings, journal or what have you. I find this to be one of the top additions to game and really makes it stand out as the best and greatest game I've played in a long time. Plus it's 100% FREE. Rockstar did a top notch on this game and made it even better with this companion app. If you plan on playing this game this app is a recommended must to get way more out of it and it's experience.

- The best companion app I’ve ever used, but it could be better.

First things first, I can’t explain how awesome it is to remove the majority of your HUD in game and then use this app as your map. It’s really convenient and user friendly. A couple things, I believe they forgot to carry over colorblind mode from the base game, and this greatly hinders me and I’d like to have that as an a option for the app. Another thing is the digital strategy guide is available and I think that’s really neat, especially since it’s 1/4 the price of an actual copy, but I want the strategy guide to carry over the the actual map. Let me run around and view where things like cigarette cards, or dinosaur bones are on my map. I think it’d be way better than having to back out of the map and open the strategy guide and flip to the page. Overall I love this app, I just would like to see colorblind mode added and maybe the strategy guide spread out a little more.

- This app no longer works...

I got the south a few weeks ago, gave it a try, had trouble getting an account. When I finally got it to work, it worked for one day, and then it stopped working. I contacted Support, and Support put me through over an hour's worth of tests to figure out why it wasn’t working. Finally, they wanted me to change my DNS. I can’t do that because of the circumstances at home where I have to have a secure line. The support person couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just change the DNS. Needless to say, the app is now worthless. I have rebooted my cable modem, rebooted my Wi-Fi, rebooted my computer, rebooted my iPhone, rebooted my PlayStation 4, Nothing has cleared the problem. It’s unfortunate because this app was awesome in the one day that I had it. I could put it on a cinematic run and have my player run from point A to point B and watch it on the app. Leave me the app to freaking confusing to set up. Once set up, it’ll work for a short time and then stop. I don’t know if it’s the update from the PS4 or if the app was updated, but something happened to where it doesn’t work right now.

- Good but not great

This app seems to miss the purpose of what it is. First and foremost it is a map/guide, but even that interface is a bit weird to get used to. Map view defaults to all the way zoomed in which is almost never used. The app itself also drains my battery pretty decently and am stuck plugging my phone in after a few hours of usage. I’m also not a huge fan of the “shopping” aspect. You get booted out of the app and to a webpage to do shopping but where the items go I really don’t know. Would have been interesting if you look at the catalogue that sits on a stump or a table, depending on where your camp is located. And those items ordered would be delivered to the camp. Progress option does the same no to an external website. I hope this app will be utilized for the online game when the becomes available.

- Misleading - iPhone X Incompatible

Just got finished chatting with Rockstar support after repeatedly not being able to connect my game to the app. I did everything right and triple checked it all. Their support team thought it was odd at first, then came back and told me my iPhone X wasn’t compatible with the app. They said the only reason the App Store lists the app as compatible with iPhone X is because the app will run on my device, just not connect to my game which is the entire point of the app. While I look forward to a compatibility update which Rockstar said was in the works but no release date in sight, for now I find this app grossly misleading. I agreed to terms and conditions when I downloaded the app and now they're telling me it doesn’t even work on my device. Why even list it if it’s completely useless? My guess is to lure more iPhone users into downloading and hopefully purchasing the game-guide, which is $9.99. Lazy. I’d be willing to re-rate the app once it works, and how long iPhone X users have to wait will impact that new rating as well.

- Needs fixing ASAP

I couldn't really tell you how good or not the app itself is because after the setup period I put the phone down for about 5-10 minutes to walk the dog and came back and picked it up and it was so hot I thought there was a short or something in the cord but no I used a IR thermometer and it said 118 degrees. The IR thermometer I used is a cheapo unit admittedly but still this is not something I'd expect from a tier 1 company like Rockstar or any contractors it uses. I powered the phone down and put a small fan on to help coo it and tried it one more time to verify and it did it again so it's been deleted until it's fixed. The premise of what the app offers got me interested but until it fixes this safety issue ( and it IS a safety issue..what if it was carried in a pocket or purse with a lighter in it and the app was left on or was accidentally turned on and the heat generated could potentially set off the lighter) so let's get it fixed Rockstar!

- Expected more

For $10, I expected more. Don’t get me wrong; the map on my phone synching with the game is nice and all, but much of the rest is more difficult to use. For example, I can barely read much of the print, even on an iPhone 8+. Yes, I can expand the page, but then the left and right edges of the paragraphs fall off the page. You should be able to push a side icon and get the text for a feature or description printed out on your phone in regular font (sort of like how you can “read” a letter in game). Also, the game guide is very, very lengthy (351 pages that look like they have been converted to a .pdf file with two pages on one screen). I would have expected either (1) the index to be linked to the appropriate place in the guide; or (2) the ability to select what page to jump to in the guide (less efficient but workable). I would also expect there to be a usable search feature for the guide. Disappointed in this offering.

- Perfect holiday companion

I didn’t have to give up my RDR2 addiction while visiting family for Thanksgiving. It’s really nice to catch up on Arthur’s thoughts from his journal while laying in a hotel bed. I’m less inclined to read that stuff while I’m actually playing the game, but it’s really quite fun to read and reflect on some of the things I’ve done now that I’m away from it. I also have to say I think it is very cool that you can flip through the ordering magazine to get things you will receive when you log into the game. My only recommendation is that you stock up on money before you travel or likely you’ll be stuck with only 2$ to play with like me LOL. Lastly, it’s great to help brush upon mechanics. I’m even considering the strategy guide. Anyhow, just wanted to express my enjoyment of the app.

- The Map is amazing....but the app lacks in other areas

Love the concept for this app, the map is so well done!! I definitely plan to use this app regularly while playing the game. I think where this app is struggling is in all the other sections. I absolutely can’t stand that the app takes you to safari Instead of the other features being native on the app! Like the map is. Also the fact that you have the ability to purchase that aren’t unlocked for you yet! Is very weird and I don’t like that part at all. The app has great bones and the map is AMAZING, you guys at rockstar just need to bring native support to all of the other features this app has to offer, which I would totally use as well, if it was native and didn’t take me to safari.

- Like the full game, the app disappoints

Forced landscape, tiniest-of-the-tiny text that can’t be enlarged, and vampiricly efficient loss of battery while (trying to) use this. Perhaps Rockstar thought that much would be forgiven with this offering due to brand recognition and/or respect. But like the full game, it’s a trudge through molasses with a shiny veneer and lofty goals only half-heartedly implemented. Rockstar seems to be a company where the Hausers and Lazlow can not be challenged. How much feedback was either ignored or stifled? Feedback that could have improved this and the game? There’s too many people at TT for NO ONE to have seen the mess coming. But it seems they weren’t heard. Or maybe they know better than to speak up at all? I fear for GTA and what “brilliant” ideas that franchise has in dev by now. Hope they can get back to making good games, these “reinventing the wheel using squares” isn’t going to pay off in the long-term.

- Great app overall. But has one annoying major drawback for me.

This annoying draw back is so majorly annoying I’m giving it a 1 star. Ok so you log into app with your Rockstar social club account. Easy to do. Then when you have the app open while playing. The little colored icon next to the cowboy outline in top right area changes color for gameplay connection status. from green: active connection Yellow: on standby. Then Red: not connected. Then while playing game. I get a notice on my TV. ‘Your Red Dead Redemptions 2 companion app has disconnected from your gameplay. While your actively playing. This is annoying. Then it gets worse. I go to the app on iPhone and make it reconnect to my gameplay. Over and over. Then to make it worse. I save my gameplay. Then the next time i play again on my Xbox. I load up the companion app. Then I let it fully boot up. And I’ll load up the game on my Xbox 1x and the app won’t connect to my gameplay again. Unless I restart a whole new game slot. And restart the story. Then the companion app will connect to my game. But then it won’t stay connected. And yes I’m using WIFI on my phone, an yes the signal is good and very strong. Other then that when this app does work. It’s very easy to navigate throughout the app. It just won’t connect and stay connected to my gameplay.

- Best companion app for console games I’ve used, but needs locale support

It’s been an fantastic experience with this app. I can pin point any point on the map and the game sync instantly to show me route guidance on the minimap. However this app really needs locale support. I’m running the game on different language than my iPad does. The app won’t show me the map unless I change my iPad system language to match with the game language. It’s quite frustrating since I don’t want to change the iPad language every time I start playing and change it back afterwards. The app needs to have a setting where it allows users to change the app language. It’s a really great app overall but just needs this small but useful improvement

- Couple flaws

Like others have pointed out. I never received a reset password email from rockstar. Tried multiple times and checked junk mail. Nothing. I ended creating a new social club account. Bummer. Overall the app is pretty solid the landscape only option is super bad. Instead of making device specific ports of the game manual and strategy guide, rockstar merely uploaded a pdf or fixed size version of these documents. You can’t increase font size or rotate. The text is unbelievably small and just as you start to zoom into one of the game’s manual page, the reader turns you to the following or previous page. I honestly wouldn’t mind and can understand why rockstar has landscape only for features like the real time map. However the manuals should be allowed in any orientation. No excuses.

- Great app needs a few fix’s

I like almost everything about the companion app but I wanted to make a complete immersive experience for people on my channel and when I have the app open it doesn’t show the amount of cash I earned from a job or what I loot unless I remember what I had before or valuables and I even think certain unique items you pick up and it doesn’t show it on my TV unless I turn on the option that shows what I picked up so I have to go in my satchel everytime I pick up anything. If some how you could improve it so on the companion app it shows what I pick up. I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance for all the hard work!

- -RockstarGamesGuy

This is exactly what a companion app should be! Not only does it connect instantly to your console but it lets you alter the way point, I’ve used the cinematic mode to automatically go to my next destination but used the app to change which way I’m going without having to even touch my controller which is so helpful, I already own the collectors box that has the replica store catalog and the collectors edition guide book so I do not have to use those features, my only wish is that social club and everything else would stay in the app and not take you to safari, iFruit use to be this way but it was changed to the same way.

- Helpful

This app is the best companion app I’ve been for a game by far. The interactive map is a great feature and helpful to use if you don’t want to constantly be opening it in game. The best feature of the app IMO is the strategy guide for only 10 bucks (half the price of the physical version) you get the same content 300+ pgs of detailed helpful info! Only small issue is the app disconnecting from my game when it’s closed is a little annoying and sometimes(rarely) it glitches and freezes and locks my phone to the point i have to reboot my phone. If these issues were addressed this would be 100%!

- An Amazing feature!

First, wow who thought of this app it was truly a brilliant Idea that no other game that I know of has implemented yet. The only thing I can compare this to, is the Ubisoft games that I’ve played in the past. I remember a few Assassin Creed games where you could give orders to run a side mission in a mini game while you’re on the toilet at work. It gives you some extra in game cash if you’re dedicated and stuff. The RDR 2 companion lets you open sales book and purchase items, you can view your journal missions and even view in game progress without even pausing the game! When the game first launched I turned off the in game mini map and just used my iPad for the map! Single Player was a blast! Multiplayer is enhanced because you can see what’s going on past your field of view with the app. On days where they have the limited sales, in the clothing store, if you can’t get on your Xbox, you can just open the app and purchase clothes for online!

- Battery usage for the other

Ok so I’ve seen other reviews on this app saying it needs improvement in the battery usage part of the app but here’s the thing all you need to do is press the home button and open the app when you wanna use it because it disconnects when your not in the app the app can be, being used in the background but it won’t connect. And if your not a five or six your old you’ll just plug your phone in. And personally I started playing rockstars games like gta 5 when I was seven and finished it in less then a year so I think I know how there games work.

- Excellent!!

This app is perfect! It makes it being able to look at everything you’ve completed in the compendium so much easier because it’s right in your hand it takes so much less time. Also being able to swipe through the journal and reading what Arthur writes without pulling up the the journal in the actual game is amazing!! The only addition that I would like to be added is a way to look at all he photos you’ve taken because it would make it much easier to delete photos you don’t like and post to the social club. 10/10 (add a photos section that would be amazing)

- This app is exactly why I’ve been waiting for

As a long time fan playing any of the Rockstar®️games. I would stock up on maps in order to find secrets and mark certain locations on the physical copies, almost making the immersion better on survival mode. Now with iPhone and iPad capabilities I can do all of that and with so much more convenience and I don’t need to mark up my posters of the maps anymore I can just take screenshots of key locations. Side note just got a PS4 PRO and with this app it made the replay value for me skyrocket. Thanks a bunch everyone at the Rockstar Team. 👍

- Not thought through at all

First off I am not one to write reviews let alone negative ones but I this motivated me. Two major issues are as follows, you must have an online account for multiplayer games (at least with xbox) to use this app even though this is a single player game. I would have thought this would link to my Xbox via Bluetooth like other apps I use. I am not an online player. Second is the game guide which I Love to use and read again not well thought through as it is unreadable on my iPad. In this day and age of multipurpose readers available one would think they would have at minimum made it so you could read one page at a time or incorporated some form of page management that made it readable. I would Love to use this APP and would pay for it if it worked!

- Really neat, sometimes fails to find console

Really neat idea and enhances the game somewhat. I usually keep the map up while I play and use it to navigate and decide where to go next. The app is high quality and stable. However, it sometimes takes a long time, like 10 minutes or more, to identify that I have an active session running. I have to keep hitting refresh occasionally and eventually my console shows up. I don’t change what I’m doing to trigger this, I’m just playing the game and it randomly decides to start working. Still, overall the app is excellent.

- Mind Blowing.

I’m not going to make a full on 5 paragraph review like usual, but instead going to say how cool this app is. It gives you all the info on how your doing, and what’s going on but in one way that’ll change all gaming apps. Through a western style magazine/map/book/guide/everything! Still, Rockstar, you’ve made the most mind blowing, outstanding, most beautiful and exiting game I’ve ever played, but I still feel even the mobile apps took 8 years of work! you should still keep in touch with your mobile companions. PS. Have you seen Gavin anywhere?

- I love the game rdr2!!!! ❤️

Rdr2 is the best. I love it and it is awesome. I have a question how do you get the war horse? Also are you Rock Star Games making a 3rd one?? My best friend also said that that was come the 3rd one... if there is then please tell me I would love that. Anyway I have seen all the horses but not the animals. What I hate about rdr2 is that Hosea Matthews and Arthur Morgan dies! Any way I love the graphics it is awesome. The first time I saw this was in a restaurant. And I was like to my dad. “Hey dad look it is a horse game.” And he said,”Yeah. It is called Red dead redemption 2.” Any way that is how I got in love with rdr2! I am get off. Bye 👋

- Issues with photos on Social Club.

Hi, I purchased and played RDR2 and have loved it so far, using the camera to take photos of the beautiful landscape, once I learned of the app I happily downloaded it, hoping I could save my photos from the Social Club. When I logged in, an alert told me I was not allowed to even view the photos since they were from RDR2, saying I was too young to even VIEW the photos I had taken myself (4 of them were from the Gunslinger mission), which as I said before, are mostly landscape and nature. I hope Rockstar removes the restriction on photos. Other than that, the app works great. If it weren’t for the age restriction I would rate it 5 stars.

- Not a companion app. More like a compilation of links.

For most companion apps, the information is contained within the app. The maps, tips, catalogs, and whatever else populate in the app when you select them. With this app, you are re-directed to a website that automatically opens in safari. Not a huge deal for most, but there is no point to having the app when you could just as easily google what you want and be directed that way. Map is great! Would love to see that be a little more developed. All in all, the app is essentially useless unless you are using it for the $10 guide. I would absolutely re-download once all the info is contained in the app rather than opening things in safari.

- Great, but the guide needs index

The map is awesome, and purchasing items is cool. The main glaring problem is the guide makes you have to navigate page by page to find anything. This is completely unacceptable and I’m surprised nobody thought about this. Considering it costs 9.99 for the guide, this is very substandard and not what I would usually expect from Rockstar. People should be able to at the very least, click the chapter names on the right to go to that section and probably even enter a page number to jump there. Fix this immediately! I recommend that people wait until fixed before they pay for the guide.

- It’s okay

the app doesn’t really give you much toe rom with most of the things send you to your online browser if I wanted to I could just use my browser to use this service I expected a Loadouts option or maybe special gear you can receive for using the app maybe something about setting up your horse or something if you’re not home and about to hope on with friends to be ready. Give me more capability for online R star & not so much leaving the app. Other than that I can appreciate it for what it’s trying to almost be.

- A Perfect Guide

I was skeptical about the app when I first saw it, but I really like it. It’s easy to set up a new way point on the fly, track where you are compared to your destination, and while in cinematic mode going to my destination I love reading new journal entries I’ve acquired along the way. My only, very very minor, gripe is the battery consumption. It drains it very quickly but I typically have my phone plugged in while playing so it’s not a big deal. A definite download if you’re planning multiple play through like I am.

- Nice companion app to RDR2, could have more to interact with.

This is app, for what it is trying to do, succeeds in all aspects. It’s informative, user friendly, and makes playing the game overall a better experience. The problem is I only find myself using it in rare cases. The main problem for me is that all of the information is already in the game in the menu screen. I would give this app a 5/5 if it maybe gave some lore or mini-games to play. Would also like if you could link up the in game mail system to the app.

- Un able to use map feature

App is ok i for some reason cant use the map feature it lets me use the other options but when i go to the map it says content to RDR2 when on the game and that my xbox is disconnected but ive tried every thing i can think of from uninstalling to unlinking the account and still has not allowed me to be able to use the map feature of the app which was the main reason i got it as the in game map only zooms in so far and i thought it would be nice to be able to have the map in hand so i could set my points easier but im at a lose on it

- Great features but one complaint

I love the features this app has and that I can use this to see my map when I’m trying to go somewhere without a waypoint. I also like them at I can look through the journal if I’m bored and can’t play Xbox, and it’s just generally fun to use. The one thing I don’t like about the app is that it’s stuck in landscape view. I wish it was in landscape for the map but portrait when you’re in the main menu. That’s the only thing I wish they had because otherwise it’s really helpful.

- Convenient yet not...

The map is great, and as others have said, it’s convenient that you get to look at the catalog on the app and plan on what you need to save up for. However, almost every single thing you click on takes you out of the app and into safari. It just feels kinda clunky being taken into safari for every little thing because your view is limited (it kicks you in landscape mode). It would just be much more convenient if you could do everything in-app.

- Lackluster

Companion apps are made to enhance the playing experience, and immerse you farther into the story. The only thing I found useful on this app however is the map. And I’ve only opened the map a handful of times. The other information it displays while your not playing is inaccurate (as far as challenges and other statistics.) All of the links such as catalogue, and progress, simply hyperlink you to a webpage.... The webpages are sluggish, and hard to navigate on a mobile device. What’s the point on a companion app.... when all it does is redirect you OUT of the app? It would be better if it was all inclusive, and didn’t always need to be connected to the console for accurate information. Many other companion apps outshine this one by far. On a side note.....I don’t particularly enjoy having to make a separate account just to “use” it. Let us sign in through our console provider. It’s way more simplified. (Also it’s not compatible with my iPad?? I know it’s an older iPad, but still...?) Great idea! But I can’t see myself using it much :(

- Best in the West

Hands down one of the best at what it was designed for. I often wish that most game companies did this sort of thing, bc it does help. RDR2 is a gem, a real master piece and we all know this. Rockstar are truly an interesting group of people. Thank you for the game, thank you for this app. I never stop playing RDR2 bc of this app, I’ve recently started on my 2nd run. I miss Arthur and the gang, and I’m glad that the app has improved even more so. Once again thank you! Rockstars!

- Don’t buy Red Dead Redemption 2

The game has wonderful graphics, but that’s about it. The mechanics don’t work very well and a lot of people have trouble being inside a Red Dead Online session. I believe the only way Rockstar becomes less incompetent and greedy is to send them a message. Rockstar created a online game that you pay 60 dollars that you might be able to play online with no friend only sessions, so it’s incredibly hard to work for xp without being killed by trolls. I suggest that they put satisfaction for their players at top priority instead of money. This is most likely the reason they created a store before I can play Red Dead Online with my friends for more than a couple seconds.

- 95% works great...map doesn’t

The app is pretty cool. Nice to see the smart glass function still being used as it’s a awesome feature that has dwindled away slightly. I feel like a lot more games could use this feature but devs aren’t worried about investing into small extras like this. Only issue is I can get the map to pull sync with my Xbox. Can pull up everything else just the map doesn’t show and I always have the red status indicator even tho the other tabs work. Great app, great potential, don’t give up on it and try to fix the few small bugs here and there.

- Pretty happy with the app, just a few minor complaints

I purchased the strategy guide for $9.99 and use it also as a companion app and I’m pretty happy with it as it is very easy to use and links seamlessly with my rockstar account while I play. This review is mostly about the strategy guid that I purchased which is completely optional to which as far as I know, the rest of the app is free. Pros: The app and the strategy guide was very well made and the layout with the table of contents tab is very useful and easy to use/navigate. It is also an official guide and is very comprehensive. Con(s): It can only be used in landscape mode and not support portrait so I find myself trying to rotate my device(s) to get it to move out of habit to no avail. Ill be back to update my review periodically if the need to arises. Would really give it 4.5 stars if I could because of that one issue.

- Please allow language selection

The app works really nicely, but it will not run if your console game is different from your phone’s language (this is stated on R*’s website as a requirement). Annoyingly, this means that if you have everything in-game in English, but your phone is in a different language (say, that you want things in their original language)... you absolutely cannot is this companion app. The fix is to switch the language on my phone every time I want to play RDR2, which messes with settings on the phone. I submitted a ticket and support did nothing but follow their script. Can we just get a setting: “App language”?

- Good, just a couple things to improve

I really like this companion app. The real time map and ability to set waypoints is fantastic. Cool that you can access the catalogue and purchase things. Only problems I really have with it are that 1) it absolutely melts my battery and 2) the forced landscape mode is less than ideal. Beyond that I think it’s a great app. I do wish there was better stat tracking, but I think that’s an issue with the game and not offering the ridiculous amounts of stats that GTA and RDR have offered in the past.

- Uh

I can’t get this app to work for the life of me. It won’t let me connect to my gamertag even though it is paired and says so. I created a new social club account to see if that one would work, it also does not. My buddy (with whom I share home Xbox’s) logged into my account just fine on his end. I’ve looked at my router settings, my gamertag settings, EVERYTHING in the help menu, and nothing has worked. Even reset my iPad network settings to no avail. I’m basically at a loss and just playing the game the way I did on 360, long pressing to bring the map up. I’m welcome to any suggestions on how to fix this. Help me figure out what to do and this rating goes up. This a great game, and a long awaited sequel!

- Good, but has more potential

This is app is great, but it has more potential. It has so many thing that it could do, but only does a few of them. Like being able to show the map when you’re on in Red Dead Online, and with the recent update where it doesn’t show any players except when you’re close to them, that would be perfect. Or being able to use it as a smaller monitor. Other than that, great app and I would recommend a download.

- Why tho

This was my favorite app for the map aspect made it easier in story so why does the map no longer work I hoping they bring it back no other game has an app like this not only that I only play rdr2 I mean yes I really enjoy the rest of the features of this app but I downloaded for the app even bought the strategy guide I will leave it at a 5 star rating I will always be a rockstar fan so I’m hoping this map will work again

- Very clunky

First of all the main menu is in landscape mode but all the settings force you into portrait mode so you are constantly changing the orientation of your phone to use the app. Just give both options for the main menu. It’s cool that you can connect to your game on your phone but the app makes it kind of pointless. All the options just open up the internet browser. What’s the point of an app? It might as well be a website. It’s clear this app was a second thought. Does very little to enhance the experience of the game.

- Rock Star Hit this out of the park!

I am very impressed with how well this app syncs with your game play. I love being able to see more of the map than you can in the normal pay mode. Especially when you are fighting enemies. Only suggestion I can think of is find ways to make it battery friendly, maybe have setting on when to shut down and when to pick back up. Otherwise, I’m enjoying this app!

- Great app with some annoying quirks

Great app! The features that are included in the app are top notch! Only annoyance I have is that quite a few of the features open new tabs in my browser to bring me to the website rather than having the feature actually imbedded into the app itself. Very frustrating to have so many open tabs because the features are just links to the website rather than actual features. Otherwise, fantastic!

- Not worth the price

Minimally interactive and slow to open some tabs. Only reason I found this app good was to inventory cigarette cards yet I still used a free internet app to find the cards I was missing which this app doesn’t have but maybe because it doesn’t really have any cheats. The compendium display of animals and other collections only shows what you’ve collected but doesn’t inform you of what your missing. The app has and index but it’s only a pdf, so, you can’t tap links to map or info resources. Finally, there was a lag opening certain tabs even though my WiFi’s connection was solid. This app shouldn’t cost as much as it does.

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- Really Good!

This is such an amazing idea, though the fact you are redirected to a webpage is a little annoying. Other than that it is a great way to get pictures from rdr2 onto your phone, restock supplies, buy outfits/guns/etc, view diary entries and look at a basic manual. Highly recommend. One other small problem is that you can’t access the map without a live game, which in my opinion makes little sense; it would be nice to be able to add markers when you aren’t in the game (For example when you see something on a video or something that you want to mark for later.

- Pretty darn good but....

It’s a really convenient app to have. It tells you everything about the game, from combat to Arthur’s well-bienging. But rockstar needs to consider it being fully functional offline. Because without internet it signs you out of you social club account, making it unable to use it properly. But other than that, BRILLIANT!

- Amazing but does not work on new IOS

Amazing app that lets you access the game map and journal and also has a really helpful guide too that you can buy (If you really enjoy the game and have the money you won’t regret buying the guide) However the app does not work with the new IOS which is really disappointing

- Useful but inconvenient for user

The content and tools the app offers are great, but it’s extremely annoying that every time I click on something it has to open up a whole web page to take you to that desired information, what’s the point in having an app if it just takes you to a webpage anyway? Might as well just use the internet browser. Everything should stay on the app within the app. Take a page out of bungie’s Destiny companion app.

- No map for online?

i used this app when it first came out, using it online was seriously so useful and saved so much time. I don’t know why it was removed. If people complained it adds an unfair advantage, fine, even though they’re perfectly capable of using it themselves...make it so you can only see posse members on the app. Please consider adding that feature back, can’t rate the app highly until you do, Cheers.

- Brilliant

The app is brilliant. Works well in conjunction with reddit tips etc. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is it drains the battery very quickly on iPad and iPhone. Can be frustrating sometimes. Otherwise it’s brilliant.

- Very handy

Love how you can zoom in and out of map on the iPad and not having to do it Ingame, makes life on the range so much easier for me anyway, also with the zoom function easier to see what direction the bounty hunters are coming from. Happy at this stage.

- Amazing best game in the world

I haven’t played it yet but I know it is good I am really stuck though because I don’t know how to create my profile and it is not letting me do anything but keep at the menu place pls I anyone sees this pls help me I really want to play this game😀😃😄😁😆

- Great Accessory

This app WAS a great way to have your map open to watch for hostile players while you play the game. Now since the upgrade it doesn’t work online only in single player. What a shame. Ruined a great app.

- Poor device support

Text is too small on iPhone 6+ I want to use it on an iPad 2 but it is not supported for some reason even though it supposedly supports iOS 9 or greater. I try on my other tablet which is a competitor OS which is supposed to be supported (6.0+) but does available on that device either I’d be happy enough to just access it through a web browser instead.

- Rockstar does it again 👍🏻😎👍🏻

Really good app!!! Strongly recommend this for all RDR2 players. Many useful elements to help gameplay and the fact that it has a live interactive map is really cool. Great job Rockstar!!! Keep up the great work.

- Very useful

This app was very helpful when new guns were getting released on online so I could start saving up for them. Thanks to rockstar for this amazing app.

- Screenshot share

Handy app for making sure ammo is topped up etc. would be good to be linked to in game screenshots and photos taken with the in game camera for easy sharing to social media apps

- A good review

Very good I love red dead redemption 2. And this just helps me lots. I have been playing it since it came out and I have even 87% completed the hole game and 92% the first game. I just think it is awesome.

- Awesome immersive experience

While playing u could use map and mission tracking without having to continuously press pause is great!

- Doesn’t like all the stats to my ps save

I like it, I just wish it would update inline with my game for challenges completed. The live game map tracker is good and useful if you can put your screen somewhere (time to get a controller attachment). Please fix the challenge system!!!

- Idea

I want to be able to use cheats by tapping on them from the companion instead of having to go to the cheat menu

- Awesome idea, but can’t use on iPad OS 14

I’d love to use this app while playing RDR2, but since it hasn’t been updated to work with iOS 14, I can’t. I hope a patch is on the way!

- Download Now!

Really helpful I can buy things for my character on my phone with money from my game without travelling to stores and the mini map helps a lot.

- PC Comparability!

When will this app be updated to be used together with PC version of the game? Would be great to have a Map available when you play online on PC

- great idea but need improvement

I found the words too small to read on a phone

- Speechless

This is a fun app that interacts with the console instantly Eg:markers and it isn't just an overlook it actually can change your game play. I have no negative words for it. It's amazing

- Woah.

This app actually works a charm with iPad 6 on iOS 12. Wish GTA V had been like this. Can’t wait to see if more gets worked on in the future.

- What’s the point

The app is pretty redundant because it just opens up my browser half the time, and everything else the app does can be done on the app can be done on the game itself. I can’t use the map because it won’t connect to the game either.


After 8 years here we are! This companion app is such a great idea and allows you to multitask during the game! You’ve done it once again rockstar!!

- This app has has its most important function removed

The map function has been removed. Yes, you read that correctly. The only function that makes this app worth having, is now gone. There is absolutely no decent reason to download this anymore. Don’t waste your time.

- Sign in issues

I can’t sign into my social club account because it’s been so long since I’ve used it. I have been using my linked accounts to sign in to my social but I can’t do that on this app, can this please be fixed as soon as possible please

- Amazing like everything Rockstar do!!

It’s a great app, interacting with the map from the phone to the live game is easy and convenient!!

- Not suprising

Cant sign in, dont remember password, cant change password coz rockstar wont send me the email to do so even afyer half a dozen times, wont contact rockstar support because its the worst in the gaming industry.. took almost 18 months to get a max payne 3 collectors edition issue sorted back in the day.. lets be honest i prob should have assumed al this before downloading

- Good

Good app until iOS 14 now the app crashes on launch every time.

- Cannot restore purchase of the guide book

I purchased the guide book on my smartphone app but it was way to small to look at the guide book conveniently. I then downloaded the app on my iPad and logged into my social account into the app and tried to restore purchase, but it keeps failing. $15 bucks wasted

- Huge battery drain and overheats phone

This app is really useful with the game, and the features are great, but the battery drain and overheating issue is significant. Hope that is fixed soon Rockstar.

- Connectivity issues

Not a bad app but not the greatest, the live map and store feature is cool, but it seems to have issues with updating achievements

- Crashes since latest iPhone and iPad updates

This app was great and worked 100% fine until I installed the iOS 14 updates on my devices. Now it crashes as soon as I try to open the app. Please update to work with the new iOS updates.

- Played the game on Xbox

I love the game so much my fav game ever I got three horses but can you add the black horse I think is called a black butiy

- Compendium issues

I like the set up of the app and the features. The only problem I have is that my compendium in the game is different to the app. For example in game I have 44 weapons on the app I have 25. That goes for all compendium groups.

- Hmmm

You should make it that you can just play it without ps4 and x box. Just as a mobile game it WOULD BE WAY BETTERR!!!!!

- Epic game

Can you change the age limit four your games 👍👍👍

- External linking?? Really..

App should just be called interactive map for rdr2, which works great. but every other option takes you to a webpage. I thought this caliber of video game deserves something better surely.

- No map

Please tell us when the map will come back

- Map removed from online

I thought it was fantastic until they took the map access away from online mode. Now it is useless after you finish the story mode.

- Ok not $15 worth

It’s ok bit disappointing they want $15 for a walk through guide that just directs you to a web page like they don’t make enough of us already not happy

- Useful but add little mini games for fun...just coz you can

Read title

- Useless for PC players

Best feature (map) is not supported for PC players. Offers nothing that you couldn’t get having a browser open and logged into your social club account.

- Why have it as an app?

Why have this as an app when most of the time it just sends you to the webpage of what you click on ?

- iPad app won’t sign in

Worked on phone. Now doesn’t work on either. Won’t sign in, just stays in loading screen saying sign in

- Appalling connection

Very rarely connects no matter how many times you hit refresh. After 1,000 presses it may finally connect only to drop out again 20 mins later.

- Used to be great

The latest version disabled the map in RDO so the app is now pretty much useless. It used to be so convenient having the map open while playing but now it’s useless.

- Will not link up

After meany uninstalls reinstalls the app will not link to my game can not use map or set way points, signed in both via Xbox live and rockstar still does not work. 1 star till it’s fix

- Fix the app rockstar

I have had problems with the app since it came out, I have an IPhone 6s and the app crashes as soon as launching. Anytime on when you guys gonna fix it?

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- Good but I want to see my pics

I can’t see my pictures in the social club because “based off the information you’ve given us, we can’t let you see this content” I know I’m 13 but I’m playing your game so let me see the pictures I took of your game smh

- No good for pc

Make it compatible with pc, you made it for gta so...

- Quick Question

Can I hook this up to my PC Red Dead account

- Only Useful Feature gone

Got rid of map support which was the only good feature of the app. Can’t even use it in single player anymore

- Stopped working

Summer 2020 this app was awesome. In replaying RDR2 I redownloaded this app (spring 2021) and the map doesn’t work. Which is the main reason I want to use this app right now. Have tried tons of troubleshooting, will have to give up and delete.

- Good

Well I forgot my password so I can’t do it but it’s really good

- Please, connect to RDR2 single player

I downloaded the app to use the map in my iPad. Result is that my PS4 is paired but it does not find my game so I can’t use the map. No support for this problem was provided.

- Features Taken

Haven’t used this app in forever and started playing the game again. They got rid of the map and the social feed feature doesn’t do anything. Looks like a button but doesn’t press. Those are the only 2 things I used. I’d give this a -5 if I could

- Gangstar IV

Ne recomander pas aux ennemis de la sqpvm et roussilion

- Only needed for map, but you disabled it

The map is the only feature I really wanted this app for. Why did you disable it? Please enable the map feature again!

- Only reason this was good was for the map pairing, offline and especially online...

I uninstalled it way back when that feature was removed. Cloud gaming or heck even remote play may have been the reason they nerfed this program as hard as they did.

- Crashes upon start up

The app doesn’t work. It just crashes upon start up.

- Zlsbdk

Gandalf’s dlldldp’f

- 1234_$


- Doesn’t work

No longer loads map

- Mainly useless

I used to think this app was pretty good until it kept crashing constantly and at times never letting me open it. With the latest update it says they disabled the map indefinitely, regardless that the map was almost its top (and most fun and useful) feature, so i’m pretty bummed out about that. Might be free but not worth the space and battery it robs you of.

- Don’t download

Doesn’t work anymore

- Not compatable with ios14

I paid 13 for the strategy guide with no other way of access it, the app no longer opens. I want a refund. Why can we not access the guide on another device, we have to log in.

- Useless crap

Crashes on boot, IPhone XS iOS 14. Never opens.

- Needs To Be Updated

This app no longer works with iOS 14.0.1

- App does not work on iOS 14

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 14, don’t bother downloading. It crashes immediately on startup. So disappointing. Please fix this.

- Does not work for pc


- Crashes

Crashes on opening 🤷🏾‍♂️

- Suggestion

Please make the map usable for online too please

- Why no PC?

Love the app, but why no PC support? Please prioritize this and I will give you 5 *****… thanks

- Make it compatible for PC

Love the game and the app but please for the love of god make it compatible for pc.

- Wonderful

Exactly what I’ve been looking for. The only thing that’d make it better is a guide for missions, how to get unique weapons etc.

- Awesome!

Great app to have while playing the story

- Still doesn't work with the PC version

RDR2 for PC was released on November 5, 2019. You'd think that 6 months would be enough time to add support for the companion app.

- Why not track by PC version?

It recognized PC Social Club account but won’t allow me to track and i rarely play with xbox now i have PC.

- amazin


- Red dead redemption 2 companion app

Only works on console games and not PC. I only play on PC so this app is useless. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. (Only wanted to give a 0 star review but App Store needs at least a one star)

- Help map error

Everything works as expected except for the map. When I try to open the map it says ‘invalid version’ and won’t let me connect. Both the app and the game on my XBox are up to date but it still dose not work. If some one could help that would be greatly appreciated.

- My brother can make things interesting!!

Oh . Mah. Gawd. Best game ever!!! My brother can make things sound so damn cool!! [it is trust me] Please make an update!! I love the game it’s perfect!! Thank you so much!!

- Stupid for mobile like IPads and IPhones

Can’t even play this game at all on my IPad and I know you can ITS FRICK’IN STUPID!

- Map Support

No Multiplayer Map Support, pretty rough app as well much like iFruit

- Love it

Every game should have an app as in depth as this one. Great job, Rockstar.

- Good

It’s good

- Nothing special

Not game changing whatsoever. The map feature is overhyped and not overly useful. Some of the links within the ap just lead you to a ‘help’ section. Others are clunky and frustrating to navigate. Solid “meh...”

- Infinite login screens!

Garbage.. spent about 30 mins trying to log in but just met with endless login pages. I give up.

- Not working

Not work

- Rdr2 FT🌎

Nice job rock💫

- Was a great app

This app was phenomenal with the live map and catalog. It was a 5 star app. However they removed the live map function for the Red Dead online part of the game. It still functions for the story mode. It was an invaluable tool for playing the online multiplayer. So I’m giving it a 2

- The good stuff.

Very cool app.

- Cannot connect with PC

Please upodate apps so I can connect with my PC game.

- No support for pc games

I have asked and searched for when the app will be available for pc gamers and get stock responses that have nothing to do with my question. They let a computer guess what I’m asking and don’t read the question them selves. So if you play on pc don’t bother with this app

- Pc companion

This app needs pc compatibility

- Manual Platform

Where is the manual for PC?

- Great App!!

Very good companion app for the game. Lots of helpful information. 5 stars!!

- Can’t log in

Could not log in with my account

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Maciej Sinilo

@AnthonyBarranco Seems like chit-chat with your companion is the new oomf (RDR2, Ghost of Tsushima) ;)

RDR2: Companion 1.5.1 Screenshots & Images

RDR2: Companion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

RDR2: Companion iphone images
RDR2: Companion iphone images
RDR2: Companion iphone images
RDR2: Companion iphone images
RDR2: Companion iphone images

RDR2: Companion (Version 1.5.1) Install & Download

The applications RDR2: Companion was published in the category Games on 2018-10-25 and was developed by Rockstar Games [Developer ID: 330049731]. This application file size is 185.52 MB. RDR2: Companion - Games app posted on 2020-10-01 current version is 1.5.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rockstargames.rdr2app