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We at Afterlight are passionate about high quality filters, real film textures and precise editing tools, so we created the most complete & easy to use photo editor on mobile. Get Afterlight now free!

Full access to our complete always-expanding filter library - created by photographers - you'll never need another app to find that perfect pairing for your photos.

Edit your photos with precision using enhanced Adjustment Tools controlled by Touch Gestures, as well as Advanced Curves, Selective Hue / Saturation / Lightness, Overlays / Gradients, Grain and many more.

Add finishing touches to your photos with genuine Light Leaks made with real 35mm film, natural Dust textures, and film emulation techniques like shifting RBG channels with our Color Shift tool, the Chroma tool inspired by the effects of disposable film, and Double Exposure.

Before exporting your final edit, add a border or apply an Instant Film frame, using a preset color or your own image as the background.

120+ hand-picked Fonts and 150+ original Designs created by us! Easily customize each layer with drop shadows, unlimited color options, masking and non-destructive layer management.

Subscribe now for full access to all features and future content within Afterlight. Subscriptions are billed monthly or yearly with a 7-day free trial. Once the trial period is over, your Apple ID account will be charged the annual subscription fee. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your Afterlight Membership can be managed in your account settings on the App Store under your Account > Subscriptions.

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Afterlight — Photo Editor Customer Service, Editor Notes:

What's New in v2.9.4 — · Fixed a bug when saving after limiting access with iOS 14's new privacy options. What's New in v2.9 — — FUSION LIBRARY · Introducing the brand new Fusion Library! The Library is a curated list of Fusion Filters free to download, created by us at Afterlight and our good friends! Launching with 9 Fusion Filters ready to download with a new filter releasing every Saturday. · Fusion recording has been completely overhauled! — No more manually recording - Fusions can now be saved AFTER editing! Tap 'Save as Fusion Filter' in the save/share page or the History menu — ORIGINAL FILTERS · Introducing Koi (Pink) - A calm and soft filter, great for portraits · Bug fixes & Overall improvements. —— Thank you for using & supporting Afterlight! We strive to bring you the best & easiest to use photo editing tools / overlays with just a few taps. Updated monthly! We're always working on new content so let us know what you want to see, we'd love to hear from you! // Have a question? DM us on twitter @afterlightapp // Or contact us at // Follow us on instagram @afterlight

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- great, but could be better

this app overall is amazing. most editing apps was disgusting destructive filters that looks horrible, but afterlight’s are actually pretty good. the interface is really easy to use, and is very user-friendly. this is a great app for both beginners and advanced editors. definitely recommend. one thing i do suggest to change is fusion filters. with the current version, you have to start recording your filter before you even START editing the photo. i don’t like this, because sometimes i’m already done editing my photos before i realize, “hey, that was a pretty good edit, i wish i had made it a fusion filter.” i wish that there was an option to make your edits a fusion filter AFTER finishing editing your photo. but overall, afterlight is great. it is definitely my #1 editing app, and i have tried a LOT. a much better deal than vsco or a color story and everything. definitely worth the $2.

- Some feedback

I’ve been using afterlight for quite a while, it is definitely my #1 app that I use for editing. I love it so much so that I actually gifted my mom this app as well so she can have a simple, yet amazing app to edit her photos with. It is super easy to navigate! But there are a few things that I think the developers should put into consideration… When using the app from the photos app on iPhone… It sometimes turns black, the photo disappears and it is starting to get a tad bit annoying at this point… I am unsure if this is just me or what, but if someone from the Afterlight Dev team sees this, I need you to try to do this… Go to the photos app, choose a photo, press “edit” on the top right of the photo, press the three dots (...) that is just left of the red “revert” button. If afterlight isn’t showing on the tab that popped up, then go to “more” on the very right, then toggle afterlight “on” , then press done, open afterlight from the photos app (don't go to the actual afterlight app), then try editing, mess around with different tools and see if the picture you’re editing randomly turns black or disappears, and if it does then can you guys please issue a fix for it? Either that or make it to where I can modify the original photo from the afterlight app so i don't have a duplicate.

- Initial thoughts

After using the 1st Afterlight app for a few years I couldn’t wait to get the newest creation. I absolutely loved the 1st Afterlight, using it over any other photo editing apps. That being said, the newest version of Afterlight is very much the same except for the new “Fusion” and “Double exposure” features. While the features are nice and provide an additional touch to your editing they aren’t enough for me to justify the cost to get this newer version of Afterlight. In my opinion, if you already have the 1st version of Afterlight then you don’t have a need for Afterlight 2. Afterlight 2 does have an updated look and layout which is extremely appealing and easy to use. Overall it is the same app minus a few newly added features, which I feel shouldn’t have been a qualification for a new app and should have been an update to the original Afterlight. FINAL THOUGHTS, I am an avid user of photo editing applications so I would absolutely purchase Afterlight 2 again due to the overall experience and quality of the app. Afterlight is in my opinion the best photo editing application available for your smart devices!

- Well...

I’ve been a fan of Afterlight since its early debut. I was an early user back in 2012 or so. Afterlight stood out to me with its utility and photo customization, and it gave me what I needed and a little more with fun filters, photo flip options and some whacky frame shapes. I was really satisfied with the UI design, but I feel out of love with the app a few years ago as my interests in phone edits dwindled, then it became filler in my home screen. Now, that I’m back on Instagram with a new phone, Afterlight seemed like the best fit for a one hit K.O. But at first I couldn’t download the app because Afterlight 2 had come out in the midst of my hiatus; which was only valid for the new 10, so AppStore didn’t recognize my previous purchase. The app is now free with a series of in app features that are accessible through expensive memberships (for apps). Although it’s a change that was probably better for the team I was surprised to see how much it was. Despite the price I truly appreciate the app and its utility. From my experience this app works well.

- Breath of fresh air

Finally a developer recognizes that they can provide a revenue stream the old fashioned way - by building in new features and capabilities BEFORE reaching into their customers' pockets. The new Afterlight isn't a breakthrough product, but it assembles features that might otherwise require several separate apps. And it isn't just that convenience -- they are competently wrapped into a new shiny package. If you have the original Afterlight, and found it useful, I recommend buying the upgrade for no more reason than as a tip to the developers for a job well done. If you never used the first version, I heartily recommend adding it to your post-photo session tool kit. And to developers going out of their way to slice their apps up into half a dozen in-app purchases or even worse, subscriptions, Afterlight 2 shows that there is a more respectable way to make a living.

- Great app. Practically flawless, could use a couple changes

I love this app. After manually editing digital photos the past 15 years, it’s nice to throw a photo in this app and run some quick adjustments for a great outcome. It’s now my go-to app when photo editing. So much so that it’s replaced my use with Lightroom and other apps with 90% of my images. I do think there are a few opportunities, however. I wish the individual hue adjustments had negative value sliders in addition to positive value sliders. I often find it difficult to achieve the exact hue i’m looking for with certain colors because i can’t pull the slider backwards. I wish the adjustments weren’t permanent after you apply them. For example, I add a filter, then i’ll add some individual adjustments. Then maybe i want to change the filter but keep the individual adjustments. There is no way to do this. The history tool only allows you to go back one action at a time. It would be nice to be able to remove a specific adjustments further back in history without having to sacrifice other adjustments that took place afterwards. Also, I wish there was more dynamic RAW support. I feel the RAW data could be utilized better with exposure related adjustments.

- Good

There’s so many photo editing apps you could fill an entire tablet with them. Afterlight 1& 2 are ones I keep and use regularly. They’re good but wouldn’t call them great. None of them are. All the apps I use have tons of features that overlap but each of them has that one or two special feature none of the others has. Or they have some great filters you just can’t cut out and add to one app to rule them all. Now that’s an app I’d love to have. One app that lets you use specific features from a bunch of different programs without having to get in and out of them. I also like they haven’t tried to make this program a subscription based. Who ever thought that is a good idea is fooling themselves. Who wants to pay $9.99 a month for ever? That’s $120 a year for an app you only use occasionally. They can screw off. I’ll keep supporting apps like afterlight who aren’t trying to get greedy.


This app is awesome for photo editing for me. I was able to create my own preset and there are tons of great features to apply to projects. The only critical feedback I have that I would REALLY like to see a solution to is that after a couple edit applications, the app freezes, and then crashes without warning sending me back to my home screen. If there was a feature to save a project in progress or have a studio of projects in the process of being edited (think VSCO gallery but with Afterlight) that would be incredibly beneficial. Getting really frustrated not being able to just apply four or five edits after my preset to my engagement photo and just have it in my camera roll. Resorted to applying an edit, saving... repeat until done. Which is lowering the quality I’m sure. Please fix this crashing issue. It is getting really bad.

- My Ride or Die Photo Editing App

I started using the first Afterlight several years ago, and never used anything else until their newest launch of Afterlight 2 came out. What I love about this app is that it allows me to create a seamless color theme on my Instagram, but beyond that, the pre curated filters are so stinking beautiful. They don’t look overdone and they don’t minimize the quality of the photo. They add the perfect artsy flair. I also love all the new effects added to this app, and the fact that it’s a one time purchase. They keep adding more cool effects and i don’t have to continually purchase them as they’re released. I recommend this app to literally everyone. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Love it but have some reservations

I love this app! It’s quickly become my go-to editing app on my phone. I love all the features & the selection throughout all the options. However, I do have a couple reservations. It’s become an increasing issue when I’m in the middle of editing a photo, the screen will go black & the app will just close. It’s beginning to happen more & more often, which is what pushed me to leave a 4 rather than 5 star review. The only other issue I’ve had is when I got to select a photo & the app will say there are no photo to select. But this issue is quickly resolved by closing & restarting the app. Annoying, but not annoying enough to discontinue using the app altogether. Overall 4/5! Still recommend anyone to try & hopefully these are simple issues that will be resolved quickly.

- Unbelievably Stupid

No crashing. No freezing. It works great. But it works great for the features that it has... that is almost nothing. You cannot save an image to override the original. And although it has a Photos app extension, the extension is extremely limited. I was hoping I could use the extension to edit with this app that way it would override the original photo. Only to find that the extension didn’t have the filter that I FAVORITED. If there is an extension, a limited feature set is justifiable if it offered quick access to FAVORITES. At the very least. Goodness I’m angry because I haven’t found a single app in the App Store that is actually good. To devs of this app: this app is also stupid and ridiculous just like any other. Congrats you didn’t do anything different than anyone else. Again, no option to override original. But that’s why it’s a good thing there is an Apple photos extension, but then the extension doesn’t allow me to do SH**. What retards.

- One of the best editing apps

I used afterlight for about 3 years since the first one and i loved it , i like the new one but it still cant beat the first one. Amazing features have been added with tons of filters and the tools are really fun to tinker with. On the bad side, most of the new features and filters (and old which was free) is now required within the paying membership I remember it was just pay for the pack of filters and boom thats it , no more payment. Previous filters like relic(my fav) is now not accessible for me to use in the new app....i still have the first app and go back to just to see what am i missing exactly in the new app. Honestly disappointed on that side but hey great app, hopefully you take this into consideration

- moving in the right direction

I love afterlight and have been using it to edit photos for years. I recently upgraded to afterlight 2. All of the fine tuning tools are great and in my opinion, now rival any of the major editing apps there are to choose from. But as a long time user of afterlight, I found that a lot of the legacy filters that I’ve been using to give my photos their quintessential look for years are different in the new edition. Why even include them if they aren’t the same? I’ve been processing photos between multiple apps for years which completely ruins the file integrity, and I really thought this would be the solution, yet even still I’m going back to the original afterlight for my final filtering.

- mixed emotions

out of all the photo editing apps I use, I find I’m always editing through Afterlight. It’s a really good app, keeps the picture quality, lots of filters to chose from, love the history portion of editing (drop down menu tells you everything you’ve touched up on the pic). My 2 issues are, 1- after a few edits in, the app will randomly freeze and crash 😩. 2- I truly HATE the fact the app starts over when you press the home screen and go to another app. There should DEFINITELY be a section on the app that automatically saves pictures being editing and holds them in a folder. It’s very frustrating having to re-edit a picture 3 and 4 times just because I went to a different app.

- Still the best photo-edit app out there

I have the iPhone 6S (model A1688), and in recent weeks I’ve been experiencing more crashes while using the app. Typically when I’m toying with the “gradient”, and “color overlay” filters. Aside from that minor inconvenience, the first Afterlight was great, this new Afterlight 2 is amazing, nearing perfect. Two years ago I had 5 photo editing apps, but because of Afterlight 2’s new features, it’s rendered three of those apps useless. The ONLY thing keeping me from deleting my second photo-edit app is it’s “focus/tilt-shift” tool, and it’s “blur” tool. That would be the only thing I could possibly imagine you doing to improve this incredible app!

- Freaking amazing.

I had the original Afterlight for a month or so and used it along-side VSCO until I deleted Afterlight cause I didn’t like it. I finally decided to buy the new one to see what it is all about. I highly, and I mean HIGHLY recommend this app. I just got it today and I’m obsessed. The new features are amazing, and THE FILTERS. I have so many themes I want to do for my Instagram now. I can’t express how much I love this app. I absolutely love all the tools and especially the Selective Saturation, game changer. I went back and edited some of my old photos and they look litterally 110% better. Again, as you can tell, HIGHLY recommend this, worth every penny and more.

- Favorite app for quick and quality editing

I’ve tried nearly all photo editing apps and have yet to find one that is worth its bang for buck. This one came recommended by someone from Instagram after I saw their great quality photos. I took a leap and purchased it right before a vacation. It changed the game! Easy to navigate and use. My photos look incredible after I’ve spent some time on them with this app. All I wish that they offered is a resizing option similar to VSCO. I don’t mean cropping, but an actual option to reformat the shaping for instagram sizing. Overall- worth every penny and then some!!

- I’ve been using Afterlight for years, and I’m disappointed that this new version is still slow.

I love Afterlight. I really do. Its been one of my primary iPhone photo editing apps for years, mainly for the filters. I really love the color overlay in this new version, as well as all the new filters. They’re awesome! What I’m disappointed in, is that Afterlight (1) always tended to be on the slower side. Not just compared to other photo editing apps, but even compared to other apps in general. I was really hoping that would change with this app. But saving photos causes it to freeze, picking filters sometimes makes it freeze. It’s not close to the end of the world, but it is frustrating. You guys rock. I’ve been Afterlighting for years and I’m going to stick with it

- Best Photo Editing App By FAR.

I am one of those people who LOVES to have a distinct, consistent feed on Instagram. I’ve tried out pretty much all editing apps under the sun, and none of the filters quite did the job that I was hoping. I wasn’t really all that excited to go and buy a whole bunch of separate presets, so I decided to give Afterlight a go. And man, was that a good decision! The app is so incredibly user-friendly, and the presets and tools available are high quality, and make your photos look professional, cohesive, and polished. I could not recommend this app any more, it was the best app purchase I have made.

- Great app!

First off, let me start by saying that this app has an amazing and misleading icon. When you actually go into the app, there isn’t much to be done. All there are are a bunch of crappy destructive filters that NO ONE wants on top of their photo and a couple adjustment options. (Like 7 and most of them are only available for the pro version). 2/5 stars is GENEROUS! Also only like 3 of the horrendous filters are free/ without pro version. Honestly. Save your money. You could get a WAY better app with better filters! Don’t upgrade to pro version (waste of time) and don’t even get the app because it’s also a waste of time. If you want your pictures to have a more professional and aesthetic look, look elsewhere! With all due respect, I think this app needs a LOT of remodeling.. ❤️

- Smooth operator

Love the new app! Well worth the few dollars to have access to all the editing options that I have typically had to use 3 to 4 different apps for in the past! I know people get cranky about paying for apps but seriously, it's the cost of a cup of coffee these days, right? But you only have to buy it once! Other apps have countless in app purchases and this is a one time deal, you pay all up front and then you have it all! Well done, Afterlight! Loving the filters and the work done on the shadows within filtered pics. Looks great, user friendly, couldn't be happier with it!

- Very misleading self title “the best all in one photo editing app”

I am a photo/videographer who had the original afterlight, VSCO, then Enlight then Polarr... but I needed something new. Intuitive, powerful & efficient so I eagerly(unfortunately) purchased AfterLight 2. - The tools except the selective color are not efficient & the way this app makes the shadows get very milky has me pulling out hair. The sliders are way too small, sticker have no automatic leveling & the fade isnt much of a fade but more of a dehaze. - I want to create my own filter, theres no erase tool & just overall limiting. - Compared to Polarr which edits my photo in the album with no import - Compared to Enlight allows you to erase anything on your art, true double exposure - VSCO & AfterLight 1 were nice fast tools. I was excited when i initially made the purchase however TWO days later I’m spending time not editing family photos, SEARCHING for my $3 refund. It is that serious. I’m not one to judge without advice but I’m also not a developer just another unhappy creator sick of limiting tools when this knowledge is open. Apple needs to be honest when showing us these apps & review themselves because I’m tired of getting conned. Thanks for pulling a fast one for $3 lol.

- Eh.

I used Afterlight for years and every time I got a new phone I made sure I downloaded it. I loved it. Then I get on my phone and realize the app is not there anymore, and then... bam In the App Store there’s a new afterlight. I’m like “cool, ok. It’s 3 dollars, uh ok, but it’s most definitely probably worth it.” I buy it. I open it up to edit my picture, and everything is different. I’m trying to find my favorite filter and I just can’t. So I try to find something similar and I just stick with that. I’m actually disappointed. I feel what was so easy to maneuver through has now become so much more complex. I hope I can eventually learn to love it as I did the original, but for now I’ll be looking for new photo editing apps.

- One word to describe...

“Exceptional!” All of my series of frozen memories taken, I have been using th6APP the most. It turns faded memories into an array of colorful life. The sunset taken on your “Beach Day” with the family the App gave it life, such as the numerous choices of settings from natural to dramatic vivid colors. My favorite option to use is the blur choice to unfocus one particular image while not disturbing all of the other images around it, instead only taking out what is not needed. .... If you find yourself thinking about it, then read what it offers and take a leap of faith...just like Alice found herself in Wonderland, who knows you may find yourself in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory(aka the original, sorry Mr. Depp..You were a creepier with that odd smile. As the original Mr. Wonka had a childlike smile and a faraway gazed which can be seen through his eyes.) ... I greatly suggest this “Exceptional” app to anyone and to the fabulous Teams who created it. Thank you sincerely.

- In love with this editor. Just feel like it’s missing a few features.

Some basic features including; a healing tool, more customizable grain effects, being able to reform shapes and such, and most importantly... an eyedrop tool! I seem to mainly use tools that mess around with color in this photo editor, and some colors i’d like to get perfect compared to another color in the photo I’m editing. Though, it is possible to just try and change the given color to fit another color, it’d be much easier and a lot more accurate to use an eyedrop tool. Love the app, though. I use it for graphics design and such. Thank you, developers!

- Almost there

So, in terms of the UX and the app's overall design, this version is a lot better than version 1, it's even better than a lot of other more established apps (Snapseed, etc.) but where it falls short is in features. One, where all the framing options from the first edition? They were half the reason I used the app. And two, why are there no lensflare effects or anything of the sort? I realise to some people those both may seem like old-fashioned features, but please include them as a lot of people still make use of them. Otherwise this is a great app that I look forward to seeing get even better over time. :)

- Legacy users are being left behind?

Afterlight is a great app, but it’s extremely disappointing that Afterlight 2 users are the only ones receiving ‘benefits’ and People, like me, who previously purchased What’s now considered Afterlight Legacy/ its filter packs are basically left with an app (the legacy version) that will presumably become outdated, especially since this new subscription based Afterlight has absorbed the place of both the Legacy Afterlight (which isn’t even publicly available on the App Store anymore) and Afterlight 2. I’m by no means against the introduction of subscription based transaction, as it does allow the app to have longevity- I just feel the complete disregard of people who bought the original Afterlight (legacy) to be very disappointing.

- Great Also for Beginners

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use editing app yet delivers finish products that make you look like a pro then look no further. I tried this app out to help my edit pics I like to post on Instagram and it has been amazing! It’s were I start now with all my editing and use it as the foundation for doing 90-95% of my editing my pics. I’m only a few weeks in but I already can tell this is a great app to add to your editing suite. Very impressed with Afterlight2! Plus it’s not subscription based like Adobe or Enlight.

- Enjoying every second

I’ve been using the first Afterlight, and I liked it, and used it 80-90% of the time for photo edits. When I herd Afterlight 2 came out, I was hesitant on the getting because I was thinking that it’s going to be the exact same, with barely to little changes. Then I looked into detail, and went with it; I’ve been using this app for 3days straight for my photo edits, and I can tell you this, I’ve been happy, and the reviews about it, have been positive. I enjoy the add-ons, and it’s been by far the best.

- New version issues

I’ve been using this app for years, after the recent update on my iPhone, I found all my photos, when accessed through Afterlight showed up pixilated, and never focused. I deleted and then redownloaded the app thinking it could just be a bug, but found the photos, while better still refused to focus while in the app. I went ahead and did some light but noticeable editing, saved and when back to view the new photo through my phones photo app to see if the issue was just in the viewing but found the saved edited photo to be unfocused still. I’ve tried this once more but still have the same issue. Sad that I will not have to find a new editing app.

- Needs work

I like this app. Even though it lacks a bigger selection of tools and the ones it has is not customizable. Up until now I was using this app a lot. Not anymore. I have noticed that after working on many of my pictures at the end the picture often times end up with some weird vertical lines. I have seen before but I can't recall what they are called. It has ruined many photos for me. It seems that the more variations or layers of the same tool you use, the more likely it is for it to happen. When I said that the tools it has are not customizable, what I mean is that tools need more than just one default setting. For example, the burn (Darken) and dodge (lighten) tool is not customizable. There is only one setting for density (how strong it is) and sometimes it applies too much or too little. Which makes it useless or hard to use. It also need to be able handle Tiff and Raw file, among others. The user should be able to change the settings for each format. Such as the type of compression, pixel format (8 bit, 16 bit, etc), and so on. For now, I'll rely on other apps and stop using this one.

- Great but extra fees.

I’ve had both Afterlight apps for years. Afterlight is the only photo editing app that I’ve ever been committed to & used faithfully. I purchased them & they were great until recently, you have to pay a membership fee now to use the touch tools. I find the membership fee saddening & frustrating when I’ve already purchased the apps & had them for years. *update* reached out to the support team. They told me to uninstall the app several times to try to fix the issue, it didn’t & it’s been a few days now since they last responded to any of my emails. Very disappointed with how they’re handling this issue.

- Rip-off

This app isn’t like any of the images you see. It’s all fake, and you won’t achieve that. Yes, you can brighten images up and darken them, but only to the whole image. You can’t do that cool photo of the girls hair on a phone, it’s not even an option. I watched a video from 2014 and it had it then, but not the type you think. You would have to edit the whole photo or retake it to fit and it could take up to 5 hours doing it. There is no blending option or blur tool so you can’t even do that, but if there was again it’s only for the whole image and not parts of it. There are good parts about this app but not many, and unless this app upgrades itself then I do not recommend it.

- Stick with Afterlight 1

As another reviewer stated, there’s really no reason to get this if you have the original. I bought this partly in protest of VSCO’s walling in of new features to their annual fee. However, I quickly realized this app is largely a reskin of Afterlight 1. Notably, frames/borders are missing altogether; this was a feature I used frequently in Afterlight 1. Further, the quality of filters is noticeably poorer than VSCO in my option. Here, they appear artificial. I also found it difficult and unintuitive to try and create my own to save and use for future use. Overall, I’d say VSCO>Afterlight 1>Afterlight 2. At the very least, all of Afterlight 1’s features should be included here. I hope my money might go to such additions.

- O, Captain! My Captain!

After using the original Afterlight for years, I upgraded to Afterlight 2 without a second thought. And it was absolutely better in every way. Except one. The filters. Nothing against the filters in Afterlight 2. They’re fine. But where were the familiar filters I’d been using for two years? Where was coral? Where was Bright Fire? Where was ... Captain?? I spent weeks trying to emulate those filters in the new Fusion, eventually settling on my own poor approximations. I even named one of my Fusion filters “Cap’n” to try and capture some of its magic. But it wasn’t the real thing. Photos of my kids with Cap’n just didn’t have the same rosy glow they did with the real Captain. But now. FINALLY! I’ve got Captain back. My kids’ pictures have that wonderful, magical glow again. Welcome back, Coral. Good to see you, Bright Fire! All is right with the world. Thanks, Afterlight team.

- A Noticeable Upgrade + Most Robust Photo Editing App

Some reviewers mentioned that the only difference from Afterlight 1 is a couple new filters — not the case! The filters may be mostly the same, but the control of the photo editing experience is vastly improved. You can now manually set your curves, view/rollback your history like layers, use blending modes on color and gradient fills, and more photoshop-like stuff. Far and away the most powerful photo editor on mobile — at least among those that have quality UIs.

- Long Time User

I’ve been using Afterlight for like 6 years or something and finally got a new phone and had to purchase a yearly subscription- I had just purchased everything years ago - anyway- I love Afterlight! I’m a photographer and honestly this app is way better than adobes photoshop app and I love that it does great with raw images and doesn’t compress them too much, the layers/ edits are high quality and doesn’t ruin the image quality. I wish they had more psychedelic effects though!

- Shuts me out

The app is great and amazing, wonderful for beginner photographers however my only two cons is that I’ll be near the end of editing and the app will shut me out and then I have to restart all over again so I tend to save my photos every once and a while to make sure that it will be saved and when you click on a tool, for instance the grain tool, it will take forever for it to load and then to save it it takes a while also, I still use it for all of my photos I take, would recommend unless these two things might annoy you or if you need to like do a really quick edit, I don’t think the tools taking forever to load will amuse you

- Simply Perfect

Just like the previous version Afterlight 2 is my go to tool for working on photos. I don’t even think about it. The feature set is perfect and the workflow effortless. It doesn’t make me think: when I want to modify a picture I don’t have to worry about what to do to make that happen; I can concentrate on the work. The tool stays out of my way. It seems like a simple thing, but that sort of simplicity I excruciatingly difficult to produce. I’d pay twice the price without blinking.

- Confusing, but amazing editing platform

At the beginning on my time experimenting with my photography and “selfie culture” this was one of the first editing apps I tried. Opening it up I just saw loads of symbols most of them which are actually paid purchases! Frustrating yet determined to find a more simplistic photography enriching software, I deleted the app. Fast forward six months, my Instagram game is on point- gaining 1,040 followers. So after also seeing my other Instagram inspirations and favorite accounts, and how professionally they were editing their photos I had to dive deeper. I later stumbled upon Afterlight again and decided to attempt to learn the tools so I could achieve the light leak aesthetic look. After about a week of getting used to the controls and organizing, I paid for the full version (which turned out to be relatively inexpensive) which encouraged me to completely change my theme to one of more happiness and color. Definitely recommend! xx

- i love this app.

as someone that's used the first version of this app as well, has been using AL since 2016, and still picks this over any Adobe software, i hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears, because i love this app. i really do. i love the glow and the color burning so much. just please give me more customization with glow, maybe make it a brush tool with colors. i'd really love to also get more freedom when working with layers in the double exposures. i use Photofox to help me with layering and erasing needs, but i'd love to have it all in one place if that's possible *fingers crossed*

- 3 years of use

I’ve been using Afterlight 1 for 3 years now, just purchased Afterlight 2 last night. While not a mind blowing update, Afterlight 2 is certainly much more streamlined and easy to use. New features like selective saturation really allow me to draw attention to specific parts of an image without blowing out the whole thing. As always very impressed, very happy, and very worth the price tag. If you’re looking for photoshop designed for iPhone, you’ve come to the right place.

- Great app!

First, I love that it’s non-subscription based. Paid once and I get all the features. I love how easy it is to play around with and figure out some cool little tricks for making great pictures. I would like to see more fonts for the text. Could there be a way to extend the text across the screen with out making the text bigger? Either way, great app for people like me who edit photos randomly, because life doesn’t let me do it all the time.

- Dramatically reduces your photo quality, creates vertical banding

Everything else is great, it's sleek and impressive for sure. But the fatal flaw is how bad your photo looks after applying more than a few adjustments. You'll start to see vertical banding/columns appear, where by the end of a photo I spent a lot of time editing, it looks like it's been processed through a toaster. I hope Afterlight addresses this, as sadly it's a dealbreaker. This doesn't happen on other apps that you can layer multiple adjustments in, like Snapseed. Two other functions where Snapseed has Afterlight beat: 1. Being able to mask and adjust opacity of your edits in past layers, and 2. Being able to adjust intensity of spot editing tools such as Dodge/burn.

- So Disappointing

I just updated Afterlight after noticing that it would not import my photos anymore. I saw that they’d completely redone the app and I was excited to try it! I purchased Afterlight when it first came out, years ago, and it has been my favorite editing app ever since. You can imagine how disappointed I was to see that they now charge a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP in order to access all of the editing tools. I would rather pay a $20 flat fee and know that I will have the app for another 6 years before they charge me again. If I could give zero stars, I would. It is so disappointing that they don’t grandfather in long time users who have supported them from the beginning.

- By far the best photo editing app I’ve used on the iPhone

This might be the most complete photo editing app available on the iPhone and it has an extremely gentle learning curve. A person who has never edited a picture in their life can pick this app up and create beautiful pictures. That being said, I have 2 VERY SMALL issues with it: 1. Finding specific albums is very difficult because iPhoto events are in the list of albums. I need to scroll through hundreds of iPhoto events to find the album I need. 2. Pictures aren’t automatically saved to an album. For example if I save a photo from AppExample it will go to the AppExample album automatically which makes finding it much easier. But these should be relatively easy fixes for the devs to implement. (I’m beggin’ ya, devs!) Overall, I highly recommend this app.

- Amazing Photo Editing App

Afterlight 2.0 is fantastic!! I have used Adobe Lightroom CC for years. And to be honest, it is an exceptional app. BUT, I hate the subscription model. HATE IT. Then I discovered Afterlight. I bought version 1. Then came version 2. What an amazing improvement. Amazing! It works seamlessly with Photos. I can switch between the two, using the best features of each. Then end result is superb. And the final printed product is excellent. Why pay a monthly subscription when this 5 star is a mere $2.99.

- Previously Purchased = Lifetime Access

I purchased the app upon its initial release. I cannot remember if additional purchases were needed down the road, but since updating to the latest version I still have Lifetime Access. If someone says otherwise they either did NOT pay for the app prior or simply have an issue that support will fix. I was prepared to be upset at the change but it does NOT effect those who purchased the app prior.

- Perfect, but one flaw

Ever since deciding to buy this app, I have been SO glad! It’s one of the best apps for editing ever, and has options that are hard to find elsewhere. However, one thing that’s really frustrating is that changes don’t remain once saved when you’re editing in camera roll. This is important for me because I want the original photo modified, not have copies which are tougher to keep track of, especially when you need things in chronological order. Please fix this issue!!

- Low-Res Photos?

I’ve been using this app (the original, actually) for years and within the last 6mo, my photos are opening in really low resolution. When I import the photo from other photo editing apps it opens just fine in full-res, but this is really annoying. I recently downloaded this version hoping it was just my old app that was the problem, and the photos literally show in full-res when I first tap to preview and then fuzz to a lower res a second later. The heck is going on? I love using this app and it’s my main editor for all my IG photos :(

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- Up to scratch

Really impressed. After working with expensive PS express on their free trial I was feeling like I would need to pay to get the features I wanted. I love that you can do selective touch ups, that the tool box is comprehensive, and that I can save filters to use them again (and again). I still am having trouble finding exactly the filter I want to match what I put into PS express. Would be great to have more community filters or ways to sort them! Thank you for making such an easy and up to date tool. Please continue to add new features!

- Jam packed with features but still some improvement needed.

This app has so many good features that are missing in many other photo app such as H,S,L and colour/gradient overlays and curves; however I would like to see the ability to do selective local edits (possibly similar to Snapseed), a slider similar to Adobe’s “Dehaze” and to have to option of plain/chosen colour frames rather than default texture ones. Also the Hue sliders seem over sensitive and hard to make subtle changes. Good job on the developers to committing to no in-app purchases and the continual roll out of filters is nice. Just not sure how the filters are sorted or organised...🤔 Overall almost a full photo editing package. Well worth the price and great for most changes and more available in other apps.

- Crashes EVERY time I open it through Photos

Despite having the latest update this app crashes every single time I open it through the Photos app (primarily how I like to edit my photos as I’m going through them). I have waited for this problem to get fixed through updates for months and it is still unusable. Given this is a paid app it’s unacceptable.

- I’ve never had an issue with this app

It’s just great, I’ve recommended it to my friend, and we both use it, like, religiously. Worth the money, it’s the only (non-collage) photo editor I’ve ever needed.

- It was good but not anymore

It was working perfectly before the latest update. Now it freezes every time I save an edited photo, which means I’ll have to kill the app and reopen to edit my next photo. Restarting the phone and reinstalling the app didn’t seem to work. Also, a couple of features that would be useful is bulk edit and creating signature stamps ie. for watermarking photos.

- Great app but lacks basic features from original

Been using the app since the original came out and the second edition has a lot to love, like the more advance tools. However they neglected to include basic features that were found in the original app, such as: comparing edits to original photo and filters. I hope I’m time they address the issue and add more features.

- My favourite photo editing app

I love Afterlight, especially the curve adjustment, it’s often the only adjustment I need. I have two negative comments - 1 - the shadows slider adjustment is very weak compared to other apps 2 - my main gripe - the location of the tick to accept the adjustment is hidden behind my hand and I often/ nearly always miss hitting the tick and go straight to the done tag thus undoing my edits.

- Great app, slightly unethical

I love Afterlight, it’s he easiest and most effective photo editing app available. I don’t like how they got rid of Afterlight 1 from the App Store, which I’d sunk money into, forcing me to pay for Afterlight 2. Most developers just do updates. This was a little unethical, but oh well. If they do it again I’ll probably bounce.

- Rip off company

Just wanted to drop a line to say that this company doesn’t care about their customers. People who had previously paid for their old app have been thrown to the gutter. Their old app is now useless. Hey, we want more money, so let’s create a NEW app that people have to pay heaps more for! Thanks for nothing, I have a subscription to photoshop that does a million times more than your app, so thanks for ripping us all off.

- Great App, I LOVE It!

It’s a amazing app and has many features. I would pay even more then the original and cheap price for it. I think this is the best photo edit app I have ever used before.

- Great app

I have tried so many photo editing apps that claim to do what this one does and is easy to use. This app is excellent highly recommend

- Great photo editing app. Too many restrictions.

Easy to use, you can edit manually and layer filters. Unfortunately too many features are now blocked/inaccessible unless you pay.

- Love it

I love the advanced tools they have, it’s very handy and is actually better than vsco. They do need to update their presets though.

- Overcharging money, want a refund

I have purchased this app, while it lives up too what I wanted, I’m very disappointed that I’ve been charged twice in less than a week. I would like a refund, as this app is expensive and not worth the money if this is going to keep happening.

- Great app with many useful features

Hope there would be an option to compare original to edited everywhere in the app edits, and a blurring tool.

- Poor image quality

My images from the iPhone photos app are perfectly clear before using Afterlight 2. However, after simply adding a frame and then uploading to Instagram straight from the Afterlight 2 app they become blurry or degraded. Very unfortunate.

- Great app missing one key feature

I would love if this app had the ability to “Modify existing photo” like Touch Retouch. Otherwise works really well!

- Top of the class.

Outstanding app. Great software. Works perfectly as advertised. Excellent support.


It’s such a good app to edit but it has been crashing in the middle of my edit so many times now. It is so frustrating after all the edit so please fix it asap.

- I loved it

L loved it It makes me happy too she want I can do

- Alright app, not THAT much of an upgrade from the original

It breaks my heart to be mean on a review but the original kinda has more features in it anyways! The original even has WAY more filters And I can't get a refund!!! >:(

- Not much different

Less filters than the original one.

- No iPad version?

The second edition doesn’t feel like a major update to me. And I still like using the first version more because it has a iPad edition.

- Missing features

where are the frames???!!! they’re like the coolest part of the original app


Afterlight it’s literally all my others apps in one!!

- App keeps crashing

The app keeps crashing and I've done everything to stop it. I want my money back cause it's a waste

- Well worth the money

Best app and pretty affordable

- The only photo editing app I use

I love this app! I’ve been using it since 2012-2013 (I can’t exactly remember) but I know I’ve been using it for so long. It’s the only photo editing app I use! I’ve always recommended it to friends and family. I’ve never had an issue with the app & will happily pay for the yearly membership. Keep up that great work guys!

- Crashing on new update

When selecting allow notifications as well as filters....

- Keep crashing

Just bought it, but apps keep crashing in the middle of editting Please fix this asap

- Review

Not a fan. Too fiddly to use and doesn’t do what I was hoping - to be able to create black and white photos with one colour selected.

- Please fix

I loved version 1 and only updated because I was forced to. Why does version 2 crash consistently?? Please fix ASAP :(

- Release 2.6

With the release of this latest version what happens to existing Lifetime licenses?

- Free Trial when I already paid for

I already purchased the app and now I’ve been restricted to a lot of features. Not so cool. Shifting to VSCO

- Deleted the app

I can not justify subscription based photo apps on my iPad. I will go my editing on my Mac.

- disappointing

its not as great as the original, the compromises aren’t satisfying. i cannot even get a refund either :(


I just purchased this app for “$4.50” and I’ve been charged $21.00 ?????

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- awesome follow up to afterlight

if you liked the first afterlight you’ll love this. granted some features have been moved to different places (the border option that everyone seems to think is gone is now just before saving) but the general feel and functionality is the same. new filters are pretty and better made for combining than the previous app i find. love the one time fee as opposed to buying packs of filters 👌🏻 my go to photo app.

- Ok

Original Afterlight is way better. Layering and design tools are ok. Probably wouldn't buy again.

- One time payment! Complete tools!

Better than VSCO in my opinion, because of the complete tools for colour grading and has trendy filters.

- Used to be great, now it’s just ok 😞

This app used to be great but now it’s just ok. It’s unfortunate. I much prefer the old app without the costly monthly fees and easy to navigate tools. Why mess with perfection??

- I like it but...

I would like to get an iPad set up instead of the enlarged (not full screen) iPhone set up 😊 I liked afterlight 1 so much I didn’t hesitate to get the 2nd but it seems weird that not all the options of the first one made it to the second one.

- Miss the original

Really disappointed. Original Afterlight had my favourite filters, I’m so sad! Also used original Afterlight to resize my photos to fit different frames and this doesn’t have that option. Wish I could un-buy.

- I bought the app but go off ig

I’m like actually mad lmao I bought this before it had the stupid monthly or yearly pays and now I can’t use the app, there goes my money👌🏻🖕🏻

- Paid for app; now they want more money. Thieves.

Do not get this app. They just ripped me off. A bunch of features I paid for are now for purchase. Completely unethical.

- Amazing just like photoshop

This app is great for editing your photos. I just wish it had a masking tool to fade different things together and the ability to change which filters layer on top of which.

- The BEST Photo App you will ever use!!

I have tried at least four different apps for my iPad photo darkroom and this is the Absolute Best. Very well thought out, it is easy to learn. The enhancements you can make to your photos are stunning. I love the touch items where you can just change small areas of the photo. I have received many compliments on my pictures since starting use of this program. Try the 7 day trial and I am sure you will be delighted with the flexibility of the program. As you can tell I am a real fan, for good reason!!!

- Disappointed..

It’s nothing like the old version of Afterlight, I loved the old app a lot more..

- I use it every time

This app is great, it has more than your basic editing functions. I learn something new every time I use it, highly recommend.

- Better than ever!

The best version and keeps getting better!! Thanks so much

- Cause conan got it :)))


- Should have kept the old one

I accidentally deleted the old app and immediately downloaded it again, to find all my favourite filters now cost money (they didn’t before) and my favourite light leak is GONE. I’m so upset.

- Crashes after saving edit

No point spending so much time editing a pic only for it to crash every single time when you save it

- Photos aren’t saving

My photos are not saving to my gallery after I PAID for my membership. Nothing to do with storage space the app is always glitching.

- 2 star

This app has good potential, they should fix the bug that causes the app to crash when you save a photo (always after wasting time editing a photo, only to start fresh) - strange it will always save on the second attempt. This has been occurring for months, the developers should address this immediately! I’m disappointed, considering I’ve paid for this app. Better options at zero cost!

- Meh

No real control of image. Changes range from the un-noticeable to the bizarre. I call it ‘photoshop from the dollar store’.

- not good now

Used to be my favourite photo editing, now i can’t stand to use it anymore ): wish i could get the old version back

- Love the edit/end result of the photo

I love this app! The photos after editing looks so good. Alot of pictures special fx and alot of different parameters for the photo. The only thing that is missing is the ability to save your own pictures preset so you dont have to remember the numbers by heart. Also it would be cool to edit video with the same parameters. That would make the app the best app for photo/video editing!

- New update

My app won’t open since it updated 2 weeks ago.

- Monthly Membership Fee??

I was a massive fan of the first Afterlight, I used it all the time, but it seems the crew has forgotten about the first gen app to introduce 2.0 where they’ve replaced a couple features and jumped on the “membership” bandwagon. Two thumbs down. No friggin way am I paying a monthly membership fee for a touch-up app. Can’t wait for the trend to be over. 👎👎👋

- Used it for years and love it so much.

Amazing app. 10/10 would recommend.

- Has everything you need

I adore this app it is officially my favourite photo editing app (and I have used a lot) it does everything, there’s so many great free features and you can edit anything with any style for any aesthetic. It’s worth the download and I think it’ll save you some space instead of having tons of different apps for different editing features. Afterlight has got your back for it all ♡ ♡ ♡ you should try it out!

- Not a fan

This new update requires you to pay for a subscription for tools that you used to be able to use for free or pay for just a one time and have it forever. The design also isn’t as easy to use as if originally used to be.

- Très satisfaite!

J’avais peur de devoir payer d’autres frais afin de pouvoir débloquer des filtres... et non! Tu payes la base et plein plein de filtres avec plein de beau tons! Très heureuse de mon choix et pas d’harcèlement de pub.

- Refund request

Hi I was not able to use the app ever since I paid for the app. The developer got back to me that there’s no solution for my case. Can you please provide me a refund.

- My app turned Russian?!?

I love this app, my preference for some of the old features, like how the borders/frames used to work, is outweighed by the powerful new touch tools. However, one day my app was just Russian and there didn’t seem to be a way to fix it 😂 I could still use it because of the icons, but having an app use the Cyrillic alphabet for no reason overnight is one of the strangest bugs I’ve ever had.

- Comment

I love it

- Crash

Keeps crashing

- Disappointed

The interface seems elegant enough, but it doesn’t offer fine-grained control over the image and canvas size, nor over the file management. (eg, Am I editing a copy, or forever changing my original?) What I wanted to do was add horizontal bars to a non-square photo to be able to post the entire image on Instagram. This app doesn’t allow me to do that.

- Crash

Keeps crashing. Very Annoying.

- Saving preset

Then only thing i hate of this app is that we cannot save at the end we have to go « fusion » mode why dont you add this on next update like VSCO we can add to another photo the preset we just did.

- Très satisfaite

Très bien comme application, beaucoup d’options qui rendent bien sur tout type de photos

- Perfect

Easy to use for someone whom isn’t too comfortable with editing!!

- My opinion of this application

For me, it’s the best application to edit your pictures on your phone. You have a lot of filters and so many options ( light, change colors, etc. )to improve your picture. :)

- Perfect

No words. Just, wow

- Must have app

One of the best I’ve ever encountered with.

- Excellent

First, thank you for not doing the subscription and other incredibly expensive purchases. I can manage the one time purchase, but not the nickle and simony of so many other apps. Once I see the insane pricing and monthly subscriptions, I remove the apps. I'm more than willing to pay up front for an app and this had a reasonable price. This is a complete photo editor. It is extremely intuitive and has a solid set of tools and filters. Of the 32 photo editors I have downloaded onto my iPad, this is the best.

- Love it!

The original Afterlight was always my go-to, favorite app to edit photos ! I just found out about V.2 today, and I LOVE it! - even better than the original version, and worth the small price!

- worth it

i absolutely love this app! my only problem is that it leaves lines on my photos after editing! hopefully that is something that can be fixed

- Add support for depth control. iPhone XS and xs Max and xr

I love everything about this app except for when I have taken a portrait mode shot on my iPhone XS Max and I edit it in this app but then I cannot change the background blur anymore without having a second copy for the picture Try to fix, like talk to apple lol

- Good app

Good app for editing photos ! It would be awesome if it was possible to select our own colors in the ´Color Change ´ effect and also if the app had VHS style filter and effect .

- Amazing!!!

Only editing app i use since I discovered it!!

- Good for colour-correction and other basic editing.

That’s the gyst of the app. It serves it’s purpose but doesn’t come close to what you can find on a computer. No things like cutting-out or inserting, the likes of which you would find on a very basic version of photoshop.

- Great app

Easy to use, setting are easily adjustable and very easy to learn. A great way to edit photos.

- not impressed

i paid for the app and whenever i try to save a photo to my camera roll the app crashes and the photo is lost

- Great , worth the purchase .

Works great to tweak up a photo ( crop , contrast .....) Then use in photo blender app .

- Great App but needs some fixing!

Love the app. It’s great for editing backgrounds but the only thing that needs fixing is the blurring effect. It would’ve been better if the burring option could be like the bokeh effect easier to blur the background.

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- Even Better Than The Original

I have used Afterlight for YEARS so buying Afterlight 2 was a no-brainer. But there are so many great tweaks. Being able to edit colors selectively is one of the things I’ve loved the most so far. You can also add text to photos with a decent selection of fonts to choose from. I’ve already deleted two other apps that I used to use just for adding text to photos. This is now the only iPhone photo editing app I use. ✌️

- Works Exceptionally and Feature Req.

Love the simplistic yet effective design, thumbs up to the developers. The one main improvement I could see would be at the end an option to modify the current photo rather than having to save it as a new photo. Snapseed has this if you need an example. It’s much nicer when you don’t have delete the old photo, especially when your only making slight changes. But overall, thanks for such a great app.

- Almost perfect!

The one greatest thing about the app is it’s one-time price. I was skeptical at first, but I played around and it’s as easy as using Lightroom on desktop. It’s fairly easy to use if you’re coming from other editing softwares. And RAW support is awesome! The only downside that I have is that there is no way to see HISTOGRAMS! I have looked everywhere for it and I don’t think it’s included (if it is, I’m sorry, please help me). Hopefully, histogram support will be at least considered in future updates. Everything else seems great!

- I can’t believe this exists

I have been looking for an app literally just like this for years and I had settled for vsco but then suddenly stumbled upon this hand crafted piece of art formed by God himself. It gives you all of the features vsco allows plus ten billion more. And without having to pay for all of those filters. This is a one and done payment of so little and if you have even only one photo you’d like to edit, buy this app.

- One of my favorite photo apps

This is one of my go-to photo editing apps. I recommend it to everyone! One minor criticism is that within one of the last few updates something changed where if I switch to a different app while in the middle of editing a photo, all my edits are gone when I switch back. I have to start all over again. It hasn’t always done this, so I’m hopeful it’s being worked on!

- Amazing but,

I have lived and died by Afterlight (the OG) and was wicked stoked when I saw they launched a 2. But they striped the new one of the filters I have become so conditioned to using for my artwork. I adore the time and attention the developers put into this new version. It represents a huge step forward and provides so much more control to the user. I only wish they had kept the same filters from the original. The “captain” filter is lined with my instagram and I would love to see it in 2 at some point. Thank you guys! 🙏🏻🌎☘️

- Discovered via college peer

In my mediated textuality course we cover text, image, sound, and video production and this application was presented in a tool review discussed over image. I enjoyed the presentation and sample pieces provided by the presenter. I decided to make the purchase of only 2.99 and am not disappointed yet. The application never exits out, so many ways to edit or dabble with and overall I think it’s a great way to add unique and simple editing touches! I recommend this!

- Great Filters, but manual editing needs fixing

Great app to slap a quick filter on a photo but I have to say the manual photo editing is a bit snotty. Specifically when you reduce the highlights it absolutely destroys them and turns them a dull gray or even a green tone. I wish the manual adjustments were more similar to Lightroom’s but a lot of work went into this app and it is a lot of fun. However, I hope the developers try and fix some of the strange color issues that occur when doing simple manual adjustments.

- I prefer the first Afterlight app over this.

I prefer the first Afterlight app over this second one because the first one is easier to navigate through AND the first one has white borders that you can put on a picture. I use the white borders to make my pictures fit into the Instagram square. I also recommended the first Afterlight app to my brother so that he can use it for his instagram pictures, too. I would only use this app if you can’t get the first Afterlight app. I have this second Afterlight on my Apple iPod because the first Afterlight app is not available in App Store sadly. If you guys put white borders into this app that would make it ten times better than it is now.

- Great App

I got an iTunes gift card for Christmas. I had totally forgotten about it until I cleaned my room. I looked on the App Store for a good app to get, and I found Afterlight 2. It looked super cool, so I downloaded it. I’ve had it for about a week, and I love it so much. I love the fact that you can change pictures so much so quickly. I’ve edited countless pictures since I’ve gotten the app, and it’s never disappointed me. Thanks for the great app!

- Good except....

Overall, the editing features are great, and I really like the app except for the fact that when I edit an image, it creates a copy of the original but with the edits in my Photos app instead of just replacing the original image with the edited one. It really annoys me and it undoes the way the photos are stored; instead of when the photo was taken, it puts it ahead of the other photos. I don’t know if I can/how to fix it, and I’m considering deleting the app because of it.

- Almost, if not the best app for editing

It is definitely worth the few dollars, if you haven’t bought it already! I personally love the light leaks the most, and also the filters are diverse and perfectly designed. I consider it second only to Lightroom. Great app, frequent updates and features added. Sometimes it crashes with larger sized photos, but indeed an amazing application for photography!

- Needs to show histogram

The one thing this app really needs to do is show the histogram. This is the reason I can’t give this app 5 stars. It would also be great if you added a way to input exact numbers or made a sliders a bit less finicky. That being said, kudos for selling a complete app for a single payment, unlike pretty much all the others which sell you half an app then ask for more money for features or have some terrible subscription model.

- It’s worth the few bucks

I owe the best photo edits i’ve ever made to this app, I always bring my photos into after light to put the final touches on them, and they turn out amazing. Really, it’s a five star app, i’m only giving four stars however because I would like a few more light/lens flare options to choose from just so it doesn’t look the same in all of my photos. A way to custom make lens glare would be AMAZING, because you could make each photo look unique.

- Made me a professional amateur influencer

Excellent design makes this an easy-to-use but professional-grade photo editor chock full of features. It’s so good and I use it so often, my boss told me I should quit my day job! Now I’m an influencer with over 100 followers and I’ve never looked cooler. Thanks, Afterlight! (It really is good, though. Only editor I use. My one wish is for presets including frames to speed up batch editing.)

- New update causes crashing on iPhone 11!

This app does seem to crash quite a bit ever since I got it. Normally I just have to save a photo before I complete it. Maybe a save state so I can get my layers back after reopening would be a nice feature. Auto-save after each edit maybe. This new update crashes every single time I try and hit the filters tab. They don’t even load, just auto crash immediately. Otherwise the app is great, I use it all the time, I’ve just gotten used to the crashing.

- great! it’s worth it 🧸🧺

I’m an editor and it definitely can do some pretty beautiful things. This app is great for getting that professional chic edit. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the app developers add in a white and black feature. So you can bring out the whites or blacks of a photo. Also add luminance. Luminance is different from glow. Chroma should have a radius that we can change!! That would make this app perfect. Thank you :)

- Good app but...

Those who bought Afterlight 2 shouldn’t need the subscription service to get all the features that they used to get. I liked this app, but now all of a sudden I can’t do anything I used to do with my pictures that I used to, and no way am I paying a subscription for it after I already paid! Might as well find another app that offers those features. Other than that, this app is nice and doesn’t ruin picture quality with their effects and filters.

- Amazing

Simply beautiful app. Completely worth the money since there’s no in-app purchases! I’ve been using this nonstop to touch up my friend’s photos. Their reactions are amazing! You can become an amateur photo editor with this. The absolute ONLY thing I would recommend is if you could possibly layer different photos together. Maybe you can do that already? I’m still figuring it out 🤣🤣🤣

- Full featured without in app purchases and subscriptions

This is a great photo editing app that doesn't bait and switch you. It has a strong set of tools and a solid UI Only suggestion: non-destructive crops. Sometimes I crop and then edit and decide to go back and change the crop. It seems like cropping needs to be the last step of your workflow because you can’t recover anything you cut out later.

- I love this app but it has issues

I’ve been using After for as long as I can remember. My favorite editing app. There’s so much details one can add to create the best looking photos.. hence why I’m so annoyed.. I’ll be working on a photo for so long, then suddenly, the app crashes on me and I’ve lost all my hard work.. sometimes over an hours work. Not ideal for a photo editing app. I get so nervous editing now, that I’ll save it half way through just to insure that if it closes again (which it always does now when I use it) that at least I have it pre-saved. Well, to some extent. I think if the app is going to have this as an ongoing issue, maybe it would be wise and best to have a feature that automatically saves as you work. Sort of like when compiling an email or letter that keeps your work safe. Just helpful knowledge and suggestion.

- Such a Great App!

When they say it’s an “all in one app” they really do mean it! It’s worth the money and I’ve been able to do so much with my photos since I got this app. The light leaks, the dust feature and being able to create my own filters has been such an amazing and fun experience. They’re constantly doing updates too! Its not doing anything, but getting better! Great work, Afterlight 😩

- Disappointed

I have had Afterlight 1 since it came out, and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t see a reason why the creators needed to replace it all together with this version. Because Afterlight 1 is no longer available in the App Store, I can no longer use the features that were my favorite: like the borders that looked like polaroids. If I can choose one thing to add to this version it would be that! Otherwise I will unfortunately be saying goodbye to this Afterlight. I don’t like the new light leaks (why not keep the old ones and just add new ones?), the layout, and the new filters. Please bring back some of the old options!!

- Great app but would like more Purchase Options

I began using the app not thinking I would enjoy as much I did. Needless to say, some of my favorite pictures have been edited in this app. Although, as my title suggest, I do wish there were more buying options for purchasing the features. The subscription is nice but I can’t justify another subscription service at this time. I would gladly purchase the program all at once though!

- Works amazing but!

I’ve had this app for a while and absolutely love it! Lately even though it charges me the $2.99 per month for some reason it continues to go back to say I need to go through a free trial, once I try to cancel my subscription and renew it - it still says I am not a paying member. Love the app itself but this is an issue I’ve gone through a couple times.

- Consistently adding great features

I have to up my four-star review to a five because Afterlight’s devs really keep coming through. Enlight is still the app to beat, but I’m hopeful that, given the rate and quality of updates, Afterlight 2 will be my primary editing app in the near future. Fingers crossed, but until then, it’s still a stellar app that’s absolutely worth the few bucks they modestly ask.

- Really not impressed

So I paid 3 dollars for this app after ready the reviews and I was excepting it to be great but instead the app has crashed 3 times and my phone has started lagging. I also thought there was a way to change the color of the light leaks but unlike afterlight 1 there is not which is super disappointing. None of the filters are working either and the app all together is just laggy and glitchy. It seems like a great way to edit pictures but unfortunately for me it’s not working.

- Love it but it wants to charge me on iPad update

Customer care reached out and it randomly finally updated itself to include my already paid membership, bot sure what happened really but it’s working now. Original post: I already paid for this app and though my phone and now when I tried using it on my iPad it’s trying to charge me again.

- Lost Purchase

I originally got Afterlight a few years back- I bought the app for the additional filters and features and such. With Afterlight 2 coming out, I lost all of the previous filters I had paid for. I still really like this app, but would have never downloaded the new version if it meant losing those features. There’s no way to restore my purchase, nor am I going to pay for a membership for features I’ve had before. Disappointed.

- Awesome but could use some adjustments

I LOVE this app! The new touch tools update is so cool and I hope that more will be added to that soon. I love the filters and that you can make your own filters as well. The only thing that I don’t like about this app is that it degrades the quality more and more as you edit it. If there was a way to edit as much as you want without ruining the quality, this would be a 5 star app without a doubt!

- A great app!

I have used this app religiously for a long time. I used the original version for many years and loved it so much. When they released a new, paid version I bought it, (even though I never pay for apps). I definitely feel that this app was worth my money. There is so many fun features and it’s extremely user friendly. 5/5 stars!!!

- Absolutely love love love!!!

I am a photographer and typically don’t like adjusting my photos with filters but that is what is in these days. This app is super easy to use and gives you the look of using film photography with the light leaks and grain specs. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone professional or not. It gives your images that extra ummmph they just need sometimes.

- Belatedly discovered an excellent tool!

Along with ECP's wonderful Lightbrush, plus Retouch and Pixelmator, Afterlight 2 is another great and inexpensive tool to perfect iPhone photos! While the other apps mentioned focus on adjusting specific areas of a picture, Afterlight 2 is a terrific global image editor. It kind of reminds me of the power of Photoforge 2, the now abandoned and obsolete editor. But this one has even more features!

- Updated review. Powerful editing

My previous concern with the export size limit has been addressed and images can be exported as large as 6144x6144 pixels in size which is greater than 24 mp. Much more usable. It has a very large variety of tools that allow for just about every kind of enhancement or modification. Much better than before. Now if the would just arrange the tools in a more logical order or better yet allow users to arrange the tools and hide tools they don’t use, it would be great. Current tool arrangement is haphazard and random.

- After owning this for about a year it has yet to be beat.

Nothing comes close as far as quality and speed. The filters are amazing but you can do so much more then that with Afterlight, I have been using it for over a year now and it is definitely my go to app for photo editing. Nothing comes close. Just buy it.

- OG Afterlight user

The original Afterlight has been my go-to for years. So at first, I was pretty upset about it finally disappearing, which forced me to buy this replacement when I got a new phone. After using it for the first time, though, I’m so impressed at the new features (and keeping of the old ones that I’m used to) that I have no buyer’s remorse. A great photo editing tool.

- Very good but could be better

Great for manipulating color and adding texture. I would like to see the addition of a feature to HDR look to your images. A “sepia” function would also be helpful. UPDATE I am downgrading my rating today because of the frequent crashes that began several updates back. While editing, the entire app vanishes with all of the work which has been done on the photo. The only option is to reopen the app and start over.

- Love Afterlight!

Excellent photo-editing software for iPad! Really like the gradient and color overlays with blend modes. Also, includes many color editing features I’ve not seen in many other apps. UI is simple and straightforward; and includes so many ways to edit pics, including some great filters and overlays. Paid the lifetime member fee—it’s well worth it.

- Where is the framing tool??

Update my review: Thanks for give me an answer so fast. Now I see that the tool was there, sorry, we users were used to the old version, I still like more the place where the tool was before. And the shapes, I didn’t use them so much, but they were kind of cool, I would bring them back. __________________ The framing tool to ad border to the photos is missing, one of my favorite thing, now I have to find a new app

- Love it!

I have been using this app for a year or so now and I am IN LOVE WITH IT. It is the perfect mobile app to edit all of my iPhone photos. I have my favorite filters but I always like to change it up too. I use this app to edit my screenshots I take for my fan account and I get a lot of compliments on my editing. Huge fan and I’ve tried tons of photography apps.

- Sleek, powerful, easy and even fun

I love this app! I’ve used editing apps from them for a long time- I enjoy the ease of use and customizable filters and how they work. This app is for me, because it just feels intuitive! In this latest one, I especially love the selective color editors, along with the color and gradient overlays. Very smooth and polished app! Great job, guys.


Afterlight is my favorite photo editing app to use. I love all the options and filters. However, for whatever reason, this app runs so incredibly slow for me. I have an iPhone 7+ so it’s not like it’s a super outdated model. It will constantly freeze and take insanely long to respond, frequently just crashing all together. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, still to no avail. I will continue to use as like I said, i love the editing options. But good god it runs like trying to open The Sims on a Windows 98 desktop computer.

- Great app but slow

One of my favorite phone editing apps for ease of use, filter presets and simple framing. Design is great and a pleasure to use. That being said the app can be buggy, stall and freeze up on my iPhone X. The camera roll can take awhile to load and the confirmation modal always hangs after an export and its difficult to get a good flow going. Sometimes I just bail on it and it’s a bummer! Would to see performance improve.

- Photos are great

I had VSCO and tried many other editing apps but this one is so simple with many options and they just added touch ups, so it’s easier to hide imperfections and bring out the best love it so much, I’ve never had it crash in the whole time I’ve used it so I think they fixed that problem

- Useless curves editor

What is this, an app for ants? Why is everything so small, and why can’t I remove points in the curves editor? As soon as you apply curves, you can’t go back and edit them, you’re just stuck with whatever changes you made. Impossible to navigate unless you have a magnifying glass and thumbtack sized fingers, even on a 10 inch iPad Pro. I have to restart the entire thing every time I misplace a point, which is all the time since this thing is tiny? Please add an ability to resize the UI, at least the curves editor, and let us remove points!

- Perfect by needs a Preset Feature!!!

great app and i love the features but the only thing i'm concerned about in this app and the previous is that there is no edit presets, that you can use for later on different photos, and you can also edit that preset on another photo as well so that it won't just be the same. that is my biggest demand!

- I really like this app, but...

I really the app but, for some odd reason when I want to put a photo from one my album, the one I have on my iPhone, it doesn't let me get the photo. I don't know why. I try deleting the app and getting it again. And I even try turning off my phone. But, it still doesn't really wanna work. I was wondering, could it be because I have and old iPhone. I have the iPhone 6.

- Background Borders and Colors Removed

If I’m over product at Afterlight, I would know that background colors and borders are: a.) a most used feature by our users b.) a differentiator from VSCO (who now charges a subscription fee for the feature) and the other more difficult to use editors c.) is a must have feature to include in a paid 2.0 version of the app, which had been in the making for at least 4-5 years; aeons in the mobile app space. I downloaded 2.0 anticipating it would be in the build and deleted my old version. I’ve since re-downloaded Afterlight 1.X just to use this feature and with it, add more taps and time to getting the perfect capture-edit. If they decide to charge for background borders and colors, then the 3.0 rating will be most certainly justified.

- I love it, but....

I really do love this app-it made me fall back in love with photography. It’s easy to figure out and you can create some really unique images using it. The one tweak I would like to see is to be able to access albums when you’re creating a double exposure. That’s really the only gripe I have about it. It’s worth every penny.

- Totally worth the purchase!

Afterlight has been nothing short of awesome for me! I use Lightroom and photoshop to edit my photos normally, but Afterlight does such a good job and does it much simpler/faster. I recommend this to everyone I know! Whether you take photography very seriously or just want to improve your Instagram game, this app is perfect for everything.

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Afterlight — Photo Editor 2.9.4 Screenshots & Images

Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor iphone images
Afterlight — Photo Editor ipad images
Afterlight — Photo Editor ipad images
Afterlight — Photo Editor ipad images
Afterlight — Photo Editor ipad images
Afterlight — Photo Editor ipad images
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Afterlight — Photo Editor Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Afterlight — Photo Editor (Version 2.9.4) Install & Download

The applications Afterlight — Photo Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-11-02 and was developed by Afterlight Collective, Inc [Developer ID: 573116093]. This application file size is 161.08 MB. Afterlight — Photo Editor - Photo & Video posted on 2020-09-19 current version is 2.9.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: us.afterlight.Afterlight

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