MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG [Games] App Description & Overview

In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your iPhone or iPad. An assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate squad, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Captain America and Iron Man, as you enter strategic combat against an all-new enemy threat. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and prepare for the battle to save Earth!

Recruit your strike force and form a squad of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains like Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Venom, Dr. Strange and more.

Outfit and upgrade your Super Heroes and Super Villains to become stronger than ever before.

Who you bring to the fight matters. Pair up specific Super Heroes and Super Villains to perform combo moves to take out enemies. Expert in-fight tactics in 5v5 battles give you the power to vanquish the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe.

Experience groundbreaking gameplay cinematics, as your heroes unleash dynamic chain combos with a single tap.

Play one of the most visually stunning mobile game experiences that has ever been released. Your Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains look as close to life-like as possible on your phone!

MARVEL Strike Force also offers a paid subscription service to keep the epic fights going even longer! Subscribers receive additional Campaign Energy every day for as long as they're subscribed, even if they miss a day!

When you sign up, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renew unless turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, at which point your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours. After purchase, you can manage your subscriptions in your account settings.

By downloading this app, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use, available at and

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MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New in this release: • Fixed freezing/crashing issues

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG Comments & Reviews

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- Sound Issues

Overall the Game is AMAZING! The only problem is that during battles the music will suddenly cut out. Then it randomly will come back in, but the sound effects cut out. Fix this issue and you will have a 5 star game

- this is the best game

It is the appropriate way to get the kids to get the marvel movies

- Hacking... Bugs.

For some reason I feel as if this game has someone overriding it. I’m over 80% sure. Can you have your developers check into this?. I feel the individuals are targeting me in your game. As in cyber bullying. Harassment. It’s a crime. Thanks for looking into this matter in advance.

- Audio needs work

I’ve really have been enjoying the game so far. It’s Grindy... and the stuff in the store seems quite overpriced. But still a lot of fun to be had here. I don’t understand the criticism of it being too repetitive. I mean compared to other games like this, I think this one takes the cake. My number one complaint is the buggy audio. Sometimes it won’t play sound effects in battle and sometimes it will. I’m not 100% if the problem is on my end or the developers. But it’s quite annoying. Other than that good job devs! Will 5 star if audio is fixed.

- Very addictive game with outrageous in-app purchase prices

This game uses a lot of addictive tactics to get you hooked to it and is designed to get you to spend your money and compete with other players. When the game first came out it all revolves around 1 team, the Defenders. If you had a strong Defender team you could be anybody. Now, the two teams that the game favors are the Asgardians and Black Order because of their synergies and other attributes in war mode. This takes away from many of the other characters who are very under powered. The game has many faults while playing as well, such as crashing in the middle of a battle, not loading/freezing, and many other bugs. Do not waste your time and money playing this game unless you want to get sucked into an endless routine everyday trying to build up your squads because it takes years to get a “good” team.

- the devs have decided to support racism

the developers have decided to donate 1,000,000 to black lives matters, a racist organization, whose member are currently burning down businesses, looting and killing people. they’re associated with antifa, who are also causing damage all across our countries.. yet for some reason this company decided it needs to bend over and take it in the ass from every blm/antifa member. i happens this cost them money, market access, careers, and i really hope this game begins to fail.. i truly wish nothing but the worst for them from here on out!!

- Pay to Win unblalanced trash

This game will F you six ways till Sunday. It will upset you far more than you actually have fun. Endgame alliance wars and raids turn into an absolute chore. Balance is non existent, you will take a team in that has similar or higher CP and watch as half of your team is dead before you even get a turn. They couldn’t balance this game if they had the infinity gauntlet. Rng is absolute garbage, the AI constantly chains, dodges, resurrects , activates passives, etc. while yours will never activate at this rate. Some characters have passive heals which will go off every round they have a turn, while you use the same character and will not get passive activations at the rate the AI gets it. The best is the resurrection of toons, when you use it your chances of resurrecting a toon is almost nil, but, when the AI uses the toon they will resurrect toons more than once in the same match, garbage. Alliance war matchmaking is garbage, you either get matched up against a team totally out of your league or a team you just stomp on, it’s not any fun. Forced 50/50 win ratio, it’s all pseudo. Alliance war has become boring, it’s the same teams in every room, it’s all very homogenized. Shadow patching, they buff/ nerf content without telling the community. Power creep, old toons become obsolete. Upgrade material starvation, first it was gold, now they have moved it to training materials. AI “cheats” constantly, if the AI needs to hit you, it will dodge or res until it can, then after it gets its final lick in it allows you to hit/ kill it. The health bar is garbage and doesn’t read properly, I don’t need to tell you how important knowing which toon to kill next is. With the bogus health bar it makes it almost impossible to tell, an enemy will have a pixel left and it will take 5+ hits to take them down. This makes you waste attacks, another designed way to make you spend cores and heals. Sometimes you can’t even see a pixel of health at all and it’s just empty, but somehow the toon is still alive and most likely it will get a buff or some kind of bonus, something will happen to screw you over, plane and simple. Everything in this game is designed to take your cores and make you spend health regeneration. The more you play the more you will see these patterns. Another thing I noticed is when you have regenerations on your toons at the end of a battle that you will clearly win, your chances for chains, crits and bonus hits go up to keep your regenerations from ticking. The timers are way too short, you can be winning but still loose because you run out of time. With the increases in difficulty the timers need to be brought up a little. New raid is made for whales, that’s it. You go into this raid with gear 13 and level 75 and half your team is dead before the end of the first round. There are a lot of shady things happening in this game. Unfortunate. The best is when you refresh a node for 50 cores to obtain a material you need to upgrade a toon and it drops 0. Team power is not represented properly, a 100k team can kill a 200k team, you have to get used to that, synergy matters. Inconsistent difficulty, raids seem to change everyday. You don’t have an issue with the node one day and the next your whole team is wiped before 3rd round. This is the biggest let down of the game, it is consistently inconsistent. Art and animation team is amazing! Bug free for the most part.

- Anti free to play but still a good game

It is very pay to win and it’s kinda dumb that it takes l I think 5 minutes to recharge one energy, but it’s still a good game and worth the money if you’re looking for a nice game to play

- Black panther

If your the creator of this game can you please fufill a boys dream and send 100 black panther shards please🥺😭🥺😭😢

- Favorite game, play every day

I’d like to see beast from X-men or gambit as a character that would be sweet

- It’s great and all but...

It’s great and all but... the game freezes. I really love this game a lot but it freezes, could you maybe us more recruit meant characters, like thanos and the black order. Thank you

- Game crashes

Hello there, I just downloaded your app yesterday evening, wanting to find a fun new game to play. I was having a blast learning the system and seeing all the different ways you can build a team and upgrade. Unfortunately, I’m not able to complete my first campaign story chapter without the game crashing. I’ve restarted my device, installed and uninstalled the app several times, but nothing helps fix the crashing. It’s every time I go to play the last mission on the first campaign chapter, crashes right after loading. I honestly could see myself enjoying the app/game very much and would become a new favorite of mine.... but it’s impossible to say because I can’t even get past the 1st chapter of the whole game. I’d like to know if there will be a new update for the game soon to see if that will fix the crashing. I rather not delete this game just because of something that could be fixed quite easily.

- Fun it is so much fun .

It is so much fun and cool.

- Disappointed, I really liked the game.

This is supposed to be a relaxing game not a political platform. Not impressed, I will no longer be a customer/player.

- My app has a glitch

This app has a good design but it has a glitch. The glitch take’s me out of the app when I try to get into some levels that I need to complete.


Such a shame.

- Politics

Keep it out of the game. I get where your company is based out of. However this is a game and politics does not need to be a part of it. “FIX UR GAME” as Mobile gamer states every single night on his offer reviews.

- Cash Garb With (Seemingly) Little Effort On Product

Fox Next has done a wonderful job milking the Marvel brand for all it’s worth while putting out a product that has some of the most bugs of any software, not just game, I’ve ever encountered. Consistent loading issues; game constantly freezes and crashes during battles (which is the primary aspect of the game) after every “update” only to then deal with loading issues (42% freeze, 10% Anomaly Detected, 99% freeze when loading battles) when relaunching game or switching game modes Insane levels of “forced participation” (three daily energy refreshes, two separate daily 24 hour long raids, 24 hour alliances wars three times per week and that’s not even counting the release of characters via Blitz) at the risk of falling behind / letting down your alliance The one thing they’re really good at is flooding the game with so many characters it’s impossible to keep up with the monthly meta any other way than spending copious amounts of money (whether that be on character shards, gear pieces, in game currency, etc) Add on top of all of this the game has a higher level of RNG or “gambling mechanics” (gotta keep the people addicted) for all of the aforementioned resources than any other game I’m personally aware of All in all, great business plan, terrible game for players in general

- It keeps randomly crashing!

It said on the description for the app page that this problem had been fixed, so I downloaded the app. UNFORTUNATELY,IT HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. My app crashes at random points and closes the app. Please fix this!

- Terrible customer service

I have one game mode where all of the enemies are at a way higher difficulty level than they should be. MSF acknowledges this and has told me about 10 times that it will be fixed in the morning. The next morning I realize that it isn’t fixed and submit another ticket. They ask for more pictures and tell me it will be fixed in the morning....This has been happening since April.

- Yoooooo I love this game

This is the best game ever

- Stick to being a game

This complaint should not become political and force your beliefs in players faces. Most people play games to relax and forget about real world issues. I’ve spent a large amount on this game and I’m disappointed in the company and there choices.

- Political/social stuff in my in box

Please keep it to the game and not social events.

- Could use some fixes

It’s a decent game but is kinda hard to enjoy because the game crashes AS SOON AS I START A MISSION! but other than that it’s fine

- Love it

I love the game and play it a lot

- This game is trashhhhh

I don’t have the widow maker login calendar but my friend does. And that’s literally not fair. I need more shards for captain marvel. He gets 2 premium orbs, 1 training orb, and a mega orb. I didn’t get that. So why did he?

- New update released today freezes

Do not spend any money on this game. We are constantly sold characters that perform differently as advertised. And the only way players are discovering this is from a few streamers going through the games code to find that characters aren’t performing their abilities like their descriptions in the game say. This is disgusting and false advertisement and deception at its deepest. I will actively recommend against people spending money on this game until this crap is fixed.

- Love this game.

So good I downloaded a second account on my daughters iPad.

- Bugs & RNG

Title pretty much sums it up. Ungodly amount of bugs and not only that, typos. Stuff easy to notice/fix that goes unfixed until pointed out by the community. Even then half of it goes unfixed. Then, when stuff is actually working right it’s entirely RNG dependent. Especially for FTP. If you’re FTP and want to compete even in the middle of the pack, you gotta be consistently very lucky.

- App rarely loads

Consistent loading issues, I’ve had this app for a year and I’ve had to delete and re-download it multiple times just to get it to open. When it does open, it does everything I hate, lags, inability to farm characters, inability to farm upgrades and I’ve been waiting to purchase Mr. Sinister for over a week. His shards disappear from the market and I’ve been on too religiously so now I’m quitting the app if he isn’t available tomorrow. Consistently disappointed in so many aspects of this game. Bucky is Hydra and a weak character yet Cap America who has the same origins is light years stronger. And other than Redskull, there isn’t a hydra team worth having. Only way to get redskull is to purchase shards, for an app that consistently fails to load and crashes too often. And I’m supposed to spend money? They won’t even give me back the “event” energy I lose when the app crashes. 👎👎👎👎👎

- Love the game ❤️ but wish there was more

Dear, marvel strike force , I really love ❤️ the game but I think it would be cool to have character styles from the movies and I also think that you should add more mcu characters like: Valkyrie, quicksilver, korg, miek, Wong, Peggy Carter, Sharon Carter, Nakia, ghost, ego, atlas, Odin, fandral, volkswagg, hogun, skurge, whiplash, Obadiah, Maria hill, grand master, ancient one, yellow jacket, talos, yon rogg, Ulysses claw, kacileas, malkieth, destroyer, a chitauri, taserface, and hulkbuster, thank you.

- Buggy game

They introduce a ton of characters but then they are filled with bugs. These same bugs that I personally reported and I don’t report issues because someone smarter than I am figured it out sooner. They give a few new characters then and oversell characters. If you hear the word apex it’s still good but not as good as advertised. If you spend money just don’t. If you are ftp and can deal with stupid annoying things that you will eventually get compensated for then enjoy the game. For a swgoh copy this is the worst. They never had this many bugs and ask for money.

- Greatest turn based RPG game ever but...

Love the game but it logs me out of it mid game and then I have to restart the game but overall it’s great 👍 perfect 👌 and spot on.

- #FixMSF Please do not download this game! It is broken!

As a person who has spent several hundred dollars on this game, I’m begging you not to download it. Not only that, but I’m a top 2% player competitive in every facet. It seems fun at first but Scopely and Foxnext have built a broken product and charge you hundreds of dollars for the privilege of play testing for them. Every patch is broken. Not most, every one of them. New Legendary character you spent $120 getting characters to unlock? Broken. War? Broken? Other players hacking the game and ruining the competitive landscape? Scopely and Foxnext do nothing. Customer service? Non existent. PLEASE go find another hero collector game that isn’t so riddled with problems run by developers who aren’t interested in listening to you. Go check out #FIXMSF if you don’t believe be.

- Awesome game but....

This is going to be a short review. I love the whole mechanic of its it’s super awesome, I love playing marvel strike force. The problem I have with the game is that it always crashing when ever I try to get into a big fight. At this point the crashing is reading starting to get on my nerves. The game play is awesome though.

- Boring

Really boring after the first 2 minutes. It’s all text and no voice lines. You press 1 button and it does 90% of the work for you.

- Sell excess mats?

This is a great game, and I have really enjoyed my time with it. Is there any way to incorporate selling in the supplies tab? It’s frustrating when gold becomes an issue to progression, meanwhile I have like 450 useless head wire communications or whatever the lower level mission material is. It seems we should be able to trade/sell excess materials. I have over 1000 T1 ability materials, need T2... even if it were a 5:1 ratio? I actually can’t believe you guys haven’t already done this?

- Good game to many adds

It’s a good game but to many adds I don’t mean adds in the game i mean adds for this game anyone agree? Can you delete some of the adds for this game I’m like playing a game and a add of it comes up! warning everything else I say is re get ready*sigh*REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

- Will not load how to make this game load

Really fun but really anoying because it will not load

- Game crashing

I really like the game just my game always crashes on my iPhone 6 Plus it’s fine until I enter a battle it crashes.

- Scam after scam

FN has done some good changes the problem is they go back and forth on who their main target audience is. They try to accommodate for everyone but they keep leaving loyal long time players out for the sake of new money coming in

- Very free to play friendly

It is a fantastic game it has a lot of things you can unlock and a lot of things your can do and an endless amount of fun and it is very free to play friendly

- Can’t even play

Listen, I watched the ads and it looks pretty good, but, in reality it only loads until 42%. What’s the fun in a game if you can’t even play it? This was such a waste of time.

- Blitz

I love Marvel strike force but I think it will be amazing if when a character has a blitz players can buy the blitz characters orb with blitz credits. I hope you creators see this and add this idea

- Truly Amazing

I love this game, Marvel fan or not you can’t ever go wrong with it it’s amazing and addicting! I really don’t see anything lacking except... a couple more modes wouldn’t hurt and me as a HUGE Agents of SHIELD fan would love to see Melinda May, FitzSimmons, or even Grant Ward come to the game! Also, I really love how the developers really work hard on this game, like for real! The characters looks are INCREDIBLE and everything is so organized and laid out and is not at all confusing.

- Bad

It keeps crashing every time I try to play a campaign

- Thieves liars and scumbags

Go to hell!!!!!

- Best game ever

Best game ever

- This game cheats

I would like to know the drop rate for some of these items and character shard. I think it’s ridiculous how many hundreds of energy I have to spend for just one.

- Rework red stars

Replace, or get rid of it. You gotta do it! Until then were boycotting

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- crashes

Every time I try play a match it crashes on me!!

- Poor customer support and buggy game.

The customer support is terrible. They can’t even fix small mistakes. Meanwhile the programmers make tons of money errors in the game. Some even affect gameplay so the user is being penalized. Very disappointed in how this company runs itself. Take you money and run. Who cares about the player?

- Thieves

Don’t spend money in this game. They constantly falsely advertise in their offers. So much so that you see an offer you like, complete the purchase, and are given something else entirely. They don’t offer refunds via support, and getting a refund via apple/google will get you banned. The consumer is left with no recourse. There are plenty of things to complain about as a F2P player too. This game doesn’t care about their player base. Every decision/indecision is a transparent attempt at frustrating the player into spending money for progress.

- Not every character

I wish u put eveey marvel characters in,

- Good but glitchy

The game is really good and it includes several characters from the comics and the movies. But ever since I updated it the game always says “we will be going under some maintenance shortly” and it asks me to restart the game. While the game is restarting the loading bar is stuck at 10% for about an average of 4 minutes and this process repeats over and over again so I rarely get to play the actual game!!! But overall the concept is great but the game is just a little bit glitchy.

- It keeps kicking me out

Every time I play this one level it kicks me out could you try to fix that please

- Crashtacular!

Wow like a wave it crashes

- 42%

Game doesn’t load past 42%

- Misleading/ lies / stealing

Every patch has several issues. They constantly over hype teams to get you to buy them and than make excuses on why they don’t work the way they told us they would. Not worth the time or money investment

- Latest Update Crashes - May 26th 2020

I can’t get into any missions (Arena, Ebony Maw event or Blitz) without the game crashing. So I can’t complete my dailies either. Too bad because I like this game!!

- Still freezes and crashes.

I thought that y’all had fixed the game from freezing and crashing, but I guess I thought wrong. Any time I try to play the Campaigns or an Event, it boots me out of that mode. Come on. Get with the program and fix those problems for good, eh? Oy.

- Crashing

The game keeps crashing, I try to enter a battle and it crashes causing lose of energy, and now it’s crashing when I try to start the app

- Bring Cash

Pay to win or have yourself crushed in all aspects of the game.

- Awesome!!!

Still gets 5 stars but this is still crashing after reinstalling...PLEASE FIX!!!

- Immediate action required

Home button, back button, and settings button don’t work. I have tried everything restarted the app, restarted my phone and even deleted the app and re downloaded still nothing. I’m pretty sure it’s a problem on your end.

- Flyer 3712

Awesome better than injustice that is a fact

- Awesome but

Awesome but how do you get black Spiderman

- Good game ISH

It is a good game up until I get to the last mission on the first section of missions and I'm so mad about it because I played it till like 5:00 then it started to get glitchy and it logs me out every single time

- Crashes

At this certain level it keeps crashing!😡🤬

- Would not recommend

Very bad game.crashes all the time and the graphics are just garbage

- Garbage

Scam of a game. Just a cash grab. Do not believe ads and always double check what you buy. This company loves the bait and switch.

- it pops out for no reason

when i go in the game its fine but when i want to use the gameplay it pops out please fix it .please please please please because i love this game

- Zero STARS

I’ve been trying to contact customer service but no luck there, since last update game is unplayable and no word for the devs! I’ve lost clan battle and lost out on dailies and I’m done with this as it’s a habit of these devs to put out bogus updates and give what they think is a suitable “ I’m sorry please forgive me” compensations

- Great Game

Contrary to what some people say, this game is not pay to play, I’ve been playing for over a year and haven’t spent a cent on it, I have a Minn-Erva at 31,439 power no cash spent. This a terrific game and I totally recommend you get it.

- Bad game fix it now

It kicks me out in a level and I am grinding to get deadpool and I can’t if it kicks me out😡😡😡😡FIX YOUR GAME

- Bug

I love the game but it wont stop crashing since the last update i play it everyday and since a couple days ive been having troubles doing every battle possible

- Best Game Ever


- Too many crashes

Game crashes a lot, especially in the middle of a battle.

- Still crashing with last update

It’s good when it’s working. But like clockwork they break the game with every update. The crashing and booting has NOT been fixed in the last update, it’s made it worse.


Since the update for the bugs and crashes the game is too good!

- They hate iOS

Down 2 days and they give no compensation.

- Awesome

Really good game

- Best game

The game is very fun and addictive. They repaired the crashing bug so now it’s perfect

- Great except Anomoly Detected

The game is nice, just one problem, updates normally cause crashes, anomoly detected error. To fix you have to uninstall, reboot, then hope that they dont have to patch again. I know the May 5th patch was buggy then within 24 hours there was another to fix the buggy patch....anyway, game is great other than the sometimes bad updates. Luckily they have an active staff who work on this regularily!

- So good it ended my my marriage!

Marvel Strike Force. What a game! Many modes to keep you occupied and engaged. So my wife Karen left me, muttering something about needing to go speak to a manager about me selling the kids to pay for upgrades in the game? Anyway, Marvel Strike Force. What a game! The game is pretty sweet guys. May have made the other stuff up.

- Unfair

Game is great and I’m loving it. But offers are different between countries so some ppl have an unfair advantage, specially in the early game.

- Unplayable after update 4.0

Previous and home button don’t work after updating to version 4.0 on ipad pro ios 13. Please fix bug. Same problem with 4.0.1. Shame on you!

- Not working

Since the last update the game won’t let me play any modes.

- New update leads to crashes

Ever since the recent update I can not open this app because it keeps crashing on the load screen. I tried deleting it and downloading it again. It is not possible to get into the game so I deleted it and do not plan on reinstalling it.

- This game is not bad

I enjoy playing this game but I’m currently having troubles loading arena and blitz modes just wondering if you know why

- Currently unplayable

The current version has rendered this game unplayable. I’m not saying “it’s so bad you don’t want to play it”, I’m saying you CAN’T play it. It errors out or crashes while loading in every single mode. You literally cannot play it. Latest update left it 100% FUBAR’d. Precisely 0 testing went into the update before they pushed it live.

- Skip this.

Constant crashes, and anything you were doing when it crashes, you fail and loose the resource. The updates make it crash more often. The crap characters are far more likely to be obtained in the ring loot system. If you have a favourite, forget it. Either you buy it or spend forever trying to unlock. BUT best of all, even if you do manage to unlock your fav characters they won’t work in MOST MODES! What a waste of time. Trust me and all the other reviews, skip this one.

- Glitches

Getting lots of glitches since the last update

- Literally unplayable since update

“aNoMaLy DeTeCtEd”

- New bugs

The new update from yesterday might have some bugs I started playing raid but every time it will say “Anomaly Detected, Restart the game” it wouldn’t work after restarting several times otherwise a great game and that’s why 4 stars

- Amazing game but ruined with new update

I absolutely love this game, never pressured to spend money or anything and I’ve played it everyday for over a year now, but the new update has ruined it. I can’t load any fights anymore with out the “Anomaly detected” pop up and making me restart. Fix this please,


This new update crashes constantly!!! Fix it

- Brutal waste of time

Gives you lots of shards for random HYDRA peons but good luck ever unlocking any of the good characters

- Massive issues as of the most recent update

Used to love this game, now nearly every time I start a match I get hit with an anomaly has occurred message and get kicked to the main menu. I have so much energy and blitz tokens .

- Anomalie détectée

Depuis votre mise a jour d’hier je ne peux meme pas jouer 5 minute ou faire un combat que sa arrete et ca me dit anomalie détectée et a chaque fois je perd mon energie 😡

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- Redownload

I redownloaded the game for my son. He had it before. I dont see where we can sign in on google play store to recover his old account

- This game is crap

I tried playing but just kept getting kicked out. Great graphics and good content. Would loved to have played more but it is annoying to get dropped from battles you need to advance. You even lose the crucial energy you need.

- Great game but be careful!!!

I started playing this game during the shelter-in-place. Very good game and it was enjoyable! However, I started getting notifications about some in-game purchases which I did not make!!! I reported the matter to Apple Pay and they are currently investigating it!!! If you play this game, please keep close tabs on your purchases if you make any!!! There are some questionable practices here that consumers should be cautious about!!!

- Ebony Maw

Just got a response from the so called “Customer Support”and was very disappointed. Granted I’ve been calm during this time because of covid. But dont make a post saying your allowing players to get a T4 refunded and now you’re saying you can’t because your changing it. You overhyped the heck out of black order and I spent countless of $ on this game to be disappointed for the last time. I will no longer be purchasing anything and hope you experience more players doing the same for screwing the spenders over. Fix your game! Support your spenders, and don’t lie on a Facebook post.

- Rating will go down

The game would be 5 stars I’ve liked ever since I got it, but the point system is getting pointless I keep on being beat by a team weaker than mine and I know how to play for advances of teams please fix it

- Unplayable game

It cannot load beyond 42%

- Fix it

The game stops loading at 42% and then I’m stuck trying to reload it again and I get the same result.

- This if fun

I am 10 this is a lot of fun!!!

- Pay 2 Win

Like most games out there, this game is pay to win. However, usually you can get a decent amount done without paying to get OP characters, equipment, buffs. Here however they set a limit to the 3rd stage of the first campaign to be able to beat. Attempted 3-6 with the characters provided maxed out with level growth and can’t beat it at all. It tells you to get stronger heroes. OH but if you buy the hero packs, you get random fragments to collect 15-100 depending on the hero and tier they are. So you can literally drop $100 and get NOWHERE!! Good way to RUIN a game!

- Stoping abruptly

Let me start off by saying I love this game. I find it very addicting. However recently I have found that out the game will stop abruptly. It won’t freeze it will just kick you out of the app. Can someone please fix this. This has happened to me in the middle or even while loading a battle. I have lost a lot of campaign energy due to this bug.

- Fun, but with a headache of a catch.

I don’t know why the devs find it necessary to screw over the players in some of the campaign missions. Most of the campaign missions range from easy-challenging, depending on your team. That’s all good, and I think it works for a turn based strategy type game. HOWEVER, there are a handful of missions, in which the devs make it IMPOSSIBLE for the players to beat, UNLESS the players team is SO powerful, it can take out any & every enemy in 1 hit. Example: “Protect X on your team, but all of your enemies can attack everyone on your team at the same time, with spread attacks, so your Taunt abilities to focus the attacks on someone else, mean absolutely nothing. So, unless you’re team is killing the enemies with literally 1 hit, you will lose.”

- Crashes

Just downloaded the game, seems promising. Similar to Star Wars Hero’s. Fought a few levels but now just crashes. Closed all apps, reboot iOS, restarted game and still crashes. Deleted game.

- Works great because of developers

I am the account Darth Revan and I have lots of fun battling alliance members and raiding and doing wars the game is very good for true marvel fans

- They won’t respond to my support

I have been waiting patiently for three days for them to close out my last bug support but to no avail.

- Huh? I’m confused

My roommate tried to explain this game to me, but it’s too hard. Gamble and The Nightcrawlingman aren’t in it either. yo-yo is so that’s good. I think to get more stars, my roommate should explain it better to me.

- Punisher is under rated

As a marvel nerd you messed up punisher is the most over powered character in marvel. Even in the comics he killed all of the heros. Simply because the heros and villains killed his family his anger was no match for the heros go back read the comics in the comics he even kills thanos

- I got robbed

I’m 9 and my dad spent 29 dollars to buy me 150 shards of my my favorite ant man ....... they gave me bulls eye instead. I wrote a letter and nothing happened. Don’t let your parents spend real money.

- The bug

I love the game because its fun, and not really complicated. There’s just one thing that annoys me, its a bug where it won’t let me buy anything. I always get mad because of it.

- It’s cool but...

I’m disappointed that almost none of the avenger characters have synergy. Also it would be nice if punisher or night nurse was a defender, it would probably give the team that little bump it needs

- Eh. Just ok.

It’s entertaining enough but it’s organization is a mess and it’s too difficult to add characters to your roster unless you pay.

- The better game ever but...

I have a problem with my device. I bought a new device to can have a better experience but this application don’t work fine. When I’m playing the app kick me out without notice. The others applications work fine, this is the only that just don’t do it. Please, fix this. I really like this game. I have a IPad Mini 2

- More Characters

This game is by far one of my most favorite games. Although there are many of the Marvels universe characters, there should be more characters added. I’m not sure if the characters are based on the comics or movies, but from the movies, there are so many characters they could add to make the game way more enjoyable. I love this game and everything about it and I would be perfectly fine if it stayed the way it was but I believe the game could be 10x better.

- Don’t waste your time

I’ve been playing since launch. The game was fun at first but now it is nothing but bugs, freezes, crashes and unobtainable goals unless you spend thousands of dollars. I’ve spent my fair share to support a game I originally loved but with the constant terrible service, I can’t recommend this to anyone.

- Loved this game until.....

They released the new legendary event Ebony Maw. Requirements to get 7 star Maw....Requires Black Bolt + 4 inhuman characters at 7 stars. Check. Recommended for level 65 + Gear Tier 11+ Level 6 abilities. Check. In fact even stronger team than needed. Last node is near impossible to beat. Most of my power team is killed right off the bat. I am being told by other players that YoYo is needed. If that is correct, it should have been part of the requirement. When they released Legendary Phoenix, they said it would be the hardest event to date. I was warned ahead of time and prepared accordingly. I worked hard and prepared a strong 7 star team for the Maw event. I spent money as well.Was really looking forward to this event. I feel that this is false advertising on Foxnets part. I am very, very disappointed in this game now.


It’s been over 6 months, I’ve seen countless people in my server cheat and get away with it. 7 star phoinex with 4 max star characters... 7 star inhuman at level 65 along with 20 other max star characters... With only 231 blitz wins and everyone in top 100 nowhere close being 8 lvls above him. They never reimburse you after a account has been banned they just tell you will look into it. They never fix it, customer service is awful they don’t care about you. If they did this game would be way more organized. Bots taking the rewards from normal players during blitz. Honestly don’t even waste your time with this game. Unless you want to pour thousands of dollars just too be scammed every possible way... they take forever to fix the smallest issues, game crashes constantly... They make the environment so unfair too the casual gamer and allow cheating with blitz and arena honestly it’s ridiculous. You can literally go online and figure out how too get whatever character you want at 7 stars. Disappointed but not surprised... You’ve been warned!

- Crashing

Keeps crashing

- Love it but having trouble loading

I love this game, many ways to upgrade your characters and lots of characters to unlock. Can play without spending money. But if you choose to spend money be carefully. Every time I spend a $ or two it kicks me off the game. When I try to reload it it stops loading at 42% It is really frustrating you can play something you just spent money on. It takes a couple of hours just to get back on. Other than that great game!

- Cash Grab

Requiring a legendary character to unlock another legendary character? Seems dirty, but ok, I’ll bite... Making the event un-winnable even if you not only meet, but also exceed the minimum requirements by an entire gear tier level!? Unforgivable. Another loyal fan who has spent a pretty penny supporting a game he loves is suddenly overwhelmed with regret and frustration. This may be farewell for me, but let this be a lesson to any thinking of downloading this title. To quote Gnarls Barkley... “Run, children! Run for your lives!”

- Another awesome game destroyed by greed

Truly one of the best mobile games available ruined by greedy developers. They get you fully invested until you level up to around 40 and make levels IMPOSSIBLE to beat without spending a small fortune to level up characters. And by that I mean $100’s. I was suckered in to spending money as the game progressed because I do believe in supporting quality games, however, it never stops needing your money to progress. What a shame

- Fix Blitz asap!

I've been playing for almost 780 days. I've through all the ups and downs. I appreciate what the devs have done to help game economy, but there's a HUGE issue right now. Blitz is just a non-sense absolutely unenjoyable game mode, and you guys keep releasing characters through Blitz. I had to play blitz like never before for Cull Obsidian, and it is such a waste of time. I feel bad for all the time I spent on it. Blitz needs to be all about milestones. Set milestones as high as millions if you want, but stop making it a ranked game mode, it makes no sense.

- First day player, 1st review to this date

The game itself is rewarding even if it takes time. You can spend money to speed up the process of collecting and leveling your character of choice, so that’s your p2w aspect like any type of these games. Can you play without paying? Yes, I have collected 60% since the games release by logging in daily and participating in events. Tips I can give is that your choice of team members is vital to make it work as a unit. Do you need for example all Asgardians or Guardian of the Galaxy? No, you don’t. Is the game worth playing and putting in time? Yes, and this goes for not only fun but collecting as I’m more of a fan of Marvel. Oh, that DC game? That one is all money and is not worth your time. This one does it better as you have better chances.

- Shuts off

In the middle of the game shuts off

- Blitz Cheating

A major game mode in which players collect character shards has major flaws. There are hundreds of players that cheat using blitz bots. It causes loyal and long time players to miss rewards due to this cheating. They are aware of the issue and will not do anything about it because there is no monetary value for them to do it. Play the game but expect to be disappointed on almost all character releases

- Oh my

I love the game but it keeps on logging me out of the game in the Electra assassin

- A disappointment

This game is very good-looking and the graphics are great, and the characters look cool. But that doesn’t change the gameplay. I’ve played Contest of Champions and Future Fight, and those two games combined are better than what Strike Force could ever offer. Strike force is a frustrating game that is a waste of time and money, if your willing to spend it.

- Bad player and scammer

If u find ghost in world chat he will block u be careful

- Can’t play this game (Always Crashing)

This game crashes, to the point where I can only launch a battle 1 out of 5 times and actually complete a battle 1 out of every 30 times!!! Completely unacceptable. What’s the point of wasting my time with this game. Fix the crashing! If you don’t think it’s on your end, give me some idea of how to correct it on my end.

- Love this game

I love this game so much!! I’ve watched all of the marvel shows and I’m a big fan of marvel. Ever since two days ago when I try to log in the download will stop at 42%. So I waited for a while since I thought there was something like an update. But every time I checked it kept doing the same exact thing. Now it has been two days and I still can’t get into the game and I would like to know if there is work being done on the game that’s preventing me from playing.

- Soooo fun I can’t stop playing

Sooooo fun I can’t stop playing

- App Constantly Crashes

A really fun game when you can get through a match. Unfortunately the app will likely crash before you finish one.

- Great game

But it’s crashes almost all the time please fix this I hope it’s not just my phone

- It logs me out every time I fight

I try to fight but it won’t let me

- Worth the Time

Great game. Easy to get into.

- Enjoyed

This game has so much potential, if the developers listen to the community it can be so much better. Working with what with the community and wants will be a big step in that direction. Also, stop making every new team WAR DEFENSE. Make teams just war specific but just not offense or defense specific.

- Bugs/glitches

It was a fun game but now i try and logging in and beat the mission I was on but it lags me out of the game so f you could fix that it would be a good game

- When we getting Blade?

When we getting Blade?

- Great

It is a good fighting game 👍

- Please update again

I want to play the game but it keeps crashing so I can’t get pass level seven. So that means I can’t progress through the game just update so I can play this game again.

- Raiding daily

Adding raiding to the daily requirement destroys small guilds. It was a poor choice and a game ender for many people. The dev should remove this requirement for completing dailies.

- I’m amazed by it

This game is amazing it’s well designed and fun to play the variety of hero’s and upgrades keeps you from leaving but instead to challenge yourself to get stronger I love how different team ups have different ways of attacking and damage it’s amazing and I recommend playing it it’s not to hard at the start and you don’t need to spend money for energy or power cores because they just give them to you the style is also amazing with the graphics and private chats I made some friends playing this game.

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- 2 things

If there was a way to get rid of characters that I don’t want for nothing that would be great because there are characters that I never use, and the game keeps crashing each time I try to play a campaign mission

- Crash problems

Iv read one of the comments and I agree that the game is really good no question, but I crash when ever I attempt to do any type of campaign or blitz battle and I still loose the energy or hp on my characters like I did the mission or battle even though I crashed and I have tried uninstalling and then re-installing, and re-starting my phone several time and it has gotten to the point where the game is basically impossible for me to progress through so please fix this

- Could be good but crashes

Fix the crashes. Not worth playing if I have to reboot and wait for it 5 times before it works. Get ahold of the swgoh people. They have it sorted

- Hmmm

...this veri gud gaem, i lyk veri much long time sucky sucky wonton duma - Aznromeo

- I’m so confused

Took a long break from the game and when I came back I was banned

- How bad this game is.

This game so trash I trying play an event it always lagged of the app

- It’s okay, but crashes

Crashes so often I have to delete it. I’m sure I would enjoy it. Crashed a few times as I got my characters up to level 8 but then every attempt at battle or challenges it crashes before the fight begins.

- Great game

I’ve been playing this game for about 18 months now and I love it, content is great, rewards are good even for free to play. Gameplay is on point and graphics are awesome. Great game!

- Customer service power play - not helpful

I really did enjoy this game when I started. Now as a F2P (with minor deals brought on the odd occasion) they have changed the game so that some characters you are unable to get. Some are farmable after the boycott but after a week of farming - no shards. I asked the question in game but they have now disabled my alliance chat and from me logging support tickets. So I have no way to fix issues or communicate with my alliance. They lack the necessary communications skills and instead use a power play to punish my account for simply asking what is the drop rate.

- Great game!!!!!

The game is so good, I can not understand how amazing this game is! This review even came from Australia.

- Fun when it isn’t crashing

I really enjoy the missions and level up characters. However, I’m now stuck on one campaign as every time I try to start this mission it crashes the whole game. This has happened at least 8 times. This will also happen on random missions or just when switching between menus. I’ve tried lowering the quality of fights but I can find a way to stop this game crashing. I’d only recommend if, for some reason, you can stop the game from crashing constantly. Update: I’ve recently been crashing as soon as a missions starts. Meaning I am losing campaign and raid energy with no chance to win or lose the mission.

- Honest state of the game review

Been playing this game for almost 630 days, but it saddens me to say that it’s going downhill rapidly. What used to be a player friendly game has become a money sucking machine. The only way to make consistent advances is through spending non-stop. And don’t get me started on red star system, which completely obliterates any time and effort you contribute into the game. Everything is dependent on sheer luck and how deep your wallet is. Wouldn’t recommend it to any new players or ppl who are thinking about coming back .

- Best game ever


- Get rid of red stars

Game was great and I was happy to spend money on it until they added the red star feature don’t waste your time and money on this game find something else. It’s basically gambling without calling it gambling

- Constant crashing

The game crashes constantly on various different modes. Tried everything their FAQ suggests for crashes and nothing worked. Seem I’m not alone in my experience based on the other recent review. The gameplay is great! But completely unplayable in its current state

- Red star orbs broke the game

This was my favorite iOS game, but the developers routinely make dumb decisions and have now implemented red star orbs so progression is tied to completely random character drops from loot boxes.

- Kicked out

It’s a great game but once I passed level 20 the game kicks me out when I try to fight the only thing I can do is the auto win

- Crashes on iPad Mini 2nd Gen

Crash! You suck

- Still Constant Freezing And Crashing

The last two updates apparently helped fix the CONSTANT freezing and crashing, I was excited to see that you fixed the bugs but then when I entered the game, I noticed that absolutely nothing has changed!, I still can’t progress because when I try to get resources from the next level on a campaign, it STILL CRASHES, I literally can’t even progress because of how constant the crashing and freezing are! And it’s so annoying!!!

- language

i want to know how to change the language on the game its in chinese and i dont understand it

- Blown away

Now normally I play games that are FPS but for some reason the style of this video game has convinced me to play more games like this 5 on 5 and so on but now ever since I’ve started playing games like this marvel strike force has convinced me to switch my genre of gaming , this game has everything you could ask for with its amazing gameplay and stunning visuals. Really love this game and that’s why it’s earned my 5 stars

- Crash time

I try and play the game, since a previous version it’s started to crash during battle time. I have since deleted this game and reloaded to no avail, still does the same thing and it takes what gaming credits you earn for nothing. All I got is why

- Marvellous Marvel!

Best game online I’ve ever played. I’m an old school comic book reader, have limited additions Black Panther and original Wolverine to name few. This game has bought those characters to life plus unexpectedly connected me with a group of people from around the world with similar interests and more. One of our team got engaged the other day and we all celebrated 🍾. It’s a bit more than just a game.

- Constant Crashing

This game used to be awesome but now crashes all the time. ALL THE TIME.

- Nice

Good game

- This game is awesome but...

This game is amazing I love it but the problem is that it overheats my phone and shuts the app off at times, when I try to do the invisible woman challenge it logs off on me and I keep doing it but over and over it shuts off the app. I feel like I’m going to breakdown if this keeps happening.

- Fear the darkness is pointless after 1 completion

Why can I not get orange gear from completing fear the darkness anymore? How am I supposed to get gear tier 13 on my characters if all I can do is sit and wait for the items I need to be in the store for me to buy 1 piece at a time. May as well remove the fear the darkness after its completed as it yields literally no rewards for completing it again.

- Game hangs up and I get logged out in alliance battle

Hi, I was trying to play the alliance battle and I was able to fight to the first beta. In the beta game, the game goes all right till vision uses his special effect. As soon as vision uses his special effect attack the game hangs up and shuts down. I tried to log back in three times and the same happens. Having tried three times I went from 30/50 to 0/50 energy and am unable to play on Can you please check why I am unable to play beyond this level and why vision’s special attack makes the game hang up and throws me out of the game Thanks

- Great game

I don’t have a lot to say except this game is great!

- Awesome game!!!

Been playing this game for awhile now was a little rocky at the start like most new games are but now the game is pretty impressive with always bring new characters and game modes out to keep us busy

- I played this game everyday

I never spent a cent on this game. Play every day is all you need to build strong teams even though that is a long way to go. The best part of this game is that it helps me to kill my time.

- Great but flawed support

Game is great, but support is way below par. I have played for 12 months and last June hulk buff was promised but never delivered, just like my past 3 support requests thatI never received a major weekly reward and each ticket got closed with no care or delivery. If you like great games play it, but if you expect support then look elsewhere cause they simply do not provide any support. Also the avengers need buffing they are currently one of the lowest rated teams getting beaten by teams 50k below them.

- Faulty game.

The back and home buttons in the left and right hand corner of the screen do not work. Deleted and reinstalled the game with no effect. I bought a venom started pack which is now wasted because I can’t play the game due to this fault. Every time I go I to any part of the game that involves upgrading a player or any other menu, I have to completely quit the game then go back in just to hit play. Besides the fact, this game takes longer than usual to load!.

- Bad Game

Don’t take this game it’s useless, they are not giving or allowing you to unlock the main attracting character of the game (“GHOST RIDER”)

- Waste of life - better to spend time with people you love

Tempting to spend money. If you are vulnerable to this then don’t play this game. Waste of life; better to use your time (limited resource) on family.

- Unfair!

I love this game I really do. But what i saw today just gave me the rest. There is a special offer, right... get 45 daredevil shards plus some gear for just 30.99$ (Australian) 2 purchases per player. Now you get 90 shards if you buy them both but to get daredevil you need 100 shards. I bought dead pool for 7,99$ as a first time player offer that was not good but not too bad either. Just greedy. You’d think a big studio has enough money already to be reasonable. What ever The game is good and just amazingly made. 6 stars for gameplay. Edit: the developers have really made an effort to have players earn good and fair rewards. The game stays on it’s toes and Keeps presenting new innovations. Honestly guys I fell in love with marvel strike force. Even tho you still way too expensive on the add ons.

- Stuck at loading bar 94% forever (Arena & Blize)

stuck at loading bar a lot. Relaunch the game and I assume I lost the battle without trying.

- OMG it’s amazing

I have two accounts it’s so fun, one critical problem foxnet please a thousand pleases make the characters more available instead of having their availability only for a short time then have to wait 3-4 months I’m still waiting for fantastic four other than that great game 8 percent out of 10. Please read this review and add characters only when your about to drop them. 😀

- OMG this game is cool

I have been playing for a few months now and it is one of the best games I’ve ever played the graphics are great and with the constant updates and add ons it is so cool

- Great game but hard

It’s a great game because it’s like really hard to but sometimes it’s easy and I can win sometimes it’s not and I can’t when I get a VM and I guess I will lose

- It’s fine

It’s alright but it mite need to have more marvel characters it would be cool if u could make your own characters that will be awesome and make the game better

- Is a fun game,but it only last that long

It’s a very fun game when I first started out 1 year ago.Graphic and the game play is very good. However, more and more characters got introduced into the game (it may make the game more interesting) without the game having increasing their gold provide to us make it hard for the beginners to catch up to other seasoned player of this game. Even I’m a player who played for 1 year and playing it every single day find it hard to catch up. Unless you spend money on buying golds, if not you will never catch up. Store always not giving out the material that players need, blitz is starting to get lame because the character rewards giving out are useless, hands event are redundant. I think foxnext can do better than this.

- Great game

I have been playing daily since it’s launch. This game is fantastic! You don’t have to spend and still able to progress. You will be able to farm and get your characters through free play pretty much easily, just needs to be patient. If you want them quick, you might want to spend though but still, achievable through free play. Also, the good thing about this game is it doesn’t mean that even if money, you can buy the top characters. You will still need to claim your worth though the special missions.

- Awesome game

This game is incredible, the graphics are gorgeous, the storyline is incredible and there is new content every month. While the in game offers are way too expensive and this game is kind of pay to win, this game can easily be played as a free to play. I’ve been playing since April 2018 and I’ve never spend a dollar on this game yet I’m an endgame player. If you love the IP or love Galaxy of Heroes give this game a shot, it’s so much better in every conceivable way. 10/10

- Luv it

Best game I have on my iPad

- I want to like it but...

I seriously think I would love this game however the constant crashing really does my head in. You cannot play this game for more than 5 minutes before it crashes out of nowhere. Sound glitches occur regularly along with visual glitches of the menus. Developers, please give me whatever you are having because you obviously don’t test your game if it is in this state. Couple that up with a ridiculous in game cost for characters, its like the developers want you to hate this game. Disappointing for a game with the Marvel franchise. Please fix bugs and glitches, it is unplayable.

- Sound glitch

When I’m playing a weird cracklings sound glitch keeps happening and it’s rlly annoying pls fix

- Good but has some bugs.

First of all, I usually liked playing the game but then the back and home button wasn’t working anymore and whenever I want to do something in the game I have to refresh it.

- Too unstable to play

Game crashes constantly. Every new build is worse. Don’t waste your time unless you like senseless frustration

- Just don’t buy!

Bruh, if it annoys u so much that the add-ons r expensive simply don’t buy them! This is a great game and you shouldn’t be pointing your finger at them when it was your choice to waste all your money. As for the raids? You need to get better at the game! That’s all I can say.

- Very boring game

Too boring

- Update issue

I just updated it and when I was about to play it brought another update for me .

- Not loading!!!

Just installed the game and it stopped loading at 42%

- Freezing keys

After updating the app recently, the game gets to a point and all the keys/buttons become frozen. I can’t move past that point 😠😠

- Shards needed to unlock heroes

It’s an awesome game but to get shards for a new hero because in my villains campaign I’m still looking for where to get my fifth villain from so please reduce the shards beer

- It doesn’t work starts loading slowly to 42% then just stops

Please someone help me

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MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG 4.0.1 Screenshots & Images

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG iphone images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG iphone images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG iphone images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG iphone images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG iphone images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG ipad images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG ipad images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG ipad images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG ipad images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG ipad images
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG (Version 4.0.1) Install & Download

The applications MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG was published in the category Games on 2018-03-28 and was developed by FoxNext Games, LLC [Developer ID: 1292952048]. This application file size is 844.07 MB. MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG - Games posted on 2020-05-06 current version is 4.0.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence

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