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What is donut county app? Donut County is a story-based physics puzzle game where you play as an ever-growing hole in the ground. Meet cute characters, steal their trash, and throw them in a hole.

Raccoons have taken over Donut County with remote-controlled trash-stealing holes. You play as BK, a hole-driving raccoon who swallows up his friends and their homes to earn idiotic prizes.

When BK falls into one of his own holes, he’s confronted by his best friend Mira and the residents of Donut County, who are all stuck 999 feet underground… and they demand answers!

• EXPLORE every character’s home, each with their own unique environment.
• MOVE the hole to swallow up their stuff, growing bigger each time.
• COMBINE objects inside for crazy effects: cook soup, breed bunnies, launch fireworks, and more.
• CATAPULT things back out of the hole. You can use it to solve puzzles...or just destroy stuff.
• DEVOUR everything. The hole won’t stop until the whole county is all gone.

Donut County was created by Ben Esposito, designer on What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan. It is the result of six years of solo development, dozens of donuts (for research), and one fateful encounter with a raccoon.

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Donut County Version 1.1.005 December 2018

Named 2018 iPhone Game of the Year by the Apple App Store team! Thank you for playing Donut County. This version includes additional language support, support for newer iOS devices, performance improvements, and bug fixes..

Donut County Comments & Reviews 2022

- Visually amazing but...

Ok, so basically the game is very beautiful with lovable, adorable characters and the game play is almost addicting BUT for a game that costs 4.99 you would expect it to last you a while, especially it being an indie title but that was not the case here sadly. The game is easily completable 2 times over in a single day if you wanted to. Not only that but the game play is more limited than i expected although i guess i should’ve expected that in story game. By “limited” i mean, i expected you to be able to free roam the whole town maybe after completing the story mode but that was not the case. After complaining the game you can replay past levels which are pretty short and not something i’ve ever felt like doing again. If a “free roam” feature was added, i think that would make this game something i could go back on and play every now and then. overall i would recommend this to a friend if only the price was much lower given its current version

- Amazing concept and the visual design is amazing!!

WE NEED MORE!! This game is so charming. It is has many cool aspects incorporated into the game that just stimulate the senses in a different way like puzzle solving, critical thinking, virtual escape room aspects. Each level is so cleverly designed and it never goes the way I thought it would and I love that. The music is perfect for relaxing after a long day and playing something that is stimulating yet not stressful. It is perfect to play with my 5 year old because he is just learning how to read simple sentences. The trashopedia is very clever and Donut County players can quote these witty and hilarious descriptions for years. This game can be taken very far with multiple bosses, a continued storyline, more levels, and gadget upgrades to solve puzzles with! This game is a vessel that can handle so much and developed upon even more and I hope the developers decide to continue the story! It ended too quickly for me. I felt like this was going in the direction of something like an old video game like Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong, etc. My only complaint is that it ended much too quickly and I want to play this game all the time like Cooking Craze. We need Donut Country..! ...Donut WORLD!

- A Pleasant, but Short-Lived Experience

Story-based mobile games have a pretty standard problem with post-game retention, or in other terms, the ability to keep the player entertained after the story is finished. For 4.99, you'd expect Donut County to tackle this issue, but it really doesn't. Donut County is an aesthetically pleasing game with neat mechanics and it excels in providing a fairly great experience. The problem is that the experience lasts no more than an hour and a half and there's very little replay value. The puzzles aren't very challenging despite the number of elements included in each level and the story itself relies more on being Quirky™️ than being well-written. Is it a bad game? Not by any means, it's just not something I feel happy about spending 5 dollars on. This is the type of game you download, play once, delete, and forget about for maybe five or six months until you find it again one day and play a level or two again out of boredom. That's not a five dollar experience for a mobile game in my eyes. So, overall? 3/5. An average score for an above-average game that seems like it thinks a bit too highly of itself.

- Superior Storytelling Intertwined with Sinkhole Action

I was quite excited to play this game and waited a long time for it to come out. When it did, I had beaten it fairly quickly, in just two or three sessions, but don’t get me wrong. A short collection of levels doesn’t discredit how intricate and charming the base game truly is. Gathering around a campfire with fellow sink-hole-victims and learning about their whimsical backstories had me rather hooked on not only the cutscenes between actual gameplay, but the world I was introduced to interact in during the base gameplay. Everything about the game felt assembled flawlessly and revealed itself in a way that built upon the last mechanic. The puzzles themselves weren’t particularly challenging, however, deemed themselves as just the right amount of rewarding. Although I wish that there was more to do and see in this vibrant, low-poly atmosphere the developer has created, what is offered is seamlessly constructed in a unique, fresh sandbox with plenty of friendly faces to meet and greet. Beautifully done.

- I’m gonna be real here

in short: i really looked forward to this game more than i enjoyed it. It was by no means a bad game, i really did like it. the story was really cute and i love the concept. the art is beautiful, i love the music, all of it. it’s great. but it’s too easy and WAY too short. i mean, for $5, you expect a lot more on a mobile game. a $5 game on mobile is a lot for most people. and i really hate to say, but i’ve thoroughly enjoyed free games for much longer than this lasted me. now if we could get one with some more content and some more challenging puzzles, or really anything more, it would be a lot more satisfying. This was a cute game, but not really worth $5 in my opinion, and i hate to say this about a good indie title that had this much work into it, but i really don’t think this one deserved game of the year. it just leaves you feeling like you missed half the game, wondering “i wonder how much longer 5 games that cost $1 would last me” i hate to be so negative because i really did enjoy it. but i think it was mostly hype, and not enough content.

- Oddly satisfying, want more!!

I loved the game, loved the story. It was nonsensical and fun! It’s weirdly satisfying swallowing everything up. I beat the game rather quickly, I just wish there was more! I played through twice hoping to find something I missed the first time but alas, no Easter eggs that I could find. I’ll keep looking out for updates, and maybe quests or objectives for beaten levels (hint hint!)? Maybe an order to swallow up objects, time goals, etc. Definitely not for the first play through though, as part of the fun is taking your time immersing yourself in the story and fun of growing and destroying, and adding other objectives to think about would take away from the initial experience. But I hope they make some incentives to play through again! I’ve been enjoying playing random levels here and there but want something to work for. I guess I’m just sad it’s over! Great game, I love it and so does my 5 year old. Definitely a WIN!!!

- Totally unique

This game is great. I’ve never played any thing like it. I Had heard it was good but wasn’t sure about it. But I bought it anyways. And sure enough I loved it. The idea of the player being the hole is so creative. But it’s not just a random gameplay mechanic. It has a reason in the story. I was unsure wether being a hole would fun but it is. It has a few interesting puzzles such as the catapult where you can launch items or people that you have swallowed out of the hole. But the characters are where this game really shines they are very interesting , Likable and fun to listen to. the conversations in this game are as if the friends were texting each other. I know It sounds terrible but it can be pretty fun. The only reason I’m giving it a 4 and not a 5 is that I wish it was longer and it had a few missed jokes. All in all if you’re looking for a compelling, wacky and fun experience you will find that all here.

- Not Worth the Price

I really wanted to like Donut County. The art and gameplay was seemingly right up my alley and it felt somewhat unique. However, I left the game feeling like I was missing something. First of all, $5 is way too expensive for this game. I finished it in an hour and for a puzzle game, the puzzles were extremely easy. I went into the game expecting well done and challenging physics based puzzles. Instead, I only got a hint of that. There was so much potential from the elemental-based puzzles, but nothing different is ever done with them. The difficulty level of the game stays constant, at about a preschool level. Donut County is more of an interactive visual novel than a game, which would be fine if the story had any depth. Instead, the story is just a cutesy, pointless wall of text that I found myself clicking through. If this had been a $2 game, I think it would’ve been worth the price, but I seriously expected a lot more for $5, especially from a game that’s currently #1 in the puzzle section. Donut County can be summed up as lackluster in every thing that it tries to pride itself on.

- Fun and whimsical, though short

This game delivers pretty much what you'd expect: you play as a hole, swallowing up various objects in different painterly environments. The art style is delightful, the physics are good for the setting, and some of the puzzles are amusing - though all are very easy. There's only one way to finish any given level, which is (unsurprisingly) swallowing everything in it, sometimes with a physics puzzle or two first. I wasn't crazy about the story; the writing style seemed to me to be a little too in love with itself, particularly the way the characters often talked in texting slang. It was hardly offensive, though, just not really my thing. The whole game can be completed in a few hours, and sadly once you're done there's nothing left to do but replay the story. I'd love it if there were some kind of exploratory/sandbox mode, or perhaps some new challenges to complete in each level's setting. Really, I'd welcome any option that would allow me to spend more time swallowing up stuff in Donut County's charming environments. I don't regret my purchase, but I'm hopeful the developers will add something new and open-ended to give me a reason to come back to it.

- lush and weird

my housemate and I are still cackling, hours later, about the line “it’s one thing to own a chicken, but two chickens...that’s two things.” all the jokes are absolutely top-notch and not in a Weird Twitter kind of way in an observational humor and non-human priorities kind of way that will age really well and still be funny years and years from now. watching things fall into the Hole (tm) is deeply satisfying. buildings fracture along believable load bearing lines when you stick part of the Hole (tm) under them. watching long skinny things topple in longways is also very very good. everything is so beautifully, lovingly rendered. this is one of the few low-poly style games that gets lighting Right. the soundtrack is a bop. It took me about an hour and a half over two sittings on my iPad to play this and it did get very hot, but! my iPad is a mini 2 and is very old. play this game. eat the world.

- Too much dialog, too little gameplay

You move a hole along the ground and swallow things up. The more you swallow, the bigger the hole gets, so if you want to swallow up that car or house, you need to progress by first swallowing up those small rock and plants. There are a few puzzles to solve, but they are so simple that I am conflicted to even call them puzzles. The gameplay doesn’t really progress much past what I’ve described. Between levels you are treated to cutscenes. At first I thought they were cute, but they lack any real content... and they are LONG... way too long. It wasn’t very far into the game that I found myself clicking as quickly as I possibly could to skip the incredibly long cutscenes. The graphics are well done and the concept is sorta unique, but it seems like the developer came up with a good idea for a game and didn’t really know what to do with the concept. I am puzzled how this game has won as many awards as it has. Is it cute? Yes. Is it unique? Sorta. Is it a game that’s worth $5? IMHO, absolutely not.

- Great but short

This game is downright revolutionary. For some strange reason swallowing the world up with a hole that gets bigger after everything you consume is satisfying and fun. The characters are memorable and i really love the development and story line. The puzzles are super great and unique and you feel really good when you complete them. The final boss puzzles were good, but I found them a bit lacking. The overall idea of getting the keys from some rooms to unlock others was a good idea, but the second key wasn’t a challenge. You just went to the next room and grabbed it. The boss fight was also pretty easy, and really short, as is the rest of the game. We just need more. A sequel, maybe an update with more levels. Anything. This game needs something to keep continuing the gameplay, as the levels are aren’t very fun to play again.

- Have a Garbage Day!

Donut County is easily one of the best games on the App Store. With all of the free to play trash on mobile, it is always nice to get a game that you can buy once and just play it. Donut County is exceptional with its great gameplay, creative mechanics, and energetic characters! Some people complain that the game is too short, but I like that this game can be beaten in a couple of hours so it can leave you with a short and sweet experience. I think that the game is so good, that I might even replay the whole thing. You guys are talented and care about your games, which seems to be less of a reality for most video game, and especially mobile game studios. Overall, this game is brilliant and is a must buy for anyone with a capable phone. I hope this game does like hot cakes, because more people need to play this!

- cute, funny game

fun! wasn't expecting a story, but it turned out to be rather cute. the trashcyclopedia's flavor text was quirky and quoteable, and the game mechanics were crisp and easy to use. the few puzzles are da her straightforward though, and only really come out in force at the end of the game imo. only downside is it felt rather short for $5. i can't imagine how I would have felt if I paid the full pc/ps4 price for this game. truthfully, I was hoping for more of an open ended sandbox-style game where I get to slowly devastate a large map by hunting down things small enough for me to consume, then returning for buildings and skyscrapers. I won't detract bc that's just not what this game was, but I'd really enjoy something along these lines. hopefully we can get this as a patch or dlc or sequel?

- Too Short for What It’s Worth

For $5, you wouldn’t expect a game this simple, short, and actually disappointing. There were only a few challenges when playing the game and that’s where it starts feeling like a rip off. There’s no real challenge give or take a few moments. And because of this ease, you blast right through the game and it ends somewhere really far from what a $5 game feels like it should’ve ended. You’re left wanting more as you just roam around at the end only having NEW GAME as your next option to have the same fun that drew you in. But then you just experience the same game again. And again. And again. I agree with the other reviews—this is a $0.99 game, not a $4.99 one; it’s priced as a meal, but sadly it’s just a snack. The jokes are funny and relatable, but the overall finished product feels unsatisfactory like it needs more story and game content.

- Great 4 hour game

I beat and unlocked everything within 4 hours. If it wasn’t for the fact that the game was beautiful in every single way I would of given it 2 Stars. It needs and screams for more levels. You start at level 9? Where is the progress before that? I get that fits into the story but the story honestly wasn’t what kept me playing and I felt like there was just as much dialogue as there was gameplay. I was only mildly stumped twice on the last two levels but I didn’t expect much of a challenge anyways because the game has kind of a kid feel to it. All in all if your 8-14 this game is great, beautiful and comical. Not much of a time waister.

- Great game but ends very quickly

It’s hard not to immediately give donut county a 5 star review. The visuals are stunning, the story is impressive, and the gameplay is simple but fun. Sadly, I can’t give it the five stars I would give an app like this normally because of the price. This game takes maybe 2 hours to play all the way through and once you’re done it has very little replay value (except maybe to chuckle at some of the jokes). There’s not really an arcade mode or anything so once you’re done you’re really done. This has kind of been echoed by other reviews but basically when people pay 5 dollars for a game, they expect something that will engage them for longer (I think stardew valley is like 8 and Minecraft is like 7). I love this app and would easily rate it 5 stars if only it was longer

- Great game! Not $5 great...

The gameplay itself is ok in terms of how fun it is, but what kept me playing was the story. Sucking things into holes got monotonous quick, but the story and easy, but different, quirks that the levels had were pretty cool. Especially after you unlock the 1 gadget. The game took about 60-90 minutes to beat, and once you finish the story there is nothing else unless you want to start over. Would be a great $0.99 game, $5 for a 90 minute game feels like a waste to me. But congrats, you got my money. The music is very well put together, and I thought the way the characters interacted was pretty cool. They used a lot of texting slang, but the whole game was very lighthearted so it wasn’t a bother. Gave it a 3/5 mostly because of the very high price. Would change to a 5/5 if a lot more content is added.

- Incredible, simply incredible.

EDIT: please make a donut county 2, I WILL PAY. Donut county is an incredibly designed indie game. It’s a puzzler/story that grips you from the second you start all the way up until you swallow your very last item. HOWEVER I feel that $4.99 is a lot to pay for a game that ends within an hour of purchase. I beat it three times the day I bought it. Please give use more county’s, maybe the trash king has taken his raccoons to the big city in search of endless heaps of trash? You could start humble swallowing tiny nyc rats moving up to the Empire State Building over time? I don’t know, but I DO need MORE!! Excellent concept and amazing implementation.

- Stunningly awesome!!!

First played Donut County on the switch and LOVED it. And DC on mobile is just as amazing. The music, the Trashopedia entries, the characters, the gameplay itself.... It’s a fresh, relaxing, and totally captivating experience. This is a game that I’ll sit down and play when I need to distract myself from real life worries. Even though the story is super short (a couple hours at most), I find myself coming back over and over again to replay the levels because it’s just that fun and chill. The worst thing about this game is that it’s so short, but its many wonderful qualities totally justify the price and make it a 10/10 in my book.

- Beautiful graphics, but extremely short for the money spent.

I will say that this game had lovely graphics. However, for the price paid I was expecting a longer, more open ended game play. Perhaps the developer will add more content down the road, so far I haven’t seen that happen. I’m tempted to look into getting my money back and removing the game though due to the fact I kind of feel the amount was too much for such a short lived game play. I will give it a little while and then possibly ask for a refund either through the developer or through the App Store itself. Please be warned that this game can be completed in its entirety within a day or so depending how much time you have to play it. I do hope to see the game expanded on sooner rather than later.

- I know it’s been said before but here I am saying it again

Look I don’t often write reviews but I felt like it was a must after seeing it obtain game of the year. This game has great visuals great gameplay. And even though I wish it was longer I even bought the windows version on steam to play it there. It serves as a great time killer when I’m just sitting around or taking a long drive with my dad and he’s listening to either music or on his phone (Bluetooth of course). Wish it was on google play so I could get it there too. Other then that great job team on making a fantastic game and congratulations on the award!

- Feeling slightly cheated

Cute story, but goodness, my 9 year old and I finished it in a little over an hour and there is nothing new to discover on a replay. I mean, I guess I spend over $5 on movie tickets, but on a mobile device $5 usually goes a lot farther. It feels that they wrote a clever short story and didn’t put much time into the actual game. Kid and I were both disappointed that the puzzles were not puzzling and the hole-sucking was not even slightly challenging. We’d heard the comparisons to Katamari, but this was as if the prince and everyone talked a heck of a lot more and you had to stop each level after rolling 8 objects. The dialogue was funny, but not funny enough to replay. Wait til this goes on sale or risk feeling let down and unfulfilled, like us right now.

- Great Game, needs more

First off I have to say, this game was a breath of fresh air as far as mobile games go, it has a creative and funny story as well as an excellent art design. There’s no in app purchases which I prefer, I tend to rather pay up front rather than pay to progress, but with a price tag at $5, you expect more out of it than you get. I completed the game in less than 2 hours. The game itself isn’t challenging but rather relaxing, which is great, unless it only last a short while. Over all I thing it’s a great game but not worth the $5 price tag. If it cost .99 or even 1.99, I would highly recommend purchasing it. (And please don’t even think about paying $12 to get the same exact game on Nintendo switch)

- Great Game! I have Some Ideas! (Plz Read)

You should add a Level Creator where you can use all the different types of trash you’ve collected and also connect to levels that other people have created. The game Is Amazing and I’ve played through the whole thing, which is why I came up with this, because there’s not much to do when you win. You could also add mini games like one where you can hold arrows with a catapult and shoot Moving targets above. When you hit a target it falls and you level up your hole to the point where you shoot bigger targets. This whole thing could have a time limit so you can see how big you can get. One more idea is an infinite mode where you can swallow the entire universe, I don’t know how this would work, because eventually it would have to stop. Unless your hole could fly. Well, thanks for reading my review. 5-Stars! I hope you can add my ideas to the game. If you add any of my ideas could you please mention my me in the update log! Thank You!

- Charming and worth your time!

This smooth, charming, very short game is a great deal at $5. You can tell a lot of care went into every second of the 1-2 hours it takes to finish. Like many others, I wish there were more of it, just because the physics and mechanics are so brilliant. Replaying a level plays out more or less identically; it would have been great to have some kind of a sandbox mode that lets you swallow up objects in a specific time frame, or one that starts small and get ridiculously big across different environments, like the Katamari Damacy series. It seems like a small team, so they went quality over quantity, which I appreciate. I also liked the writing. It’s a little “millennial,” but so knowing about modern text parlance that you know the writers knew exactly what they were doing. For the record, that “other game” that cloned the hole mechanics of Donut County a few months back is a piece of garbage, like something the raccoons in Donut County would collect. There’s no comparison. Play this one instead!

- Not really a game

This is a cute interactive story app, but it’s not really a game, which is disappointing. Most of the time spent in this app is reading dialogue which thinks it’s much funnier than it actually is. It’s not bad, but after the first few conversations of “LOL!” I wound up skipping through them to get back to the “game”. The game itself is really more of a very basic light puzzle, in which there are hardly any decisions to be made. More of an order of operation mechanic. If you realize a very large object does not fit in a small hole, and that you need to start with the smallest objects first before the hole gets bigger, you have figured out pretty much the whole game (at least the first hour of it, maybe it gets better somehow). The graphics and mechanics are well suited for toddlers and very young children, where as the forced dialogue is cringeworthy for anyone not thirteen years old. If you’re an adult who isn’t really a gamer and just want a cute thing to fiddle with, and have toddlers to keep entertained, this will be a great app. If you are looking for an actual game, this is not it.

- Expected it to be longer with more mechanisms

Let's be straightforward here. For a Game of the Year, I expected more. This game has the graphics and (initially) interesting gameplay that earned itself this prestigious title. But not only is the game incredibly short (composed of 25-ish levels that on average take a few minutes each to complete), the gameplay fails to evolve over the course of the story. Play mechanism involves a hole and later on, a catapult, but it has so much more potential than just two tools. The game could use a second part of reconstructing the city, as the ending felt rushed. Overall, a slight disappointment and a bit overpriced.

- An exciting experience

The game is polished, inventive, charming, humorous and fun. While I was playing, I thought of all of the time I put into Katamari Damacy back in the day. It has similar quirky vibes. If you’re okay with dropping some coin on a quality game, I recommend it. The entire experience from start to finish is under two hours. At the end of the game you can go back and replay any of the stages. I wish there were a bonus stage or stages where you can zen out and pick up tons and tons of objects. Anything to extend the experience beyond the original game. I had such a wonderful time in Donut County that I want more.

- Quality over quantity

As everyone else has already mentioned, yes the game is somewhat short, BUT the quality here is way above most other games in the app store. The dialogue is fun, the gameplay is fun, and the art looks great. Most reviewers on here sound so entitled. While this game only lasted me a day of off and on playing, it's a game I'll remember for a long time. I compare it to that of the game Portal. Portal was also a short game, but everyone loves it and an amazing full feature sequel was made! I'm sure in time, this creator will also launch a larger sequel. Until then, enjoy this gem.

- Leaves you wanting more

This game is short. It takes a little while to realize you can control the hole from anywhere on the screen so you don’t hide the animation with your finger. Those are my only complaints. The control feels good, the music is awesome, the story hangs together with dream logic, the trashopedia is almost worth the entire price of entry, and the dialog is silly but still conveys real chemistry/friendship between the main characters. My only complaint is that I have to wait and se what Mr Esposito does next! (Annapurna, keep doing what you’re doing to find these games to publish.)

- Best game i have ever played

This game is one of the cutest and fun game I have ever played the story was so good that it was almost like it was a movie but Evan better. you get to be in the movie it is so fun I recommend it for all ages. some of the funny parts are when you can send duck emojis also when they say lol all the time. if you are reading this before you play the game spoiler there just playing a video game, when I saw that i was amazed. what I would really like is if you could update the game and make a second part to it that would be really fun. but otherwise really fun and cute game!!!

- Good game play

Pro A very relaxing game, very satisfying to sell a bunch of stuff falling into a hole. Interesting game play. Interesting concept of not only using the hole to swallow stuff, but also to push things out of it. The art style is amazing! Love the geometric shape of the characters. The car combination of color is very cute, and colorful. Even little kids can just play around with the hole. I like how when characters speak, the camera angle also switches. The game play itself feels like playing on a table that controls the holes. The way things move actually abides to physics, using the force of gravity to pull things into the hole. And by moving the hole under items, they tilt and slide in at an angle. Con The story is a bit too simple( and illogical, making the game kind of stupid, in a fun way), the dialogues seem weird and short. The game is kinda short, I finish it in 3 hrs. And now my head hurt. Conclusion A very good game! Definitely recommend this to kids from 5-100!

- How do I get my money back?

This game is too expensive and seriously rated to high for what it is. I’m always down for mindless entertainment but this is engaging for about 5 mins until you realize it doesn’t get any better fast! The storyline is unbelievably pointless to the game play. You have to sit through what it seems like the developer thinks is clever banter between characters. I just hurried through the speech as much as possible. The game could have been redeemed if the only part of the gameplay was the hole that engulfs the levels you play and it got more and more difficult. Unfortunately that doesn’t really happen and then you have to go back to the pointless and absolutely terrible script that is the storyline between the characters. Seriously, how do I get my money back?

- Maaaybe wait for a sale

I don’t mean to diminish the work the creator put into this game, but typically mobile games that cost money are expected, at least in this day and age, to last a while. Maybe more content will eventually be added? But honestly, if this did as well as I think for Esposito, he is probably busy making his next interesting game. The mechanics are spot on, the game looks good, and the story is just silly enough without being eye-rolling. What is here is really good, but for less than a hour and a half of a game, it’s hard to recommend this at the current price of $5. If new content is added I’ll consider amending this rating.

- Artistically Amazing

The art style in Donut County is truly so pleasant to look at, that alone could have kept my attention. The dialogue is written as if everyone is actually in a group chat, with grammatical errors for comedic effect and LOL’s used to display laughter. The actual gameplay is a little light, but it’s oh so fun to watch raccoons get sucked into a hole in the ground as they were sitting on the toilet. The overall experience is definitely worth $5, although it is a little short, you can beat it within 3 or so hours. Overall this is one of my favorite games of the year!

- Great fun, reminds me of Katamari Damacy

I would love it it were a little bit longer (maybe add a free play mode where you start small and end up swallowing the whole of Donut county.) The only other quibble I have with the game (and this is only because I’m comparing it to Katamari Damacy) is the hole-size seems to go up pretty arbitraril. Like there is a little wiggle room in the order you can swallow things, but not a whole lot. This is more of a puzzle game (duh, that is the category it is listed in) than an open world game like the one I keep mentioning. Good game. Will buy as a gift for friends, especially if on sale.

- Fun, but my lord, tiresome dialog

My son and I really enjoyed the hole aspect of the app, sucking down people and rocks and such. Very inventive, fun, reminiscent of Katamari. BUT the vast majority of the game is spent in text/sms like dialogs with wooden characters. Nearly impossible for us to enjoy, because the characters are truthfully pedantic and/or annoying. The reviews seem to indicate this is the reason to play the game, but I found the dialogs endless and repellent. Key to having characters that are relatable is to see them grow- and these characters spend the vast majority of their dialogs whining or complaining about... the same things over and over again. Worst part? Can’t skip the cut scenes to get the fun.

- Need more game for the $$$

I’m given this game two and a half stars. I would easily give it 5 stars but there simply wasn’t enough content. There was more time spent looking at screens of animals talking than time spent playing the game. I would like to see a add on/update where you could be the bad raccoon and take down whole cities. Start with little wads of papers or candy wrappers small rocks and progress to sky scrapers. I didn’t like the story line and really just wanted to skip it so I could get to the whole hole parts. I feel I got bamboozled with the 4.99$ price tag for a game that I could have finished in 20 minutes if it didn’t have cut scenes. Add more and “Have a Garbage Day”

- Cool concept, too little content

The positive reviews of this game are spot on. It’s creative, unique, and has a cute story. At the same time, the negative reviews are accurate too. There is way too little content here - maybe a few hours at most - and the game can be finished in one sitting. The “puzzle” elements are extremely simple and though they add to the “hole” mechanic they do little to add any challenge or depth. I also struggled to find any replay value here. More content could save Donut County and a big price drop may make it worth the investment for new players, but otherwise there are more deserving apps out there that will keep you entertained much longer for the money.

- Short but fun!

I really enjoyed this game. I found most of the jokes, dialogue, and “fun facts” highly amusing and even occasionally laugh out loud. It had quirky (mostly well-meaning) characters and a fun story with a beginning and end. There are a few puzzles here and there which I appreciate. My only issue with this game is that it’s short. I finished it in about 3 hours and it leaves you wishing for more... like a bottomless pit. For now I’ll settle with playing this game over and over to satisfy my craving to control a hole that swallows everything in sight.

- Good Game that makes me laugh. Wish it could be longer

Donut County is a fun game to play. It one of the few games that makes laugh from the dialogue. It's a very interesting story overall. My issue with it is it's not a long story and relatively easy to play. Therefore, I breezed through the game. It would be better if the game were longer or more challenging. It would also be better if there was some sort of post game as well instead of just seeing the credits every time. All in all, it's a good game but it's kind of short with little replay value after completing it

- One Time Fun.

To be fair, this is literally just a series of levels that allow a hole in the ground to drop objects through it to grow large enough for the next object, and so on. This game is fun, entertaining and memorable. The story is over half of the value on the first play through and then the entirety of the hindrance of any subsequent plays. It needs a creative mode, or arcade mode to keep its engagement. Played it, had fun and now it’s over. So I deleted it and never have to think about it again, and that feeling at the end is called disappointment. Good job, it’s almost perfect.

- Game of the Year? Really?

Literally 95% of the game time is reading dialog (which doesn’t even stand out). I challenge anyone who plays this to get through the entire game without resorting to rapid two-fingered tapping just to get past the ever-lengthening dialogs. The game also has some pretty basic bugs that you’d think wouldn’t be in a GotY. For example, you can mute sound and music, as in most games, but that won’t stop it from blaring loud and proud on startup. Overall, a neat mini-concept, but not enough to make an enjoyable game on, and certainly not enough for a GotY. I’m starting to think that the process of choosing these types of awards might be a lot less objective than it should be?

- Game of the year? Meh...

I’m not sure how this earned Apple’s Game of the Year. The graphics and story are cute and the mechanism of play is definitely original and cool. But there is so much dialog that you have to tap through (think Zelda dialog x3), game play only lasts a couple hours and there is no replay value. You earn points that mean nothing and you can’t go back to improve your “score”. There are a couple of puzzles that cause you to think somewhat more than usual, but it’s pretty straightforward and predictable. For me, it would take a lot less dialog, more challenging puzzles and hours of replay to give this 5 stars.

- It was a good game but...

But I honestly don’t think it’s worth $4.99. It’s incredibly short and doesn’t have any actual “game play” like there are different levels but there isn’t a way to fail or even to play your own way. You just have to progress in the story the way that they want you to. Also it’s incredibly short, i finished this game in like an hour, and all you can really do when you beat it is start a new game (and do the exact same thing over again) or you can replay the levels you’ve beaten (thus doing the same exact thing over again). I was just expecting more out of an app that is so expensive. It’s really pretty, has a nice soundtrack and is nicely animated but it’s definitely not worth the high price.

- Relaxing Game and Amazing Storyline

I purchased this game because it has caught my eye for a while, however, I never got around to playing it until just two months ago. It was such a relaxing experience and had great music and appealing aesthetics. The storyline was really nice to follow and I found myself laughing throughout the entire game while reading the dialogue. Definitely recommend to anyone of all ages to purchase and play this game and I look forward to hopefully more games by the developer!

- Believe the hype.

This game is as good as all the hype would suggest. The dialogue is hilarious, the characters and storyline completely unique. And yes it’s short, but it’s long enough to tell the story they were trying to tell. My only caveat is that the game could be a little more difficult; other than the final boss fight, there was really no challenge involved. I do understand that that wasn’t the point, so I didn’t take off a star for it; but it could have added another dimension to an already great game.

- Cute, but more geared to kids - 2 hours of gameplay

I thought this might be like “reverse katamari”, but alas, on each small level, you eventually consume everything as the hole gets bigger so it’s a super simple activity of moving under small to large items - with a puzzle or two thrown in on some levels to make it interesting. There is a lot of conversation and storytelling which is fun except it is through clicking on many many many text bubbles rather than spoken dialog. That gets old quickly. The art and music is very nice. Quirky humor. Just super simple for $5! For literally 2 hours of play, that seems expensive.

- Worth The Money!

I’ve seen some hole i.o games online and on phone apps, but this is nothing like I’ve ever seen. Such cute and lovable characters with such hilarious and witty dialogue between levels. The plot is very unique, always wanting more and wanting to know what happens next. Game physics are easy to maneuver, only needing one finger and each level is uniquely designed with decent puzzles surrounded by a certain character in the story. Price could MAYBE go down a little bit, but besides that this game overall is awesome!

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- Great little game!

I read about Donut County in a magazine so I preordered it through the App Store, and it did not disappoint! Cool, funky graphics and the unique sounds for speech drew me in first. I’m a sucker for games that tell a story as well as being engaging play-wise, and Donut County hit the spot. I loved Mira and DK, their relationships, and the humour - a couple of interactions between characters made me laugh out loud! My initial concern that making holes would quickly become dull was abated within the first ‘level’ as you also solve basic puzzles. Even without the puzzles, making things disappear into a hole is strangely satisfying and calming! My only complaint was that it was so short for the amount of money it cost, hence 4 stars instead of 5. I got through it in a matter 2 hours, while other $8 games I’ve played have lasted at least 6 hours. Considering it was so short, however, I was very impressed with the attention to detail and clever usage of narrative, music and sound. Now please excuse me while I go back and replay my favourite level...

- Could have been so much better

The gameplay of this app is nice and simple, and is fairly enjoyable. However, both the story and the difficulty of each level could have been made better. The game shows in a few levels how you have to solve problems by using the “doughnut” in innovative ways, but it would have been nice to have a few more of such puzzles and some of higher difficulty too. The game is also one of those games you play once through and that’s it. There’s no real replay value here, which is disappointing. If the levels were a bit more dynamic, or you could explore other ways of achieving your targets, it would be better. It’s also a game that you pretty much can’t fail at. Whilst, this is annoyingly common in modern games, it’s not better. It places no stakes on your actions or how you execute them. In summary, it’s a decent game that would be good for kids to play through once twice, but it could have been so much better by appealing to a wider audience with a range of difficulties, and/or increasing the replay value

- Completely original game

I love this game so much. Not everybody will appreciate its charm I am sure. Very cute cool graphics and a funny story line with great one liners from the characters. Simple in terms of gameplay and easy to grasp. I did read in other reviews there was disappointment as it is on the shorter side... I think that is something to be expected with a game like this. A lot has gone into it and it can’t go on forever. I’d say it takes about two or three hours to complete roughly. It is fairly inexpensive so this hasn’t altered my review. Really enjoyable, fun and evident a lot of hard work went into making this. Would highly recommend.

- Original but short

I love this game. It is totally original and fun to play. The storyline makes sense and the game is really easy to play. I know you have probably already read this ten times BUT it’s really annoying how short the game is, especially as it costs $8. You can finish the game in about 2-3 hours. PLEASE add like a second chapter or something as it’s such a good game, but let down by the fact that it is so short.


I love this game so much! The controls fit quite well with handheld devices, the music is great, and the gameplay is so much fun!! I wish there were more levels though. It’s way too short! Maybe an expansion with more levels and a new story? Only time will tell. Edit: I found out the PC version actually has achievements, and now I kinda want that too. That’d be cool TL;DR: Everything about this game is great, a bit too short.

- Short but sweet.

I’d love to give this game 5 stars as I absolutely loved it but like other review have said, it’s way too short. I think the story was the right length but I was expecting to be able to play a bunch of maybe standalone levels afterwards, especially for the $8 it costs. But really great work otherwise, I just hope we see them add a bunch of new levels in the future.

- Great game! But the Price..?

I LOVED this game. Loved it. I got it for $3 during the sale and docked a star because I don’t agree with the normal $8 cost. It is a great game and it’s funny and creative but it only took me about 3 hours to finish which makes $8 a ridiculous price regardless of how much fun it was.

- Great concept wasted

I expected a puzzle game that built up the difficulty to become a satisfying challenge. Instead the concept was never built upon. You swallow garbage with a hole.... and that’s about it. A few levels add sequence puzzles but they are far too obvious and clearly spelt out to be any real challenge. The story is also far too underdeveloped, reading more like the shallow text messages of a couple of millennials. Unfortunately the low poly artstyle and concept aren’t enough to carry this game above a mediocre score.

- Great concept, awful execution

I like dragging the hole around working out what fits which makes it grow. The levels are tiny with max 30 items to collect. Half the game is reading dialogue between levels, as the crazy little critters complain about the holes. Who starts a game with forced fake mobile conversation? You start at exp level 9 which makes no sense and have to buy an item with money that you some how have. Needs more free form open world levels, not this locked down to one screen which you play for a couple minutes.

- Dull

I found this game pretty slow and overall pretty disappointing for the price, the gameplay is turgid and there is a real absence of anything remotely challenging when it comes to the ‘puzzles’. Maybe it’s not really aimed at young adults, however the overtly complex dialogue and its exhaustive use throughout seems to suggest it is. There’s so much detail that could have been explored in so many ways to make this concept more challenging. Overall the concept is really creative but the execution is weak.

- Incredible

This game is a top notch for its graphics and storyline but it would be nice to see a longer storyline as I finished it within an hour. It would also be super awesome if you made a free roam in like a massive city or to be able to make your own city with the junk you get from the levels

- Quirky, could not stop playing once I’d started.

BUT, it wasn’t long enough, maybe it was long enough because I thoroughly enjoyed it? Would be nice to have a second game with many more levels or an update to add more levels. Such a lovely game.

- Awesome!

Donut county is definitely worth the price The plot is very intriguing and the game is overall visually pleasing. It really gets you to think and once you’ve finished the game the whole story just comes together nicely! I would definitely recommend Donut county to anyone!


i am so glad they made this game. I love the concept and the quality. This game must of taken alot of creative ideas to make this game. I wish they made a number 2 even though it ended nicely and happily. But anyway this game is awesome and i would love to see more!😃😃

- Price

The app itself was great, I downloaded before an hour and a half flight. I had finished the game before I even landed. The fact that I could go from start to finish in less than an hour seems a bit ridiculous to charge $7.99. Hopefully there are more updates that could lengthen my playing time and make the charge worthwhile.

- So much fun

I heard about this game just the other day on kinda funny games daily having no idea who Ben Esposito was or what games he had made and as a gamer I enjoyed myself so much I played it in one sitting would recommend it to anyone

- Great but ...

Really fun little game but far too short. I started and finished in an afternoon. Far too short especially for the price.

- It’s fun but short

I enjoyed the game it was fun but I finished it in like an hour of your going to make people pay $8 to play it at least make it last more than an hour in some ways I feel as though it wasn’t worth spending money on... which is a shame because the game it self was fun

- Quite short but fun

A trash panda (raccoon, an American possum) who owns a donut shop and is sucking everything down underground with a moveable hole that grows everytime you swallow something up! Finished it! Pretty short but fun and has some really funny mechanics.

- Free play

Hi love this game but once you are done with the levels can you add something that allows you to make your own town and use items from the trashopedia?

- Fantastic

Played this at PAX last year, loved it. Completely forgot about it till now. So glad I found it again!

- Quality is Awesome but game play is too short. Not worth the price

Was excited finding this game but all the excitement died down after a few hours of playing because i finished it already. The game is too short and easy to finish, and for its price, i regretted buying this game.

- Waste of money

$8 for this. I finished it about 40 minutes. If you get it on sale for $1 worth it. But the story isn’t worth reading either. I skipped over it. Sad day when you support a developer and feel completely short changed

- Fantastic game

I loved playing this game so much the gameplay is fun cutscenes are so cute I played about 5 times it was so good

- Rip off

This costs to much money but it’s fun and has lots of levels

- Boring

Boring, virtually no puzzling game play. Wouldn’t bother, especially for the price! 2 stars because the art and physics is kinda cool, novelty wears off after the first min. Played the game to completion hoping for some challenges, none eventuated. Wish it was better.

- Good concept, poor execution.

A fun new concept. Despite the game being very short, it gets boring pretty quickly: the puzzles are repetitive and interrupted by tons of meaningless dialogue. I won’t be playing it again and feel like I overpaid.

- Good but not long enough

Fun game, but very short for the price!

- One of the best games i have ever played!

This game is in my tope fav funny and puzzeling game you should get :)

- Just good

It is good but I got the story half way through

- Finished the game in 1 day

It’s a good game. Shame it costs so much and you can literally finish the game in a few hours. Bit of a joke, not nearly worth $7.99. Probably not worth anything honestly, should just make it free

- Yeah

This is awesome I played it once at a shop and as soon I started I was like wow I love this and I do 😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁🙃🙃🙃😊😊👋🏼!!!

- Not enough content for the price

Regretful purchase, it’s all over in an hour or two. Not challenging at all, it’s just a grind. You spend more time reading the dialogue in the cut scenes than you do playing the game. DON’T BUY IT

- Too Short

Nice little game but way too short. 2 hours gaming for the price is not worth it.

- Mind blowing!

The art style, the story and the gameplay are enjoyable. Very, very enjoyable.

- Not a game. Interactive “story” at best.

I can’t see how this was named 2018 Game of the Year. It is an interactive story that requires virtually no skill. And the script of the character interactions read as if written by a child. Really disappointing and not worth the cost.

- Rip off

I thought it would be worth $8 but no it would be worth $1.99 because it was so short it was fun but wished it was longer that’s why I’m giving it 1 star

- Have a Garbage Day!

Donut County is gorgeous, hilarious, cleverly expands on the scope of its core mechanic, and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. It is *ideal* and a hole lot of fun.

- Waste of a good concept

The game looks great and was an interesting idea. Unfortunately they didn’t expand on it at all. You swallow objects... and that’s pretty much it.

- So short!

Looks great, feels great. But so short! For a game that’s not cheap, I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth...

- Short

Well, the gameplay of the app is intriguing. Shame about the tawdry plot, though.

- Absolutely awesome!

This game is so cool because you get to be a hole!!!! What’s not to love!!!!!!!!!!

- Yes very good game

Very good game. Seams legit. Why doesn’t the raccoon have bleach

- Cute ‘game’ but not a puzzle game

It’s not challenging at all... not really sure what the fuss is about (in saying that it’s a great game for toddlers my 3 year old loved it)

- Dis game is life!!!!

Buy it !!!😁😁😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😸🙀🙀

- Whaaa?

I finish the game in less than a day it was good but know I want a refund how plz 7-8 bucks on that I want A REFUND I WILL EAT BK AND MIRRA

- Yum... Not!

If you want donuts, buy donuts, not this game Game of the year 2018... Sure, in the most pointless and worst game category

- I want a refund...

Please a refund.

- Great game - crappy length and price

Great graphics and story, however I completed the game in about 30 minutes of play. For $7.99, that’s far too quick for a game to be finished, especially when something like is free, and doesn’t actually end. Waste of money, IMO.

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- Worth it?

Only an hour and a half to finish the game but it has a beautiful story and awesome graphics! Good job!

- Chatty

It’s a pretty good game overall. I usually like the narratives, but this had way too much dialogue and the best part was the gameplay really. Would be nice if it was longer/cheaper.

- Overpriced

The game was great and had a fun story line but isn’t worth the 7 dollars it costs to play it. It is a quick game and took me about an hour to finish it.

- 🏆

I love the game and it has a Key for finishing the game

- Can I get a refund?

The story short but it’s a good game but I want a refund I finished it in about A couple hours I really like how much would you longer and other stuff I can get with the money that cost and 6 dollars seriously like more people will buy the game if it was less expensive I want a refund

- Fairly good

Boring at first, get past 3 or 4 levels and it starts requiring more creative problem solving. Finished in 3 days.

- Great game

I really enjoyed and loved playing this game. I played the whole thing in one sitting and I wasn’t disappointed. I’d love to see more games like it and more credit for the music. The music is amazing

- Short but sweet

Title, it just feels very short and i feel like the idea has room to be expanded

- Awesome

Ok, I do not write reviews much, bit I HAD to write a review for this game. It’s a fantastic game with beautiful art. I love the story and the levels, it was TOTALLY worth the $3.99. It’s a short game, but overall awesome. I would suggest getting this if you like nice, short games. Well that’s all I have to say for this game 😁

- Nothing bad to say

Nothing bad to say about this game except that it is pretty short whoever is reading this tell Ben that this game is amazing and I’m really hoping to buy some of his other games on steam. Also the music is it on Spotify. One last thing every single person that worked on this game no matter how much work they put in thank you for this amazing game.

- Good game

Good game but I wish it was longer and more challenging

- Awesome

Add some achievements

- Worth

You could add an infinite mode to make the play time go up but otherwise worth

- The music is a bop

10/10 wonderful game, also the music makes me want to get up and dance 😂

- I dont think it’s worth how much it is. It’s so short.

That’s the title, that’s the problem

- Not horrible but not worth $7

Probably half the game is just dialogue between characters, cute story line but the game play is like 12 levels all extremely easy to complete Really wish there was more to the game kinda disappointed

- Loved it!

Donut county is like a tv show and a game in a way because there are conversations and games which is probably why I like it so much.

- Amazing!!!!

This game is awesome 👏 I was so excited to get this game and I love it!! Amazing artwork and story. 5 star rating from me.

- Amazing game

Haven’t had this much fun in an iOS game in a long time. Beautifully made with a fun plot. Worth finishing this game I really enjoyed it.

- Perfect for mobile

A very cute, enjoyable puzzle-like katamari-like game. I thought the levels were perfectly designed for short bursts of playing on mobile. The checkpointing/autosaves work really well for mobile as well. No in-app purchases, which is wonderful. This game exists on other platforms, but I thought it was pretty well-suited to touch controls. Heard about it through an interview with the developer on a podcast - sounds like quite a bit of work from a very small team. Well done!

- Good game

It’s a really good and enjoyable game, but it’s overpriced for how short and quick the game is, also I hope they add more levels to the game so that more people will get back into it.

- Eat your donut before it eats you

I think the game is awesome it has so much story unlike So give a 5 star game #awsome

- Audio issue

Short, yes, but also didnt see anyone mentionng that this game forces off your music—even when you turn off the in game sounds it is not possible to listen to audio while playing this game. A very annoying “feature”.

- Not good

Long boring intro. Slow response of controls. Cant listen to music while playing. I recommend playing something free instead.

- Epiccc

It’s epiccc but it’s quite short, i would give it a full five if it had mor content, still AWESOME. Definitely worth it.

- Funny and cute

Admittedly I got it on half price sale so I can’t say if I would be as happy with it at full price... but if it ever has a sequel I would want to play it for sure.

- More levels

Tho it is fun to play I think there should be something separate maybe just levels or where you just eat everything or something it just needs more I’m bored of playing the same game over and over but of course you guys don’t care cause I already got the app and you guys already have my money

- downloaded this game after

I was looking for a type experience. I just want to keep growing the hole. And this game was enjoyable even though I think the story takes too much space... I think I would’ve liked much more to be able to put stuff in the hole a lot more. I enjoyed the logic that we had to use in order to clear some levels, but I would have liked to see something like except more unlimited. I still have the need to make the hole eat more stuff.... I feel a bit cheated tbh, I finished this game in half a day.

- Decent but only on sale

Not really worth the price. Its ok but doesn’t deserve as much praise from apple as it gets

- So cute but so short!

I really enjoyed playing this but for the short amount of levels I don’t know if it was worth the price. Hopefully they expand in the future!

- Cool

Cool mais trop court pour le prix à payer......

- Too short

The game is really good but the story is way too short

- Where’s the fun?

Bad: I barely had fun playing it. The dialogs in-game take forever to end. Quite expensive compared to other great games you can find. It has an interesting mechanic but it definitely does not explore it. Good: The game really does have a nice and authentic style.

- Horrible

7 dollars for a game that you will finish in three hours. Brutal

- Short

Cool concepts A lot of talking in the game and very very short

- Overpriced yet Memorable

This game was a great piece of story telling and had quite a few fun, innovative levels. However, the relatively high price they charge is not worth the criminally short gameplay.

- Overpriced

For the amount of time it takes to beat this game (1-1 1/2 hours for me) it is way too expensive. I was expecting a longer game not one with only 10-11 levels. Overpriced in my opinion

- Cool until recently😑

It was cool and very fun until it started to show this desert and would not load.😠😕🙁☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

- Short game play and too much dialogue

I don’t mind a story line, but when the story line can not be interrupted, I find the experience frustrating. The lack of a free mode or infinity mode renders the game a limited-experience

- Not worth paying for

Fun, graphics nice-too much dialogue and levels are short-finished game in 2/3 hours.

- Good game but.....

It’s a good game but couldn’t get past one level so I had to delete it because it was getting real boring

- Such a fun game!

Absolutely worth it! It’s cute and hilarious. I had so much fun playing this. I do hope there’s more in the future! Highly recommended!

- Okay

It’s a good game, but it’s too short. I finished it in around an hour. And I like games that will last me a couple days.

- Awesome game

Reeeeeaaaaaalllly good game the story is amazing everything is awesome

- Too much charm, not enough game

It’s an interesting experience, and the core conceit is fun and different, but they’ve really patched over underdeveloped gameplay with a lot of cute, charming narrative - unfortunately the writing is a bit twee and will not land with everyone.

- Not worth the price

Good game but too expensive

- Overpriced

The game itself has good graphics and great story but the story is short it isn't worth 7$ maybe 3$ but if they lower they price or add more levels/modes it would be a good purchase

- Pretty...and short

Well put together game, visually. There isn’t much thats really difficult or challenging about the game. Total playtime was about 40 or so minutes. Some good laughs between dialogue. The app crashes on the iPad Pro right before the QuadCopter view of the credits. Hoping that the developer will release more in an update, maybe a sandbox mode (wink wink, nudge nudge).

- Is it supposed to have sound?

Can't get any music or SFX on my iPhone se. I saw sound credits in the title card so I think it must be a bug?

- Superbe jeu

Jeu simple et agréable ! J’ai bien aimé mon expérience ...

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bk from donut county wakes up every day and chooses VIOLENCE and i love it

Father Niskmas HO HO HO

Let’s play (and hopefully beat) Donut County on stream tonight at 6pm EST. Hope to see you there :)

bones jackson

Donut County: 8.5/10 Kind of a reverse-katamari game, this game is super charming. Very funny characters, a plot that goes places you wouldn't expect, and gameplay is very unique. Was too short, is the main complaint. Expect to beat it in about 3 hours.

Cannibal Pixie

Oh wait. I finished Donut County. That was a cute, fun game

Secret Sauce Ken M

@wrytersview Donut County is a fantastic game and it’s really hilarious.

Cheap Ass Gamer

(PCDD) Donut County $4.54 via GOG. PSN: Steam. $3.89 via eShop.

Alex ortiz


Alex ortiz

What are some of your all time favorite indie games? I asked this before but can’t hurt to see if anyone else different answers 😌 I’ll start A short hike, Minit, donut county, thimbleweed park, wandersong, and manual Samuel come to mind. #indiegames #indiegame #indiedev


donut county is so mf relaxing im gonna replay it it’s so good

Stephen Geering

Animal Crossing Deltarune Hades Pokemon Shield Zelda BotW (finally finished) Smash Bros (weekly game with college friends, my favorite part of quarantine?) Donut County Civ 6 MtG Arena Played Pokemon and Donut County with my non-gaming wife, which was a delight.


Newest Donut County video is up on YouTube! If you don't love possum, I want nothing to do with you

Winter Cindy 💀🎄❄

@erndixon As I like cute and fun games, I will look into Donut County, but it will be begrudgingly! (Thank you.)

Baby It's COVID Outside ❄️

@babble_drabble If you are looking for a game in the same vein that is cute and fun Donut County is only $4.54. I enjoyed it a lot too.

no gender only pinecone

@OhWormst i’ve been meaning to play night in the woods, i actually have it but just haven’t actually started it! and you’re the third person who recommended donut county so i think i should def play it

i am 6’3

@knifesteaks puzzle games— gris, baba is you, return of the obra dinn, donut county not puzzlers i think you’d love— night in the woods

Donut County 1.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Donut County iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Donut County iphone images
Donut County iphone images
Donut County iphone images
Donut County iphone images
Donut County iphone images

Donut County (Version 1.1.0) Install & Download

The applications Donut County was published in the category Games on 2018-08-28 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive [Developer ID: 1242610251]. This application file size is 335.81 MB. Donut County - Games app posted on 2018-12-05 current version is 1.1.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.annapurnainteractive.DonutCounty