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Donut County is a story-based physics puzzle game where you play as an ever-growing hole in the ground. Meet cute characters, steal their trash, and throw them in a hole.

Raccoons have taken over Donut County with remote-controlled trash-stealing holes. You play as BK, a hole-driving raccoon who swallows up his friends and their homes to earn idiotic prizes.

When BK falls into one of his own holes, he’s confronted by his best friend Mira and the residents of Donut County, who are all stuck 999 feet underground… and they demand answers!

• EXPLORE every character’s home, each with their own unique environment.
• MOVE the hole to swallow up their stuff, growing bigger each time.
• COMBINE objects inside for crazy effects: cook soup, breed bunnies, launch fireworks, and more.
• CATAPULT things back out of the hole. You can use it to solve puzzles...or just destroy stuff.
• DEVOUR everything. The hole won’t stop until the whole county is all gone.

Donut County was created by Ben Esposito, designer on What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan. It is the result of six years of solo development, dozens of donuts (for research), and one fateful encounter with a raccoon.

Donut County App Description & Overview

The applications Donut County was published in the category Games on 2018-08-28 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive. The file size is 336.15 MB. The current version is 1.0.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for playing Donut County.

This version includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and by popular demand, the Quack Button sticker for the iMessage app.

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Donut County Reviews

Deakin Seiter

Wrong amount taken  Deakin Seiter  4 star

This took $15 from me when only advertising $7.99 I don’t know where to put this but please help me with this issue


Great game - crappy length and price  OwenHera-Singh  2 star

Great graphics and story, however I completed the game in about 30 minutes of play. For $7.99, that’s far too quick for a game to be finished, especially when something like is free, and doesn’t actually end. Waste of money, IMO.


Yes very good game  VolcanicZX75  5 star

Very good game. Seams legit. Why doesn’t the raccoon have bleach


Amazing in EVERY way!  Johno658  5 star

I love this game! The story, art style and colouring are like something you would get from a internationally renowned company. Thankyou so much for creating this Masterpiece!


So much fun  bilby92  5 star

I heard about this game just the other day on kinda funny games daily having no idea who Ben Esposito was or what games he had made and as a gamer I enjoyed myself so much I played it in one sitting would recommend it to anyone


Incredible  Oliwjidmisjjsijsijwijsjjjsu  5 star

This game is a top notch for its graphics and storyline but it would be nice to see a longer storyline as I finished it within an hour. It would also be super awesome if you made a free roam in like a massive city or to be able to make your own city with the junk you get from the levels


Good but not long enough  alioo3  4 star

Fun game, but very short for the price!


Quality is Awesome but game play is too short. Not worth the price  KatakuriCharlotte  2 star

Was excited finding this game but all the excitement died down after a few hours of playing because i finished it already. The game is too short and easy to finish, and for its price, i regretted buying this game.


Boring  lala12358  2 star

Boring, virtually no puzzling game play. Wouldn’t bother, especially for the price! 2 stars because the art and physics is kinda cool, novelty wears off after the first min. Played the game to completion hoping for some challenges, none eventuated. Wish it was better.


Have a Garbage Day!  echelon11  5 star

Donut County is gorgeous, hilarious, cleverly expands on the scope of its core mechanic, and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. It is *ideal* and a hole lot of fun.


Very short, should be free  Katesturn  1 star

Throughout the game it makes you think there will be more to it and that it will last longer. But it doesn’t. It’s very short. Finished it the same day I bought it. Not worth $5, should be free. Very disappointed.

Fionna the Human!

Short game  Fionna the Human!  2 star

For the price (compared to other puzzle apps) the game is way too short. Although the art is amazing, and the conversations cute, there is only about 1 hour worth of playable content before you have to start the story over. Replay isn’t fun enough for that, so overall I’m feeling pretty salty this game has such high praise


This Game is AMAZING  NattyTatty💖🎀💖  5 star

This game is so good i cried when I finished it. It could be a little longer because I finished it in three days. But other than that it has a great story, and its very funny how every character talks like their texting someone. Talking about texting, when they text what do the ducks mean? And that's all I have to say/ask about this AMAZING GAME.

Pie samurai

Waste of $5  Pie samurai  2 star

This game took about two hours to beat. No replay-ability. Only reason for two stars is because of cute animals.


Fantastic!  ch4s3r  5 star

A wonderful little world with great characters. The length is perfect for this kind of game, something to enjoy in two or three bites.


MUST READ  That1DudeThatHates  3 star

So the game in and of itself is amazing. I love the storyline and the idea of going around swallowing things in a hole (for some weird reason) but for as much as he game is worth I really think there should be more. I paid for it and it only took me literally 1 hour to beat the whole game. At the end all you do is fly around in a drone and look around the mini city. Just felt like I was kinna robbed.

Johnny- C

Honestly Perfect  Johnny- C  5 star

I’ve played thousands of games at this point on my phone, over the course of several generations of iPhone. This is one of very few games that I have completed in a single sitting, you might take that as saying the game is brief, which is true, but it is also deeply engaging. The story is cute and the characters are endearing. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent playing through this game.


It was a good game but...  Torileamarie524  1 star

But I honestly don’t think it’s worth $4.99. It’s incredibly short and doesn’t have any actual “game play” like there are different levels but there isn’t a way to fail or even to play your own way. You just have to progress in the story the way that they want you to. Also it’s incredibly short, i finished this game in like an hour, and all you can really do when you beat it is start a new game (and do the exact same thing over again) or you can replay the levels you’ve beaten (thus doing the same exact thing over again). I was just expecting more out of an app that is so expensive. It’s really pretty, has a nice soundtrack and is nicely animated but it’s definitely not worth the high price.


Charming and worth your time!  Bluesyncopate  4 star

This smooth, charming, very short game is a great deal at $5. You can tell a lot of care went into every second of the 1-2 hours it takes to finish. Like many others, I wish there were more of it, just because the physics and mechanics are so brilliant. Replaying a level plays out more or less identically; it would have been great to have some kind of a sandbox mode that lets you swallow up objects in a specific time frame, or one that starts small and get ridiculously big across different environments, like the Katamari Damacy series. It seems like a small team, so they went quality over quantity, which I appreciate. I also liked the writing. It’s a little “millennial,” but so knowing about modern text parlance that you know the writers knew exactly what they were doing. For the record, that “other game” that cloned the hole mechanics of Donut County a few months back is a piece of garbage, like something the raccoons in Donut County would collect. There’s no comparison. Play this one instead!


An exciting experience  ZombieCurt  4 star

The game is polished, inventive, charming, humorous and fun. While I was playing, I thought of all of the time I put into Katamari Damacy back in the day. It has similar quirky vibes. If you’re okay with dropping some coin on a quality game, I recommend it. The entire experience from start to finish is under two hours. At the end of the game you can go back and replay any of the stages. I wish there were a bonus stage or stages where you can zen out and pick up tons and tons of objects. Anything to extend the experience beyond the original game. I had such a wonderful time in Donut County that I want more.










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