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Donut County is a story-based physics puzzle game where you play as an ever-growing hole in the ground. Meet cute characters, steal their trash, and throw them in a hole.

Raccoons have taken over Donut County with remote-controlled trash-stealing holes. You play as BK, a hole-driving raccoon who swallows up his friends and their homes to earn idiotic prizes.

When BK falls into one of his own holes, he’s confronted by his best friend Mira and the residents of Donut County, who are all stuck 999 feet underground… and they demand answers!

• EXPLORE every character’s home, each with their own unique environment.
• MOVE the hole to swallow up their stuff, growing bigger each time.
• COMBINE objects inside for crazy effects: cook soup, breed bunnies, launch fireworks, and more.
• CATAPULT things back out of the hole. You can use it to solve puzzles...or just destroy stuff.
• DEVOUR everything. The hole won’t stop until the whole county is all gone.

Donut County was created by Ben Esposito, designer on What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan. It is the result of six years of solo development, dozens of donuts (for research), and one fateful encounter with a raccoon.

Donut County App Description & Overview

The applications Donut County was published in the category Games on 2018-08-28 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive. The file size is 335.81 MB. The current version is 1.1.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Named 2018 iPhone Game of the Year by the Apple App Store team!

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This version includes additional language support, support for newer iOS devices, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

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Donut County Reviews


Too short for the price  Aloballerina  3 star

What a beautiful game! I loved playing it. I was so disappointed when it ended so soon. I was so engrossed in playing it that when it ended initially I couldn’t believe it was over. I figured there was more to the story and more game play. Then I thought about the 5 bucks I spent on it :/ Such a bummer. It’s beautifully designed, the idea is fun, reminiscent of Katamari. The music is good, the dialog/story is a little silly but in a good way. It just felt like it was the beginning of a great game. I would have given it 5 stars had it been more complete.


This game is really good but  TriggerHapppy84  4 star

Does anyone know if you will be adding more levels? If not I will delete the game. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but there is not really in replay value here. Thanks


No challenge  scuurdypantz  1 star

It's so far from being challenging. If you are a 5 year old then you'll like it. It's definitely not worth the money. I still want my money back.


Great  A.W.N.H  3 star

A short game not worth 5 dollars. But it’s is good,story’s great. Finished it in a day. Over all great just wished there was more game play.


Too much dialog, too little gameplay  Kahlandad  2 star

You move a hole along the ground and swallow things up. The more you swallow, the bigger the hole gets, so if you want to swallow up that car or house, you need to progress by first swallowing up those small rock and plants. There are a few puzzles to solve, but they are so simple that I am conflicted to even call them puzzles. The gameplay doesn’t really progress much past what I’ve described. Between levels you are treated to cutscenes. At first I thought they were cute, but they lack any real content... and they are LONG... way too long. It wasn’t very far into the game that I found myself clicking as quickly as I possibly could to skip the incredibly long cutscenes. The graphics are well done and the concept is sorta unique, but it seems like the developer came up with a good idea for a game and didn’t really know what to do with the concept. I am puzzled how this game has won as many awards as it has. Is it cute? Yes. Is it unique? Sorta. Is it a game that’s worth $5? IMHO, absolutely not.


Needs more levels  hdxdhxgc  5 star

I loved this game but I was so disappointed when I beat it and I would LOVE to play more levels


Who doesn’t love being a raccoon?  Tara_a  5 star

This game is GREAT!! but it was so short. Literally finished it in a hour. So if you are cool with completely wasting $5, it’s worth it.


I don't get it  mattlesnake  1 star

Drag stuff into a hole. Repeat. Not fun. I don't see why people like this game.


So boring  norap123234  2 star

I payed 5 bucks for this app, totally not worth it. Super easy and super boring.


Cute, but simple and way too short  Speech  3 star

Clever concept, but the puzzles are entirely too easy, the story is mediocre, and the overall experience is done in an hour. I like that it was pay once for the entire game, but for $5, I expected a lot longer game.


Cute ‘game’ but not a puzzle game  Grimmercv  2 star

It’s not challenging at all... not really sure what the fuss is about (in saying that it’s a great game for toddlers my 3 year old loved it)


Great concept, awful execution  Dagr84  1 star

I like dragging the hole around working out what fits which makes it grow. The levels are tiny with max 30 items to collect. Half the game is reading dialogue between levels, as the crazy little critters complain about the holes. Who starts a game with forced fake mobile conversation? You start at exp level 9 which makes no sense and have to buy an item with money that you some how have. Needs more free form open world levels, not this locked down to one screen which you play for a couple minutes.


Short but sweet.  camthug  4 star

I’d love to give this game 5 stars as I absolutely loved it but like other review have said, it’s way too short. I think the story was the right length but I was expecting to be able to play a bunch of maybe standalone levels afterwards, especially for the $8 it costs. But really great work otherwise, I just hope we see them add a bunch of new levels in the future.


Waste of money  aprezly  1 star

$8 for this. I finished it about 40 minutes. If you get it on sale for $1 worth it. But the story isn’t worth reading either. I skipped over it. Sad day when you support a developer and feel completely short changed


Quirky, could not stop playing once I’d started.  Milsymoo  5 star

BUT, it wasn’t long enough, maybe it was long enough because I thoroughly enjoyed it? Would be nice to have a second game with many more levels or an update to add more levels. Such a lovely game.

Its ya boy ninja

Whaaa?  Its ya boy ninja  3 star

I finish the game in less than a day it was good but know I want a refund how plz 7-8 bucks on that I want A REFUND I WILL EAT BK AND MIRRA

My Name Geoff

Rip off  My Name Geoff  1 star

I thought it would be worth $8 but no it would be worth $1.99 because it was so short it was fun but wished it was longer that’s why I’m giving it 1 star


Quite short but fun  RobertMarkBram  5 star

A trash panda (raccoon, an American possum) who owns a donut shop and is sucking everything down underground with a moveable hole that grows everytime you swallow something up! Finished it! Pretty short but fun and has some really funny mechanics.


Not enough content for the price  Dankstman  1 star

Regretful purchase, it’s all over in an hour or two. Not challenging at all, it’s just a grind. You spend more time reading the dialogue in the cut scenes than you do playing the game. DON’T BUY IT


Too Short  KD006  3 star

Nice little game but way too short. 2 hours gaming for the price is not worth it.


Not worth $5  Calitexas1  1 star

It’s a cute game but there’s only 10 levels I didn’t feel like I got my 5 dollars worth

razan alnasser

MAKE MORE OF THIS!!  razan alnasser  5 star

this was a very VERY good game! I won’t make this long for ya! I thought it was worth the price! The style is very cute! Although it’s very short...but it’s like an adventure! It’s very funny! Very cute! Very weird in a cool way! I hope they make a part 2 or a game like this! Now I won’t say much because maybe some of you are lazy Like me if it’s long you won’t read! If you haven’t decided to buy it!.. Buy it! It’s worth a shot!

Roman Guerra4

Not worth the price  Roman Guerra4  1 star

This game is very simple and short, I do recommend it just because of the graphics but other than that the levels are way to easy and short


Cute but repetitive  blinded2  3 star

Was fun for the first couple levels but then got repetitive. New gameplay mechanics added little variance and to call the obstacles “puzzles” is an extreme stretch. Story was also cute for the first few times but then doubled down on the 1337(nerd) talk a bit too much. Overall good to waste an hour or two but a bit too pandering(anti-capitalist jab). Base Plot straight out of a bad 90s children’s movie. Bad company, kumbaya work together to save the day...etc

The Objective Chipmunk

Cool concept, too little content  The Objective Chipmunk  2 star

The positive reviews of this game are spot on. It’s creative, unique, and has a cute story. At the same time, the negative reviews are accurate too. There is way too little content here - maybe a few hours at most - and the game can be finished in one sitting. The “puzzle” elements are extremely simple and though they add to the “hole” mechanic they do little to add any challenge or depth. I also struggled to find any replay value here. More content could save Donut County and a big price drop may make it worth the investment for new players, but otherwise there are more deserving apps out there that will keep you entertained much longer for the money.


Could be better  MilkshakeComa  3 star

Game play time is EXTREMELY short - about 3 hours, which seems like a ripoff when you’ve paid 5 bucks for the game. There is no “zen mode” or anything after you complete the game, the only option is the play the game over again.


Terrible unless you’re a child 4 - 10 years old  TheGanjaGuru  1 star

I bought because it’s an “editors choice”. Terrible app if you’re an adult. Easy and slow


Fun but not worth $5  RadiantDaffodil  3 star

Very fun game...gobble up the world with an ever-growing hole. However, the number of levels is too limited to be worth $5. Maybe $2.


It was just OK  Raputta  3 star

If you don’t mind spending $4.99 on fun game that you can whip through in 2 hours than this is the game for you. Way to short, to much dialogue, could use more game play.


Ehh  Courtneykinz  3 star

Fun game, but not worth $5.


Mooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee! please.  Tazyman22  5 star

This game is great in many ways like story, art style and just sheer fun. But if I had to say one bad think about I wish there was more of it to play.


Superb  Ojoesuff  5 star

Definitely one of the best iOS games I’ve played in years! So weird and refreshing

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