Donut County

Donut County [Games] App Description & Overview

Donut County is a story-based physics puzzle game where you play as an ever-growing hole in the ground. Meet cute characters, steal their trash, and throw them in a hole.

Raccoons have taken over Donut County with remote-controlled trash-stealing holes. You play as BK, a hole-driving raccoon who swallows up his friends and their homes to earn idiotic prizes.

When BK falls into one of his own holes, he’s confronted by his best friend Mira and the residents of Donut County, who are all stuck 999 feet underground… and they demand answers!

• EXPLORE every character’s home, each with their own unique environment.
• MOVE the hole to swallow up their stuff, growing bigger each time.
• COMBINE objects inside for crazy effects: cook soup, breed bunnies, launch fireworks, and more.
• CATAPULT things back out of the hole. You can use it to solve puzzles...or just destroy stuff.
• DEVOUR everything. The hole won’t stop until the whole county is all gone.

Donut County was created by Ben Esposito, designer on What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan. It is the result of six years of solo development, dozens of donuts (for research), and one fateful encounter with a raccoon.

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Donut County Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Named 2018 iPhone Game of the Year by the Apple App Store team! Thank you for playing Donut County. This version includes additional language support, support for newer iOS devices, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Donut County Comments & Reviews

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- Disappointing

It’s a story game, one that you have to tap through the dialogue bits to actually play the game. It was too short of a game, completed within a couple hours. A couple of tricky levels, but once you figure out what you need to do, you zip right through them anyways. Just completed the game a few minutes ago. Now I can restart the game. Is that it? Really? $5 for this? Very disappointed.

- One of the best mobile games out there.

Wow. I excepted much worse but to my surprise it was amazing. Definitely worth 5.00. The story is really entertaining and the cutscenes and actually gameplay is great. I would recommend this to anyone who likes story driven games. :)

- Very Nice

Pretty short but fun and very pretty. About the standard for Anapurna. Another streamlined experience that fully explores a simple idea with style.

- Yay

Good game. Very fun. Short but very fun

- Way toooo short of a game

Seems like it would be great..but it’s not...Game is way too short. Have some ongoing mini games, or something to offer for the price you charge...I paid $4.99 for this, and I feel ripped off. Finished this in 1 day:/

- Under Filling

The game would be perfect if they had 30 more levels and also you could fly a King Quadcopter.

- Great but short

This game is downright revolutionary. For some strange reason swallowing the world up with a hole that gets bigger after everything you consume is satisfying and fun. The characters are memorable and i really love the development and story line. The puzzles are super great and unique and you feel really good when you complete them. The final boss puzzles were good, but I found them a bit lacking. The overall idea of getting the keys from some rooms to unlock others was a good idea, but the second key wasn’t a challenge. You just went to the next room and grabbed it. The boss fight was also pretty easy, and really short, as is the rest of the game. We just need more. A sequel, maybe an update with more levels. Anything. This game needs something to keep continuing the gameplay, as the levels are aren’t very fun to play again.

- Good game !

Good graphisme and cool game play. But the game is short.

- So CUTE but..

SO CUTE!! Amazing game! A great story as well The only problem it was to short at least it could of have like 10 or 20 more levels!?

- It was great until...

This game is highly entertaining and I completely recommend it. Although, once I beat all the levels, there was nothing left to do other than repeat levels. The whole game also kind of gives off creepy vibes. I liked it a lot, though!

- Loved! Too short!

Loved playing this game, but when paying $5 for a game, I want it to last for more than 2 hours!! Can you make more levels? Or have a bonus where you eat as much as you can in a certain amount of time? Player Versus player? Something else to do? I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth...

- Hate it

It is to short and easy. I completed it in under an hour. I wish it was longer, harder, and bigger maps. I also wish that you could fly further at the end.

- Here’s my opinion

So I really wanted to get donut county but it was 5$ so I bought it it took me less than 30 minutes to complete the game Inwas very disappointed I wish you guys added 30 or 40 more levels then it would be fun.But 5$ dollars for a game with only like 10 levels then it shouldn’t be 5 dollars it should be free 🙁

- Soooo horrible

Hate this does not work at all only had it for like three minutes 😡



- Love it

I love this game so much I is asomse ecspysy cat soup

- Looks nice

The demo looks great and creative and the game is very polished, but the mechanic gets very boring quickly. There’s not much depth.

- Make a part 2

Well it’s a fun game and a cute game it’s really worth the 5 dollars and please make part two because I finished it as soon like 3 hours later So please make a part 2

- Great! But...

It’s really fun. But it’s really short I thought it was long story game.


This app is so fun and the story is Even funnier please make a chapter two or a second game of donut country! Thank you

- Amazing game, too short

Awesome game, fun puzzles, interesting and hilarious characters and story, far too short. That’s my only complaint about this game. Thankfully I got it on my tablet and not on my switch or PC where I think it’s more expensive.

- So short

I paid $5 for this game for a 1 hour gameplay seriously just buy a different game, movie, or song this is is not worth the price. The game play was not bad though maybe if there was a arcade mode where you could go around eating people but you have to not get caught controlling the hole this game would actually be worth the price. for now this game is one of the worst paid games And I don’t really like to write reviews but I don’t want anyone to end up getting this game and regretting it. 👍🏻 my $5 though!😭😭😭

- Add please

This is a amazing game it has a good story line but it has a little bit of levels. So can you please add more levels

- Need more

Need more people and places. Now and I am 9 years old I finished the game 4 years ago.

- I completed the whole entire game

So, its an amazing game! AMAZING GRAPHICS!!!!!!

- Doesn’t work

My Grandson bought this 5/24/2020 in evening. It does not play, just shuts down. I paid for this and he is greatly disappointed. Please fix or refund my money!

- Only if it was longer

I loved playing this game but I feel it’s a tad short, I would love an update or expansion (if you can even do that) that added more to the story. Hope you make more like this.

- Mira best girl

Mira is so cute. She’s my new waifu now.

- Fun but expensive

I really enjoyed this game I really did! And I know they worked hard to make this but it’s short but the modeling is great. The thing that mainly bothers me is the price this is not a game worth 5$ I mean again, I enjoyed it but for a game worth 5$ I was disappointed the mechanics, gameplay, and design were fine but it’s still not worth 5&.

- Wheres the rest of it?

Great Game but hella short. Very well made and entertaining but there definitely needs to be more content. Like extra game modes or something.

- 3 yummy things that are hole-y

Hi, Another game review. 1:Free with no ads. I mean, I’m not saying games like Talking Tom or Gacha life are bad, they just have TOO MANY ADS. However, this game is free with no ads (unless it’s not I forgot lol). 2:MEAN RABBIT SAYINGS IN TRASHOPEIDA?! Rabbit lovers, I warn you. BK hates rabbits. 3: a bottomless pit. The pit is bottomless, we thought. We were wrong. But, is there a deeper hole holding the trash in that hole?Well, I love this game, and I hope you do, too! (DO NOT COPY, ORIGINAL BY ME

- What a blast!

I couldn’t stop playing this. Hilarious, dorky, and fun.

- Great Game for 1 1/2 hours

I played this game for an hour an a half and I beat it. It was fun but overrated because you shouldn’t spend $5 for a mobile game that you play for 1 1/2 hours that is just ridiculous. But it was fun but not worth it at all.


This Game has a good Story and a Fun Game in General.But can we have More Levels plz?

- This is AMAZING

With the last of my Apple gift card I bought this game OMG it was the most calming puzzle game I played everything was Cute the boss fight was good! Sure it is a little short but if you look at the bigger picture it is defenetly worth 5 stars

- It’s over?

My kids and I saw this game on the Player Select show. I enjoyed the puzzle part of the game and watching objects fall in the hole but didn’t realize I had paid $5 for a game that was over with in a blink of an eye on a lazy rainy afternoon. I didn’t care for the dialogue dragging on and wish you could have skipped that part except for what was useful to know.

- Sketchy sound

So I just finished this game,believe me it’s awesome!Yet when the characters speak,I hear like faint talking from them..Is this how it was made?Or are they actually supposed to be talking??I need info people!!!

- Good but short

This game is really satisfying and fun. It’s just way too short. I expected a little more gameplay for a 5 dollar game on the App Store.

- Work of art

Cute game, love the absurd characters and the story. Reminds me of Lucas Films classics such as monkey island and grim fandango. Puzzle element is easy, but loaded with delightful humor. This game got plenty of good chuckles out of me. Good time killer, meditative as you slurp up the world with your hole. To those complaining about the price - It’s very clear that the creators put massive effort into this game. The writing, graphics, and gameplay mechanics are tight. As an artful indie game, Donut County is worth every penny of the 4.99. I’d gladly support such artistic endeavors for approximately the price of two cups of fancy coffee. This game got heart!

- Amazing game!

The game is great . I love everything about it. Except it’s to short. But that’s it. After all this game is worth every penny!

- The game is a little to short but fun

I love this game but very short I still give it five stars because the art and story are great I did finish it less than 2 hours but still fun and you should get the game if you like this kind of stuff.

- Underfilling

The game is great to which at the first eye. But I found the game far too short. It has very few levels and I finished the game in less than two days. This would be an absolute five star rating if you had at least twenty more levels. I purchased the game thinking I’d play it over the course of several road trips. But I found myself finishing the game before even arriving to my destination. The two things this game is missing is, 1. More levels, maybe more levels in between with new content, and some levels after defeating the trash king with a new threat like his evil minions. 2. It needs something to do after beating the story. It needs maybe a bonus level where you can go around and eat anything in the world. And this mode could be played online like Versus mode. This would pair like four players all in the one world and they would try to gain size and eat each other. Just at-least a bonus level where you can eat anything in the world. With these suggestions made, this game would be five stars. As after beating the game I just leave that app in my home screen. If we had a mini game to play we would still play this in our free time.

- Great game. Needs an infinite mode

After the credits it would be great to have an unlimited mode or whatever where you just have endless things to swallow with the hole and then it resets size once you hit a limit but you just keep going until you quit. Love the game.

- Not a game, not a puzzle, not a challenge. Just a physics demo.

This “game” is basically a physics tech demo with an irrelevant dialogue element thrown in between levels. Don’t expect to use your brain here; theres little thought required to do anything. This is 90% missed potential for an actual good game. I wish the apple store had Steam’s 2 hour refund option. That’s about how long it takes to complete this, by the way.

- One complaint

Those are hares, not rabbits.

- Stunningly awesome!!!

First played Donut County on the switch and LOVED it. And DC on mobile is just as amazing. The music, the Trashopedia entries, the characters, the gameplay itself.... It’s a fresh, relaxing, and totally captivating experience. This is a game that I’ll sit down and play when I need to distract myself from real life worries. Even though the story is super short (a couple hours at most), I find myself coming back over and over again to replay the levels because it’s just that fun and chill. The worst thing about this game is that it’s so short, but its many wonderful qualities totally justify the price and make it a 10/10 in my book.

- Meh...

It’s ok. Kinda cute. But there’s no real challenge and once you beat it (which I was able to do in less than 24 hours) that’s it. No unlocked levels or new worlds. It’s just over. I would definitely never had paid for it if I knew it was only going to be worth playing for a single day.

- Amazing Story

I LOVED this game. The story was so charming and humorous, the puzzle elements were a great add, and even the credits were awesome. It reminded me a lot of, a game where you play as a hole and compete against other players. But overall, this game was 10 times better. (Also, I like the animal characters’ eyes.)


I have never seen a game this is soooooo worth the money I would bye this for 1,000,000 but I due wish there were more of the game and maby other game modes


WE NEED MORE LEVELS PLEASEEE LIKE I ONLY GOT IT YESTERDAY AND I ALREADY FINISHED IT I COULDNT PUT MY PHONE DOWN. great animation, amazing story line, perfect characters, and funny sayings it’s just a 5 star game I would recommend to buy it although it’ll be worth more money if they add more levels it’s worth your while :) and please add more levels

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- great!

it was a very good game, loved the soundtrack on itunes and the overall design of the game. the only thing i would suggest is to make it longer, other wise... awesome game great job

- I dont think it’s worth how much it is. It’s so short.

That’s the title, that’s the problem

- Not horrible but not worth $7

Probably half the game is just dialogue between characters, cute story line but the game play is like 12 levels all extremely easy to complete Really wish there was more to the game kinda disappointed

- Loved it!

Donut county is like a tv show and a game in a way because there are conversations and games which is probably why I like it so much.

- Amazing!!!!

This game is awesome 👏 I was so excited to get this game and I love it!! Amazing artwork and story. 5 star rating from me.

- Amazing game

Haven’t had this much fun in an iOS game in a long time. Beautifully made with a fun plot. Worth finishing this game I really enjoyed it.

- Perfect for mobile

A very cute, enjoyable puzzle-like katamari-like game. I thought the levels were perfectly designed for short bursts of playing on mobile. The checkpointing/autosaves work really well for mobile as well. No in-app purchases, which is wonderful. This game exists on other platforms, but I thought it was pretty well-suited to touch controls. Heard about it through an interview with the developer on a podcast - sounds like quite a bit of work from a very small team. Well done!

- Good game

Good game but I wish it was longer and more challenging

- Eat your donut before it eats you

I think the game is awesome it has so much story unlike So give a 5 star game #awsome

- Audio issue

Short, yes, but also didnt see anyone mentionng that this game forces off your music—even when you turn off the in game sounds it is not possible to listen to audio while playing this game. A very annoying “feature”.

- Not good

Long boring intro. Slow response of controls. Cant listen to music while playing. I recommend playing something free instead.

- Good game

It’s a really good and enjoyable game, but it’s overpriced for how short and quick the game is, also I hope they add more levels to the game so that more people will get back into it.

- Funny and cute

Admittedly I got it on half price sale so I can’t say if I would be as happy with it at full price... but if it ever has a sequel I would want to play it for sure.

- More levels

Tho it is fun to play I think there should be something separate maybe just levels or where you just eat everything or something it just needs more I’m bored of playing the same game over and over but of course you guys don’t care cause I already got the app and you guys already have my money

- downloaded this game after

I was looking for a type experience. I just want to keep growing the hole. And this game was enjoyable even though I think the story takes too much space... I think I would’ve liked much more to be able to put stuff in the hole a lot more. I enjoyed the logic that we had to use in order to clear some levels, but I would have liked to see something like except more unlimited. I still have the need to make the hole eat more stuff.... I feel a bit cheated tbh, I finished this game in half a day.

- Decent but only on sale

Not really worth the price. Its ok but doesn’t deserve as much praise from apple as it gets

- Please update

Please put more levels or make an infinite mode

- So cute but so short!

I really enjoyed playing this but for the short amount of levels I don’t know if it was worth the price. Hopefully they expand in the future!

- Cool

Cool mais trop court pour le prix à payer......

- Epiccc

It’s epiccc but it’s quite short, i would give it a full five if it had mor content, still AWESOME. Definitely worth it.

- Where’s the fun?

Bad: I barely had fun playing it. The dialogs in-game take forever to end. Quite expensive compared to other great games you can find. It has an interesting mechanic but it definitely does not explore it. Good: The game really does have a nice and authentic style.

- Horrible

7 dollars for a game that you will finish in three hours. Brutal

- Short

Cool concepts A lot of talking in the game and very very short

- Too short

The game is really good but the story is way too short

- Overpriced

For the amount of time it takes to beat this game (1-1 1/2 hours for me) it is way too expensive. I was expecting a longer game not one with only 10-11 levels. Overpriced in my opinion

- Cool until recently😑

It was cool and very fun until it started to show this desert and would not load.😠😕🙁☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

- Short game play and too much dialogue

I don’t mind a story line, but when the story line can not be interrupted, I find the experience frustrating. The lack of a free mode or infinity mode renders the game a limited-experience

- Not worth paying for

Fun, graphics nice-too much dialogue and levels are short-finished game in 2/3 hours.

- Good game but.....

It’s a good game but couldn’t get past one level so I had to delete it because it was getting real boring

- Such a fun game!

Absolutely worth it! It’s cute and hilarious. I had so much fun playing this. I do hope there’s more in the future! Highly recommended!

- Okay

It’s a good game, but it’s too short. I finished it in around an hour. And I like games that will last me a couple days.

- Awesome game

Reeeeeaaaaaalllly good game the story is amazing everything is awesome

- Too much charm, not enough game

It’s an interesting experience, and the core conceit is fun and different, but they’ve really patched over underdeveloped gameplay with a lot of cute, charming narrative - unfortunately the writing is a bit twee and will not land with everyone.

- Not worth the price

Good game but too expensive

- Overpriced

The game itself has good graphics and great story but the story is short it isn't worth 7$ maybe 3$ but if they lower they price or add more levels/modes it would be a good purchase

- Overpriced yet Memorable

This game was a great piece of story telling and had quite a few fun, innovative levels. However, the relatively high price they charge is not worth the criminally short gameplay.

- Pretty...and short

Well put together game, visually. There isn’t much thats really difficult or challenging about the game. Total playtime was about 40 or so minutes. Some good laughs between dialogue. The app crashes on the iPad Pro right before the QuadCopter view of the credits. Hoping that the developer will release more in an update, maybe a sandbox mode (wink wink, nudge nudge).

- Is it supposed to have sound?

Can't get any music or SFX on my iPhone se. I saw sound credits in the title card so I think it must be a bug?

- Superbe jeu

Jeu simple et agréable ! J’ai bien aimé mon expérience ...

- I want my money back!!!

Definitely not worth it! so simple and dumb. ok the graphics are nice but that’s all. Don’t understand what the fuss is about 😩

- Not worth the price

A fairly simple and repetitive game. The “puzzles” require no thought as there is generally only one possible thing you can do. Definitely not worth the GOTY title.

- Be wary of reviews

So this game is over hyped as "best game of the year", which I think is a marketing ploy to get people to buy a 7$ game that is start to finish 1hr and a half with no replay-ability. The concept was cute. But the story lacked entirely, with dialogue that isn't skippable. Games like this need to step it up if they want to go for 7$ without faking reviews and adds

- Just ok

This game could have been good but it’s has very little actual gameplay and a lot of dialogue. And the dialogue doesn’t help the story in any meaningful way but instead feels like filler to make the game feel longer. I’d be surprised if there was even one hour of actual gameplay here

- Don’t get it at full price

The game is fun and story is decent but definitely not worth full price. It was like 40 minutes worth of gameplay definitely not a long game and definitely regret paying full price. Honestly don’t know why it would be game of the year.

- Pas assez long

Fini en 45 min

- Too short

I loved the game so much that I played for several hours straight when I downloaded it.... and then I reached the end. This felt like it should have been level one instead of the whole game, especially for the price.

- Great little game.

This game has a lot of charm. It’s a fun little experience with unique gameplay mechanics and some simple puzzles. The writing is just great (and funny) and compliments the quirky gameplay perfectly. I see some reviews complaining about the length of the game. The game is a fairly short experience. But that doesn’t take away from it in my opinion. Games don’t need to be long and lengthy to be worth your time. So long as the gameplay hook (and price) justifies it. In fact in todays age with every game trying to fulfill 40+ hours of your life, games like this are a breath of fresh air. And I seek these smaller bite-sized experiences more. Play it on your transit rides with a pair of headphones. And don’t forget to read the “Trashopedia”. You won’t be disappointed.

- Well made but not a fun game

You do the same thing again and again. Got bored after the 2nd level

- Fun, But Worth It?

Really fun and enjoyable game! The art style is cool, the story’s funny and interesting and the gameplay is all around really satisfying. My only problem with it is that there isn’t a huge amount of content for the price of the game. A free play mode or something else beyond the story levels would significantly improve the game. Wait for a sale to purchase this game.

- Overpriced

The game was great and had a fun story line but isn’t worth the 7 dollars it costs to play it. It is a quick game and took me about an hour to finish it.

- One of the best games i have ever played!

This game is in my tope fav funny and puzzeling game you should get :)

- Original but short

I love this game. It is totally original and fun to play. The storyline makes sense and the game is really easy to play. I know you have probably already read this ten times BUT it’s really annoying how short the game is, especially as it costs $8. You can finish the game in about 2-3 hours. PLEASE add like a second chapter or something as it’s such a good game, but let down by the fact that it is so short.

- Dull

I found this game pretty slow and overall pretty disappointing for the price, the gameplay is turgid and there is a real absence of anything remotely challenging when it comes to the ‘puzzles’. Maybe it’s not really aimed at young adults, however the overtly complex dialogue and its exhaustive use throughout seems to suggest it is. There’s so much detail that could have been explored in so many ways to make this concept more challenging. Overall the concept is really creative but the execution is weak.


i am so glad they made this game. I love the concept and the quality. This game must of taken alot of creative ideas to make this game. I wish they made a number 2 even though it ended nicely and happily. But anyway this game is awesome and i would love to see more!😃😃

- Dis game is life!!!!

Buy it !!!😁😁😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😸🙀🙀

- Absolutely awesome!

This game is so cool because you get to be a hole!!!! What’s not to love!!!!!!!!!!

- Great game! But the Price..?

I LOVED this game. Loved it. I got it for $3 during the sale and docked a star because I don’t agree with the normal $8 cost. It is a great game and it’s funny and creative but it only took me about 3 hours to finish which makes $8 a ridiculous price regardless of how much fun it was.

- Just good

It is good but I got the story half way through

- Finished the game in 1 day

It’s a good game. Shame it costs so much and you can literally finish the game in a few hours. Bit of a joke, not nearly worth $7.99. Probably not worth anything honestly, should just make it free

- Awesome!

Donut county is definitely worth the price The plot is very intriguing and the game is overall visually pleasing. It really gets you to think and once you’ve finished the game the whole story just comes together nicely! I would definitely recommend Donut county to anyone!

- Good concept, poor execution.

A fun new concept. Despite the game being very short, it gets boring pretty quickly: the puzzles are repetitive and interrupted by tons of meaningless dialogue. I won’t be playing it again and feel like I overpaid.

- I want a refund...

Please a refund.


I love this game so much! The controls fit quite well with handheld devices, the music is great, and the gameplay is so much fun!! I wish there were more levels though. It’s way too short! Maybe an expansion with more levels and a new story? Only time will tell. Edit: I found out the PC version actually has achievements, and now I kinda want that too. That’d be cool TL;DR: Everything about this game is great, a bit too short.

- Price

The app itself was great, I downloaded before an hour and a half flight. I had finished the game before I even landed. The fact that I could go from start to finish in less than an hour seems a bit ridiculous to charge $7.99. Hopefully there are more updates that could lengthen my playing time and make the charge worthwhile.

- Completely original game

I love this game so much. Not everybody will appreciate its charm I am sure. Very cute cool graphics and a funny story line with great one liners from the characters. Simple in terms of gameplay and easy to grasp. I did read in other reviews there was disappointment as it is on the shorter side... I think that is something to be expected with a game like this. A lot has gone into it and it can’t go on forever. I’d say it takes about two or three hours to complete roughly. It is fairly inexpensive so this hasn’t altered my review. Really enjoyable, fun and evident a lot of hard work went into making this. Would highly recommend.

- Not a game. Interactive “story” at best.

I can’t see how this was named 2018 Game of the Year. It is an interactive story that requires virtually no skill. And the script of the character interactions read as if written by a child. Really disappointing and not worth the cost.

- Yeah

This is awesome I played it once at a shop and as soon I started I was like wow I love this and I do 😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁🙃🙃🙃😊😊👋🏼!!!

- Fantastic game

I loved playing this game so much the gameplay is fun cutscenes are so cute I played about 5 times it was so good

- Great but ...

Really fun little game but far too short. I started and finished in an afternoon. Far too short especially for the price.

- Yum... Not!

If you want donuts, buy donuts, not this game Game of the year 2018... Sure, in the most pointless and worst game category

- Cute ‘game’ but not a puzzle game

It’s not challenging at all... not really sure what the fuss is about (in saying that it’s a great game for toddlers my 3 year old loved it)

- Great concept, awful execution

I like dragging the hole around working out what fits which makes it grow. The levels are tiny with max 30 items to collect. Half the game is reading dialogue between levels, as the crazy little critters complain about the holes. Who starts a game with forced fake mobile conversation? You start at exp level 9 which makes no sense and have to buy an item with money that you some how have. Needs more free form open world levels, not this locked down to one screen which you play for a couple minutes.

- Short but sweet.

I’d love to give this game 5 stars as I absolutely loved it but like other review have said, it’s way too short. I think the story was the right length but I was expecting to be able to play a bunch of maybe standalone levels afterwards, especially for the $8 it costs. But really great work otherwise, I just hope we see them add a bunch of new levels in the future.

- Waste of money

$8 for this. I finished it about 40 minutes. If you get it on sale for $1 worth it. But the story isn’t worth reading either. I skipped over it. Sad day when you support a developer and feel completely short changed

- Quirky, could not stop playing once I’d started.

BUT, it wasn’t long enough, maybe it was long enough because I thoroughly enjoyed it? Would be nice to have a second game with many more levels or an update to add more levels. Such a lovely game.

- Whaaa?

I finish the game in less than a day it was good but know I want a refund how plz 7-8 bucks on that I want A REFUND I WILL EAT BK AND MIRRA

- Rip off

I thought it would be worth $8 but no it would be worth $1.99 because it was so short it was fun but wished it was longer that’s why I’m giving it 1 star

- Quite short but fun

A trash panda (raccoon, an American possum) who owns a donut shop and is sucking everything down underground with a moveable hole that grows everytime you swallow something up! Finished it! Pretty short but fun and has some really funny mechanics.

- Not enough content for the price

Regretful purchase, it’s all over in an hour or two. Not challenging at all, it’s just a grind. You spend more time reading the dialogue in the cut scenes than you do playing the game. DON’T BUY IT

- Too Short

Nice little game but way too short. 2 hours gaming for the price is not worth it.

- Waste of a good concept

The game looks great and was an interesting idea. Unfortunately they didn’t expand on it at all. You swallow objects... and that’s pretty much it.

- Good game, not worth the money though

It’s fun but disappointed since I paid money for it based on other reviews.

- It’s fun but short

I enjoyed the game it was fun but I finished it in like an hour of your going to make people pay $8 to play it at least make it last more than an hour in some ways I feel as though it wasn’t worth spending money on... which is a shame because the game it self was fun

- Short

Well, the gameplay of the app is intriguing. Shame about the tawdry plot, though.

- Great concept wasted

I expected a puzzle game that built up the difficulty to become a satisfying challenge. Instead the concept was never built upon. You swallow garbage with a hole.... and that’s about it. A few levels add sequence puzzles but they are far too obvious and clearly spelt out to be any real challenge. The story is also far too underdeveloped, reading more like the shallow text messages of a couple of millennials. Unfortunately the low poly artstyle and concept aren’t enough to carry this game above a mediocre score.

- Fantastic

Played this at PAX last year, loved it. Completely forgot about it till now. So glad I found it again!

- So short!

Looks great, feels great. But so short! For a game that’s not cheap, I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth...

- Great game - crappy length and price

Great graphics and story, however I completed the game in about 30 minutes of play. For $7.99, that’s far too quick for a game to be finished, especially when something like is free, and doesn’t actually end. Waste of money, IMO.

- Yes very good game

Very good game. Seams legit. Why doesn’t the raccoon have bleach

- So much fun

I heard about this game just the other day on kinda funny games daily having no idea who Ben Esposito was or what games he had made and as a gamer I enjoyed myself so much I played it in one sitting would recommend it to anyone

- Incredible

This game is a top notch for its graphics and storyline but it would be nice to see a longer storyline as I finished it within an hour. It would also be super awesome if you made a free roam in like a massive city or to be able to make your own city with the junk you get from the levels

- Good but not long enough

Fun game, but very short for the price!

- Quality is Awesome but game play is too short. Not worth the price

Was excited finding this game but all the excitement died down after a few hours of playing because i finished it already. The game is too short and easy to finish, and for its price, i regretted buying this game.

- Boring

Boring, virtually no puzzling game play. Wouldn’t bother, especially for the price! 2 stars because the art and physics is kinda cool, novelty wears off after the first min. Played the game to completion hoping for some challenges, none eventuated. Wish it was better.

- Have a Garbage Day!

Donut County is gorgeous, hilarious, cleverly expands on the scope of its core mechanic, and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. It is *ideal* and a hole lot of fun.

- Mind blowing!

The art style, the story and the gameplay are enjoyable. Very, very enjoyable.

- Great little game!

I read about Donut County in a magazine so I preordered it through the App Store, and it did not disappoint! Cool, funky graphics and the unique sounds for speech drew me in first. I’m a sucker for games that tell a story as well as being engaging play-wise, and Donut County hit the spot. I loved Mira and DK, their relationships, and the humour - a couple of interactions between characters made me laugh out loud! My initial concern that making holes would quickly become dull was abated within the first ‘level’ as you also solve basic puzzles. Even without the puzzles, making things disappear into a hole is strangely satisfying and calming! My only complaint was that it was so short for the amount of money it cost, hence 4 stars instead of 5. I got through it in a matter 2 hours, while other $8 games I’ve played have lasted at least 6 hours. Considering it was so short, however, I was very impressed with the attention to detail and clever usage of narrative, music and sound. Now please excuse me while I go back and replay my favourite level...

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- Pretty fun but too short

Don’t get me wrong this is and epic chill game but it’s not worth $5 because of how short the story it is, unless you want to play the story tons of times.

- Relaxing Game and Amazing Storyline

I purchased this game because it has caught my eye for a while, however, I never got around to playing it until just two months ago. It was such a relaxing experience and had great music and appealing aesthetics. The storyline was really nice to follow and I found myself laughing throughout the entire game while reading the dialogue. Definitely recommend to anyone of all ages to purchase and play this game and I look forward to hopefully more games by the developer!

- Talk

Visually imaginative, but ultimately not terribly challenging and loaded down with dialogue sequences you have to click through. I found it a little boring.

- Amazing game!

This game is one of my favorite’s, and I don’t say that about a lot of games. The plot is great, the characters are really cute, and over all It’s an amazing game. It is short, but you can replay it as many times as you want. It’s good for reading and you can read really funny descriptions in the trashopiedia. It’s fun, and on the occasion, it takes some thinking to solve the puzzle. I think it’s worth the 5$.

- Great but I NEED MORE

Plz bring more Like a part to or something like that!!!! Love this game Plz bring more

- Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

I freaking love this game,what more can I say‼︎('ω')

- Fun but short...

For $5 this is way too short. Road the review high and got it way back when. Replayed hoping there had been updates. But no... this dev got lucky and got paid off of reviews.

- Cool game but too short

Not worth the money for the length of the game but still worthy of 4 stars.

- Not hard at all! Refund!!!!!!!!!

I paid 5 bucks for this game and all I get is one hour of gameplay, a pretty good game but too easy to beat, if I tried to speed run this whole game I would beat it in about 10 minutes. MAKE YOUR GAME LONGER! REFUND!

- Good game

It's soooooo good but it should have a free play mode so u can make your own level and have your friends play and try to figure it out 😁

- Do an update

We want an update the game goes by so fast give us more of a story so what happened next we are bored and you want to give us the levels we have already played despicable give us more From: drake and literally every single person who played your game PS: love your game it was amazing I loved it but please do a update please it will be so boring without it please

- Mind numbing dumb

But it’s probably great if that’s what you’re looking for.

- Looks great, pretty simple

Funny and humorous at times but I found myself quite bored pretty frequently.

- Great, funny game!

Love this game! It’s cute and funny. Ya its kinda short compacted to a studio game like Katamari or something... But Anybody complaining that it’s too short for the price doesn’t know the value of five bucks. I think the lowest hourly wage in the US is seven dollars or something, meaning literally anyone legally earning five bucks can do so in less than an hour. This game costs less than a sandwich. Calm down, whiners.

- A bit disappointed...

This game looked really interesting to me, and I was tempted to purchase it on my Xbox. However, I am glad I did not. I beat the game in the car on a trip, which only took about 1 and a half hours. The art work is nice, and the gameplay mechanics are amazing, but it’s too short.

- Lame

I seriously just paid $5 to play a game for 1 day? It’s an okay game but don’t waste your money. I want a refund.

- Update idea (foodfighter)

This game is AMAZING. I love the gameplay,graphics,and characters(Jellybean is my favorite). The only problem is that there’s nothing else to do after the story. I think you could add a custom map where we could put in our own objects and swallow them. Just my suggestion.

- Not worth the price

Charming and unique. Finished in two evenings. Not much of a challenge at all.

- Markiplier played it

Mark played this it was a wonderful gameplay and now it has convinced me to play the game 👍 great game wonder graphics and characters so I’m proud of the developer

- Wow

Not speakable 5 star

- Worth the money

This game is really good with a cute story and made very well. It is definitely worth the 5 dollars. Would recommend

- I’ve played this game three times and it’s amazing!

It’s so much fun! I’ve never had such a good game! I would love if they would make a second game!

- Eh

This game is extremely cute, great characters, and a decent plot line. It’s pretty fun to be a home and destroy things but overall, for $5 it’s not worth it unless you have all the money in the world. It’s a short game, if you play it through probably only takes an hour to play. After you complete the game it’s done. there’s no easter eggs to play for, wondering the town, no mini games. Because of that it’s not worth the money.

- Mind numbingly boring.

Why is there so much storyline. Save your money. After you’ve played level one you ge the premise from there on out. Deleted it.

- I love it

Already played it on Xbox but I want it on mobile just cause. Also it now costs 1.99 so I feel bad for the people that paid 4.99 for such a short game.

- Short but fun!

I really enjoyed this game. I found most of the jokes, dialogue, and “fun facts” highly amusing and even occasionally laugh out loud. It had quirky (mostly well-meaning) characters and a fun story with a beginning and end. There are a few puzzles here and there which I appreciate. My only issue with this game is that it’s short. I finished it in about 3 hours and it leaves you wishing for more... like a bottomless pit. For now I’ll settle with playing this game over and over to satisfy my craving to control a hole that swallows everything in sight.

- Great experience, but so short-lived.

The game overall has a tremendous storyline and exceptional gameplay, but once the game is finished (which personally took me about 2 hours) there is nothing else to do.

- Trash

Who doesn’t love trash

- Needs more levels

I think this game needs more levels because I completed the game in 1 day

- Good game

The game is awesome but I can’t pass the level with fireworks I saw that when I ate a small item it didn’t make the hole bigger or it a giltch that won’t let me move on 😭😭😭😭

- Not worth the price

I’ve been holding off on buying this game because of the price and finally got it on sale and I am glad I did. Definitely not worth the normal $5. I really can’t believe they have gotten away with pricing it that high for so long. The gameplay is much simpler than what I expected of such a highly recommended game. The constant storyline which I immediately found myself skipping through as fast as I could after a couple of cutscenes, was not interesting in my opinion. Overall, I would not personally buy it for myself again or recommend it to others.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It's short. But after 35 years of playing games, I'm seriously in need of new kinds of games, and Donut County delivered.

- Adorable and funny

Cute animal characters. You gotta love them raccoon cops with their doughnuts. So cute. I discovered the game at a friends house, and fell in love. Pricey, but worth every cent. By Potters Grove you’r hooked and in love with the game. Kinda scary if you look closer. I mean, Possum has a bulletin board with string connecting photos of everyone, and Trash King’s plan was to let everyone rot underground. Great game plz play. ENJOY!

- It’s cute but...

I beat it within a few hours, I was hoping that there would be more to it especially for five bucks, but no. You somehow start at rank 9 and end at rank 10, and there’s a TON of dialogue that has no impact on the game, you can speed it up somewhat by tapping the screen. Also if you’re someone who likes to listen to music or books while you play, this game shuts that down when you open it, even if you mute the game. While I enjoyed it, I think it was a waste of money.

- Cool game

Very fun, pls make a donut county 2

- Eh

Fun game, the cut scenes are awful and some of them have you “text” people and it goes on forever. Long story short: not worth $5. Fun game filled with dragged out cutscenes to provide filler


A bit short tho. Still worth 5 bucks

- Fun, but very short

For the price I expected it to be a fun game to play for a while. But while it was fun, my 8 year old beat it in what titles to a couple of hours. Disappointed there isn’t more to it.

- Secerit

I found a secret room

- Make it last

If the game lasted longer that would easily get this to a 4 or 5 star rating. The game is short and it’s unfortunate because I really do like this game and I wish I could enjoy it longer. Adding a free roam or some new levels maybe would make this game so much more worth it and definitely will recommend to friends.

- Needs help

Definitely not worth the $5. For God’s sake, let me skip the story and texting crap and let me play the game!

- Sorry

Sorry I’m not a baby shower but then we cannot was the day I gotta I cannot is the day we cannot was the night I gotta I cannot is the night night you guys are going tomorrow night and then we will have to shower 🧼 night night I gotta was the night night and then we will have to shower 🚿 was the day you get ready for you to be sure we cannot was your night night

- Refund

I want a refund the game kept lagging and crashing

- Best app in my life

This is the best app I ever had! This is the best app I ever had! This is the best app I ever had! It really is

- Amazing, but

This game is visually stunning and has very good graphics. It is very fun but can be completed VERY quickly which is a bit annoying when you are paying $5 for an app. Also I read someone’s review that said after you complete the levels there should be a free play mode where the whole city is together and you can “swallow” the whole city with the hole. Love this app but I am gonna need some improving since this app was $5. It kinda aggravated me that there haven’t been any kind of updates in 10 months which leads me to believe the developers have given up on this app.

- Believe the hype.

This game is as good as all the hype would suggest. The dialogue is hilarious, the characters and storyline completely unique. And yes it’s short, but it’s long enough to tell the story they were trying to tell. My only caveat is that the game could be a little more difficult; other than the final boss fight, there was really no challenge involved. I do understand that that wasn’t the point, so I didn’t take off a star for it; but it could have added another dimension to an already great game.


5 bucks for 1 hour of play? For real? It was fun and all, but good lord. Add more levels with trickier puzzles, and axe half of the dialogue. Seems like some of the dialogue was just filler.

- Wish I’d read a review before purchasing

Too short and not difficult. At this point I don’t much care how visually interesting it is—this is not a $5 game.

- Complete rip off

This is less than an hour of game play. Take this scam of a game off of the app store. Ben Esposito, you should be embarrassed.

- Not worth the $

I had high hopes after reading awards and reviews. Game play is cool. Far too short a story for the price.

- AMAZING GAME!!!! ❤️❤️

I love this game so much!!! The gameplay is so smooth and the art style of this game is adorable! The only thing I wanted was for it to be longer. Otherwise AN AWESOME GAME AND SO WORTH MY MONEY!! Ps: the quote “Have A Garbage Day” is the best thing I have heard of ever! Love the merch for this game too! 💕

- Cute, hilarious, and charming; one of my favourites

Watched my boyfriend play this game with his kids and we all loved it. I already played on his PS4 and I got very excited when I found out its available as an app as well. I’m a huge fan of the low poly graphics, and the style of the banter and quirky animations are very nostalgic of early 3D console games. My bf and I both really dig the soundtrack, I even woke up to him cleaning the house to it the other day, haha. The game is short, but I hope it brings enough success to the devs to enable them to make more like it.

- Dialogue gets in the way of a fun game

Nauseating characters and absolute drivel of a story take away from a fun experience. But as soon as it gets interesting it’s over. Not worth the money.

- Short but fun

Really should be money given how much it was. But it was fun!! The long dialogue scenes should have a skip function because those dragged on.

- Well done, but too much dialogue

It’s a lovely looking game with an obvious amount of effort put into it. However, the game play is just a small part of it. A large chunk of the time spent is tapping through meaningless dialogue that only slows down the game play. This is maybe 30 to 40 minutes of play, with an hour or more of filler. Worse, the filler is not needed to complete the game. I would 4 or 5 Star this game if there was less getting in the way of the actual levels, and if there were more levels to play.

- Not worth it

The graphics are decent, but that’s about it. Has basically no storyline, the levels are so easy a 3 year old could speed run them, and there’s little gameplay. If you took away all the pointless dialog and waiting times it would be an 45 minutes to an hour to complete the whole game, but the dialog stretches it to about 2-2.5 hours to complete the game. Waste of money and waste of time.

- Katamari with holes

If you liked katamari damaci, you’ll like this. It doesn’t have the soundtrack to match but it does have the gameplay and the *personality*. The game is short and sweet but any longer would be abusing the available design space.

- Just ok

The game is quite fun to play although quite short. The story and dialogue however is a rambling mess of incoherence. Annoying characters talking jibberish after every level. Once I finished the game the first time I quickly deleted it as the thought of having to watch the nauseating characters ramble through their ‘story’ again made me a little queasy.

- Just the beginning?

I love the game so far, I think that in addition to the story, there should be a non-stop mode or something. A mode where you try to beat your own level or perhaps compete with others online. I love the graphics and the concept, I just want more. I want to play this game when I am bored between classes. The story mode is excellent and the addition of another mode would make the game more affordable.

- A great and sweet game

This is a great game, is polished and the gameplay and nice and smooth, unlike that other game that ripped this one off. Yes it is a bit short, unfortunately. I hope an additional play mode will show up in a future update, but regardless, $7 is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Support indie game developers!!

- A great and sweet game

This is a great game, is polished and the gameplay and nice and smooth, unlike that other game that ripped this one off. Yes it is a bit short, unfortunately. I hope an additional play mode will show up in a future update, but regardless, $7 is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Support indie game developers!!

- Too short!

Not worth the price... cute graphics and some funny moments but it got to be repetitive.

- Good game but very short

Fun game with great mechanics. The puzzling was a joy. But the game was so short. I thought the story would give way to a free for all open game.

- Good game, too expensive.

I really enjoyed playing this game. Altho there was too much dialogue and not enough puzzles. By the time the levels became challenging, the game was over. Hoping for more levels to be added in the future- without in app purchases, since the game was priced high already, for what we got. Great game, but too expensive for length of game play.

- Vary fun but....

This game is so fun but it’s so short. I wish it had lots mor levels. I recommend putting in bonus levels

- Wonderful game, perfect length

Donut County has a great story and light puzzle elements. It's not too long, not too short, and I'd love to play an expansion or sequel.

- Not worth the price

Good game, short, definitely not worth that much money.

- Disappointed

Seriously disappointed! Love the idea of making things drop in the hole. HATED the story in between. I just want to play a game not read a book.

- Too much talk, not enough game

When you’re playing the game, it’s fun. But too many lengthy dialogue cut scenes trying to give extra meaning to the gameplay mechanic kill the pacing. may have been a mechanic rip off, but at least it gets out of the way and let’s you play. Also, part of the fun of these games is scaling from tiny to huge. As soon as levels got big enough to be interesting I felt like they were over. Would have loved to start bug sized and end up swallowing whole streets

- Too much text

Way too much text to click through. Really takes away from the fun. Game is also too short and just repetitive.

- Disappointing

The game is quite short and every level is essentially the same. The story is extremely boring and just drags on. It is not worth the money you have to pay. Would not recommend.

- Amazing

I just wanted to let you know that I bought this game because you deserve the money. You worked hard on this game and deserve every penny! Keep it up!

- Way to short

This game was a really good game it took me 1hour to beat but the game is a little to short and the price is way too high and another thing was there were to much dialogue in the game. But besides all that keep up the great work hope you can come out with part 2 :)

- Too short

You can beat the full game in less than an hour. The concept it great, but it’s way too short. The dialog feels like a filler to pad out the length. I want challenges or a mode where you start as a small hole and then get bigger and bigger until you’re consuming skyscrapers and basically the whole world.

- All style. No substance.

While it looks cool. Needs more challenging puzzles. Less conversation.

- Charming and original

Fantastic game with a fun story. Gems like this don't come along every day! Highly recommended.

- Très bon jeu

Le jeu est très bon, les niveaux sont créatifs et le niveau de difficulté est moyen, les personnages sont drôle et ont des caractères bien a eux. Le seul problème est que selon il manque de niveaux.

- Too short and too expensive

I loved the concept and storyline, but the game it just way too short. Finished the whole thing in 2 hours. $7 is way too much for such a short game, especially since there is no infinite mode.

- Fun game but wayyyyy too short.

After hearing Ben Esposito’s interview about developing this game and the game giant Voodoo stealing his idea I wanted to support Ben. The game is beautiful and fun but for the price it was way too short. My kids are enjoying it also.

- Not worth the price

Very short and zero peplayability

- Excited.

Organic game. Too bad someone bite there style before release.

- Wonderful

This game is both aesthetically and narratively beautiful. I enjoyed every second of it (with exception to that one time I needed a guide to continue a level 😜). My only gripe would be that I finished it in under 2 hours. This game was fun, the characters interactions are relatable an I hope more games like this come out on mobile. This game is one of those gems that are simple, relaxing, fun and interactive. I would recommend this game for people looking for a casual experience with simple mechanics and a calming soundtrack.

- Great in short bursts

This game has a lot of charm in its characters and their interaction with each other are great, that added with the music makes the game a fun experience. The only downside is gameplay is simple not too complicated but is enjoyable enough in short session to keep you engaged. Overall great game

- Amazing

I loved all of this game. the music was amazing and the art style was beautiful and the puzzles were not too challenging but made you think. I loved the game’s story and how it’s not just mindlessly sucking this into the ground. I enjoyed it sooo much and I could not stop.

- Hole-y

As a hole, this game is great. Super fun, cheeky, lots of personality and great gameplay.

- Excellently Designed & Beautifully Realised

Donut County’s brilliance comes in large from its super simplistic gameplay design. Easy to grasp puzzle making that anyone can pick up and immediately understand. It’s art style and music selection are entrancing, and it makes for a serene experience which is both outspoken and understated. It’s also very funny.

- Worth it?

Only an hour and a half to finish the game but it has a beautiful story and awesome graphics! Good job!

- Good Game

Arguably a very enjoyable experience with some interesting aspects. However, expect a very short game without any form of infinite mode, or free mode. It’s all levels. Short but sweet.

- Worth the wait!

I’ve been waiting for this game ever since 2016, and boy oh boy!! It was something! Definitely recommend buying this game!

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- Only bought it cos of the racoon

Cute graphics and fairly amusing storyline but the gameplay is so so dull and repetitive. Play it for 5 minutes and you get the idea. I wouldn’t recommend although the racoon seems like a decent fella.

- Too short

Looks great and plays great But super short especially for £5 most of the game is unfunny dialogue

- Best app ever

This is a great app I just wish I could defeat the king quadcopter at the end🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

- 5 pounds? For this game? No way!

To be honest, I only downloaded this game having seen many YouTubers play it, I had 10 pounds to spend, now only five for a game where the only thing you do is move a hole, things fall in, the hole gets bigger etc. Also, 5 pounds to do basically nothing is stupid. Yeah sure the graphics are cool (awsome) but I recommend you not to waste your money like me and many others. For me this is a scam for your money. Many others disagree but just saying what I think you will agree with.

- Questionable....

The mechanics is fun, the storyline is quite, but the amount of content for the price is rather insignificant a rogue like endless mode would have compensated for it, yet you complete the game in under an hour, and that’s your £5... not very well spent.

- Best game I played

I have played a lot of games and this was the best I had download it

- I like how underneath the title it’s just...

B e a h o l e

- Most disappointing game ever

Given all the hype I’ve seen, I’ve been waiting for ages to play it but didn’t want to pay full price. I am glad I didn’t as I am so disappointed in this game Actual gameplay is about 30 minutes. Description says there are puzzles but these are hardly challenging if you’re over 4 years old. Dialogue is disappointing too, too much gen-Z talk. And I’m saying this as someone who’s technically gen-Z. “haHA, lol jK” and such made my head hurt

- Pretty but lacks depth

The game is beautiful, that’s for sure but that’s where the praises stop. The game it’s self lacks depth. The storyline and cutscenes were annoying. The gameplay is really flat, swallow items into the hole to make it grow until everything is consumed. Some levels have a few challenges but nothing to get you excited. Even when you complete the game there is no alternative mode or unlocks to make the game last. It’s a real shame for the amount of money you pay for the game.

- Amazing!

This game is so fun to play. It’s pretty funny and I played it all in one sitting cause I couldn’t put it down. I 100% recommend this game if you’re looking for something silly and lighthearted to play!

- Love it

I am so addicted to this game. The dialogue is funny and it has a cool story line

- Disappointingly short

Much shorter than I expected. The dialogue probably takes longer to get through than the actual gameplay. It’s not very challenging either. That said it was a very enjoyable couple of hours. The graphics and presentation are excellent.

- Qualities

The game wasn’t just satisfying, the characters from the dialogue were so sweet! I just wish we could’ve heard more from them..😤

- Stellar, unforgettable and hilarious experience

If you are looking for a quick physics based mini game to bounce in and out of... this is NOT for you. Donut county is an incredible story, character and dialogue driven game that literally had me in fits of laughter during most of the end game levels (Trash King and his pickle jar 🤣) If you have the time to sit down and invest a good chunk of time into reading all the dialogue, getting to know the characters, checking up on the little details (the Trashpedia is hilarious) then this is everything that you could ask for from a $5 game. The puzzles are not challenging by any means but I really don’t think that the premise of the game is around challenging the player. The physics and puzzles, although fun and satisfying, are not the heart of the gameplay, and I truly feel that spending the time to discover all the little Easter eggs and funny dialogue is the players primary objective. I am yet to find a more perfect mobile game. 10/10. I will remember this game for the rest of my life and will happily recommend it to anyone who enjoys fun characters and a good story!

- Disappointing

Given the cost of this game I was expecting so much more. Its like a cross between Katamari and but with the worst bits - the annoying and pointless dialogue of Katamari paired with the extremely limited size of the game world of I couldn’t believe how short the story was either.

- Absolutely (w) holesome!

I played this once and enjoyed it. Then, I decided to play again. And again. And again. IF I COUNTED CORRECTLY, IVE PLAYED THIS GAME 20 times! 20 PEOPLE YES

- So much more

I was expecting this to be a one-dimensional game, but it was so much more. Clever narrative, witty dialogue, a joy to play!

- Incredibly boring

The game is 80% nonsense cut scenes that go on far too long, interspersed with a couple of minutes game play and then back to more cutscenes. It’s a shame because the game play bit is quite fun, but it’s painfully slow having to wait for the cut scenes to finish before you can play - there’s no way to skip (in fact some parts requires you to specifically click through). Dreadful game.

- Short and boring

Kind of bummed I paid for this app at launch, the review hype made it sound like a lot of fun but there's really not much to it

- Great dialog but...

There’s not much to this game. I love the characters and the dialog is really well written. But the game itself is short, simple and doesn’t take advantage of the scope of the design. A disappointment.

- Very fun but not worth £4.99

I really enjoyed playing Donut County but I’m annoyed that it was £4.99 as it felt so short! You can easily complete the game within an hour and think it should be changed to around £2 instead.

- Too short!

The game is good, but just as it starts getting challenging it ends. It’s far too easy and far too short! I finished it within an hour.

- Fun but too expensive

Fun game but too expensive for only 1h - 1h30 of game play.

- Donut County

Donut County is one of the best games on a mobile phone. It has all the best features of a game and is a really good price. The only thing I would improve is that the chatting and conversations that the animals have are a bit pointless, so maybe you could make that different! Apart from that, a success. Thanks.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Great indie solution to bad news blues

Everything is miserable in the world at the moment. This offers all the good stuff: bright colours, silliness, doughnuts. A trippy, jolly, brain balm. Don’t expect it to keep you busy for hours, but it will provide an ace distraction for a bit. I grinned all the way through.

- Awesome game but I’m sad...

This game is amazing! It’s worth the money, it’s fun and addictive, It’s so cute a incredibly funny! Who else can’t stop sending ducks? But I’m kinda sad... I have only just got the game and already finished it, it is really short, please add bonus levels or something along those lines. But it’s still a five star and I’d totally recommend it!

- Cute but disappointingly short

Great graphics and design but feels like a ripoff for 2 hours max.

- Good

Good game. Love the art style. Really good concept and script. Finished it in under an hour. Not worth £5, closer to £0.99-£1.99 price range

- Great game

I love this game because it is so much fun and very amazing.This game is one of my favourite games.

- Don’t bother

I’m irritated that I bought this because it got the game of the year award. I can only assume some “payments” were made to make that happen. Average game at best. Worth £5... not a chance

- Relaxing fun, far too much unskippable chit chat though

Fun, a bit like a katamari lite, you will spend a minute or so between levels frantically paging though quirky dialogue (or worse, waiting for messenger replies to be typed by other characters) or maybe you will love the story and like that bit too, I didn’t myself though.

- Funny

Nice little game. Fun to destroy stuff, funny concept.

- Not an award winning game

The editors are missing something, this isn't worthy of an award. The massive cut scenes are annoying and you can't skip them. I've not played a game with more cut scene time than actual game play until now. The game sections are OK with some simple puzzles but this must be aimed at ten year olds. Overall it's OK, but no award from me.

- Where’s the puzzle?

I found this too easy and for the most part a lot of the levels I completed by accident. It’s a pretty game and a nice concept but I feel the developers have missed a trick here and could have been something more fulfilling for the price. Competed in just under an hour and no incentive to return to play as the levels offer no level of difficulty advancement. Pity.

- Waste of money

Cannot believe they have the audacity to ask £4.99 for this crap, completed it in about an hour and I don’t know where the humour was supposed to be. Just a waste of and hour and £4.99

- Wholly Rubbish

I bought this knowing there was a fiver in my account burning a hole to be spent. Took the plunge in view of glowing editors recommendation. I wish I hadn’t and I would like my money refunded as the review in no way reflects the game In my opinion. The childish unavoidable narrative is frustrating and there is a limit to how long you move a suedo hole around to swallow gaudy cartoon features. Deleted very quickly and will be much more careful in future. Disappointed.

- Too short

Game is way too short I think you should make it longer :)

- Charming and loveable game!

I absolutely loved every minute of Donut County - such an adorable game with a really fun concept! Beautifully executed indie games like this are the entire reason I enjoy having an iPad honestly. For those complaining that the game is too short for the money, but would happily spend $15 on a cinema ticket, maybe you should think about that I guess.

- Poor, short, annoying and a waste of money

I can’t believe I paid money for this. You spend most of your time watching nonsensical unfunny text in between short periods of mildly amusing game play, before more long boring periods of “conversation”. Even with the time spent on the “story”, the game still only lasts about an hour. And I paid £5 for this as it’s the game of the year? Someone got bribed heavily for that one. What a scam.

- No idea why this even got on the Editor’s radar

Dull, predictable, trivial. If this is Editor’s Choice, the Editor needs to get out more.

- Hmmmm...

I have such mixed feelings about this game. On the one hand the game play and game physics are really fantastic and there's something very satisfying about swallowing everything up with a whole! On the other hand the scenes with dialogue involving the characters are VERY long and you can't skip them. Infact you probably spend more time with them than the actual game! Also, there aren't a ton of levels and the first third of them are easily completed in about 2/3 minutes. So based on the value for price and the size of game and the fact I didn't really like the character scenes(I just wanted to play!) I'm giving it 3 stars. But what actual gaming there is is fantastically done.

- Rubbish “game of the year”

Bought it because of Apple’s recommendation as “game of the year”. Really bad game. Not worth the money.

- Okay....

Donut County is a fun game to play but needs a free play mode where you can eat everything and everyone!

- Urrgh!!

Cannot see how this is game of the year. Sure at times there are (sort of) puzzle sections but this really is boring crap. Zero fun involved. Don’t fall for the hype and waste your money

- Short storyline

Too short, finished in a couple hours.

- Disappointingly short for the price

I downloaded this after seeing it had won 2018 game of the year and paid £4.99 for the privilege. Sadly, as other reviewers have mentioned, it’s very text heavy and when you do get to play it’s not particularly taxing. I completed it in a couple of sessions and was surprised by the small amount of actual game play, if you take out all the ‘story’. Feel like I’ve been ripped off. Will think twice before following Apple recommendations again.

- Absolutely rubbish: feel like Apple was paid

Absolutely rubbish: feels like apple was paid to make it game of the year. Too much text conversation (hence reading) among characters; and very little game play, which was fun. Finished the whole game in a few days.

- Constant reading

Hated all the dialogue and there’s way too much of it, no way to skip the lot. The games were fun but about ten levels and I got to the end. Not worth the money

- Not big enough for the money

This game is good with probably 2 flaws: 1. It’s expensive for the content and imo should be priced at about £2 not £5 2. Its difficult to read what is going on and why! Apart from that the actual game play is very good........the puzzles are too easy to complete but fun’s just not long enough as a game to justify the price tag.

- Too short and full of annoying cut scenes

As game of the year, expected much more from this game. I’ve completed it in a couple of hours, and most of that was trying to move through the cut scenes. Very little replay value. Was expecting something similar to

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Taking a break from FF7 checking out Donut County on my Stream.

@lyzl Donut County is really cute, really silly, relatively simple, and usually cheap on the eShop. Later stages ca…

@FurriesConfess @TraaaashPanda Donut County were probably made by furries, but who knows... Talking raccoons and giant holes 👀

@DuncanTreadgold Donut County is wonderful

@ejfanatic: Just a quick 30 mile jaunt through the canyon to track down a copy of Disaster Report (along with Donut County) to send off…

@ejfanatic @averylail116 @BestBuy BB has Donut County?

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Donut County 1.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Donut County iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Donut County iphone images
Donut County iphone images
Donut County iphone images
Donut County iphone images
Donut County iphone images
Donut County ipad images
Donut County ipad images
Donut County ipad images
Donut County ipad images
Donut County ipad images
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Donut County (Version 1.1.0) Install & Download

The applications Donut County was published in the category Games on 2018-08-28 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive [Developer ID: 1242610251]. This application file size is 335.81 MB. Donut County - Games posted on 2018-12-05 current version is 1.1.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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