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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

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The applications Dune! was published in the category Games on 2017-10-11 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 228.50 MB. The current version is 4.5.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Fix Bugs

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Too many Ads  OOFman323  2 star

Personally, I love this game but there is one major problem that makes me hate it, the ads. This game seems like it was just made for ads, I literally get ads when I die, when I want to revive and even in the middle of the game! I’m highly asking for less ads because I’m sure then there would be more positive reviews.


Game  kadenemery  2 star

I’m garbage at it

walker iron

It kept buzzing  walker iron  1 star

I thinks it’s good but the buzz is distracting


Fun game annoying ads  Mazargreen77  4 star

Good entertaining fun but the ads are annoying


Ads ads ads  BillsMays  1 star

Annoying ads every other play.


Its great!  Rawr7232  4 star

I’m addicted to it, no denying that. However, it is a bit glitchy when playing it, but overall it is a wonderful game that I would recommend to anyone.


Thank you for making it it’s good crazy  wpby2001\erd  5 star



Discount tiny wings  brad.wist  4 star

Pretty much same concept, free but ads spammed every other run. Beautiful design


Way too many ads  mendo059  2 star

And really isn’t that fun


Nice game needs no ads  Lefrog23  5 star


densel PROS

We pretty much like it  densel PROS  3 star

Good good good good


SO FUN  JFcloud  5 star

This game is so fun and satisfying if you get a smooth landing😂😍 also for the ads just put on aeroplane mode without mobile data and wifi on


Please Fix  arwen#best  4 star

I love 💕 the game so much and I have a score of 251 no joke just please GET RID OF THE ADDS


Suggestion.  Łiły  4 star

I think you should add a feature where you can randomize your ball, sky and floor it would be a fun and interesting combo. Thanks. -Lily.

randomized person....

Good game, one problem.... ads.  randomized person....  3 star

It’s a great game and all, but the ads... that’s a whole different story. Yes I know you need money, but.... the amount of “world war rising” ads is unacceptable, please.. I’m asking you guys at Voodoo a favour, just please advertise your own games or something like that, there is just TOO MANY ADS!! Sincerely, Person


Dune  gidtiidtikgxtd  4 star

Good game but their is a little bit of lagging at the start and there are so many ads The ads are what ruin the game


👍  bybbia  5 star

Great game of skill and fun


Important  iphjfyv  5 star



Its a bit bad  catgirl🐈🐱  4 star

Maybe do not add a lot of adds


ADS ADS ADS ADS  Joelbmx199  1 star

Fun game but horrible because of ads

robert analmen

Ads  robert analmen  3 star

I keep getting a ad in the middle of the game

isuxuksij j. s. ru najxju

Dune  isuxuksij j. s. ru najxju  5 star

Dune is so fun🤗🤗🤗🤗 i have almost all the balls


Very very fun to play and satisfying  Project_Infinoise  5 star

Wish you guys could make it multiplayer so we could all play with our friends.


Super laggy  SOCKStheDRAGON  2 star

I'm sure the game would be fun... However, the game was unplayable for me because of some serious lag.


Laggy  millerm1492  1 star

This game was great, but I updated it and it is so laggy to the point where it is unplayable because it freezes. Fix!


Ads  thunderblud3311  5 star

There should be less adds and more coins


Hi  ofjddhdisgshxixhxhgsjsug  1 star



Dune  player309/1142008  1 star

It plays ads when I’m trying to play it and it freezes the GAME!!!


New balls  #1gamelover4ever  5 star

I liked the game but I have A LOT of coins but I can’t use them because I have all the balls. Plz make some new ones. For example: animals and faces


Are you serious  Pillownose-Reindeer  3 star

Every single time I play I get an ad you need to take out at least half the ads you put in but it’s still a fun game


Cant play game without giving up privacy  2ShaeDesign  1 star

Cant play game without forcing consent to data sharing


It won’t delete  yaszooxoxo147  3 star

How can I delete it for some reason it won’t delete and I’ve tried to delete it but it’s not working


It’s great but  wickapidea  4 star

It lags a lot and messes me up. I would like to have a game you can play out and about, other ways it’s great!


RIP off!  snipermatt  1 star

I would like my money back please!!! Bought the game so there’d be no adverts. Update later and adverts, end of game, more adverts. Why charge to remove adverts and then place them back in? I have deleted the game as it’s so annoying to be ripped off and bombarded with adverts. Game is ok apart from that rip off. Don’t buy it! You’ll be bored of it after 3min play every time. You would have got 3stars if you didn’t rip me off!

WJC Eagle

Ads on premium...  WJC Eagle  1 star

Payed for this app a while ago, no issues, great fun but with the more recent updates I get ads quite frequently now and the app is not restoring my purchase... tried contacting the developer with no response.

Micheal Moethors

Great Game but less ads  Micheal Moethors  3 star

This is such an addictive game but every second level an ad comes up. Extremely annoying


Left handed  yay1232123  3 star

You move the button to the left but never considered left handers . That hurts.


Good game - but still getting ads even though I paid  osullish  2 star

This is a good game, but like most Voodoo games they shove ads in everywhere. I paid the money to have them removed and the latest update puts a big ad in right at the start. If you’re going to show ads, can I get my money back??

Worse game I die of bordem

Great Game, 5 star, Too many ADS!  Worse game I die of bordem  5 star

The game, it's a piece of art rather than a game. I love it with all my heart but... TOO MANY ADS! That's the only reason i don't play it more!


Way too many adds  Roisinnnnn13  1 star

Good game suppose,way to many adds it absolutely ridiculous,cant enjoy it because of this it breaks my temper an add after every game i couldnt be arsed with it anymore

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