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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

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- Really good game!

This game is great and I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their age. I don’t know why it’s rated 12+, but it should be rated 4+. For any parents who are worried about this game being inappropriate for younger children, please don’t worry about Dune. I like that they included a function to change the balls’ shapes, colors, and trails. You can unlock all of these functions with coins, which you get every round that you play. There is one ball that is a pink gem and is for premium only, but this ball can also be unlocked by using coins. This game doesn’t have very many ads, maybe one every 2-3 rounds you play. It’s very smooth, and there’s almost no lag. Every once in a while, you come across an ad, but most of the ads I’ve seen in Dune can be skipped after 5-10 seconds. Dune is not hard to play at all. You simply hold down your finger on the screen to speed up, and release it to jump. You can also dive while in the air by holding your finger down. I would highly recommend this game to any of my friends and family. It’s a great game to play with and pass time. Thank you for reading my review!

- My frustration

At first I loved this game. There was not to many ads and the game was super satisfying. A couple WEEKS after playing the game there was so many ads I could not even play for a straight minute. Sometimes I would even start a game and then there would be an ad in the middle and I would die immediately. Also the reviving situation. When I died the button would come up. If my score was low I would just click out to restart. Most of the time I had to watch an ad anyway. Some of the ads were 30 seconds then you clicked the X button and it was another 30 seconds of boredom. Enough about ads for now. One of the problems is that when I found this game in the AppStore it says 12+. I am older than that so I downloaded it. When it finished installing I go on the app and a white screen appears saying I must be 15 and have read the private policy. I didn’t do either of those but I continued on anyway. I got on and the game was fine. After a couple DAYS it just kept glitching out. It is not my phone because my phone is literally the iPhone XS. I also feel like there should be a button to turn off the other peoples balls. They can b very distracting as well as annoying. If you could just add to setting something to turn it off that would be great. Sorry my review was so long but there is still lots more issues. I do not recommend this app especially if on your phone you have to pay for it.

- Increased difficulty. Impossible unlocks.

Dune used to be one of my favorite time sinks, it really was "the smoothest game" but now that they have ratcheted the difficulty up (by making the required angle of landing so shallow) it has become incredibly jarring and frustrating. Not to mention that if you hit a certain area on the downslope, your ball bounces and hits the upslope at too steep of an angle, causing an automatic failure. The game has you unlock more backgrounds, balls, and hill textures by completing certain objectives in-game. For instance: revive 20 times for a particular new ball. The problem is, they made it ridiculously difficult, if not impossible. When I started working on this one in particular, it was simply annoying; you have to watch an advertisement to revive (this is understandable), but when you 'die' a second time, you have to watch ANOTHER ad. If you skip that ad or close app, the revival you just used doesn't count towards the unlock. That was irritating, to say the least, but I muscled through double advertisements. This is irritating to me because I know the Dev is getting paid twice for what should be a single ad revival, as it is in just about every other ad-supported game. Now I'm at 17 of 20 revives, and the game will not let me revive at all anymore. The purple 'Revive' button is entirely gone. If I can't unlock this ball, I'm automatically precluded from unlocking others in the future (EG: use X number of different balls).

- Love this, but kind of annoying in some ways

Hi. So I love the game Dune, I have had it for a year and a half and I love it. (I just said that didn’t I?) Well, there is only a few things I don’t like. First off, I had this on my iPod touch before my iPhone and it was great. Now, I had to reinstall the app from the App Store and I couldn’t log in or anything and my iPod is broken so I lost all my coins and balls and backgrounds. Second, on my iPod, it doesn’t vibrate. There’s no way to make an iPod vibrate. It just doesn’t. So when I got my iPhone after my iPod got broken, my iPhone vibrates. I do NOT like the fact that Dune vibrates when you get a smooth landing or die. I do NOT like it and I wish there was a way to turn it off. Third, apparently, also Dune doesn’t show up in Settings with the other apps so I have no idea if I could turn it off vibrations or not. Thank you and please add a place where you can turn vibrations off! EDIT: apparently I’m stupid or dumb or something and I just found out how to turn vibrations off in a matter of 10 seconds. Anyway please do consider the #1 I want my coins back please!! Thank you!

- Best Game Ever!

This game is so much fun! I unlocked everything in such a short matter of time! The game is so addictive! At first it’s hard to get used to but after you get used to it it’s so much fun! This game has everything to offer! There’s fun challenges also! The new update of collecting coins is so much fun! Yes there is a lot of ads but you get to close out of them in a matter of 5 or less seconds! I definitely recommend this game! There is no cons about this amazing game! (No I’m not one of those fake people game creators hire to write good reviews!) I generally love this game and play it all the time! If your looking for a game that challenges you and is fun download this game! Keep up the great work creators!😁😍 The only thing I would complain about is when I first open the app and begin the game I will be mid air and a add will pop up, its kind of annoying but only happens when I first open the game.

- Why? Just why?

First of all, I have a question. So, now, when you first enter the game, you need to confirm those little things, then press continue, or something like that. At first, I though it was just for the terms of use and like bugs that could slow down the device. (Meaning it will load slowly.) So, as most people, I ignored them and just carried on with the game, playing around, changing skins, background, etc. Then, today, I took the time to read them and to see what they actually have to say. The first o e was as I expected, the terms of use/service. But then I moved on to the second one, and what did I see? “I agree to play for free and that my PERSONAL DATA is COLLECTED VIA the SDK tools built into the application.” WHAT. THE. FLIP. You can’t just go and collect personal data from adults, more so, CHILDREN. Now, Every. Single. Time, I play this game, I feel un-safe. Please stop this. Oh, and also, I will not be playing the game till this is fixed. For the rest of this review, it’s the adds. Most of the time, I can’t even play the game before and add loads in to collect your interest. Thank you. Have a nice day. Good day.

- Honest Dune Review

I used to absolutely be obsessed with this game, but ever since they made it a competition, I really don’t enjoy it. It might’ve been four stars if they didn’t make it harder. Why did they make it harder? Probably so you’d keep playing. But personally, I liked it when it wasn’t impossible. But that’s just me. If you like the new version of the impossible competition, congrats to you. Not trying to convince anyone not to play because it’s actually quite enjoyable but the competition aspect has made it more stressful instead of stress-relieving, which is what it used to be to me. On the plus side, it doesn’t have many adds, which is quite unusual for a free game, and you get new balls, ground, and sky so you have variety. This review could’ve been four stars if they didn't make it impossible to play, but because it is, I chose three stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I hope this review was helpful to anyone debating downloading this game. Once again, this is just an honest Dune review from my perspective. I would recommend downloading the game just to try it out. Some people may enjoy the competition. Thanks for reading. Hope it helped!🤓🤪

- Liked it but one problem

This game has been one of my top favorites for a long time. I think t is so fun and I am addicted. It is kind of easy but has some really difficult points to the game as well. This has got to be one of my all time favorite games. I have one problem though. This game has so many ads!! First off, I know that free games like these are supposed to have ads, but this is just bad. I have other free games on my phone that are just as fun but don’t have nearly as many ads. This game has a revive feature to so if you die and are about reach your high score or something and want to be revived you can use this. The price to use it is just to watch an ad. One time I used the revive feature because I was about to pass my high score and was very excited but the ad didn’t let me X out of it. So I had to restart my game and I had watched that video for nothing. This has happened to me several times. And it is not because of the phone because my phone is brand new. Anyway, this game is nice and I think it is worth it but the ads are just very very annoying.

- Small fixes much needed

I play this game almost every day, sometimes several times a day. I enjoy it so much that I paid for the ad-free version (also because the ads were extremely annoying). And unfortunately there are some minor problems that would make this game much better if fixed. One of them is when I choose to watch an ad in order to continue my streak in the main game, and after the ad is over, I lose my streak and have to start back at zero. It just happened to me where I was at almost 100 points when I crashed, so I chose to watch the ad to continue from where I left off, and when I got back to the game after the ad it started me back at the beginning with a score of “0”. This is one of very few games I’ve actually paid for. And things like that make me regret it. Also, if the developers could add a “retry challenge” button at the end of a run that would take you directly to the beginning of the challenge instead of the challenges menu, that would be awesome. Would just make binge-playing a bit easier. ;)

- Good game but ONE PROBLEM ☝️ 😠 :/

I downloaded the app because I saw it in an add. But then when i play, there, as u probably know if u play, is a purple button that pops up when u fail. You press and an ad pops up, and in return an extra life. But there’s a problem with this. Sometimes when I didn’t really get that far and didn’t care to save that progress, I didn’t press the button. But sometimes and ONLY SOMETIMES, an ad will pop up ANYWAY! Like, why even give us the option to press a “watch an add for another life!!” Button if you only do that when u press the button!? Even though this problem really bugs me, I like the game. 😒🙃 Edit: ok. It says in my last review (a month ago) all the stuff about the button with the extra life and stuff. I continued to play for a while and I get an update. BUTTTT...remember how I said that it only happened sometimes? Yes well when I got the update this problem happens ALL the time now!! OMG WHY! Over all this game is good but U PPL GOT TO CUT DOWN ON THE ADS! This is a really fun game and i don’t want to have to delete it because of all the ads. Pls fix this!! Ps. Forgive meh for this being so long 👍

- WAY to many ads!!

Ok, I normally don’t write reviews or get annoyed by ads, but this app just crossed the line. When I started playing Dune, it was fun, satisfying, and just fun to play with barely any ads. But after, maybe, 4-5 days after playing, it just started to get to hard and ads started popping up every 2 minutes. No, more like every 10 seconds. AND IM NOT EXAGGERATING!!! I will be in the middle of a level and BOOM, an ad! Sometimes you can’t even x the ad out and you have to close out the game. Once I was 1 point away from beating my high score and an ad came up, causing me to die!!!!! Now, I understand that ads keep the game running or whatever, but this is just to much. Here’s a suggestion for the people who made this game; it gets boring after a while, so maybe add like modes or something, for example maybe a “gravity” level where when you press down it goes up instead of down. Idk just a suggestion. Don’t get me wrong, this game is very fun, but the ads just cross the line. Honestly I don’t even know why I’m even writing this as I’m just another annoyed player and this will most likely be ignored.

- Please Read This And Take In...

This game is one of my favorite games of all time. I have made it past 1000 of a score, and have almost every ball unlocked. I got it back in 2017. But there is one problem. The game is easy. Not so easy it is boring the first round you play, but easy as in...slow. What I mean by that is you can only get 8 points max every drop. It took me about 15-20 minutes at LEAST, to get my high score. Some examples to fix this is add another line that gives you 16 points. This will make gameplay so much more fun and fast as myself I can get so high the ground doesn’t even load in. Another thing would be to add more achievements to unlock balls. One thing that motivated me to get my score was to get the skins, and trust me, the ones you have are pretty amazing. Some examples, get above 100 score or get above 500 score, or even higher. Landscapes and grounds will be pretty great too. Possibly power ups like a speed boost, or an extra 10 points, or a shield of some sort? These are just ideas that I think will make the game less... plain. Thank you!

- Used to love it. Not the same.

I used to LOVE this game. Me and my boyfriend would have challenges to see who could get to a certain amount of point first and who could unlock a certain ball first. I quit playing it because I ran out of storage on my phone. A few months later (now) I decided to download it again and I really wish I hadn’t. Not only is it very glitchy now, it’s been overran with ads, which I’m usually tolerant of AND it’s MUCH harder than it used to be. Not because the terrain was changed but because now there’s some kind of “computer players” playing at the same time you are and when you’re playing a game such as this one that requires such high speed attention, it’s hard to tell which ball is yours when you need to. I used to be able to play one round and I’d quadruple the scores I’ve been getting recently and a the reason for the low scores I’ve been getting is because of the other balls that are jumping around mine. I’m cool with leaving them there but what’s their point? Why not make them an option that you can turn off? I’m more frustrated over the extra balls than anything. It’s impossible to enjoy anymore.

- Good but...

Lemme just say i love this game. I only gave 4 stars because of the ads. Even when i click ‘continue, don't revive’ it gives me an ad! What?!?! I SAID NO TO REVIVING FOR AN AD. And get this. It gives me an ad but doesn't revive me. Ads every single time! And I'm NOT paying for them to go away. For anyone who doesn’t want the ads TURN OFF YOUR WIFI! The game still works great and no ads. I get it that ads are ways to promote products but when i get one every time i die, tbh I REALLY don't want the product then. The add just frustrate me. A LOT. On the brighter side I LOVE the rest of the game. The skins are hard to get but not impossible and its fun to unlock nee skins, Backgrounds, and grounds! Thank you to you guys for making the whole screen customizable! I also have some new skin ideas: make your own skin. You could give us a template of a round ball and we could add color. I get it if thats too hard to do, just an idea. You could aldo let us draw our own backgrounds and grounds. Again just a thought. Thanks for reading!

- Come on

This game was really cool but like, the ads kill me. First of all, if the ad isn't loaded, it probably shouldn't be playing and forcing me to wait longer than it would to just close out of the app and load it back up. Also, your second chances have never worked for me. I'll click the button and watch an ad that I can't skip, but when the ad is over it just plays another ad and my second chance never happened. So I basically just watched twice the amount of ads for nothing simply because I was one off of a new skin and wanted to try and get it. It's become a pain to play and the old enjoyment has kinda gone. Also, why is it harder now? Like sure it needs a challenge but the challenge was still there, just in larger numbers. Now it's kinda just confusing. You'll do one thing that use to work and now it works half the time and doesn't the other half. It should be consistent. Also what's with this glitch that when you hold down, it goes straight horizontal? It basically breaks your run and is nearly impossible to land. This game use to be fun. Now, it's hard to play.

- Good could be much better

First, when you pay for the app there should be no more advertising period. They are better off charging a little more up front and getting creative then forcing advertisements for an extra life. Second, the physics were supposedly improved in one of the recent updates but in practice the game was made harder because the angles at which the ball stops were increased just enough that previous high score with earlier versions are now much more difficult to attain. That means you are forced to sea more advertisements to continue with an extra life or start from the beginning which is quite disappointing. Finally, they should employ true physics instead of having the ball coming to a hard stop at a predetermined angle. Perhaps they could have it bounce back and if it does determine a penalty of some kind. The game is very very fluid and entertaining but this abrupt stop which basically ends the game is extremely frustrating, they need to come up with a better way to challenge the player.

- Fun but slightly irritating

I have been playing this game off and on for about 2 weeks now and I find it to be a fun way to waste some time. It is a simplistic game that can take the average person a while to figure out how to land smoothly. The reason why I give this game a 3 Star instead of 4 is because of the sheer amount of ridiculous unskippable ads that you are forced to watch to continue playing. I average a 30 second advertisement every 3 ‘deaths’ in the game. And since it is really easy to have to lose even after the first couple of seconds playing, it gets rather irritating quickly. Although you can pay money to get rid of advertisements, it costs $2.99. I just don’t personally feel as if this game has enough joy and content in it to merit paying $3 for, it would be better in all honesty if it was 99 cents because I wouldn’t mind supporting developers. All in all it is fun and mildly addicting but having to wait and watch 30 second advertisements every couple of minutes gets old quickly.


The game is great and i have no problem with it. There’s just one problem that really ticks me off and that’s the delay you get to go down when you hold that only happens every so often! I’m doing so good and out of no where if i hold to go down to reach another smooth landing, AS i’m holding it has no affect on my ball it stays moving slowly as if my finger isn’t on the screen! It does that for a good 3 second’s and then out of no where it decides to respond to my tap and it goes down in a completely different location in which i DID NOT want to land at, which completely messes me up and this small but huge problem really messes with how much fun i can truly have on this game. Fix that problem and this game is flawless to me. PLEASE DO fix it though because this really ruins the gameplay for this game that delay is super annoying and it only happens 40% of the time so you really never know when it’s going to happen which makes it so much worse!

- Fun when Im not clicking off Ads

This game is like countless others, a remake cash grab. “Dragon fly” is the original, to my knowledge, with way more of an urgency to continue your roll of consecutive well timed take offs due to the pursuit of Momma Dragon. The progression of your dragon was within a free to play manner and the ads weren’t so intrusive, seeing how much money an authentically fun game makes you there wasn’t a need for such an aggressive ad approach. I keep this game on my phone for times when I have no data or wifi. While waiting at the store I decide to play this game to pass the time. I load in and begin to start my run, almost immediately am I interrupted from the game I had just begun for an Ad! Something that could be placed before your run, on opening of the app, or immediately after the run is over as done by numerous other games. Not so disappointed at the concept of the Ads but moreover how lack luster this game is to have such nerve to stop the gameplay to sell me more things I know I do not want. Pitiful. 1 star type of move gets you a 1 star type of review!

- Love it, but needs improvement

First off, this is a really great game, but I’m only giving it 3 stars bc there are some major issues. First, why is it rated 12 plus? It’s nonviolent, satisfying, and single player. Also, I think that there should be other goals to the game. Once you have all the balls and backgrounds, the only point is to get new high scores. There is also a thing called challenges, but they are kinda easy at first, and then they get impossible and very frustrating. Another problem is the ads. When I started playing, there were very few of them, but now it will interrupt me while I’m playing with a 30 second ad. You can just turn off the WiFi sometimes, which also disables second chance. It also keeps asking to track me and share my information with other developers, and it won’t let me keep playing unless you press yes. Weird. This game is also really great, and super satisfying, so don't take my review the wrong way. Get it and try it for yourself!

- Please read this thank you

Hey I love this game but like other people there are so many adds but you kinda have to I get it cause people don’t pay for this game so yeah I love playing this when I get bored or but sometimes I get bored I get a new score a lot I’m on the fifth day and my score is 93 but other than that it’s a good game can you make the adds short please I have other stuff to do what I do is go out of the add and go back in but that doesn’t always work but most of the time it does I’m just saying I also like the skins and stuff just please oh please make it just a little harder and get a update every few months and I think that would be good and really fun I think most people will agree but I will give you five stars for now unless it gets really easy then I’ll let you know my new high score and ask you please I get bored and I might delete it

- Simple but strong

As other reviews have mentioned, this game is a little bare bones and simplistic, but I've had hours of fun with it, and for a free game, I sure can't fault it for much. I'm not sure if there's supposed to be sound, but I don't have any. When you get in a rhythm, it's a total blast. I wish that things were a little more fleshed out regarding level variety, maybe some items that effect gameplay, but I enjoyed this title enough that I will give it five stars, not because it achieved perfection, but because I can recommend it with absolutely no caveat. You won't be playing it in ten years or anything, but it does what it says on the tin with a high level of satisfaction. Not sure what else to say. Great little game, and a wonderful example of a simple idea done well. I'd like to see a little more polish, but again, it's free. I'll be awaiting the next release from this developer, because I would gamble that it will be strong as well.

- Fun, but a lot of ads and possible privacy invading.

I really enjoy playing this game, but there are way too many adds. Every single time i start playing, i always get interrupted by the add for "World War Rising." That may not seem like a big deal, but when you see it literally every time you start to play, you get mad. Also, when you die, you have the option to watch an add to revive ypurself. This is fine, but if you choose not to, 90% of the time, an add pops up. So you have to decide if you want to revive yourself by watching an add, or not revive yourself, but will probably have to watch an add. There is also a "Terms of service" policy that pops up every now and then. These dont really bother me, but it basically says that they will be invading your privacy. My dad has turned off ad tracking, though, so im not very worried. All in all, i quite enjoy this game, but way too many ads and possible invasion of your privacy.

- Load crash repeat

Ih my lord does this game love to crash. Just loading it up it will crash for like the next 6 load attempts. But then you get it playing and it’s fun for about 5 minutes before, guess what, another crash. And it really likes to crash at the most in opportune moments. The only 3 reasons for a crash are system error, command execution error, or RAM overload. Seeing as this is the only app that crashes on my phone it is clearly not system error. And both other option require you to program a little better with some for-thought. I don’t know how an app this tiny could max out a phones RAM. Unless you just left worthless strings in that have no purpose but still request priority and RAM space. But it doesn’t happen all the time meaning it is probably poor command referencing and jumbled execution packages. All of these are incredibly easy to fix and should be gone in the next update. Until then, you keep that 1 star to remind you of a very easy problem. It is so easy i think i might just fix it for myself. But I can’t fix it for others so I'm still leaving this hear.

- Fantastic, But needs minor improvement..

The overall sum of this so-called “Dune!” Game is great.. It’s a generally simple game with not many rules. But the adds! Don’t even get me started.. When I tell you this, take it seriously.. (Don't quote me on this) The game is great, but the adds make the game preferably annoying and seem to repeat the same as for the same game for a reasonable period of time.. What I mean is that about every 2 to 3 times you die and an ad will pop up, and most of the time the same ad pops up every time.. It makes no sense to watch a video to get revived if we are already watching and skipping ads every minute of the time we play the app.. I know it’s because of money and all but you already have 14 other games making loads of money.. Why not take away the adds? Ohh, and also, apparently only 1% of the world can get to 100 points or over. (I got to 154, not trying to brag). So yeah, please take this review into consideration. Thank you for reading all this. -Scorpion_Gamer

- Nice game👍🏻👌🏻🙃🙂😉

This is a very good game I think that you should let 5 and older play the game because there is nothing bad about it so I think you should let them play to so they can have just as much fun as 14 year olds because a lot of 14 year olds don’t want to play this game because it is to childish but it is not at all so you could get more people to play the game if you just let five and older or even 3 year olds it is so come and easy to play it is really easy to play when you figure it out at first it is really hard but then it becomes easy I just got a new night score of 200and something do you know what the highest score is for this game because I want to beat it and thanks for letting me talk but you should think about it I think it is a good idea have a nice day and please answer my question thanks

- Love this game, but too many ads!!! Makers plz read

This game is pretty cool, and one of my favorites now. But there are sooooo many ads. This is a game where u could mess up a lot, which means u die a lot. But it seems like over 50% of the time there’s an ad after i die, when i just want to keep on playing instead of waiting for the skip button to come. If u guys could minimize the ads that would be absolutely AMAZING and i know a lot of my friends who used to have this but gave up on it b/c of the ads. Also, there’s two things that would be nice if u guys did: • Fix the revive button. It doesn’t work all the time. Just an extra ad for no reason... • if there was a retry button for the challenges. I know someone already said this, but i actually thought of it on my own too and agree with it. Sometimes i just know I messed up already. If you’ve read this far, thank you i appreciate it. Love the game tho!!

- Greed

I’m not gonna sit here and whine about how the game is simplistic or feels unfinished. That’s exactly how this game is supposed to be. Literally 100% pretty much on point. You’re launching a ball in the air to score points. It doesn’t have a story, levels, or whatever. It’s basically an idler. My issue is the $3 purchase I’m required to make to unlock all the content for this free app. See, in order to unlock the last ball, which requires you to unlock and try all the other balls, you have to unlock the premium ball. This can only be done by spending the ridiculously high $3 to remove the five second ads that appear after every few games. This system was clearly designed to pressure people into spending what is honestly a really high amount just to remove ads. Not to mention, two of the balls require you to watch up to 20 full length adds, up to one minute or longer in duration. Seems like this game is designed to generate money since it plays ads after every single game, cannot be completed without making in app purchases, and forces you to watch ads to unlock content.

- AMAZING....all most all of the time GET IT🥇

I think this is a fun game while in line for a ride at disney or during a long car ride. My friend showed me this game and I have een playing it none stop. It is not super stressful to those you get anxious around fast pass games. There are so many little characters that you do not need to spend real money on. This is no t one of these games that fish for your money in order to be able to play. That is all awesome but one thing that I do not like is the adds are not so kid safe, most are weird but if you really need to skip the adds you can. Please do not think that because of this you should not get the game because like I said this really only happens 1 out of 10 times. I really think you should get this app because it is awesome🤞I LOVE ❤️ IT

- Great app, but one problem.

First of all, this is a great app. It is very addicting and fun to play, not to mention a great time killer. I like how they made the game more challenging after about a month the game was made, because at first the landing targets were all very easy to land on. Now, they still have the big ones, but also added some smaller ones to make it harder. Though this is a great app, it also has a problem. The adds are endless! Almost every time I end a game it goes to an add. Also, if you are to use a revive, which you have to watch an add to use, they make the add extra long like they are trying to waste your time. Sometimes, the revive doesn’t even work! It just ends the game and loses all your progress. I know that the plenty of apps have adds, but not like this. I think this is a great app overall, without mentioning the adds, so I gave it a 3 star. I would definitely recommend this app, but be aware of the adds!

- Erm 😬😐

Hello! I love this game, I still do! Just a few HUGE problems... ADS. I know this is how you make money, at the start of the game when I first downloaded it there were no ads.... about 4 days later every 3 times I die an ad pops up. Also, when you first get into the game and start a round, an ad pops up in the middle of your flight. Therefore, you die. It really aggravates me the fact it says 12+. My friends mom is strict so she is not aloud to download anything over 9+, she really wanted to try this game but her mom set something up on her phone where she needs permission to download anything. So my friend sends her mom the download request, her mom looks at the app, and tells her she cant download it because it is 12+. It made her pretty sad. I do like how it is smooth and nice but not “the smoothest game ever”. Ads aren’t smooth, and 12+ on young children's apps. Thank you for reading my paragraph of rants if you have made it this far, -Alyssa

- Fun and Addictive, but 3 Issues.

This is a great game and I would recommend it to anyone looking to pass a couple quick minutes for whatever reason. However, there are 3 issues ranked from LEAST to MOST important: 1. If other apps are open on your phone then game lags- severe at first then becomes more mold (I’ve found Snapchat, safari to be particularly bad) 2. The ads to revive are kind of strange. Especially because I paid for PREMIUM. I understand we can’t expect a small payment to satisfy the company, but an option to completely eliminate ads would be nice. That being said, it’s not as intrusive and terrible as some claim. 3. The new “Challenges” get incredibly difficult. I’ve made it to around 33 on the first challenge and, my goodness, they are frustrating. I enjoy a challenge, but these are so disheartening that I’ve actually begun to play the game less and less. These challenges add a great replay-ability aspect to this simple little game, but they need to make a more diverse range of challenges (easy, medium, hard, insane?) to keep that sense of progression and accomplishment going. The current system is no good. ——— 1 Star removed for these reasons. Should they be fixed, I will gladly change to a 5 Star rating. ——— Recommendation: Download the game and see if you agree with me! ————————————————————

- Eh

I mean, it is technically a “game”, so at least it has that going for it. However, this game has no focus whatsoever, it feels like an unfinished beta, like they got all the basics of their game down and then somebody accidentally released it before they could add all the stuff that makes it good. For example, tiny wings (which, if you didn’t know from the other reviews, this game is heavily based off physics-wise) has levels and a clear end. When you get to each end, you can move on to the next level. This game although fun at first, has no components like that to keep people playing. That, plus the harassment of ads every time you mess up and the lack of music, this is really a game you’ll download to kill some time but will eventually stop playing and delete. It’s a fad now, but one doomed to die like flappy bird or trivia crack. Unless this game makes some serious improvements, it’s not going to last very long. Also, maybe this is just me, but when I start going very fast in-game, it starts to jump and glitch out and lag, making it very hard to navigate where to land and kind of is the opposite of “smooth” game play. Also, this as well might just be my phone messing up, but there’s absolutely no music. Not even swoosh sounds or minimal sound effects, making the ads music and sound jarring if you forget to turn your volume off. Basically, this game is a great start, but ultimately feels unfinished.

- Needs Tweaking, but fun.

This game was fun, but then the update came out. New skins were fun, but there is a bug where if you tap in the middle of your game, it has a small chance of not counting the touch for 3 seconds which can mess up your entire round. Following this, when you lose, your punishment is the frustration of yet another ad. I think advertising is important, but frustrating the player after every 2 deaths with an ad can drive away an audience quickly. The new Physics rule only made the game harder. The ball comes down at an angle and older players with high scores are haltered by this new obstacle. It’s a fun game, yeah, but I didn’t consider writing an actual unhappy review until the game had been so good and turned into this tangled mess of frustration in a matter of one update. Consider this review please. That’ll earn you a 5 star rating.

- For a number of reasons

First of all, THE ADS. There are so many ads in this game, that I’m starting to think that they made this game just to interrupt your game with ads for money Second of all, the “Second Chance” thing is ridiculous. You have to click or “tap” to skip the ad before the timer is done. If you don't, you will watch an ad and get no second chance. It’s irritating. Even if you tap before the timer goes down, you will probably still get an ad. Third of all, the buzzing. It’s not to bad, but it seems like I’m always getting messages and it’s weird. Not to bad, but it’s unnecessary. You can turn this off in the settings so it’s not much of a big deal, but I don’t need my phone to buzz every time I get a combo or die. Fourth of all, (sorry if this review is too long) There is no pause button. It’s strange. So when you are interrupted by a text from someone, or something important pops up, you can’t just pause the game like most games and go check out, then come back and resume playing. Fifth of all, there isn’t too much point in the game. There’s no skins to unlock, no objectives, nothing. Just try to get as far as you can. It’s bland. Sorry for the long review, If you made it this far, congrats! In total, this game is boring. If you like games like this, or love this game, all the power to ya! I prefer Tiny Wings. I do like VooDoo games, but this one is just poorly made in my opinion.

- So-so

I recently downloaded this app because it looked interesting, I played it for a while, got bored, played it again (today) then got bored of it entirely. It’s way too hard and nearly impossible to get anywhere, plus there’s so many ads! Even when I don’t choose the “watch an ad to revive” thing it still plays an ad anyway. Plus, what are the other ball things flying around for? They’re slightly annoying because it makes me feel like I’m the only one who can’t get past the moon or whatever. Very disappointed in this game. I apologize if any of this is disturbing, but I ask that you please try to improve the game. Thank you. Update I am sorry to say that I am no longer playing the game, at this point it seems impossible to get anywhere and the ads are just out of control. Start playing, ad, then an ad again and again, then when you fail, AD! It’s rather repetitive and it’s getting really annoying! I don’t want to criticize this game too much but it really could use some improvement.

- This is a Great Game ⭐️

Ok. This is a great game. I downloaded this app because all my friends have it and every time I play it on there phone I don’t want to stop. When I first started playing this game there weren’t as many ads. But as I started playing this game more frequently there were a lot of ads. Yes, I know the ads help to get paid. But you don’t need so many ads. When I play the game and then log off for a while or for a day I log back on and right when I touch the screen there’s an ad. And don’t get it twisted this game is really really fun it’s just the ads. I recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t really care about the ads. But it might just be me who keeps getting ads right when they play the game. But if you don’t like getting ads this might not be the game for you. But overall this game is really fun, it’s just the ads

- Ads are unbearable

I’d like to start this out by saying that the gameplay is fun. It is entertaining in short bursts and is a great time-waster game. However, I feel like I hardly even get to play the game because of all of the ads that are present. I understand that the devs need to make money, but I have sometimes encountered 2 or 3 ads per run. Depending on how far you get runs will last longer, but I find most of mine take only about 1 minute, which means that they are forcing me to match around 1 minute of game-time with possibly even more time in ads! It gets worse. Even if you are able to deal with and work around the ads that are you are forced to view after your runs, you will often be forced to watch ads in the middle of your runs, which is completely unacceptable. Overall, gameplay is decently fun, but know that most of your time spent on this app will be viewing ads.

- Great new update!

To start off: I got this just before the last update, and it was fun! It was like that bird game, but free. While the ads are annoying, and they come up about every five games, if you play well, that won’t be a problem. They aren’t very long at all. I, personally, don’t think buying premium is worth it. The game wasn’t anything special, and was really, really basic. Just the bird game but with a white ball that sometimes caught on fire if you did well in the desert. Now it has skins - which, I think, makes it a lot better. There’s something to play for now, like there wasn’t before! I’ve been playing for about three days and already have a few skins, too. The achievements you have to get in order to get the games are very achievable, but challenging at the same time. The ball that you control changes, the dunes that you slide on change, and the sky/moon/background changes. I think they all look pretty cool, from the ones I have so far. In conclusion, I do recommend you get this game if you’re like me. Entertained easily, have a lot of free time, and like arcade games (the ones that you can just pick up and go, and when you die you just do it again and again).

- Disappointing

I mean this is a fine game but no music at ALL. I mean really it’s pointless I take back the part about it being a fine game... it’s disappointing, for multiple reasons. Like for example, it’s just an endless game with no excitement or action to keep players coming back, it has no challenges and doesn’t get harder as you progress. Also there is no depth to it, it’s all surface level play, no customization or personalization... just a plain white ball rolling along and sometimes jumping into the air. For me, this kept me entertained for maybe and I mean maybe just barely an hour or two. That’s not long at all. For my personally the no music was a HUGE disappointment, just silence... which is depressing. I’m not trying to hate on this game, but simply stating thing that the creators have done wrong, and should really change. Maybe the developers should have spent more time on the game itself and other aspects of it. One other thing is that every time you mess up there are always 30 second ads which greatly reduce play time. Another thought to the developers change this stuff to make people enjoy the game enough to buy add free, which I didn’t buy because it’s a waste of money right now. Lastly, I’d like to say I believe this game has good potential that could be used to make the game outstanding but the developers have not put the potential to good use.

- I rated 3 stars because....

Look, this game isn’t really a fresh idea, but it’s still fun, and for free! Unlike most games like this, it gives you challenges and different characters, floors, and backgrounds to customize and earn! When I get a really high score, and I watch an ad to continue, I watch the ad. Normal, right? Then, another stupid ad comes up. I press the “x” and I don’t get to make that high score even higher! (- 1 star) Also, why do we have to PAY to get rid of ads when we can just turn off our data and WiFi? Trust me, NO ONE likes ads! They interrupt our interest and concentration in the games we play! I think the fact we need to PAY or turn off data and WIFI is really a waste of time and money! Please take off ads! It’ll help EVERYONE! Even you, because you’ll get higher ratings! (- 1 star) Please consider what I’ve said, along with what others say, about the ads.

- Just stop!!

Hello I’d like to make a statement about this game. Firstly I tap to retry when I die so I can play again. But this stupid summoners war thing comes up and also other ads. But heres one other thing you made it SO MUCH harder! Just stop. Just stop!!! Other than that I can only give a three because that’s nice instead of a one but it’s just nice not on purpose. I want to give a one SO BADLY and your so close to “accomplishing” that. It’s crap and yeah I will complain I will and lots of others until you just stop putting so much crappy ads like ohh I’m the SO original pixel color by number!! I copied sandbox but I won’t tell because I want a good rating!! Good thing it doesn’t have ads so I won’t get in trouble!! Hi I’m summoners war and I’ve NEVER met u!!! Yeah. Dont put anymore ads and put less PLEASE!

- Amazing

Honestly, this game leaves me speechless. First, the gameplay. It’s addicting and the controls are very easy to adapt to. Second, the graphics. I love the details, the phone vibrations, and the overall effort and quality that was put into this game. Third, the shop. The skins and stages are honestly to me, beautiful. The trails when you go into “smooth” mode. The skins of the spheres. The color. If you want a time waster, something that will blow your friends away, or even if you want just a fun game, I recommend this game. Also, I hear people are saying that the game is “hard” and “impossible” but I think the game is pretty easy and addicting. The developers did a great job with this game. Also, turn off your WiFi and data and then there will be no ads.

- white screen

this app was fun 1 year ago, it had ads that weren’t in THE MIDDLE of the game, the ads made you die immediately. And when you die there is a white screen for like 5 minutes that you can’t exit out of. It’s extremely annoying. Smooth is NOT the way to describe this app. this app is so laggy too, during a game that doesn’t have an ad in the MIDDLE it glitches and the whole screen turns white. This is NOT my phone, i have the iPhone 11. This game would be WAY BETTER if it stoped glitching, having ads in the MIDDLE of a game, no white screen you CAN’T exit out of. More problems, The other balls are SO ANNOYING, there should be a mode where you play solo. NOBODY literally NOBODY wants dumb bots in their way of a game. Trust me it is really stressful. When i had this app 1 or so years ago it was not laggy, no ads in the MIDDLE of a game, no white screen. It was WAY better. I may be talking a little angry but is extremely annoying. 2 stars for me.

- Stole Money

I honestly don’t mind the gameplay of this game. I do like the game. The thing is though that I accidentally purchased no ads. Slick right? I didn’t mind having no ads as there were too many adds in my opinion anyways, but I understand it’s a free game. After an update to the game, I couldn’t find the “restore purchases” button. I didn’t really care about the “no ads” anymore as I lost interest in the game. I’d really like the option to restore my purchases. As of now though, I have no way of getting back the $3 I spent on this game. I don’t play the game much anymore, so I’d like my money back. If you could at least tell me where the button to restore my purchases is, that’d be great. Also, when I purchased no ads, there was a little sign that was on my game with an add! I payed for no ads and yet there was an add, not a video, just a sign WITH a video for a Voodoo game. Voodoo really seems to just love having an abundance of adds.

- You Have To Read This

When I got this game I was super excited and it was super fun. I mean I was able to pass people and the more I played the better and more satisfying to play. Now the only bad thing about this is that every time I play and I am satisfied with how I am doing I will die and it will make it a very kringy ,sorry if that is spelled wrong, death. It is super annoying and it ruins my satisfaction. Also when I die it will give me an option to watch an ad to keep going or to tap to continue and start again. Now say I press tap to continue, it will still have me watch an ad and this is EVERY SINGLE TIME it makes sense to have an ad here and there but i did not press watch an ad so why you still make me watch so many. Honestly I never really play this game any more because of this so if they fix the issues that I just said it would be much more enjoyable 🤩

- Too many problems

First off I’d like to say hat if I could I’d give this game zero starts. Before the update the game was fine, minimal ads and you just played against yourself. But after the update the ads were after every single game. The creators also made the dunes more difficult and harder to not die every time you land. The skins are ok, but some of them are impossible it get. And with the new update, the game now makes it that you HAVE to play with others(which truly aggravated me). The creators should of made it optional whether you want to play be yourself or with others. There are also many other problems with this app; like for one with the challenges the further you go on the more impossible hey get to complete( which then gets you more skins). And don’t even get me started with the skins. Again you have to pay for premium( which I can’t buy because 1] don’t have the extra money and 2] it’s a waste of perfectly good money) which I think is idiotically stupid.

- Good, but there are issues.

I love Dune, and it is a great way to make time fly by. But, I have noticed a large number of ads. Why have the revive option and watch an ad to be revived, if you get an ad after dying with, or without it? I enjoy playing and all, but I've also come to notice you've made the game a bit harder to beat. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you something else: What is the point of putting in ads, if it's really just copying what other people make? Some people work hard on those games, and you're just copying what they've done?That's all I have to say so far. Wait- there's more! I've gone through all the cons, but not the pros! The game itself is very enjoyable and somewhat addicting. Hard, but not too hard, creative, and a great time passer! That's all for now. Thank you for your time (:

- Fun game but...

Okay so I love this game. I have been playing “Dune” for awhile now. It’s very addicting, and fun to play. I’m giving this app 5 stars, but I do have a complaint. Okay so you know how when you die, or hit the ground too hard, there’s two options. “Watch an ad to revive” or “Tap to Continue.” Whenever I hit tap to continue (because I don’t want to watch an add) it gives me an ad anyways. I think that you shouldn’t give an ad if I hit tap to continue. After all, I am hitting it because we don’t want to watch an ad. I also have to say that when I start playing, I’ll get an add in the middle of my gameplay, which is kind of annoying. Overall it’s a fun game, but I do request that in the future, you don’t give us an ad if we hit “Tap to Continue.”

- Ads ruin this game

This game is good for absolutely murdering time - that’s literally it. It’s not fun, otherwise. I get no enjoyment out of this game literally at all. On the contrary, this game does a very good job of frustrating the hell out of me. Every time you fail (which is often, considering it’s meant to be a quick round game) there’s an ad. Every time you succeed on a challenge, there’s an ad. Many of the challenges require esp (extra sensory perception - basically future vision) to solve on the first try, which serves only to be excessively frustrating, and means you will guaranteed be shown an ad at least twice per challenge like this. And I SWEAR. If I see that atrocious “Austin, wake up!” ad even ONCE more, I’m uninstalling this app permanently and committing seppuku. A world which allows such an atrocious piece of garbage to be forced down my throat each time I fail a challenge is not a world in which I will continue to entertain the process of life.

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- Some issues

I used to love this game it was really fun, I downloaded the app in around 2018. I found it again on the deep depths of my phone and decided to play a little game, after I died there was no button to press play again. After deleting and reinstalling it said it once but that was about it , I have to click out of the app, double tap the home button and remove the dune tab to start a new game. ALSO Lots of adds pop up!! During a game a piano app popped up and I died. Not really as important but still valid. Voodoo please fix these, I love all of your games and I Hope dune can go back to its original state! 💓

- Well… could be better

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun game. I don’t know if these are bugs or not. Either way, it’s pretty irritating. Sometimes I’ll die, but then the game over screen won’t pop up. It only popped up once, when I first downloaded the game. So what I would have to do is exit the app, close the tab, and start the game up again. You developers should fix this pretty soon, considering that I saw another review with the same dilemma. And yes, I am aware fixing stuff like this takes time, but I think this is a pretty large problem. Another thing that irritated me; I was playing the game when all of a sudden an ad popped up. Not after I played the game, not before I played the game, while I was playing. And I don’t mean “playing” as in I had the app open and wasn’t doing anything. I mean playing as in I was in the middle of directing the little white guy, flying around on the screen and then ‘BAM!’ An ad. I know these things take time and that you’re trying your best, but I think these are pretty big-ish issues. (Short version): Overall pretty good game, however, could do with improvements.

- Won’t say “tap to continue”

I’m not sure if it’s just me but every device that I’ve tried this game with for some reason after I die once it doesn’t come up with “tap to continue” and I have to exit fully out of the game and then go back into it, even then I only get one try before I have to exit again. Another thing is that when I start playing an add pops up while I’ve already started playing the game. I can deal with adds to a certain point, I used to have this game last year and even then adds were still popping up while playing and I would get an add pretty much every time after pressing tap to continue (this was when I didn’t have the problem of tap to continue not coming up). Anyway, I think this really needs to be changed or updated so that I don’t have to fully exit out of the app after playing once because “tap to continue” won’t show up and I’m left on just the ball on the sand and I can’t press anything. Please change this because I find this game really enjoyable when it works!!

- I used to love this game...

I downloaded this app quite a while ago (2 years ago I think) and there wasn’t a single thing wrong. It was fun, addictive and great to show off your skins. It was a fad... Just recently I have started to play again. I expected it to be as great as it used to be. As soon as I put my finger down for the first time, the ball started to mo- oh, just an ad. I even get ads in the middle of a game! Super annoying and wish that they could place ads at more suitable times. When I was finally able to play after the ads stopped, I was on a roll (excuse the pun) and was doing quite alright considering that I hadn’t played for a very long time. Of course, all things must come to an end as did this round. But it didn’t... I’m not too sure what happened. Yes, the ball stopped rolling and I had lost but there was no ‘you lost’ screen. Again, not too sure what happened, maybe a bug? Glitch? Either way, it should be resolved soon. Other than those two issues, I love the satisfaction of rolling the ball along the dunes. Please do not let the problems above impact your decision of downloading it or not because I honestly don’t see why you shouldn’t get it. Voodoo, please do your best to fix these issues. Have a great day!

- Money hungry devs

The premise of the game is entertaining (although NOT ORIGINAL) and the engine is great. Ads are a major issue with the game, after running the game for ten minuets I calculated that 4️⃣5️⃣% of that duration was taken up by advertisements ( this was because I died a lot towards the beginning of the run, your results may vary). The most INSULTING aspect of the game is the fact that your FPS (frames per second) drops dramatically once you are disconnected from the internet (from 60 FPS to a repugnant figure of 20). I normally choose to bypass ads by turning off wifi and was surprised that the developers punished me for not wishing to view them. To them, ads are A PART OF GAMEPLAY. This is DISGUSTING and the developers should be ashamed of themselves. Your game already is a knock off of another successful ip HOW DARE YOU bring down the quality of gameplay for your consumers. It can easily be said that voodoo studios values MONEY over their customers. Really disappointed.

- The adds aren’t the only bad thing

I just downloaded dune and adds aren’t the only bad thing /:(. it’s nearly impossible to get a good score and when you die an add pops up pls remove the adds but if you’re really really lucky there will be no add when you die and there is no sound also the ball is really heavy and they should add some levels (get it add) So the adds are horrible the ball is heavy there is no sound and it’s nearly impossible to get a good score 😾. But I love it and really enjoy playing it :D

- It’s great! But could do with a few improvements,

As I’ve been playing the game it’s great! But could you maybe remove a few adds? It’s kinda irritating just dying and having to watch an add. Also theirs this bug where when you die you have to close and open the game again. I had it but I re-installed the game and it worked normally again, but please consider fixing it. I mostly want it fixed because if your amazing at the game and the glitch occurs you lose a lot of progress. Also could you maybe add a competitive mode or a leaderboard?

- A glitch, bug .

So I’ve been playing for a year and a half and it’s been running perfectly fine until a few weeks ago. I was on a long car trip without internet and I was playing Dune on repeat. I died and it didn’t restart, adds are okay 👌🏻 but when you die you have to enter the game again because it doesn’t have a press to continue sign anymore . I’ve deleted loosing all my hard work 😓 and installing it again it doesn’t fix anything ! Please fix this bug there’s other complaint about this too. Thanks 😊

- Glitchy

Ok, it is a good game, love the concept but you might want to change the “smoothest game ever” phrase. It’s exactly the opposite of smooth. Way too many ads, five seconds after you enter the game an ad pops up. Worst of all, they are repetitive. Second, the glitch. Every time I die, like crash into a sand dune, I just rock left to right and nothing comes up. I end up needing to reset my iPad a hundred times each time I play. So this is why I’ve rated Dune! two stars. Such a ripoff guys, I always play the demos for this game, thinking it’s fun. I’ll give you five stars if you fix this glitch and seriously lower the ad frequency. I’d be surprised if you even reply to this review, let alone fix the glitch. Thanks guys for a really disappointing game.


Hi! Very fun game downloaded just a gas days ago. Got my dad addicted too! Just a few things that annoy me about the game is that adds are popping up while I’m playing. This gets very annoying and makes me want to delete the game. Therefore I’m spending less time on it. A quick tip for everyone who plays this game, turn off your wifi and data on you phone by swiping up (iPhone users) turning off all wifi and data on your phone will disable adds without having to pay! It’s very day that voodoo cares more about the adds than the people who play the game. I haven’t been on this game for a while because of the adds popping up. I shouldn’t need to pay for it to be removed.

- Great game but

Hi. This is an awesome game that I installed last week. I’m finding it really fine to play but there’s a few things I would like you to change. First of all, I hate how there’s no sound except for the ads that come up almost every time you press tap to continue. I would be great if you added some music or at least some sound effects every time you get a smooth landing. And finally. It would also be cool if as you go up in the air, little power ups might be there that make you speed up, or slow down or go higher. That would be cool.

- It’s amazing but.....

I really love this app and it’s one of my favourites, but there are some issues. First of all, when I die it doesn’t reset the game, the ball just rolls down the hill and I have to go out of the game and go back in. Please fix this because I really want to keep playing. Another problem is that there should be levels as well as the personal best. I would also like to see a race mini game where you can race against NPCs and try to get to the end first. Thank you so much for creating this game because I can’t wait to get back to playing it.😀😀🤗🤗❤️❤️

- Noice.

This game is really good, it’s a great game to pass the time and to challenge with friends, but there’s two major things you could change. First, there’s WAY too many ads. I know it’s for money, but tone it down, I literally get an ad almost every time I die. And second, PLEASE add some music or at least some sound effects. It’s really boring and it would add some character to the game. Overall great app tho. Just change some things and it would make it awesome 👍🏼


Usually when a game doesn’t work all it takes is either double pressing the home button then flicking the app up or just redownloading, however this wasn’t the case. Let me name the bugs: - When I fail the game I am left rolling on the sand with no ‘tap to continue’ button which for some reason, only occurred once when I first downloaded it. I am left with no choice but to get out of the game completely then get back in and that is very frustrating. - Ads. Nearly every game has ads and most of the time I can deal with them but there is a certain level. Adding on to my first point, when I exit the game and come back into it, I start playing and all of a sudden an ad pops up mid game. When it’s over I have already failed due to the ad disrupting and the ball is left (AGAIN) rolling on the sand and no button to continue. If you were thinking of purchasing this game DON’T because you will end up becoming disappointed. And to the game makers PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS to make this game more enjoyable and actually able to be played!!

- It was ok...

Ok so I enjoy playing the game, but I REALLY don’t like the ads. I understand that you may need them, but there are just WAY too many. I really don’t like this because they always pop up, and I shouldn’t have to turn the internet off because the adds are so bad. Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t really like the new update with the coins, and being able to purchase items with them. I think that you should have to work for them. This would also be much more beneficial for voodoo games because it would mean my playing time. Apart from that I enjoy the game.

- It used to be good

I downloaded this game ages ago and from what I remember I really enjoyed it and decided to re download it, at first It wasn’t bad (I don’t care about adds, I’ve accepted the fact that that won’t change) but then the smallest things annoyed me such as the other rider ridding along with you, I’m not sure if you can turn them off but they’re really distracting and to be quite frank annoying the look at and the coin system is... ok I spose, they once again need money so whatever but it just makes the game look almost cheep in a way. I like the game but it’s nothing special. One of those games you play for a while and then delete.

- Problem solver

So this isn’t really a review, it’s more of a problem solver. So I’ve been reading the reviews and a lot of people have been getting stressed out from ads. I mean no one wants to be entertained then all of a sudden an ad pops up, so that is why I figured out how to make the ads go away. Obviously Dune doesn’t need internet right? So turn off your wifi on your phone and you won’t have to watch ads!! Because ads need internet! You are welcome

- Awesome game but

I’ve had this game in my phone for well over a year incredibly easy to get new streams and even different objects to jump with but with the last two updates now once you die there is no way of actually starting the game again unless you physically get out of the game and reload it once you’ve closed it down I’m sure the gameMakers will fix it one day but until then it’s awesome but that one little issue

- Bug

Used to play this game all the time and I loved it I finished the game and had a break from it for about 5-6 months I was scrolling through my games and told myself I haven’t played dune in a while so I clicked on it and started to play but when I died around 380 score it didn’t come up with continue and I stayed there for a bit thinking maybe I just wait for it to load but no it didn’t so I exited it went back in played again died and the same thing came up. This game is awesome but until u fix the bug it’s only a 3 star sorry :(

- Unplayable!

Downloaded the game and then Uninstalled 10 minutes later.. First off the ads in this game are way over the top, I reckon I spent 50% of my time staring at ads. Secondly the game is very irritating, every time I got a “smooth landing combo” or when I died my phone would vibrate for no reason, I checked to see if my phone was on silent, all my sounds were turned up and silent was turned off yet the game would still make my phone vibrate almost every time I landed on the game. (I am on a iPhone 5s by the way) Game would be much better and playable if these issues were solved, maybe then I might reinstall, until then I think I’ll just stick to playing Pokémon GO. 3/10

- Ads Pop up While you are playing the game

I’m all for having ads pop up after you die, or right before you go to start a new round, but every 10 or so seconds a 5 second ad takes up the whole screen of the game, even when you are playing it, which ruins the flow and smoothness of ‘The smoothest game ever’. Also, when you fail and get stuck in a area where you can’t get out of (which is common because of the ads messing you up) there’s no game over screen or way to start a new round, so you have to exit the game, get rid of the tab and wait for it to load up again if you want to play again.

- Ok, but annoying

I’ve been playing this game for around a year now and I think the concept is quite fun. Apart from the fact that every time I crash and fail I have to exit the app and join again, which normally takes a while to load back in. It is also quite simple, I would love for the game to have quests or power ups for the further you get and the higher up you go. I would also like different shapes of dunes and mountains the further you get to make the game more challenging. Thanks.


The app is overall pretty fun with a good idea to it. However, nearly every game, adds pop up during the middle of the game which will either kill me or put me in a tricky situation and also when you die, the game glitches and instead of a tap to continue option, you have to exit the entire game and go through the loading screens again instead of just being able to play the game normally. As far as I’m aware this has been going on for around 3 months and after continuous complaints they still haven’t fixed it. Game is dead.

- Won’t let you die

The game is fun and all but there’s one problem, it won’t let you die. I know that sounds a bit wired but hear me out, the way you would usually “die” is by hitting the ground, but when I hit it, instead of restarting it just sits there and rolls back and forth infinity without restarting and after a bit that gets really annoying cuz to restart you need to completely shut down the app and open it again, besides for that the gameplay is really fun and addictive and a great pass time, but I really hope this glitch gets fixed soon.

- Favourite Game But I Have Some Issues

I love this game It’s always the game you find me playing but lately it’s been glitching. I have it in my phone and my iPad and it’s done it on both of them. Randomly when I’m playing an add will play and sometimes when I die it stops working and I have to go off the game and then back on it. Thanks for creating this awesome game, I would really love it if you could try and fix the glitch.

- Absolutely abnormal

The game is really good. But the thing that really needs to change is that, for me, when I crash, the revive buttons don’t even come up. So every time I want to play again, I have to restart the game and try again. This might not happen for you guys when you play, but it happens to me. If it does happen to you, this is what you should do. If this is annoying you to the max, then why not just delete the app and download another game? It’s convenient, and you don’t have to keep restarting the app to play just another round to lose again. That’s what I did when it happened to me.

- Urggh, you know what I’m gonna say...Ads

So obviously adds are a major issue, the game itself is fantastic but every time (And I mean every time ) I die there is a ad and it ruins the entire game but you all have heard this before and I think voodoo has heard it too but I think they just was money instead of their consumers which are the main reason they get money sooooo... Well, connect the dots they aren’t exactly the best game creators so y’all should just move on and the bad thing is that the whole “ad” thing has been around for a while so the know that this thing is a problem and just choose not to fix it so it shows what type of company they are. Hint: they aren’t the best. So yeah I hope you enjoyed the rant I hope these comments will ( metaphorically ) smack some sense into them. An angry person, XoXo , pull your head in Voodoo

- Alright I guess...

Dune is a fun, well developed game. They could add in many more details and new items etc. to make the game for fun! Another thing I will say is that the advertisements are terrible! Mostly after every round you play there is an advert. I get adverts too much on this app I just get off the app, swipe up then reload the game. Get rid of the adds, if you don’t at least give us good ones and less of them. Overall this game is good but there is definitely major improvements that should be done.

- Dune is great

This is a very addictive game. Once you get the hang of it, it gets very fun. You feel accomplished when you get a good score. My highest was 279 and it made me smile. The ads can easily be gone if you don’t connect to the internet. My only problem is that you can’t toggle the sound. You also have a lot of Calle also flying which can easily confuse someone. Overall it is a really good game.

- Needs improvement

I enjoyed this game. A good port of a game. However the aspect of ads are a major setback with this game. Around 40% of playtime is spent watching ads and it costs way too much to remove them. But in this case, you require us to watch ads to be able to play the game with 60 FPS and punish the players who have either disabled wifi or cannot connect to mobile network because they are out of service, and giving them only 20 FPS at max. This makes this game extremely unenjoyable for car trips and other sorts.

- Annoying glitch!!

There is a new glitch, where you go up and then when you crash into the side of a dune, it says your still alive when it doesn’t let you move. You have to log out and go back on when it happens. Super annoying. Happens to me every round. Great game, but please make some music when your playing otherwise it gets a little boring.

- Landing wrong

Ok if its just me let me know but when i land wrong i just sit there slowly swaying back and fourth on the ground i dont have an option to restart i have to double tap home then swip up i love this game and have for many years but this is annoying and it ALWAYS gets on my nerves i have punched my ipad a couple of times i hope this gets fixed in the near future because as i said i love this game but this little feature makes me not want to play it thank tou!!

- Amazing game but...

I’d give this 5 stars! But I have a problem with this game that needs to be fixed. This glitch occurs whenever I hit the ground and the screen says “tap to continue”, except it doesn’t. When it’s game over for me, the ball doesn’t have the hit feeling when I “hit” the ground, to make matters worse, the text saying “tap to continue” doesn’t even appear on the screen. I hope this glitch is fixed, and if it was fixed, I would be really happy.

- The Gameplay

Look, I know I am writing alot of reciews, but there are things that need to be reviewed. Sometimes, I will start playing and parts of the map will disappear and drop me into the abyss and the game will continue with the only way to get out of it; exiting the app. And, I will click Tap to Continue, but it will come up with an ad, making it that I should have just clicked the Revive button, but that doesn't work for me because of what I said in my previous review.

- The game is rather fun but...

The game is relatively fun, and rewards you for getting your timing perfect, BUT if you purchase the “no ads” “feature”, be warned: the ads will NOT be removed. I purchased it today, and thought “sweet, no more ads every time I die!” And then I ended up dying... and got an ad. I thought maybe you need to reboot the app... nope, still get ads. I am now looking into how to get a refund for the purchase as it had NO effect at all and was a waste of almost $5... which could have gone towards a book in my collection (I have a few books that are part of series)

- Kinda annoying bug

Similarly to some other reviews, I had an issue of ‘dying’ in game, however it would not reset... the ball just sat there until I closed the app. (I’m assuming this is a bug because it would be kinda stupid to not have a reset betting). Either enforce ‘dying’ on impact or give the option to reset. This issue was the reason I no longer have the game.

- So many ads

The idea of this game isn’t original, but it is fun I’ll give it that. The problem with this game however is that it is virtually unplayable in its current state, I have been getting ads after EVERY death, and I mean that literally. I get the developer wants to earn some cash, but honestly they don’t need to soak their game in so many ads, it’s killing it. Maybe I would be a little more patient if this were a big game a developer had poured time and effort as well as a load of resources into, but honestly this is the kind of game they teach you to make in coding tutorials. PLEASE reduce the number of ads that pop up in this game so that we can actually play it! Or else you won’t be getting anymore ad revenue from me. I wouldn’t mind recommending this game to people in the future if it were to change in this regard.

- Good game, but has changed for the worse

I used to love this app so much and its a cool idea, but I just started playing again for the first time in ages, and it has changed, like in the middle of me playing, ads come on disrupting me playing the game I mean, whats the point of a game if I can’t play properly. Also, when I die, I can’t re-start, It just shows the ball sitting there, and then I have to close, and re-open the app. It is just ridiculous that I can't even play any more and am now deleting the app.

- Won’t let me tap to continue!!

Great game! Only problem is that after I die, it doesn’t recognise it. I keep rolling back and forth and it won’t let me do anything. I have tried exiting the game and re-installing it. Nothing has worked. I have also notice a few people in the reviews have also had the same problem. Please fix this glitch as it is still happening and probably is happening to several others!

- Great game!

Love this game! It’s unexpectedly addictive. Only one critique I have is there seems to be a glitch when you crash out, whereby the game does not reset automatically. I have had to close the app and start it again. I’ve tried downloading it again several times and it doesn’t fix. Can someone help?

- Only cares about making money

Downloaded it a few years ago and it was really fun. Now, there is no button to reset when you die. I must completely close app and restart it which is a hassle and makes the app annoying to play. As wel as this, there are so many ads and they always pop up halfway when I’m playing the game and these make me die all the time. A tip for anyone experiencing this is turn off your wifi. Don’t let them steal your money and ruin a genuinely good game.

- Doesn’t work and heaps of ads

This game was great and really fun, but every time I die, the ball just rolls around until I have to eventually go out of the game and open it up again. This is annoying and exhausting, I really hope this gets fixed. Another problem is that ads are everywhere. I know you have to make money, but ads just pop up in the middle of playing and then when I close them I’m dead. Overall, kind of disappointed. Please fix these problems.

- Was a great game untillllll....

READ THIS BEFORE U GET DUNE!!!!! The recent update means that whenever u die it rolls down and up the hill continuously and doesn’t give u an option to restart. This means that u have to physically go out of the app and reopen it if u want to play again. This is extremely annoying and completely ridiculous as the old version didn’t have this issue. 😡. Please can u fix this as I really love the game and this has ruined it for me 😭.

- Glitch

There is a random chance of this glitch happening when you are playing and when you lose your ball stays there instead of the game taking you back to the start and instead you have to restart your game please fix this voodoo.

- Great Game!

I love this game I am addicted even though I got it 2 days ago because my friend showed me it I love it my high score is 116 and I’m grinding to get get every ball background sand and challenge complete my only issue is that I wish this game had sound I need sound like music or something because it’s a lot less fun without music.


Whenever I crash the ball the game like glitches or something and doesn’t let me continue, it only lets me once I’ve refreshed the app which is really annoying. Another thing is there’s ads every couple seconds it’s so annoying everyone I rejoin the game from refreshing I start playing then an ad comes mid game and crashes me. This game never used to be like this :( please fix these issues as soon as possible so me and everyone else and enjoy this game.

- Dune is the best... except one thing you can probably guess.

I love this game just the user interface looks so calm. The thing that really bugs me and probably a lot of other people to is the ads. Now I haven’t looked into this but could you offer a payed version which illuminates all the ads?

- Not cool😤

I love dunes and all. But srsly. The ads are a major problemo. Seriously why do we have ads? I just don’t get it plus if kids are playing it then a slots ad comes up and then with one click of a finger it’s downloading!!!!! The second problem is when I first downloaded it, a thing came up and said thanks for using Voodoo sauce and thanks for your advice or like give Voodoo a rating!!!! I mean really?! Money is all voodoo cares about!!! They don’t even care about us they just want to trick people and say buy this game buy this game!!! Not cool guys not cool.😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

- A really fun game but

This game is really cool and fun to play when your bored. But for some reason I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always have multiple ads come on my screen while I’m playing the game. This is really frustrating for me and I think I’d like the game more if this random and pop up wasn’t a thing. I don’t mind if it’s an ad plays after I die, but when I’m playing? It just really really annoying.

- Fix this please!

The game is great and I’ve been playing for a while on other devices although I recently got it on my phone and the game does not show Press To Continue when I crash. I don’t understand why. And I always have to restart the app to play another round of the game. This is so annoying and upsetting as I already know this game is wonderful but this problem is making it so hard for me to enjoy the game. Please tell me how I can fix this!

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- Pretty good

It’s a pretty good game, but the adds every 2 rounds is really annoying. ALSO MOST OF THE TIME I GET ADDS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME

- It's a no for me

Too many ads. After every run you are prompted with an ad. I get you need to have an in app purchase but you are basically forced to pay to even try the game. Deleted within 30 seconds.

- Way too many ads

Smooth little game but far too many ads to make it enjoyable.

- Absolute garbage

Reminds me of a ketchapp game... No creativity, visually boring, not fun, and full of ads. Stop developing games unless you make something worth our time.

- Adds

This game is great and lots of fun to play but it sucks how adds come up while your playing :(


Good game but I never saw a game with that much adds wow

- good but ads still showing

i like the game, but i paid for the add free upgrade and i am still getting ads.

- So many ads

How is this rated #1 in the App Store. So many ads I got fed up and deleted it right away. No sound either. From now on any game I download if there's an ad within the first few minutes of gameplay it's being deleted.

- Way too many adds and too much buffering

When I first opened the game an add already popped up this also happened every time I started a new game when I died. And while I was playing the game would pause for about 5 seconds the when is plays again I’m dead which means I need another ad. So don’t get it unless you want to get frustrated and you want to waste your time.

- Dune

Deer creator Can you please add more skins for dune but other then that it’s a great game

- Needs more balls and game modes

They need to add more balls and game modes because it’s too easy to beat

- Very good game

It’s actually a cool game to be honest I love it

- Best app ever

I love playing dune because its do much fun it’s competitive and it’s a great stress buster


You can just turn off your wifi and continue easy as that

- 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷👀🧠👣🗣👥👤🖐🏻👇🏿

Game game game

- Merci de vlady

Une merveilleuse jeu pour jouer quand tu a rien à faire ❤️

- Feedback

Dune is a nice game that is relaxing g and a bit stressful, it’s hard and easy...

- Great game

Coolest game ever !👍

- Okay

it's a decent time waster i play this when i'm on the highway and it helps me pass time really fast the only problem is the amount of ads

- Rue


- Best game!!!!💗💗💗💗💗

💗. UFC fgrvce

- Poorly placed Ads

I’m fine with ads being in the game, but after playing for a few minutes, my first round was instantly interrupted for a video ad. I now have to turn data off to play so that I can complete a round without issue and not have data be sucked up by videos.

- Less adds the better =,=

THERE IS SO MANY ADDS!! like when im on a road trip or something I play the game but instead if playing the game it self, i get hooked up with adds 24/7 BRUH PLZ FIX THAT!!! But rlly good game lol (:

- Bogus

Are you kidding me with the frequency of these :30 second ads in the middle of gameplay!? This game used to be fun, your greed has made it f’n terrible.

- Worst game ever

Fk all ads way too many ads ad ad ad ad ad

- Good game but...

U made a good game but way to many adds sometimes when I’m in the middle of a round/run it shows me an add

- This game sucks

This game sucks

- ads

good game wayyyy to many ad’s

- Way to to. Easy ads

It’s a so so game they need to add less ads and balls to make it more addicting. The sad part is theirs an ad after every time I die and when I start theirs an ad and then when I get back to the game I die again and I have to watch another add to respond. 😢

- Amazing.

This game is just it’s absolute best. Everything this game as going for it is just perfect, and if people are still complaining about ads.. this is the one that isn’t like all the other ones.. it is actually playable, rarely any ads, and has so much going for it. This game is just perfect. Thank you for DUNE and the creators of DUNE.

- Way to much ads

Change the ads in t is a good game but the ads take the fun away

- Just go offline to open the adds :|

It’s a pretty fun game and I like it and if there’s to many ads for you just go offline then the adds are gone!

- No sound

Pas de son depuis plusieurs mois et non corrigé depuis le dernier update

- This game is satisfying!

I really like “Dune!” Because the game really has a nice feel to it while I play. And it feels really satisfying that when I get a perfect land on the game. I recommend people to play this game. And also this game is stored in iCloud storage so this game is completely free!

- Hard

It’s way to hard

- Very good game

Really good game i recommend it alot. Also for those people who are complaining about ads, simply turn of airplane mode!

- Good game

Hey good job this is a good game I love it keep up the good work

- 🌚🌝

It can be fun but it has so many ads so it ruins the game

- The game is fun but

The ads are annoying but if u turn ur wifi off u will not get ads.

- Pretty good


- Its pretty good

It’s nice but I would be better without adds but otherwise I like the game

- The fun of dune

I have been platings this for a while and I already love it👍🏻

- To many ads

Garbage app, and plays an ad after every life.

- So bAd

Ok This is the worst game ever

- Good and u can disable ads

U can just disable ads by disconnecting the wifi. And besides if u cant, the ads r only 5 sec long most of the time.

- Ads in the middle of the game

Garbage game dont play

- Don’t care about the ads

It’s a good game, I don’t care about the ads, although you can add some music, otherwise it’s a very good game. 🥳

- Adds bro

It’s a fun game and all but it’s the same thing and it gets kinda boring after like half an hour. Also I have never seen a game with so. Many. Adds!

- adsss

it’s an ok game i guess but it gives you ads while you’re in the middle of playing. i wouldn’t recommend downloading this

- Way too many ads and die too quickly.

Every time I hit the ground no matter what I do I die, it is kinda boring too.. Every time you die, you get an ad (turn off wifi if you don’t want them though.) If you want a good game similar too this that I actually enjoy , I recommend Bike hill! Easy to play and enjoyable.. For me.

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I love this game so much but after playing one round I want to turn it off for one reason, the ads. When I first started there wasn’t that many but after playing for a couple weeks there is one after each game. This is especially annoying because if you fail immediately you still have to wait at least ten seconds to get back to the game that lasted that same amount of time. The reason I am giving you five stars is because I think the game is awesome but the ads KILL ME! In the next update please make sure there are less ads or a immediate x at the top of the screen. Also this is not related to the ads but a idea for a update is to put your high score for each ball you use next to that ball.

- Please add catchy music!!

In a game like this where I am super good at it lol I really think it would be nice to add some music. And different levels would be nice too but not like the challenges we already have, levels like different slopes and colors!!! I get that we can change the color, but to me that doesn’t make me really feel like anything has changed. Also, the game DID get way harder for some reason. I really don’t think it should be called the “smoothest game” because at certain times you will barely land on the top of a hill and the ball stops. The slopes are so much harder now that they are steeper, but that’s okay. The point is, please add some music so I can play for a long time and love the music, and want to keep playing!! Great game otherwise.

- Really fun

I have only been playing this game for a little over 2 weeks and I’m in love with it. It’s an amazing game that I play all the time but. The app could have so much more added to it like a competition option or a lever to see what rank you are or even a leaderboard of the game. Like I said these are just some ideas I have for the game I like I can’t speak for everyone else though. Also this game is awesome and stuff there are some problems with it like the adds, there’s so many every few times I die an add pops up and it’s kinda annoying. Also I got a ton of backgrounds the other day and I wake up to find most of them gone. But in total I really enjoy this game and can’t wait to see what it’s next update will be.

- Great game!

It’s a great game honestly. Me and my brothers play it a bunch and we never get bored of getting new high scores, and unlocking new skins, hill thingys, and backgrounds. It’s honestly really fun. The challenges and how you have the options to play backwards and stuff. I do have some problems though. There is a lot of adds, but I don’t really mind them. Also, there should be an option to get rid of the other balls going in the dunes. Also, when I die in a challenge or finish it It’s like it explodes and the screen turns white but a few seconds later it goes back to normal. And to voodoo, in the next update fix the problems. Also a review stated that you steal our data and stuff so plz fix that.

- Too many ads.

The game is fun and I enjoy it. Sometimes it’s laggy. But that’s not my problem. My problem is the ADS! Voodoo has a really bad habit of putting multiple ads in. Overall, you’d play maybe 2-3 tries in this game and you have to sit for a ten second ad. And, when you die quickly at first because you’re trying to get better, expect a ton of ads. This is my gripe with Voodoo games. I no longer play “Helix Jump” and “Bounce Forever” because of this problem. Voodoo wants you to get so frustrated that you just buy the premium. You should not spend 2.99 or 3.99 just to have these ads taken away- that’s a lot of money just to remove unwanted ads to your gaming experience. Voodoo is seeking for your money, despite how fun the game is I wouldn’t download it before you get frustrated with the ads. Because you definitely will.


I liked your game but you legit had an add every other time I died and I legit only had the game for 4 minutes because of it can you please fix. Though I also know you may need The money that is why you have all of these ads. But it is very annoying that I have to listen to And add every other time I die so please fix it because it’s very annoying and I was looking through your rates before and it had one person I was saying to many ads also I was like oh my god you’re so right but it was on my Mind even before so I deleted the game and I went onto the App Store and look up your game I looked at your ratings and I said to write a review about it because I could not handle I cannot handle games like this and your game or could you be so fun it’s just way too many ads and I get annoyed with ad so that’s why I only put two stars but it is a good game it’s just the ads.

- Fun!

This game is very addicting and very fun. I️ can’t stop playing it! Just two suggestions, one is that there should be a help button, or a directions button. This should be added because when I️ downloaded the game, I️ didn’t exactly know how to get points and I️ had to figure it out myself. I️ think it might be helpful for new players who don’t exactly know how to play the game. My second suggestion would be to calm down on the ads a bit. Almost every time I️ restart the game and I️ tap the screen, I️ have to watch an ad. I️ know that you can’t really fix this, but maybe you can just calm down with them a little bit? If these suggestions are possible, this game would definitely have five stars and it would probably be one of my favorite games.

- I love this game but...

This game is fantastic and I love to play it. If I am ever in a situation where I am bored and want to do something else, I play this. It is the type of game that can be played for hours and you’ll never get bored. One thing that I don’t really like is that the challenges get really really hard. I was on level 19 of the first set of challenges and I couldn’t seem to complete it. It has been 2 weeks and I still cannot complete it. I have just skipped over it to level 20 and I could complete it, so that’s another upside that I can just skip one challenge. There are a lot of ads but that’s what to expect with a free game, so I really can’t complain about that. Over all, this game is fantastic and I will continue to play it even if these flaws are not fixed. 🤩🤑

- A few bugs and to many ads

It is a VERY fun game and it’s addicting to me. There are some small bugs like the fact that when you make it really far, sometimes you don’t get the option to watch an ad to continue. If it does ask you to continue and you don’t continue, then you will watch an ad anyway. Sometimes if you watch the ad to continue your run, after you watch the ad it restarts you. Overall, as I said in the beginning, it is a fun game, but it needs some bug fixes and less ads. P.S. If you turn of your WiFi and data while playing you don’t receive ads. This does make it so you cannot continue a run if you make a mistake, but it makes the game more enjoyable. (You do not need WiFi or data to play.)

- Spectacular, and Dazzling

I was scrolling through the app stores, searching for games to play. When I came upon this one- I thought, well my friend has this game so...why not? I downloaded it and played a bit. I almost immediately got obsessed with it. The controls were simple, so simple they only needed to be explained in three simple steps. Falling into the dune and going back up was surprisingly satisfying. Even though there are no sound affects everything is still satisfying. This game is astonishing in every way. There’s nothing to complain about it. I recommend this game to everyone! Good job! But can I ask...what programming language did you use? Python...JavaScript...? I’m just wondering.

- Really dude ugh!

So first to start off with is that I do kinda like this game you changing the skins, maps etc. but the next thing you ADS.! ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? Dude I used to play this game and there wasn’t as many ads BUT NOW like seriously STOP. THE. ADS. DUDE because I hate the ads and like once you actually star the game and while your in the game I mean like who does that?! I mean I wouldn’t ofc not. This is all I have for that. Secondly why can’t we have any accounts in these types of any voodoo games because I was really good at it but I have to delete because it keeps on freezing my system AND JUST KICKS ME OUT. So I might play this a little more for now but until you get these games fixed I will not play this game as much as you think I will so if your reading this now then you better get a move on, anyway have a good day.

- Dear Dune Developer,

Ya, you. So, you made a fun game to play while I hike back and forth between my college classes, but I need to express why you are currently sitting at a 4 out of 5 stars in this review. You didn’t have enough fun making this game and honestly, I’m a little disappointed. I rolled backwards off the second dune and fell off the map. I watched all selectable icons disappear from the page and sat back and watched the mountains and clouds roll by. I did this for 10-15 minuets until the last cloud creeped off the screen. That’s it. Nothing. Prime Easter egg estate just gone. Utilize you space, dude. Be creative. Pay tribute to a favorite game or artist. Don’t do the bare minimum. Go against the culture and do the extraordinary even if it is a little extra. Can’t wait to see what you put back there!

- No good it should get no star

I We like this game when I saw the ad for it but then I realized that it was the worst game ever never tried to play it I could only get about three jobs in before an ad went through I waiting for the answer end but I did not see a time in the corner and I thought that was weird. So I look for eggs at the end of the ad and I think and remember that if I click the add and go to the App Store and then come back is that there will be an ex there and it will pop up well no X popped up so I double click my home button because I have an apple And I close the tab. And I tried to play again but it didn’t work and I did that about five times I tried to play the game every third time I tried to jump it would go to an ad so I did not suggest this game to you and I hope for a very big changes in the future because your advertisement lies it does not work do not download this app ever I’m warning you!

- Great game, but it’s too easy, with too many ads

First of all, I don’t know what all the complaints are about. The only reason I don’t play anymore, is because I unlocked everything in the game! It needs some updates, bc I’m not the only one to finish the game I’m sure. This update made it harder, but I need something more challenging, bc that makes it better. Pls make this game harder, for I’m getting bored of how easy it is. But, four stars from me, and I hope others learn to see how great this game is! But again, make it harder, bc it’s way to easy now. The reason I held onto one star, is because it’s too easy, and there are too many ads. How many of you like it when, midair, you get an add? It’s annoying! Please fix this, and you will get your fifth star

- Simplistic yet frustrating

This game is exceptionally fun and a good way to let time pass. At the beginning it may be a little hard to get used to the controls and, due to the frequent ads, quite frustrating. But time will go on and it will be easier and easier to control, leaving only the ads to pester. I got to this point in my gameplay sometime after two and three days within downloading the game, and I decided to tap on the “remove ads” button only to see that it costs three dollars. Say, if this game costed 99 cents on the app store and came completely without ads, with smooth gameplay and with no lag at all, I would say that it is worth purchasing. For a time-filler, that is. I’m giving this game three stars because of the full 30-second ads that are unskippable, and constantly annoying because they appear after 3-4 losses in the game. This can be annoying at times and, combined with lag, sometimes rage-inducing. I’m almost certain that this is not supposed to be a rage-inducing game, so I bumped it down to three stars. Overall, this game can be addictive and fun, but it is not worth a full three dollars. That is, of course, optional; unless you want to be bothered by constant ads.

- Do Ads Ruin the App?

I think this game is absolutely amazing. It’s challenging at first but that’s the fun part. I love how there are many choices of different skins, skies and lands to choose from to buy with the coins you earn while playing. It’s intense and addicting, which you guys did a great job of! I also enjoy the satisfaction of the ball going through the dunes and the hills, especially to the moon or beyond. But... There is one thing that is is starting to get in the way of being satisfied with the game. And in my opinion, it’s way too many ads. I understand, every game has ads, but could you possibly cut down a bit? Every 1/2 turns there’s an ad and it gets really annoying at times. I would appreciate that. Overall, your app is great!

- Eh......

When I first started playing this game, it was amazing and I couldn't stop playing it. I was pretty good, to. Unfortunately, my phone broke and I had to get a new one. After I got my new phone, every single time I go into the app I have to check off this screen that says “Thanks for downloading Voodoosauce” and have to read some privacy policy and certify that I’m “over the age of 15.” I’m getting very suspicious and don’t know what that’s about. It never used to do that before, all off a sudden it started to do that and there was nothing I could do about it. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it, I’ve closed out the app, deleted the app and reinstalled it, and even restarted my phone and nothing has worked. It is a small hindrance to my gameplay but overall, it’s still an okay game.

- Good app but new updates?

I love this app and find it hard to stop playing, I also like how it’s not easy to make smooth landings from high up (it added some challenge) I also enjoy the tough “challenges”. I also understand that apps that are free need to make money somehow (which usually results in ‘in app purchases’ or adds) but being forced to watch two plus each revive to get a new ball can get annoying. Also the other balls can get confusing when you’re trying to land. I have thought another ball was my own more than once. Other than these flaws this is a great way to stay entertained on long car rides or when your bored. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I can't... believe... how annoying the ads are. I've been playing this for less than an hour. I'm...... SO tempted to buy the premium version BUT!!! I will not buy it out of spite. Don't annoy us with ads LITERALLY every 10-15 seconds just to make us buy the game... I will buy the game when the frequency of ads decreases. Even every FIVE tries would still be too much. Besides that it's a great game and fun challenge. If you drink or get high while playing this you feel like you're actually flying... anyway yeah pleas for the love of God and all that is Holy... please decrease the frequency of ads. Do you not realize how often I crash?? It's a lot. Like 10 to 15 actual seconds. Pls. I'm begging u. Update the game stating the ads are less frequent and I'll buy it. I promise. Sincerely, Alex. Thank you. Goodnight.

- Sound pleas!!!

This game is awesome it keeps me entertained and I payed the cheap price so I have no adds. I love the vibrations when you get smooth landings or crash the ball. The animations of the balls and various different backgrounds and balls. I like you can mix different backgrounds and grounds together. I like the challenges because it mixes up the game a little adding some extra challenge. But the one thing that this game NEEDS is sound. The fame creators are obviously super creative and can come up for a way to add sound to the game. Sound would make the game way more entertaining and just over all more enjoyable to play. Pleas hear me and acknowledge this review!

- A great game except one small thing

The game itself is really fun watching the ball roll over the hills and the amazing feeling you get from playing the game, but the only problem I have is the other players I can see beside me. It slows the game down so much that it makes it hard to play. I had the game before all of the other players and it was so much smoother. The other players lag the game so much that when I go into space I come down and realize I died because I couldn’t do anything from the lag. But other than that the challenges are fun and the skins are amazing as well as the backgrounds that you can get as rewards from achievements. If like satisfying things this game is great for you if you can handle the lag.

- Running Slow and Ads

When I first got this game, I was in love! Absolutely obsessed! Now realize I said, “When I first got this game.” It now has been only a few weeks and it runs very slow. Not only does the app run slow, but when I X out, it makes my whole entire phone run slow. One time, and counting, it took 5 seconds to open an app after I had just tried to open Dune. Now, enough about that, let’s move on to ads. I know that this game is gonna have ads, I mean, almost all games do, right? Well, most ad complaints are about there being to many, not this one. This is about the fact that and as will pop up in the middle of my game which will make me die. Please do something about this app, because I really want to play this without it slowing everything down, and without ads in the middle of the game.

- Awesome Game

This game is very fun and original. It doesn’t lag often and has easy controls. The reason that I didn’t give it 5/5 is because every time I do a smooth landing or I crash into the ground my phone vibrates and I can’t figure out how to turn it off. Also because the other characters also playing with mine can sometimes get confusing and distracting. It would be cool if the developers made more characters, sky’s and grounds to choose from. I wish there were more smooth dents in the ground and for more challenges. I think a good idea for this game is you can buy (using the game coins) or collect powers for your character. Besides these small things the game is awesome and I recommend downloading it.

- Ads and laggy game

So every time you die or explode into pixels, there's an ad (or every two deaths). And when you play this game, you die every minute or so. That means that you'll have to watch an ad at minimum 1 minute. It gets so annoying when you're trying to play the god dam game. It also does take a while for you to figure out what you actually have to do. For example, when I just stated playing this game, I just kept getting those points by crossing the line. It was because I was afraid if I dived into a platform I would crash and have to restart. But after 30 mins, I started figuring out ways to go above the line and gets those points and then dive back down safety onto a curved structure, which would launch me back up and I would repeat the process. When you actually get the vibe of this, it's satisfying to do it.

- it’s...tiny wings but less? but that can be ok

So the gameplay is smooth, the games right about that, they figured out how to make some satisfying physics. However, this system was heavily influenced by Tiny Wings, it can’t be denied, and this game just has less overall- the line in the sky to keep you from jumping to high is interesting and good and motivating you to jump faster/farther rather than higher, but in the end there just isn’t very much to do, only the game and a local leaderboard. Despite this, some amount of simplicity is nice in a game like this, but I wish it’s meta-experience was as satisfying as the physics are. It’s pretty, it’s fun, and if you haven’t tried Tiny Wings Id day it’s a good introduction to the genre ( but seriously go play Tiny Wings after you’ve played this a bit).

- Pretty good

This game is great. You won't get bored quickly, it doesn't have any bugs (that I know of) but could use some changes. A big request: IN-GAME SOUNDS!!! There's no sound in this game. Maybe some wind or whooshing sound? Or even music? Another problem: Ads. When using data or wifi, an ad will play whenever you die. Which means the only way to play WITHOUT Ads is to turn wifi or data off. Simple, right? Wrong. No wifi means no revive. All I ask is less frequent ads! Also, why did you add a ball skin for premium users? It makes it impossible to get every skin! Well, besides my complaints, this is a very fun game. Worth the download!!! -TheGameGetter

- 😑

Hey, did you know that you can drop a ball from four feet and guess what it does? Shatters on impact and ruins your chance of getting a higher score! No! It bounces back. All I’m saying is that I should be able to use the dive feature from a certain height and it won’t kill the ball. So, if the ball isn’t above the line, why am I dying when I accidentally hit “dive”? And do you read that one about the ads? It’s title was :/ (literally) and I think you should read it because they made a good case about ads. There are also way too much focusing on the skins. Leave them the way they are right now, maybe add a few in here and there, but just focus on what people are complaining about to make the game better....

- Overall pretty good, hard time adapting.

I won’t be complaining about the ads, as most or all of the other reviews have. It’s a free game, they almost certainly will have ads. (Tbh, I use a sort of cheeky approach, turning off WiFi and restarting) I like the simplistic approach for this game. I’ve been having a bit more fun with the challenges. The animations are cool and smooth, and I haven’t found any sort of game-breaking bugs (yet). However, the new update made it way harder for me, being used to the old gravity and physics and stuff. It’s so surprisingly different. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s really hard to get that sort of flow again.

- Meh.

This game is fun and all but I have more issues than features that I like. I like how you can choose the background and ball and surface of the game. That’s it. Some issues I have with the game is that every time you get a “smooth,” it vibrates annoyingly. You can feel and hear it vibrating and I find it very distracting and annoying. Another reason I don’t like it is because of the challenges. They’re fun to do, but they are way to hard. I had a challenge where you have to jump the missing pieces of land and I was halfway into the jump and I noticed that I still didn’t see land. It’s like the game expects us to be able to jump that far. And one last issue I have is having no sound. The reason why the vibrating is so annoying is because there is no sound to mute it. It’s just completely silent, like all of the other games Voodoo makes. I get that developers put in ads to pay bills and stuff, but I feel like the developers are rushing when they don’t add sound. I think that this game should have sound in it so every game isn’t completely soundless. At least replace the vibrating with noises instead, that would at least be better.

- Mad

Ok just to be fair I gave you another star because I just got this game and everyone was playing it so I just finally got it and 👁 ❤️ 🎮 so I decided to play it. It was a usual game, “tap to start” and all, but 5 seconds, yes, F-I-V-E seconds into the game, and World War Rising ad just POPPED UP!!!!! So I’m like well ok ads are normal then I X out of the game, and close all my tabs, so then I go to Dune again, and play it. But THE SAME THING HAPPENS!!!! Now I’m just mad. I try again. Happens again. On my FOURTH try, I have ran out of game time. Great. Just great. Game time (AND FIVE MINUTES OF MY LIFE) is gone. WASTED. This is a good idea, it’s good, it’s ok, BUT TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


Don’t get me wrong this game was great at first but then i started playing it. And I realized there are WAY to many ADDS. Every time I play after each round I get an ad. And ya know how it says watch ad to revive well I will press the continue button cause I don’t want to revive and I still get like a 30 second ad that I can’t skip. And sometimes after an ad plays the game gets a little bit glitchy. Like some of the ground slopes disappear. And how are you supposed to play when that happens. Some of you might say it’s part of the game challenge but I know it’s not. Because it won’t let me revive or continue the only way I can get back to the game is by closing the app and reopening it again witch is a pain. So pls fix this game and I will give it 5stars.

- There’s a big problem

So people are complaining about the ads but an easy fix to that is a-buy the no ads or b-just turn off your WiFi and cellular then no ads will pop up. Now the main problem about this games is I’ve been playing for a while and have unlocked everything. Every landscape, dune color, and most importantly every ball. The problem is when I unlocked the final one which you unlock by using every ball in the game, I was extremely disappointed. My first reaction was,”This is what I put all this time into. A blue and white ball?” Even with the trail you get by getting 2 smooth landings in a row it makes it look even worse. So my advice just play it. Don’t grind for hours like I did. Don’t waste your time.

- Do I have a review for you :)

Oh my gosh this game is fun but oh so terrible. It crashes all the time. Something that everyone in my family has to go through is when you tap on the screen to play the game and it just doesn’t let you. It’s like COME ON I WANNA PLAY but the game just wants you to go off of it. Also there’s ads literally every 2 seconds. You can’t get out of it it’s annoying. It also lags on every single device you decide to play it on. Like you hold down and it just lags and you let but the laginess makes you lose like YOU NEVER STOPPED PRESSING DOWN? It’s fun if you wanna be annoyed but if you have anger issues and you’re in a bad mood please stay away from this game cuz you finna throw your device across the room (and not in a flappy bird kind of mad).

- Okay game but great App Store alternative

I downloaded this game cause it looked like an nice little time waster, but then I realized that the “game” was only a mini game loading screen and that the actual purpose of the app was to show you advertising for ALL OF THE OTHER apps on the App Store! My main issue is the app page is pretty misleading, cause all of the pictures and videos show the loading screen, but when you actually USE the app you’re only in that screen for like 20 seconds at a time, then you get to see the ads! I can’t say this app is really for me, but I’m sure that’s just me. The market for people who want to watch 30 seconds of ads between 10-20 seconds of gameplay must be huge. I would definitely enjoy a stand-alone app that showcased the mini game though, it seems fairly interesting!

- Please consider changing a few things

I used to love this game because of how smooth it was an how it was just so satisfying but now ever since I downloaded it again, the changes of making the ball heavier and having computer players compete with you is just stupid and I see no point to it. Not everyone likes it so can you please just add an option to turn it off in the game, also when I used to have this game the ball was so light weight and it glided so smoothly but now it just feels heavy and slower and it’s completely lost it’s satisfying touch that we all used to love. I’m just saying it was a great game that can turn great again if you just change a few things and put it back to its normal self. I just downloaded it 1 hour ago and now I need to delete it because of all the changes.

- Pretty fun

I really liked this game because it’s fun, but I just don’t get why you guys have to put that thing at the beginning, you know, the one that says you have to check these two boxes to actually play. But I don’t mind it. I just think it’d be better if you guys added the ones that you only have to check one time, not every single time you play. That’s not why I gave this 4 stars though, I gave this 4 stars because the game didn’t really make me say ‘WOW’, but it’s still fun to play. Plus, this is one of the only games that I actually enjoy playing. (and that have somewhat good graphics) Thank you for actually sitting through this long review, and sorry I wasted your time.

- THIS GAME IS AWESOME but needs a fix

This game is awesome! A real time waster! Though I would really like y’all to fix a bug in the game. The bug is every time you start off you start off slow so you only get one point. Then you speed up. The problem with that is when you speed up you die more. I know that is the whole point of the game, but I cannot get past 32 points. You need to reprogram it so you won’t die so soon and GET RID OF ADDS! And also I had an idea of my own. That if you get past the moon and come back down you will get 4 more points. I really like this game so try to improve it please. Thanks for creating this game it is awesome.

- Holy crap... fun but geez

This game is fun, and I like it. But holy heck there is an ad every 5 seconds. Yeah, I know that it’s optional to buy the no ad pass, but no one buys that thing. Ever. I recommend slowing the ad game down, and throw some ads on the bottom of the screen instead of full screen pop ups. The only time I want to see an ad is if I want to revive, not in the middle of every 2 rounds I do. I swear, one ad kept popping up after every round and I wasn’t reviving! So please don’t show as many ads and instead of showing full pop ups like your pitching them at an MLB player, put them on the bottom or top so they’re out of the way, aren’t as annoying and repetitive, and they still give you that ad cha-ching! If you do this, I’ll give 5 whole stars instead of a lousy two. Thanks for reading my review! :D -Kelson

- Great Game

I absolutely adore this game. It’s super fun and addictive and provides a perfect amount of challenge. I like that the challenge mode gets more and more difficult. There have been many times when my game has paused for a few seconds and then reloaded which causes in a game over and really annoys me. I have also come across several times where I have to wait through in ad to revive only to start again without reviving. Other than these bugs, I really enjoy the game. A tip to players, to get rid of ads, turn your device on airplane mode. It’ll take away your ability to revive but it will remove ads without having to buy anything. Great game, I highly recommend it!

- Glitchy

I think this game is really fun and I enjoy playing it In my free time. I like the challenges and the different options the game has to offer. One thing that has happened to me a few times during this game is, I'll be doing really good, like over 200 points good and then the app just boots me off. It doesn't resume my game when I get back on. I just restarts. This is really annoying. Especially when your about to get a new high score. I think this is definitely worth looking into when thinking about bugs and fixes. And I know this is the app's problem, not my phone, because this doesn't happen with any other of my games. But other than that it's a great game. 👍

- Amazing and satisfying app

I gave this game five stars because it’s one of the most satisfying games out there on the AppStore,but there’s some problems,problem one when you first start playing the game there’s not two many adds but after a week there starts two be ads that pop up in the middle of the game by the time the ads over you probably already died,problem two there should be a button two get rid of other players balls because sometimes the balls can be brightly colored and they can distract you and make you die. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, God bless you🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

- Ads must stop

This game is very awesome the graphics, the characters it is SUPER fun but one thing. The ads are a horror. Every time I press to continue an ad pops up and I just wait for an x button Voodoo you NEED to stop the ads they are sooo annoying I am at the point of deleting this game please just please stop the ads voodoo sorry if I spelled it wrong. stopping the ads is the first step to making this a better game here are some recommendations for the game: a practice mode, levels not just a endless mode, and maybe customizing your character, that is all. Hope you read this Voodoo. Great game by the way keep updating it and it will be the best!

- A Few Suggestions

Hello! First off, I absolutely love this game. It’s fun, addictive, and you can play it for hours. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I just have a few suggestions: 1. On this new update, whenever I do a challenge (facing the proper side) and die, it sends me back to the first challenge instead of the challenge I was on. It’s a bit nit-picky, but please fix this. 2. I have a suggestion for a new ball. If you get 42 points exactly, you could use that ball thing from The Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy. Thank you guys so much for making a simple, fun game. I absolutely love it, and these are mere suggestions. Have a great day!


This is a long one, lol, but they wanted to access my personal information. There’s the short part of the story. I downloaded this game probably 6 months ago, played it for a long time and it’s great! Buuuuuut... Today I opened it and it has this page stating “I agree to allow Voodoo Sauce to access my personal information from my device” WHAT.?! Accessing my personal information like my age is okay... I guess... but ASKING to access my DEVICE personal information? This is in violation of soooo many things. This is why people get kidnapped... i am not saying that this is what I think it is, I may still be wrong, but I still Don’t want a random game by a random developer to access my personal information. In my iPad I store my location, who my family is, EVERYTHING. Maybe its just a small glitch in the game? Maybe someone in the dev team was just messing around? I Don’t know... I just want everyone to know what this app wants to access. I Don’t want someone getting hurt because of this, if That’s even what this is. It’s probably a security breach, though. Even though this probably won’t go through process of moderation, I just hope it does, I want to ensure the safety of my relative human kind. Hopes to all 🤟

- 👍🏻pretty good

This used to be my favorite app! What happend!? First , the other balls in the game don’t really make sense why they would be there , and it gets distracting and less fun. Also, this game doesn’t really need coins , and anyway , once you unlock everything like I did, you can’t really use the coins. It’s better to unlock things by using your skills on the game, not so much coins. Otherwise than that , this is a really good game. It’s really fun and it’s cool how you get to unlock different scenery and balls to play with. Just to make the app even more fun , maybe even add music or a way to design your own ball or background?Also, there are prob more adds then needed. Really good game 👍🏻

- Why..?? XD please fix these glitches!!

So I first got the game and I love it! It’s really fun and a good challenge so I wanted to support the creators by purchasing the no more ad option but also because I hate ads so much.. anyway I open the game when I get bored and all these other balls fall from the sky distracting meh...Oof, then the floor starts disappearing and causing the game to be impossible. XD. Also ads still appear out of nowhere and I looked and it said I already purchased the no more adds. I also have the ball that you get for doing that.. can you please fix these things?? Other than all these things the game is really fun and good for when your bored at school. Thanks for reading! See ya -Asria*

- Fun But Too. Many. ADS

Listen, this game is fun and all, but I have been noticing things since I first got it. 1. When you die in this game, not only does it give you an option to revive yourself, give you an ad even when you say you don’t want to revive yourself, but it ALSO doesn’t work half the time when you DO want to revive yourself. 2. There’s no way of telling if you’re in first place or last. 3. You die way too often, especially when high in the air. Unfortunately, this game IS time-consuming, but there are good parts of the game as well as the bad ones. I understand a lot of people say that there is too many ads, which there really is.

- I want to turn coins and music off

I’m really happy this app fixed the problem with premium users seeing ads so fast, that was really nice. But where is the music off button? Also, I really wish I could at least have the option to turn off coins as they are really distracting and make it hard to just play the game. It’s also disappointing bc I feel like it takes away the value of the achievements. earning the achievements and the cosmetic awards are a really fun part of the game and by giving you infinite money to easily purchase these awards you’re getting rid of that satisfaction. :/ Also seeing other ppl play was rly cool at first but now there’s so many that it makes it overwhelming and laggy:( Anyway thank you again for fixing the premium user issue

- Glitches and Ads

This game is hard but addictive. However the frustration comes from the ads. I’m all for making money off ads but sometimes I play a game and I get an ad almost every turn. When playing hard levels it becomes draining. On top of that the game glitches and slows down whenever it loads ads while you are playing. I can always tell when I’m going to get and ad because the game slows down and gets glitchy. Right now it just won’t load. Crashes when I launch it on my iPhone X. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This last bug showed up on the recent update. Fix the bugs and for the love of God figure out how to show ads that don’t kill the gameplay!

- The Unacceptable Update

This game used to be my favorite game and It would keep me busy any time I didn’t have WiFi connection or if I was just flat out bored. Ever since the update the makers of the game had made with the coins and what not, it has affected my liking of this game. When opening the app, you can hardly play the game because of ads they just show up even when your playing or after you get done with a game and sometimes both. I understand that the makers of this game put ads in so they could profit off of the people who buy the “no ads” but it’s just so frequent that it’s a little ridiculous. I am deleting the game now because what can I say, I can’t even play the game! But anyway I hope readers can read this review before downloading this game.

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@ginacarano @ludwiggoransson @themandalorian @disneyplus loved the first episode, there just wasn't enough Cara Dune


@MrSwansong Just because it may or may not have ripped off Dune mean it's bad

Dune! 5.5.5 Screenshots & Images

Dune! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images

Dune! (Version 5.5.5) Install & Download

The applications Dune! was published in the category Games on 2017-10-11 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 249.57 MB. Dune! - Games app posted on 2020-10-08 current version is 5.5.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: io.voodoo.dune

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