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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

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The applications Dune! was published in the category Games on 2017-10-11 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 182.80 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes
- Stability improvements

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Great Game!  Bdhajshd  4 star

The game is great, but if you add sound, it would be great, Ps. High score 65


Ads ruin experience  rjp615  3 star

This game was great, quick and simple. But then they added ads. Completely ruins the flow of the game. Not worth $2.99 ad free

Pinners Anonymou

I can’t stand it.  Pinners Anonymou  1 star

The ADS. Without fail, EVERY time you crash on the game, an ad pops up. It impacts the way you play the game because eventually you don’t want to crash only so another ad doesn’t come. It’s ridiculous...


Super fun  NickTheQuick3551  5 star

I went on a road trip with my friends and I don't have a lot of games that do not require wifi.So we played this game and we all had fun on it.


Blah  kiterothecabbit97  1 star

Nothing but ads and you cant even exit out of the ads! Had to back completely out of the game every time i needed to respawn. Not recommended unless watching bubble pop ads is your thing


Too many ads  AwesomeLaura1  3 star

I love this game but there are too many ads😕. After every round a play there is an ad and it’s really annoying🤯😡.Could you please lower the amount of ads please!? Thank you😉🙂


Great Game w Tiny Wings Gameplay (Needs Sounds and Music)  Sharika129  4 star

Fun time waster, paid the $3 to have the ads removed and much more enjoyable. The only thing keeping me from giving it another star is the lack of sound and background music. If you gave it unlockable swoosh sounds when you shoot up plus music it would be perfect.


Okay  Svajshevsjsjhdvs  3 star

It's a very fun game but it's LITTERED with ads. It makes it hard to enjoy.


Alright I guess  C0M0  2 star

It’s a good game when you need to kill a minute or two but not much beyond that. The game is way too repetitive and bland, same thing over and over, no levels or power ups or anything like that. Also I swear there’s a lag when you press the screen so sometimes the ball doesn’t fully respond which is annoying.


Great but lags  Lithrus_likes_popcorn_666  3 star

I love this game and sometimes it’s so smooth but it lags on most earlier devices badly


Awesome but...  TheFlightmareQueen  5 star

Hey I was wondering if you could add in some music! I love the game, SO addictive! But yeah some music would be fantastic! Please!


BRING BACK THE OLD PHYSICS  WillReviewss  1 star

Game is getting quite strange to play as the mechanics from the original have been removed. It doesn’t feel smooth anymore like the old version. I like the game though but everyone else agrees especially the other recent reviews.

Nerolist jeff

Big tip  Nerolist jeff  5 star

To remove ads for free just turn off your enternet while you play enjoy 😉


You will get swamped by Ads  78545  2 star

It’s a time wasting game, fun to play but you get swamped by ads, every time you “crash” and have to go back to the start, 2 + ads, you spend more time closing and saying no to ads then playing the game. Get rid of most of the ads and it would be fun, sorry I will be getting rid of this game.

Nuclear YT

Amazing  Nuclear YT  5 star

This is an amazing game so much to explore :o !!!!


Can I please not have another ad  MrShops  1 star

I buy the premium version and still I get ads, get your act together


It's good but 2 stars  Nfjdjnfhdj  2 star

The game is really good I love it but there are too many ads and I had 99 score and about to get to 100 but then an ad came up like what the hell please just ads for revive please, thank you <3


Cool game but...  JONOJONY JEFFERY  5 star

It’s definitely a smooth game! The physics of it is weird, fun and challenging at the same time. Otherwise, for people reading reviews, what are you waiting for? Download the game! I do have a problem, it keeps crashing. It’s probably me but the app crashes quite frequently. If this is able to be fixed, it would be amazing.


Great game  Linkzsy  5 star

Great game


Why I love DUNE?  Sammi82  5 star

I love Dune because it is fun and it doesn't need internet to play the game!!!


瑠璃宮和音 c_lapis_lazuli 3 star

#NowPlaying 🎵 Voice 💿 DUNE 👤 L'Arc~en~Ciel


Actu-24 People actu24_People 3 star

Katy Perry bannit indéfiniement de la Chine à cause d'une robe - Noovo (Blog) #KatyPerry #people #star


Powered by Mom PowerbyMomBlog 3 star

Dune Jewelry Giveaway US Only Ends 11/29. Prize is a Customized Delicate Oval Stacker Ring Trio $125arv


Another copy and the ads  cmballin  2 star

Great game if there wasn’t 20 second ads between every play. Direct copy of a previous game don’t remember the name - you were a bird though and there was music and a sunrise/sunset timer.


Wow is this a game or just ads  1372518  2 star

This game is good don’t get me wrong but when you can’t go 5 seconds without waching a ad that’s rediculus down right stupid don’t get this game


Too many ads  sokolosky13  3 star

This game is a lot of fun, but there are way too many ads. Tone them back a little for another star.


Lags on iPhone X  Goldmonkey001  3 star

The game is fun but lags on the iPhone X a lot, kinda kills the experience

The coming of Tan

Still getting ads!!!  The coming of Tan  1 star

I liked this game so well, I paid so wouldn’t have to deal with an ad every time I got killed. But I am still getting ads!!! Closed app and rebooted iPhone. Still have ads


HighScore!  Debbie25120  5 star

I GOT 138 WOO!


It good  xsxsxdxdfg  5 star



Bug ???  Rickfalcaocc  4 star

How do i revive in iOS ??????

Richard BMX

Way too many adds  Richard BMX  2 star

Literally every 5 seconds there’s a add and it’s just so annoying...


Almost perfect  Elite0480240  5 star

It's the most simple and greatest game of it's time, the only problem is that you might not even be able to find or even get the premium ball, unless it's remove ads... Either way I might not spend 3 dollars just to get everything

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