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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

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- It’s so bad always hanging my phone

This game seems good but my iPhone keeps hanging after sometime of playing it

- Not recommended

There are so many adds like every five seconds

- I love the game but I wish there was music

I love playing Dune it is so fun! But some times I can’t focus on things and also get bored easily I need something in the background like music! Whenever I play a game on my computer I have a video on because I can’t really focus with got some noise in the background. Whenever I play dune I love it but then I get bored easily so I get out off the game and go to a video or listen to music so I’m not bored anymore. All I wish is for the game to have some music!

- EXCESSIVE amount of ads

Look, I get it why ads are needed. But this is ridiculous. The app shouldn’t start out annoying to this level.

- Haahahhaauhahaahau


- Ugh and ok

This game is very satisfying but frustrating like how many times do you want to rage quit like you shouldn’t want to rage quit on a satisfying game also way to many ads like one to when you start one on the bottom on the screen again an ad to go on achievements levels and another to see unlocked balls but in all I’ve gotten better at the game so it is less frustrating but cut down on the ads and my issue is fixed again this is a fun game

- For anyone annoyed with ads

Turn on airplane mode. It’s as simple as that. You won’t get a single ad while playing. It works on pretty much of all these free apps - the ads are displayed through the internet, which obviously isn’t connected while your phone is on airplane mode. So this review is based solely on the game play because the ads aren’t an issue because of that trick. It’s pretty fun - some of the conditions to unlock the balls are a little much, but you can always buy them with coins, which are easy to collect, thankfully. Personally I don’t like this company. Voodoo is one of those game companies that pumps out low quality games using stick figures as people, riddled with ads. You know the ones - water park.io, hide and seek, whatever. This is one of the exceptions. It’s enjoyable. However I would like the option to turn off other players balls, because they can be distracting.

- Ads a lot

This is just a app full of adds I like playing but I get a add in the middle of the game like 7 times and after all it is is adds I have hade it for like 5 hours and watched like 100 hundred adds no joke

- Best game

This is the best game ever not to challenging not to easy just right thx creators of this game 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Dune

Hi Day to you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Ok this is weird

- Best game ever

Thanks for making this game

- Great game but

Plz make a remove sign option I do not like the your not alone update

- Amazing game but

I love this game so much! And play it every where. But recently I would go to open the app and then it would just take me back to my home screen. This has been the same for some of my Other apps. My asked my friends if theirs was working but it was the same. Idk if it’s something wrong with my phone or the app but it won’t let me play😢🥺

- He end


- Terrible.

Got an add on the middle of my first run. Ridiculous.

- my fav

dune is one of my favorite games :) but now that i unlocked all the balls and the backgrounds and the ground texture things, i just have all these left over coins and i don’t know what to do with them?

- It’s a very good game and I love it but...

It’s a very good game and I love it but I wish you would add sounds and more balls and a better setting screen then just the 3 buttons that only 1 works out of them the lock doesn’t work and the reset does not work the picture of the phone with the zig zag lines changes but no change the main thing I wanna see is added sounds please like if you buy the record


Jeez, there are way too many ads and they take forever to get off of your screen so you can actually play.

- I love it

This game is the best game in the world and no one can change my mind. E whenever I’m bored I just play this game. If someone tries to get me to play anything else I’ll say “I don’t care if that game has a good story I’m still playing Dune”. This is a a very good game and I highly recommend it to people.

- Ok game

I like it but there are too many ads TOO MANY It is good for the first few days then the ads come.


It started off ok but after a few days you couldn’t even play the game. An ad popped up every thirty seconds. You can’t even play one game without getting about 10 ads. Otherwise the game is great and fun to play.

- Sound!?

I use to play this game and it had sound, what happed? It just is weird now annd I wish we had more balls and planets 🪐. Also for the ad thing just put ur phone or whatever on airplane mode❤️ hope that helps! (Just know this turns off wifi and data so turn it back on when you’re done‼️)

- Review

Nice game to pass the time👍🏿

- Blue

Blue blue white blue blue red blue blue white blue blue skies blue blue blue

- Trash

This game was fun but ads then impossible to beat and when you are not even high enough to die you still die I’m uninstalling

- I would give no stars

When I first had this game it was fun. Now I can’t get thru one level without at least two ads. Deleting.

- Dune

I loved this game a couple of years ago and would still recommend this. I would personally play on a road trip or in the doctors

- 👎🏼

Terrible I hate this game!!😡😡

- Epic

Awesome fun really interesting

- Why

I got an add IN MY GAME while I got my high score and I feel like they cheated me from my skill

- Remove Tik Tok ads

Tik Tok is a stupid app and I hate it.it’s annoying getting a Tik Tok ad every 30 seconds. Any other ads other than Tik Tok. I love your game but I hate the Tik Tok ads

- Do not buy I hate this game and are so mad at it!

I used to play this game as so everyone else would but I redownloaded it recently. I was playing the game and I got to my new high score , 378 when I was holding to get a smooth roll an unskippable ad popped up on my screen and it was 40 seconds long after it was over my ball was dead on the floor and I lost my high score.

- Too expensive

Why does the lava skin look so cool but compared to the lame eye skin cheep? I hate that your game is expensive it’s one of the expensivest games ever and I been playing for 3 days and only have 2,354 coins

- Love the game but few too many adds

I am addicted to this hame and I would probably play all day but the adds annoy me they pop up almost every time I die and I can’t select the revive option where you watch an add and get to revive. Other than that I have. I thing to complain about

- Ads

I understand the whole ad thing, but why tf are there adds in the middle of the game while you’re in a run?

- annoyed

this game is very fun , but in the middle of a round an ad will pop up as your ball flies into the air causing you to crash most times. it is very annoying and happens most of the time for me.

- Ads

I just downloaded the game less then five mins ago and it’s bursted with ads. I understand the creator needs ads for money but not that much. I might delete.

- Amazing game but can they add more stuff?

Dune is really fun!! My son even loves playing it!! I got this app a few months ago and I’m already finished with the game!! Literally all you do is use a ball and try to get smooth landings or a new high score!! I just wish they would add more stuff to the game because my son even gets tired of it after awhile and he has already beat the game, unlocked all the balls & cool planets or backgrounds. If Dune does add stuff, in my opinion, this is what I want to see: -Add more balls -Add where you can create levels -Add where you can play different peoples levels -Add multiplayer mode (because my son likes playing multiplayer on different games) And that’s it! I mean yes Dune is fun!! But sometimes I play it and I just get bored so, yeah.

- Great game to many ads

Dune is a fun game. Its the ads though😫 There are ads about every minute. I was playing and then two seconds later an ad popped up. And then after I died in the game there was an ad! I’m telling you guys it’s a fun game but there are a TON of ads. It’s up to you. If you don’t mind ads then this is the game for you if you don’t like ads I don’t recommend this game. Thank you for reading this review and I hope this will help.

- Dune

Dune is a fun game it is an awesome awesome game my boys love it my oldest Luis lives playing it he used to hate it but when my youngest started it they played it over and over and unlocking stages, backrounds,balls, they just are fun

- This is a great game!!

I love this game so much

- Ads

Great game but there are so many ads almost every time you die there’s a ad and a couple of times I even got ads it the middle of playing so please put a little less ads

- Good game but ads

Used to get almost no ads but now I’ve started getting them while playing and it would mess me up every single time so I probbaly wouldnt recommend this app anymore

- Is good but too many adds

Every time you die your rolling a dice no add or a add when you start the game add when you die add it’s very annoying

- Popo


- Ads not disabled



okay so by the title you probably think im a crazy person or what ever but so lemme break it down for ya: So when you pass the line you get a point. If you go smooth you get 2. If you go really smooth you get 4. If you pass the moon you get 1,2,4,depending on the smooth lvl. Pass the orange/yellow planet you get NOTHING. Still reading?Good.I’m not finished. If you pass the purple planet no smooth,2 point. Pass purple planet smooth 4 point. Pass it really smooth 8 points. That’s the limit.The.Limit. The point of this review was to ask this question: Add more planets to pass so we can get more points. Other than that love the game. It should be 4+ not 12+. Really good game for kids. 5 stars.

- Just downloaded this but I love it!

Is been a long time since I last played this game and now that I can play it all the time is just great! I don’t have much else to say except that I’ve found that the game is really hard to learn, but I know that soon I will be a master. I love the voodoo games and I hope you make more.

- Really good

I used to play this game all the time but deleted it sometime after.i couldn’t find it and just got an add for it.really good game tho.love it!

- Pretty good

Ya know once you pay for adds to be removed it is perfect for panic attacks and grounding

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Add a dang pause

- Don’t care about the ads

It’s a good game, I don’t care about the ads, although you can add some music, otherwise it’s a very good game. 🥳

- Adds bro

It’s a fun game and all but it’s the same thing and it gets kinda boring after like half an hour. Also I have never seen a game with so. Many. Adds!

- Way too many ads and die too quickly.

Every time I hit the ground no matter what I do I die, it is kinda boring too.. Every time you die, you get an ad (turn off wifi if you don’t want them though.) If you want a good game similar too this that I actually enjoy , I recommend Bike hill! Easy to play and enjoyable.. For me.

- adsss

it’s an ok game i guess but it gives you ads while you’re in the middle of playing. i wouldn’t recommend downloading this

- It’s okay

It’s a fun pastime game but it have way too many ads. You get ads in the middle of play.

- More skins

You should add more skins to the game because I have all of the skins now and it’s getting a little boring because I’m not working for anything anymore

- Good

It’s cool good fun and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

- The worlds best game!

The best game❤️❤️ but there is so many ads 😩😫 please take the ads away!!! PLSSS :) GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!

- No longer enjoyable

I used to play this game and I recently redoownloaded it and there are so many ads it’s not fun. It’s yet again a good game that was ruined by ads.

- Ghost town

Love it

- Bogues répétitifs

Il y a parfois des bogues qui font que l’ont ne peut plus jouer et que l’on voit que le ciel.

- Ads

More ads than actual gameplay, I actually enjoy the game on a rare chance I get to play before an ad pops up!

- Just great

I highly recommend it not to many ads and when there is you can skip in like 4 seconds

- You guys are all dumb

If you want no Ads just turn off your wifi!!!

- Yes!!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜

I absolutely love💜💜 this game it’s fun and cool and a little bit challenging I play against my brother all the time and I usually win💜because I’m the Dune Queen💜💜

- Epic

Best game in the world

- Fiveish stars

If you turn on airplane mode there is no ads and better proformence

- No ads yes game

There is way to me you ads but the game is really addictive

- Good game + i know how to take away ADDS!

This is a fun addictive game and I have a trick for NO ADDS just turn off wifi and cuticular data and no adds! Why in callange mode after you finish a level does the screen go white forever? Ps. Make multiplayer where you see who can get the most points.

- Single player gameplay

This game was so much better when it used to only be single player because it was relaxing. Now that there are about 20 other players, it isn’t calming anymore. Deleted in a day

- It is so good

So good

- Ads

Way too many ads

- Fun

It’s a bit glitchy but other than that is so fun

- A few glitches

Not too many ads and an overall fun app, but it keeps crashing and glitching.

- FOR NO ADS + little to buy

I love the game but there are sooo many ads! But I know what to do. So first, before you enter the game, turn off your wifi. If you have data turn that off as well. That's literally it.... REAL REVIEW I LOVE THIS GAME!!! but there are a little amount of skins and backgrounds. I bought everything in the game and now I have a bunch of useless coins.

- Divertissement

C’est un jeu très divertissant quand on a envie de rien faire... Mais il y as beaucoup de pub très récurrentes et agaçantes, ce ne sont pas des pub ciblées et ça en devient énervant... Si le développeur pourrait faire un effort pour contrôler quelles pubs sont montrées ce serait apprécié... Il faudrait une façon de lui faire signifier que tel ou tel annonceur est ennuyeux ou agaçant...

- Fun

This app is great 👍

- Bad game 😡😤🤬

It’s the worst game ever there is no depth at all and after 3 minutes of utter garbage I deleted it I absolutely hate it it has SO many ads it’s unbelievable do NOT get this game it’s just stupid

- Trash

Kinda fun but way too many ads like every time I’m playing it’s a guaranty that you’ll get a ad in the MIDDLE OF YOUR GAME!

- Great game

This game is so good! So satisfying. I cab play this game for hours non stop, love it. My favorite game now!

- Ok

Its ok

- Too many ads

This game is great and fun but the amount of ads is just insane it makes the gameplay boring 😡

- Y I put a 1 star

Plz make ur landings bigger

- Good game but...

This is a really fun and addictive app but there are to many adds. There is an add after every level even if you die on your first jump. overall it is a really good game

- Good game

This game is the heart out of all my games it’s the funniest and greatest game ever thank you for making this game you should make lots of money please make more game like this one hope this made your day also it’s my birthday today I love this game keep it up I am turning 9 YAY I love this game bye Jordyn Visser🤗

- Shit game

Literally an add every time I start a run

- Ad Every Game

Ad every 10 seconds

- It sucks

Don’t waste your time

- Don’t get it

The rip offs or knock offs are actually better than the original so go try dune balls instead it actually has sound affects

- Too many ads

Deleted within 2 mins. Too many ads

- Knock-Off Tiny Wings

It’s not as good as it either

- Great game. Also a tip:

No wifi and no data = no ads

- terrible game

my phone started lagging an hour after downloading

- White blank screen

In the challenges, whenever I complete a level or die, the screen goes white blank. The only way to get out of this white blank screen and play is to quit the game and get back in. I like this app, (I don’t care about the adds.) it’s a good app, but please fix this bug I said to fix, (bug or glitch.)


Distance should be added as well as height, i would like to see how far i can go on this infinite game and not just how high, i don’t think i can get any higher than i’m currently getting. distance please!!!!!!!!

- J’adore

Ce jeu est super

- Quite good, just a little bug after the game

So, everyone is complaining about the ads... hey guys, there is something called ‘’removing the WiFi " no duh

- Ads

To all the turds complaint about ads, torn WiFi off and airplane mode on. Be smart And it is a bad app anyway why would you get it

- Restore Purchases

No button to restore my purchases even though i purchased the no ads a few months back.

- Really?

I know everyone is going on about the adds, but that is how you make your money, but one thing that really annoys me is that it says “watch a add to revive” half of the time you watch and add anyways, don’t do this to us!


It’s a good game but it doesn’t say tap to continue

- No sound

I love this game but there is no sound to it. Could u please put some sound into the game

- When I lose I don’t get back to start?!?!

I love this game but when I die/lose I don’t get back to start and it REALY bugs me no pun intended.

- Not as good as it use to be


- Ads are uncontrolled

The adds pop up wherever you are. Even in the middle of a run. I mean the concept and idea If this game is amazing but I think voodoo need to just focus on one game at a time making each game one by one the best it can be. summary =👎 plz fix the games ads.

- Okay game

It’s a fun game don’t get me wrong but when you loose nothing pops up it’s so annoying

- Too many ads

You have enough money already

- Issues when playing

If I die during a game it freezes and I cannot control anything. All I can do is close the app and re-open however this happens every time. Any advice or can this be looked into?

- Won’t say “tap to continue”

This game was great there was nothing wrong but since the new update it won’t say “tap to continue” anymore!!!!!!!!

- Great Game But 1 problem

I just got this game and it is the most relaxing game ever but when I finish the challenges or crash my game freezes and I have to restart my game.

- Dying in Dune

This is a good game, but I play on iPhone 10, and every time I die, nothing happens I just get stuck.

- I used to love this game...

I downloaded this app quite a while ago (2 years ago I think) and there wasn’t a single thing wrong. It was fun, addictive and great to show off your skins. It was a fad... Just recently I have started to play again. I expected it to be as great as it used to be. As soon as I put my finger down for the first time, the ball started to mo- oh, just an ad. I even get ads in the middle of a game! Super annoying and wish that they could place ads at more suitable times. When I was finally able to play after the ads stopped, I was on a roll (excuse the pun) and was doing quite alright considering that I hadn’t played for a very long time. Of course, all things must come to an end as did this round. But it didn’t... I’m not too sure what happened. Yes, the ball stopped rolling and I had lost but there was no ‘you lost’ screen. Again, not too sure what happened, maybe a bug? Glitch? Either way, it should be resolved soon. Other than those two issues, I love the satisfaction of rolling the ball along the dunes. Please do not let the problems above impact your decision of downloading it or not because I honestly don’t see why you shouldn’t get it. Voodoo, please do your best to fix these issues. Have a great day!

- 👎🏽

Games like these I hate the most a complete sell out. I don’t mind adds but when they pop up while you are in the middle of the game it gets annoying and glitch’s every 2 seconds and once you die got to reopen the game to play again

- Not the smoothest

You still haven’t fixed the problems with when you stop it stil keeps rolling side to side plus I asked like a year a ago to please fix it by August 27th but you didn’t so I deleted the app and I still prefer to pretend paying the game with my finger in the air going along the hills Please stop lying in your game it is very glitchy just fix it please and make your claims true instead of lying by subtitling it as the smoothest game ever

- I hate this.

I have to go out of the app and quit the game and then go back! It’s annoying because when I dive I make a mistake and it detects that you are still alive. Give me a response and fix this bug!!!!

- I love it, but...

My game is bugged. I go into the app and I want to have fun, and I do! But after I fail once, the game bugs out, and I can’t try again. I have to close the app, and then reopen it just for another attempt. If you could fix this it would be highly appreciated.

- Please Fix this bug

It doesn’t say tap to continue. Every time I lose, it doesn’t say tap to continue and I have to completely get off, swipe down and go back on just because of the bug. It’s a good game but has a bug.

- Weird restart thing

When ever you die it won’t show any buttons or anything like that to restart

- 😐

It’s so annoying how you have to swipe your apps every time you die but other than that it’s a great game.🤗



- I found a bug

Hi this game is really good but a few days ago I found a bug I can’t respawn now when I hit the ground it won’t even let me but grate game

- Restart

it’s a good app and stuff but you can never retry and you need to reset the app to start again. please fix this glitch. also i get ads while I’m playing. not when o die or anything but when I’m in the air, i get an ad. please fix both of these issues to solve any problems

- Good game, but..........

This game is such a fun game but when I die the game over screen doesn’t pop up and I have to close the app and open it again. I love this game, but can you please fix this, it’s a pretty big issue.

- Fix this please!

The game is great and I’ve been playing for a while on other devices although I recently got it on my phone and the game does not show Press To Continue when I crash. I don’t understand why. And I always have to restart the app to play another round of the game. This is so annoying and upsetting as I already know this game is wonderful but this problem is making it so hard for me to enjoy the game. Please tell me how I can fix this!

- Do not get this game

Every time you lose acceleration it stops working and they play adds in the middle of the game and then you die. Do not get it it will just annoy you.

- Absolutely the worst game I have ever played!

It’s so bad! I recommend you to not get it because when you stop you don’t get out of the round you just sit here and nothing happens and you can’t move! There isn’t even a menu button!

- Good but some lags

I love Dune don’t get me wrong but after a while every time I die the game over screen won’t pop up so I have to leave the game and restart. It’s got some ads but I just turn my wifi off to deal with that. Overall great game but needs improvements

- Bug needs fixing

At the start it was fine, but now when I land the ball wrong it doesn’t go to the death screen. Instead it just sits and doesn’t let me start again or move. I have to restart the app every time I die

- Hell no

I take it back. This game has far too many adds. Even when I’m playing they will pop up. Voodoo has not impressed me.

- Scummy creators

Couldn’t even wait to put an ad at the end of the game. Why would you put in the middle. What retards

- Yeah I’m so proud

Yeah I’m gonna say that I love dune and why I love it is because I had it on my brothers phone and it was amazing so that’s why I have it on my phone 😍😃

- Read this before you download this game

It is a really good game but there are dome adds that keep popping up and after the adds I die witch really frustrates me and when I die there is no retry button so you have to Get of the game to retry but besides that it’s a asome game

- Game over screen

I have too exit the app every time i die

- Game broken

The game over screen just doesn’t appear

- It won’t work...

I loved this game,it was amazing,perfect,the right amount of challenging...until now. Every time I die,the ‘Tap to continue’ button isn’t there! To me,this is extremely sad! I re downloaded this game,in my first run when I re downloaded it,it was perfectly fine! Yet,every single run after that one had the same problem as when I first downloaded this game. What did you guys do to the game?! IT WAS PERFECTLY FINE. Why did you have to try and change it?!

- Annoyed

The ball constantly gets stuck rolling back and forth on a hill, can’t restart it so I have to close the app and reopen every time. Really annoying. Fix it.


There are many bugs,adds always pop up and sometime when I’m in the middle of the game, every time I fail it doesn’t go to home screen so every time I have to double tap the home screen Botton then flick the game up so it resets I recommend not to get this game

- A years worth of updates still hasn’t fixed this game

The game doesn’t end when you crash. The ball just keeps rolling back and forth. How has this not been fixed?? It’s been over a year and there has been multiple updates since yet this problem still exists. The game is unplayable in its current state.

- Ads while I play

I’d be in the middle of playing my game and then I’ll randomly get an ad, it would stop me from playin and then I would die but no game over screen would come up so I had to close the app

- Dying screen glitch

When you die the game doesn’t reset

- Great game.... Needs bug fixes

The game is great and addicting, ads aren’t overall a big problem, everything is overall good. My issue with the game is that after the tutorial, once I die, the tap to continue does not pop up and I end up getting stuck there not being able to move or press anything. Please fix this for an overall more enjoyable experience.

- Won’t let you die

The game is fun and all but there’s one problem, it won’t let you die. I know that sounds a bit wired but hear me out, the way you would usually “die” is by hitting the ground, but when I hit it, instead of restarting it just sits there and rolls back and forth infinity without restarting and after a bit that gets really annoying cuz to restart you need to completely shut down the app and open it again, besides for that the gameplay is really fun and addictive and a great pass time, but I really hope this glitch gets fixed soon.

- Great game but

Please fix the glitch when you die and nothing happens I always just have to reset my phone

- game over screen

the game over screen doesnt pop up when i die and it is very frustrating because i have to exit the app and close the tab and return to the app. i hope you guys will fix this

- Bug?

I downloaded this awhile ago and found it to be fun. I’ve revelry been getting adds for this and thought I’d download it again. Every time I die the option to play again does not appear, I assume this is a bug. The advertisement for this game is actually a better experience than the game itself, which I think is quite disappointing.

- No continue button

For a while now the game will only let me play once and then I will have to reset the game because the continue button won’t pop up, judging by the reviews, this is a bug, and I’m sick of getting ads while I’m in the middle of playing. PLEASE GET THIS FIXED. Overall the game is fun.

- This game is bad

Every time I died, I had to restart the app to play again, on top of this the game was really glitchy and didn’t respond sometimes, would not recommend

- This is terrible

It has a lot of bugs. And i got ads in the middle of the game

- The same thing happens to me as well

The game is very broken but fun, however I think you guys/girls should fix it

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- Hi

This app is so much fun and is so entertained. Download this app!!!!

- Dune

This game is so cool

- I do recommend it but one problem........

I LOVE this game so much but I just don’t like that there’s A LOT OF ADS plz fix this I get that when you revive yourself it will give u an ad but even if u don’t revive yourself it will still give u one , this really gets me mad. Sometimes It will even give u an ad in the middle of the game , WHO DOES THAT!!!!? I get so mad because of that because when your done with the ad it will make you instantly loose , and that is so annoying. Another thing is when u revive yourself and they give you an ad , THE AD IS LIKE 30 SECONDS LONG , I DONT WANT TO WAIT THAT LONG JUST TO REVIVE MY SELF THAT IS JUST REALLY ANNOYING AND IM FOR REALS. Plz CHANGE THIS PROBLEM AND CHILL WITH THE ADS , PLZZZZZ

- Awesome but needs sound

So I really like this game really cool really fun but I’m disappointed because there is no sound

- 𝙰𝚖𝚊𝚣𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎.

𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚒𝚜 I𝚜 𝚊𝚠𝚎𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝.

- Just one problem

The game has had a bug since I first started playing it where the games obstacles will disappear and the ball will fall endlessly and not appear again, all you have to do to fix this is to restart the game but it would be convenient to fix because if someone is having a high score game they wouldn’t want something like this to happen. :)

- Great but one problem

Every time I open the game and play a the game during the game there is an ad

- Ads

I get ads every time after I lose an add pops up every time it gets very annoying.

- Bruh

Too much ads

- I mean, to be honest...

The game itself is good it's just cluttered over brimming with ads. And even worse, they can appear mid-game, and it causes you to crash! Please fix the ads

- To much

It’s fun and all but there’s to many ads

- Too many ads

I love this game but there’s way too many ads. Right in the middle of playing an ad just pops up on the screen. Also I don’t know why it’s rated 12+

- Use the word for a little time in my school

Butt hole sniffer

- Great game

It’s a great game and not a lot of ads. Not what I would expect for a Voodoo game 👍

- نحىمحيطحممحث



This is ridiculous

- Challenges

Whenever I play the challenges there is always a white screen after i play that round. Otherwise I have no problems.

- Dune

Hi there I love your game

- Adds

Very fun game but I’m watching adds just as much as I’m playing and that makes the game very annoying and hard to enjoy

- Fun when Im not clicking off Ads

This game is like countless others, a remake cash grab. “Dragon fly” is the original, to my knowledge, with way more of an urgency to continue your roll of consecutive well timed take offs due to the pursuit of Momma Dragon. The progression of your dragon was within a free to play manner and the ads weren’t so intrusive, seeing how much money an authentically fun game makes you there wasn’t a need for such an aggressive ad approach. I keep this game on my phone for times when I have no data or wifi. While waiting at the store I decide to play this game to pass the time. I load in and begin to start my run, almost immediately am I interrupted from the game I had just begun for an Ad! Something that could be placed before your run, on opening of the app, or immediately after the run is over as done by numerous other games. Not so disappointed at the concept of the Ads but moreover how lack luster this game is to have such nerve to stop the gameplay to sell me more things I know I do not want. Pitiful. 1 star type of move gets you a 1 star type of review!

- Nope.

Every time you go to play a game an ad pops up in the middle of the round and it gets super annoying!!

- Not ADHD friendly

First off I would like to say that I used to play this game non stop a couple years ago and it was simple yet beautiful. I got a new phone so I slowly re-downloaded apps and once I got to Dune, it wasn’t the same. I have ADHD and I have to say that the orbs in the background are so distracting that I can’t play this game anymore. I’m not sure if these orbs are actual people playing but, I much preferred when the game was only my orb because at least I could follow what was going on!

- So Fun!!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love Dune!! Why is it rated 12+, I don’t know, but this just might be the most fun and child-friendly game out there! I almost never get ads! You can customize your track, ball, and background! 5 stars, would recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- The ADS

This game is really fun although it will give u adds right when ur in the MIDDLE OF A GAME it’s SO ANNOYING and if it didn’t have a million adds per game then maybe ID PLAY IT MORE.

- This is the best game ever

This game could not be better it is the game I want to play in the morning and at night and in between I play it it is very good in this covid season my point is that this is a the best game

- Really good!!!

The game is really good, it’s fun to play with and it’s quite of a game to play when your bored, you can unlock only some little map things and skins, it would be cool to unlock more. There’s rarely any ads like the other games, it’s really fun.

- Great game

It’s a great game and I’m officially obsessed with it. You should definitely try it!

- this game needs to be more possible

first of all theres too many ads second of all its not possible third of all it makes me rage

- Happy

I luv this game it is so fun one thing is the ads but still really fun I give 5 stars I luv it so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


okay so overall the game is great, it’s really fun and I probably would’ve given it 4 stars except it has SO MANY ADS!! I can’t even play for one minute without having at least 3 ads!

- Ads in the middle of runs

Absolutely ridiculous

- Really good

This is a really good app. When I got this app I was really bad even though my mom didn’t let me go on my I-pad I went into a secret please in my house I got to play this game and than I started to get better so I think you should get this app.

- Speed-slow.

I do not know how I’m slow,

- A mixed bag

Overall, it’s a good game. However, it is riddled with ads. The amount of adds was unbearable. 2 stars.

- This game is good but

So like u tap to start ad die ad start and pick skin ad die ad start ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad but the game is really fun when I actually get to play it

- Not really

This game was awesome when I first got it but then came the ads. After every one round there would be an ad. AND THEN THERE IS AN AD WHEN IM IN THR MIDDLE OF PLAYING!!! Any explanation??? I will keep giving you one stars if you don’t fix the ads but for right now it’s two unless you fix it then it’s five. Don’t get me wrong it’s fine to have an ad every three rounds or so but every round and then it gets to the point to mess you up in a game is ridiculous!

- I can’t hear anything

The sound isn’t working, I don’t know if it’s just me and my phone, but please fix this.

- Pretty good

Pretty good

- Bad game!!

It cheats when your doing well period.


This game had an ad right when I started to play. Every single time I try to move an ad pops up. FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!

- Good Game but....

I’m tired opening the game and right when I start I get an ad. Makes me not want to play sometimes.

- Review

Ads appear in the middle of a round and last 30 seconds. It’s fun but impossible to play with all the ads. 1/5 stars.

- Dunes

I play this game on my step dads phone and I finally downloaded it on my phone and there is other players on the same game I want to know how I can just have the one ball which is me in the game cuz this not how it used to be.


This game is GREAT I just pull it out when I’m bored and there really isn’t that many ads! IT’S GREAT

- Airplane mode

I only play on airplane mode. Your ads are cancer. Too many.

- Ultra mega good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s just a ball that flies and rolls and you can sometimes see space

- Glitches

As much as i love this game i have a consistent issue with the ending of challenges. Every time they end, either by failing or passing, the screen turns yellow or white. I can still press and it gies to the normal challenge select screen but god does the brightness from the glitch hurt my eyes

- Dune

1 of the best games i playd

- It’s a fun app to play

Great app

- Facebook

Rhythmic gymnastics

- Ads

Sometimes when I just started playing, as in I just got the ball moving, it gives me an ad. Which also causes me to fail and try again. Seriously considering deleting the app.

- Very fun

If you turn off the wifi then you don’t get ads Would be better with some music or something

- The disappointing updates

I had downloaded this game a year ago, and, BOY, there was lots of changes after I had downloaded this app again yesterday (disturbing changes) after a few smooth shots, some random people just pop up into the screen and it is sooo annoying. Compared to a year ago, this app was much better and I could get my high-score 2x better than this one today (ALL BECAUSE U DIDN’T PUT ANY OF THOSE DISTURBING AI’S) Another thing is there is around 20x more adds than before. This can be an opportunity for u to change that, SERIOUSLY, u r making people mad. how is this game running smooth if u don’t take off any of those annoying adds off? I AM DISSAPOINTED IN THIS GAME AND IS ABOUT TO DOWNGRADE IT RIGHT NOW SO I DONT HAVE TO TURN OFF MY INTERNET EVERY TIME. (try doing it it’s better than getting unlimited adds) 😖😖😫☹️

- Awesome

This app is awesome I would recommend for all ages. Not that much ads.its Awesome


The game is awesome, it’s about the game not the ads, If you don’t like the ads turn your wifi or data off!!!!!!

- Hi

This is a really good friking game,no lie

- It’s alright

It’s a fun game but seriously all of the adds ruin it! If it wasn’t for all the adds I would actually play it and enjoy it.

- Awesome game but

but the other balls on the dunes with me really throw me off, sometimes i can’t tell which one is mine. please make an option to turn off the other balls.

- Absolutely terrible

Absolutely terrible app. Constant ads for raid shadow legends. Definitely would NOT recommend

- I’m not turning off my wifi every time I play this

Way too many ads. It’s extremely annoying when you’re in mid air and an ad pops up, then when you ex out the ad you’re speeding down and immediately die. I know people will say “just turn off your wifi” but I don’t want to turn off my wifi every time I want to play a game. What if I get an important text and I don’t see it because I’m off wifi? Anyways, okay game, too many ads.

- The smoothest game ever?

The game is fine but there are way to many adds btw they do this so people will buy no adds to get passed this just turn your internet off

- Crappy poo poo

Poo poo in ya face lil 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

- Ok


- So fun!

I love this game, it’s sooo fun! Also for the people saying there are too many ads, just turn off your wifi

- Fun

I love this game, but there are so many ads

- My experience on Dune



Way too many add

- Adds ok

This game is pretty good, although once you have passed all challenges, unlocked all balls, sky’s and all the ground themes, it gets boring. But guys- I was just reading all your views, and every single one of you are complaining about adds. I get them too, but I found a way to not get adds without becoming a premium. 1. Just turn off your WiFi. The game still works, and you can’t get adds. 2. If you don’t want to turn off your WiFi, become a premium. Your welcome! 🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌😏😏😏🙂🙂🙂😘😘😘

- Useless ads and the privacy stuff

Voodoo you guys are probably the richest mobile game company as you guys have like 11 games that are all packed with ads. Literally every 5 seconds there’s and ad and that’s what has driven me away from most of you’re games as I don’t want to pay to remove ads. Also when I’m playing dune I keep on getting the privacy support notification every 2 seconds which annoys me so much, I don’t know if I’m the only one but if I’m not this certainly seems like something to drive someone away from this game

- Mute button?

Why cant i mute the game. I want to play and listen to music

- Game

The games really fun!

- Adds

To many adds after every game

- Unplayable

There are so many ads this game is literally unplayable. What a piece of trash.

- Ads

Tooooooooo mich ads

- Mad

The ads make me want to delete the game

- Say hello to Ad city

Too many ads. Don’t download it will annoy the crap out of you

- What just happened?

I started this game 2 years ago, sure it had alot of ads, but on top of that it was a really fun game. Coming back to this the game became 10x glitchier. Everytime I lose in the game my ball ended up being stuck and nothing showed up, game wasn’t frozen but it was really frustrating. I had to exit the game everytime. Well, the game had less ads now, I gotta give you that..

- Ads

This games ads cover the content 49% of the time, and other times the ads go after every death. Don’t download unless u love ads

- Here’s a tip

It is a great game but if you don’t want adds just turn off your wifi😊

- Tiny wings rip off

Play tiny wings instead.

- Awesome


- Great game but holy ads.

Before the latest update this was my go to for killing time. The update causes an ad to play every time you die. I literally spend more time watching ads now than playing and it’s crippled the game. Will probably not play anymore. Just not worth it

- Ads!!!

I get that there has to be ads but like that’s just a stupid amount of ads, and when your just starting to play an ad pops up and you die, there is too much ads and it frustrates me so much that I have thrown my device across the room!!!, Other than that it is great game.

- Ads come up mid game... seriously?

I get ads in the middle of a run. What’s the point in playing? At the very least they should come up AFTER you’re done. It’s entirely based on focus and when you’re stopped mid way the game is useless.

- Adds

I love the game but it has too many adds and it shows the SAME ONE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This is why I keep having to stop and take a break because it is really annoying when you see the same one over and over. I LOVE the game though. ❤️

- get rid of other players

this is not a multiplayer game. makes it so much less enjoyable with the fake people playing. honestly try to find someone that likes it like that

- Great game

Great game to play So fun Great Fun

- Very fun

I have completed the whole game but I still play it a bit. Many people are complaining about the ads but just turn off ur wifi then you will get no ads

- Awesome

It’s amazing! I’ve played it since the third update! But can you add a mute button? The sounds are annoying

- App Store should make 0 stars as a option.

When your playing it plays a ad, when you die it plays a ad, when your about to play there is a ad! This is unbelievable.. ⚠️DONT INSTALLIN UNLESS YOU LOVE ADS⚠️ this game is a money eating monster so don’t play it.

- ADDS >:(

it’s a good game,but just WAY TOO MANY ADDS.And remove that stupid world rising world whatever add!SO EW!Just remove that add,and put less adds.Everybody will love this game if u do that.

- Bon jeu

Relaxants mais presque pas de FPS

- It is good

I low this app

- Sooo many ads and just a rip off

There is an ad after every time you die and it have to pay to revive this game is also a copy of another game I have played already

- Flipping ads

Needs less ads

- Pretty good

The game is pretty good but just to many adds and after I complete a level it just shows a white screen and same thing when I die

- Good job

I love this game

- Love it

Very addicting can’t stop playing

- Ad’s

As soon as you open the game you can play for two seconds then an ad pops up for final fantasy and you cannot make it go away. It won’t even go away on its own. I love playing this game and now its just ruined.


Stop saying “oh there’s too many ads I give this 1 star” TURN OFF YOUR FREAKING WIFI!!!!

Libertex 📈

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- Useless

Can’t actually get into the game, when I download it just asks me to give it permissions and then gives a blank screen. Useless.

- It’s rubbish!

I could get past the agreement even if I agreed to it

- Really really horrible

It’s bad it won’t let me play the game anymore like apparently I have to be sixteen to play a baby game l

- Doesn’t work

I play it but I when I die I have to restart the game to play again

- extremely bad

Every time you lose in the game, there is no restart button so you literally have to come off of the game completely and go back on to start again. Also, there is irrelevant ads that pop up half way through your game so you lose.

- I really like this game but...

If I die I don’t respawn and I have to close the app and then open it again, it won’t let me edit my character and even though I can only play one round at a time it still makes me watch so many ads in the middle of my game which kills me and I have to close the app again!!! It’s extremely irritating and SOOO many people are complaining about it but voodoo refuses to do anything except shove more and more adds into the game. Don’t download Dune it’s just not worth the lag, the adds, or the countless bugs that you will get.

- Don’t download

Every time you die it won’t come up with an option to restart so I have to start up the app again

- Fix your game

Whenever I don’t hit a slope I can’t get back to the hill to carry on so bad wouldn’t recommend unless they fix it

- Awful

Game puts ads in the middle of a run and when I crash it doesn’t reset me, making me have to restart the app Not happy

- Fine is full of ads

The concept of the game is fine but the number of ads I’m getting ridiculous mid way through the run I get an add and one I’ve seen it through I die and then I don’t get an option to re-try.

- Good game but I have found a glitch...

Hi Voodoo, just wanted to let you know that when I hit the ground I no longer move and I can’t revive or try again so I have to quit the app and go back on it again to play again, plz fix!

- Needs fixing

I used to have this game as a child and it was great however tap to continue has gone and there are mid game ads please sort this out

- No continue button

When I die there’s no press to continue button which really ruins the game cos I have to exit the app to play again every time I die which is quite frequently please fix this is it was a great game before and now it’s just ruined really

- Love it but a few problems!

I love the game but I get really annoyed as I have to refresh the app every time i die! Also in the middle of me playing I get random ads pop up and it makes me die in the game!

- Good game but lack of continue

Good games to play but when I fail, there is no continue button to press on so I close the game and reopen the game and play again... seem annoying

- Fix bug

When you die your ball keeps on rolling so I have to close the app and watch an ad then close it again an watch an ad plz fix bug

- Awful

The worst game ever

- Glitchy

Loads of fun, but every time you die or complete a level the game crashes and you have to reload it. It saves your progress, but it’s just a bit frustrating to have to exit out of a game every 20 seconds.

- Boring

When you die you don’t respawn it go to a menu, you just stay there rolling back and forth, so every time you want to restart you have to close the app and reopen it!

- I love this game but....

I love this game but when I updated it and opened the application it came up with some things to accept which I get but then it’d go to a new screen with some info once I clicked of that it’d go back to the terms to accept and it’s a endless loop what’s going on here.... PLEASE FIX THIS


Every time I die I have to delete the tab and reopen the app because I do not respond which is very annoying. The game is very satisfying but annoying. There is so many adverts that I have to turn my data and WiFi off.

- Rubbish

Don’t bother downloading

- This is fun

This game is so fun thank you 😊

- Used to be good...

used to be so good now idek what happened the button to restart doesn’t even show up anymore so u have to close the app and reopen every time.

- Starting game issue

Doesn't let me go into the game and leaves me on the terms and conditions page

- Annoying

Every time I crashed I had to close the app and reopen it which was not fun at all. Please add some sort of pause button so that you can quit to the start screen as this happens every time you lose.

- Continuous Rolling

Whenever I hit a wall I don’t despawn or ‘die’ like the NPCs do. I just roll back and forth? I have to close the game and reopen it and it’s really frustrating. Also, terrible ad placement. Uninstalling.

- A recent problem

Recently I have been playing the game but when I die it doesn’t come up as play again or revive it stays blank and I can’t move so I have to go of the game and back on it again but apart from that it’s amazing so addictive

- Can’t play

The game won’t let me play it’s just a white blank screen saying I agree to all that and it won’t let me play

- Ugh

I used to LOVE THIS APP ugenebhdks I reinstalled it and all was well until I died and it couldn’t respawn or whatever so my ball was just rocking from side to side for ages and I had to reload the app. Turns out this happens every single time I die. UGH. It’s so fun and satisfying but Jesus just fix this thing!!

- Good but extremely flawed

I love the game and it’s something I WOULD play daily, however, every time the ball dies.. the tap to continue doesn’t show up. I’ve tried everything from deleting to reinstalling to even turning off my phone and restarting it. Now I’ve read the reviews, I know I’m not the only one with this issue; so please, fix your game.

- The ads and some stuff to fix

Hi Voodoo I’m having a problem with the ads every time I click play to move 5 seconds later there’s an ad. And if you hit the edge of a hill you would keep roiling forever. If you could fix these problems that would be great.

- Crap💩💩💩💩

I just got it and: 1: it’s not smoothe. 2: when I die I can’t play another game unless I restart the app. 3: you get ads in the middle of your game

- Extremely disappointed!

This WOULD BE a good game... But I feel that it needs a BIG UPDATE. 1- when you are in the middle of playing a game, an advert pops up and distracts you and it actually makes you fail the game, I think that adds are unbelievably annoying as they don’t stop popping up! Every 10 seconds... 😵 2- as you are up in the air, when your ball goes high, you feel like you are doing great and you will have a really good high score but no. As you slide back on to the sand like substance hills, you begin to stop and suddenly roll back and forth. You don’t have enough power to go up again. I am definitely deleting this app as it is a very frustrating game. Really, life would be better without it!

- alright

game was alright just that when i died the tap to continue didn’t show up, really annoying and had to reopen all the time

- Allow me to actually play it !!!

Every time I click on the app, I click the button to certify that I am over 16. I wait ages and 3 minutes later I’m still there waiting for the game to actually turn on. I’m not able to get on it so I have uninstalled it


Lots of bugs even after upgrading highly suggest downloading the game “bikes hill” instead! Very similar game with no bugs and very little ads

- Used to be good not anymore

The game used to be good but now every single time you die it doesn’t show the tap continue and u have got restart the game all the time.

- Terrible

You can’t skip when you die causing you to sit there waiting and waiting because you can’t move anymore

- Just deleted it

Why when I die does the ball keep rolling? I have to keep closing and reopening the game so I can play! It’s really frustrating.

- Ass

Every time I die in the game, nothing happens and then there is just a ball there on the dunes and I can’t do anything and then I have to restart the game when I want to keep playing

- Broken game

This game for me is broken because whenever I fail, it doesn’t let me respawn and I have to restart he game if I want to play it again. This game needs fixed extremely for me😡😡

- Bad

When I would die the ball would just sit there causing me to Restart the app I hope this gets fixed but for now very bad app

- Annoyed

This is a very short review but I am very upset with the game. For instance I was playing and every time I died or the ball stopped it would be stuck there forever I had to restart multiple times I would not recommend

- Dune

I’m giving this app a one star because every time I try and play it just crashes the game and shuts it down and if that doesn’t happen then when I play the game and I hit the side it just won’t do anything so I have to restart the game that’s why I’m giving it a one star review

- Unstoppable

When you land and lose momentum you don’t restart

- Not happy

When I died it didn’t give me the option to try again it was just a ball no options what so ever so I had to keep deleting the app

- Bad

I can’t even get to red pawn so I have to restart it in order to play again. It’s so annoying

- Doesn’t work

I can’t get into the app and when I do and I’m offline the game doesn’t get me back to the start

- bad

ads and lag just big bad

- Fix the bugs

So annoying that I have to close the app and close it on multitasking to play again. I also hate it when the ads pop up in the middle of playing. The game never used to be this bad so please fix it


Everytime I hit the ground, (not on a smooth shot) the ball well just stop and that means I died or something so that end game is meant to come up but it doesn’t so I have to exit the tab and restart the game which is so annoying! I’ve read so many complaints about this and you still haven’t fixed it!

- so many ads its worth deleting

The amount of ads you get is absolutely ridiculous! NOBODY is going to want to sit through so many ads!

- Crashes

The app constantly freezes. Only works for one turn once restarting the app.

- Great game except..

I really like this game, and play it a lot, but when I am in the middle of a game an ad pops up and I die

- All they care about is money

I don’t think they even update this game anymore, when it first came out it was really damn fun, but they just gave up and decided to put ads anywhere it could fit, before the game after the game but worst of all during the game, and it’s irritating having to constantly exit out of the game everytime you fail because you will just sit there once u fail u don’t restart

- Very buggy...

That’s literally all I can say... buggy🐛 And too many ads... :/

- Where’s the end screen?

I’ve played about ten-ish games and at every time when the ball stops it just... stays there? Like, I can’t move forward but I have to fully exit and restart the game to start a new game.

- Rollin

I love this game but every time I stop it just rolls back and forth it is sooooo annoying so please fix it or kaboom 💥 I’ll delete it

- It’s fun but...

Bugs, fix them all! Especially the one about the game over screen instead of logging out.

- Fun game but can’t play the game

When playing the game I hit a dune then I couldn’t move anymore, EVERY TIME please fix the game

- Bruh

This game is really bad I sat rowling in a dune for 30 mins and still didn’t get a game over screen

- Absolutely abnormal

The game is really good. But the thing that really needs to change is that, for me, when I crash, the revive buttons don’t even come up. So every time I want to play again, I have to restart the game and try again. This might not happen for you guys when you play, but it happens to me. If it does happen to you, this is what you should do. If this is annoying you to the max, then why not just delete the app and download another game? It’s convenient, and you don’t have to keep restarting the app to play just another round to lose again. That’s what I did when it happened to me.


1, Ads appear while I am in the air and I click on it sometimes. 2, You have to completely quit the app when you die because you can’t respawn


Hi This game actually needs a restart button or checkpoints and a go back to checkpoint thing I would’ve given it 4 stars but yea you get the point

- I’m mad

Don’t get me wrong the game is good but I always have to restart the app when I die meaning I never play anymore 😤 I like the game. It is entertaining but too many ads and I never play this because of this horrid glitch/bug that everyone and their mum is getting.

- This game is so bad

This game is so annoying every-time I join and I am a playing an ad comes up. Every time I my ball doesn’t move it the end game doesn’t show up. This game is trash


Once you die you can’t go again OOF

- Please read me :D

Alright overall the game is pretty good but one thing PLEASE ADD A CONTINUE BUTTON its so annoying failing then restarting the whole app but besides that its really fun.

- Sooo many bugs

You can’t even respawn

- Ehhhh

It never restarts the game when I die and it has way to many ads. An ad even popped up in the middle of a game. I don’t recommend this game.

- So sad that it doen’t have a pause button

I wish it had a pause button with the option to restart because whenever you get stuck it doesn’t stop you so you get out and start again

- Fix your game

After I die I can’t continue it just keeps on rolling I have to exit the app and go back in. Ads are not a problem because you can just turn of your wifi. Over all it’s a fun jame except for the res paw I g procedure.

- Dont download this app

I first started the game and it was fun but after that round I played another game and then when I died I had to delete the tab because it didn’t end the game and not only that also it would put adds in the middle of the game and what ever you do do not download the game 👎👿

- Dune

Dune is a great game but there can be one thing that bugs me off whenever u die u always have to restart the app most people would have experienced this but all you need to do is delete it and redownload it I did it and it works have fun

- No revive

When I watched an add to be revived it didn’t work and I had to start over😡

- Fun but not good

It would be a pretty good game if it wasn’t for voodoo’s ads every two turns. It’s just so annoying that voodoo feels the need to advertise in every fricking game!

- Inconvenient ads

Hello, the game overall is good but the ads are so inconvenient. When I play it, an ad will randomly appear in the middle of the game.

- Needs work

This Game is very but takes for ever to get into another game once you have crashed.

- No pause/quit button

This game is fun,but when you fall on the sand, you can’t go up again!

- Bad

Everytime you die, you have to get out of app then back in to start over. Please fix bug

- HELP!!!

When I open the app and play a game it’s fine. But when I die the tap to continue option, it doesn’t show. Also when I die the physics is off. Like it hits the dune and it stops completely.

- can’t continue

it won’t let me continue after i die. i have to get out of the game fully to start again.

- No continue button

Whenever I play, once I finish I have to go out and then back in because it has no continue button.

- Freekin glitch

For some reason the continue button isn’t there and I here strange sound plz fix its annoyin

- Very glitchy game

I can’t believe that the person is a grave threat in this country that has no one to get in the world of the people in their life as the person that can get to their life to their home for the home world of games in life

- Landing wrong

Ok if its just me let me know but when i land wrong i just sit there slowly swaying back and fourth on the ground i dont have an option to restart i have to double tap home then swip up i love this game and have for many years but this is annoying and it ALWAYS gets on my nerves i have punched my ipad a couple of times i hope this gets fixed in the near future because as i said i love this game but this little feature makes me not want to play it thank tou!!

- Click to continue button please

Needs a clock to continue button after you die so frustrating I’m deleting the game

- Great game when it works

It's pretty rubbish because when you hit an up part of a hill, the ball doesn't continue to work so you have to exit the game and go back in. Ads are crippling and the game stops being fun because of the having to reload thing. It's great apart from that

- Bad

Won’t say “tap to continue” and is really annoying to get out and reload the game. Please fix then it will be worth 5 stars.

- Dose not work

Fix it voodoo


Whenever I crash the ball the game like glitches or something and doesn’t let me continue, it only lets me once I’ve refreshed the app which is really annoying. Another thing is there’s ads every couple seconds it’s so annoying everyone I rejoin the game from refreshing I start playing then an ad comes mid game and crashes me. This game never used to be like this :( please fix these issues as soon as possible so me and everyone else and enjoy this game.

- developers have abandoned

every time i crash there’s no restart/continue option anymore. i’ve seen many similar reviews saying back to 2019, so safe to assume the developers don’t care anymore. glad i play with airplane mode on so i don’t run ads

- Horrible don’t get the game

Ads half way through the game and no tap to continue when you die don’t get it😡

- Well… could be better

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun game. I don’t know if these are bugs or not. Either way, it’s pretty irritating. Sometimes I’ll die, but then the game over screen won’t pop up. It only popped up once, when I first downloaded the game. So what I would have to do is exit the app, close the tab, and start the game up again. You developers should fix this pretty soon, considering that I saw another review with the same dilemma. And yes, I am aware fixing stuff like this takes time, but I think this is a pretty large problem. Another thing that irritated me; I was playing the game when all of a sudden an ad popped up. Not after I played the game, not before I played the game, while I was playing. And I don’t mean “playing” as in I had the app open and wasn’t doing anything. I mean playing as in I was in the middle of directing the little white guy, flying around on the screen and then ‘BAM!’ An ad. I know these things take time and that you’re trying your best, but I think these are pretty big-ish issues. (Short version): Overall pretty good game, however, could do with improvements.

- Few issues

Great game but when I try to continue the ball sits there in the sand.


Gosh I love this game but whenever I die it doesn’t come up with ‘tap to continue’ The ball just rolls. And rolls... And rolls... And rolls... And sausage rolls...

- Buggy as Bethesda

Won’t let you start another round, in most cases you’re ball will sit there in able to move until you restart the app

- Typical Voodoo ads

This game is heavily flawed. The continue button is a hit or miss. When you exit out and come back in, the ads take priority even when you’re actually playing. Terrible. 27k+ most with 5stars is clearly fake or payed for. And how can such a simple game be over 200mb in size?

- Wont say tap to continue

When I die i have to exit the game and come back in and theres way too many ads

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Dune! 5.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Dune! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Dune! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Dune! (Version 5.1.0) Install & Download

The applications Dune! was published in the category Games on 2017-10-11 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 249.35 MB. Dune! - Games posted on 2020-06-25 current version is 5.1.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Dune! Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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