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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

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The applications Dune! was published in the category Games on 2017-10-11 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 195.79 MB. The current version is 3.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Apps 👎🏻  jeepLjRuby  3 star

Apps are understandable, but the way you do it kills me for a game almost worth 4$


I LOVE IT  Kat_Is_Cute  5 star

This is a great game, there are no flaws(to me) and it’s kinda a stress releaver to me. I like it and I give it a ten out of ten. It’s great if your bored and the visuals are stunning and smooth. The mechanics are simple and I love how you can change skin and background. Its over all a great game and I would recommend it


It's fun  Xanderohn  4 star

If you don't want adds turn your device into airplane mode

Markell miles

Good  Markell miles  5 star



Me and the game's relationship  Hpktosizig😊  3 star

So at first I thought this was going to be pretty cool but over time the game just gets boring and you feel like you have better thighs to do, you know? So this game used to be fun as I said and me and me and the game just drifted apart and I don't like it any more😤.


,love this this game,  lpsfunlover  5 star

Is fun 😁😁😁


copy  iTunesMusicReviews  1 star

copied the game flappy wings


5 stars for addictiveness, but...  Giggles1134  3 star

It’s really easy to lose. That’s not my problem with my game, however. My problem is that every time you DO lose, there’s an ad. Almost every single time. So I’m sitting here, occasionally messing up on the first ten seconds of the game, and I have to watch a 15 second ad in order to try again and make up for my mistake. Maybe space the ads apart a bit, could ya? I’m gonna have to start playing this game with Airplane mode on.


Ads  Fickleydoo  3 star

Love the game..hate the ads. It’s an ad for every three games you play (which are very short because it’s a hard game) and it’s just game breaking


Annoying!  Jessie11192010  1 star



Awesome  Wheel67  5 star



Do not download  DudeDUNNO  1 star

This game is one of the most frustrating and stupid games I have ever played! AND WAY TO MANY ADS!!!’ This game just frustrates you to the core, pls make it easier and way less ads. I also calculated and 49% I was on ads, this is ridiculous. The developers are too greedy!


Money Hungry Devs II  Straight2  1 star

I agree that the % of ad time is too high and makes this game unenjoyable. I played for a short while and uninstalled.


Such a bad horrible game but like I can do any better  huskypuppy123  1 star

It is overloaded with ads and not enough game play also it is very glitchy

Koala Boy 24/7 🐨🐨🐨

Ok so far  Koala Boy 24/7 🐨🐨🐨  3 star

You know this game ain’t so bad. When I saw the first advertisement for this game I just thought it looked boring and dumb. “Who would want to play this game?” But after I saw this game popping up with advertisements 4 or 5 more times in multiple apps, I got sick of it and decided to give it a go. The game was okay. But I wouldn’t say I’m loving it or even liking it. It just seems like a small game to play if your bored.


Boo-urns  Kempy1738372618  3 star

The frame rate of the advertisements run significantly higher then the actual game itself. It is now unplayable.


Too many adds  Hamnog  4 star

Too many adds

Sexy smurf

An ad after every try?  Sexy smurf  1 star


زينه الربيعي

Best game ever  زينه الربيعي  5 star

Man it’s the best


Perfect  Hhdjdhdkdd  5 star

Love the game uses all retro aspects of arcade games and gives a smooth style with the lighting sound and music spent hours playing and will continue too because I'm lonely.


Pay for no adds is a scam  Gdjyxjifxatvjoyvxarfcuueacy  4 star

Fun game! Never fails to amaze me when apps try to sell you a no add version. Turn WIFI off and turn cellular data off for that app and you get no adds at all.


Nope  KD7654  1 star

I can’t even learn how to play this game because there are so many ads. It seems like it might be cool but I can’t tell because after my first 2 minutes of playing for the first time ever I had already been forced into my third or fourth ad. Not even going to keep trying.


Fun!  whitney_turtles_12  4 star

This game is very addicting and very fun. I️ can’t stop playing it! Just two suggestions, one is that there should be a help button, or a directions button. This should be added because when I️ downloaded the game, I️ didn’t exactly know how to get points and I️ had to figure it out myself. I️ think it might be helpful for new players who don’t exactly know how to play the game. My second suggestion would be to calm down on the ads a bit. Almost every time I️ restart the game and I️ tap the screen, I️ have to watch an ad. I️ know that you can’t really fix this, but maybe you can just calm down with them a little bit? If these suggestions are possible, this game would definitely have five stars and it would probably be one of my favorite games.

Frankie D...

Can’t handle the adds!  Frankie D...  2 star

There is an add after every round and they are always 30 seconds and no way to skip them so yo just have to wait 30 seconds...every round. The makers of this game have no idea how much better the game would be if there were an add maybe every 3 rounds and they were only like 5-10 seconds long


Dune is sooo good  Iammyself2  5 star

But...... It lags on wifi and doesn't not on wifi. It doesn't make sense.


Great game  Bluetoycdgwjygfgeadjhyfgewiyyd  5 star

I think this game is worth five stars because it is both challenging and fun! Although there are too many ads in this game.


Good game  Fixitphil  3 star

Decent game, way too many adds.


No sound  Ruthy19  1 star



Love it, but...  WolfGirl4115  4 star

I really and truly do love this game. It's challenging, but not through-your-device-into-the-Pacific-Ocean-because-gaming-rage challenging. That's a good thing. But I have a few complaints and a suggestion or two. >Ads I see a lot of people complaining about how many ads there are, and I agree. It's annoying to have ads pop up in your face after each game/round. >Lag This game works amazingly...off of WiFi. Whenever I'm on WiFi, it lags to the point I can't even play. (Not to mention the ads I've already pointed out.) I also can't use background apps to play music without it lagging to death. *** ~Sound Like I said, the music thing is a personal issue for me. I think it'd be great if you could maybe add some sound or music to the game? It'd honestly be a lot more interesting. ~Custom Balls This is just a random thought, but what if we (the players) could customize our own avatars/balls? It's just a random idea that I thought might be pretty cool.

this game is good jr

Good game,nice textures  this game is good jr  5 star

So this game is very good!You should add some stuff I am having some troubles like making it pass the line.There is very good textures in this game my name is Brady.This is a very good game bye!!Q


Way too many adds  Roisinnnnn13  1 star

Good game suppose,way to many adds it absolutely ridiculous,cant enjoy it because of this it breaks my temper an add after every game i couldnt be arsed with it anymore


Great Game!  Soccerdiggerx2  4 star

Very addictive all my friends are now playing it trying to beat high scores.I would give 5 stars if there was a Online play and you could play against your friends to see there high scorers and have a leaderboard. All in all I recommend it


Annoying ads and keeps crashing  Stebran  2 star

The game itself is great if you don’t mind annoying ads (or pay for ad free) and keeps crashing.


I pay 3.50 to remove ads but t ads still there :/  vitalitst  1 star

I pay 3.50 to remove ads but t ads still there :/

Ronan garvey

Great if you have thumbs  Ronan garvey  2 star

It's a good game but due to my lack of thumbs can't get past the start menu (you're probably wondering how I typed this long story short I've gained good control over my 🛎🔚😉)


ADS!!!!  Jackcremin01  3 star

I think their are far to many ads every time I die all I see is an add it’s €2.50 for an add but everything else is great

t t t iiii

Love the game but too many ads  t t t iiii  4 star

I love this game. It is very addictive but all the ads make me want to play it less😐 If there were less ads a would rate it a solid 5/5!

Cadging hkme

So many f*ing ads  Cadging hkme  1 star

There are so many ads I just ended up deleting the whole game


Too many ads  Al3x_oO  1 star

Video ads all the time. Very boring.

Someone in Ireland

Do you like ads?  Someone in Ireland  1 star

Ads everywhere all the time. Waste of time.


The game  Tshwanelo17  1 star

When you start rolling the ball but it glitches


Needs music  Mostacs  4 star

It is an addictive game but the lack of music makes it a bit bland.


Does not work on iPhonex  Frozen7days  1 star

After update the game no longer works on iPhone X


Simple but fun  theblacktulip  5 star

it took me a while to get going but once I got the idea I haven’t been able to put it down


u  Vanderiois  5 star

great game i love it


Laggy  alganantor  1 star

This app used to be very fluid when it first came out, now it’s laggy as hell with all the updates. Don’t waste your time on this app


ADS!!!  QasimCR7  2 star

There are too many ads. Pls put at least one ad per 5 mins


Ads...  Frogless0!  3 star

Great game... ads kill it hard


Delete  Rob_Steele14  1 star

Deleted the app because of the adverts!!! Frustrating and useless


Incompatible platform  [email protected]_420#  1 star

This game is completely flat all round....round at the wrong places, my jawline has more curves than this games setup. I CANT GET PASSED 59!!! FIX YOUR DAMN GAME DUDE!!! IT DOESNT WORK!

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