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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

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- Adds

This game is great, but it has way too many add breaks.Its not even how many there is, it’s when they are. I was in the middle of the game, and I hadn’t even died/failed at the level yet, and an add came on. This has happened multiple times, and it’s very frustrating.

- Irritating

Don’t get me wrong this a fun game to play when your bored but, it has some many ads I can’t. The ads start playing when I start the game. Which is so irritating because after the ad finish’s I lose.

- Cheese is food on milk

Dogs have eyes like pigs

- Hate it

This game is so annoying every time you play an ad pops up it’s sooooooo frustrating!!! In the middle of a game it pops up a add I HATE THIS GAME 😡 (I would give this NO stars but it won’t let me)

- Ads

Literally a disgusting amount of ads. Play in airplane mode or don’t even bother.

- love it!!!!!!

i is soooooo fun but the adds... i hate it!!!

- Potential Seizures, Ads, Stupidity, And Bugs

So overall pretty good game but like every 3 games you play 1 ad pops up. Come on you can at least make it every 7 games. So I was trying the challenge mode to see the challenges and rewards and so I was trying number 11 and it is score 2 points so I tried it quite a few times. So there are 2 lines and one of them doesn’t even give you points.🤷🏼Why even put it there in the first place? And I did a move that shouldn’t make me restart and I usually do that move in normal, but this time it made me restart. Why? And also in some challenges it doesn’t even make the smooth/smooth landing give you points. What? Why even code them into it if you won’t get points from it. Now on normal there is a thing that makes it so that some of your smooth landings DON’T GIVE YOU POINTS. Okay now I’m wrapping this up to seizures so in challenge mode there is an image when you lose or win the losing one makes me feel like I’m going to have a seizure and the winning one is just a bit worse. Fix this NOW!

- Not worth the time

This game is a ad because you can only play it for thirty seconds

- Fun

Pretty fun but too many adds


I love this game, but any time I get to far into the levels an ad comes and I have to leave and start over again. I also have to start over when I die, after I do the screen turns white or red. I liked this game, but I also HATE it because of the ads and it whites out. If you don’t like ads definitely don’t get this game.I also I don’t know CAN’T LAST THREE SECONDS ON THIS GAME WITHOUT AN AD!

- Running Slow and Ads

When I first got this game, I was in love! Absolutely obsessed! Now realize I said, “When I first got this game.” It now has been only a few weeks and it runs very slow. Not only does the app run slow, but when I X out, it makes my whole entire phone run slow. One time, and counting, it took 5 seconds to open an app after I had just tried to open Dune. Now, enough about that, let’s move on to ads. I know that this game is gonna have ads, I mean, almost all games do, right? Well, most ad complaints are about there being to many, not this one. This is about the fact that and as will pop up in the middle of my game which will make me die. Please do something about this app, because I really want to play this without it slowing everything down, and without ads in the middle of the game.

- Poopy game

This game is so trash

- This is a Great Game ⭐️

Ok. This is a great game. I downloaded this app because all my friends have it and every time I play it on there phone I don’t want to stop. When I first started playing this game there weren’t as many ads. But as I started playing this game more frequently there were a lot of ads. Yes, I know the ads help to get paid. But you don’t need so many ads. When I play the game and then log off for a while or for a day I log back on and right when I touch the screen there’s an ad. And don’t get it twisted this game is really really fun it’s just the ads. I recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t really care about the ads. But it might just be me who keeps getting ads right when they play the game. But if you don’t like getting ads this might not be the game for you. But overall this game is really fun, it’s just the ads

- To much ads!

I play this game.. A LOT and I love it, but there are some problems with the ads. Every time I try to play I die. But when I die and my score gets above like 20 there’s an ad that’s like 30 seconds long, and I keep getting the same ad EVERY SINGLE TIME! It’s starting to get very annoying. And than after that ad there’s ANOTHER one that’s like another 30 seconds long!! This will have 3 stars for now.

- Awesome


- I learned to hate

When I first played, it was perfect, not many ads and it was so satisfying. But now I can’t even play for a minute. SO MANY ADS!!! I finally deleted this game because of that. Thank you for reading this.

- I hate this game

I hate it I really do

- Why do I die

I’m confused why I see others flying were I can’t see them but they land alive if I go much over the first line I die if I don’t get a smooth landing

- This game is amazing it made stay up till the next day

This game is amazing it made stay up till the next day

- 😡😡😡

I see more ads than the game, I mean one ad every time over and over

- ruined by ads

deleted after 3 plays.

- Terrible

The gameplay is OK,but their are SO many ads.In the middle of a game their are like five ads,I can’t play a few seconds without an ad popping up.

- So many ads

It literally gives you ads in the middle of the game.

- So much fun

It’s five star because there is not a lot of ads like all the other mobile games and its free also when you get good at it it starts to get really fun

- Fun

It’s a fun game to play when you’re bored.

- Too many ads

I love playing Dune but every time I open the app and play a game, the first game it’ll stop to show me an ad and then I’ll die immediately because I wasn’t ready to play. There are way too many ads and it makes me not want to play Dune. I get this is not an ad-free app but not everyone can afford to get them removed. There shouldn’t be so many ads and it honestly makes me just want to delete the game all together.

- I love it it was the first game on my iPad 😫

I beet my brothers high score 322

- Too many ads

I understand the use of ads I get it but to have them pop up every 5 seconds even when you’re in the middle of a level (not joking) it’s very excessive I just got fed up and deleted it

- My one problem

I was having such a happy time play this game but after,like, 2 weeks the adds would pop up like crazy. When you would crash they would give you a chance to revive but 99.9999 percent of the time THERE WOULD STILL BE ADDS 😡!!!! It would make the so much more fun and addictive if there would be way less adds. Another way it’s annoying is that (I don’t know if anyone else does this.) sometimes I listen to music while playing the game and when the adds would play it would turn off my music and I would have to go through a long process just to turn my music back on. Well why don’t I just turn off my music??? Well because it calms me because sometimes it would enrage me so the music kinda just distracts me so I don’t get so mad. Also it’s just the same adds over and over again and it gives me a headache. Please please please lower how many adds you have.

- Not bad


- Good game, but fix the smooth landing

This game is really fun, and a little challenging which I’ve been looking for, but this game will more often give you a score streak of smooth landing if you bounce and it’s not smooth. If you do land smoothly you will lose your score streak. There are also ads that keep popping up in the middle of the game, but if you turn your phone onto airplane mode while you play it works great.

- There is too much ads

The game is really fun but when I die I get like 7 ads

- Zaavan

This app is great to wasted time with.

- Dune

I love this game keep it up you guys and feel very proud of yourself.

- white screen

this app was fun 1 year ago, it had ads that weren’t in THE MIDDLE of the game, the ads made you die immediately. And when you die there is a white screen for like 5 minutes that you can’t exit out of. It’s extremely annoying. Smooth is NOT the way to describe this app. this app is so laggy too, during a game that doesn’t have an ad in the MIDDLE it glitches and the whole screen turns white. This is NOT my phone, i have the iPhone 11. This game would be WAY BETTER if it stoped glitching, having ads in the MIDDLE of a game, no white screen you CAN’T exit out of. More problems, The other balls are SO ANNOYING, there should be a mode where you play solo. NOBODY literally NOBODY wants dumb bots in their way of a game. Trust me it is really stressful. When i had this app 1 or so years ago it was not laggy, no ads in the MIDDLE of a game, no white screen. It was WAY better. I may be talking a little angry but is extremely annoying. 2 stars for me.

- Dune problems

Dune is a great game and all but every timeI die have to watch an ad and also every Time I see another ball I glitch and it’s not my phone because I have a great iPhone 7 and got good internet plus every time I get two smooths in a row I laaaaggggg soo bad sorry review soo long oh and one more thing every time I die also when I click the start again button it takes like 10 seconds to get to a 30 second ad and when I hit the x it goes to another ad but longer just wanted u to know plz fix these issues and this app will be better and get better reviews than a 3 star but don’t want to be rude but plz fix this issues!

- Dune

I like dune because it is entertaining to me

- Too much ads


- Too many ads

This game is great. But there’s a shut ton of ads. When you die it asks you “Watch an ad to revive?” And wether you click yes or no you get an ad. It’s horrible. There’s ads everywhere and it makes the game unplayable. Makes me hate this game.

- Fun game! Too many adds

This game is so fun and just as satisfying. When I’m watching the news or bingeing Netflix it is a game I can play, at this point, without looking. It is so fun and I would give it 5 stars if not for the severe problem. There are too many adds, like wayyyy to many. I know that no one is going to be able to read this, but I still need to tell future “downloadies” this information. If you go sky high (to the moon) then there is an add. You can only play it with WiFi, so you can’t just turn it off. There are so many adds, it’s like seriously not funny anymore.

- Tt

The game is hard but it is fun 😋

- ADS!!!!!😡😡😡😡

I understand you need to be paid but there are way too many ads I mean you need to be paid but it’s not ok to put a ad wile you are in the middle of a round!and it’s not like this happens once it happens every other time I play and it is aggravating fix this NOW Thank you

- Best game!!😎😋

This game is really fun!! It’s really relaxing. I sometimes get mad when I lose, or die, but, that’s the point of games!! Games are a challenge. So, if I were to write about this game, I would say, “It’s a good game, and very challenging, but at the same time, it is very relaxing.”. I love this game!!🥺❤️

- pretty fun

so this game is super fun but it started to get like 2 ads a minute. but, if you turn off wifi and data, all the ads are gone and i can play without interruptions.

- Would be a good game without ads

The game is entertaining to play but you will be bombarded with so many ads it becomes unplayable. Before you start, in the middle of the game, and right after you lose will be 1 or 2 ads each time. Not worth downloading

- Why is there more balls on the screen?

I loved this game when I played it on my friends phone . Now I hate it cause there is no point of having outher balls on the screen while your playing, it throws off my focus and it is really annoying

- Ads everywhere

I downloaded this app a day ago and the ads are everywhere, ads would pop up even when I'm in a middle of a game and I'd die right after the ad. Also, when I'm stuck and can't go forward anymore, I have to wait till the ball stand still to get back to the menu or I have to exit the game and re-enter

- Add

The ads are insufferable

- I love it, but..

This is an amazing game. I would recommend It to everyone. One little thing though, is I think you should add calming music of some kind. Thanks!

- Way to many ads

Sooo many ads

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- It sucks

Don’t waste your time

- Kyrocks2012 reply

If it’s visually boring.. how come I am always playing it

- Don’t get it

The rip offs or knock offs are actually better than the original so go try dune balls instead it actually has sound affects

- Too many ads

Deleted within 2 mins. Too many ads

- Knock-Off Tiny Wings

It’s not as good as it either

- Great game. Also a tip:

No wifi and no data = no ads

- terrible game

my phone started lagging an hour after downloading

- White blank screen

In the challenges, whenever I complete a level or die, the screen goes white blank. The only way to get out of this white blank screen and play is to quit the game and get back in. I like this app, (I don’t care about the adds.) it’s a good app, but please fix this bug I said to fix, (bug or glitch.)


Distance should be added as well as height, i would like to see how far i can go on this infinite game and not just how high, i don’t think i can get any higher than i’m currently getting. distance please!!!!!!!!

- J’adore

Ce jeu est super

- Quite good, just a little bug after the game

So, everyone is complaining about the ads... hey guys, there is something called ‘’removing the WiFi " no duh

- Ads

To all the turds complaint about ads, torn WiFi off and airplane mode on. Be smart And it is a bad app anyway why would you get it

- Restore Purchases

No button to restore my purchases even though i purchased the no ads a few months back.

- Ads

Sometimes when I just started playing, as in I just got the ball moving, it gives me an ad. Which also causes me to fail and try again. Seriously considering deleting the app.

- Very fun

If you turn off the wifi then you don’t get ads Would be better with some music or something

- The disappointing updates

I had downloaded this game a year ago, and, BOY, there was lots of changes after I had downloaded this app again yesterday (disturbing changes) after a few smooth shots, some random people just pop up into the screen and it is sooo annoying. Compared to a year ago, this app was much better and I could get my high-score 2x better than this one today (ALL BECAUSE U DIDN’T PUT ANY OF THOSE DISTURBING AI’S) Another thing is there is around 20x more adds than before. This can be an opportunity for u to change that, SERIOUSLY, u r making people mad. how is this game running smooth if u don’t take off any of those annoying adds off? I AM DISSAPOINTED IN THIS GAME AND IS ABOUT TO DOWNGRADE IT RIGHT NOW SO I DONT HAVE TO TURN OFF MY INTERNET EVERY TIME. (try doing it it’s better than getting unlimited adds) 😖😖😫☹️

- Awesome

This app is awesome I would recommend for all ages. Not that much ads.its Awesome


The game is awesome, it’s about the game not the ads, If you don’t like the ads turn your wifi or data off!!!!!!

- Hi

This is a really good friking game,no lie

- It’s alright

It’s a fun game but seriously all of the adds ruin it! If it wasn’t for all the adds I would actually play it and enjoy it.

- Awesome game but

but the other balls on the dunes with me really throw me off, sometimes i can’t tell which one is mine. please make an option to turn off the other balls.

- Absolutely terrible

Absolutely terrible app. Constant ads for raid shadow legends. Definitely would NOT recommend

- I’m not turning off my wifi every time I play this

Way too many ads. It’s extremely annoying when you’re in mid air and an ad pops up, then when you ex out the ad you’re speeding down and immediately die. I know people will say “just turn off your wifi” but I don’t want to turn off my wifi every time I want to play a game. What if I get an important text and I don’t see it because I’m off wifi? Anyways, okay game, too many ads.

- The smoothest game ever?

The game is fine but there are way to many adds btw they do this so people will buy no adds to get passed this just turn your internet off

- Crappy poo poo

Poo poo in ya face lil 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

- Ok


- So fun!

I love this game, it’s sooo fun! Also for the people saying there are too many ads, just turn off your wifi

- Fun

I love this game, but there are so many ads

- My experience on Dune



Way too many add

- Adds ok

This game is pretty good, although once you have passed all challenges, unlocked all balls, sky’s and all the ground themes, it gets boring. But guys- I was just reading all your views, and every single one of you are complaining about adds. I get them too, but I found a way to not get adds without becoming a premium. 1. Just turn off your WiFi. The game still works, and you can’t get adds. 2. If you don’t want to turn off your WiFi, become a premium. Your welcome! 🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌😏😏😏🙂🙂🙂😘😘😘

- Useless ads and the privacy stuff

Voodoo you guys are probably the richest mobile game company as you guys have like 11 games that are all packed with ads. Literally every 5 seconds there’s and ad and that’s what has driven me away from most of you’re games as I don’t want to pay to remove ads. Also when I’m playing dune I keep on getting the privacy support notification every 2 seconds which annoys me so much, I don’t know if I’m the only one but if I’m not this certainly seems like something to drive someone away from this game

- Mute button?

Why cant i mute the game. I want to play and listen to music

- Game

The games really fun!

- Adds

To many adds after every game

- Unplayable

There are so many ads this game is literally unplayable. What a piece of trash.

- Ads

Tooooooooo mich ads

- Mad

The ads make me want to delete the game

- Say hello to Ad city

Too many ads. Don’t download it will annoy the crap out of you

- What just happened?

I started this game 2 years ago, sure it had alot of ads, but on top of that it was a really fun game. Coming back to this the game became 10x glitchier. Everytime I lose in the game my ball ended up being stuck and nothing showed up, game wasn’t frozen but it was really frustrating. I had to exit the game everytime. Well, the game had less ads now, I gotta give you that..

- Ads

This games ads cover the content 49% of the time, and other times the ads go after every death. Don’t download unless u love ads

- Here’s a tip

It is a great game but if you don’t want adds just turn off your wifi😊

- Tiny wings rip off

Play tiny wings instead.

- Awesome


- Great game but holy ads.

Before the latest update this was my go to for killing time. The update causes an ad to play every time you die. I literally spend more time watching ads now than playing and it’s crippled the game. Will probably not play anymore. Just not worth it

- Ads!!!

I get that there has to be ads but like that’s just a stupid amount of ads, and when your just starting to play an ad pops up and you die, there is too much ads and it frustrates me so much that I have thrown my device across the room!!!, Other than that it is great game.

- Ads come up mid game... seriously?

I get ads in the middle of a run. What’s the point in playing? At the very least they should come up AFTER you’re done. It’s entirely based on focus and when you’re stopped mid way the game is useless.

- Adds

I love the game but it has too many adds and it shows the SAME ONE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This is why I keep having to stop and take a break because it is really annoying when you see the same one over and over. I LOVE the game though. ❤️

- get rid of other players

this is not a multiplayer game. makes it so much less enjoyable with the fake people playing. honestly try to find someone that likes it like that

- Great game

Great game to play So fun Great Fun

- HELP!!!

When I open the app and play a game it’s fine. But when I die the tap to continue option, it doesn’t show. Also when I die the physics is off. Like it hits the dune and it stops completely.

- can’t continue

it won’t let me continue after i die. i have to get out of the game fully to start again.

- No continue button

Whenever I play, once I finish I have to go out and then back in because it has no continue button.

- Freekin glitch

For some reason the continue button isn’t there and I here strange sound plz fix its annoyin

- Very glitchy game

I can’t believe that the person is a grave threat in this country that has no one to get in the world of the people in their life as the person that can get to their life to their home for the home world of games in life

- Landing wrong

Ok if its just me let me know but when i land wrong i just sit there slowly swaying back and fourth on the ground i dont have an option to restart i have to double tap home then swip up i love this game and have for many years but this is annoying and it ALWAYS gets on my nerves i have punched my ipad a couple of times i hope this gets fixed in the near future because as i said i love this game but this little feature makes me not want to play it thank tou!!

- Click to continue button please

Needs a clock to continue button after you die so frustrating I’m deleting the game

- Great game when it works

It's pretty rubbish because when you hit an up part of a hill, the ball doesn't continue to work so you have to exit the game and go back in. Ads are crippling and the game stops being fun because of the having to reload thing. It's great apart from that

- Bad

Won’t say “tap to continue” and is really annoying to get out and reload the game. Please fix then it will be worth 5 stars.

- Dose not work

Fix it voodoo


Whenever I crash the ball the game like glitches or something and doesn’t let me continue, it only lets me once I’ve refreshed the app which is really annoying. Another thing is there’s ads every couple seconds it’s so annoying everyone I rejoin the game from refreshing I start playing then an ad comes mid game and crashes me. This game never used to be like this :( please fix these issues as soon as possible so me and everyone else and enjoy this game.

- developers have abandoned

every time i crash there’s no restart/continue option anymore. i’ve seen many similar reviews saying back to 2019, so safe to assume the developers don’t care anymore. glad i play with airplane mode on so i don’t run ads

- Horrible don’t get the game

Ads half way through the game and no tap to continue when you die don’t get it😡

- Well… could be better

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun game. I don’t know if these are bugs or not. Either way, it’s pretty irritating. Sometimes I’ll die, but then the game over screen won’t pop up. It only popped up once, when I first downloaded the game. So what I would have to do is exit the app, close the tab, and start the game up again. You developers should fix this pretty soon, considering that I saw another review with the same dilemma. And yes, I am aware fixing stuff like this takes time, but I think this is a pretty large problem. Another thing that irritated me; I was playing the game when all of a sudden an ad popped up. Not after I played the game, not before I played the game, while I was playing. And I don’t mean “playing” as in I had the app open and wasn’t doing anything. I mean playing as in I was in the middle of directing the little white guy, flying around on the screen and then ‘BAM!’ An ad. I know these things take time and that you’re trying your best, but I think these are pretty big-ish issues. (Short version): Overall pretty good game, however, could do with improvements.

- Few issues

Great game but when I try to continue the ball sits there in the sand.


Gosh I love this game but whenever I die it doesn’t come up with ‘tap to continue’ The ball just rolls. And rolls... And rolls... And rolls... And sausage rolls...

- Buggy as Bethesda

Won’t let you start another round, in most cases you’re ball will sit there in able to move until you restart the app

- Typical Voodoo ads

This game is heavily flawed. The continue button is a hit or miss. When you exit out and come back in, the ads take priority even when you’re actually playing. Terrible. 27k+ most with 5stars is clearly fake or payed for. And how can such a simple game be over 200mb in size?

- Wont say tap to continue

When I die i have to exit the game and come back in and theres way too many ads

- Amazing game but...

I’d give this 5 stars! But I have a problem with this game that needs to be fixed. This glitch occurs whenever I hit the ground and the screen says “tap to continue”, except it doesn’t. When it’s game over for me, the ball doesn’t have the hit feeling when I “hit” the ground, to make matters worse, the text saying “tap to continue” doesn’t even appear on the screen. I hope this glitch is fixed, and if it was fixed, I would be really happy.

- Great game but glitchy

Pls fix it

- Favourite Game But I Have Some Issues

I love this game It’s always the game you find me playing but lately it’s been glitching. I have it in my phone and my iPad and it’s done it on both of them. Randomly when I’m playing an add will play and sometimes when I die it stops working and I have to go off the game and then back on it. Thanks for creating this awesome game, I would really love it if you could try and fix the glitch.

- True

It’s true overtime it happens you die it doesn’t say tap to continue😱😱😱😭😭😷😷😷😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Dune is buggy

Dune needs a pause button to restart because when I stop I am stuck and have to exit and close then go back in the game and a skip button ⏭ to skip challenges. Plz help me and fix the bugs and no ads +make sound effects but still good game

- Even with a refund a wouldn’t recommend this game. Worst money grab ever.

I had this game a while ago and was fantastic. I reinstalled it recently and was working perfectly until I paid for the ad free version. From that point on the game has never worked properly. There is no tap to continue. It crashes after ever attempt. It is a major disappointment and a waste of money. A full refund and a million beers wouldn’t get me to look at Voodoo games again.

- Cool game but

Cool game but when you loose you can’t restart without closing the app please fix this

- Fix bug please

After you die, there is no restart option. You have to go out of the app and go back in to start a new game. I have tried re installing and it will work for one round and then stop.

- Fix bug

After you die it just stays there and doesnt let you restart. I deleted it and re-installed, it went okay for one round and then started doing it again

- Where is it?

I have tried and tried and it doesn’t say tap to continue so VooDoo please fix this👍

- When I die nothing happens

When I die I just stand there nothing happens

- Very fun but very very annoying bug

I love this game so much except- once I die/crash the ‘restart’ button doesn’t come up, so I have to refresh the app to play again, and then I only get to play once before I have to refresh again. Please fix this!! I love the game so much but I barely play it now because of this :(

- Broken, useless

When I die I don’t respawn and the ball just sits there like a lifeless rock on the moon. Doesn’t even cash in the score.this means you could be so proud with a score only to have it not register and everything in life that you worked for disappears in front of your eyes. But if this was fixed then this would be a pretty good game

- Annoying

This used to be 5 stars but now because of the update when you play against AI’s the game is now annoying change it back to the original please *~*

- Adds in the middle of a game

It was fun up until I got the best icon and background. I started to get adds 10 seconds into a game and then when the add finished the game started glitching and I couldn’t control it😑. It also starts to get boring once you get all the icons which is really easy to do. Fun game for the first 45 minutes but then you start getting glitches and adds in the middle of games 2/5

- Not working

Game is fun, way too many ads but also my game does not finish when I crash the ball just stays there but I can’t move it. I have to close the app and open it again

- Unplayable glitch

When ever I die I am left rolling up and down the sides of hill and I am forced to go out of the game and back in! I have tried everything but nothing works: deleting and downloading again, restarting my phone, NOTHING WORKS PKEASE FIX THIS BECAUSE I ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY BUT I CANT WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!


Usually when a game doesn’t work all it takes is either double pressing the home button then flicking the app up or just redownloading, however this wasn’t the case. Let me name the bugs: - When I fail the game I am left rolling on the sand with no ‘tap to continue’ button which for some reason, only occurred once when I first downloaded it. I am left with no choice but to get out of the game completely then get back in and that is very frustrating. - Ads. Nearly every game has ads and most of the time I can deal with them but there is a certain level. Adding on to my first point, when I exit the game and come back into it, I start playing and all of a sudden an ad pops up mid game. When it’s over I have already failed due to the ad disrupting and the ball is left (AGAIN) rolling on the sand and no button to continue. If you were thinking of purchasing this game DON’T because you will end up becoming disappointed. And to the game makers PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS to make this game more enjoyable and actually able to be played!!

- Glitch

Every time I die it doesn’t go back to the main screen and I have to exit and go back into the app every time. This can be very annoying and time consuming so I would much prefer you fixed it. Thanks, Hannah.

- Very good

It’s fun to play but every time I accidentally run into a “hilll” without getting a smooth landing I am unable to keep going and I am stuck at the bottom of the hill and I don’t know how to restart... so I have to restart the app everytime. It would be helpful to have a restart button,


Every time I die in this game, nothing happens. I basically just keep going up and down and the curve and the game goes forever. I can’t go to the next game so I have to exit the game completely and come back on to play another round. It happens every time to me and my two sisters who are on different devices. Otherwise this is really fun and not too many ads for me :)

- Glitchy trash

Used to be a good game, on my new phone now you can’t “tap to continue” and it just remains stuck there, meaning have to exit out of the game. And ads appear halfway through the game meaning you have to exit out of the game too... don’t waste your time

- Will not continue

Every time i die it will not say continue and i have to get out of the game to go and play again. And the adds are always in the middle of a reallllllly good jump

- Cannot respawn

Dear Voodoo I recently got the game Dune! On my ipad but everytime my ball thing dies it wont show Tap to continue so i have to exit fully out of game over and over please fix this! But overall this is a great game!


It is not only that this happens to when I crash it will just roll on the sand and I have to leave the app and completely close it. It is really annoying and Iv tried deleting and reinstalling but nothing works pls fix this is extremely annoying.

- It’s annoying

Every time I play if I crash I have to start again

- Can’t play more than once

This is a great game but there is no restart button. When i stop and can’t move anymore i have to close down the game and then reopen to play again. Please fix this.

- Won’t say tap to continue

Won’t say tap to continue So I have to exit the app and then go back in

- Glitchy

So I’ve had this game for about a year now and every time I fall too hard on to the dune it just stays there and it doesn’t come up with “tap to continue*. I’m not sure if this is a glitch with many people or it’s just me. If anybody knows how to fix this game that would be much appreciated as I find this game fun and entertaining.

- Broken

Game does nothing when you fail so you need o keep force restarting

- H

Every time I lose I have to leave the game and come back again to continue

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- Advertisements

The ads are unbearable. I’ll be in middle of a game and I’ll be interrupted by an advertisement.

- SO many ads.

There are so many ads that this game is utterly unplayable... I’m deleting after less than 5 minutes.

- Ads


- Don’t download

This is just an add watching waste of time. The game is all about adds

- Awful game developers made this

These voodoo guys must be a whole new level of greedy. With an un skippable add between every game. Starting with an add before you even get a chance to play, sometimes there are adds in the middle of a game. And most of the adds break the game making you have to exit and try again.

- Ads

It is relaxing, but makes you have anxiety when you miss the jump. There also is a ad after every time you die

- Just play Tiny Wings

It’s the same game but with charm.

- Absolute rip-off of Tiny Wings

If Andreas Illiger is part of Voodoo, then I take this back. Otherwise, these developers lack any originality.

- My name is Jeff

My name is Jeff

- Bad ads

To many ads

- Return only to be frustrated.

Turn off the other balls. I know it’s not other players. It’s dumb and distracting.

- Hi


- 1

stop giving adds in the middle of the game🤦🏼‍♀️

- Gud game

‘‘Tis game is gœd !

- Perfect

This game is perfect not to hard but not to easy dune is perfect

- Really fun game!

Really fun to play when you’re looking for a challenge.

- my review

this game is very fun! i’m on it almost all the time. but i do have a few complaints about it. i don’t know if it is just my device or what but it is very glitchy which causes me to die very easily. there is also WAAAAYYYYYY to many ads!!!! this is very annoying when you are trying to play dune and instead your watching ads! i might as well make a movie out of all the ads that i’ve seen on this game. for those reasons, i would have to rate this game with three stars. thank you for reading and i hope you will still try this game out.


This game is just a stupid copy of the game Tiny Wings. Do not get please.

- Poop

Poop taste good in a smoothie but if you want to make it add something me pee

- Really fun game

I would totally recommend this game to all my friends it is really fun


Too many adds

- Horrible times!!!

I loved this game at first and there was like no ads at all then like 1 week later there was so many ads that in the middle of the game WHILE I WAS IN THE AIR AN ADD WILL COME UP AND IT GOT SO ANNOYING!!!! Also IT GLITCHES like CRAZY and every time I get a new skin it does not let me use it. I’m sorry if I hurt the people that made this games feelings but these are the problem I struggle with and if you can fix them that would be awesome. :)

- Review


- Good

After 3 days of playing I have unlocked everything but there is a lot of ads and some of the ads my screen just goes black and I have to exit out of the game.

- Adds popping up ruining the game.

The adds come up when I start playing and sometimes ruin the game.The game is fun and relaxing but it gets frustrating when this happens and ruins the experience.

- don’t get it man, it’s not worth it

so many ads......

- Good game

Such an awesome game I love it so many things I like.

- Why I like Dune

Hi, well I like this app because you can actually earn stuff and it’s really fun to you play, The only downside is there are too many commercials other than that I think I think it’s great!

- TOO many Ads

There are so many ads in this game I could not even look at challenges be for an ad came up. I suggest not to download.

- Cool

This game is so cool! Every time I play a mobile game I turn on airplane mode so there are no ads. If You dont want ads do that but I don’t know anyone dumb Anouilh to want ads

- S

This game is awesome

- This game...

I first loved this game but it seems like every five seconds there’s an ad and even in the middle of the game your playing bam there’s another ad. There are just WAY to many of them and it’s very aggravating and gets on your nerves.


It’s cool! Voodoo took the adds really well .

- Soooo

I really like dune, honestly. The only problem I have is that there are SO MANY ADS! I turn on my phone to play something real quick to cure my boredom or wait for something, but once I start a game, I can get cut off with an ad in the middle! Less than a minute in, I get an ad. I get that it’s free and you need to get money and all, but seriously, there are a LOT of ads. Otherwise, it’s fine

- Great quality game and great use of gravity

This game is good game

- Dune

To many ads and the mechanics are bad

- Why I gave it two stars

I gave it two stars because it buzzes every time I lose and it just so hard for me

- Way to many adds

I mean this is a really fun game and all.its just that there is a lot of adds and I mean a lot! But I know how to get rid of it, just turn off the wi-if!👍🏻

- Booty


- Way to many ads

When I play this game I cant even play for more than a minute before an ad pops up. Sometimes the ads pop up and don't go away so I have to close the app and restart. Its hard to play with all these ads because some pop up mid game and its very frustrating.

- Ads

Too many ads

- You say but I i say check

You sleep like dotin chees andparmushon on the chees cake you but hole

- Emerson

I love the game DUNE I love how the landings are so smooth

- 🐼

I love this game! It's my longest standing game on my phone, and I'm hooked! I love trying to get the different skins! That said, This review is NOT 5 stars because THERE ARE WAY WAY WAY TOO MANY ADS! Why put that many ads on a game? My solution is to put my phone on airplane mode, but I don't know if I'll miss texts or not. Thanks for reading!

- Too many ads

Dear developers, I am very frustrated as this was one of many of my favorite games to play, and has been for a couple years now. But, recently there’s just been WAY too many advertisements and it’s annoying. Therefore, I am going to proceed to delete this app.


literally in the middle of a game it will give me an add and it will constantly give adds and it’s so annoying. definitely do not recommend this app

- Die

Keep dying

- Why so many ads?!

At first I were thinking, this must be a satisfying game to play and would be fun. J just started playing the game today and as soon as I pressed start it was an ad and I died, there is no reason for it to have so many ads and it’s very annoying. And the other people playing it distracts you. And there should be a button so you don’t see them when you play, so I recommend you to change my requests and make it a more satisfying.

- Best game ever!

This is one of my most favorite games, it’s so satisfying when you hit a dune smoothly, also the skins for the balls, backgrounds and hills are also cool, please continue to work on this game! This is the best game ever.

- Download now great game


- Very fun

I have completed the whole game but I still play it a bit. Many people are complaining about the ads but just turn off ur wifi then you will get no ads

- Awesome

It’s amazing! I’ve played it since the third update! But can you add a mute button? The sounds are annoying

- App Store should make 0 stars as a option.

When your playing it plays a ad, when you die it plays a ad, when your about to play there is a ad! This is unbelievable.. ⚠️DONT INSTALLIN UNLESS YOU LOVE ADS⚠️ this game is a money eating monster so don’t play it.

- ADDS >:(

it’s a good game,but just WAY TOO MANY ADDS.And remove that stupid world rising world whatever add!SO EW!Just remove that add,and put less adds.Everybody will love this game if u do that.

- Bon jeu

Relaxants mais presque pas de FPS

- It is good

I low this app

- Sooo many ads and just a rip off

There is an ad after every time you die and it have to pay to revive this game is also a copy of another game I have played already

- Flipping ads

Needs less ads

- Pretty good

The game is pretty good but just to many adds and after I complete a level it just shows a white screen and same thing when I die

- Good job

I love this game

- Love it

Very addicting can’t stop playing

- Ad’s

As soon as you open the game you can play for two seconds then an ad pops up for final fantasy and you cannot make it go away. It won’t even go away on its own. I love playing this game and now its just ruined.


Stop saying “oh there’s too many ads I give this 1 star” TURN OFF YOUR FREAKING WIFI!!!!

- Great game just the wrong time to put ads

This game is a great concept and very fun to play with one issue it has is that they put ads in the middle of gameplay, if it wasn’t there for the ads the game gets a 5 stars but because of bad timing of the ads it gets a 1 instead

- Dune

Le jeu bug et ces saccadé mais c’est très cool

- How to get no ads

To all of the people that complain they get too many ads, just play offline when playing this game... it sometimes works, I say it would work much better on the subway, or in your car. The bottom line is, play without wifi, and your game will be so much better! Less or no ads!

- Frustrating

Fun game, really like the whole game part but the amount of ADS IS RIDICULOUS! I deleted it when no matter how many times I refreshed the game it kept giving me an ad right in the middle!

- Ads

Too many ads

- Best game ever

Download it now

- please fix ads

this app used to be my fav game and it was so amazing! but now i get sooooooooo many ads! i get them in the middle of my game not even after i die so i have to watch an ad before i continue playing but when the ads done i die.

- Gold digger

Never support vodoo games the games are so simple and full of ada

- Too Many Adds

The game is awesome, fun to play really addicting but too many adds that’s one thing I noticed with voodoo games they are money greedy but I guess I can just play offline but I’m lazy to turn wifi back on.

- Fun! But...

It’s very fun but sometimes ad just pop up in the middle of the game or the beginning and it’s bothering me so can you fix that

- Title

There is a 30 second long ad everytime you lose.

- Sucks

All it does is lage it just sucks like come on don’t get this game!!!

- Adds

To many ads after every game you are bombarded with ads

- I😍 u guys

U guys r awesome

- If he die it doesn’t go back to loading screen

I love the game it’s just it doesn’t let me go back when I die I have to quit and rejoin to play another round

- Lag !!

J’ai découvert ce jeu parce que un amis qui avait un Samsung me l’avait montré. Je connaissais déjà ce concept sur un application sur le IPhone 3. J’installe ce jeu et... ÇA LAG BEAUCOUP TROP ! J’arrive même pas à jouer ! Je sais pas si c’est à cause que j’ai un 5s, mais je n’arrive pas à croire qu’il faudrait que je m’achète un Samsung pour jouer !!

- help

i cant click continue once i die it doesnt work

- It’s pretty good

It’s coooooolio

- Game

I like food

- Ads

If your going to make a game, ease on the ads. The game is hard to play, and some what disappointing because of all the ads. Please use lass ads

- Rather play talking tom

Had this game a long time ago it was 5 stars then. But if i could id choose 0 stars. Way to many ads. And if u try to turn data off and play it wont let you restart

- Please read vodo

They are using your data. They are costing you money on data to keep the app updated. This game would be a 5 star game if it did not leach off your monthly data

- Too many ads

Too many ads, before you could simply turn of wifi but now you need wifi to play. Every 2 games there is a ad.

- Meh

It’s a fun game but literally 5 seconds after you start the game there’s and add

- Bad game


- A little glitch

I play this game offline so I don’t get any ads but when I fail I can’t try again! I don’t know why but it really bothers me, I JUST DONT WANT SOOOOO MANY ADDS!!!

- Worst App Ever

This app is really bad, every time I restart a new game, it freezes and I have to exit the app and come back again. So then I told myself, maybe it’s cause I’m on airplane mode that it acts this way so I turned on the wifi and every time I try to play, in the middle of my game, it shows me adds and I after, there’s not even an X button to close it! Really disappointed of Voodoo.

- This game is 🗑

This game stinks l only play it because it is the only game I have This game is trash you peace of junk🤳🏻🤳🏻🤳🏻😂😂🤬🤬🤛🤛👌🤯🤯👺🤡👹👿👻💀☠️👎🏻👎🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻⚔️🛡⚰️🐺🙈🐵🐮🦁🙈🐵🙈🐵🙈🐵🙈🐵🙉🐵🙈🐵🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

- Like

I like this app because Its fun

- O my gawd

I loved this game, but when I was playing today I broke my high score by 2x, and then I crashed. Terrible, and also way too many advertisements. I shouldn’t have to die in a game!

- Ads

When i start playing it plays an ad .GET RID OF IT!!!👎

- ADS!!!

There is all many ads when you are trying to play and it messes me up


It’s a fun game and all but after every run there’s an ad and sometimes during a run and I’ll die🙄

- Ads ads ads

An ad popped up in the middle of one of my runs🤬 so many ads

- Ads are terrible

Every time the open opens, boom an ad. Even in the midst of playing you get an ad that prevents you from playing. If you wanna restart you have to reopen only to get a new ad.

- Dune Pro & Cons

Pros: it’s a fun game and requires no Wi-Fi. Cons: after you start playing the game for a while there is a glitch every time where when u try to tap the screen to retry it doesn’t work so I have to close the application and start playing again


Dune is a hard game and that is why I gave it three stars.I also gave it three stars because I like to challenge my self sometimes😐

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- Please fix the lack of respawn

When I die my ball wont re spawn it will just roll back and forth fix this before I go crazy in this lockdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Freezing

whenever i die, the game doesn’t restart. i have to close the app and open it again to play again which is kind of annoying.

- Bad

There are adds every game and its laggy

- Didn’t work well

When I started it was great but the was a problem were I couldn’t get back to the beginning. So I had to go to the home screen and then turn the game off. But overall it is an amazing game



- Can’t despawn

I’m giving this a bad rating because every time you fail you just keep rolling back and forth so you every time you fail you have to restart the app over and over again it’s really annoying!

- Dune game

Every time I fail:eg hit a hump etc the ball would just go back and forth and not do anything I didn’t know if it was like resonance like the game used to be, the game used to be brilliant but has really gone down hill...please sort this out x

- Why

So every time I die it happened again what should I do I keep on rub and install the game and it always happens why is that

- Disappointed

I Cannot die on this app so I have to delete it and then download it again so please do fix this bug


Seriously, when i first got this game i was excited because it looked like a smooth, fun game. it is the complete opposite! there are ads everywhere and it’s soooo annoying. My main complaint is the one that made me delete the game. whenever the ball dies it just sits there and you have to reload the game! don’t buy not worth it

- I wouldn’t recommend

I get ads all the time, in the middle of the game, when I’m trying to play. Every time I die, I just keep rolling there for ever without despawning unless I go off the game and back on. It’s incredibly laggy as well, which makes it hard to play anyways. I think this game needs some major improvements before it can be called good.

- Lack of resporning (I cant spell some words just ignore spelling mistakes)

So I downloaded this game because I thought it was fun turns out I was wrong it dose have good graphics (depending on what phone you have), that is my first problem the graphics are good for me but it’s not for anyone else who has an older generation phone, the improvement is to make it more accessible for people to play, secondly make a resporning feature it’s so annoying when if you fail you can’t resporn so you have to re-load the game >:( , finally (last part to my rant) the ai are weird because they get to resporn but we can’t , I am uninstalling the game do better next time... :(

- Why

Very disappointing I crashed but it never let me restart

- Extremely buggy and general awful game

This game has potential but due to the crippling ads along with multiple glitches, this game doesn’t deserve to exist on the AppStore. Apple, remove this abomination.

- Terrible ad placements

The game itself is ok, but what really annoys me is getting adverts isn’t he middle of a game, and when the advert is over, I’m dead.

- It’s ok

Personally, I find the game very entertaining but whenever I die the ball just stays still and if I tap my screen it doesn’t move. So every time I die I have to restart the app, i would give it 5 stars but because of that glitch I’m giving it 4. If it were to get fixed I’d be very happy.

- Too many ads

The amount of ads make the game impossible to play . I am genuinely disappointed

- Fix this

This game is very fun and addictive however the difficulty is the fact that once I fail I am unable to restart therefore having to close and open the game every time

- This game is glitchy

The game was glitchy and laggy and refused to let me play more than one game without restarting the game

- Terrible

The game kept crashing after i died

- Doesn’t work

When I die, it doesn’t take me back to the start menu. The ball just rolls back and forth.

- glitches a lot

really glitchy, once i die in the game it doesn’t let me start again i have to exit the app if i want to play

- So bad

I can’t even restart the game without closing the app also you get ads in the middle of a game

- Have to wait ages to play again

When I lose you can’t restart so you have to wait for ages and it’s annoying 😡😡😡

- Bing it back to how it was before

This game used to be so addictive but now... what happened? Why did it have to change when it was so good before? Honestly you delete a game for a few months and it becomes unplayable? Should be ashamed

- Good game with a major fault

It works perfectly until I die. When i die there is no way of respawning and I have to reopen the app. This needs to be fixed.

- It’s almost perfect

Problem is, when I crash and ‘die’ nothing happens. The ball just sits there. So I have to keep closing the app and reopening it.

- Absolutely terrible

I kept dying and when I did the game would keep going but I couldnt move it’s frustrating not being able to play without me having to slide it off and restart it to play one more round overall...crap

- Bug

The game has a bug where you don’t die

- Respawning

If you land on an angle it will not let you respawn

- 1 bug you need to fix

So this is a Good game but whenever I keep dying it still keeps me there. I tried staying for five minutes and I’m still dead so I have to keep restarting this device and at the start it never happened. This only happened one week after I installed the game. Will you fix this?

- Bad

Wouldn’t let me restart had to switch of every time

- Dunes trash

The game is rigged They need to fix it cos it keeps wasting my weekend time and it’s just bad, really really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Pleased

This is actually really addictive and I could play this for a while. The only downside is that it an lag a little and it’s hard to continue once you get stuck. Other than that it’s a well made game.

- Disappointing!

I have recently downloaded this game and I already have deleted it! I used to play this game all the time before many issues were created. For example, the ads are non-stop! Every time I start a game a random ad comes up which afterwards destroys me. This leads to the next issue. There is a bug which prevents me from going back to the start, the ball just swings back and forth unless I exit the game and come back every time!! It is very frustrating! I would only recommend this game once it has all the annoying bugs fixed and some simple icons added and maybe even some levels and daily challenges! Thank you for reading!

- Dune

Absolutely infuriating! The adds pop up as u just start a fresh run, once the ad finished it throws u straight back into the game and u die instantly. And when you do die it nearly always won’t give u a restart option. Ur ball just sits there until u close the app and restart it and then u get to enjoy another 15 second ad while it starts up and then another a few seconds into ur run! Back into the game, die instantly, no restart. I’ll be watching ads more than playing the game. TRY HARDER VOODOO!!!! 😡🤬☠️

- Was good before

Every time I crash the game doesn't let me start again.This has been happening for a while now so I'd appreciate it if u would fix this issue

- Would give it higher but a game breaking glitch

On the game there is a glitch that makes me have to exit and completely restart when ever I die just to continue playing

- Gay

Gay game gay gay gay


I downloaded this app because I used to play it and it completely crashed my iPad DOWNLOAD AT UR OWN RISK!

- great game but doesn’t reset

it’s a great game and i’ve played for 2 years now however i’ve found the game doesn’t reset after “dieing”.

- Good but

This is a fun app but when I finish it the screen freezes and I need to rest the game


Love this game, the only game I have on my phone so simple yet so addicting. Only problem is that recently when I fail and I have lost before I can start a new game I have to close the whole app, cancel it and open it again before I can have another go? Why is this. I have to download the whole app again then itll happen again after a few gos???

- Don’t respawn

When you die you don’t respawn and have to close the app (except on the very first go)


Whenever I want to restart it I have to swipe the app up and I’ve done everything to try and stop that but this rubbish app won’t do owt

- Need help

I love this game but I’ve been having a problem with it, when the ball jams, it doesn’t take me to a new game, the ball just sits on the screen rolling back and forth and there is no way I can exit❤️

- Stupid

Game is very fun and addicting but every time I land and I can’t move instead of making me restart the ball roles endlessly so I have to restart it

- Disappointed

This game is brilliant ... if you like to watch constant adverts and every time you ‘die’ u have to close the app and go back on it just to watch another several ads !!

- Bad

Y does it take so long to die when you can’t move anymore. The ball just moves up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and then finally ur dead

- Why

This is quite a good and addictive game only there is one problem which I have and is quite annoying when trying to play.This problem is that when dying in the game you cannot restart and you have to close the tab and reopen the game then watch the opening title disappear only to die once again and do everything that was just mentioned.This is why I would rate the game one star.the game also was obviously a quick cash grab for the developer as he did not show what happens when you die in the advertisement and uses bots instead of real players in the actual game which follow the same pattern every time you restart.

- I have to exit the app each death

Great game but every time you die your going to have to reset the app

- Don’t buy it if you don’t want to waste your time

As many other reviews state, they shove ads down your throat like there’s no tomorrow and 50% of the time they pop up is during gameplay. But more importantly instead of tap to continue ect... the ball just rocks from side to side and no amount of restarting my device/clearing history makes any difference the to bug which wasn’t always there

- Bug fix needed!!!!!

This game would have been a 4-5 star game if it wasn’t for the bug that came a couple of months ago! When you die, because of this bug, you can’t tap to go go home🤬🤯⁉️The only way to go to home and replay is to get rid of the game on the app switcher and go back into it. But that takes WAYYYYY to long. ❗️PLEASE FIX THIS ❗️

- Good game but...

Whenever I die I just rock back and forth not being able to move. This is annoying because I have to refresh the app to play again which makes me play less and less. I would love the game if the bug got fixed. I love the game, I used to play all the time before this bug, the coins and ridiculous amount of adds. Even if just this major bug got fixed, I would play a lot more.

- Idk

I poop a lot

- It was better!

This game was amazing when I first got it, but the coins and the AI bots kinda took the point out of playing it. Also sometimes I die I can’t restart and I need to re download it to work but then I need to do all the challenges again :(

- Glitchy

Ok, it is a good game, love the concept but you might want to change the “smoothest game ever” phrase. It’s exactly the opposite of smooth. Way too many ads, five seconds after you enter the game an ad pops up. Worst of all, they are repetitive. Second, the glitch. Every time I die, like crash into a sand dune, I just rock left to right and nothing comes up. I end up needing to reset my iPad a hundred times each time I play. So this is why I’ve rated Dune! two stars. Such a ripoff guys, I always play the demos for this game, thinking it’s fun. I’ll give you five stars if you fix this glitch and seriously lower the ad frequency. I’d be surprised if you even reply to this review, let alone fix the glitch. Thanks guys for a really disappointing game.

- Can’t continue

This is a really fun game but whenever I die it doesn’t let me continue.

- No More "Tap to Continue"

I got this game yesterday and it did say tap to continue at first but after that it just didn't pop up and I would just be left with the noise of the ball falling.

- Why does this happen?

I don’t know why when I die or fail the ball just sits there rolling back and forth and I can’t go back to the menu soooo it’s kinda scuffed

- Good game but can’t respawn

When I fail I have to close the app and reopen to get back to start

- Cannot play properly....

There is a problem with my game.... When I fail in the game it doesn’t let me go back to the beginning, I just stay there forever unless I refresh the app!!?? How do I fix this it is ruining my experience with the game.

- Bug problem

I keep having this problem is when I crash I can’t continue and if I want to go again I have to close the app fully and restart it which is really frustrating


Dune is a great game apart from the fact that i can’t respawn!! Please fix this

- Fix tap to cont.

Fix tap to continue please

- !

this game is really fun but i can’t die? like whenever i hit the ground too hard i don’t disappear and respawn i just sorta sit there. so i have to get out of the game to be able to play again.. i’m not sure if there’s a way to fix it or not

- There’s a huge glitch

So since I got this app every time I fail the next screen doesent pop up the one thats supposed to say would u like to continue but every time I fail I have to close and open the app

- Game has been broken for months :/

Used to love this game but has become unplayable now. You have to restart the app every time you die to keep playing. Hope they fix it soon

- Great game but..

So I downloaded Dune last week It was a really good game but there was some things in the game that are really annoyoying 1.So all games have adds but this game has to much.They come up in the middle of the game and it will make you lose.I think they should just put some at the end of the game and rarely. 2.Also when you stop going to different dunes in this game the game just doesn’t end so you will have to swipe up this app and wait for load again. So can you please just make the Thanks for reading this review and can you please change those things BYE!!!!

- Has a bad bug/glitch

I’ve had this game on almost every phone I’ve owned for about 2-3 years and now I’ve just downloaded it on my new iPhone it required an update after I installed the update the game had a real bad glitch/bug every time I die it glitches out and makes a whooshing/wind noise and just sits there rolling back and fourth up a dune pls fix this as I would usually really enjoy the game thanks......

- Stuck

The only problem I have is that when I have stopped moving or am moving very little, the game doesn’t end. So I end up having to restart the game manually and play again.

- Yeah idk

Basically I have had this game for about a week. Everything was good until last night when I was playing it, I can’t seem to ever die. Instead my little character will just roll up and down on a hill thing until I go out of the game and go back in. I also have ads that come up while I’m playing a round.

- Tap to continue won’t show up

Every time I die tap to continue wont show up so I then have to fully exit the game. And when I’m already playing an a pops up. Could you please fix this.

- Hi

Absolutely love this game, but now every time I go on it when I slow down it won’t let me move, so I have to keep getting off the game then going back on it otherwise there’s nothing else wrong with it👍

- Dying in Dune

This is a good game, but I play on iPhone 10, and every time I die, nothing happens I just get stuck.

- Ok, but annoying

I’ve been playing this game for around a year now and I think the concept is quite fun. Apart from the fact that every time I crash and fail I have to exit the app and join again, which normally takes a while to load back in. It is also quite simple, I would love for the game to have quests or power ups for the further you get and the higher up you go. I would also like different shapes of dunes and mountains the further you get to make the game more challenging. Thanks.

- Leave the game

Every Time I stop the game ends then there is no button to say tap to continue so I have to leave the game and rejoin. I hope you fix this issue!

- Good game but has bugs.

This is a really good game I installed 2 weeks ago and I noticed that I can’t revive myself, In challenges if I complete one my screen freezes and I have to close it and open it again. I play on phone also.

- Hmm...

I just started playing it is pretty good from here

- Great game but...

Every time I die, there is no game over screen or anything, my ball just stops moving and I can't do anything. I have to restart the game to play. Apart from this, I love it!

- Glitches

There’s a glitch when I die it doesn’t stop I’m just stuck on the hill and I have to close the app and go back into it to fix it please fix this glitch Voodoo

- Not so great

Where is the tap to continue button or the restart button?!?! You have to exit the game and go back in to restart and ur score is lost!

- Problems

Great app but major issue, sometimes it just stalls when you hit the ground and you have to get out of the app and restart to play again

- Could be better too many bugs

Hi idk if it’s just 4 me but when I die I need to restart the app plz fix

- Oh my god

Every timeI get into a pit it doesn’t move

- Glitch

Idk know about you hguts but everytime i die it jist does this wierd sound that is ear schreeching and almost deafing

- used to be great

a couple of years back this was a great game; simple concept, nice execution and good mindless fun. was skeptical about the addition of other features but they were welcome, for instance challenges were nothing too extensive and a logical progression for any mobile game. but now it’s completely unplayable. ads during actual gameplay? having to stare at your ball crash and come to a halt, completely of your control and preventing you from starting again? yikes.

- good game but theres an issue

I started to play this game as soon as it came out and loved it i then took a break and reinstalled it and now every time i die i have to close the game and restart it because of no tap to continue icon showing up

- Sound

I hate how there’s no way to mute the sound especially while I’m playing music so that would be good if you can fix that and add more skins

- bad

every time i crash i hold the screen and nothing happens the ball just rolls up and down the hill and there is so restart or pause button so i have to completely close the app to play again

- Don’t even bother

Constantly having to restart the game adverts come up in the middle of game very off putting deleting this straight away

- Fix it please

I’ve had the game for 3 weeks and it’s just started glitching, so when I die there’s no button to continue and you have to get out of the game to reset it and your score is lost. Please fix it ASAP

- Glitch report

Just saying, I used to love this game. I’ve came across a glitch lately witch makes it unplayable. Whenever I crash, I CANT RESTART! It just rocks me back and forth until I either exit or rage quit. Bad game.

- “Tap to continue” button won’t work

Hi voodoo. I used to love your game but I haven’t been playing it lately because the “tap to continue” doesn’t come up. So what happens is once I die I just sit there rolling back and fourth. I would love it if you could fix that bug issue. Thank You! 😁


Like this game but there’s no pause button or anything so I have to exit the game every time I die so I can start again.

- Fix this please!

The game is great and I’ve been playing for a while on other devices although I recently got it on my iPhone 8 and the game does not show Press To Continue when I crash. I don’t understand why. And I always have to restart the app to play another round of the game. This is so annoying and upsetting as I already know this game is wonderful but this problem is making it so hard for me to enjoy the game. Please tell me how I can fix this!

- so annoying

When you die theres no like try again button. I enjoyed this lassât time so i re-installed it. but its so annoying now becaus i have to fully exit the game every time i die. PLEASE FIX THISSSS

- Annoying glitch!!

There is a new glitch, where you go up and then when you crash into the side of a dune, it says your still alive when it doesn’t let you move. You have to log out and go back on when it happens. Super annoying. Happens to me every round. Great game, but please make some music when your playing otherwise it gets a little boring.

- Restart

I have to close and re launch the app everyone I crash.. SX MAX

- Ehh

It’s a good game, I like how you have added more to it. People seem to be getting angry at how many adds there are, lol just turn off wi-fi and or data to stop getting ads. Do not waste money to these devs

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Dune! 4.8.0 Screenshots & Images

Dune! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! iphone images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
Dune! ipad images
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Dune! (Version 4.8.0) Install & Download

The applications Dune! was published in the category Games on 2017-10-11 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 251.24 MB. Dune! - Games posted on 2020-03-20 current version is 4.8.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Dune! Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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