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VMOD is a puzzle game about side-effects. Tap buttons to activate them. Figure out how the different buttons manipulate each other.

| Excerpt from the official SYMTAq VMOD
| manual:
| VMOD is a training software for SYMTAq
| engineers.
| Learn working with SYMTAq elements
| by solving visual quantix equations.

▼ 50 handcrafted logic puzzles
▼ quite a number of different mechanics
▼ colorful presentation for your pleasure
▼ minimal user interface for minimal distraction
▼ button pressing fun
▼ no ads and no In-App Purchases

I had a lot of fun making this game and I hope you have as much fun playing it. Thank you!

VMOD App Description & Overview

The applications VMOD was published in the category Games on 2019-01-10 and was developed by Martin Knopf. The file size is 75.33 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes
Thank you for playing!

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VMOD Reviews

Alena Redenshek

Rip off!  Alena Redenshek  1 star

I know it’s only .99 but my kid wants instructions.. seems silly to be the game of the day when it’s pretty basic and not much to the game. What makes an app game of the day! Will definitely make me think twice before I buy anymore apps.


Smooth gameplay  Biggggmannnnn  4 star

No tutorial, but easy enough to figure out. The game is very short, but addictive! I hope to see more levels soon! Worth the dollar for this game! 😁


Awesome game,  Ipoopdometimes  5 star

This is a great puzzle game that is so simply it’s ingenious. However, the game won’t let me pass level 21 despite completion of the level. Am I missing something?


Unreasonable credit card charge  Datgy  1 star

I just got a notification saying I was charged for this game even though I deleted it from my phone a week ago.


Great time waster  Trevor1010101010-010  5 star

Great way to waste some time but after two times through the game I feel like bored of it because there are only 50 levels.


Amazing  rayelynnn  5 star

I love it I read other reviews and some were bad because there was no tutorial but I figured out how to play it and it is time consuming and really fun!


Great game  CommonDognut  5 star

Are you the kind of person who wants to push all the buttons? Then this is the game for you! Don’t let the lack of tutorial scare you away as it is intended for the player to figure it out through trail and error. If you still struggle with it then honestly this just isn’t for you. The only downside is that because all the levels are handmade there aren’t very many. (You better get on that dev, I crave more button mashing)


M  Therapisto  1 star

Have no idea what this is or how I am supposed to “play” it— because there are NO instructions!!!!


Really enjoying it  +1review  5 star

A really enjoyable, challenging and unique puzzle game. There seems to be a bug on level 29 though. Just like the other levels, I got all the buttons to display white but the game will not let me progress to the next level. App description says there are 50 levels...


Simple, Solid, Challenging  RyanEnder  5 star

Well done!!!

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