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"Cytus II" is a music rhythm game created by Rayark Games. It's our fourth rhythm game title, following the footsteps of three global successes, "Cytus", "DEEMO" and "VOEZ". This sequel to "Cytus" brings back the original staff and is a product of hardwork and devotion.

In the future, humans have redefined internet development and connections. We can now easily sync the real world with the internet world, changing life as we have known for thousands of years.

In the mega virtual internet space cyTus, there exists a mysterious DJ legend Æsir. His music has an irresistible charm; people fall madly in love with his music. Rumor has it that every note and beat of his music hits the audiences in
the depths of their souls.

One day, Æsir, who had never shown his face before, suddenly announced that he will be holding the first mega virtual concert —— Æsir-FEST and will invite a top idol singer and a popular DJ as opening performances. The instant the ticket sales began, an unprecedented rush occurred. Everyone wanted to see Æsir's real face.

On the day of the FEST, millions of people were connected to the event. At one hour before the event started, the previous world record for most simultaneous connection was smashed. The whole city was on its feet, waiting for Æsir to descent from the skies...

Game Features:

- The unique "Active Judgement Line" rhythm game playstyle
Tap the notes as the judgement line hits them to achieve a high score. Through five different kinds of notes and the judgement line that actively adjusts its speed according to the beat, the gameplay experience is further combined with the music. Players can easily immerse themselves in the songs.

- A total of 50+ high-quality songs (30 in base game, 20+ as IAP)
The game includes songs by composers from all across the world, Japan, Korea, the US, Europe, Taiwan and more. Through the characters, players get to play songs from different genres including but not limited to: electronic, rock and classical. We are confident that this game will live up to the hype and expectations.

- Over 150 different charts
Over 150 different charts designed, from easy to hard. The rich game content can satisfy players of different levels. Experience exciting challenges and enjoyment through the sensation of your fingertips.

- Explore the virtual internet world with the game's characters
The one-of-a-kind story system "iM" will lead the players and the in-game characters to slowly piece together the story and world behind "Cytus II". Reveal the truth of the story with a rich, cinematic visual experience.

Cytus II will perform a connection authentication for its In-app purchases from time to time.
If you discover during the authentication period that your IAP was lost due to your device not connecting to the internet,
please make sure your device is connected to the internet. Afterwards, click "Restore Purchases" to recover your IAP.

Cytus II App Description & Overview

The applications Cytus II was published in the category Games on 2018-01-17 and was developed by Rayark International Limited. The file size is 727.95 MB. The current version is 1.0.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Version 1.0.2 update:
1. Fix issue where devices with Apple A6 CPU can't play normally under Grouped Pop-up Mode
2. Improve game performance.

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Cytus II Reviews


The Glory that is Cytus II  Derpysushi  5 star

I have so much to say about Cytus II, all of which are positive. For only $2 you get over 90 beat-maps and more than 33 unique songs. Now that alone is pretty good, but Cytus II isn’t just a rhythm game, it tells a story. Now first the mechanics. The way this game play is completely unique (at least to me) and is one of my favorite systems for a rhythm game as your fingers aren’t just constantly lurking at the bottom of the screen. Instead due to the bar constantly moving up and down you end up tapping just about everywhere on the screen. Now for something a little less unique but still entirely appreciated it doesn’t just have you tap and hold, the game will also have you do short swipes and make your finger swipe while following a line. This provides for more variation in the gameplay and on Chaos stages makes it all the more interesting. Due to the difficulty of moving everywhere on the screen and the variation of different actions you have to preform, the result is nothing but extremely rewarding when you get a new high score or a MM (Million Master). As you have probably already gathered this game’s gameplay is centered on a unique rhythm system. Now if the songs sucked this wouldn’t be much but as well as having the unique and fun system it has fresh catchy songs to go along with. All of the artist have their own styles. PAFF is a pop singer, NEKO (my favorite) has a lot of synth a techno based music and Robohead mainly specializes in heavier electronic beats. Those are he base game characters but on top of that two additional characters were released for purchase. One being Xenon who does more rock central stuff and ConneR who’s music still has beats but is heavily inspired by classical and orchestral music. All of these genre’s means that there will defiantly be music you’ll enjoy somewhere in the game. Another small bit of gameplay I want to touch on is the leveling up of characters. This was a great choice for the progression as leveling characters up both unlocks new songs and more of the story. Basically you start with two songs for each character and as you play those songs you earn experience points. Once you earn enough experience you level the character up and either unlock a new song, or a new difficulty for a song you already have. The experience gain rate is near perfectly tweaked so you really never have to play a difficulty for a song more than once. As mentioned previously as well as songs you also unlock pieces of the story with each level gained, with the character you leveled up posting something on the iM (which is basically the social media in the game’s world). As well as having the story the game manages to create an interesting world that only left me wanting to learn more about it. From the A.R.C to the iM to the “artifacts” ConneR uncovers in his expeditions. Now to cover the entertaining, funny, heart pulling, and enthralling story behind the game. For this I don’t want to go into too much detail out of fear of accidentally spoiling something. What I can say though is that all the characters have their own personalities and relations with each other which provide for interesting interaction with both each other and their fans. No messages in the iM feel meaningless as they all either contribute to the story or flesh out the world the game takes place in. In conclusion this game had me on the edge of my seat while reading the story and bobbing my head up and down to the beat of every song. IT IS A MUST BUY


Cytus still delivers in its sequel  TheAzureGrimoire  5 star

I’ve always been immensely critical of rhythm games, especially those that came at a cost when there are so many free rhythm games on the market. However, when I bought and played the first Cytus when it was around five chapters in, I found myself enthralled by its personal gimmick for doing the rhythm itself. I couldn’t put it down, and when new chapters released for free, I found myself coming back to Cytus extremely often, to the point I nearly mastered harder songs just due to how fun the mechanics are. It’s safe to say that Cytus 2 upgraded nearly everything in a better way. The ui feels more responsive, and every successful tap feels more rewarding, making large combos that much more cathartic. The music right from the start is high energy, and I believe that splitting it up between the three first artists based on their “style” was an amazing move. As I leveled them up, I strangely felt more compelled into the world as I read their twitter like posts, playing songs just to see what came next. The game also does a very, very good job at teasing the (as of the time of this review) current DLC artists, enough that I’m extremely tempted to pay for their packs even though I’m not at all close to finishing the first three. All in all, while this doesn’t have as much content as the original Cytus, it makes up for it by amping up the style and story nearly ten-fold, as well as having rewarding gameplay, and songs that rival that of the original Cytus’ end game. While I always find myself coming back to the first, this new one easily has a spot in my top ten best rhythm games, and I hope that someday it can beat that of Cytus through additions and more content. Perhaps they’ll be adding a few free songs here and there? I wouldn’t be surprised given how many songs they granted us for the original. However, I fully plan on supporting Rayark, and I plan to buy any and all DLC songs and song packs for this game as I did the original. To those who work at Rayark, you’ve created another fine addition to the rhythm game genre, and I hope it survives and thrives just as the original did.


Emerging  EvanistX  5 star

completely love it! the playable characters, the suspenseful storyline and the amazing social network feature...stunning! been a big fan since the first installment and still play for cyTus 2...has me on my knees wanting more. just wish there’s going to be more characters maybe or added songs to the already great characters within. i can honestly say i picked a side on them (Xenon!!...also ConneR sensei).


Rayark deserves a standing ovation for this.  TttSssccoott  5 star

I was browsing the AppStore one day and came across Cytus 2. I did some research and found the trailer rather entertaining. I preordered it and 2 days later was diving into what I think in the most entertaining game I have ever played. I thin Rayark deserves a standing ovation because this game looks like it took a while to make. Before I leave I have a question... Can you hear me Vanessa?


Trying to fix something that’s not broken.  Slohobo  3 star

Ray ark has designed a game to profit? I think so. This game makes it difficult to see the notes at many times and clutters the screen with unnecessary effects. Thus creating poor gameplay for me. I understand that many people enjoy this game and I respect that. This is my opinion and mine only.


游戏形式不如一代  黯瑛  4 star



One of the Best App Games  Katalogh  5 star

Why is this game so good? From visuals to music to gameplay to story, this amazing futuristic rhythm game that wouldn't be out of place on a major console like PS4. It didn't have to include a slow world reveal conveyed through IMs, or be so seamlessly designed, or contain such great songs, but it does. So much effort and talent was poured into this game, and to top it all off it's completely free -- apart from two extra character unlocks that you don't need to beat the game. Fantastic.


Cytus ll  Gboysowavey  5 star

This game is so awesome it deserves a Grammy.


Thank you  Pramith3932  5 star



雷亚出产必为精品  hgjbfjdhd  5 star



Love this game  Nitram5336  5 star

I’ve got the first game and this is another awesome edition


Crash :(  Darkslayer712  2 star

Was really looking forward to the new Cytus but it crashes every time I load up the game. Please fix Rayark because I want to enjoy the new game T_T


The Sequel  ExorcGel  5 star

Hmm so one day I suddenly find out that my favourite music game is gonna have a sequel, what do I do? Download it. Purchase everything I can purchase. Laugh like I'm the happiest person on Earth. Because I am.


Dope  Edmund488263837153  5 star

Great story, great gameplay. Just wish there were no in app purchases in a priced game.


Just good  Twisted_Morality  5 star

Nothing to say but just plain fuun


Very Swish - But a Suggestion...  Hirarox  4 star

Although I love every new addition of this game, especially the way you unlock the 'story' by playing and the cleaner graphics (which I thought was the only real problem with the original), I'm pretty disappointed by the in-app purchases not because of the price, but because it limits you to certain genres. The good thing about the original Cytus, I think, was that there was always a wide range of music types to play and try out. While this is a lot more streamlined and consistent, I dislike that you're barred off from two whole genres from the get-go. Since people's tastes differ, some won't be affected that much by the change. But since the two paid portions of content so happen to be my favourite types of music, I feel like I lucked out. An option, maybe, to be limited at the start of the game to three artists of /your choosing/ would really even out the asking price. For instance, if you could have them all locked at the start and choose any three that appeal to you most, with the unchosen two as paid content. That way, the extra content would feel equally additional to everyone. Other than that, hot damn, they really upped their game here, buy it! Also, songs with good English! I'm so glad they got music from artists from around the globe!!!


More Cytus  Duenan  4 star

If you enjoyed the original you’ll like this one too, upped the visuals and added some story. The base game is good value for money however a good portion of the songs are locked behind very Expensive DLC packs at 14.99 per song pack (2 packs available as of this review).


My C2 Review  Phusona  5 star

So I bought the highly anticipated sequel to that rhythm game I always keep spamming on my wall and I got to say that it’s one of the best rhythm games I ever played with the presentation, story, characters and of course the music. It’s awesome that the music repertoire has expanded as it now features many other music by a Western artists (with UK Happy Hardcore and pop music with Western elements). And it’s also awesome that the story and the characters are fleshed out in contrast to predecessor game in which the story is not as straight-forward. The gameplay is similar to Cytus One but with the addition of the new Chaos difficulty as well as swipe notes and another kind of hold notes. Plus, the scan line changes speed depending on the current tempo of the song. My only criticisms towards the game is the micro transactions as the game begs me to pay 15 dollarydoos to play top quality rock and artcore music. But nevertheless, the fast paced dynamic action of the game along with the music has enticed me to play more as well as give me inspiration for my musical journey and finally ignore society (lulz). TLDR: It’s an awesome game

Horrible communication

The In-app purchases are NOT over priced  Horrible communication  5 star

The only real criticism I’ve seen is the price of the extra characters which is not well justified. For starters you pay $2.99 for the game which includes 30 songs, already they are giving you value for your money. The initial price is low enough for more newcomers to try the game out and the extra content never feels overpriced with the excellent quality of each song. Comparatively, you can spend $15 to speed up your progress by a couple of days in the majority of mobile games or spend it here for songs by 10 different artists that are well crafted and could keep you entertained for months.


Love the game but developers please read  (:mrloopy:)  5 star

This game is the best music games that I have played on mobile for a substantial amount of time. But the fact that I tap on a note on time and the game classifies it as a miss absolutely infuriates me every time as I've tried 20 times on Power stomper hard but failing due to a tap not registered. Does happen on other songs rarely though. Could you please bring out a optimisation or low power mode in settings that would focus more processing power on tap registration than the beautiful graphics. Just a quality of life change would really help as this game is extraordinary but tap registration if you going for perfectionist can be difficult ruining a 2 min run then missing a note. Hope you take this into consideration for the next update as I sincerely enjoy this game.


Ez 5 stars  MujtabaaM  5 star


original abstract

Cytus 2: Mastapiece  original abstract  5 star

The first Cytus was amazing and just after that I started to lose hope that Arayark wouldn’t come up with something else I enjoyed VOEZ but when they announced Cytus 2. It was a magical moment!!! I have waited long and what I loved is that they combined some styles VOEZ and Cytus together, they actually managed to make something beautiful, the songs better than ever. Though I still haven’t found the story mode to it, i guess it’s through the songs but m kind of lazy to find it...overall I would give 7 Cytus’/5stars mistakes were not made!!!


Didn't Work On IPod Touch  BØ$$:)  2 star

I really enjoy this game, But I had Reported problems, It Didn't let me to use, cause is crashes a lot, and I was very sad😢. Please Fix bugs and I will be Happy and Enjoyed, Don't Forget to fix bugs


The first was amazing. This one is too!  Tyrannyx  5 star

It may have taken more time than I was anticipating, but this game was well worth the wait. This game plays like the original, unsurprisingly, but it also has some new innovations too. Flick notes and the addition of hold notes that extend past one “page” of the track are very welcome, and give an extra challenge to a game that was very difficult at its peak level. Speaking of difficulty, Cytus 2 has its amazing blend of difficulties that can allow for new players to be welcome to the game, while also allowing veteran players to jump back in where they left off in the first game. The game also included a more in-depth story that I can’t wait to continue! While the IAP’s have increased in price, I’m not upset by it. The inclusion of extra content stemming past just extra playable songs is welcome. While there are some very minor nitpicks I have with this game (for example, the difficulties that range from 9 to 11 do not feel varied from a numerical standpoint, and in my opinion I feel that the speeding up and slowing down of the scan line should be more pronounced), these do not really detract from the overall quality of the game. This game is well worth the 2 bucks, and it’ll give you one fine ride!


Frustrating on iPhone X  Blastoidz  3 star

I’ve been constantly closing the app when the buttons require me to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Great game other wise but that pretty much kills the game for anyone playing on the X.


Nice  infern0man1  5 star

Xiorc, Gravity, and Deadly Slot Game have absolutely terrible chaos charts but everything else in the game is simply fantastic. Song line-up as of first release is super strong and everything for the most part is much more polished than in the original, though there are framerate issues and the game sometimes just likes to eat your inputs for no reason (it's especially awful in Xiorc). Can't wait for future major updates.

Worth death gushed the

Waiting for long  Worth death gushed the  5 star

After I receive the news that Cyrus 2 will be release at 2015 I have been waiting this for 3 years and now it finally release. How come I don’t give 5 stars


Great music game  Michaelww1s  5 star

Great game


Awesome  Kratellismorru  5 star

Rayark never fails to impress! Waiting for more songs!

Neko Overlord

5/5 Lore, 3/5 Stage Progression  Neko Overlord  4 star

The lore itself is very well written with Xenon and ConneR adding onto the main story. Gameplay is very well done, with the exceptions of laggy parts during beginning/mid game. The story progression requires lots of time and dedication for all the songs playable so far, contrary to Cytus, Cytus II requires actual time and some repetition of songs to be played again just to progress and unlock a new song. Overall, if RayArk adds more characters/songs, awesome game.

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