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What is microsoft edge: web browser app? Choose the web browser that puts you first. Microsoft Edge is the fast and secure browser that helps you protect your data, and save time and money.
Browse the web anywhere with one seamless experience from your phone to your computer and other signed-in devices.
Tracking prevention, AdBlock, and InPrivate browsing are available to help you stay safer online.
Organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter, making it easier to find, view, and manage your content on the go.
Microsoft Edge is the only web browser you’ll ever need, with features to help you get more done online, stay protected, and built-in tools to give you the best online shopping experience.
Microsoft Edge features:
A more productive browsing experience to help you get more done
· Securely access your saved information like history, favorites, passwords, Collections, and more across your signed-in devices with the Microsoft Edge web browser.
· Search the web on the go with visual and voice search powered by Microsoft Bing.
· Browse the web and quickly find your favorites, history and more with a redesigned navigation.
· Enjoy a streamlined reading experience with Immersive Reader. It will remove ads and other distracting content from articles and blog posts.
Stay safer online with our secure web browser:
· InPrivate tabs won't store your browsing data (like cookies, history, autofill information, or temporary files)
· Use the Microsoft Edge web browser as your autofill provider so that you can access your saved credentials in other apps on your phone like Instagram, Pinterest, and more
· Tracking prevention is enabled by default, so you don’t have to take any action to take control of your data.
· Ad Blocker:• AdBlock Plus helps block unwanted ads.• Block ads by turning on ad blocking by visiting Settings > Content blockers.
Organize & Collect: productivity on the go
• Collections makes it easier than ever to collect and organize content you find on the web across your signed-in devices.
Save time and money
· Microsoft Edge is the best browser for shopping, with built-in tools to help you save time and money. Our coupons feature makes finding coupons faster and easier, helping you easily apply to your order while shopping on Microsoft Edge.
· Earn rewards while you search with Microsoft Bing and find shopping deals online and in nearby stores.*
Get the Microsoft Edge web browser for a fast, secure, and productive experience every time you browse.
*This shopping feature currently is only available in the United States.

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Microsoft Edge: Web Browser Version 109.1518.7231 January 2023

Thanks for using Microsoft Edge! Here's what's new in this release: · Immersive New Tab Page: Enjoy the upgraded new tab page with faster search experience, improved navigation and full-screen wallpaper for a more immersive browsing experience. · Immersive Reader: With one-click the new Immersive Reader switches to night mode, comes with an embedded translator, various font type options, and more. We've also made some general bug fixes and performance improvements..

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser Version 107.1418.6201 December 2022

Thanks for using Microsoft Edge! Here's what's new in this release: · Immersive New Tab Page: Enjoy the upgraded new tab page with faster search experience, improved navigation and full-screen wallpaper for a more immersive browsing experience. · Immersive Reader: With one-click the new Immersive Reader switches to night mode, comes with an embedded translator, various font type options, and more. We've also made some general bug fixes and performance improvements..

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser Comments & Reviews 2023

- First time ever rating an app!

5 stars Keep up the good work! Cut out Google and safari, they have made enough money and had plenty of popularity! But it’s same stuff no changes, searches with cam on Google is horrible, so If there’s a way, to automatically look up highest true value not what people’s selling for on EBay collectibles in mint condition, medium, Adair and poor, the different types of collections, such as coins, football, wrestling, and baseball cards by a quick easy to find cam icon at the browser to snap a picture also with a place to write a little known info person has to help the search and do better than google with a few added features! Bye bye google! You took over! The pricing needs found through known appraisal places instead of kids stealing dads ball cards selling for gas money on eBay ruining the value of collectibles. Thank you for reading, I have more ideas for u if somehow we can talk!

- Good browser with a few issues

I enjoy using Edge as my preferred browser on iOS. Support for organizing and editing favorites and collections is almost equal between iOS and Windows. There's even support for some hidden settings in this app via edge://flags, just like on Windows. I also like the ability to scan barcodes and QR codes via the camera tool in the address bar/omnibox. However, I'm experiencing a few issues with Edge on iOS. ISSUE 1: Edge on iOS unnecessarily truncates default favorite names that are over 50 characters long. On the Windows desktop platform, these names are not truncated. The truncation makes no sense to me because there is enough room for the full page title in a favorite's name on both iOS and Windows. I can copy and paste the full heading from a page into the name, and it saves just fine. ISSUE 2 (FIXED): At random times, my pinned top sites used to be overwritten with "frequently visited" sites. Thank you for fixing this issue, Microsoft. ISSUE 3: The ad blocker occasionally fails in Edge. Fortunately, I was able to make the ads go away by flipping the Tracking Protection switch back and forth. I hope this issue gets fixed, since the ad blocker is one of my favorite features. It would be nice to be able to use the ad blocker with "Balanced" tracking protection so I can properly view features like embedded tweets. Also, I wish the ad blocker worked in InPrivate tabs.

- Persistent UI issues

After many months and many updates, the iOS Edge still has the UI problems it had the first time I downloaded it. Why has nobody at Microsoft fixed these? When switching orientation, either landscape to portrait or vice version, the browser just zooms in on the webpage for no reasons. If I do it several times, it will zoom in so much that texts are blown out of proportion. It should scale the webpage perfectly so that the edges of the page align with the edges of the screen instead of zooming in. Following the zoom issue, whenever I pinch to zoom out in landscape mode, the page is scrolled up by some amount. Why? Shouldn't it maintain the same position? Also, there are issues with the address bar when I tap the top of the screen. Sometimes it shows the address and sometimes it doesn't. It's very inconsistent and annoying. Another annoying thing is it automatically opens a new tab when I get back to the app after a long time, even when I set the startup behaviour to stay with open tabs. I thought the developers for this browser would have seen the issues and fixed them during one of the tens if not hundreds of updates in the past year. It's such a shame.

- Pretty good, a few features I’d like to see however

This browser has become my default on my phone cause it looks way cleaner than Safari or Chrome, and the news section on the homepage is amazing! There’s one feature missing that prevent me from giving it 5 stars, however, and that is custom search engines. The desktop version of Edge allows you to set up any search engine you want, but for some reason the mobile version only supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. That’s probably fine for most people but I’ve been a big Ecosia user for years, and while I have been using Bing a lot more recently, I still think it would be nice to have the option to use any search engine I want. Plus, I occasionally seem to have serious performance issues when having 50 or more tabs open, while with Chrome, even with that many tabs, I had no such issues. Besides those annoyances, this is still a clean and better designed alternative to Chrome and Safari.

- Best browser ever than the legacy version!

When I was trying to log in to Clever in Google Chrome on my computer during the beginning of a new school year, it keeps redirecting me to the same page. However, I tried logging in Microsoft Edge and it worked and I became interested in using the new Microsoft Edge. I usually use it for my school work and everything else. Well, I also like to use Google Chrome sometimes for education and everything else. I think like both browsers (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome), as well as other Chromium-based browsers. The legacy version of Microsoft Edge became unsuccessful, due to fewer features of the browser. I used Google Chrome as my default browser and I became to like it a lot. Since Microsoft Edge became Chromium-based, I became to like it. I do like browsers that became Chromium-based. Thank you, Microsoft! Microsoft Edge is so new, newer than ever!

- A nightmare to use, Microsoft likes making people suffer.

The only, and I must emphasize, the only reason why anyone uses this garbage of an obsolete browser is because of Microsoft rewards, and you know this. That’s why you keep making it harder for Microsoft rewards users by making it impossible to solve website searches on mobile, while simultaneously making load times excruciating and killing your battery every time you search, with or without Microsoft defender on. You also removed community sharing, which made it easier to accumulate points between families in order to redeem things faster, and you haven't done a 10k points challenge on gamepass in years for whatever reason. I understand that you’re giving your users some money back from their searches by allowing them to use Microsoft rewards, but the amount of obstacles one has to cross before they finally complain has a limit. Garbage app, at least fix the battery issue, I’m tired of it killing 30%+ of my battery every time I use it for 10 minutes.

- Unexpectedly picked up the slack when other browsers failed

This is the last browser that actually has a functioning desktop view feature, which is something very important to me because 2010s mobile web design is absolutely atrocious. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari's "Request Desktop Site" buttons have done absolutely nothing for the past several years, and Puffin has been held down by Apple far enough to not be compatible with many sites anymore. I'd been hunting down and trying so many other browsers, but virtually all of them had the same problem. This was my desperate last resort. But to my surprise, that last resort pulled through. The desktop view in Internet Explorer (I know it's not called that anymore, but I still call it that out of affection) isn't perfect—the text wrap is irritating and makes sites like Reddit unreadable in-browser, for instance—but at least, unlike every single other iOS browser, the desktop view EXISTS.

- This browser gives the upper edge!

This browser is really good! Since it is my favorite browser on Windows 10, of course I had to download it when the version for iOS came out! I am very impressed with the speed! Since I have an iPhone 5, and since Safari and Google Chrome are CPU intensive and since iPhone 5's CPU isn't very powerful, I've found that Microsoft Edge works much better than the competitors! The only problem is that sometimes when I am using the voice search and when I try to use it a second time, I have to start the browser again. I am not sure if the exact reason, but I am guessing it is because my RAM is maxed out, since my phone only has 1GB of RAM. But overall it is a very good browsing experience and I would like to say really good job Microsoft! You have made a really good browser on Windows 10, and finally brought it over to iOS. The browser is just as good and I am really happy that it's finally over on mobile phones!

- Better than chrome

When I got my computer I tried to download chrome but I dicided to stick with bing and it’s way better I’ve earned a Xbox gift card just for doing research in school google is filled with ads and usually never gives you a direct it just gives you a paragraph from a article that usually isn’t helpful but with bing it will give you the answer and 3 or more sources also whenever you search up a country or a historical country on bing it will have a side menu with all the important info when google just gives you some ads and a Wikipedia article. Chrome also puts up propaganda like the COVID vaccine tab and other things. Chrome is outdated and frankly just bad. TLDR: chrome=❌❌❌❌🚮🗑🗑🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢📉📉📉🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ bing =👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏💨💨🏎🏎❤️❤️❤️🆒🆒🆒📈📈📈

- Quick and reliable browser!

Since Windows 10 came out I have regularly used it on my PCs at home. Over the past year+ I’ve been using the Edge browser on my iPhone and it’s been trial and error over the time, but like the PC version it’s come a long way and works great! Other than speed that you’ll see as a difference vs Safari and Chrome, there’s a lot of customizable features available on the settings and of course everything links conveniently to your Windows desktop if you want to set it as so. My personal favorite that is built into the Edge phone app is the ability to enable add blockers on webpages so they do not show up (so you don’t accidentally click on one) and it speeds up the page loading even more. Highly recommend, excellent browser for mobile devices!

- I wish there was Edge Extensions for iOS

I have been a user of Microsoft Edge for more than 2 years ever since the Chromium version came out and even before. I have gotten the ability to explore many extensions on my desktop but what makes me unsatisfied in one case is that I wish there was extensions for iOS as it would make things more convenient. Or I wish Microsoft Edge at least was able to sync my extensions from my desktop to iOS mobile. Overall, Microsoft Edge is a powerful, advanced, and easy browser to use. It’s UI is beautiful and the web browser includes many built-in features like translate. It would be great if the browser included many other built-in features in the near future. Microsoft keep it up!

- The newest version killed my favorite feature

I loved that I could now, with the update before, add favorites from safari. I use edge on my computer and it was a super fast way to use both and navigate without over loading my phone by opening them in edge and safari just to save them. But now I can’t do that anymore!!!!! I open so many pages a day and leave them open… I tried to just open them on edge but the app crashed and they were all gone!!! So o keep to safari on my phone and I loved that I could have to option to save them when I went to open them in edge. I love the browser but to give me something I love and take it away so quickly makes me sad. That’s why this is four stars. Cuz I have some sadness now. Will still use just it makes me sad… for what was.

- Edging Out Other Browsers

The speed of Edge has made it my go to on Windows...and now on iOS. I like the design, especially the minimalist navigation bar on the bottom of the browser. Being able to send a URL to another Windows device is also neat - and allows Windows users the ability to continue browsing on the desktop - just as OSX users can on Safari. Being a cross platform user, I am loving being able to integrate the two ecosystems in varied ways. Tab navigation on Chrome is also superior to others. The snapshots and grid of tabs makes switching a breeze .... and it is much easier to use than the ‘cascading cards’ on Chrome and Safari. The only complaint (minor quibble) is that it’s not fully integrated into other MSFT applications on iOS. For example, Outlook only allows me to open links in Safari and Chrome, not Edge.

- Pleasantly Surprised

After many years looking for alternatives to Safari and Chrome I’ve settled here with Edge. I did use Firefox for a while too, which I liked, but it came down to finding something that worked well on all devices I use. I’m a windows user for work, but iPhone devotee and also use iPad for work. Edge syncs quite well through all devices and has become pretty user friendly IMO. As a matter of fact, it’s been my experience lately that all windows apps have been working and playing very well on the apple devices I own. I’ve very pleased all around. I love apple devices, and find lots of Microsoft software useful. This has just been a good user experience for me.

- Issues far outweigh its usefulness

Summary: The issues far outweigh the benefits. It’s clear MS is still trying to play catch-up, and are still far behind. This browser has good privacy, but the issues it has make it near unusable about half the time. I had gotten better over the year but the fact that it seems to have some serious issues when using Google as the search engine means I don’t recommend it. The good: it works more like chrome and sites work good (good, not great). The privacy features are a plus, even over chrome. I’ve chosen to use it over chrome for this issue. The bad: using google as the search engine causes issues on every search past the first one. If you go into app switcher, close edge and search. No issues. If you come back several minutes later and search again in the same tab, the search freezes and the browser does nothing. MS - I’m not going to use Bing. It’s crappy (I’ve tried multiple times a year and it hasn’t gotten better). Stop handicapping other search engines to push your own stuff. Certain sites which are coded to hide the search and option bars, have issues when trying to get those bars to show up. Edge starts to act like no touch events are being made so it takes a lot of clicks to get them to show so I can navigate elsewhere. Either that or edge is just slow in responding to this. Neither of which is good.

- Reader View Missing

Rating this 1 Star for now even though it does deserve more than that, but I’m hoping a developer can read this review. The app right now advertises its immersive reader mode, but it actually doesn’t work if it’s even available. Tried a few different webnovel sites like RoyalRoad and Scribblehub, but no matter what, the reader mode option just didn’t show up. If I wanted to contact support, it looks like I would have to jump through a bunch of hoops, so I’m leaving this review here. I’ll make sure to update it if it ever gets fixed. On another note, if the reader mode is fixed or added to the app, I'm hoping for it to really be an “immersive” reader. So every time a new web chapter is available, it will automatically load it (the next page) once I finish my current chapter. Safari used to do this, but unfortunately the last update removed this feature. The only browser I know that still does this on iOS is Alook.

- Frequently freezes and crashes when starting up

I have been trying to switch to edge for 2 years but it's actually unusable still. I have 6-10 tabs open at any given time and over 30% of the time I launch it, it freezes within 5 seconds and crashes. When I wait for it to finish crashing and open it back up, it'll pop up a prompt saying "edge crashed, restore tabs?", But if it crashes again, which it does about 1/3 of the time, I can no longer access the restore tabs feature, losing all my in progress workflow, and none of the tabs are in history or recently closed. This is obviously unacceptable, but the fact that it's so frequent is really embarrassing. Guess I have to go back to Chrome AGAIN. It's kind of mind boggling that it's so difficult to justify using in a situation where they already have very low market share. You'd think they'd be extra cognizant of massive issues like this.

- Bug? Lacks split screen and slide over

Like all browsers on iOS, Edge is just a skin overtop of Safari that gives access to Edge synced favorites, tabs, history, etc. And that’s lovely. I use a desktop PC and love to be able to sync all of that stuff from my Windows PC to my iPad. Edge does all of this except for one critical thing that for my usability, really makes it hard to use this over Safari. It completely lacks the ability to use splitscreen app mode with itself, something that is extremely useful to me and many others. It also doesn’t have the ability to use slide over, which is kinda odd considering there is an iPhone version of the app of course. If it just had these abilities, it would be my go-to browser app without a doubt.

- Good but previous version was better

Previous version was better in terms of user interface. This January 2020 locations of buttons is much harder to use compared to previous version where It is much easier to navigate most buttons where it is on the right side on the screen from the bottom and top. I really like the floating video which is one of the main reasons I used Microsoft edge browser aside from earning rewards. Also when saving a bookmark there is no way to choose to save it to a folder that I created, you have to go to favorites then edit then move to a folder. I hope you make the interface back to an easier way to navigate that will make me decide to bring it to a 5 star rating. But I still like Microsoft edge browser, fast and great browser.

- 100% Important

I absolutely never write a review, especially about a Microsoft product, however, I am an IT Professor and teach Microsoft Office in a required Freshman year due to so many children today coming from High Schools have never even used Office before. Nearly every school system in America is run by Chromebooks (cheaper) so all they know is Google Docs, Slides, etc. FINALLY MICROSOFT HATS OFF 😆👌🏼! You finally designed the new edge from the open source called Chromium which is the basis for Google Chrome and Opera and a couple others. It's a very professional and presentable Home Tab that you can customize as well. One thing that needs fixing is the continue to an from PC, at least with an iPhone iOS 13+ newest one. That's the only complaint I've gotten.

- Chrome + Firefox = Edge 2020

This is like if chrome and Firefox had a baby and Microsoft was the surrogate mother. This browser took the best parts of Firefox and the best parts of chrome and merged it with the best parts edge had in the past. Battery life is amazing on my surface and my iPhone. Looks great, just waiting for more extension support for the desktop version. Some tips for the future, if you ever listen to me. Listen, MBA executive’s who call the shots. Make a Microsoft version of “google apps” and connect it the bing search engine like google does. Make make it in a way you can’t get sued for it and actually have it connect to the actual applications through the cloud. This would be such a power love it would take google 2-3 years to catch up.

- My favorite browser

I have experimented with all the top browsers for my iPad and this works best for my needs. I can copy/paste, save, and send with ease. A close second best is Yandex and the third one is FireFox. I like all three but Edge has a slight edge on the competition. Microsoft gave it a well deserved name. If you do an image search this browser will let you touch a gif to watch it without going into full screen or double touch to go full. Not good at explaining things in detail but I highly recommend anyone trying it for themselves. Thank you all that took part in designing Edge because I think it’s the best of the best. To me Edge browser with Bing search engine will be a hard combination to beat.

- Printing problems

Everything is great except one thing, and that’s if you’re trying to print. I print recipes frequently from my phone and cannot do it through this browser. When I go to click the print icon on webpages it doesn’t do anything at all in this browser. If I hold it down and try to open the print page in a new window it says there’s a JavaScript error. The exact same webpage in Safari works fine. After clicking print in Safari it will open the print menu and I can print the page. The only way to print in Edge is to print the entire webpage which means it’s not formatted right and you get a lot of unnecessary junk. Sadly that means for all my printing needs guess I’ll still be using Safari until this gets fixed.

- Great browser!

I have been using Edge for iOS since it was in the beta testing stage. I've really enjoyed experiencing its tweaks and improvements all along, to bring it ever closer to the quality of browser that I love in Windows 10. While it doesn't (yet) have all the functionality of the Windows version, it's stable and likeable enough that I've given it the prominent spot on my iPhone's and iPad's dock, instead of Safari. Granted, there are things Safari does better, but most things are just as good (if not better) on Edge. The built-in "Continue on PC" is extremely useful; I've used it countless times. Altogether, Edge for iOS is top-notch! I'm curious to see what else Microsoft has up its sleeve!

- Terrible Browser

Every time an app says “can only be opened in edge”, I know I won’t be getting that task accomplished today. Its usually an overzealous blocking software that’s blocking me from accessing resources within my own company that I can access on my laptop. Its a corporate connected device, so it should have same access, but any app that diverts to edge is an app I delete because those links never work. Theres always some sort of issue on microsoft’s end that makes it sound like my own company doesnt want me to access my own work files on the device that they provided to me. I mean come on guys, whats the point of a corporate connected device if I can’t use any apps, I just get referred to edge to sign in and then told I cant. I can’t print from my work ipad, but I can from my work laptop. Does that sound like a rule that a company would have? Ofcourse not, its not blocked, its horrible software.

- Really liked Edge until...

Really liked Edge and made the switch from Chrome. When setting up it asked to sync my bookmarks which I did and all was fine until a day later. Duplicate bookmarks and multiplying. Did the removed duplicates feature and they came right back and subsequently duplicated them across all devices and browsers too (Chrome etc.). Had to make a clean copy of my bookmarks, store as a file, delete Edge and Chrome as well as disable all syncing on all devices. Installed a clean version of Chrome, imported bookmarks, and no all is fine. Support from Microsoft was poor, support from Google 1 was poor as each blamed the other. Though I will admit no issue ever using chrome. Shame as I really liked the Edge browser too. When it is for sure fixed I may give it another try.

- Password Syncing has always been a problem for me since first use!

I’m Office 365 user for four years and I love Microsoft’s softwares, the same for Edge browser. I like speed and reliability of Edge browser EXCEPT for syncing! For me, syncing passwords never works in Edge browser(iPad). Bookmarks syncs, but sometimes history not sync ... etc. Edge on my iPhone(never on iPad) syncs passwords but it takes a long time to sync. It’s a real pain. I don’t know why passwords and history syncing in CHROME browser happens in real-time but NOT in Edge browser. So, I have to rely on Chrome although I don’t trust Google for web browsing. I don’t know why Microsoft can’t fix this to sync in real-time even though it is one of the most advanced Tech-companies in the world. Please FIX Syncing Problem!!!!

- Good but not the best

After exploring Microsoft Edge on the iPhone after its initial release to the App Store I have to say it’s good but not the best. Where to improve: Privacy settings: I would like the ability to save my privacy settings from my previous browsing session and have them applied to my next browsing session. Like say for example I toggle the offer to save passwords switch off in my first browsing session I would like it to remain off in each following browsing session following when I toggle that switch off. Next: when opening a new tab I would like it to go to a home page I set. I do not see the ability to set a home page in the app. Unless I have to pair my iPhone with my computer to get those settings I have applied to Microsoft Edge on my computer I would like the ability to set those settings similar to how I have Microsoft Edge on my computer. The good: I have my favorite sites from my computer in the favorites section on my iPhone I can print articles to the AirPrint enabled printer I use I can set my theme from light to dark like I have on my computer If possible I would like the settings I have suggested addressed

- Odd bug/feature with tabs is just baffling

One very odd thing i found is that the order of the tabs differ depending on whether you are in grid view or just using the tabs bar. The grid view displays the newest tab first, top left, then displays older tabs moving to the right, down. The problem is that when you go to a tab, the tabs bar display *oldest* first, starting from the left, and shows newly opened tabs moving to the right. It gets confusing when you have more than 5 tabs open, with you being at the right most end of your tabs bar but at the top left corner at the tabs grid. Edge has been very great to use as a browser! It hasn’t had any performance issues and has been a great alternative to chrome and safari. I hope the devs fix this issue because it’s the one thing it lacks that all the other browsers have.

- Weird syncing issues

I went all in with edge to take advantage of the enterprise account integrations to the browser and syncing between devices. It’s extremely frustrating to invest time into the browser on iOS only to get error messages and no explanation on how to address them issues. I logged out to reset and it won’t sync now. “Something went wrong. [2400]” Maybe it is an SSO issue, but the experience with the browser happens on mobile and on desktop with zero explanation. Searching online for help yielded little to zero help on how to troubleshoot. [update] Reply to Microsoft’s developer response: I have now submitted feedback within the edge app. I’d hate to have to go back to bloated chrome browser. Edge has so much going for it, I hope you contact me and connect it to this review and trouble shoot this extremely frustrating issue. Rco****** at *****ics com

- Error in favorites bar and feedback

Hello, i tried using the help and feedback option in the edge ios app but the send button will not send after typing issue . So i do it here... I am blind and use apple accessibility mode Voice Over on my iphone se3 with 15.5 and the latest edge app , i checked there are no updates. Ok, when in favorites bar and creating more then 12 folders every folder after 12 is not spoken by Voice Over its like they are nameless. I had created 19 folders but 13 to 19 the name is not spoken and i did give the folders a name. I am blind i cannot confirm if the folders are not showing or just not spoken. Anyway not more then 12 folder in favorites bar i think that is an error. I thought i will report this thank you Mak :)

- A Browser I’ve Been Waiting For

This is a very good browser for many reasons. The synchronization between my Windows 10 desktop and my iPhone is great. It is performed in app and requires no 3rd party software installation on my desktop. This is an advantage over iCloud sync via windows to phone in my opinion. Continue on desktop is nice because I like to be able to send a website to my desktop as well. However, this should be done seamlessly in my opinion because the feature can just as deadly be used on the Safari iPhone browser via continue on desktop app. The browser is also very speedy and loads content quickly story would expect.

- Great Browser!

I’ve used Internet Explorer, Google, Firefox, and other browsers and Edge is at the top for me. It may not have the most friendly or common of UI’s like Google or others but I like the simplicity of it and that the search is right there. I use primarily Microsoft Apps with Edge and they run smoothly with each other which is another upside! The addition of Microsoft Rewards is another great feature that gives you points just for searching things up, and all those points can be used for Gift Cards, Sweepstakes Entries, and a whole bunch of other cool things! I highly recommend this browser to be tried out if you haven’t already!

- The iPad app needs work

I have been using Microsoft Edge as my main browser now for a few years and have really had no major complaints and it has some distinct advantages over competition—specifically within the Microsoft ecosystem. The iPad app however is in need of some catch-up work. There are a few problems. Highlighting the address bar for copying web addresses doesn’t ever seem to want to cooperate and often does not make it to the clipboard for pasting. There is no option yet for adding sites to collections which is a big selling point of this browser. No extensions yet either. It needs to be developed alongside the iPhone version and both versions need to be caught up with the desktop to some degree also.

- Good browser, needs more

I like using edge instead of safari mostly because safari is to me just boring. I like the fact I can make my browser dark, to me it just looks better. It's fast and accurate. There are only a few things I would like to see changed, first would be implementing 3d touch for viewing links the way safari does, second be the ability to add your favorites to the start screen when edge is first started, and the only other thing I would like to see is fixing the problem of saving gif images that are actually animated, I have tried several times unsuccessfully to save gifs, and unfortunately am forced to revert back to using safari to save any kind of animated pictures. Fix those 3 things and this will be a 5 star browser.

- Microsoft edge

Installed this app on my iPad. I love it. The speed was a welcome surprise. And, surprisingly for this old lady, fairly easy to figure out how to use. The ads are still “tagging along” and I try to fool the “programmed content” of the ads by checking out things I care about, don’t care about and being too curious, I try to be careful, like NOT logging in thru the VPN AVAILABLE IN France, Canada, Singapore, etc... don’t want NSA “overworking” their paranoid possibilities, try to stay away from social media, but I am trapped there cause it’s the only way the children in my life will even attempt to stay in contact...but like all families, extended and all, that is complicated. Anyway, I’ve used edge on and off for about a month now, and I like it. So far so good.

- Freezes when typing in address bar

I love the new Microsoft Edge on PC and Mac, and for the most part, it works wonderfully in iOS. Recently, however, I have noticed that after launching the app, if I try to type in the address bar—either by tapping in it, or typing <⌘> + L on the Apple Smart keyboard for iPad Pro—the app freezes, becoming entirely unresponsive. The only solution at this point is to force quit the app. After relaunching, the app shows its usual startup logo for longer than normal (~2-3 seconds) before displaying the home page. All works fine as long as I don’t try to enter the browser address bar. I have uninstalled/reinstalled and checked/changed the iOS browser settings to no avail. Both the app and iOS (14.5.1) are up-to-date at the latest version. I believe this problem may have been going on for sometime, and that my attention hasn’t been drawn to it since I usually tap on bookmark favorites to navigate after launching the app (and only uncommonly type in the address bar after startup). I wonder if others have noticed this persistent, reproducible problem!

- Love all Microsoft products many Xbox 1,2,3

Just need noADS on Microsoft 🌐 and really wish for a Full custom Microsoft keyboard a LOT of options to customization the keyboard such as Fonts deep deep customizations for the keyboard more customizable fonts and more daily updates I even have my original Xbox The very 1 still in my closet it been broken for at lest 12 years as much as I am a nerd at heart ♥️ for collecting all thing gaming I only gave this a 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟 Also want to see my 1gen Xbox fixed if Microsoft should really 🤔 think 💭 about the old generation and so much money went to 1gen Xbox turning the century AKA 2020 ‘common ERA ‘ looking back I wish prince of Persia warrior within was on the Xbox one 🖖🤑😱🤩🤓😍😘🖤💚💙💙

- Works great, better than others for Smartphones

I started using this because I needed to transfer a ton of tabs from my iPhone to my PC, because I was looking at video game mods in bed. This can’t be done with Safari (for PC, but Mac is fine…), and while it can be done with Firefox and Chrome, I don’t like either on iOS. Edge has an option to even import tabs from Safari, and it made everything easy! I don’t even like Safari anymore, and I used it on my iPhone X for nearly 4 years. As for any other mentions, I love the widgets button at the bottom. It keeps the screen from looking cluttered.

- Good but could be better

It’s look and feel is pretty good! Better then chrome and sometimes better then safari, but it doesn’t work as good as it looks! I don’t know how many times I have had to restart my app in the middle of doing something and then I went back in and it didn’t save anything of the last session, so I had to start all over again. And it hasn’t happened only a hand full of times, but more like every time or every other time I use it, it ends up making me force close! But I want to be able to give it 5 starts! And I wanna be able to use it lots more. Please fix it so I can... Thanks!!!

- Almost perfect

I recently switched to Edge from Firefox, and I really liked it, but it is missing a few features. For example, I cannot send web pages to my PC from my phone due to an unknown error, and I can’t find a way to send a web page from my PC to my phone. Also, when I tried to send feedback about this, I received that same unknown error. I also really wish everything would sync between my phone app and my web app, and I wish there were better privacy settings. I’m sure this will be figured out and added into the app, but it’s definitely annoying when it worked so well with Firefox. Generally, though, I really enjoy Edge, and I’m glad I switched.

- Great, But Lacking a Few Key Features

I greatly prefer this browser to Safari and Chrome, and it’s my go-to on my PC. I do occasionally run into bugs but it’s also a relatively new browser so I think that’s to be expected. However, the inability to download files and use the web versions of things like Google Docs essentially prevents me from using this browser for my business, which is unfortunate because I do prefer this one. I’m not sure if this is on Apple or Microsoft, but I’m forced to use Safari until Edge catches up in this department—at least for business. Those who are using Edge for personal browsing though will probably find it superior to Chrome and Safari though!

- Amazing

I haven’t really wrote a review for anything for a long time. Today I just tried out the Edge browser by Microsoft and I liked it so much better than I do Safari, that I made it my default browser. There are so many features I find myself using that are very useful such as the coupons that pop up when I’m shopping online. I never thought that I would be saying anything good about a Microsoft product, but I do recommend this browser over safari. I even find the search results are way more helpful than other search engines on what I need to find.

- It is about time!

I can’t believe how fast and snappy this works with my PC! The continuous viewing from iPhone to PC is fantastic!!! Nice to see two giant tech companies playing along and making everyone’s life easier! I really feel like Microsoft has been stepping up their game lately. I was less than impressed with initial launch of Windows 10 but I got to say I couldn’t imagine going back now with all the additional updates they have put out since! Making your I phone and PC communicate almost instantly for continuing browsing is just amazing! Great work to all who designed the app! Super clean, intuitive, and FAST! Keep it coming Microsoft! 👊

- Edge Favorites don’t sync

I have both an Apple and PC desktop and have always been a supporter of Microsoft. I hate my Apple desktop but love the PC. I love my Apple mobile devices and hate all other (including the surface PC I have). When I was prompted by Microsoft to share my data amongst all my devices I jumped on the opportunity. I have no problems with Safari but this is Microsoft and why not. I installed Edge it is a blank browser. I did not import my favorites and it does not give me the option to do that. You would think if you were logged into your account it would do that automatically not to mention all other browser installs ask if you want to import the favorites. To me it is not worth the effort to install this app and spend hours trying to figure out how to install my favorites let only going through each one and adding them again.

- Edge - I use on iPhone instead of Safari

I prefer Edge over Safari. In particular I like the fact that I can have it open a link in another tab and not have to go to that tab right away. I also like the fact that it has integration across the Microsoft spectrum. I use Windows and MS Office software, so using Edge (with Bing of course!) makes things easier and faster. Frankly I use an iPhone primarily because of the ease of use in making video calls with other iPhone users (like family members). Other than that, I am a 100% Microsoft user. I find that Edge mates the best with the Microsoft family and is an easier browser to use.

- Randomly deletes open tabs.

The app crashes fairly often but I could put up with that if my tabs were not deleted and no restore option provided to get them back. I have multiple tabs open at any given time and it is very frustrating when they close suddenly and are just gone. It is not acceptable that my only option is to go find the previous tabs via history. That is way too time consuming and clunky of a process. I am highly disappointed that this is an ongoing issue regardless of numerous updates. It appears that nobody cares to fix this issue. If a developer responds requesting evidence of said issue I will know they are not even reading my review. By the very nature of the issue it would be impossible to get evidence. Thanks for nothing. I will find another search engine.

- WOW!

EXTREME WOW! In My last review I complained about the text being too small for my iPhone. I even wrote that I might need a ticket to Mozilla! Well, the the developers must have heard me because today I have the ability to make the text larger. There is a slider inside the Settings that is so easy to use, and it doesn’t just stop at large increments. You can adjust it to any size you need. I first saw it on my iPad, so I quickly got my iPhone to check if it was there too. I didn’t see it at first, so I went back into my iPad to find it but I couldn’t remember how I found it the first time. I went into the Settings but it didn’t seem to be there. Then I tried again to find it in the Settings and I found it by scrolling all the way to the bottom and there it was! I am grateful, amazed, and very happy! I wanted to make sure to write this review before I start my day. And I want to Thank All the Developers for this wonderful Gift ❤️! Thanks So Much!

- Excellent!!!

I have really been impressed with the Edge browser on iPhone and Windows 10. Microsoft has been knocking it out of the park with their mobile office apps. Microsoft Edge for iPhone is no exception to the rule!! Fast, sleek and smooth, it is a browsing experience that is worthy to replace Safari on my phone's app dock (and it has). I like the cortana integration as well. The Edge Browser has been getting increasingly more polished at a faster and faster rate. Microsoft is really blowing the pants of Chrome, Fire Fox, and other browsers. If I did not need Internet Explorer for business purposes Edge would be the only browser I would install; I would also say the same concerning Safari, it's boring, slow, buggy, and from this Windows user perspective and opinion, it's also counter intuitive in many ways. I've always loved the quality, design, and security of the Apple iPhone, I just think Microsoft has done the superior job of engineering powerful, stable, serious workhorse apps that excel in business and in personal use.


I think that Microsoft Edge is hands-down the best browser out there, and for that reason I’m pretty devastated to finally give up and delete the app..... meaning I also have to delete it from all my other devices so that everything can sync. The iPhone app continues to change my location to the United Kingdom, essentially destroying any hope for helpful search results. I can’t tell you how many times I have changed the setting back, cleared my data/history/cookies, deleted and reinstalled, and sifted through proposed solutions on technical support message boards..... Today I finally had enough and pulled the plug. Please PLEASE let me know if this bug ever gets fixed. In the meantime I’ll be browsing with boring ol’ Safari. ☹️

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- Good. But a few missing features.

Been using it for just a few hours, and it’s good. But it fell short when I tried to force hold an animated gif to copy it and send through iMessage to a friend. Doesn’t sound like a huge issue at all, but when we only ever converse through a series of animated gifs, the browser simply couldn’t accomodate our conversation. Shame, because I’m really like it so far, and offloading to PC is a really handy feature. The force touch also allows us to open a new browser window from links. So even though my main gripe was because of animated gif copying, the actual productivity feature of opening a new window from links is quite serious. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any force touch at all with further testing. And the navigation/new tab on long press also doesn’t seem to be implemented. Back to Safari for the time being. Shame, as it did look and feel nice.

- Great browser, but removed all tabs after update

I prefer Microsoft Edge over Safari simply because it lags less, however, a recent update cause all my tabs to be reset. Even my history was erased so I wasn’t even able to restore my lost tabs. I would rate this browser 4 or 5 stars otherwise. Edit: The latest update has now resolved this issue and I have all my tabs back prior to the update that removed them. A huge thanks to the devs for getting onto this issue and getting back to me so quickly, I’ve updated my rating to reflect their support. If the devs read this, I thought I might add a few ideas to help improve Microsoft Edge even further: - the ability to view all tabs as a list (instead of the current card layout), this would help in managing tabs easier. - the current swipe down gestures are really useful, but I would love to see a gesture implemented to be able to switch tabs easier (similar to how you can switch tabs in Safari on iOS 15). Anyways, thanks again for solving this issue. - Nuzza

- Missing the mark currently

Since switching to Edge when the default browser option became available, it’s been a real hit and miss. Currently external app links don’t seem to work right, with often mobile websites not recognising that the app might be installed, making opening links a little troublesome at times. In saying that, the schronisation across your account with the Desktop Edge has been great and has made keeping track of bookmarks so much easier. I also appreciate not having to wait until the next system update to get new features. However, and this is why I’ve swapped back to Safari, every now and then Edge locks up and needs to be force closes. When you load it back up, all the tabs have been lost and gotta start again. Never been an issue ok Safari so this ones a dealbreaker and that one bug that I’d fix to reconsider it again.

- Great app

This is a fantastic app that I can see myself replace Chrome with it. However, one tiny drawback is that whenever I access the “favorites” menu it always starts on the very top of my favorite lists, instead of where I left the menu last time. This makes it a lot of extra scrolling downs when you’re trying to find a particular website that you saved because you have to scroll down every time until you find the one website you’re looking for. This is even worse for people like me who has hundreds of websites saved on “favorites”... I wish the developers of the app can see this review and add this feature but it’s still overall a great app!

- Amazing

So far using Edge has been amazing. From being able to “close all” tabs 👏 to dark mode 🙌 and to replacing Safari on my phone 👍 The only thing I would provide feedback and improvements on will be to please include add in support to 1Password. Safari did that and losing that functionality now is a bit difficult. Also maybe allowing a modification on the tool bar on the bottom of the screen, I don’t want to share to my device in the bottom middle of my screen, I’de rather access the share menu so I can message almost right away a link to a friend then tap on the “...” then share, then message.

- Microsoft killed Edge with bloat

I was an early adopter of Edge. I loved it, but the desktop version of edge has become fatter and fatter with useless features like “Coupons”, which required digging into settings to turn off. Again and again I was disabling superfluous fat. So, I moved back to Chrome which Google has been very careful to keep lean (If you want an extra feature, you add it as an extension). So why uninstall the iOS version of Edge and leave this review? I synchronise my bookmarks and settings between pc, phone and tablet. I don’t want multiple web browsers. I want one. So with my decision to move to Google Chrome on my PC, I’ve also done the same on my phone and tablet. Microsoft, when will you learn?

- Microsoft Edge... My New Favourite Browser?

I only recently started using Edge. Being an Apple Mac user, I was looking for a new browser to replace my regular browser, Safari. I didn’t want to use Google Chrome. However, Microsoft’s new Edge browser caught my eye as a great alternative to either Safari or Chrome. I really like the direction Microsoft has taken with Edge. Edge is a great browser that is only going to get better as Microsoft adds new features and refines the over all product. Edge is certainly leaps and bounds better than both it’s predecessors (the old Edge browser and the infamous Microsoft Explorer). Great job Microsoft!

- Best web browser on any platform :)

Microsoft edge is the best browser on any platform. I use it everyday on windows and it is lightning fast and smooth on any device. I started using it in 2018 when it was legacy edge but in 2019 when edge became chromium based it got really good and became better than chrome. The only downside is that there is no bottom search bar option but that could come in future updates. I would recommend edge to everyone.

- Awesome VIP feeling Day

Bruce our tour leader did an excellent job showing us Optus Stadium yesterday. And because we were only 4 in our group made It even more special. He interacted really well and gave us information which are easy to understand. It was great to know so much additional info behind the scenes and made us want to watch a game there one day. It is so impressive and the tour is well worth it. Totally recommended.

- Latest version does not fit iPhone screen properly

I updated to the latest version of edge when prompted and it is absolutely woeful. It cannot even display webpages properly they do not even fit on the screen when the iPhone is in portrait mode. If I turn the phone to rotate to landscape edge still cannot display the whole webpage as I can scroll to the left and right but still a quarter of the right hand side of the webpage is cut off. If I zoom out as soon as I tap the webpage snaps back again and I still cannot view the whole webpage. The last version of edge didn’t do this and I certainly have not changed any setting to cause this problem. Thank goodness for Safari.

- Fast and stable... But

I use autofill a lot on my pc or ios device especially when i have repeat entries to make. Autofill in edge works pretty well on windows 10 as 9 times out of 10 it remembers previous entries like names etc on web pages. However this does not work at all on ios. It is deal breaker for me as i have to repeat a lot of data entry when using my browser in particular sites that i frequent. Chrome has no issue with the autofill function on my ios device. It is a shame that this does not work as i do quite enjoy using it.

- Sync favourites just not working

I have a dream ... that someday iOS Edge will sync my "favorites” with my Windows 10 favourites since I’m using same account . But no ...each new version does nothing and my iphone still has zero Favourites from Syncing! And unlike Chrome bookmarks, Edge Favourites handling has always been a mess between different devices ... you get nothing on iPhone, and in Win 10 you end up with some weird hybrid from each Win 10 device with no easy way to clean up and get consistency across devices. Still overall better than Safari for people used to Windows .

- Redesign in the wrong direction

I’m sure this redesigned version of Edge for iPad is far superior ‘under the hood’ than the older version, but in terms of usability, and look and feel, this feels like a hard step backwards. From the harsh black titlebar (no option to change), the bizarre choice to undock the favourites menu so now you can’t see more than a sliver of your favourites (unlike on past version where you had the whole screen length available) which ignores and makes no use of the large screen size on iPad, and the unfortunately ever-consistent glitchy sync status, I’m at a loss. Used to be my browser of choice, not any more.

- I love Microsoft Edge but…

I love Microsoft edge and I use it everyday on my laptop. I also use rewards for Microsoft but for an extra 60 points I have to search on mobile but if you want to do this too don’t use this app. For some reason Microsoft rewards does not work on this app so I recommend using the Bing Search app instead

- Best browser

Edge is my favourite browser on iOS. Syncing collections makes it easy to share only the pages I want to between devices. I find the UI more intuitive than Safari and with plenty of accessible settings and features… but if Microsoft decides to release another update which resets my settings back to default (including Bing search) I will delete it.

- Efficient without all the fuss

This web browser is extremely efficient easy to use intuitive without all the fast pairing and syncing with all of my devices has been a breeze I highly recommend it after testing this new version of edge for almost 1 year.

- Please remove the extra step at the start

Hello, Really like the browser and have removed Google Chrome from my phone. I just have one gripe - when the browser starts we see the Microsoft logo and a search bar, clicking on search bar takes us to next page, why the extra step? It would be great if the browser displays the search bar with top sites as the first screen

- Great potential, a bit buggy

So happy to have edge on iOS, however, it doesn’t seem to sync everything over, such as usernames and passwords. Sometimes it becomes unresponsive, such as pressing the back button. I hope they can fix it soon as I’d like to keep this as my main browser!

- Automatically delete tabs

There is NO warning given before the app automatically deletes the earlier tabs and the limit of tabs allowed is low. I didn’t know about it and I cannot get my deleted tabs back. Really disappointed. Also you cannot move tabs, only delete by swiping or tapping X. Accidentally swipe a tab? It’s gone. Safari does way better in these aspects. I lost all my tabs somehow but I don’t remember pressing close all tabs and there was no confirmation. Please can you put in a function to restore all tabs. This is ridiculous and unreliable.

- Great app missing a few things

Please add the same options as we do on the desktop version, mainly being able to search by time frame! Cannot use a browser if it frostbites have this feature. Also there is a way to set Edge as default which involves setting a restriction on safari in screen time. Other browsers have managed to accomplish this. Can Edge please do the same?

- Auto playing videos horrible

I really want to love it, but: - the inability to disable auto playing videos is a showstopper for me. It’s horrible going to any wikia page for example, and having a video start unprompted. - Adblock plus is a pretty horrible adblocker, other options would be good hear. Otherwise everything else is great, I just can’t use it with the above issues.

- Robert

2/4/21. The best feature (on iPhone) is being able to open multiple tabs like when working on laptop. Much easier to toggle between when working from multiple tabs.

- Decent. Not great

Doesn't sync any more for me across devices. Can't send tabs to PC. Glitchy AF when opening (and no animation when tapping the search bar for some reason). Collections not available when in InPrivate mode (which makes no sense). Desktop Edge is pretty awesome so far but the mobile version really needs some work.

- Good but a little bit buggy

I’ve been using Edge ever since the chromium update and I have to say I love it on my laptop however I have noticed a bug while using the app variant. It has a tendency to freeze and not allow me to scroll or tap on anything a simple app reboot fixes it but still not great. Apart from that I do love the app and hope the bug gets fixed!

- Features Removed

Long tap to preview a link has been removed from the latest redesign, additionally, the option to close all tabs when closing the browser has also been removed. News guard has also been removed! Up until a few days ago edge was my primary browser on iOS. It’s now unusable and I have switched to another. Please restore these features!

- Good app

I like the app can’t pick any faults just works a treat but would like to have the option to have the address bar at the bottom like safari has It’s not for everyone but I prefer it at the bottom Great app beatle_1961

- Surprisingly good

I’m quite impressed by this browser. It’s good, solid and works well with other apps. I’ve set it as the default on my device, Edge runs rings around Safari and I like it better than Firefox. Microsoft is producing and honing some great tools these days, and maintaining them well.

- Amazing! But still needs some work

I have been testing edge as my daily browser on my iPhone XS Max for the last 2 weeks. I LOVE it so much!! It does so much more than any other iOS browser , HOWEVER... it can be a bit glitchy at times but I know these are just minor bugs which will be sorted out in time! Highly recommend

- Latest update reopened tabs from previous versions

This latest update has restored my previously opened tabs from 2 updates ago and very happy with this 👍😄😄thank you

- Great browser - when it works properly..

Since the most recent updates to iOS and also the app itself, Edge is sluggish upon loading - it takes up to 15 seconds to open properly and during that time the app is unresponsive. Will update score and review when this is fixed!

- Big improvement

Edge is now winning once again. Great browser I love continue on my pc. Great feature I’m forever getting sick of a smaller screen and wanting to get more hands on with keyboard and mouse and saves me typing the whole URL

- Absolutely love it.

It finds you all the same info that Google Chrome does plus gives you rewards for using it. I just wish I could think of more things to do a search on.

- Fast, safe, and links to your PC edge bookmarks and tabs

I was very pleased to hear Microsoft had launched Edge for the iPhone. I can now have all my bookmarks synchronised between my PC and my phone and iPad (I know I could do this with Safari and Chrome but I am not a fan of these on the PC). Experience so far has that it has been quick to load, and easy to use. Ultimately one web browser is pretty much like another. But if this one is your flavour on the PC, then you will greatly appreciate it here.

- Well done Microsoft. Great browser

Well done. I will give you feedback to make further improvements. Much better than Google Chrome.

- Much faster than safari !

I have an apple se and can’t believe how much faster edge works compared to safari . Much more user friendly overall . Highly recommend !

- My new fave despite some bugs

Been using a week and I’m now using as my default. While I like the app, swiping left to right to get back the precious page is buggy. Doesn’t always work meaning you have to try a few times.

- Great app, just works

Love the app, everything is great and I just love how easy it is to sync between my Mac, laptop and phone from my iPad. Only wish PDF support was better

- Limited features make this a mediocre companion to the desktop Edge.

Where is easy profile switching? Where can I change tracking prevention to ‘strict’? Disappointing missing features, otherwise this would be a great companion to the Windows Edge app.

- Good, but needs download option

Nice browser to use, but it definitely needs a download option if it is seriously going to compete with Safari

- Missing one feature

Ok so this app is pretty good, lots of clutter but that’s Microsoft. All I need is an option to put on more ad blockers besides Adblock Plus. As guard is my main one, perhaps better integration with that like Safari has.

- Vernon

A good browser. The only thing (so far) stopping me giving a 5-star review is the syncing of Favourites between devices and across platforms (Windows and IOS). It’s still clunky

- AWS Cloud9 works

I tried a number of browsers before finding one that could load my C9 development environment and provide a smooth development experience on an iPad. Surprised and impressed that a Microsoft product provided the solution.

- Great improvements with a steady flow

Great improvements with a steady flow of fixes Nd features being deployed. Look forward to further Yu refinements like 3D Touch experiences, ‘share’ option improvements and greater integration with Intune policy management.

- Read aloud in Reader mode thing doesn’t work

As above, when an article is able to be read in the read aloud prompt, there is no sound when pressing play with this feature. Please fix asap :)

- Better than Safari

This is much better than Safari. A lot of site that doesn't work with Safari or don't display properly, works here.

- Fast and Reliable

Loved Edge before, but now it’s even better. Faster, better layout, lots of options. Definitely the best browser out there for phones and tablets.

- iPad support and desktop history tab needed

Great browser to work with iOS and windows 10. Would be nice to also support natively on iPad and also be able to search your desktop history in the iOS app so I can continue working on my phone where I left off.

- Mhmm

Overall good app with many features but one most important feature that bothers me is that pdf files are corrupted when I download from my university's moodle site. I have to use Safari to download files from there. It could be an issue with private pdf files.

- My favourite browser so far

Seems to be a lot snappier than safari or chrome on my iPhone 7 Plus. Web pages load quicker - saves passwords works a treat.

- Missig

Just updated to the latest but not likeing some of the things you have, for one favourites are not there anymore when in private browsing.

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- WOW its faster than chrome

My new favourite browser

- Good so far

Seen on Twitter that edge was coming to iOS, decided to try it and it has replaced google chrome for me which I been using for years. Seems to be quite snappy and the interface is nice. No complaints or bugs with edge since I been using it.

- Finally Microsoft has got back the Iron throne...

Excellent browser in the history of Mankind.

- Stable , user friendly , fast

It is revolutionary browser . I never liked internet explorer, cuz it was slow and keep crashing . How ever this one , is very stable , very fast and user friendly . I gotta say bravo , and job well done MS

- Does not sync

If you got excited about the possibility of linking your iPhone to your windows pc, save yourself some time and don’t bother installing. After opening the ‘Phone App’ on my computer, it’s stuck on a page asking me to log in to my email address. I’ve logged into the same email address on both my phone and computer , but it’s stuck on that page. Nothing on the help page online helps. Until they fix this glitch, there is no point using this app. Everything else that comes with the app is available in other browsers (e.g history across devices, saved passwords, etc) while the function i wanted (linking phone to pc) doesn’t work. If you simply want a browser, then this is for you. Otherwise don’t waste your time like I did . Cheers, Aquila

- Close but not there yet

I uninstalled this app because of the rendering of the web pages. The text was too small and the general appearance a little clunky. I did not find any setting to adjust the font in the app without going into system settings to adjust the entire system font size. Is there a setting? Then I thought I would fix this by choosing reader view. Much to my surprise I could not find this setting on any pages that I browsed except one. On this page, only the first paragraph would show, but still with small font size. I am disappointed because I am a fan of Edge on the PC and I use mostly Microsoft apps wherever I can in iOS. If I am missing something about Edge for iOS then someone please tell me and I will reinstall it. I will also update this review. I would like this app to be successful for me because it was excellent and superior to other iOS browsers in many ways.

- Good, with a few key problems

Lack of extension support (so no Adblock possible). No way for it to identify as mobile safari to take advantage of websites formatted for iPhone screens (for example, google news). Force touch to preview links for example doesn’t work.

- My new go to browser

I can switch easily between my windows 10 pc, iPhone and iPad. This is my new go to

- Better then safari

Yeah I give this a five star it’s the most fastest browser I’ve used in my life

- No iPad version

Why is there no iPad version?

- Make this app available for iPad

Please make this app available for iPad.

- Great

It’s fast and the UI is no too bad but without a customizable ad-blocker it won’t beat Safari. Fonts are too small.

- Pop up Adware Garbage

You force me to download this app to access Microsoft Outlook Corporate email on my iPad for work, and then bloat it with Microsoft pop up’s and requests to login to sync etc. Unprofessional. I would use Safari if I could but the Outlook client due to policy security reasons doesn’t let me.

- Would be useful

Would be very useful to have url address bar at the bottom, as on mobile device it’s hard with one hand to reach the top of the phone

- Quick fast plus…

It’s just as fast as Crome and just as user friendly but on top of all that you can also earn Real life rewards via Microsoft rewards just for searching stuff and doing the daily quizzes! It’s really a no brainer to switch if your using crome!

- Changement

Microsoft à fait tout un travail, c’est vraiment formidable car le changement que vous avez apporté, fait de Microsoft edge maintenant un moteur de recherche le plus convoité et le plus sûr et devenu meilleur alors; surtout au niveau de sécurité c’était déjà pas mal donc c’est tout un changement, tout une révolution et je peux dire sincèrement depuis explorer est devenu edge je l’utilise beaucoup à la place des autres.

- Useless on my iPhone XR

When I try to start it, it either crashes or freezes. Totally useless so I deleted it.

- Awesome app!!

Edge has officially replaced my safari AND google apps!! Excellent Excellent Excellent!!!

- Thumbnails show inaccurate information!

Thumbnails will change automatically to different ones, either old visited website thumbnails or even from incognito tabs in normal browsing mode, can’t trust this browser in terms of privacy, wish if it was free of excessive bugs..

- Can’t continue work from phone onto computer

I would have liked to be able to open a webpage from my phone on my computer as advertised but I am having issues and my feedback cannot be sent in app either. A solution to this would be much appreciated.

- Great browser but lacks iPhone support

I like working with Edge very much. I have recently moved from an older iMac to a desktop PC and I am very happy with Windows 10 but I really miss the integration my iPhone had on my mac. I realize this is probably due to resistance from Apple but it will be awesome if I can make calls and send and receive messages using my iPhone on my Windows PC. Thank you.

- Microsoft ecosystem trap

This app recognizes other microsoft accounts on your phone and tries to login in automatically. Microsoft is becoming new GOOGLE. Forcing people to login or create account to use thier apps. Gonna stick with open-source FIREFOX.

- Very fast

Good job Microsoft, this is a very fast browser, faster than chrome and safari on my iphone SE.

- Garbage but..

I get free stuff from it so it’s half decent

- Favourite Icons are Blank

The Favourite Icons no longer show the livery/logo of the site. Also, some favourites are now repeated on the home page. This occurred after the previous update.

- Terrible browser

Terrible browser. Laggy and glitched the entire time spent browsing online and cart check out process. Ridiculous.

- Sexual

Give Random ads some are overtly sexual and explicit

- Doesn’t open after IOS update 16.1

Can’t even delete the app.

- CANNOT DISABLE “search and cite suggestions ”

I don’t know if the Edge developer team did on purpose or not. I can’t turn off search and cite suggestions from Privacy settings. So as long as I type something on the search bar on the homepage, I got suggestions from my browser history and collection, which I completely don’t want, even the setting on privacy settings is off. Also PLEASE give us a option to STOP tracking my most visited cite and suggest it on my homepage and search bar displayed as a small square with a icon in it. I can’t find any option to turn that off, instead I have to manually delete those suggestions, which I totally don’t have to.

- Forces edge default browser

If you have edge installed you cannot use another browser to link out to. Uninstalled. And this was my desktop browser but I don't support crooked stuff like this.

- Missing goodies

OK, so where is the side bar with all the tools? Page reader would also be nice to have. Lack of extensions is discouraging. Might as well keep using chrome.

- nice


- Crashes often iPhone 14 IOS16.1.2

Edge performs faster than google, better than safari, and I use it across multiple devices. I switched due to several handy features revolving around device sharing. However since the latest IOS update, it crashes frequently (and restores fine) on all my Apple products. Although mainly a nuisance, less a productivity issue; If it remains unresolved, I’ll return to Safari.

- It’s ok but could be better

Hello, can we get more smoother transition for running the app faster. It’s kind of slow in general. And please prevent more trackers from following us everywhere we go. Plus upgrade the ad blocker too. Also, the translation pop up is annoying. I think it would be best to make it inside the icon setting and we can press the translate button anytime by manual

- BeteR than chromE

FasteR than that chromE thing

- Disk space

Edge on iPad takes so much space, it’s insane. Check online seems like a common problem. Cleared caches and browsing datas… still too much.

- Good Choice

Edge Browser is very user friendly. It’s a good choice if you use a Microsoft account. One drawback is it keeps asking to sign into accounts I no longer have and won’t delete them from its suggestions.

- Thanks for tremendous fix!!

Thank you Microsoft for fixing what version 107.1418.33 wrought. When that update — the penultimate one, as of this writing — came through, it closed every tab I had open. The latest version — 107.1418.36 — brought them all back. That’s FIVE STAR support!! (Let’s hope they stay.🤞)

- Keeps asking me to sign in.

I don’t want to sign in. It never gives up asking to sign in. Annoying. There are better browsers out there. App deleted.

- Drops the ball on BASIC features

Microsoft Edge lacks obvious features that other browsers like Firefox already have. For example there is no way to choose to display a web page in Night Mode for easy reading a la Firefox and other browsers. Speed is pointless if the site is difficult to read. Also there is no Real extension and security support such as UBlock Origin - Ad Block doesn’t cut it. Two stars.

- Do you like all your open tabs?

Because if you do…you’ll love when you update and open Edge to a screen asking you to sign back in and all your open tabs are gone. Really good muscle memory to sift through and find all my 30 open tabs again. Update: The speedy response from Microsoft fixed the issue and I was pleasantly surprised all my 30 tabs came back! They earned the 5 stars for how quick they were able to fix it. Note to others - Create a collection in case an update clears your open tabs in the future.

- Horrible exp as windows browser

This review is for windows 10 Edge keeps on changing new tab language to Japanese and location to Toronto every time I open a new tab

- Love using Edge

My default browser on al platforms. Last update (2022-11-04) cleared all of my open tabs and logged me out but that was only a blip in the grand scheme of things. Thanks to the sync feature, it was only minutes to get back where I left off.

- Looks clean

New menu layout is clean and concise with minimal scrolling/switching page required.

- Easily one of the best browsers on iOS right now

Cleaner, faster, easier to use than Safari. Who at Apple decided that the settings for all apps should be in the settings App?!

- Lost all open tabs on iPhone after latest update

Lost all open tabs on iPhone after latest update :( very bad!

- ok


- 👍

I only got it for Microsoft rewards

- Pls make iPad version as good as Mac version

I really love using edge as my laptop. I can make the all web page into a vertical bar on the left. And when I search something that shows in another website, edge will help me locate it every time. These functions are really convenient. But iPad version doesn’t have all these features. It is still pretty good, but just feel like a normal browser.

- Edge asking to sync obsolete signed out accounts!

Impossible to know where edge is getting this information. Accounts that over signed into 1 times YEARS ago show up when launching the app asking if I want to sync them. Almost virus like.

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Microsoft Edge: Web Browser 109.1518.72 Screenshots & Images

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images
Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images
Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images
Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images
Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images
Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images
Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images
Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images
Microsoft Edge: Web Browser iphone images

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The applications Microsoft Edge: Web Browser was published in the category Utilities on 2017-11-30 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 210.96 MB. Microsoft Edge: Web Browser - Utilities app posted on 2023-01-31 current version is 109.1518.72 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: