Call of Duty®: Mobile

Call of Duty®: Mobile [Games] App Description & Overview

Works with: iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR; iPad Mini 4, 5; iPad Air 2, 3; iPad Pro

Call of Duty: Mobile DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, 3; iPod Touch'

Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. 100 player Battle Royale battleground? Fast 5v5 team deathmatch? Scary Zombies action? Sniper vs sniper battle? Activision’s free-to-play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE has it all.


Console quality HD gaming on your phone with customizable controls, voice and text chat, and thrilling 3D graphics and sound. Experience the thrill of the world’s most beloved shooter game, now on your phone for easy on-the-go fun.


Play iconic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, available for the first time for free. Or squad up with friends in a brand new 100-person battle royale survival map. Join the fun with millions of players from all around world!


As you play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE you will unlock and earn dozens of famous characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks and pieces of gear that can be used to customize your loadouts. Bring these loadouts into battle in thrilling PvP multiplayers modes like 5v5 team deathmatch, frontline, free for all, search and destroy, sniper battle, and battle royale.


Use skill and strategy to battle to the top in competitive Ranked Mode or to win the most Clan prizes as you play with friends. Compete and fight against millions of friends and foes in this thrilling free to play multipler shooter.


Whether in gameplay, events, controls, or loadouts, CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE offers complexity and depth in an ever-changing experience.

Have what it takes to compete with the best? Download CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE now!
NOTE: We welcome any feedback during your experience to improve the game. To give feedback, in-game go to > Settings > Feedback > Contact Us.
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Note: An internet connection is required to play this game.

Please note this app contains social features that allow you to connect and play with friends and push notifications to inform you when exciting events or new content are taking place in the game. You can choose whether or not to utilize these features.

© 2019 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTY are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. By downloading, installing or using this App, you agree to Activision's privacy policy and terms of us, as may be updated by Activision from time to time. Please visit to view Activision's privacy policy and to view Activision's terms of use.

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Call of Duty®: Mobile Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Update Available! "Steel Legion Update is Live! - New Industrial Revolution themed rewards for ranked leaderboards. - New Premium and Free Battle Pass rewards. - New Multiplayer map and limited time game modes. - Updated user interface. - Battle Royale improvements. - Various bug fixes and optimizations."

Call of Duty®: Mobile Comments & Reviews

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Call of duty would be better if it had campaign mode

- Awesome

Great game is all I have to say

- Best game

This game is so addicting I play alone, with my friends but anyway I play it’s soooooooo fun but me and my friends have played bo2 and we really wished there were riot shields and throwing knife I know there is the combat axe but I want the throwing knife. Also you should add nuketown map for gun game as a choice

- Pay to win is overwhelming

Pay up if you want to win. Doesn’t matter if you have the same gun, armor or get the shots off first against a payer, you will lose.

- Awesome


- A little bad.

The game is very fun to play but it is a little bad because of the glitches in the game like for me sometimes it would say I’m not connected to the internet and I am that causes my screams not to aload as fast as back then.If you are reading this and you want to be my friend my username is LegendJackson.Thank you for reading this.

- I love it

I absolutely love this game the graphics are so good feels like your really there

- crush in multipalyer

Hi! after I updated my game, I can't play Multipayer Mode, I Enter in Game palce but after I walk alittle , I Back to first palce I change my Network, but the problem Remain again

- Free For All

Heyyy what did you do to Free For All ???? Please bring it back please

- System


- No more zombies

I'm very pissedddd you guys took off zombies let alone only had one map. I won't be on this game much anymore bc their is no zombies I'm very disappointed that you guys didn't want to just upgrade it. Then put it out but yeah. I guess that's all

- 🖕

I got red of free for all I hate u

- Asm10

Nerf ASM10

- Bring zombie mode back!!!

Great game but after new update zombie mode is gone plz fix it!!!

- GREAT! But, where’s zombies??!!

It is SOOOO good! I can finally play on my iPhone! But, where’s the zombie mode? Please don’t tell me you deleted it...

- Fun game, but ranked is horrid

I really enjoy this game when playing with friends, but it’s gotten to the point where you can’t even play quick matches because you’ll be teamed up with the stupidest people on earth who’ve never even played a first person shooter before. It’s honestly getting ridiculous. My K/D ratio would normally be at about 8 but I’ll regularly get above 12 in a good match when I’m with a good team and I usually get into the top 3 final teams and win several rounds. But only when I’m in a team that’s above, at or even half of my K/D ratio (which would be 4 kills each). But every time I play a quick match I’m paired with complete idiots that have probably never even killed another player before. It’s absurdly frustrating. They’re either afk, they die immediately then leave before I can scan their dog-tags, or they jump to the opposite side of the map for no apparent reason. People who are level 100+ shouldn’t be paired up with people who are level 20. They’re going to die no matter what, just let the people who are good at the game have fun.

- Problem!

When you go to use the predator missile It freezes on the laptop, You can still move around but can’t do anything your stuck with a laptop in your face.

- Game on iPhones freeze

when a text from Snapchat messenger IMessage or other app this game just freeze for around 2s and I have lost lots of rank matches because of it, fix it!!!!!!

- Sad Zombies Removed

I’m extremely disappointed and really sad 😢 that was the only mode I really enjoyed playing I don’t like multiplayer mode just because people play cheap and I always get killed even with the best weapons I still get killed I really hated to see zombie mode go so I am making a commitment not to play this game until Zombies return and sadly it did meet my expectations I really enjoyed it but whenever Zombies returns to call of duty mobile I vow I will return to the game and play but until then I am not returning to the game but if it does return can you add the ray gun to the wall of weapons instead of having it pop up out of the mystery chest randomly that way any player can use that weapon but please keep us posted on if it will return and when it will return because I was heart broken when I saw it was taken down I literally had tears running down my face when I saw it was taken down I would spend all day on a rainy day playing Zombies in call of duty mobile so please keep us posted when it will return because I am anticipating the next possible big release of Zombies I have downloaded other zombie games but they aren’t the same as Call Of Duty Mobile was and the reason I took 4 stars away is because of my disappointment that Zombies was removed but you can get me back playing Call Of Duty Mobile just put Zombies back in the game better than ever again I anticipate whenever the next big release of Zombies will be to call of duty mobile no other zombie games can beat call of duty mobiles Zombies mode believe me I have been looking and nothing can compare to Zombies in Call Of Duty Mobile so please keep us posted on when it will return 🥺. My question is is their any way you guys could put Zombies back up for a little while during this COVID-19 virus? I’m in the United States and the COVID-19 virus has greatly effected us and if you developers could work your magic on your end and do that I would sincerely appreciate that. I am stuck at home with not being able to work and Zombies mode was the mode that was helping me pass the time and I could actually enjoy it because I was really good at it I tried multiplayer mode and that is definitely not what I enjoy! I enjoy the thrill of killing the undead and that’s Zombies mode! Don’t listen to others complaining about the bugs and lay outcome the weapons and especially they layout of the maps those are people just looking for a reaction from you developers! Zombies mode only had 2 bugs that’s it one bug was buying a weapon that happened at rare occasions and the other was buying additional ammo and that also happened a rare occasions those were only minor bugs that could have easily been fixed without Zombies mode having to be pulled down for a major overhaul.

- 5 stars

This is a great game there is nothing bad for me you should get it here and there it does lag but other than that it’s amazing and I give it 5 stars

- Amazing

This game is amazing it’s so fun and addictive but one bad thing is that it drains your battery but overall 5 out of 5

- Amazing!! 10/10

I love this game and I’ve only been playing it for 3 months! This is an absolutely amazing game and everyone should play it! It’s awesome that there’s Nuketown, (my favorite map) Hijacked, Crash, I love all the maps! Yep a great game and everyone should play it.

- Best game

I have been playing this game since November and I’m still having fun. Everything about this game is great. The guns the character skins everything best game ever

- Se me cierra el juego en blattle Royale

Necesito ayuda en mi iPhone 7 se cierra en el modo de juego de battle Royale y cuando juego multijugador no se cierra alguna solución por favor


This game was amazing until zombies was taken off. That was my favorite part of the game 😒. Imma still play the game just not as much as I did before..


This game used to be awesome until the latest update you removed zombies and removed free for all from core modes I used to admire this game I literally deleted all of my games for the latest and the one thing I got was a new map and a new home screen I spend a lot of money on it but now I realize this game is ruined unless u fix it this game is hopelesd

- More guns please

I love this game it have very good graphics for mobile,and I don’t lag a lot .But one thing that I don’t like about this game is the weapons are pretty scarce. We only have 3 shotguns about 4 smg and 4 snipers. When I’m playing the game i always use the same gun because some of the guns are bad.Theres only like 1-3 guns that I use.So try to add more. Don’t get me wrong I love this game but that’s the only thing that I don’t like about it.

- Bots?

Why are there so many bots, it’s not that fun when there’s no challenge. Please try to limit bots please. It’s hard to get into the game when you stand right in front of a guy and it still just wants to kill the guy behind you so it walks all the way around you. Please. Gameplay is good, I like the maps, controls are clunky but that’s expected from a mobile game.

- I listen to music why I play call of duty mobile and enjoying playing it .🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


- Few things wrong

So there is a bug when sometimes I shoot my gun and it keeps shooting till either I have to respawn and shoot it again or wait till it’s done and it’s very annoying but other than that a great game and can’t wait for more and more new content

- Good game

This is a perfect game but the reason why I did 4 stars is because I can’t turn on voice chat

- Crashing

I have to open the app several times to have it crash over and over


I really love the game an think that the new update is amazing. I just think they should bring back zombies but add a couple more maps, like Revelations and Kino der toten. Other than that even the set up for zombies was really good, that’s why I was confused why they took it off. Also if they made the map Meltdown available on frontline or rapid fire that would be dope too. Also it would be dope if in BR the tricksters hologram could be different colors(camo), maybe as a reward for a daily challenge. Other than that the graphics are amazing an guns are fun to use.


Please bring back prop hunt, been waiting weeks now for it & im pretty sure it was skipped, love the game.

- Nothing like Cod on consoles

If you can’t afford a console or PC and want to play a FPS multiplayer game then this is for you. But if you’re use to playing traditional cod on consoles then you’d be highly disappointed playing this. Especially when you go up against people running it on emulator then your chances of actually putting up a fight are slim to none. Good for a quick match or 2 to pass the time while out and about but when home I’m playing Blackout or Warzone.

- Boombaraboom

The best

- Unable to play

The trigger button is gone in multiplayer mode. I am unable to shoot anyone. I just get killed. I can run around and select weapons and do everything else but I can’t shoot. Broken game on an iPad Pro after the major update. I can also play Battle Royals without issue. Please fix

- Really good game I love call of duty

Call of duty is one of my favorite games and finally it came to mobile I can even play it with my friends the only thing I wish they would add is more black ops 2 zombie maps to it thank you for making this game

- Addictive game

Super fun not hard to get the hang of it wish there was solo missions

- Best game ever!

Me and my dad play this game together it’s loads of fun!This game deserve 5 stars.Can you add a new mode.Can you add a war mode 100 players on each team!This game is pretty popular to me!I love the modes!Except battle royale.

- Awesome Game

This game is amazing that is why I gave it a five star review. I love it so much I play for like 5 hours everyday.

- Fix it

The Aim on the new update is trash

- Beautifullyjoy <- add me lol

10/10 I recommend 😂😂

- Glitching

Battle royal is still glitching!!!!!

- Ranked matches won’t load

Ranked matches won’t load it was working fine until I updated it

- Call Of Duty: Mobile

Awesome game, from top to bottom!!

- Where the Zombies at

If only I can play zombies it will be a 5 star

- i love the game but...

i dont think you should have to purchase a crate in order to change your gender from male to female. not only males play the game, so i think the female option should be open.

- Call of duty

Best gun app ever

- Great game

I shoot long distance of 1000 yds-3000yds. I do this for a living. This is a fun game to play. Graphics are great. It’s a pass time for me to play. The Nothing different person should get over themself because they think they’re better than others on here. Maybe should get in a game console to play. Or just come back to reality and realize it’s not about them. It’s for fun to occupy time. I recommend the game.

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- Pls make it for IPhone5s

My rating is from others, but I would give this game 5 stars if there was a way to play on IPhone 5s

- Best game ever

Call of Duty is one of my favorite shooting games even I like battle royale

- C.O.D

Best shooter game I’ve ever played

- Great game but....

Love the game just that it would be 100 ⭐️’s if u can 1v1 your friends😁😁😁.... please add permanent mode for it!

- Old fart appreciation

I’m 62 years old man who never plays a game like this. I discover « Call of duty » for mobile. since then I can’t stop playing. I’m not the best , I don’t have the reflex but it’s fun. Saxmachine57

- Addicted

My 5year old son got me addicted to this game 😂

- Best game for mobile phones

Very intense game that is a lot of fun. Resembles the old Ps3 cod :)

- Best

This is the most fun I have ever had in my entire life 😁

- ...bots

Game play is very fun, yes it has the classic call of duty maps and gameplay from the consoles. HOWEVER, in the end it all comes down to whichever team has less bots. Sometimes it’s just literally 1v1 facing off with one other player and the rest 4 members of your team as bots 😂 you can easily they’re bots from the way they just brainlessly charge in all the time and also through the kill cam. This makes the game very unenjoyable when your teammates just go in to die one after another by the same player and you end up losing your game because of these bots as your teammates. And vice versa. I’ve gotten kills like that where they just charge in 3 of them in a line just to get shot down by me. I understand that bots are necessary to help the matchmaking but the game will have to fix this or this game’ll lose players soon

- Controller support

Game is decent except that controller support won’t work on iPhone 6 so you face people who are playing it with a huge advantage. Also game quality is very poor and is more so a knock off feeling game, even on a high quality phone the aiming/animations are weird.

- Best game ever

Ever since I played this game I started to love it more everyday at the same time i really get mad

- Awesome

Love it

- awesome game but have a suggestion

It would be great if you did a sister app that mirrors COD : Black Ops III cuz that’d be the best. I know BO4 is op too, but i am more familiar with 3 so if u could, that would be great!

- Glitchy

Been playing since December on iPhone 7 and have had no issues until recently...tried joining Battle Royale multiple times and the game just crashes and goes back to my home screen. Thought it was just Battle Royale but I tried a Ranked Match and the same thing happens...can’t play any games anymore without it crashing... thinking about deleting now.

- Sick Game

Perfect game ! Love it

- Rename card

The rename card is way too expensive. It should be only 80 in my opinion, not 500.

- Make iPhone 5s work on it

Why does the apple store say 5s is allowed when if I open the game it kicks me out

- Where’s the Zombies???

You read the title!

- ??!!

Where is zombies, free for all, gungame !!??

- Love it


- Would be 5 stars

The servers are very very bad laggy almost every game at least twice everything is amazing its just the connection and other interface glitches I’ve lost so much rating due to things out of my control it just puts a damper on the game and makes me play much less and till its fixed im not spending anymore money its just a shame

- Cod the best game ever on a cell phone thanks gays

Hi You should play too

- Nice game

I like it

- Campaign options

I hope there could be more option than multiplayer which are full of bots and the most boring thing ever battle royale the map is far too big and adding something like campaign would make the game far more enjoyable

- Amazing Game

COD Mobile is an amazing game that everyone should play. It has great graphics, great content and amazing modes and guns. Totally would recommend this game to anyone. Keep up the good work Tencent!

- The new update is bad

The new update, just shuts down the app on iPhone 7. The one before this worked just fine. So now I have to restart and reconnect to the battle royal game and see that im dead.

- problems

This game used to be soo fun to play but after the update the game just doesn’t work for me. It takes a long time to load the first page and says I have network isuues when I don’t, I lag in every game, even trying to choose or change anything in the lobby it’s freezes and doesn’t work, even restarts the app for me. Please fix this issue quickly

- Call of duty

It’s a really good game I really like it

- .


- AWSOME but not for kids

This game is AWSOME but it’s not for kids

- Shirt

It was the greatest game of all time dudes and dudets

- Great game but......

It could use some more game modes and the zombies could be better to be honest and it needs pack a punch, more zombie maps as well, over all amazing game.

- Bring back zombies

Bring back the zombie mode please😭

- Amazing

They nailed it With this app. Best shooting app out there. So easy to use. I am honestly impressed.

- Add

I can’t add a friend using his username or ID please fix it

- Des buuuug

Il y a quelle que jour sur le jeu sa buguais baucoup donc j’ai du le reinstaller et ensuite tout allais bien mais sa a recomencé svp regler se problème

- From one Old Man To Another

You have got to try this game ! Wow . My hats off to ya laddies and genalmen . What a way to bring different speaking communities together . Thank-you call of Duties creators , I can honestly say that is the second best time ever spent on my couch. It is a very great game bringing people together, with teamwork it is surprising the accomplishment that can be felt in participating in a great game! I’m almost 50 and love it , Thanks guys , - TommyGunzz71

- Removed zombies the day before i download it with zombies still in loadout

Instantly garbage, you realize cod zombies is easy to make money off of, just add gobblegums and boom people will spend their money on it, jeez... why did you just REMOVE something, theres LITERALLY NO HARM IN KEEPING IT, and you DO HARM BY REMOVING IT, 🅱️💢❗️

- I

I used to have this game and i loves but now when I try to download it. it doesn’t work

- I love it but

I love everything about the game besides pay to win and gambling and loot crates the only thing that bugs me is that I can’t have a higher graphics setting on my iPhone se I know it can handle at least high and frame rate too I know my phone can handle it

- Over-All Love

I love this game and that it’s free and has good quality I have a iPhone 6s and it works amazing I would recommend this to my friends but I’m not sure if I can play with people who don’t have mobile version which I would love if I could ❤️😊

- Hhhm ok

To all the peeps that are commenting about the hardware they have that’s not compatible.. figure it out. To the rest of the crew.. lets get it on.. (insert word that generalizes female genitals here) aka pussies. Hahaha. Game’s good, all’s good, lets get it on!!!! :) !!!

- Bring back zombies

The zombies mode was so good and it was a good quality I couldn’t wait for the new map

- Amazing

This game is great but to easy maybe more challenges.but its great to play!

- Zombie😭

Put the zombie mode plzz!!!😭

- fun but omg the storage

i like the game and the multiplayer modes but the game takes WAY TOO MUCH storage on my phone and it's slow. i also have to reconnect my account every time i play.

- The game is rig

This company need to fix this game big time. When I play any type of game and I will always be put on a computer team against real people. I’m so frustrated cause I have to do everything. So don’t download the game it’s not worth your time, trust me

- Awesome

This is actually one of the best games developed so far on mobile platforms for free

- Amazing

It’s unbelievable how well they made it for mobile. Long time console player and the gameplay feels practically identical. Only issues are sometimes in BR, the team chat bugs and we’re unable to converse. The controls take a bit of getting use to but are highly customizable. Would give the 5th star when the BR bug is fixed, since it’s pretty reoccurring.

- Great game


- Best mobile app around

Call of duty is the best first person shooter and now with it on devices for free u don’t need 2 pay2win

- Great game support

This game is already amazing but what makes this game better for me that it is controller supportable to both xbox and playstation 4 controllers👍👍👍

- ..

why doesnt it support iphone 6 plus??

- Profile picture

This game is so fun,But iv ( mostly all people) have been wanting to change there profile picture.Because it’s so hard,Could you please make it not so hard to change the profile picture to a custom picture we want.?

- Wow! Did not expect this

Ok, I've seen some mobile games in my time, and yes, they were good, for the moment. This game on the other hand, is AMAZING! Very impressive graphics considering the constant 60 fps. Ok, here's a tip, you might get bored around LVL 30-45, but if you grind past that level, the game changes so much, there's cool guns to buy in the store, and there is a fair amount of micro-transactions within the game. Although, these are not game changing, from experience, go free, the game will STAY interesting, and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. The only downside is that the game progress goes a little slower. And that's fine! Would 100% recommend playing/downloading this game and giving it try. Btw, I'm not paid to say that lmao, but still, love the game so much. Keep up the good work and have a nice day! (PS, sorry for any errors, this was on my phone😊)

- Too much wait time

Game is good. But wait time is very high and multiple times just for 1 game. It goes up to 2 mins many times. Game loading time is also slow

- best

best like thats all i can say like THE best

- Only one BR map

Too many Useless MP maps and only one BR map. Lot of useless rewards you get for MP map. All the good kits is in MP. It is forcing you to play MP to get them. MP game play is so boring. They should put more on BR.

- Very good yes

It’s easy to get new guns and cosmetics and is not grindy and very it’s like a console game and definitely a real cod game. 5 stars

- Support

I love this game

- Love this game it’s so fun just annoyed that I can change back to front line random

It’s just nailing I can’t do the front line random any more

- Zombies

Put zombies back and the new zombie map we didn’t have

- Game chat and voice

Overall pretty good game but it could be better if you try adding in voice chat and game chat for iPhone 6 and other devices that don’t have this feature for many years call of duty have always had these features but I can’t say because those are on console but I just hope you add this quickly because it would really help players communicating with friends and teammates but overall pretty good game just need to add voice chat and game chat enabled for iPhone6 and other devices and it’s not really fair if other devices like Samsung to have this feature.


call of duty mobile is so amazing for a game on mobile I dont know how you could say this is bad. It has multiplayer zombies and even battle royal. You can play with friends or anyone. You should definitely give this a shot with hundreds of weapons and a lot of maps and game modes to choose from. PLAY THIS GAME NOW

- Cod mobile

Great game but tbh I really miss zombie mode hopefully it’s back soon 😭😩

- Great Game

Absolutely no ads. Great game especially Battle Royale best mobile game I’ve ever played and I play a lot of mobile.

- Good game

It a good game fun to play and I really in joy it a lot

- Can’t play with mobile data

This game can’t play with Mobile data 4G/3G.

- Really good game

This is an awesome game to play FPS It has great graphics on my iPad tho sometimes I couldn’t play while my internet was connect by the way can you add offline mode with ai vs player or campaign?

- Woooo

Idk why but this is just so fun and easy to play I love it

- Best ever

Fantastic game with great graphics

- Season 4 new game modes to be added and maps

Game Modes to hopefully be released: Search and rescue Infected Kill confirmed Drop Zone Maps to hopefully be released Rust-MW2 Terminal-MW2/MW3 Freight-Ghosts Prison Break-Ghosts Cargo-BO2 Underpass-MW2 Highrise-MW2 Backlot-COD 4 MW And Carrier from BO2 I hope these are added into the game in the future before the game dies.

- Prevented from playing in this region

So after waiting forever to download the app, download further stuff on opening the app, trying to log in, I belatedly get a message saying the game can not be offered in my region, then promptly closed the app without further notice. Could’ve said what the restrictions were upfront instead of deliberately hiding this information.

- Was the best mobile game not anymore

It’s a great game i played it when it first came out got free coins and I had enough to get the battle pass without spending money I hop on to buy skins and now they use real money not gonna lie this is bs now it’s kinda payed to win type of game why should people spend all the money on a mobile game now there is some weapons that use coins but most skins and weapon skins use actually money

- Nice


- The game lags sometimes.

The game lags sometimes. Other than that the game is pretty good. Sometimes it is unplayable.

- One word: Legendary

It is such a cool game no glitches.e.t.c.

- Best game ever

This game is so good and easy to play

- Trash app

Trash app never loads if I could give no starts I would don’t waste your data

- Update a new map For Battle Royal

The Best game Can u give new update a new map for Battle Royal classic one please

- That’s the best gun game I ever had

It’s really really good game but the thing I’m level 120 but it’s still is same person playing.. all pp I played with them person for fights is getting different but mine is still same .. but all together is special game I’m inlove with this game

- Bring back Free For All

Season 4 Update has gotten rid of Free For All bring it back

- 👎👎

I’m having a problem with new update

- Can’t log in

It’s BS cause I can’t login through my Facebook account for some guys need to fix this issue!! I want my account back!

- Best game ever

It’s so much fun it’s different to other call of duty games but still it is to good to be give 5 stars it needs 10



- Not fair

One of the best game on the market where you don’t have to pay to enjoy. I never wrote any comment for an app but I like to much this game to not give you my feedback. Of course I recommend it ! 100% However it’s start to be very hard when you play with people who use x-box or PS4 controller or mousse and keyboard to play. There is a massive difference with iPhone user who use only 4 fingers on the screen. Maybe you can separate gamers in 2 categories ? You can control that as in the setting we can choose how we want to use the game. I am awaiting for your feedback. Cheers

- Way Better Than Console!

This game is amazing. I love it way better than console as jumping and camping aren’t as easy here. However playing ranked games are impossible for me as I never find a game which prevents me from completing my weekly goals most times. There’s 0 response from in app support as they seem to rely solely on previous problems they’ve solved to be adequate enough to help you with yours. That’s the part I think they can do better or improve

- Best games ever

I’m not a robot or a paid review I honestly just love this this games and wanted to make a review

- Best game

I love this game because it is good quality and realistic but I always lagged out

- Great game

This game is awesome and super fun and has great graphics and has excellent rewards

- Super Fun

This is a very detailed and fun game, the best mobile game ever! Must download

- Great game

I have played for about idk 5 months at most but come into a problem here and there glitches problems etc and find it either easy in ranked modes and team death matches but sometimes go up against level 100 people sometimes even higher and it becomes rigged but battle royal is the best mode I’m level 33 so I’m new

- Lagged

Lagging a bullets don’t register rpdunload 100 bullets in the ops head stil din die game is gone down hill

- Love it 💛💛

Very high quality and really fun. Bit long wait time tho.

- Pretty damn good

Was skeptical about how the game would turn out considering it’s in iPhone but I was completely blown away. The variety of modes, multiplayer, zombies and battle royale is amazing. Many of the maps are out of black ops 2 which is why I love the game so much as black ops 2 was by far my favourite call of duty. Gameplay seems to be pretty smooth. 4 stars because nothing’s perfect but this is definitely a game worth getting, especially if you miss and loved black ops 2

- The best game ever

This is such a good game overall but sometimes I play with heaps bad people and the others are massive sweats that we can’t beat since I’ve got bad teammates

- Best game on the app store

Always been a cod fan now I play it daily on my iphone and ipad. Best game ever!

- Thank you for free female character

This game is good overall

- Awesome game but...

Any idiot knows that buying 80 CP for $1.50 is more value than 400 CP for $8. What do you mean, bonus points? It’s literally giving you less than the other options... For clarification, 400 is 5 of 80, but 5 of 1.50 is 7.50, cheaper than 8.00. This means that you save money when you buy CP separately in 80 at a time.

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- Great game

I shoot long distance of 1000 yds-3000yds. I do this for a living. This is a fun game to play. Graphics are great. It’s a pass time for me to play. The Nothing different person should get over themself because they think they’re better than others on here. Maybe should get in a game console to play. Or just come back to reality and realize it’s not about them. It’s for fun to occupy time. I recommend the game.

- Porque lo quitaro

Porque quitaro el modo zombi

- Call of duty

This is very good game I am like this game

- Fix

Look I love this game but with the update it’s so many bugs there’s a terrible lagged it’s wack y’all need to fix that

- Zombies

Why was zombies removed why everyone loved it plz make it soon to put it back

- Awesome game, minimal flaws!

See for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

- Great Experience

Brings me back to when I played cod on the Xbox 360 with friends in high school. I’m able to play with my wife and we work together growing in levels. Binged a few days and we are excited for new season and max cap!

- Great game

I loved the format of the the graphics are amazing and I just love playing the game on my free time.

- Ok

I think you guys should add a campaign mode that you can play off line

- Game

It’s a great game for being on the phone. No problems with it. The only thing is that my phone gets really hot when I play one game, but other then that it’s a hands down great game.

- ¿Bug?

A veces al entrar en partidas el audio se me bloquea y no activarlo, o simplemente lo puedo activar pero no escucho a mis compañeros hasta salir de la partida.

- Most recent update

App was great until most recent update made it almost unplayable with glitchiness and freezing

- Great Game

I loved it , I just got stuck with a stupid name and can’t change it.

- Nice

This game is the best me mobile game I ever played

- SICK game

I never thought I’d live a mobile game so much! Finally a game I can own people at lol

- Great game

Fun and never gets boring


I loved zombies even without pack a punch why did you take it out lots of people loved there’s no pack a punch but if you added it I would always play zombies! BRING ZOMBIES BACK!!

- I’m not mvp

Great game but one that throws me off is me not being gold mvp it should do best score from both teams and I got 21 kills and the gold mvp had 15 I was mad I didn’t get mvp😡

- favorite game ever

i’ve had cod mobile for a long time now. the graphics and the set up is comfortable. the only thing i would like to critique is the team mates in ranked and sometimes BR. most of the time, the opposite teams are on a higher or lower level and it seems unfair. a lot of the time other teams would be at a higher skill than my team and we would totally get demolished. I’ve seen a lot of hacking where when i would try to get a kill but it’s obvious that they wouldn’t die. i know you guys are super strict on that but i still see a lot of it. otherwise, it’s so much fun to play and i’m addicted. i love the characters, the display, and feel. i wish you don’t have to purchase for a girl character. they should give you one at least as a starter.

- Needs major work but awesome game

I give this game five stars me n all my friends play it it’s awesome just there’s a LOT OF SETBACKS!!!!! LIKE ALOT !!!!! like for instants whenever I play ranked Matches it’s supposed to be random but it’s not it keeps playing the same mode over and over depends on what it decides like sometimes I go on it’s stuck on search and destroy or other times I go on it’s stuck on hardpoint and it’s f#*king irritating it stays the same mode just changes maps if we wanted a specific mode let us choose the mode we want to play rankmatches in if not make it random not the same mode over and over it’s hard to rank up like that and some times when I play frontline or team death match n i put the map on random it stays the same map sometimes for like 2-3 rounds sometimes it don’t change unless i take it if Off of random n pick one Other than that it’s awesome

- Best

This is my most favorite game ever on my phone ty ty ty it’s so rad it makes me happy even in this crazy world we r living in right now ty call of duty

- Love it!!!

I love this game, I play it all the time especially with friends 🤗


Why would they take off zombies I’m disappointed. I’m probably just gonna delete this game now.

- Cod mobile best mobile game

This is the best mobile game ever for three years I have been trying to find a good game. Finally I found a good game. If you haven’t tried cod mobile yet then you should really try

- Trash

This new update won’t let you shoot ak47 in battle royale its glitched

- Great game!

I love this game! I have always like COD but never expected it to be this good on an app.

- Max level

When you reach your max level of 150 you should be able to prestige

- Best game of the year

Thank you for making a great game

- Issues

The game is great but u need to work on classic mode graphics and player’s movement it’s laggy plus i have the game is laggy when someone shots me the firing sound stays longer even when i die ty very much

- Please fix

I’m being disconnected mid game. Latency is a huge problem.

- Good


- Great app but...

Great app but for IOS you can not buy anything. You can only buy stuff on android and I don’t play on an android so the best weapon I have is only a rare and I’m a level 71.

- This is the best game ever

Call of duty is the best game now that on mobile and PlayStation the mobile version is so good

- reviews

This app runs great for mobile on my iPhone SE👍🏾 I like it

- Expensive

This game is more robotic than real. Weapons aren’t great and the scenes are fake looking. Try another game.

- Xbox controller not working in Battle Royal mode and Audio Discrepancies

Loved the game until the latest update After the latest update i cannot use my xbox controller to play in Royal Battle mode how ever the controller works in multiplayer mode only. Audio- When the game starts (any mode) you will listen other players talking Overall game play satisfaction has reduced for me, please fix it

- Movement

Walking is kind of to realistic then I walk backwards I imagine going the same speed as walking forward and from side to side

- ❗️Nerf the bots❗️

When I played this game it was super fun, but the reason why I gave it a 3 star rating is because when you are doing any mode the bots are super annoying! They can see you through walls they have aim bot and they do so much damage and they all have super OP guns! If this could be Nerfed I would give it 5 stars but for now I’m giving it a 3.

- Woow

Its game is addictive

- Guns

I wasted so many cards lvl for the gun skins Why do we have to lvl the same gun but different color or skin this need to be fixed i have to lvl the gun that is already lvl 10 but i want another skin but the same gun but i have to lvl it up so i can use it! Hope y’all fix that

- Great game

It was best experience for me♥️

- Keeps crashing

Love the game but since the update it keeps crashing. Fix it please

- Warzone skins

They need to put the free skins back up some people don’t get the chance to get them and I am just now getting warzone so I can get the skins but it’s to late I love this game and I am just going internet in my house so I can play it more... I really need them purple skins I play this game too much just to miss out like that... this is one of the best games out there... and it will be great if you can open the Event again just for a little longer plz

- Update

The update completely ruined the game no free for all like why

- Game controller

So i’m able to connect my Xbox One controller to my phone but it isn’t letting me use it in the app. It’s saying it’s connected to the game. But gives no response or action when I press buttons please fix

- Little problem

Love the game but I keep logging out

- I hate it zombies is gone the community has probably stopped playing this game For good

Hate it

- Bug issues

I’ve noticed that since I did the last update the came became more Laggy and it has bugs like when someone uses a machine gun the sound of it persists even after a few seconds of being killed, my fire shoots are way delayed and has been making my play time a bit frustrating! The level of players that I have been matched with sometimes its poor! All I know its that a week ago the game was way fun that how it is today.


Soo beautifll and amazing games

- Great game ( bring back Free For All)

Please bring back free for all, I don’t wanna play with bunch of guys that can’t score two kills in a match, I always play solo, thanks for your great game, please remove random from Rank match. Keep up the good work

- Update fix

After the recent update, the game is not smooth as it was before. Everything feels laggy in my iPhone 11 Pro

- The game I awesome

I have played every game mode and all of them are actually different and very fun

- Like mw

There’s campers and fighters and killers

- Really fun

This game has good graphics and fun challenges you can get good weapons really quickly and it is just fun hope you injoy

- Reload sucks

PLEASE fix the reload animation. The animation should end when the reload time ends; currently, if you reload and press the fire button when the new magazine is shown to enter the gun, it cancels the reload. EXTREMELY frustrating and common occurrence, and there’s no feature to stop shooting from cancelling the reload.

- Bring zombies back

Where is the zombies mode

- Good game, poor in-game support and responses

Excellent game and good gameplay, but in-game support is critical. I was waiting in a reward (Task force 141 event for frogman Ghost, which u still have not received) for a COD console warzone gameplay and character skin reward. Never received it so I went to mobile support and I was told they’d contact me in 48 hours. It’s been more than a week and a half and no word from support or a resolution to my issue.

- Updates


- Call of duty lovers

This game is not play to win and gets really amazing updates. I recommend you to play this game it’s amazing have no words for this game it’s good graphics and not play to win and I always wanted call of duty on mobile but you need a good phone.I got iPhone XS and I can run really good graphics if you play pls submits a good rate so this game can rise up.

- Call of duty

I love this GAME!!!!!!!!

- Soltan amo sinaa

The best of the best

- Very cool

Even though I have a iPhone 7 I can’t still play just as good as others. The only problem is that there is only one zombies map and from a certain round like 13 the zombies are VERY strong only down part also would like that the perks spawn every game a a specific spot please ( not hate I love this game since the age of 3 )

- Can’t down load the up grade

I been trying too down load

- Awesome game

The game is awesome and it has very good mechanics, I recommend this game to FPS gamers. Great game and I love it

- The game system

When the game was published ,I tried to download. It’s a cool game that I ever play.However,sometimes when I played the death match, the pattern is kinda not fair. Hopefully, developers can improve the system.

- ayyyy yoooo

ayyy bois whats happening its ya boy shabadoo22 on call of duty mobile and im here to say this game is the bees knees the uncles sprunkel get it today or not it doesn't matter i will still beat you ps. you are not the one

- J’adore

Super coool

- Addictive to half of my family

I have came across this game and so I checked is out but I have found myself playing non stop since I got it, it’s bloody hell great. I told my cousins and sister to play they are fully addicted like me😂✌🏼

- Help me!!!

I love this game I played it almost every day, until I have been trying to get it working for the last 3-4 day’s, I followed the instructions on the website, and it still won’t load the app, nor load even past the logo🙄😤

- Pretty good

This game is very good, but when I tried to download the new update, it didn’t work and it continuously restarted my IPad. Activision please fix this bug so I can play your fantastic game.

- Fun game

I can’t stop playing. I’m like the rare person who’s never played on consol but I just love the mobile game. I played Modern Combat for years on mobile but I haven’t played once since I started playing this. Also, I love how we can personalize the controls to our preferences.

- Bots and hackers

Too much addicted people in here, impossible to have fun! You either loose because you face hackers or you have to much bots on your team. Sometimes both

- Great

It’s just a cod game it is fun as hell

- Cod


- Pretty great

A bit p2p but you can still get great stuff for free. There are some bugs but they’re going away. Can be difficult, but it’s easy and fun to get better. 8/10 would smash

- New Update Problems

Stuck on loading screen, does not allow me to enter the game... its an amazing game but the new update is horrible

- Depuis la mise à jour sa bug

Depuis la mise à jour j’ai tellement de misère à aller sur le jeu ,déjà que la mise a jour a Prit beaucoup de place sur mon téléphone . Sa serais aussi vrm cool qu’on puisse jouer contre des machines genre des ovnis ou des choses comme sa sa serais sick

- Zombie!!

The only reason i used to play COD was because of Zombies, it served as a quick break in middle of things. Not that its gone, i’ll be gone too.

- Awesome game

I thought it was going to be awful but it actually good, new maps all the time, on going and add lots of new things each time. Been playing for almost 2 years never stop playing it’s that good of a game. Cheers 🥂 so keep it up and I will keep buying pass’s just cuz I support you guys and love what I see.

- Great job

I like cod but every time I update and have lots of storage it doesn’t update. Either way I love COD

- This game replays my childhood!!

This is COD at its finest on mobile, there is so much about the game that I love, and just a teeny bit I don’t. Overall: Thank you soooooo much treyarch for creating a mobile version!

- waiting

ive been waiting for 30 minutes now and it still wont download, it wont move. Yall fix this bye

- That’s fire

I just rush the game

- No female skins?

I really like playing the game. Seems very bizarre you have to pay to play a female character though. Very disappointing to figure that out when I first started playing. It is a fun game though.

- ...

Anyone else experiencing team chat not working

- Worst update ever

No free for all mode .its gone .we need back asap. Otherwise my rating is only one .

- Best mobile shooting game !!!!!

When I have along day at work, I log in and unload my bullets on every red dot I see. I really like this Cod Mobil3, Great job.

- Out of date

Developers, please update the list of compatible devices because it says minimum requirements are ios 9 and iphone 5s this is very confusing but other than that the game is amazing and fast on my iphone 7!

- Love it !!

I play this game on my IPad 6 and my boy plays with me using an older Samsung S5 phone. We have no issues playing together. We love it. Very fun and much better than most of the other comparable style shooting games out there. Highly recommend this game !!!

- Pretty good game but it lags a bit

I have an Iphone 6 and the game works but it lags a little bit. If the developers can fix the lag I’d say it is better that fortnite


What a great job Activision did with this game, totally worth it! Just DOWNLOADING

- Addicted

Love this game! It’s absolutely addicted. What i love this game is the high graphics. I used ipad mini4 and iphoneXR for this game. Started playing COD because of CoVID19..😂😂😂😂

- Awesome game!!! But...

This game is super fun and addictive!! The only problem is that it’s sooooo expensive to buy new equipment, you guys should lower your prices that’s all.

- Best game on the market

Call of duty mobile provides a gaming experience like no other right now on the mobile market the game is excellent and very fun one thing I would like to see is customizable characters like in nba 2k but this game is astonishing and sets the standard for mobile gaming

- Addnewmaps

Please add new maps

- Awesome Game

I loved COD on the Xbox, but it being on mobile is even better!!! You can play call of duty anywhere you go. The graphics are amazing. Just an amazing game over all. Everyone should get it

- Amazing

They out did themselves, by far the best mobile phone game ever created.

- Bauff

Me tiene enamorao

- Great Game

CoD has been ported well to a mobile interface, playing on an iPhone 8 and haven’t noticed any real issues (other than needing to be near a phone charger during longer sessions, not a surprise though). I didn’t play shooters on mobile until now, couldn’t get into Fortnight or other Battle Royales since I’d prefer console gaming. Now I definitely look forward to even quick ten minute sessions playing this when I’m idle. I can highly recommend enabling 3D Touch for the shooting mode, it almost feels like an unfair advantage over people not using it.

- Great game

I love the game. And am happy it’s on mobile. Am very sad to see them remove the zombie mode. And very much hope they bring it back soon

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- Great game but…

Fantastic game but why when friends log on do I get this stupid noise notification and then the game lags for 3-4 seconds it’s starting to pea me off !!!

- Tatti

This is a shit game

- Zombies?

Soooo where has zombies gone?

- Best game ever

It is the best game ever and great graphics and great modes then play for your self

- Br

BR needs fresh update and big changes plz

- Best game ever

I was so happy when this game came on mobile . It is so addictive and I would definitely recommend it

- Where zombies?

Overall it’s good and has the game modes all but one WHERE IS ZOMBIES literally have basically all other game modes except zombies i know you’ve added it but in this recent version there is no zombies unless i’m just completely missing it (which if i am can you tell me where it is) there is none so if you can put it back in that would be fantastic thank you for reading this and please respond back thank you. from a dude who likes cod.

- So bad after update

Great game until updated. Then it logged me out so sent a password reset which then just created a whole new account. Lost all my guns and whole account disappeared. Not happy at all.

- best game ever but bring zombies back!

best game on the app store in my opinion but please bring zombie mode back :(

- How do you play zombies

Since the last update I can’t see in my app the zombie mode what is going on is just my app or anybody else ??

- Hardpoint isn’t fair and should be removed from ranked matches

We were leading but the hardpoint is going closer to the enemy and we had to walk about 100m just to contest it we were close to winning but the hardpoint was in the enemy’s side can’t it just be a luck based which is chose to us or them, not when we have a higher score the hardpoint gets closer to the enemy’s and they have a great advantage. So please just remove hardpoint from ranked matches or make it more fair for others. -TTV_Squid

- Add back zombies pls I loved it

I am a big zombies fan and the fact you removed it really annoyed me bcuz I played it a lot. There was nacht der untoten to be released and I understand you want to focus on multiplayer, ranked and BR but pls add it back in along with nacht der untoten and the zombies players and even new players will come back. If you see this pls respond Thanks

- Very sad

I want to play this but because I have a 5s I cannot play please fix this

- Good game

I put four stars because the game needs trading so then people can send you stuff to help ya bye.

- The best

Best war game ever

- I can’t download the app

In the description it writes that iphone 6 supports this game but it does not install to me. What should I do?

- Excellent, but one thing...

Brilliant game and can’t fault much about it, the idea, concept even the hit density is brilliant an they seem to have fixed the spawn system unlike the terrible ones you get on Xbox/PlayStation! I haven’t enjoyed a cod since mw3, but this one is amazing and not too difficult to use on iPhone! The only flaw is the updates just keep getting larger and larger for the memory an almost unplayable as you have to save a lot of data for this app to update, surely they can fix that an hopefully will!

- Needs updating! AGAIN

Ever since the new update, every time I’m in a game, the game shuts down... I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but still having the same issue... using on an iPhone... FIX IT

- Cod Mobile login

I was playing cod mobile until i had a problem with my WiFi then I was on the login page. I tried to login but it wasn't letting me in so I gave my email address so that I can get a password reset but I didn't get anything.

- Deceptive

I was incredibly disappointed to find that in the store certain items are listed as being shards(1/10) ect when after purchasing them finding that you actually need 100 to complete the purchase, this is incredibly low and tricks people into wasting their credits. I have been playing since the games release and purchased several battle passes but I refuse to play a game where the company treats its customers in this way. The game has now been uninstalled. Very disappointed

- Best game ever

Game changers

- Exceptional

A truly excellent game. Well done.

- App size makes updates a pain

Unable to update “Call Of Duty” Your device does not have sufficient storage etc. The only downside. The sheer size of this app 😧

- Call of Duty

This game is toooo delicious for me. I am extremely good at the game. Come and 1v1 me my name is Sukurmum1234

- Great game!

Almost 5 stars except the occasional game keeps crashing. Would be nice for all maps to be available on all MP games. Also, would it be possible to unlock the decoration only so that you can then choose which gun you want to apply it to?

- Not the best

My call of duty keeps taking me in to my old account that I haven’t got my fiends on and it’s getting on my nerves

- Zombies

Where’s it gone ?????

- No zombies! We need zombies 🧐

Umm where’s zombies??? I only downloaded it because of that! I can already feel the bad reviews coming in 🥴

- Great game

It’s a great game but sometimes when I go to shoot the run button stays on so I can’t shoot and it annoys me but other than that it’s a good game

- Not working

For some reason it’s not working on my iPhone 11 pro can someone help plz ????

- Zombies

Where is zombie mode???

- Annoyed

I downloaded this app for the zombies mode but it weren’t there after the update Plz bring it back I want to play it at least once .

- Best game

You can count on this game, doesn’t take much battery which is very good.Has a variety of modes and a on the featured, there’s a new mode every week (like snipers only, gun game, one shot one kill etc). I love this game, very good, I recommend it .

- Call of duty

Such a great game I sit for hours playing

- Why remove zombies

Right recently I heard news that Zombies was getting removed on this and that was a bad move I did not get chance but why it is fun I love zombies. Just disappointed. please add it back.

- Review

This game is literally nuts.. although battle royale may be improved

- Zombies

Excellent game. But reason for removing zombie mode not good enough. BRING IT BACK!!!!

- Sick game

Good game really enjoy it but could be better if they try to make it abit harder on battle royal and new things to it like mounted weapons on vehicles and add tanks humvies or sumet thankyou

- Amazing!!!!

This game is awesome and I hope you beginners enjoy it because this game will be one of the best games you have ever play honestly it’s so good!!

- Ok game

It is quite glichy but has good graphics

- Crashes or freezes after update the game

The game is freezes or crashes after update the game few days ago in almost every time I play the rank game. I hoped it will be fixed the problem asap.

- Money hungry

I uninstalled this game because it was fun but zombies wasn’t getting updated and it got boring. Multiplayer and the battleroyale modes was fun but the rewards were unsatisfying and made you spend more money on the game including the duplicates. Duplicates were almost every time I opened a crate. Don’t get me started on weapon skins! Honestly it isn’t worth playing if you are a free to play, casual player

- Was a good game with zombies

I really enjoyed playing online at first but with limited maps an guns it quickly became boring. As soon as zombie was released though it was a game changer I loved the map an that they never changed much of the mechanics an with hearing about Der rise been added I couldn’t wait but then they just decided to stop an entire player base been able to enjoy the game. The graphics are amazing an the game play is brilliant just a shame they removed a feature

- Me

I mom

- 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Bring back zombies u idiots

- Free for all

Gone on game didn’t know It been updated and to find out they took free for all off I love the game but that just put big downer on the game now probs won’t play as much now cause id only play free for all

- Needs work

The battle royale health and gun balance to overpowered

- Zombie

There is no more zombies?

- Still Fubar!

The new update is shocking, don’t know what you have done to the sniping but it’s history now. Big delays, and laggy servers, matchmaking is messed up, Shame really, could of been a decent game.

- i love it

i absolutely love it

- Amazing graphics and gameplay

This is the BEST FPS game I’ve played. The multiplayer is amazing on itself, but the battle royale with the different types of classes just makes it incredible and adds more types of modes. Personally don’t like zombies but no flaws with that as well. Would like if you guys add some new secondary weapons!!

- Best Game Ever on a Mobile

To be clear, there are of course in-app purchases. But that is a player choice. In the end a gun is a gun and everyone have the same amount of health. I have been playing this game without buying any gun or crate (until I felt in love with a skin 😂😂and buy premium pass xD)- I did receive a lot of free crates with great weapons and skin. There’s also credit that can be earned from playing, can be used to buy some amazing guns and other stuffs. Overall, I’m having a great time playing it since the pre launch. Don’t say that this game is a pay to win. I think you are just an amateur, whoever say that xD haha. “I’m really sorry” “flash out”!!! Player name J7777B 😈

- Matchmaking and maps

Would love to give it a 5 star, awesome game, but there needs to be a change in the matchmaking. All my teammates are bots with negative kill deaths which the other team destroys. Every once in a while I’ll be matched with good players, before the pattern starts again. Another thing are the maps. Some of them allow snipers to just camp and shoot you as you walk out. But overall a nice game.

- Great game

This game is rly good and I highly recommend it but I have a suggestion maybe it would be better if a character customisation feature was added I think that would be really cool 👌

- You need to get a profanity check

I have messaged plenty of times about profanity user names nothing is being done if you want this to be shared by families get your act together

- Can’t join ranked matches with a PS4 controller

What’s the point of cutting off controller support after Veteran I?

- What’s happening

I was playing a match in call of duty mobile it is the BEST GAME EVER but this happened once I respawned I had no gun I was invisible everyone was invisible and with so guns just the aim thing I always get killed because of this glitch or bug please fix it

- Op guns

Some guns are so overpowered that it only takes one shot and some multiplayer games are unbalanced I’m a level 20 taking on guys that are level 150 with stronger guns.

- Not tested

Is this not tested a pvp fast paste game and legit cant shoot or jump when a loot box is under you so bad so fustrating who thoght it was more important to see a whole screen of loot before beeing able to fire back at somone?? Thats just bad game development

- Big disappointment

Before season 2 it was greet me and my friends played it everyday now it’s full of micro transactions Pay to win when you open it 5 pop ups to make you spend money big disappointment I was really excited for this game and I loved it at first now it’s not worth playing

- This Game is so good

This Game is better than fortnite. Fortnite is the worst while this Game is as good as undertale. At least it is free

- Cod

I love this game so much😆

- Amazing Game

I got this game today, by far the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Would 100% recommend it to everyone. The battle Royale is really good.

- Plentiful action

Like most games they want you spend money to get better guns but this game has great options for a beginner and going along with the game you find which weapons you perfer to have overall it a enjoyable shooter game for a iPhone And I cannot wait I upgrade by notebook To play on a bigger screen

- Fix it please

Best game ever played but on the final kill cam I flick people hard on there head for example there’s a guy in front of I’m scoped in with my sniper and I move it away from them and move it back fast and hit them and in the replay it shows me shooting the ground

- Very good

This game is soooooooooo good👍

- Epic

I recommend this gamer who are looking for a fun call of duty on mobile


Why play tons of rip offs for money than play one of the best FPS games ever. Cod mobile is a great game that I definitely recommend to anyone

- Best game ever

The game runs so smoothly and is the best game,I love this game

- Good game

Great entertainment for free time😁

- G


- It’s awesome

It’s awesome and really good and better Than fortnite and pub g but also can u give me character ghost my birthday was yesterday and he’s the skin I’ve always wanted literally!

- It cool game i hav ever play fps on mobile

i wanna know why i cant find my fri ..! tht the only problem since when i started to play cod in facebook fri i can invite them to party .. right now they all turn to 7day agoo and i cant find them .. they also play with me since cod showup in australia..



- I want to add my friends

I want to add one of my friends but is said something about in a new server



- Please put game centre back

Why did you get rid of game centre I was logged in there and now every thing is gone I lost a lot of great guns 😢🥺pls put it back

- You need to download this now

This game is amazing good controls gameplay and lots of custom options this game makes me feel like I’m playing on the PS4 cods my PS4 is broken but this game makes me feel like I’m playing with the boys ☺️☺️

- What’s this then?

Good net, iPad 6th gen and this game is hella laggy. Feeling like goku transporting on the map.

- Fk this game

Cod mobile is slopp excuse for calling it COD. buttons are laggy and gameplay is to slow unless you have lightweight on “if you got good internet then your good” don’t waste money and time this game can fit right off

- Really good game

I honestly don’t know any words to describe how good this is. I have probably been playing for one hole year and I’m really good at this.

- Amazing

CALL OF DUTY MOBILE!! Is the best game for mobile out right now the fact that it’s compatible with controller on phone makes the experience even better think of it like a portable PS4 or XBOX

- Just wondering

Is it possible to make this game playable on iPod touch please I feel like some of us are missing out if we can’t get it

- Gooooooood


- This is the best

This game is the best game of all times this is igzackly like cod on ps4 it's in credible and it's my favorite game and this game is not like fortnite and other battle Royal games this is the best one that's igzisted and I've been playing this game now for 2 years and I know a lot of feechers

- Best game ever

If you want a battle royal without playing gaynite which is Fortnite if you were really dumb it is so much better

- Call of duty modern warfare

The best mobile game I have ever played but the graphics are much worse than consoles and pc but other then that best game ever

- Its is so good

Im speechless... but can u add more cod games like WWII

- Problem :(

Have played this game since launch, and very happy with it. But ever since season 2, I can’t login via my Activision account. It just says error and I can’t play. Please fix and reply!!!!

- Glitch

There’s a glitch in system you guys need to fix love the game I’m not going to play if it’s going to glitch

- How to active nuclear bomb???


- Great game

I love it

- Best mobile FPS game

Great app play now better then ever

- 🍎


- One of the best ever 😇🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🥳😉🤓😉

One of the best L😍ve it. Champions also its really like PUBG similar to PUBG

- Gun idea

Hey love the game but could you add a double barrel shotgun in sawed of form that can have FMJ so its a super shotgun(I realise this sounds like doom) if you do implement this could you please give everyone it you don’t have to but it would be nice anyway signing off -DOOMSLAYER-117

- Way too addicting

THIS IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVOURITE GAME!I love it,but the problem is it does take a lot of battery so can you please try to fix that problem,Thank u

- Dear cod

Can you plz bring more challenges that you can get skins with thank you

- Best Game of my life!!!! ^0^

It is the best

- Wrongful banning

Too many wrongful bannings, please look into this and investigate before banning people

Call of Duty®: Mobile | Descargar los mapas | Android Mobile via @YouTube

Call of Duty® Mobile Android Emulator Gameplay | FRONTLINE CROSSFIRE | F... via @YouTube

@Todaysdeal4: Call of Duty: Mobile 1.0.11 Apk + Mod + Data for Android Mobile PLAY ICONIC CALL OF DUTY GAME MODES The foundation of Cal…

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Steel Legion Trailer via @YouTube

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Steel Legion Trailer #123movies #tamilmv #tamilrockers

Call of Duty: Mobile 1.0.11 Apk + Mod + Data for Android Mobile PLAY ICONIC CALL OF DUTY GAME MODES The foundation…

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Steel Legion Trailer @YouTubeより

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Call of Duty®: Mobile 1.0.11 Screenshots & Images

Call of Duty®: Mobile iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Call of Duty®: Mobile iphone images
Call of Duty®: Mobile iphone images
Call of Duty®: Mobile iphone images
Call of Duty®: Mobile iphone images
Call of Duty®: Mobile iphone images
Call of Duty®: Mobile iphone images
Call of Duty®: Mobile iphone images
Call of Duty®: Mobile ipad images
Call of Duty®: Mobile ipad images
Call of Duty®: Mobile ipad images
Call of Duty®: Mobile ipad images
Call of Duty®: Mobile ipad images
Call of Duty®: Mobile ipad images
Call of Duty®: Mobile ipad images
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Call of Duty®: Mobile Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Call of Duty®: Mobile (Version 1.0.11) Install & Download

The applications Call of Duty®: Mobile was published in the category Games on 2019-09-30 and was developed by Activision Publishing, Inc. [Developer ID: 285005466]. This application file size is 1.97 GB. Call of Duty®: Mobile - Games posted on 2020-03-26 current version is 1.0.11 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes

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