Thumper: Pocket Edition

Thumper: Pocket Edition [Games] App Description & Overview

*** Winner of Apple Design Award 2019 ***

Thumper is rhythm violence: classic action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the void and confront a maniacal giant head.

With this special pocket edition, you can play all nine epic levels with one hand.

Hurtle forward, master new moves, and survive terrifying boss battles. Propelled by a pounding original soundtrack, you'll feel every crushing impact. To reach synesthetic bliss, you must conquer rhythm hell.

■ Features ■
・ Nine epic levels
・ Adrenalizing boss battles
・ Psychedelic visuals and original soundtrack
・ Smooth 60 FPS in portrait and landscape (and up to 120 FPS on supported devices)
・ PLAY + mode (increased challenge and speed)
・ Full screen display on iPhone X
・ iCloud Sync

■ Please Note ■
Wireless headphones can add significant audio latency. For the best experience, wired headphones or integrated speakers are strongly recommended.

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Thumper: Pocket Edition Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed reversed tilt controls in landscape orientation.

Thumper: Pocket Edition Comments & Reviews

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- Fantastic Game

Well worth the purchase, I’ve sunk many hours in on my phone and even further the play+ mode completely changes the game and exponentially increases the difficulty for those who want to master their skills. Absolutely brutal game as one level in play+ can take up to 30 minutes and has to be almost flawless. Great for those who want a challenge. Also fantastic graphics for a mobile game.

- Holy Smokes!

This is so much more in: tense, teresting, volving, and engaging than any description can convey. The game immediately draws you in and before you know it, you’re flooded with adrenaline. Definitely worth breaking out your (wired) headphones for as the soundtrack adds a whole new level to the experience.

- Incredible

Fantastic port of one of the best and most unique games of the past decade. This is the definitive version for me, the controls are perfect and it looks beautiful on an oled screen. This is an essential purchase for mobile gamers.

- Holy Hell

This game is amazing. I can't stop playing. Sort of miffed that I can't get S rank on level 4 though. I have S for every part and beat the boss with a perfect run slam hits and all and the best I can get is A class. Extremely annoying. Update: I did it!! 598,550 points on level 4 S rank! Thanks dev person! Your game is awesome. It's anxiety inducing and intense and visually stunning and it feels amazing and the music is perfect. I watched all of your GDC talks and follow the dev blog. It was really insightful and inspiring watching how your skills improved over the years, and how this game changed from the original rough demos. I've always wanted to develop games, but all the stories of actual game development jobs scared me away from pursuing it as a career. You two inspire me to learn more and just do it for myself. Unfortunately I'll have to do it in my spare time after work. I wish I could afford to live and focus on game development for seven years like you guys, but that just doesn't seem like it's in the cards for me. Anyway, thanks for the masterpiece!

- Wow!

I actually enjoy the game. Kinda reminds me of a game I used to play on my Zune back when those were a thing! This game is beautifully made. I would love to see some more levels, obviously ;) as well as our own in game music support. Maybe fight bosses to the beat of my own song I’m listening to! :)

- Unfortunately ... Cannot Play Beyond 1 -

Anyway ... I DID contact the Developer and he was totally cool and helpful, but I think there’s a sensitivity issue with the touch screen hindering my movement. It’s a bummer ... because it seems like it would be very challenging, plus the music and the artwork are dope. The Developer recommended a Bluetooth game controller saying, ‘many have found it helpful’ ... so we’ll see if it changes my experience once I grab one. For now ... I can give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️ hope it jumps to FIVE soon!!

- Crashes

Crashes at launch on iphone7, just after the splash screen

- Swipe gesture misses every time

The swipe gesture takes longer to do than a tap (or button press on controller). Then, iOS has to recognize that what occurred was a swipe. As a result, any action that requires a swipe must be performed shortly before the beat, rather than on the beat. I played some turns with my eyes closed, aiming to swipe on the beat, and was late every single time. If you’re an experienced player of rhythm games, this issue makes the game literally unplayable.

- Masterpiece

This game is a work of art. The phone controls work beautifully and in fact I prefer the touch controls. Please support this game!

- Game crashes upon launch

I recently downloaded this game, and it is not possible to play because when I launch the game it shows me the logo of the company and then crashes

- Amazing game

So I’m going to start out by saying I love the game, It’s amazing. But I have an idea of a way to improve it. The first thing you could do to improve it is add in special events, like a special boss level for Halloween. Another way you could improve it is by adding in beetle skins, that you could earn or buy, this would improve the game a lot, Thanks



- Beyond Impressed!

I am amazed at the quality of this port. The visuals look stunning on the iPhone X display, the audio is crisp (the sounds vibrate my earbuds so I have to turn them down), and the controls, while they seem odd after playing with a controller, are easier to pick up and feel more connected with the game. Now I feel more like the beetle, racing down this track. I have not completed the game yet, but I definitely will. However, I would like to request an option for graphics quality in order to decrease battery drain! I’ve found myself at low power multiple times! Thank you!

- Controller support please

It would be really nice if you add controller support as an option to this wonderful game. Hopefully it’ll be added around when iOS 13 releases since it’ll have console controller support by then. Edit: Yayyyy controller support has been added!!!

- Awesome game, so intense!

Really fun, exhilarating, you can really feel the game pulsing as you play and nailing those turns feels visceral. I’d love controller support for iOS 13, if that’s a possibility, would make those later levels a bit more forgiving!

- Fantastic Game

Unbelievably responsive and intuitive controls. Consistently fun and challenging. Very nice and helpful dev team that fixed a bug soon after I reported it. The only time I cursed the developers was for the change of pace on the last level, but you get used to it quickly and then it’s even more fun. No complaints about the music, but it keeps getting described (at least by Apple) as metal. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not metal. I also love that there’s no story or explanation. You’re just a space beetle on a Hot Wheels track fighting some sort of increasingly angry space demon with a series of precisely timed moves/gestures for no apparent reason. And if a mushroom-eating Italian plumber can be one of the most iconic characters in video game history, you don’t need a reason. They boiled it down to just the pure fun bits. Great game across the board.

- Cool idea - fix the controls

Or you know, just add mfi controller support...

- Legit my one and only best game

Thanks for making such an impressive game I love it

- Gorgeous Game, Challenging Controls

I’ve purchased this game on both Windows and iOS and there’s nothing like it. Definitely a unique and one of a kind experience. Unfortunately, I’ve found the transition to the mobile version to be a bit more frustrating. The tilt controls feels completely off to me and the alternative controls often eat other inputs. Would love to see the lane changing taps to be assigned a specific area in the bottom corner of the screen as opposed to taking the entire left (or right) side of the screen. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that the UI buttons when not using tilt controls are displayed permanently on the screen and the overlay the info text in the top left making it impossible to read. This is likely a bug, but just wanted to mention it in case it wasn’t on the devs radar! All in all this is a wonderful experience like no other currently available. I hope that the devs will consider taking one more pass at the controls and see if there are further improvements that can be made.


This game is so fun it is challenging and fun!

- It was worth the money!

I wasn’t sure if I should buy this game and if it was worth it. I have this game on ps4 and thought if I should buy it on the go. I didn’t know if it was gonna be laggy in my iPhone 6 and how good the controls are. I got it and it was definitely worth it. Not laggy and the controls are great! Absolutely 5 stars!

- Amazing game

I have been looking at this on the Xbox for quite sometime but it always looked like more of a mobile game for me. Anyways I’m about halfway through and I’m debating buying the console version as well because I’m having such a time playing the game

- Intense and stunning!

One of the best games I’ve ever played...well worth the money. The developers seem like they actually care about their game, and they’re quick to fix problems. Graphics are amazing and gameplay is almost perfect. My only complaint are the touch controls for lane change. I have an iPhone X, and the arrows are hard to reach. Please fix! :)

- The only game I’ve reviewed

That’s how good it is. This game is amazing for mobile.


I have had this game on my PC since the release. It is by far the most immersive and fun rhythm game I have ever played. After I saw this pop up in my recommendation, my first thought was, “well it’s gonna look really bad because of optimizations.” And I decided to just keep playing on my pc. I later sold my PC and started saving up for a better one, but out of all the games I missed playing, Thumper was one of my most desired. I then thought to myself after thinking about playing that game, “Wait, they made a mobile port!” So I went and bought this game, but I still thought that the graphics would be less good as the PC edition. I launched up the game, and at first sight all of my doubts were washed away. The graphics are just as good as the PC edition! When I started getting used to mobile controls I was so immersed that I was stuck on it for one whole hour, until I made it to level three with all S ranks on 1 and 2. This game blew my mind. I have had this for about 4 days and I can’t stop playing it. 100/10, this game is a need-to-have. One of the greatest mobile games I have ever played. (P.S. JackSepticEye played it and he found it very immersive as well.)

- Great game hampered by audio latency

One of the best rhythm base gameplay experience with gorgeous graphics. Feels visceral until you get into the flow, at which point it’s just sheer joy as you careen through the landscape. Note on the audio lag for wireless headsets: I wish the developers would look into addressing this with software... look to NecroDancer which allows the player to adjust for latency through a simple setup process.

- Best Game on Mobile

The graphics and intensity of this game are through the roof! Extremely EXTREMELY well done port to mobile! I bought this on mobile as well as Xbox and am spreading the word to friends. THIS IS AWESOME.

- Overrated

It would be much better if your actions actually lined up with the rhythm, which isn’t actually music but repetitive industrial beats. Instead, the player has to memorize just how many turns are where through trial and error because it’s too fast to see and predict. This is basically an aggravating iTunes visualizer.

- What a game

I have felt there are not a lot of worthy games lately in the App Store! I’m very pleased I found this game. At first, the sound and graphics got my attention, but I thought it was two easy and I would bore of it. The difficult increases quit rapidly and I feel most players will be playing this game for sometime. This game is a true delight and very enjoyable to play! I’m on the 4th level (lots of levels within the level) and my only wish is I was better! Great job developers!👍

- Thumper

Most beautiful game I’ve ever played. I love it. Make more games like this

- Too good of a game to not buy

I absolutely love this game. The music, graphics, and everything is just simply amazing. I have played games like geometry dash but it doesn’t come close to beating this. One of my favorite games on the iPhone and I highly recommend it.

- Perfect

Yo, this is not only the among the best rhythm games, but one of the best games of recent memory. And thanks to the devs for getting back to me on the loading bug issue; who knows what caused it, but it’s not happening anymore. Also, I own this game on everything but the kitchen sink.

- Seriously?

I want my money back! I assume positive reviews were paid.

- This game is amazing!

I love this game on the PS4 on the VR because it is fast and immersive. I was not sure how the graphics would hold up on the phone or if I wanted to pay five dollars(4.99). I do not regret my decision! The graphics and controls translate beautifully.

- Not as Fun as I Expected

I bought the game because everyone said how great it was and how it’s “visually stunning”. Well...the visually stunning part is right, but I just didn’t find it that fun. Maybe it’s just not my type of game, but I was expecting way more from it.

- Best game ever!!!!!

This game is awesome its definitely one of the best games I have ever played there’s barely any bugs or glitches or lag this game is just awesome🐞🐲🌪

- Pretty good

I got this game in June of last year. All I can say is it is extremely fun. I can’t stop playing it, very challenging and pretty intuitive. The only problem with it is Lane switching. The lane switching element in level four make it almost impossible it’s very blocky and it switches lanes with every slight move. It becomes very difficult and I personally think it was unnecessary other than that great game

- 8/10

Impressive graphics for a mobile game, good controls, challenging boss fights. Depends on focus and reaction time. Don’t blink and don’t loose focus.

- Calibration Please!!!!!!!

Please add the function of calibration in game! The latency is annoying especially when using wireless earphones. In-game calibration is very common in music games. Except for this, it’s a great game.

- Quality-ish

The only reason this isn’t getting 5 stars is because of the graphics. Every time I open the game it’s looks amazing and it’s super fun and immersive. But Then I’ll close the app and get back on a few hours later and the graphics quality will just have dropped on its own accord. And now I can COUNT THE FREAKING PIXELS!!! I DONT WANT TO BE ABLE TO COUNT THE PIXELS PLEASE FIX IT

- Beautiful game, unwieldy controls

I’d love to love this game, but there are too many glitches and too much variability in the controls.

- In a world where over half of mobile gamers have wireless headphones

It just doesn’t make any sense to develop a game audio is not crafted for it. Great game so far, but I have a pair of Bose quiet comfort wireless headphones, with which I haven’t tried to play the game with.

- Great

This game made my ears feel good

- Great!!

Brilliant, simple to control game. Sound and graphics are top and the game itself is addictive. Great job for developers.

- Fantastic port! Bluetooth latency support please!

The iOS port of Thumper is wonderful. The control scheme maps well to touch controls, and the game looks gorgeous on the OLED display of the iPhone X. I’m picky about mobile games - I’d typically rather just reach for my Switch - but I think Thumper for iOS is the best version of the game. I’d love to play them with my headphones for optimum immersion, but the Bluetooth connection is too laggy for a rhythm game. I’d love to see latency calibration.

- Instructions?

I downloaded this game when I happened upon it. It’s visually gorgeous, the soundtrack is wonderful. It LOOKS like a lot of fun to play. But how? There are no instructions. Nothing. I think that the play quality would be vastly improved if I knew what I was doing and how to do it. It’s a small criticism, but important. Is wanting some kind of basic instructions unreasonable?

- Awesome Game

This game is great!

- Extremely Intense

Plays great, looks great, and sounds great. Thumper’s pulsating score is menacing and fierce, leaving me on edge with every bump, jump, and curve. The nightmarish visuals are a bewildering concoction of LSD-tinged procedural art mixed with aesthetic hints of Lovecraft. Controls are easy to pick up, though inputs are precise and demand extreme precision. The challenge presented here is extreme. Do not pass up this game.

- One of my all time favorites

This game is amazing. I saw it available for the ps4 when It first came out, tried the demo bought it on the spot. Did not fail to impress. Saw it on mobile and on my 5s it still handled it with quality FPS and almost not lag spikes. Although some changes have been made to it like graphics and all the 5$ got me what the 20$ did. Buy it.

- Superb!

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- Game is good

Game is good but lane switching is really frustrating

- A game-changer of mobile gaming, still needs MFi

Edit: I seem to have an unbreakable connection to Thumper, since it’s incredible soundtrack that reminds me of KONAMI’s beatmania series where you *are* the music. The thing is, I really only wish for MFi support, and then I’m never gonna stop playing this game for a long while. _________ Thumper. An all out crazy experience which is a game that should be known for not just gameplay, but the amazing “psychedelic visuals.” The fact that this game could run on a decent PC now on a simple block of technology called an iPhone is just impressive. Thumper itself has created an entirely unique sub-genre of rhythm, in fact it’s more of a twitch reaction and focus game, and swiping and tilting isn’t what makes up the game, it’s the player itself, willing to be determined to face the journey of drums and terrifying enemies on this extraordinary experience. This game won’t just cost you a mere $6.99 CDN, no, this will cost you a decision as well: To see if you as a player will be ready to fight and keep to the rhythm. Every missed shot taken would be one regret made, as this is more than a game. This here is an adventure one won’t be able to whip through like normal games, as mobile games like these are generic requiring internet, IAPs and just plain no time at all before they reach the end. Most mobile ports end up being reduced with cut content, reduced graphics and even throwing in unnecessary and unintentional bugs that aren’t even fixed, but with this game, it’s the rare PC port that has everything. Get it, and don’t thing of the price, don’t think about how long or how easy and simple the controls might get, and don’t judge it by the screenshots, judge it by how much adrenaline you’re gonna get from just looking at it. And before you know it, you already beat the first boss while freaking out from two things: Fear, and that adrenaline rush. One thing I’d suggest to add to the console experience is MFi controller support, which may not be too hard, but I hope it isn’t too much to ask, but it may improve the full experience for some who’ve played the console version. Overall, Thumper is just flawless, with the frustration of getting over a mistake while enjoying slamming targets. I’d rate this over 5 if possible.

- Needs more levels

I have had the game for 2 days and have beat every level. I would be better if you added more levels

- Nice port

Very impressed. Like others I have also played the PSVR version, and though it doesn’t have THAT same wow factor, it is amazing to see on iPhone none the less. Very cool game.

- Amazing

This is a surreal game. Please keep updating this game!

- Amazingly Good


- Is there gonna be one for iPad?

I'm wondering if there will be one for iPad

- Great port with intuitive controls

Thumper is a beautiful, fun rhythm game. The port didn’t sacrifice much of the visuals, and retains much of the same feelings. Coming from the Switch and PC version, the controls were intuitive. However, the same input lag that exists on the other platforms persist on iOS as well. Players who regularly play rhythm games may notice this, but also the lack of a well defined region for action (ie, where is too early and where is too late + no bonus points for perfect timing... if I knew where that was). Also, Despite being intuitive to control, it feels a bit cumbersome to be swiping on my phone after tapping or to change swiping directions quickly; the fact that it holds a turn even after letting go is not ideal as well. Unfortunately, sometimes the song doesn’t work 100% best with the specific beat, but most of the time it does and works very well. Difficulty is up there, although I have to say a lot of it could be attributed to the relatively cumbersome controls. The game itself is still great, and the controls can be gotten used to. Definitely worth a few bucks, and I’d recommend it to rhythm game fans.

- Best Version Yet

I purchased Thumper day one on PC, I’ve played it in VR, bet this is my favourite version yet. This game translates extremely well to mobile, the controls feel really natural. It’s nice to finally get a “real” game on mobile with no micro transactions. Show your support and purchase this game!

- Runs beautifully on the iPhone X

I’ve played the PSVR version of this so while the iOS version isn’t as immersive as the PSVR, it’s still visually stunning. This game looks & runs great! No issues with performance or battery life. Excellent port!

- Lane controls are pathetic

Lane switching parts of the game either they should be removed or slowed down 4x on lane= FAIL. Plz fix (Ps:One of the best games on iOS otherwise )

- Great on everything but iOS

The game looks stunning but controls terribly. On both pc and ps4, it plays incredibly well but it seems they just simply ported the pc version without optimizing it for touch controls...

- Damn

This game is amazing. Good music, good gameplay and really cool aesthetics!

- Psychedelic

Very addictive! Could be cool to integrate vibration and sound to Apple Watch.

- Bad hit detection

Lots of times a simple tap becomes a jump, and on iPad Pro it is really hard to turn. It should be also noted that lots of times on-time turning becomes “late” due to the time needed to swipe the screen.

- Phenomenal

A game that punishes you for being incompetent with an addition to rush-or-die gameplay element and beautiful graphics is definitely worth playing.

- Expected more for the price

The game is well designed and visually smooth, however lacking in overall content. Just an automatic speed drive with swipe left and right mechanics to avoid obstacles. Pretty bland overall

- Well ported

The gestures port over from the PC version smoothly. Sometimes it’s hard to see with your fat finger on the screen but you don’t have to move the gestures too far for the app to read it.

- Battery power

It runs through your battery really fast

- Amazing port

I own this game on pc and the port that you guys did is amazing. The game runs smoothly on my iphone 6s and I thought it wasnt even going to run.

- Best game

This Game is the best good graphics and sound. And it’s free games like this cost money but this is free that’s what I like

- Buttons too small

When changing lanes I always miss the buttons. I get that its designed like that to make it you can see more of the screen, but a simple solution could be that you can move and resize the change lane buttons. Otherwise, the game is fantastic.

- Great Game

Great fun, awesome visuals. Has controller support, play it the way it’s meant to be played!

- Amazing rhythms, I’m a drummer!

Wow! So good! I feel like a Ninja-God playing this game in my boring old house. Honestly thought it was over priced at first but I totally take that back now! I knew it was about keeping in time with the beat, but never realised it would get on off beats, quaver off beats and semi-quaver off beats! Insane. And even the feeling of a 3/4 over 4/4 woah. That’s next level for a game! I speak this games language so found it pretty easy but can’t imagine someone without extensive prior music knowledge finding it simple! 5 Stars

- This Version Is Hard to Recommend

I love thumper, on any other console except this one. It’s a fantastic rhythm game that feels incredibly satisfying, intense and can fit both casual and perfectionist players. But on here, mastering it is basically down to luck, the optimisation is very poorly done, there are random lag spikes and any notification will drop you down to 5 fps and immediately ruin your run. Often I found myself failing runs because of input lag as well. If you want to play thumper, play it on a console or a PC, this mobile version does it a great injustice to what is a fantastic game. Play this version if you’re fine with getting a B or a C on every run, play any other version if you want to master playing thumper. I’d give it 5 stars on any other console, but here, it feels so sluggish and frustrating because of hardware limitations, thus a 2.5 or 3 would be an appropriate score in my opinion.

- Control bugs?

Am I missing something? Why cant I see the controls even after turning HUD on? And why does touch control lag? The game itself looks amazing and the version history sounds great but I’m on the latest version and the control just doesnt work.

- Great but

Fantastic game but moving your iPhone left and right to change lanes does not work that well and I can’t seem to pass anything with it. There has to be a better way. Even with the new lane changer button still not great not playing it anymore still can’t pass any levels.

- Wow

Closest thing i played like that was “Distance” on pc. Very nice concept and graphics are impressive for a mobile game. Good to see something different on the AppStore!

- Amazing game

The game is very well designed , before i buy it i thought its expensive but i gave it a try and absolutely loved it, the visuals are wow, the only thing that I find annoying is switching lanes with moving the phone, or maybe im just not used it .

- Well made and great idea but consistently out of beat with the rhythm


- Game is absolutely fantastic

Editing my review since slowdowns are almost mitigated now (iPhone X), although I still don't like the accelerometer playing a role here. As far as I know scraping walls while going straight doesn't lower your score but the "feeling" of doing something wrong is there. Hopefully an option to completely disable this feature comes in a future update.

- Fantastic! Would love to sync my save though.

Absolutely fantastic game, works so well on mobile. If you’re a fan of the game already or are looking for something intense to play, then this is the game for you. My only two gripes are the lane switching accelerometer control and the seeming lack of cloud saves?

- Amazing

Well the title speaks for itself but can you please add and option where you can switch lanes with buttons. Thanks!

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- Great Game that could be better with cloud support

very immersive game. Could be even better if players can sync their progress across different devices.

- Pure adrenaline from start to finish

You may have seen clips of this game before, moving with blistering speed, and like me, thinking “how in the world am I going to actually pull something like this off?” But somehow, this game prepares you for everything that is to come... mostly... the first half of the levels provide all the instruction you need to succeed, as well as serving as a sort of testing area for refining your more advanced techniques that you’ll need later to survive. This game gets hard, it’ll beat you down harder than a wrecking ball a building, but that just makes victory all the more satisfying when you finally claim it.

- Awesome Version

Loved playing the first version on my PC and this mobile version is just as good. Thanks for making this a paid premium game! Runs perfect on my iPhone XS Max

- Seizure Fest

I want to like this game, I really do. Fun concept, brilliant visuals. But mother of god it’s so difficult. It’s this generation of games that rely on sheer difficulty and frustration to try to sell it.

- Level creator

Please, it is all I ask! Make a level creator!!!! I love this game so much and have recommended it to my friends, 10/10 app

- Great game but a few problems

I love this game and if your looking for a game that can get you in the zone and your hands sweating like a try hard in a FPS game this is the game for you, trust me. And it’s on mobile! My only problem is sometimes the turning on curves doesn’t register when going from one direction the other super fast. Also another problem is when recording on iOS no matter if I record on either side of the phone flipped or straight up, in the recording the right side audio is very weak compared to the game, the left side audio is perfect though, I don’t know if there is anything that can fix this but if so that would make my YouTube videos of this sound much more awesome. Still all in all a great heart pumping intense game!

- Intense!

Graphics are great, soundtrack is awesome, definitely challenging, and all in all just a great game!

- Just buy it

The developers poured their soul into this. Its just amazing.

- Shows you life after death

No game like it. I’m so appreciative of this game. However, playing on the iPad Pro 12.9”, the lane switching buttons are too small. You guys have to give the user an option to increase the size of the buttons. I’m still dying right now because of this. Here’s a prayer that they fix it any day now, so the rest of the game won’t be ruined by it.

- Was fun until level 4

It was fun until they introduced switching lanes by tilting. The tilt on iPhones in games never respond 100% of the time causing frustrating experiences in any game. The options allow you switch off tilt and have lane change buttons instead, but they are clunky and too hard to tap to switch lanes while also trying to keep a rhythm of everything else. The game is fun, but I hoped it would like more than 3 levels before I want to slam my phone on the ground.

- Continuous Crashing

I haven’t been able to play this game because when I press play it says loading and the crashes. Pls fix!!!!

- Astounding!!!!

What an amazing game!!! It is very smooth, and the controls are easy to master! I’m playing on an ancient iPhone 5S, but it still works wonderfully!!! Well worth the money!!! I’m new to the whole rhythm genre, but I now love it! I adore this game and you will also!!! 10/10 stars!!! -Zendayafan101

- Great

It’s really good. It needs a uplifting mode. It’s so dark XD

- Incredible game

I -HIGHLY- recommend thumper! I can’t get enough of the game. The only problem is that it drains the battery, but that’s a common problem, and the game has pretty intense visuals, so that’s pretty forgivable.

- 2 stars for music and graphics

This is fun while you point your finger....and that is about it. The graphics and music are quite awesome, but nowhere near worth the price. There wasn’t any instruction on how to pause, I’d suggest passing on this game.

- Amazingly Fast!

If you love fast paced games where you can’t blink this is the game for you! Totally worth it!

- Addictive game To me

It is simple in art... but addictive to me!

- The best game ever

It's one of those few games that I find myself spending hours and hours it's just so clean, so smooth, so entertaining, I love it

- Wow

Game is harder than I expected, might try the pc version instead with a controller.

- This is awesome!

This should be a ride at Universal Studios!

- Woah

After playing thumper every game on the App Store is boring af

- Beautiful!

This game was executed beautifully by the developers. The soundtrack is amazing and the visuals are psychedelically mesmerizing. I also like that the game is consistently challenging and keeps you striving for your own development rather than tempting you with micro transactions. Well done, five stars earned.

- A suggestion

I use iPad Air 2 so the position of the buttons for changing lanes are awkward. Will you add an option where you can adjust it.

- Crashes on Level 4 Final Boss on end of 3rd round

When I tap the final thump that sends the shockwave to inflict damage on the boss on the 3rd round, it always crashes the app to the home screen icons. I’ve ended all processes, did a soft and hard reset of my iPhone 7 Plus and the same crash happens always on that 3rd “shockwave” that is sent back to damage the final boss on Level 4 Omega. I am therefore, unable to progress beyond this boss. Otherwise, probably the most creative and imaginative rhythm game I’ve ever played.

- I have a cool suggestion

I played the demo to this game in PSVR and it looked epic! I am just going to say though, it is a lot to ask but can you make a sequel? The reason I think you should is because this game is so cool and it costs money, games that are cool and cost money, I just like sequels.

- Best Game Of All Time.

Now, I’ve played rhythm games before, but not one like this. Unlike every other rhythm game, you play as a part in the music, rather than the whole song. Best game I’ve ever played, best soundtrack I’ve ever heard, and I would give it a 10/10.

- Call and Response

Thumper does an amazing job with its visuals, full of speedy nightmarish scenes. I enjoyed the rhythm aspect less, for two reasons. The controls feel decent on an iPad, but I keep suspecting that they’d feel much more precise and snappy with a controller than screen swiping - for a game that is all about being precise. The other issue is it feels to hard listen to the rhythm. The sound cues are solid, but the call and response can overlap. This means I couldn’t clearly hear what was coming up next over what I was currently doing. Combined with lots of offbeats and a twisty track means I rely more on visual estimation, trial and error, and memory, instead of internalizing the rhythm. It’s still very satisfying once you can do it correctly, but the process of getting there wasn’t as fun for me as it is in other rhythm games.

- Buy it!

This is, by far, the most addicting app I’ve ever purchased, and it’s totally worth it. The music and visual aesthetics are amazing. It truly is the most beautiful, rhythmically invigorating app ever created! I beg the developers to create additional apps and/or levels for Thumper. There is clearly an eager following for the app and many people interested in the whatever next exciting steps the developers take.

- Lane changing

Everything is good except the controls for lane swithing. It’s absoluetly horrible. Tilt has a delayed response and the touch controls are almost impossible to get used to. Whenever I want to switch lanes, my reflex tells me to swipe to the side but of course that’s for sliding on the side rails. Please come up with a better solution. Or remove/redesign the levels that have lane changing parts.

- Buh gawd, they did it again!

Was a big supporter of Thumper on PS4, as it was one of, if not the best early PSVR games. I was skeptical how this would translate to a touch screen, but after picking it up on sale, I can say that they’ve made the game feel right at home on this platform. In a lot of ways, the touch controls are actually better. I’ve noticed myself getting more into the rhythm aspect of the game now that I’m not thinking about button combinations on a controller. The game looks beautiful and runs buttery smooth on the iPhone X, while taking advantage of the full display. I really just wanted to leave my positive feedback for this great title that went under a lot of people’s radars. Even after beating the game, you’ll have the urge to go back and improve your scores and work your way up the leaderboards, like great arcade games of the past.

- iPad Pro controls unplayable

Edit: Developers fixed the input issues and now the game runs as intended. Appreciated the personal response to my issues by devs. Updated my score to reflect an immersive game with killer aesthetic, solid gameplay, and intense music.

- Best Mobile Port

Wow. I played this on PC, and had no idea how excellent a port could be until I picked this masterpiece up a few weeks ago. The controls are different, but I picked it up real quick and can see myself taking on the more difficult play+ modes given some practice. I noticed that the multilane sections that used motion controls were easier than the PC port, which is fitting due to the difficulty involved. Some reviewers despise the motion controls, but I welcomed them since it was quickly apparent how much balance and forethought Drool put into these changes. Go motion! There is only one problem this game has ever faced, and that is the loading times. Drool pulled it off alright on mobile, and loading is faster than on PC, but subpar for the mobile market.

- A Must Have

Beautiful game, wonderful graphics, and challenging but with practice, very satisfying to perfect a level. My only gripe is the music doesn't always sound like music. It tends to monotonously drone on. It also doesn’t match the swipes and taps which would immensely help on the harder levels (lvl 6 onwards). Otherwise an incredible game I’m glad I spend money on. Definitely worth the buy! P.S. thank you developers for the new tap/swipe controls!

- Thank god for the port!

I’ve had my eye on Thumper for quite a while but haven’t been able to play it because my machine is a Macbook. When I heard there was an iOS version coming out I was excited but skeptical of how well it would transfer over, but they’ve delivered! I downloaded a couple days after the release and have been seeing major improvements based on user feedback, and I have to say these developers are amazing. But, for the game itself: I just completed the very last levels and wow, what an ending! A truly unique rhythm game that’s a real challenge but also so rewarding with a bit of practice, good headphones, and a whole lot of patience. I’m really so grateful that I was able to finally play Thumper for myself, it’s been a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. I’m looking forward to trying to get S ranks on everything slowly but surely. Kudos to these devs, you’ve really made something special.

- Favorite iOS game of 2017

Fantastic game to pick up and play at anytime. It is a deeply rhythm based game and the music is the best part. I bought the game on my Switch as well. Must have for thrill seekers.

- Ohhhh yeahhh

heyyyy thats prettty goodd

- Awesome game - some feedback

I love this game, really like the update with the option to disable tilt controls, I think there was some tweaking made to the swipe sensitivity, making me swipe up by accident a lot now, could that be a configuration option later on? (Swipe sensitivity)

- Wow!

Honestly, I only gave great things to say about this game! Its a perfect symbiosis of audio, visual, and engaging play. Its fun to get lost in and show off to your friends! It also is smooth to play with little problems with gameplay, if any at all! As a cynic of games this one is is a must!

- iPhone X controls buggy

Developer replied and improved controls. I’m very happy about that and have updated my review. Thanks! The graphics on this game are well made and I really want to enjoy it, but I’m consistently encountering control bugs. For example, level 1-10 & 11 have a few segments where you tap (jump over a spotlight), hold (to pass through several bars), then swipe left/right (to turn left/right.) The jump & hold work great, but the game often misinterprets the swipe as a continued hold and the player crashes into the turn. At first I just assumed it was me, but after continued play and handing to friends to try, we’re finding that this is more often a misinterpreted gesture than a player timing issue. I’m hoping updates can improve gesture detection for turns immediately following holds.

- Best Game on iOS

Amazing, beautiful game...probably the best on iOS yet (and this is a huge compliment, especially coming just after the release of ‘Inside’ on iOS this month). Thumper is hard to describe, so I’ll just recommend people download it ASAP. It will leave you breathless. UPDATE: Changed to 5-Star rating now that the developers have added an alternative to the tilt controls in Levels 4+. These developers rock! Probably the most responsive on the game App Store!

- Heart-wrenching experience

This game is an all out hallucination with great bass in the audio, but both audio and visual quality can be better

- PC Version is a Masterpiece

This is one of my favorite games that has come out in a while on PC. The mobile version is soooo awesome, but only until the portion of the game where tilt controls come into play. On one hand I just don’t find the tilt mechanics to be fun. On the other, they don’t seem very dialed in. Could I practice a little more and get it down? Probably. But I just don’t want to. I know the team will probably do something about this (as this is pretty much a unanimous sentiment in the reviews), so I’ll update to 5 star if we get an option other than tilt.

- So happy this game exists

I saw a Youtuber playing this game a year or so ago and I was devastated to find out I didn't own a device that it would run on. Just recently, I found it on here, the app store, and I preordered it without hesitation. I'm not very good at it, but I love the style, the vibe, and the pulse of this game. It would be cool to see a level creator, but I'm definitely happy with the game as it is now.

- Good but a few flaws

This game is visually stunning but it can get frustrating especially with tilt controls. You can’t really control exactly where your beetle changes lanes to and so it makes it hard to get boss fights done. I’m glad that most of the flying parts are either optional or easy because it’s extremely hard to fly and pound in quick succession. Sometimes turning is not responsive and it makes it hard to slide on walls in quick succession as well. Overall it’s an awesome game with great music, but some major mechanical flaws hold it back.

- Awesome unique rhythmic game.

Hey developer, love your game, the difficulty is hard enough for a lot of play time. One thing you need to fix! I’m having a very frustrating time with the control mechanic. Specifically on the hold down and swiping up. When I want to swipe up, it registers as holding down and gets rekt on those spiky obstacles. Please fix, thanks.

- Worth the $

This is the first game in my life that i don’t get mad when losing. Really amazing effects and soundtracks.

- A game changer!

This game is nothing like I've seen before! It is definitely worth the $5. This game runs amazing and I have not experienced any glitches or lag. Not only that it’s super addictive and easy to learn! It’s really pretty and the sound is amazing! The soundtrack of this game is fantastic! No wonder it’s called thumper, the beat has me bopping my head! Worth the money and I would recommend for anyone! So good!!

- This game is sick!

At first the game is pretty easy and aside from the slick graphics, not too exciting. This is because the early levels are more like tutorials teaching you the different actions such as swipes, jumps, pounds, tilts and stuff. As the levels progress however, things start to get hairy. Around level 4-11 things start getting insane and the various actions, intense speed, and killer graphics make this an exhilarating experience. Things also get really cool then (if you don’t crash) the actions start making music that goes along with the beat in the background, and once you get the songs in mind, the “music” kinda helps with maneuvering your space beetle without crashing. It’s awesome, just buy it!

- Awesome, but...

Don’t get me wrong, this game is AMAZING! Awesome graphics, amazing gameplay, and just superb bosses. My only complaint is that when you first start the game, it’s like the developer just expects you to know how to play. The game gives you a little tutorial, but not much where any video game noob can become a pro. Other than that, I’m glad it has no in-app purchases, (It ruins the game) and I’m also glad it gets increasingly harder as you go. In conclusion, this game is amazing and was DEFINITELY worth the purchase.

- Hard

In the boss fight on stage 2 if you get hit the action to jump will not work and when the beam comes you cannot jump then you die

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- Great

This game is great but has some flaws like not seeing objects or just the level being really hard but overall it’s great

- Quite nice

This game, once it works, that is, is a rather fun game to play. While not my favourite game out there, it is a good way to enjoy fifteen minutes or so when you’re bored. What’s more, if there are any technical difficulties, the developers are kind enough to get in touch and do their best to sort out the problem (as it was done with me). In other words, the game is fun, the developers are nice. What more do you want, really?

- Doesn’t work

So I’ve tried and dyed again but it just won’t let me join the game and kicks meeeee I’m on a iPad mini 3or4 I really hope you can fix this as it looks like a brill game

- Don’t understand game

I don’t understand the game even after doing the tutorial and reading their instruction on the website. I requested a refund on the same day but Apple refused my request. £5 wasted. Great

- Unique

Everyone should try this game. Especially if you have played guitar hero or rock band before.

- Boring after a few goes....

Very boring, doesn’t make sense! I want my money back

- Amazing

Prepare to have your mind destroyed, in a good way! Stunning graphics with fast, intense gameplay! I don’t normally like rhythm games but this developer made the one to play! Get it it’s fantastic and it has a space beetle in it! Controls are fine! Either been fixed or people had rubbish devices!


at first it is hard but you get into the beat it’s a very fun and addictive game

- Amazing

Don’t pay any attention to the bad comments this game is amazing don’t wait buy it now!!! The music and the satisfaction when you hit it at just the right time is just so amazing don’t hesitate buy it now

- Even Newer Review

Well they’ve improved the daft tilt control with some more sensible buttons. The framerate and visual flair still causes issues while playing, causing you to mistime taps or simply not see obstacles. I’m improving my rating by one, it’s still not enjoyable to play and the soundtrack is so dull, pretty much the same 5 sounds on loop. I understand it’s supposed to be a cue for you to do a certain action but I’d rather just have varied sound and music and use visual cues to play instead. For a person who loves the rhythm action genre this is a miss, disappointing as I pre-ordered in high hopes. Someone port Frequency onto a phone and then we’re talking!

- Easily one of the best games on iOS

Using an iPad Pro - graphics are banging, the sounds are immersive and the gameplay is satisfyingly challenging. Totally worth the money 💰

- Great game, Bad graphics

Bad graphics on iPhone se

- Fun but frustrating tilting controls

This game for the first few levels is challenging but very fun and visually impressive. However once multiple lanes are introduced which requires tilting the phone, it becomes just pure frustration as for boss fights you have to be so precise about what lane you go in to progress. Now I’m really struggling and just getting annoyed with the game and this ridiculous control choice.

- Horrible

The music is too simple and not creative, the controls and just boring and difficult, the backgrounds are random and make no sense since they are basically just colours and it is repetitive, no story while having no effort. Not worth the price and just a cash grab so people want to get it on here.

- Not worth your money

Initially got the game for want of a challenging but fun game. After a while, I’ve learnt that this is a bad port. Numerous graphical glitches make your beetle not actually do what your actions/swipes dictate, and a very obviously poorly thought out input system sometimes requires extreme levels of dexterity. One example - the game sometimes requires quick successive taps that are neigh impossible with one hand, and touchscreens on iPad and iPhones will not have that kind of response/latency. Another example is when the game requires you to tilt the iPhone or iPad in order to switch lanes. The sensors on iPads and iPhones are simply nowhere near sensitive enough for you to consistently select a lane that isn’t on the side. In those situations, I resorted to simply repeating the sections over and over again, praying that one in 20 times I might be able to get past that section without dying. This makes the game simply appear to be a cash grab ported onto iOS to make people spend money on a game that was originally intended for a different platform. If you’d like to spend your money somewhere else, there are loads better designed and thought out games that warrant your time and attention.

- Adjust tilt sensitivity.

You have to tilt your phone so far to the side for it to register you can’t see the damn screen.

- Rubbish

Total waste of money. I’d swerve.

- Review on iPad Pro 10.5

The game is great but it’s not ideal to play on a big device like iPad Pro. I will only write some cons here but you should look at others’ review for the pros. Graphics: The resolution is not native so the graphics looks a bit blurry. The game does not seem to take advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate of the iPad Pro. Controls: the tap and swipes are quite responsive. However the lane changing mechanic introduced at chapter 4 requires tilts. It is very difficult to tilt the iPad Pro precisely and this ruins my experience afterwards. For now I uninstalled the game and I’m looking forward to reinstalling it if these issue get addressed.

- Uninspired, unimaginative, unpleasant

Audio is boring and doesn’t improve; no tangible satisfaction gained from the tapping and swiping, unlike nearly every other rhythm game; graphics although shiny are unpleasant.

- Great but some bugs but it’s early days

I’ve been looking forward to this, as I love it on ps4. The controls have already gotten better since its release. I’m having some frame rate issues which messes with your score, but I still really recommend it. I have a 5s Phone so maybe that’s why

- Thump along to the beat!

I love playing music based games like geometry dash and VOEZ, but really Thumper takes it to the next level. Amazing graphics and an amazing beat that gives off a dramatic atmosphere! I’ve already finished level 1 and man this beats all other beat based games I’ve played. My only tip for new players is that for drifting you should slide your finger along the screen, instead of swiping. The game responds a lot better than if you swipe, and it helps further on when you have to tap and hold for the little bars. Other than that, top notch game! I will be playing it for ages!

- Thumper

Loved this game on PS4,PSVR and the iOS version is also really good! Awesome graphics and music and the touch controls work really well! Can’t recommend this game enough!!

- Title

This game not for children if u parents be remapping.

- Please adjust the control

I have been long waited for this game to release on iOS, I got to say it looks awesome on the iPhone X, however, like some other users has been reporting the swipes doesn’t register very well, especially when hold and swipe combo is required. So if the developer can look into it that would be fantastic!!!!

- Getting into the rhythm

I’ve always had a fondness for rhythm games, the emotion when you chain together successive notes, and this is finally a rhythm game which makes that emotion the key feature. The game creates a constant tension through audio and visual queues and takes such a unique approach on what appears to be a mundane genre. I almost feel like an idiot now for not buying it on one of the other platforms in the past. The only improvement would be adding a faster way to restart a segment and maybe an alternative control for jump as the swipe is sometimes hard to activate.

【iPhoneアプリ注目情報】ゲームアプリ「Thumper: Pocket Edition」の人気が急速に上昇しているのを検出。今注目のアプリかも。

Price drop : Thumper: Pocket Edition Version 1.17

Ja APP deal: [iOS][Android] Thumper: Pocket Edition [$4.99 -> $1.99] …

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Thumper: Pocket Edition 1.17 Screenshots & Images

Thumper: Pocket Edition iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Thumper: Pocket Edition iphone images
Thumper: Pocket Edition iphone images
Thumper: Pocket Edition iphone images
Thumper: Pocket Edition iphone images
Thumper: Pocket Edition iphone images
Thumper: Pocket Edition ipad images
Thumper: Pocket Edition ipad images
Thumper: Pocket Edition ipad images
Thumper: Pocket Edition ipad images
Thumper: Pocket Edition ipad images
Thumper: Pocket Edition Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Thumper: Pocket Edition Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Thumper: Pocket Edition (Version 1.17) Install & Download

The applications Thumper: Pocket Edition was published in the category Games on 2018-01-24 and was developed by Drool LLC [Developer ID: 1275826615]. This application file size is 468.08 MB. Thumper: Pocket Edition - Games posted on 2019-10-27 current version is 1.17 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Thumper: Pocket Edition Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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