The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins [Games] App Description & Overview

Enter The Room: Old Sins and be transported to a place where tactile exploration meets challenging puzzles and a captivating story.
The sudden disappearance of an ambitious engineer and his high-society wife provokes the hunt for a precious artefact. The trail leads to the attic of their home, and the discovery of an old, peculiar dollhouse…
Explore unsettling locations, follow obscure clues and manipulate bizarre contraptions as you uncover the mysteries within Waldegrave Manor.

Explore a deviously complex dollhouse which transforms at your fingertips. Each intricate room is a portal to a new, stunning environment.

Easy to begin yet hard to put down, enjoy a unique mix of intriguing puzzles with a simple user interface.

A tactile experience so natural you can almost feel the surface of each object.

Examine dozens of detailed objects to discover which of them conceal hidden mechanisms.

A haunting soundtrack coupled with dynamic sound effects create an unforgettable soundscape.

Share your progress between multiple devices and unlock achievements.

Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

Fireproof Games is an independent studio from Guildford, United Kingdom.
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- Thoroughly Enjoyable, as Always

I’ve liked every game in this series - the puzzles are challenging, without being ridiculous. I like the variety of puzzles and the accompanying hint system, which is perfect at pointing you in the right direction if you’ve missed something obvious (“There’s a paper on the floor?! I totally missed that!”); forgotten something relevant (“That’s right - that symbol is totally in the area I haven’t been back to for a week in real time.”); or just aren’t great at this particular flavor of puzzle (“Oh... I guess that is the same shape on bottom? Really? Well, okay.”) It’s amazing for nudging in you the right direction without assuming you’re an idiot. Only once did I have to check online for something I just could not find and that was more a result of trying to play in sunlight and not being able to see that part of the screen well enough. I completely enjoy the very kinesthetic nature of moving the puzzles around in space and the magical and entertaining way they unfold. I like the meta-plot of the null and the Lovecraftian lurking horror feel. They’re not written to be deep and detailed, but the terror of what you can’t quite see works very well in this setting and attempts to over-explain would hinder rather than help. Entertaining, though sadless, not endless. If you like Japanese puzzle boxes and Lovecraft, this will probably be your jam.

- 100%, A+, 10/10, Two thumbs up...

This was a thoroughly enjoyable installment in The Room series! It was a challenge, but not so difficult that I felt annoyed or wanted to give up. The intertwining of so many rooms was hard to keep up with, but that was what made it so interesting! Each time I got into a rut, I would have an “a-ha!” moment, realizing I just needed to go to another room and try again there. The moments requiring the eyepiece were much more varied than usual, which added to the entertainment, rather than a detracting obstacle. As always, stunning graphics, and I absolutely LOVED the mechanic of breaking the sigils/glass to enter the rooms, it was both beautiful and satisfying, a really excellent use of fantastic visuals. I also really admired the way everything scaled between smaller models and larger rooms, without losing any of the beautiful visual qualities, and feeling very realistic in scale. I downloaded this as soon as I saw it and finished it in around 2 days, I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait for more, I kind of wish I had paced myself! I never buy any games because of the abundance of free ones out on the market, but The Room was the first-ever (and only) exception to that rule when it first came out, and I never hesitate to purchase the next installment, I am never disappointed. Stellar job!!

- Oh man, Fireproof needs to make movies!

I just finished the game, and it was amazing. The Room series has been such a treat to play and an unforgettable experience, all on the iPhone. That’s insane, with four games going and being perfect all the way through? Not one bad game since the first, which was back in 2012! They’ve just gotten better and better, and I really value Fireproof Games for their creativity, talent, and love for the work they do and the fun we get from it. So for Old Sins, graphics still improved which is awesome, and more interesting things happened in this one. That classic music will never change, and I noticed it had a different tone in this one which was so nice. As far as the whole story or stories go, I am now boggled with all that’s happened that I need to go back through. But I can see a potential Fireproof Film Co that would make an awesome mystery saga based on the Room storyline, and for 4 perfect games running, that’s enough to say that Fireproof knows what they’re doing. It took even longer to get this one out, and like many, had no idea there’d be another one. That was a great surprise. So to FG, congrats, I had fun, thank you for another awesome Room game, and I’m looking forward to the next one! If it takes 3 years this time, I’ll be happily waiting.

- Well made but...

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the games from this developer. The room Series is a fantastic set of games and Fireproof has set themselves up as a quality game developer. QUALITY. It is a visual orgasm of quality. The rooms prequels 1, 2 and 3 were all wonderful connections between each other. However, you will enjoy Old Sins if you look at it as its own game. Now, as much as I enjoyed the game, I do have some critiques. There was the occasional anticlimactic moment where I worked hard to get inside some object, anticipating something spectacular (like I’ve come to expect from this developer) just to find one easily accessible object waiting for me. One of my favorite parts of the game ended this way, and I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t more to it - (The ultimate decision to the four star rating out of five). But most of the time, there’s proper payoff for your efforts. And again, any disappointment comes from the high level of quality I’ve come to expect from Fireproof. Knowing what they’ve made in the past, it’s hard not to want or expect them to outdo themselves in every aspect. For instance, after all the bonus content In The Room Three that could have been it’s own game, players might be sad that there’s no bonus content or alternate endings here. But thank you, Fireproof, for another amazing sequel.

- Great, BUT before you buy...

Old Sins is yet another great game from Fireproof and took me about 4 hrs to finish. The big thing is I feel it is a bit smaller of a game and also it being 5 dollars makes it a dollar more than The Room 3, it's predecessor. I also felt this game had less exploration and was more of a straight line gameplay. I also feel that Fireproof really missed out on more endings with all the unused space in the doll house they could have added harder ,but optional, puzzles to get a different ending. Would I say buy it, yes BUT, here is what you need to know. Play The Room 1-3 first. I felt this was a bit of a black sheep in The Room universe that leaves big questions from The Room 3. These are, what was the games true ending, what happened to the craftsman, was Grey Holm really destroyed, and what are those Martian structures. I would love to see a Room game that continues that storyline, but that is just me. I'm give 5 stars because it was fun, however I would like a return to more classic games and maybe a smaller but free lite version without a story for people new to the games to get them in. Overall I think I will buy The Room 5 when it comes out, unless it is more than 5 dollars. Thanks Fireproof, but I know you can do better. -Anonymous Player

- Fireproof never fails to impress!!

As I’ve read others reviewers take on the game, I find mine to be almost exactly the same and every other review. The game was outstanding, of course, no question that Fireproof Dev’s are beyond talented and put a tremendous amount of hard work into their games. They have all been so incredibly pleasing to the eye and the mind and are, IMHO, the best games hands down on the App Store. But like other reviewers have said, I’m left just a little disappointed at not having the awesome Fireproof multiple-choice endings. I was EXTREMELY looking forward to that and was sad when that didn’t happen in Old Sins and it was just over. But maybe it’s because we have been so amazed by Fireproof that we expected the EXTRA-ordinary. I was always throughly satisfied with the Rooms and Old Sins seemed to end very abruptly and there was no choice or motivation to go back and play it again and change your fate, like in the Rooms. Unless there is a reason they did that, like to leave it open for a sequel (which seemed very possible!). Still, a bit disappointed by the ending but not even nearly enough to not absolutely love it, I think I just wanted MORE!! Still a huge Fireproof supporter and can’t wait for future games!!

- 4th Installment and Still on Fire

I became enthralled with this series since I first picked up the original “The Room” and to see it continue on strongly to a 4th amazing installment is a true treat! The Room series exceeds all standards by miles and by merely playing any of the four installments for a few moments you understand the true craftsmanship and care the developers put into these games. This game, like all of its predecessors, has an incredible story. The puzzles are intricate and each one is a rush of joy to solve. The atmosphere of every setting is pristine and well planned and the story leaves you with an intangible need for more. Between the amazing attention to detail and absurdly good ambience this game immerses me more deeply than any other game I’ve played across any platform. This is a flat out masterpiece and I would like to extended my thanks to the team at Fireproof games for what I would call their gift to all who have the pleasure of playing this game. I would suggest this game to anyone I run into, regardless of their preference to these sort of games. This game, as well as it precursors, are certainly not worth skipping over a few measly bucks seeing as I would easily pay much more for this experience.

- Another satisfying installment to the atmospheric puzzle series

The Room: Old Sins remains faithful to the rest of the series: A highly stylized puzzler. As always the puzzles are varied and beautifully rendered. The lighting, sound effects, and music are all superbly done and combine to form a satisfying experience. The gameplay mechanics are smooth. The puzzles are generally intuitive and the hint system can help if you get stuck. The game developers have been quick to address any minor glitches showing their commitment. The game seemed relatively short, though I believe it was consistent with the rest of the entries in the series. It remains interesting enough for repeated play. One wish: after game completion allow level replay similar to other entries. I sometimes replay a level just for a cutscene. One of if the most compelling aspects of The Room series remains its story elements and overall atmosphere of mystery. It never stoops to a level of shock or horror, but can definitely give you a chill here and there. I am left wanting more... the puzzles, the environments, the story... there are elements and characters that I want to know more about. I am not yet ready to escape The Room: Old Sins.

- Lovecraftian puzzle horror

Easily as good, possibly better (somehow?) than its predecessors. Same gorgeous artwork, perfect sound editing, cinematic score, intuitive controls—everything you love and have come to expect from these guys. The themes of the titular room[s] are especially creative and delightful. The puzzles, too, are more intricate and interlinked, but, like earlier games, they’re not very difficult. That doesn’t bother me, though; I just love seeing how all the pieces literally and figuratively fit together. The horror is purely atmospheric and highly effective, which isn’t easy to pull off: despite knowing I wouldn’t encounter any grotesque monsters or cheap jump scares, I got chills more than a few times. Plot is kind of a retread. Not that I’d dock any points. It’s just that it’s probably the best Lovecraft-inspired universe of any game, film, or television series I’ve encountered, and I want to experience more of it. Finished in five hours but would happily have paid two or three times the price. Puzzle games of this quality are exceedingly rare, and I loved every minute of it. Just hate that I’ll have to wait another x number years for the next one.

- Almost Five

I have played all of the games of this type. Just finished this in 8 hours 23 mins. In comparison to the others the graphics were great and the puzzles were fun. However, I found the Japanese Room a disappointment. It began a series of disjointed puzzles that just seemed to jump from room to room without continuity. I don’t mind a challenge but disliked jumping around the house. The house without a bedroom or bathroom by the way. Understand, I think I got my $5.00 worth but it could have been better. I also agree that after working hard some of the endings were weak. In my opinion the best room was the one with the steam pipes and safe. It was cool once everything got to huffing and puffing and spinning about. In all of the games I have found the writings to be difficult to read and understand. To much theatrics, weak story line. Just keep it simple and engaging. I like the Victorian theme, could live without the evil overtones. Reminded me of the time traveler movie, “The Time Machine.” I would recommend the game but sorry, I think other earlier versions were better. I did like that it can stand alone without having completed earlier versions. Thank you and I look forward to your next effort. 🙂 👍🏻👍🏻

- Good but not ground breaking.

Fireproof appears to set a standard for themselves and The Room series...And Old Sins is a strong, enjoyable game. However, in regards to the degree of difficulty, this was a pushover in comparison to The Room III. Maybe I’m just gaining a knack for their puzzles or maybe it was all the hints that the eyepiece gave, idk. Although the dollhouse was a unique idea for development, not seen in subsequent games; Old Sins lacks that next level experience we all anticipated. And for that, it takes a back seat to Fireproof’s flagship, The Room III. I hope to see more compelling, story driven cinematics - as one could have been led to believe with the advent of The Room III - in the next Fireproof release. Let’s see characters we can relate to, plot-twist, a climax, and how ‘bout some voice acting huh? The reading is fine but a little plot development with those ciniematics could be entertaining. This would really take Fireproof’s next release into a whole ‘nother level; not just a wicked puzzle game with a minor concept to boot. And maybe we will see an additional dynamic to that classic eyepiece, or an additional tool. And what happened to the creepy factor from game I and II? Can we step that up a bit? All and all, despite my high standards, great game!

- Ahhhhmazing game makers

I am terrible at playing most games which always makes me feel quite stupid, but not yours. They are ahhhhmazing. Beautiful graphics and design that invite you inside each Room. The pathways through the rooms are very challenging yet not frustrating. Even I can make it through and sometimes without even using the clues. I really am glad that with this edition when the clues had more than one part I could go back and reread each one if I needed. I especially loved the Oriental room. It is so beautiful. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one to be released. And if I had a wishlist for the next Room, it would be for another miniature made in the style of that oriental room. However, I have loved them all and would be thrilled by any other type as long as there is one. Your series of games have addressed the problem I have always had with most games, as I mentioned above, they make me feel stupid. Your games make me feel brilliant and while that might not mean much to others it means everything to a 60 year old disabled single woman. So thank you so very much! Denise

- Best mystery/puzzle/adventure game out there, hands down!

LOVE this newest addition! The graphics and sounds are so real and creepy, in a good way. Best played with headphones for an immersive experience. I stumbled upon the 1st Room game by Fireproof Games years ago and have been hooked ever since! The graphics were the first thing to impress me. Superb and so detailed! But then as I played, I was drawn in by its challenging puzzles and intriguing storyline. Each additional Room game got better and I was finding myself anticipating the next one even before I’d completed the current game. My kids and I play it together, as well, and we even like going back and replaying them again and again because they are challenging and interesting enough that it never gets old or boring. It’s like watching our favorite movie, except we get to interact with it. Keep making more! Fireproof Games folks, you are the masters at the hidden clues puzzle games. No other game app comes close to the quality and creativity that you deliver! I know cause I’ve looked. Fantastic product and enjoyable, as always!!! Thank you!

- Great, yet disappointing

For someone new to the series, I’m sure this game was spectacular. That’s because overall it was. But for veterans of the series such as myself, this game was lacking. Many times it was simply unsatisfying, such as where you spend a while attempting to get the rune in plain view, only to have to game give you one in what seemed to be part of the puzzle to get the visible rune. It takes away the satisfaction of knowing you worked towards the rune and finally got it. The puzzles are also all very easy, or leave you totally clueless as to what’s next. I beat the game without any hints, but occasionally only solved a challenge through random luck. But the biggest issue is that it came after the room 3. The room 3 was spectacular, especially the meta puzzle to find the true ending. The story was a puzzle deeply embedded in the game, and continued as you discovered the secret endings. I loved this feature. It felt so great to solve this puzzle. But in this one, it feels like it’s just given to you. Sure, the storyline is good, but after the room 3 I can only say I’m let down. However, I’m still happy to support such a great series. I hope the next game is great!

- Bug in Game (spoilers!)

I love this game series and recommend it to all my friends, and have been waiting with anticipation for this fourth game. I hate to give a negative review, but there is a bug in my game in the Japanese room with the pagoda roof. I have already installed the roof, but the game thinks I haven’t, then it gave me a second pagoda and second roof from the drawer, and I put both pagodas in the space to add things and the second one disappeared, but I still have the second pagoda roof and am not sure what to do with it. I have reinstalled the game to no avail, and am currently having to start the game over! I have never had a problem like this with a fireproof game, but please address this! This is a continuation of the last statement. I opened a new file, started playing, and then when I returned to the old file that was not working, the game seemed to have corrected itself. I was able to finish, but I had still that second pagoda roof at the end of the game. Maybe I just got unlucky, but I hope this feedback helps! You are amazing game designers, and I am very excited for another installment of the room!

- More than a game... it’s an experience!

I cannot say enough good things about this game series! Fireproof has released another triumph! The visuals are stunning, especially the lighting effects. My wife and I played it together and many times found ourselves just rotating objects around admiring how the light reflects off of them. The dollhouse provides an intriguing miniature world to discover. As we found more model pieces and opened more rooms, our obsession with the game increased. Most puzzles were fairly easy to complete but a couple times we had to pause and ponder the next step. The only criticism i can give it is that it was very linear, more so than the past couple games. At times feels more like a scavenger hunt, using one item to get another item to get another, etc, but still very enjoyable. What I love about this game is that repeatedly you are given what seems to be an ordinary object, but then it changes into something completely unexpected and used in some extraordinary way. I look forward to seeing what they will come out with next!

- Thoroughly enjoyed

I am not an habitual gamer in order to offer technical comments for comparison, but I have really enjoyed all four games in this series. I love visual arts and the graphics are so detailed and beautiful, to me. As a relatively novice video-gamer (yes, I’m of the “well-seasoned generation”), the hints were often very helpful. As I worked through the series, I became more familiar with the strategies and at times I had already figured out the solutions before the hints displayed, but at times the hints kept me from having to give up. Certainly being able turn them off is a good option for the expert players. I had very much looked forward to the release of this rendition. I agree with some of the other comments: the level of programming has set a high bar and some additional creativity such as the twists in Room III or new tools, etc., would be welcome. However, I am in awe of the beauty of the Room series, especially given that they are primarily based on mechanics vs sprawling vistas. Your commitment to quality is admirable and I look forward to your next project.

- Awesome installment to an awesome series

Long time room fan, no puzzle game seems to compete with the story this series so flawlessly provides. While this game was definitely shorter than the last, that didn’t make me like it any less, the puzzles were satisfying in my opinion and there was a couple really cool ideas that I thought were executed incredibly well (won’t go into detail so as not to spoil anything). This installment added perfectly to the main ending of the last game, bringing to light the “cult” he may have been a part of. Anyways, during my play through I discovered a graphical flaw in one of the models, I haven’t gone back to check if it appears again but I think it’s something that should be checked out. That being said, after I had obtained the staircase, when I got it into its 2cnd form, I noticed there was part of the model that wasn’t there, I could see straight through along that portion of the entire thing, but not through the top. I can elaborate more later if a developer sees this and wants to take a look.

- Could be better

Compared to The Room 3 this one is quite short. I personally prefer the room design in The Room 3 more because it makes players feel spacious and able to move around a big area, not just wandering around a machinery dollhouse which appears a lot in previous versions of the Room. Moreover, you guys the creators of the game should exploit more storyline and focus more on human-human interactions (not just limit within human-machine interactions) because through this storyline the main character has to face The Circle some day right? Anyway, I like how you create the ending gameplay and the ending story of the game. About the Gameplay mechanisms, I would recommend more ability to zoom in and out within a more amount of objects not only the one required for ‘missions’ because that decreases the game’s difficulty. You should allow players to move and check the surrounding more(like having a big door in front of your face but not being able to do anything with it is irritating right?) I know this gonna be a lot more work especially for developers but i think it worths your efforts;)

- Best Puzzle puzzle game..

Best I have played in a long time, brings back memories of the original Myst I played on a pc with only static images and great soundtrack. Very engaging, makes me want to keep going and not put it down, but I must because I don’t want it to stop too soon, then would I be sorry I finished so quickly. Addicting, puzzles, not so hard that I had to resort to a walkthru to figure them out but yet it still makes you think in order to solve them. I actually had only gotten stuck once so far..( i have two rooms closed off now) , and that was because I simply started a puzzle and didnt solve it and went, then when i returned i started in another area and completely forgot about that puzzle which provided an important object i needed someone else. Once I looked it up in a walk thru, i felt dumb because it was easy to solve but I just forgotten it was even there... I highly recommend this game if you like these types. I am going to have to go back and look at the other games in this series.

- Is it possible to fall short and still earn 5 stars? Yes.

Fireproof has made some amazing games with the Room series, and this one is no disappointment. The puzzles are fresh and interesting, the story line is engaging (with a few good twists), and hopping between rooms in the dollhouse is an excellent mechanic. There were a few good challenges, but overall the game itself takes only 3 to 4 hours to complete. It’s definitely a 5 star title, but it still feels much shorter than its predecessors in this series and doesn’t seem quite as engaging or impactful. In the other Room games I found myself needing to step away and mull things over. Whether the puzzles were more difficult or not I am not certain, but it certainly more of an investment to reach the end in past titles. I even more so miss the “puzzles between the puzzles” that ultimately offered different endings. Not seeing them here feels a bit hollow. Still worth the price if you’re a fan of the series though. This studio deserves your money and support.

- Astounding

I’ve been on the Fireproof Games band wagon since the release of the first “The Room”. I’ve adored the first 3 but with Old Sins, these dudes have really taken this idea to the next level. It looks fantastic and the gameplay is as intuitive as ever, but the level of detail here is truly unparalleled. The ways in which all of these separate elements ultimately come together; how every individual component perfectly fits in to the larger whole is downright awe inspiring. I can’t think of another game that so perfectly ties all of its systems together. Every element just plugs in so harmoniously, and it all contributes to the larger, massive and weaving puzzle. Beyond that, I never at any point felt lost. With the level of intricacies in this game it’s a miracle that the player constantly feels in command of the puzzle. It’s challenging for sure, but never did I feel lost which alone deserves a commendation. Anyone who is even considering it, buy this game. You straight up, can not be disappointed. This is a masterpiece of puzzle gaming and 5 dollars is a steal.

- Japanese Room Bug (spoiler alert)

This is not about an actually creepy crawler, but rather a glitch 😛 So I’ve just gotten the circular item under the clam, and I put the unfinished wooden box on top of the pagoda and did the gold slider to the left and added the circular item. Then I went to see if I was supposed to move it around, and the unfinished box came off... even though the red supports were still up. Now all of the sudden, the game thinks I haven’t added the circular item. I know this because I couldn’t figure out what to do next and the next hint told me to put the box on the pagoda, and then I left it there and the hint after was telling me about the gold slider to the left and about putting the circular item on it. It’s already on it, and I can see that the shape on the bottom has changed, but as soon as I remove the unfinished box, the shape on the bottom is back to a full star and there is no circular item on it. I tried fitting it into both of the shapes I see and figure it is supposed to go to one... but it’s not recognizing it. I tried replacing the box, doing the slider again, then putting the slider back at the top to see if that worked. It didn’t. This is pretty frustrating as there’s nothing I can do to go on in the game. Please fix!!!

- A great addition to the series

I have to say, this is by far the best game in the series. The puzzles are difficult enough to make it fun and keep you thinking, but not too much that the game isn’t enjoyable. With the combination of the difficulty of the puzzles and amount of rooms and puzzles to navigate, I beat the game in about 5 hours. I did enjoy it enough that part of me wishes it had more content, but at the end of the day I do think it was just the perfect amount that it wasn’t overwhelming. What impressed me the most was the environment they had created with this game. The underlying plot throughout was enough to keep you guessing what was going to happen next, and created a very creepy atmosphere. It was nice to play something that made you feel a little uneasy but not worried about jump scares. The environment created gives me a feel of the Amnesia games but without the monsters. Overall, I would say this was well worth the money, and I will definitely continue buying The Room games in the future.

- Great sequel to an awesome trilogy

The previous three games all seemed to revolve around a particular character and story plot. With this game, Fireproof Games went back to the drawing board and truly provided a fresh perspective to the series. The third game left me with plenty of questions but now after seeing the ending of this game, I’m wondering how it all connects even more. I also love how they took many of the positive game elements of the previous titles and compacted them very effectively, such as a spiffy new lens, the miniaturization effects, and a more effective travel method. Having played through the original trilogy before the release of this game, I did notice that the travel time of moving from place to place, particularly in the third game, became somewhat cumbersome. So the fact that they made travel through an entire mansion possible by using a dollhouse was a brilliant idea. If I could give more than five stars, I would because I love the mystery, suspense, and wonderful quality that all of these games provide.

- Blew me out of the water

I don’t want to reveal any parts of the story, but this game was amazing. I’m not sure I can find the words to describe how amazing this was. The graphics, gameplay, and story get better with every game these guys make. The initial story is really interesting. Basically, you arrive at a house, and go to the attic. From the way your character talks, you’ll assume you’re a private investigator or something. You’ll find a large dollhouse, which you’ll spend the entire game working on. The mechanical and magic devices are as cool and trippy as always, and the ending will have you on the edge of you’re seat. The ending cutscene will throw you for a loop, waiting for Fireproof to make another Room game so you can get more details. It’s truly amazing how the room can have such a vague yet such a compelling storyline. And The Circles involvement only gets stranger and more interesting. Get this game, it’s probably the best room game in the series, and prepare to have the ending of the game leave you thinking for hours.

- If you love puzzles, escape rooms, and mystery... this is the game for you!

I have purchased every single game in the room universe (and I rarely buy apps/games for my iPad). The graphics and story are amazing while the puzzles and creative gameplay keep the user hooked for hours on end. Buy the first game in the series (The Room), then work your way through the collection; you won’t regret it! Also, don’t worry if you aren’t brainy when it comes to puzzles. The makers provide helpful hints if you need a nudge in the right direction (or you can just ignore them if your determined to solve it on your own). In all the games I’ve seen, there are no “dead spots” or obstructively obscure puzzles (but don’t feel bad if you need a hint when it feels like you’ve hit a dead end). I cannot wait to purchase the next installment in this universe! Developers: obviously not all of these puzzles can be recreated in real life, but I’d by any cool, functional replicas from the game for my collection (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

- The Room #...I’m buying!

I’m cheap when it comes to buying games since I have found very few worth buying. There is always an exception and Fireproof has been a champion from the first Room! I am always excited to see a new chapter come out.. By far the first one was the hardest for me. Back when it first came out I don’t recall hints readily available. Also, I did not know to twist anything with a ribbed edge or to check through and the eyepiece. It took me a while to solve that first one. the If you are unfamiliar to these games in the most general terms they are a series of puzzles. However, they are not standard in any direction. You may find yourself looking at a twist of lines that need to be brought into focus to form a set shape. You may need the eyepiece but that is only the start, now you have to find the right line of sight. You may need to go solve some totally separate quest to help build something to move and your family and family o you have box jut new to be a

- Enthralled But Feeling Incomplete!

I have played all of the Room games and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. All the way from the graphics to the mind twisting puzzles to the soundtrack; they are incredible! So much so that I find myself playing instead of getting other things completed (like dinner 🥴); literally have to tear myself away! If I am stuck, I will sleep on it and have a clear idea on how to solve the puzzle....the games are that intriguing! The one thing though, that I am bothered by is that there seems to be some unfinished puzzles and I am left feeling like I may not have completed something in the correct order. I am left wondering if I have missed something ie. the Faberge eggs were there more to be placed on the stands in the Art Studio, the cabinet in the Japanese room and the bench in the Garden? Would love to know so I can go back and try again! Either way, please keep up the awesome work, Thank You for the entertainment and I truly can’t wait for the next one! Rin

- Another Captivating Edition

Fireproof Games did not disappoint! This 4th edition of the Room series brought the same level of quality and engagement I’ve come to love of these games. A micro-world of levers and dials and puzzles that all interact with each other to tell the story of the search for Null and the fate of those who have found it. The puzzles are a mixture of obvious and difficult, but never so difficult that it requires pure guessing or luck and makes you annoyed when something finally gets “solved.” I have tried other similar style iOS games, and I’ll just say, I REALLY hope there is a 5th chapter in the works! This is well worth the money they are charging for it, and you don’t need to have played the first 3 to enjoy this version. Some of the puzzle mechanics will be more obvious if you have experience with the Room series, but it is readily discoverable if this is your first time playing. And once you’re finished, you’ll want to return to the beginning and play the rest!

- The best digital puzzle box out there just keeps growing!

The Room series is basically an ever-expanding digital puzzle box contained within an ever-expanding, but still deliberately vague and mysterious, storyline. This most recent addition to the series fills in some story, helpfully providing more background and some characters for you to learn about. The design and gameplay will be familiar to players of previous games, but it hasn’t gotten stale. Fireproof’s always excellent graphics, puzzle design, period research, and sound teams (as well as their testers) have once again released a beautifully crafted and executed game that is appropriate for puzzle and horror fans of all ages. If you’re looking for something dark and creepy that will keep you up all night just because you really want to see what the surprises in the next level are, then The Room Series is for you. If you’ve already played and enjoyed previous entries in the series, you won’t be disappointed with the latest adventure!

- So much fun!

I got hooked on these games after going to a Cirque du Soleil show. Somebody said if I liked that circus then I should look into this game. I’ve been hooked ever since. I love every thing about them. I love the graphics, the unique engineering, the imagination, the adventure and the satisfaction of figuring things out when I’ve been stuck. The clues seem to come at just the right time that I need them. In The Old Sins, it was a bit confusing which room was where, but once I wrote it down on paper I could remember where they were located. I bought Old Sins at the beginning of this quarantine period for the Corona Virus. (2020). My husband and I can spend an hour poking around the rooms together and it helps pass the time. Sometimes he would figure it out before me and we could work together. Congratulations and a big shout out to the designers of Fireproof Studios. Bravo to a well executed and beautifully designed game. Now I’ll order the Room 4!!


GUYS!!!! You are AMAZING!!! This game was by far the most BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME game that you guys have made. Thank you so much for making these wonderful games for all of us to play and explore. There are so many puzzles, so many clues, and so much more that we had to discover about this game! It was mystifying and such a thriller! But there is one question that I would love for it to be answered if you guys make another: where is Abigail? Although Edward is dead, I would love to find out where Abigail goes and what she finds. ALSO!!! Me and my dad are addicted to this game! We love to play all of them! Another question that I think should be answered in the next game (if you make it) what is the null and what does it do exactly? But overall I think you guys are INCREDIBLE! Keep up the good work and I hope you had fun making these games for people to play! (Also you guys are really good at animation for this game (: ) Also sorry if long review; this game was just too freaking AWESOME!!!

- Love the Entire Series

I played Room 1 and Room 2 a while ago and absolutely loved them. But when I saw the Room 3 a few days ago in the store I was thrilled. Then I realized, after I finished that, there was yet another installment to enjoy, I thought I was in adventure game heaven. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing all of the games. They are challenging and the graphics are super beautiful. The concepts and the mechanisms, the cutaways and imagery, everything about these games is super fun and cool. My daughter is playing them all (she’s 11) and the optional hints are perfect for new adventurers or if you just get stuck on one particular thing. But they don’t give too much away. The puzzles are thoughtful and complex without being so difficult that you struggle. They’re challenging enough to be satisfying when you figure it out. Such minds that came up with everything. You will NOT be disappointed in this series. I can’t say enough good things. BUY IT!!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

- What a mesmerizing Room game I can actually play successfully

Wow! Room: Old Sins has renewed my interest in the Room apps and FINALLY, I can actually succeed and press on. I am not saying it is easy, far from it! However there clearish instructions but not a total give away. I have successfully progressed to each level with most of my hair still on my head. Thank you for making a very difficult, challenging app that I can figure out. Don’t get me wrong, this is one tough app, but when you succeed at one step and move on, you feel good in side. The app is addicting, but satisfying. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a game to keep your brain functioning and works ones seductive reasoning. Get it, you will LOVE IT! Side Note: When the ROOM series came out few years ago I was very excited and got the app. I became very discouraged and frustrated as there were no instructions or hints and deleting the app. THIS zone is a total keeper!

- Bittersweet

I’m a huge fan of this game series, well, maybe more along the lines of obsessed. When I got The Room One, I didn’t put it down until I finished it or passed out from not being able to keep my eyes open anymore. It was the same with Two and Three. However, I was a little heart broken with this one. The beginning started off great but once I realized that all I was gonna work on was a dollhouse with super simple puzzle boxes within it, it became very repetitive and predictable. I can see what the developers were trying to do with the story line but to be honest, it was under developed and muted compared to the rest of the series. I didn’t mind having to go back and forth between rooms but I wish I would’ve spent a little longer solving the puzzles within them. The fountain in the garden & the globe in the study I would have to say were the worst. I understand it takes a lot to put amazing graphics like this together but the game would’ve benefited more from additional context. Overall, I would say this app is worth $1.99 not the $4.99 I spent.

- Found frustrating, encountered bugs

The “help” function often tells you something you’ve already figured out and done or that is too cryptic to be helpful. The mechanism of entering room portals only via a quick double-tap while wearing the eyepiece is not intuitive *enough* the first time, so I got stuck and gave up on the game for months after activating but before entering the Parlor. (The help clue was that I should check out a new room that opened in the back, but given how useless clues had been so far, I thought making the portal *appear* was solving that room. I had tried single-tapping and the “zoom” gesture and looking at the portal from various angles, somehow never tried double-tapping and didn’t get a clue to suggest it.) Recently I came back to the game to find it hanging on launch with a solid black screen. Killing/restarting the app doesn’t help. Rebooting the phone *did* work, but...WHY was this needed? If there is some resource constraint shouldn’t the app somehow detect it and do something nicer than hang forever on a blank screen? (This is on an iPhone X)

- Addicted until the End!

I have been a huge fan of The Room series of puzzles, and this was by far my favorite. For the small fee charged for this game, I would have expected less intricate detailing in graphics and puzzle solving difficulty; however, that is not the case. Each is rendered beautifully...yes, even though it is a dark story of madness and terror...and required several moves in and out of interior or exterior locations. I found myself working each puzzle in hopes Edward would break free of the insanity chasing him and finally be free with Abigail at his side. Additionally, the hints seemed to know when I was stumped or had lost my way. While the puzzles were not overtly challenging, I must admit I occasionally used them when I found myself “chasing my tail” with an artifact in my possession not fitting anything in the room/area I found myself located. Surely, the creators are working on another Room saga of puzzles? I eagerly await their next installment.

- Another AAA quality game from fireproof!

With each new game, fireproof outdo themselves time and time again! "The Room" series are easily in the best games the AppStore has to offer! Extremely good graphics, a very well built engine, and unusual freedom give this game and especially the original three a very good gaming experience compared to other games of the same genre! The games are usually long, but have chapters or clearly defined sections that break up he gameplay into more manageable lengths, however you can pause and resume whenever you want, and if you ever get stuck, an incredibly helpful and FREE hint system is available to at first nudge you in the right direction, or if you want, it can eventually give you the answer or location of the solution to any problem you may encounter. In summary, this (and the other games in this series) is an unusually high quality game, which has an AAA Quality experience, but doesn't hold your hand unless you want it to, with great graphics, an immersive story, hidden lore, amazingly innovative controls, and even sometimes contains multiple endings! "The room" series, as well as games like "galaxy on fire 2", plague inc., infinity blade, anomaly defenders, out there, auralux 2, and Phoenix 2 are must have games on iOS! I look forward to seeing the next "The room" game from fireproof studios, and to see what crazy and mysterious ideas they come up win next!

- A Sparkling Edition But With The Same Annoying Bug That I’ve Encountered In Every Room Game

I want to start by saying that this game is amazing. The four stars I give would be five if not for the bug. The bug I’m talking about is one I’ve encountered with every room game. After I first make a profile, upon exiting and re entering the app it will say syncing to iCloud on all the profiles. It does this forever. So to fully play the game I have o play it straight through in one shot. Other than that though this game is amazing with its graphics and storytelling. The only thing I’ll say is that the puzzles seem a bit easier than the previous room games but not by too much. Many people are disappointed by the lack of multiple endings but the room 3 was an extraordinary game and I realize that you can’t always give people the same experience with every game. Plus you probably left it open for storytelling reasons. If you could fix the bug I’d appreciate it. Love you guys. P.S.- I play on the iPad Air 2

- As always a very beautiful game...

This one was a lot easier than the last one....but still contains some of the amazing designs, puzzles and graphics as other games in a series...I love the creepy doll house and the story plot was actually very engaging in this room game...I love the new touch ideas such as cleaning a window, tracing, double tapping to shatter and simply holding for a full light always when I finish I want so much more....I hope the next game won’t take years to come out...this is a franchise that must remain....the team behind this game dabbled a little in cultural shift with Japan room design that was beautiful, I wonder what they can do if taking Persian or African and many more other cultures into the game design. Although a lot of design is very English themed and neutral the alteration was beautiful. I love this game...bit short but knowing how hard the team worked to produce something so beautiful I just hope for another one sometimes soon.

- Fantastic

I have played each of The Room games sequentially over the last 6 ish years. They are amazing and have only gotten better with time. This latest adventure is phenomenal. It’s easy to follow and easy to enjoy. The story is subtle but leaves you wanting more. With the perfect balance of wondering where the next part of the puzzle is, and how to solve it this game is amazing. The graphics are smooth, the sound effects and music are a staple. I especially enjoyed the specific books detailing the characters journey following the owner of the house through their own pursuit of the Null. I am definitely going to go back, repurchase and play the others from the beginning because it’s been at least 4 years since I’ve played 1 and 2. All around fantastic game series and I truly hope the developers continue to make spectacular, original games like these. The ultimate story and puzzle games on mobile.

- The Best Gets Better

If I have a critique at all, it’s that there seemed to be many 3-legged sockets for the ornate eggs that were never used. I wondered If the developers had intentions for them and decided against using them all. The gameplay was wonderful, the pace was perfect. I enjoyed the puzzles because they were clever but intuitive. A fine example is the pagoda in the Japanese Garden room, with the circuitry. I picked at this for several minutes until I discovered that the key was interactivity amongst the levels. Very cool! I love that Fireproof didn’t “mail it in” on any of their puzzles. All were given careful attention. The art and detail are amazing. Thank you, Fireproof, for staying the course with this fantastic series of games, and for setting the bar so high for your competitors. Without spoiling anything, I’d say I was hoping that the end scene would have shown an incomplete circle, indicating there would be more to come.

- Wow.

Finished, with a minimum of "hints"! And all three endings! Almost missed the shield...well done making it hidden! The doll house is brilliant thinking and exquisite execution. Stunning game. No crashes. (I am running an iOS 10.3 iPad). The story is odd, and at times the words are trying to hard to be meaningful. In general, just enough story to be mysterious. Puzzles were sneaky and beautifully done. The use of the lens is wonderful. As a player, do not go too fast! The puzzles require time to morph into a new view, challenge, resolution. The only "crash" I had was the one time I went too fast! The game requires time and actually looking, touching, twirling, opening, twisting....etc. enjoy and explore! If you want a fast action game...either take a breath and slow yourself down, or just go find a cheap shoot-em-up game...this is a classy game;-) The entire line of Room is superior workmanship! Many thanks for a great time on a cold winter (several) days!

- Looking forward to

This is the first time ever that I’m writing a review before I played the game. Unfortunately I’m on the road and game requires WiFi to be downloaded, I can’t wait to play this game because whenever sequels of this game come out I buy it without even thinking because it’s one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. In all 3 previous games visual effects, game challenge and rewards were absolutely amazing. I will give it 5 star and adjust the rating after playing the game but I am sure I won’t be disappointed. This developer deserves to be supported! Thank you and keep making games like these Edit: as I thought my original review stands, game is absolutely phenomenal and fireproof came through yet again, wow it’s mind boggling how excellent all of the room games are! Thank you for all you do, please continue making these games I can’t wait to buy another one and support you!

- Another Stunning Masterpiece!

I gotta hand it to Fireproof Games, they never cease to amaze me with their creativity and visual effects! You guys keep up the good work and I’ll keep buying these games! Well worth it! For a very small critique, I would only make one suggestion, which is to make sure that players know if a puzzle piece can be removed again after it has been placed somewhere. You do in fact do this already for some pieces (such as the 5-piece wooden fan), but not all of them (the removable pagoda piece). I spent a good deal of time searching the house for something I thought I had missed, finally gave up and turned the hints on, only to find that I could’ve removed the piece all along. Anyway, that one little thing is a drop in the bucket compared to all the stunning visuals and uniqueness of the puzzles. EASILY 5 stars, and THEN some. Personal favorite: the dragon puzzle. That was beautiful!

- I absolutely love The Room: Old Sins, but...

Exquisite! Fun! Incredible art design and detail. Moody, spooky, evocative, with an intriguing narrative. The hint system is spot-on in its progressive hints. Very, very elaborate and generous in the amount of content. Good level of difficulty - not too easy or too hard. BUT... after completing the game, I must confess that I am slightly unsatisfied. Maybe it’s because (spoiler) the ending is not shiny and happy, and all the beautiful mechanical creations are ruined! Or maybe I’m experiencing withdrawal and need an endless supply of The Room puzzles. Or maybe, just maybe the format would benefit from an expansion into some type of engagement on the part of the player with the forces of the Circle and the Null - to somehow feel as if we have assisted in the resistance. Some action gameplay or battle! At the end, a better measure of relief from the gloom might feel more rewarding. In any case, I still love it. Thank you!!

- In a class above all others!

First I wanted to let you know your games are excellent, stunning graphics adds to the realism and escapism I look for in a game, challenging to the point they are interesting and satisfying w/o being frustratingly difficult. You’ve asked for feedback on future game improvements, here are some suggestions: * Add a character into your game, perhaps a ghost that could either be helpful or obstructive to solving the mystery * Adding in consequences for too many failed attempts at a puzzle or other specific task that locks you into an additional room from which to escape. That same room could also be used as a bonus room for everyone else who do not fall into the room via failed puzzle attempts. * Add additional difficulty levels that can be selected before the start of the game Also I wanted to let the entire team at Fireproof Games know that you should all be very proud of all of your games in this series. As a fellow engineer I know how much hard work and long days and nights goes into product development. Also I saw someone else say this, I never pay for games, your games are the only exception! Keep up the great work you have me as loyal customer. And lastly thank you for all your games especially this latest Room Old Sins it has brought me hours of great gaming experience and has been very satisfying.

- Another “instant classic” but short/easy

All of the Room games are works of art in my opinion. Perfect games for the mobile platform, with an excellent not-too-intrusive storyline, and creative puzzles. This addition to the series was a bit easy though, and because of that, naturally shorter. Of course I’ve played through the other Room games and maybe that experience gives me an edge, and makes it only feel easier. I’d be interested to see how long this takes a first-timer, if Old Sins were their first experience with “The Room.” It took me 5 hours, 21 minutes hints OFF of course) and barely involved any true “puzzling out” of the problems. They were all more or less straightforward. But now I’m even more interested in The Circle, and the Null, and the connection between these two entities than ever before. I can’t wait for more installments of The Room series, so long as they continue to reveal the story behind it all.

- Beautiful but easier then the rest

I don’t understand all the 4 stars this is getting. Maybe if you’re comparing it to other games out there. But comparing it to the other Room games I might even give it a 2. If you are a Room fan you’ll want to try this one, BUT - I found the puzzles not as challenging as the rest. When you find objects it becomes very obvious where and how they are used. Turn off the hints right from the beginning, that will help a little in keeping it more difficult. Maybe it’s because I did the first three that I know what to look for and how things might be hidden. No surprises in this game. I felt that this installment leads you on a direct path and I found myself saying, “wow, that was easy.” I felt the game guided me too much towards the next solution. Some of the puzzles are so simple you can’t even consider them puzzles. Like just turning some wheels or outlining a shape with your finger. Also, it seems shorter than the others. Still beautiful graphics and environments.

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- Can’t get enough of these games

What’s not to love? A mysterious and intriguing setting, fascinating and creative puzzles, spectacular graphics and attention to detail... once again Fireproof Games has stolen a few hours of my life. I played this on the iPad Pro and this game made the platform shine. Smooth gameplay, responsive interaction and a level of visual fidelity I didn’t think I’d see on a tablet. The puzzles themselves were all well crafted and the solution was always available with proper observation and logic. And you can disable the hint button, which seems like a small thing but is a major plus in my book. This game was an insta-buy for me and I don’t regret it for a moment. Will insta-buy the next one too. And can I also applaud the pricing model. A decent price to buy a well-made game in its entirety. No micro-transactions, no subscriptions, no in-game currency or any other mobile trappings. Top stuff.

- This might just be the best Room yet...

I have played all of The Room games, and this one has been the most enjoyable so far. By now, it almost goes without saying that the look of the game is stunning, the soundscape is perfect, and the atmosphere is just the right amount of spooky. Fireproof Games’ decision to base this game around a dollhouse, linking all the rooms in the house to one central object on a table, was a stroke of genius. The puzzles follow along the same lines as previous Room games, so the gameplay feels familiar, but the storyline offers a new angle on the Null Element theme and offers something new to existing players. It’s easy to see a TV series or a movie being centred around the Null Element and its ability to trap people by bending space. But perhaps the best thing about this game is, having played through to the end, there is a huge window left open for a future instalment in this stellar game series.

- A brilliant 4th instalment

I’m rationing myself so that I don’t finish it too quickly .... although the 2 year+ wait between Room 3 and Room 4 (Old Sins) suggests I won’t ration myself sufficiently. These are, quite simply, the best games I’ve ever played on iPad. Clever, atmospheric, quirky, thoughtful and with a terrific hint system that I endeavour to use as seldom as possible. Just enough story to have a narrative, without lessening the essential nature of the puzzles which are the point of the games. More on the hint system: If you feel impossibly stuck, you get a first gentle hint that guides you just a little. If you are truly stuck, there are up to four hints and the last hint will pretty much tell you what to do. So far, I haven’t got past having to use hint 2 in any situation and have only used the first hint 3 times so far.

- A great series

A top series of games that combine story, graphics, innovation and gameplay. From the moment you start you know it’s going to be quality. Rather than a puzzle game I would call it an investigative game. You won’t get stuck on Mensa puzzles that stop your progress. Instead it asks you to be observant and inquisitive. A lot of tasks require manipulation of the world rather than clicking buttons. An intuitive control system is used so that the immersion is not broken. I’d say it is about 4hours long if completed without hints. This is a game to take slow and consider rather than rush through. A top game that’s worth the price. A big recommend from me.

- Great game for hours of immersion!

I had no hesitation in buying this game outright, and as I recovered from an operation it kept me optimally distracted. It took me just over 6 hours total but I only used a couple of hints after deliberating for some time on what to do (because I had put it down for awhile and then when I picked it up again I couldn’t remember where I had seen the next thing I needed). Just the right amount of difficulty and well worth the money spent. Fireproof... please continue making more of these and others like them, and continue pricing them reasonably for a once through type game. Well done!

- The most engrossing of the series

I expected this to simply be good, but just a prequel. But this is the most engrossing of the series, one that feels more than just puzzles, more of a narrative, simultaneously claustrophobic but an expansion of the universe. The effects and consistency of tone, the linking of rooms within the Room, the feeling that the puzzles were a maze of dependencies, made this episode of the Room series flow so that it felt less like just a solving of puzzles room after room. I thought I’d finish this satisfied I’d completed another excellent puzzle game, and move on, but instead I just want more. And I want it now. The best episode of the best series of the best game on iOS.

- A Worthy Successor!

I have eagerly awaited each instalment of The Room series of games, and Old Sins certainly didn't disappoint. I've been hooked on these games since Fireproof's very first offering, and there has clearly been some experimentation going on with the sequels, yet I feel this one gets far closer to my idea of perfection than the last two. That's not to say they weren't both excellent games which I constantly recommend, just that Old Sins feels more integrated and logical, with a better flow. Keep churning out the genius, Fireproof - don't keep me waiting too long for The Room's next incarnation. In summary, another brilliant game!

- Great game !!!!

This game like the others is an extremely well created story based puzzle game. The detail in the pages help drive the story and intrigued me every time I entered a new room. I wish the puzzles may have been a bit more in depth like in the previous games ( the music box/room was my fave ) opposed to the back and forth mechanic in this game. I found in most cases it wasn’t hmmm what am I going to do with this object .... it was more like there is only one place it could go .... let me change rooms again .... and after placing it .... most the time that was the end to the puzzle This is in no way a negative review, I appreciate the time and dedication u and your team put into these games. I regularly have been checking the App Store for the newest edition and was so excited when I saw your new game :) Keep up the good work :) I’ll look forward to the next chapter in my favourite puzzle series. I hope I won’t have to wait as long as last time :)

- Best of the best!

These games are indescribably good. The graphics, sound and flow are flawless and never any glitches or crashing! Fireproof have excelled themselves with ‘Old Sins’ and continued to develop the story that flows through all the games. The puzzles are just hard enough to make you work for them, some easier and some harder. It’s brilliant to be able to deactivate hints so that you really have to riddle things out. Totally worth the extremely reasonable price tag and love that there are no in-game purchases! Keep up the great work Fireproof.....holding my breath for the next instalment.

- Another fantastic game

Seriously, the room series gives me a puzzle experience unlike any other with its 3D interlocking puzzles. I really enjoy how they are slowly but steadily building a story around the rooms with the null as physical manifestations of souls. The only annoyance I have when that this latest instalment is that it seemed as if some of flow of certain segments were a bit off, I'd rack my brain on where a piece fits, be unable to find the proper location, then once the hints have dragged me to the location I still can't seem to understand the train of thought I was meant to undertake.

- Thrilling

I can not overstate how much I love these games, they are so intricate and intriguing. To create such a world, such atmosphere in a game you can play on your phone is phenomenal. I have never seen such attention to detail in a game outside of a console, and this has more character, more creativity, more substance than many of those. I’m constantly amazed at the hours I can sink into this game completely entranced by the subtle insights into what makes a human curious enough to become snared in “Null”. Do yourself a favour, play this game in the dark, with headphones because it’s more than a game it’s an experience.

- Honestly best puzzle game ever

I have been playing since years ago since the room come out and I have played every single game since and loving each one more and more when they come out this one took me a while to finish not because it was hard just because of work and school but these games never seem too disappoint and hopefully there’s gonna be another game in the instalment soo we can enjoy another game and more puzzles too have fun and keep up with the story line they have as well included in the game keep up the amazing work

- OMG! Can’t wait for the next!!

Have loved the Room adventures. I play each one several times ~ they are that addictive. This one is no exception. It breaks from tradition to play out within the ‘confines’ of a doll house, making each object delicate, ornate and unique. Japanese Room was the fave! I’ve never begrudged the cost, which is so little for the highest level of graphic design & interaction possible. My only complaint is that my MAC on latest IOS blurs the lens views. I got used to it, but I really miss the earlier games when they were crisp and sharp. ****Any help in rectifying this, pls shout out!

- The best phone game you’ll ever play

The room series is insanely good, if you’re a bit put off by the price, just know that this instalment is a bargain for the quality and amount of game you get (if you have never played the room, go and try the first in the series, they have part of it on here for free, you’ll be hooked from the start)! The graphics are amazing, the puzzles are challenging (but never impossible) and the plot is always mysterious and well told!! Cannot wait for the next one, thank you and keep up the good work fireproof games!!

- Definitely the leader of the pack 🏆

From start to finish the quality of all The Room series is by far the best out there. The Room - Old Sins is by far leading us through yet another journey you just don't want to end. The smart, stylish and innovative game play is way ahead of its competitors. If you love a good puzzle game your money is well spent on these games. I can't thank the developers enough for their most amazing games. The ingenuity is second to none, keep up the great work there is a whole lot of followers waiting of the next one. 😀

- Absolutely brilliant and I hope there is more!!

The standard of graphics and gameplay sets the bar high that this series definitely stands out beyond compare! The puzzles are challenging enough to keep you going to solve them, beautiful mechanics mesmerising, and inspiring. Love the Dollhouse concept too! Worlds within worlds, puzzles in all rooms. A really beautifully crafted game, detailed settings are so intricate, and seamless transitions as you navigate the rooms and objects. Well worth every penny and worth the effort! Can’t wait to see what’s next! More Please!

- Clever and engrossing

This is the series’ second best entry (the Room 3’s multiple endings and more varied puzzles make it the best puzzle game on any platform) continues to impress. The puzzles are mostly challenging, especially the ones involving abstract reasoning. However, some moments are no challenge whatsoever because instead of letting you figure it out, the solution is literally written on walls beside the current challenge. There is enough variety, though - but turn off hints. They aren’t really clues so much as they just tell you what to do.

- "Easiest" Room, but most compelling, too

This is by far the easiest and most linear of The Rooms so far, but it is still superb and challenging. While the previous Rooms have been beautiful looking puzzle games with story almost like an afterthought, Old Sins tells a tale every bit as gorgeous as its appearance. The malevolence of The Null and it's reality-warping abilities are in full force, as it distorts the physical and mental landscapes of those it comes into contact with. If only it could warp the time it takes to craft these games so the gaps between each entry weren't so long.

- As expected from a Room game, simply brilliant

The game stays true to it’s roots but brings so many brilliantly engaging puzzles with a sweetly delivered dark and mysterious narrative. Keep it coming guys loved all the game. Cutscenes are superb as well. My only gripe would be the length of it (finished it in 5:57 hours) but that is quality 5:57 hours, imagine buying 2 cup of coffee and you enjoy them for 6 hours. I would love it if they can add some extra narratives that is hidden behind quick completions on NEW Game+ or something similar. Regardless, loved the game absolutely

- Worth every cent!

Brilliant! The best yet! I’ve eagerly downloaded each of The Room instalments over the years, and it is the only game I am willing and happy to pay for. I didn’t even know The Sins was being released, so I was very excited to see it yesterday when I was browsing the App Store. I had promised myself I would pace myself and spread out each chapter, but the game is just so great, I couldn’t wait to finish it. A job well done and I look forward to the next version. Thank you for creating such a fantastic game.

- Yet another fantastic installment!!

I cannot get over how creative and mind bending the team is who puts these together, it is a fantastic challenge right from the word go. I also must commend you on just having a price you can pay and not be forced to play stupid match 3 games or buy in app purchases to continue. You pull us into your strange puzzling world and never let go, I love, love, love your work, please keep it up!! I will be eagerly waiting to buy whatever your twisted minds think up next!

- Brilliant. Again.

Once again the developers have created a wonderful, beautiful and puzzling mystery. Excellent game play. Just enough hints to keep you going when it gets tough, but not too much. The brilliant graphics and slightly creepy world they have created is made all the more interesting by the imaginative gizmos in the game. The stronger narrative in this edition made the original concept even better. Thanks Fireproof, and keep up the great work! I'm really looking forward to whatever you come up with next.

- Wow

Considering how much work had to be done, sleepless nights, countless of coffee to create this game and still be able to finish it in 5h and 39 min. This is an excellent game with superb graphics, animation, music and story. However, the puzzles are very very easy and almost every time predictable but few were very well made and though through. The end of the game was a bit like "what is going on here". Weird. I hope that in next series the puzzles will be way more complex and difficult.

- What a truly excellent game!

When I first stumbled across ‘The Room’ I played it and realised what a wonderful puzzler this was. I was hooked and could not wait until the next game and the next and then next. I introduced it to the family and they are hooked some younger than 9. The standard is excellence through and through. So well done to the team who constructed this game. More than highly recommended to anybody looking for a challenge for their minds! Now.... what’s the next project?🕵️

- 5 Star Excellence

5 out of 5 to be sure. Has to be the Best Game online. I’m a Scrooge & don’t pay for many games at all but when it comes to The Room, I’m more than happy to. The artwork, intrigue, mystery & exquisitely fine attention to detail places this latest ‘Old Sins’ right up there above & beyond the best & should be the benchmark that all the others aspire to. Well done to Fireproof Games, consider this one your finest to date. Please don’t make me wait too long for the next one, I’m begging you...

- Brilliant and engaging as all ways

I really love this kind of game, where I can work out puzzles at my own pace and it’s satisfying when you’ve finally worked it out only for it to lead to another one. The room is one of my all time favourite iOS game series and ‘Old Sins’ doesn’t disappoint. If your a fan like me then it’s well worth it. I always wish these games were somewhat endless, but I will instead, wish for the next chapter soon. Keep up the good work guys, 5 stars.

- I am soo addicted to the room since I bought this game

I would definitely recommend to people who like mysterious, creepy puzzle solving games with a story behind it. This is what this game is all about. I am definitely buying the next game by the room. It had the best graphics, but was a little glitchy. I was using m6 ipad air 2 and normally games don’t have the best graphics, expect this one. It took me six hours to finish this game without even cheating. Try and beat me.

- Love this series

It makes you think and keeps you sucky in. There is no ‘in app purchases’ which so many other games insist on. Well worth the price. Only thing is, I’m prone to migraines and these games give me a bit of a head ache with all the flashing lights and things when changing between rooms and sequences. It would be great to have an option to turn the bright and sudden room changes off. But worth a bit of a headache all the same.

- Absolutely brilliant!

These games just get better and better. It reminds me of the classic Myst games but not so convoluted or arduous. The puzzles have a good balance of not being too easy or too hard. You get a real sense of achievement every time you conquer one of the spaces. Great and beautiful graphics and awesome sound effects. Everything is beautifully detailed. Awesome job guys. Keep on producing these games as I am sure there are plenty of people out there who love your games.

- 2020

I’ve only just discovered these games and I’m totally in awe. So incredibly imaginative and creative, I have no idea how you put something like this together. I’ve now completed 4 games and will be buying your next creation. I’d love to watch how you put it all together because it’s fascinating. So clever. Thanks for all your hard work. It certainly keeps my brain ticking over and I did need all the hints although could do a little by myself.

- Fantastic new “episode”

I have enjoyed every single Room game so far and this was no exception. Your puzzles do sometimes tend towards being a little the same, but they change enough to force me to think outside the box (or the Room, as it were!). Please do continue to make these games and also to include puzzle aspects that draw from different parts of the brain or different disciplines. I look very forward to the next game.

- Brilliant....another late night for me!

I absolutely love these games, I have all the other rooms so was soooo excited to find there was a new one out, I couldn’t stop playing, I kept telling myself that I will go to bed after this chapter but I couldn’t put it down.......I eventually went to bed after 3 more chapters, these games are so well made and keep me enthralled at every turn, well done once again.......can’t wait for the next installment😍

- They know what they are doing

Not often these days you find a software that works from day one without continuous updates. These developers take great care to deliver a quality product that doesn’t end in frustration. How they do it, I don’t know but they show the world it can be done. Thank you for a enjoyable time and all your hard work creating it. Looking forward what you come up with next time.

- ....but in a good way.

More of the same from Fireproof. That usually precedes a death-nell type review, citing a lack of change or imagination; a vain attempt to cash in on the success of preceding volumes without creative contribution. But The Room is special, and like other games, its devout followers want more of the same. Old Sins delivers everything familiar with enough of a twist to make you want to binge-complete the edition, just to see where it takes you. Well done!

- Never disappoints!!

The Room series is something I wait for ardently, and each instalment has always surpassed the previous. I never hesitate to purchase it right away because it’s always proven worth every penny. Keep it up, although I liked the various rooms and buildings in previous versions, the dollhouse was a wonderful change, comparable to ‘inception’ in certain instances, and most beautifully executed. Can’t complain, hands down 5 stars!

- Brilliant!

I have played the other 3 games on pc with my sister and was shocked to see an app of one I haven’t played. Honestly didn’t think it would be as good but i was mistaken! This was an absolute treat, i thought all the intricate detail was the best and then i get a movie at the end!! I’m so excited! The fact this works so well on mobile blows my mind. Thank you developers for your amazing work, i will definitely follow for more

- The epitome of puzzle adventure

Gotta say myst pales in comparison to the intricate and phenomenal world of ‘the room’ series. Every single puzzle is interesting and extremely believable within the context of clockwork and a little supernatural. Combined with touch specific interactions like using two fingers and seamless use of stylus to twist open and manipulate clockwork masterpieces is a sight to behold and rare in IOS gaming, a pleasure to play. For a game of this magnitude to come out of all places IOS is an amazing achievement.

- Worth every cent

Like its predecessors, The Room: Old Sins is an excellent, highly creative and deeply engrossing puzzle game. The puzzles are extremely well designed, always challenging but never frustrating. The attention to detail in these games never ceases to amaze me. This game is a steal at full price - and if you haven’t already done so, buy and play all the previous games in the series. As far as puzzle games go, it doesn’t get better than this.

- Always impressed! More more more!

Seriously cannot believe you still manage to find new ways to do puzzles. Always impressed. The quality of your games are amazing and first rate. Better than anything else I’ve had. Thanks for all that you do team because I am more than happy to pay you for such an experience. I wish you all the success you deserve. 😘 Always waiting for your next one!

- Worth the wait!!!

I've been eagerly anticipating this game since it was announced and am ridiculously happy with it. My only issue is I've now finished it and am craving MORE because honestly the ending raised more questions than it answered. I'm so intrigued by the story, which is interesting considering the beauty of the world and intricacy of the puzzles are the strength of the Room games. It definitely held up to the first three, guys, as I was certain it would. Well done!

- The only game I've ever given 5 stars

Not since Myst and Riven I have i been so fully immersed and enjoyed a game so much. The graphics exquisite, game play so satisfying, attention to detail amazing. Truly an awesome game. The end came too quickly - each room seemed cleared faster than the last... I was completely distressed when the last two symbols disappeared together 😫. My sincerest thanks and accolades to the developers for their incredible efforts.

- Simply Amazing

I decided to replay The Room 1, 2 & 3 while on holiday recently, and got so excited to see this newest addition to the series. I’ve enjoyed every Room game to date and have never been disappointed. The story and the gameplay are intriguing and I’m really hoping this continues on after this too. Thank you for making these and looking forward to anything coming in the future!


This game was truely stunning, a new insight into the world of the room. The two of us actually fought over who got to hold the iPad, the tactile experience was so amazing. With each new room and each new book, the story became better and better. The beautiful graphics and captivating storyline really helped to drive home that you were messing around with something that was better left alone. Thank you for another amazing game!

- Another fantastic and intriguing game

Yet another episode in this engrossing series of the Room. Quite challenging most of the time, and a little frustrating on a few occasions but it constantly holds your interest. Graphics again are out of this world, and the imagination of the developers is truly amazing. Thank you for all of this series to date and hope that another is not too far away.

- The best that’s out there

I’m amazed how Fireproof games manage to keep the game play original and exciting with each new release. I feel completely transported by the storyline, the puzzles, the graphics and overall feel. Addictive and high quality in all areas. I haven’t come across a puzzle room game that comes even close to matching the excellence of the Room series. Can’t wait for the next one

- New to the series

Only good things to say. I wish the option menu would allow inverted Y and X axes. Got the game based on its high rating. Didn’t disappoint. Challenges are well thought and nothing extremely hard. I got stuck once or twice but the hints helped me. Overall, the progress was consistent, rewarding and would recommend this game to anyone. It’s really good. Thanks. Please keep going

- Brilliant graphics

The story is irrelevant to this game. The way objects are able to be rotated in 3D, open etc is amazing. The stunning furnishings, attention to detail and the use of the eyepiece to add another aspect is so creative. I’ve got another two rooms to go but I’m enjoying being lost in this intriguing house. The help is absolutely essential and gives enough guidance without being too prescriptive.

- Loving every iteration of The Room

Honestly can’t say which is the best - obviously The Room 1 was great because it broke new ground at set the standard for iPad games. But then the developers have introduced new twists in each subsequent version. My only qualification on Old Sins is that for me, the hints came up too soon. If you are already familiar with The Room universe, then try this one with the hints turned off.

- Testing but not extreme

I have played a couple of these games and have enjoyed them a lot. The puzzles are challenging but once you get what to do you have a bit of a D’oh! moment. Well, I did anyway. It seems hard to believe that the answer was right there the whole time. I would get more of these games if/when they come out. Totally recommend them.

- And the twists continue!

The story of these games is honestly just as winding and perplexing as those Null tentacle things that show up so often. Very fun and interesting with just the right level of trickiness to the puzzles, and a hint system that lets you try to figure it out yourself but doesn’t leave you hanging for too long if you’re really stuck. Nice work on another great instalment 😊

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- Great game

Great addition to the series.

- So far it’s not disappointing

This game has big shoes to fill and competition in the app world now. I wasn’t sure they could pull it off yet again....... only a short while into the game now and I am so excited!

- One of the best

I really enjoyed The Room series, but this one was particularly challenging. I hope more are coming.

- They’ve done it again !!

Once again fireproof games has come out with an amazing puzzle game. I’ve never had another group make a game that intrigues me so much that I forget the rest of the world and just want to complete every puzzle and find every nook and every cranny like this game has. I’m only a couple chapters in at this point but I can tell that it’s going to be just as good as all the others have been if not better. P.s while it is not entirely required that you play the other games first I believe you will have more fun if you do 😉

- Magical !

Absolutely amazing .... again. Totally extraordinary.... again. More than perfect ..... again. As addictive as the three other of the series ... again. In a word ... orgasmic ! .... again. The Fireproof Games team are magicians !

- Wow

Superb graphics, excellent storyline, thought provoking and genuinely one of the best IOS games out there. Please M O R E!

- Very enjoyable and addictive

The atmosphere created around these puzzles is wonderful. The puzzles aren’t stupidly difficult and certainly kept me engaged. I’d recommend this and all the previous ones in The Room series. Keep them coming!

- Masterful Mystery

This game provided a wonderful blend of intrigue, a sense of the sinister, and is truly captivating. I became stuck a couple times, as I would expect in a mystery of multiple layers. Eventually returning, it all gradually came together. The Room provides that sometimes needed opportunity to escape from one’s daily routine and duties, drawing on other faculties that for me at least provided a spirited journey. Well Done!

- wow

tout simplement magnifique

- Best one yet

I’m never a skeptic when a new Room game from this developer pops up. It takes me less than a minute to hit the buy button because I find the games the produce to have great value and are clever to boot. 5 Stars.

- Excellent game

It was so incredible, even though it made my brain hurt. I am sure that this is one of the most awesome, confusing, and mind-boggling puzzle games that Ike ever seen.

- Vraiment un très bon jeux!!

J’ai adoré jouer. Aucuns bugs e vraiment une mention spéciale pour les textes très bien traduit. Les décors en valent la peine! Malheureusement c’est jamais assez long 😅 Très hâte de jouer à une nouvelle histoire 😃

- Excellent


- A great and beautiful game

Fireproof crew has done it again! A visually beautiful and intricately thought out game. I liked it so much, I rationed my playing time to extend the duration. Thank you!

- Great game!

Big game with innovative puzzles and immersive theme and environment

- Can’t play on the iPhone 11

The notch on the screen blocks the inventory so I can’t use any items. It’s a shame because I know these games are amazing.

- Wow...again, wow

The room serie never disappoints me. This one is just brilliant! Everyone who enjoys game in the puzzle solving/room escape genre should try this one!

- Super exciting

The Room is one of many games in this genre that I’ve played, but it is by far my favourite. Engaging, unexpected, with an original story that kept me guessing. Love it!

- Incroyable!

Très divertissant, les graphiques sont beaux!

- Totally worth every penny.

Can’t wait till next one comes around.

- Loved it!

By far one of the best games I’ve played! Thank you for this series of puzzlers!

- Captivating

Honestly couldn’t put it down, couldn’t wait to get out my phone to play again!

- 100% Absorbing

Another fascinating and absorbing game akin to a riveting page turning novel you cannot stop reading. As the latest instalment of The Room series, I think this is the best so far. It transports you into a mysterious story you need to follow. Make sure you play wearing headphones as sound is an integral part of the sensory experience. I look forward to how your creative team will top this one.


Love this series it’s so awesome. Most of them very creepy at times. This one not as much but the creativity is still there. Maybe it’s just me but this one seemed a bit shorter then previous games. Not complaining though, it leaves me wanting more. Definitely going to get the VR game next. Awesome job keep it up!!!!

- A masterpiece!

Somehow they managed to outdo themselves again. Absolutely stunning! Makes me feel like you’re in another world the puzzles are just gorgeous and unique! Absolutely worth it! Can’t wait for the next one!

- Excellent jeu!

J'adore toute la série et j'espère que cette aventure va se poursuivre! Ou bien créez une autre univers! Merci pour votre créativité

- The Room: Old Sins

Thank you very much for continuing the series of which I have played and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I played the previous games on my Windows 7 PC with no touch screen and this one on my iPad. I can see why I never found a version of this game for my PC as a few puzzles required simultaneously moving two objects. Keep up the great work. I am your biggest fan!

- The Room Old Sins; New Tricks

Clever, insightful and throughly entertaining.

- Great game

This was the best one so far. I can’t wait for the next one

- Enjoy it

Once again another great game. Can’t wait for the next one.

- Good game

Fun game but seemed to get easier and the rooms took less to complete as the game when on

- Great game

Have played all the Room games.... none of them disappoint!

- That was fun!!!

This is the first game I have played in this series and I really enjoyed it. Will go back now and play some of the others.

- Highly entertaining

I’ve played all the other games in The Room series, and this lives up to the high standard of this game’s predecessors. The puzzles are intricate, the graphics detailed and finely animated, the story intriguing, and the atmosphere delightfully creepy. I like that this iteration has a lot more moving back and forth between rooms than I recall from previous installments. My only complaint is that it is not long enough, but that’s more related to the enjoyment I get out of playing than the game actually being too short. I look forward to finding out more about Abigail in the next installment - will the Circle catch her or will she catch them?

- Riven in a smaller version

Since the beginning this game is as close to when I played Riven Please keep on the good work graphics fantastic the story and a little bit of JJAbrams in the production(finding objects and going back to find the area to place it into)

- I look forward to the next one

Fireproof delivers another engaging chapter in the collection. Worth every cent!

- Captivating

I loved this. Very well done. I can’t wait for the next game!

- Wonderful addition to the series

Great in the series, does not disappoint, and makes me wish they worked faster to bring out the next one!

- Another great sequel!

Atmospheric but fun and immersive game. If you love the previous Room games you will love this one too.

- A + for creativity!

Loved this game. Hard to walk away from it.

- Favourite Room

I enjoyed this game the most of all the Rooms so far. Excellent graphics and puzzles.

- Very entertaining game

I will not hesitate to get the next edition in their series.

- Great game!

I’ve played all the games in this series and loved them all. I think this one is the most refined and lovely of them all. Great job. Keep them coming please!!!

- The Room Old Sins

Just love the visual, the graphics and the problem solving fun!

- Great game again

Number ONE on my list again. Can’t wait for the next one!

- Awesome Game!

Another great game from Fireproof Games! Keep going guys! Can’t wait for another story!

- Old Sins

Nothing short of excellence in The Rooms.

- 4 great games in a row

Another great run through the room. I found myself constantly turning the game back on to do a few more steps on top of the times where I just vegged out playing through puzzles. Well worth it

- Great game

Thank you FireProof for another great game!! Great addition to this series! I can’t wait for the next one!!!

- Very creative

Great game! Creative & challenging.

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- Fireproof continues its streak of great games!

If you’ve played any other games in The Room series, you know what to expect - cleverly designed, intricately nesting puzzle boxes, beautifully rendered and, as far as I can tell, utterly bug-free. Old Sins doesn’t deviate too far from the formula, which means it’s magnificently done and well worth the investment. Of note this time is the way that the various rooms in the game relate to one another; solving a puzzle here may reveal a vital item that unlocks a whole new series of events in a room you thought you were done with. If you’ve played a The Room game before and enjoyed it, just buy this one now - it’s another brilliant piece of work. If you haven’t tried them yet, I recommend starting with the original The Room and playing them all! (Oh - and use a tablet rather than a phone if you can; the graphics deserve a big screen!) Highest recommendation.

- Perfect!

I LOVED this game. I’ve played the previous games in the series, and this one was the best so far. Three reasons why this game is so great: 1. Good level of difficulty. I used the hints, but not often. I never got stumped for too long, but I also wasn’t able to breeze through every puzzle without some challenge. Some of the puzzles were almost too easy, but the other (harder) ones balanced it out. I liked the variety across the puzzles (some were very spatial, some technical, some intellectual, and some just tricky). 2. Beautiful graphics and scenes. The rooms were ominous, mysterious, and provocative. The puzzles were intricate and artful. I appreciated the small details in everything. 3. The narrative is compelling. The storyline, though rather opaque, stays interesting and relevant throughout, and the end is straight-up trippy. 😁 One possible fix for future games: I found it too easy to know where to look and what to interact with. The rooms have a fairy predictable amount of objects and challenges, and (being someone who likes to explore), I wish I could move more freely around the spaces. I liked how solved puzzles became inert; this was a useful and clear effect. In future games, I’d love a few red herrings, more active areas, and more agency to explore the textured spaces and rich narrative of this game.

- Almost the best but at times frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, it was good/great. However, instead of being captivated like I was with The Room 3, I found I would get anxious/frustrated. I think it was the having to go from room to room so much, and having to put the eyepiece on every time to do that. If I were honest, I would say it took me less time overall than 3, because the navigation took the majority of the game. Because of all the room changes I found that I used the hints more. Was it just not as intuitive as the first 3, or was it again because there were so many rooms at once? 3 seemed to have a natural progression that was perfect, Old Sins was just sort of all there at once. I realize rooms showed up consecutively, but it seemed a little much. The good...the graphics and the puzzles, outstanding as usual. The puzzles are intricate and exciting, just wow. No other puzzle game comes close. So...when’s the next one?

- What An Experience!

The Room: Old Sins is a game I have waited a long time for, longer than I care to admit. The mechanics and controls are precise and simple as always, as to be expected from Fireproof, and the graphics look as stunning as ever. I always felt immersed in the environment, there was never really a dull moment. Often times, I found myself stuck on a puzzle, but I could always figure out what to do next. The only thing I didn’t like was how short it was. This one was much shorter than the 3 game in the series, and I feel there could have been a lot more. The ending left me craving for more, and perhaps some DLC or a second ‘episode’ cold be implemented to give us more to do. I finished the game in less than 4 hours, which caught me by surprise. Anyway, I would recommend this game to anyone, but be warned. This game drains your battery life like there’s no tomorrow, so play sparingly or else you’ll find yourself with no power.

- Stunning, but hard

This game was so well made, it was innovative and deserves every piece of fame it gets, as having played all of, “The Room” games, this game fits perfectly into the storyline. While the game is interesting in most parts, there are some very random, thrown in parts. For example, some things are simply hidden under something. There are soooooooo many objects it is impossible to know it is specifically that object. The graphics and storyline should be famed, but I do not like is how you get new enemies every time. You had the original creator, the craftsman, and now The circle. SPOILER!!!!! You may be working for the circle to find the null (It isn’t clear)END OF SPOILER. Overall, the graphics are amazing, a famed backstory, innovative yet challenging puzzles to have fun with. I personally would like to see the room 4 where the null is stolen and you must find all of them.

- Always favorite! With things to improve

Spent 5 hours on the puzzles this time. Amazing as always! Wonderful design, great story telling! Can’t wait for the next! **I always play the game series on iPad, a small screen will waste the game Suggestion for developer *comparing to previous installment, I enjoyed this story design better, I spent some time reading the dairy and poetry. However the puzzle felt easy. Solving the puzzle need more physical muscle than the brain muscle. At times player need to navigate to different rooms, and exiting/entering rooms takes unnecessary time. The eyepiece reveals almost everything, giving away too obvious. It's almost certain how each object is going to use and place, unlike previous installments you need to use the tool in more than one occasion which feels more realistic(e.g. A skewer). As a long time fan, I hope the next one will be more challenge.

- Superior

This series is outstanding; consistently superior in many ways: 1. Detailed, intricate, beautiful graphics. The mechanics, movement, and engineering is pure artistry. There is a graceful, almost poetic, flow to playing it. 2. Always creative, clever, and imaginative. 3. Challenging, but not too frustrating. Logical puzzles, so that the player must think “outside the box,” but once immersed in the game flow, solutions become intuitive. (An important talent many developers lack.) Just enough hints to keep the game moving at a good pace. 4. An intriguing story line, well integrated into the gameplay. One of the few games where the story moves the game forward instead of just being ancillary to the gameplay. 5. It would be a shame to offer these games for free and break the players concentration with silly, inane, ads. It would destroy being able to immerse yourself in the world the developer created. The cost of the game is reasonable and well justified by the production values. I’ve played many types of games and seldom give 5-star ratings, but The Room series never disappoints. There are a handful as beautiful, a handful as clever, a handful as enjoyable to play; but none has all of the outstanding characteristics that Fireproof includes in their entire series of games. Thank you Fireproof. You’re a great role model for other developers.

- Omg Finally!

These games are the best puzzle games I’ve ever played. If you are someone that has played the previous installments, this one was worth every penny spent. fireproof games didn’t let us down one bit. Old sins brings back some of the similar things we are familiar with, such as the ocular device, but with a nice new twist. The gameplay was much smoother, graphics were a nice touch that made it feel more immersive, and the music and haunting sounds to go with it all! I have to say I did best the game in 3 hours and feel like it could have been more challenging by giving us more than just the doll house, BUT.. that said each room had its own challenges that were a bit head scratching, bu eventually was able to figure it all out, with a story line that just keeps going! Keep it up fireproof and everyone else, go ahead and pay for it, it’s worth it!

- Amazing imagination on part of designers

The machines all work. I don’t mean just in the game. I mean if you built these in real life they would work. I really enjoyed this game but it ended waaay too quickly. Even with several distractions I was done in half a day and was left yearning for a lot more. I have to admit that I used 3 or 4 of the clues though. The dragons were super cool and my favorite bit was the elctro-magnet in the kitchen. Super intricate and highly imaginative. I wish I could submit some ideas I had as I went through. It’s just difficult enough to give you a sense of accomplishment and easy enough to keep you from getting too frustrated. I’m sure it took them months or maybe even years to develop all this but I could have spent 10x more time without getting tired. Thank you for creating a quality game that didn’t crash even once.

- The Room

This app franchise is the only one I bother purchasing. I’ve seen other apps that are totally inspired by Fireproof Games’ creation but I’m not looking for imitations, I want the next edition of the Room! It’s something that I can spend an afternoon completing. There’s a sense of achievement that you get rather than having games that have no end you just see how high you can rank yourself. The only thing I didn’t enjoy at first was that the way it starts is in some room that has a dollhouse and mostly everything you do is solely focused in the dollhouse. It wasn’t until the end when I realized the room I’m in is an inception room that is part of the dollhouse. So maybe there could’ve been more with the atmosphere it was placed in like in previous versions you are totally immersed in the world, but the puzzles were entertaining to decipher and the story was engaging.

- What a game!

Nicely done Fireproof!!! First of all if anyone wonders does this game worth $5 or not, IT DOES. I’ve played all of “The Room” series, and all of them are awesome! The artwork is gorgeous as always; the story is compelling; the controls are intuitive! One thing I love about The Room series is that they are challenging to play, but not impossible. Connecting clues requires careful observations, but none of the clues makes me go “well that’s a leap”. I love that in this one, all the rooms are all interlinked. I have to carefully observe all the rooms to save myself from zooming in and out. The ending is amazing (not going to spoil anything here go play it!!!). Honestly, I was wondering how The Room 3 can be surpassed, and this one did not let me down! I do wish this game is a little longer and has multiple endings like 3, though. I finished the game I waited for 3 years in 3 days! Please please please make more sequels!

- Flawless, like all the Room games

Another home run! Seriously can’t think of a series I’ve enjoyed more reliable in ages, short of the masterpieces like Zelda or Pikmin. My wife and I love escape rooms and I wonder if this series isn’t part of the reason why. While not a traditional escape room it is the closest thing I’ve come to grasping that type of puzzle and suspense. My only “complaint” is they’re always over too soon and wish Fireproof had a team of thousands who could create this caliber of game every six months or so! I know, I know... another request would be a way to play it two-player/cooperatively, the way escape rooms are done. That might break the game, though, I know cooperative Zelda wasn’t that great in Four Swords Adventure. Anyway, keep up the great work, Fireproof! You understand puzzles and creativity in ways few game designers do. Thanks!!

- The story continues...

Once again I am amazed at the craftsmanship and story line of this series. This adds a whole new level onto the already intriguing build. SPOILERS!!!**** The ending where you see the cult and know that they are collecting those is insane. I would love to find out where things go next. I am always amazed at the intricate detail of everything from the gears moving to the full scenes and this was beautiful yet again. I love this series of games and look forward to any venture in the future. Thank you for providing us a unique adventure and a different look into puzzles. You help me look outside the box, or room if you prefer. Any how there is a reason these games are so top rated and it’s because of the fireproof studios team and I want you all to know that you have a dedicated fanbase that will continue to grow. Thank you again.

- Great Game, Just Slightly Lacking

This is a masterpiece of a game. Well thought out, great design, nice storyline. Definitely worth the 5 stars. For some reason after completing it, though, I’m just left wanting more. I’ve played all the room games so far and have been thoroughly entertained by all of them, including this one, but it just seemed a little too easy compared to the others. I know “easy” is a relative term, but it didn’t take me all that long to complete, and seemed to utilize a lot of very stepwise and formulaic logic. I don’t want to sound like a total jerk here as I respect that the creation and development of this game must have been a Herculean effort, and I really do think it is spectacular. I just hope there is a follow up soon as I burned through this rather quickly. Totally worth the purchase, though. If you like puzzlers, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

- Best puzzle game I’ve ever played!

I have been a fan of puzzle games for years and this $5 app game has beat them all and then some! I recommend it to anyone wanting to sit back and figure out what I call “common sense” puzzles, meaning, there are no incredible inaccurate leaps that the game creators made in an attempt to make it ‘hard’ if you know what I mean! All of them made sense and even when I had to ask for a hint, it made me want to laugh at myself for not having seen the obvious! 😂 the puzzles are super creative and some of them I have never seen before! The graphics are amazing and the music is incredible. I want to buy the soundtrack! The feel of this game reminds me of games like Arkham Horror (board game) and Mansions of Madness (board/computer game). If you love dark mysterious environments and a cool story with awesome puzzles. Definitely play this game! 💖

- Excellent game!

Another excellent The Room game from Fireproof! The story lines are always mysterious and puzzles are challenging yet solvable without being frustrating. The hints are helpful when needed yet out of the way when not. The visual quality of the game is impressive as well as the sounds and music which lends itself well to the story line. I have thoroughly enjoyed every game in The Room series and look forward to new ones with anticipation however, I just read on Fireproofs website that the next Room game will be on Virtual Reality platforms only. That is sorely disappointing to the many of us that love and have loyally purchased the games for our mobile platforms. Please consider not limiting yourselves to VR only going forward and remember those of us that got you where you are today on our sad little mobile platforms.

- The PERFECT solution for Doha to LAX

This is an AWESOME game. Anyone who can find a way to give it less than four stars is deluded. A game without variety would be mundane; the variety needed to avoid such will necessarily have portions that are more or less favoured by any single individual. I personally preferred the steam machine sequence but I certainly don’t deprecate any other rooms or chapters. The puzzles are intricate and beautifully rendered and searching for them requires meticulous observation, a solid memory, and a good sense of imagination. The rare, eccentrically contrived solution just adds to the fun. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes and the writings of HP Lovecraft, you are in for a treat. The visuals should hypnotise both engineers and steampunkers alike. A perfect solution to a 10+ hour airplane trip!!! I definitely look forward to the next addition to this addicting and fascinating series of games.

- I LOVE these type of games...

so much that I can’t deduct points for one minor issue... 1. Please do whatever is required to fix the pagoda problem with the gold ring. For those reading this review The game does not sense that you have added a gold ring to a particular piece thereby preventing you from continuing. If you have the problem: “The best workaround is to use the game’s hidden cheat menu to get around it. To do that, pause the game and tap on the “Game Paused” text 5 times. From the menu, choose the room that you last opened, and it’ll put the game in a position before the bug occurred. You’ll need to repeat a bit of what you done, but it’ll save you from having to restart the game.” Then when you get back to the Japanese room work the room in a slightly different order and you won’t have a problem. The other option is to try and find the bug fix update which I could not as of the date of this posting. Other than that I can’t wait to win the lottery so I can hire a bunch of brainiacs to make games like this to be published at least monthly. Not enough of them are out there I would hope there is a huge demand I know I would pay from eight to $10 per game to play these I hope somebody start publishing them more often. Great job keep it up!

- Another stellar game.

I have to admit when I first opened #4 I wasn’t super excited. I had just finished playing 1,2 and 3 again after I read the release date of 4. Old Sins didn’t start off with where 3 had ended so at first, being centered on a dollhouse just didn’t seem as intriguing. I’m so happy to admit I was wrong. As the game progressed I got more and more drawn in. As with all the previous games, I slowed down play toward the end because I really didn’t want it to end. I hope there’s a 5 on the way because every other game I try pales in comparison. The graphics are amazing, and I love the music. The whole game is very atmospheric and I get lost in it-as you should in a really good game. Thanks for giving me hours of enjoyment. Anxiously awaiting an announcement about the next one. Until then I will replay them all again in about a year.

- C

This game is visually amazing and I love the story and everything, but I have two problems. First, the gameplay is almost impossible without hints. And the main character seems to just conveniently know things, like oh yes of course you saw that the octopus i havent even looked at yet or realized was there is missing an eye and the thing i have right then is the eye. Second of all, theres not much you can do about this but I finished the whole thing in 4 hours total, and after you finish it theres nothing really to do besides delete it. Be warned, youre paying for only a few hours of very high quality gameplay. Oh and also the story has a little too much fun with itself, even though I have very little idea of whats actually happening. I played the third game first, and i didnt even know there was an overarching story, and a complicated one at that. But you should get this game, its great.


Make sure you have PLENTY of time to play because you won’t want to put it down. And if you have to put it down you’ll still think about it. Graphics so real you expect to feel texture. Seamless movement and excellent 360!!! Overall the game is Difficult but not so difficult you want to quit. Just difficult enough to capture 100% of your focus and you look up and it’s been 4 hours! Not too short just long enough! Broken up by chapter nicely! And hints that you don’t have to pay for! I didn’t have to watch a single tutorial or walk through to figure it out. Unlike other developers stories you’re supposed to read in the story, (often too long and not relevant) these guys kept the reading easy all the while making you look forward to finding the next book! Excellent job!!! LOVED IT!!!

- Best Room Yet

I was really pleased with this latest installation of the game. It’s worth every penny, and at 5 hours of play time, a buck an hour isn’t bad (I’m slow, though—I’m sure others could complete it faster). It was challenging, but not terribly frustrating like these sorts of games can get. I only used the provided hints a small handful of times, but I was glad they were there. I suppose my only real criticism is— if you get stuck, there aren’t any options as far as hints go. Maybe just a little bit quicker on releasing a hint would be helpful. And as detailed and beautiful as it was, I would have been even happier if it was a little longer. I didn’t feel the same relief at completing the game as I have before. I wanted to keep going. But I suppose that’s a sign of a great game! Another fantastic job by the Fireproof peeps!

- Excellent as always

The Room series has been a consistently bright spot among a vast sea of mediocrity and micro-transaction infested garbage that plagues the App Store. The only significant criticism I have to give is that the puzzles are generally much easier than the previous games. There are a few challenging ones, but for the most part it's just a matter of figuring out the next dial to turn, or knob to pull - there are, unfortunately, very few genuinely clever puzzles this time around. I hope the next outing ups the challenge a bit - given you have a built in hint system, you can certainly afford to be a bit more devious with your puzzle designs without fear of being *too* difficult. That having been said, what is here is a good time, and that's what counts the most. Keep it up, Fireproof. I sincerely hope it works out well for you because you're one of the few great iOS game developers.

- My fav of the series

Puzzles were challenging but not frustrating to the point where you hit that question mark hint. Can be solved with persistence. I found the third installment to be the most difficult & had problems finding where I needed to go/what I needed to do. This one has challenging puzzles and a few stumpers you can solve with patience & thoroughness. The storyline is a little confusing to me, although it is intriguing. The storyline for this installment was clear enough, but I felt as though I wasn’t sure if I completely understood the connection between the first 3 installments & this one. There are common threads, of course, but I’m a little confused on how they all tie in together. Problems (again) come from the third installment. In all, a great game, & fun. Getting ready for my third playthough. Highly recommend.

- Another Great in the Series

I don’t play a lot of games, but when I found The Room and it’s sequels, the latest being Sins, I found a few games that were worth of my time to play. The graphics are great and the level of detail is outstanding. The clues give you some idea what to do next without making it too easy. There was only one very small detail that I thought was missing. That is the inner door in the submarine. Once opened, there were no pins, latches or anything that should have appeared that actually lock the door in place which would also have damaged the framework around the door once it was finally opened. This is not a big deal or game killer, just a detail I was surprised to see missing only because there is so much other detail elsewhere. GREAT JOB, Fireproof! Keep them coming.

- Another outstanding puzzle!

We are hooked as a family with the adventures and puzzles. It makes you think outside the box and really imagine. The magnifying glass helped considerably with showing the areas in each room that needed further investigating. Please create more of these high caliber games. Loved the ending on this, adding a mini movie scene ending. I can see this turn into a great movie or real life escape rooms! Our youngest, at the first game you introduced a few years back, was only about six years old at the time (he is now 12) and he figured out things faster than my husband and I, and this time, we were all racing to see who wins. My husband had a day start and I finished before him! Yay. But I admit to looking at a few hints when I got stuck. Seriously, I felt my head would explode thinking too hard! Lol

- Resolve that cliffhanger, guys!

In every Room title, Fireproof Games skillfully toe the line between creepy and scary, with puzzles that hover on a razor’s edge between challenging and difficult. But oh, that intense satisfaction when your brain goes “click”! :-D With the intricacies of Old Sins, I “lost my place” a few times and had to use a hint to give me that “aha!” moment for the next step, but more often than not the hint was a confirmation that my hunch was correct, I just hadn’t quite twisted the puzzle the right way yet or had wandered into the wrong room. Stay alert, inspect everything, and keep details in mind, because you’ll need to come back to them later. As my review title suggests, the game ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, a tantalizing look into the universe’s background, the forces behind it all, and the next steps to be traveled. More, please!

- Exceptional as usual, a must have

From ex’s an issue with the game not starting ( just reboot your device) and I’m back to this fourth episode of the saga. Probably the better one. I’m probably around at a third of the game (was able to create the steam) but I’ll keep the rest for a 12 hours flight I’ll have in two days. I would say that probably puzzles are a bit easier than the previous one, or maybe I’m just used to their games. If you loved the previous titles or you love puzzle games, just press the buy button and you won’t have any regrets. The atmosphere is darker as usual, but there is something different in this version, you’ve the feeling that someone is watching you “inside” the “house” The only challenge I have is that the details are super super super small, I’m playing on a iPhone 6s Plus and I can barely see the details or read the notes (right I need glasses). But seriously, you need to think about a zoom function. Also think about something to change the brightness . I’ve a privacy screen and few things are barely visible. If you’ve an iPad Pro this game is a must so you can slap on the face of your friends and show them how gorgeous is the iPad with this game. Thanks again... cannot wait for a new chapter of the saga!

- They have to be Fireproof b/c the Game is LIT🔥

I have been a fan of the Room series since my husband put the first release on my phone before we got on a long flight and I was, as I still am, so impressed with the quality of the puzzles and the immersive experience. I swear it was the closest thing to VR (holding the phone so it fills up the major area in ones field of vision, a dash of imagination, add a handful of very trying puzzles balanced out with the “quick solution” puzzles for the reward and for pacing the in game experience and Voila...Fireproof has another smashing success of a game to their credit! I have fingers crossed that we might get to see a Room in VR now that devices such as Oculus GO have made really good VR much more available to the masses. Thank you for the hard work and thoughtfully crafted games in the Room series! -Respect.

- Fireproof did it again!

I’ve been onboard since the original Room came out. It was an amazing game...still is. And Old Sins is no different. The graphics are amazing, the sounds and music add depth, and the story continues to grow and intrigue players. I’ve played every Room game that has been made, and love them all! Old Sins is amazing and adds another great title to the series. More intricate and complex puzzles, more mystery, deeper story. The only bad thing about it, is that eventually the game ends! The folks at Fireproof have done it again. Every game gets better and better; and I can't wait for the next one! Thank you Fireproof for making amazing games of such high quality, for an upfront price with no “in-app” purchases! Please continue to make Room titles. I think all of your fans will agree: We need more....MORE!!!!

- Not perfect but still worth playing, regardless

The Room: Old Sins is by no means a bad game. It is still worth playing, I just think that it didn’t surpass the whole impact that The Room 3 did before it. I find the premise to be quite interesting what with exploring the nooks and cranny within the Dollhouse and whatnot. Like the previous installments in the series, Old Sins still looks great on an iPad at least IMO. The puzzles are still as clever and challenging as expected. The atmosphere is very spooky and sends shivers down my spine and it is very fitting , just like with The Room 1, 2 & 3. The story for this game may not hold a candle to the previous games but still worth delving into, either way. Old Sins may not be perfect but despite that, It is still a really good game and I believe Fireproof Games did a really good job with this installment and they deserve to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

- Knocked it out again!

I love the whole the whole series. I feel a personal attachment to these games. Old Sins was very entertaining. I enjoyed the room within a room aspect to the gameplay. And having puzzles requiring elements connected to other rooms was a stroke of genius. The experience was so well crafted! I want more! At times I wished there was more revealed about the story, that the stakes had been higher, when solving puzzles. I think maybe I wanted more tension, maybe even more mystery around what was happening with these character. Never the less this game still gets 5 stars from me. I can see how this game introduces a whole story arc that will allow for the expansion of the series. Looking forward to more challenges and spooky, Victorian enigmas in the future! Thank you Fireproof for so much fun and ingenuity!

- Still my favorite mobile gaming series

The Room has been my favorite in mobile gaming franchise for quite a while, and Old Sins does not blemish that. The first three games had a very clear evolution, offering more objects, mechanics, areas with each new entry in the series. Old Sins is the first entry to back step just a bit in terms of depth and scale, but this isn’t a bad thing (especially since Three caught some flack for being a bit overly large and spread out). You’ll likely finish Old Sins more quickly than you did Three. I attribute this to a more compact, approachable environment. You’re not as likely to get stumped for long periods of time. Old Sins may not be the most ambitious game in the series, nor is it my favorite, but it’s still a better experience than 99% of mobile games out there. Also, it’s The Room!

- Visually beautiful, enjoyable to play, but less challenging

Another beautiful addition to the Room series. Always really fun to play but I found this game to be less challenging than the others- could be that I’ve become used to the types of puzzles and the logic needed to progress through the game- but I do think that the puzzles have become simpler. Often I found myself disappointed that opening a drawer or cabinet merely required a turn of a wheel or slide of a knob. Also, the challenges and the complexity needed to progress further in the game seemed to decrease in difficulty as you completed each chapter, so I was disappointed that the last couple of rooms were completed very quickly and it felt like it ended too suddenly and prematurely. But overall, always really fun to play and kill a few hours. Looking forward to the next version!

- Am I A Gamer Now?

I'm a 25 year old woman and I don't play video games or mobile games unless it's solitaire, but my boyfriend swore I would love The Room series and put the first one on my iPad. I've never been so happy to fork over money for games in my life. The puzzles, especially ones involving locking mechanisms are hugely satisfying to solve. The sound effects add to the euphoria. I love the whole steampunk Victorian horror aesthetic. The first one and Old Sins were my favorites, I was way more emotionally invested in the Old Sins storyline and was very sad at the ending, like a good book. This story also was less vague and open ended to me in this one which I liked since the others left me not really knowing what the hell happened. I give them all 5 stars and hope they come out with another one. Shut up and take my money.

- Nothing comes close!!

I completely love The Room games I have played every one of them at least 3 to 4 times each, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this game it is the only game I’ve played that is worth every cent and is also the only one I write a review for, I mean I’ll give games a star rating but I never take the time to give my opinion about it but I believe people need to know about The Room, also you don’t need to get the previous ones to know what’s going on really but I would also highly recommend getting the previous ones simply because everyone of these games are a huge amount of fun and like I’ve said worth every penny and I believe the older ones are probably cheaper at this point so in conclusion if you want a fun and highly addictive game go no further and get THE ROOM👍👍👍👍

- Great game! A great follow up in the series.

They fixed the things that were a struggle before (long loading times whenever an eyepiece accessible portal opened up) and made everything very convenient to access. Although I would’ve appreciated harder puzzles like in Room 3, this was still pretty good. I like how the storyline this time was a little clearer as you followed the couple’s journey with the Null. What they did with the Craftsman plot in Room Three was a little more all over the place so this was more interesting and easier to follow. Maybe we’ll finally find out what the Circle’s big plan is in the next game? I’m looking forward to finding out! Tl;dr: Good game, good story, could use some harder puzzles and more replayability (i.e., things you wouldn’t notice on a first playthrough). Highly recommend and there’s always “room” to make a more exciting and enjoyable game.

- Should get ten stars out of five

Warning: mild spoilers. The level of creativity and detail in this game is amazing. I started playing Fireproof Games' first game, The Room and loved it so much I played all the rest up to Old Sins. Though the plot does tie into the previous games, this could easily stand on its own. I like how you aren't sure which character or narrative is trustworthy for a while. The first game is the only one that gives an intro into movements and mechanics of play, but basically it's your simple pinch and zoom, double tap and slide movements on the touchscreen. The idea of a sinister force working to capture... something, is both creepy and exhilarating. Fireproof Games: keep it up. These are literally the only games I have spent money on to put on my phone. They are reasonably priced and so much fun. Thank you!

- Another great one!

I have bought every one and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. This on has new mechanics that I really thought were great. I too like some of the other reviewers thought that the Room 3 was amazing and could have been a stand-alone by itself. I was hoping that there would have been more to this one since it seemed shorter than the previous ones. I would also like to ask that you put a bit more story into them because it’s enjoyable to learn about what happened to cause the situation at hand. I also think you should have had the girl save her husband... 🙂 I rated 5 stars because all of The Room series games are very good and challenge our minds. I would like to ask that you not give hints so easily because I feel people would just keep clicking it instead of looking for clues. I actually enjoy that part of it. Maybe after you offer the first clue make it take more time to give the other and so on for the next. I would gladly pay a dollar more on the price tag if you could make the game longer. It just feels short. Possibly because I was enjoying all of the new mechanics that were challenging me. All in all great job Fireproof Games! Thanks for creating a great game series.

- Brilliant!

I loved this! I couldn't stop playing all day. There were some parts where I thought Edward was the same character from the last game, as they were both leaving notes as you traveled through seemingly endless rooms. I liked the plot development, but perhaps some connection to previous games/plot twists would have made this even better than it already is. Very interested to see where the next game goes based off of this ending! Also, I love recommending this to my friends. I always talk about the plot it follows (I liked having an unspecified gender for first person character- through the first few games I imagined the main character as a woman), but always emphasize the quality of graphics. The Room series are the only apps I've ever seen/plays with such good animation.

- Spectacular game with realistic graphics

I thoroughly enjoyed figuring out the many puzzles in the game. I found the solutions easier to determine than I thought they should be, though. But, the graphics are so detailed and amazingly accurate from every point of view that it creates a good illusion of being in another reality. I was impressed with the intentional detail given to every “machine” within the game - especially when there are several gears working together. Also, each drawing and chart was great - such as the diagram of a heart on the wall. It would be great if there was different levels of difficulty available - maybe you could make a special edition that is highly difficult for us who like greater challenges. Keep up the good work - I look forward to the next one.

- Very enjoyable

Although this game is a little on the short side, as others have mentioned, I really enjoyed it. It gets back to what I originally liked about the earlier games in the series. With the Room 1 and the Room 2, although I sometimes used the hint system, I never really felt “without that hint I never could have figured this out, not in a million years.” That changed with the Room 3, which offered extended content, which also involved the puzzles getting more complex in an almost arbitrary way—complexity for the sake of complexity. You could be moving through a bunch of rooms, trying to figure out what to do next with what piece, and the alternate endings seemed nearly impossible to figure out. I think that the designers went for just a little more of an ‘open world’ feel, but—at least for me—that took away from the game a bit by moving a step away from the simple-but-challenging charm of the first games. I believe the designers must have realized this. In the new game, the content seems scaled back a little from the Room 3, and the feel is more like the first couple of games. The puzzles are challenging, but without that feel of: “this is so arbitrary that I could never figure it out myself.”

- Amazing! Exceptional!

I seldom write reviews but I have been playing this game for hours, in the dark, on my iPad Pro and the graphics are amazing. The gameplay isn't easy, just hard enough to make you think (and use the occasional hint). Only one criticism: on the iPad Pro the game isn't quite full screen. I can still see the date, time, battery, etc at the top of my screen during the game. In future updates could that be covered up? I play other games that cover it and they aren't nearly as immersive as this! I'm playing in the dark and the only distraction is the white text of my status bar. I have no complaints beyond that! This is now one of my favorite games of all time and I will be playing the older versions soon. Thank you for all your hard work!

- Carries on the Room Tradition

If you enjoyed the earlier games in the Room series, this one is more of the same good stuff: moderately difficult puzzles, Victorian aesthetics, great sound & graphics, and cosmic horror. No knowledge of the prior games is required. The same McGuffin runs through the series along with a vague plot (which honestly is a bit meh). The game is not as difficult as the last installment. Puzzles are signposted better, and once you figure out the mechanics, solving them isn't difficult. There is some back-tracking, but it's only between 2-3 locations per level, and it just takes a few seconds to switch between locations. I seem to recall a lot more tedious schlepping back and forth with the last game. Thus, overall the quality and content are strong enough to justify the price.

- Enthralling

I’ve come to expect a great deal from Fireproof due to how amazing the other The Room games have been. This was no exception. It was interesting, thoughtfully made, and overall just flat-out enjoyable. Finding games like this that give you the right amount of difficulty without crossing the line to illogical and difficult... it’s just an absolute godsend. I cannot even express my excitement and joy when I saw that this had been released and I would send a personal thank you each person who worked on this, if I could. That’s not possible, so: just go for it. The ridiculously high ratings this has gotten isn’t a lie, or a fluke. I haven’t spent literal HOURS of my life searching for other games that could give me what these games have. They’re entirely in a league of their own.

- Old Sins

Fireproof games and these developers have no equal, hands down the best on the market. I have yet to find another series or developer that even comes close. These games have such logical, visual, spatial puzzles that offer mind challenging exercises. I have never written a review for a game until the one I had to write for Room 3, and now I find myself wanting to write another. That said, here goes. As good as this one is, I don’t find it as engaging as The Room 3. Even with its very interesting and intricate puzzles, stunning graphic, and unique storyline I find it didn’t give me the same thrills as the challenges the others did. But, I want to also say this is a great game and the final scene is stunning. Thank you for all your creativity and genius. Again, this is a great game. But Room Three is my favorite.

- Fantastic

AGAIN!!! These people know how to make a game! Worth far more than they are asking for. Great game to play if you are on a plane. Unable to put it down until I finished. Not as long at THE ROOM games, but a worthy addition. Amazing graphics. Beautiful sound effects. Play with headphones. You will lose yourself in this game. Be near a power plug though. Takes hours to do. All tasks can be done without help if you simply revisit previous rooms. Not much backtracking involved. Pay attention to your surroundings and you will figure everything out. I will replay this game, just like I did the other three!! Please don’t stop making these. They shine on the IPAD Pro. No one else comes close to Fireproof The Room! Others have tried, they fall short. THIS is the standard in room puzzle games.

- (Insert gushing title here)

I’ve been with this series since the launch of the Room 2 on iOS back in 2014. A lot of veterans to the series have opinion that while still great, this is a step down from its immediate predecessor. (GAMEPLAY MECHANIC SPOILERS AHEAD) And while I get where they’re coming from, I personally disagree. This game, which involves you shrinking down to explore various rooms of a dollhouse, is much smaller (literally) in scope than The Room 3, which takes place in a sprawling complex with massive towers and striking scenery. However, the creativity of Old Sins setting and gameplay is so refreshing that I personally think it does in fact exceed the quality of its predecessors. The most refreshing mechanic is that the levels in this game are all connected, you must switch between rooms to solve the puzzles and they are all connected in a way that dramatically departs from the previous games, but still maintains the classic Room feel that the series is rightfully famous for. All in all, 10/10, 5 stars, masterpiece, best puzzle game. (I do think this one is better than Dark Matter, the VR one, but I expected slight growing pains in moving to VR and that game is still absolutely worthy of the series’ name.)

- Maybe my expectations were just a bit too high....BUT..

Oh man... I absolutely love these games!! This game was very good but seemed to be lacking a little bit. I can’t quite put my finger on it... it just seems smaller. I love the other games how they have the entire room that becomes part of the puzzle and this one it just seems like small parts of the room were the puzzle. The game itself is fantastic though and I would definitely recommend it. I just hope in the next installment, and PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE... but I just hope it goes back to the big grand puzzels that involve the whole room. I would also like to see a little bit more dramatic gameplay in the next one like in the other games. All in all though this was a very solid game and I very much enjoyed playing it. I will be waiting in patiently for the next one!!

- Marvelous sequel

I downloaded the fourth series immediately after I saw it in the App Store and started on it right away. My favorite part for this game is actually the notes. In the previous games, the notes made barely and sense except for the notes left by the Craftsmen in The Room 3 but this time, the notes were clear and left me with a sense of urgency as the notes got progressively more and more intruding. In addition, the puzzles, as always, were extremely fun to solve and on just the right difficulty. I was able to clear the game using a minimal amount of hints, leaving me with a sense of accomplishment at being able to clear the puzzles on my own, for the most part XD All in all, The Room: Old Sins is an amazing game! I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

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@itsyourpaulo The room saga (the room/2/3/old sins). ROMS: Type-M. Choices, Pinout. data wing, Smash Hit, the birdcage..... there are TONS

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@Fireproof_Games Are yall planning to port the room old sins for pc? I wanna replay them all but i prefer on PC with better graphics and so far Old Sins isn't on steam :c


finished The Room: Old Sins, and it rules. Feel like going back to play the series from the beginning. Thanks for letting me know about this one, @math_vet!

3 🐻 10k 🐀

The true gay Catholic experience is making up sins for confession because how tf are you gonna be in a contained room with an old ass white priest at 13 and tell him you read gay Naruto porn?? What I'm just gonna go to church the next day and see him again with that knowledge???

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@Fireproof_Games @TheRoomGame Do you have any plans to port Old Sins to PC? I finally finished The Room 3 and am dying to play the next one

The Room: Old Sins 1.0.4 Screenshots & Images

The Room: Old Sins iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The Room: Old Sins iphone images
The Room: Old Sins iphone images
The Room: Old Sins iphone images
The Room: Old Sins iphone images
The Room: Old Sins iphone images
The Room: Old Sins ipad images
The Room: Old Sins ipad images
The Room: Old Sins ipad images
The Room: Old Sins ipad images
The Room: Old Sins ipad images
The Room: Old Sins Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
The Room: Old Sins Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

The Room: Old Sins (Version 1.0.4) Install & Download

The applications The Room: Old Sins was published in the category Games on 2018-01-25 and was developed by Fireproof Games [Developer ID: 552039499]. This application file size is 1.04 GB. The Room: Old Sins - Games posted on 2018-02-05 current version is 1.0.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.FireproofStudios.TheRoom4

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