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Enter The Room: Old Sins and be transported to a place where tactile exploration meets challenging puzzles and a captivating story.
The sudden disappearance of an ambitious engineer and his high-society wife provokes the hunt for a precious artefact. The trail leads to the attic of their home, and the discovery of an old, peculiar dollhouse…
Explore unsettling locations, follow obscure clues and manipulate bizarre contraptions as you uncover the mysteries within Waldegrave Manor.

Explore a deviously complex dollhouse which transforms at your fingertips. Each intricate room is a portal to a new, stunning environment.

Easy to begin yet hard to put down, enjoy a unique mix of intriguing puzzles with a simple user interface.

A tactile experience so natural you can almost feel the surface of each object.

Examine dozens of detailed objects to discover which of them conceal hidden mechanisms.

A haunting soundtrack coupled with dynamic sound effects create an unforgettable soundscape.

Share your progress between multiple devices and unlock achievements.

Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

Fireproof Games is an independent studio from Guildford, United Kingdom.
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The Room: Old Sins App Description & Overview

The applications The Room: Old Sins was published in the category Games on 2018-01-25 and was developed by Fireproof Games. The file size is 1.04 GB. The current version is 1.0.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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The Room: Old Sins Reviews


Indescribable Excellence!  TheReluctantReviewer625  5 star

This game was thoroughly enjoyable. The graphics were stunning, the gameplay challenging yet not difficult to the point of frustration (hints off) and the story gripping! I've played all the in The Room series and all are exceptional. Thank you, devs! Looking forward to the next installment.

Thud Hammerbolt

Challenging!!  Thud Hammerbolt  5 star

I love all of the games by this developer. If I had any negatives, it would be that the background tends to be too dark to play in all lighting conditions. I play this game when traveling and if there is any sun shining in, seeing the details is extremely difficult. Otherwise a fantastic challenge. Keep it up people!!


Loved just wish there a map  jclark14487  4 star

If I’m the beginning there was a map of the house to keep at all times it would be less frustrating. I found myself over and over searching for the room I was looking for


Best one yet!!!  Mauipickle  5 star

This was by far the most enjoyable of the series! I loved the storyline and the puzzles really made you think! The game designers are truly masters of their craft!


Just WOW  Jparmi101  5 star

This is by far the most beautiful game I have ever played. With the most beautiful graphics ever. I really hope there will be more games after this one. Every one of the games in the series have been beautiful and this game just blew me away just wow.


Awesome  未成年奥特曼  5 star

Awsome game!!! Live up to its name!!!

Zippy Vippy

Old Sins  Zippy Vippy  5 star

I think the game was fantastic. I’ve played it a couple of times. Can’t wait for a new one. I’ve got tried others and only one even compares to it.


Excellent Puzzler  lalvarezpr  5 star

I enjoy it throughly. It makes you think and analyze out of the box. It’s challenges your mind.


100% an 10/10 A+++ game  PerkinsMcKee  5 star

When I beat the game (twice), The ending made me go “DAAAAAMNNN!!!!!” By the way it looks, I think there will be another sequel!


Best game ever!!!!!!!!  Me137262936  5 star

I have played all four of the room games and I can’t wait till the next one!


Loved it!!  Jobi77  5 star

I have loved every single version of this amazing game. Keep them coming please!!! 🙏🏼


Loving every iteration of The Room  D2traveller  5 star

Honestly can’t say which is the best - obviously The Room 1 was great because it broke new ground at set the standard for iPad games. But then the developers have introduced new twists in each subsequent version. My only qualification on Old Sins is that for me, the hints came up too soon. If you are already familiar with The Room universe, then try this one with the hints turned off.


Brilliant  chrismrtn  5 star

Best in the series!


Awesome as always  hellokarl  5 star

This is the brand leader in this kind of game and this is another fabulous oeuvre in the genre.


Awesome  lovelove8$$$  5 star

Wow this game is amazing, I love a good challenge and I sure did get that. Keep up the great work guys. these are the sort of games our young people should do, it keeps them thinking so they use their brains. Especially for strategic reasons. Cheers


Chandelier is BS  mattybravo  1 star

The chandelier makes NO SENSE AT ALL.


Addictive stuff  Suemac10  5 star

I’ve completed all your puzzles & regularly revisited the first 3 regularly until you released this. This puzzle has been the most intriguing so far and I think the most challenging. thank you to all the developers for an absolutely beautiful piece of work. Can’t wait to complete it again & again until you release #5.


Testing but not extreme  Moosie912000  5 star

I have played a couple of these games and have enjoyed them a lot. The puzzles are challenging but once you get what to do you have a bit of a D’oh! moment. Well, I did anyway. It seems hard to believe that the answer was right there the whole time. I would get more of these games if/when they come out. Totally recommend them.


Old Sins  Ookz67  5 star

I thoroughly loved this game one of the best I’ve played. Awesome graphics, storyline the puzzles were amazing. One minor complaint was that the letters or hints were way too small to read but this did not affect the game play at all. Please make more games like this😁🥰🥳


Brilliant - again!  Baxxta  5 star

Please don’t stop making these games! They envelope you with the story, sounds and graphics....not to mention lack of ads, requests to upgrade, etc etc.


Outstanding Game  DragonFan69  5 star

What can I say. Fireproof Games did it again. It’s what I like to refer to as a unique escape room. It wasn’t easy and at times I had to step away from the game but I always came back. I’ve truly enjoyed “The Room” games and am looking forward to hopefully seeing another one soon. Well done!

Celenia Fig

When is the next one?  Celenia Fig  5 star

I never write reviews but I love all of The Room games. I’m never disappointed and I hope that you have much more in store for us.


Room  Lolaanne!!  5 star

All of The Room games are excellent! Worth the $

Florgen Horgan

Amazing  Florgen Horgan  4 star

Really good game the only thing I would change is have the option to make it brighter


Crazy long game  Bluelarz  5 star

This sequel is really really long and tough. After playing it forever, I’m thinking they could get $10 or $15 for it. A truly epic game.


No-equal  MommaD76  5 star

Your “Room” series is by far the most challenging and enjoyable games out there. I haven’t come across anything even close to the quality of these games. I eagerly await the release of any game released by Fireproof games!


Next!  NickDiggla  5 star

Awesome as always! Fireproof has yet to disappoint. I am constantly searching for their next release.


Excellent!  logonaut  5 star

Another fantastic addition to The Room series. Well worth the price of admission.


Good game  CarpeDiem12868  5 star

Almost.Myst-like in some ways. Great graphics and good story line. Hints were good when needed. Well worth the price!

dans an from LA

Le meilleur jeu au monde!😀😀😀😀😀😀  dans an from LA  5 star

Merci aux créateurs de ce jeu FABULEUX, pour la qualité des images, la créativité des énigmes, c,est le quatrième que nous faisons A quand le prochain? Courage à l’Equipe, vous êtes des génies!!! Daniel C


Magnificent  SueSplash  5 star

Clever, brilliant and totally addictive. Can’t wait for the next installment.


Brilliant  Leagaun  5 star

So, so good! When's the next one coming out!!???

i know. its my nickname

Stormin  i know. its my nickname  5 star

Brilliant. Please hurry up with new one.


Wonderful  Neeliebee  5 star

Superb graphics. Brain melting puzzles. Loved it. Looking forward to next instalment.


Another brilliant game from Fireproof  dag4146  5 star

I have loved these games ever since they first came out. This hasn’t disappointed. I love the puzzles and I hope they keep coming.


Fabulous game  RushingCarol  5 star

My first version was free one Christmas from Apple I think. But I’ve purchased every game since. Graphics are stunning and the puzzles challenging but all solvable. The only disappointment is getting to the end and having to wait for another. I’m generally a player of free games but I promise you won’t be disappointed if you buy this.


Excellent gameplay  Owenita  5 star

I don’t really play online games but loved the atmosphere, narrative and ingenuity of this game. It’s utterly absorbing and the graphics are superb.


Another great room!  Annied1958  5 star

I was eagerly awaiting a fresh installment of this game and it does not disappoint .... wonderful


Incredible!  ShivBud  5 star

Amazing game! Could not put it down! It was like the Null itself was pulling me in! Atmospheric, dark and extremely engaging! Love it and very suited to replaying it!

Nick K. Nikolov

Awesome  Nick K. Nikolov  5 star

Well done guys for delivering again another masterpiece! Please make another one .... quick! I've been waiting for this one too long but it worths it.

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