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We can give you the chords that go together in C major, the chords for the arpeggios in D major for the solos, or the chords for the vocals in G major? Our app is built on a custom chord library that allows you to capture, write, and plan out all of your songwriting ideas to give you the kind of songwriting power you deserve.

What kind of songs will you write with that kind of information at your fingertip? Get ready to sound like the musical GENIUS you are even if you don't know the definition of an arpeggio yet.



• Curated chord family library of over 6000 chords
• “Quick Chord” randomizer that pulls 14 chords from the library for you to play & create sparks with
• Filtering to view in chord or list view
• Filtering to limit chord library results based on 21 chord types
• Custom progression builder for audibly creating your ideas
• Restructure function that allows you to reorder, duplicate, or delete chords in your progression
• Recording feature that allows for tagging the recordings to compositions, progressions, or just leaving it loose as a quick take.
• Journal entry feature that allows for tagging notes and lyrics to compositions, progressions, or just leaving it loose as a quick note
• Studio view that allows you to easy access all of your compositions, progressions, recordings, and journal entries.
• Ability to quickly duplicate progressions and compositions
• Ability to share recordings and notes via SMS and Email

• Sparks Your Creativity & Beats Songwriter's Block
Break out of your creative block and unlock your ultimate jam out with chord family magic. Use the "Quick Chords" feature and the app will give you 14 random chords to test out. And guess what? It's powered by chord families so no matter how you mix and match them, your progressions will be off to a solid start!

• Helps You Stay Organized
Chords, notes, lyrics, and recordings are neatly packaged together. Magical Pick™ wants to make sure you never lose that perfect sound or the ideas with it.

• Allows You to Write By Sound
Our custom progression builder allows you to hear the chords as you build your song so that you can easily capture the sound you are after, even if your guitar is not with you.

• Gives You All 24 Key Options
Enjoy exploring and learning how to play in different keys. We have 6000+ chords from all 21 types, not just the majors, minors, and 7ths.

• Efficiently Write Songs
Tap on the chords to hear what they sound like first. You will save loads of time chasing your sound when you don’t have to worry about playing the chords that would not have worked. If you like a chord, swipe it to your progression! From there you can also tap to hear, re-order, remove, duplicate…whatever works best for you to capture your idea.

• Helps You Learn Your Own Chords
Covers are fun, but the reward comes from making your own masterpiece. We allow you to see and hear how each chord should be played.


• Songwriters
Whether you are just starting or a seasoned writer, Magical Pick™ gets you into a place of easy experimentation and songwriting creativity. Start by creating the structure, add lyrics, and make a all stays organized neatly for you.

• Vocalists
Need to communicate your song ideas more effectively? You can use this app to build out your song ideas and your band mates will immediately know what to play and how you want them to play it.

• Producers
Trying to get the perfect sound for your client? Build it out on Magical Pick™ and not only can they hear the core of the idea, they'll be able to see exactly what chords to play and how to play them.


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Magical Pick Guitar Toolkit App Description & Overview

The applications Magical Pick Guitar Toolkit was published in the category Music on 2017-11-24 and was developed by The Chord Reserve. The file size is 119.88 MB. The current version is 1.0.7 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes to get our affiliate program working :)
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Magical Pick Guitar Toolkit Reviews


Scam  Charliem39819  1 star

It is a subscription...


Perfect!  appnerjist  5 star

Thank you so much for creating this app. It’s perfect and our kids love it too!


Nice app, but  vrp321  3 star

I can’t figure out how to change a song key after a song is created. Sometimes a writer starts out in one key, but later decides to change. There really should be an easy way to do this. Will an update fix this?


Not enough chords  Mrbrentbt  1 star

Doesn’t even have chords like C6, Am7 chord is not the same as a C6 chord in any shape form or fashion. Two completely different chords. also when you click play on your chord progression it doesn’t loop. Definitely not a songwriting tool. More for just beginners to hear different chords

Songbird 65

No sound  Songbird 65  1 star

Downloaded the app today and there’s no sound. Tried using the support info which brings up an email, but it won’t let me actually send the email. Worst $10 spent. (And yes, the sound is turned on and turned up.)


Disappointed  Krackakillaz  1 star

I spent $10(really???) and a couple of hours trying to figure out how to use this app. It is NOT user friendly. There are no tutorials that I can find anywhere online. Not worth the $10

Zip Zany

Not super helpful  Zip Zany  1 star

Buggy, chords will not play back when needed


Truly Amazing  R2dab4sho  5 star

This app has changed my life and it absolutely change yours, too. Whether you’re looking to learn or unlock the songwriting beast inside of you, this is the key. Do it. Do it.

Ron Carls

Excellent and Easy  Ron Carls  5 star

Most well rounded guitar teaching app I’ve seen yet. 100% recommend this app for any beginner or even for the more advanced!


So much YES!!  StrumAndBum  5 star

A friend of mine told me about this app and I gave it a try and I love it! Such an awesome feeling to pop my earbuds on during the day and get lost in coming up with new song ideas and then know exactly what I want to try and play around with when I get back home. Just so much more focused, quality writing time in my opinion! Also, to any other parents out kids really dig playing on this! They tap around on chords and make little masterpieces to sing along with, probably a good way to get them into picking up an instrument when their hands get bigger :) Can’t wait to see what else you guys add to it as time goes on!


Too hard  tripplecrown  1 star

Can I have my money back please

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