Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

◾ Welcome to Taimi - LGBTQI+ Video Chat and Dating App! Your Pride is our Pride. ◾

Taimi community is a first fully inclusive gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual dating app with more than 5,000,000 real users. On Taimi you can chat for free, make calls and videos, create posts & stories, and last, but not least, find true love.

Enjoy Taimi best features:

◾ Simply the best queer dating: swipe, match & chat with gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex, bisexual, asexual and other queer people;
◾ Real users near you (and a unique filter for potential matches);
◾ See who liked you;
◾ Video and call messages:
◾ Pets, Movies, Music, Memes lovers, Gamers... - a little part of our communities;
◾ See full statistics of your account;
◾ PIN, Face Recognition, Fingerprint.

All those features are free to use.

If you want to improve your app experience, you can purchase an optional subscription package TAIMI XL.
With the Premium Subscription, you will be able to explore the LGBTQ world much easier:

◾ Like as many people as you want before matching;
◾ Boost your profile and surge profile views by 5 times;
◾ Use extended filters to match with the RIGHT ONE;
◾ Undo your hasty swipes;
◾ See all of your visitors;
◾ See hot stories;
◾ Hide your age and location;
◾ Find Them quicker and easier!

The cost of the optional subscription for Taimi XL is 9.99 USD for 7 days, 53.99 USD for 3 months, 71.99 USD for 1 year.

We genuinely believe that the app will help to create a safe environment for LGBTQ people to show the brightest sides of their personality, to find true love and spread awareness about equality, LGBTQ rights, and personal freedom!

Our goal is to become the #1 queer Dating & Social Network in the world for lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities since we understand that everyone deserves to be loved. Meet someone brutal and edgy or someone very tender and gentle, young or mature, calm or active - we bring together the greatest people.
Interested to learn more? Please, check the following links:
Privacy Policy: https://taimi.com/privacypolicy
Terms of Service: https://taimi.com/terms
Subscription Terms: https://taimi.com/billing
Taimi Community Rules: https://taimi.com/community

We are continually improving the app, and if you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team at support@taimi.com. We are always here to help ;)

Join us on our social media:
Facebook: @taimiapp
Twitter: @taimiapp
Instagram: @taimiapp

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Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Love you even more with this update. - Now you can mention your friend in a post. - Minor improvements.

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat Comments & Reviews

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- Mad

No one is hitting me up only men I’m a lesbian

- beneficial features

First time I see dating app with s many beneficial features and high productivity

- best experience

My the best dating experience was on this app! Love it

- music and movies

Found here people who share my taste in music and movies

- start communicate

Taimi helps me to fight my procrastination and finally start communicate with people


I was charged 14.99 a total of 10 times for an app that I rarely open. An option of 14.99 a week is absolutely ridiculous. Although Taimi replied and “does not handle charges”, you still have the rate as a default charge for when the trial has expired. You ARE responsible for that part, and are CAPABLE of adjusting this to not put me-the app user in a position to negotiate such a huge bill.

- Waste of time

Everyone shown on your grid is on the other side of the country and there’s tons of bots and fake profiles.


After posting a picture of a flyer for a peaceful protest in my hometown, my post got removed. “Unfortunately, photos with #BlackLivesMatter are not approved to the photo section since Taimi is trying to stay politically neutral regarding this matter.” There is nothing neutral about that. TO BE SILENT IS TO BE COMPLICIT ! #BLM

- Expensive

$9.99 USD a week. They don't tell you until you filled out all the info.. but it seems worth it. A lot of active users

- more features

Can't wait to discover more features ! I am sure this app has to give

- can change the colors

Wow! Now I am able to change color of my messages, with such feature interface became more appealing

- new features

Thanks for adding new features and fixing old bugs

- best for online dating

Definitely the best LGBTQI app for chatting and online dating so far

- new update

This app getting better with every new update! Finally found my perfect app

- Uhhh

so for one I already have an account with my pictures up and I never made an account with u guys so that’s creepy. two ur app is completely broken, nothing is loading, I can’t even delete the pictures of me that are on there, and I also can’t delete the account as a whole. I would like for u to fix this. I see 12 MILLION ads about Taimi and THIS is what the app is offering?


This app is absolutely horrible I downloaded it because I was persuaded while using another app I believed that when I installed it I would be able to speak with like-minded individuals amongst the LGBT community I don’t appreciate the fact that I cannot even socialize with women with in my own mile radius and I barely get to look for the type of women that I would prefer to socialize with it’s too vague and people of the opposite sex do not respect your sexuality at all. More time than I appreciate I’ve had men try to solicit sexual acts or even try to disturb my peace simply after knowing I’m not interested in them this app needs a lot of work


I deleted the app within an hour of downloading— cancelled the subscription that would occur after the trial, AND I WAS JUST CHARGED for a weeks worth! I want my money back ASAP.

- no faults

Efficient application, always works pretty smoothly, without faults and bugs

- good experience

I am enjoying every second of my time here, nice and friendly people, overall, a good experience

- meaningful connections

Taimi good not only for hookups or casual relationships, but for meaningful connections and long-terms

- Waste of time.

I tried multiple times trying to make an account and each one said I was disabled for violating the terms - I’ve never even been on here before! How could I be disabled when I have never made an account? I contacted the support and they said my “account” was banned due to undesired spam to others. How?! I HAVEN’T BEEN ON HERE UNTIL TODAY! Ugh.


One feature yall should add is going live in the groups

- Fix your main photo problem!

I tried uploading a really nice picture of myself that’s very clearly my face and it keeps getting disapproved because there’s a little bit of a glare in my glasses... boo 👎

- stay updated

With notification I can always stay updated about things going on here

- living together

I found here the love of my life! and we already started living together

- pretty reasonable

Price of XL subscription is pretty reasonable, but I prefer using for free

- tons of likes

I became super popular after using profile boost! Tons of likes and messages

- high convenience

Here I even can change color of my messages! It's the highest level of convenience


I love this app but with the updates it’s getting more buggy , when you click on somebody you often have to tap 5-6 times for there profile to pop up other than that this app is amazing ...

- Verification

I can’t access my account, it’s wanting me to do the verification photo and it’s not working, does anyone know how to help?

- I would give it 5 stars, however:

My touchscreen isn’t working so well with this app on my iPhone XR which makes it very difficult to use. :( But, no other app does this with my new phone. There are just some bugs, however it’s an amazing safe space, & talk to whoever. I wish it could’ve worked on my phone. :(

- Bans without warning

I was banned immediately for no reason whatsoever. They take whatever anyone reports as truth even if it isn’t. Whoever moderates this app is extremely unprofessional and I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone.

- App isn’t working

I downloaded the app and when the first page comes up where you can swipe nothing shows up, it’s blacked out and is loading, I seen if any updates but there isn’t any, anyone know what I can do?

- Misgendering Transmen

I noticed that for at least 3 profiles where someone identifies as a transman, the app will say “She is” I haven’t seen this with Transwomen or enbies so far. There is no way to change your pronouns directly on your profile. I was skeptical to download originally because it was initially advertised as a lesbian dating app. Fix this or it will start to feel like an unwelcoming app for transmen

- safe and trustable

One of the most safe and trustable queer dating apps, highly recommend

- perfect user experience

Here I had a perfect user experience and met my best friend as well

- be patient

Firstly, I hadn't had a lot of of matches, but now like 8-9 per a day, just be patient and it will be okay

- new people

I am lucky to be a part of this great tean and be able to find a lot of new people and friends

- a bit pricy

It would be nice if we can use most features for free, personally I find this app a bit pricy

- great atmosphere

Great atmosphere and people, it makes me feel so homely

- A Waste...

This app is no game changer, but just more of the same. They’ve taken a little from Tinder, and other apps and tried to make it one cohesive app... however it misses the target. Consistent attempts to make in-app purchases, countless fake profiles, and unwanted solicitations.

- it wants my phone number

No Spam calls... No!

- annoying

it’s so difficult to do simple things, struggling to change my bio, for some reason can delete a photo and make another one my main

- Bout it, bout it

It seems like a Dope interface and gathering place.

- way of improvement

I am here since last year, and can notice that Taimi has gone a huge way of improvement

- good job

Customer support always helping and responsing very quickly, good job

- easy to set up

Super easy to set up and figure out how do things work within a couple of minutes

- Disappointed 😔

Thought more feminine woman wud b on there but 😔

- Tf

It’s good tbh, buh like the payin is a problem.Like u gotta pay for more matches liek what bs is dat??

- unrealistic distances?

only reason i’m giving this a one star review is because of the distance limit. you have to pay in order to change the distance range to below 50 miles! is the whole point of a dating app not to meet people? it’s super unrealistic to assume people will want to drive 25 miles AT LEAST (if you both drive equal distances) to meet up with someone. please at least make something else you have to pay for instead of the distance range or remove the paywall for it, because this is just impossible.

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- Excellency

Perfect honest reliable trustworthy dating app that I ever used 😍

- Social distancing

Amazing dating app for social distancing. The free version includes videocalls, which is great to avoid unessential social contact, but still meet and connect with interesting people who you can date physically after this mess is over. Saves you a lot of time on boring dates too lol. Be safe and download Taimi. Real dates can come later. ;)

- Met my girlfriend here

It was great how natural it felt like to build a relationship with my current girlfriend on Taimi. When I signed up I wasn't really out of the closet yet, but the app allowed me to use it on Stealth Mode, and thank god for that because after a few weeks I met the most amazing girl. We hit it off incredibly well right from the start thanks to the icebreakers hahaha.

- queer world

If you're looking to explore your queer side, Taimi's the place to be. You don't have to be an LGBTQI+ member specifically, you just have to be open-minded and willing to have your mindblown. These are pretty much the only requirements to have a nice time on a place like Taimi :) Why don't you give it a go? If you're in Melbourne hit me up.

- Open world feeling

Taimi is an LGBTQI+ social app but it never feels like its restricted to or reserved to the LGBTQI+ community. The open world vibe that it gives is really amazing. I think it's going to evolve into something much bigger very soon, and I'm really excited to see where it goes. It's also gotten really big in Australia which is really awesome!!!

- hottest blokes

I swear this app looks a lot like a folder I have on my phone called "Hot blokes" LMAO. I don't know how or why but they all gather here, and the best way to find them is by registering on Taimi. Honestly beats going into town any day. Apart from that the app's really nice and intuitive. I'm recommending it to all the Aussies out there. :))

- Better interface

Taimi has a great interface despite all the content it offers. It has dating app and social network features all merged in the same application, and to pull that off you need a well constructed system, intuitive enough for the users. And I think Taimi really pulls it off. Never saw something of the sort available here in Australia, and I'm a dating app connoisseur.


Dodgy business. Do not download!

- I hate it

How do I get rid of this app,I don’t want it and I keep being charged the instruction on the app once I dissble it don’t work there is no subscription option

- Is ok

Is ok

- My account got stopped falsely

My account got stopped I don’t like it

- How to cancel subscription

Hi team members Last two weeks ago I have cancelled my subscription.. the management still charging me.. please advise how to stop the payment.. it’s urgent.. Thank you

- Horrible

Too expensive and cannot find out how to delete it

- So Greedy!

The costs for an XL account is way too high. They set random things for XL only that makes using the app for free useless. Why would I use a dating app where I’m going to be getting people 80km away, which is the limit for max distance the app allows when using it for free. You’re better off using tinder or Grindr because they have better distance management, you can set better filters and the quality of the app is much better. Also what’s the point of asking me what my preferences in someone is if you’re just going to give me everyone on the app. If I don’t want a particular thing don’t continually show me people with that thing. To sum up, would not recommend.

- Super expensive

Actually pretty expensive to get access to most of the fun and useful stuff. Otherwise it’s just the same as every other app out there

- They are not honest

I subscribed the 3 days free trial and cancelled it on the second day cause no one was in my area, and the they charged me eventhought I canceling it before the 3th day. Totally unfair

- Awful

What an awful app theyr just trying to capitalise on the gays and our struggle to find playmates

- False account

I have not used this app before but someone has made an account using my photos, when trying to contact support it was responded with how to delete the app and I had no help. I had a relationship that thought I was on a dating app and I had absolutely no help taking it down.

- Slimey

Uses dark patterns in the account deletion process to try & trick users into keeping their accounts alive. So they think they’ve deleted their info, when they haven’t.

- Terrible support.

I logged out of my account to let a friend borrow my account. When i logged back in, i found that Taimi had banned my account and customer support wasn’t any help. When i contacted support for help, they didn’t give me any and won’t even tell me what i did specifically wrong. I will be warning my friends to stay away.

- Need a 💯% free dating app

Love and friendship shouldn’t have a price Make an app for all types Lgbtq+ 🏳️‍🌈 Friends ✋🏼 Love ♥️ Curvy 😍 Love has no filter 💯

- Waste of time

Crazy expensive, useless app. No one is using it so it’s essentially pointless. They’ve tried to mash tinder and Grindr together and failed. They also use ads worded very similar to other apps to trick you into subscribing to a free trial that isn’t a free trial...

- Love

Love the option to chat in so many group chats. I really like there are clean options

- Peace ✌️

Peace ✌️ in Taimi.

- No bullying

Bullying is forbidden 🚫 here

- Money hungry

What a waste of time

- No bullies

No bullying here.

- Atmospheric

App with friendly atmosphere.

- Friendly

Network that is very friendly

- Extraordinary

New and extraordinary Social Network.

- Huge app

Taimi is going to be a huge network.

- Influencers

Many influencers joined Taimi.

- State of Satisfaction

My buddies are super satisfied

- Not worth it!!

Do not use this app. It took $700 from my card within two weeks of trying it and that was when I was on the ‘free trial’ period. Seriously hurt me that they finally made an app for LGBTQ dating and it’s a scam. You’d be better off using Tinder

- Popular

Very popular among my friends.

- Fancy fancy

Fancy looking app.

- Nice

Looks very nice.

- Astonishing

Astonished with its appearance.

- Spreaded

Becomes more spreaded over the EUROPE

- Increasing app

Number of users is increasing each day.

- Amount of users

Amazed with the amount of users.

- Imagining it

A place for imagination.

- Like it

People like it so do I.

- High level

Organization is on a very high level.

- So awesome

Very organized app.

- Music

When I’m listening to music, and I open the app my music always pauses. Why? Other than this one issue it’s a pretty good app

- Falsely Banned

False accusations were made against me causing my account to be banned, when asking support team to help me out, they were only able to respond with “People complaint about you’re behaviour”. I’ve had people tell me they’re reporting me cause I don’t reply on time. I have been treating everyone with respect. I think this is absolutely awful on behalf of Taimi and if they can’t help their clients who have been following the rules. Then they shouldn’t be developing a app or be able to have a proper support team that can actually help. Absolute rubbish.

- Happy there

Everyday is a new and happy day with Taimi

- Updates

Updates cure everything

- Not worth it

Really poor layout way too much going on. Feels very money hungry. Better off just sticking with tinder and Her 🤮 at least ur more liking to match with someone...

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- a lot of features for free

I appreciate this app for their high safety standarts and value for money, a lot of features I can use for free

- decent and honest

I've been using numerous dating apps, but only Taimi seems to be decent and honest

- more convenient

Taimi helped me a lot in finding genuine relationships online, much more convenient than on Grindr

- great time-passer

This app seems to be a great time-passer, especially while quarantine times

- answers to my needs

For asexual people online dating can be a real challenge, luckily, I finally found an app, answers to all my needs

- thanks for fixing bugs

Thanks for fixing the recent bug, finally app stopped closing suddenly

- not a huge issue

Works well, of course, little bugs that can't be avoided, but it's not a huge issue

- would recommend

Intuitive and simple user interface, would really recommend it for everyone

- easy to report

They do have scammers, but so less, I've reported for one and they blocked him right away

- No matter who you are

No matter what your preferences are, here everyone is welcomed and loved

- Gap too big

Like the app, but the age gap limit is ridiculous. i dont want to date someone 7 years older than me. the limit should not be 7 years just because im not interested in someone younger. the gap should be at most 3 years 7 years is ridiculous

- pictures

for whatever reason my pictures keep getting deleted.

- Yikes

everyone is ugly and i stg this app gives the dumbest notifications. why on earth would i care about someone posting on their story or why do i need a reminder of how many likes i have ?? stupid

- Ugh

This app is irritating because every picture I try to upload it keeps saying it can’t see my face clearly I can see my face clearly😡

- Lifetime bans

This app gives lifetime bans using a set of standards they don’t tell you about. Support is just a bot and there are several predators on this app be careful.

- Problem

Every time I try and upload photos it doesn’t work

- Terrible Customer Service

I haven’t been on the app for close to 6 months and when I got back on, my account was banned. I contacted customer support and they treated me poorly. The allegations they threw at me didn’t add up. They refused to help me understand or show proof. I am thoroughly disappointed. They need to remove the clause from their banned landing page “if you think this happened by mistake, please, contact our support team” because they will treat you as guilty, will not investigate the discrepancy, and will provide no proof.

- unique people

I have joined this app for 1 month and met so many nice people here, every personality is unique

- Broken account

Things were going fine till I decided to take a break from Taimi for personal reasons. I deactivated my account for the time being (so I wouldn’t get matches and would be hidden) and deleted the app. Now I’m back on it and reactivated my account and all my likes and messages are gone! Second time this has happened and had to make a new account the first time. So basically the app is unusable unless I make a new account again.

- makes better

Taimi stories makes better even the worst day!

- easy navigation

Simple layout, you can easily search and navigate the app

- new friend or date

This app is perfect for everything whether you’re looking for a new friend or a date

- Location

Could use some tweaks but one of the best dating apps


This app is the definition of overwhelming. There’s not filtration process. You don’t have to match someone to add them or like there profile which both send you notifications plus the messages on top of that. I was getting 5-20 people liking, messaging, or adding me EVERY TWO MINUTES. It was uncomfortable. Half of the buttons on the app didn’t work and people from across the country could message me and it wouldn’t let me change that.!

- Avoid at all costs

They banned me for something I knew nothing about and then told me that my account wasn’t gone be deleted

- respected and loved

Perfect plece for everyone who wanna be respected and loved

- friendly community

I've encountered with very friendly community! Proud to be a part of it

- quality user base

Quality user base, no scammer and catfish so far

- appealing design

Very appealing design and interface, pleasure to use

- helped with all problems

Customer support helped me with all the problems I was having while using

- Pics

You can barely add photos to your profile smh . you guys need to fix that , it’s so annoying .


My account was banned because I mentioned my job which happened to be on a cam site, in PERSONAL MESSAGES. When I tried to dispute this, I was told I was banned for my BEHAVIOR AND UNACCEPTABLE OFFERS? Never once did I behave in a way I shouldn’t have or offer anything to anyone. Just know that your account can get banned for literally no reason and there is nothing you can do about it. OH! AND! You can’t change your location! You just match with people willy nilly and XL is $9.99 A WEEK! XL is the only way to change your location AND AGE PREFERENCES. This app is garbage.

- Give it zero - strict moderation

At first the app was okay, seemed normal like the other apps. But then lastly they started removing my own posts on my profile and that’s the last straw. Wished I didn’t spend that $15 on a such useless app.

- Absolutely awful! Would not recommend.

I would give 0 stars if it was an option. I was banned from using it over absolutely nothing. People reported me over god knows what and it got my account banned and instead of working through the issues the taimi team basically told me tough luck and wouldn’t reopen my account. I never broke guidelines and I never did anything even close to being against them. Awful customer service. Just awful. Do not recommend at all!

- Be ready to get banned for no reason

I was banned for no reason and cannot make a new account of any kind; ever, because of violating a rule that I didn’t know was a rule. Certain things you say or do that are very normal and commonplace on the app, can be violations of their rules, and this can result in you getting banned for life for essentially nothing. There are no warnings or instructions to correct your violations given, merely lifetime bans for no reason. The app developers and support team are rude and unwelcoming and they should all be ashamed of themselves for their hostile environment.

- Works smoothly

Standard options and features are pretty good, works very smoothly

- queer singles

Taimi has a massive user base of queer singles, and lots of new users everyday

- Best of luck!

Met here my best friend! Best of luck to all of you!

- fascinating journey

I am pretty open to try new things, so this app became a discovery for me, it very exiting and fascinating journey together!

- nothing bad

Nothing really bad to say about Taimi, only positive experience

- happy to be here

People here are very understandable and accepting, happy no be a part of this community

- People and connections

I've only been on it a couple of weeks, but already found decent people and meaningful connections

- It's OK

So far so good, no faults, no scam and works good. Some matches do not reply, but this can be understandable

- not for casual

It's great if you're looking for something a bit more serious than a casual relationships

- excellent service

Excellent service and genuine opportunies for everyone

- found my app

Decent number of transgenders, it was always a challenge for me, and finally I've found my app

- Found a boyfriend

My experience is good . I found a really good guy here, 2 month together and still going strong

- wish to be for free

It is the best app, but better to be free, I am sure number of users will increase

- Nice using

So far I've enjoyed the app: no glitches, nice people, like it

- Deeper interactions

Taimi is an app that favors deeper interactions rather than superficial and brief connections, unlike most dating apps. That's where its true uniqueness lies, in my opinion. The best romantic relationships start with friendships, and do you know any other dating app that allows you to make friends like Facebook does? Taimi knows the way things should be done.

- commited relationship with a cute guy

Didn't intend for it to be something serious, but it turned out to be a committed relationship with this cute guy


This app exploits the LGBT community. It costs $20 per week. THAT IS INSANE. Even at $70 for 3 months, that is wildly expensive. There is NO FREE version. Quit exploiting queer loneliness for your financial gain. Disgusting.

- less exhausting and safer dating life

Taimi makes my dating life less exhausting and much safer

- starting dating again

I guess it's never too late to start dating again and find here I guy who will be only one

- Time spending

Taimi is a great way to spend your time.

- Crazy in love

Going crazy about Taimi.

- Going crazy 

Makes me go crazy.

- Awesome 

It’s awesome,I love it:)

- Content 

Nice girls in the site.

- Lifestyle 

This is lifestyle :)

- Adore it 

Regularly updates with new features.

- My babe

Trusted by people .

- Like it 

Taimi has strongest verification system.

- Magical 

A free and safe app to meet new people.

- So lovely 

I hadn’t got any problems with it during I had been using it.

- Love it 

App is so simple and intuitive.

- Amused

Gays are very amused to have such an app.

- Useless app use

No options to delete photos and profile only disable. Live support is useless and matches are all over the country. Waste of time

- when I need a break

Sometimes I feel that I need some break from my life and Taimi is there for me

- see people who liked you

It's really nice I can see people who like me, then I can like them back!

- more than finding a date

Here I can find not only a date, but a person I could share some common interests and hobbies

- Taimi digest

When you ask me what I like the most, it would be everyday Taimi digest check 😊



- absolutely perfect to me

This app doen't have any bugs and it's absolutely perfect for me. I want finally to find the one

- Scam

It will immediately charge your credit card $20 even though it says it’s a free trial, don’t fall for the scam

- Best one 

Groups are cool coz they connect people with same interests.

- Cool one 

Groups connect people

- Detailed app

Very detailed application.

- Benefits 

Having a lot of benefits form it.

- Basically impossible to unsubscribe- be ware

I downloaded to look around - saw the trial - not for me I see no way to unsubscribe Support tells me via the App Store but I can’t see it Very frustrating

- Featuring 

Has a lot of notable features.

- Special app

Taimi is a very special app.

- Forever love 

Taimi is forever love ❤️

- Forever love

Taimi ♾ forever.

- Taimi forever 

Won’t betray Taimi.

- Best app

Better than anything else.

- False “Free Trial”

Clicked the button to get a “free trial” for 7 days and was immediately charged $21.83 to my credit card. App is good but the free trial is a scam.

- The new update ruined my experience

Pretty my the new update makes it impossible to find people remotely close to your location unless you pay for Taimi XL! That’s pretty ridiculous to remove the option to see people in the area unless it’s paid for. It’s already hard enough to date in this community but this is just plain greedy.

- Users 

All my friends are using it.

- Like it

Gays like it a lot.

- Searching filters

Searching is very easy here.

- Filtering 

Searching filters are very developed.

- Matching results 

Satisfied with the matching results.

- Actively used 

Being very active user.

- Stylish app

Great style.

- Désabonnement

Je n’arrive pas à me désabonner de cette application via mon App Store. J’aimerais t parvenir avant qu’il y ait des frais. J’ai l’essaie de 3 jours gratuit mais je ne veux pas l’utiliser et pourtant je n’arrive pas à l’enlever de mes achats.

- Beautiful app

Taimi is the most beautiful app that I’ve used 

- Tremendous app

Having tremendous pleasure from Taimi.

- Total treasure 

Taimi is a treasure.

- Experience 

Having my coolest experience here.

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- Avoid, scammers.

I cancelled and deleted my account weeks ago and I’ve still be charged. Don’t even bother.

- Great app

Really good app pretty accurate

- Transphobic and sexist

THEY BANNED ME listening to other peoples complaints not once did i violate any rules boys keep asking me for pics and i easily declined yet im still not unbanned there is no proof i done anything wrong you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself meant to be lgbt friendly 😒

- No vpns allowed tracked everywhere

Abysmal customer service. I downloaded the app a few hours ago. I got banned for “breaching tos” when i queried this they said you can use a vpn. Apparently according to the representative i spoke to “vpns are unsafe”. I am a network engineer spending most of my time working on telecommunications. Vpns are safer then open connections, period. RESPONCE: No it was blocked because I used a vpn. You told me this yourselves. “Unfortunately, we cannot influence on some ip addresses. Thats why our system blocks your profile if you use a VPN” Taimi Live Support @ 19:01 (uk time) Don’t try to make me the criminal here I’m not the one blatantly disregarding peoples privacy and treating consumers like sheep.

- Trial scam

The free trial doesn’t actually exist, you are forced to pick a subscription straight away and when you do its paid for straight away , no trial, it was deliberately misleading and when i used the app it was really clunky and difficult to actually read peoples bios, and has a really childish format. Seems like most people on their are under 22.

- ********Be aware!******

The app is full of scammers. Be very careful! The app support people are racist and discriminative! Stay away! Use other alternative please. Don’t be fooled!

- Videos don’t send

Taimi is a great app so far, however whenever I try to send a pre recorded video in a message it sends as just a black screen with the audio only. If this wasn’t a bug then I’d rate it between 4 and 5 stars

- X

The same is it gay dating app you might as well Grindr for free and say 3 free but Took my money recommend don’t use it app

- Very bad

Someone had hacked my account and they refused to let me regain access and told me someone had written something violating their guidelines I tried to reason with the support but they have no help what to ever I feel as I was targeted and been played with because they would not hear me out at all and then to top it off they told me I was permanently banned so I can’t make a new account

- Ridiculous

I never write bad reviews. Today this app has pushed my tolerance. Every picture I’ve tried to upload was disapproved. I look good it’s not my fault I’m grateful but I’m not a fake. When I tried to upload other pictures I was asked to take a live video of myself now to prove it was me. Bare in mind I had initially registered with my Facebook account. There was no support or explanation whatsoever my pictures were repeatedly rejected by someone I couldn’t communicate with and I was either to upload a verification video or not be able to log in. I couldn’t do it so I deleted the app. The app itself is mediocre at best. Nothing special at all.

- Crap got blocked

Crap got blocked for no reason

- Thieves!!! Minus Stars !!!!

I tried to not rate this and if I could give it a minus score I would. These developers are making themselves rich from the LGBT Community. I don’t see any straight dating apps charging nearly £14.00 a week. I advise all to make a written complain to your local Trading Standards and to your Member of Parliament like I have done!!

- Blocked before I’ve even signed up?

I’ve tried signing up through multiple platforms and each time I’ve been ‘banned’. I don’t know if it’s because someone is using my details or if this is an error? Really makes it difficult to trust the app’s safety

- Unfair Banning

I have used the app for about 10mins or so and talked to 2 users. And my account was blocked due to complaints. At least there should be due process to investigate a complaint and not just conclude right away from one-sided story. Users can abuse this to report anyone they like even that person is not doing anything wrong. Worst part is, it doesn’t allow you to make another account. Which is very unfair to use your phone details to detect your device and blocked it. I felt judged and discriminated by this app. Not welcoming to new users.

- Load of C**P!!!

After trying to set an account up with a REAL EMAIL address i then get told its fake!!! ‘Customer support’ well what can i say apart from ‘WHAT SUPPORT’ they guy told me and kept repeating his self that i had a fake email and they only use real ones on this site! Funny that! Ive had the email address that ive used for the last 7years+ any1 looking to download this app then AVOID IT!!! They might say ur email is fake to!!!!!!!! I have over 46000 followers over companies, services & apps that i have reviewed, then wrote about.

- One star

My account got blocked for behaviour....yet I had don’t nothing wrong at all on that app.


Checked back to see if this app got any better and it hasn’t. And if you look at all the positive reviews, the usernames are weirdly similar/randomly generated. Plus the price to get the app with its full features is a ridiculous scam. Hopefully people paid to advertise this realise they’re setting lgbt people up for disappointment

- Catfish galore

Great app but there is 2 major issues. Firstly, the amount of cat fishes are shocking... There should be a photograph to prove who you are. Secondly, the matches are weird. I’ve been matched with people WAY to far such a Germany and I’m in England...

- Kind people

People are so kind there.

- Careful

App that cares about its users.

- Cool app

Not stressful app at all.

- No stress

No stress here.

- Relax mode

Relaxing while using it.

- Relaxing app

Place for relaxation.

- Very friendly

Works very well.

- Sweetie

Sweet application.

- Lovely 😊

Lovely app.

- Developed app

Matching formula is very developed.

- Matching

You can even choose stature for your perfect match.

- Disgusted

Absolutely disgusted as this app showed a “7 day free trial” upon signing up, only to then charge me £13.99 (which as a student I don’t have) only for it to be 3 days. Furious and arguing with Apple support over being misplaced a free trial and having to pay.

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype and Whatsapp: +8615282351612 、Facebook:ASO880 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- Taimi guru

Bed preferences are best thing in Taimi.

- Cool.

Dating is so cool.

- New love

New partners everyday.

- Changing partners

Changing partners every week.

- Hopeful

As a straight trans woman I have found the standard dating apps really difficult and few people show any interest in me, but within hours of getting this I was talking to quite a few guys and even if things don’t go anywhere with most, it is nice being on an app where people know me for me and still want me and stuff :)

- A great app

Great application .

- Paywall woes

Don’t get me wrong, this seems to be a great app, especially compared to Tinder where people unmatch as soon as they realise I’m trans. Sadly though, I won’t be continuing to use it. I get that developers need to make money, but hiding the distance slider behind a paywall makes the free option pretty redundant; what’s the point in showing me hundreds of people living on the other side of the country. Sure, I could scroll through and check where each person lives, but I’m not sure my heart could take it if I find someone who’d be perfect for me, only to discover they live in London, for example. I’ll say it again though, great app, but personally I’d only recommend it if you’re willing/able to pay the subscription.

- Reviews

It’s reviews are amazing.

- First place

First place in the AppStore

- Best app

Best app in the AppStore

- Smoothie

Smooth workflow.

- Contentb

Satisfied with the content in the digest

- Algorithms

It’s algorithms work very well.

- Formula

Perfect matching formula.

- Options

Contains options that other apps don’t contain.

- Best one

Best of the best for real!

- Lovin’ it

Gays love it.

- Taimi love

What is love?Love is Taimi.

- Love is T

Love is Taimi.

- Taimi gives love

Taimi is never enough.

- Addictive 

Application that makes you use it more and more.

- Dating someone

Perfect dating app!

- Reason to live

Taimi gives me reason to live.

- Too spammy

Way too many notifications by default trying to hook you into reopening.

- Cool 😎

Pretty 😎 cool.

- Entertaining 

Great for entertainment.

- 5 ⭐️ 

5 stars rating.

- Rated 

Giving it 5 ⭐️ 

- Ratings 

Great app 5/5

- Gives a chance 

Gives a chance to meet wonderful people around me.

- Amazed 

Algorythms that decide about matches are fantastic.

- I met a truly amazing person through this app.

I met a truly amazing person through this app.

- Highlight 

Finding matches is a huge highlight.

- Engaging app

One of the most engaging, fun and socials apps around.

- Functional 

Chat functionality has no bugs.

- find a soulmate 

Thank you, Taimi, for the app where I can be who I'm and actually find my soulmate

- many matches 

I've got so many matches!!! I can't even believe it!! These men are so hot

- safe app

I like this app because when I use it, I can be sure that it's safe

- searching some to cuddle with 

Cold season is coming up and I'm out for a search of someone to cuddle with

- Sharing photos 

Possibility to share your private photos.

- Nickname 

Using a nickname for the search is a very useful thing.

- Search 

You can search users by the nickname.

- Lack of respect

Doesn’t respect its own push notification options, sending me spammy notifications several times a day even with only new message notifications enabled. If they can’t respect basic notification decency then I don’t have high hopes they respect their users otherwise.

- Adjusting 

Adjusting search criteria is very easy.

- Features 

Finally able to send audio and video messages to my friends.

- Wonderland 

Audience is wonderful.

- It looks good but glitchy

I’ve been asked to do face vertification about 3 times now... and keeps getting stuck on select free trial for so long. Shame, pretty girls on there!

- Astonished 

Astonishing application!

- Best of all

Taimi is my best friend.

- Fav application

Taimi is my fav app.

- Proficiency 

Very proficient app.

- Total magic

Taimi is a total magic.

- Magical time 

Dating with Taimi is magical

- Dating is so cool

Magnificent application for dating.

- Not so in your face cruising site ... well done guys

Good app for finding fun

- Interface 

Love the interface colors.

- Very popular 

A lot of my friends are using it.

- This app makes no sense

Unintuitive, difficult, obfuscatory. Send help.

- Ratings

Number one among gay dating applications.

- Best of the best

Best one for dating.

- Great app

Number one among dating apps.

- Boring

Location is way off, too limited for free account

- Classy app

First class app.

- Number one 

Taimi is number one for me.

- Matches 

Having a lot of matches there

- Similarities 

Very similar to Instagram.

- Creation 

Powerful creation in 21 century.

- Cool app

Great job!

- Great work

Taimi is doing its job.

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Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat 5.1.57 Screenshots & Images

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat iphone images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ipad images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ipad images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ipad images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ipad images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ipad images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ipad images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ipad images
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat (Version 5.1.57) Install & Download

The applications Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-09-18 and was developed by Social Impact Inc. [Developer ID: 1345946428]. This application file size is 143.25 MB. Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat - Social Networking posted on 2020-05-27 current version is 5.1.57 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat Advisories: Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information

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