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AutoWake is the first haptic smart alarm for your Watch.

It can wake you up by tapping you on your wrist using your Watch's haptic engine. You can set it to wake you if you are in light or medium sleep either 15 or 30 minutes before your set alarm time. This helps you feel more refreshed.

There's an optional sleep cycle buster that you can turn on to give you a light tap at 5 minute intervals in a 15 or 30 minute window before your alarm to take you gently out of deeper sleep.

Not only that but it will even automatically measure your waking pulse just before the alarm sounds, which is a valuable measurement of recovery.

If you ignore the alarm on the Watch, you can also set a safety alarm that will play on your phone. This will speak and/or play a chosen song from your music library.

There's daily bedtime reminders and auto scheduled alarms in case you forget to set your alarm before bed.

If you also use AutoSleep our auto sleep tracker, when you turn on your alarm, it can automatically tell AutoSleep that you have gone to bed so that time to fall asleep can be tracked. Your AutoSleep 7 day trailing sleep average also appears in your bedtime reminder.

If you use Apple HomeKit then you can run scenes for key events in AutoWake like turning off your bedside lamp and setting your room temperature for sleep.

AutoWake requires an Apple Watch running WatchOS 3.2 or higher (WatchOS 4.3 (much) preferred).

AutoWake works fine with Do Not Disturb and Theatre/Cinema mode.

AutoWake requires at least a bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Apple Watch during the time that you are asleep. You can use Flight Mode on your iPhone, but make sure that you turn on bluetooth.

AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm App Description & Overview

The applications AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-12-20 and was developed by Tantsissa. The file size is 7.75 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Update for iOS 12, WatchOS 5.
Support for the new Watch 4 complications and screen sizes.

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AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm Reviews


I have the whole suite and they work so sweetly together!  SirShanksalot  5 star

I’m a long time Heart Watch then Auto Sleep and now Auto Wake user. This is definitely the benchmark for tracking your sleep and now with an integrated alarm...if you’re an Apple Watch wearer. Just charge 20min before bed and again while you’re getting ready in the morning and you are laughing! No need to wait for the next Apple Watch :)


Not as useful as AutoSleep.  Fleeced42  4 star

I bought AutoSleep and HeartWatch from the same developer, and they are my favourite health apps - I can’t do without them. Whilst AutoWake provides some utility, it isn’t quite up to that same standard for me. Nonetheless, I bought the three in a package deal, so it effectively cost me next to nothing. In fact, given that all three apps can be purchased outright (and not subscription as seems to be becoming increasingly common), it’s still worth the money. Make sure you get the other two apps though - if you can’t afford all three, skip this one.

Colombo 2036

Disappointed  Colombo 2036  1 star

App doesn’t work at on phone or Apple Watch and app maker won’t return emails to rectify. Very disappointed seeing their other apps are good.


Great developer  Byronscotty  5 star

ust wanted to support the developer by purchasing this app. He’s doing such awesome work with AutoSleep and HeartWatch - putting out a massive update for AutoSleep just recently. Love your work matey and thanks!

Obviously Erratic

Helpful  Obviously Erratic  4 star

Works well and is relatively simple to configure. Perhaps the addition of snooze being on my default might be handy (I know, I know...) as I was caught out on my first morning using it, accidentally just turning it off and going back to sleep.


Latest update rocks!  ragewhale  5 star

Great app! Developer responds very quick to questions as well. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Mark from aus

Can you add auto present alarm Mon - fri  Mark from aus  3 star

Sorry my last review was harsh. I must not have set it up properly and thus it didn't work. I still reckon there are few things you could add to make this work well. I am setting this alarm and the one on the Apple watch just in case. But do wish you all the best and will be keeping an eye out for updates.


Disappointing  zenzsecrets  1 star

The user interface is extremely unfriendly, further, the app did not work as intended. My watch did not wake me for the past 2 nights. And throughout the day, the phone app was ringing non-stop no matter how many times I disabled it. Had to delete the app. Disappointing.

Erik K V

Nothing auto about it  Erik K V  1 star

Being a happy customer of their AutoSleep product, I jumped on this promising an equivalent of SleepCycles natural wake alarm but on your watch. Less obtrusive right? Sadly no. To start with you have to set it every night. And only if you are using a watchface with the AutoWake complication on it (which I never default to). And the way it tells you this is LOUDLY announcing it on your phone (ignoring mute). The opposite of unobtrusive, and pissing off my wife! Condescendingly it defaults to calling you DARLING and loudly calling out “WAKEY WAKEY” over and over if you don’t react to the tap. Finally, even with most these options turned off, and remembering to set the alarm every time you go to sleep on the correct watch face, it doesn’t appear to use the set window to wake you at the lightest sleep. I’ve been awake watching it count down to the set time and then go off. It has to work around limitations set by Apple, sure. But between being completely obnoxious and not actually working I can’t recommend this at all in its current state.


Good but not great (yet)  richrichda15  3 star

I like the concept quite a lot, but there are a few things I think could be done better. One feature I like a lot from the native sleep settings on iPhone is the ability to turn on do not disturb automatically during sleep time. I don’t like waking up in the morning not knowing if I’m getting a call or it’s my alarm going off on my watch. Also, ‘wakey wakey’ was pronounced ‘wah-kee wah-kee’ on the watch, which was somewhat strange to wake up to. Having a more delicate voice might be better suited for a sleeping app. I think having more interaction on the iPhone side of the app might also be good, since there are a lot of ways one could imagine customizing how they wake up and doing that on a phone might be good. Also when I had my native sleep schedule set on the iPhone, I couldn’t get some things to work on this app; that may have been because I was relatively new at it, but either way it would be neat to see this app I corporate some aspect of the native app or at least have all of its features in addition to its own function. I understand that this app is designed to be a ‘smart’ waking up system that goes off of your body’s rhythms, but it would also be nice to integrate that functionality with just a basic watch alarm. Finally, it would be nice if the alarm shut down once it detects that you’re awake and moving, in case you wake up before the alarm.

Shawn shah

Long way to go  Shawn shah  2 star

I don’t write many reviews but feel compelled to write one. I am so disappointed with this app, especially comparing it to the AMAZING AutoSleep app by the same creator. One of the biggest flaws with this app is battery consumption- after a full charge and sleeping 7 hours I wake up to 47% battery. That’s unacceptable. People who sleep with their watches on need to preserve battery life. Without running the app I would have around 80% battery remaining at the minimum, sometimes up to 92%. Also the app simply doesn’t work. Despite waking up within my window time and moving my arm around to try to induce the alarm, the alarm only goes off at the latest possible time. Nothing “smart” about it. I remember using an app like 8 years ago that woke me up based on my phones movement on my bed that worked much better than this. And this app has access to detailed sleep data. As of now this is a 1 star app. I am giving it two stars because I like the idea, I love the developer, and I am optimistic they will see this and completely start over to create a great new app I can change to 5 stars.


I’ll stick with the built in alarm app  kypd30510  1 star

Missed breakfast this morning because the alarm didn’t go off nor did the backup alert. Thanks a lot...

Jedi Monk

Good idea but but has some real issues  Jedi Monk  2 star

love waking to a slight buzzing on my watch. it’s just a far superior way to gradually get up in the AM. find the UI to be lovely but the UX to be complicated. after daylight savings the time has been inaccurate and needs adjustment nightly. I updated today’s alarm and it never went off, so I’m laid for my first day back to work added a long break. simply unacceptable!


Terrible don’t waste money!!!!!  Akelianp  1 star

Doesn’t work.

Dr King

Does not work with DND  Dr King  1 star

The app does not work with DND or theatre mode on.


Doesn’t Work!  TheSpottedChick  1 star

I’ve tried it for 3 nights straight and nothing! No taps, buzzes or default safety iPhone alarm goes off. Nothing happens. I’ve tried turning off my Do Not Disturb schedule in case that was interfering with it but that didn’t help. I tried manually setting the alarm and using the AutoWake feature, still nothing. FYI - I have an iPhone XS with Apple Watch 4. Terrible app! Waste of money!


Won’t install on watch  12thMan2011  1 star

I can’t get the app to install on my watch.

Icey Cake

Not reliable  Icey Cake  1 star

It works very well the first few times but then it doesn’t vibrate anymore. The countdown timer continue counting after passing the set time.


works rarely  itouchmann  1 star

For me, an alarm app is something that must work properly- unfortunately this app has failed me quite a few times and not gone off

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