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AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

AutoWake is the first haptic smart alarm for your Watch.

It can wake you up by tapping you on your wrist using your Watch's haptic engine. You can set it to wake you if you are in light or medium sleep either 15 or 30 minutes before your set alarm time. This helps you feel more refreshed.

There's an optional sleep cycle buster that you can turn on to give you a light tap at 5 minute intervals in a 15 or 30 minute window before your alarm to take you gently out of deeper sleep.

Not only that but it will even automatically measure your waking pulse just before the alarm sounds, which is a valuable measurement of recovery.

If you ignore the alarm on the Watch, you can also set a safety alarm that will play on your phone. This will speak and/or play a chosen song from your music library.

There's also auto scheduled alarms in case you forget to set your alarm before bed.

If you use AutoSleep our auto sleep tracker, you can use the new ultra smart alarm features. You can now be woken up after a desired amount of sleep, quality sleep or when your sleep bank is back in credit. You can use this in conjunction with a latest wake time if required. You can even set a bedtime reminder that looks at your required sleep, sleep efficiency and latest wake time to give you a reminder for the optimal time to go to bed.

When you turn on your alarm, it can automatically tell AutoSleep that you have gone to bed so that time to fall asleep can be tracked.

If you use Apple HomeKit then you can run scenes for key events in AutoWake like turning off your bedside lamp and setting your room temperature for sleep.

AutoWake requires an Apple Watch running WatchOS 4 or higher. Advanced features requires WatchOS 5.

AutoWake works fine with Do Not Disturb and Theatre/Cinema mode.

AutoWake requires at least a bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Apple Watch during the time that you are asleep. You can use Flight Mode on your iPhone, but make sure that you turn on bluetooth.
If you user Screen Time, make sure that AutoWake is in your exclude list.

As with all of our apps, there is no tracking, no analytics, no snooping. Your privacy is very important.

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AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Here's AutoWake 3. It's a big update! - All alarms are now set directly on the Apple Watch in a rather tasty new way. - If you use AutoSleep & have WatchOS 5 you can now set advanced ultra smart alarms. These allow you to set a sleep goal, quality goal or sleep bank goal. AutoWake can then do things like set an alarm every Friday after you achieve 8 hours sleep but no later than 7:30AM with an intelligent reminder 60 minutes before the best time to go to bed. Ultra smart alarms can help you hit your sleep goal as well as to prevent oversleeping. - Scheduled backup alarms are now both more flexible and more straightforward. - iPhone app is greatly simplified. - Support for every Infograph complication format on the Series 4 Watch. - Smartwake options now include "bump" only. This will tap you every 5 minutes before your final alarm time to take you out of deeper sleep. - You can now change the voice to use for confirmations and safety alarms. Hope you like it! Pleasant dreams.

AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm Comments & Reviews

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- Functionality great, alarms not

The timing and all of that is great, being to determine a wake up time and just let it do it’s thing is awesome! But... if they could just have an alarm that slowly ramps up in volume with some peaceful sounds, that would really make it worth it for me. This is just my experience and if none of the following applies to you, this app will work wonders. As of now the current alarms are either too harsh I get angry and turn it off (the voice commands), to light I snooze and keep sleeping (Apple Watch buzzing on my wrist), or too easy to turn off (music playing after I skip my alarm). Also, the ability to set multiple alarms at once would be nice - or at least several back up alarms. For people like me I tend to snooze even the smart alarms... and it’s a pain to have to remember to set backup alarms in other apps.

- Alarm clock it is not

This app has let me down too many times to list. It seriously fails to function like an alarm should. The widget must be on the face of the watch for it to work (not sure if that’s a requirement for other watch apps but it invites disaster.) It actually goes off at one minute past the time you set it for(?) The automatic mode has sometimes switched itself off. I’ve had it shut off when I pushed snooze and snooze after shut off. It has turned off its automatic mode (changed to manual) after pressing the off button in the morning. The app simply does not give me confidence that it will function when I need it to. The final straw was a complete implosion on the morning after the spring foreword time change. It didn’t go off at all. The alarm time for the next day said 6:00am but the setting “wheel” read 5:00am. It would not correct itself for until I restarted my watch. I wrote the developer and was told that they knew about the problem but didn’t realize the time change happened so early in the US this year! It’s been the second weekend of March since the Bush administration. Don’t waste your money or time here.

- Useless and unintuitive

This app's user interface is atrocious. It makes no sense, settings are scattered all over, the "Last Alarm" and "Home" screens lack any functionality. On the watch, I have AutoWake in the main screen of the modular face. It has a useless counter that counts up from the time of your alarm (is that supposed to be how long I've been awake?). Sometimes it'll count for days, other times it'll change to counting down until the alarm sounds (moderately helpful). The rest of the watch settings interface is actually decent. But I figured if I could set and forget the alarm I could live with the other UI issues. Unfortunately it never works. Auto schedule turns on and off at will, I don't have weekend alarms set but somehow it sets one on its own, and the alarm has yet to work. Each day this week (6am alarm) the alarm has failed to go off on time. It's only gone off twice - once at 6:18 and another at 6:40. Not helpful! Not surprisingly, it also fails to give the taps to wake you from deep sleep as it advertises. A complete waste of money. AutoSleep is a good app (UI is okay but works better than this), but AutoWake is utterly useless.

- Potential

**UPDATE** First let me say the developer is very responsive. I’ve changed from 1 star to 5. The issue was that if using the screen time feature in iOS 12, you MUST exclude autowake from being affected. In other words, always allow AutoWake otherwise the alarm will not go off. Since figuring this out, the alarm has reliably gone off as set. Love it. I’ve been using AutoSleep for awhile now. Great app so I jumped on AutoWake based on that experience. It has not lived up to its potential. Been using for a week now. The alarm has yet to go off once. I’ve tried all the features even the safety alarm. Nothing. Watch is series 4 with a full battery when I go to bed. I’m using with the autosleep app as advertised and have read the instructions several times. Still no alarm. The alarm is the whole point and can’t give anything but 1 star. Please fix. I love the idea.

- Great in Theory not in Practice

App wants to be great but can’t quite get there. I liked the various options to wake you in your lighter sleep stages and the way you can schedule different alarms to go off on different days. It’s even nice that you can do that from the watch itself. What’s frustrating is you can ONLY do it from the Watch and the functionality is to complicated and clunky to be a watch only mechanism. - Deducted one star because there is no on-phone functionality for setting, adjusting or turning off alarms - Deducted one star because Of how complicated all of the alarm setting features are - it’s not a smooth nor intuitive system - Deducted one star - and this is my big issue and why I won’t use the app anymore - when turning an alarm off early it DOES NOT WORK. Several times I’ve wanted to turn the alarm off or change it to another time and it simply doesn’t work after a certain point in the night. It just continues to blink “wait” but doesn’t turn off. HOWEVER - it I do that, then it seems to cause an issue with the app for the next 24 hours and the next alarm WON’T WORK at all. Very frustrating and could cause issues if you’re counting on the alarm to actually do what it needs to to wake you up. Disappointed because I like the other two features it integrates with. If they could fix these issues I’d be more than happy to try again but as it stands now the app is useless.

- Cool If It Was Reliable

I bought AutoSleep, Autowake and HeartWatch as a bundle. While I believe that AutoWake and HeartWatch are excellent apps (and have reviewed them as such), I cannot say the same for AutoWake. You can set AutoWake up to automatically wake you at a certain time for each day of the week. In my case I have it set to wake me at 7:00 Mon-Fri. You can also override this behavior as needed, i.e. I disable the alarm if I am taking a day off work or have a holiday. Its greatest advantage IMHO is that it is supposed to find a time when you are sleeping lightly near to your set alarm time and then tap your wrist to wake you up. It more or less works most of the time. And when it works it works very well. I have AutoWake added as a complication on my primary watch face (my ONLY watch face) as required and my phone sits charging on the end table beside my bed so there should be no reason for failure. But the alarm has failed to go off in the morning 4 times over the past two months. This might not seem terrible, but if you need to catch a plane the next morning - which I sometimes do - I don’t want my alarm to be flakey. What usually, but not always, happens is that the alarm will go off later in the morning, 9:40 and 10:20 AM are two times that I recall specifically. This morning it just didn’t go off at all. I will be deleting this app and falling back to the Apple Watch’s built in alarm.

- Highly customizable, effective

There are a number of customizable options with this app, which can be somewhat tedious when you first start using it. I have all of this developers health-related apps, and have had the same experience with each of them (great customization, which leads to a somewhat overwhelming experience for newcomers). HOWEVER, once you figure things out this app is awesome. I wear my Apple Watch to bed, and the app has a “smart wake” feature that I find exceptionally useful. It monitors when I’m in lighter sleep close to my wake time, provides very light taps as I get closer to wake time to ease me into waking, then wakes me with stronger taps once I’m in the 15-minute wake zone. There’s also a “fail safe” alarm that plays music through my phone if it senses I haven’t woken up. Nicely done.

- Not quite but I have faith

Hmmm to be brutally honest at this time this app barely deserves 1 star but I’m giving it 3 just because I’ve seen the quality these people have already produced. Part of it’s problem may be hardware limitations but you now have to meet a couple requirements that I can’t easily meet. It’s a great start and a great idea I’ll use nightly once it matures. I’ve been through literally hundreds of apps over the years and beta test many of my favorites but none meet the standards these guys have with their other apps. And I rarely review I just like to help the best when I can.

- I wanted this app to work so badly but it’s way too inconsistent to use for real

The idea is awesome and I wanted someone to make something like this for years, but it just doesn’t work. The auto schedule never works, you have to manually turn the alarm off then back on again if you want it to go off the next morning. The backup alarm hasn’t worked for me yet either. Even when I do manually set the alarm each night, it’s way too easy to turn off while half asleep so I have done it and fallen back asleep on several occasions. Also the sleep cycle function never seems to work and it always wakes me up at the earliest limit of my sleep window (ex: 5:30 if latest alarm is at 5:45 with a 15 min window) I really want this to work but the pieces just aren’t there right now, and it’s way too inconsistent to actually rely on as an alarm in its current state

- Making a significant difference in my health

I have all three apps and I recommend all of them and I recommend purchasing them. The awake and the sleep apps are making a significant difference in my health. By using the awake app I am now capturing heart rate variability and waking heart rate which are two important vital signs that reflect health and vitality. Using the app has helped me with insomnia and not getting enough hours of sleep. If you are serious about your health and need to monitor your vital signs in order to manage a chronic health condition then you should have these apps. They are quite detailed in the information that they capture however the information is displayed in a way that’s easy to understand.

- Must have app

This app is AMAZING I honestly didn’t think it would make any difference having it wake me in a lighter sleep and honestly thought there’s no way that the other app which is the (auto sleep app ) could actually tell it when I was in a lighter sleep but for real it works! I wake up in a better mood and more energized. Using the auto wake and auto sleep app has made me feel so much better overall I would totally recommend both apps together because wow I’m sleeping better and waking up with ease versus when I didn’t use the apps I would wake up tired dragging and cranky I’m guessing due to waking up when I was sleeping deeper. Spend the 2.99 on both apps it’s well worth it.

- I wanted to like this app

Considering I paid for the bundle I wanted to like this app. After multiple failures and multiple contact with support I am finally just sticking to the watch alarm app. Maybe they are just trying to do too much here? Support was never very helpful outside of saying it works for me. I followed the instructions to remove, reboot and reinstall the app at least 4 times over the last 2 months. After it has failed 2 times in the last week alone I am giving up. It can’t be that complicated right? Alarm set for 6:35, when time is 6:35, sound the alarm. I have not been running any other alarms while this was going. Thankfully I’ve had enough failures that I set a back up on another device. Could have been great app along with the sleep tracker but I guess they got my money and did not really want to fix actual problems after I voluntarily offered to help test.

- In theory an excellent app, in reality it’s terrible.

I have tried this app for a few weeks now and it’s honestly awful. Half the time it doesn’t go off at all. And yes I have the complication on my watch face, yes always allowed is on screen time, yes my phone is plugged in. The other half the time if I wake up within the 15 minute light sleep window the alarm never goes off. Don’t even think about not getting up because the alarm will never go off. Today was the last time I was willing to deal with it. I was up before my alarm. Turned it off and got out of bed. Within 5 minutes the emergency alarm was going off and there’s no easy way to turn it off. Then the alarm spoke to me when I turned up the volume on certain apps during the day. Maybe one day the Apple Watch will have a native smart alarm. I’ll go back to the regular alarm. It never failed me and wasn’t this much trouble.

- Needs some major bug fixes

Have had this app for a few months now. Was a little quirky but generally worked. That is until the spring daylight savings switch. Since then I would generally have 2 days a week where the app would not go off. My wife gets up at the same time so she would wake me on those days. Sometimes the watch would just display the time normally and other times the alarm screen would be showing but no sound or haptic was happening. These are even after I would double check the watch before going to bed to make sure the widget was on and counting down to the alarm set time. This has just happened way to many times now so uninstalling and going back to stock alarm again. Will revisit possibly in a few months hopefully it will be more stable and reliable. Note I own both his other apps and enjoy those greatly.

- Getting better

I was having a lot of issues with the latest version and left my original review below. Since then things have improved. I deleted and reinstalled again. At first I tried using the smart alarms in place of the scheduled ones and I thought it was working better. Then I went back to scheduled and they have also been better. It’s possible some of the updates Apple have been pushing out have improved the communication and my reinstalls didn’t really do the trick but in any case it seems much more reliable now. Bumping to 4 stars while I give it some more time to verify reliability. Original review The app worked great until the last iOS and watchOS updates. Now it’s completely unreliable. It has only work once correctly in the last 3 weeks. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. No luck. Wiped my watch clean and completely reinstalled everything. No good. Unpaired and paired Watch to phone again. Nope. You end up waking up and seeing the message “Limp” on the screen. I switched to the default alarm on my watch.

- Works perfectly as advertised

I downloaded AutoWake a little over a week ago to help me improve my sleep schedule and wake up more refreshed. While obviously the app didnt work miracles and make me suddenly become a morning person, it did help me craft alarms more suited to waking up feeling refreshed. I have a tendency to oversleep so my favorite feature of this app is the ability to schedule an alarm to go off after you have achieved your set threshold of sleep quantity with the secondary setting to go off at a set time if you never make it to your goal quantity.

- Worked great until this latest update

This used to be a fabulous app, but with this update it is not working. I emailed support, will update my rating review if/when they respond. UPDATE-Great customer service! A reply to my email was waiting for me when I got up this morning, with step by step instructions on how to delete, reinstall, and set auto wake up. Appears to be working fine now. Best watch alarm I have seen! I have not yet played with the new advanced alarms but they look very useful for weekends, in addition to my normal scheduled weekday alarms.

- Long way to go

I don’t write many reviews but feel compelled to write one. I am so disappointed with this app, especially comparing it to the AMAZING AutoSleep app by the same creator. One of the biggest flaws with this app is battery consumption- after a full charge and sleeping 7 hours I wake up to 47% battery. That’s unacceptable. People who sleep with their watches on need to preserve battery life. Without running the app I would have around 80% battery remaining at the minimum, sometimes up to 92%. Also the app simply doesn’t work. Despite waking up within my window time and moving my arm around to try to induce the alarm, the alarm only goes off at the latest possible time. Nothing “smart” about it. I remember using an app like 8 years ago that woke me up based on my phones movement on my bed that worked much better than this. And this app has access to detailed sleep data. As of now this is a 1 star app. I am giving it two stars because I like the idea, I love the developer, and I am optimistic they will see this and completely start over to create a great new app I can change to 5 stars.

- Great app so far

I just recently began using the suite of apps from this developer, and so far I’m very impressed. I normally hadn’t been wearing my watch to bed, but I was interested in the benefits and good reviews from other people. My first experiences with AutoWake have been very good, and it is working well. It properly detects my lighter sleeping cycles as I near my alarm and wakes me sooner, as appropriate. For those of you that are having trouble, I suggest using the “How it Works” button and then clicking the “Learn More” button inside. Everything is explained well and was easily configured.

- New Version Good

I like the new version 3 more than the previous version. Now that everything is done directly from the watch things are simpler yet the app still has some advanced features. I really like how now I can have one regular scheduled alarm for the days I get up at my regular time, one regular scheduled alarm for the days where I get up a little earlier to work out, and then one advanced alarm for the rest of the days set to give me a set amount of quality sleep but wake up no later than a set time. Good app that deserves a higher rating that what’s reflected here.

- The idea is great but...

Such a smart idea? It appeals to the geek in all of us. I love their other products but this one falls a little short. First off, it is not reliable. I have had times when it alarmed me an hour or two later. At the beginning it didn’t do anything except alarm me at the alarm time - which is no different than setting the alarm on my watch. Finally when it did awake me, honestly, I felt like I just lost sleep period. I didn’t feel any better - just felt like I woke up early and lost sleep time. The talking alarm is cool and the concept seems so cool but in the end, I just set the alarm on the watch. For me, it just didn’t work well. Their other products are outstanding!

- Can’t even function as an alarm

I bought this app as part of the health pack bundle (with HeartWatch and AutoSleep) and I’ve been underwhelmed by the entire bundle so far, but this app in particular was a complete waste of money. Not only is it entirely and unnecessarily complicated, but the haptic alarm function doesn’t even work! I’ve tried multiple settings a variety of ways, but every time when the alarm is set to go off, my watch is silent. I tried contacting the app developers, and I got an automated response directing me to the websites FAQs. I tried following the steps laid out there but that didn’t do the trick either. If you just got an Apple Watch, do yourself a favor and stick to the regular alarm clock, at least that will actually work.

- Great potential, but too many major bugs

I’ve tried this app for a few days. I can not recommend it in its current state (September 2019) due to major bugs in basic functionality. 1) Setting scheduled alarms does not work properly - app on phone reflects different alarm setting than watch, causing wrong / missed alarms; 2) changing an existing alarm doesn’t work properly; 3) attempting to turn off an upcoming alarm within 30 or so minutes of the alarm time causes the watch app to show a confusing purple HAL-9000 “wait...” screen until the original alarm goes off; 4) the UI for setting smart alarms on the watch is unintuitive (“no way”? “Bump me?”) I do like AutoSleep, but AutoWake has a ways to go before it’s ready for prime time.

- If it isn’t working for you, exclude it from Screen Time

iOS 12 offers the ability to prevent you from using apps after a certain time at night. If AutoWake is part of the apps that are restricted during the morning, it won’t be able to wake you up. Simply add it to the Always Allowed section. This is all based on anecdotal evidence, but I’ve noticed that it wasn’t working for me when Screen Time was blocking it, but it worked fine after I unrestricted it.

- Works well

I read all the reviews before I purchased this app; I was worried it wasn’t going to be worth my money based on poor ratings. I’m here to say the app works well once you get the hang of it. It’s true that the app it fairly complicated. A lot of settings, and a bit of a learning curve. I thought about taking a star off my rating for the fact that the app seems a bit overly complicated. But then I realized, it m not sure myself if they should simplify it. I like the options.

- Not reliable

Prior to AutoWake 3 I loved this app and would have given it 5 stars. Now that “AutoWake 3 is here” it is useless and I find myself using the Apple Clock Alarm instead. Moving the alarm setting interface to the watch was a bad call. The usability of the limited interface make setting alarms frustrating and it kills batter power of the Apple watch. This app used to auto turn on alarms for me on a schedule so I would never have to think about setting an alarm. Now I spend a could minutes a night messing with the interface trying to decide if the alarm is going to wake me up, or if I need to set another alarm. Just use the Apple Clock alarm. I would not recommend this app in the state is is now.

- Currently Broken

I am a huge fan of AutoSleep and HeartWatch. AutoSleep is by far the beat sleep tracking app I have tried, and I’ve been using it for years now. I know the developers can make a quality app. But maybe someone fell asleep on the job with this app. It is broken. After using the app for one week, I finally deleted it this morning. The alarms are going off outside the time window I have set, which is a huge problem for me. They keep going off earlier than they should. The biggest problem is that I am not being awakened in a light period of sleep. Maybe part of that issue is the settings are confusing. It seems like the developer is trying to account for a bunch of scenarios that are irrelevant to a sleep alarm app. I swear that I have gone into the watch app to turn on the alarm multiple times this week and the alarm was already turned on. I feel like I can probably figure out the quirks with this app, but when you are messing with my sleep, I don’t have time for that. Maybe I’ll check back in six months.

- Not worth a separate app

I’m not sure why this is a separate app from AutoSleep. It should be the same app. AutoSleep, AutoWake HeartWatch...that’s a lot of complication space to take up my my Apple Watch. Why doesn’t AutoWake “AutoMatically” turn on when I tap “lights out” on AutoSleep? Seems like an unnecessary step. I have my Apple Clock app alarm set to wake me every morning-I don’t have to think about it: it “just works.” The AutoWake Alarm should too. Love HeartWatch and AutoSleep. I want to love this too. Integrate it into AutoSleep and let me set my alarm and forget about it.

- Reliable/Advanced Mode is Great

I think all these reviews are outdated and about an older version of the app because my experience with it is fantastic! I don’t know where everyone else is coming from when they’re saying it’s not working consistently. There is some setting up to do to make sure it works but after setting it up once, it’s dead easy to activate. Make sure the app has a complication on your night time watch face and that you’ve set an exception for screen time. Just swipe over to your night watch face, turn on the alarm, activate theatre mode, and you’re good! It can wake you up up to 30 minutes early depending on where you’re at in your sleep cycle, for me this is consistently typically about 10-20 minutes before my alarm but I feel great when waking.

- Works but somewhat complicated

I use this app every morning and I really appreciate the HomeKit integration. Turns off bedside lights and starts fan when I activate my alarm at night (and starts AutoSleep tracking). Turns on the downstairs lights and starts the coffee when I turn off alarm. You must have an active complication on the face to allow app to work. Takes some review but once you have settings adjusted, it’s a great app. Definitely recommend and recommended review of Help page online before you depend on the app.

- Good idea but but has some real issues

love waking to a slight buzzing on my watch. it’s just a far superior way to gradually get up in the AM. find the UI to be lovely but the UX to be complicated. after daylight savings the time has been inaccurate and needs adjustment nightly. I updated today’s alarm and it never went off, so I’m late for my first day back to work after a long break. simply unacceptable! UPDATE: here we are in time change AGAIN and my alarm hasn’t gone off morning after morning. I know the developers aren’t in the US, but if you release in another market, you really need to understand that market. this is really lousy. it’s time to delete.

- Comprehensive and confusing

For apps with “Auto” in the name they take a lot of work to get started using. The developer makes very detailed and comprehensive apps with lots of data tracking, and they’re generally worth the money. But I always find them very dense with terminology and confusing to figure out. Wish there was a simpler metaphor to understand this app, or a way to ease in to the basics, then layer on more features over time. I’m waiting until vacation to try to figure it all out.

- Once Was A Great App

AutoWake used to be SO good. However it seems that support for AutoWake has stopped which is unfortunate because it had a feature no other app provided: an alarm for when you’ve slept 8 hours (or any number you set) I used to love it. No matter what time I finally fell asleep I would be awoken after exactly 8 hours. That feature does not work anymore. I’m consistently sleeping past the 8 hours and waking up before the alarm so either the alarm doesn’t work or it’s not tracking my sleep anymore. It’s a shame the other apps in the bundle are supported still but not this one. This app is no better than the stock iOS alarm app now.

- Update takes some getting used to - but work well

At first I did not like what the latest update did to this app. It was good before so why mess with it? Anyway, after trying it out for a few days, I have to say that I like it. It took some getting used to, but it’s actually a lot more versatile and I can see how it has really improved for the better. Once you understand how it works, it’s a great app.

- Never works.

So to start this review I should say I bought it because the AutoSleep app worked so well. I absolutely love seeing the data it gives me in the morning. And I was hoping the other apps from this developer would be the same. But sadly this seems to be nothing more than a buggy mess that never actually sets my watch nor my phone off to wake me up. Even though I’ve tried everything I can think of through all of the broken options to fix this. I have an iPhone XS and an Apple Watch Series 4, so it should work no problem. But sadly it’s terrible and I can’t give it more than 1 star. Definitely don’t buy this app.

- AutoSleep and Homekit

I like that this integrates with AutoSleep “lights out” feature. And I love that it has Homekit integration too. So only one tap does all kind of automations in the background. Very powerful tool. It would be even nicer if it had the same “tickle” vibration as AutoSleep’s smart alarm feature. Right now the vibrations provided by AutoWake is too harsh. But please, never drop the Homekit support. This is the only sleep app that has it and it is awesome!

- Does Not Work

I’ve had this app for several months and given it so many tries, but even after the most recent update the alarm fails to reliably work. It’s worked maybe once in the time I’ve tried it. I’ve done the trouble shooting steps, followed the instructions, and am sure to not force close the phone app, but it just doesn’t work. The count down timer will hit 0 when the the alarm is supposed to go off, but instead of the alarm sounding, the timer just starts counting back up from 0 again... This was using a fixed alarm too, not even using the smart settings.

- Like the update but snoozing is broken

Glad this finally got overhauled a bit, but it’s not quite there yet. Snoozing either doesn’t work correctly or there’s something about it I’m not understanding. If I snooze once the alarm will go off again in 5 mins as I expect it to, but if I snooze again it seems to shut it off for good. This has happened two days in a row now. I expect that if I snooze the alarm then it will keep getting pushed ahead by a few minutes until I shut off the alarm or some significant length of time (like an hour) has elapsed.

- Daylight Savings Time Error

When we shifted to daylight savings, this app got thrown for a loop. Now if I set my alarm for 5:00, it sets it for 4:00 and the countdown is incorrect. I’m not sure when my alarm is going to be going off in the morning now. Otherwise, this is a great app and something Apple should ready have standard on the watch. The problem with the standard Apple alarm is that you can silence it by covering the face of the watch with your hand, and then your subsequent snooze alarms won’t sound.

- Not reliable

I have been using AutoWake for almost 2 weeks and have been late to work all but 1 day. This is a great ideal but is not reliable. At the beginning I thought it was me because I had do not disturbed set for an hour past my alarm so it didn’t notify me. The first day after changing that the app worked like a charm but that was the only day. After that i had no alerts from my phone and my watch only vibrates and most days the snooze didn’t work. Last night I set it for a regular 4:30am alarm. It vibrates at 4:30am. I hit snooze and it never sounded again. I’m going back to a regular phone alarm. I’m glad I don’t punch a clock.

- Does not work

I have been using this for a month and a half and the alarm has worked twice for me. I believe I followed the instructions, I have the complication shown on my watch, I have verified the settings in the app and it is set to auto schedule. I think the first day I had it, it did correctly schedule itself and went off in the morning, and after it not working the next day I tried manually turning on the alarm and it worked, but it has not worked correctly since then. I love the author’s app AutoSleep, The only thing missing is a smart alarm so I was really hoping this would work.

- Great when it works

The first 4 days I used this, automatic alarms worked fine. On the 5th day, the alarm did not get raised. In fact, the “countdown” on the watch complication was actually counting up from the time I set the alarm to when I actually woke up, instead of saying OFF like it does when the alarm is raised and you stop it. It’s actually still counting up right now, gonna see how far it goes and if it fixes itself without manual intervention.

- Great smart alarm when paired with AutoSleep

Not so sure why many of the reviews are the way they are, but this app works seamlessly. It’s especially nice since I also have AutoSleep for sleep tracking. But for AutoWake, it woke me up during my light sleep in the morning, within the 30 min that I wanted to wake up. It’s exactly what I wanted, and I felt refreshed when it woke me up.

- Horrible

With AutoSleep and HeartWatch being such good apps that I use on a daily basis, I decided to take a chance on AutoWake. Unlike the beauty of AutoSleep and HeartWatch, which is they just simply work without any additional action from the user, AutoWake requires the following. User needs to have AutoWake complication on watch, phone plugged in and AutoWake app running in background on iPhone...all for the alarm to work properly. This combo of manual action and app running in background is beyond ridiculous and unacceptable. Deleted app immediately. Anyway I hardly ever write reviews but I feel obligated to leave this feedback.

- Great developer

I'm a daily user of AutoSleep, AutoWake, and HeartWatch. This developer is awesome. Very rarely do I see an app that has this level of thought, research, design, and execution put into it, let alone 3 apps. I legitimately believe these apps have helped me live a healthier life style. The first iteration of AutoWake left a lot be to desired, but that is no longer the case. More than worth it to purchase the three app bundle!

- Novelty, but useless as alarm

If you want to fiddle around with what sleep tracking may be able to do in a few years, try this app along with the companion AutoSleep, but if you want a reliable alarm, look elsewhere. This app only works intermittently. Some mornings the alarm activated, on others nothing happens. If you plan to use it to wake up in time for work, you’ll be out of a job soon. I assume the WatchOS just isn’t reliable to give apps like this the right permission to run, even when it’s set up as a complication.

- Does not function as described. Not pleasant experience customer service-wise either.

Unfortunately the app does not work reliably. Alarms don’t go off when set and no troubleshooting seemed to correct the problem. The developer was contacted before posting a review out of courtesy, but though the developer responded relatively quick his responses were more directed at how the app was developed for “more advanced users” and it must be an issue on my end. Not a great experience all around. I am requesting a refund as soon as able and do not plan to further use this product.

- Consistently fails...

I could go over the list of reasons why you should not purchase this app, but to keep it real simple, if you need to wake up in the morning, this app is not for you. Contacted support multiple times and they’ve been great, but the app continues to fail... sometimes it will tell you why, most times not. It fails consistently if you update either your iPhone or watch. Some of the features are a really neat idea, but it’s an alarm that can’t consistently perform its primary function... I love the HeartWatch and AutoSleep apps, but this one misses the mark

- Outstanding Concept

So far this app is working well for me. Like others have mentioned, setup takes some time because there are so many options and the explanations could use a little tweaking, but with some common sense, you should be able to figure everything out and get it setup correctly in about 10 minutes. Once setup is complete, it should wake you gently with the haptic feedback from the watch (if that light tapping would normally wake you up). It has worked perfectly fine for me so far. You can set your regular alarm for a few minutes after this one as a safety precaution if you need to. I look forward to its improvement over future updates. Great job Dev!

- iPhone Battery Drain

Simply put, I used the alarm for 3 days and it worked fine but the app drained my iphone battery so badly that I uninstalled it. Yesterday I left for work with 100% iphone battery and at noon my iphone battery was 38% and this app was the top drain. Today without the app installed my iphone battery was 80% at noon with same basic usage. I emailed support and the response I got was the app was designed to be used while the phone is on power over night. The day time drain is unacceptable.

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- Not as useful as AutoSleep.

I bought AutoSleep and HeartWatch from the same developer, and they are my favourite health apps - I can’t do without them. Whilst AutoWake provides some utility, it isn’t quite up to that same standard for me. Nonetheless, I bought the three in a package deal, so it effectively cost me next to nothing. In fact, given that all three apps can be purchased outright (and not subscription as seems to be becoming increasingly common), it’s still worth the money. Make sure you get the other two apps though - if you can’t afford all three, skip this one.

- Great under the ‘right’ conditions

This suite of apps works great for tracking sleep, however the biggest flaw when using AutoWake occurs when you change time zones. I frequently travel for work and find that once you switch the watch out of flight mode, the alarm time that you select is stuck in the original time zone from which you departed. E.g if you select 7am for your alarm in the new time zone it reflects as 10am on the AutoWake home screen. This happens even if you close and reopen the app. If there was a workaround my rating would be much higher - as it stands the only fix is to power the Apple Watch off and then on again.

- Helpful

Works well and is relatively simple to configure. Perhaps the addition of snooze being on my default might be handy (I know, I know...) as I was caught out on my first morning using it, accidentally just turning it off and going back to sleep.

- I have the whole suite and they work so sweetly together!

I’m a long time Heart Watch then Auto Sleep and now Auto Wake user. This is definitely the benchmark for tracking your sleep and now with an integrated alarm...if you’re an Apple Watch wearer. Just charge 20min before bed and again while you’re getting ready in the morning and you are laughing! No need to wait for the next Apple Watch :)

- Love the idea but not great for shift workers

I work variable shifts, sometimes including night shift and there doesn’t seem to be an option to set an alarm for the same day?! You’re forced to set it for the following day, so sadly I can’t use this when on night shift 😐 I realise I could probably set my alarms for the whole week via set schedule but I find that option much less flexible and intuitive. This seems a disappointing limitation of the app— please fix it!!!

- Latest update has broken it

Since the latest and greatest big update my alarms will not work. No longer are they reliable at all and I’ve almost been late to work twice ( thankfully I set an emergency alarm ) Uninstalling and reinstalling hasn’t helped at all. No idea why or how to get things working like they used to

- Glitchy

I really liked this at first but I stopped using it a while ago because the alarms weren’t actually ever going off. I came back recently and all was fine until I tried setting an alarm, it won’t let me set any. Even after I press add. I own HeartWatch as well as AutoSleep they’re great apps, but AutoWake is glitchy.

- Can you add auto present alarm Mon - fri

Sorry my last review was harsh. I must not have set it up properly and thus it didn't work. I still reckon there are few things you could add to make this work well. I am setting this alarm and the one on the Apple watch just in case. But do wish you all the best and will be keeping an eye out for updates.

- Never worked

Downloaded as I use AutoSleep which is great, but this one never worked, alarms never went off and had to set up back up alarms on my phone. Also chewed the battery on my watch and it went flat over night. Ended up deleting it.

- Great developer

ust wanted to support the developer by purchasing this app. He’s doing such awesome work with AutoSleep and HeartWatch - putting out a massive update for AutoSleep just recently. Love your work matey and thanks!

- Latest update rocks!

Great app! Developer responds very quick to questions as well. Thanks and keep up the good work!

- Unreliable

The alarm will stop automatically after a few seconds if you don’t do anything. It should auto snooze instead.

- Disappointed

App doesn’t work at on phone or Apple Watch and app maker won’t return emails to rectify. Very disappointed seeing their other apps are good.

- Does not work

Alarm does not go off to wake me up.

- Alarms do not go off anymore

Please fix this

- Not working

Alarms no longer working. Running iOS 13 and series 1 watchOS 5.3.1

- Disappointing

The user interface is extremely unfriendly, further, the app did not work as intended. My watch did not wake me for the past 2 nights. And throughout the day, the phone app was ringing non-stop no matter how many times I disabled it. Had to delete the app. Disappointing.

- Nothing auto about it

Being a happy customer of their AutoSleep product, I jumped on this promising an equivalent of SleepCycles natural wake alarm but on your watch. Less obtrusive right? Sadly no. To start with you have to set it every night. And only if you are using a watchface with the AutoWake complication on it (which I never default to). And the way it tells you this is LOUDLY announcing it on your phone (ignoring mute). The opposite of unobtrusive, and pissing off my wife! Condescendingly it defaults to calling you DARLING and loudly calling out “WAKEY WAKEY” over and over if you don’t react to the tap. Finally, even with most these options turned off, and remembering to set the alarm every time you go to sleep on the correct watch face, it doesn’t appear to use the set window to wake you at the lightest sleep. I’ve been awake watching it count down to the set time and then go off. It has to work around limitations set by Apple, sure. But between being completely obnoxious and not actually working I can’t recommend this at all in its current state.

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- Sorry for this morning

I was mad so I sent you bs I review my alarm setting for more efficient alarm. Still, the savety that the person is awake need to be adress. I don’t know if the song started to wake me up, but for sure it didn’t wake me up. Now I putted a more hardcore one to be sure I wake up. When the alarm decide it’s enough time buzzing, it should start a normal biping sound straight from the watch. There’s a speaker on the watch you know... it doesn’t help just to make an “I’m awake” button if the app stoped trying to wake you up an hour ago. I didn’t press the button so why it doesn’t continue to try to wake me up. Hope I’m clear with my point, I’m French speaking person. And btw, HeartWatch is in French, AutoSleep is in French, but not AutoWake. I’ll appreciate AutoWake in French too.

- Working as expected, lean on features.

For an automated smart alarm app for my watch this has been fantastic and much more reliable in my experience compared to Pillow. There are some features that I miss from Pillow though, as well as some quality of life adjustments I would be happy to see. I frequently take naps and a quick 1 or 2 tap nap alarm would be incredibly helpful as the current system is a chore to try and do this regularly. Having homekit functionality is incredible and am glad to see it in the app. Some additional functionality I would love to see with homekit is the ability to set a custom scene so multiple users in different rooms could each have their own AutoWake scenes. The ability to activate a scene before an alarm goes off would also be a very nice addition (like a sunrise to help wake you up). This could be done with homekit automation but would not change with altered alarms in AutoWake.

- New “features” make it worse

I’m not happy with the new update, before everything was easily setup on my phone and now I’m having to reconfigure every alarm on a tiny little screen on my wrist...what is the point of the iPhone app anymore if everything has to be done on my watch? The least you could have done is transferred previous alarms to the new version instead of requiring them to be setup all over again. Still giving 3 stars as all the other new things seem useful so far.

- Unreliable

Fails at its primary function as an alarm. Worked well for a few weeks but then suddenly stopped. Now it doesn’t go off sometimes. I have to set a backup alarm just in case. Also, there hasn’t been an update in 6 months now, I’d avoid this app as it seems like it might be abandoned. Not fixing such a major issue quickly raises alarms —ha!

- Overly complicated

I suspect English is not the native language of the developers. They use all kinds of unique verbiage and weird terminology. You literally have to read pages of detailed instructions if you want any hope of using this app correctly. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the “unreliable” one-star ratings are actually caused by people not understanding this overly complicated app.

- Doesn't seem to work

Please please please don't waste your money. The alarms literally don't even go off whatsoever. You'll set an alarm and the you can be staring at the count down...and then...nothing. Even when the iPhone app is open, nothing happens. The app shows there is an active alarm. And it just...doesn't go off. Complete waste of money. Don't get this. Absolute garbage.

- 3 strikes you’re out

Set an alarm for 5:25, both watch and phone show it is set, look at watch face with AutoWake and AutoSleep complications on it. Go to sleep 6:00 I look at my watch. Late for work the third time. Complication is counting up as if taunting me “yeah you should have been up 35 minutes ago but it’s not my problems.” Yes it is your problem alarm, yes it is. Bonus points to autosleep telling me the complication is not on my current watch face as I stare at it.

- Stopped working

All of a sudden the watch app says “no connection” 99% of the time. The few times it does connect, the alarm does not go off and begins counting upwards. Edit: try reinstalling if this happens to you.

- Stopped working after few weeks

It worked for few weeks and then suddenly stopped working. Waste of money.

- Interesting that my review is gone.

Here it is again. I’m tired of “ o complication” messages when the app is on the watch face as a complication. Tired of no connection messages even though the watch shows a connection to phone. Deleted. Really wanted to like this. Fix and I’ll try again. Until it is fixed, don’t waste your time or money.

- Do Not Buy; Still Extremely Unreliable

— Find myself having to force-close every other day just to get the Alarm to actually trigger nowadays. — Oftentimes, when it doesn’t trigger, I’ll notice that the “countdown” merely turned into a “countup.” Meaning, the App counted down to “0,” and instead of triggering the Alarm, it merely continued to count to “1” and upward, indefinitely. — Cannot cancel Alarms when the “countdown” has already started. It just says, “Working,” and hangs indefinitely. Even force-closing doesn’t work. Restarting the Watch is the only way to cancel an Alarm that has already started. — There’s just a certain lack of control I feel using this app. You guys want us to not have to worry about it, but it’s so unreliable. There’s no way I can use this without setting a backup Alarm using the Clock App At this time, I seriously cannot emphasize this enough; DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP. v2.x.x and below was like an alpha, v3.0.0 is like a beta. If your livelihood depends on waking around a specific window of time; this app is highly likely to fail you. Any high-star reviews here were either naively posted in haste, or are fake. I really want to like this app, but maybe what you guys are trying to do just isn’t possible with what Apple provides and allows for Watch Developers. You definitely shouldn’t be charging anyone for this at all. It is not ready. Given the apparent technical-hoops it jumps through to even function, perhaps it never will be until Apple opens up WatchOS more. There hasn’t been an update in 4 months, so maybe you agree. Worse would be if you guys feel like this is somehow “complete” and that your work is done. Hopefully you have a trick up your sleeve that will take this to GM-status, but I highly doubt it.

- No reply from developers

The app was working the way it should until the last update. Now says no complication. I did what the developers suggested but didn’t change. I left an email to support more than month ago and no response. Believe all the newest ratings and don’t buy app till it’s fixed.

- Incredible

This app is just unbelievably good. I have been using it for 2 weeks and I always wake up naturally without feeling the alarm going of or having to vibrate nonstop to wake me up. I feel that people should get Apple watches just for this app

- Disappointing

AutoSleep and HeartWatch work seamlessly. But AutoWake is another story. Was able to set the time and it ends there. Any attempt to modify or add results in a screen with a flashing strobe saying it’s working. 10 minutes later it’s still working. I don’t get any of the screens show in the support area. For now to me it’s a dud and a waste of 3.99. Beware if you decide to buy it.

- People, give it one star review if you want Dev to care

Doesn’t even go on time. Just trigger the damn alarm when time has countdown. Why does it wrap around and count up. So dumb. Dev doesn’t understand how alarms work.

- Great idea, poor execution

In theory this is a great idea, it just doesn’t work. Constantly complains about no complication (which is incorrect, I launched it by tapping on the complication). Support suggests reinstalling, but otherwise has nothing of use. I tried it for a week straight, twice it worked. Great? I woke up before the alarm, so I was able to monitor. Did it decide to go off 30 minutes it’s early when it detected motion like it should? No. Did it go off on time? Still no. Not a peep out of the watch until my Apple alarm went off (this triggers on the phone and I can dismiss from the watch). Shame, as it was reliable in older versions, but it just doesn’t work. Even when it tries to work, it still doesn’t.

- Buggy

I bought this because the AutoSleep app was great. However this app is buggy and it is not even functional

- LovED it

I really liked this app before the update. The haptic taps to wake me up were so much better than waking up to noise(s). And, hearing Arthur’s voice telling me “You’re so lazy!” put a smile on my face. Sadly, after updating it got buggy. I contacted the developer and received support but their suggestion didn’t work. My sense is that they know they’ve got a real problem and I will install it again after they’ve fixed it because it’s a great app.

- Disappointed

Bought the app since AutoSleep was good good. This app isn’t very good and fails to work on latest watch OS on Apple watch series 4. Please make the complication better. Thank you.

- “no complication”

What is “no complication”? There is no way to activate the alarm. Always show “no complication”!

- New update is buggy

I live the idea of the new update, but there are issues: three times in the past two weeks my "scheduled" alarm hasn’t gone off at all, and I’ve been late for work. This is in spite of the settings (alarm is “on” and settings are correct) . An alarm app I can’t trust is an alarm I can’t use - especially if the functionality of the alarm (some days it goes off, others it doesn’t go off at all) appears to be random. I hope this gets sorted out, because the concept is awesome.

- Not Ready Yet

The app on my watch keeps crashing and it wont let me turn my alarm on. It will freeze and then crash. I think I’ll wait before trying this again.

- Fails

Used to work, now the alarm never goes off. Uninstalled/reinstalled. Still does not work. Back to the built in alarm.

- Buggy!!!

Extreeeeeemely buggy. Good luck sleeping in, the alarm will go off even if you had turned it off in every way possible.

- The best haptic alarm 💯

I don’t get where all of the negative feedback on this app is coming from. It works well and I love the HomeKit integration. I simply just turn my alarm on and like magic all my lights turn off at the same time. It always manages to wake me up at the perfect time.

- Do not buy AutoWake

What a terrible app. I can’t believe you released it in this state. I have HeartWatch and AutoSleep and I really like them. I thought I’d really like AutoWake too. But it’s terrible. Confusing to setup and use. I started getting error notifications constantly one night. So I uninstalled the app from my phone. Except it didn’t fully uninstall from my watch. I’m trying to reinstall it on my phone to remove it from my watch but it’s not working. I’m probably going to have to reset my phone and my watch if I can’t get it to properly uninstall. This is beyond annoying.

- Doesn’t work

The smart alarm feature of this app doesn’t work for me. I’ve repeated their reset instructions twice. No dice. I’ll stick to the regular Apple Watch alarm - simple, free and safe (you won’t be late for work).

- App drains battery and doesn’t work

I tried this app to try to get up easier. I liked the AutoSleep app so I thought why not. For the last 4 nights I tried to use it to get up earlier. I set the AutoSleep alarm earlier than my real alarm and found I was woken by my real alarm every night. Another con of this app is it drained my watch and iPhone battery so much. I do not charge either overnight since it is bad for battery health and have woken up to a dead iPhone twice. The bad UI design is also included in the review. Not impressed, if I could get a refund for it I would. I am definitely uninstalling for the sake of my battery life!

- Impressed

Wow I love this app it is has so many features, is easy to understand, wakes me up at just the right time during a light sleep prior to alarm time. The 3 app bundle works awesome together. Great purchase.

- Auto Schedule Doesn't Work

I've been using this for a couple of weeks and it will alarm (but only at the exact time, not in my light sleep) if I manually schedule the alarm the night before. But, if I leave it to auto schedule, the alarm doesn't go off and I sleep in. It's unreliable. This is unfortunate because I love their other app, AutoSleep, and was really hoping for this to work.

- Work in progress

I feel it is not yet what I need it to be or at least have some options to better tweak it. I just want something that wakes me up at the right time but the last few times I only got my normal alarm do not sure what happened. Maybe more details about the results and being able to see what went wrong would help.

- Has potential, needs a way to shut off all voices

Edit: it now allows the option to shut off iphone sounds. Boosted rating. ------ I love the idea of smart wake via haptic vibrations. And I love Autosleep. So I was super excited to try this app. But, whenever I did anything with it, a loud robot voice would speak from my phone! I don't want that - especially at night when others are sleeping. I turned all voice features off, but it still gave me a battery warning on my phone "you have forgotten to put me on my charger" No, I didn't. Because I'm using the phone to set the alarm before sleeping. Please provide a way to never make the phone speak again. And is the phone needed for the alarms? I sleep with my phone in another room. I just want vibrations on my watch. That's it. I would love to try this, but I can't trust whether it will make my phone speak while I'm asleep, and bug people in another room. It even disobeys silent mode and speaks! And even if the app isn't open. I don't know how it does that. If all the voices could be shut up I suspect this is a five star app.

- Awesome

Changes the game, wakes me up at exactly the right time. Doesn’t disturb anybody else. Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, and it works great

- Very much a fail

This app really does not work. After going over the insanely complicated directions and settings we realized you have to keep Bluetooth on while you sleep. This is not something we want to do because of radiation. We just use the built in alarm on haptic. That’s all you need. And you can have your watch in airplane mode.

- Great little app

I’ve started using this app and for me it works great. The setup instruction are more complete than I would like but that probably to to circumvent blocks and limitations apple puts in place on its mobile platforms. I would recommend you read the How to’s before use!

- Useless

I’ve been using this for 2 weeks, did not wake me up once. Not even close. The app says if you ignore the watch vibrations it’ll turn the alarm on on your phone, didn’t do that. Not worth the money. Total waste.

- Big Improvement But Still Broken

The new version is a huge improvement over past version. However some the Auto schedule feature does not work. The alarm simply does not go off, I’ve already slept in several days because of it. When switching to manual mode it works great, but DO NOT turn on the auto schedule.

- Works Great. Annoying voice prompts.

Please for the love of everything let me disable the reminder that I didn’t plug in my iPhone when I turn on the alarm.

- Does not work

It just doesn’t work. They make AutoSleep which is great.

- Loving!

I’m loving this app!

- Good idea but buggy

I like the app and it seems to have lots of promise but I feel it will need more QA time and updates to realize its full potential. I had three issues with the app: 1. The un-shutable audio warning to put phone on charge when you set the alarm. 2. The app froze on my watch and I had to restart the watch to get it to work again. 3. The app randomly started to drain 80% of the battery during night. I am sure that a restart of the watch and/or phone would have solved it but I decided to give up on the app after one week of usage and encountering these bugs in such a short amount of time. I will give it a shot again after some time to see if its quality issues have been worked out.

- Not reliable

Sometimes won’t ring and is also buggy. Can’t turn off Siri for errors, such as when it complains about not having the complication enabled, Siri yells at me from my phone. And the complication *is* enabled. When it does want to work and wake me up, the music plays on my phone but it doesn’t stop and there’s no way of stopping it.

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- Used to be great

I’ve been using the app for 2 years now. It’s been great and reliable up until the ios13 software update. Ever since, autowake loses time and won’t wake me up about three times a month. I set it for 715am and I wake up on my own at 730am with the app still counting down to 715... even though that was 15 minutes ago. The alarm never went off and I didn’t hit snooze. So there a bug that needs fixed??

- Decent but what the hell is “ding-dong wacky wacky”

Every morning “Ding-dong wacky wacky” ... can someone please explain what that means? I have a hard time with the explanation that this is intended to be “wakey wakey” because a) that is super dumb and b) someone has to have tested it at least ONE TIME before releasing the product... they could not have heard “wacky wacky” and been like “yup, cool, close enough. Let’s fire this off.” Other than that- pretty solid app.

- Doesn’t support Daylight Savings Time

I set the alarm for one time and it shows another on the watch. I’ve tried deleting and removing all data then reinstalling but no change. This app isn’t the most straight forward to use. I’ve had it a few months and I’m still struggling to figure it out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the app won’t even turn on on my watch. I’m hope to one day figure this out before I get too frustrated and dump it.

- Doesn’t work

This review is a bummer for me to write because I’m a massive fan of the developer’s other 2 apps. Auto Wake, unfortunately, is a bit useless. For starters, it has yet to work. The developer is very responsive with help, which hasn’t worked. The other thing that I find pretty bothersome is that the app has to keep a Bluetooth connection with the phone all night long. I like to keep my devices in Airplane mode over night to avoid EMFs, but that’s obviously not an option here.

- Fails installation.

Installed 3 times. The app. Does not recognize that the complication is installed on the watch. Hence, it does not respond. The web address of the developer does not work. I really like their AutoSleep app. though. I just wish this app. I also really like their HeartWatch app. I have now given this 5 Stars!!! Dave, a developer helped me correctly install this and I truly enjoy and rely on this app. I’m working on getting the music feature working. But, I'm not sure that I really need it. Dave said many new improvement updates are down the pike within the week. I’m anxious to see what’s next!!! Dave, thanks for your patience with a very unsavvy untechhy.

- Cool Concept, Unreliable App

I purchased AutoWake as part of a bundle that also included AutoSleep and HeartWatch. I love the other two but AutoWake has been a pretty terrible experience. The alarm may or may not go off, and I can’t figure out what causes this. The auto schedule is just as shady. It also doesn’t seem to be responding to Daylight Savings? My alarm is set for 6:00am, but now goes off at 7:00am, no matter what I do. I wish I could get a refund for just this app and keep the other two!

- Last update made this app not worth it.

I liked this app till they updated. Now setting an alarm is WAY too complicated and won’t always go off. I love rest of the trackers form these people but an alarm should be much similar to set. Now I can just have my different times alarms and set the one I need before I go to sleep. It’s so complicated and new alarms I set don’t trigger. I’ve missed two days in a row. If they fix this I’ll go back, but for now I’m finding a better solution.

- Great sleep tracking app, but take care of your Watch battery!

This app does exactly as advertised, but be sure to have your Watch fully charged before bed! The latest update drained my watch from a full charge overnight. This was not the case before the last update. I’m sure there will be some work done to correct this soon.

- You need to read the detailed instructions.

I had previously written a good review. Until this morning, when I had woken up on my own and just happened to be looking at my watch when the alarm triggered. NO HAPTICS AND NO SOUND. I was staring straight at my watch face looking at a big red alarm clock and the option to dismiss. This app had worked for me about half the time. But some days it either never triggered or it did trigger with no vibrate and no sound. I can’t rely on that.

- Works perfectly

I’ve been using this app for the past week without any problems. If you set it up according to the developers instructions, it works perfectly on my Series 4 watch. If you’re looking for a smart alarm watch for the Apple Watch, this is the one.

- Not working

I've been waiting for version 3 since it was so undependable. New version is much simpler to setup. Set up alarm for this morning at 4:30. Complication was there. Showed the countdown. Never went off. Showed the minutes since supposedly going off. Set another manual one for 6am. It did go off. I stopped it . 5-10 min later my phone is going off and had to acknowledge that also. So all in all still doesn't work. Back to built in alarm.

- Love this! But have one issue

I have been using this app for many months now and I Love It!! My only problem is about once a month the app on my watch stops working. The alarm no longer works to wake me with wrist tapping only. The sole reason I purchased this was to be awakened WITHOUT noise from my phone as this also wakes my wife. The only solution provided so far has been support suggesting I should uninstall from my phone, and this from my watch and reinstall. Obviously then I have to go back and enter all my setting again. No joy here. Everything else is wonderful! Would have given 5 stars but for this not so minor issue.

- Good idea but...

This app is so unreliable and not a very easy to use UI. In concept this would be a fantastic alarm but not when I can’t rely on it. It doesn’t go off when it should and then randomly will go off later which is beyond irritating. I love the products you guys put out but this one is a joke. Going to uninstall and maybe you’ll get it fixed someday. Wish the App Store could do refunds because this was a wasted purchase

- Still does not work - DO NOT BUY

UPDATE: I’ve tried the developers suggestions- to the letter - of uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing seems to work. I’m giving up and uninstalling. An unfortunate waste. I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong but this app does not work. Completely unintuitive compared to AutoWake. I’ve setup the auto alarms 6:30am but nothing for two weeks. Now at 11:30am it suddenly goes off. What??? It’s almost like AutoSleep - which is great - and AutoWake were written by two completely different people.

- Very good but...

The smart alarm feature works awesome. Woke me up gently this morning during light sleep. Woke up feeling very refreshed. BUT the scheduled alarm feature never goes off for me. Idk why. Still love the app and will use it daily but as others have said, I ALWAYS set a backup alarm just to be safe.

- Vibration alarm no longer works.

Since the update the alarm no longer works. I have tested it and it hasn’t worked every time. Already the alarm has not woken me up two times. Definitely a broken experience. I’ve followed the instructions online to no avail. I even think that by putting the phone on “do not disturb” it makes the alarm not go off. This was the killer feature for me on the apple watch. If it can be regained it would be great, but as it stands it’s no longer a usable app.

- Good idea but needs some improvement

App is really good and i like the idea. But app has some disadvantages. It doesn’t work without phone. On phone it consumes too much power for alarm clock and makes phone hot. It is active for whole night and consumes 20-30% of battery. it should be activated 1-1.5 hours prior to waking. P.S. i love your other apps : AutoSleep and HeartWatch 👌 they are awesome 👏

- Do not buy. I bought in spite of the reviews and regret it.

I bought this app in spite of all the negative reviews hoping my experience would be different... AutoSleep is great. Sadly I have a problem (on top of others) I didn’t even see mentioned in the reviews. When I try to set my alarm I get a notification saying “this alarm should be set after 11pm”. And I can’t set my alarm. An alarm app that doesn’t let you set an alarm? Clearly the developers haven’t prioritized this one. I’m not upset about $3 wasted. I’m upset about an app making my life more difficult. Not only that, the watch interface is a joke. I rarely give 1 star reviews but they did more than enough with this one to deserve it. Listen to what everyone else has said. AutoSleep is great. AutoWake will make your life harder (most likely).

- Worked perfectly.

Great customization options, love the different haptic levels and patterns. The integration with AutoSleep is awesome too. Anyone who said it didn’t work clearly set the app up incorrectly. For instance, it clearly states you must have AutoWake set as a complication for your current, active Watch Face. Worth every penny. Love it!

- Not consistently functional

I’m normally a big fan of the other apps this publisher produces, but am resoundly disappointed with this app. I think they focused too much on features and not enough on stability. My watch alarm gets stuck on “limp” and won’t turn on my alarm unless I uninstall and reinstall the app on my phone. This has caused me to sleep in too many times and miss appointments. At the end of the day (or beginning of the day) All I really want is a haptic wake up so my alarm doesn’t wake my partner.

- The alarms have saved me, but...

Fantastic app, I use the collection of these apps together and they are seemless, however this app specifically is missing a few features I’d love, the main one of which is the ability to trigger its “lights out” mode using shortcuts, other than that the app has worked flawlessly for me.

- Worthless

It’s a painful process to set up and it takes over one of the complications on the watch face. Most importantly, it doesn’t work! I missed a meeting second day of use because it didn’t go off. I contacted support and they gave me a complex set of tasks to delete the app, reload the app, tweak a bunch of settings, and try again. It never worked again. I’d recommend using the Bedtime native app. If you’re wearing your watch it will tap you, and it will always work.

- Doesn’t work

This app used to be great when they launched the new update of setting custom alarms all on your watch. But somewhere along the lines it just stopped working. The alarm doesn’t go off and instead the compilation when you wake up shows a counting up time. I’ve tried restarting my phone and re-installing the app multiple times but it’s still happening. I’m going to find a more stable and trusting app that will actually work.

- Extremely clunky UI, terrible documentation, doesn’t always work

Seriously, the fact you have to read a web page to understand how to set an alarm is astounding. Even more astounding is that web page doesn’t fully explain anything What does “bump me!” Mean? How’s it different than “in light sleep”? No one can truly know, because about 10 minutes was put into documentation for this app.

- Here we go, again.

If you are looking for a reliable app to wake you up, this isn’t that app. I have had this app for years. It works great and then suddenly it doesn’t wake you. It’s works again and then it doesn’t. Well, I’m in one of those valleys where the app doesn’t wake me, yet again. So frustrated with this app. the app starts counting up past your wake up time instead of activating any alarm. Like I said, highly unreliable. And it’s been that way for years.

- Difficult to use

I’m a millennial and had a lot of trouble using this, cannot imagine what it’s like for older users. Too many wake up options and wack directions. Also, the request not force quit mobile app is sketchy. I wouldn’t be surprising if they were reselling location and mobile activity data on its users.

- Eh.

When it works it’s great. However, if you don’t catch the alarm to turn it off you will have to delete the app reboot phone and turn off watch. Reinstall app. Turn watch back on. Reset all functions. Repeat this cycle. Unending cycle. Over and over. If it was a free app, I’d not take time to write a review. But as a paid app, that’s an annoyingly inconvenient glitch.

- I’m Underwhelmed

I had an app a long time ago that was perfect for waking you up when you were in light sleep. It worked like a charm. I was hoping this one would be the same but unfortunately it was not. It has been difficult and confusing to set up. And it failed to wake me up the first time I used it. There will not be another time, because I can’t afford to just not wake up when I need to. I should have read the reviews before purchasing.

- Can’t keep using this app

Buggy interface and inconsistent performance. An alarm has to work consistently, and there have been days where this one didn’t go off, sometimes because it seemed to think the prior day’s alarm was still somehow active (timer on the alarm still running). I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app twice to fix this problem.

- Interface is baffling

I wanted to love this, but the interface makes it unusable. I can’t make heads nor tails of anything, don’t know how to set it up, don’t understand the read outs. Additionally, I work in conjunction with a ton of interface designers and work for a software company, if I can’t make heads or tails I’m not sure how someone that’s not surrounded by tech and interfaces daily is going to fair. Uninstalling app as it is useless for me.

- Won’t always work

Set up a schedule. Some days it works great other days it won’t. Even on the days the watch does not work go off right the backup alarm set in the app does not go off and has never gone off. I don’t do anything different on the days it works vs days it does not and have followed all the instructions.

- Worked for 3 mornings then stopped

Works for the first three mornings, then just stopped any notification that the alarm time. I can still see on the face of my watch where it says the alarm time and a running clock from the alarm time, but never buzzed on my watch to wake me up. I emailed the developers but never got anything more than the automatic reply that someone would be back with me in a day or two-which didn’t happen. What a waste of money

- Used to be great. Not so much anymore

I’ve been using over a year and this app used to work well. But over last month or so just doesn’t work or connect well with watch. As others have said alarm randomly doesn’t go off and about every other day it doesn’t record sleep. Also for travelers between time zones it doesn’t account for the different times. And developer(s) don’t respond. Wouldn’t recommend anymore.

- Really wish this worked

I switched from the sleep cycle app that I have literally used for years. Love the concept, willing to pay the price for the the sleep/ heart rate monitor but I am pretty disappointed. First and most important, the alarm goes off 30% of the time. This is no exaggeration, I would never use this as an alarm (witch is what it supposed to be). I instead use it for a countdown for getting ready for work (because I paid for it) and it works well for that. Wrote an email before I reviewed and was told “app wasn’t for me.” Offered a refund that I haven’t seen after a month. I do think that this has good potential but it simply doesn’t function at its basic level. So I continue to use my trusty free sleep cycle app.

- Terrible App

I was persuaded to purchase the app bundle with AutoSleep. It’s not worth it, the alarm doesn’t work. Three days in a row it just didn’t go off and while I don’t know it for sure I believe it bumped me at 1:50 AM the last three nights because it was close to my normal wake up time of 4:15 am. Which is not close at all. Don’t bother wasting your money on this or the heart rate app. Apple gives you both for free and they work as well or better.

- Does it’s job well

I’ve used this app for over a year now. And I’m happy with the update as well. It does it’s job. Helps me to wake up gently instead of a loud alarm jerking me awake. I tried some of the other alarms before this one. I’m happy with auto wake.

- Not reliable

This thing is making me crazy. Very difficult to understand the options. They really need to explain more. Also, this app needs to be bulletproof. Alarms are one of the most important apps you have. If they don’t work - it can literally ruin your day. This app just does not work. I’ve had for two nights. Both nights it did not wake me up. I have safety alarm set. Nothing actually went off. What’s crazy is when I test it by setting alarms during the day- it works ok. But if I set it to wake me after sleep - it just will not operate. Real bummer. Like their other apps, and really liked the theory of this app. Love the idea of haptic wake up so my wife isn’t disturbed. However, I’ll have to keep looking for a reliable app.

- Works but is tedious

Settings are tedious and unintuitive. Instead of setting one repeating alarm, the user has to set individual alarms for every night of the week, reapplying settings to each one. Also the, the backup alarm by default says “Darling, wacky wacky” because no one made sure the text-to-voice pronounced “wakey wakey” correctly.

- Worked reliably for months, now it never goes off

I’ve used this since May and it’s gone off every day until this week. Now it doesn’t alarm. It just starts counting down again. Only the fact that I set the normal watch alarm as backup keeps me from sleeping late and missing important work responsibilities. I’m not a programmer, my job requires me to be in specific places at specific times or bad things happen and good things don’t.

- Love AutoSleep, but AutoWake is too unreliable

UPDATE: Several months later and this product is still too buggy for production use. Complains that the complication isn’t there and won’t set my advanced alarm, but it is clearly installed and configured. I’ve removed & reinstalled multiple times to no avail. The only things that works in rebooting both my watch and phone nightly, which is simply unacceptable. I can’t afford to not have my alarm work correctly. The companion product works nearly 100% of the time without the app needing to run in the background. AutoWake does not. This means that, amongst other situations, anytime a phone update executes a reboot your alarm might not work.

- Best alarm solution for Watch!

The new advanced alarms? Amazing. These are everything I would have ever asked for in a wake-up alarm. The sleep buster feature: also amazing. The watch app display while I’m sleeping? Amazing. Unfortunately, it’s not reliable. What use is an alarm clock that only works for a few weeks then goes haywire and can’t be recovered. I really wish I know what happened.

- Used to work

This app was my go-to alarm clock. Reliable, never had any glitches (except once during DST), but since the last watchOS update, it simply has not worked consistently. I've had to redownload it 5+ times, it gives me the LIMP error at least once a week, and this last time it won't even turn off the alarm that didn't even go off in the first place (and I woke up 40 minutes late, so thanks for that)

- Couldn't activate alarm

The watch app said there was no complication despite the large complication in the middle of the watch screen. It started working again once i added a small complication to the screen.

- Used to be great, not so much since updates.

Lately I’ve missed multiple alarms and everything is set up correctly; complication on watch, app running on phone, turned on alarm via watch, set DND and theater mode on... and it never went off. In fact, it was still running when I pulled my watch off the charger over an hour past my alarm time. This has occurred multiple times over the past week.

- Failed again

I would love to recommend it. I was trying hard to use it but it’s broken in so many ways. Sometimes it doesn’t fire (happened couple of times lately. Then sometimes it starts counting and there is no way to make it stop except restart of the phone and watch. I have reinstalled it couple of times after it did not fired but today is the day I just give up.

- Unreliable

Good when you can get it to work, but it depends on a connection to your phone and is constantly telling me it’s not connected to the the phone when it is. I can change the haptics live and feel them playing in the watch, yet the watch app says it isn’t connected to the phone. Very frustrating. I’m frustrated that I spent money on this app.

- Not a fan of new update

The new update disabled my alarms. I use the auto alarm and if I hadn’t randomly decided to manually turn on the alarm I would have never know until I missed the shuttle I take to work. Then after a night of fitful sleep worrying about the alarm not working I tried to change the alarm to sleep 15 minutes longer I cannot. I really liked the old format and will most likely stop using this app.


They don’t tell you this in the app description, I had to go to the website to find this... *must have complication on the watch face for alarm to work!!* Once I changed this, it worked fine, at least for setting the alarm. Will update stars once I test the alarm for the next week

- Third time the alarm didn’t go off.

I’m tired of my alarm not going off. The last time I set the alarm it didn’t go off so I missed my morning workout. The watch said “no complication,” which is not true because I set up the complication correctly. The native Apple Watch alarm app “just works” so I’ll be going back to that. This one is too complicated, too confusing to set up, and unreliable. Alarms need to be 100% reliable.

- Great app

Works as expected. It has small glitches but still a work in progress. Great communication with developer and hopefully will end up perfect. Most issues are a result of Apple updates

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AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm 3.0 Screenshots & Images

AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm iphone images
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm iphone images
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm iphone images
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm iphone images
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm iphone images
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm iphone images
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm iphone images
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm Health & Fitness application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm Health & Fitness application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm Health & Fitness application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm (Version 3.0) Install & Download

The applications AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-12-20 and was developed by Tantsissa [Developer ID: 861650887]. This application file size is 8.92 MB. AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm - Health & Fitness posted on 2019-08-15 current version is 3.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tantsissa.Haptick

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