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Grab some popcorn, the hit show on Collider Video that took YouTube by storm is now available for everyone to be a part of!

Sure you have played trivia before but The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is unlike any movie trivia game out there. Play the game, become the number one contender and then become the champion!

See how deep your movie knowledge goes, defend the championship and prove that you are the best at movie trivia!

Pitted against the finest opponents in the world you will have to answer questions, spin the wheel and fight your way to the top!


John "The Outlaw" Rocha
Mark "Yodi" Reilly
"Little Evil" JTE
Jeremy "The Joker" Jahns
William "The Beast" Bibbiani
Scott "The Mantzman" Mantz
Clarke "Classy" Wolfe
Hector "The Nightmare" Navarro
... and many more!

Good luck, you'll need it!

2017 Schmoes Know LLC

Movie Trivia Schmoedown App Description & Overview

The applications Movie Trivia Schmoedown was published in the category Games on 2017-10-10 and was developed by kristian harloff. The file size is 1.68 GB. The current version is 1.1.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

1,000s of new questions added!

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Movie Trivia Schmoedown Reviews


Great app!  Byrdman0  5 star

This app is awesome! Really feels like you’re in the Schmoedown with kristian and Mark commentating and the questions are a lot of fun! Great work schmoes!

Delt Man's music

Great only one small issue with Sudden Death matches  Delt Man's music  1 star

If a match goes into sudden death, the AI is usually granted the victory even if I get the right answer. It’s annoying especially when you climb high up the ladder only to be out because of a bug. Edited: way too many answers are either too picky (what was Will Smith’s job in ID; pilot/military pilot/Marine Pilot. That’s just as correct as fighter pilot) or are actually wrong (GotG vol2 opened to Groot dancing to Mr Blue Sky). I don’t know who proofreads the questions but they should have their worked double checked.


Ok, hope for it getting better  Devv13  3 star

I’m hoping they are working on adding a lot more questions. My husband and I have played this just a couple dozen times with friends and with each other. And we see a lot of repeat questions. Besides that it seems to work pretty well and has a good layout. The only other thing I’d like is for in the third round for you to be able to choose numbers like in the actual game.

Darth Hawbecker

Not a fan  Darth Hawbecker  2 star

Fun for a while than questions repeat


The Potential is there...  RGBme  3 star

This app can be so fun at times, and unbearably frustrating at others. When you answer questions you know are right in sudden death, see the “correct” flash for a second before it goes to the “AND YOUR WINNER” screen, then see the other guy’s avatar show up; or when you only miss one of your second round questions which you selected multiple choice, but the pro you were up against still gets two points... there’s an issue. There are a lot of other little bugs too when it comes to autocorrecting answers and finding opponents/keeping opponents through full games, but when all is fixed, I’m sure this app will be awesome!


Online Not Working  RageAmuffin  3 star

I love the game but I can’t ever play online. It just keeps searching for someone but never finds them.

An immature teen

Fun as hell  An immature teen  5 star

Very addicting, still sad I lost the championship game 😲. Especially with the recent update game will run smoother!


Love the app but could use some improvements  aerofan0  4 star

I love the app, especially the innergeekdom. But I only gave the app 4 stars instead of 5, because anytime I’m playing in the innergeekdom and I hit opponents choose on the wheel I get stuck with the category of romance, which wasn’t even a category on the wheel in the first place. That needs to be fixed asap!


Great time, feels like the Schmoedown  Jalexi70  4 star

Normal gameplay is good, however the online play needs a ton of work. In matches people that are familiar with the show know that if you have a perfect round in round one you get a bonus question but in this you do not. Even with some of the bugs I still love this app.


Fun but needs work  PercussionDiscussion  3 star

Opponents disconnect when they’re about to lose. Other person should gain a victory if that happens. I haven’t been able to gain any coins because every time I’m about to win a match the other person bails.


Work to be done...  OeterB  1 star

Love being able to try and play. But I've only managed single player. Searched MULTIPLE times on global. In about 30 minutes of searching, I found one opponent, who left before a question was asked. No result recorded. On top of this, in about 6 attempts at single player, I've seen some questions 4+ times, and often see typos in questions. Great concept. But not polished yet... I really hope they put some more time into it!


Love the show, love the app,  Reba87  4 star

I’m a fan of the Schmoedown, and this fills the void between matches (the fans know what I’m talking about! I suck at movie trivia, but give it a go (and have won a couple of times!) it’s easy to use and the sound is great, with brilliant commentary from Kristian and Mark!


Now you can get all the belts, all the records  Mastero1234  5 star

Based on the successful internet series, The Movie Trivia Schmoedown has now been made into an app for all to play. The game is incredibly fun and never feels boring or repetitive. Some questions do get repeated but updates in the future will fix that. It is worth every dollar and allows you to test your movie trivia knowledge with people from around the world. 9/10


Unable to find opponents and questions are too nichè  Coreycj1010  1 star

Titles says it all.


Oh My God Yes!!!  JXENO11  5 star

Simply the best


Best Trivia App  Rawlo97  5 star

A great reproduction of collider's YouTube series " the Movie Trivia Schmoedown" whilst also being a great Movie Trivia App


Oh yeah  Meinhoff  5 star

Just like the show. Awesome.


Love it!!!!!  Aus_ChrisD  5 star

Freakin awesome game, congrats to all involved in making it. 5 stars

Billows lamb

Love this app  Billows lamb  5 star

Love this app and love the people who created it, let's get ready to SCHMOEDOWN!


Finstock's presence is a present!  MusicalThomas  5 star

Fantastic and well made app. Any chance of getting a Sean Penn category though?


Great App!  MJund  5 star

Great Toilet App. That's not a bad thing!


Shut up and take my money  Zxybec  5 star

See above

The Man, The Legend

Finally a chance to play in the Schmoedown  The Man, The Legend  5 star

A lot of us schmoevillians have been looking forward to this for a long time and man, was it worth it. Cannot wait for updates and new features to come. AND THE WINNER IS.......this app


Great, still needs work.  Thecount46  5 star

Bit of unfair losing points added when the other player quits and all I did was exit the page once the match was canceled and came back on the internet challenges. But all good, hope they fix that!


I want to love this  Taffaaffat  2 star

-Connecting to other players seems very difficult. -I've been penalized (given a loss) for connections that time out, but haven't received wins for matches where the opponent leaves after its 2/3 over. -Questions are repeated frequently and that takes away from the fun. -When it confirms that you want to answer what you've typed it basically reveals if your answer is wrong. When it works, it's fun. It's new and I'm assuming it will be improved.


Schmoe-riffick  JobeeSneefit  5 star

I DO NOT BUY APPS. However, to support my Schmoevilians, I went ahead and bought this amazing game. It is a true movie trivia game with questions for actual hardcore cinephiles. Great cinematics, engaging announcing, and outstanding gameplay. This app is truly fantastic. Thank you Schmoes!


Like being a champ  Geekroots  5 star

Being a huge fan of the schmoedown I was so hyped for this app. And it didn’t disappoint. Having worked in an app startup I see how much heart it takes to build a platform like this. This is truly a success with all the questions. I was worried that they would dumb down the questions and make it too easy for players yet it’s actually the opposite. I am struggling with these questions but with all the videos and the effects just like the wheel makes it so immersive and fun. And playing against others is so cool and see how other regular people are actually really great at trivia. This app is so fun and it makes me want to learn and research the questions I missed and expand my trivia knowledge. The one con I have is I’ve had a couple repeat questions but not many. Also finding an opponent in online play is sometimes hard but that may because of my connection. Overall I would highly recommend this app for MTS fans and movie fans in general to test their knowledge!

D Lamey

Great Idea!!! Love the App!!!  D Lamey  5 star

RG3 is the man!!! Future Schmoedown Champion!!!

Jake from Indy

Way to go Schmoes!  Jake from Indy  5 star

Great job squad! I’m very happy with the app and can’t wait to see what’s next!


Super glad the Schmoes did this.  TitansFan17  5 star

The schmoedown has been a growing game for a long time. cReating your character is Brilliant! It's fun to compete in 3v3ry game mode. As harloff said it just came out and Updates will come and improve on it, update questions and I can't wait. Great job fellas spreading it out to my friends.

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