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Grab some popcorn, the hit show on Collider Video that took YouTube by storm is now available for everyone to be a part of!

Sure you have played trivia before but The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is unlike any movie trivia game out there. Play the game, become the number one contender and then become the champion!

See how deep your movie knowledge goes, defend the championship and prove that you are the best at movie trivia!

Pitted against the finest opponents in the world you will have to answer questions, spin the wheel and fight your way to the top!


John "The Outlaw" Rocha
Mark "Yodi" Reilly
"Little Evil" JTE
Jeremy "The Joker" Jahns
William "The Beast" Bibbiani
Scott "The Mantzman" Mantz
Clarke "Classy" Wolfe
Hector "The Nightmare" Navarro
... and many more!

Good luck, you'll need it!

2017 Schmoes Know LLC

Movie Trivia Schmoedown App Description & Overview

The applications Movie Trivia Schmoedown was published in the category Games on 2017-10-10 and was developed by kristian harloff. The file size is 1.68 GB. The current version is 1.0.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Big fan  ShaggyDag  5 star

It's fun. As a movie nerd I like the game show feel. I do hope some of the issues will be fixed in an update.

Falcor the Boning Dragon

Fantastic  Falcor the Boning Dragon  4 star

Only gripe is online play. People disconnect to avoid the L, if they ever connect in the first place. Outside of that, near perfect


Great start, long way to go.  ForCrimson&Blue  3 star

Too many repeat questions, and the questions are extremely difficult. They aren’t this consistently hard in the actual show.


The BEST app I’ve ever played  MagicMaker7  5 star

I’ve never played a game with so much detail and care put into it. I feel like I’m actually on the Schmoedown.


Good When It Works  MJGrip  2 star

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying money for something that rarely works... The app froze on me and when I had to exit out of it, the game had given me a loss for something that wasn’t my fault (also getting losses for the other opponent quitting is infuriating)! Trying to get matched with an opponent is also frustrating and takes forever - the status goes from “finding an opponent” to “opponent found” and back to “finding an opponent” multiple times before not trying to do anything at all! Trying to get the wording right on some of the questions is also a little ridiculous, when asked for the decade in a question I put 1990 and because I didn’t put “1990s” I got it wrong. Another one had the answer of Dr. Strangelove and because I didn’t type out the entire title (which is impossible in the time allotted) I got the question wrong. I also haven’t been playing got very long and I get multiple repeat questions during every match. The app is beautifully designed, it’s a crying shame that it just doesn’t work. I’m super disappointed because I’m a huge fan of the show and have been waiting for a good movie trivia app for a long time now.... hopefully the kinks get worked out, but for now all $4 is going to buy you is utter frustration.


More bugs than a roach motel  Kf1100  2 star

So the player cannot win in sudden death even when they get the question right? If we are paying for the app, I really hope you guys are working to fix all the problems.


Fun Game  RSchusta24  3 star

I really enjoy this game but it always seems to be a struggle to play other opponents online. It just always loads. I have great WiFi connection and great internet but for some reason some features just don’t work. Love the game itself though. A lot of fun!


Fun with flaws  sasquatchgeek  4 star

Love the Schmoedown! This app is great, but needs a few things fixed. Some times the answers to some question inputed are marked wrong due to stupid stuff. Examples include inputing a numeral instead of spelling the number and the other way around. In the singles mode;I would get 4 steal questions, but the opponent would still get points. This should not be possible if I have steal opportunities on all four of their questions.


Don’t Waste Your Money  layne420  1 star

Can’t believe they charge for this crap. Repeats the same 20 questions over and over. People drop out when they’re about to lose so you get stuck with the loss. Good luck ever finding an online opponent who actually plays to the end. Game freezes and restarts matches randomly. But they’re working on it. This was obviously rushed out before any kind of testing.

Ethel Mertz

Problematic  Ethel Mertz  2 star

I'm stunned this has a five star rating. I really want to love this app. I love the Schmoedown and play this game is like being in the schmoedown, to a point. First the good: the production value is top notch. The clips of Mark and Kristian, the music, the wheel, opponents staring you down, having to fast-forward through the rules explanation... it all feels so much like the schmoedown! And I commend Collider for putting out a pay once game rather than a pay-to-win free app. Also, the system they have for tapping in your answers and the app confirming them against a database is beautiful! I wish more trivia apps did that. But that's all the good I can say about it. Here are the problems: Once you sink a few hours into this app, you'll get to the point where you'll see a question you've never seen before about once per game. Which means this game becomes less about knowing trivia and more about memorizing its very limited set of questions and answers. It's still a game at that point, but it's less Jeopardy! and more Memory. The opponent matching system for league challenges is buggy as hell and it's impossible to earn a sizable amount of coins through that system, which means you have to shell out cash for Inner Geekdom access. IG seems cool at first (I get to play against Hector Navarro, my favorite YT movie guy!) but you don't get any new questions with inner geekdom... it's simply a filter that leaves out non-Geekdom categories. So you have a smaller set of questions and the geekdom questions just get older faster. There's a bug in Sudden Death matches where you can answer the correct answer and still lose. This bug is what prompted me to come write this. It's super disappointing to get to Sudden Death, know you're safe because you answer correctly, and see the end screen announcing Tom Dagnino as the winner, with "not Finstock" staring at you with those shark like sociopathic eyes. There are small bugs with some of the questions. You can answer James Stewart and be marked wrong because they were looking for Jimmy Stewart even though James Stewart must be in the database since your answers all come from the database. Also it irks me every time it asks for the "make" of John Wick's car and the correct answer is "Mustang." C'mon, guys. If this game had more questions and Inner Geekdom gave you even more questions instead of being just a filter, I'd give it 4 stars and recommend you purchase it. Five stars if all problems were addressed. But as is, it's a good tech demo and not worth paying for.


Love the show, love the app,  Reba87  4 star

I’m a fan of the Schmoedown, and this fills the void between matches (the fans know what I’m talking about! I suck at movie trivia, but give it a go (and have won a couple of times!) it’s easy to use and the sound is great, with brilliant commentary from Kristian and Mark!


Now you can get all the belts, all the records  Mastero1234  5 star

Based on the successful internet series, The Movie Trivia Schmoedown has now been made into an app for all to play. The game is incredibly fun and never feels boring or repetitive. Some questions do get repeated but updates in the future will fix that. It is worth every dollar and allows you to test your movie trivia knowledge with people from around the world. 9/10


Unable to find opponents and questions are too nichè  Coreycj1010  1 star

Titles says it all.


Oh My God Yes!!!  JXENO11  5 star

Simply the best


Best Trivia App  Rawlo97  5 star

A great reproduction of collider's YouTube series " the Movie Trivia Schmoedown" whilst also being a great Movie Trivia App


Oh yeah  Meinhoff  5 star

Just like the show. Awesome.


Love it!!!!!  Aus_ChrisD  5 star

Freakin awesome game, congrats to all involved in making it. 5 stars

Billows lamb

Love this app  Billows lamb  5 star

Love this app and love the people who created it, let's get ready to SCHMOEDOWN!


Finstock's presence is a present!  MusicalThomas  5 star

Fantastic and well made app. Any chance of getting a Sean Penn category though?


Great App  debacious  5 star

Excellent work Kristian! App is great. Can’t wait to unlock the innergeekdom!


The force is strong with this one!  DarthPickle1975  5 star

This is great! I love the questions, the characters, and the music! WE WANT COBBSTER!!!!


Endless amount of fun!  Firewatr311  5 star

Thank you schmoeville for releasing this app! No better way to waste time at work than to play movie trivia!


Great app!  BIG_STEVE_96  5 star

I have been anticipating this app for a while now, and it lives up to my expectations. With the app being brand new, it obviously has its flaws but I know they are hard at work to fix them. I look forward to future updates, because it can only get better from here.


Let's get ready to Schmoedown!  Theo "The Chef" Freier  5 star

Absolutely fantastic launch of an app. Can't wait for the updates. P.S. Hi RB3, big fan here. I'd love some Planes, Trains, and Automobiles because it's one of my all-time faves.

Cody Guest

The force is strong with this app  Cody Guest  5 star

I bought this app as soon as I could and I can safely say I am addicted to it. I cannot stop playing it and I am loving both the single mode and playing online. If you are a film lover and love to test your knowledge, this is the app for you.

Doctor Latte

Schwing. A Schmoes Know App.  Doctor Latte  5 star



Pretty good but could be great  BilldozerMHK  4 star

A pretty darn hood first version of bringing the Schmoedown to life. But the answer system needs some serious work to make it great. Some bugs I noticed: the confirmation screen will sometimes give you a completely different answer than you typed. Example: I typed Padme and it corrected to Ashley Judd. Another, I typed just Dr Strangelove and it marked it wrong b/c I didn’t type the full 45 word title. And one more, when stealing, if opponent went to multiple choice, I had to select mutilple choice to answer even if I typed it for 2 points b/c the answer button was missing. An add I’d like to see is to save your progress in a Singles competition. Every time I restart the app I have to start at the bottom again. But man, the structure to make this a truly great app/game are there! Just needs a little fine tuning! Highly recommended!!


Incredible  Dtronimus  5 star

It’s been out for only 1 day and I’ve spent countless hours playing this app it’s such a great time. It’s overall just a great movie trivia app.


Harloff is the best  Wintertyme17  5 star

Great job commish!!!


What a blast/ must buy for movie fans  Truespartan75  4 star

I have been waiting for this for a really long time. I love the app its almost perfect. If they cycle the questions a little better and stabilize to have a 100% guaranteed match online every time 4/5 matches stick. It would be amazing I love it and it’s so much and it’s a great app and movie fans have to buy it.

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