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Choose your story with Chapters, the interactive story game that lets you choose your path in every story. Read through chapters and chapters of fun interactive stories that fit your mood, from romance to suspense!

Choose your story from our top collection of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, comedy, and drama series! Chapters combines a unique style of choose your own story gameplay with fiction stories from our top authors that you simply can't put down!

YOU get to make the choices in each story. Decide on hard life choices such as falling in love, discovering secrets, or unravelling deep mysteries! Make your choices wisely; every ending is different!

Chapters Features:
- Choose your story! Dive in and start making choices that affect the overall outcome!
- Adventures start with you choosing your name and style to reflect your personality.
- All stories come with info directly from the author!

Our exclusive collection of choose YOUR story games include:

New York and USA Today Bestselling Author Presents: TWICE THE GROWL
- Who needs a date when you can find a soulmate? Why settle for one when you can have two?
- Unlucky in love, you shift from the ordinary to the paranormal. Are you ready to complete a wildly carnal werewolf triad? Will you give the rival and your dog of an ex something to howl about?
- “Twice the Growl” — double the fun!

New York Time Bestseller List- CALENDAR GIRL
- When your loan shark ex-boyfriend threatens your family because your dad owes him $1,000,000, it’s up to you to save your loved ones.
- To pay off the debt, you accept your aunt’s offer to spend a year working as a high-end escort — one VIP client a month.
- Being a Calendar Girl isn’t strictly pleasure — it’s also part business. What it isn’t supposed to be is personal. Will you be able to protect your family and your heart?

-A deal with the devil sealed your fate long ago. Now, the seven Princes of Hell have come to collect!
- Some of these devilishly handsome demons will try to charm you, and the others have darker deeds in store.
- The fate of your mother's soul hangs in the balance – are you ready to rule the underworld?
- CHOOSE your groom and let your reign begin!

- Choose your life as a supermodel by day and a kidnapper extraordinaire by night.
- Make the choice to play as the hero or villain who kidnaps the only heir to a whole country.

- To get to your BFF's wedding, you'll have to drive from sunny California all the way to New York City... with her totally off-limits and drop-dead gorgeous older brother!
- Tristan is the guy every girl wants and every man wants to be... Can you resist his charms long enough to reach your destination?

Chapters Original Story: ROBIN HOOD
- In our first, official Chapters Original story— a hero will rise. Giving a modern twist on a classic tale, become the vigilante of Sherwood Forest who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
- Join us in our first original tale of love and adventure, fantasy and romance. Chapters presents— ROBIN HOOD!

And more interactive story games with fun choices!
Weekly updates on Monday and Thursday!

Chapters: Interactive Stories will bring a unique and fun twist to choose your own story adventures. Whether you're an avid reader of drama, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, romance, or even a gamer, you’ll love making choices in this interactive story game!

Download Chapters today to discover the unforgettable stories where YOU get to make the crucial choices.
Please note that Chapters: Interactive Stories is an online game that requires an internet connection to play.


Chapters: Interactive Stories App Description & Overview

The applications Chapters: Interactive Stories was published in the category Games on 2017-10-13 and was developed by Chineseall Corporation. The file size is 130.32 MB. The current version is 1.3.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New Stories and Weekly updates on Monday and Thursday from BESTSELLING ROMANCE, DRAMA, & FANTASY!

- As a lawyer, you’ve made yourself a successful career out of convincing people to do what you want them to. Too bad your skeevy co-worker—who is WAY too into you—didn’t get the memo!
- To get Stalker Steve off your back, you’re calling in the cavalry. Your childhood best friend, Sam Farrow, has grown up into a jaw-dropping hunk, so he should be the perfect fake boyfriend, right?
- But after a moment of weakness, you find that a decades-long friendship is no match for sizzling mutual attraction. Now, you’ll just have to convince Sam that the sex is just meaningless fun between friends, but can you convince your heart as well?

- You are the heir to the magnificent Van Heusen Hotel, a local landmark and historical treasure. It's your inheritance, and your whole life.
- Or at least, it WAS, until your parents were forced to sell it to the ultra-rich Crane family, your rivals in the hotel industry.
- In order to secure your legacy and save the Van Heusen, you'll have to MARRY your arch-nemesis: Reese Crane, the sizzling hot billionaire bachelor!
- Reese is a infuriatingly charming and effortlessly perfect. But he won't give in to your demands without a fight! Can you hold your own against your new husband – a man you're sworn enemies with?

- For 25 years, you've lived a sheltered life living at home taking care of your single father and younger brother.
- When you finally move to Boston to pursue your dream career as a nurse at Massachusetts General, you'd never expect to find your heart stolen by the heartthrob All-Star Baseball player: Jason Falco.
- However, Jason Falco has a dark secret, and there is something spooky going on in the apartment that you now call "home."
- Between the ghost in room 3A and the supernatural creatures living in the basement and the attic, life becomes one hectic blur as you try hard not to loose your head to circumstances, while your heart falls head over heels for your new sexy landlord.

- As a bartender, having an endless stream of regulars hit on you isn’t anything new, and you’ve always turned them all down. Davis Price is your sole exception.
- When your bet with the gorgeous resident playboy backfires and you end up on a date with him, neither of you expects the explosive night that follows. Or the next. Or the one after that.
- All you want is some amazing, stringless sex from the sharp suited bachelor, but what you want isn't always what you'll get.

And More...

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Chapters: Interactive Stories Reviews


Addicting stories  Widgieroo  4 star

This has quickly become my favorite choose-your-own-adventure app. It’s my guilty pleasure while my child naps. The characters are a lot more relatable than some similar apps. My biggest suggestions for improvements are: 1. If you reset the book, let the premium choices you’ve purchased with diamonds remain paid for. Other apps. will keep your premium choices accounted for, so if you reread the story you won’t have to purchase the premium choice again if you decide to use it again. 2. Some of the stories I’ve read have type-o’s in them, and they’re pretty noticeable. I know the “Taptales” are different than the Chapters books, but there are some pretty substantial grammatical errors and misspellings in those too.


LGBT+? Hardly.  cmcw5  2 star

I downloaded this thinking I had finally found one of these “choice story” apps that had lgbt+ stories, because they had one featured. There’s three. I’m sure there’s some in the creation section, but I just feel so underrepresented. It’s all “ooooh ex boyfriend drama” or “handsome, mysterious man.” There’s one story about gay men, two stories about lesbians, from what I can tell. I don’t even want to bother reading because this is just disappointing.


Good stories but too much GB  Blamonam  2 star

I really do love the stories even though sometimes it cost too much diamonds but the real down side is how much GB it takes up there should be a way to delete the stories you don’t want to read again or something so that it doesn’t take up so much space in your phone. I’m going to have to delete it soon bc it’s already at like 32 GB and I new space for general phone stuff


Love this game but...  Ballgirlperez  4 star

I really like this game but I really don’t like that it costs so many diamonds to make the most simple decision. There is an option to buy more diamonds within the app but I really don’t want to spend any real money to purchase extra diamonds or even tickets for that matter. Maybe have adds or some other type of videos that we can watch to earn some extra diamonds, and maybe even tickets as well or simply just lower the amount of diamonds it costs to make a simple decision considering that making a decision can change the outcome of a story.


Crying slowly  Maddie_0212  4 star

Hi this is a great app but if you’re like me then you have butter fingers making you click the wrong button at the very end of your favorite Story “Perfect Match” chapter 11 and clicking the restart button making you do it all over again,you have no idea what it was like having to watch ads,so many ads,just to get another choice, and then after all that turns out could’ve just gathered those diamonds on the span of two days instead at 12:30 am (sick btw) so um please make an are you sure option for people like me. And I doubt that anyone has the same exact problem as me. 😢😭 but if you do I feel the terrible pain in your heart and in your chest, because I have terrible congestion or um “you” do to? 😢 I feel crazy right now it is now 1:03 AM and this medicine makes me shaky and hyper,I just need someone to talk to.


Thanks  dagenais1  5 star

Only complaint a lot of the good choices cost money and the gems never seem to be on sale. And the writers do not tend to hear reading when the ask for more of a story


Too expensive  HillaB🤙🏻  1 star

By the time you get through a book and use up so many diamonds to make it good, you might as well buy a whole book that you can at least go back to if you want to.


Great stories  li_kayla😜  5 star

Need a lot of diamonds cause it’s so many choices to choose from


Manipulating game  leighk94  1 star

You can either, for example, destroy your relationship or pay for diamonds. No thanks. It’s ridiculous. Cut back on how much you force people to use diamonds or how many it takes or maybe give another option besides “kick out the love of your life” or pay money to “accept his proposal”. how idiotic. Definitely deleting


Love  D'Nyah  5 star

I love this game it’s very funny and I can learn from it 🥰😍😚😘😘😍❤️💕


Great  Ricardo2548  4 star

It is really good because there are lots of romance stories.


I luv it  immaSecretOkDontStalkMe  5 star

Its great and it has alot of suspence dun dun dun ok im done writin dis review


Purchase prices  pittygal  4 star

Hi I’m just seeing why we are pat $2 more for the 20 to 60 gems but we pay $11 more for 250 and up for gems thanks


Ticket bug! Recent updates!  Yokosmirror  2 star

The recent updates have created a ticket bug where the 2nd ticket doesn’t load anymore and now you have to open the app for the countdown to start at 2:00:00!!! Before both tickets would countdown properly and regenerate into your app now only one does and the 2nd one won’t start unless you stay in the app or open it.


Keep up with a series  Missjessikah  3 star

I was sucked into a book on here but now months down the track still no 3rd book? I would love to keep reading the series as I’m hooked it’s the only reason now that I check In every day to see if it’s there. Please fix this problem and bring out vampire girl 3

Erik butchok

Awesome but..  Erik butchok  2 star

So i purchased tickets and diamonds it said on sale for $1.47 but charged me $7+ Why? The pricing is confusing!


Great game  pinkhavanabaypup  3 star

Great game loving playing it, would like to be able to customise your personal character a bit more, like what she wears and the like. I am utterly addicted to it


Cool  Missdonna18  5 star

This is so cool storys can't seem to turn my ipad off


Review  kmppmkmkp  3 star

I think that you need to give gems to start of with just because otherwise without you buying them, it takes you a while to get them. And mainly everything you need gems. But other than that it’s pretty good.


Not free to play - don’t bother  Kfrogtttt  1 star

Really not worth downloading - not a free game - cannot continue with game without purchase .

Cutttttttttttie :)

ZERO STARS  Cutttttttttttie :)  1 star

“Choose your own story” my butt. You only have one option unless you wanna pay for the other options. Like real money. A LOT of real money. What a joke!!!

Lol ago

Thouch and somethings  Lol ago  5 star

I give it 5 stars I love it


Sad day  Aaflma  3 star

Ever since the update my tap storys restarted all the way back to chapter 1.


Not good  ertester5  1 star

Need to buy lots of credit and some choices are forced into making.

Benika Berry

🥰  Benika Berry  5 star

I love this app so many different books an they are all great


Hmmmmm???  Tifanie  3 star

Is there a reason none of the book covers for any of the Stories has a person of color on them? I know we have the option within but why can’t there be a beautiful black, Hispanic, or any other group of person on the advertisements!! Also every time there are parents of the main character they are also causation with the exception for 800. Just wondering!


Great RPG game but too EXPENSIVE  Mamaliz907  3 star

You have options through out the game to make decisions. Some of the better or more “daring” decisions cost diamonds. There is no options for free diamonds and most choices cost between 15-25 diamonds. I went to go check out the prices and they are OUTRAGEOUS!!


Characters  hfuuehe  1 star

You are not showing the characters and action

Rainbow penis

😝  Rainbow penis  5 star

Really like this app


It will take up a lot of space!  Wendyflower24  3 star

First of all Chapters is great! The stories they publish are from actual authors! Mostly all choices will cost Diamonds which you can receive 5 (free) diamonds each day. I had this app downloaded for a while and it took up 11GB of data on my phone! 11GB!!!! That is insane! I eventually had to un download it because it took up way to much space on my phone!!! Overall 3/5

Cal 💗🦋🌈

Bad  Cal 💗🦋🌈  2 star

It’s horrible you start of with zero diamonds and then on the first episode the expect you to buy diamonds and what if you can’t afford it? It gets so boring cause you can’t pick other stuff.


Love it  chris2351  5 star

Addictive story's cant put it down tickets refresh really quickly so can read more


Great!  conversepurplewhite  5 star

I love the stories, such good plots.


Really good game  Zara6266  5 star

Chapter is a very interesting and mind reading type of thing I deafly recommend it for anyone


Gg  Skfgsj  5 star



Love this game  ThePhantomsAngel99  5 star

This game is hella cool love the stories on it they have great plot’s and really draw you in absolutely love it ❤️


Inject me sweetly  Xsssazzx  5 star

I’m so Addicted


❤️❤️❤️❤️  A.Ackels  5 star

Love the stories. Wish I had more gems though!!!


Good  leanneperry92  5 star

Really good app


Love it  ralucaAnita  5 star

I love it but i wish i could get more tickets faster without paying

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