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Whether you're a competitive lifter or just want to improve your strength and fitness, your one-rep max (1RM) is an essential tool. Calculate your max safely and easily, and then track it over time, on any lift with our easy-to-use calculator!

In the simplest terms, your 1RM is the amount of weight you can lift for one rep on any given lift. In general, it’s good to know your max for key lifts like the squat, bench press, and deadlift, but your 1RM is critical even if you never plan to train that heavy.

Many lifting programs are designed with a percent of your rep max in mind, and may call for something like using 65% of your 1RM for a given exercise. When you see that, you have to either test for your 1RM or estimate it. Testing your 1RM can be pretty intense, and it requires a high degree of caution to avoid injury.

Fortunately, you can estimate your 1RM without testing it! Exercise scientists have devised a formula that's fairly accurate for most people, which is what powers this calculator. Our calculator makes it easy to calculate and track your 1RM and multiple percentages of it for every lift in the book!


· Calculate your 1RM and percentages

· Choose from a variety of lifts (deadlift, bench press, squat, etc.), or add your own

· Track and chart your 1RM history for each type of lift

· Add notes each time you calculate your 1RM

· Improve your weight training with articles by Bodybuilding.com experts

· Choose imperial or metric system

· Incredibly easy to use!

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The applications 1-RM was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-12-11 and was developed by Bodybuilding.com. The file size is 44.99 MB. The current version is 1.1.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes
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Ugh..  69Bird  2 star

NEED to be able to change the date for lifts on the line graph, CANNOT upload old information.

Paper Boats

Great  Paper Boats  4 star

This app has all the essentials. A nice improvement would be to have a feature that allows to to tap on a saved max and get the same details that you get when you calculate it for the first time. It would just make referencing previous accomplishments easier.


Convenient  theguythatlifts  4 star

The bodybuilding.com articles are a bit unnecessary.


Needs an update  Chase4288  4 star

So there is no way to put 4 digits in the weight column. Please fix.


Should have went with a free app  TCFBankAppSucks  1 star

This app does one things, and one thing only-calculate your 1-RM. There are free apps that do much more. Id like to get my $2 back, but instead I’ll consider payment to warn others not to waste their money on this. Bodybuilding.com, you can do better - Push yourself.


Bad app purchase  badddappp  1 star

Not worth 2 dollars. Does the same thing many free online apps do.


Not happy  MonstaJedi  3 star

Unable to enter more than 11 reps on the keypad. Key pad for weight doesn’t allow decimal place for kilos, for example: back squat - 52.5 x 15. Wish I hadn’t purchased the app. The free online version is better. Don’t see where I can enter other lifts that aren’t on list.


Useful  Pennstace91  3 star

Very helpful but small things like reports showing overall progress would be nice. Very basic


Good. Want more features.  DoggieCard  4 star

Get the app. It’s good for recording and calculating your strength gains. And you can add your own exercises to it for whatever accessory exorcise you like. dips, RDL, weighted pull-up, ect. I’m hoping the graphs will adapt to include a single graph that’s shows bench, dead, and squat all in one graph so I can see their growth in relation to each other. And to see my current powerlifting and Oly totals right when I open the app. Or if you can check mark certain lifts and it shows them all on one graph in different colors. Would also like a way to delete lifts that were logged incorrectly. I hit a wrong number on my squat and now it looks like I lost 20 pounds on my squat graph. Great app. Looking forward to it getting better. Idea: could include a program that calculate your ratios to tell you if you are too lopsided on certain lifts, and if so how to correct. Eg: your deadlift and RDL are great, but your squat is lacking. Consider more front squats to even out and avoid injury. Or something like that. Keep it up!


Thumbs down  Riqriq306  2 star

Not at all how I thought it would be. The apps calculations are different from the websites. You cant plug in prior history of lift into the chart.

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