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Sanity & Self is the #1 Self-Care app for women, by women.


Real self-care is caring for your WHOLE self - from the inside out. Join hundreds of thousands of women like you on their self-love journeys.

From taking the shame out of taboo topics to diving deep into emotional health, Sanity & Self is THE expert guided audio self-care app that empowers women to heal their hearts, grow themselves, improve their relationships, and find belonging.

Sanity & Self helps women bounce back from breakups, get the sex they deserve, manage anxiety, and love themselves more.

With 700+ guided audio sessions on:

Dating & relationships



Sex & orgasms


Restful Sleep

Anxiety & Stress

Mindfulness & Meditation

Yoga & Fitness


BITE-SIZED guided audio sessions built with busy schedules in mind. Including 5-minute dating advice sessions, 15-minute self-love pep talks and 30-minute bedtime tales.

RELATABLE TOP EXPERTS focused on the real issues YOU care about.

Customizable REMINDERS to help you stay on track with your self-care goals.

Guided in-app JOURNALING featuring thought-provoking prompts to help you reflect and let go.

Support from Sanity & Self’s 24/7 in-app COMMUNITY of women - a safe place to share, care, and belong. Ask your most pressing questions about everything from exes to work stress and get timely advice from a community of women who've been there and have your back.

We are the self-care club helping hundreds of thousands of women on their self-love journey.

*Example journeys*

Learn to love yourself more

Detox your relationships

Bounce back from heartbreak

Conquer dating anxiety

Set boundaries

Enjoy a healthier sex life

Manage work anxiety

Feel more confident

Let go of stress

Sleep better

Combat loneliness

Want MORE? Heck, yeah! Subscribe to PREMIUM Membership and get:

A free 7-day trial (unlock all sessions for FREE)

700+ self-care sessions from 2 minutes to 45 minutes.

An entire self-love library covering stress, sex, relationships, confidence and much more!

Self-care anywhere - download sessions for offline listening.

Sleep visualizations for restful sleep.

The support you deserve from dozens of leading experts in empowerment, dating, and self-discovery.

Certified fitness experts for stretching and sweating your stress away.

A happier, healthier YOU starting at $1/day.

With Sanity & Self, caring for you is a whole lot easier!

Look what the press is saying about us!!!

“The app is poised to change the game for women everywhere by making it incredibly easy to turn self-care into a priority instead of an afterthought." Elite Daily

“You can always have it on hand as a reminder to meditate, stretch, get up and move." Los Angeles Times

“Made me feel safe and gave me a sense of hope — hope that I can take care of myself… on my own terms." Metro.US

Sanity & Self integrates with the Apple Health app.

Download the app for FREE – it’s time to take care of YOU!


A Premium subscription gives you unlimited access to the entire audio library while active.

Monthly: Billed each month
Annual: Billed annually at $99.99 begins with a 7-day free trial for all subscribers.

This app is free to download. All users can access limited free content. Users get full access with a Premium subscription to the app. If you activate a free trial subscription you will be charged 24 hours before the end of your trial period, not all subscriptions are eligible for free trial period, see app for details. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at purchase confirmation. Subscriptions auto-renew 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. Turn off auto-renew anytime in your iTunes account. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited when you purchase a subscription.
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Sanity & Self: Self-Care Guide App Description & Overview

The applications Sanity & Self: Self-Care Guide was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-10-29 and was developed by Moov Inc.. The file size is 63.11 MB. The current version is 2.0.5248.123 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Hey gorg! This update contains new audio sessions, bug fixes and performance improvements. Update your app to get the best Sanity & Self experience, don't miss out!

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Love you Sanity&Self  Casiopia75  4 star

Thank you for the amazing content. Can you please put some regular buttons on the app? Next button is essential. Why do I have to wreck my car to get to the next portion of a series LOL? Also a Search button? I need to hear about toxic relationships and I know you have multiple fabulous topics but I can only find them by scrolling thru your entire library. Can’t wait for some ease of access


Fabulous  k77799  4 star

I love everything you guys have!! I wish there was more on sleep... maybe guided meditation or guided sleep that’s a longer one. I also really really want something for eating disorders! Anorexia, bulimia, bingeing, binge and purge, body dysmorphia, etc. Because so many of us that deal with self love (which have amaaaaazzziinnnggg sessions) also deal with internal anxiety with food and how to cope with that and how to love our bodies despite how we think we look!


Just saying  mejustsatinf  1 star

The App look pretty good but i think is stupid because why we need to paid money just to feel good i feel is more better go to a professional.and u not need to muy wast yo much money is ridiculous

gnnhd ntd bhgf

PLEASE REFUND ME  gnnhd ntd bhgf  1 star

I don’t want the subscription please give me my money back I can’t afford this right now.


It would be great, but...  Kaleighhayner  3 star

This app would be great. Amazing, actually. Unfortunately, everything is locked unless you’re willing to pay a steep price for the premium version. I can understand why they need premium version, but don’t make every single topic premium. Just make it a paid app if you’re going to do that.

madelynn todd

Get it  madelynn todd  5 star

It has hanged my life


Please add more sessions about sexual trauma  thankunextttt  3 star

I think this category should be a much bigger part of this app given the sheer amount of womxn that are survivors of sexual trauma


Orgasm  KiaWolf  5 star

Yeah I’ve always been wondering if something was wrong because for some reason I could never orgasm and I was sad that I never orgasmed but after her help I found out I wasn’t the only one


Great but pricey  margo.n555  4 star

This is a great app but I give it a 4 because the price should be more reasonable. Maybe a student discount at least?


Great app!! Except...  aloneinthewoods  2 star

This app seems like it would be a very useful tool and help me so much! Except you have to pay for everything. That part adds a bit of stress. I’m struggling financially and that takes a huge toll on me mentally. Especially with everything else I’m battling. I came across this app looking for help but everything I come across is part of the premium package. So yeah.... not exactly helping me. Deleting the app. But thank you! It seemed like it could be very helpful.


This helps so much...  AngH707  5 star

I was stressing over how people look at me, i realized i had social anxiety but i was with a crowd i rly enjoyed being around. i didn’t know how to accept myself for who i truly am thank you so much, only one video set me off to be more confident. this was only yesterday, today i was much more involved with the society i face everyday fearless. i truly love you guys for what you’ve accomplished😘


Sneaky (and Snarky)  macolb  1 star

There is no free version, you have to purchase to use (unless you just want to look at all the options you have to pay for). They offer a free trial and say they won’t charge you until after the one week period but they auto charged my card after FIVE days (not six, as they claim). Sneaky. Furthermore, the product itself is simply not worth it. There are a set of recordings that all say the same BS that you could find on a Hallmark card. They also offer notifications to drink water (odd?) etc. and a journal option but I would not trust them with my data based on their fraudulent advertising and unprofessional pettiness.


Yes!!  2019!rubyred  5 star

Life. Changing! Don’t hesitate


Honest to god worth the $5 a month.  Bribrihubudubuhdubuhuf  5 star

This app is truly amazing. Has helped me more in the couple days I’ve had it than I’ve helped myself in years. I honestly recommend this app with everything in my heart. Especially if you’re finally leaving someone you should’ve left years ago.


Love Love Love  mamitalkie  5 star

I have to say I’m OBSESSED with this app. I feel so much better and more aligned after using it. I think I’m on this app more than any other. Love it so much great job!


I’m usually a skeptic but this is life changing!  Aedelapl  5 star

I normally never can justify to myself why I should pay for an app, so I don’t. But I somehow came across this app and I am so grateful. I only see my counselor once every two weeks working through anxiety, PTSD and attachment anxiety and this app steps in when I’m unable to see my counselor. I have learned so much about boundaries, self respect, confidence, relationships and how to just let go. I seriously love this app. Give it a try! Honestly, it’s so amazing.


Bring back the new workouts  Catalini28  3 star

I’d give this a 5 if you hadn’t added all the other stuff and quit adding new workouts.


Best selfcare app  ErikaD1021  5 star

I used this app to rediscover myself and get out of the depression i was battling a year ago. I found myself and learned how to get intune with my body and mind through my breathing and meditation. I promote this app to everyone I can, even during an interview. My one suggestion would be to have a widget for ritual reminders, daily recommendations and music. Thanks.


Seems great but..  VickyZiky  3 star

App sounds great! All the options sound wonderful, and the little clip I got on self love was nice to hear. Now it says I have to purchase a package to unlock any other features. Does this mean nothing else will be available to me? Not even on a once a day basis? If so, the app isn’t for me, I thought I finally found a free self love app maybe even powered by ads. I look forward to the response.


Best app I have  BowieTravels  5 star

Seriously, this app is amazing. I’ve recommended it to so many people. For only $5 a month, I’m getting help with anxiety, stress, relationships, confidence, and more. If you’re on the fence about going premium, just do it. It’s less than Netflix and a thousand times healthier. 😁

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