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Sanity & Self is the #1 Self-Care app for women, by women.

Real self-care is caring for your whole self - from the inside out. Join hundreds of thousands of amazing women on their self-care journeys embracing self-love and self-discovery.

Sanity & Self helps you build CONFIDENCE, find PEACE OF MIND and gain WISDOM into what makes you YOU.

With hundreds of guided audio sessions on

Personal Growth

Relationships & Breakups

Sex & Intimacy

Managing Anxiety & Stress

Mindfulness & Meditation

Yoga & Fitness

ALL the self-care you need in one app by TOP EXPERTS in their fields.


Guided audio self-care sessions to nourish your mind, body, and soul.
Bite-sized sessions as short as 2 minutes to fit YOUR crazy day.
Reminders to make time for yourself.
In-App journaling for personal reflection.
Access to our lively online community of women, a safe space to share and care.

*Want more? Subscribe to our Premium Membership and get:*

A free 7-day trial (unlock all sessions for FREE)

700+ self-care sessions

An entire self-love library covering anxiety, stress, sex, relationships, confidence and much more!

Self-care anywhere with ability to download sessions for offline listening

Sleep visualization to get that good sleep you've been missing.

The support you deserve from dozens of leading experts in lifestyle, empowerment, relationships, and more!

Certified fitness experts for stretching and sweating your stress away.

A happier, healthier YOU starting at $1/day.

Switch it up with NEW sessions added each week.

At Sanity & Self, we believe real self-care is about caring for your WHOLE SELF (inside and out) so that you can be your BEST SELF.

As women we tend to be caregivers for our partners, children and elders, but what about ourselves? Self-care is a constant struggle. But, what is self-care anyway? Would a simple manicure take the weight off of a stressful work week? Does a bubble bath create lasting confidence? It doesn't really work, not in the long run anyway.


Let's burst the bubble of this broken, skin-deep-only self-care model that cares for us from head-to-toe but ignores the middle - our hearts and minds.

*Look what the press is saying about us!*

“The app is poised to change the game for women everywhere by making it incredibly easy to turn self-care into a priority instead of an afterthought."
Elite Daily

“You can always have it on hand as a reminder to meditate, stretch, get up and move."
Los Angeles Times

“Made me feel safe and gave me a sense of hope — hope that I can take care of myself… on my own terms."

Sanity & Self integrates with the Apple Health app.

Download the app for FREE – it's time to take care of YOU!


A Premium subscription provides you with unlimited access to the entire audio library while active.

Monthly Subscription: $9.99/month

Yearly Subscription: $4.99/month, one payment of $59.99 billed every 12 months

All subscriptions are auto-renewed at the end of each period.

This app is free to download. All users can access limited free content. Users get full access with a Premium subscription to the app. If you enroll in a free Premium subscription trial, you’ll be charged 24 hours before the end of the free trial period unless auto-renew is turned off prior. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at purchase confirmation. Subscriptions auto-renew 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Turn off auto-renew anytime in your iTunes account. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited when you purchase a subscription.
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Sanity & Self: Guided Selfcare App Description & Overview

The applications Sanity & Self: Guided Selfcare was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-10-29 and was developed by Moov Inc.. The file size is 63.80 MB. The current version is 2.0.4818.103 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

You've been asking, we listened!
Yasss! Sanity and Self is on a self-discovery journey too! That's why we realized we needed more, better, and deeper connections. How did we solve it? In-app messaging! Yes, friend! You'll be able to connect 1:1 with your fellow Sanity and Self peeps!
Not sure who you want to connect with yet? We got you there too! This update has brand new user profiles, with all the info you want to share about yourself :) Update your app and check them out!
As always, you can expect new content releases directly in your app every week with programs developed just for you. Gain new insights, more confidence and achieve peace of mind with your favorite Sanity & Self experts. Remember, self-care is not selfish!

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Sanity & Self: Guided Selfcare Reviews


Great! But...  Kittyyns  4 star

This app is perfect for self care! My only downfall is that you have to pay money per month or for a year in order to access certain videos.


The self care I’ve been needing  ElizabethL07  5 star

I am so grateful to have found this. As a mom, who puts her kids first 24/7, I needed ways to “find” myself. This is so uplifting and inspiring!


I love It  a_double_16  5 star

I just downloaded the app and I am in love. It has already helped me with just a six minute podcast. I’m not trying to over exaggerate but it worked in a second. The talking was clear and soft. And I felt comfortable to open up and take what the speaker was saying to heart. I love this app.


IF YOU USE IT IT WORKS  diiirtylungs  5 star

Thanks guys. This is useful wish I had this long ago.

Favorite app, hands down!

Highly Recommed  Favorite app, hands down!  5 star

The content in this app is identical to what I’m learning from professionals in a 5 week intensive outpatient program at the Seton Mind Institute. It’s so good you could kiddingly make a jab that this will replace their jobs one day! I’m showing it to my group tomorrow because EVERYONE can benefit from this app tremendously if you just take the time to read or listen, and then make the effort to apply it in your life.

chocolate cherry letters

Amazing  chocolate cherry letters  5 star

I just found this app! I’m going to share it with all of my friends

Sarah BG4578

Helps me prioritize myself  Sarah BG4578  5 star

I have had this app for several months now and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. The workouts have been so helpful, the talks that guide women through the thoughts and feelings we have all the time have helped me to prioritize taking care of myself! I bought the yearly subscription and it is worth every penny.


It’s just 10/10  _Foreveralone_  5 star

Nothing to it, it’s just a 10/10. Would I recommend? If you have free time on your hands then yes! But if your a busy cowboy/cowgirl (we don’t discriminate) working on the farm and riding your chickens 🦆then I wouldn’t say this is isn’t it chief. Maybe go find a therapist or your cousin that you ‘like’!


Therapy cost more.  MsTLenay  4 star

I love this app, it’s just what i needed at a time in my life. I love how it has different topics to help women and relationships. This is just what women need an app that can help them, with issues or situations they’re battling on a day by day basis or case scenario. I do think that the trial period should be extended for longer then 7 days. Most free trials are 30days. Also instead of one payment for the year. A monthly payment. (The monthly payment should be equivalent to the promotional year payment) however it’s more affordable then therapy.


This app helped me leave an abusive situation  Kenzikenzle  5 star

Without this app, I don’t believe I would have been able to leave my abuser. I feel strong, hopeful and empowered to lead a loving and healthy life now! THANK YOU!!!!


Best app on my phone!  Rocynes  5 star

Love this app! Listen to the podcasts in the shower. Part of my daily routine to keep me sane!


Booo  kkbarbieq  1 star

Although I do see very great potential for this app, I’m not interested in having to pay for a membership. I was looking for an ALWAYS FREE way to help myself, not this app that makes me feel hopeless and broke 👎🏽


Cool app  tuitfcgiicgicgjcf  5 star

I do love this app but I wish some of the sessions were free


Misleading  ashleu124  2 star

The app let me listen to the first audio clip in a series. The first clip was only five minutes long and didn’t even really get into any helpful information. After that, I couldn’t continue listening unless I wanted to pay $60. There should be more free sessions available with the option of buying a membership if you’d like to get more content. I couldn’t find anything else for free to listen to, though.


Scam for your money  M1aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  1 star

Not upfront about ridiculous price to use this app. You can find the same stuff online free.


Only if you plan on buying the membership.  KeyaSue  1 star

I was really excited about using the app and the possibilities it offered for meditation and self reflection, however shortly after downloading it I realized you have to buy to membership to use any of the app at all. As a grad student I don’t have $60 a year to spend on something like this so I wasn’t looking for a premium version. I thought I’d at least get a handful of meditations and self-care guidances for free and the rest of the app with purchase of a membership, but sadly no. One short introduction to the app and how it works is all you’ll get for free. Disappointing to say the least. Don’t download unless you intend to spend the money to buy a membership.


Disappointed  Cwalters21  1 star

Downloaded and deleted app within first 10 minutes. It asked me a few questions did a meditations session. I selected 3 different things the app is supposed to help with and each wanted to charge $19.99 or more. Very disappointing, all about money money money. Nothing really free but how to breathe.


Terrible  truthfulness2345  1 star

I find it kind of crazy that you would charge for things like this... you get on the app and your excited to help yourself, love yourself again Etc & every category you have to pay to read about it


:( to good to be true  lace12hjsc  1 star

I downloaded the app and right off loved the introduction ❤️ but after That is until i realized that i have to pay $60.00 to use it or pay for anything in it i understand that you need to make money but unfortunately a mother of two i can not afford this ! I love the idea behind this just wish it was more affordable ! I will be deleting the app 😕


Work in progress  karlzbarkley_  5 star

Me. I’m the work in progress. Thanks to this app I can finally learn how to deal with all these anxiety attacks and thoughts that I have. It’s been 2 days of listening to podcasts and I’ve been able to take so much stress off not only myself, but my heart and even my soul. Thank you.

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