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Connect letters in a level and finish a word. So entertaining and totally for free!
You have surely played many word games and been invincible.
Now there is a completely new word link game waiting for you to take the challenge! Want to prove your skills?

Word Crossy combines word search and crossword style games. By Connecting letters, you get a complete word and fill it into a crossword blank. This is only the first step! If you want to win, you still need to find all the words hidden in the crossword. Challenge yourself and train your brain.

- Easy to play and amusing, Connecting words to build a complete word.
- More than 1400 levels and multiple words to search for.
- Crossword style to make the game experience even more interesting.
- The degree of difficulty increasing according to player’s progress.
- No time limits.
- Letters redraw and useful hints when needed.
- Beautiful visual experience.
- Feature of Friend Invitation added, enjoy your game time with friends~

How do I play?
- Connect the letters on the wheel to get a correct word.
- Find all the words and fill in the crossword blanks.

Play Word Crossy to train your brain, let your free time be more fun!

• "Word Crossy" is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items like coins.

Word Crossy - A crossword game App Description & Overview

The applications Word Crossy - A crossword game was published in the category Games on 2017-08-23 and was developed by gu yunhe. The file size is 142.63 MB. The current version is 2.4.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We hope you’re having fun playing Word Crossy! We update the game every week so don't forget to download the latest version to get all the new features and levels!
1. More Levels updated with background & UI beautified
2. Holiday SALE: Special discount event for Easter! Get more coins with same price! 3. Game experience optimized.

Thanks for your feedback and keep it coming!

e-mail:[email protected] Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/WordCrossy/

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Word Crossy - A crossword game Reviews



The game they show is not the game you will purchase


Daily challenge  eceleste22  3 star

In the current version, the game freezes just before awarding points and then they are lost 🙁

Birkhoff 00

Not getting coins  Birkhoff 00  2 star

Ever since you’re recent update I’m not getting my 25 coins after I play my daily crossword game. It freezes up at that point when I go to tap next on the screen... Please fix


You Owe Me 75 Coins!  Patann49  2 star

The game is fine until I go to the daily rewards puzzle where you earn 25 coins. Three days in a row I have completed the puzzles and when it is time to redeem the coins the app freezes, not allowing me to collect the coins. I have to reboot the game losing the ability to collect the coins. What’s the point in playing it if you can’t retrieve the reward! For this reason I am giving you a 2 star rating otherwise I would have given you a 4 star rating. PS: When you implemented the upgrades I was two days away from collecting the 28 day 1200 coins and I had to start from day one all over again.

stupid to waste my time

Unhappy  stupid to waste my time  2 star

WAY too many adds and interruptions!


False advertising  amip32  1 star

They lied on an advertisement making you think it will be a game with a caterpillar that gets bigger or smaller as you get the words right or wrong when really it’s just another one of those dumb word connect games. Do better advertisements.


Keeps Freezing When Trying To Collect Winnings  tikki73  3 star

The game was updated with Daily games where you can win additional coins but every time you try to collect, it freezes and you have to restart your phone and then you lose those coins. It’s a waste of time so I won’t be bothering with that anymore.


Last update has glitch  nezzie93  3 star

Since your last update, when completing the daily puzzle the game gets stuck at the award screen. It just stay on the “next” button. I have to restart my phone to get the app to move on.

Really bad game!!

The game  Really bad game!!  5 star

It is cool


Word Crossy  Kathyrizor  5 star

Fun game to play and keep your brain sharp!

Treat Cretions

Jumy  Treat Cretions  5 star

Please create mire levels, been waiting for over two weeks now


Awesome  kpoudosu  5 star

Awesome game


Great  Keybibi  5 star



Word Crossy  Macdare  3 star

Cool game, help one to relax while learning.


Good  Didalor  5 star



Very addictive  Adibuah  5 star

This game is quite enjoyable


Addictive!  kikkhie  5 star

Addicted already... I love it!!!

Mubo Olayiwola

Word Crossy  Mubo Olayiwola  5 star

Very educative and entertaining.


Not like ads.  hyperonwater  1 star

I wanted to play the snake esque word game that was being advertised to me on Facebook. Not this. The game is ok, it is functional but there’s nothing exciting about it.


Misleading Ads  gfmk23  2 star

The game is ok but the ad that came up on my phone was for a different, better looking game. Tapped on it and this more basic game downloaded

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Awesome  Yoqnznnmyosrixmzl  5 star

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Devin Barrieq

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Stupid  Dav1d50  2 star

It has words in it that make no sense or no one would ever use. It’s like it was made by an Indian


Good game, but....  johns1000  3 star

App is slow and freezes sometimes.


Fun and simple  Srtgu  5 star

Simple but easy, game progresses and plenty of hint options


Bait and switch  deesstee  1 star

This game is nothing like what is advertised. Deleting it now.

Eager Drawer

Too addictive!!!  Eager Drawer  5 star

I said it, too addictive! Fun, good exercise for the brain.

Razzy 12345

Freezes  Razzy 12345  4 star

Since the update I can’t continue with the game after I have done the daily challenge. The screen just freezes. Very irritating.


Ecs  smithEC1957  5 star

Very good

jade- sky

Totally addictive  jade- sky  4 star

Totally addictive


Impatient  ScottieMum  2 star

Finished to last level. Waiting impatiently for “ coming soon”. Over 15 days.

ads not uploading

Ads  ads not uploading  1 star

I love this game but please take the ad banner off at the bottom of the game! It is very distracting and spoils the game now. It’s enough that the ads keep popping up and we are forced to watch them for a while before we can close them.

Random dude (Anonymous)

Way too many ads  Random dude (Anonymous)  3 star

Love the game but the ads after each play is getting on my nerves very quickly


Daily gifts  Kimbumblebee69  3 star

Very annoying that after playing daily for a month I figure out that you only get daily gifts up to day 7, after that it freezes, even if you skip a day!


Dikkop  Dikkop2  1 star

The game is slow, bombs all the time and is not pleasant to play when it takes so long to load anything. The app is deseased with bugs. Needs an exterminator. Would be a good game if it were free of the dinosaur bugs.


DUD  bester9200  1 star

downloaded the game and it opens and then theres a page with a boat on right hand bottem corner theres a word “calm” and thats it??? what a waste of data, wish I could give it a 0 star rating


Mr dev  masamvu  3 star

I synced all my devices but the levels are not synced. Please look into it. Good game though

Kwame Awuku-Adu

dabanka  Kwame Awuku-Adu  5 star

Great App

Ess Wye

Ess Wye  Ess Wye  5 star

I’m really loving this game

ObamaGH_Dome-Ataya Base

Excellent  ObamaGH_Dome-Ataya Base  5 star

I love this game... it’s meant for smart thinkers and helps your brain work faster

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