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What is toca life: office app? Ever wonder what grown-ups really do at work all day? In Toca Life: Office, you get to tell stories about office life the way you imagine it!

Toca Life: Office looks a lot like a regular office — you can have everyday fun with laptops, printers and copy machines; have lunch in the cafe; and get cash from the bank. But in Toca Life, even simple office life can lead to an exciting adventure! Find hidden surprises. Hop into a helicopter. Turn regular people into superheroes! Where will you work today?


DAYCARE: First stop: daycare, where little ones can play instruments, splash in mud, grow plants outside and slide down the slide on their playground!

BANK: The vault holds valuable things and keeps them safe and secure. But if the alarm is triggered, it’s time to spring into action!

OFFICE: Use the printer to print documents, then make copies with the copy machine! What else can you make copies of? In the fancy office, solve the desk puzzle to discover an exciting secret!

ROOFTOP: Experiment with food in the cafe to discover new recipes! The rooftop also has a helicopter waiting on the landing pad for when you need to make a quick getaway!

COURTHOUSE: Do some detective work — maybe you’ll solve a crime! Hold a trial and announce the verdict. Shhh... there’s a secret exit in the jail — will someone escape?

APARTMENT: After a long day, make yourself at home! Cook a meal, take a nap, even wash your clothes in the washing machine!

- Role-play in six locations: bank, office, rooftop, courthouse, apartment and daycare. Plus a storage building with a fire pole!
- Meet 35 new characters!
- Find costumes hidden in different locations and turn characters into superheroes!
- Look for surprises in secret compartments!
- Move from floor to floor in the glass elevator.
- Keep valuables in the bank vault. Set the alarm to keep them secure!
- Discover what’s inside the safe deposit boxes.
- Draw on the whiteboard, print from the computers and make copies with the copy machine.
- Explore the big office and unlock the secret hiding places!
- Play with jellyfish in the window aquarium.
- Pretend to be a chef and whip up delicious meals in the cafe!
- Hop into the helicopter and start up the propellers!
- Have a make-believe trial at the courthouse.
- Discover a secret exit in the jail.

Use the in-app recording feature to create an original video! This feature records your voice and your characters’ movements as you’re telling the story. Create videos up to two minutes long and save them to your camera roll to share your storytelling later!

About Toca Boca
At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Life: Office Version 1.328 June 2022

Bug Fixes :).

Toca Life: Office Version 1.210 October 2020

- Updated for iOS 14 and Bug Fixes!.

Toca Life: Office Version 1.1.106 July 2018

Your favorite app has been updated! • Life Weekly got a makeover and is now Toca Life MIX! Your source for everything happening in Toca Life. Check out the latest news, watch cool videos and vote in fun polls. • Everyone can wear towels! • And of course, we’ve fixed some bugs!.

Toca Life: Office Comments & Reviews 2022

- I love your apps!

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for making these awesome apps! Even though I am 13 I have still played the majority of the apps you have ever made. My favorites are all of the Toca Life apps. I would like to suggest a Life app because it has been in my mind for days now. It would basically connect characters from Life apps that you would already have downloaded as well as customize your own. There would be four places to enter - the town hall, the store, the train/train station, and the beauty parlor. The town hall would be where you link up all of the apps you want to transport characters through and bring them to the app that you are on. The store would be where you find outfits for the characters to wear, with options in colors, the train/train station is where you place the characters you are transporting and choose their destination, and the beauty parlor is where you make your own character -hair (both style and color), skin color, age (baby, child, teenager, adult, and senior), and expression. I don’t know if this would be possible or not, but if you guys would at least consider my idea that would be awesome. Even if you can’t link the apps the character workshop where you make your own would be an awesome addition to a new app. If this isn’t possible I am also suggesting a zoo because I know it is very popular. Thank you for making the apps! Keep on doing amazing things and inspiring children and adults alike!


I don't really have anything more to say about the app itself. But one thing I do have to say is can you please add more characters. There aren't very meany characters but many roles to play. Just a suggestion. Also some app ideas. Toca life: Zoo. Now a lot of people have been asking for this and I think it would be a cool idea. You could have little popcorn stands and different exhibits. Like bush gardens and stuff. Only a zoo. There could be a gift shop, water exhibit, safari exhibit, and jungle exhibit. ( just some ideas) My second idea is TocaLife: Carnival. Now I really like this idea too. You could have a Faris wheel, little roller coasters, etc. food, drinks, pony rides... Also the idea that I REALLY want is to be able to take characters from one game to another ( if you have that game) I have all 8 I think it is... anyways what if your riding your horse and then you all of and get hurt!? Well if you have the hospital game, you can have them go on a plane, train, or whatever to get there! You would have to have that game of course. But what if you really like a character from toca office but don't like their hair or then color? If you have toca city then you can take them there and change their hair. Maybe someone wants a vacation. The ideas are endless. My point is that would make them even better than they already are. Please read this comment. It could change the games for the better.

- Love it!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love all your Toca Life apps, I may be 13 but I legit don’t care. I honestly get excited when you release a new app! Any way I see nothing wrong with this app except adding a store would make it even better! But I have some suggestions for your other apps. For example the pets app is great, but I have a suggestion. If you added another location like a Zoo and maybe and actual grocery store I think I would enjoy the game significantly more. And the City one is again amazing but if you added another apartment or home that would make the game nearly perfect! Ok and one last thing I promise! But I have a suggestion for a new app and an update that applies to all the apps. First text new app : I was thinking fairy tales 🧚🏻‍♀️! So there could be a couple locations like a tower a castle a forest a tavern etc. and there could be mythical creatures like a dragon, elves, mermaids, etc. I don’t know if this app is in the future or anything but that would be awesome! Oh and maybe a super hero app that would also be very cool! Anyway the update : I have seen this down before on other apps so I know it’s possible, I want an update that allows you to travel between the apps. Let’s say you want your city character to go on vacation or visit the farm you get the idea. Anyway I’m sorry these are some high demands😬.... But like I said love your apps!! Keep up the great work!

- I want a Toca life beasts

A few months ago in November or December I had a sleep over with my best friend and she had toca life pets and she got me into toca games my one problem is I’m a ton boy I want dinosaurs dragons dinosaur people snakes stuff like that and I thought why can’t u make a toca life beasts I think a lot of kids would like it if u did here’s what I’d like u to put in it 🙂 a dinosaur world that u can ride the dinosaurs in I want a whater fall and I want dinosaur people to inhabit the place that live in caves and and have spears I want the people to be half dinosaur half person than a mid evil world with castles Griffey’s dragons and a lot of mythical creatures and knights and stuff like that and u guessed it mythical creature people to than an under whater world with krakens mosasauroses pleaseosaurs cyclas ships and a treasure trove megaladons a people to but I want the the people to be huge for some of these than an village of cave men and mammoths and sabretooth tigers and stuff like that and I want a secret in the game were u can summon a Multiple headed dragon and its crystal armor and the multi headed half dragon half man rider than the shop with armor for all the beasts speacal for each kind or u can mid match them that would be funny and pelts and stuff like that in toca life beast and thank u for reading this and who else wants a toca life beasts I know I do 😀

- Love your games, have really good suggestion!!!!!!

Dear creators of Toca Boca, Your games are amazing! They are so fun and entertaining for everyone! I love the setup and the characters. The clothing and everything is amazing! I would suggest maybe a toca circus. This game would have animals, a tight rope, costumes, and maybe a little home off site of the circus!! (So your person can sleep ex.) You should also have like a travel van, so they can visit other circuses. I read someone else’s review to you, and it said to make like Toca Travel. I know that you have Toca vacation, with a plane already, but you should also make this!! Like make it so you can visit multiple places. Like New York, LA, California, maybe even Antarctica!! Make it so like all places are different and unique. Just try to make it so like they each have a different beach house, condo, apartment, ex. Also make different characters for each place. Like four games in one! I believe that this would be a really fun game if you did it! You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but you should I think! Again, I love your games, and they are so fun to play! You make us happy by giving us fun games to play! Thanks a lot!! Hope you listen to my app suggestion! Cya! (Can’t wait to buy next game also!!) :)))))))))))))))))))

- Great game but one thing🙂

This game is amazing but there is one thing that I would like to say. As you know in your video you show some things that are really cool but I cannot get to work like the fire place. It shows that you can open it up and there is a secret compartment behind it. I just can’t seem to get that to open. I also think that you should make it so that you can make everything in the game able to move around. I also have a little complaint , I sometimes want my characters that are in different buildings to be able to use a wheelchair but whenever I try to make that happen I can’t do it. Then when I try to put a person in a wheel chair back the wheelchair won’t stay with them. Also you kind of exaggerate when you show the alarm system because when I do it it is not as cool as you make it look. You should think about updating it and making the game have seasons like winter,fall,spring, and summer and adding new buildings every once in a while. You should also think about adding other features like beaches and oceans and other things like that. It gets kind of boring though after a while. I think that if you made it so that I could earn points and get rewards it would be better. But I’m older than 8 and I think it is a great game so that’s saying something. So thanks for reading this and I hope you know that I really do enjoy your game.

- Please read this!!!

Hi Toca boca, this app is amazing! But I wanted you to see this because I have some suggestions for future apps...the first thing is that, and I know that a lot of people have said this but you should make an app where you can go into different apps with different characters! But I think that to do could make a bus so that you could put the characters from the different apps and make them go onto the bus and choose the app you want them to go into! Because since I think that there’s a bus stop in each app, it would be a perfect idea! I also think that you should put a beach house in toca life vacation so that the travelers could meet other people who live in that location. I also think that you should put another house in Toca Life City, Toca life Farm and Toca Life office and especially Toca Life Stable. I think that you should also add more apps like a circus and amusement park so that kids could see a lot of more things in the world! If you read till right here thanks Toca Boca for reading because I really want you to hear this...I love you apps! There amazing! Thanks for reading and I hope you put thought into my review! It would be amazing if you would reply! -Toca Boca’s biggest fan

- I LOVE toca life!

But I have some suggestions: I would Love if you could go to all the different games like from roca City to toca Office would be REALLY cool. Or if tou could make like an Ancient Greece toca life game with all the greek gods and demigods and a camp mpfor the demigods with armor , weapons , cabins for the gods ( and minor ones') children ( sort of Percy Jackson toca life) a Mythical Beasts one with unicorns and stuff and dragons ofcourse or even a country toca life where you could travel to all the different continents and experience some of. The continent,s culture. And for book worms: a Library and Fandom toca life ! Where you could experience the different Fandoms ( books or movies) make your own movie or book an editing house and loads of the best fantasy/sci-fi/historical foction literature! If you could also make a Toca Life wildlife sanctuary it would be reeeealy cool. Like the ones in Africa with lions gazelles and all the african wildlife. Also a toca Spa and Resort would be like a girl's ( girly girl mind you ) paradise. With masseuse tables where there are actual swedish massagers, mud baths ahowers and basically a 5 star resort hotel. I REALLY LOVE your toca lifegames, you need must be really creative minds to come up with such great games. Hope you like any of my ideas Peace Out !✌🏻

- Awesome! Some suggestions.

Nice! I like all the hidden super suites and, how they sorta brought back all the sloth stuff from other games and made king sloth. However, I've got some suggestions, mostly not about the game itself. First of all, I love the delivery area in toca city. (Though it's kinda annoying you have 2 go 2 target 2 get more.) I would love it if you put in your other games as well, I would also really, really, love it if you could use them to mail outfits or characters to other games. For instance: I really like the Viking character in toca city. It would be nice if I could also play her in toca office! :) I would love it if you came out with a toca life: wilderness. I know you already have toca nature but it isn't really an rpg and, sometimes the animals leave. I don't want it to be too fancy. Just a little cottage with some humans, but mostly just animals. Wolves, foxes, bear, deer and stuff. (Maybe even a sloth! ;) ) and like, a pond or river area, perhaps a cave. I would love it! And I'm sure a billion other people would too! Back to the app. I love it. It's just splendid. The jellyfish, the robotic dog, the little jewel monster thingy. All of it. Anyone who's reading this, totally get this app.

- Love this game but few suggestions

So I've been playing Toca Boca games forever. But the one I love is Toca Life games. Honestly I don't think that some of the other ones should cost money. I'm in 5th grade and have been playing since the middle of 4th not to to long but good enough to love it. I'm 11 years old and I'd just like to say anyone who's doubting themselves about getting this game listen to me when I say YOU MUST GET IT NOW! This is problaby the best Toca Life game in all Toca Life games please keep up the good work. But to make Toca Life even better I think you should keep reading my comment. My first idea was an acting one that would be an amazing game. My next one was a pet store or hospital and if you do that pls pls pls make a mommy puppy actually give birth to her puppy's that would be soooo adorable. My last one is a mermaid one. There would be all the people dressed like mermaids with kings and queens ands maids and an evil villain. Oh I forgot one more idea a medieval one. There could be a huge castle and jesters and dungeon rooms and much more ideas. I really hope you do my ideas please make at least one of them or more thank you soooo muck Toca boca creators.

- Good Keep It Going

I remember back when toca life city came out I was exited a new Toca! Now you guys are making things like Toca World and more Toca World content. But I still like playing the old toca lifes, because I need a break of toca World now and then. It makes me feel good to play the old tocas because they remind me of good stories I use to make on them. But the problem is with World you guys don’t make any more Toca Life games. I know you are still making toca life stuff but in world, but I still think you should make more toca life apps. Also in Toca World I cant find all my characters because I have all the apps and put them in World and now I have to flip threw 300+ characters on the sidewalk. So here is how you should solve it: Add a green “area sign” where you could find the people you need from different life apps or sections like “BOP City” or “Busy Plaza” like the purple one does. Otherwise great game! This is my favorite toca life apps! By the way for people who don’t know how to play you just move the characters and objects there is no rules just one have fun!🙂


Okay I think this game is AMAZING! Best toca life game yet! My title doesn't really describe what the review means I just said I love the sloth costume😻😻 but people have been saying on the reviews if you go into the "fancy closet" if you turn the game off and if you turn it on again whatever character is in there will have a "I am test" shirt. What fancy closet? I was assuming it would be the one with all the gold and stuff in the bank but I tried it and it didn't work. Somebody tell me please on a review how🙁🙁 but remember when I reviewed on Toca farm and I asked for toca life Hollywood? If your not working on that, you don't have to do it. I have a new idea! Toca life: 50's! There could be like a place with drive in movies and a soda shop and a clothing store, and my last idea is toca life: jobs! It could be like this but you can have your own jobs, job interviews, and pleasssse make the jobs a toy store job, a fair job where you can work at a fair, oh and that reminded me please make a toca life fair! I know this is a lot my best one is toca 50's!!!!!!!!!😋😋😋 I love this game please make a🦄 costume and connect all the games like my play home!

- OMG!!! I love it!!!

I got the app when I first saw it! I had been dying for a new Toca Boca App!! I LOVE Toca Office! I would like a way to get from place to place though! It would be REALLY COOL if the helicopter ACTUALLY flew! If we had cars. A sidewalk. Telephone booths to turn into a superhero in. More houses. More superhero costumes. More Characters. More clothing options. Stores, bakeries, mining grounds, online sales, and other cool jobs could be added to make this even better. A NASA program where you can board a ship, press a button, and go to space. There is just one more thing that I have wished for ever since I got my FIRST Toca game... a way to travel from game to game! We could go to Toca City INSIDE of Toca Farm. It would be SUPER COOL if you guys could figure out how to LINK THEM!!! I have always wanted there to be a plane to get on. Cruise ship, Sail boats, and other cool ways of transportation to get from one GAME to ANOTHER!!!! I would love for this to become a reality! It has been my TOCA DREAM ever since I knew what Toca Boca was!!! This new game is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou guys SO MUCH!!!

- Some more suggestions …

Hi 👋It is me agian from the last review I know I did a long review but who cares And I also did emojis. I have some serious suggestions!!!!! 😀 And I hope you like them and other people must of wrote this to but that doesn’t mean I copied them. 👩🏼‍🎤👩🏼‍🎤👨🏻‍🎤👨🏻‍🎤 Right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ So this game is awesome and in fact we should go to the suggestions now #1 👆🏻 DO TOCA CHRISTMAS!! 🎄(I will pick what game you will decide what will be in the games sorry if I am being bossy) #2 ✌🏻 TOCA MANSION #3👐🏻 👆🏻 Get it like 2 and then I add another one it makes 3!! XD So anyways 3 is going to be TOCA ZOO!! 🐵🦁🦊🐻🐨🐯🐸🐹🐰🐭🐱🐶🐆🦓🐊🦍🐘🐘🐑🐐🐓🐈 #4 TOCA AMUSMENT PARK ( sorry if I spelled that wrong) xd 🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆🤓 Oh I just realized I did not put a emoji on four sorry now you have it 👐🏻 👐🏻. Finally the last one!!!! #5 ✋🏻TOCA THANKSGIVING I did the thanksgiving one because it is November and stuff By the way thank you for reading this!!!! 🙂 Thank you. :) By the way my name is Mia and I am 7 👩🏼 7️⃣ Happy thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽 (Even though it is not thanksgiving!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

- Suggestion

Hi, Toca Boca! I’m so glad that you have listened to us and are creating world, and I have already pre-ordered Neighborhood! But, I do have one big suggestion I have been wanting to say for a long time and I believe others are wanting the same thing, as well. When I play Toca Life (I’ll use Office, for example) Office, I like to change locations (like cleaning up the daycare) and people (putting the old man into a vest and putting the blonde boy in his pink clothes), and usually this can take hours to perfect. I do this with all of the apps, most notably cleaning the apartment in Toca Life: City. However, whenever there is an update or I accidentally hold the reset button, all of my hard work goes away and I have to start all over, which is very disheartening. I’d like to pitch the idea of a little bar on the home screen of the Toca Life app of saved (edited) worlds you can return to and are safe when there does happen to be an update or reset. Thank you for reading my suggestion!

- Please Read. More Great Ideas

Hi it's me again the 10 year old boy who has all the toca life but wants more. I wrote a review in toca pets about a toca life creator lab. Anyway I have another idea. First this what I think of the game. I love it and all the super suits are "super" cool ;). I don't like the helicopter though. I think you should make so that you could go places. So here are my ideas. First toca life mall. There would be a clothes section,A food court,a baby/kid area,a toy shop,and gaming area/gaming shop. Another is toca life fantasy. You could create your fairy,troll,etc. You could also create your pet like a baby dragon,baby unicorn,etc. There would be a forest,a dragon cave,a home,and a clothes/grooming shop. In the clothes/grooming shop there would be clothes for you and your pet. That's all. If your reading this please make them. Again from a 10 year old boy who has all the toca life and wants more. P.S. I am super excited for toca life world! Please tell me when it comes out! Thanks!

- Best Toca Life yet but one suggestion

It always says on all of the Toca life apps that you read the reviews so I am surprised that you have not done this because so many people have requested it but before I get to my suggestion I have to say something not hating but usually I get the game have fun with it for two weeks and then don't play it for a while but if you add my suggestion the connecter app or train station app it allows you to get items and people through different apps (of course you have to pay for it first) let's say the horses from Toca life stable or the hair styles from Toca life city into Toca life school or office this would make me keep coming back for more and make it more fun in general plz do this I don't leave reviews that often except for these games with the same suggestion CONNECTER APP (or just do an update that does the same thing with a new location for all the games just providing possibilities to make this more likely PLZ DO THIS)

- Love it and here’s suggestions

I love this game! I’m so happy superheroes are in this game because it’s amazing and so fun. I love it and I have some suggestions to make it even better... 1. Arena : In that big 3 story building , for the 2nd floor , in between the meeting area and that office area where the Deadpool suit is, for the office part with the multiple office areas, you should add a button where if you press it, that multiple office area place turns into a fighting arena for the superheroes to train. 2. Helicopter Traveling : Where the helicopter is, you should add it where if you get on it and press a button that you could add on the helicopter, you could go to places, like basically teleport there with a transition. 3. Direction for Costumes : For this I don’t really mind if you don’t add this It’d just be kinda good for people with lack of direction. For the costumes, you could add directions to the location of every costume and the part of them. 4. Location for that girl’s hat 😅 (this isn’t a question I just need help to find this) : So in the commercial or whatever it is, that girl with long black hair that wore the pink glasses as a superhero, she had that “S” hat on her hair, could you tell me where it is? That is all my suggestions, hope you read them and take consideration on doing those, it’s ok if you don’t though 😇, I’ll always LOVE Toca Life.

- I love this game!

Hey Toca! I love all the life games you have made, and I have a really cool suggestion on a new game you could try to make: Toca Life Dream house. So, some ideas I had about this house were that it could be a giant house with its own built in cafe, and maybe a couple animals. I don’t want to steal the idea of animals from Toca Life Pets, so not too many. I just like the idea that they could have pets in their house. They could also have one room devoted to a closet, but with this cool outfit maker thing. Now, just bare with me. So it has options of shirts, dresses, pants, etc. and my idea is that you can make your own outfit! There could be tons of rooms and the house is all fancy and it would be totally cool! Another idea is Toca Life Fantasy. This pretty much explains itself. So, it’s like a fantasy world and there’s magic and it would be awesome! Lastly, I would like it if we were able to make our own Toca Person! We could choose a hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, anything special like freckles and such. We could give them names. That would also be good for the clothing customizer idea I had with Dream house. I love your apps SO MUCH! They’re a lot of fun to play with, and if you guys made one of these apps or did the character customizer idea, I would like it! Thanks for reading!

- LOVE TOCA LIFE!!!! a few suggestions😉🙂

TOCA! you have done an amazing job with the toca life series. keep it up! this one is probably my favorite! I have bought every single one! and they all have continued to impress me!! I have a few suggestions on what to do next! I would love it and probably a lot of others would if you did a toca life: dentist! with a dentist office and maybe a few houses. I think that would be so cool! I also think you should do like Disneyland like a toca life: amusement park that would be awesome! you can have a bunch of rides a few game places/arcade (I forgot what you call them😂) and then maybe a few restaurants and a house or two. and maybe during Halloween you can put haunted houses. that would be awesome!! again toca you have done amazing and continued to impress a TON of people!! I hope you can take my suggestions and make it so cool!!

- Amazing!

Greetings to the Toca Boca team! As a fan of all your creations, (especially the life series) I loved this one! I’m not technically qualified as a kid anymore, but I somehow love these games than my 6 year old brother. I was skeptical about this at first, it’s just a office game, nothing special. But I’m glad I made the decision to buy it! The game offers many secrets and codes, I don’t even think I got all the secrets yet. My favorite was the king sloth costume. A suggestion is to maybe make a game about wizards & Magic? I would get it right off the bat! It’s a bit different from the other games, but why not? Magic spells and codes to decipher can make the younger ones think (3+ toddlers) and I just personally like the idea of magic cats and wizards. Maybe even a wizard sloth? Keep up the good work! I’m excited to see the next game make its way into the Toca franchise :)

- Amazing app and more app ideas

I love this app! Also I wanna give you some app ideas! I was in the car with my carpool kids. They started naming ideas like toca fair and toca stores and toca construction. I don't know but I feel like they would be great ideas. Toca fair: a carnival and a faris wheel? Toca stores: make like a little house and then a big building that's a mall with a bunch of stores in it (clothing,toys,pets) kinda like toca city but bigger and better! Toca construction: you can build your own city! Have an empty lot with 6 sections with green buttons. You can tap one and select a location/store you have made in the past (like the trailer store or the school building) and then you could have one for houses. And make it like all the houses you've ever had in the games (the choices of the houses) Also maby you could do toca travel: you would have a plain and then you would choose a location like (china and Tokyo and sweeden and desert with pirimids, Paris, la , Africa , ) the possibility are endless! Have a great day! (Also downloaded this app on 20th but they didn't have the write a review button so I was the first to get this and also first to get the hospital one. I have been playing sence I was in 3rd grade and I'm in 9th now! These games are so amazing!!!)

- Idea for another Toca Boca!

Hello! I just wanted to say I give 5 stars for all the Toca Boca games. I think they’re very fun and creative. And I have an idea for another one! It could be called Toca Village. I’ve always wanted at least 3 houses in one game. So in Toca Village there is 3 houses! There is also a supermarket, doctors office, zoo, the storage place, and a restaurant! It would be so fun and I would play it all day! Everyday when I come home from school, I check the Toca Boca apps to see if they added a new one. If they did, I would buy it. I already have all of the apps! Anyways, me and my friends have been dying for Toca Village! If you guys make it, we would play it all day long. If you’re reading this, It’s just and idea. No reason to actually make it, I know there are a lot of ideas other people have. Well, thank you for your time! I hope you guys make a new Toca Boca! Bye!!!! 😋😋😋😋😋😋 Actually, one more thing, tons and tons of people want Toca to combine all the apps into one world! That’s a great idea! But, what if you make a new one? Well, if you combine them all, and make a new app, you can make it so It’s locked, and when you buy it, It’ll unlock! It would be so cool! Okie, now I’m done! Thank you! To: Toca Boca From: Me! Lol. 😂😂

- Love it!

Hello! I love this game and I have some ideas for new games to gain/earn more money. Toca news! What’s happening in toca city? Find out on toca news! Toca office 2! It’s back! More stuff to do and more people! Toca sing! Choose a character, and make the character sing a song! Toca world! All this time...the toca boca company has been making many great games. But now, they return with toca World! A combination of every toca boca app! Toca imagination! Create your own toca maps with your imagination and share them with your friends! (That one should be rated 9+ though) Toca dress up! Create your own style ! Toca arcade! So many games to play in the toca arcade! Toca escape! You are stuck in a strange place and there is only 1 secret way to escape! So yeah that’s all the ideas I have in my head so please please PLEASE make these be made! Your fan, Preston

- Hi!

I love all your Toca life apps and I play with my sister all the time on her iPad. I just have two requests: I have seen this in a few reviews before mine. A way you could move characters, clothes, and objects through all the Toca Life apps. If you could do this children could use planes, cars, trains, etc. to help their favorite characters go from game to game. I could have someone from Toca Life School have a parent that works in Toca Life Office. There could be so many possibilities and more ways to play. My second request is I would like a Toca Life Celebrity so children could pretend they were famous singers. They could make music videos, have photo shots, sing on stage, dance, act, make movies, and so much more! I’m glad you’ve gotten this far in my review and I’m also glad you took the time to read it. ~Shannon

- AMAZIIIINGGGGGG and have a couple segustions

Ok so It's awesome I have an idea for an update so there should be a way and this goes for all the toca life apps to connect with other players and connect worlds as in a train or something to so the train asks you were you want to go and it'll have toca school toca vacation toca city toca town toca farm and toca hospital and I think that whenever we use the train to go to a different toca app we should be able to use the same characters I also have another idea for a toca life app ther should be a toca waterpark were there's a pool in one place a waterpark a locker room a kiddy area some showers and a bathroom. Also there should be a toca life hotel like I said in one of my other reviews for toca life also can you make a Halloween edition to all of the apps thanks (again sorry this is so long)

- Suggestion but love all apps

You should make a free to all app where you have access codes to connect all games you have on your devices so you can change this about other characters for example in toca farm there are some characters that could use a makeover they just don't Appel to everyone. Another thing people might like is an aging center so you can have your characters start as baby's but you bring them there and you get to see what they would look like when there older so you would have baby then child then teen then adult lastly senior. It would be in the middle of the connecting center so people can take characters from all games and do that. You probably won't want this idea but it was worth a shot. Thank you for your time

- I love Toca!

I love toca. I am a older, but I still play it! Toca baca is super fun! I hear you read all reviews. If so, then why haven't you made the game everyone wants?! A train that will bring you between all of the Toca worlds. I will play as a character in one game, and then I want to play as that character in another game, but it doesn't have that character. A train to transport characters from different worlds would be great! Also I read this, and I thought it was such a great idea! You should make an app where we can make our own Toca boca! We create it, and then we save it into a Toca app. It would be a lot more interesting! (Make it so we can make multiple people). I know it is difficult to make games, and there are so many requests give to you, but my following review has pretty much everything a Toca boca player could ask for. Please put this into deep consideration. Your loyal Toca boca fan,


I know you probabaly don't have time to read this but PLEASE GIVE THIS NOTICE!!! Toca creators I am way to old to have these games but I have all the toca life games and love them but there isn't enough content. I was thinking what about CROSS PLATFORM as in there is a map and if you own certain toca life games you can travel to different apps with no trouble. You can bring your character with you so I could have a person that lives in toca town but she can go shopping in the city and work in toca office. I personally have been thinking this idea over and think it will be the absolute BEST addition to toca games. I understand that this would have a lot of beginning bugs, coding troubles, etc. but PLEASE just hear one of your customers out on this one. Thanks for your time.

- Great game!

This game is definitely a must have if you are into toca boca. The graphics in this game are stellar and you guys are doing a great job with all of your secrets. However...I have a few tweaks. The courthouse was a little disappointing to me and I felt like it was just missing something. Also, even though I love superhero’s, I wish it focused a little more in the office dynamic and a little less on all the superhero’s and sketchy people. The house is one of my favorites In All the games. It reminds me of New York which is where I have always wanted to go to. The boss’s office is very cute and I love pretending that my characters can get promoted! I recommend this game because it is super fun and I did not get bored of this game. You are awesome Toca Boca!❤️

- Good-ish

Just like the other ones, the amount of detail and the things you can play around with is astounding. The shiny graphics and diverse set of character makes the game worth while, but be warned, it does get boring easily. With the whole “superhero” thing pushed in your face it makes it obvious what the game wants you to do, creating a straightforward path that limits creativity in some areas. Just a tip to the game creators; make the object of the game more ambiguous so there are more situations the child can create inside their head instead of just replaying the same old repeating cycle of “OH NO THE BANK GOT ROBBED!!!?!”. There are also a lot of mechanics that really don’t actually need to be there, just to make the game bigger and more captivating to an audience. All in all worth it for the pretty look, but again, gets boring easily unlike the others.

- Best Toca app yet but....

I love toca life don’t get me wrong!! But I have a few game ideas and ideas for the apps already made! Toca life Zoo! So many people r asking for it! You live in a house and you go to the zoo! There should be a concession stand for food drink etc. Toca Life Aquarium!!!! U should make only 3 places on this one(three stories a house and a lake) The aquarium can have jelly fish sharks fish etc. and the lake should have a mermaid hidden somewhere! The last one: every one is asking for a Toca life connecter!!!!!! There is a plane in each of the apps(if u download the connecter app) and u go on the plane and it has all the Toca life s and it asks where do u want to go and u answer office or vacation!!!! Sorry this took so long, I just am SO passionate for these apps!!! Please just consider it!!!

- Love it but a few ideas.....

Love it! I love Toca world all of it. The other day me and my bff were thinking there should be a few things. Our ideas our that when you make a cake if you combined it with a knife than it would cut it into slices! Next Make your own house. We were thinking just like the Character creator you should be able to creat a house! Even if you could only make 1 it would still be fun! You be able to use different parts from different houses/apartments. For example: use the bathroom from the garden house and the kitchen from the pet home and the bedroom from the modern apartment! Last toca pool. You guys should ad a pool to toca! Even though there is already a beach most people prefer pools! Thanks for your time and love it

- Epic! Ideas

Okay I know everyone is talking about wanting the train update, but I think I have the main just of it. So you would have a subway or train in every toca life, you would click it and you would go into the subway there would be one train and once you put your wanted characters in the train it would show you all the to a life games you bought. And you would click the game you would want to go to with your characters and then "ta da!" You would be there. I think the train/subway idea would be a great one, we all know this update would take some time but it would absolutely be a good one! Please take my advice and many other people's advice and Please, PLEASE make this happen! ALSO: toca office was a amazing game and a super cool idea!

- Love Them! ❤️✅

Hi, I’m only 11 but I have saved up all my allowance money just to buy a new Toca Life game every time a new one comes out. I am technically a Toca Life collector, I have all 9 life apps. I might be getting a little to old for this, but who cares! These apps are super fun and and educational. I have some suggestions for this app in particular. I would say to add a secret lab for the villains or something. I also have some ideas for the Toca Life apps in general. I think you should keep the apps coming! A Toca Life Zoo would be cool. Or Toca Life College. Another one would be, Toca Life Pool, Or Toca Life Arcade. I know you’re probably going to ignore this, but whatever you have time for is great. I hope you all make more apps to the series and keep on updating previous games!

- I love these games!

(These are really ideas for all toca life games) I've gotten all the Toca life games! But what would be nice is where you can travel on your own and the travel as of now would just be quick travel. And where the roads go off you could go from game to game with your character. Like if you wanted a character from, say, toca life: farm to be in your toca life: city game you could use their car, the train etc, maybe if there was an skating rink in city, and maybe more hairstyles and clothes. Maybe customizable outfits, where you buy the shirt, the pants/skirt, and the shoes separately. And more pets in all the games! I really can't think of any more ideas at the moment, but please consider at least some of these. ♥️


Thank you for these amazing games!!! I love them all and I love Toca Life: The most! It’s so interactive and fun to make stories with. I love all the super secret costumes in this one :> Also, please make Toca Life: Zoo! Animals are my favorite, so I would love it :D You could have an aviary, an aquarium, (ADD A DOLPHIN) a land animal exhibit, (Bears, Lions FOXES, etc.) a petting zoo with goats and cows and bunnies :) and maybe a vet if you want. Also, here’s some secrets :O in cloudfood, look for a pumpkin split in half... THEN CLICK IT! Click no sloth poster in the storage for a lovely surprise. And last but not least, go to the fancy office and press these shapes at the bottom of the desk in this order. Circle, weird plus sign, another weird plus sign, and triangle! :3 Thanks for reading! Stay Foxy! xoxo 🦊

- Suggestion!

Love this game and all your other Toca Life apps. One suggestion, however: it would be awesome if you made an app that connects all of them! For example it could be called something like ‘Toca Life: Bus’ and you’d be able to transport any of the characters and animals to any Toca Life app you previously purchased. If you didn’t already purchase a location yet, you could buy it through this app. And you could even include motels/apartments/houses that the characters could stay in to fill up the space. Also, please add more clothes to each game. Like in Toca Farm include more farming outfits and in other apps more bath robes for showers and PJs. Other than that, this game is amazing! Thank you for this wonderful experience

- love it! Ideas for updates!

I love this game and you all did an outstanding job with it! I love all the secrets, but I want even MORE secrets! Also, the cell in the courthouse is great and I love that you can "escape", but I wish that there was a prison with individual cells that could fit two people. There could be like 3 to 4 cells and a sheriffs office and more police equipment like uniforms and handcuffs. Also, make it to where you can escape the prison from underground and there could be lots of secrets since it is a prison. As for the helicopter, I like that you added it in but I feel like it's useless that you can go anywhere in it. Maybe, this could be a way of transportation to different apps!! Thank you so much for hearing my ideas!!

- Awesome game but I have lots of exciting ideas!

Lots of people suggested this Toca life office game and you updated the bug in the fancy office so I am sure you read reviews! Here are some ideas.🤗 Toca life mall! I know I know sounds super not exciting but who knows! You have many many stores to shop at and you can chill with friends! Idea two Toca life 50’s you live in that time period and there is a diner with a movie drive in and all of that jazz!Idea 3 Toca life pet shop there are many pets in a shop and all of these cages out could buy and you can bring your pet to pet shows and allow your pet to become famous. Those are all of my ideas. If you like them I hope you do an amazing job on them like on this one!🤓

- Toca life mansion

I think you search her up took her life mention it be very fun to have a mansion do and have a bunch of floors and you could have an elevator like if there is too much work to make A mansion you can use the hospitals for alert and just redesigned the walls and all the people and all the furniture I think this would be a very great ideaMaybe other than the mansion so I can get out like other things in the town besides a mansion but I have like four other houses in so you can have friends so you’re not rich and lonely or something but you can have friends because there’s other houses and or you could live in those houses and like make the matching really creepy and try to like investigate

- Make more toca please

Can you make one about fat rodents? (AKA hamsters and guinea pigs) And this is coming from me and my Bff. Yes, we are very weird. Anyway, More ideas! Outer space and mall. A fantasy one with mermaids, dragons, unicorns, princesses, castles, wizards, genies that come out of a lamp when tapped on. Underwater Atlantis with shipwrecks, sharks, fish, narwhals, and mermaids. And you can customize your mermaid with a closet and house. I have a very involved idea that I would really love if you could make it. It would take a long time though. I want there to be a game called toca travel where you can travel to different countries. In each country there is different cultures. If you made this I would want you to make the United States and also Paris. Also different time periods of history like western, castles, cavemen times, and Native American time, Egyptian, and before the ice age. I really love toca games and I have bought every single one of your toca life games. I really hope you take some (or all) of our ideas. Thank you so much for your time and thanks for reading this! Have a nice day!

- Omg best one by far but a few issues

This is the best to a app yet. And I know because I have all the toca boca apps. It's great and should cost the amount it costs. I only have three issues. One there's only one house I mean could you at least add an extra apartment or something. Second there's not enough clothing I know it's not something huge but still could add more clothing. My final complain only preschool what about a college or high school. So to permits this complaint I politely ask if you could make a toca life school college or high school full ad bright bubbly students ready to learn so my advice is if your going to get this game or fix my complaints or make my game do it.

- As amazing as a unicorn 🦄

I love toca life office and all the other life games. I love playing them in the car because they don’t use WiFi so no data bill. Also I sometimes crash but it doesn’t bother me that much. It bothers me 1 percent out of 100 percent. I also have a suggestion of a new toca life game. I was thinking like maybe a toca life mall where there’s a food court any toy stores and escalators. There should also be clothes and cosmetics stores and food and there should be bath bombs that when you put in the water the actually fizz and color the water like a real bath bomb. Please use my suggestion I really like your games I’ve been playing them for a long time they are delicious.

- Fantastic!

I’m 12 and this is a great game! I have them all except the pet one and I love the ideas you have! I have one idea for a new game. I have a character design I would love to have in one of your games. The character Design Overall, the characters in all your games are great, but I would like it if you made an area in the game where you could create your own character, and save it to your images to add in other games. How it would work When you see the character list, you could add another sign with a character and a plus sign next to the body. You would click it, and it would give a small range of templates you could use. Then it would show hairs, clothing, pants, facial expressions, etc. to choose from. Once you find one, you can click done and it will ask, “Do you want to save this to use it other games?” And you could choose, then it would request photo access to add it to your album. I understand if this might be a lot of work but I will continue to buy more of your games and I will love this new addition.

- I ❤️ it

Dear Toca Boca Team, I love these games that you guys made I am only 10 years old, but this game is perfect my only request is if you guys can make some of the free like on sale. Two years ago you guys made some of these games free and I kept loading them I have half of all the games on all the electronics my family has, but all I ask is if you guys can put some of them on sale. That is all I ask, but I don’t expect you guys to do it. My sister loves these games and she is only 2 years old and every time she’s on her iPad she plays your games the most. If you guys can make one of these games on sale I will give 5 stars every time it’s upated or new.

- Toca life: maker

Like the game, one of my favorites, I was thinking maybe you could make another game called toca life: maker. There would be 5 locations and 2 suggestion . #1 house designer, it looks like a factory on the outside (so do #2 and #3 and #5) but on the inside you get to make and design your own home. #2 character builder, make your own toca life person with hair, skin tone, face and name. It would have two buttons that would tell you if they were male or female. The characters would have a white shirt and blue pants until you get too #3 which is next #3 fashion studio, were you can make your own clothing from dresses to a hoodie and sweatpants. #4 Drivers school, you can learn to drive and get a drivers licenses to dive around town to get places #5 work station, were you make your very own job like the logo and what you do. You could make a high class business or subway it’s your choice 2, put a button near the reset button that goes to a selection bar with everyone creations and come live with them and have a


This app is the bomb!!! As I said before on hospital I wish there was a toca life WORLD where all the toca life games are combined! I have other app suggestions below. -A toca life neighborhood a lot of houses maybe -a toca life world details above -a toca life palace a huge palace for princesses and prince -a toca life vet a place for animals -a toca life museum to take a field trip -a toca life Washington DC for the president -a toca life 1980 for the past -a toca life future with flying cars and robots -a toca life haunted house scary spooky things -a toca life spa for dressing up and a girly day -a toca life fantasy world with wizards and unicorns -a toca life candy factory for a candy factory... -a toca life video game maybe they get trapped in the video game -a toca life movie set to make some movies and a theater -a toca life seven seas to sail the seven seas -a toca life pilgrim to be the first settlers -a toca Christmas a whole buncha Christmas stuff - a toca design so maybe you can shape your house and put furniture in it then play in your custom home (my best idea yet!) Thanks for reading this you guys are amazing I love tocaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

- LOVE IT!!!! Also a suggestion if you don't mind reading.

I love the Toca Boca game series. It is way up on my favorites list and I'm a teenager😂. Can you maybe add more apartments, and maybe connect this game, and the other Toca Life games together? Like, wake up in the city and "drive" to work at the office. That would be amazing. Also like many other requests before, can you create a Toca Life: Zoo. Like before, you can live in the city, then go to work as a zookeeper, or visit the zoo with your family. The My Town and My PlayHome games already connected, now all we need is for Toca Life to be connected. That would be amazing. Thank you for reading this.❤️😄 ~ Rascal_20

- Have some suggestions but a great game!

Ok, ok only one suggestion. The suggestion is that you can move a character to the different toca apps. For example, if you don't like someone's hair you bring them to toca life city which will bring you to the salon. Another example is if you want your character to have a vacation, bring them to toca life vacation. But the main thing is that I have favorite characters that I want to be together from each app. PLEASE DO THIS. I also see A LOT of people asking for this so please, please, please do this! Also I just want to say that I love all the toca life games and the next update please do this!

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- Please Read This For Are New Update that you need!!!!!!!

I think that your games are AMAZING. BUT you really need a update or just in you next toca life game to have it multiplayer on different iPads/phones! Because it it hard to play with others. So could you please make these game multiplayer. But make each player have a password and to join there game you have to know the password. And also a name if you do this you will have more people play this game. 😀😀

- Wow but plz read my suggestions they could help

I love this game but.... the car park in toca office you can’t click on it, what I’m saying is that with nearly every toca life their is one building or something that you can’t click on and it’s annoying. With toca city there is a post office shouldn’t there be one in every game. You should bring in a toca: beach with like a shak or something or a you could bring in a toca: mall With shops and then have some little houses around like another town just different with shops that would be awesome. I hope you use our ideas and go with it. Yous are very talented and would like to see more of out ideas in your next tocas. And with the bridge you could make it go to a secret destination. _ jasmine

- Great game, new game idea

Love the game, but not much to do once you have found everything, anyway a new game idea is toca pet, I really would like lots of birds dogs, cats, and horses and more in this, and a station where they get hurt, so for the dog, it was swimming and got cut in the lake, so you can have a lake, a bridge, a picnic area, and anything else, for the cat, it could fall out of a tree, at a park, so a slide and stuff, a bird could slam into a backyard so a house, and a backyard, so the whole house, but different stories for different rooms, like a playroom, not with a bedroom, there can be a waiting area, an operation area, a pound area, and an outside area, this is just an idea but I would really like it if it could happen!!!

- Best game ever

I love the game so much and the ages say 8 to 6 ( or something) but I’m 12 and I’m loving it‼️ I have nearly all of them as in the games and I’m enjoying it but the car park in toca life office I wish you could tap it and it could have like a hobo or something in it 😁(. I’m pretty much saying that I would like to go into the car park and then there’s characters) 😀The bridge I wish you could tap it and then I’ll take you to a different part of the game so I could go to like the shops or the mall‼️‼️ I want to be able to buy clothes in this game but there's like nothing in there is no shops or we could buy food and that for the apartments🙃

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I LOVE this game even though I’m a bit old I think these games are really nice and family friendly with all the secrets ( I’m on the look out for more secrets uncovered!!!!) but I personally think you should REALLY get this game. P.S I am a bit scared about one glitch that happened before.. so sometimes if you would just put a person in the freezer room cold air would come out from their mouth but then I would take them out of the freezer room and cold air would be coming out I’m just a bit concerned if this will happen again. Please tell me if it’s not doing the glitch anymore thanks! Great game ✌🏻👍🏻

- Toca Zoo and Toca Style also Adding a Jail

I love this game though you need a jail to put the people in after they have stolen money or something I was thinking of a new game like toca zoo. What you would do is you would have an elephant a zebra and so on then u would have a house cause every game needs a house then you will have a zoo shop where you would get accessories apart of the zoo. you will also have a normal shop for food and stuff and if u didn't like the normal shop maybe a restrant too. Another idea is a model style type one. This is were you have lots of cloths shops and accessories shop and even a catwalk

- LOVE THIS GAME but could make some more AWSOME detail🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖

Please read my review I love toca office soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... much and there's some improvements I would like to favour you guys. First I would like you to make an app that will allow you to make any object and customise steps could be 1 draw shape of object 2 colour it in 3 write what it will do (write to toca boca creators so they can program it) 4 select which game to place this object in. When this happens, make a building where you retrieve your object. Second thing you could do is maybe on toca office, make it so you can actually take pictures on the computer screen and be able to print them. Another thing could be to make some more games for example: fantasy world includes mermaids, fairy's, dragons, zombies ,unicorns gryphons, Pegasus's and witches. Billabong includes kangaroos, joes, aboriginals, tourists and platypuses Thanks for reading xoxoxoooxxxxxxxxooooooo

- Toca Life is so cool!!!!

This is an amazing series. So much fun and very cool. When it came out I was amazing. I am one of the older players but I still find all of the series fun. I think the next toca life game would be toca life zoo or a toca life sport where all sports are incorporated in one game. Football, soccer, gymnastics or dance and some other appealing sports would be cool. This game should have an other location like a villain lair or something else, I just think it needs a bit more though. Other than that I believe it is such a good game. I LOVE IT!!!

- Uh is it meant to do that?

Umm the stove in the cafe doesn’t work but I do love it I was just wondering like with all the others like toca life hospital TBH I think it needs more area so we can play and stuff like the mountains can be an area that people break their bones or get a head injury ect I also think that you guys added more baby’s in this one but I think you only did it because theirs a daycare and only 3 baby’s in a daycare isn’t what you would expect so I’m guessing you guys were like add more

- I really love it but I have a few suggestions.

I am in love with the toca life games but I really want a new one to come out! May you please make a mall toca life where you can buy stuff and it's a three story shopping centre, you can have little townhouses and could you please make it so you can live in all of the houses because in the previous games you can only live in one place when you can see more. Thank you for reading, and please consider doing this.🏢🏠🏠💳💰❤️

- Toca life

As a toca life fan I have all of them and I honestly think the cost is worth it toca life office is definitely one of my favourites. I hope that a update will come soon. I love how if you put a character on a printer and me being a 10 year old acting like a 5 year old I copied a picture of his bottom 😂😊umm yeah..... I give this app a 11/10 (Eleven out of ten) and recommend for all ages. Also my friend and I have waited for this new app since the big news came. Bye

- Great game but...

Toca office is a really fun game that is very creative for any ages, I'm always so excited for the next to a life to come out, but, there is a downside to all this, in every to a life game I play, they all crash after 15 minutes of playing. I'm so sorry, I'm not sure what it is, but could you maybe consider doing an update to crush some bugs please? (Especially for toca hospital). I'm so sorry for the negative rewiew, keep up the good work! 🦄🤗👍

- Really good game but....

Do you think there could be a evil lair or a good lair with like a super computer, l also have a suggestion for an app its a bit like a comment l found but different so you have toca:fantasy with a mermaid lagoon and a big tree house or toca:mermaid where you can be a mermaid and like with king trident and have your own bedroom like Ariel and a beach where you can wash up on shore and sea animals like a crab and sea shells and seagulls and stuff... Other than that great game

- I love this game but

I love this game I got it as soon as it came out and I think people should be playing it more. I love every single thing about it but I thing you should put an airport in every toca life so you can fly to any toca life you like and you should be able to go with any players you like. I thing you should be able to make your own apartment or house with any thing you like.

- Toca Life: Other Apps

To Toca Boca , I'm thinking that you could make a app called Toca Life: Beach and their is a big beach and a place for a lifeguard to sit and their could also be a beach house with a mum dad and a big brother or sister and a baby. Another place you could go is a beach shop were is a cafe and a shop and the cafe can serve fish and chips and ice cream and the shop could sell Life jackets , swimmers, towels, snorkels, sunscreen, hats and bags to put all your stuff in. Also there could be another app called Toca Life: Work In this app you can like choose a job and their could be a ice cream shop we’re teens can work. Shopping centre. And park with lots of places to camp and have a picnic. Thank you for reading Please make one of these apps.

- plz read

There is a annoying glitch-the new update is AMAZING! But the thing is when you go to print something the game glitches out and it is super annoying so Toca Boca if you are reading this plz fix it but other then that the game is one of my favourites out of all the toca life’s so that is all thanks for reading I may have wasted your time sorry if I have bye -cc

- It’s great but…

I LOVE your apps Toca life but… once you get to know it for a year you find you kind of run out of things to do + with toca world coming I was hoping that after please add in a wedding toca life it would mean a lot to me if you read this thank you please do and I read a review in Toca after school you really should read them too because they are very helpful and also someone requested Toca life water park so please do thanks!😀

- Toca life animals

This game is amazing and all but I want Toca life animals I just love animals puppies to kittens to lions to parrots all the animals that we know of and can you make them super cute if you do just please I love Toca life I have every single Toca life games because of how fun they are it would be a dream come true I've been seeing if Toca life animals would come out but it didn't I love animals so much pretty please

- Great game but with a few little bugs

My kids absolutely adore this game and love making videos but it keeps crashing when you press stop to end the recording - this happens in Toca Life City too. It's very annoying as they have to restart the whole game and lose their game progress. Please fix as this is the only thing stopping me from giving 5 stars.

- OMG such an awesome game

Hey Toca Boca, This is by far your best game! I love every part of it but I’m sure I will get surprised by world and neighbourhood .PLEASE! Make more secrets for us to find, and I have a new sloth idea! What if in world, one of the play sets were a sloth place with all the sloths from previous games and new sloths! Personally I think this is a great idea. Your number one fan IcecreamUnicorn2400

- Great game

All the toca life games are so much fun but they could be better. There are a lot of glitches that take you out of the app and when you go back in it starts where you were five or so minutes ago. This glitch is very annoying but the game in general is fantastic!


I love your games they are the best and I thought of a new game that I think will be cool! Toca life FANTASY Where you can... . Ride dragons . Camp . Go on Quests Locations.. . Forest with camping gear and bears and dragons . Big mountain with three levels all with dragons and unicorns lowest level with a river and boats. middle level with rocks and a SECRET CAVE with giant dragons and treasures Highest Level is in the clouds with rainbow and unicorns and baby dragons and A SLOTH-DRAGON . Tower with vines and cobblestone . Castle and royal palace . Dragon racing and jousting arena People.... There are Fairy’s and Trolls, Dragon racers, Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens and gypsies all with beautiful outfits and costumes


Hi guys! I love ur games, but here’s an idea. In Toca Titanic, you will have the first class and third class rooms, the boiler room, the deck, the dinner hall, the place where the third class people danced, the captains wheel thing, the iceberg, the place before they set sail, and this red button on the right hand corner of the screen where when you click it, it turns to night and the ship cracks and there are two lifeboats and your screen and when you go inside the ship, everything’s a big mess and waters everywhere. Btw, if you like my ideas then I think two of the characters should be Jack and Rose. THX! _ Dina😌

- Amazing amazing amazing

I love this game so much and I am really exited for the new Toca world (I have all the games so it will be a blast) just some suggestions, personally I get bored after a while and keep resetting so I can create a new story, maybe you could have regular updates with little surprises. Thx -poppy

- Amazing!!

This is such a good app they are getting better and better please never stop making them, I don't mind paying either!! Also the stove doesn't turn on in the restaurant and I'm confused my the photo copying thing but it is so good. Please link the games aswell!! Love from Australia ❤️🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺❤️


Ok, if you are scrolling through the comments trying to see if you should buy this app, I need to say... BUY IT! I adore this! There is so many places to go and see, and adorable characters! And, as long as you don't flick up the tab if ur on apple, it saves your things! I adored robbing the bank lol! But the details are amazing and..... SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ ON IF U DONT WANT TO BE SPOILED, Go to the ATM and click the ground. A secret place will open! It is obvious that a lot of care has been put into this, and I appreciate it so much! But I was wondering if u could add changing the hairstyles......? Anyway love this! Diana

- Videos are ☁️

I’m a little disappointed how there aren’t any videos of things that not only happen in this app but others have completely disappeared and now I have no ideas for my kids to play on these apps and for me to show them. Puleez fix this because I haven’t been using toca’s apps for a while and when I got back on I was greatly disappointed. Thank you for listening

- Awesome 😎 Game Plz Read

I absolutely love all these games But I have a few suggestions. 1. I would love it if you could play with other people but with them on a different device the would be AWESOME 😎!!! 2. You could also make it that in toca office you could go into the car park

- Amazing Please Read

Hi I love your game it's soo fun! Here are some suggestions Toca life neighbour Hood Where you have houses and in the houses are different family's(like a rich family with A mansion(A poor family that live in a box house) but one family's a spy and they have a secret room. Toca life shops There are all shops like a furniture store and a restaurant, Cafe, swimming pool , one apartment with loads of rooms like the Hotel, A bar and a police. And any of your choses If you do ever choose one please make it the best so that it's great price and great value like all of your other Games!

- Need this

U should be able to buy the toco or one toca life's and when u buy two or more the all content together to make a big toca baca life world Also u should be able to connect with friends and play together

- It's the best game ever

When I first heard your new game was going to be about and office I really confused I thinking how could something doing with work be fun as a game but the I saw the trailers I then I knew was good going to be the best game ever. Oh and keep up the good work and I love you guys 🙂🙂🙂

- Amazing!!! Please read this Toca Boca.

This game is sooo much fun and I love all the new cool things they have added to make it better. One idea I have is to combine all the Toca life apps together, and I know lots of other people would love this as well. If you did this I know I would play so much more! Thanks.

- All together

To Toca I have all of the Toca life games because I'm obssessed but I was wondering if you could add a super villain lair also I would love it if you could mush all the Toca life games to together also in Toca life hospital I would love a playground a house and that's it thanks so much for these games Love meeeeeeee lol

- If anyone wants the game read this 😋

The game is amazing you can do a bank robbery or you can work or go to daycare there is a house and a courthouse too! So many different characters😏 and sooooooo many secrets! Have some fun in the game😉😁🤣

- Would also like a fantasy one!

PLEASE make a Toca fantasy with elves and magic and caves! And please add some extra updates and items to each game (like hospital, pets, stable etc)

- Suggestions for Toca Life

These games are awesome but they would be much cooler if all the other toca life apps were connected by a bus or the airport from Toca Vacation, it would introduce a whole lot of new activities and roleplaying


Thx Toca boca i love ur apps❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I had tis Great idea, “Toca space life”. Travel to different planets and meet aliens! You could go go all the places in the solar system! It would be so cool if you could make Toca space. Anyway continue making apps. Ur great!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- My review- Please read!!

Now this is definitely my favourite Toca life app. Even though I’m almost a teenager, I really enjoy Toca life games! Here are a few ideas for other Toca life apps: Toca fantasy: This app could have dragons, kings, queens, princes, princesses ect. It could also have castles and fairy’s. Toca Hollywood: This would basically just be Hollywood but a Toca version. Toca Royals: a Toca world but a royal one. Toca history: important moments of history such as the titanic ect. Love your games!!🤩😄

- Love it!

This (and Toca Life: Hospital) are the best games Toca Boca have ever made. I love this game so much! But could you please add something in the car park and the bridge. But I really really really have been dying for another few rooms in the appartments Thanks

- New to a life idea

You should make a toca life where all the toca life’s in one game and you can use the other characters from other toca life’s and mush them alll into on awesome game and call it toca life change or something like that

- Connect to other servers

I absolutely love all the toca life series but it would be even more cool if you could connect to your friends servers so you can play toca life together.

- The Best Game Ever

This is my favourite game I play it everyday when my Mum says time to go school or go to bed I'm normally on it and start shouting noooooooooo. I haven't experienced any bugs and I really recommend it.

- Love it!

Toca Life Office is so cool! I love the superhero idea added in so you can be like superman! One thing though, can you add more hero costumes? App ideas- Toca Life Cruise: So, there would be a loading dock where you get onto a ship, then there's probably 3-4 levels (rooms, kids area, canteen and upper deck with pool and can you add a water slide like the other real cruise ships, and a island with treasure and cool stuff!) And don't forget about the coconut monsters! Thanks, love toca!

- Wow 😜😜😜😜😜

This Game is so cool it is so fun and I love all the secret passageways this game is the best game out of all the Toca life's can you also make a video of all the foods you can make in the game I have all the toca life and this is the best one 😱😱😱😱😱😜😜😒😝😙😤😜😛😩😐😤😜😎😐😔😶😱😜😎😐🙂😄😄☺️🙃☺️🤣😁😡☺️😙🍲🌭😫🤑🤓😎😕😞😩😝😕🤗😩😩😩😞

- I cant download it again

I really liked this game and then when I tried to download it again it wouldn’t even bother to start so I deleted it and tried again but it said it was starting to download and then it deleted by its self... I paid money for this and I got it for my birthday! If my app doesn’t want to be on my iPad better off refund me!!!! 😡

- Love IT 😍

Hi TOCA , I have a few of your games, such as TOCA nature, and TOCA lab elements as well as all of your life games , except for the newly released, TOCA life pets and I think they are all awesome! I am ten and I absolutely LOVE 😍 the possibilities! Thx for making awesome games 😀 Pikachu out!

- I love this game!

I love this game but please put a airport so you can go to each toca life game whenever you want and also please make a toca life zoo it would be really cool and the last thing I want to say is make a toca life dentistry

- The best!

This is the best Toca Boca game so far. I agree with the other reviewers - please link all the games so the characters can move between then them. It can be a Toca Link app.

- Amazing Work

Thank you guys it’s amazing please could you do a toca space station? With a rocket and a control room ,a place in space

- Great but...

Whenever i am playing the game has a glitch and then the game turns of and on to my home screen Pls fix✌🏼💩🤔

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i love this game!!!! but imagine TOCA WORLD where there’s different parts of the world in a map that you can visit and like do stuff that people do in that country/city like example there’s china so you can clic on it and it will bring you to chime so you can play as the dragon 🐉 and do other stuff they would normally do in china!! and then you could click like new york city which you could go visit inside the statue of liberty and there would be games inside and after you could go to like time square where you could go shopping, visit museums, go to an amusement park etc. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS HAPPEN😍😍😋 thank you!❤️

- Please look at this

Please I have been requesting for a toca mall with better fashion and cuter baby's please this would mean the world to me

- Love it

I love this game so much but sometimes I wish I could make my own character and more clothing also it would be cool if there was more places to live and more apartments off houses. And if u haven’t come up for the next one yet i think it should be a house on the beach with the ocean and cafe

- Awemazeinggggg!

BEST TOCA LIFE EVER!!!! This one in first place toca hospital in second and toca vacation in third! #LOVE IT!

- Toca

Hey can I have a refun it’s a great app but I downloaded a other app of ur and it better bc it was everting so plz can I

- Toca amusement park!

I love all your games and I definitely recommend going with the person who said toca life amusement park it would really get your ratings up! 🤗

- Toca boca mermaids

I think toca boca MERMAIDS the people could be mermaids with coral houses and shops and there could be an island where humans live and you could give them scuba gear to go under water and maybe a secret necklace that can turn humans into mermaid please consider that would mean the world to me <3

- Toca boca Olympics

I would love to see a toca life Olympics soon with many sports ❤️❤️❤️

- It's a really fun game

It's a really fun game

- App does not even open

The app doesn’t open and I have paid the full price

- This game is a gem.💎 I love it.

I love the game! I played Toca boca’s games since I was 5 years old! (Right now I’m 7.)

- Toca Life: Office

This is definitely my favourite Toca Life app yet, as it’s design is modern and well thought out. I love the apartment, but I would prefer having more than one floor. My only complaint is that in the apartment, when clothes are placed in the washing machine, the item placed in the bottom can get stuck. Some suggestions I have for the game are these: -A small store to shop at -More floors to the apartment -The ability to fly the helicopter to other buildings -A small laundromat I hope that the people at Toca Boca take these suggestions into consideration, but overall, thank you for creating an amazing game that is perfect for those of all interests. I would recommend this game.

- Doesn’t work

Whenever I try to go in the app it automatically crashes and leaves the app. For tica office, farm, and pets

- Thumbs up! 👍

My cousin is in love with this game and that makes me happy. It’s good to see how imaginative kids can get with this game!

- !!!

You guys should make a Toca fashion game that would include a spa, fashion show runway, and so much more!

- ?

Just wondering how do you refill the paper in the printer?

- Too expensive

Toca Life games are really fun, but they get a small but boring after a while. They’re also getting way more expensive than what they used to be, and I can’t buy the new Toca Life games.

- Dumb

Weird and stupid game. My kid downloaded this without permission and iTunes won’t refund. So leaving bad review. Tried game and it is very odd and makes no sense.

- Love this app

This a really fun app I love to play it Alot so if you want it GET IT ITS AMAZING😱👌👏

- Addie

I think you should make and app that has like a big gathering, so a hospital a town a city and airport and a vaca place also a farm with a stable you know like that stuff

- Add a store

A store for food and stuff

- A.S

great game but could you make a 3D printer in the game?

- It’s great but…

I love this game but there a bug where I put a guy on the painting area and I put the on him but then I left and went back but there was a weird clothes that was in and when I put a different clothes my game crashes so plz Toca boca can u fix it ok we’ll love the game byeeee😀😀😀😀

- Please make!

I was thinking of different ideas about Toca Boca apps you could make. Here's a few of them! 1-Toca zoo! 2-Toca world! 3-Toca adoption! 4-Toca kingdom! 5-Toca mall! 6-Toca ice world! 7-Toca houses! Please make a few of them! If not that's ok. If you do make any I will be the happiest person ever!

- Waste

In my opinion it’s not very good but for some people it might be good

- :( no space

I wish the house had an apartment type- design and there was an apartment on every/ more than one floor

- Thank you!

Awesome game! Also I really appreciate the character with vitiligo! That is the girl with the white patches on her skin! I have vitiligo in real life and I always dreamt about a character in toca baca with vitiligo! Anyways I just wanted to say thanks! ❤️❤️❤️

- Toca pets😡😡😡

They were supposed to ad when toca pets is coming out. AAUUUGGGH!!!! I HATE IT!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Great Game Play needs more Diversity

The game is great and my daughter enjoys the game so much and I can tell developers tried there best with the skin colours and diverse people even a child with vertigo but I think if there was an option to make just 1 character what ever they want would be great because my daughter gets frustrated with finding a character of her gender and complexion but all in all great game !

- Hello, just a suggestion ...

Well first off I love all of your toca life games and I think it would be amazing if you could somehow create a game where you could design your own toca boca character and you could use that character in the toca life games. Another suggestion would be to make a toca boca world with a lot of different places in the world like china,Canada,America etc. If you are going to make another game in the future (no doubt you will) maybe you could include these things: a mall, more house choices, more kids, more places to go in that toca life and finally more space to put your things in the toca houses. Ooh sorry forgot to add this maybe more of a selection of people and baby's and please add a hair styler in the next toca life.


Can you make a toca pet shop and have lots of different service dog gear. Can you also make other colours for wheelchairs? Can you also add service dogs and all types of harnesses and service dog gear? Also can you make a toca mall? Thx❤️❤️❤️

- Fun!

This is a really great game sometimes the stories I make actually leads to hours and hours of fun with just one story there’s so much possibilities! But I’ve searched top to bottom to find some of the costumes I’ve seen in the ads like the egg guy or the ice cream guy who’s head is ice cream but other then that this game is just right for me! You’ve done it again toca boca!


It would be so incredibly interesting if there was a app called toca apartments! There could be multiple rooms and a cafe or a gift shop at the bottom, and the characters could be neighbours and it would be amazing because instead of one house, it would be multiple rooms. You could also add a mall in that app! If you do use this idea for a app, It would be amazing: thanks for reading this!!! Hoped I helped for some future ideas!!!

- Amazing

This is probably the best one so far it has an awesome “living space”, plus I love there’s a place dedicated to baby’s/toddlers with lots of cool new things to use with them/on them and the office place is really cool as well but my all over favourite thing is there’s more interactive features and more secret places/things which are kind of hard to find but at the same time not impossible for a young child to find. I would definitely recommend this to anyone from the ages of 5-13 hands down my favourite one yet.

- Awesome!

You guys should connect all the Toca Life games so that you can take people from Toca life: Town and put them in the Toca life: Vacation app. But besides that, a really fun and cool app!

- Pointless

What's the point?

- Fun game

I really enjoy this but I was wondering you would add more baby clothes (Especially for girls) . Also would you consider in the future making a game with all the toca life's in one game like a big city


I love every single toca life app my one request is that you should do a toca mansion with closets and pool and tons of floors

- Cool

I am way WAY out of the age group for this game yet I still find it somewhat enjoyable I mean...yeah I would recommend it

- Good

Please add toca water park toca amusement park toca neighbourhood and more

- Add a penthouse

I love the game but you should add a penthouse or some really nice expensive house.

- Awesome Game!

Super fun game. I believe out of all the Toca Life games, there's only one that I haven't been a fan of (Toca Town). Overall, it's super fun! Definitely worth the purchase. Also, might I suggest a future Toca Life app? Since so many people (including me) have wanted more clothes, maybe you guys could make a Toca Life Shopping Mall. It could have restaurants, toy stores, shoe stores, salon, and most of all, clothing stores! Oh, I have 1 more suggestion. Maybe you could make an app where you are able to create your own Toca Life character and transfer them over to one of the already existing games. Sorry this was so long!

- Please add this on toca life office.

in the back I see that there is a bridge can you add a park to the back and you can go on the bridge and more apartments

- Love it

I love the toca apps but could you please put all of them together! And could you please make a toca zoo. I think that would be really cool!

- 😍 love it

I'm 13 and this game is amazing it would be cool if there was a toca amusement park

- Don't like update

I really like this game but I was very upset when you updated it so people can not go behind the fireplace i used it as a hiding spot for the thieves also a little while ago I was playing the game and when I brought them to the kitchen two of the characters clothes suddenly changed into black shirts that say "I am test" I could not get their clothes back and any Time I tried to put new clothes on them the game crashed I tried everything and ended up deleting it and getting it again the problem stopped but I lost all my progress.But it's a really fun game!

- I love it!

This game is amazing! Also I have a suggestion for the next game. Toca Life: Space! There could be one house that’s a space ship! And also after a few more games, possibly Toca Life: Everything ( not sure about the name) and it would have all the characters and places! Just separate areas!

- Lit

Awesome game!!!!! If you make a new game make it under the sea or maybe a movie scenes

- Idea💡

Can you guys add where all the Toca life games could be one big game so more houses,more people and more star ratings

- Idea for next games

I agree with the person who said a toca mall,but maybe toca life forest, toca life coding, toca life space, toca life aliens and toca life travel

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Toca Life: Office #21 Toca Life: Office Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 668 $3.99

tech dsp

Toca Life: Office #25 Toca Life: Office Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 666 $3.99

tech dsp

Toca Life: Office #19 Toca Life: Office Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 663 $3.99

tech dsp

Toca Life: Office #16 Toca Life: Office Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 659 $3.99

tech dsp

Toca Life: Office #15 Toca Life: Office Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 653 $3.99

tech dsp

Toca Life: Office #21 Toca Life: Office Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 651 $3.99

tech dsp

Toca Life: Office #22 Toca Life: Office Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 650 $3.99

tech dsp

Toca Life: Office #15 Toca Life: Office Toca Boca 4.0 out of 5 stars 646 $3.99

Toca Life: Office 1.3 Screenshots & Images

Toca Life: Office iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Life: Office iphone images
Toca Life: Office iphone images
Toca Life: Office iphone images
Toca Life: Office iphone images
Toca Life: Office iphone images
Toca Life: Office Education application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Life: Office (Version 1.3) Install & Download

The applications Toca Life: Office was published in the category Education on 2017-09-20 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 305.75 MB. Toca Life: Office - Education app posted on 2022-06-28 current version is 1.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocaoffice