AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops

AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops [Music] App Description & Overview

AutoPad is the easiest way for your band to run background pads!

Designed with worship musicians in mind, AutoPad is a tool that helps you easily run ambient pad loops. Simply tap a key to start a pad, and AutoPad will provide a tasteful soundscape that plays for as long as you desire. Natural crossfades between keys are handled automatically.


- AutoPad has two modes: LIVE mode gives you instant access to all twelve keys, while SETLIST mode allows you to create a custom list of songs.

- AutoPad comes with 10 carefully designed pad sounds. Each one provides a unique atmosphere in all 12 keys.

- Expand your sound library by importing your own pads or by purchasing one of the in-app sound packs.

- AutoPad comes with a fully-featured AUv3 plugin! Run AutoPad alongside other music apps in your favorite AUv3 host.

- AutoPad features a built-in metronome. Keep your band locked in without needing to lug around a tracks rig.

- AutoPad's menu gives you control over crossfade time, two filters, reverb amount, pan, and volume.

- AutoPad responds to MIDI! Plug in a MIDI controller or use a MIDI-enabled app to control AutoPad.

- AutoPad features a dark color scheme that is easy on the eyes and performs well on the stage.

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AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New in AutoPad 1.8.3: - Fix an issue with Bluetooth audio (it works again) - Fix an issue where user sounds wouldn't use their root note setting - AutoPad now stops pads when host stops (AUv3) - Pads now light up in response to MIDI note messages when running as an audio unit (AUv3) - Stability improvements. Should fix a number of crashes relating to audio interruptions and configuration changes. - Audio tails now fade out when app goes to background instead of abruptly cutting off.

AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops Comments & Reviews

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- Great Foundation, Needs more Development

Some huge pros: • the app is STABLE, no crashing, audio is seamless, even when switching between apps • it's straightforward in its layout, which is a big plus when working on stage Honestly seeing that this is v1 makes me extremely excited for what it could become. Autopad already is set to be one of the most useful tools in my arsenal. A couple of recommendations: • add volume control within the app: pads are a bit quiet compared to other apps like Bebot and GarageBand • add minor chords • create a way to cycle through a setlist, allow users to create their own grid with what they will need EDIT: • also definitely create a way to mess with some of the Pad timbres, such as add more motion or movement, swells, brighten/dampen with low pass filters, etc. I showed a friend of mine this, and we both agreed it's a great start. It's just the tones, although they're well designed, are rather plane without any kind of background melodic movement like synth swells and chorusy delay/verb chains.

- Great for limited use

I found this great for intros but if I kept it on for the whole song, it would just start to feel like a hypnosis or constant feedback somewhere. Features I would like to see: Ability to set a timer for how long a single pad to play. Allow user to create layers of timed pads. Create a “Scene” - combined with the timer and layer feature. This allows the user to combine multiple recorded or timed notes for intro pads, verse and chorus pads etc. ‘Tap’ for tempo. Simple explanation... if you have someone else running the pads the ability to match the tempo by navigating to a tempo tab with a big round circle or something to tap on would be great. This feature should be real time adjustment because most changes a user makes with the current version, you have to stop the pad and restart it. Texture pads - sometimes I like to add a small bit of nighttime noises to make it feel like we’re out under the stars (like David Crowder Band - I need words); I also like the crackling of a fire (Any song from Rend Collective’s Campfire album); and even a ticking clock (You can barely hear this in the song Only Hope by Switchfoot). A lot of the functionality aspects I am suggesting are included in iReal Pro but the advantage I see for AutoPad is the ability to distill these suggested features down to fit AutoPads target audience.

- Good Start!

Great idea for an app! A cool future feature would be to have the ability to blend in additional intervals (2nds, 5ths, 7ths). Having the ability to fade those intervals in and out would give this so much more character and make it a more musical tool. I found that I can tap two pads at the same time—sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. However, fading in specific intervals would be better. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

- Minor difficulties

I love the app, the sounds are good, the pan allows us to have click in the in-ears and not in FOH, and the menus & settings are easy to navigate. However, we’ve used this app now for two rehearsals and one church service, and the app has crashed twice, luckily only during the rehearsals. Seems like it might be a little unstable, and it would be SUPER nice to have different tones for the click other than the ice-pick-to-the-brain sound. It’s a bit painful when there’s only the click coming through in your ears and it’s too easily drowned out by the rest of the band. Otherwise the app is great, and I’m happy with the purchase.

- We love it and use it weekly

We’ve been using this app on Sunday mornings for a few months. Overall, we’re very happy with what it allows us to do. The simple interface making changing keys and sounds an effortless task, which is hugely important when we’re playing live music. I can keep strumming and singing and quickly adjust the pad. Awesome. Our only critique is that we wish minor keys were available. This would make it a 5-star app for us!

- Fantastic start!

Really love this app. Great combination of pad sounds and easy functionality. Two suggestions: 1. Add a playlist function to be able to go from pad to pad based on the music set. 2. It’s really tough on the fly to get to the menu to change pad sounds as I move from song to song. Is it possible to create the interface in such a way that the pad sounds are available at the top as their own buttons?

- Functional and great idea with room for improvement

This app has been a lifesaver for weeks when a live keys player is not available. It helps keep the band glued together especially during transitions and underscore moments. A few suggestions for improvement: **An in-app volume control - it's cumbersome in a live setting to adjust the volume using the iPad volume button. Would be much better to have a volume slider or knob in the interface itself. **As far as I know it's not possible to have this run in stereo. An option for stereo would be helpful. **Clearer visual cue if the pad is fired--Right now it's really difficult to tell visually if the pad is fired--it's only a faint outline around the key selected. Maybe if the whole button is lit up in a different color would be helpful? Overall, good app. A few tweaks here and there would make it really stellar!

- Really good app! Really annoying click

Love this app! Super simple to use and works perfectly for what I need! There are some short comings though, as of late the app will just randomly crash, and the click that comes with the new update is pretty annoying, would love the option to change click sounds and not have any subdivisions.

- Great app

This app is so perfect, especially for acoustic sets. A lot of the reviews I’ve read have said some things that really don’t make sense to me. (I.e. minor keys, sounding too hypnotic) they are relying too much on this AutoPad. It really is just a filler to help fill in sound, which is does perfectly. We use it every week at church and it’s been a lifesaver. Great job on the app!

- Great developer, Great product

I had an issue with the app not connecting to my Bluetooth speaker and crashing. Within a day of my previous review the developer contacted me and updated the app. This is awesome! Thank you for creating such a great product and caring so deeply about your customer’s purchase. May God continue to bless you in your ministry🙂🙏🏽

- Great app missing one feature

This app is absolutely amazing love every bit of it! But it’s missing one feature, PANNING if there was that feature to be able to send audio all the way to the left or right side would be incredible!! Please add this cause this app is so awesome it just needs that’s one thing!

- Great Pad Sounds!

I love this app. I’ve used it every Sunday for years..the addition of setlists and click has been awesome! But, the ONE thing I would to change is having the ability to turn off the click accent. Could we make this happen soon!?

- Great app, have used it several times... But I do wish for a bit more!

If you are looking for a nice, very simple (which is a must), quality backing/drone/ambiance then honestly there is no need to look any further. I am impressed! However I would love an “Angelic Ooh, and Ahhh” that would be AMAZING!

- Love it! Great beginning!

I agree with everything Pro CCM Keyboardist said in their review. In addition to the pad, it would would amazing to have ambient melodic tones in the background to add some color to the pad so it’s not just the pad sound only the whole time.

- Excellent app...hoping for more

This app is great. Love the simplicity of it. The only thing is it’s not easy to switch between sounds if your using a different sound for different songs. Hoping for a feature for that to come down the line.

- Works awesome but...

This app works awesome but it keeps crashing. It will crash after 15 or 20 minutes of use, not every time, but a lot of times it does. Would be nice to have this issue resolved

- Thank you!

Awesome app, worth 10x what it costs. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make it more obvious which key you've selected. The letter does glow it is very faint. Still giving you 5 stars for tho!

- Needs a way to make different setlist

It’s a very good app and I really enjoy it the only thing that I with it had a way to make different setlist instead of one main one

- Odd question

How do you use it for songs wrote in Flats.....?.. Thanks Ryan for your response. Thanks that’ll work, I kinda thought that after I sat down and started looking at it more closer.

- Highly recommended

5 stars. Use this every week on stage and it completely changes the game for the price

- Keep scrolling, don’t waste your time

Is it really impossible to do minor chords or custom chords ? This is one of the most elementary features of an app like this. Might as well remove the key of C major, or remove all the audio from the app because it’s every bit as useless. I wish I could rate this 0 stars. Don’t waste your time or money

- Killer

This app is AWESOME and helped take things to a new level. The only thing so far I would want added is to be able to create a custom layout.

- Midi does not work!

Well is app is good and does what it promises.. except for Midi.. which does not work on iPhone 8plus.. however cannot complaint much at the price point...

- Please Add Click off in Setlist

Please add a switch to turn off the click while in Setlist when the tracks are playing. Would be perfect with this function!

- Great!

I Love this app, Great for use when learning guitar scales. Can play this over scale and hear the cadences of the scale you are playing over.

- Great sounds and so easy to use

This is a great easy setup to use Pads and click on your worship team.

- More Notes

Great working app! Very stable and easy to use. Developers were quick to assist with the question I had.

- Awesome!!!!

The sounds are great and the simplicity of the design is great. Perfect for a solo worship artist just playing an acoustic guitar and looking to have a little pad in the background.

- Amazing app!

Great selection of sounds and easy to use. Will be using this week in our worship service. Awesome!

- Simple and easy to use

Great idea and works like it is supposed to

- Great app but crashing

Lately I’ve been having issues with the app crashing when I press on a key for the pad. Settings navigate fine. I’m using the iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.5.1. Please help and fix the issue.

- Buy now if you lead worship

Seriously. This app will help you eliminate the dreaded “dead space”. Well worth the equivalent to a cup of coffee.

- Killer pads app

This will be GREAT for worship services! Very user friendly interface and awesome sound! Very well done!

- Autopad is great but..,

Please make it available on the google play store!! Thank you!

- Great app.

The ability to pan and have click inside of the pads is excellent.

- So good!

I've wanted an app like this for such a long time! This app is just perfect :)

- Great updates w/new patches

Edit: Thanks for the info about headphone need for AB and AUM ( I need to read more carefully :) )

- Great app for what it does.

Developer is right on top of things. That’s what I like.

- I Love It!

The app allows you to create a setlist to help with the transition of songs.

- Very cool app!

This is super cool and super useful 😎🌟✨ Thanks for the update, clicktrack volume works great again 👍

- Good app, needs better pads

As much as like the app’s interface, the pads are rather bland. Look at the CoreSound pads and Peter James pads from for comparison.

- Found it today, gig’ing it tomorrow.

What’s a better endorsement than this? Wooo!

- Please add minors and minor flats thanks!

Please add minors and minor flats ! Great app otherwise ! 5 stars ! Thanks !

- Great but Feedback

Great app but recently I’ve been experiencing feedback within the app. Like a static reverb in the background. Please fix as soon as possible.

- About 5% Volume with Latest October 2018 Update

This was an app that flirted with greatness - now I can barely hear the output at full volume! PLEASE fix!! In conjunction with the aforementioned issue it seems that after awhile there is no sound output whatsoever. Two or three times already I have hade to delete the app and re-download it! Am I wrong to become annoyed with this?

- Amazing!!

Its very easy for use! A great app for all musics!

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- Great app - lacks innovation

I’ve bought all the pads $24 in total which I think they sound great. But I think for the amount of money I’ve spent there needs to be an option for octaves and to be able to layer the pads - layer a shimmer over a strings pad, play a c4 over a c6 with a more standout reverb and all that. All customisable in the setlist. Just some thoughts. Otherwise fantastic idea for service ambience.

- Great! Room for growth too.

I love the sounds. I would love for there to be minor chords available too and at some stage the ability to put together chord charts so that the ambiance moves with your song without you having to change the chord yourself. I’d also love to be able to move the octaves around a little more so that the root chord is always the highest or lowest of the song (when it switches it up half way through a progression it sounds a little odd...although perhaps I’m not familiar enough with the app yet and there is already a functionality around this..I’ve only been playing around for 5 mins on it). I do like the app and I think for the price point it should do a little more. Currently it behaves more like a 99c app. Thanks and I look forward to seeing the updates. :)

- Amazing app

I use this app every Sunday at church and Friday at youth and it always works seamlessly. The filter options really assist our sound team to achieve the sound they want. My only critique or suggestion for improvement is the setlist. It is a really great tool but could be improved by having saved settings for many songs in a seperate “song library”. For example: I create a pad in A for ‘king of my heart’ one week, and then save it to this personal song library. Then the next time I need to play the song I can just add it to my live setlist. That would be AWESOME and save a lot of time. Thanks guys!

- Awesome just became AWESOME!!

Simply the best app for anyone needing to fill the sound space. I love this app, and now with their update of set lists it’s even better!!! Great work guys!

- Superb textures

This is a fantastic set-and-forget background textural pad app with a great selection of ambient sounds.

- It’s ok but...

I like it and it’s helpful. Limited sounds available and no sounds that actively change and move. These are more background noise. I’m looking forward to more options as it’s a good app

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- Great app

It is a great app! The pads are amazing! But it would better if the click tracks were shaker sounds.

- Great App

This app is really well thought out Nd easy to use. Highly recommend

- Crackle sound

Keep getting random cracke sound if it’s through the speaker and the headphone jack. Click is turned off. Something is wrong with app.

- Nice!

So far I like this. Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but can I map midi to control the cutoff, volume, etc?

- Great!!!

AutoPad is a simple and straight-forward app. It does one thing and it does it well. I would love to see more instruments added but very happy with the selection available. This will definitely be incorporated into my production workflow!

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AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops iphone images
AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops iphone images
AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops iphone images
AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops iphone images
AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops iphone images
AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops iphone images

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The applications AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops was published in the category Music on 2017-09-04 and was developed by Ryan Robinson [Developer ID: 1270890717]. This application file size is 36.23 MB. AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops - Music app posted on 2020-10-16 current version is 1.8.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: ryan.AutoPad

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