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Meteorfall is a deck-building roguelike. You'll choose your class from one of four unique adventurers, and then set out with a deck consisting of some basic attack cards. During the course of your adventure, you'll be presented with the opportunity to add powerful new cards to your deck.

No adventure would be complete without slaying a few monsters that get in your way. In battle, you'll draw cards from your ability deck. Each time you draw a card, you'll be able to swipe right to play the card, or swipe left to skip a turn and regain some stamina.

Between battles, you'll venture through a variety of locations, represented by an encounter deck. You'll encounter blacksmiths that can upgrade your cards, temples that can help you optimize your deck, and mysterious characters that will make you all sorts of bargains.

The tactical strategy of combat micro-decisions mixed with the strategic element of deck-building provides a compelling and deep gameplay experience.

As with all roguelikes, death is permanent. You'll earn some gems that you can use to unlock new cards, but it's back to the drawing board after that. Start out with a new adventurer and set out on your quest once again.

The good news is that Meteorfall is different every time you play - you'll encounter different locations, different enemies, and different quests. Part of the challenge is adapting to the challenging situations the game puts you in, given the cards available.

Good luck hero - it's time to end the Uberlich's cycle of destruction!

+ Challenging roguelike gameplay with an easy-to-understand deck-building combat system
+ Procedurally generated content - every adventure is unique
+ A dozen different enemies with 7 unique bosses
+ Four heroes to choose from, each with a different starting deck and unique playstyle
+ Unlockable cards that can be easily earned through normal play
+ Game Center integration with Leaderboards and Achievements
+ Portrait orientation for casual one-handed gameplay
+ No ads, timers, or other freemium shenanigans

Meteorfall: Journey App Description & Overview

The applications Meteorfall: Journey was published in the category Games on 2018-01-25 and was developed by Eric Farraro. The file size is 505.98 MB. The current version is 1.0.256 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.


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- Added Demon Mode difficulty! Unlock a set of progressively more difficult challenges by defeating the Uberlich (The first level should unlock automatically if you've beaten the Uberlich and have the achievement for winning with that character)
- 5 new demonic enemies: Cococat, Lutenica, Salamandrah, Chickenburn, Alcodemon
- 2 new quests: The Mischievous Spider and Krumit the Frail
- 18 new cards: Char, Scorch, Dispel, Mage Hunter, Devour Magic, Dig Treasure, Warmblooded, Skull Bash, Swig o' Grog, Bull Horns, Trident, Defensive Stance, Artifact Collector, Mining Pick, Shades, Shake it Off, Kick, Puppet Master

- 'Gold' encounter removed
- 'Treasure' encounter now shows 3 cards (instead of 2), and also gives 5 coins
- 'Shop' encounter has 50% chance (per card) of displaying a card of a higher level than you would normally see on that floor (max is still level 3)
- Level up: when adding a card to your deck, one choice is guaranteed to be a card of a type that is already in your deck, and the other is guaranteed to be a card of a type that is NOT in your deck
- SHADOWBURN AND SHADOW PACT: Now add 'Forsaken' to the target, which prevents the next source of healing from having any effect
- REJUVENATE: Added stamina regeneration; now reads "Shuffle 3 'Blessing' cards into your deck that give 1 action, 3 stamina, and heal for 2 when drawn"
- PICKPOCKET: Now reads "Deal 3 damage. Steal an item or buff (up to level 1) from your opponent";"
- RAVAGE: Now reads "Deal 3 damage. If opponent is bleeding or poisoned, deal an additional 3 damage and gain 1 action"
- VAGABOND BOOTS: At level 2 or higher, now adds improved stamina recovery when skipping a card
- STAB: Now adds Poison at level 2 or higher
- BOAST: Now reads "Deal 4 damage. Increase the damage dealt by this card by 1 each time your play it (resets at end of battle)"
- BLOCK: Now reads "Block the next 3 damage you receive and gain 1 action"
- SUMMON WRAITH: Wraith damage reduced- BOAST: Now reads "Deal 4 damage. Increase the damage dealt by this card by 2 for each other Boast played in this battle (resets at end of battle)"
- SHADOW PACT: Damage taken when drawn with no charges is reduced
- SPIDER BITE: Now reads "Inflict Poison (1) and reduce enemy stamina by 1. Gain 1 action"
- BATTLE STANCE: Now reads "When you play this card, deal 3 damage + 3 for each time you skipped it this battle. Skipping this card also adds 2 armor.";
- Most enemies adjusted to reduce average card level (broad, small nerf to basic non-boss enemies)
- Events "People's Champion" and "Village of Miracles" now scale with current location 'depth'

- BRUNO: Added 1x Battle Stance to starting deck, -1x Attack

- BRAMBLE'S FORTITUDE: Fixed issue where Bramble's Fortitude to recover too much stamina
- MAGIC DANCE: Fixed bug where it wasn't recovering the right number of charges
- DISINTEGRATE: Fixed bug where Disintegrate wasn't affected by Staff
- Fixed a bug where some cards showed prices to upgrade, even though they were not upgradable
- Fixed a bug where new cards were always added to the bottom of the player's deck
- Various minor bug fixes

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Meteorfall: Journey Reviews

KJAY on the Bay

Great game after two major updates! Buy it!!  KJAY on the Bay  5 star

Great, fast and fun one handed RPG based card game action! Well worth the price. It’s a great little time killer with plenty of tension and meaningful decision points. Lots of room for expansions too. Here’s hoping the Dev releases some new content going forward! Update: I previously had a few minor quibbles about the lack of opportunities to customize the player’s deck in game. However, after two major updates, this is now one of the best games for IPhone I own and I own a lot. Plenty of opportunities to really hone your deck and build your character. Want to play a fire mage or an ice mage? No problem. A fast, acrobatic thief or a subtle poisoner? Can do. The latest update offers a new, more difficult deck to play against if you so choose and it is FANTASTIC! Wish list: One more player character and something meaningful on which to spend the in game currency; Players choice of additional starting cards or temporary buffs. Whatever play tests well. Amending my previous rating of 4 to 5 stars. This is a GREAT game. Buy it!


Is fun and passes time  Analnaise  4 star

Fun and passes time


A pleasure that can be played over and over  BrunoWittles  5 star

This game is fun to play the first time, the 10th time, and the 100th time. I’ve had this app since it launched and it is a reliably good time with every round played. The updates add complexity and new mechanics, the characters are gorgeous and the overall feel is fast and fun. I’d give this app 6 stars if I could.


Great Deck Builder  J_potts  5 star

This is my fav iOS game at the moment. In a market full of F2P time-sinks, this game shines. A quality game, worth every penny


Fun play style for 2 hours  Senpaiismydad  2 star

The game isn’t long, beat the game with every class in a couple of hours. Some of the the classes don’t really seem all that different from each other, which becomes very apparent the further in the game you get. The game could use more cards, difficulty settings, diverse opponents, story encounters, as well as a game mode that would allow you to construct a deck.


I love it!  Tkd27  5 star

My only suggestion is to give you a way to un-purchase the three special cards you get at the start. Overall, though, it’s a fantastic game and WELL worth the money.

asssss shhhiiiiy

8======D  asssss shhhiiiiy  1 star

Instead of having you restart ever time you lose you should save your progress in the game so you don’t have to start over you should be able to pick a card and keep that same beginner card the whole game instead of just restarting and picking a new one if you lose in a battle you should just go to the start of that dungeon or location not back to the start of the game you should have room for 3 slots each one you pick a different card for each slot and go can pick from a different slot every time and if you die in battle you just go back to the start of that location I just wasted 3 or 4 dollars I think you should make these changes to your game thank you

Potato villain

Does not work  Potato villain  1 star

Does not even open on iPad. Crash to home screen every time after reinstall, reboot, etc. Junk.


Fun game  でへべろ(•w<)  4 star

It’s pretty fun. The swipe system reminds me of reddit somehow. There’s a bug where if the match goes on for too long the screen moves gradually to a Conner


Exceptional!  Starks779  5 star

First thing’s first. This is a 5 Star game and incredible value for the money. A fun, exciting RPG card battler with exceptional replayability and zero IAP (thank you!) Each character class offers a very different playstyle, and the random, rougelike elements keep you on your toes in the best way. A couple nits hold things back slightly. Playthroughs offer gems that can be used to unlock new starting cards. A lean deck is vital to successful runs and there is no option to remove unlocked cards from your starting decks. As a result, you can end up crippling your decks by “unlocking” subpar cards (don’t do it!), which *should be a reward. This definitely needs a tweak. I also think endgame balancing needs a slight tweak. I like how you can get surprised and die in almost any match if you’re caught off guard or get unlucky, but the final two bosses are a bit OP, and can seemingly only be defeated with very specific builds (and major RNG luck) - which limits exploration and variety a bit. Those quibbles aside though, this is a phenomenal effort from a small developer and definitely worth the buy. I’ve gotten hours for pennies from this purchase.


I want more!  thomasrobertgee  5 star

Fantastic game, I just want some more. Any plans for more content?


Great fun  Splasher87  5 star

A deck building strategy roguelike which is kind of a mix between Card Crawl and Reigns.


Cool  AshleyManney91  5 star

I love this game and it needs more levels. It feels like a demo.

John Alonso

Great game  John Alonso  5 star

I hope you guys keep adding more content to the game :)


Roguelike?  Jabhen  4 star

On my first game, using the ‘warrior’ class, I was defeated en route to the final boss. On my second game, using Greybeard, I defeated the final boss. Aside from probably being a bit easy, the game looks great and is a bit of fun.


Excellent game  Zachriah  5 star

Fantastic in simplicity of design. What is here is excellent. Highly recommend. Lacking in amount of progression content e.g. more upgrades, unlockable classes, levels, challenging enemies, even difficulty.


Beautifully presented and great fun!  Physicalpariah  5 star

I’ve probably played about a hundred rounds so far, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.


Pretty fun  Tangentric  5 star

Enjoying this, but the difficulty ramps up WAY too quickly. When the 2nd enemy boss kills you from full health on turn 1 every time you make it to him, something is astray. Needs to increase the probability of Temples. Given that success is random, you can only play this for so long.


Tavern noises too loud  eightmegsonly  3 star

'Ambient' tavern sounds are obnoxiously loud and distract from the gameplay. Please add an option to disable then, but keep the in-game sounds.


Just RNG  ShooterSam5  1 star

If you loved top decking in card games then here’s the game of only top decks for you. Get used to have cards in the wrong order, cards you don’t need, and equipment cards that you have to play(which takes a turn) instead of just having buffs to make your character feel naturally stronger. I understand there must be a high learning curve to this game but the issue it just isn’t fun. I’ll try my hardest to get a refund since I wouldn’t play this even if it were free.


Too Much Luck  Blahboston  3 star

Oh man, this game is super fun and I wish I could give it a higher score. It's a deck building game, with some decent strategy baked in, with choices asking you to either upgrade or par down your deck to make it better. The problem is, these opportunities are completely random, which makes too much of the game feel like a crapshoot where you're crossing your fingers that you roll Blacksmith or Temple. If you don't, it doesn't matter how competent you are, and that's a real shame. They could fix this by giving you the choice of Rest, Store, Blacksmith, and Temple at every break, and allowing you to choose which is best. They fix that, the game is 5 stars.


Worth the money  bclopus  5 star

If you are like me, then you check the reviews mostly just to see if you will get your money’s worth, let me put that idea to rest and say that you definitely will. I will start with the pros and move to the cons. This is a great game that is a lot of fun to play. Having played several deck building games using real cards I really enjoy the gameplay in this. The decks have real synergy and I love the feeling of seeing my deck come to life and play out exactly like I wanted it to. The quirky art style and names really give the game a light hearted and fun feeling. This feeling is further emphasized through its simple swipe left or right Tinder mechanic. I love how easy and simple it is to play this game, it’s become my “bathroom game” if you will. I can play this game for 5 minutes or 45 minutes and get an enjoyable playing experience out of both. My cons are negatives to be sure, but they are not set in stone, they can be remedied with time and updates. The decks are mildly limited in diversity and once you have a deck figured out there is little mystery to the decks after that. Decks provide some room for alteration, but not as much personal customization as I’d like. In the future I’d love to see more characters get added (hopefully not for some paid add-in) so that I can continue to explore what this game can do. Having a “card library” where players can make their own decks would be cool too. This game gives us, as players, the ability to alter Pre-made decks, but not make our own. I’d spend hours in like a practice run session testing and revising my own deck until it fit my own personal play style juuuuuussst right. Overall, this is a very fun game with a great dynamic and gameplay. Games like this, in my opinion, define the phone gaming genre: light hearted and quirky fun when you have a minute to devote to a good challenge.


Moar Content  Bbnnnbgfc  5 star

Amazing game. Updates plz


Great game, but one request  Chachzilla  4 star

I really love this game. I’ve enjoyed solitaire card games like Card Crawl quite a bit. I really like this art style and the light RPG feel of upgrading cards, treasure, buying cards, etc. it ads a lot of depth. One thing i kind of wish the game had was a kind of story mode where you are building a character through multiple play throughs. Kind of like with Infinity Blade. In that game your xp, hp, and equipment carry on after each time you die. That way, every time you play you get further and further. I like the game a lot, but I can never get past the second boss I encounter. Maybe I’m just not very good, but it’s kind of a bummer loosing all that progress. Maybe there’s a way to do something where you die, then replay, and when you catch up to where you were you find that characters items or something. Could be fun. I do love the game otherwise. Great job.


Its ok I guess  Urgulerg  3 star

Repetative, no real niche strategies, needs pvp.


Great game.  AlveroGel  4 star

Great rouge like card game. Super addicted the first few hours, but after you defeat the end boss, it start get boring a little bit. 70+ unique cards are not much actually for a rouge like game. Looking forward there will be more cards and classes added in the near future, with some innovative mechanics.


An excellent start  mbarrows  4 star

Fun game with a few fun strategies. There’s a bit you can effect between games, with 3 new cards per unit, but it needs more investment.


Fantastic game - also found a bug  michaelamiller32  5 star

This has instantly become my new favorite game, I love games like Solitatica, Card Theif, Miracle Merchant, & (of course) Hearthstone & Clash Royale. Thank you guys for creating such a smooth & intuitive game with great replay value that I can play for a few minutes or a few hours. Also, I found that when playing the rogue & using Reckless Strike, I can kill my opponent & myself simultaneously, but then the game gets really confused & holds my character card off-screen to where I can't see any of my stats or active effects, closing-out/resetting the game fixed it though, just thought that was worth mentioning. Again, thank you for such an amazing game, great job guys!


Has potential  gotexaslonghorns  3 star

This is a fun game...early on. The lack of diversity does dampen the enthusiasm after multiple games. The different lands don’t seem to have different enemies but are more related to the bosses. For a better experience, play Dream Quest, which is a much better (if not as pretty) game. DQ has a deeper mechanic and offers choices to the player instead of a purely lucky draw concept.

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