Gorogoa [Games] App Description & Overview

"An exquisite point-and-click game." - The Washington Post

"...one of the most engaging puzzle games in recent memory." - GameSpot

"...one of the best puzzle games to ever grace my iPad." - Destructoid

"....a virtually flawless iOS experience." - AppAdvice

Gorogoa is an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre, told through a beautifully hand-drawn story designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts.

The gameplay of Gorogoa is wholly original, comprised of lavishly illustrated panels that players arrange and combine in imaginative ways to solve puzzles. Impeccably simple, yet satisfyingly complex.

Jason Roberts created thousands of meticulously detailed hand-drawn illustrations, encompassing the impressive scope of Gorogoa's personal narrative.

Gorogoa isn't just a game - it's a work of art, expressing itself through soulful, charming illustrations and distinguished puzzle mechanics.

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Gorogoa Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Named 2018 iPad Game of the Year by the Apple App Store team! Thank you for playing Gorogoa. This version includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

Gorogoa Comments & Reviews

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- One of the best how about some more?

One of the best how about some more?

- Won’t stop crashing

Please stop crashing

- Absolutely love this game

This app is beautifully made and can be challenging yet calming. I hope you add more to this game in the future, I could play this forever. Love it

- Really beautiful...

but I wish it was longer.

- Tragedy, fun, epic, story all in this masterpiece

Don’t miss this game if you want to be experienced something nice before you die. Well done project!

- Uniquely different and refreshingly so

I really love this game, both for it’s artistry and it’s story. I played the game many times just to better understand the story and I found it complex and interesting. I see a lot of comparison to this and the Room series, which I really don’t see the similarities other than the fact they are puzzle games. As an Escape Room owner I kind of find the comparisons between the two games irrelevant unless you are thinking these puzzle games are the same or similar, because they are not. There are different ideologies of what defines a puzzle between the two games. It’s perhaps these very differences are what make me enjoy this game so much.

- $5 !!!!!! Crazy!!! Too expensive

I was amazed by the graphics and designed. Didn’t imagine that it would have last less than 24hrs for my 9yr old complete. Very upsetting.

- Feels like 1 level of a larger game

This game is for sure beautiful. That’s basically what you’re paying for, a stroll through someone’s art. Like an interactive museum. The puzzles are mostly intuitive and the gameplay is super creative. But it’s $5 and over so quickly you don’t actually get much satisfaction out of it. Just when you start to grasp the gameplay elements, it’s over. For me, this felt like a tutorial chapter of a much larger game. Only there is no larger game, that’s all you get. I’m not gonna lie, I felt ripped off. I love the concept and the art, but this is a dollar to a buck fifty of my time at best. To charge me $5 for an hour long game with zero replayability is ridiculous. My advice? Buy it if it ever goes on sale for a buck (can you believe this bite sized game is $14.99 on Steam??? What the literal turds, I don’t pay $14.99 for most high budget games why I’m gonna pay $14.99 for a nibble?).

- Not intuitive for me

Very beautiful and I love this concept. But it just frustrates me. Even looking at a walkthrough does not help. I can’t get into it because it does not make sense to me. Want my 5 bucks back!

- Too confusing

I agree with another review, ‘bored confusion’. It is beautiful but most games are these days. I was just not a fan and these days don’t need any more grief and confusion especially in a silly game.

- confusing,, but i want to learn

i’m stuck?? there are no hints? i have an iphone xs so it could just be glitching?? i want to play this game but nothing is intuitive and i feel like i’m at a dead end. i’ve been playing for ten minutes and i have no idea what’s going on. i’m stuck on a page with a crow?? :( i had high hopes. i’m just super frustrated bc the game is beautiful but i can’t progress. :/

- A brilliant experience when it works

There are a number of bugs with the chapter state. I’ve been really enjoying this game but this last bug is making me quit. It crashed and lost all my game progress. Four chapters in, just wiped out, back to the beginning.

- I want more!

SUCH a beautiful and clever storyline! The artwork and puzzles are beautifuly done. Draws you right in. I am at the edge of my seat for another.

- Nice but shorter than expected

This is a truly different experience than regular puzzle games. I am a fan of escape games. I found Gorogoa very different than most other games. Gorgeous artwork with nice puzzles. But I was expecting at least 2-3 times longer experience with its cost. Overall I enjoyed it.

- Mindending Thought Puzzle

What a great game that takes you into a unexpected world that removes any notion of what you thought a game *should* be to a game that *can* be. Amazing puzzles that almost asks you to let go of preconceived ideas and let the game take take you a part of your brain that combines spirit and mind. Enjoyed it to the fullest but mind you your expectations of puzzle games will rise.

- A puzzle game unlike any other!

This game seamlessly weaves together puzzle, art, and story in ways that I’ve never seen before in a game. I was constantly surprised and delighted!

- Wonderful and beautiful

Although it might not be as deep in plot or have as wide a variety of game mechanics, compared to other puzzle games, Gorogoa’s art is absolutely stunning and the puzzle mechanics unique enough to keep you entertained the whole time.

- Gorgeous adventure

Such a unique and engaging experience. It’s incredibly hard to describe—just play and relish in the feeling of childlike wonder and mystery that it brings. Lovely artwork and underlying story, too.

- bravo


- Great game but...

This game has great graphics and animation, I wish there was more content and I wish I would have know that it was only about an 1:30 worth of content before I spent $5 for the game. I appreciate the graphics but the price is way too high for the amount of content there actually is.

- Fantastic game

I wish the developer would make more like this. There’s nothing quite like it. The graphics, the music, the story, it all works well.

- Beautiful and tricky

LOVED THIS GAME. The artwork is great. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible. I love the way the mechanics work. I would 100% play another. Highly recommended.

- Beautiful game!

This is the best game I have ever downloaded! It was challenging but not so bad that I got frustrated. Visually beautiful to play. I’m sorry it ended, I could play this one everyday!

- Overall Great Game

Would be nice if it lasted longer for the price.

- This game is a mess

It’s pretty, I’ll give it that, and in theory a new and unique type of puzzle: but play wise, this game is a mess. It is really unclear what you’re trying to accomplish, or if you have accomplished something, or if you’re undoing anything that may have been going right. Most of the time you’re just randomly tapping and dragging, and don’t even know if you’re progressing. To get an idea of this, go look up a walkthrough about this game - even those are messes because it is so hard to describe what this game is doing. Maybe there’ll be a sequel where they’ve figured out how to make it playable and pretty, but for this freshman offering I’d pass.

- Missing audio?

Interesting gameplay and beautiful art. There are audio settings available but it seems to have no sounds at all. Is that intentional or a bug? Occurring on both iPhone8 and iPad.

- Glitches

Glitchy. Keeps loosing my forward progress if I leave the game. Also will just close for no reason...and then my progress is gone unless I have finished a chapter.

- Beautiful artwork but too short

Beautiful artwork, but like other reviews have mentioned. For the first 50% of the game, the puzzles are just about clicking around until you find the solution. There’s no complexity to the puzzles until the last half and even that is quite simple. A beautiful design but too short. If there was another couple chapters like the final 2, it would have been much better.

- OMG I 😍 it


- Wow

I was amazed by this game. Thank you for providing me this much entertainment!

- Best puzzle app yet!

By far the most beautiful puzzle app I’ve played, and clearly loved and carefully crafted by its artist(s). My favorite part is that it came with no instruction, so it’s a puzzle from the very start. You are truly forced to use your imagination and think outside the box every moment. The format is also very unique. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Worth the couple dollars!

- A masterpiece

Truly innovate and breathtaking gameplay. I only wish it was longer. Gorogoa is stunning and meditative game that captivated me completely.

- Mind-blowing

It’s supremely difficult for me to describe this Gorogoa in words, but it’s so, so good. You use four panels to navigate the main character through the game in a escape room-like experience that bends reality. (Escher’s work, Ames illusions, and the Droste effect came to mind when playing this game so I’m very curious if the creator was influenced by those things!) The handdrawn artwork is meticulous and detailed. It’s hard to imagine that this game’s entire world was drawn, colored, and animated by just one person, because the sheer amount of planning and labor it must have taken is staggering. There is a plot of sorts, but it’s on the nebulous side. I probably need to replay the whole thing to really get it—but even without fully understanding it, I kind of got where it was going. It felt spiritual and time-transcending. If you’re someone who like to exercise lateral thinking (e.g. you like escape rooms, Rusty Lake, etc.), then this game is a must.

- Remarkable

Have patience! This is a meditation. It’s gorgeous and clever and a true accomplishment.

- Don’t buy this

Basically I give this game a zero because the developer has failed to respond to my email. Afterwards I tried to get a refund but was denied. I purchased this game on the basis of reviews however I have been extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with the app. If a person buys your product and you can’t even bother to reply to a request you should be removed as an app provider in my opinion.

- Stunning artwork and unique but overpriced for play time

$4.99 for a game I spent 45 minutes on was not worth it. Despite that, the art was spectacular and loved the thought provoking mechanics. Reminded me of The Room and that weird black cube series (can’t remember the name off-hand). Get this if you have money to burn and can appreciate art and outside of the box problem-solving.

- Text too small to read on an iphone

I can’t believe this app is getting good reviews. Even when I enlarge the image I can’t read one single line of the script font as the letters are the size of ants. Never seen anything like it. Refunded. I have no idea what it’s like on an iPad but the font is thin and scribbly and will be small under any circumstances, although I am sure better.

- A pleasant but mediocre game

This game is a very pleasant, beautiful, and charming but ultimately boring and short puzzle game. The solutions never felt gratifying, and I never found myself really wondering how to solve a puzzle. The only Jess scratching came in the form of me not seeing all the pieces a few times, but when you see them all it’s very obvious. All in all it felt more like a walking sim than the puzzle game. It’s also not worth the money in terms of play time. I don’t know why this game is getting universal praise. The best way I can describe this is that it feels like Monument Valley but it lost the fun factor for better artistry.

- Too easy

Having played many of these type games, I found this to be too easy. Graphics beautiful. Gameplay lovely. Finished in a mater of hours.

- Crashes and burns

I wanted to lgive vie this game. This kind of innovation and design is rare and delightful. But the game routinely crashes on my iPad and the last time it erased my progress, which is absolutely a dealbreaker. It’s such a shame that poor implementation ruined this otherwise excellent experience.

- Gorogoa

Too short. Although, I’m not sure I’d be satisfied no matter how long it went. I loved every moment, and wished it wouldn’t end.

- Crashing

The game is crashing frequently.

- Crashes constantly

I’ve been enjoying this game, but the game crashing every other minute is maddening. No support on the developer website either, so I’m left with zero resolution, which is unfortunate.

- Gorgeous

Hands-down one of the best iOS puzzle games ever. The music and art create an absolutely gorgeous experience.

- A delight

I bought this game because I found the illustrations so appealing, but it satisfies at every level. There are unusual puzzles with just enough challenge to slow you down, without becoming totally frustrating, and when you solve each one there’s a neat little payoff. The storyline was a little opaque, but maybe if I went through it again, I’d pick up more connections. Anyway, it’s excellent!

- Mind Magic

Really enjoyed playing this game. It was so enjoyable that I wish it was longer. I’ve played a lot of puzzle games, but this one can truly be considered one of a kind. The graphics and art work were beautiful. If the creator came out with a similar style game, I’d enjoy one with a complex and mysterious storyline, or maybe another dreamlike fairytale story. Either way, I look forward to more work like this.

- Amazing artwork, short game.

I sincerely appreciate the beautiful artwork and all the effort that went into this game. The ideas were clever, and I was able to figure out what to do despite the lack of tutorial. I enjoyed watching the story develop, too. However, for the price, the game is way too short. I finished it in under 2 hours. I was shocked when it suddenly ended. I would recommend the game, but I think it’s overpriced.

- Beautiful, but...

The artwork in this game is lovely, but as a puzzle it leaves a bit to be desired. First, for $5 the game is a relatively short one. Second (and perhaps more importantly), solution of the puzzle often involves, not so much the application of logic, but rather the semi-random shuffling around of pieces, a process I don’t find particularly enjoyable.

- Help

Usually do not have problems with games however I cannot figure out how to exit, return and continue. Every time I exit I have to begin from the beginning. Suggestions?

- Not worth $5

Too short. I finished it within a day playing it periodically. And by playing I mean fumbling around until something different happened. Not exactly sure what the story line is. Two stars for the artwork.

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@dailybeanspod Amanda Reader you should try the game Gorogoa from the App Store. It is a gorgeous work of art and a…

@lppny Gorogoa is one of my favorite puzzle games ever. It's so tranquil! Moon: Remix RPG…

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Gorogoa 1.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Gorogoa iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Gorogoa iphone images
Gorogoa iphone images
Gorogoa iphone images
Gorogoa iphone images
Gorogoa iphone images
Gorogoa ipad images
Gorogoa ipad images
Gorogoa ipad images
Gorogoa ipad images
Gorogoa ipad images
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Gorogoa (Version 1.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Gorogoa was published in the category Games on 2017-12-14 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive [Developer ID: 1242610251]. This application file size is 601.53 MB. Gorogoa - Games posted on 2019-01-23 current version is 1.1.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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