Gorogoa [Games] App Description & Overview

"An exquisite point-and-click game." - The Washington Post

"...one of the most engaging puzzle games in recent memory." - GameSpot

"...one of the best puzzle games to ever grace my iPad." - Destructoid

"....a virtually flawless iOS experience." - AppAdvice

Gorogoa is an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre, told through a beautifully hand-drawn story designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts.

The gameplay of Gorogoa is wholly original, comprised of lavishly illustrated panels that players arrange and combine in imaginative ways to solve puzzles. Impeccably simple, yet satisfyingly complex.

Jason Roberts created thousands of meticulously detailed hand-drawn illustrations, encompassing the impressive scope of Gorogoa's personal narrative.

Gorogoa isn't just a game - it's a work of art, expressing itself through soulful, charming illustrations and distinguished puzzle mechanics.

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Gorogoa Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Named 2018 iPad Game of the Year by the Apple App Store team! Thank you for playing Gorogoa. This version includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

Gorogoa Comments & Reviews

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- I bought this game on accident but it was a fun play

I bought this game on accident thinking it was a demo or free and just noticed as I authorized it that it was a paid app. Due to that, I decided to actually play it through since I spent the money, and while it was what I spent my time on instead of what I was supposed to do that afternoon, I found the game to be thoroughly entertaining and very well drawn. The art is part of the perks in this game. Puzzles were fun, I was very confused at first as I had no idea what it was apart from it is a puzzle game but eventually I got the hang of it and the puzzles became more addicting and was a satisfying play-through. I would have liked it to be even longer or have more chapters, because it is good. For the time and entertainment it was a decent return. I will likely look for more by this creator because of that. Accidental buy in this case is now a fan of this enterprise so it’s nice to discover something like that when I wasn’t expecting to. I don’t typically do reviews but given this circumstance I thought I’d put this out there.

- 10 stars if I could....

This is the first time I sought to review and rate a game (the game did not prompt me to rate it). It is easily the most original and unique game I’ve ever played. And the most enjoyable. The game introduces a boy in search of special objects which he needs to collect. The journey of how this boy completes his task, however, is one of a kind. The story unfolds across the game’s 4 panels, almost like comic book panels. These panel images are to be explored, and the way one manipulates and explore these panels to aid in the boy’s search separate this game from any other. Panels can be moved around, and sometimes be pulled apart to reveal layers and portals to other places. They can layer on top of one another to produce passageways or access points for the boy character to proceed to other panels. It can be disorienting at first getting the hang of the game’s design, but it is so so very worth it. Some games can make you frustrated because of being stuck not being able to solve something. THIS game, amazingly, doesn’t evoke that. There are many tasty challenges, and the mind and intuition expand as you play more. The game invites this kind of playful participation and it pays off big time. There is a storybook and a cinematic vibe to the art of the game. The music is wonderful and not intrusive. Truly worth the price and the accolades it is receiving.

- Beautiful but Underwhelming

Gorogoa is fascinating in its visual appeal but lacks the complexity and depth of most other “puzzle” games such as The Room series. While Girogia deviates from the other conventional puzzle games in its artistry and mechanics, the price seemed far too high for the overall product. Gorgeous hand-drawn art aside, Gorogoa had a detached plot that did not leave the player with a sense of mystery but rather a sense of bored confusion. Lastly, the music did not enhance the game experience and acted as a repetitive filler giving a convoluted ambience to the convoluted premise. However, I am giving Goragoa four stars because the artwork and game mechanics are truly stunning. I look forward to playing similar games with high artistic value that incorporate a more engaging plot (i.e. The Room series). While I am glad I played Gorogoa, I would not have paid as much as I did for the very short completion time and loose premise the game offers. Overall, Gorogoa relies on stunning graphic art and novel game mechanics to present itself as an empty, overpriced, but beautifully crafted box.

- Amazing game- the second time through

I’m a huge fan of puzzle games, my favorites being The Room series. I like having to figure things out. Gorogoa is beautiful in every way, and the concept and flow is spectacular. That said, I felt confused and detached from the story the first time through, because I was focused on trying to figure out what I was supposed to do to get to the next step instead of really paying attention to the story and “feel” of the game. I kept hoping it would become more intuitive as I progressed, but I didn’t feel like I had a handle on it until the last part. I decided to play it again, and the second time through was much more enjoyable because I was able to pay more attention to the beauty of the scenes and the flow of the puzzles. And honestly, it took me quite a while to finish it the first time, so when I played it the second time I had forgotten a lot of the solutions along the way, so it wasn’t like I just blazed through it the second time. Overall, this is a great game.

- Short but original and well done

I beat this in roughly 45 minutes, but i really wasnt unsatisfied. I may be bias on the fact that im an artist and have loved art my whole life, but i really found it to be beautiful. And the puzzle mechanics were amazing and not something ive ever come across in a game before. It was relatively challenging ( the books took me a bit to get), it has style, and i loved how everything worked with each other to make the story flow. So all in all, i wasnt bothered by the length of the game when i was actually paying attention to all the detailed artwork that went into it. Ive paid more to look through an art show for the same amount of time. So take your time, for the game has no timers, and really take a moment to look at all the artwork in this game. Creative puzzles and story aside, the art alone was worth it to me.

- Don't understand the hype

This game was a huge let down for me. All I've read about is how amazing it is, but the game didn't become intuitive until the last 2 chapters or so. Prior to that, I was just touching and moving things hoping something would happen without having any idea why it was happening. If the whole game had been like the last couple chapters, I'd probably give a 4 star review. It loses one star off the bat because, even with me stumbling through it and using trial and error for 70% of the game, I still finished it in a couple hours. It was too short especially for the cost. I think there was a good idea by the creators, but a lot of it got lost in translation. And I'm a pretty smart person. I don't want to spend money on a puzzle game that requires absolutely no thought or intelligence, but I also want to be able to arrive at conclusions logically instead of by accident. When you're just touching and moving things hoping for a good outcome, the whole purpose of playing a game is lost.

- A rewarding experience!

Despite its disappointing length, this is probably the most rewarding gaming experience I’ve had in a long time. The app worked perfectly on my iPad. The music is sensational and generally soothing. The puzzles were challenging, but not debilitating. The game mechanics were totally fresh, a new way to manipulate puzzles, with obvious influences from M.C. Escher in the physics. The artwork is beautifully crafted and the story is interesting and touching. If you don’t like to figure it all out for yourself, don’t bother. There are no instructions and no stated goal. Just play and the story develops around you. My only issue is length. I played it out in less than two hours the first time and about 45 minutes the second time (yes, it was worth a second play and probably a third). More in the same universe with the same mechanics would be great!

- The Gold Standard Of Art and Entertainment

Only two games have moved me to write to the developer; Samfrost and Gorogoa. Gorogoa; however, is the only game where I keep coming back (despite knowing better) to see if new levels have been added or a sequel has been added (Coincidently, also the only time I not been wrong...according to my wife). This game sets the bar by which I judge other puzzles of its kind. I’m not sure if this game is considered a psychological or alternate-reality puzzler but, the blend of art, animation and gamification is visually and mentally compelling. In one sitting I completed the entire game. Not to say the game is too short (which it is 😳😳😳...more please) but, it is so good that I couldn’t put it down. Like a fine heroin, this game has got me hooked. “If you don’t play Gorogoa you are wrong!” - Winston Churchill

- Love!

I’m a big fan of puzzle games and have really enjoyed Quell and Monument and my bro recommended I give this a try...that said Gorogoa is beautiful and interactive and peacefully frustrating on a whole new level. By moving as many as four and as little as two puzzle pieces around you would think it’d be quick and boring, but by adding levels of zoom, layering pieces, having intuitive mini goals and connectivity between the pieces you actually become part of a storyline. I would love to see another of these. Like other reviewers I had to play this twice to fully appreciate it and plan to keep it on my phone to play again because it was so enjoyable. I highly recommend for all ages!

- Beautiful but short

Let me start by saying that this game is very well done. The artwork is absolutely beautiful, and I found the gameplay to be unique and, once I got the hang of the puzzles, just the right side of challenging without being frustrating. If this had been a free or even a cheaper app, I would have had no hesitation in rating it five stars. As it is, however, I’m not sure that this was a good value. I managed to complete the game within about two hours of play, and I don’t anticipate finding a replay appealing any time soon since all of the challenge would be gone. I’ve definitely spent more money to entertain myself for two hours in the past, however I expect a bit more from a game than that. I don’t have any strong complaints about the gameplay, and it only lost a star from me because of the price.

- Fresh, clever, but very short.

I have nothing against short games; Journey is incredible, the Limbo/Inside games are, too, and all of these games only take a few hours to complete. Gorogoa is similar, but instead of a few hours, it’s more like one hour or so. The game is pleasing to look at, and the music/sound design is good, and there are definitely some very clever “levels” in the game, which is why I think the game is a 4-star game. However, when it feels like you finally start to really get the hang of the nuances of the game, changing location and size and orientation and helping the character reach his goals, the game is over. Worth the cost of a cup of coffee, as you’ll enjoy it just as long, but would be an even better value if there was more story, more levels, and more captivating puzzles.

- Great but short

After reading the reviews, I had to try this game. This game involves completing a unique and somewhat challenging set of drag-and-drop puzzles. I could easily give this app five stars if it were longer. I also know there is a story, but it is either hidden in some metaphorical fashion, or meant to leave you wondering what this monster is and why you are the one tasked with defeating it. Although it has beautiful artwork and interesting gameplay, this does not justify a $5 price tag when the game can be completed in about an hour. Had the game been longer or could be purchased around $3, it could easily pass is a 5 star game. If some additional content is added, I would be happy to change my review. It’s definitely worth the buy if it is ever on sale, sadly, I’ve monitored this game for a while and never saw the price drop.

- Short but sweet, like a dream.

I absolutely loved this game. The puzzles are interesting and the layers are fascinating. The mechanics of the puzzles and how it works on the iPad are fantastic. The art was lovely, and the music and sounds did a great job of building anticipation. Though this game was short, it captured my attention for a few days. I’d steal a few minutes to play, get stuck, out it down for a bit, then come back to it and solve that section. The end tied everything in nicely, though I felt the final three sections at the very end seemed short, but it ma be because I’d figured out the pattern. Regardless, I’m thrilled with this purchase and felt it was worth it for the level of enjoyment I had, and I was more than happy to support such a unique game.

- Mind Blowing Masterpiece

I played so many puzzle games on phone but this one is by far my favorite. It’s simply beautiful and everything is connected and flowed so well since everything makes sense. I beat it in one day and kinda regret to complete it since I’m not sure whether I can see another one like this soon. You can tell there’s a huge amount of work in this game with incredible details that I noticed and appreciated in the game playing. There are some small bugs to show pictures lagging a little bit while moving but I don’t think it affected my overall experiences much. It was a short game (probably because I can’t put it down and it feels short) but I think it worths every penny.

- Absolutely brilliant!

Gorogoa is an outstanding puzzle game if that is what you are seeking. However, it is also so, so much more... In Gorogoa, the beautiful depth of the human mind is artfully explored through a journey wrought with symbolic colors and imagery. It showcases our unique cognitive abilities to recall reality while simultaneously keeping us safe from that which we cannot handle. Such confabulation is witnessed in a mythical, yet almost religious, experience, thus serving the designer’s intended absence of any speaking or use of language as even more universal. The ending was my only disappointment, but even this was done with an inspiration reminiscent of a beautifully colored bow tied neatly around Pandora’s box. I cannot wait to see what else Jake Roberts creates.

- Stunning, Moving, Thought-Provoking, Amazing!

Gorogoa is a MUST-HAVE for people who like creative, beautiful, and just-challenging enough games. It’s hard to identify what’s best about this game because there’s so much that’s great: the exquisite hand-drawn animation, the mind-bending and awe-inducing puzzles, the recursive storyline, the creative game mechanic.... And best of all is the fact that you can never make a wrong turning: Even if you do, the game gently guides you back and invites you to think again. This game was worth every penny, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Trust me: If you like narrative puzzle games, you won’t be able to put this game down until you beat it...and then you’ll want to play it again!

- Intriguing and melancholic

I would give this 5 stars just for the art. The sliding grid is an interesting format for a puzzle, and the developers use it to full effect. I was surprised more than once by how moving pieces a certain way unlocked new chapters. I really had to pay attention to the background art sometimes. Definitely turn on the hint ripples if you get stuck! I will say that it can be frustrating, but once I got the overall logic of the game, it was easier. I'm a really impatient player, and so I'm surprised that I didn't consult a walkthrough to finish this game. I've failed easier games than this, but something about the concept made me want to figure out out myself!

- Brilliant

I bought this game for myself for Christmas. My whole family ended up playing it with me. We all crowded around my little phone screen to tackle the mind-bending, space-warping puzzles and decipher the mysterious storyline. It took our group effort about 7 sit-down sessions to get through the whole game. The audience included my husband and our 14, 11, and 5 year old sons. Everyone enjoyed it fully and was able to play. We collaborated and made our way to the end together. There were a lot of “Oh my Gosh!” moments and “Oh oh oh I know!” and “Wow!” In the end, we all agreed that Gorogoa’s creator is brilliant. We liked the slight differences in the 2012 demo, as well. Thank you, Jason Roberts and Joel Corolitz and the rest.

- Yes! Wow!

I rarely spend money on games, I never write reviews . . . until now. Jason Roberts’ first complete interactive app is a masterpiece. It flows, i t takes you into a world of quiet wonder as his character goes on what can be called a hero’s journey across the ages of his own life in pursuit of a mythic presence. Some reviewers here like to brag about how fast they beat it, or to complain that it was too short. I have played it 3 times now just to get lost it the intricacy and beauty of how it fits together. I usually play with the sound off, but after reading about how the music and sound effects were created I will find some quiet place to turn up the volume as I play for the fourth time.

- Absolutely stunning but leaves a little bit to be desired

First off I should say I would absolutely recommend this game. It does feel a bit short to justify the price but I don’t regret buying it. The art style, the atmosphere, and the music make this a one of a kind experience. (I would say the most similar feeing I’ve gotten was playing Journey on the PlayStation.) The only reason I have this 4 instead of 5 stars is the actual puzzles. Don’t get me wrong, the design and concept for the game are brilliant. The only problem I ran into is that a lot of the puzzles don’t feel very intuitive. It felt like I accidentally stumbled upon the answer instead of figuring them out for myself a bit too often. I think this is a problem that could’ve been solved if the game was longer. By the time you feel like you’ve got a good handle on how things work and what to look for the game ends. It sort of feels like a tutorial for a much longer game. Having said that, it’s a very minor nit to pick. I really did love playing this and would recommend anyone considering it to give it a shot. I’m really glad I stumbled on this game

- Fantastic!

Gorogoa is unlike anything I’ve seen in a puzzle game. It doesn’t have any of the cliche “spin the wheel to get the marble through the maze” puzzles that so many other games have. Instead, it feels as though you’re navigating through a dream that borders on being a nightmare, and you’ll need to use the inside-out logic that makes sense only when you’re half-awake. You WILL get stuck, but tough it out. Finding the path to a new chapter will be so much more satisfying if you keep at it. Try everything, and think outside the box—LITERALLY. There are clues everywhere, but they’re woven into the environment, so pay attention. The ending is worth it, and it’s surprisingly emotional.

- Uniquely different and refreshingly so

I really love this game, both for it’s artistry and it’s story. I played the game many times just to better understand the story and I found it complex and interesting. I see a lot of comparison to this and the Room series, which I really don’t see the similarities other than the fact they are puzzle games. As an Escape Room owner I kind of find the comparisons between the two games irrelevant unless you are thinking these puzzle games are the same or similar, because they are not. There are different ideologies of what defines a puzzle between the two games. It’s perhaps these very differences are what make me enjoy this game so much.

- Brilliant, Beautiful, Buy It

So glad I took the chance and bought this. Still don’t understand how I can buy a coffee at Starbucks without a second thought and then stress over whether to spend $5 on something much more fulfilling. Love these types of games - can’t wait for Room 4 - January 25th! This filled in the gap. Finished and am going through it again. Have to admit that I needed help with all the Room games but was able to make it through this one without a hint. Best advice is to put it away if you get stuck and then come back. Hearing that the game consists of sliding picture panels doesn’t do it justice - it is much more than that and very good.

- Brilliant & Beautiful

Not like any other game you've ever experienced! I can’t imagine that anyone who spent ten minutes with this game wouldn’t find themselves captivated by the beautiful intricate artwork and the brilliance of the puzzles. I never write reviews but my admiration for the creator grew with every new frame and step in the progression of the game. Presented with no words, no script and no directions somehow the game manages to make itself know and unfold logically. Not even halfway into the game I already found myself not wanting it to end. It must have been a monumental task to design and create this game but it was worth every minute. A timeless unique work of art!

- A special experience

One of the most beautiful and original games I’ve played. The mood is very zen, and the surreal “story” is otherworldly. The puzzles are just right—not too easy or too hard. They’re enough to be engaging and interesting without detracting from the relaxing vibe. The solutions are mildly and pleasantly mind-bending, goading you to shift your perspective in unusual ways. I wish the game were longer, but that’s not to say the few hours of play I got weren’t well worth the cost. Honestly, I hope the basic gameplay premise here informs a whole new subgenre of puzzle games—I could play a dozen more games like this.

- Gorgeous and unique, on a league of its own

With its gorgeous graphics, intriguing plot and immersive gameplay, Gorogoa is amazing. For those who loved Monument Valley - and exactly in the likes of playing it, providing moments of deep frustration while making it impossible to let go - you are going to love this one too. Its logic may escape you often times, but once you solve a puzzle it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, by the time you start feeling comfortable navigating it, you've reached the end, wishing for more. Immensely satisfying, beautifully done, and definitely not a forgettable game. I hope there will be sequels to look forward to!

- Wow, Wow, and Wow

This game is absolutely stunning on so many levels. The beautiful artwork that blends seamlessly into meticulously thought-out gameplay; it was time incredibly well spent. It may feel haphazard at first, but once your brain tunes into the multi-dimensional layers that require some outside of the box thinking, it's an imagination wonderland. I'm so impressed by the diversity games that continue to be produced. Whether or not any of them take any inspiration from other games, there are some amazing minds making some indelible, unique gaming experiences. This is definitely one of them, and Gorogoa ranks among my all-time favorites.

- Awe Inspiring Perfection!

Wow! I don’t know what to say except I’m so very happy to have been drawn into this unique game. Gorogoa is ethereal in many ways which inspires one to keep discovering what may come next. It’s layers upon layers of smooth discovery draws one into the beautiful and sometimes a bit frightening artfully told story. The wordless story is told in four artful panels that at times seem endless. It is a story told so beautifully that will stay with you long after playing. Well worth the price point and I’ll be playing it again. Thank you developers. Gorogoa is my favorite puzzle of all time!

- Not enough of a good thing!

This was a beautiful game. It had a great feel to it which just struck a chord with me. I loved all of the puzzles and the fun of moving about the pieces to bring the perfect solution together. I’m writing in the past tense because it’s already over. That is what’s missing, the rest of the game. The game itself would easily deserve 5 stars if it were longer. Here the entire game is over in about 1-2 hours and (as with most puzzle games) there is no replay value. It might have been more acceptable to play a game of this length for the $1 that App Store games often go for. At $5 I’d have expected this game to be 5-10x as large.

- STUNNING. Short, but worth the time and money.

First of all, this game is beautiful. The design (art, gameplay, sound) is breathtaking and it’s even more impressive considering the majority of it was done by a single person. The puzzles aren’t the most intuitive at first, but the panel format encourages exploration and makes spending time with the game incredibly worthwhile. I finished in about an hour and a half, but I’d say it’s a decent length for a game that’s obviously been so thoughtfully and lovingly put together. Will definitely play again, but the first time through was a delight.

- Stunning

For me, the closest iOS gaming experience to Gorogoa is Monument Valley. Both games introduced puzzle mechanics that were so different than anything else I've played before. Both required a little logic, but mostly pushed you to think "out of the box" - literally so for Gorogoa, given how the game transcended the limitations I was expecting for a 2x2 grid. The artwork is as good as everyone says, enough so that I didn't want to rush through the game. It also just felt right: the visual and audio feedback when moving around and exploring the tiles was superb and helps pull you in.

- I watched the end credits sequence through to the end

Not because the end credits are especially fancy or pretty, but out of respect for what I’d just experienced. This game is beautiful, intellectually and emotionally engaging, and oddly relaxing, almost meditative. It also may be the most original game I’ve ever played, a mind-bending feat of design, both creative and technical. The game has not a single explicit instruction and yet by the end you’ll have mastered the handful of subtle tricks needed to solve the puzzles. Don’t bother with gameplay descriptions, just try it. This game is one of a kind.

- Beautiful, but crashes constantly on iPad.

Warning - try the game as soon as you buy it or you won’t be eligible for a refund. I got to chapter 5 and then it crashed over and over, making me restart the entire game. I tried playing offline, online, restarted my iPad, deleted and downloaded the game again, but nothing helped. After replaying for the third time, now it crashes at chapter 3. And because I downloaded it more than 90 days ago, I can’t request a refund for the $8 it cost. Too bad, because it was a wonderful, beautiful game up until it crashed. I’m very disappointed.

- So good

I played the demo for this game years ago and have been eagerly awaiting the full release. I am NOT disappointed. The gameplay is fantastic, the puzzles are just hard enough, the story is deep. This is NOT a game to play in bits and pieces, it’s an experience best felt in one solid block. Turn off your podcasts, don’t double task, just sit down and play it. It isn’t very long (awwwwwwwwwww) but it’s good. Well worth the price of admission. I recommend playing on an ipad to get the most out of the art, or mirroring it to a bigger screen. Thank you so much for this game. I truly love it.

- Great puzzle game!

Do yourself a favor and play this without any walk throughs. I felt completely stuck at least 8 times but those were the most rewarding puzzles when I did solve them. Come back later if you have to or just keep calm and soak in the hints. Keep track of all the pieces that may interact with others. The only time I really felt frustrated by the game design was when there is a part where I just needed to pull a frame off to reveal what's underneath, so, don't forget to try to do that if you're stuck.

- Mind-blowing

It’s supremely difficult for me to describe this Gorogoa in words, but it’s so, so good. You use four panels to navigate the main character through the game in a escape room-like experience that bends reality. (Escher’s work, Ames illusions, and the Droste effect came to mind when playing this game so I’m very curious if the creator was influenced by those things!) The handdrawn artwork is meticulous and detailed. It’s hard to imagine that this game’s entire world was drawn, colored, and animated by just one person, because the sheer amount of planning and labor it must have taken is staggering. There is a plot of sorts, but it’s on the nebulous side. I probably need to replay the whole thing to really get it—but even without fully understanding it, I kind of got where it was going. It felt spiritual and time-transcending. If you’re someone who like to exercise lateral thinking (e.g. you like escape rooms, Rusty Lake, etc.), then this game is a must.

- Loved this game

The puzzles were way past clever. I wish my brain could think up something this complex. It was hard, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it, but once I figured out a few things I progressed. The puzzles got more difficult as the story went along, and I did have to get a little extra help on a few, but I found it well worth it. I’ve been playing puzzle games longer than I want to think about, and this is the first time I’ve smiled all the way through one.

- Truly Beautiful

I was hesitant to buy this game because I’m not usually a fan of puzzles. I don’t have the patience, and Gorogoa helped me find the patience. I wanted to sit with each puzzle, figure it out, and also admire each scene. It didn’t take me too long to finish, but I’ve honestly found more joy in replaying it (which I’ve done 4 or 5 times now). Now that I’m familiar with the mechanics, it’s nice to go back and sit with the story that’s told. I would highly recommend. A beautiful piece of art, puzzle, and meditation.

- Not good for IPhone

The game itself is very interesting and like some other reviews have mentioned it can be difficult at times. That is ok with me because I like the challenge but...what is NOT ok with me is the lack of screen space being used. I have the game on my pc which I enjoy very much and so I decided to go ahead and buy it for my IPhone 6 Plus....WoW was I disappointed. The phone version only uses about 1/2 of the screen which can make it very difficult to find clues as to what to do next. You can zoom in on a specific tile but is awkward because the other tiles are much smaller. Very good game - but get it on PC or IPad instead of the iPhone.

- Game keeps crashing to home screen!

First off, the gameplay and graphics are great. Now, when I played, and beat Gorogoa the first time on both my phone and iPad, it didn’t crash. But trying to replay the game on both devices, it crashes. I don’t remember where it crashed on my iPad. But on this phone, I make it to the table with the three interactive objects. And the bookshelf with the three interactive books. And it crashes when I tap to zoom out from the two doorways with connecting stairs. I only subtracted two stars from my rating, (bc of the aforementioned great gameplay and graphics) one for the crash, and one because I don’t feel like I’m solving any puzzles. More like I’m tapping till I get lucky. Because if I were to try and recreate the steps to solve part of the game, I can’t. I consider myself to have above average intelligence. But the tips are to hard to follow. Please fix this, it’s a great game, and I’d rather keep it than asking for a refund. Thank you for your time.

- Not worth 5$

There’s is just not enough content to be worth 5$...1.99$ would be perfect....the story doesn’t quite make enough sense and the puzzles were so easy I finished the game in about 2 hours .... yes it absolutely a gorgeous unique game... but I was hoping for a lot more after beating it, I get you need a profit... but this was just a let down for my money. I didn’t even use the hint thing that tells you where to click. Games like talos principle or the room series , machinarium , or even the lifeline series games.... they all were less or just a hair more and involve way more story and play time.... 2 hrs of play for 5$ , that’s a joke

- Nice design, inconsistent controls

While I like the style of the game and the artwork, the controls on the game seem to be inconsistently applied. Arrows for scrolling within a pane are not always shone at the same time and I have yet to find any logic as to when they will appear. This also applies to the images you must zoom into in order to expose a control to position doorways. The artwork is nice, but far to small to see where you should be focusing your efforts. This gives is a pure hit or miss type experience. Three stars are for the artwork. I’d give it zero for enjoyment since discovering how to expose the controls is simply an exercise in frustration.

- Amazing

I have played many, many puzzle and adventure games over the years, but this one is in a league all of its own. It is, by far, the most amazing game I have ever played. Solving the puzzles is more like a graceful dance than an endurance race to the end. The puzzles force you to think outside the box, but you enjoy the process because the controls are so fluid. I have never reviewed a game but felt I needed to do so this time because Gorogoa is truly a beautiful, imaginative masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and play this one.

- Must play

A surprising game that I would not have chosen but for a compelling review on a game website. I'm glad I did. The game is beautiful, clever and original. Many have tried to combine art and gameplay and failed or come close. This game succeeds, and judging from the development history, it is a true labor of love by its creator. I'm not usually a player of such games. I usually play Starcraft, Nier or Civ. So if this game doesn't immediately appeal to you just from the description, I recommend giving it a try anyway.

- A pleasant but mediocre game

This game is a very pleasant, beautiful, and charming but ultimately boring and short puzzle game. The solutions never felt gratifying, and I never found myself really wondering how to solve a puzzle. The only Jess scratching came in the form of me not seeing all the pieces a few times, but when you see them all it’s very obvious. All in all it felt more like a walking sim than the puzzle game. It’s also not worth the money in terms of play time. I don’t know why this game is getting universal praise. The best way I can describe this is that it feels like Monument Valley but it lost the fun factor for better artistry.

- Intricate and Imaginative

Took a while to get into the groove when I first started. I would play for a few minutes and get stuck and then put it down. Frequently time away would give me fresh eyes to see what I had missed previously. By the end I understood how to play. I am about to start my second time through. I am looking forward to understanding the story. The accolades for this game are deserved. It is amazing. It is well balanced. It is multi-layered. I want more.

- This game is a mess

It’s pretty, I’ll give it that, and in theory a new and unique type of puzzle: but play wise, this game is a mess. It is really unclear what you’re trying to accomplish, or if you have accomplished something, or if you’re undoing anything that may have been going right. Most of the time you’re just randomly tapping and dragging, and don’t even know if you’re progressing. To get an idea of this, go look up a walkthrough about this game - even those are messes because it is so hard to describe what this game is doing. Maybe there’ll be a sequel where they’ve figured out how to make it playable and pretty, but for this freshman offering I’d pass.

- Absolutely Stunning

I have played many (MANY) iPad games this year and this is the first time I have been left breathless. The story, artwork, and gameplay are truly one of a kind. Normally, as with any great game, I’m left wanting more - but the ending of this was exactly what I wanted without even asking. It really makes you work for it and when you finally figure out the puzzle, you are left immensely satisfied. Do yourself a favor and get this, you won’t be disappointed.

- Beautiful; wish it was longer

This is a gorgeous game that makes you think outside the box. Gorogoa doesn’t give you instructions on exactly how to play. Part of the game is figuring that out from the beginning of the story. I didn’t want the game to end. I’ve played — and paid for — other puzzle adventure games, like The Room. This one is worth paying for; it’s also a keeper. Looking forward to more games like this from the developer.

- Challenging and unique

This game is beautifully done. It is a very surreal puzzle game that really gets you thinking. There were a few puzzles that had me stuck for a while but I figured them all out eventually. My only complaint is that this game is too short! I need more of this game. If you’re looking for something to pass the time and challenge your brain/concept of reality a bit, this is definitely the game for you.

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- Utterly Brilliant

After reading a few of the reviews of this game I almost didn’t purchase it. With comment like ‘aimlessly clicking’ and “no logic to it” I was like maybe its not that great and worth the pretty decent price... BUT then i Played it... Oh MY GOSH... it is just divine. The puzzles are unique and challenging and require a bit of lateral thinking as you slide and zoom and shift to create new perspectives. After a few tries and some hints and tips from the video demo (just below) it had me wrapped in its magical and impressive art and function. My ONLY critisism - which isnt really a critisism but a hope for another game to be created - is that the game was over before I knew it. If you like something a bit different - give it a go. It’s well worth it.

- No logic

I feel I have wasted my money on this game. There is no logic. I can only work games with logic and the aimless clicking to try to figure out what is going on is wasting my time. Yes the artwork is beautiful and the music soothing but I’m still getting a headache trying to work out what I am supposed to do. I click and it indicates I should zoom out again. When in reality I shouldn’t. What’s with that? I resorted to a walkthrough but that’s no fun because it means someone’s else is doing it for me. Then I find I have to do things in the right order and in a quick enough time but I can’t remember the sequence so I’m back to aimlessly clicking. I wish someone had told me this before I wasted my money. The game makes no sense.

- It's beautiful but....

I fully agree that the visuals in this game are enchanting, and before I got into the game, I scoffed at one reviewer's comment that there's no logic to the game. How could that detract from one's enjoyment? I wondered. Well, now I know! Beautiful graphics don't make up for the fact that the only way to solve this puzzle is to keep experimenting with random combinations - that, or somehow get inside the brain of the game designer. That reviewer was right - there's no discernible logic to the game, apart from occasional pattern matching and certain repeated actions. For the rest, it's pot luck whether you click,swipe or overlay the requisite number of times to progress. Even if I'd enjoyed the process (which I didn't - I resorted to an online walkthrough, which I almost never do), I think I'd feel short-changed by the length of the game for what it costs. So 3 stars for beautiful graphics, but to folk who like puzzles with a solid internal logic, I say save your money.

- Unique and Amazing

It is so refreshing to play something so original that is fun and beautiful at the same time. Ive had many “wow” moments when i tap an image and it zooms in or out into whole new world. You feel rewarded with every new accomplishment. Cant get over the amount of character this game has. Its a must by and worth every cent. Download it, take it on holiday, and sit under a tree and immerse yourself in this journey.

- Keep playing

I keep playing this game over and over , and every time I get to the end I’ve finished it differently am I not playing it correctly ? Or is this how the game is suppose to be, I don’t know but I love it 🥰. It’s my stress reliever, makes me use my brain each and every time, and when I can’t get it I put it down ( but not for long) can’t wait for more games like this THANKYOU.

- Exponential wonder

This game was so great to chill out with. I always found myself feeling like I was slipping into somebody else’s dream, with it”s own rules and landscapes. Loved the surprises I felt as I figured put the puzzles and was lead deeper into the game. It truly felt like a children’s book come to life. (Also, if you enjoyed this, read Colin Thompsons book How To Live Forever, or the Atlantis one. Similar kind of atmosphere of exploration and wonder!)

- Well done team, well done

This is the sort of game that has been possible on the iPad for a long while but no one has had the imagination and insight to make it work. Beautifully written storyline and puzzles that smartly fit together. Well worth the price and we are now looking forward to your team’s next effort.

- Amazing!

What a fabulous game! Beautiful and clever, with puzzles that were the perfect level of trickiness. It’s like nothing I’ve ever played before. I can’t recall ever playing a game that made me smile with its cleverness. My only complaint is that the game is not long enough - it was over too soon... I think it’d be a great game to play again though...

- Great art awesome puzzle!

Best mix of art and puzzle I’ve seen till now, the graphic is very impressive and puzzles don’t get boring. An easy 5 star! Make sure to watch the video in preview to get a bit of clue what happens in the game, after chapter one I was very happy that there is no words or explanation of what should be done.

- Just play it!

I played and completed this game in a few hours, but they were a terrific few hours. It’s hard to describe in words, and unfair to even try, but here you go: a beautiful puzzler with some legit unique puzzles. If you’re looking for something different, I highly recommend it.

- Words cannot explain

Having always liked puzzle apps I was pleased when I saw this. Did not expect the beautiful graphics and the both simple and complex solutions to the amazing pathway to the finale. I would not expect a sequel soon but will buy when available. Thank you.

- Clever, clever, clever.

To the developer: Thank you for making this game. This was a beautiful and intriguing experience. I’ve played heaps of strategy and puzzle games and I think this is by far the most clever (yes, more than Room series IMO). I do hope you’re making more chapters...

- So satisfying and beautiful

This game is beautiful to look at, but it also delivers so many moments of delighted surprise and satisfaction at solving the puzzles. The difficulty level seemed just right and the originality of the interface makes you want to applaud the creator.

- Amazing puzzle game

Just wondering how this game designed...it is amazing. Jason, those handDrawn are brilliant. Thank you and I was enjoying my last 90 mins with Gorogoa and this game worth every penny. Can’t wait for the version 2 with longer story and harder level. Thank you.

- Enchanting

A game that literally has taken my breath away with wonder. All aspects go together, the art matches the story and both complement the brilliant game mechanic. Although it seems tawdry on my part to compare things to this, this game feels like Jim Henson made Framed after reading Gaiman.

- Fun puzzle for all ages

It’s unusual so it won’t please everyone but we found it to be entertaining. My 5yo couldn’t get enough of it and was hoping for a new one once we completed it (it took a while)

- Lovely and entertaining

This game is truely a masterpiece There are hardly any flaws and the complexity keeps it entertaining and enjoyable. Even for a young person, this game will definitely spark imagination. If you love puzzles and mystery, this is a game for you. (This is my first review)

- Excellent

Just started playing this and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s challenging but if you step away and come back to it the puzzles can be solved. It’s very unique and it gets 5 stars from me

- Spectacular achievement

I just sat and played through for a second time despite knowing the answer to every piece and was just as stunned. This is not just a computer game, it is a Fabergé Egg and it’s designer deserves serious praise.

- Almost perfect

I love this game and everything about it is spot on except sometimes when you start it up, you’ll lose all your progress and have to start again.

- Phenominal!

Initially frustrating but you get hooked quickly. It’s a proper journey and experience, and the game stays with you after you’ve solved the last puzzle. Great art style to boot!

- Give me more!!

I really hope there is a part 2 coming soon!!! Very fun and the perfect amount of complexity to get the brain working but not long enough 😩

- Stunning

Let’s put it this way - no app or game has ever inspired me to leave a review... until now. Loved this game on so many levels. Well done to the developers/creators.

- One of the best games I’ve ever played.

Gorogoa is a work of art. Playing it is an experience in itself with all the artwork and music. Also I love how the atmosphere becomes darker as the game progresses.


This is possibly the most original and mind blowing puzzle I’ve ever seen. I am literally blown away. Wow. Buy it. I hope you’re working on more games like this. Fantastic.

- Good Great Brilliant Wonderful

This is the best iPhone experience I have ever had. So rewarding and I am moved. Thankyou for creating this ‘game’ you have brought me much joy. I am just astounded by this work.

- Verses the room

Both exceptional It’s releasing to wake up my intelligence I enjoyed it more than “The Room” because it in light, not dark. I tip my hat to both artitects.

- Awesome game

Really enjoyed this, difficult enough to make it challenging without leaving me tearing my hair out. Beautiful graphics, such a unique game. Well done!

- Excellent

More please, so much work has gone into this, so not expecting another for some...maybe? Thankyou, really enjoyed it.

- Couldn’t stop playing

I was mesmerised with this game and its clever puzzles. I just wish it was longer!

- Doesn’t have sound?

For some reason this game does not have sound on my iPad. I have looked at videos of the game online, they have sound. I do not. Every other app on my iPad has sound, I can only assume there is something wrong with this build of the game. Completely takes away from the experience...

- A-mazing game!

I am not a big player of computer games and was attracted to this one by the beautiful hand-drawings. But this game was so challenging for me and so intriguing - I absolutely love it!

- Great Game

Very enjoyable to play. Beautiful graphics & illustrations. Little short for the price but would happily buy it again.

- Amazing and unique puzzle game

Challenging and really got me thinking. Everything worked together nicely!

- Short and sweet!

This game was beautiful and enjoyable, however it was very short 😢. I was expecting more than a couple of hours game play for the price.

- Nice but too short

Beautifully illustrated and puzzles are original. I competed without hint in two hours. Felt it was bit short for the price.

- Games as Art

The artwork in this game is stunning. The puzzles are challenging and well thought out. Am I wrong but I can only hear sound on my headphones not through the speakers?

- Wonderfully different

Clever, intriguing, soothing, strangely moving, and achingly beautiful story/puzzle game. Congratulations to Jason Roberts, and his team, bringing this idea so ingeniously to this platform. Loved it!

- Superb

This is the most mythic, profound and beautiful game I have ever played. Indeed, it is so much more than a game. I was sorry that it ended...

- Amazing

Amazing how much good game is packed into this short puzzler. Everything from imaginative story to interesting puzzles. Very happy with purchase

- A Fantastic, beautiful, fun, brain exercise!

Worth the money (actually, worth more! but still left me wanting more - it was over too soon!).

- Brilliant!

Can see why this got game of the year, it’s a really unique concept with beautiful artwork.

- Beautiful game

The graphics are incredible and the concept is unique

- Crashing Constantly

Beautifully created, but a waste of money as it crashes constantly and never returns to where it left off. Disappointing.

- stunningly beautiful

Reminiscent of Monument Valley with a soothing soundtrack and peaceful play style. Absolutely stunning hand-drawn visuals with gorgeous attention to detail and delightful scene transitions. A must play!

- A perfect game

This is a mind blowing game of beauty and distortions. Magnificent work all round. Many thanks for making this gem!

- Clever , unique puzzle game

Lovely graphics, beautiful and very cleverly put together! Loved it. Well done!

- Fun but too short.

This was a fun game and cleverly done but I felt for a paid game it needed more content I finished it in under an hour. Great visuals just wanted a lot more of it.

- Remarkable

Just the most beautiful, complex yet elegant game I have played- wonderfully imagined and realised. Wonderful.

- Crashes repeatedly

Every time it crashes I have to start again at random points along the game. It’s a very interesting concept, but I give up on ever finishing

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- Incredible effort by a solo developer

If you’re a fan of mind-bending indie puzzlers, like The Witness, Monument Valley or The Room, this game belongs in your collection. While short (around 3 hours), this game starts off confusing and strange and then explores some really interesting concepts. I had some “whoa” moments while playing - and will be pondering the story for some time. Understated and beautiful.

- Wonderful

The most wonderful game I have ever seen on iOS. Nice puzzles and nice controlling mode. The style of painting is also great, I love this game!

- Bugs

After 5 years, the game still have bugs cannot be solved. I’m stuck at getting the yellow ball while I should move a star into a lamp. When I match those two tiles correctly, the lamp lights up. But when I try to move it back. It’ll fade back again. According to my previous experience, this light should go to the lamp tile, but it not working. I considered it as a bug. I known Framed was inspired Gorogoa. And I was angry about Framed stole the idea from the Gorogoa’s developer. But after what I’m experiencing. The person who create Gorogoa should be blame of his laziness. 3 star for creating an original idea.

- The best

One of the best puzzle game I’ve played so far! Love the ambiance, the music, the gameplay! Excellent!

- Wow I am blow away

It’s rare that an iPhone is ever so compelling and interesting as Gorogoa, the animation is beautiful, the puzzles are so rewarding and interesting. If you’re looking for something to play definitely give this game a look!

- A innovative game.

I put this game in my, “Unique FAV games”. I like the combinations of genre and puzzles. It’s incorporated some of the classic puzzles used in these game type and given them a flare. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT CHAPTERS.

- Lovely game, colourful and engrossing.

Yet it’s also something you can play casually. Looking forward to the next one from Annapurna!

- A masterpiece

The amount of thought that went into this boggles the mind. Stunning artwork is the icing on the cake

- Thoroughly enjoyed!

Beautiful game! Great puzzler, relaxing to play, and gorgeously designed. More please!

- Progress doesn’t save

I love this game but my progress is reset every time I open it. Every fruit collected is supposed to be a save point, but it doesn’t seem to work. Too frustrating to play.

- Stunning complexity

I don’t know how anyone could conceive of something like this let alone the skills to pull it off. No wonder it took 5 years to finish. A remarkable labyrinth of a game, and when you’re stuck on a puzzle and you finally figure it out it’s a great feeling. Not for everyone but if challenging puzzles are your thing this is it.

- Amazing

I was so disappointed when it ended! I loved this game, so different with some me challenges that can be thought through

- Love this game but it won’t save progress....

Very tedious to redo each level to try and make progress.

- Great puzzle game

A challenging, fun puzzle game with beautiful artwork. Relaxing to play too. I really enjoyed playing this game!

- Oh my god !!!

Listen, that is probably the wackiest game ever played. Could not find any goal to the game, any fun, any purpose any nothing. Graphics are cool, game playing is ok but what is the goal, the purpose ????? Maaaannnn, it is like THE ROOM on acid. Usually I love those kind of games but this one is way over too indie too hippy too I dont know what to say. Done it in a flash ! Good luck guys.

- Crashes after almost every click on iPad

Even though I am impressed by the idea and visualization, the game crashes almost every one or two clicks on my iPad and has to restart again and again, which really harms my experience.

- it can't be ovrr!!!!!

i adored this game and was heartbroken when it ended. the artwork, the storyline and the new ancreative puzzles had me entranced. more.......please...pretty please...

- Gorogoa

I wanted to say this game is really good I hope there will be the Gorogoa 2 I really like this game/story and the person who made it did great job on it the details are really good and Artist did great job of making it I just hope there will be second one soon I play it and I was amazed by it From Marie pearn comment


This game is so amazing with the beautiful picture

- Keep losing progress

Like the game, but if you stop playing you get set way back to the beginning of the chapter and have to redo the finicky puzzles.

- Inspiring and admirable

The creativity in this piece is nothing short of spectacular. The intelligent subtlety of the hints, inspirations for the drawings and the uniqueness of the overall art direction are mind expanding. It takes a great mind to render such depth.

- So incredibly beautiful. Even touching.

What a masterpiece of a game. Wow. Unbelievable effort and love has gone into the art music and brilliant puzzles. I played on iPhone but recommend iPad because graphics are so detailed and beautiful.

- Enticing and yet..

Enjoyed the game - loved the layering but seriously that’s all? Just the one story? Am I missing something? Truly disappointed that what sounded like an inspired game ended up being a few short hours and .. done - very sad

- Extremely short!

It took 30-40 mins to finish.

- A masterpiece

A must!

- Wonderful, thoughtful story / puzzle

While the puzzles themselves are overly challenging, that’s not the point. Working though the puzzle layers tells a story and is more a work of art than a game. Perfect for an iPad Pro, but works well on an iPad too.

- Outstanding and beautiful

This game was a privilege to play. Thank you for sharing your art and talent with the world.

- Loved it!

Beautiful. Spellbinding. More like this please!

- Fantastic!

More, please! A bit short, but original!

- Over too soon!

Very creative and intriguing. But just as I was getting the hang of it, it was all over :(

- Too short!

Game is beautiful and I loved the idea behind the game, but with a couple sittings I’m finished and left feeling unfulfilled.

- Please fix the bugs

The game, as lovely as it is, keeps crashing every 15 seconds. Please fix it. I do not want to feel like I wasted my money. Thanks.

- Very annoying

Name 2018 iPad Game of the Year and well deserved. But the game keeps crashing on several chapters and erases all your progress. Example, I was at the fifth chapter when it crashed and when I retuned to the game not only my progress was erased but it brought me back to the third chapter. Please provide a solution to this issue.

- Very Unique

Great gMe but it just started crashing at the level I’m on. I have cleared iPad and restarted but it is still crashing,

- Too short

Very disappointing, this game is too short, about two hours, you should review your price

- A Real Gem

This game is a true labour of love, and should not be missed.

- Crashes

Crash returned to start.

- Lost all progress - but nice game

I was completely enticed by the game of the year. Played 3h + over a couple of days, on my iPad Pro. I opened it on my iPhone, no synch of progress, so I closed it. 2 days later, I open it on IPad, and was disappointed to see that all chapters I had finished, that were earlier available in the home screen, disappeared. I dont want to start again. How can I recover ? Why did this happen ? I updated afterwards to latest version, save game is still lost.

- Stunning

Amazing. How peoples’ brains work like this to bring me such awe and entertainment is incredible. Love this game!

- Fresh design, purpose and originality

A wonderful experience from start to finish. One of the best phone game I’ve played. ever.

- Loved it

I’m an old gal and I loved it. Beautiful, easy to use but puzzles needed some grey matter. Perfect! Can’t wait for another like it to come out.

- Best puzzle-ish game

I say puzzle-ish because it’s way beyond a jigsaw. This is the ultimate game for those who like problem solving and alternatives to the regular puzzle. I disagree with the “bugs” review. If you can’t get to the next stage it’s because you aren’t thinking of something yet but keep at it, the tiles within tiles make this game addictive and wonderfully frustrating. I didn’t think it was ever too easy but just a perfect challenge to get your brain firing.

- Games can be art

This one proves it. Amazing design and unusual gameplay makes this exploration/puzzler a real treat. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something noteworthy and inspiring. If you like Monument Valley or Myst, I can’t recommend this enough.

- Beautiful puzzle

Loved every minute of this puzzle. Unfortunately finished all too soon.

- Keeps loosing my progress

Keeps loosing my progress. I have to start over every time I start the game. Very frustrating.

- The rare 6 star mobile experience

An absolute perfect blend of art, relaxing gameplay and storytelling. Everyone will enjoy this.

- To short

This game is amazing no doubt about it. However, for the price it is I was surprised that in four days i had finished the game.

- Too easy

Took about an hour to complete. No real problem solving required. A good game for the not so intelligent.

- Wonderful

Wow! What a great puzzle. Challenging, addictive and so beautiful! Thanks a lot.

- My Favourite Mobile Game

The less you know about this game going in, the better. Just PLAY IT. It’s the most imaginative, beautiful, and emotional mobile game I’ve ever played. It’s also really, really fun. Buy this game - you won’t be disappointed. I’ve also never encountered any bugs.

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- I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!

I love puzzle games and this is by far the most amazing one I’ve played. It’s relaxing And beautifully rendered. It’s difficult and challenging enough for those who love puzzles. It also helps you out when you need it but doesn’t make it completely obvious so with a little thinking you’ll figure it out and you’ll get really excited when you get through to the next step on your adventure.:)

- A good but short game.

It is indeed a beautiful and artistic game, but one that’s incredibly short. First run took a couple hours, and second run basically 15-20mins. I believe that it should provide a short preview for people who don’t want to spend for such a short game. I honestly purchased it because it intrigued me, but was a bit disappointed as to how short it was. It may be said that you pay for the experience, but in my opinion, I don’t think it is worth the spend if someone is looking to have a some good time solving the puzzle itself.

- Gorgeous and engrossing

I'm a huge fan of puzzle games like Room and Monument Valley and this one is now on my list to go back to again and again. It's original and beautiful. I've found myself playing slowly because I want to enjoy the gorgeous scenes without skipping any details. This is the kind of game we need. If you've waded through the junk that is designed to drain your wallet and brain cells and made it here, don't hesitate. Download this game.

- Artistically and Creatively Brilliant

As a fan of puzzle games, I expected a game similar in style to Myst. What I got was so much more! Easy game controls. Challenging puzzles. Deceptively simple artwork that amazes with its hidden details. Every scene, every panel is a part of the puzzle. The lack of instructions is an added challenge; yet, somewhat necessary. Discovering the surprises of game function are half the fun. The series of actions and solutions for each chapter are sometimes difficult to figure out; however, every correct move can be discovered using a bit of observation and intuition. Got stuck at one point and was tempted to do a web search for a hint. Decided against it and returned to the game only to find the solution staring me right in the face. Definitely recommend to everyone!

- Stunning

I have only played this for a few minutes. I must say: This game is visually stunning. The audio is also amazing. I think that this developer will become the gold standard for excellence. I also enjoyed Flower (same developer). I bought this app because of Flower’s outstanding audio and visual. I was not disappointed! UPDATE: I’ve now played for quite a while. This game is a blast to play and hard to put down!

- Beautiful and Absorbing

Some reviewers complain it takes only 2 hours to complete and it’s not worth $5. Well, the game took 6 years to complete, drawn by hand. You can spend $15 at the movies, for an hour and a half of mediocrity, and $5 at Starbucks for 15 minutes of more of the same. So, no, you can’t say this game is overpriced or too short, perhaps the feeling is wanting more because it was so enjoyable.

- Awesome

I enjoyed every moment of this game. If I had one negative comment it would be that I was bummed when it was over. Love that the puzzle solving in this game. If you’re a fan of The Room series, you’ll enjoy this. And when you’re just about frustrated with not knowing your next move just keep in mind that each picture can have several “layers” and sometimes they need to be moved around a bit.

- A delight

I bought this game because I found the illustrations so appealing, but it satisfies at every level. There are unusual puzzles with just enough challenge to slow you down, without becoming totally frustrating, and when you solve each one there’s a neat little payoff. The storyline was a little opaque, but maybe if I went through it again, I’d pick up more connections. Anyway, it’s excellent!

- Mind Magic

Really enjoyed playing this game. It was so enjoyable that I wish it was longer. I’ve played a lot of puzzle games, but this one can truly be considered one of a kind. The graphics and art work were beautiful. If the creator came out with a similar style game, I’d enjoy one with a complex and mysterious storyline, or maybe another dreamlike fairytale story. Either way, I look forward to more work like this.

- Check this Game Out!

Wow this was great. I completed in a couple of days, got really stuck once but figured it out after a brain break. The art and the animations are really nice and the story is very interesting, but puzzling - There is a ton of symbolic elements so I’m sure I’ll get the whole story clearer if I do it again, it’s obviously about a personal journey and the vanquishing of the Gorogoa but there is way more to it than that. Enjoy.

- Beautiful, but too short and directed

The visuals are well done, and it’s a unique concept. The creators obviously have talent. But the structure of the game allows you to meander into puzzle solutions by simply guessing. Your decisions are limited and tend to guide you into the solutions. As I went along, I really started to see the potential that I could get into this game... but then it was over, and I had less than 2 hours of game play (don’t know how long, but comparable to a movie). I’d say no if you want a hard challenge, but sure if you want a unique (but short) game experience.

- Amazing game. Too short.

This is an amazing, beautiful, creative, relaxing, superb, innovative game. Somewhat reminiscent of Monument Valley in that it is a multidimensional puzzle game but very different as well and so well worth the price and play time. This isn’t a challenging puzzle game. It is more of a relaxing interactive short story. My only complaint is that it is too short. I finished it in barely 3 sittings. It was so compelling I raced through it.

- Best puzzle app yet!

By far the most beautiful puzzle app I’ve played, and clearly loved and carefully crafted by its artist(s). My favorite part is that it came with no instruction, so it’s a puzzle from the very start. You are truly forced to use your imagination and think outside the box every moment. The format is also very unique. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Worth the couple dollars!

- Stop reading and buy this

Outstanding game with devilish, but entirely fair puzzles. Fantastic art, outstanding low key music and sound effects. This scratches the same itch as Monument Valley and is at least equal as a work of art, separate from the game itself. Except that the game, the art, and the puzzles all work together. There's a story here as well that may take me a second play through to piece together.

- Greatest game I’ve ever played on iPad!

This is one of the most original, fun and challenging games that I have ever played. What a masterpiece. Mesmerizing sound and beautiful artwork! I had to get a bit of help now and again because it is so different that you are not sure of the game dynamic. Once you pick I=p on the flow, you are off and running. The rare game that I just could not stop playing.

- Most excellent

But too short. It’s difficult to describe how different this is from the puzzle games I usually play. Gorogoa tells a story that you have to advance by solving puzzles. The art work is incredible, the interface is easy to use and the form of the puzzles is unique. It doesn’t hold your hand. There is no oracle dispensing clues. The clues are there, but you have to find them and understand them. The puzzles are easy enough but not too easy and the things you do to solve them involve game play unlike anything else I’ve played. Writers are taught to show, not tell. Gorogoa shows you the story, step by step, without telling you anything. I do have one complaint: It left me wanting much more...

- Satisfying? Yes!

I love this sort of puzzle solving games. This one is challenging but not so hard you get frustrated. When you get solve, it feels so satisfying. Not only is this game fun, but beautiful and well thought out. It is addicting, I think I beat it in a couple hours. I was a little disappointed at the length of the game, I wanted to keep going. Worth the $5.00. I hope they have a sequel.

- Amazing game

This game is incredible. It’s done in such a unique way. The art grabs you in and the story line is understood without words. I wish it was a bit longer, I beat my first run-through in about an hour. I loved the aha moments when you figured out exactly what you were supposed to do. The puzzles were challenging and logically sound. I am hoping they will release a sequel.

- Delightful to look at and engaging to play

I generally a game-player and I don’t usually bother to leave reviews, but this deserves my kudos! I was initially drawn in by the beautiful, whimsical artwork, but the puzzles kept me pulling me along. I was sad when the story ended, but I look forward to going through it again to admire the detail in the images. A lovely work of art! I’m hoping there will be a sequel.

- Amazing artwork, short game.

I sincerely appreciate the beautiful artwork and all the effort that went into this game. The ideas were clever, and I was able to figure out what to do despite the lack of tutorial. I enjoyed watching the story develop, too. However, for the price, the game is way too short. I finished it in under 2 hours. I was shocked when it suddenly ended. I would recommend the game, but I think it’s overpriced.

- Beautiful, but short

Beautiful, but short. Not overly challenging, but very clever. There were a couple spots where I just couldn’t progress; a short break with fresh eyes gave me the new perspective needed to move on. I actually like that there are no explicit directions to the game, you figure it out as you go along. I considered giving it 4 stars, but there were enough OMG moments that it needed 5.

- Most gorgeous, zen like game ever!

My daughter and I just finished Gorogoa and we loved every minute of it. The illustrations are amazing and the puzzles are clever and fun to solve. We wish there was more to play! It’s like finishing a favorite series that you don’t want to be over but you couldn’t stop reading. We hope you also enjoy this amazing puzzle game. Thanks, Annapurna Interactive for such an outstanding game.

- The most beautiful game I’ve ever played

It’s like monument valley on LSD. It’s not only beautiful, but has ingenious puzzles that tap into your intuition, not too difficult and not too easy. There’s also deep storytelling going on that makes me want to replay it immediately. I wish I could give it 6 stars. Well worth the five bucks! Buy it. Encourage this game developer and others like him!

- My First App Review Ever

It’s true. This is my first time ever taking the time to review an app. I’ve downloaded THOUSANDS of apps. But this one... this one is truly amazing. I love the art and the concept. It’s genius, and makes me feel like a genius when I get the puzzles correct. I am seriously amazed by this game and I would highly recommend it, especially if you love puzzle games. This is a work of art.

- Mindending Thought Puzzle

What a great game that takes you into a unexpected world that removes any notion of what you thought a game *should* be to a game that *can* be. Amazing puzzles that almost asks you to let go of preconceived ideas and let the game take take you a part of your brain that combines spirit and mind. Enjoyed it to the fullest but mind you your expectations of puzzle games will rise.

- Beautiful and compelling!

The level of pure artistry put into this game is above and beyond! The puzzles themselves had me perplexed at times. I would get stuck and put it down to come back later and find my way through. There were moments when I would actually gasp as I’d move a piece to reveal something unexpected. I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Very relaxing and gorgeous! Bravo!

- Wow.

At first, it is a little confusing, but overtime you start to understand the idea of the game. It is beautifully made and logical. While I did look online to understand the meaning, I realized that it is open to interpretation, and it made me review over the game and allowed me to come up with my own story of how the whole game unfolds. Loved it and the visual effects were impeccable.

- I couldn’t put the game down

Wow, it’s a very awesome game, especially for someone like me that has a memory issue to try to force my brain to think of what to do next. The artwork is amazing, the puzzles are brilliant, although I wish it was a little longer because I completed it in a very short amount of time, it was still a wonderful experience!

- I wanted more...

I was absolutely stunned by this game. Very imaginative, colorful, clever and just plain fun. I finished it in total...maybe 3-6 hours, and was drooling for more. I am a sucker for these kinds of games and if you have a sequel or some other level of this sort of gameplay coming, I want to know about it. I guess I’m just gonna have to play it again.

- Developers are geniuses!

Think cats cradle yarn game, puzzle game, mystery, and 4th wall breaking all mixed into one experience! This game is beautiful and just beams with transcendental thinking, well for me anyway. It feels so fresh but very familiar. I’m filled with wonder and drawn into its world which is fine art besides the game itself. I will purchase whatever they release next blindly because I’m floored! The game is pure joy!

- Flow...Flower...Journey...Gorogoa

Drawn to the beautiful artwork of this puzzle game. Spent 2 days working through its layers and slides to navigate the character throughout his life and search to collect the 5 colors/symbols/stages. Was AMAZED to see a special thanks to Jenova Chen of Flow, Flower, and Journey fame. If you like those games, this should be a worthy deviation. Truly a labor of love and more proof that you don't have to kill anything to have a great game! Loved it!

- Clever Fun Puzzle Game

My wife and I played the game all the way through in a little under two hours; very enjoyable. As we solved puzzle after puzzle, and these were quite creative and beautiful, we loved discovering the extra details and embedded hints, as well as learning the story of the main character. This is a stunning application and a wonderful experience.

- Handcrafted perfection. Beautiful.

Part puzzle part exploration. Clues are everywhere and everything does fit together/sequence in either a logical or signposted way - sometimes the aha moment comes AFTER some trial and error. In a game such as this that is as it should be. You want to look around, enjoy the scenes and their clever multilayered interlock. Not rush through to the end.

- Unforgettable

It’s not every day you find something that is literally its own genre. Short, satisfying, confusing, rewarding. You’ll want to replay to puzzle through the narrative a second time. Evokes the other-world ness of Myst but it’s gameplay is very different. Played it over the space of two days—would definitely play again.

- Best Game in Years

This is the best game I have played in years. It is incredibly detailed, challenging, and entertaining, and the experience only left me wanting more. The phenomenal artwork alone is well worth the $4.99, and the gameplay is worth that much two times over. Rarely have I enjoyed such an innovative, engrossing, and beautiful game. I’d give it even more stars if I could!

- Love

More please! Gorgeous game So unique! Loved figuring out by trial and error - I love games that don't have instructions. Loved the dreamy quality of the zoom in/outs and the music. This one is right up there with 'The Room' series: quality for the money, challenging but not impossible, absorbing. Played it through twice to absorb more details. Again, more please! Outstanding game.

- Such a beautiful getaway

I'm not even a gaming person, really. I liked the Neverhood a whole lot way back when, but mostly I can't be bothered. This popped up in my App Store and I was intrigued... so glad I tried it! Hauntingly beautiful images, perfect music. Somehow I finished feeling like I had completed something really important. No I'm not smoking anything. Wow, though! Kudos to the creator!

- Fantastic!

This game is absolutely amazing. The artwork is stunning and the game itself is masterfully created. The game is tough, but not to the point where you’ll never be able to come across the answer, it equites toying with things and moving things around and just trying out different things. I loved this game- wish there were more like it!!!

- Beautifully Drawn Story

If you like interactive games that make you think, then this is for you. As the story continues the puzzles become more tricky and sometimes the answer is right in front of you. I’m a huge fan of The Room trilogy and The Room Old Sins and although this game is different and not as complex, it is worth checking out.

- Gorogoa

I enjoyed this game in all of its splendor. The graphics made the story even more intriguing and the colors were simply delightful. I found that I could not stay away from the game for very long. When I came home from work after a long day, I would rush in to jump back into the world of Gorogoa. I would have given this game five stars, but it was too short given the cost of the game.

- Gorgeous

Wow. Basically that's it. One of the most beautiful games I've come across. Engaging game play, simple but absolutely lovely panels one after another. For the puzzle fan, I loved it but if you're a puzzle master (not me yet) it may bevmuch easier. The only tiny critique, not long enough but I am glad I paid for it. Well worth it! Thank you guys!!! Job well done

- Broken After Recent Update?

I purchased this after the Apple announcement and it was updated shortly thereafter. I was thoroughly enjoying the beautiful gameplay, but it now keeps crashing as I try to track down the blue: at the stained glass window showing the two figures in red. I’ve restarted the iPad, and the game, for one more try, but this is very disappointing and I thought I should mention the problem in case it’s caused by the recent update.

- Truly inspired game

Hard enough to be challenging but not frustrating. I found the few occasions where I needed to set it aside made it more enjoyable as I looked forward to going back with new eyes. Very clever game mechanics that are simple but hide so much depth. Only complaint is that once it is over, it seems too soon. But a joy while it lasted.

- Most Beautiful and Intelligent Game Ever

I am so glad the developer updated the game for iOS systems newer than 12. This is quite a difficult game that makes you think in new ways, much different from the usual games. Lovely graphics and an intelligent story make this a pleasure to play. I wish the developer made more games like this.

- Thrilling experience

Incredible gaming experience. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this game. The puzzles are the perfect mixture of logic and spatial cognition. Very fluid motion and a wonderful way to spend a few hours for those of us who don't have days and days to finish a game. I would love to see a sequel or two of this game. Perfect night off for me. Please make more!

- Linear and not intuitive

I enjoy puzzle games like most to exercise my problem solving abilities. Though this game is aesthetically pleasing visually and musically, the content was mostly linear. Most of it was click-and-drag, and the game forces the story forward. I felt like the difficulty of the last few challenges was where the game should have started off at. In other words, the difficulty of the game starts from super easy to medium imo. Good game, linear, easy challenge.

- Spectacular

The less you know, the better. Knowing it’s on more serious platforms like Steam and Switch I was afraid it wasn’t going to be as good on IOS. It’s sensational. The touchscreen input feels so intuitive with the systems in the game, and really enhanced my experience. Wear headphones. The bigger the screen the better. The game isn’t that long and worth every dollar.

- A superb work of ART

Just completed this, and it is drenched in visual style. It is beautifully drawn and animated of course if you’ve watched the previews; but none of this would work so well without the extremely clever design of each puzzle that intertwines one big story separated into chapters that you can replay. The puzzles can really work the mind, and the visuals stun the eyes.

- Like it but...

I really liked this game. The story is very interesting and it’s different and that’s one thing I love about it. Graphics are great and it can be challenging and I like a challenging game. My only issue is that I completed it in a couple of hours so it wasn’t that hard but there were a few parts I got stuck on and had to work my way through. Other than that it was a good game.

- Buggy

Great concept, but the execution is buggy. The game often crashes on my iPad Mini, especially when I’m not connected to the Internet. Worse, the game loses track of my progress after a crash, or even when I just leave it running in the background. This makes me have to replay large portions of the game by having to restart at the beginning of a chapter. I’m abandoning the game for now, because I don’t want to have to replay the last chapter for a third time.

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@laurakirsop All quite different & mindless in their own way: Hidden Folks, Alphabear, Blendoku, The Room, Strata, Redecor, Flow Free, Cut The Rope, Gorogoa


@rosieatlarge Gorogoa is a very short puzzle game (so maybe worth waiting for a sale), but very beautiful and hugely satisfying

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Gorogoa iphone images
Gorogoa iphone images
Gorogoa iphone images
Gorogoa iphone images

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The applications Gorogoa was published in the category Games on 2017-12-14 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive [Developer ID: 1242610251]. This application file size is 601.53 MB. Gorogoa - Games app posted on 2019-01-23 current version is 1.1.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.annapurnainteractive.Gorogoa

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