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Parkour Flight is a modern game with elements of parkour, in which you have to jump from a great height through various obstacles, performing many spectacular tricks.

Combine Вackflip, Gainer, Layout and more using simple touches on the screen. With the help of the "Twist" trick, you can perform a somersault with rotation by any number of degrees (180, 360, 540, 720, etc.).

- Realistic physics;
- Interesting game mechanics;
- 8 interesting and improved levels;
- Many sets of clothes for the hero;
- Three fascinating modes of game;
- Support for leaderboards. Compete with the whole world.

Friends, your reviews are very important for improving the game.

Parkour Flight App Description & Overview

The applications Parkour Flight was published in the category Games on 2017-08-02 and was developed by Alexander Bukharev. The file size is 150.85 MB. The current version is 2.40 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed bugs

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This is probably the best game I have ever played. It is so much fun and easy to get good at. One critique would be that there are not enough levels. I have already gotten 3 stars on all the levels and I wish there were more. But is definitely worth the money!

Skylar Dolegowski

Parkour Flight  Skylar Dolegowski  1 star

This game will not let me land a flip he flips way to fast and it’s I’m possible to land, this game is a total waste of money.


First level  madisynhurl  2 star

I can’t pass the level please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡


Very hard!  YTSERENITY  1 star

I can’t even get past the levels and the flips are really hard! You need to fix it!

Fire fright

How do you switch game modes?  Fire fright  4 star

I love the app but I want to know how to switch between gameodes, it says there are 3 different ones and I can’t find how to switch them


Hardest game I ever played  HavenPlayz  1 star

Impossible game I want my money back it’s not worth $1.00


Horrible  LOVE!!THIS!APPPP  1 star

So hard to play. Can’t get passed level one. Waste of money AND time. Don’t buy


Controls  herjfiri  4 star

I think the controls are really bad and it’s getting on my nerves but, what’s good about the game is that it keeps me entertained and busy so it’s stupid to have a great game but really hard flipping controls 🦍💨💨🦍💨💨🦍💨🦏💨💩💩


Nice  GameCritic017  5 star



This game is dodo  --/;[email protected]")(,!'x  1 star

This game has bad controls and the first level is way to hard

Discogs Enthusiast

Too hard, then too short  Discogs Enthusiast  3 star

Took ages to figure out the mechanics of play without any sort of guide setting. Then once you finish the levels, that’s it. No incremental challenge increases. Also, having finished all the levels I still can’t raise enough XP to gain the later flips. Needs more work overall.


Clever, but way too hard!  cpayne23  2 star

The physics and animations are clever. But even the first level is way too hard...

Swagger girl 1012

Very good game  Swagger girl 1012  5 star

The mechanics are very nice things to consider would be adding a female character and adding more customisation to your character a multi player would be nice like a game of horse if u don’t and a trick u get a letter but overall I like it


Bug  teheishsg  5 star

Hey mate there is a bug with the new version that when you press the tuck button it doesn't rotate quickly like it's supposed to.


What a waste  eagle_aL  1 star

Terrible game


Don't want this  Stevejesusguy  1 star

I bought this because I thought it was another game but it's not can I have refund


Wouldn't pay for it.  jfhjfbjkfhgjkehjkg  2 star

This developer has made some great games like 'Driving School 2016' but this was a disappointment. If you want games like this but better and free I would recommend Backflip Mania.


Wouldn't pay for this  Jarlord  1 star

I accidentally paid for this which I wouldn't recommend. It's not the worst game in the world but it's very boring and should be a free app at most.

#1 gamer for iPad

Not for everyone (including me)  #1 gamer for iPad  3 star

This game should have been free, the game is far to simple for $1.49 (AUS Dollar) it's literrally flip and jump from area to area...

Scrt scrt

Not to bad  Scrt scrt  4 star

It should be a lot easier! And make more things to do like more places and activities. Make it easier to get different flips and levels and one big thing is make a "Help" button. But over all it is a great game that is fun to play with friends!

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