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Can you bring an end to human history? Experience the terrifying power of asteroids in this unique and visually outstanding puzzle game!

Maximize the devastating damage by arranging your impacts smartly, as you take control over one of the greatest threats to life on Earth.

Based on scientific computation models and presented with breathtaking visuals, Earth Impact offers a spectacular and surprisingly challenging puzzling experience with a deeper background.

● Simple and casual, yet challenging puzzling experience with a tactical touch
● Highly detailed graphics - follow the sunsets and see the sun glinting in the rivers of South America
● Free navigation around Earth in the second half of the game
● Simulation of direct impact effects based on scientific computation models
● Clean Premium App: Free of any ads and in-app purchases

Earth Impact App Description & Overview

The applications Earth Impact was published in the category Games on 2017-08-01 and was developed by Nicolas Schulz. The file size is 80.63 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Greatly improved impact effects: no more white circles for the blast wave visualization!

Other fixes:
- Enhancements for iPhone X
- Support for playing background audio (Spotify, etc.) when game audio gets disabled

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Earth Impact Reviews

Cams not down

Level 7 is nearly impossible  Cams not down  5 star

Level 7 (the beginning of Chapter 2) is literally 85% of the world wiped out and nearly 0.1 percentage of the world can do that. Just like others, SANDBOX MONDE HAS TO BE ADDED! Unless your Finitò with the game. I’ve tried starting with Asia and working my way to the Americas. Still, I haven’t reached a score of 40-. Also Finitò means Finshed. How about in sandbox mode you can move contents and have 99999999999 meteors. (This means Infinite) Also you can zoom in on places or select a place/city and throw a meteor at it.In sandbox you should be able to choose a size of your meteor. Maximum width is the enitire world so that means you can act like you have the power of the element Earth in your hands and end humanity we know it. Still, an epic astronomy destroyer game that lets you run wild.


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  wertt123457  4 star

I love the game


Level select  Brendan10157638  5 star

First off I love this game, the visuals are beautiful, but I’ve beaten this game a couple of times now, so sometimes I just like to mess around and take out certain countries and not worry about the main objective, but some of the levels make it hard to do so since they will lower your multiplier and what not, so this game would be perfect if it had either a level select option or a sandbox option for players who have beaten the game.


Eh  Fepj512  1 star

Just don’t see the point for a paid game. Really boring very quickly. You think it leads to something more but does not. Don’t waste money.


Good could be better  JUSTxAxPOTATO  3 star

Really cool, lots of potential, but somebody please explain chapter 7 to me. I have tried every combination of cities and countries to start with. I have glassed Asia 20 times over and have not gotten past 20 percent of the population


How many chapters  Yoda907  4 star

I made it to Chapter 10 I took a break from playing for a couple weeks since i sas stuck on chapter 7. My question is how many chapters does this game have ?


Feel guilty - but this was a waste  2648264739  1 star

The game designer seems very responsive and offers detailed explanations of how the software works, which is wonderful and a nice change of pace for once. Unfortunately, while I enjoyed taking a chance and paying for this game, it is quite boring. There really are no visual component to this game outside of the initial opening. The end results are blotting out “lights” on a world map with no graphic appeal. Unfortunately, I think I spent about 3min actually playing, mainly because thats about how long it takes to realize there is nothing unique beyond the first mission. In reality, there is nothing beyond the first mission that is different then all other following missions and game attributes.

Skyler Nasone

It's an ok game but wasn't up to my expectations  Skyler Nasone  2 star

This game seemed cool at first but when I tried it I am a little disappointed for my choices. All I want is a refund

Ruvim da boss

Weird glitchy ripple effect  Ruvim da boss  2 star

There is this weird glitchy ripple effect going on when I’m playing the game I would really like this to get fixed. I am playing this on an iPhone 6s Plus I will come back with a better review if fixed. Please and thank you!

Kyle loundon

Decent  Kyle loundon  4 star

I like this game. A little frustrating at the very start, but with each challenge I better see where the designer was going. The earth from space graphics are gorgeous and almost make the gameplay worthwhile in themselves. Not a lot to keep track of, but simplicity should not be mistaken for ease; the strikes are strategically placed. This is a game I can play to the end. Ty to the creator(s).


Disappointed  Djennid  2 star

I must say im a little disappointed because i was kind of hoping for a fireballs, Tsunami‘s the earths crush rupturing :/ sadly none of that the area just turns dark grey its rather lack lusting and i feel implementing them would have it alot more enjoyable. The puzzle aspect is... okay needs a bit more but its okay.

india cricket boi

Boring  india cricket boi  1 star



Jayden  Travelloveschelsea  1 star

It’s so hard


Gameplay  Stackie97  3 star

Game is pretty good so far stuck on challenge three lowest I can get is 18%. That being said I think you’d need to add in a reactive environment eg tsunamis if you target the water for maximum possible damage, earthquakes that get bigger with the impact of each meteorite.


Extremely boring  Frankfrankfrankyun  1 star

What’s the point of this game all I did was tapping on the screen and I see lights of some sort so useless not worth the money

Gamer Guy 66

Too Hard, But Can be Fun  Gamer Guy 66  3 star

It’s just simply too hard. It’s just a waste of money you tap literally 12 times and it’s over. The challenges are too hard and I don’t even bother trying to get too the next level. But I’ll give it 3 stars because you tried your hardest to make this app and can be fun sometimes.


Unlock your inner demons  Sunflower473  5 star

Great game, learning where to target for maximum destruction and percentage, will recommend to others


Broken  MrGeorge-to-you  1 star

Doesn't work! Planet doesn't spin... stuck on Africa!! Not good at all

Fake as

LOVING THE NEW CHANGE  Fake as  5 star

Absolutely loving it guys really nice detailed earth the game becomes more addictive with new challenges and new content really appreciate the new content and hope too see more in the future. p.s. Nuclear war could be fun :D haha detailed explosions and detailed views of city destruction just a wish thanks again :)


Hmmm  Maskintoojay  2 star

The game: - the larger the city you tap on, the larger the circle of damage. That's it. No asteroid animation, just a blacked out circle where you wanted the impact to go. I definitely got suckered out of a $1.


Mixed feelings  hevdawg5  3 star

This game is very well made and looks beautiful. I just don’t think it’s very fun. You just click where oh want to drop an asteroid. Kinda boring.


Keeps You Occupied for a bit...  thesson05  3 star

I gave this game a 3 Star because it is very finite. Although it is a puzzle game, it is not very difficult and is very short. Downloaded a little over an hour ago and I am done with it. It had some challenging points for sure, but not enough content to bring me back for more.


This is not the number 1 puzzle game  sinew23  1 star

Not in terms of quality or enjoyment. I’m sorry but I expected more from this game. It’s visually weak and pretty boring. I’m not sure who is giving these high star ratings but it’s really not a good game. I played it for about 5 mins and deleted it.


Lacking  fabio2454  1 star

It’s a cool concept for the game but they need to work on features if they’re going to make people pay for it. Definitely not worth the money.


Needs more challenges  Lucas95847  3 star

For a game you have to pay 99 cents for I wish was more challenges considering I finished the game in 15 min. Otherwise very enjoyable.


Level 7 too hard 😂  T2thahulk  5 star

Great game but I can’t get passed level 7

Alexis7th ave.

Fun ends  Alexis7th ave.  2 star

This game is not worth your time. The game is good for 90 seconds. Beyond that you will delete it.


Don’t buy  Fajowski  1 star

Boring and repetitive. Only played for maybe 20 minutes. Considering deleting the app. Good thing it was only a dollar.


Not consistent  JMag911  3 star

The game is a similar setup to Plague, a game which I loved. However, the only factor is the impact point itself, with no other factors like flooding or earthquakes or even environmental changes that would normal have some global effects regardless of where the asteroid hit. Also, the game tells you to maximize damage potential by targeting densely populated cities, but then have of the most densely populated cities in the world don’t seem to be big enough to warrant higher points. I don’t understand why it also doesn’t take into account shockwave damage to surrounding areas as the asteroid shots get larger. So, if you use one of the first smaller asteroids on say a city in India, you have a rating of 1.75 for multiplier points, but that doesn’t change if you wait to hit that same city until later when you have a large enough asteroid to wipe out the entire country. Likewise, you could use one of your larger asteroids to wipe out all of North America or all of Europe or east Asia, but the multiplier points would still only be around 1.20 or even 1.10....if you are wiping out an entire country because the asteroid is ten miles wide instead of half a mile wide, that doesn’t make any sense.


Too short  Dassnoot  1 star

Even after the update theres only 10 levels. It wasn’t all that fun, mostly frustrating. Theres mechanics that only show up once or twice and then never again. A lot of criticism of this game are met with “don’t forget its a puzzle game!” from the dev. Save your dollar. You could buy a cheeseburger from mcdonalds and have a better time.

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