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Can you bring an end to human history? Experience the terrifying power of asteroids in this unique and visually outstanding puzzle game!

Maximize the devastating damage by arranging your impacts smartly, as you take control over one of the greatest threats to life on Earth.

Based on scientific computation models and presented with breathtaking visuals, Earth Impact offers a spectacular and surprisingly challenging puzzling experience with a deeper background.

● Simple and casual, yet challenging puzzling experience with a tactical touch
● Highly detailed graphics - follow the sunsets and see the sun glinting in the rivers of South America
● Free navigation around Earth in the second half of the game
● Simulation of direct impact effects based on scientific computation models
● Free of any ads and in-app purchases

Earth Impact App Description & Overview

The applications Earth Impact was published in the category Games on 2017-08-01 and was developed by Nicolas Schulz. The file size is 80.30 MB. The current version is 2.1.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Extended tutorial with navigation section
- Added rubber band effect for locked camera views
- Improved iPhone X compatibility

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Plz  Mbmmom  1 star

Please add a sandbox mode plz plz plz plz plz plz plz please please plz please please please plz plz please plz please please plz plz please plz please please plz plz please please plz please please plz plz please please please plz please please plz plz please please please plz please please plz plz please please please plz please please plz plz please please please plz please please plz plz please please please update so there is a sandbox


It’s eh  Collin5518  2 star

This game was a 100% blowed purchase that I regret it’s kinda lame there’s not much to the game to make it worth someone’s time.


Not that interesting and impossible  austinhorton24  1 star

This game really isn’t that much fun and is extremely limited. I can’t get past level 7 and I’m really not into the game enough to even try at this point. Extremely boring and underwhelming. Definitely not worth paying for if you ask me.


Could have some improvements  Xenohunter101  3 star

I love this game, it’s pretty cool, I didn’t really how like how long the tutorial was, it’s pretty simple how to play it, but I work with it, the tutorial is ok, but one of the buyers is right, when your impacting water, you should expect waves, as for earthquakes, a little bit around the impact area by blackouts, like how you see in the movie, those are the things I feel they should add, and I promise you if they already had this, I would’ve given a 5 ⭐️.


Worth It  jmct3400  4 star

I often don’t review nor do I buy games on mobile devices. But much in the vein of Plague Inc the mechanics are simple, the thought is a good challenge, and the results are worth it! I hope they keep updating it, to zoom in to see a little more destruction but it’s a great game and worth a purchase and play!

i just wana rate this

Sandbox mode  i just wana rate this  4 star

I have gone threw the game at least about half and it needs a sand box mode and more objects to throw at the earth


Super boring  jjstratton  2 star

Downloaded because of the pretty screenshots. Found the gameplay to be pretty much non-existent. Basically the game is made artificially difficult around the idea that you have to very precisely select population centers based on what’s more densely lit. You can’t zoom, you just have to sort of blindly tap in the area you think will be registered with your fingertip. It’s only 99 cents, but you’ll probably get more value out of an equivalently priced Snickers bar from a vending machine. I mean come on, Snickers bars are delicious!


Eh  yeeyeebrother264  3 star

Goes from easy to extremely hard. I want to know if anyone got past chapter 8. Would be more fun if there was a sandbox mode too


Got What I Paid For  Austen1335  4 star

Can’t really complain. It’s a game that does what it says on the tin (for $0.99) but I don’t recommend this game if you have an outdated iPhone/iPod because it’s kind of hard to play with a smaller screen. The graphics are a great 10/10 but the gameplay is meh... If you only play free-to-play games and don’t have cash to spare, move on. If you have some pocket change though, definitely give this one a try.


Great Game  HELLCAT LOVER|  5 star

Cool game & concept for only a buck


Disappointed  Djennid  2 star

I must say im a little disappointed because i was kind of hoping for a fireballs, Tsunami‘s the earths crush rupturing :/ sadly none of that the area just turns dark grey its rather lack lusting and i feel implementing them would have it alot more enjoyable. The puzzle aspect is... okay needs a bit more but its okay.

india cricket boi

Boring  india cricket boi  1 star



Jayden  Travelloveschelsea  1 star

It’s so hard


Gameplay  Stackie97  3 star

Game is pretty good so far stuck on challenge three lowest I can get is 18%. That being said I think you’d need to add in a reactive environment eg tsunamis if you target the water for maximum possible damage, earthquakes that get bigger with the impact of each meteorite.


Extremely boring  Frankfrankfrankyun  1 star

What’s the point of this game all I did was tapping on the screen and I see lights of some sort so useless not worth the money

Gamer Guy 66

Too Hard, But Can be Fun  Gamer Guy 66  3 star

It’s just simply too hard. It’s just a waste of money you tap literally 12 times and it’s over. The challenges are too hard and I don’t even bother trying to get too the next level. But I’ll give it 3 stars because you tried your hardest to make this app and can be fun sometimes.


Unlock your inner demons  Sunflower473  5 star

Great game, learning where to target for maximum destruction and percentage, will recommend to others


Broken  MrGeorge-to-you  1 star

Doesn't work! Planet doesn't spin... stuck on Africa!! Not good at all

Fake as

LOVING THE NEW CHANGE  Fake as  5 star

Absolutely loving it guys really nice detailed earth the game becomes more addictive with new challenges and new content really appreciate the new content and hope too see more in the future. p.s. Nuclear war could be fun :D haha detailed explosions and detailed views of city destruction just a wish thanks again :)


Hmmm  Maskintoojay  2 star

The game: - the larger the city you tap on, the larger the circle of damage. That's it. No asteroid animation, just a blacked out circle where you wanted the impact to go. I definitely got suckered out of a $1.


Alright but not really worth it  Lordappiah  3 star

Cool game, great graphics and solid concept. However it’s just kind of pointless that’s you have to complete all the chapters in the tutorial in order to actually do free play. And I also think the targeting system can be fixed. If I’m aiming for a dense area, and I blow up another dense area next to it, I feel that my multiplier should be higher than 1.55


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  gabe.13_22  5 star

So 🤬 addicting


South America....  Ocelot1989  3 star

95.3, 95.2, 95.7, 95.7, 95.3, 95.8 Yeah I’m over it


Moderate  Junk.,  3 star

It’s a good puzzle game, although all the impacts are just a light and a shockwave. It would be nice if there was like a sandbox mode where you can just bombard earth, and also better and more realist explosions and shockwaves


Good game but it needs a sand box mode  purplefeline  4 star

I love this game to peices but the game lacks one feature that can make this the best of its kind a sand box mode or just a mode where I can freely destroy the planet which asteroids with or without it it’s still a good game


Gamemodes  Usename1234  4 star

There needs to be a free roam mode where you can just destroy the world without having to have restrictions


So far so good  T_Sous  4 star

I only just bought it but so far it is fun, reminds me of Plague Inc. one suggestion is if it would be possible to dim the lower white bar on the iPhone X? It’s a bit distracting as it’s very bright. Overall fun tho.


Chapter 7 and suggestions  Romp48  5 star

I love this game, I really do, I just have one small issue- I can’t beat level/chapter 7. I’ve probably tried it 50 times, and I’m no better than when I tried the first time. If you could balance the difficulty, maybe increase the meteors you get or make it so you kill 75% of the population instead of 85%, that’d be great. Also, you should make a sandbox mode where you have infinite meteors. And a mode where you kill a singular city, like you zoom in and you can see individual buildings and stuff and you need to destroy the whole city, so like the fist city could be New York, and then Paris, and then Rome, and on and on. Otherwise, it’s a GREAT game and I’m excited to see where it goes!


Great game but..  FizKIA  4 star

I like this game so far, really puzzles my brain but I would like some more details in the game itself. Maybe some realistic explosions, craters and actually get to witness the meteor enter the atmosphere. Like I said, like the game but some more detail would be perfect!


Great Game!!  Alylum  5 star

I love it!! This game was worth every penny 😍

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