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Slices is a fast-paced, super addictive, action-puzzle game that will get you hooked!

Tap in one of the outer circles to place the slice. Complete a circle to blow it up along with adjacent circles. Make a same-color circle to blow the whole board!

Have fun ;-)

Key Features
- Fun and easy to learn game play
- Unlimited use of power-ups
- Amazing graphics and soundtrack

Slices App Description & Overview

The applications Slices was published in the category Games on 2017-09-19 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 156.45 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Slices Reviews


SuperFun game with no quality control and few levels.  mizzc23  1 star

When I first started playing this game I was stoked. It was super fun and so relaxing making it it new levels. I couldn’t wait to see the theme of the next level (food, pattern, color, etc.). After about 10 give it take levels I reached a hot pink colored board which I cannot seem to pass no matter how careful I am to do everything right. The first problem is that if you get more than 6 of the same piece without eliminating any pieces your game is over, well this game has a tendency to give you 7 of the same pieces in a row leaving you with no chance of eliminating any for an automatic loss. The second problem is, the hot pink boards does not seem passable. I’ve been stuck on this board for 4 days and reached as much as 1000 points but it still will not take me to the next level. I do believe hot pink is the last level. Conclusion, this is a addictive game with only about 10 levels and no quality control. It’s starts out so relaxing but soon becomes frustrating because you want more. I would absolutely recommend this game if all the issues were fixed but until then Absolutely not. Creator please fix this game, I swear it would become my favorite, I would even spend money.


Don’t waste your time  Calburry  1 star

At first this game just seemed like a legitimate puzzle game, however, after only a few minutes with the game I quickly realized that I was dead wrong. This game requires no strategy, and attempting to apply logic to the puzzles is a fruitless endeavor. No matter where you place the pieces, eventually the game will inevitably give you 6 of the same piece in a row making it impossible to pass the level no matter what you do and you end up relying on luck to advance to the next level. On the surface this is a good concept for a game, however upon investing any time into it I realize its sole purpose is to make money from ads. Don’t waste your time.


game  abby8217  3 star

it’s a pretty good game but there is a lot of adds and the game makes you loose which is annoying but if your without service it’s a good game.


Stop, it’s a trap!  Nineran  1 star

You buy the “no ads”: and you still have to love through ads if you hit continue. This is really bait and switch.


Impossible to win  Kapookie8  1 star

The first few levels are fun until you reach the problem that out of the 6 pies, they give you 7 of the same exact piece which automatically makes you lose without even applying strategy. I could have maybe overlooked this flaw, but with the constant ads I had to get rid of this game.


Amazingly good!  snack06  5 star

It is so addicting and fun the only downside is that there are way to many ads in between each continuous round or every time the game is over.


Great concept, terrible follow through.  Msbeccamae  1 star

Everything was great, up until level 18, where the game gives you 6 of the same piece in a row and you’re forced to lose and start over. I’ve even tried watching the ad to keep going, it it never gets me anywhere. I’ve been on the level for a week. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get past this level. Also, before I decided to pay the $2.99 to get rid of the ads, there was a TON of ads. And they would pop up in the middle of a level. That’s why I chose to remove the ads. But now I wish I hadn’t wasted my money. This game is designed for you to fail so you’ll watch the ads trying to win. Epic fail of a game.


No  AFMedic16  2 star

Very slow and laggy. I understand the ads they aren’t that bad considering some other games, but the gameplay is so laggy! It’s very irritating!! I deleted the game shortly after I downloaded it..


Don’t play  ibexvalix  1 star

It gave me six of the same piece in a row and forced me to lose. I ended up spending more time watching ads than playing this game.

So perf OMG love it

No Strategy  So perf OMG love it  2 star

The game is completely random. There have been times where I've gotten the same piece 6 times in a row, two different pieces, and then a 7th piece that's the same that triggers a game over because there's no where to put it. There's no algorithm to it, everything is completely randomized. The games sole purpose is to shove ads in your face. It got so bad I put my phone on airplane mode just so I could actually try and figure out how to work a strategy out but that was no luck. It's all random, and you win when you get lucky Absolutely garbage game that could've been good if they were trying to make a real game and not just one giant advettisment.


A joke  Hodgsysskcosvsvshud  1 star

Clearly too many ads - game is rigged - and unable to quit the game without deleting progress which can become frustrating as levels take so long to complete


DELETED  whywhywhywhywhywhywhy?  1 star

It’s rigged Peeps. You can’t win! Why are you NOT LISTENING to your customers????? No one wants to play a RIGGED GAME!

ur maaaaam

great app  ur maaaaam  4 star

the app is almost perfect the only problem for me is that u cant choose the food u want to slice it just randomly changes but besides that i lve this app


Ads  maisemih  2 star

Addictive but almost impossible to complete level without watching an ad. After watching an ad the game suddenly makes it possible to win


Stupid  gmcdee23  1 star

The game doesn’t give you a way to be clever. If you give 7 of the same pieces, for only 6 shapes, of course you’re going to lose! Then, after losing in 20 seconds you have to watch a 45 second video. Stupid.


Ok  Lolagran1234  3 star

This is an all right game but I wouldn’t recommend it because of the ads!! There are sooo many ads its driving me crazy 😝 !! Other than the ads it is a good game. Apart from the glitches and the ads it could really be a great 👍 game. I give it a 3.


Rigged  Cleo😺  3 star

Sometimes this game gives you the same pieces so you can’t win. It can get annoying but its still sort of fun.

Ben dabbeh ale sani

Disappointing  Ben dabbeh ale sani  1 star

Too much ads that u can’t enjoy the game. And worse than all the game is not based on ur intelligence to win it s all about what slices pop out!!

dreadful customer service

Don’t pay  dreadful customer service  1 star

I liked this game although the excessive adds drove me mad, so I paid for ad free and I still have ads!!! I’ve contacted them but so far nothing. Just adds!!


Trash  dontdownloadslices  1 star

The reason why this game is recommended for ages 4+ is because you either have an IQ of a 4 year old or you don’t realise the developers of this game have an IQ of a 4 year old as they’ve actually programmed it so bad that it forces you to lose. Repeatedly given the same piece 6 times when the piece you need doesn’t come up 10+ times in a row is absolutely ridiculous. Played this game for like 10 minutes and deleted it immediately. 10/10!!!!


Rating  brhdbdn  2 star

I got an ad for this game, telling me this is the most relaxing game. When I played, it was barely relaxing.

i like designing

Needs fixing  i like designing  1 star

This game is sad. It doesn’t distribute the pieces equally. The first 7 pieces I got were exactly the same so of course I lost. But there was nothing I could do


Purchase At Your Own Risk!  FIX THIS PIECE OF CRAP!  1 star

Apparently ADD FREE doesn’t mean what I think it means. I purchased the app to go ADD FREE. I’m still forced to watch ads. Misleading at best. Complete rip-off in my opinion. Perhaps I should ask for a refund out of principle. I’ll hold my breath.....


Slices  Mlbmwmjsv  4 star

I do like the game. But it’s very difficult to get to the next level.


Lou Lou’s  grilgrillgirlllll  1 star

It is boring

Jace geringer

No more moves  Jace geringer  4 star

When your playing, it seems really fun and you start to enjoy it until you are playing and out of nowhere on your screen it says (no more moves) and when I see that I get really mad because there is no place where it shows how many move you have so when it says that, I really want to throw my phone against the wall.


Game is fun however...  heffanie  2 star

The game is very challenging and a fun but, some fixes need to be made. The whole point of the game is to fill circles and you have to clear them to make more room. It’s fun but, I did this one round of the game and it gave me the same 5 pieces in a row and I used all of them and my game finished because I had no more space. I was upset but I keep trying anyways. Stuff like that shouldn’t happen because it feels like the game is rigged sometimes and in order to continue your progress, you have to watch an ad and they become really annoying. So if you don’t really have patience, I do not recommend this game for you.


Almost Impossible  Swifter025  3 star

The game is fun to play, but most of the time the game doesn’t give you the pieces to actually beat the level and it makes it hard to play knowing that most of the time i won’t win anyway.


I hate it  I A PINY APPLE😏  1 star

It causes sooo much stress 😔


Best Game Ever  PeppyPrincessYea  5 star

Sooo stress relieving! I play it when I get ready for school.I also like to play it when I normally go somewhere in the car! Great stress relieving game to play with! Even more better than a fidget toy! The bad reviews are for jealous people.This game is just.No words to describe it.Nothing makes me happier than the Slices game! This game is SOO ON FLEEK.More fleek than my eyebrows.Have a great day people who is reading this!


Less adds and fairer positioning needed  Beazeapea  2 star

Would rather quit the app and restart than watch another ad it’s driving me crazy please use less ads I don’t want to watch one every time a game ends ? And also the random selection of shapes is completely unfair how am I to place 5 slices in the exact same position? It’s almost unfair the selection. Other wise it’s fun


Most annoying game ever !!!  KT0397  1 star

Aside from the game extremely frustrating and glitchy, the ads will drive you nuts you cannot place constantly for a decent amount of time without the app freezing and an ad opening.

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