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Slices is a super addictive puzzle game that will get you hooked!

Tap in one of the outer circles to place the current slice. Complete a circle to blow it up along with adjacent circles. Complete levels to play with new slices!

Have fun ;-)

Key Features
- Fun and easy to learn gameplay
- Amazing graphics and soundtrack

Slices App Description & Overview

The applications Slices was published in the category Games on 2017-09-19 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 145.11 MB. The current version is 2.2.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

-Introduction to the Christmas Event including new slices!

Can you complete them all?

Thanks for playing Slices! Happy Holidays!

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Slices Reviews


I wish I could rate higher  Angryfck  1 star

It’s a fun game. When it is winnable. Most games after the first few are literally impossible to win. It will sabotage you. It will give you so many of the same pieces you are forced to watch a video to continue(and then it will do it to you again) or you lose and have to try again. If the spawns were balanced, I’d give it 5 stars. It would be a great game if it were fixed. EDITED: I lowered my rating from 2 stars to 1 star and deleted the game from my phone. I really tried to give it a second chance but after being slapped in the face by 7 of the same pieces in a row, I just couldn’t contain my aggravation. I will not be reinstalling or giving this game any further chances. It is fundamentally broken.


Only if you like ads  Me2vdjvdd  1 star

If you like one minute of ads for 20 seconds of play this is the app for you.


Good Gone Bad  IveyMcK  2 star

I loved this game. It was perfect for killing time. I have enjoyed it up until the last update they provided. Now, whenever I choose CONTINUE, the app freezes and crashes. Mostly with the squares but sometimes with the circles. It has become so excruciatingly frustrating that I just can't play anymore! The most frustrating of all is when I tried to get to their App Support and found it "Under Construction" at this time. This needs to be fixed. And fast.

Avalon V.K.

I wanted to love it  Avalon V.K.  1 star

I really did. But an ad displays after EVERY game. Regardless of win or lose, there's an ad. I get that ads earn you revenue and all, but the amount of them in this game is awful. Not to mention, the game mechanics are totally broken. Twice now, I've started a round and been given the same six pieces, then a seventh of the same, causing me to lose the game before even getting a chance to win. It is a truly wonderful concept, but the deliverance is awful. Fix the mechanics and remove the occurrence times of the ads. It can't be that hard.


Pieces are Rigged to Make You Lose  bb001207  2 star

This game angers to no extent. It’s a good idea for a game, but like many others have said, it has many bugs in its algorithm. I have been stuck on the same level for weeks and it’s because the pieces that are given to me make it literally impossible to win. They will repeatedly give you the same pieces over and over again in order to make you not pass the level. I understand that the point of the game is to appropriately place the pieces, and the idea of the random pieces is okay but only to a certain extent because it genuinely is impossible to pass a level because of this. Please fix this because it makes for the game to be very frustrating I can understand failing the levels every once in a while and that’s fine but I’ve literally been on the same level for three weeks now and every time I lose it’s always because the exact same pieces showed up multiple times in a row and it is impossible to win.

Simulator games are awesome

This game is a whole lotta BS  Simulator games are awesome  1 star

to a certain point the levels are nearly impossible to complete no matter how hard you try. how can it throw out 3 of the same pieces in a row while the other circles are still incomplete with a different missing piece. It just leads you to loose no matter what so it can shower 462010 ads at you.


Algorithms are off  jlaur96  2 star

This game is fun for a little while but there algorithms are off, especially the higher you get. For example, you have to fill 6 circles with the pieces they give you but they’ll give you 7 of the same piece back to back causing you to lose automatically. Plus there are way too many ads, and in order to get rid of them you have to pay way too much!!


Soooo many ads  jeepersjess  1 star

Wow, 30 second ads to do literally anything. This is ridiculous. Not only are the ads annoying, there are times where you can’t win. This actually would be a great game if 1) you could go more than a minute without an ad and 2) it gave you a chance to win each level. It will give you the exact same piece 7 times in a row, which means you can’t clear the board first. Immediately download and delete for me.


Slices  Flipleg  3 star

Too many commercials


As trap - Liked, but ultimately Disappointed  Kris5449  2 star

I really enjoyed this game at first, and I thought I was getting better and improving, but when I downloaded it to a different device (thus started over) I realized it’s based purely on luck. The game doesn’t progressively get harder, it just takes longer to get the right pieces at each level. May as well roll some dice and say you get to a new level every time you get sixes in a row. Pretty disappointing. Turns out it’s just an excuse to make u watch ads. :-(

Jada Tiberi

Slices is AWSOME!!!  Jada Tiberi  5 star

It is SUPER relaxing and also is really cool. From Jada Tiberi

hot chocolate man

Hi  hot chocolate man  4 star

I want it to in Prove It tell you how much more Move you have left


Ugh  Mdkeoejdnskso  1 star

Too. Many. Ads.


Too many ads  qtnewbie  3 star

Lots of fun but way too many aps - got over it real quick


I love slices  BananananananaUeen  5 star

I love the idea of the game but the one thing I don’t like is all the adds.


Unable to win  MizAnnieS  3 star

So I’ll write a review even though I know the developers will never read it. What is the point of playing the squares game when on the level I’ve reached you can’t ever win? I’ve reached points of 2600+ and still can’t complete the level. Can this be fixed? It’s incredibly annoying


Bad  slicesisbad  1 star

Annoying in repeating only one shape making the game genuinely impossible and having excess adds which you cannot cross until you try the game advertised for a period of time


Don’t bother  Mellyjh81  1 star

I understand that apps need ads to be financially viable and free to the consumer but the ad set up in this game is ridiculous- forced to view ads regardless of choice and forced to wait 30 secs after an ad every time means you spend more time waiting and less time playing. Repeat selection of slice type means that solutions are often impossible meaning you spend even more time watching ads. I only had it for one day before deleting. Far better free apps that out there. Don’t waste your time.


The games okay but...  45IsACriminal  1 star

I don’t hate on the game (it’s fun enough even if it keeps presenting the same piece 7 times running ensuring failure), but the ads it plays have found away to override my phone being on silent to play embarrassing music and sounds rather loudly. I have no idea why this game lets ads override my phone’s volume control, but it’s just rude and unnecessary and means I can’t play this game anywhere in public, or while watching tv (so like basically none of the places I’d normally play a game).


GG  DavidUrquhart  3 star

I love this game! But, I don’t like how when you can’t do anything else with the slices if you have an ad u don’t get another chance but if you dont have an ad you do get a second chance


Addictive BUT  Yarilee  3 star

The game is practically set up for u to lose. Like they literally will give u that same pieces back to back to back to back! It’s ridiculous

Nemesis Maximo

Needs Balancing  Nemesis Maximo  1 star

It’s fun, but it’s all based on luck. The game will give you six of the same pieces in a row, and then when that same piece pops up again you’ll lose because there’s no possible place to put it. So it’s all based on luck, no actual skill or planning can help you.

G. Hedrick

Great but frustrating  G. Hedrick  3 star

YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME IF YOU LOVE SOLVING THINGS!! Great to get your mind off things and just relax or...if u like raging!!but........this game is just setup to fail, the first levels were AWESOME but then got impossible literally!!!!!!!!


Meh.  AmirahCReviews  3 star



Not randomized fairly  BigMommy  1 star

Not only are there ads after every level and every game but the pieces do randomize in a fair way. There are six circles and the same piece can show up 7x in a row. So you lose, unless you request an ad, and if you don’t chose to continue for another ad the game ends...and you get an ad. Not really fair and doesn’t get you very far in the game. What a waste.

The Rater 2000

Boo!  The Rater 2000  1 star

Would be fun if ads weren’t thrown in your face every 3 minutes!


Good game  Dessey08  5 star

Satisfying somehow but good game


Ad trap garbage.  dankmemes1911  1 star

This game was supposed to be fun, but it force feeds you the same peixes like 5-6 times in a row, then you’re forced to watch an advertisement. This goes on like 3-4 times in a row. I’m deleting it. Screw you guys. 🖕🏾I see what you’re doing here.

Reptilian Puzzlrler

Ads  Reptilian Puzzlrler  3 star

I love the game, but the ads are absolutely obnoxious. It’s actively making me not want to play, even though I’m really enjoying it.


AD TRAP  Punk36  1 star

Don’t waste your time with this one. The ads last longer than the game and the idiots who made it clearly haven’t figured it out themselves. You sometimes get the same exact piece 6 times in a row, making it impossible to win. And I’m sorry...$3 for this game to avoid ads??? Are you guys smoking crack??


Impossible to win  SpeedOfGravity  1 star

The sequence of slices is ridiculously idiotic sometimes and forces you to lose. its nearly as if they want you to watch an ad or something.... ugh


Shite  12murph21  1 star

Gives me 7 of one piece and none of the one I actually need


Stupid game  kevinalastair  1 star

Unfair rotation of pieces causing you to lose in situations out of your control, happens too often!


Random  Dayna🌟🐝  3 star

I feel like the slices come at random cause I will get the same slice 7 times in a row and there will be no way of winning that round


Less adds and fairer positioning needed  Beazeapea  2 star

Would rather quit the app and restart than watch another ad it’s driving me crazy please use less ads I don’t want to watch one every time a game ends ? And also the random selection of shapes is completely unfair how am I to place 5 slices in the exact same position? It’s almost unfair the selection. Other wise it’s fun

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