Slices [Games] App Description & Overview

Slices is a super addictive puzzle game that will get you hooked!

Tap in one of the outer circles to place the current slice. Complete a circle to blow it up along with adjacent circles. Complete levels to play with new slices!

Have fun ;-)

Key Features
- Fun and easy to learn gameplay
- Amazing graphics and soundtrack


Subscription options

In Slices we offer you the following subscription options:

1. Weekly First Class Membership offers a weekly subscription for $7.99 after a 3-day free trial. It gives you unlimited tickets and removes ads.

End of trial and subscription renewal

This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

Canceling trial or subscription

You can turn off the auto-renew for the subscription whenever you want to through iTunes account. Check When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed. The current active subscription period cannot be canceled. After your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use elements offered in your chosen Subscription Option. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at

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Slices Comments & Reviews

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- GREAT Game! Addictive & Fun! 🙂

I don’t typically write reviews of games or apps but I felt that this game was definitely worthy of a positive review as I was shocked by all of the negative reviews! I haven’t experienced issues with too many adds or frequent crashing of the app so I can’t speak to that but, I think people just love to troll and write negative reviews. People seem to have a lot of courage when they’re sitting behind a computer, tablet or phone screen. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love this game because it can be very relaxing yet challenging. I also enjoy the simplicity of the game. The designs of the “slices” are quirky, creative, and colorful. I love to play this game when I’m trying to wind down before bed! As relaxing as it is, it can become very addictive and challenging if you’re a competitive person! I feel like I could play this game for hours on end (if only I had the time)! The only thing missing is the ability to choose the design of the slices. Sometimes I get stuck on a level with a design that I don’t like and get frustrated because I know that I would find the game more relaxing if I could choose the design of slices. I hope this is something you’d consider in a future update! I’ve seen many other reviewers suggest the same thing and I think that it will only make the game better. Thank you for a great game as it is one of my favorites! 👍🏼

- You should get it! No really, get it RIGHT NOW

I have got to say they were right that this is super relaxing and it's not like games that are really easy all the way to the very end of the levels but it's actually getting progressively harder but still not impossible! One reason you should get this game is that it really does give you something to do when you're bored, I have played this for almost a year straight so I can tell you how addicting it is and how it never gets old! There are some ads and they can get annoying if you are really not into ads but it's not too bad, unlike other games where I have deleted them because there were ads every two seconds it felt like. So don't download if you have a thing about ads, but I can tell you that they really aren't THAT bad. It's also completely free because unlike other games, there are no in-app purchases unless you are dying to get tickets but you get those every time you beat a level so you can't be too picky but they don't offer a premium version or a VIP version which is nice. Have a good day, and I can promise you that your days will be just a little more fun if you download this game! I hope you take my advice but don't download it if you hate commercials very very much but again they are not too bad.

- ...It’s OK...

OK, so I’ll start off with THIS... REALLY?!?! Slices is a pretty good game, but it’s one of those games that you don’t play on a regular basis. I have this game on my other device and I COULD NOT STOP PLAYING IT!!!! It was SO FUN!! But then, after I got to level 21 I stopped playing Slices because of how BORING it got to me!!!!!! Ok, so this is why I typed: REALLY?!?! It’s because... REALLY?!?! It didn’t happen once, it didn’t happen twice, it didn’t happen THREE TIMES, it happened A LOT. What happened a lot? HOW THE GAME WOULD CONSTANTLY GIVE ME THE WRONG PIECES!!!!!! Yeah, I get it you have to put the pieces in the right place to pass a level but the game would literally give me THE SAME PIECES OVER AND OVER AGAIN until I ran out of space to put THE SAME PIECES!!!😩😩😩😩😩😩😒😒😒😒😒😒 another thing that made the game boring was how you weren’t in control of the next fruit or veggie in the next level!! It would be nice if you could make your own fruit or veggie!! That way you could kinda customize your own level! Other than these two problems, Slices is a really great game! (BY THE WAY, I RATE THE GAME BY HOW MANY PROBLEMS I HAD. I HAD TWO PROBLEMS SO I AN GIVING THE GAME A 3/5 STAR RATING)

- Very poorly developed

This isn’t a puzzle game, yet its being advertised as one. I even paid for this, because the ads were just too crazy terrible, and the first couple rounds were simple and fun. But once you get about 5 rounds in, it becomes apparent that the pieces spawn in a completely random (or worse, intentionally impossible) order that forces you to lose the round. A puzzle game provides a set round with a set way to solve it. You can even tell these rounds are just a random set of pieces because when you fail and start over, it’s an entirely different round! It just gets insanely frustrating when you get far in a round, and then you’re presented 7 of the same piece in a row and you automatically lose, no matter how you played any others piece the entire rest of the game. There’s also no satisfaction to finishing one round, because it’s not like you managed to get the placement right, figured out the puzzle, get to move on to another one. Because like I said, even if you fail the round, you’re given a totally new one regardless of if you technically advance or not. The ads in this game are as awful as everyone says. But the game itself is only $3, so if you enjoy it, I personally think that’s a very reasonable trade off to just pay for it. It’s not loaded with micro transactions or a monthly fee, just the one time $3. So if you can tolerate this to level 7 (just to be safe), just pay for it.

- Great game, ads are ridiculous

I understand having ads on a game to make it free and I’m all for that. It helps me play fun games and spend no money. But the game offers an ad to continue when you’re out of moves and then when I click not to watch an ad it takes me to the menu and proceeds to play an ad. It’s ridiculous and angering and I feel like I might as well watch the ad to continue because I’ll have to watch an ad either way. It’s disappointing to see the ads are overwhelming in this game because it truly is a good game. I think a better ad system would help. Possibly giving you retries and to get those you have to watch ads or pay. Then rather than offering an ad after you lose, you can watch as many as you want in the store for free retries. Then set a certain amount of losses per ad, say three. Every three losses it shows an ad. And I can continue my game with retries from the store (using real money or watching ads). This is just one method of fixing the ad problem. It’s infuriating to spend all the time in a level and then not continue, just to see a new ad and it’s what made me delete the game the first time. Hopefully this gets improved although I doubt it will as this game grows older.

- Frustrating but fun

I don’t reviewing apps but after reading how many people feel this is an “Ad Trap” I thought I would. I don’t have a problem with the ads simply for the fact that you have an option to “kill” it after only watching a few seconds. I don’t think I’ve ever had to watch a full add. I agree with the one reviewer that it should be easy to win each puzzle if you prioritize the circles; however, I realize the pieces are randomly generated and sometimes you get the same piece so many times there isn’t a move left. The game does give you a little hammer which you can use every so often when you see a piece coming that will cause you to lose. Either people are not paying attention to the next piece or they’ve already smashed a piece and are waiting for the hammer to regenerate. I’m on level 42 and I’ve only been playing a little while and have used the hammer once. So for those who find it impossible after level 5, you’re obviously not placing your pieces in the best order. I too get frustrated that I can be so close to completing a level only to have that ONE piece screw me over, but that’s what keeps me coming back. If it were so easy to win then nobody would play.

- A little more variety please!

Pretty good. Yes, a lot of ads, but there’s a one-time 3$ option to remove them, and if you can’t spend 3$ on an app you enjoy I’m not sure why you even have a smart phone. As far as the RNG, this I don’t mind either. I’ve gotten past level 30, there are some basic tricks to it, but it’s also like any card game: Chance is involved, and you just have to deal with that. If it wasn’t it’d be based on memorization and a lot of trial and error, and to me that’s just a drag. So I like the game, and there’s also daily challenges that require a different strategy to change things up. One thing I will say is I wish they’d change the leveling system. Each level gets harder and harder, until you need 500 points or more to advance to the next level. This is fine as far as it goes...but eventually you get stuck, as your chance of randomly getting the right piece combinations gets very slim mathematically. And then you’re staring at the same pattern forever and ever. I’d suggest maybe varying the number of points needed, or maybe adding a way to reset your levels or randomize the pattern—so you can still feel you’re advancing and get to look at different things.

- Ad trap

Have you ever been doing 60 on a highway only to roll into a small town and have the speed limit suddenly drop to 30 or less? The police in these towns are always prepared for those who don’t slow down in time. They immediately set after you, blue lights ablaze. These towns are often commonly referred to as “speed traps” Well, this game is an Ad Trap. I noticed as I was playing the game doesn’t correct itself for overdoing it on the repeat pieces. So I took my time and thought carefully about the placement of every single piece to ensure I wasn’t missing some way of solving the puzzle. No, even when the utmost care is taken to place every piece in exactly the right order and fill to completion as many circles as possible you can end a round with a score of 35 and nowhere else to put your right angled 1/6th of the pie. After you end a round by losing you’re given the option to play an Ad to continue or click the small x to start over. You’ll be played an Ad no matter which you choose. Click the home button instead? Ad. You will sometimes lose the same round 8 or 9 times even when planning your every move. I am convinced this is simply for the ad value. What could have been a very fun game and still has a great concept is absolutely ruined by the obscene number of unnecessary advertisements.

- Fixed to make you pay (GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY)

I do believe this game is fixed to make you watch the ads. I’d gladly pay the $3 to get rid of ads but that would only get rid of the ads I don’t mind as much, the ones in between the levels. I complained about the ads that I have to “choose” to watch in order to keep playing the game, you know the ones that paying $3 dollars doesn’t get rid of. After I complained, suddenly I get to now “enjoy” commercial breaks in the middle of the game, as if the multiple ads I “choose” to watch aren’t enough to go through. I’m on a level in the 70’s so it takes a lot of points to win, which means that I have to “choose” to watch a lot of ads during the game in order to not start over and lose my points. Now I get the lovely commercials too! While the app itself shows an option to pay $3 to get rid of ads, according to this actual description page, if you really want the whole thing, you get to pay them $8/ WEEK, that’s $24 per month or $32 for the months that are 5 weeks long. That’s insane. These people are seriously greedy. And they are not above throwing every ad at you they can in order to get you to “subscribe.” I’m at a point where I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. I’m now looking for another, similar game that is maybe made by makers who are less greedy.

- Great game, greedy developers?

First and foremost, LOVE the game. Four star rating even though the newest update is a complete rip off. I find it relaxing and the designs are creative, it plays well. I’ve managed to get a few of my friends hooked on it as well. I enjoy the challenge of getting almost to the end, but not getting quite the right pieces. I understand how it can seem rigged to many people, for me I find it motivating. I did pay for the no ad version and was excited to see the addition of “around the world” levels. However, 3 days free and then 7.99 A WEEK for unlimited tickets is asinine. If the owners of this game truly expect their players to spend $415 a year to play without extensive Ad breaks, you will absolutely see a decline in downloads. There has already been multiple reviews about how this game is an Ad Trap and at this point, with the new $415 total charge, I am in agreement. I’ll continue to play the regular levels, but the “around the world” portion will go heavily unused by me and many others, I’m sure. I urge you to rethink the steep fee. It makes the game seem incredibly greedy and therefore makes me think to play it less which is disappointing to say the least.

- Near Impossible to Win and Strange Ads

Don’t bother with this app. As already stated by another reviewer, this game is extremely difficult to win. There’s a lot of free apps— that are bogged down with ads— that are exactly like this. This slices game in particular is the worse I’ve seen. I was constantly getting the same pieces in a row until I had no more space and was forced to deal with losing or would just quit in aggravation. The algorithms for the piece selection are either poorly randomized or designed solely to get you to lose. But, even worse than that is the fact that I received an extremely alarming ad that is most likely to blame for why my phone keeps freezing and crashing. One night while playing, I’m suddenly stopped by a random ad for pornography. It’s never happened to me before, and I don’t know who’s to blame for it happening with this game. This ad was a 15-30 second long series of uncensored video clips from some porno, and I could NOT skip it. I had to wait it out. However, my phone freeze right after, and I can’t press any of the buttons either. My phone then inevitably crashes and restarts after several minutes. I’ve since deleted this wreck of an app, but the damage is still there. Just yesterday my phone crashed three or four times in less than 24 hours. I can’t believe this nonsense.

- This game is so addicting!!!!🤩 By:Jillian

Okay, first of all, this game is amazing! I saw it on an ad one day and it caught my attention. I came here to say that it’s an OUTSTANDING game!!!! I’m on level 11 I think...I have the pink grapefruit slices. Too lazy to look XD. ANYways, I came to this review to say that this game is very fun! I like that they added a world tour, and daily challenges, and all that fun stuff! That way, the game is way less boring! I also think that the idea of making each level a different little object is very creative! It lets out all the work they put in to make this game. I also think it’s really cool that you get to go to all sorts of different places in the world on the world tour games! Right now I’m at China, and I’m about to move to another place! I’m stuck on level 12 in China :c I also just love the idea that you guys made all sorts of different objects for the daily challenges! I just did one today. It was a cute little koala! I have done emojis, foods, yin yang simbol’s, and more! Again, I just wanted to say that this game is one of my favorites of all! Thank you for the amazing experience, developers! 🙏🏼😁

- 3 Stars But Only Due To Bombardment of Ads

I really love the concept of this game it is the right amount of challenging without being too easy or hard and lots of fun to play. Unfortunately I had to delete it though because there was not enough of a gap between ads. I understand in order for there to be free gameplay ads are necessary but the bombardment of ads is a little excessive. If one round gave you maybe a minute of play time before a game over you’re looking at least a 35 second ad every time. If this game actually allowed you to skip the ads after five seconds I would consider keeping this game. However, it does not. My philosophy is that no matter how great the game is if there are excessive ads to the point where I’m frustrated and I don’t get a break between them it doesn’t matter I delete the game. Unfortunately I had to delete this game because every time a round ended I got an LONG ad I couldn’t skip. If it was ever changed to every other time a round ended or you got a little bit of a break between bombardments of ads that would be a different story. That is why sadly I had to give a five star game three stars. It’s not relaxing when you’re constantly harassed by ads.

- Great game and chill on the ads

I love the game. It’s different, clever and fun. Quickly addicting. I paid $2.99 to remove the ads, which I was fine with as it’s a good value. I was seriously PO’d when I found that i could easily find myself watching ads again. This is my third iteration of writing a review for this app and I finally get the ad policy and I must admit I like and use it. Basically, if you’re stymied in a particular round you get the chance to restart and keep your points for watching a 30 second ad. You can choose not to watch the ad and simply reset to zero. So, they really should explain this in a help file as it would create a lot less confusion. I can finally give this app the five stars it deserves! PUT IN A HELP FILE and save yourself from many bad reviews! Some suggestions: you should give a bonus every time the player clears all the slices. Also, you should allow the player to continue the game even though he has achieved the next level. It would be fun to see if a very high score can be achieved. Good job and keep going!

- Fun, but poorly designed in areas

This game is a clever, moderately challenging, but flawed game. The upside is that the visual design is extremely well done and the game play in general offers a moderate challenge. I choose games that make me think, but I don’t want my time wasters to seem like advanced calculus. The game play is where the game fails, however. I assumed that the game would randomly select the game pieces, but based on the three or four months I have been playing, there is absolutely no way the piece selection is random. I don’t remember a lot of my statistics class, but I’m pretty sure is is impossible for the same piece to be delivered six out of eight times. This is made worse by the fact that while the game is driven by ads (the free version), the fame will shove ads at you between games, but when you actually want to see an ad so you can continue playing, it won’t let you. You are literally locked out of playing. While I understand that game designers would like to get paid for their games, the reality is that I’m not going to pay for some to waste my time for ten minutes while I’m in a waiting room. So I stop playing and move on to another game. Who chases away their audience?


Don’t get me wrong, the first hour or so you play, you will enjoy. But you die constantly in situations you could not possibly avoid. You’re using good strategy, carefully planning where you put each and every piece in a painstaking process, and then it gives you three of the same piece in a row. A piece that won’t complete a circle, and that you only have two spaces for. This happens CONSTANTLY, and leaves this game less challenging than just frustrating and miserable. But don’t worry, there’s a solution! The hammer! Watch a thirty second ad with some additional thing that makes you wait on a title screen, and you can clear one circle. And die again within ten moves. Each and every time I’ve used the hammer, this has happened. There’s also an option to watch another long ad when you die to clear the board and keep the score. If you don’t like the idea of losing and retrying a level repetitively to hope the luck’s good, this is the only possible way to reliably beat levels, some of which have time based access. Yep. It’s one of those games. On top of that whenever you win or lose a level and go to retry, exit or move on, you get slapped with yet another ad. They gotta make crazy money on everybody. I never write app reviews, but I hope I can spare someone this nightmare.

- too many ads & not enough strategy

great concept but two main problems: 1. too many ads! i get a 30 second ad every time i win or lose a level. this 30 second ad is consistently followed by .. wait for it .. ANOTHER 30 second ad!! 60 seconds of ads every time i win or lose a level (regardless of whether i choose to “continue” when losing). it may only take about 30 seconds to lose a level (see below) so this is a LOT of ads. tbh apple should not allow games with this many ads in the app store but i guess they’re too greedy to give up even a tiny portion of their massive ad profits (on top of the billions they make selling iphones and ipads! .. for everyone’s information they have $285 billion in the bank they do not need to be drowning us in cheesy add to cover their costs of doing business 2. this game is too much chance and not enough strategy. i love a challenge but so i get impossible combinations way too often. for example i’ll get seven pieces which cover the upper right slice and zero pieces which cover the center left slice. this is an automatic failure and nothing you can do about it. tbh this seems to happen more than i would even expect from random chance, i think the game is deliberately giving impossible combinations to push more ads!!

- Read before Downloading

It’s true that the game is a bit of an ad dump but that is easily avoidable if you have data. Just swap to your data for a few seconds, open the app on data, go to your phone settings and cellular data, turn off Slices so that it can no longer receive data. Wham bam, you’re done. As long as you’re on data the game will no longer play ads because it has no connection and you’ll still receive all your text and notifications from other apps. If you don’t have data then just use airplane mode or turn off WiFi. Not a big deal. Anyhow, a lot of people are saying the levels are impossible, those people are wrong. They just haven’t figured out how to play the game properly. You have to make use of the upcoming piece to finish circles as quickly as possible to win. All in all 10/10 game, definitely recommend it to pass time

- Fun game...but the ads!

I’ve been playing this for about two weeks now. It’s a fun game but it can be difficult and even impossible to pass a level without having to watch ads. The game will give five of the same exact piece and then the sixth piece will be different, and the seventh the piece you just got five of...and then the board is filled and cannot accommodate anymore pieces. Then you have to watch an ad to clear it. If you clear the board on your own, you have to watch an ad. Sometimes the ads freeze and the only way out is to force close the app, which means you lose all progress and have to start the level again. That’s really frustrating. I think the developers don’t care about the game, they just care about ad revenue. Clear half the board? Ad. Win a level? Ad. Have to clear the board because you’ll lose the level if you don’t? Ad. Been too long since you’ve seen an ad? Ad. It’s a fun game, but the ads get so annoying, but the game isn’t fun enough where I would want to pay to get rid of ads. Also, it would be nice to be able to pick what the pieces look like. I enjoyed the fruit levels.

- Fix your algorithm

I never write review of any app, but from playing this game it made me want to write a complaint. First I think this a great idea of a game. I think if this was coded right the game would def would be 5/5, but other than the concept everything else about this game is crap. Your constantly bombarded with ad. I really don’t mind having ads once it’s a while, but for this game there are constants ads that pops up and you can clearly tell they only made this game to make you either buy the no ad version(which I actually would have if this game wasn’t to RNG based game) As for the game itself, I think this games idea is well thought of but coded incorrectly. First of all I don’t mind getting random pieces throughout the game, but you should have a RNG checked to make sure that you gave the user at least 1 of every piece in order to clear one circle. It’s really frustrating when you start the game blank but you get 6 right pieces in a row followed by a random piece then to come up with another right piece. That is not a good game design nor a good algorithm. If you want to develop a game at least let the user make a stupid mistake to make them feel that they messed up instead of the gaming screwing them over, which this game doesn’t constantly.

- Plz read

🍁🍁🍁 I agree with the person who said “same pieces over and over”. This is a good game, but you should make it better. By “Better”, I mean you should update it to make not the same pieces every time. It’s the ONLY thing that frustrates me. I also read another persons Review, and it said “ad trap”. Then I read ANOTHER review, and it said “if you don’t want ads just turn on airplane mode or turn off your internet”. I agree with just turning on airplane mode. I’ve been playing so many games with lots of ads, and by turning on airplane mode, I’m getting NO ads. And if the person who said turn on airplane mode is reading this, I am very thankful to you because I actually never new about airplane mode. Thanks for reading if your the one who said about airplane mode, or whoever made the game, or whoever else. This took about 22 minutes to write, to thanks for reading! I love the game except the same pieces over and over and over and over. This was made in 2018. October 7th. Bye! And have a great Autumn! 🍁🍁🍁

- Great app for people who like no music.

I think the app is great is very relaxing and satisfying. Also I think that there is just the right amount of apps even though I would like to have no ads I am not bothered with the amount that they’re already is. My only problem is I would like it to have some type of tune to listen to so that I can play the game while listening to some music. Otherwise this game is fun satisfying and relaxing. So please take my vice and adding some music to the app. I recommend this app to anyone who likes satisfying relaxing and fun activities to do while you’re at home with nothing else to do. I do not recommend this app to anyone who has trouble if there is no music. Another thing is I do like that there is a variety of slices that you can use. For example for fruit you could have watermelon, kiwi, and it just goes on. Also if you don’t want fruit there’s pizza and avocado toast with olives. Also I would’ve rated this app 4.5 stars but the story is too small and it won’t let me click in between the fifth store so just know that my rating is 4.5. 🥝🍉🍕

- Easy fun way to pass the time

That's what this game is. It's there when I'm bored and want something light to play. The only thing I think it's missing is like a hold feature (think Tetris). The biggest problem I face when playing is the places where you place the pieces of pie (aka tins, for a lack of a better term) can fill up in each section very quickly. So if each part of the tin pointing to the right has a pie in it then a right pointing pie comes along and game over, but add a hold feature that holds that piece and I'd have the next piece make it easier to clear a tin and keep you hooked just a bit longer. The game has an interesting feature that tells you what the next piece is (after the one your planning to place) which can help you plan to a certain degree but not all the time. For example I came across a situation where I had filled 5 of the right facing pieces and was given a 6th one to place. Which is fine except the next piece was a half piece that had a right facing piece which ended the game. Again that hold spot would have come in handy. Just something for the creators to keep in mind while they update the game.

- “Random” pieces

I never write reviews, ever, but I feel that this game needs more one stars or this problem won’t be fixed. The amount of times a player gets the same piece should be fixed, it is impossible to play and win the game if players are getting the same piece 7 turns in a row. I suggest putting setting a rule for your “randomization” such as the same piece may pop up but only 3 to 4 times in a row. Also if a curtain piece does not show up at all in game play then there is no way to win, so I suggest another rule to override your “random” piece generator, where in the player receives that missing piece after 12-15 turns. It seems that other players have a problem with adds, I don’t share that frustration. I personally don’t mind the adds and understand that is how this company makes its money. But I can make an education guess and say that this company is making a lot of money right now due to the fact that this game can be impossible to win, forcing its players to watch adds. I think this game can do very well, but if these changes aren’t made it proves that this company believes its add revenue is more important than players enjoying the product. I hope to change my one star in the future but I won’t hold my breathe.

- SuperFun game with no quality control and few levels.

When I first started playing this game I was stoked. It was super fun and so relaxing making it it new levels. I couldn’t wait to see the theme of the next level (food, pattern, color, etc.). After about 10 give it take levels I reached a hot pink colored board which I cannot seem to pass no matter how careful I am to do everything right. The first problem is that if you get more than 6 of the same piece without eliminating any pieces your game is over, well this game has a tendency to give you 7 of the same pieces in a row leaving you with no chance of eliminating any for an automatic loss. The second problem is, the hot pink boards does not seem passable. I’ve been stuck on this board for 4 days and reached as much as 1000 points but it still will not take me to the next level. I do believe hot pink is the last level. Conclusion, this is a addictive game with only about 10 levels and no quality control. It’s starts out so relaxing but soon becomes frustrating because you want more. I would absolutely recommend this game if all the issues were fixed but until then Absolutely not. Creator please fix this game, I swear it would become my favorite, I would even spend money.

- Same stupid piece given 6 times in a row

I really love this game and honestly play it way to much. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time the “random” pieces it gives you are the same piece 6 times in a row so then if that piece shows up again you lose. Or you can almost have a tin finished and then it will give you the same pieces over and over and there is nothing you could have done differently to make it work. If it was something I did wrong in the puzzle that would be one thing but when you’ve been playing the same round for 3 days and you can’t get past it because you keep hitting a wall of the game giving you the same piece you already have, it can be really frustrating. I would have given this app a 5 star (even with all the ads that you have to watch) if it wouldn’t keep making you lose with nothing you can do about it. I wouldn’t even care if it was the same thing over and over just with a different pie picture and not having levels at all. This app is mainly a time waster and is supposed to help “relax” but I end up more frustrated then relaxed. Very upset with this glitch.

- Enraging and Ridiculous

The app you see above you consists of one objective throughout the game. Complete a “full circle” of different circular (fruits, flowers, foods, etc). The circle is complied of 6 different “Slices”, hense the title. Although, firstly, after each round of “Slices” you partake in, the pathetic excuse for an app/game send you to an ad. You have the option to watch an ad to continue your failed attempt at a round, but it does no good. Because the main reason for this review is to inform that the entirety of this stupid game is completely rigged. You might be telling yourself at this point, “no duh you stupid loser, absolute moron, excuse for a human, every game is rigged”. But this garbage is INDESCRIBABLY ENRAGING. I am NOT someone to get overly angry and write a review, but after participating in this app (which is more enraging than when my dad would beat me and I couldn’t do anything about it), I am COMPLETELY FILLED WITH NOTHING BUT PURE RAGE AND I AM LITERALLY CRAPPING FLAMES. Anyway. This is the absolute most waste of time I’ve ever seen. Save yourself before the war starts. Before you slowly lose your sanity as you sit in your room for days and days, starving yourself to the point of eating your own limbs. Starting with the toes, slowly working your way up to your knees. STAY AWAY.

- There needs to be a significant change

I am a big fan of puzzle games. They are a great way to pass the time if you are waiting for something. The idea of this game is great and at first glance is seems like a great app to download. I even don’t mind the amount of ads that the app displays as it has become such a standard in puzzle games (that’s a separate issue). Where this game earns a low rating for me and why I would never recommend this game to anyone is the fatal flaw in the mechanics of this game. Each “level” is a mystery to see if the game will let you win. The tile generator feels completely random and verging on purposefully impossible to beat. When the game throws the same two or three tiles at the player multiple times before any other to clear a circle, there is no chance for skillful puzzle solving. I have been “stuck” on multiple levels not because it was too difficult, but because the game refused to allow me to win. This goes against the basis of a puzzle game. The developers need to change the mechanics or admit what the current state of the game really is, a cash-grabbing ad generator with a game for distraction.

- Repeat pieces makes lvls impossible sometimes

So the free version is NOT worth playing since you need to use your hammer tool on some levels and every time I clicked it on the free version, it would show a 30 sec ad with a 15 sec follow up ad screen and then reset my game when it went away. So you need to buy it to actually enjoy a legit version. However, the random piece generator is not programmed to understand that it’s impossible for you to pass a level when you +6 of the same piece in a row since there are literally only 6 canvases you can put them on. I’ve gotten 9 of the same piece in a row and luckily I closed out one of the canvases to make room for the repeat pieces coming in, but after I used those 3 canvases up with the first 8 pieces, I wasn’t able to place the 9th one and lost since I already used my hammer in the same kind of situation that same round. Frustrating when a PUZZLE game was quickly coded and not actual strategic in their algorithm for the piece generator. Make it so that you don’t force your user into a hole by burying them in the same pieces.

- This game is pointless!

I never do reviews on games but this one has me at a loss. I made it all the way to level 14 then I have been stuck on level 14 for a week now. It Is literally impossible to move forward in the game. It has nothing to do with strategically moving your pieces. You can only play the piece that the game gives you, therefore, whether you win or lose it’s totally out of your control. It’s like the game is playing itself and you’re just moving the pieces out. If there are 6 circles and you get the same piece 6 or 5 times in a row what other options do you have? Not only have I been on the same level for an entire week but I’m talking not just playing the game daily but playing the game for hours daily and lose every time. Hundreds of try’s at the same level to get the same piece 5 and 6 times in a row. Sorry, but there are too many games out here to play and I am just not going to waste anymore time on something that’s gonna have the same result every time. Fix your game if you want people to continue playing it because right now it’s just plain stupid and redundant that results in the same outcome each and every time. Boring!

- Ad bait n’ switch

Contrary to the reviewer who was never taught to keep his/her claptrap shut if nothing constructive comes out of it, I think it bears mentioning that this game is a HUUGE ad trap. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, hiding behind anonymity to attack people for giving an honest opinion makes you a pretty poor citizen. Anyway...yeah, if the developers want $3...ASK FOR $3! Don’t bait players into your “free” model and then attempt to coerce the money out of them with you “ads no matter what” platform. This would be a great game if you were allowed to PLAY IT!! 5 minutes of play with 3 of them being used on long ads is just ridiculous and the developers need to do better. That isn’t the way to get me to give you my money! Let me determine if the game is worth $3 and maybe I’ll buy it (for example if there are more features, harder levels, etc.). I won’t buy it just so I can play it to see if I like it. It’s about integrity, not whether or not I’m tech savvy enough to work around a trap. Some of us use our phones for more than games so disabling WiFi or initiating airplane mode is counterproductive to what we aim to accomplish. When did snark and rudeness become the primary social currency?

- Ads

The only reason I have given this game one star is because of the ads. The game itself is very enjoyable and fun to play but the ads take away from that. It is not just little pop ups on the bottom of the screen but every time a new game starts a long video ad shows up. It is ver frustrating to deal with while trying to play a so-called “relaxing game”. I do not appreciate the fact that there are so many other games advertised, games that include 30 second ads. I will admit to be an impatient person but I’m also understanding. I understand this is the way they make money from the game. I understand that showing ads helps them to be able produce their own ads. I just do not appreciate the greedy way it is done. I strongly appreciate the way they do not try to get you to buy things in the game but I would rather have that than all the ads. I do not usually make comments but if the ad situation is not sooner or later fixed, I will delete the app. It is a shame that such a great game be messed up by such a frustrating yet small issue. I am probably overreacting, but as a player of the game, I really wanted to voice my opinions. Thank you.

- Dumb people...

The people who are saying this is an “ad trap” and whining about ads really need to advance in technology. If you don’t want to see ads, go in airplane mode or just turn off WiFi and/or LTE(if you refuse that, then you don’t need to cry and complain about the ads). It’s literally what I do, and whenever I want to reset my turn(you need to watch an ad to do so) I turn off airplane mode and everything works fine. Stop complaining, it’s so annoying. Find a way around it like I did, without ads they can’t get don’t watch them until they change. One problem that I highly doubt you’ll fix is getting the same piece 4-6 times in a row. Losing is inevitable. Maybe if you stop this from happening, I’ll watch your ads. But for now, I’ll continue to block your ads and lose I guess. Also, one dumb reviewer said he can’t get past 35 points...that’s just them being bad at the game. I’m on level 27 and yes, it does get harder and takes longer. Y’all really being babies. Game is fine for the most part but more frustrating than stress free.

- Pretty fun, but needs some improvements.

This is a really fun game and a super cool concept, but there are 2 problems that make it really aggravating to play. The main problem is that it is usually impossible to win! In order to clear some of the six circles to make places for new pieces, you need to complete circles with the pieces randomly given to you. However, it often gives you seven of one piece and zero of another, making it completely impossible to win and advance in the game. I would suggest some programming to make it so that you get at least one of each piece before you get seven of another. The second problem is the ads. No matter what you do, you get constantly spammed with ads (after every game!) for the same products and games that I don’t care about and don’t look interesting at all. And you have to constantly watch them because the games are so short, so when it is impossible to win games and you lose, you end up watching ads every twenty seconds. So annoying! Overall, I’d say this is a very fun and cool game, and I enjoy playing. I think it would truly be a five-star app if you just fixed those two things.

- More Ad Than Game

This game is pretty good but the amount of ads are absolutely absurd. About every two minutes there’s an ad. Or every time I get a large combo. And it’s not even when I tap “Continue” and watch an ad, that would be me choosing the ad. But no. It’s always an ad. Absolutely ridiculous- And with the ads, it’s not even optional. They could at LEAST have an “X” in the corner to exit. But you have to wait until you’re about halfway through the ad, or you have to wait all the way to the end. And not just that, sometimes I’ll try to do the playable ads because whats the point in just sitting there doing nothing and watching an ad- but then sometimes I’ll try to exit out of it and my touch screen won’t work. Or just try to tap anything and nothing works. My touch screen just stops working. And it only then. When I double-click my home button to close the app, and I slide up, it all of a sudden works. My touch screen works. So, it only then. It’s only when I’m trying to use the playable ad.

- The Struggle of Chance

The top review when I downloaded the game warned me of repeat pieces causing an inability to clear pies. I figured it may not be an issue anymore, so I downloaded the game anyway. The concept is great, really. I did the daily challenge and I worked my way through the first two levels. Now I’m on the third level. As each piece comes up, I’m evenly distributing each one, focusing on clearing at least one pie. But after a handful of moves, the pies are getting full and the options of what I need are limiting. Then there’s another left piece. Game over. I don’t want to deal with the ad, so I close the game out. I try again with the same result: no opportunity to clear a pie. I try again. And again. And then, I make it past. Onto the fourth level. I go awhile, clearing pies, and then I get stuck. Was it me or the game? At this point it’s not bad, because I had choice and success at clearing the game. So the struggle is clear: this game isn’t worth it if the pieces are too repetitive. Once the developers figure that out, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

- Smh

I am giving this game three stars and i wanna start off with the ADS EVERYTIME YOU LOSE its so annoying at least make it have ads every two or three times but no its everytime! I get it and im still not going to download ANY of the games that are being continuously shown! Alright so the next part, i believe this game is unfair or i must not know the correct way to play it. How is it that i lose because i'm out of moves but thats all the game is giving me? You have no control over that and it can be fustrating when you get the same piece until you have no more moves... Maybe i don't know the tricks to that yet im not sure but i feel like on each level i lose a certain amount of times before i can win the level! And lastly this game is great when you win, im not saying i have to win every single thing but at least make it a little bit less fustrating maybe adding where you can switch the upcoming piece with the current piece? You literally have no control over anything besides where the pieces go.

- How does the scoring work?

With the newest update, it seems like you get the same stupid piece over and over a little less frequently, and I like the option to break a circle with the hammer once a game. But I can’t figure out how the scoring works, and that’s really frustrating! The daily puzzle is no problem—it’s clear that you complete a certain number of circles. But the regular puzzle levels have 2 consecutive numbers with a line between them and it’s unclear what portion of the line is completed for what or if those 2 numbers even have any significance. For example, I’m on level 98 and the two numbers on the score bar are 26 and 27. What does that mean? And do you get points for only the circles you complete or also for the adjacent circles that clear when you complete one circle? With no delineation on the score bar, I can’t tell.

- 1 stars for the wrong reasons

People who rated this one star based on the fact that they were losing clearly either know nothing about simple math, have no critical thinking skills, or just got mad and wrote the review without thinking. Think about how the game works. All 6 pies share the same 6 pieces. Each piece has the same spot on every single pie. Now think about how the player loses. A game is lost when a player doesn’t have a spot for a slice. Now think about those two things together, and you’ll realize the only way this game could be lost is if the player is given 7 of the same piece without being given at least one of every other piece before. The game isn’t biased in its RNG. RNG is the best way to run this game, thinking about how the game works. Now with that out of the way, I still rated this 2 stars because I do agree with the “ad trap” review. I couldn’t have thought of a better analogy for a game like this. Very well put. Developers, please lower the amount of ads. I guarantee you there is more LONG TERM profit when a one time payment to remove ads is implemented.

- Boring with too many ads, do not download

The sole object of the game is to look at the slice puzzle pieces and click one of the six circles to put it in until one of the circles is full. That’s it. Which is fine, it’s simple and easy, but it never gets harder. The “levels” only change the color of the slices and how many points you’re supposed to get. My main problem is with the ads though. The game will give you six of the same slice in a row very often, which forces you to lose, the your options are: continue by watching an ad, or start over. Only, if you choose to start over, you still have to watch the ad. Overall it’s a simple, overly easy game with excessive ads. Not worth the download in my eyes. EDIT: I wrote this like 2 minutes ago but just now when I reopened the app it spawned a new ad that had forced audio, which is a complete dealbreaker for me. If I have my phone on silent I shouldn’t have to worry about a 30 second video ad blasting music at me. This app is worthless, do not download.

- Bored

I only rated this game three stars out of five stars because, 1 it doesn’t tell you how many turns or times that you get To complete the circle or what you’re trying to make to complete the circle or what you’re trying to make whole, 2 it’s not even a Strategy game! An a example is one time I needed one more piece to complete the circle, so I looked at what was coming up And what was coming up wasn’t the piece I needed and that was fine the next thing that was coming up is not the piece I needed and then went on like that for about three times so I lost because there was no piece that I needed coming up so really it isn’t even a strategy game you can’t do anything to prevent the piece from coming, 3 and honestly it’s not even entertaining, well sure if you went On a long car ride and you had no other game to play sure you can play this for a while but it’s kind of boring and it’s frustrating it’s not relaxing or fun to play. So in my opinion I do not love this game, have a good night and a good day.

- Not fun, glitchy!

I love games and have a stressful life, so when I saw that this game was relaxing I decided to get it. I was play in the game and around level two I noticed it said no more moves, which I thought was interesting because it never showed me how many moves I had left out how many I have used. I kept playing and after the game gave me all of the same piece I was ready for the next but it said no more moves. I noticed it said that because it gave me the same piece again! I was really upset that I was very close to the score I needed and it was a computer’s mistake that took me away from going to the next level. This automatically stressed me out because you never knew when the computer would give a piece that can’t go anywhere because all the circles already have that piece. If you are thinking about getting this game because an ad for it said it was relaxing I would not recommend it unless you can deal with a computer making mistakes causing you to have to start over.


So i got this game and i was like oh ok it looks good and it looks really cool. so i opened the app got to like level five or something... but that took me longer than needed. THE FIRST LEVELS R SUPPOSED TO BE REALLY EASY OK. the reason for this complication is that it will play the same slice over and over and over and here is nothing u can do about it so how the hell r u supposed to win? another thing is the daily challenges; i think thats how the actual game should be, only every once in a while the number will go up to five or something. then the daily challenges should be what the regular game is. also, dont make us watch an ad to see the different slices from the daily challenges cause thats just dumb and heres no point, especially when u could lose the game u play after the ad and then u would have to watch the same exact ad again to try and see ur slice. the only reason i really play this is just to see what u guys came up with for the daily challenges, so just dont. overall, this game is too infuriating because its all up to chance if u win or not.

- Never more frustrated

Yes, never have I gotten so mad playing a game on my phone. If you’ve read any of the other reviews, you’ll see how skewed this game is..and not in the player’s favor. It’s almost impossible to move forward, due the “random” way the pieces come out. Yeah, it’s random alright, but only in the sense that the order the pieces appear is not the same from turn to turn, but believe me, it’s not random when you get the same piece 5-6 times in a row that causes you to lose again and again. The creators of this game could care less if we’re frustrated. They have no intention of fixing the game. They’re making bank on those insanely long ads you have to sit thru, just to get your second chance....and I’m sure they’re working on other games that do the same thing, so they can rake in even more money, laughing at us fools wasting so much time on ads, getting nowhere, as they saunter to the bank. Well this is one fool who’s done playing their game. Slices has been deleted. And yeah, I know my little stand means absolutely nothing to them, but I, for one, feel better already.

- Needs work

Edit: Daily challenges don't seem to be working anymore as well I like this game, but there are a lot of things that need work. The main problem with this game is that it's not actually a puzzle game. There is no pattern or correct solution to each level, it's all random and based on the pieces you get. You can't figure it out, you just have to keep losing until all the cards work in your favor. This is pretty frustrating and makes me not want to play the game. Maybe if there was more than one redo, it'd be better. Or just give each level a correct solution. I'm currently on level 38, have been there for nearly three weeks now. My average score before I lose on this level has been about 20, and that's with over 30 tries each day. I do occasionally get higher scores, once I even got one point away from beating it, but the game always screws me over with the rng right before I win, even with the redo. It'll just hit you with the same 7 pieces in a row and there's nothing you can do about it.

- Second chance? That’s funny!

Let me first start by just saying this game is extremely addicting and extremely fun. I absolutely love puzzle games like these to help destress after a long day at work, even though I play at work most days. The problem is the long stretch of pieces that are exactly the same and when they finally do change it’s a multi piece that has that exact same piece as before. So when this happens of course there’s no chance of winning and the game ends, but wait you get a second chance!!! Can you really call it a second chance though?!? I mean really?!? So to receive your second chance you have to watch an ad on a game that you paid for to not have ads only to realize that 99% of the time you only get a few more moves on a clear board that has the exact same piece issue as before, just a heck of a lot quicker! (Sorry, run on sentence rant!) Anyways... after playing this game I often feel more stressed than when I started... lol... and I paid for it... well thanks for that! 🤨

- Total AD Trap!

I love the colors, circles, wedges and just plain simplicity of this game. What I do HATE is the fact that I too often receive five or six of the exact same wedge and then within one or two different pieces receive more of the same wedge or a larger piece that uses the same space as the troll wedges. It is so aggravating! I’ve taken my time and QUITE thoughtfully have placed the pieces in and there is just too many dead ends that are due to wanting the level to fail so you are forced to watch a 30 Second ad to continue the round (I did pay $2.99 for “ad free”, but still have to deal with the 30 second ads if I want to continue the lost round). Developers, can’t you do something about that?!?!?! It would be a far better game if there was at least a chance of winning every round. You needn’t make it “easy”, just solvable. I feel like I’ve thrown away $3 and will not be recommending it to my friends or family unless a change is made to make winning at least 1 out of 3 rounds possible or something.

- Great game!!

I love this game. It is easy to do and very relaxing. I did buy the app thinking it would help make the game easier to pass as the levels got harder. It did help for a while. I am on level 43 and have been stuck here for a month or so. I play 4-10 games a day, at about 5-10 minutes a game. I love the hammer and the chance to continue on in a level once it has filled up with the same piece 6-7 times. I DONT like getting the same pieces right after clearing and using all the helps. I DONT like getting all the way to the end of a level about 10-30 points away from finishing the level and having the game give me 10 pieces that I have already on my board. Now I am at the point that I am afraid to pass this level and get stuck with an ugly pattern. So I might just reload the game and start over. I like the daily challenges and the around the world idea. It changes it up when I get sick of being stuck on the same level for days on end.

- No Strategy

There’s no strategy to this game at all. It’s incredibly frustrating because the “random” slices almost always keep you from winning. If I got the same price 6 times in a row every now and then, I would consider it a fluke or something but it happens ALL THE TIME! This game is fun at first but after a while it becomes impossible to beat a level. I really enjoyed seeing the new themes for each level but I’ve been stuck on level 37 for weeks and no matter what, I can’t beat this level. It would be nice if there were some more options to help you get past troublesome levels or some way to control what piece you got (or store one for later). But right now it’s just based on luck, there’s no way to control what you get next. What makes it worse, if you run out of moves, you can watch an ad but there’s no guarantee you won’t get 6 more of the same piece and end the game almost immediately after watching a 30 second ad. This game is fun but it needs a lot of work to be really enjoyable.

- Fun but...

Slices is a really fun game and requires a lot of brain skill to pass levels and complete daily challenges, and every time you pass a level the next level has a new design of slices. However, when you run out of moves, you have the option to continue, and when you press the continue button you watch an add and then return to the game, but when you do that in the Slices game, it just re-sets the game like it would if you didn’t want to continue. Also, when you press the no thanks button or just wait on the game to start over without watching an add to “continue the game”, you have to watch an add anyway, which is a little frustrating, and sometimes the adds can be from 5 to 30 seconds long! And that’s a problem. But other than those two cons about the game, I think Slices is a really good game to not only to challenge your brain, but to have fun.

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- Love it!

In my opinion, slices is a really awesome game and gets you thinking. I loved the ‘around the world’ slice games until I finished them all. I also love the daily challenges. I do them each morning and it wakes me up properly. The one problem is the regular levels. They’re really hard to do and you have to score a LOT of points to reach the next one. What I would like is maybe we could get rewards after levels, like maybe the hammer after a few levels or something. Apart from that, I think slices is a really cool game and would recommend it to anyone.

- Absolutely lazy developers

I had the misfortune of stumbling onto this game a few years ago, and I was completely disappointed in the lazy coding that results in me getting 7 pieces containing the same tile space in a row, creating an unwinnable situation. When this kind of issue exists in a game, no matter what level of skill you may develop, you will never be able to win a level consistently. Such a stupid problem with an easy fix to program is easily viewed as the development team being slack, but as the game was new when I first played it, I thought to myself “Well, I’ll give them a chance to iron out the bugs and fix the game”. FAST FORWARD 2 YEARS. These fat scum bag developers have been using this awful app to line their greasy pockets with advertisement money, and they greedily lack the passion and investment in their own game to fix simple issues to make a more enjoyable experience for the consumers (that are bank rolling your fat lazy lifestyle). Garbage talentless hacks like your dev team are everything that is wrong with games that succeed on the App Store these days, and I personally hope that a misfortunate series of accounting errors leaves you completely bankrupt and starving on the street. Can’t wait for slices 2 xx <3

- The game is great, but...

The game itself is great, addictive and simple. My only complaint is the Ad Overkill. I understand the developers need to include adds, but this is just ridiculous. Wanna start any/every level - ad. Wanna keep going - unskippable ad (keep in mind the higher the level you reach, the more often you will need to use this one in particular). Wanna exit to the main menu - ad. Wanna play a special level - unskippable ad before and ad after. Main menu - ad along the bottom. And although there is a ‘button’ on the main menu to turn off ads by paying, it doesn’t actually work - it’s just a picture, not an actual link. I know that some will say ‘just turn off the wifi or mobile data’ but I don’t want to have to do that every time I want to play the game. If the amount of ads where halved I’d be fine, and if the no ads payment option worked it would be even better. But at the moment, I’m seriously contemplating just deleting the app


Oh my golly mushroom. This game truly is unfair you see I was looking at the ad for this app and it said it was mellow and calming and I thought "well that is gonna be my new favourite" so I downloaded it coz you see why shouldn't I. It looks so easing and fun so I looked at all the reviews- like I always do, and everyone says it has way too many ads but I thought "oh well, all games have way too many ads and plus, I can just turn off my wifi so no ads can get to me..." so I turned off my wifi and guess what... no ads! BUT THERE IS A TWIST. When I played the first game(some call it a tutorial), it was fine, then the second game happened. With my wifi off, I managed to get no ads but oh geez, bro you gotta be kidding me... there was a ton of the exact same pieces just chilling in the same spot, looking smug and all with that little kiwi fruit topping and sure-as-nuts, the game was over in 2 seconds. GOD I hate kiwi fruit now. Hey 'goodjob games', you sure didn't really do a very "good job" on this... ...ha, puns.

- Really flawed.

As a stand-alone game, it’s a decent concept with some obvious flaws, such as over-repeating the same slices frequently for impossible difficulty. But as an experience outside of that, it can get a little grating. Many other apps have been advertising this game to be one of the most relaxing games, and that element just isn’t there. On top of that, no matter what you pick, if you play continue or not, it’ll just play an ad for you regardless; which is obviously fine if you wanna monetise your games like that, but the problem really shines where one ad in particular forces you to wait thirty seconds AFTER the ad before you can exit out and play the game again. This app is worth a try, but only for less than a day, which really cancels out the Daily Challenge feature thanks to how one-note this game really is.

- Daily Challenge

Where did the daily challenge go?? The actual levels are almost impossible to progress with after a while due the frequency of the same slices, forcing you to fail the game. There are also a ridiculous amount of ads, which makes playing for a long time pointless, so I never played the actual levels, and was about to delete the app when you added the daily challenge! I’ve been playing every day for these challenges which are at least possible to win in a reasonable amount of time, and have trophies which show your progress. However there hasn’t been a new one in days now! I’ve updated the app and still nothing. If I’m not playing the daily challenge, there’s no reason for me to keep the app. I hope this gets fixed soon, or I will have to delete it :(

- Slices !

I love this game. It’s fun, interesting, challenging and well made. I think that some will complain about ads- just turn of wifi or mobile data- and anyway , that is the only way the app designers can make money without charging you for the actual app - but this doesn’t really bother me. I thought originally that claiming to be the most addictive game ever is a little over the top but it turns out to be absolutely true! So worthwhile and has you feeling frustrated when you can’t do it but also pleased . I think that the people who made this should be congratulated !

- Depends on Luck

This game doesn’t depend on your skill at this game, it depends on the slices you are given. The regular levels are way too hard, as you have to get a really high score just to pass, and I often get given bad slices. Don’t believe me? Well, once I got a slice, then the same slice again, and then pieces with that exact same slice until all my circle things were filled up and I had ‘run out of moves’! Levels often take five to ten tries, and it just makes you want to give up after all that. It’s not relaxing, really, it’s stressful and you are crossing your fingers tightly throughout the entire game, hoping not to run out of moves. This doesn’t depend on skill at all, and it’s all luck, really. Overall, two stars. Could be much better, but could never get five stars from me, personally.

- Good game but it’s incredibly ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING

The game is good itself however every time you fail a level you get an ad and then you fail again and then you get an ad then another ad and another ad and another ad until you want to through your phone at the wall. It’s incredibly annoying. I understand the creators want to make some money from the ads but at the moment it’s way to many ads. Secondly, I’ve noticed that you basically get the same piece of pizza every time it’s the same three times in a row and then it changes to a different piece but then goes back to the one you already had. It’s not a very fair game. If the creators could just fix these two problems then it would be an awesome app.

- Addictive, relaxing, but something broke

At some point on level 70, the progress bar that shows how close you are to completing the level has disappeared. I’ve played a couple of rounds where I got enough points to level up but I’m still stuck on 70. Please fix it! The constant ads are annoying, but I just shut down the app and reopen it. It’s not worth sitting through ads that last longer than the game play you get if you know you don’t have enough points to potentially level up. Which I can’t anyway now.

- Scam App

There is nothing “relaxing” or “enjoyable” about this game. The first few levels I enjoyed but for some stupid reason I actually paid to get rid of the ads that happen after every attempt. But once you do? It becomes an unenjoyable, frustrating mess that gives you the same piece multiple times making it impossible to win a level. I counted how many times it took to win a single level AFTER paying to remove the ads, and without watching another one to continue, because I paid $4 to remove them....and its up to 70 times or more per level. Do NOT buy this. It’s not a puzzle game. It’s a rigged ad machine used by developers to get you to download MORE ad filled content with micro transactions.

- Could improve but enjoyable.

The app is about trying to finish the slices if fruit to pass the level. The overall idea of the app is smart and fun but the downfalls cone with it. A huge amount of time on the game is wasted due to the amount of ads that appear every time you pass or lose a game. It also repeats the same slice place several times until you are forced to lose and receive more ads. The pros are that it require a-lot of mental and logical thinking and is suitable for young ages as well as older people as it is still enjoyable to put the slices and complete the fruits. I would say this is for ages 7+.

- One problem

Very good but there is one problem with this game. When you are playing, it gives you random pieces but they give you lots of the same ones so in only a few turns you have no more possible moves and you have to restart. This is unfair because you can’t control where you put them and how many pieces you have. This really needs to be fixed but the game is still fun and you should play.

- Good idea but needs a lot of work

This is an irritating app. When you first download it there are heaps of ads. Paying to get rid of them is possible but expensive and there are so many ads without paying that it’s impossible to know how enjoyable the game would be without them and if it’s worth the money. At the end of every level you fail there’s an option to watch an ad to continue but I can’t figure out how to turn that off and you have to wait for it to go away. The worst part is that the tiles aren’t either properly random or designed to allow you to win with strategy. It just gives you the same one over and over making it impossible to finish levels.

- Same Piece

The game is great. It’s addicting, fun, challenging and great when you’re bored or just need to pass the time with something to do whilst on a bus, long car drive etc. However, it becomes very annoying and displeasing when you receive the exact same piece six times in a row, get a new piece only for it to revert back the first piece, directing into an instant game over. To be receiving the exact same piece several times in a row makes me lose interest in playing. If this can be something that can be fixed, that would be great. Practically been stuck on the same level for a while now.

- Sorry! Maybe not the game for me.

I mean, it’s a nice idea and seemed as though it could have been (as all the ads suggest) super satisfying. The problem is though, the same pieces are overused so often that you wind up never being able to finish a level without watching another ad to give you a ‘helping hand’. Another thing is that some people may give up before the game even starts because of how frustrating it is to lose to something almost impossible (I stopped on the second level of the China map after my third attempt on the regular mode)! I was quite disappointed with how this game playedout. Hopefully you can fix that up in another update.

- Frustrating

There are always ads and it is annoying. Also, I don't understand how you are meant to pass a level because you somehow run out of moves. It's the games fault though! They just give me the same piece six times when I can only use it once in each of the five circles. I fail the level because the game gave me just the same piece, and on top of that, another ad. It's just about luck. If you want to get it, get it, because it is addictive at the beginning, but the more you play, it's just more frustrating.

- Annoyed!

It’s a good game, easy to understand and enjoyable. Although there are a few problems I have found with it. Firstly, the ADS! Yes I understand I can pay to have them removed but the ads are to much. After you die ad, before you start ad, ad ad ad. It’s ridiculous. Secondly, I know that the game is made to be hard but it will give you the same pieces several times in a row. And then that happens along with the ads I get annoyed and want to/stop playing. I feel like the game should be more ‘fair’ and have to use more logic.

- Great Graphics, frustrating gameplay

I saw an Ad for this game and remembered playing it, I thought “huh, why did I delete it, it looks great”. The aesthetic of the game is really satisfying however there is just so many Ads it’s a bit rude and you are constantly being given the exact same pieces so that you either lose or watch an ad to continue. Whilst I understand the need for Ads in a free game, it’s just so frustrating having to continually watch unskippable Ads just to continue on in the game. It seems everyone has these problems with it and I just wish the Game moderators would listen and do something about it!!!!!!!

- Omg yes

So.... I saw this game first on a ad from another game and I played the mini game within the ad and it just felt so smooth and satisfying so I downloaded it and I am officially addicted. I’ve got nearly all my friends playing it and I just got to level 50. The levels do get increasingly harder so the around the world challenges are a good way to have a break but omg I love this game, you will not be disappointed.

- Had a lot of potential

The concept of the game is quite interesting. You use different “slices” to complete the full circle. Once this happens that circle and the two adjacent circles are emptied and you gain the points for the amount of slices in each of the three circles. The main issue with the game is the randomness of the pieces you are given. Even if you strategically think through your moves, you sometimes get 7 of a set piece before it is even physically possible to complete a circle. Thus it makes the game sometimes impossible and luck is required. Very opposite to a relaxing game. Can cause a lot of frustration.

- Don’t listen to the others

The other writers have a point, but the ads are easily fixed, so don’t get put off by the other reviews. Just turn off your internet and the ads will go away. But make sure you turn off internet BEFORE you get into the game or it doesn’t work. As for the algorithms, they are a little bit dodgy, but it is overall a great game that I encourage you to get.

- NOT Relaxing

When ever saw it at then ads I thought it would be relaxing does relaxing mean watching boring ads or keep on tapping or the same slices nearly every time. When I first went in the game I saw a thing that says no ads I was so exited because almost every game has ads, then I started to play it and then ads started to pop up like what... You could have just told the truth an not lie. When I played it i had to tap it and then my fingers got really sore. When I kept on seeing the same slices I made me so annoyed and that is the opposite of relax.

- Waste of time

This game always looked like it would be interesting, even mildly entertaining, but after about a day I stopped playing. It’s not even because of the adds, because I understand that games have to have some sort of revenue and even though there’s more adds than you’d expect from this quality of game, that’s not what annoyed me. What made me stop playing is that this game, is the most basic, no strategy, no control over what happens. It may as well be a gambling game with the lack of control you have over the outcome of each level. Nice idea but extremely poor execution.

- Slices

I love playing Slices but lately it keeps breaking up. I select a slice and go to play it but it jerks on it’s way to the selected position. Other times it just shuts down and I have to start all over. Sometimes when I win it states ‘you won’ then it closes and I don’t get the win. I think it needs an update I hope so as I like to play Slices a lot Thankyou

- This isn’t a game, it’s an ad platform.

I play other games with ads, but never with this many. There is a banner ad under the game while you play, and a full-screen ad at the end of every game. The game pieces are randomised, so each game is often quite short – so you play for about fifteen or twenty seconds, and then you have a thirty-second ad. So if you play for ten minutes, you’re watching five minutes of ads. Maybe go play literally any other game instead, unless you’re really into watching ads.

- Good but needs improvements pronto

The overall game is not bad with the concept being fun and addictive but I soon feel turned off from the game as I constantly lose from not being give the slice I need to remove a circle. I will constantly receive the same slice repeatedly until there isn’t a space, then I lose and have to restart after being so close to the next level. I feel frustrated and disappointed with the app at right now with adds constantly popping up after each game

- Addicted

I find it calming! I love how it doesn’t just let you win you really need to understand the concept to get it as a whole. Friends used to say, how boring that must be, but once I hand them the phone and they disappear for a while.....yes not so boring I’m hooked friends are hooked so keep up the good work.

- Right...

So I went out of my way to write my first ever review, just because of how many ads pop up! And not just that, but they are the full 30 seconds even though you can continue your game round for a whole video anyway! Getting the same slices in the game gets really annoying too because it’s as if the game makes you lose to watch the stupid, repetitive ads. The design of the game is simple and fun but it’s pointless to make a “calming” game with the app mainly being long ads...

- It is addictive BUT DONT BUY

So I got over the ads which I suppose was the purpose of so many ads. I like the game play so I succumbed and paid dollars for the advertised NO ADS. WRONG!!!! There are still ads every time you can’t put a piece down which might I ad has nothing to do with the person playing but the algorithm of random selection which ends play before you get to fill in a full pie most of the time. Don’t buy until they fix the actual NO ADS and the algorithm? 2 stars for concept and graphics.

- Ok but.....

Slices is a great game but it’s really hard to play and kelp track of there you are up to because the game dosnt show how many moves you have left until you fail the level so if anyone know how to view how many moves you have left.... and the developer of Slices plz put an actual how to play menu in the setting of the app so we can play with a bit of knowledge then that would be great in the next update.... Thanks you Jace Carnovale

- Overall enjoyable with a downside.

The app is pretty fun to play but when you purchase the no adds option (I had to do this because you spend more time watching ads than playing the game) adds still pop up after some levels. Also the some levels on the game itself are literally unwinnable, the outcome depends on the piece you get and not your skill level, which king of defeats the point for me.

- Same pieces

Need to fix the game as it is very frustrating trying to win because the game keeps giving me the same pieces which makes it impossible to complete a circle to get to the next level. how do you expect people to level up if the game makes it hard to win? Seems very unfair especially when a lot of people want to play and enjoy. After so many turns the game finally lets you win but then continue to lose after it. ....

- So much potential

Two major issues: 1) The adverts are beyond ridiculous. The advert finishes, but you have to wait a further 30 seconds before you can start playing again.. making adverts 1 minute long. Plus the frequency of adverts is too much. (I don’t mind ads at all, but please be fair about it) 2) You can’t even win this game, the same pieces keep getting given, without any type of option to swap them or whatever, which then forces you to watch an advert, but seconds after watching an advert, you get the same pieces again. This game has SO much potential, but right now it is a game that just has far more advert watching than actual game time. (The games that I use long term, have a nice balance of adverts & game time and it actually allows to progress through the game i.e. It actually lets you win regularly)

- Flawed

Can’t seem to beat getting the same slicers out on a particular level(19). Now I know I’m not stupid, however a definition of insanity to do the same thing and over again and expecting a different outcome. Don’t get this game unless they advise the bug has been fixed

- Disappointed

It is a addictive and entertaining game but there could be a lot of improvements. I have found a few problem. Firstly ADS! Every time you lose, there is an ad, this is really ANNOYING!!!!!Secondly, it doesn’t give you any instructions on how to play, you have to figure it out yourself. Lastly, after every ad, it will glitch out and won’t let me place anything down! If all these things are fixed then this will definitely be a great game!!

- This game is pretty fun, but...

This game is fun but it has too much ad, so every time when I played I turn off my wifi and data. Then guess what there’s like so many pieces that’s the same. Where do you expect me to put the seventh piece?? For every level I have the same thing again and again. I know it’s for challenging but maybe not tooooo much. It is fun so I honestly do not want it to be ruined.

- Could’ve been better than I expected

At first I thought slices was so good for me then I opened the app and I was super irritated. This is because when I was about to play An annoying add came up. Slices is a good way of chance but not good for playing. It is not enjoyable and don’t think will be good for you or your friends to play. Delete Slices if you already have it Because it Is boring and don’t press get when you see it. I hate slices. Read the other reviews.

- Don’t bother

I understand that apps need ads to be financially viable and free to the consumer but the ad set up in this game is ridiculous- forced to view ads regardless of choice and forced to wait 30 secs after an ad every time means you spend more time waiting and less time playing. Repeat selection of slice type means that solutions are often impossible meaning you spend even more time watching ads. I only had it for one day before deleting. Far better free apps that out there. Don’t waste your time.

- Not “soothing” at all

First, any game that has you playing against the clock is automatically not soothing, so the ad that this is the most soothing game is a complete joke. Second, adding onto the stress of the clock, the pieces you get are seemingly random and sometimes you will find it impossible to finish successfully. Third, the game is rife with ads—one after every game, which is very annoying, and again not soothing at all. Uninstalled after a couple of mins playing and if I could give it 0 stars I would.

- Do. Not. Download.

So at the start, this game seems really cool. The ‘fruits’ you are making are colourful and vibrant, the pieces it gives you makes you think carefully of where to place for the next piece in the queue But the MOMENT you run out of moves, you are stuck with a 16 second lock out screen where you can either tap to watch a 30-45 second ad for another game to continue, or wait 16 seconds to watch a 30-45 second ad. Either way, when you lose, you have to watch ads.

- Fun and addictive but frustrating

Super fun and great concept however it gets really frustrating when it gives you the same slice over and over until you run out but there isn’t anything you can do about it. I found the ads kind of annoying but I just turn of my wifi and/or data. Overall great game, but could use some improvements.

- Too bad

After many painstaking weeks I managed to get to level 35. Annoyed that I've paid $$ for No Ads but get them nonetheless. I have emailed support But nothing changes. The updated last week was ok, daily challenge is ok BUT it's annoying to see; 1. Pieces not given randomly as stated. 2. When the "continue" option is used the game rarely allows you to continue to any satisfactory degree, in fact bombing out after using continue is a given. 3. Ads, long annoying ads, 4. Lack of feedback from developers. 5. Glitch found; occasionally "no more moves" happens even when there has been a playable slice given. 6. Glitch; reached needed score and even went over it but level didn't change, instead it registered a new higher score, essentially making me replay the level..

- I want to love it.

I really like the concept of the game, but the constant failure just puts me off. Getting the same piece over and over again without the possibility of getting other circles out first is annoying. I think you should look at putting a time restraint on putting a piece in the circle with the possibility to actually win instead of repeated pieces with no where to put it.

- I want to love it.

I really like the concept of the game, but the constant failure just puts me off. Getting the same piece over and over again without the possibility of getting other circles out first is annoying. I think you should look at putting a time restraint on putting a piece in the circle with the possibility to actually win instead of repeated pieces with no where to put it.

- Ok at first

Not bad at first, then after a certain level they seem to give up on the graphics and you’re just assembling a block coloured circle which is a shame because the pictures and designs really made the game enjoyable. Also, the passport side game is cool, but so limited. I’d love to see more levels here Overall a good game but one which becomes uninteresting quickly

- Great game CONCEPT

You get offered an ad To continue a level, if you hit no thanks and try to go out, you also get an ad before it takes you back tot he home screen. 😑 I get that ads are how developers make money but come on... you still want to be able to play the game more than you watch ads!? And why are there so many of the same pieces in a row!? I failed? You failed to put enough variety so the games actually playable not forced to ‘fail’ within the first 6 moves 🙄🙄

- Disappointing

The game does not play as if it was designed with the goal of a pleasurable or rewarding experience for the player, but rather as a vehicle for passive ad watching. The game is not formatted for you to be able to succeed. Rather ‘slices’ are generated in a way that often sees a particular slice appear at a high frequency which means you simply cannot succeed without watching further ads. If it was designed for the player to be able to succeed if they employ an increasing degree of strategy then the game could be enjoyable and rewarding :(

- Insufferable Ads Interrupting Gameplay

Stumbled upon this game, and shamefully enough became addicted to the simplicity of it. Didn’t have to upgrade troops, didn’t have to plant crops, didn’t have to wait for anything. Just a quick game of “can I make it to the next level!” All was going fine. Frankly, I didn’t mind the ads between games. The makers had to make some money, somehow. But they absolutely crossed a line when ads started interrupting DURING games. Deleted the game immediately and now I’m here.

- Too many ads!

I understand that developers need to play ads to make money. And I’m happy to watch the occasional ad. When you fail a level in this game, your are given the option to watch an ad and continue on or click ‘no, thanks’ and start the level over, which is fair enough. But every time I click ‘no, thanks’, I’m forced to watch an ad and receive no reward for doing so. Why give the option if you’re going to force an ad on us anyway?!

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- Love it but

I overslept love this game, but there is way too many ads. Every five seconds an ad pops up. Even during the levels. Solid four stars.

- New update is irritating

Love the game so I paid to remove the ads. New update described as “everyone deserves a second chance” then wants me to watch an ad to get the second chance. Bamboozled. Edit: they also accelerated the pace from earlier on which makes you die quicker on average so you see the prompt to get a second chance (watch an ad) quicker

- Pointless

Pointless, if you get 5 of the same piece that is randomly selected you run out. Leaves you with no choice. Just a silly game to get adds in your face. Had for 2 minutes and deleted

- Could be better

This game has potential to be great but literally just does not give you a variety of tiles to place so you end up having all 6 circles filled and all u need is one tile for each and they just don’t give you it. Really annoying.

- Didn't make sense

Seems simple - place the pie pieces and try and make a matching pie. But it wouldn't let me place some pieces into empty spots, and wouldn't explain why. Arbitrary. Played once and deleted it

- this game is a troll

it always gives you the same piece so you will always lose very quickly. This is not random, sometimes we get the same one 6 times in a row, without having a chance to survive longer. This is the first review of my life and it deserved it!!! game sucks

- Waste of time

Full of ads and dull

- Nope. Money grab.

Levels go quickly and after each level is a video ad. Actually had an ad play in the middle of a level (board was not clear). I’m all for advertising but let me enjoy the game too.

- Jeu qui ne fonctionne pas

J’ai déjà eu le jeu au paravant, cependant lorsque je l’ai retéléchargé, le jeu ne fonctionne pas normalement, il dit que je doit passer du niveau 1 au 25

- Not so great

This game was a lot of fun, but then I realized that it was draining my battery. This game was fun and relaxing but don’t be fooled. It is not good for your phone.

- Keeps crashing now!

The game keeps crashing now. Not sure what happened with the last update but it keep crashing after 8-10 pieces. Can’t play it at all!

- Not working

The game has worked great till last update now it just keeps closing out.

- Too many ads!

This game is terrible, they make sure to give you the slice you don’t have room for, and I had 17 different ads in the last 10 minutes. Don’t waist your time!

- Too many ads

Fun but too many ads to the point where it is very annoying

- Not very good

Not a very good app.

- Too much

You’re literally tryna kill us with ads

- Too many ads

Wayyyyyy too many ads. All of them 30 seconds each! Don’t waste your time .

- Strawberry level

I don’t know what’s up but once you get to the strawberry level it sets you up for failure. I got seven of the same pieces in a row multiple years times. It’s either intentional or a bug but fix it

- Too many ads

Fun game, but there are so many ads that it’s virtually unplayable.

- What is this game?

Me playing the game: “What just happened? How do you win? Oh I just won that level, How did I win? I’m confused I’ll keep playing”

- Rip off

Way too many ads. For such a simple game, you spend half or more watching stupid ads. STAY AWAY!!

- Good but...

I love playing this game but it’s nonstop ads. If you lose and want to continue the round you get an ad, if you click ‘no thanks’ you get an ad, if you let the time go out you get an ad. In the middle of the rounds ads will randomly play. If you want to play the daily game, there’s an ad. I understand that ads are how some apps survive but if it’s all ads all the time than no one wants to play it.

- Wish there was more

I wish thy updated the daily challenge more literally every day. And added to the passport. Been done it for awhile. I paid to remove ads because I like the game and it was a waste because now I’m bored with it. Update MORE!

- Not satisfied

It literally made you lose all the the time and always put the same spot repeatedly so it make you with no choice

- Too many ads

The game itself is fun and great to do during your spare time, but almost every two minutes I feel like there was an ad and the ads are pretty long too

- This sucked

I give it zero stars cus I know for sure that there was nothing else to do when I did my move yet they gave me the same shape over and over until I lost this game is just trying to make you make and should not exist

- “Debug Panel”

There’s this thing called a debug panel and it needs a code and I’m not asking for it I’m just wondering if anyone else has saw this and how I found out about this is at the top of the screen, there’s like a button and when u press it, it should say “Enter Code To Open Debug Panel” and the game is great but could use more sound effects

- Game in fun , but ads are insane!

The game is okay, for when you get to play! The ads are insane! Sometimes two or three ads for the same app. Ads also run with sound playing even if you have turned down your volume!

- Dumb

Literally throws the same pieces till you have no choice to fail

- Kinda hard but good


- Ads interrupt mid game

I don’t mind ads once I clear a stage, but this game pumped ads in the middle of a round. I deleted this garbage only 3 minutes after downloading and playing this mess.

- It super fun

But they're are so many adds

- Good game but fix this

When I try to watch an ad and get the “second” chance, it resets fully, and a waste of time.

- I hate this game

This game was not fun I keep loseing every level I got out of moves I’m sooo mad 😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿

- Okay

This game is ok but there are quite a bit of ads

- Good game TOO many long ads

Great game. Way way too many ads and too often. Watch more 30 sec ads then game play. Play for 15 seconds then have to watch a 30 second ad. Very frustrating

- What

Makes no sense so hard to play

- Rigged

Developers rigged the game so you can’t win.

- Misleading Game to Capitalize on Ads

There is no “puzzle” aspect to this game. The pieces are randomly generated, so while the game leads the player to believe that improper placement of slices is what causes a game over, losing is most often caused by the game generating the same couple of pieces repeatedly, leaving the player with no possible way they could have played the round differently. It begs the question whether the game is even “randomly” generating the pieces, as the game has a mechanic to free up space on the board by watching advertisements. Essentially, it is highly probable that the game is purposefully generating these impossible sets of pieces in the hopes that the player will watch ads. Shameful app developer behaviour for a quick cash grab

- Why?

I like the country thing, I thought that was neat, but why doesn’t it set me up for failure so often? There are some round that you have no chance because of the random pieces. It sucks. I hate that

- Lacks consistency

There is no rhythm to how the ads pop up and will pop up in the middle of a round. Tickets don’t count properly at all. You can pass a level and still lose a ticket... but I do like it other than those two things.

- Bogue tout le temps

Je n’ai jamais réussi à changer de niveau, le jeu gèle des que l’annonce est terminée...

- Slices

In the slice game the bar no longer advances to change levels and level 1 never ends and there are no daily challenges and fruits

- Good

It is very entertaining and fun to play I recommend that you play this game one thing there is a lot of adds if you could fix that it would be a perfect game!!🥰

- Way to many ads

1 per level is enough It’s annoying and does not entice me to buy the full version just the opposite. Will be erasing game

- Suuuckks

Don't buy sucks. just a thing to shove Adds in your face. don't buy it. People that made it fix it

- Daily challenges?

Really enjoyed this game however the last 4 or 5 updates have promised new daily challenges and I haven’t seen a single one. Just “come back tomorrow”. Also no new “passport” levels in a VERY long time so what’s the point of that whole game play option? Disappointing.

- New update sucks

The new update brings on ads mid active game. You know what’s super relaxing? (as this app claims to be the most relaxing game) Being jolted into reality by a loud ad.

- Could be great

Has the potential to be a great “addictive” game but the slices aren’t various enough so its like you can’t win. Also, it crashes a lot, too much ads

- Confused

Hello ,I was using this app and then I just saw that there was something on the right top corner and I was airline tickets.I just wanted to know what that was for.Thanks.

Libertex 📈

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- WARNING: So Addicting!

Ok, I got this game yesterday, and I’m hooked. I haven’t stopped playing since I got it. It’s the most addictive and stress reducing games I have ever gotten. I play at school, home, on the bus from school, I can literally play this game anywhere. I even got two guys in my science class to get it. Now, with how fun this game is, there are a few things kind of get to me at times. There are a few difficult levels, but that’s what makes it fun. There are so many ads. I know that most people hate the game for these two reasons, but I’ve learned to deal with them and enjoy the game for everything else. In coI’ve only been playing for a bit more than a day, and I’m hooked! There are a few things that could potentially ruin this game for some people, but other than that, spectacular game

- Great game! Lots of fun but pretty hard.

I really enjoy slices. It is a lot of fun and a great challenge. I really think that it is cool how with every different level, the circle has a different theme. For example, cheese pizza to pepperoni pizza, to kiwi 🥝. Lots of people say on their own reviews of this game that the makers of it intentionally made it “impossible”. I don’t believe any of these levels are impossible. I will say that they are very hard sometimes. But the entire point of a game is to challenge yourself in a fun way. People also complain about the ads. There are many ads that pop up in this game. But unless you are trying to get an extra ticket in the world tour or you are trying to continue in your round, they will usually have an x within the first few seconds of the ad. I really do enjoy this game. No games are perfect, and neither is this one, but I really do enjoy playing it in my spare time.

- Good but VERY annoying

Ok so I only put 3 stars because when you try to get all of the slices of the circle, sometimes there is double of the same pieces. But it purposely keeps on making he same piece and I’m all out of moves and there is 5 circles to fill up and I only got to 5 moves because it came up with the same piece!! I’m VERY annoyed with this and sometimes I throw my iPod because of this. So please try to let people play.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. So I hope you fix this because it’s horrible. And I every time I’m out of moves it plays a ad so fix that too. And for the across he world thing let us have more moves because that goes back to the first thing and it’s not fair. But than that it’s fine. And also when you’re out of moves it goes you a choice to give up completely or watch a stupid ad and keep on going. Sometimes I just give up and I don’t have the time to watch a stupid ad and then it comes up with an ad so fix it now.😡😡

- ad time is disproportionate to fun time in this game.

Gameplay time should at least feel like it is the majority of engagement in the app, but it seems like one has to view a multi-second ad video multiple times to even complete a level in this game. Want to use the “hammer” tool? Watch an ad. Don’t use this tool and keep playing, the game throws so many redundant wedges that one runs out of moves well before the level is complete, then if you want to continue you have to watch an ad. If you click no thanks to continuing, still an ad. I’ve even viewed the ad in order to use the hammer tool, then seconds later had so many redundant wedges as to be out of moves anyway—and thus another ad. Don’t bother with this game. It feels like ad click bait, it would be relaxing if the game were balanced but instead it is just frustrating to be stymied with ads repeatedly. Gameplay feels deliberately skewed to repeat the same pieces and make it impossible to finish a level without viewing multiple ads.

- Unwinnable?

While playing slices I’ve gotten to a level with a blue circle with a white snowflake. The last level I beat with 600 or so points. This level I got to 728 one time and 978 another. Is the game unwinnable when you get here? It seems a big jump to go from 10-20 point increases to several hundred especially when the piece repetition is much more frequent. Now I often lose with 30 or less points. That seems pretty ridiculous. Is anyone else experiencing this? I like this game even though it often gives the same piece forcing a loss. I like that you get one continue option per game but it’s a drag to have to watch the ad. Also, the daily puzzle is fun. However I finally paid for ad-free only to find out that the ads are there when I hit continue or when I try to play an older daily puzzle. Still getting ads when I open the game too. Really unhappy about that.

- Fun But Too Random

This game has a good concept. Just fill the circles up with the slices, try to get as many full pizzas (circles) as you can, and make sure you don’t get any repeats. He first few rounds of this was actually pretty fun, but then I lost a round in which I used a strategy. My strategy was very simple but effective, just make sure to prioritize the pizza with the most slices already. It’s so simple it’s hardly even a strategy. Anyway... I shrug it off. Fine, whatever, let’s try again. Yet again, I lose prematurely. Surely it’s something I’m doing wrong, and pieces aren’t just repeating for impossible lengths. I try again. And then again. And one last time. It’s not my fault I’m losing, it’s the game’s. Either it’s rigged or completely random, but you can use any strategy and there is a high chance you’ll get a 7th slice that’s the same before you get a completed pizza. I wouldn’t recommend this game at all, it’s fun, but poorly put together. Small edit: I do think there are many ads on it too, but I think the bigger problem is how it’s almost impossible to win.

- Pretty decent game but,

Think this is the highest score I can rate you my dude. Really fun game, sure is what all the advertisements say for it as, “Relaxing.” Other than the fact after every game play there is an ad. I cannot go two games without an ad that takes away all the relaxation of the game play previously before this ad made it into my life. When you have no moves left, you have the choice to continue. Therefore, it gives you an ad, I get why there is an ad there, do not get my wrong. Don’t worry I’m not ALL salty in this review. But, if I pressed the continue button I expect to be able to continue. I get an ad, and this game tells me GAME OVER. Game over?? I just watched and ad to promote you?!! If you aren’t going to let your players continue, you shouldn’t give them the choice if it’s there last turn. Also, there is a big “No, thanks!” Button, correct? So please tell me why it still gives me an ad after pressing it? If you ask me, this game is a big sham for money. Too many ads.

- Poorly executed version of a great concept

After I started this game, I instantly loved it. What a fun, interesting concept for a minimalist puzzle game. However, the more I played, the more I became frustrated. It is not logically sound in the way that it was developed. I’m a student developer and I know even I could write a more well executed version of this idea. The slices appear to be randomly generated so you could keep getting the same slice over and over until you lose the game. I have tried every method I can think of and some games were just predestined to lose from the very beginning just because of the slices I was given. You’re given the chance to watch an ad to get a second chance but even if you say no, you still have to watch an ad anyway. The game is just not developed well enough to be worth it to pay for no ads. I honestly don’t know why the reviews are so good for this app because it has MANY poor areas that need to be fixed. It feels to me that the developers were lazy and just trying to make a quick buck off ads.

- I wish I could say better things.

I like the game and the challenge of strategizing how I place the slices. I’m glad I have it on my phone. But I don’t know if you have certain algorithms or what, based on which piece comes next after you place one in a circle, but it sometimes -really seems- like this game purposely sets you up to fail. In turn making the player have to watch more adds, spend money, or “use tickets”. If you want to play World Tour, each ticket is valuable and unless you’re the type that wants to spend real world money on a virtual game, you do more add watching than playing, and there are adds after you finish almost every level! What gives, man? I want to love the game but I’m being assaulted with forced losses and adds to subpar games. I wish I could add pics because I have multiple screenshots of the board with one continuous flow of one (1) specific slice when there just isn’t that many slices to fill.

- Impossible to win

I have discovered while playing this game that it is impossible to win. For example, it will give you 5 of the exact same piece, which forces you to move on to a different circle each time. Once all the circles have that piece, the game gives you a message stating that you are “out of moves.” Even after I slow down to ensure that I am placing every piece in the circles they belong in, I will still get an absurd amount of duplicates. The only possible way to move on from this and actually continue the round without starting over is to watch an ad. Watching this ad is crucial because if you don’t, then you won’t be able to even win the game. But, the thing is, no matter if you want to watch the ad and continue or not, you are still forced to watch an ad no matter what. So if you like gameplay that requires no real strategy and is based solely on chance, then this is the game for you.

- Addictive

This game is fun, relaxing and addictive. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed the game and paid the $2.99 to eliminate the ads (in my opinion, extremely reasonable for a game I enjoy playing, they deserve the acknowledgement). It’s a game I find myself playing daily. My only complaint is that there are no directions or tutorials on what’s what and the specifics on how the game works. Granted the basic concept is easy to figure out, but now that I’m on level 54, I feel that I’m given a ton a “chances” to finish the level and I’m not stuck nearly as much as I was during some of the earlier levels. It seems that after I fail, the level is starting over (with clearer circles) but still counting all the pieces I’ve already played and not completely resetting. I’m a bit confused and starting to get bored now that I’m flying through the levels. Is this a malfunction?

- This is not a game you play. It’s a monetized waste of time.

My initial thought when see the advert for this “most calming game ever” as they put it was that it probably was either an extremely easy game(nothing wrong with that), or it was heavily reliant on RNG(random number generation) and would only yield boredom. Wow was I right. This is not a game because a game can has many ways to play it, none of which includes getting the same piece 5 times in a row and having to hope you don’t get it again. Anyone with half a brain can recognize they aren’t actually doing anything but getting lucky when they win, and therefore this app gives no satisfaction. The fact that they have the audacity to put ads on this app is ridiculous. Simply put this app is a cheap and easy way for the company to make some ad money and props to you guys. One mans trash I guess. I doubt you put any actual thought into this game and I’m glad that you figured out how to make money off of 20 minute project. 0/10 on your game making, but 10/10 business sense.

- i want to like this game more than i do

i resisted downloading this game after multiple ads across multiple apps but one night i gave in. i liked it a lot at first. the first 2 or 3 levels were awesome... then i discovered it’s biggest flaw. i 100% get the strategy & understand how to generate the necessary pieces. it’s not just a click and play game. you have to be methodical with your placements. however, i can’t tell you HOW MANY freaking games i’ve started & the first 6 out of 7 pieces were the same freaking piece which then technically loses you the whole game. like, how does that even make a lick of sense? 15 to 20 pieces in i could see if i was playing like a moron, but at the very start of the game with 500+ moves to go to win it... like really? i pretty much only play the daily challenge now but you can’t even do anything with those designs outside except simply unlocking them to have in your collection. but it’s way more relaxing than playing any of the regular levels.

- If you want to experience the same thing over and over, this is the game for YOU!!

If you’re like me, you probably got an ad or demo for this game, and thought “wow, this seems like a fun, challenging, and yet peaceful puzzle game, that would be a great pass time.” You’re wrong. Don’t fall into the trap. This is not a puzzle game, it’s a challenge of long you can do the same crap and get no where. The daily challenge is a small part of the game. The main part seems to be the levels, which get progressively longer. You would think it would also get harder in a way that makes you think more before selecting a move. That’s not the case. It gets harder by giving you the same exact piece over and over until you run out of places to put it. I passed the first 6 levels fairly easily, then got to 7, only to find that the game gives me the same things continuously. I once lost in 10 moves from the same piece. This game is not the challenge I expected, nor is it a calming game to pass time. It will just frustrate you.

- Pieces are Rigged to Make You Lose

This game angers to no extent. It’s a good idea for a game, but like many others have said, it has many bugs in its algorithm. I have been stuck on the same level for weeks and it’s because the pieces that are given to me make it literally impossible to win. They will repeatedly give you the same pieces over and over again in order to make you not pass the level. I understand that the point of the game is to appropriately place the pieces, and the idea of the random pieces is okay but only to a certain extent because it genuinely is impossible to pass a level because of this. Please fix this because it makes for the game to be very frustrating I can understand failing the levels every once in a while and that’s fine but I’ve literally been on the same level for three weeks now and every time I lose it’s always because the exact same pieces showed up multiple times in a row and it is impossible to win.

- Terrible rng

The game can be fun and addicting, but it gets annoying when they give you the same piece 7 times in a row. You’ll be so close to finishing, then they’ll drop that same right piece 7 times IN A ROW and you lose. But hey, what about that top piece I need that I haven’t seen all game? Nah, let’s just send him another right piece again, FOR THE SEVENTH TIME IN A ROW. Then there’s the ads. Normally I don’t mind ads, but these are just stupid. If it’s after the level, cool I’m ok with that. But I’m in the middle of playing the level, in my groove, when suddenly- ADVERTISEMENTUgh... 10 secs later, I either finish or fail the mission- ADVERTISEMENT! Then I start the next ga- ADVERTISEMENT!!! Chill, ok? Just give me an ad at the end of levels, not every action I make in the app, jeez. And I’m not gonna waste $4 just to stop ads from popping up, in my opinion it’s a waste of money for a game I just want to play casually. So play at your own risk, I’m officially done with this game after all the crap I dealt with.

- Become My Go-to Game!

Love this game! There are some times that I get the same piece and I end up with one common piece in all locations... but, most of the time I know that I missed a move! I want a do over but, I just have to play it out! Note I only said ‘most of the time!’ I’m not good at looking at the ‘next piece’ help and I think it is because of its placement. Still, all in all.... this is an addictive game I love!! Thanks! Now, could you do many of us a favor?? Get rid of the completely misleading ad for Infinite Word Search! The ad is not a demonstration of the game you get! Boy, I and many other players have pointed out but, their just getting download credits that they don’t reserve because many delete the game! Just thought I’d ask... figured you wouldn’t like their deception! Thanks!!

- More about luck than skill

I love the idea of the game but it is definitely based more off of how lucky you are than actual skill. The game frequently generates the same piece of the pie or pieces of the pie which contain the same piece in a row that make it impossible to win no matter the combination; therefore you are forced to watch an ad no matter what after a loss. This can go on many plays in a row. I finally deleted it after realizing it is a trap. I like the concept but there needs to be a better concept to the game to make sure it’s not solely based on luck and more to do with skill. I agree with what everyone else says, it is an ad trap. And for the other users saying to simply turn on airplane mode, yes you could and avoid the ads but some of us use our phones/devices for more than just gaming and need to be able to receive notifications. So a better solution would be for the developers not to force you to watch an ad no matter what.

- You’re not playing the game, this game is playing you

This game is not a game, it’s a gamble against viewing ads and as they say the house always wins. The first levels seem promising, everything on the screen gives you the impression you are playing a game that involves some chance but also involves some skill. You watch the upcoming piece previewed to determine where to place your next piece. The double and half-pie pieces start to seem like a challenge. Then you notice you get the same segment 7 times in a row. That’s ridiculous but it seems like a fluke. You watch an ad to try again. After a few levels you notice no amount of planning could get you past these boards. This is a literal gamble involving as much skill as a slot machine. You pray you don’t fall into the “same piece trap” but you will. Then your game is over and SPOILER: you have to watch an ad whether you choose to continue or try again. At least you don’t lose your life savings.

- Forces you to lose

I have enjoyed this game for the most part. My biggest complaint is that the game forces you to lose levels. You have to play the pieces given without an option to rotate or discard a piece. My suggested fix would be to use a ticket to discard or rotate a piece. I don’t play the “traveling” section of the game often so I have a bunch of stored tickets. I would much rather “spend a ticket” on a slice that fits my puzzle than be forced to lose a level because the game deals me seven of the same slice in a row. This makes sense because the game is not timed but simply based on completion. Also, I wish you knew how many full “pies” you needed to fill because I feel like it varies almost every level. Maybe count down the number of pies instead of just the counter and completion bar filling at the top of the screen.

- Not a puzzle game, not what you're looking for.

This isn't a puzzle game, it's hot garbage diguised as a puzzle game, designed specifially to show you ads. It's completely luck of the draw, as the game does not stop itself from giving you six of the exact same pieces in a row, which makes losing unavoidable. Once you fail, you're shown an ad regardless of whether you choose to continue, start over, or try to hit the home button. I could find it in me to excuse the frequency of the ads if the game were any kind of fair, but it's literally just "fail over and over until the rng so graciously lets you win." There's no way to plan ahead for getting 6 right slices before the game gives you any others. The "next piece" indicator at the bottom is virtually useless, tactically. They want to emulate a puzzle game as much as possible so you think you have a chance of winning and you'll keep playing, and therefore keep watching ads every 30 seconds. It's mind-numbingly aggravating. It's pretty looking, well polished dirt.

- It’s good, but..

It’s good, but the only issue I have with the game is when it gives you the same piece over and over. I can’t do anything about that, and I’m going to lose, no matter what. The hammer only works for one, and if it’s giving me multiple, and I don’t have enough room from other multiples, I’m screwed. It makes me a little frustrated sometimes, but I’ll just take a break, play a different game, and come back a few hours later. I’m NOT in ANY way, shape, or form, a programmer, game maker, whatever. But is it possible for you to restrict the level of randomness of pieces, just so that it does not give you more than 2 of the same piece for 2 moves right next to each other. Is that possible? I love the game, it is addictive and I don’t care about the ads because they are usually very skippable. Thank you!!! :)

- Great Concept, Poor Execution

This game was great to start, but once I figured out the strategy I realized that the game isn’t programmed to give you a fighting chance. There have been times where I get the same piece 7 times - and lose. The restart/wipeout 1 of the circles helped a little, but I still get screwed with repeating pieces. No matter how good at the game you get, you don’t have a fair chance. That’s my first gripe. My second gripe is that the developer has stopped making daily challenges & updates to the “around the world” challenge. I can’t say with certainty, but it’s safe to say I haven’t seen an update to either for about 2 months. It’s frustrating, because I’ve hit a “wall” at level 40 and have only played the daily/world challenges since. I usually don’t write reviews, but hopefully the developer sees this and can make adjustments. For now, it’s wasted space on my phone.

- absolutely not

the app developers from this game must be making so much money- it’s pretty much impossible to win a round of this game. I’ve had this game for two days and I’m already incredibly annoyed with it. I’ve never written a review for an app but good god the ads on this app are horrific. I understand that developers need to make money, but this is just greedy. Out of maybe ten “slices” or moves, six or seven will be pretty much exactly the same, so no matter how strategic you are it’s impossible to win. Of course between each round you get an ad- but because of the frequency with which you lose, you get an ad every 30 seconds. I try to stay of social media and what not so in my spare time I’ll tend to play more puzzle type games so I have a lot of them, and this one is by far the worst. It’s frustrating because of the obviously biased algorithm which leads to constant loses and constant ads. Don’t get this game. Get something else like helix jump, Wordscape, or woody. Literally anything but this game.

- Why this game is absolutely splendid!

Dear Slices, this game is amazingly fun. I love playing this game and hope to continue playing it in the future. Anybody could enjoy this game and anybody can get satisfied playing this game. Overall I think I could be playing this game forever! Sometimes I hoped I’d been playing longer. Great work on the game! I can see you put a lot on f thinking in this game, even though it is not much. It is absolutely the finest game I’ve played in a while. I feel accomplishment after each level, and a touch of happiness fills me with excitement to continue playing this game. There is nothing I would have changed about this game and I hope your company gets lots of success with this app in the future Love, A loyal gamer, A.A.Crow

- Love this game . .

Except for the fact that when you are hit w a piece that makes you have “no more moves” it would make sense that i could choose to throw that piece away. . It is beyond frustrating when you literally are two points from the next level & are given a piece that you clearly have no need for. At least have a “trash” or a “pass” option to skip a piece 3 times at most. Like its annoying to be given the same piece 6 times which makes it impossible to win. . A lot of people have been complaining about this part of the game for a while & yet you guys have done nothing to fix it. . I don’t care about the ads, I usually go ad free in games, but the point stated above is enough to make me delete the game. The only reason I haven’t is bc you guys added daily challenges which is what i play most of the time bc its IMPOSSIBLE to play the regular game & actually win, even when you take your time. Please fix this, how many people will it take for you guys to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!

- Free is useless

I can usually get some enjoyment out of the free version of a game, but not this one. You have to watch two ads for other games at every break, which come often. Sometimes you can wait a few seconds and click an X, but usually you have to wait 30 seconds. There is no way to find out the rules of the game. It is simple, but it takes a few rounds to guess what the symbols are and how “tickets” work. I continued playing for a while, figuring I’d work it out. This meant that I had to watch more ads than I might eventually. Also, the ads get thicker after the request to review. I can’t say what the paid version is like. It seems a relaxing game on the whole, but there is an uncontrolled randomness to the series of shapes such that some rounds are very quickly unwinnable without watching a video to get a hammer. I keep some crappy games on my phone just for variety, but I deleted this one. Also, be aware if you are considering purchasing that it’s a monthly subscription.

- This WOULD be a really nice game...

...If you didn’t spend more time watching ads than actually playing. You watch an ad every single time you lose, which can sometimes happen in less than 10 seconds. Aren’t banner ads enough? Or like - every 3rd time you lose? It’s so insanely frustrating. - Even a picture ad you click out of rather than a video! Come on, son! I’m also unconvinced that you can advance based on skill alone. You can last longer with skill, but it seems like the biggest factor is chance. Again, frustrating. It makes me really sad when people design apps to so obviously generate money for themselves while intentionally ruining what would otherwise be a good product. It’s just like the companies that design your phone or vacuum to break in a year just so you’ll buy another, even though they could easily make one that lasts. Deplorable.

- I like it but....

This is a fun and addictive game!!! Its a great way to pass the time and I've never seen a game like this but there's way way wayyyyyy to many adds every time I don't continue i get an add when I run out of moves and I get an add when I do continue and I keep getting the same add over and over and second reason why I'm giving it a 4 star rating and not a 5 is because (often) ill get the same exact piece over and over all in a row making me run out of moves.... For example if i have one piece of the "pie" i would set that down and then get that same piece over and over all in one go and since there's 5 circles ill get 6 of the same pieces over and over Over all I like the games its different and addictive i like it but is it possible you could fix those 2 problems if so thanks!

- Pornographic Content

How about zero stars? Maybe I should explain. For the first 8 levels of the game everything seemed normal. Yes the game has tons of ads that can be, and was, very annoying. However, once I reached level 9 it was different. In the middle of my game a porn ad appeared on my screen. I’m not talking a 17+ game ad. I’m talking naked people, close up of body parts. Hardcore porn. First of all, I have children in my home and my three year old was sitting with me watching while I played the game. I had to hurry and cover my phone. I didn’t even waste a second to uninstall the game. And before you criticize for allowing my child to watch me play this game consider this. The App Store States this game is rated for ages 4+. (WHAT!) Completely inappropriate content for a game rated that low. I cannot even begin to express how upset I am. My recommendation: uninstall the game. Just because that content didn’t pop up for me until level 9 doesn’t mean it could happen at any level for you. Good luck...

- Fun at first, until you realize it’s a cheat

It starts out as a fun, simple kind of challenge for the first few levels; but then the pattern emerges. After about level 4 or 5 you start to notice that it doesn’t matter if you use perfect strategy (honestly, it’s not that complicated), the game will still hang you by refusing to give you the right pieces, thus forcing a loss - and making you watch the ad that follows. And as each level progresses, the game will force you to lose more times each level before finally letting you win and move on to the next level - again, making you watch another ad. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t play games that “let” me win when it suits and forces me to lose when it doesn’t suit - all part of a strategy to make me watch yet more ads. At the end of the day I’m not surprised that only 1% make it to lvl 20 because the game is just a cheat... with ads. A challenge is fun, heck I love to be challenged, but a rigged game?... not so much.

- I play it every day, but...

I love this game. It’s addicting, fun, challenging, aka everything a good puzzle/strategy game should be. I play it every day. The only problem (in my opinion) is the randomly generated slices that you’re given. Each slice or group of slices that you’re given to put down is in a random position on the circle, and there have been way way WAY too many times where I’m given about ten slices (keep in mind there’s six possible positions) and within that time span I’ve gotten five or six that are all in the same position, and by then I have no more possible moves. 19/20 times I play a round of this game I lose because I got too many slices in the same position within like, less than 20 slices given to me. Half the time I can’t even make a whole circle before I lose like that. I’m not saying it has to generate in such a way that you win every time. I’m just asking to lose to random chance at least less than half the time I play. It’s just not really fair the way that it is now. Other than that the game is great and it’s easily one of my favorites on my phone. I wrote this review because I got so frustrated with that issue that I had to put it out there so maybe it’ll get fixed.

- Don’t bother

I wish I had looked at the recent reviews before getting this game. I was able to try a mini game of it through another game, and enjoyed it; so I thought why not? Wrong! Both the constant ad issue and impossible to solve the round issue frustrate me so much. I can understand if once in a while it gives 6 or 7 in a row, but this is almost every round. Some reviews that say people just aren’t playing correctly, but I’ll have 3 or 4 almost complete pies, all missing the same piece (as well as that piece not being in any of the other pies either) and it will give the one piece that is already in every pie. To get to level 7, I’ve had to play each level several times, sometimes even watching the “bonus hammer ad” within a level to get past an impossible play situation, only to have the impossible scenario happen a second time in the same game. There’s no way I will spend money on this app until the impossible play issue is fixed.

- Super fun except when...

Super fun game. Except when it gives to the same piece seven times in a row and forces you to lose. There’s a lot good with this game, but a lot that needs to change or be fixed. It’s perfect for killing time. But the “random” (I’m starting to doubt it) pieces you’re given sometimes end up being suspiciously the same over and over until you lose which forces you to watch an ad. Even if you don’t click the “watch ad to continue button”. Yes you can typically close out of the ad about five seconds in but why offer the choice if I’m going to watch it anyways. This is especially annoying when you pick play again, watch an ad anyways, then end up losing the new round 10 moves into the game because of the “random” pieces, and have to watch ANOTHER AD. I’m really disappointed in this setup because I genuinely love playing this game.

- YEAH - Super relaxing until... It ISNT.

Look, I love this game ... I even paid for it. BUT, this algorithm problem with these same pieces coming in a totally unwinnable order is making is super-sized STRESSFUL. Yes, there is a strategy to it and sometimes you do screw up. You absolutely do need to be hyper-aware of what piece is waiting in the wings but and when to use the hammer - but I'm at Level 30 and stuck at the same ugly Lemon Meringue Pie for a week now. It is impossible for me to pass it - the same piece comes too many times in a row to make this a game of skill. And, that's OK. But, you have to give us alternative moves or make it more complex so we do stand a chance. DEVELOPERS: Because if you don't - it turns into a game of pure chance in which even the CHANCE IS RIGGED. It happens that way too many times in a row. And then it just STOPS BEING RELAXING!!! And so I won't play it for a week or two hoping you guys will finally FIX it. But you don't. I'd love to recommend this to my friends as THE go to "calm down" game but it's become the opposite. Yeah, ONE guy says he's at 42 and never has had a problem. Either he's a savant or a plant or just an extremely lucky guy - but most everyone else says the SAME THING. You'd get way more sales if you did, since the ads are so annoying. PLEASE!!!

- I L❤️Ve the game but there are some tiny flaws...

I downloaded this game not knowing what to expect, but I started liking it! I started to get addicted! But, one time when I was playing, I got 5 of the same prices in a row. I ignored it because I’m assuming that the game is random, but, then it happened again! And again, and again. But, I also notice that sometimes it gives you the exact price you need! I’m confused if this is a coincidence or not, though. Something else is that for the daily challenges, if you miss a day you have to watch an ad to play the challenge. When I try to watch the ad, it ALWAYS says the that the ad is not available! I understand that I might not be connected to the WiFi, but even when I’m SUPER close to it, it still doesn’t work. But, overall, I LOVED the game! 😜😐😬😛😇🦄🐼🐺

- Ads with a mini game between

Do you like ads? No I mean really like ads? No I mean LOVE ads? Levels are about 1-2 minutes. Between each level you will see a 30sec to one min ad. Did you fail a level? Btw You can fail in less than a minute. You will see a 30 sec to one min ad. Am only able to “skip” an ad about 20% of the time - and mind you that’s still a full screen video ad and about 5 sec you have to have it in your face while you find the X and often have to tap a second X. Theoretically it’s possible to spend more time watching ads than playing - so how exactly can this game be relaxing...? Unless you find ads relaxing? Look, I play freemium games constantly so I get that ads are necessary. But the ads are so constant you can’t even play the game! Would be better if they didn’t have a free version because I might have paid for it if I weren’t put through this offensive “free” version. It’s really only free if your time is worthless to you. Ugh.

- Same piece over and over

I unfortunately have to agree with the other one star reviews on here. I really thought the game concept was good and has potential to be a fun game but I played this game for a whole 5 minutes before I deleted it because it is so apparent that this game REQUIRES watching ads to continue rounds to win or playing the same round tens of times to win even though you are not doing anything wrong. It simply keeps giving you the same piece. I would literally only have 10 turns and would see the same piece 1-triangle piece 6 times in that many so I would lose. You literally cannot win with that! I am completely ok with watching ads between turns and also am willing to spend money on games that seem worthwhile but no, not wasting any more than a couple minutes and definitely none of my money on this game. I know it looks interesting but just pass this puzzle game up if you are considering getting it unless they fix this.

- Fixes that need to happen!

I really love this game, it’s awesome actually! But the problem is that you can get the same 5/6 slices and will have to start a new circle. It can be frustrating especially when the slices are randomized. I hope this can get fixed soon, so that others can play this game and have a better time with the game. I also recommend that there should be challenges, so maybe can get power ups too! If there was power-ups then maybe you have a better chance of beating the level. You should be able to earn power-up by watching ads or even leveling up every 5 times. Well that’s my suggestion, but I know others are like this, but I hope you can read this and maybe think about the ideas? But nonetheless, this game is still pretty fun. -Franki

- One problem

Awesome game great way to keep you busy and entertained. My one complaint is sometimes (often) I’ll be given the same positioned piece many times in a row and eventually end up getting more than I have room for which ends the game. More than a few times I have had multiple “pies” filled the same way (example: say I have all but the right facing piece filled on multiple pies meaning a right piece just hasn’t come along yet) and it fills the space so quickly and I’ll keep getting pieces I don’t have room for. The last game I played I started fresh and got 4 left pieces in a row followed by a two-sliced piece for the left and top left and then a half piece for the left half (leaving all my left spaces filled) and then received another left piece, ending the game in a way where it would have been impossible to win. Can be very frustrating.

- Spoiler! Read it anyway though!

I paid for this game, and after a while ( I didn’t notice it right away) I realized that you don’t just get a second chance, you get ENDLESS chances, until the level is complete. There are two catches however. One, when you have no more moves, you have six seconds to hit “continue” or the score resets to zero. The second one peeves me, and I hope they fix it, because I’m at a pretty high level now, and I usually can’t get all the way through a level in one sitting. When I hit pause, (I’m not closing the app, it’s open in the background) sometimes when I go to resume, my game ie where I left it and I can resume just fine. But about half the time, the level resets and I have to start over. VERY frustrating.

- Used to be able to actually beat a level

When I first downloaded this game it was great — I got a variety of pieces and it was a challenge but not impossible to progress through the levels, I got to level 50 with little problem (and I believe at this time there were only 50 levels), every once in a while I would get the same piece over and over again but not consistently. I’m not sure how many updates have happened since then but now it’s become not only impossible to beat, but losing with scores like 20-40 just because the pieces given are so skewed. It used to be a great way to pass the time, but now (since I won’t pay for a no-ad version, especially under the circumstances of the poor algorithm) dealing with a thirty second ad four times in three minutes due to losing instantly constantly, it’s no longer worth it to play. Which is a shame because it used to be a fun, mindless game to mess around with while bored.

- Less than basic, but has potential.

I thought the game looked mildly fun and super simple - and it is. However, it is too simple (to it’s own detriment). It is a basic matching game, but there is nothing new about it. It isn’t even comparable to other matching games because you can’t work to get any ‘special’ items! (There are no special items!) I would love to see some specials such as getting to skip one piece, an automatic complete piece that causes the explosion to clear away some pies, a rotatable piece (wild), etc. Simple to add to a game, and it would add in so much more fun. I have literally had the game hand me 7 identical pieces one after the other, (on multiple occasions) and there is nothing I can do about it but lose. One last thing - there are WAY too many ads for this game!! Now if you added in ‘special’ pieces you could have most of the ads be optional, and/or have a paid .99 ad free version...

- It’s fine.

My problems: I like the game for what it is, but by god ADS ADS ADS. Usually that’s not a huge problem for me but you can play 1 level without 6 ads in between. That’s not even the biggest problem. The game tends to make it impossible to win, making you lose, just so you can watch another ad. I had a picture but can’t post it here. ALL OF THE CIRCLES WERE FULL EXCEPT 1 OF THE SAME PIECE IN ALL OF THEM. This happens far too much, making the game hardly about strategy and thinking and more about how far can you get before the game screws you over. But wait! You can save yourself! If you watch another ad. Oh wait! You can delete one of your circles! By watching an ad. Like I said, ads aren’t the biggest thing, you can remove them for $3, but the fact that the game is chance and not a certain amount of strategy is very annoying, and half the time I play for 5 minutes then roll my eyes and close the app because of how unfair and boring the game is because of that. Here’s what I do like: The game is fun in its own way. Since it is rigged in my opinion, it makes it that much more satisfying when you actually can complete a level. I like the fun different pictures you can make and it’s a solid toilet game. It would be so much more fun though if it required thinking instead of chance.

- Ad Trap x3

I would leave zero stars if I could. I never leave app reviews and also I’m deleting this app forever because it’s so horrible. The game itself would be sort of fun but I am going to reiterate the points that a few others have left which is this game is basically just a front to force you to watch ads because after playing for a couple of hours in total I figured out that you literally can’t pass some levels without watching an ad to continue playing due to the random spawning of the pieces. Strategically you obviously can’t win when there’s only six circles and you get more than six of the same piece in a row. You watch an ad every time you run out of turns and you have to start over, or you watch an ad to continue playing. So the game’s functionality is literally determined by the ads. I get that it’s a free app and so it’ll have ads, but your game shouldn’t be completely dependent on watching the ads. What a joke.


This game is very fun, and definitely addicting. I paid for the app to avoid the ads because there really were way too many. My main issue is the lack of frequent updates to increase the levels. I’m certain that some reviewers thought an “unbeatable” level was due to the game dropping 6-7 of the same pieces consecutively, but often it’s actually due to the fact that there are no further levels. No progress bar under the score means there is no next level. At this point I don’t even have any new daily challenges, and also no new passport challenges and no levels beyond level 79. It was cut off at level 60 for months, and now again at 79. If the developers read this: I realize you were already paid for my app, but would you PLEASE offer more frequent (or more expansive) updates?

- Potential

I decided to try this game when it was described as “relaxing”. It has the potential to be that. However- I like to relax with an audiobook as I play a game. I turn the sound in my phone OFF because I don’t want interruption from game sounds, including ads. I’ll watch the ads, but the sound either drowns out the audiobook or, even more annoying, stops the audiobook so that I have to exit the game to be able to restart it because the ad completely takes over all phone audio resetting what I’m listening to. This game is one of the worst out there for these interruptions and I’ve deleted it because of that. Additionally, it is not a game I would ever be able to play in a waiting room nor similar setting as the ads do not stay quiet even with phone sound turned off. If a stupid game can’t respect the phone settings, it should at least have a way to be muted in the game.


The randomizer (we’ll call it) causes there to be the same pieces generated several times in a row. I got extremely frustrated that i couldn’t even get past LEVEL 4 because of this. It IS MARKETED AS A PUZZLE GAME but it’s no where close. A puzzle has a definite solution, this game doesn’t. Please read other reviews like this. Also, don’t listen to some of the 5 star reviews. They’re clearly reviews that are bought. They say the stupidest stuff and are really cringey. If the reviews were fair this game would get 1 or 2 stars, which it deserves. It’s an ad trap that you have to spend hours on until it finally gives you a random set of pieces that allow you to move on, only for it to be that you have to spend even more time. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME!! Get something good like Ad Cap or Ad Communist. Those are way better games, AND THEYRE IDLE GAMES. Or if you want a good puzzle game word puzzle ones are okay. JUST DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!

- Ad trap

I don’t usually write reviews, but I just had to talk about this app. The designs of the slices are very interesting and colorful and the game itself is very fun. I love putting the slices together. Though I wouldn’t exactly call it relaxing, as it can be frustrating at times when you’re given the same slice 4 times in a row. What gave this app 3 stars is the ads. I get you have to much money. But holy CRAP. This game is DEPENDENT on them. If you lose, you watch an ad. If you win, you watch a shorter ad. If you want to continue, watch an ad. Want to give up? Watch an ad. The game itself is extremely hard to win first try, so you usually have to end up watching an ad to continue. If you miss a daily puzzle, you can do it at any other time and add to your collection. If you watch an ad. TL;DR: I love the game, I hate how dependent it is on ads.

- Fun but can be improved

This game is very addictive and can kill time. I haven’t played for long but I saw many issues. For one the game at some point just becomes based on luck. I’ve lost countless amount of times because I kept getting the same piece one after another. A undo button would be nice, maybe add in a slice piece that when a circle is completed with the undo piece in it you receive one free undo button. You could also get a free undo piece by watching ads. Having different game modes would also be nice, like a time trial or daily challenges. There is a bug with airplane mode that causes the game to crash or not load at all. A save option would be nice so the board doesn’t clear as soon as you exit the app. The potential for this game is limitless I hope that the developers implement something new soon.

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The applications Slices was published in the category Games on 2017-09-19 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 195.21 MB. Slices - Games app posted on 2020-06-13 current version is 2.7.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mnightt.slices

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