Evertale [Games] App Description & Overview

Catch and evolve monsters!
Dive into a breathtaking fantasy world filled with mysterious monsters to capture, battle, and train. Explore sprawling landscapes, bustling cities, and mythical dungeons in this expansive open-world RPG!

Join a band of unlikely heroes and free the world of Erden from the deadly Pandemonium. Collect, train, and evolve over 180 creatures and warriors to fight alongside in supercharged monster battles!

Immerse yourself in the engaging single-player offline story or build your team and test your skills against global players online. Battle it out in fast-paced PvP leagues and form guilds with other players to unlock limited-edition gear, power-ups, and more to take your team to the next level!

• Catch, train, and evolve over 180 monsters and heroes across an impressive story-driven adventure!
• Encounter friends and foes as you journey across the 6 diverse regions of Erden, each with their own unique monsters to collect.
• Discover legendary weapons, accessories, and equipment to boost your warriors and gain the upper hand on your opponents.

• Build a strategy from hundreds of unique ability combinations to devastate your opponents in engaging turn-based 4v4 combat!
• Jump online to compete in real-time PvP leagues and form collaborative guilds with other players to uncover one-of-a-kind items.
• Participate in weekly online events that offer exclusive unlockables and limited characters to add to your collection!

The world of Erden is plagued by an ancient curse—the Pandemonium, a shroud of evil that descends once every 100 years. Only the fabled Crestbearers can cease its destruction, but all have failed to stop it from returning to wreak havoc once again.

Join two young heroes and the allies they befriend along the way and embark on a perilous quest to uncover the secret to ending this age-old curse once and for all!

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- Draft PvP ready for release - Various performance optimizations - Various connectivity improvements - Misc. bug fixes and UI improvements

Evertale Comments & Reviews

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- Don’t get me wrong I like this game

But I rate this game 4 stars not 5 because I got cheated out on $320 that 4 *$80 of that I didn’t not get because it said bad connection error hello I pay this on internet and LTE so if you don’t believe that’s fine

- Not perfect but pretty great

I’ve been with this game since the release first happened. Preordered the game and everything. I’ve played a lot of phone games similar to this one because in japan they are a big thing. I see the formula their going for here and I think they do it pretty well. Some people may complain about the summons and the cost for that. But I think that the western mindset just isn’t used to games of this specific type. There are hugely successfully titles in the Japanese App Store very similar to this. The only difference is that those games are based on huge IP’s like fate grand order or hugely popular anime. That being said, this game isn’t related to any big IP but this game has the same general formula and play style. That being said, all the content here is original and beautifully designed for a phone game. The random summon mechanic is brutal at times but very rewarding when you finally get the character you wanted. You don’t have to pay for summons if you don’t want, a majority of the game can be beaten purely on effort and time. However eventually you will want to try and summon some good characters. It’s not required but that definitely is one of the core game mechanics. I will go ahead and say, if you do not like the idea of paying for summons, then your not going to enjoy certain parts of this game. This is likely targeted more towards adults with disposable income, who work and spend time on their phones. You get a limited number of summoning currency through gameplay. After that you almost only get it with cash. This game isn’t for everyone, not everyone wants to spend money on a mobile game in the west. That being said, for anyone who is ok with spending a bit of money for cool characters this game is for you. This isn’t likely targeted at children or really young people. Anyone can play, but this is probably more appropriate for people who work a job and in their down time play on their phone. I say this because character summons can become expensive fast, so if you don’t have the ability to buy summons, you may be frustrated. This isn’t a sit down and play forever game, this game is something you play some now and later in the day you comeback and do a bit more. The content isn’t extensive yet, but these games don’t start off in their prime. Over time successful games of this type grow and in a year or a few years and accumulate much more content. This isn’t a game you do all at once, this is really more a long term game where you invest a bit of cash for characters and, if all goes well then your playing this game for several years. It’s not a triple A game, this is a phone game. I think people approach this with the wrong expectations, then get upset when it’s not what they thought. This isn’t really much of a monster catching game and I don’t know why they market it that way, the monsters you catch are fun but their not high rarity or super useful. Like I said, the summoning is a core mechanic and the game does revolve a bit around you paying for and summoning new, stronger characters. I think people give this game a hard time. It’s not perfect but it’s not bad either. The art style and characters look really great. Over all it’s a fun fighting game, but it’s mostly about you collecting the characters and monsters you like. The content isn’t super consistent, meaning one part of the game plays as an open map and other parts do not. That’s not a bad thing but I think the developers did a good job for the most part. Do I wish all the story was open map, sure. But it’s not a big issue. After the first part things become super linear and you go directly from story pice to next battle to next story piece. Not a bad thing, but this could be expanded a bit more. Over all, I’ve played the game for over a year now. It’s not a perfect game and it’s not really a monster catching game. But what it is, is very similar to popular Japanese phone games. I like this style of game, but not all people will. Primarily people on the west may complain about the game just a bit too much. If you know what it is from the start, and you go into it accepting that it’s going to cost some money for cool characters. Then you should be able to enjoy the game a lot. Don’t expect or demand things to be different. The game is built around the summoning mechanic and around collecting characters you like. The game has changed a bit since it was first released and I expect this time next year it will become a bit more different and probably double the amount of content. I like this game, if it does well then it should be around for several years. Playing this between work or classes, living in daily to do a few battles, and spending you limited play points on events. It’s all part of a long term experience. Over all, the game can be improved, and I think it will be over time. This is a good game, the only mobile game I play currently. With a game you put money into, you can only really afford to play one at a time. I’ve played other games like this and they were great, mostly Japanese and their still going strong. This isn’t connected to a major franchise and some people in the west may not like this game. But there are certainly many people who will love and enjoy this game. I enjoy it, and I will continue to play and spend money in the game. Hope this helps some people decide if this is the game for them. If your from japan then your likely to love it. If your from America, it’s not what your familiar with but it’s still a great game. It isn’t perfect, you will spend money, and improvements are needed in some places. But I think it’s a really great quality version of this style of game. The character collecting game where you do pay to get stronger/cooler characters. You build your team of characters and most of your time will be spent powering them up and trying to get better characters. Now that you know what this is, hope you enjoy.

- 👎

You can only power up low amount of characters and the games have tons of mega high boss and no way on winning

- Misleading ads

I once really enjoyed this game. Then they started showing ads making it look like a rip off of Pokémon. The ads made me think they’d revamped the game so I went back and it’s still the same game it once was. It’s absolutely nothing like the ads are making it to be people, don’t fall for it

- Wow

So I saw this on YouTube, expected a generic puzzler like so many YouTube adds you see. But I held out hope, while on YouTube I looked up the game and was like wow, this actually looks like a decent rpg type game, not some sleazy puzzle game trying to pass itself off as something better for downloads. I played through part 1 and got to an option screen asking if I wanted to continue or go back to the menu, and I though “oh boy there the pay wall” but no, I hit continue to see the cost and got loaded in to part 2. Really fun game, would for sure recommend it for the .99, and if you don’t believe this review, search it on YouTube for yourself.

- A little off the top...

Nearly perfect in feel and style. Needs a slight adjustment to how game mechanic explanations go. There is great detail for battles and almost none for improving your characters. I think the discord community is likely going to be my source for most of my info, and that’s a shame. Furthermore, even with base pay of a dollar, you should automatically get some sort of random bonus(1/6 hero types as the game has six elements, for example), but it seems like there are just more paywalls. I think it is otherwise a great game and I enjoy the art and music immensely. The TU system is mostly intuitive, as well. Thanks for a good job, developers and team!

- Why’s it #1 in paid?

I swear that this game was free to play. When did it become a pay to get app?

- 55875875


- Fun and cool allies

I like the game so far, there’s a lot to the game and a lot to take in at first, overall easy to use the only thing I would suggest to developers is to add a optional directional pad instead of clicking the screen would make moving a lot easier for me

- Absolutely love this game

Honestly the story line is so amazing it’s like Golden Sun + Pokémon

- Payed for this game and I can’t even play it!

Bought the game. Loaded it up, downloaded the basic, then did download all. Started it up and went all the way to soul stone chest. Opened the chest adjacent to that through the grass and decided to buy more stones. It took my money and then crashed. I’ve been stuck on syncing data 3/6 for 8 hours now and prior to that I’ve restarted it and my phone. I’m now down $30 and I haven’t even played the game.

- Pay to win don’t buy!

This game obviously lets you invest a couple hours into it before it become so challenging you have to spend money.

- These developers are on the rise

I got evertale because of neomon. I appreciate the enhanced graphics and music. I can tell there was a lot of effort put into this. There's just a few bugs here and there.

- Best thing ever

I love this game it’s sooo fun to play 😍👌🏽

- Super fun game

It has a good story that I just don’t want to put it down. I like the cheaper system as well, it makes it seem like a true story your reading.

- Good game.

What a great buy for a dollar. Really enjoying it so far.

- Fun but disappointing...

So where to start... ah I remember now! For all of the soon to be players who are thinking about playing this game, don’t, just don’t. Save yourself time and money for a game that actually rewards its dedicated players. Devs don’t care about there player base one bit. Why? Because they haven’t bothered to reply back to their players or take into consideration on making improvements to the game in areas that actually MATTER! Let me give you all an example, stay with me now. First of all like any other game out there they usually have a cash shop right of some sort especially when a special/premium currency is being used. BUT and a big BUT here, if you think about it right. You have to buy this game to play it right? So why are they using a broken gacha system that doesn’t produce any quality pulls, like ever... ever ever. Why not just get rid of the gacha system and let us acquire the summonable characters/creatures out in the wild? This is an adventure/capture type of game right? Think about it, the creatures and characters acquired in the wild become obsolete later in game... You all still with me? Good, next part coming up we’ll be going over the cost of premium currency. Yes you heard me right, that “I don’t know if it’s worth my money” currency that a lot of games offer but nothing like this one. If you play this game or plan to and want the premium currency then I hope you have a lot of money to throw away because the devs with gladly accept it all. Point of being is: overpriced premium currency. And oh don’t get me started on the drop rates for character summons because it’s straight up trash... All in all the only reason why I’ve rated a one star (because zero stars isn’t allowed for some reason) is because of the somewhat fun gameplay. I can see why this game was free at one point in time, lack of active player base. Anyways that’s my review, play at your own risk folks. I’m done with this game, hopefully the devs hear what other players and myself are expressing and make a positive change to the game. Until then bye Felecia.

- Pokémon?!

It feel like old school Pokémon. Very simple and easy to play.

- Best game

Best game everrrrrr💯‼️

- Totally rip-off

Same as every single person here, I felt the game is too rip-off. At least give a beginner something? Rip-off starts from the first 10 summoning, says guaranteed SSR but doesn’t say monster or weapon, you get weapon for sure. I’ve been playing quite a while, haven’t seen a single SSR, I think if you pay around 1000 dollars, you might have a 0.1% chance getting it? Don’t waste your time people, there’s legit free to play games not like this rip-off garbage game. The graphic and game style is good tho so if your willing to pay a fortune for this game then go ahead!

- Trading

I would like you guys to add some trading, cause that’s what Evertale’s missing. If you guys did add trading in there I didn’t find that. Well, I’m gonna end my sentence here for now, I’m just asking if you guys, if you can add trading.

- Pay to win and unbalanced

It’s worth playing through the story but that’s it. For PVP only poison teams matter. And for that matter you need to spend a lot of money to get a good PVP team.

- Summoning is very bad

Ssr summon chance are very bad for some people. The game gives those people 0 chance at pvp and forces those people to buy. What are you buying you ask? You will purchase summon chances and as I said they are very bad and not worth risking your money on. Terrible advertising on their part.

- Awesome!

I just made it to chapter 2, this game is great! It’s like rune factory and pokemon, with a storyline like dragon age and gameplay like chrono trigger or final fantasy. I think I’ll actually finish this game!

- 挺好的


- よっと


- Read this

I’m stuck on a level that is pretty much impossible to beat. I am a free to play player and this game just isn’t working out for me. Unless you are rich and willing to pay money for this game, I do not recommend.

- 2/5 too reliant on gacha 3/5 overall gameplay 5/5 premise

I think the game has room to grow. I noticed it’s a pay app which seems unusual in a competitive market but I got it free during a special. You can pve up until a certain point without relying on summons and gacha to get through the game but after the higher levels it’s difficult, and pvp (which is endgame) is impossible. There is on and off season and during off season you will walk into an arena again someone who is not evenly ranked against you, has all maxed out fully geared characters and wish you never entered. The artwork is gorgeous , imaginative.visual novel level and will bring nostalgia to those from the earlier Pokémon Final fantasy era of quality and adventure. The plot is decently constructed and so far no major plot holes found. Takeaways I think if they expanded the offline (free) open world and allowed users to freely level as much as they wanted without a cap it would make the system seem more fair. Currently caps at 40 at which point you rely on an event grind to level which is pretty unpleasant and a huge time sink even more so. RNG gacha seems to be the bread and butter and it divides the playing community into camps of those who can’t afford, those who refuse and those begrudgingly accept it and those who view buying copious amounts of gacha as a status symbol. It doesn’t change the RNG but it makes it more likely crazy rich kid will be in pvp or any event doing more than kid who can barely afford shoes on their feet. It’d be nice if the game was more socially responsible and at least added something for an equally loyal user to play reasonably rather than reward only those who dump money into the game. I write this review as someone who can afford to spend on gacha. Keeping the lights on is important but I think the game has a lot more to do before it gets a true 5/5 rating. 2/5 too reliant on gacha 3/5 overall gameplay 5/5 premise

- Greed. Deleted

Catch is not a real usable function in this game. The “Catch” system is there first gatcha. You wont use a single monster you catch, why because caught monsters are free. A cool spin on a turn based game but the Gatcha system is way worse than other games. Not only are the chances terrible but they dilute the character pulls with weapons that drop at a 4x higher rate. If getting a weapon 4 times in a row isn’t to big a slap to you from these devs, the in game currency is so slow to come by you dont get many free pulls. There is no guaranteed summon except for the very first one and it leaves you at the hands of RNG or spending money and even then you wont get the character. $24 for a %1 to get a SSR (that is 4x more likely to be a weapon). Mind you that you need 5 of each character to get them to max! Want to make there content harder? They just put fire or poison immunity on something, which are the two main mechanics of there team compositions. It’s not creative its just lazy, poor game making. PVP? Nope, matchmaking will put you up against someone of a much higher level every time. And that’s all this game has. A convoluted story that over thinks itself and a crumby PVP system. There are other ways to spend your time and money.

- Sad sad

Such a great game just to turn out to be another pay to play.... 5000 stones and not one ssr....


How this game nearly has a perfect score is completely beyond me. The drop rate of the gacha for this game is so bad. You literally have to pay for the in game currency to summon because you can barely earn them anywhere else except PvP. Even then PvP is filled with pay to win players so if you’re a free to play, keep dreaming because you’re never ever going to make sufficient currency needed for a multi summon. If you do decide to pay for a multi summon, just one multi cost around $4-$5 and that’s just one. Furthermore, like I said the drop rate are so bad that it could not be said just once because it is that terrible. By now, you’re probably thinking, I’ll just catch monsters from the campaign, well look here smartass, the game does not let you and I mean it refuses to let you catch anything above a rare. So your going to be catching rare and below. If I could, I would rate this 0 stars because of how bad it is. Do not let those 5 star reviews fool you. They are Pay to Win players. If you do not believe, me look up honest review videos of how bad this game is. Do not waste you time and money on this game. The main thing I can take way from this game is that I am glad I did no spend any money on it and got the app when it was free.

- Crash

I was playing it but sometime it has crash repeat

- Love Game but Conflicted

I like the game but I hate the summoning system. It is so hard to get good characters. I have tried so many times with the guaranteed SR or SSR Characters but all I get is weapons and super rarely an SR character. It’s so hard to get anything good.

- Crashes constantly

Crashes all the time. Stuck on one battle.

- Fun game, shady practices

Game is a pretty fun Pokémon-esque game with tons of battles and catching to do. The reason I’m unhappy and only giving a 2* is that for a game that has an initial cost, there’s way too many micro transactions that may or may not be considered pay 2 win (I’m unsure as I haven’t progressed too far, and prob won’t tbh). I mean, we have huge devs out there that nickel and dime us with a “free” game and then you realize the game is full of IAP’s and ruins the run. Then we have the smaller devs, who actually charge you to initially purchase the game and then fill the game up with IAP. I truly don’t understand.

- Fun addictive

Fun, takes time to develop good strategy

- Nevertale, a game of no help

Hit a glitch after the update. Ruined my days of hard work on the event. (Honestly, if you don’t pay loads of money it takes a LOT of work to get even a medium character going.) I put in a request for help. Below is what you can expect from them should the game have any issues. It’s my email and their response word for word. My email: Yesterday after the update I attempted to awaken Gloria (I just purchased the final 3 copies needed to fully awaken her.) When I selected her to awaken, it displayed the locked version I had been leveling up as the selected version but only showed two out of the three other copies. I selected those two to use for awakening materials and figured after I would just relog and do the last one separately. However it hen merged the two with the missing third, NOT the one that I’d been leveling and had selected. I tried merging that newer one hoping it would sort it out, that it was just another display issue but it treated the newer one like a single copy with boosts. Can you please separate them so I can try the awakening again and see if it works as intended? Even if I lose levels, it’s be worth it. I greatly appreciate your time and hard work on this game! I hope you and your family are safe and healthy in this current pandemic! Their reply: Apologies, I’m not able to roll back combined characters or weapons. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for playing Evertale!

- Gatcha Trash

I just used 10K crystals on summoning. Didn’t even get one SSR character. I’ve saved for two months now waiting for someone worth rolling on. Didn’t even get. Like other people have said, I’ve only ever gotten one SSR in the beginning of this game and never again. Uninstalled and don’t waste your time on this trash drop rate game.

- Good game but boss fights are way too hard

So when I got to boss part where the sage transforms into human the boss fight is impossible for me

- Kick me out for no reason

I keep getting kick out over and over and doesn’t stop

- Yay

Evertale is amazing u will not regret it! Stories, RPG, fun! 3 in one! I love it completely I finished it all but there is still more stories to come! It may be hard but I will triumph in the end! The stories are amazing, adventurous, and exciting! So what I’m trying to say is, Evertale is AMAZING! Ignore the mean comments and get it!

- Mas accesibilidad en el modo offline

El juego esta muy bueno. Me encanto. Pero le doy 4 stars porque si ya habilitan el modo offline deberían dejar q a la hora de abrir el juego no pida una conexión a internet. También para poder invocar pide una conexión a internet. Entre otras opciones mas. Creo q lo mejor sería que t dejaran jugar offline pero con mas opciones. No cómo está ahora. Se les agradecería q permitirán usar + opciones en el modo offline. Eso sería una gran mejora. Ya estaría evaluado de 5 estrellas y sería perfecto el juego xq en si tiene muchas variedades y esta divertido.


This game is so fun!! The art style and graphics are on point. ❤️ Love this game and hope you all like it too

- Crashes and Tears

3 stars. One star gone because the crashing is horrendous. It’ll crash at the smallest of loading and even in the middle of boss battles. Pathetic. Another star gone because the PvP immediately puts you against the highest of players. How can I rank if I’m not even aloud to win one match.

- Drop rates are bad

Drop rates are terrible summoned 10x summons 10 times not a singles SSR character

- A let down over time

The game is fun in a lot of ways, but the chance to receive anything upgradeable is laughable. The 10x summon had me hype to see if I could get anything worthwhile but I only got the same weapon, NO characters, more than I could count. I noticed that if you summon one by one you have better chances to receive at least one SSR. I could be wrong but that’s from personal experience. & there are NO ways to get gems after the online story. & playing on the PVP platform is so outrageous because you can be a beginner on the game & HAVE to face off people who have Ultra-Evolution-ized characters which kill you in one move.

- I’m gonna give you a simple review

Graphics 7 Story 8 Content 7 Replay ability 9 Characters 8 Unique 6 So is it worth a dollar well here’s what’s the nail biter for me in games is it challenging and I’ve reached a point where you can’t go on without leveling more. There’s no way to get through this in a day like summoners war. This game requires you to think with your head on you can’t just rush through the games with op units anyway point is to me it’s worth a buck due to the challenge good luck and enjoy some thing interesting

- Awesome

Really fun , great graphics, and battles

- Rate

The summon rates in this game is TRASH

- Trash

60 draws and not a single ssr character. Game belongs in the trash.

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- Soul stones suggestions

The game is pretty fun. But if u play for 2 weeks u come to a halt. U run out of stones n HAVE TO BUY. It would be nice if the developers gave more options for earning soul stones. Like every 100 pvp rating gives 100 soul stones. Every rank level up u get soul stones n after maintenance every game gives rewards except this one !! It’s also hard to get SSR char but worse u have to wait weeks to get 1000 ss for 1 pull

- Awesome

This game Paper, Scissor.......ROCKS

- Noice

Fun with interesting available strategies with quite good content. only problem is as with games with summons or draws:free tp is very luck dependent. My friend got 3ssr characters at rank 35 whilst I am a rank 119 with only 2ssr so there’s that. but overall a super solid game

- Pulling is too bad

I have been playing this game more than a month, had 200pulls not a single SSR, the changes is just way too low. If you want to play don’t spend money the pulling is nightmare

- Crashes

Its a really fun game. The fight system is fun. The story is fun. The art style is fun. But the crashing isn’t fun. It keeps on crashing. Im on a mini boss or something, and whenever I finished the fight whether it be win it lose, the game crashes and i have to fight again. And then when it finishes (the battle) it crashes again. Please fix this. The game is really fun and i want to play, but it keeps crashing!

- Great JRPG

Awsome tactical JRPG for mobile highly recommend

- PvP is trash

During pvp you only go up against extremely strong people and it’s so annoying because your not weak it’s just everyone has ssr’s for some reason yet I know many people who rarely even get sr’s it’s so annoying and trash because of how low the chance is to get them even though I’ve played many other games which have a drawing idea to get characters and all those games it was relatively easy, it’s completely unfair how some of us just want to do pvp but everyone else at least 5 ssr’s and we have none. Secondly I didn’t like the second chapter, the first was completely fun because you could move around freely and do what you wanted and it was fun, then the way you move and do things is completely boring and annoying in the second chapter, also I don’t it’s pushing people for micro transactions the only time I felt I needed to buy some thing was crystals because it is way too hard to get ssr’s, I do really enjoy the game but pvp is just infuriating and the second chapter is boring, also most clans are just inactive and players in general

- Awesome


- Lost my account

Was a great game, But I couldn’t get into the game and pls help me. I can’t close the news and it is very frustrating. Pls fix.


I don’t know why others are claiming that it pushes micro transactions, because it really doesn’t. You can easily play this game without any micro transactions, or ads! - THANK YOU DEVELOPERS, you’re onto a winner! Keep up the great work, we’re loving it!

- Laggy but good

The art is beautiful and the style of gameplay is really easy to learn and interactive. The story is also really interesting!! Thing is, this app lags on me every time I enter the game, during attacks, clicking menu buttons, EVERYTHING!!!

- Nice

Good game

- Well... just lost a supporter

After I’ve done around 10 multi summons on the rate up banners, I have not even got a single SSR character.. I’m just going to uninstall. The game is super time consuming and has not provided any rewards that have left me and numerous other people feeling pleased.

- 十分楽しめる


- Great


- 2-5SSR starter accounts from 10USD!!

Hey guys, I’m selling amazing 2-5 starter accounts! My discord is: Tonyplaygames#1579

- Wow

Very great game just started playing it and I’m loving it thanks you for great game

- Extremely flawed

This app is trying to be both a story driven payed for game and a money grabbing micro transaction game and miserably fails at both. So much potential but everything after act 1 is just trash. I was so in love with the game when I first started but the insane mana cost for battles (you can play 4 every 10 hours giving you a total of 4 minutes gameplay per 10 hours), extremely low summon rates given the ONLY way to summon is to spend money after you finish the story line (can finish in 2 days if you semi commit) and essentially no late game content after you breeze through the story line on auto with mediocre units, has made me confident in telling people not to buy this game as you will only end up disappointed by how far short it falls from its potential

- Worth the money

It’s so cool I’ve never liked rpgs but this one has some really cool storyline and sick characters!

- Good game

Very nice game! I love the storyline! But 60 manas for one stage is ridiculous lol

- Lure to pay money

Game has 2 parts. First part is free to play and grind, hooks you in and is a really good game. But after you spend money to beat the first boss, the second game needs energy (mana) and its a lot of mana, you would go broke playing it. Basically, you will never complete this game. Also the PVP is not matched to your level. It’s against anyone who is playing cos the pool is small, so you will be matched with insanely high level characters, and you’ll struggle to join a guild cos of the minimum player rank needed. It’s a shame, cos if they kept the second part the same, it would be a 5 star game. Instead greed spoiled a very good game.

- good story

good good

- Awesome

It’s like a Pokémon digimon baby , I hate in app purchases.. other then that amazing game

- Good

So far so good, but just started

- Could have been great

There were so many issues with the game mainly the fact that there was barely any game to play I wish I had known so I could have waited for the full game although either way hunter island and dragon island blue are infinitely better

- Awesome

This game is awesome a must for all true gamers

- Troubles

I absolutely love this game... it’s my number one to pass time and also thoroughly enjoy, especially with the story. I’ve been having issues with daily bonuses.. it’s had me on day 17 for a couple of days, and today I wasn’t able to play that game, it kept bugging out, especially with daily challenges. Are there currently some bugs going on with this.

- Awesome

My friend and I are just grinding through this. It reminds me of Pokémon but also like those Japanese games I see my japanese friends playing and it works really well. Really fun.

- Keep saying unable to connect to internet

Can hardly play at all

- Can’t evolve

I only got to evolve one character, and now no matter what I try it still says there’s no internet, EVEN when I’m sitting right next to the internet!!.

- Nothing great - mediocre

Character designs are decent, battle style is bad and slow and has nothing engaging to keep you wanting to play. Worst is that I paid for something lame when games like ffbe, summoners war, epic seven, one piece treasure cruise etc are all FREE

- Fun and Compelling Story

So far the story has been really well thought out and great game mechanics that require some strategy to overcome! Love the boss fight at the End of Act 1 and cant wait to get deeper into the game!

- Grinding is REAL

I love this game so much cause it reminded me of Pokemon and I like grinding levels in Pokemon so much that I always ended up evolving the starting Pokemon to the second stage before the first gym. Anyways what I want to talk about is that this game can be seriously laggy and really hard to get good heroes and items. It would be better if the 1000 gem summons has a plus one bonus so that it’s 10+1 per 1000 gems. Also please fix the crashes cause every time i verse a boss, the game crashes and I have to do the battle again. This has happened every single boss battles

- Poor Operational Game

I was very excited to play this game pre ordering it and all. Had high hopes and the Game play definitely matched the hype. However, the fact that it crashes FREQUENTLY has put me off it a lot. To the point where you would fight an intense battle and winning and it decides to crash, having to play it all over again. I don’t like the fact that gems cost so much $$ to buy seperate to the ones you earn. $7.99 seems pretty steep for 120 Chrystals. Please work on whatever is causing it to crash as I can’t even play 15 mins of gameplay at this point

- Games a bait and switch

They draw you in with act 1, then it suddenly turns into a generic energy gated gatchya

- Network not working on this game

For some reason my internet will not work on this game.

- A decent game.

This is another fun monster collection game. I had hoped it would be more like micromon or nexomon, but it’s not quite like that, falling a bit short of them in my opinion. You cannot find rare creatures just by encountering them in the wild through your own effort(like in the previously mentioned games), you have to rely on a ‘gatcha’ chance system that you can spend real money on. A little disappointing considering you’ve already paid for the game. You can “find” one of each basic rare monster in the shaking bushes at various stages of the game, but once you catch it there won’t be another there again. The game crashes. A lot. A LOT! I find the game closing after ever other cutscene, which is quite frustrating as my most recent progress is lost. I hope this is fixed soon. This is the main reason for my 3 star rating rather then 4 or 5 stars. The cutscenes are mostly text-based with some character pictures to go with them. The App Store screenshots indicated that those scenes would be played out by the sprites on the map with text. The story feels empty, the action is completely lost during the cutscenes. Please consider making it more dynamic. Overall, it’s a fun game. I do wish that you could find more of the level up and evolution resources by chance after a random fight in the wild. Encountering monsters in the wild holds almost no meaning otherwise, consider EXP is better when following the story. Right now it’s locked behind daily tasks and power up events that rely on an energy system. It’s hard to say if the game will become more ‘pay to win’ with micro transactions as the difficulty increases with time. If that’s the case, I do feel like the game shouldn’t have asked for an initial purchase. Make it one or the other, game purchase or micro transaction, not both.

- Practically Pokemon, but not Pokemon

Loving the game, great implementation of everything

- Loves it

Love the game and it’s future can’t wait to see what’s in store for it, so much fun, great story line, I see a competitive future, 5 stars for me 👌🏼

- Best game I’ve played in a while.

Finished act 1 and it’s. More than worth what it costs. That part alone is worth more than what you pay. Act 1 is a full game in itself with no waiting times. Yes act 2 takes up your mana so you can’t just power through without spending money but I honestly can’t recommend this game enough. The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I feel the act 2 story mode should use an alternate energy than mana. Would be much better if the mana was purely used for online play and the story part was an energy type system instead. Would happily pay $10 for this game if the mana system was altered slightly. The premium currency is expensive to buy but is very easy to earn so no need for it. I’ve managed to do 2 1000 Crystal summons without spending anything. Looking forward to what the game brings in the future.


This game is one of the best games I have purchased I would recommend this game to everyone. The fighting in the isn’t boring like in some Pokémon games. There is also an amazing story line and you immediately know all the characters personalities. Definitely worthy of 5 stars

- Totally worth it

Cheap, great, interesting i love it

- Love it

Love the game so far my one complaint seems to have been fixed really fun game I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay for it

- Initial view - high hopes

From what I have played I feel like this could be a very good game and would love to continue playing, however there are a few bugs that need to be looked at and evaluated, I’m unaware if any of these are happening to any one else but they are present for me First off there is a bug in which once I open my team menu to edit my team, it will only show 1 of the few weapons I know I have retrieved, and it will change each time I open that menu, relating to this, once I equip a weapon it is removed once I leave the menu/or when I return to it Another bug that I have been seeing is when I try and place a unique rarity monster I caught in my team, if I return to said team page it is replaced with a white box and have pushed my unique monster back out of the team These are only the two I have found as of thus far, I have high hopes for this game and feel this needed to be said, it’s not exactly game breaking but it is quite annoying Thank you

- Lunch day

Ok... the game is great!!! The battles requires a minimum of strategy, not sure how much (just started) but potentially it can be really a good title. Today it doesn’t connect to the server, so login bonuses, market etc are not available. I reserve to believe that might be because is day 1... we’ll see how it goes... for anybody who likes Pokémon style games and turn based games: this is a must!!! Please fix the connections!!!!!

- Increasing the importance of a guild

So far the game is pretty fun so that’s a job well done! Just that I feel the guild part could need some more brushing up. Some ideas could be like implementing guild levels that are gained by member contribution points in battle/events etc and each level gives a skill point(or SP) for guild skills that could increase exp gain, attack power, speed, gold gain etc. I’d also like it if the date of the creation of the guild could be known/accessed. The guild member limit is fine for now but in the future if my member limit is full I’d want to expand/increase the limit and I wouldn’t even mind paying for it. Anyways that was just some suggestions from me because I would like the guild system to reward players for their effort and not just be there for not much of a reason. Aside from that I am having a lot of fun with the story arcs!

- Great game

Gameplay in this game is amazing, it’s a good mix of final fantasy & Pokémon, really enjoying it so far

- Amazing!

Only just released and already in love! The game doesn’t crash when you start it, no lagging and really great plot! Keep up the great work

- Bug

There’s a bug in the team management section where not all the characters appear and there’s a character with a blank white icon called the dragon goblin that has 9999 stats on everything which I never obtained and it keeps replacing my 4th team member making me unable to use more than 3 members. Please fix this

- Very good game

I enjoy the starting of the game, Love the story line so far, love the characters so cute and adorable monsters! Keep up the good work it’s a brilliant game!!!

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- Complete Garbage

Game constantly crashes, you try to play campaign, CRASH! You try to battle with friends, CRASH! Participate in events, CRASH! Try to go into options and contact support, nothing. The option doesn’t work, it let’s you click the button but goes nowhere. It’s a broken game. CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!

- Collect monsters

This game is good I like everything about it the only thing and I know other players have the same problem really frustrated for one is really hard to get soul stones and when finally get enough to buy characters always get weapons and is good to get weapons but what’s the point if you don’t have monster to put it on when you get one is the ones you will never use in the game so that’s my complaint you guys should make more easy to get good characters.

- Fun gameplay, don’t play past the first story.

The gameplay is fun, and I quite enjoyed the offline story mode. However, the moment you finish that first story, and switch to inline story, this game completely switches gears. The whole capture monsters thing is a lie. Whatever you capture is basically useless, and they removed the useless feature in the online mode. Everything I liked from offline story was stripped and removed for online story except the characters. Decent story, but completely loses the fun that you get from the offline story. Don’t even try to play any sort of pvp unless you decide to invest lots of money, or enjoy getting wailed on by wales who have full teams of characters that you have a 1% chance of getting unless you pay 24$ FOR A CHANCE at getting one. 4$ for an even lower CHANCE at getting a good character. Not to mention their summoning system is absolutely worthless. They combined characters and weapons into the same summon, and weapons are given A higher chance to drop. ALL OF THESE WEAPONS I AM GETTING ARE PRACTICALLY USELESS WITHOUT A CHARACTER TO WEILD THEM. I have made at least 15x10 Summons with stones I’ve gotten from the game, and have only ever gotten a total of 4 decent characters, none of which combo well together. These banners with the cool looking characters on the front are a joke and a scam to get you to hope you might actually get one of them. Chances are you will just get a weapon instead. This game would be much more fun if the gameplay continued like it did it the offline story, and having monsters you can catch actually be leveled to a point were they are not utterly pointless. But considering that does not make them money, it’s never gonna happen. My suggestion: enjoy the offline story then uninstall. No point playing without paying hundreds of dollars after it. 4 stars up to the end of the offline story, 1- 1 1/2 stars for the rest of the game.

- Ehh

The game is fun, but offline story from my experience, had some problems. First, the offline mode of you have to take your time before going into a lot of battles. Second, because of the first reason, it for some reason goes to easy instantly into hard to extreme

- Nice but needs work

I’m gonna be blunt about this game. It’s a good game for the gameplay and characters, however, the gatcha system needs to seperate weapons and characters. That’s the easiest way to put it. Also, the game keeps crashing after one or two battles, causing the user to have to re-do the battle, which is quite irritating. Other than that, pretty good time waster.

- Ok look

Hi! Your game is really fun but when you delete it you lose all your progress starting all over can be real stressful if you were on the final boss please fix this. Also increase your rate of getting SSR or getting one free in the story because I actually want my first SSR! 🤗 and can you add a feature where you can change your gender? After fixing all this stuff I mentioned I will rate 5 stars! Thanks.

- Was Originally 5-Star

Please make all of the Acts free-roaming. Please.

- Excellent, but also why?

I really actually dislike writing reviews but this one has earned it. Definitely one of the best Games I have played in a VERY long time, especially on a IOS platform. The graphics are great, and there are tons of different monsters and characters. I was hesitant because I don’t like to have to pay to win these games, but I beat the entire offline story without even buying anything at all. The offline story, however, took maybe 4 hours. After that the online story isn’t bad, but you started needing higher ranked characters and summoning is eventually very difficult without spending money. Even if you spend money(which you shouldn’t have to because you bought the game) the probability of you getting a good character is extremely low and you will probably get a high class weapon because they don’t differentiate between the two when summoning and weapons are more common. While this is frustrating, it still has some good qualities. The storyline is fun, and as stated the before the graphics and artwork are great. With those positives I’m willing to give three stars. I do recommend either lowering the prices of IAP’s drastically, or better yet just raising the price of the download and taking IAP’s out completely.

- Game need more upgrade!

I have spent about $50 on the game, I already had 4 SSR character and they seem unusal because I can’t build a good team with them. The game at the first time is exciting because It looks like Pokemon game, you can go to catch some monsters. But it just stop when you’re done the offline stories; Moreover, All those monsters are able to catch just the normal ones, some are rare if you’re doing the task of the characters in the story, and you’re never got SR, SSR monsters or characters. You’ll have chance to got SR characters (not SSR) or SR, SSR weapon if you play events of the game. The event cost you mana to play and it stay long for a month (it means you’re able to get SR character or SR, SSR weapon one of a month). The game also gives you some gems to get a chance to get SSR character, but you need to spent at least 10k gem to have higher chance, and it will cost you plenty time to get them. The graphic of the game is good, but it need to get more upgrade to make the game is more insteresting!

- Very interesting story

Nice story

- Recycled garbage

When I mean recycled I mean it. Banners aren’t new and when they mean new unit they don’t mean it. It’s actually been up before. 1% SSR rate. Really. This is the first gacha game I viewed as 1 star. And most importantly a pay to win pay to play.

- Great Game AAAAAA+++++

I was surprise by the game I like the story.

- Wasted Potential

I do not write reviews but the way the developers have handled their recent anniversary event and their recent general in game content has pushed me over the edge. Please also note I do not feel entitled to anything but am basing my opinion off of their previous game, Neomonsters, and other gatcha games I have played. With gatcha games in general, there are usually rare/legendary/etc. coveted characters/creatures that are harder to get and often times require in game currency to access. This in game currency can be bought with money or earned within the game. Often times these gatcha games will also throw a bone to F2P (free to play) players once or twice a year where these coveted characters are easier to get or are awarded for free. You see this with their previous game Neomonsters and with other gatcha games like Fire Emblem Heroes. Neomonsters during their anniversary allows higher hatching rates of the harder to get monsters with their game while also awarding players with other valuable in game content. Evertale did not do this. The only thing they did is gift 1000 units (isn’t a lot) of their in game currency and a special SSR banner (SSR’s are this games version of the rarest possible character/creature) that can only be accessed by you spending actual money. You must pay 24 DOLLARS (24 times the price of download) to access the banner to be awarded 1 SSR Character. You cannot use the free in game currency to access this banner (including the 1000 units awarded).This is unprecedented greed compared to the other gatcha games I have played. The best part about this too is they decide to drop this “deal” during the global COVID pandemic where money in general is already scarce for many people around the world. Secondly I have watched these developer’s talent, which created a honorable and amazingly well done story , go into nothing but creating tasteless near pornographic female characters. This takes away so much from many of the other elements of the story, at least for me (keep in mind I am a straight male). This game was so great when it came out but I’ve watched it become so bad over the past year. It is so frustrating to see a game you love so much become utter tasteless garbage. This game’s combat and story was so great but their recent content and way they are treating their players is a huge turnoff. It is definitely worth the dollar for the download, but if you want a game you can keep on playing and progress in, look elsewhere. The developers don’t care about you. I sincerely hope the developers turn this ship around. This game can still be something great.

- Starts off so awesome..

...Then it turns into a repetitive, boring money grab. I downloaded the game since for something to do and didn’t think I would enjoy it so much, but the offline story is amazing and had me hooked. That faded fast once I completed it and continued to the online story- you can’t catch any characters, and it’s no longer free roaming- you just jump from square to square either battling or viewing dialogue. Also no more mini quests, and since you can’t catch ANY good characters in the offline mode even, you need to summon them using “soul stones”. If you want to buy soul stones they are INSANELY overpriced for a very very small chance at a good character, or any chance really- $25 it’s absolutely nuts to charge. This game has so much potential to be incredible! The art and storyline are really cool, just wish it didn’t end up like this. I would gladly pay money for a game more like the offline version.

- Drop rates

The drop rates are dumb. I have done MANY draws for the highest rarity of characters. On some special events where some characters are a higher chance to get it is still impossible to get them. Game devs need to make a function where after some draws the percentage for the highest rarity goes up.

- It’s a shame.

The first two days I played this game were super fun. Now, I can’t even play it because there’s something wrong with the game. I can’t enter the game now because the news it shows wont close even after the close button has been pressed dozens of times. As a result, the game is unplayable. It appears I will have to delete the game and because I already advanced pretty far into it, it is unlikely I am willing to try again.

- Fun yet strategy game

I had fun in the story and like the combat style but the most thing Liked is that you can catch monster really fun game for the hole family .

- Pokémon joins Evertale

Good Game but crashes all the time on my iPhone 6 Plus.

- Did not receive the 1000 jewels for anniversary

I did not receive the 1000 jewels for the anniversary. My gameid is LEEGENDARY. I will give 5 star if fixed.

- Extremely confuse is it free or not

Game overall great game but bit confuse is it free? Why limit time why make no sense all mobile game is free to play.

- the game is pretty fun but why isnit jot working?

so, it's been weeks the update announcement's there, it says until 3/18 which has already passed but still the announcement is there and nothing works. what should i do now?


Uninstall this pay to win garbage!! Unless you spend real money you will never see an SSR character doesn’t matter how many gems you can get playing the game the most you will ever get are stupid weapons. I’ve played for months straight just hoping to get an SSR so I could actually stand a chance in pvp. Every event character that are SR rank are absolute trash and do nothing to help your team for end game and pvp. Sorry to the morons who think this is a good game because of the pretty colors maybe your better of with a coloring book than playing this garbage fire of a FREE GAME. Get a freaking clue you idiotic developers.

- Greedy greedy

It is very VERY hard to get an SSR character in this game. I have had this game for a year now and have yet to get one. I have only gotten 2 SR characters and so many SSR weapons. So I see a guaranteed ssr summon and I’m like “finally”. I log in, and ITS PAID STONES ONLY. These developers are soooooo F****** greedy. Do NOT waste your time with this game, there are other developers that aren’t just all about the money and actually care about there players.

- It a good game stop complaining people

You only this like this game cause it cost a lot how about don t use money and ply for real you just unlucky don t blame the game just DON’T SPEND MONEY ON GAME IS YOUR FALT because if you did not spend money the game is a fun story game

- Great game and very enjoyable except for the prices of Soul Stones

Awesome storyline, incredible graphics and beautiful art work on the characters. The competitive part of this game is also very well developed and enjoyable. However the Character summon could use some work. The prices of the Soul stones are way over priced considering you only have a 1% chance to pull an SSR. Not saying it needs to be a guarantee but even increasing the chances slightly would make this game so much better. Overall though this is a very well developed and easy to play game!

- TL;DR - Don’t pay money for this game. Any amount

I really just don’t get why they have to charge anything for this game. Amount aside, this game is already set up like the absolute most predatory kind of pay-to-win trashfire one would usually see from Electronic Arts, which usually means that it’s free to play. Nope; Evertale has to be that special snowflake that has the audacity to charge even so much as a dollar for a fun but horrifically frustrating Final Fantasy/Pokemon rip-off. The gameplay is already “Meh” at best, you’re either steamrolling everything or slamming your head (or wallet, as is usually the case) against the wall in frustration, since the encounters seem like they were balanced by a 6-year old with an inferiority complex, and the story is neither original nor very good. Save your money, go play something else.

- It’s a solid game

I just started to play this game and I’m having a good time. A little confusing in the summoning shop but besides that pretty fun.

- I’m angry

Never play this game every single time I try to play it exits me out of the game it’s really frustrating

- Wow

Your teAm did an amazing game@

- Good game

Very good gameplay mechanic

- PvP Success Requires Endless Rizette

I really have enjoyed plaything game. The storylines are fun, and I enjoy evolving the different characters. My one major complaint is that if you want to be competitive in PvP, then you MUST have the Endless Rizette character, or you can assume you’ll lose to those who do have her. The developers made her so much stronger than the other characters due to her 50 TU poison + super-poison skin each time you attack her, you’ll probably lose 2 or 3 of your top characters with equivalent stats, just trying to take her out. Having the entire PvP dependent upon having a single character makes it not all that much fun. I’m still hoping they’ll do something to balance this out, but no luck so far.

- Good

Very good

- Lost my account

I lost my account cause the game was bugged why it was updating so I was forced to delete it! I wrote the support team over a week ago the responded once, I got all the information I needed to recover my account! They won’t even reply it’s been a full week now! You can tell they really don’t care

- Amazing game

This is a amazing rpg it probably one of the best on the App Store

- Great game

But O wish you could play as a girl!Thats why I deleted the game.Also I wish you could chose the monster you want to be your first.

- WdF is this game

Holy mother of load, this game so freaking hard. Just on offline mode (first two missions), I’ve been trying and stuck on it for hours. Headaches and frustration you will be looking forward playing this game. God please make early game easier. Btw 7 hours into the game haven’t even gotten my first summon or past the 2nd quest.

- Amazing, but room for improvement.

Now that I’ve sunk a lot of hour into this game and have completed all the acts. I love it. The combat system is dope, I like it more than Pokémon. It has nice mechanics and animations. The cost of soul stones are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. That being said, you can easily obtain soul stones from the story, events, PvP, and daily logins. I think maybe it’s the devs incentivizing playing more than paying? Idk. If they wanted to make more money tho, my friends and I really like this game so we would definitely buy souls stones if they were a reasonable price. THIS GAME NEEDS END GAME MONSTER CATCHING! The characters, the story, the art style, it’s all appealing. I remember starting the story and thinking wow, everything about this game is great. I was saddened to find out how none of the monsters you catch will scale into late game, and you can only catch one of each instead of being able to get multiple and power them up like you can from the draws. Overall, very fun and entertaining game. Love the character design and the combat. The story is really cool, and the art is beautiful. Stay with us Devs!

- Skills over Bills

Tbh, the gacha rates are painful, but ultimately needed due to how powerful they are, if you struggle to get SSRs at the beginning, just restart and try your luck again, one or two SSRs are good to begin with if you want to start off strong. The game favors synergy and strategy over money, I know this from personal experience. That said, this game isn’t a walk in the park, it is brutal and unforgiving at times. The ultimate challenge is pvp, that’s where the real pain is, if you aren’t ready to lose a lot of matches, then this isn’t the game for you. Though if you want a strong challenge for supremacy with pretty simple battle mechanics then download the game and go crazy. There is also a official discord where me and other players come together to help teach the numerous strategies and tricks that have been crafted for the optimal gameplay experience.

- Fun game but you’ll never get a ssr character

All ssr characters are grouped with ssr weapons so any time you try to get a ssr all you’ll ever get is a weapon. So end game is awful unless you’re willing to pay actual cash.

- It’s fun

It’s very fun.

- Fun, however...

Fun game, but there pornographic anime images of women. It’s disgusting.

- One star

The story is bad, no skills animation, the game AI is stupid, the auto combat is also bad, the draw rate is low and mix with equipment. Every 5 stars is a fake review

- Summons

Guys!!!! Fix the SSR characters drop rates thats all!!!!!y You will see more people will play the game. It’sa beautiful game but you can’t manage those horrible drops rates. Always are weapons and weapons and more weapons and people like more characters not weapons. I think its the only complaint people have and 101 rule, you need free daily summon section also with the actually horrible drop rates. Then just increased the rates on stones. Easy man 🤦

- Absolute crap

Good luck getting ssr characters or a fair match in arena.

- 스토리가 꽤 재미있네요.

스킬들을 어떻게 사용하느냐에 따라 판이 갈릴 수 있는 점도 신선했습니다.

- Crap

Pay for a game and still has absolutely terrible rng. Good luck getting new characters

- This game needs work

This game is a bunch of bs. Every 10 times summon guaranteed a sr or ssr, but that doesn’t mean your getting a character. I’ve done the 10x summon 6 times and gotten nothing but sr and ssr weapons. Drop rates are terrible other than that good concept, just too hard to get good characters.

- Wow

I originally thought it was gonna be like Pokémon because we can level up and evolve the monsters we catch but it turns out that it is way better

- Best iPhone RPG

Beautiful graphics and very compelling story

- Waste of Time

Rates are stupid low or nearly nonexistent. Don’t waste your time you can’t catch good characters. Lol. Takes forever to acquire premium currency to summon. So much potential here but the grind is insane.

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- Needs better controls

A d pad would be perfect

- Crap

Crappy summon rate and enemies just pull out attacks that kill you in one shot early in the game if you want to evolve one of your crappy characters youve got to wait for the event which could be days away and even then your guys arent strong enough to get all the materials in the first place so your pretty much stuck until your forced to use real money its quite clever what theyve done but i dont like been tricked so they aint worth my money

- Best game

I think it is amazing game. So much to do! I really recommend this game to everyone

- I love this game!

I really recommend this game. It is very entertaining and has lovely animations. It is not to complex to understand and isn’t one of those pay to play games. It has a great story and really cute characters. At the moment, I have not encountered a single problem with it.

- Addictive

Plenty of content and rolling events means there is always something to do, new hero releases keep the meta fresh and challenging.

- Good game awful summon rates

Honestly this is a pretty good game and the tu combat system is pretty smart and innovative. That said all I have to say about this game are it’s completely broken summon mechanics. You have 1% chance to pull an ssr character and 4%for an ssr weapon which is completely absurd. Currently after about 200 summons I have 14 ssr weapons and 0 ssr characters. There isn’t even a pity timer for those unlucky gamers like myself. Please change the summon rates or change the mechanics and this game would be pretty good.

- One problem

I like everything about this game which is why I’m not giving it one star for this problem...I am always facing the gaming shutting down every couple of minutes please fix so I can enjoy it properly.

- Exceptional

It is a wonderful game that I could play for hours it also gets my blood pumping

- Incredible!

Amazing game!

- Honestly wouldn’t recommend

Been playing this game for a few days and managed to get through most of the campaign, however, you don’t get enough items to evolve the monsters, don’t get enough gold to even evolve them and the way the TU system works is so bs i honestly just rage quit the game. You’d think summoning would solve this but all you get are characters and gear that just doesn’t help, also too many duplicate weapons and characters are summoned. I saw this game and at first I really did enjoy it but when push came to shove this game is honestly less hard and more just completely bs and in favour of the AI, you just feel completely at the mercy of the AI while your party gets torn to bits without you even getting a chance to defend yourself

- Crashing

Love and hate this game. Enjoy playing it but my god it crashes a LOT, but only while doing the offline campaign

- Amazing

Grate open world game with the ability to play offline and online.

- Great game

Great game. Really enjoyable so far.

- :)

Great, fun gameplay 👍

- Amazing game but needs improvements

First off I have this game a 5 star review because it is very close to my heart but as a long time player I think I speak for everyone when I say there needs to be vast changes in this game, the story is fun and captivating and the gameplay itself is fun and very polished but there’s a list of improvements that we’d like seen: 1) CRYSTALS! Incredibly expensive, 74.99 for 4000 crystals that’s 40 summons, that does not guarantee anything of value either SR or higher but the rates of monsters are lower than weapons so getting an ssr character is far less likely than getting an ssr weapon which becomes infuriating when you see that rainbow come out of the gate. 2) Guilds! Is there really any point to be in a guild? It doesn’t benefit you whatsoever, you do not get notifications from your guild members so you have no clue when someone’s wanting to PVP another guild member. 4) Events! They come far and wide, they need to be much longer, if you have a good team together you can beat a challenge event within an hour meaning you’d have to wait 2+ weeks for another event to appear and when you’ve reached the endgame these events become important. 5) Stamina Bar! For a pay to play game the stamina bar refills very slowly, I’d expect it to fill a little more quickly. 6) PVP GAMEPLAY! There should be rewards for the winner/loser, it seems useless if all you’re achieving is heightening your rank, but that doesn’t benefit you whatsoever. There should also be new backgrounds and soundtracks, I’m bored of seeing the same field over and over again... 7) Daily Logins are worthless sometimes and it’ll be soon that I’ll have to wait 50 days for anything of any value. Things we’d like implemented into the game: 1) Mercenary Raid Battles, 4 players vs Computer monthly boss fight! 2) More weekly/monthly events and challenges. 3) Guild Battles! Guild vs Guild league battles so you’d set your Guild Defenders and Guild Attackers and then there’s rewards at the end of the month for the highest ranked guilds in the league! 4) Message bar at the top of the screen for guild members! 5) More characters that you’re releasing. 6) Weekly captures for sr and below characters. 7) More accessories available. These are just a few ideas, I believe this will improve the overall experience of the game and make players return, I see too many people on my friends list saying ‘last seen a week ago’ and a lot of lower rank players are struggling to get anything good from there summons which shouldn’t be the case for a pay to play game! I myself would lose interest when this game should be as addicting as it can be. Thank you, keep up the good work!

- Its ok

I been playing this game for a while now. But until recently i am not enjoying it. You have to wait forever for mana to actually do anything. The soul summon is a joke at the moment i spent so long saving up for a 1000 stones twice only to get all Rare characters no SR or SSR. When you have to wait forever for soul stones you should get better characters. I do not mind grinding for something if it is worth it at the moment the grind is not worth the reward. I hope they sort this out as it can be a fun game to play.

- Not enough to do

Great story line, but is really short and no replayability. Get to the end of the main story and it all just stops, events are great but get hard quickly unless you’re willing to grind for upgrades, even that providing a meagre boost. This game has bags of potential still!

- Separate Banners

Title. This game is great but it gets a bit stale after you stop getting daily soulstones making the grind for new units that much longer and it is so disheartening pulling on a banner, you see the rainbow flare only for it to be a weapon... again. I currently have 2 SSR units and 11 SSR WEAPONS. Please separate the two I would rather never see a rainbow flare again than keep getting disappointed of just receiving weapons constantly.

- I love it!

I adore this game, the graphics are nice, the plot line engaging. It is a pleasant mix of Final Fantasy and Pokemon...

- Some highs and lows

The story is really fun and engaging act 1 will really test you towards the end, had to grind for some evolution items, as well as level up materials which was fun and made the progress through even more rewarding when you best the final boss Act 2 is no longer free roam and you cant catch monsters so the only real way to get new characters is soul stones some bosses pose a challenge due to the mechanics but other than its less engaging. Acts 3 the soul stone hiest, there is tons of soul stones to get in this act and the story isnt bad same mechanics as act 2 but you gain more soul stones and can summon alot more so all in all an improvement on act 2 Act 4 less soul stones and more evolution items instead, its not bad and some of the bosses are hard and i mean hard but as they are repeats of act 1/2/3 it makes battling them not as hard as you all ready know how to beat them its just having a high enough team. Pvp once you have the achivements for winning so many matches to get the soul stones there is no real point in it as there is no rewards End game where i am now, its just waiting on story so you can get more soul stones to summon monsters, buying soul stones is out of the question as its 0.99 for 25 soul stones you need 100 to summon a monster/weapon, the daily challenges don't give soul stones so again no point in them. And your log in bonus… its ok but a bit meh at best, yes you get soul stones, but its very infrequent and im on i think day 75 and its every 25 days i think you get 100 soul stones. So in short once you have done the story good luck getting new members you are stuck with what you have, there is no sales and the events come round few and far between, plus when the event dose come round you are more likely to end up with 5x the ssr weapon than the new character that is out

- Doesn’t work after latest update

Stuck on downloading screen

- Good game

Enjoying the game. Good balance to the game and able to progress without spending money. Updated today and now unable to open it! Please fix bug

- Buggy AF

Still pretty bugged months after release. Good luck pulling SSR characters from the Gatcha cos all you'll get is weapons. I've been playing since Day 1 and have 2 SSR characters and 3 SR. I still have basic level characters in my line up. Hence can't win a PVP fight anyway. Had to delete half my friends list yesterday cos they'd all left, even those like me with 1 or 2 SSR characters. Gatcha mechanic totally flawed.

- Great game

I love it, am very much enjoying playing, however, the app will no longer open on my phone (iphone 8) after this most recent update. I hope this issue is fixed!

- Wish I Could Recommend

TL;DR: Act 1 is a 5-star game. Act 2-on is a predatory 2-star game. Average of 3. EverTale can be split into two sides: Act 1, the game you are promised when purchasing the game, and everything else. Because of that, I would argue this is one of the most predatory mobile games I’ve ever played. Lemme explain: Act 1 is a fantastic game. Absurdly so, considering its price. It has plenty of areas for you to explore, it has hidden elements, it has challenging bosses which demand you change your strategy to counter them. I would argue that Act 1 borderlines on being the “perfect” mobile game; all it’s really missing is some extra depth in world exploration, and most of the units you can capture become redundant before you can ever use them. Rare monsters are something you’re cued in on luckily though, and they are honestly so strong that you can continue using them well-past Act 1. After playing the game through to completion now, I honestly think that Act 1 is there to get people hooked on the gameplay/story as well as to attract positive reviews. Almost no reviewer would ever play past Act 1, so they will only come away with the best this game has to offer. Act 2 is a gacha game. Not a good one, either. The story mode’s exploration elements vanish almost immediately; instead, you get a grid-based movement system to replace it. This system is honestly rather lacklustre and uninspired, and honestly, the fights/missions could be given to you in a drop-down menu to much the same effect. I will give credit for the backgrounds in these sections though, they are of exceptional quality. The capture elements almost entirely disappear as well. I will say that it’s entirely possible that I’ve just missed any missions where I can use it since completing Act 1, but regardless, it is so rare that it may as well not be a factor. This really hurts your team building as you’re immediately forced to rely on the premium currency to pull new units. Probably because of this, the challenging bosses from Act 1 largely disappear. There is the odd boss here and there that you might need to change up your strategy for, such as distributing damage equally across enemies to knock them all out in one-shot, but this is pretty much the limit of it. Very rarely will you need to change team composition from one that purely focuses on getting as much damage out as possible (with 1 Guardian in opening 4, and a second guardian in your fifth slot. They will honestly take 90% of the damage for a fight). The rate of which you pull SSRs and SRs is also incredibly low. Not the lowest I’ve ever seen in a Gacha game, but paired with the next problem, this is honestly egregious. Finally, the premium currency. For Act 1, and in the early stages of the game, they are rather generous with their in-game currency. It’s not over the top, but they give you enough intermittently for a multi-summon and you honestly don’t even need to use it. In fact, I would recommend against using it; You are given everything you need to beat Act 1 IN Act 1, and it really enhances the game to do so. But the removal of the capture system and the lack of free units means that you’re utterly dependant on this currency to build your team. And they only give you enough for a multi-summon every 50 days or so. With really low SSR rates, and prices on par with games like Dokkan Battle and Brave Exvius. I want to be clear, I don’t expect a lot of their premium currency for free. Nor do I expect free SR/SSR units. But the combination of all these elements means that the game just dies on its feet immediately after you finish Act 1. I hope it gets better. If it does, this might be the best mobile game I’ve played. But this isn’t it.

- Nice game but.....

It’s my first monster hunter/evolving game and I’m thoroughly enjoy playing it. My only problem is that every single time there’s an update the game crashes and won’t even get to the main title screen. Other issues are that your game save is only on their servers so if you delete to reinstall the game after a crash, your saves gone and you have to start again unless you made a note of your restore code in the game restore tab prior to deleting. Your also unable to re-catch unique monsters if you have accidentally sold them which is a pain. All this aside it’s a game that doesn’t demand too much of your time and plays well.

- Quality

Probably the first time I have been able to find a game I could give 5stars game play is brilliant story line well constructed love the retro feel abit like golden sun

- Crashes

Enjoyable but crashes too often

- Recommended

I’d recommend this game to anyone who have enjoyed their previous titles. I started playing their games in Dragon Blue Island and to be honest I was hoping each game after would be like it but they aren’t unfortunately. If you’re looking for Dragon Blue you’ll be disappointed, however if you like your anime and capture games then this still going to be up your street

- First Acts great, then it goes down hill & currency way to expensive

Got this on release and probably played it way to much, clearing the first act (story arc) in a few days. Act two really let’s the game down though, it’s a world away from the fun experience of the first act. You lose freedom of movement, reliant instead on mario party esc spaces to go too. The worst part is every encounter costs you mana of which you have a limited amount, meaning you can either SPEND real money (see currency gripe) to restore that stamina, or wait real world time for it to replenish. Think the mobile games where you’ve got wait times for building or similar In game currency is also really expensive compared to other mobile games. It uses gems which can be used to restore stamina or “gamble” for new characters or weapons, of which you can’t guarantee if you’ll get one or other. £11.99 will get you 450 gems, or 4.5 summons/25 stamina refills. Overall the first act is a good game, but act two (can’t say about three as I gave up) makes it a really big let down

- Grind fest full of bugs and pay to win

After about 4 hours this becomes a grind fest and it’s basically a pay to win game . It’s also full of bugs so don’t waste your time or money on this .

- Great fun

Really fun to play nice sprite work and an engaging plot.not to heavy on the old micro transactions either challenges are a welcome edition been scratching my head at a few of them!

- Good game

For me the only down side is you cannot start the game on offline mode. Other than that 5/5

- Loving this game!

As a fan of previous games like Hunter Island and Blue Dragon Island I was expecting much of the same but more polish to it all. Very glad I pre-ordered though as this is a great little gem to pick up for such a cheap price! There feels like there is more strategy to the combat than previous games and, whilst you can still get a line up of ‘attack all’ units you are now limited by the spirit resource system so you need to think about each move and make it worth it. The Graphics are adorable and any Anime fan will like the sprite graphics they have come up with! Who doesn’t love a great sword wielding frog with lady problems 😂. Overall I’d recommend this game to any fan of previous ZigZaGame RPG titles and to anyone new to their style of game. A very fun casual game!

- Great!

Been playing this game for the past couple of days, I’m really impressed with the storyline and attention to detail so far, it’s not a pay to play game which really interested and is a really immersive play style - would recommend to anyone that likes pokemon!

- Final Fantasy meets Pokemon!

Really enjoyable campaign to blast through. With the view of more “Acts” to be added. Great mechanics. With a good amount of team strategy and real time PvP. Plus all the RPG elements you’d want. Great game with lots of potential!

- Solid Purchase

The game play can be very tactical, depending on the units you use. You do not have to continually pay money to play the game, unlike many pay to win systems. The art style is aesthetically pleasing and the load times are short. Overall, this game is great for anyone who likes RPGs and turn based combat.

- No help

I really enjoyed this game and had played since beta but since release I’ve been unable to play, I’ve tried sending an email to support but have had no response back yet and it’s been 4 days.

- This game isn’t worth 50p

This game is honestly one of the most bland products I’ve seen it’s story is literally just a cliche pile following a”prophecy” and you playing the main protagonist who is chosen to become the “saviour of the planet” the story is just extremely generic and absolutely boring. I am aware it is a mobile game but other mobile games are able to do this much better, it’s one of the scummiest games out there having a 50p paywall to play the damn thing and forcing you to pay for their premium currency as well stupidly enough I would avoid this game because despite some monsters looking decent it’s nothing more than a mere cash grab to frisk you of your money

- Currency prices are ridiculous

Game is great but the I game currency prices are absolutely ridiculous. £0.99 for 25 soul stones, when i costs 100 soul stones just to summon 1 monster/weapon, effectively costing £3.96 to summon just 1,m. Should be getting at least 4 summons per purchase. I understand this is a new game and will change the review to 5 stars if this is balanced.

- Need help?

I’m enjoying the start of the game, but I just exited the app and went back on it, and my soul stones went from 100 to 20 and I didn’t do anything? So it’s just taken 80 off me for no reason? I understand it’s a new game but can you help me?

@KP_evertale Bahamut is not cute at all😕I think he’s too strong...

@blackryuki112 @Evertale_JP 萌えてますねw

@blackryuki112: @Evertale_JP うーーーんいつにも増して脇を舐めたいキャラですねぇ( ´ᾥ` ) 良い感じのスタイルで良い匂いするんだろうなぁ...あぁ...興奮してもっこりちゃんになったよ( ´ᾥ` )マキシマのワキシマprpr

@TcAEk43HMOwapuz: こんな時にすいません!! ギルド JP Spirits メンバー募集中です! 1名の募集になります。 DMでもコメントでもお待ちしてます。 戦績 pvp 3位 1位 1位 2位 4位 3位 アリーナ 前回まで1位 前回2位 ラ…

@t42896260: とりあえず雷ロロピックガチャを常設にして欲しいな、あいつの所持未所持格差やばい

@prastiyoda @Crosiper @evertale_en Well, it's kinda the big 3 right now. Since they also forgot Sleep and "Over" I…

@evertale_en Please make more events to earn ss. I'm dying to know how to earn more once I finished the main story,…

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Evertale 1.0.53 Screenshots & Images

Evertale iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Evertale iphone images
Evertale iphone images
Evertale iphone images
Evertale iphone images
Evertale iphone images
Evertale iphone images
Evertale iphone images
Evertale iphone images
Evertale ipad images
Evertale ipad images
Evertale ipad images
Evertale ipad images
Evertale ipad images
Evertale ipad images
Evertale ipad images
Evertale ipad images
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Evertale (Version 1.0.53) Install & Download

The applications Evertale was published in the category Games on 2019-03-21 and was developed by ZigZaGame Inc. [Developer ID: 665001828]. This application file size is 154.32 MB. Evertale - Games posted on 2020-06-01 current version is 1.0.53 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Evertale Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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