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Bird gives you access to shared electric scooters and personal electric vehicles in 100+ locations worldwide. Whether you’re headed to work, class, or just need a breath of fresh air, Bird gets you to your destination with ease. No traffic, no pollution—just you, the open road, and a sustainable way to travel around the neighborhood. Be free. Enjoy the ride.

Use the Bird app to ride with our partners: Brum, Wolf, YoYoWay, Scroll, Skootel, Sherpa, EVIKES, Glow, and Lava.


Download the app, load up your account, and get ready to fly. You can also pay with your Bird app at local businesses in select locations.

• Create your account
• Find and scan a vehicle’s QR code
• Fly responsibly
• Park with care
• Keep the public right-of-way clear
• End your ride


Bird works with cities, universities, and partners across the globe to provide a sustainable transportation option that complements existing transit systems and reduces our reliance on cars. Powered by electricity, our fleet of personal electric scooters and vehicles helps reduce pollution and traffic, making cities more livable for everyone.


• Avoid riding on sidewalks, unless local law requires or permits.
• Wear a helmet when you ride.
• Park clear of walkways, driveways, and access ramps.
• Visit to learn the rules of the road.


Make money in your spare time by keeping our electric scooters and vehicles charged and ready to ride. Become a Bird Flyer at


Bird is currently available in 100+ cities and universities worldwide. Find Birds near you at

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride Comments & Reviews

- Never A Bird When You Need One

Bird is fine when you find one that works. I walk to work in DC from 17th and R NW in to L and 15th NW. this is a fairly major route for people walk to work in the AM, and home in the PM. There are never any Bird’s along this route, because of it being a major walking commuter route to downtown. And when there is a random Bird along that route, it is either out of juice or off-lime due to damage. I am sure it is a never ending struggle to keep repositioning Birds around a city. That said, it would be nice if there were more of them on 17th between U Street NW and Mass Ave NW at the other end for the morning commute. And those that are there are working / have juice to be operable. I keep looking at other people riding Birds and wonder to myself, where the hell did the fund theirs? And where did they find one that works. In closing, full disclosure: I did just rented one at about 7:45 pm, with no problem. Had a nice ride. However that is the exception in my experience, and not the norm.

- Don’t work for this company

I became a charger for this company and just completed my first release today. All was well, I released the Bird to the correct location, completed my task and went on my way. At 10 am I began receiving notification that my Bird was late to release. I went to check my tasks and nothing was there but I also noticed that my pay out was not listed either. I contacted support and was told that they did see the release completed so they “removed” it from my tasks (although it was never there). When I responded asking for my payout, I was asked to provide screenshots of my location on the Bird map, a screenshot of the error I received when releasing, and a picture of the location I was releasing. As it was now 6.5 hours since I released the Bird, it was impossible for me to provide this information. When I responded stating this information, I was essentially told “Too bad, so sad. Next time do all these things because you will have to request a pay out every time you release.” When I asked again for my payout, I given a link to an article in the FAQs as to the reason for my lack of payout due to faulty release, even though I was never told that there was actually an issue. By the time this was said and done, this company wasted more time and money creatively telling me no than it would have cost to just pay out the measly $3. I am throwing away my chargers and discouraging anyone I can from using or working for this company.

- Update charger experience seriously needed

This is a review from a chargers perspective. If your downloading this app to become a charger you may want to hold off for the next few updates. Being a charger seems great until you find out how confusing and frustrating it is. You guys at bird need to hire more user experience IT guys because the app is seriously lacking on the charger side. You guys need to clear all of the red scooters off of the map. Its a terrible idea and makes things more confusing for the chargers. If you guys need help locating lost or damaged scooters you should hire a more dedicated team to do so. All these red scooters are cluttering the map! Most them should at least should drop off from the map after a few days of not being found. The same goes for the yellow scooters. You guys should aim to make charging as simple as possible! It shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt to find a scooter you want to charge. You guys are seriously wasting peoples time and gas by having these miscellaneous birds that are not even at the location. If someones says the bird is not there it needs to be removed from the map (period). Or hire a dedicated person to go around and check if the birds are really even there. Something seriously need to change if you want to see a better turn out for charging these scooter. Others wise you have people out here wasting precious time.

- Evil Corp

I have never wrote a review for anything, ever, but their customer service was so awful and unaccommodating that I must warn. I took a trip to LA from NY and thought I’d try it out. (NY doesn’t have e-scooters) the first screen said $6 for 30minutes. Ok, I rode for a few minutes and stopped at a convenient store, locked it on the app so no one takes it on my dime. So one would think I have 27 minutes left that I paid for. Got back on, rode a few more minutes, stopped again, locked, came back, rode again. I did this 4-5 times and they were charging me $6 each time I stopped and started. NO Where did it say you only get 30 CONTINUOUS minutes. It was displayed to me that I get 30 minutes and they should be accounting for the time like Lyft does. I disputed the $42 my bank account was charged for riding 1.5 miles total, and they played dumb and gave me the run around and never returned the money they stole. This is no way to treat a Future customer when NYC legalizes e-scooters. I run the bike lanes in the Upper East side, talking to all the bikers everyday. I’ll be sure to put the good word out for your company in my town so when you get here, we know how great Lyft e-scooters are. Im not even going to get into how the Bird scooter disconnected from the network mid street crossing (locks up and can’t move) almost killing me because the light had changed, and left me stranded far away from any other scooters.

- Disappointed Charger - Lack of Support

I really love BIRD’s viewpoint of getting cars off the road However, from a business stand point - and my personal experience as a BIRD Charger - I honestly believe it would benefit BIRD to invest in stronger and more timely tech support ( it could take up to 24 hours to get a reply) - rather than investing in expansion to other cities, states and countries. I feel like it is a House of Cards and I would hate to see such a great idea crumble... My first several weeks as a Charger were great. Even though I only had 3 charger cables, with the proper planning and the will to hustle, on a good day I was able to charge 14-18 scooters. Around the beginning of August - my BIRD app would no longer allow me to “capture” birds. The app would vibrate when I scanned an AVAILABLE bird - but the scanned bird would not show up in my ACTIVITY TASKS. On numerous occasions, I reached out for tech support. They suggested I update the app, delete my app, change my email address, etc. None of these simple suggestions worked. After 3 weeks, and hours and hours of trying to get the app back to working mode - I’m still unable to “capture”. Apparently no one is trained or qualified to help beyond the obvious. So, quickly the Bird App went from a viable form of income to a complete waste of time. So disappointing...

- Failed lock attempt; no customer service response

Finished a ride in Paris. Attempted to lock my scooter... and the lock procedure hung and did nothing. The scooter was still active so I couldn’t walk away. Attempted to contact Bird opened a chat with an auto-response that someone would be with me shortly, but nobody ever joined the chat. Finally got 4 notices in a row that my connection was bad and I should check both my internet and Bluetooth... but internet was working for my other apps (Lime and Voi both showed nearby scooters when I tested and my wife texted back when I msg that I would be late because of Bird). The app had completely hung in the lock procedure. I couldn’t stop it or restart it. Could only watch it think about maybe locking my scooter. After maybe 9 minutes, it finally gave up, told me to check my internet connection (again) and left my scooter open. I tried to lock again and this time it worked normally. Then the bill showed up saying they were charging me for the full usage time including the extra 10 minutes of non-use that it forced me to spend stand on a sidewalk. No customer service response whatsoever to my request for a 10 minute refund. Very dissatisfied with Bird at this point.

- Community service.

Bird does more than rent customers scooters out, they help people out. Offer discount program for commuters. Customers service is over the standard reputable, they respond as fast as they can and that’s not an hour or so. It’s under 30 mins or less. Average for me it’s 3-7 minute they respond with concern, check to make sure I’m ok, offer what they can do for me. Beyond corporation metaphor image, they take humanity actions. They help out. Scooters always get maintained, spite of sour lime, I have almost gotten run over by cars and bus few times, almost crash into wall because lime is behind with maintenance. I am proud of their company spread across the world. But maintenance here in America....I don’t know. I never had problem with bird. I wonder why I love birds now? Sign up with bird. You won’t regret it. Make sure you got something in your pocket and they will provide you excellent service you need.

- Need to get much better at public access-ability and safety

The experience of riding a bird scooter is very fun but there are some things that the company is being very irresponsible about. Very recently they removed the feature allowing you to report bird scooters that are strewn into the sidewalks, bike paths, and even the streets. People who repeatedly do that should have their privileges temporarily revoked so that you are required to park them thoughtfully. Some people take issue with the fact that nobody actually wears a helmet, or the fact that you have to ride in the street even though on a scooter you can’t use hand turn signals, or the fact that kids are using them, or the fact that loads of people ride double. There’s other safety concerns that are harder to solve, but if bird is removing the ability to report bad parking, then they are not working to solve the nuisance that they’ve created with birds on sidewalks, or sticking out of medians into the street, or strewn across the busy bike paths. My neighbor uses a wheelchair and has to kick these fallen scooters out of her way just to use the side walk. Bird can do way better. That’s what tech is for right? solving problems. Bird should solve this problem.

- Unscrupulous company

I’m 40, live downtown and am a full time paramedic. I just wanted some extra $$ without being coughed on. I’m honest and I’ve never been reprimanded at a job. But I was fired from Bird as a charger on trumped up lies because after several weeks of charging I found I was only being partially paid for certain birds and flat out not being paid at all despite following all of their rules. I wrote a long letter with details and called out their practices as unacceptable. Two days later I was told I was terminated without appeal. I’m not eligible to ride even..took them weeks to pay, days to respond to queries..the app functioned great most f the time but when it didn’t it was a nightmare. If GPS is off a normal drop off of a couple minutes turns into 30..birds at my home that were properly scanned suddenly alarmed and I had to recapture them. Not once but twice other fellow chargers were on my doorstep looking for birds. They showed up on their maps as uncaptured but were sitting in my tasks. Company just doesn’t care and everyone I knows now knows my experience. It’s all kind of sad because when it worked it was great and the dream of it all is grand but it’s just..failing.

- I wish I can give negative stars for this garbage app

I don’t enjoy the ride. Wherever it shows me there’s a scooter there isn’t. The app never works. My camera doesn’t work ONLY ON BIRD. I uninstalled the app and logged back in and still it doesn’t work. Wherever it shows there is a bird to charge, only 25% of the time it’s there. And I’m talking about the easy ones to find. Everything about this app is trash. Their customer service never replies and is just nonexistent. I spent 20 minutes walking in 120 degree heat and NOT ONE OF THE SIX locations that showed there was a scooter was actually there. Not even on the same block OR the next block. The map never gets updated. The navigation on the map is also garbage and backwards. I spent over two hours driving to every location where there is a Bird. After one hour I gave up on the hard one. And even the green ones that are 5 dollars aren’t where the map shows. Bird is the worst and most garbage app I’ve ever downloaded in my life. You lost a customer, Bird. I hate this app. It’s not worth the wasted time, gas money and frustration. Do yourselves a favor and save your effort and time. Don’t download this garbage app.

- Great pricing, even when you mess up

So first off, I’ve had around 20 rides and loved all but one (the scooter was damaged but you can report things like that easily in the app). It’s FAST, FUN, and so convenient! Best of all? The price. Phenomenally low costs, I joy-rode around a park with my mother one day for over an hour, and we each paid less than $9. That system was put to the test today when I took an emergency Bird and made it to my meeting just in time—naturally, I forgot to lock it and presumably left the meter running so to speak. I realized this an hour later and checked the app ready to be disappointed, but it recognized that 40 of the minutes it had been unlocked were spent immobile and I was only charged for the time I actually used it. Incredible system!! It’s how things should be, but how they so rarely are; keep it up Bird, and don’t mind the bad press, you are loved.

- A Bird Charger’s Review

This is a fun side gig, and I love riding the scooters. The app is fast on iOS 12 and it seems like this has really good potential! However: People are straight up stealing them. Just 2 days ago I saw a delivery kid with a U-lock on the bird he was using. People are hoarding them on private property and using them like personal scooters, which makes collecting them to charge really hard or almost impossible. Or, maybe they’re hoarding them to wait until they lose battery to get a higher price for charging them? Either way....I think you all should figure out a way to combat this. Maybe do what the grocery stores do and lock the wheels outside a certain radius or after a certain time. OR maybe impose fines for keeping a bird past a certain time once unlocked, or make the alarms a lot louder. This would make things a lot easier for you and us!

- Suggestion

As someone who rides around sometimes with a charger for this company, I suggest you guys implement fines for bad parking. I live in Atlanta and there are a bunch of scooters parked inside parking garages and in residential buildings. It becomes a nightmare to go around looking for birds when they are at someone’s apartment or inside a building because she doesn’t trespass so she wastes time and gas driving around to find herself looking at a building and contemplating why do people park inside. Add fee for bad parking, make people park in the streets. In that way, you don’t take the chance of losing the scooter, easier for chargers to pick it up and have it ready in the morning 100% charged and also report more damaged scooters so the customers don’t pay for damaged scooters. As a customer that I am, I’m very happy with Bird!!!

- Worst Scooter App (in Portland)

I have used all the other scooter companies in Portland without any problems, but not Bird. Bird has several problems that prevented me from using any of their scooters and they all stem from the fact that they require a driver’s license to be scanned into the app. Firstly, there is no option to do this before trying to rent a scooter, which means that you’re left standing on the sidewalk trying to scan your driver’s license into the app. The moment when renting a scooter is usually one where I’m short on time, so this also becomes very inconvenient. Secondly, the driver license scanner did not work - meaning I had to enter information manually. Thirdly, after entering the license information, I was not able to submit it on multiple occasions due to a “network” error, even though I had a good cell signal and unlimited data on my cell plan. Finally, none of the other companies require important personal information such as a driver’s license to be submitted to the app, which makes Bird seem to require additional info for no discernible reason.

- Be aware of Price Discrimination

Be careful of being overcharged! A friend and I took a leisure ride around the city. It was my first time and I put in all my information but didn’t notice that Bird was charging me more than double what they charged my friend even though our birds were side by side and we went the exact distance and there were lots of unused birds all over the place. I emailed and asked about the price discrimination and was told something to the effect of we understand your concern and we are in the process of improving our fleet. I emailed them back showing them I was being charged $.35 a minute while Lime was only charging me $.15 a minute at the same time and from the same location, and why should I be singled out to carry the weight of repairing their fleet. In my opinion it was not good customer service and I have not heard back from them. I regret my ride with Bird as it cost me $20+ which it took all the joy out of the ride. All that to say I plan off loading the app as soon as I use up my credit and going with lime who only shows the $.15 a min.

- Pricing

Our experience: 1) Does not properly disclose pricing on app. Under payment screen it states...”$1 to start, $0.15 per minute plus tax”. Time charge is displayed. There is no disclosure of distance rate or price. Our final charges were $0.27 per minutes not $0.15 per minute, which I find deceiving. 2) when setting up app, it asks what dollar amount we want to start with. It fails to ask if we, as the customer, agree to the continual charges on card. Or it also fails to disclose to customers that credit card will continually be charged. Currently this option can be unselected under payment tab. 3) miles are not properly disclosed. There is either a glitch in the system or with the scooters. We were a group of 7 (phones/riders) who followed each other to the same destinations. App showed same destinations with different miles recorded. Again be a glitch or a way to charge customers more on distance. 4) The ride was enjoyably fun! Scooters had speed and the breaking system worked well. No complaints about scooters.

- Fun while using it - But cheats you out of money

I used this in DC and I made sure to click the option that only cost $5. After that I went into the app before I started to use the scooter and turned off the option to recharge me after my time was. I was riding around waiting for it to turn off when the battery died. After parking it I went to look for a different one when I found out that I was charged almost $20 for this ride. Four times the amount I authorized. The app was recharging me and not letting me know about the recharge. During the ride I repeatedly checked to make sure the recharge option was turned off and each time it was. Despite this more money than I allowed was taken from me. When I emailed the company and explained this to them, I got an email back ignoring my issue with them recharging me without my knowledge and was given a small amount credit for the small amount of time I didn’t use as the scooter died. Would never use these scooters again and would not recommend.

- Safety Issue

I won’t ride a Bird again until the issue I just encountered is fixed in the app. I got onto a scooter that was broken (wouldn’t stop accelerating) and had to jump off of it to avoid a more serious crash. I escaped with just a bruised ankle, but my first thought was obviously that the next person to come along could be hurt even worse. Because the ride only lasted a few seconds, Bird “cancelled” it and didn’t charge me. That’s a great customer friendly feature, but I had no way to rate the ride and report the dangerous scooter. I called support and got no answer. So I sent them a message through the app, but that hasn’t been answered yet. In the time that’s passed, anyone could have come by and started a ride on the same scooter that I’d just been injured on. The app needs to provide an immediate way for riders to take broken or dangerous scooters offline, even when rides are too short to rate, or there is a risk of multiple riders being hurt. I imagine rides on broken scooters tend to be short, so this is a big oversight!

- I want my money back and fix your scooters

I am a transfer student from Dubai and don’t have a personal mode of transport and resort to other means of transport. I found the system of electric scooters offered by Bird and other companies to be cost-effective and fun. And the fact that it helps me engage in conversation with people as I meet them on streets while asking for directions and enjoying the view is refreshing. Coming to the point: I took a 20 dollar package and was disappointed EVERY time I rode on of Bird’s scooters. Either the brake doesn’t work, the throttle is stuck or doesn’t retract or the scooter is noisy and squeaky (feels like it’s going to break any moment) or it is slow and sometimes I end up having to push the scooter myself. Not complaining about pushing the scooter, it is good exercise, but that’s not what I’m paying for. I unfortunately cannot use other company’s services until I finish the package I brought. Won’t be renewing the service package nor will be using this service again. Thoroughly disappointed.

- The Time Has Come

I see a lot of people are actually reviewing the service and not just the app. So, I will do the same. The app itself, is fine. I have no issues with it. It finds the scooters, unlocks or locks them.. payment can be a CC or Apple Pay, which is a big plus for me. The scooters are great. They are better than the Santa Monica or LA bikes. Cheaper and you don’t have to find a frigging docking station to leave them at. In Venice. / Santa Monica, the scooters go where I go. And find them where I am. The only criticism I might offer, is that that folks who are being paid to charge them ( you can make $5.00 per battery) leave the units active In their garage or even in their car. So using the app, I find myself standing in front of a locked garage or at Someone’s van with 3 or 4 scooters inside. I

- Hated it

This app will let you put any card information on ring or right instead of it determining that’s not correct try again like how Uber detects it lets you just enter whatever then it doesn’t even give you the option to delete the information you have to contact customer service who has me waiting for longer then 10 minutes all the while I’m standing in the sun pregnant then it’s 10 scooters in the red zone and one all the way down to the block not in the red zone like that’s so irritating to find a scooter you can actually ride then the free ride never showed up what a waste of 30 minutes in the baking sun I deleted the app I’m over it what a horrible experience NEVER AGAIN.

- Birds don’t even work sometimes

PLEASE READ: I’ve only bought a bird twice. The first time it worked fine. The second time, it was 8:30 pm and 30 degrees outside and I needed to take a bird 0.75 miles to my car. As soon as I activated it, I realized the motor didn’t work and I had to use it like a regular scooter all the way to my car in the freezing cold weather. I’ve ridden them before so I knew I was working it right too. And on top of that I was sick (which is why I choose to take a bird in the first place). After going half way, I had to cross a busy intersection so I tried to hit the brakes to slow down. The brakes didn’t work either. I had to physically jump off and start running besides it to slow it down before I hit the intersection. Overall, very disappointed by the experience and I’ve been trying to reach out and get a refund for $1.75 because I would’ve been better off walking and I couldn’t get anyone to help me with that. Definitely not going to try birds again for a while.

- Did not work for me

I do not normally write reviews unless I was either blown away or disappointed in a product. I see the app has a 4.9 average rating, so maybe it was just my experience. I had to report to San Diego for two weeks for active duty orders, so a group of us all downloaded the app to get around easier. However, when we would go to park, my associates were able to park without issue. It would not let me park (even though 5 other birds were able to) and repeatedly caused me to have to move again and again to find a “better spot.” I also had several times where I would start the ride and the timer would start, but it would state there was an error and to try again. Repeatedly. This was during full bar coverage with Verizon LTE as well and no other app issues. Bird did refund me a small amount for one failed ride, but it wasn’t enough to restore my faith in the app. Fun to ride and I wanted to love it, but too many connectivity issues for me, sadly.

- Use Lime Scooters When You Can

Tried to set up an account last night, only to be met with error message after error message telling me to “update my payment method”. Found a Lime Scooter nearby and set up an account and it worked in less than a minute. Unfortunately, there are very few Limes around me, or I would use them exclusively. I created multiple accounts, and have still been met with the same error message. Contacted customer support only to be treated like a child and asked questions like “do you have the latest version of the app” or “have you tried restarting”. The issue is very clearly with the app itself, but they refuse to listen or hear your side of the story and instead provide generic troubleshooting suggestions. An all around horrendous experience. I can’t even remove the card from my account in order to start over. So basically I’m just unable to ride bird scooters because their app/customer support team are not helpful at all.

- Scamming for different rates for different users

My husband and I were on a ride back home and decided to try bird for the first time. Looking at the price online we thought it would be a good option since we live 3 miles away from downtown Austin. We decided to download the bird app for the first time of which we both activated with scooters right next to each other to go home. Later we found out that I was charged double the price as my husband as the unlock fee was one dollar but my cost per minute was $.35 instead of my husband‘s fee of $.15. I wrote customer service to out what was the issue and was told that my payment window on my bird app was updated to the most current price. I will not be using bird ever again as this was a horrible customer experience and even though my husband was charged a lesser amount he has also decided to diss activate the app and only use a deer scooter companies who are transparent with their pricing and provide good customer service.

- False advertising

I had a mixed experience with them. The good: First scooter I found worked perfectly and it took me on a 1.2 mile ride flawlessly. There was a tutorial, and I felt very safe in terms of how to use it, and the tutorial does a pretty good job in showing you how to do everything. Very nice in that aspect. Scooter was in good condition and it was easy to start and finish (park). The bad: they say it’s $1 to start and then $0.15 per minute. My ride was 1.2 miles, in 16 minutes. So the math goes: $1 to start, plus $2.4 for the 16 minutes. If the taxes were 20%, that would be $0.78 and so my generous estimate would be $4.18 for the ride. Except they charged me almost $8. That’s not fair. It’s actually false advertising and they should be punished for doing that. As a first timer, they did not impress me, and didn’t stick to their word either. The result is a 2-star rating, unfortunately. That’s actually generous after their false advertising.

- Terminated me for NO REASON still have SCOOTERS in our possession

My boyfriend and I collected scooters it was fine until the app would freeze every single time we even opened it. One day the app just took 2 of the scooters we had captured from our task list, we tried contacting them soo many times and they NEVER responded. The next day the messages we had written to ask them about the problems we were having, were no longer there. They DELETED all the conversations; yet we still had/have these scooters at home. NO ANSWER. My boyfriend went to pick up scooters and the app logged him out and said he was no longer elegible to use the bird app. They terminated his account without even letting him know. The 2 scooters are still in our possessions. NO ONE GIVES US ANSWERS. That was just a waste of our time and his gas. Scooters remain in our home because we did CAPTURE them Until they TERMINATED his account. You guys should AT LEAST pay us our $12 and then terminate us

- What Customer Service?

I submitted help requests because for some reason after uninstalling/reinstalling the app, it will not allow me to ride or charge anymore. Each one of the tickets I’ve submitted have been closed out without any response. The app doesn’t allow me to ride or charge anymore. If my account has been terminated, you’d HOPE they’d have the decency to explain WHY. However, since I have not once violated any terms of service on either the rider or charger end, it doesn’t make sense why they’d decide to terminate my account. After looking online, it seems I’m not the first person this has happened to, it’s a frequent occurrence with this company. Looking at the app (and my email), it seems each of the 8 emails/messages I’ve sent have been closed it without any reply. Terrible customer service and terrible way to do business. I’ve been letting everyone know how ridiculous my entire experience with them lately has been.

- Great concept. Badly implemented

The concept is great. Out of the ten times I tried to use it I have only been able to do it once. Not going to lie it is a great. Today was the wort day for them. I took a scooter they charged me and everything but then the scooter didn't work. And guess what? I did not get my money back. Their customer service never replies. In the afternoon I went searching for a scooter to take me back home. I walked to the nearest one and it said it was damaged. Then I walked a block further to the next scooter and it said it had no connectivity (this happens VERY frequently). Then I walked about 4 blocks towards a place which showed that two were parked. When I got there, surprisingly there were none. I gave it a last chance and searched for another one that was nearby but it wasn't there as well. By the time I got home walking I had walked about twice the distance I had to walk all due to the unreliable birds. Very unsatisfied by this app and service.

- Buggy application and poor customer service, smh

Just one more company compacting on the every day struggle. I often use bird to make the short trip from work to my bus stop so I can catch the earlier connection. Tonight wasn’t much different, got off at the stop, parked the scooter out of the way, hit “end ride”, took the picture of my scooter when prompted, and got on the bus. Everything went off as usual, or so I thought. Imagine my surprise when I find out the app had made a mistake and continued to charge me for time riding the scooter even though my GPS clearly put me far from it at the time. OK honest mistake right? Just one that is going to cost me $19 for a usually $3 dollar ride! I contacted the company and they had the audacity to offer me $7 of bird credit? Come on! After being a loyal customer with them for months they revealed themselves to be just another scam draining the bottom line. Never going to use bird again. Guess I’m a Lyft man now.

- Great Idea, surprisingly great execution

Honestly, I thought these scooters were a silly idea. I didn’t think there was any way they would catch on. Now, I’m convinced that they’re a step towards the future of transportation. The scooters are surprisingly sturdy, well built, reliable, and quick. The app is great to deal with, despite a few tiny bumps in the road (pun intended). The customer service is top notch, and has been more than considerate, professional, and helpful. Considering this company and this product are quite young, I have great faith that Bird will continue to improve and grow. 5 stars for sure, would totally recommend for quick, cheap, convenient transportation as well as just for a fun time.

- Just poor quality

Most of their scooters are broken or operate very questionably. I never feel safe when I am riding a bird because 98% of the time the handle bars are super wobbly or something else on the scooter feels like it is going to fall off. Their customer service is terrible no one replies when you report the scooter to be damaged or malfunctioning which leads me to believe that they don’t care and that they don’t maintain their fleet. They are price gougers forcing me to pay for a 10 dollar credit instead of per single ride. I think this is what bothers me the most I don’t understand why they force you to pay them a minimum of 10 dollars and why I can’t just pay for the ride per use. Honestly this is a terrible company that shows little interest in the feed back their customers give them or in maintaining the operational integrity of their fleet of scooters I regret giving in and paying them 10 dollars again for a service that is so sketchy.

- Flawed business model

At first I saw the Birds and thought, “Oh, that’s kinda cool, and interesting.” After a few months I see they’ve more or less unleashed chaos on the streets. The problem isn’t the app, or the scooters, it’s the users. It seems the people riding them often don’t feel any sort of responsibility for them since they don’t own them and aren’t held accountable for how they use (or abuse) them. As a result the Birds are often abandoned blocking sidewalks, alleyways, and streets and cluttering up people’s yards. That’s on top of those people who ride them recklessly on sidewalks and in traffic putting others at risk (makes me wonder if the riders think Birds have a forcefield for protection around them that makes them magically invincible). The dockless idea is interesting, but, unfortunately, people can’t seem to handle it and police themselves, and Bird is in no position to hold their customers accountable for how they ride or where they leave the scooters with this business model.

- Doesn’t compete

Just use Lime or Jump. Bird forces you to input money into an account on their app, which is inconvenient and forces you to pay in large increments. Additionally they force you to input your drivers license info into their app, which varys from a minor inconvenience to a major red flag depending on your opinions on data privacy. also I suppose this depends on where you’re riding, but I have yet to find a Bird scooter that actually works well, the one time I came upon a bird and was actually able to use it, it’s battery died about a minute later. the other 5 or so times I’ve tried to use it (trying to use up the minimum $10 I had to input onto the account) it has displayed an “unavailable “ message after spinning its wheels for 5 minutes. in my experience riding rental scooters, JUMP (by uber) and Lime is a far more user friendly and pleasant experience where you come out feeling like you found a bargain, not like you were cheated.

- They do not refund for broken scooters

The scooters are fun but I've had much better customer service from all other scooter apps. I tried to rent a bird but realized the wheel was completely jammed and the scooter wouldn't start. Bird charged me for the ride despite me locking it within 20 seconds and the scooter not moving at all. After reporting the issue to Bird I expected a refund instead I was given a partial credit. A credit I could live with but I would expect a full credit (Limebike scooters for example don't charge your card if the rental period is for less than 2 min). It was less than a dollar which is why I'm even more disappointed in this company- why are they stealing pennies from customers? Just be careful- and check your bank account if they do claim to give you a refund they likely have given you a partial refund. Also they advertise "give a ride get a ride" but it doesn't work on the app and customer service has yet to help.

- A little glitchy

I’ve been both a charger and a mechanic and both sides of the app have issues that seem to go away and then re-appear. 1. Starting the app initially always goes well, but occasionally the toggle to switch to charger/mechanic mode either does not appear or takes several seconds or a couple minutes to show up. This occurs on both my and my girlfriends phones. 2. On the charger side, Bird seems to waffle between wanting to use damaged-bird nests and not using them. This seems to change back and forth depending on (possibly) who did the update and what version they chose to build off of. This is easy! What will you do when you have a hard issue to resolve? 3. Also on the charger side, the option to mark a bird as damaged is currently not available (See last two sentences of item 2 above). 4. All of these issues have been reported to the charger help desk, but the info seems to go NOWHERE! Here is a typical example of the the response you get when asking a question - “Charge and release as normal” If the question were this simple, there would be no reason to send the question and no use for a “help desk”. Bird might be a great company someday. Right now, they have a tremendous amount of work to do.

- (Beware) so let down.

Been seeing these scooters around town. Thought they were cool. So today I had to walk across town after a wedding on a hot day thought it would be fun and easier to ride one of these scooters. So I quickly signed up for the app. In my haste I apparently “bought” $20 in credit. Which I didn’t realize is what I signed up for because I literally just clicked through the sign up. It was too late to undue what I had purchased, so I thought, whatever now I can ride a bird home. Not so. End of night comes, and the app reports ZERO scooters within miles around me. In fact it fails to report any scooters on a map at all. I restarted the app, etc. deleted and redowloaded. I was stranded! and my budget for a ride home completely blown on bird credit I didn’t even want. Walked home miles because of bird. Just great. I’d give it zero stars if I could. I really really wanted to like bird, but my first experience just destroyed it...

- Disappointed

This is my second time I’ve come up with an issue with this company. The third time I rode one of their scooters I fell off due to their brakes not working and they didn’t do anything for my injuries. And now one of their scooters was not working properly, I immediately canceled my ride (it was only 10feet of trying to work the scooter) and I’ve yet to get a response to refund my $10 they charged me for TRYING to use their scooter. The customer should not be the one punished for your BROKEN SCOOTERS! I want my refund! I’m very unhappy with your broken scooters placed on the streets to “use”. Unless you want to play a game of chance (get injured/ have your money taken) don’t use this company. Yeah the ride is cool when it actually works but I haven’t gotten a chance to fully enjoy due to these constant issues I have been having with their product and the company not helping out with it.

- Great Concept

My review is 4 and not 5 stars for a few reasons. First one being the new “balance” feature; I think paying for individual rides is more practical than having to add $10, $20, or $50 onto the account when my average ride costs less than three dollars. I wish there was an option to still pay for single rides one at a time. Second, the fact that the scooter unlocks and starts charging me money, yet doesn’t want to “connect” to my device, so therefore the scooter doesn’t start. But is somehow still unlocked.. I’ve had to call at least 5 times for refunds due to these errors. Props to customer service though, they’re always helpful. Overall I love riding these scooters but there could be a few minor improvements.

- WARNING: Cutting wires!

First off this concept is amazing and I love their service. The problem is with the people who don’t. I just came across a whole flock of birds with the wire cut, leaving them useless. I have also gotten on a Bird with a cut wire and didn’t realize it and when I tried to ride it, well, it didn’t work. (And I was charged) this is more of a warning I guess to anyone who is out looking for one: if you see a cut wire, don’t use it! Also if it’s near the end of the day and you see a flock of them together on the app with 100% charge, best to steer clear. I don’t know what the company can do (protected wires? Idk) so like I said this is more of a warning. Other then that I love this service so much, it’s so much fun.

- A game of trying to find where it’s OK to park

It’s like a fun game of gambling if you’re into that kind of thing. Your scooter starts beeping. You don’t know what it wants. You try to lock it. You’re notified you’re not allowed to lock it in that area. You’re losing money every minute it’s not locked. It’s a thrilling race against time! The app doesn’t tell you where the parking zones are. Giving you hope of being free from the game, it tells you the only thing it needs is a photo of the scooter in a particular place. But time is ticking and it gives no indication of that place. It’s a fun game if you’re bumming around alone on a Tuesday afternoon, however, I wasn’t doing that. I dragged the thing around for an hour looking for a place to park it. I took 4 million photos of it in places it prompted me to park (near a bike rack, away from sidewalks, etc.) I now have more photos of this scooter on Venice beach than I have of my vacation with my boyfriend.

- Charger life is tough

There’s lots of competition and my mind is kind of blown by the amount of cheating and hoarding. The only thing that surprises me more is that bird doesn’t really seem to do anything about it. I forgot to scan one of my Birds and immediately got put on a 4 day suspension where I could not charge, so I’m not sure how these cheaters pull off 10 or 12 birds in a garage for a week. Bird also won’t release more chargers, so charging more than 8 or 9 birds a night is tough and at $5 a piece (which is pretty normal, the higher priced ones are usually dead markers) it’s hard to get the right time/money ratio. Over the weekend I usually get crazy and spend 3 or 4 hours each day collecting and sorting birds. I usually charge 12 or 13. One day I did 25, that was a long one.

- Best for tourists and joyriders

This whole idea will work better for tourists, not commuters. This is because the scooters are most easily found by sight, due to their concentration in high foot traffic areas. Just unlock the one in front of you and you’re GTG. But don’t bother using the map to find an isolated one in a low-traffic area, because it isn’t likely to actually be there where it’s accessible, and low on juice if it is. You’ll end up walking more than if you’d just done that in the first place. There’s an option to take photos at the end of the ride to facilitate finding it, but I have yet to see such a photo or a “see photo” button when I’m trying to find it.

- No brakes

Worst scooters of all the e scooter companies. Customer service is awful. The brakes fail sometimes which is why it’s important to wear a helmet. I had to try and stop the scooter with my foot after the brakes failed and ended up tumbling uncontrollably with my head inside a helmet hitting the pavement. The safety department were super cool however they failed to take that scooter out of service. I always check the brakes before I ride and fortunately realized I was on the same scooter with the broken brakes and traded it out for a different scooter. Recently I was told that my service had been suspended because I had done one or all of five different crimes none of which is true and I can’t reach anybody at bird to discuss the issue. I asked for a supervisor, a phone number, a phone call but the most they do is mark my text solved. I’m writing a letter to my city so that this issue can be resolved since I’m getting nowhere with bird.

- Just a baby

The ride are simple the get you to and from. Tech is okay could be a lot better but good for just being a baby. The real thing I'd say make immediate improvement on is the scooter itself. It could have better wheels and overall quality structure could be improved. What if we added levels to better scooter as in basic, and premium. Premiums can offer Bluetooth speakers, or something flashy. Something along that line. Give the riders a different experience. Something to separate and improve the over to competitors. Now we could talk about adding a month service where you personal rent the scooter for a cheaper price and they charge it at home and eliminate the middle man charges ..........let's now go on a ramble now .

- Very good, but charger mode needs some love

Normal ride mode is great. Sometimes a little slow, but nothing to sneeze at. Charger mode works well about half of the time. Zooming out frequently will freeze the app if there are a large number of birds on the map. It seems like you are blocking user interactions while the server query runs (which makes sense), but if the server is very busy you spend a long time with an essentially frozen app. I suggest using some kind of clustering algorithm to reduce your pin count. For example, if I am zoomed out far enough, you could “group” birds that are overlapping with a single pin that shows the number of scooters in that small area. Overall, very good app considering the amount of magic happening on the backend. Keep it up!

- Makes chargers lives miserable

The idea is great - the implementation needs plenty of improvement! * Showing birds that are lost, cluttering the map, sending people on wild goose chases without a chance for success * often displaying error “something went wrong”, with no indication how to make it work, often not even possible to see what state the process is! * displaying birds that have long been picked up - either by riders or chargers * „help“ feature hidden, difficult to get to, copy function partially disabled * damage report doesn’t allow text, but has only subset of what could be wrong. * fully charged birds show as 1/2 charged in app * filter in „find birds“ map loses values when leaving and going back in * pics taken and sent through help dialog get lost * help dialog gets stuck to the point where the app has to be killed and restarted to be useable And more issues i can’t remember right now! All in all, the app, the processes, and the scooters are in dire need of improvement! For the little money even if everything goes smoothly it is barely more than minimum wage. But, things hardly ever go smoothly! I can’t remember a single instance were both the capturing and releasing went without a single problem - and I’m doing this for 4+ months now!

- Software lacking

I has a charger that makes money by charging scooters for BIRD, I can’t stand the fact that whenever a scooter won’t release in the morning because of a network error, I have to wait a day or two for them to remove it from my list so I can go out and get more scooters. I lose a lot of money this way and it’s stressful. You cannot pick up scooters when there is an overdue scooter in your “tasks“ menu . Maybe they can put an option in the app so that when a charger cannot release a Bird he can just tap on the scooter in “my tasks“ and it will give him an option that says “cannot release bird“ that way it is removed from his “tasks“ and they can resolve it back at the office while he is still able to pick up scooters that night and continue making money.

- Amazing....but #Tallpeopleproblems

I love riding birds through the city. It ads another level of excitement to any date. Unfortunately I am 6’6” 250lbs and the Bird Scooter, much like everything else in life was not mass produced for giant people. The handle bars are uncomfortably short forcing me to either ride in a half squat position or awkwardly leaning down and hunching my shoulders over. Also, my top speed is a good 1/2 of what my normal sized girlfriend gets. So what ends up happening is a nice Saturday morning ride on the BeltLine ends up looking like a girl speeding away from me while am yelling at her from an ever increasing distance to slow down while hunched down like I’m trying desperately to reduce drag.

- Great but needs a few key features

In SF Area these are very popular right now and there are not enough scooters. I wish there was the option to reserve a nearby scooter for 2-5 minutes, as long as you’re within say X feet of the bird. The reason for this is every time I start walking towards the closest bird, even if it’s just 2 blocks away, it will be taken before I get there. Often times the person will just be hovering over the bird before they start their ride so the scooter is still “active” but this person is holding on to it waiting for their friend or something. I find myself ping ponging around trying to grab a scooter before someone else a lot and end up wasting more time and energy than just taking a lyft or uber.

TransferWise 💸

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- Tourists from Aussie, great idea!

What an awesome idea. We had no trouble accessing them. Just enter Australia when entering your licence. A mount for phones would be perfect, especially for non-locals, we had to stop to look at a map several times.

- Great scooter but be careful

Great scooter yes but don't use scooter if your phone is low on battery. My phone died and I was charged for hours until my phone was switched back on and my ride was stopped.

- 😍

Awesome way to get around and see the sights at the same time. Bring it to Australia!

- Don't bother trying if you are a tourist

I am visiting the US and thought this was a very cool idea as I don't have a car. Unfortunately the app requires an American drivers license for verification. Great idea in theory, but unfortunately the execution is lacking. I would probably rate it higher if they added the ability to verify with a passport or foreign drivers license.

- Okay but hmmmmm

Had. 50% success rate in unlocking and you get charged if they don’t unlock. Good fun but expensive and unreliable There is no inbuilt way to complain about charging or get credit back The auto top up is set default so it can get expensive if you are unaware

- Good but not perfect

We need too be able too use two at a time for our friends/family

- Need to make it clears for foreigners

I’m from Australia but I went with other scooter company’s like Lyft and lime in Washington DC due to having to enter a drivers license number. I found out later I could have typed in Australia in the text box but it was too late. You need to make this clear to the user.

- Tons of fun!

Awesome fun. Seamless experience. Great app!

- Very frustrating

Tried 3 times to get a scooter to work after signing up but all 3 didn’t work but they took 2 x $8.25AUD from my account. Have requested a refund and will cancel my sign up!!

- More than one at a time

Should be able to hire more than 1 scooter.

- Horrible experience

The bird felt so unsafe an erratic compared to the lime it felt horribe. Will never buy again.

- Impossible to park, for way overcharged, won’t use again

Terrible experience

- Funnest ever!

So much fun!

- Venice Cruising

That was epic

- No scooters

I don’t why this app is in the Australian iTunes shop. There are no scooters around.

- Very expensive

Far dearer than an uber

Payoneer 💰

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- Nice


- Help and Settings covered by Promo Code?!? Fail :(

Has anyone had this problem? The Help and Settings options are both covered by the “Give a Ride. Get a Ride.” promo code. I haven’t been able to access either option and it’s quite troublesome. It’s been like this since the first time I downloaded the app a couple years ago which is why I originally gave up on the app. I opened it again today hoping to use it and it’s still the same! Has no one been able to figure out how to correct this? It’s very aggravating and I hope someone finally realizes this and it can be rectified.


I had a limited amount of time to get my belongings after work before I had to meet my friends to head to their cottage, so I decided to take a bird home. What a mistake. I accidentally hit a bump at high speed and the bird engine stopped working, even in areas where it should have been. Like it wasn’t even going slowly. I had to awkwardly push the scooter along with my foot- fortunately I longboard so it was natural for me, but if I had been a client who didn’t know how I’d be screwed. It’s an inconvenience either way, and not what I paid for! Then when I got to my place and I wanted to end my ride it wouldn’t let me! Even though I was in sidewalk furniture zones and trying next to park benches! I left the damn thing running while I went inside to collect my things- your app charged me for a bunch of minutes I didn’t want use!!! I wanted to take an uber from my place to meet my friends on time, we are on a tight schedule and I didn’t want to delay everyone. But I didn’t want to leave the bird alone charging me for minutes I’m not using. I ended up trudging the bird along halfway back to the market (because the engine wasn’t working, remember?) until I got lucky and managed to park it. Holy crap, what a stressful experience. I used your product to save time, not waste it. I shouldn’t have to sit here troubleshooting YOUR COMPANY’s technical difficulties as a paying customer!!! EPIC FAIL. Would give zero stars if I could. I would ask for a refund for the 10 minutes I didn’t intend to use, but frankly, I want a FULL REFUND due to the stress and terrible user experience!!! Your company had better fix your tech IMMEDIATELY. or at least provide an emergency phone number to call to have an operator end a ride for you in case of a situation like mine. RIDICULOUS...

- Wouldn’t let me park

Kept saying “no parking zone” which was frustrating. Overall, ran smoother than other scooters.

- Pos

Wont find scooters, thinks my location services is off which it isnt

- Community Code

Your Canadian App doesn’t have the Community Code triangle. No way to send quick message if serious problem

- Terrible company

This was completely inconvenient. Didn’t work anywhere and didn’t allow to park anywhere when ending ride. A money grab. Do not rent.

- Bad

Scooter didn’t work and did not get a refund after sending two requests.

- Show

Amazing!! Loved time I had

- Great

Love the bird scooters

- Amazing

Wonderful product affordable pricing... looks like you have yourself a slam Dunk minus seasonality .... scooter snowmobiles next ;)

- auto reload fiasko

some how load a balance of $20 to my account i didnt authorized it

- App works great

You should be able to report a scooter as broken. It is not fun to walk a km to get to a broken scooter

- Thiefs

These thief's will steal your money and simply ignore you. Be warned if you leave any money in your account, it will be stolen. Period.

- Glitchy and Underperforming, A Waste of Money

I’ve ridden Bird scooters about 3 times so far out of 6 total attempts. In one case the scooter unlocked but failed to activate. In a second I reserved a scooter that didn’t exist and was charged anyways. Disappointing that you have to pay for the glitches. I sent a help request a month ago but this was summarily ignored. The other times the scooter worked well but was kind of slow.

- First time

My first time on a scooter ride was excellent fast and felt safe. What a great way to explore a city.

- good app

fun 😝😝😝😝

- Toes

My toe letues hurts

- Don’t do it

The scooter died in the middle of my ride. It started pouring rain and I couldn’t end the ride. Customer service was nowhere to be found. I’m so disappointed. I had to carry the scooter to a “safe place” and it has bruised me all over Edit: I did try to contact customer service and received no reply.

- Ben

Far too expensive. Almost the Same price as an Uber will not use again until prices drop significantly!

- How to ride needs to be clearer

Enjoyed my first ride. Couldn’t get it to work yesterday because it wasn’t clear you had to take a pic of the barcode. I didn’t understand that from the how to ride tab.

- Works but is far too expensive

I had no technical issues with using this to ride a scooter. However the price point seems very inflated as the cost per minute is comparable to renting a car with Car2Go and they start charging you the second you reserve a scooter. In addition the scooters are limited to 20kph (regardless of where they’re being ridden) which makes the price even more unreasonable. Using these scooters to go any distance worth using them for ends up being more than four times the cost of taking public transit and not much faster.

- Bird is grrreat


- DO NOT USE this service

Fun ride. Too expensive. The app will continue to charge your credit card unless you disable “auto update” function - very misleading at 10$ a pop. Bird will also charge you for a reservation but will not tell you ahead of time. I had to pay over 8$ for a missed reservation because my phone died. If you do not cancel your reservation this app will continue to charge your credit card indefinitely. DO NOT ENCOURAGE this misleading disingenuous company. Period.

- Every city needs this!!

I have had such a great time using this app and the scooters. I think every city should have this as an option. The app works pretty seamlessly with little to no technical error. Highly recommend using this if available in your city!!

- Bad , bad payment

I want to start with the good! It's great when there are such scooters on the street! The downside is the payment method! I bought it for two scooters! Removed from the account for 4 scooters! Well done, you will go a long way!

- Worst experience ever!!!!!

Process of getting the scooter was terrible, you are charged an insanely high reservation fee and bikes were often not where they appeared on the map. Do not use if you want to rent a scooter go to a local rental shop

- Too long

We were charged more than we hoped because we couldn’t stop where our final destination was we had to take it back which took longer

- Observed Safety concern

My husband and I were on a patio for dinner this evening, (first time since COVID started-it’s July 16th) and we were watching lots of your scooters go down a very busy street, Preston street in Ottawa, Ontario. (It’s 10:00pm) with no safety protocol. The users are predominantly teens and young adults tonight. We observed Kids without helmets riding on the very busy streets really quickly, not thinking about car doors opening, being on the sidewalks, moving very quickly.,also going the wrong way on a busy street. I get that this is really exciting and very fun for them but it’s also very very dangerous. I am fearful that there will be a horrible accident and then that will be the time where serious protocol comes into affect. I think you need to rethink your safety procedures and in sure that the proper safety protocols are put into place because somebody is going to die!

- Doesn’t work!

Can’t locate any scooters on the map and it won’t work if you find one. I contacted customer service about this and they told me this was an older version of the app and that I had to download the new one. I then asked where the new one was as this is the only one in the Apple store and their reply was that they were updating it all the time. So I guess there is no other app that actually works. I also put $10 on my account to use and it mysteriously vanished. When I asked them about this they didn’t reply. So I lost my money. Don’t waste your time with this!

- Awesome bike

The speed is so good and the balance is so perfect even though is small compare to other bikes out there.

- It wouldn’t let me park for almost 5mins

Yeah it took a while for the app to let me park my scooter even though it let my friend park hers in the same spot. The meter ran for a few more mins as well which was not a nice thing to experience

- Covid Ride


- It didn’t work

Said it was sleeping. Better not get charged for this. I was so excited to finally get to ride one after 2 years an still go without the experience with a potential payment.

- Good

Loved it. Great service

- Stress

I tried to park in the designated spot and it kept telling me to park somewhere else when I parked next to every bird in the area, please refund me and fix your app.

- over charged

yessterday me and my wife use 2 scooters and we just driving for 3 min and end ride then it charged us 10$ for me and 20$ for her im not sure what happen but we were not happy about it and i want someone to email me and explain for this charged i will be waiting for any explanation

- Not good

Its not good

- Added 10 bucks and it didn’t work right away

Wouldn’t work right away so tried to end the ride and even trying to end it didn’t work and I only added 10 bucks to my account i guess once you put your credit card on the app its untrustworthy and gives you no warning your being charged more i was just looking to try it out add 10 bucks i was given no form of a warning so 10 bucks turned into 30 and it should ask you to repay not just automatically bill your card.. i feel scammed.

- Great app, great service

Unbelievably convenient and easy to use!

- Annoying alerts

The service is great but the app sucks. Too many marketing messages about things I don’t care about. I had to turn alerts off to stop the repeated adverts

- Awful app, beware

Bird has incorrectly charged me a LOT more money than it should’ve and there’s been nowhere on the app to see how it came to such a charge and nowhere to contest it. Locations of birds are incorrectly shown on the map and the range is by far incorrect as birds that are shown to have 10+ miles of range are dead when I turn them on. Just awful in general, please beware of it.

- They charge for reserving

Heads up, if you ever think of reserving a scooter they will charge you by the minute. Even if you cancel your reservation they will not refund the reservation. Lime does not do this, car2go doesn’t do it neither. Finally, when I requested a refund for the credit that was deposited into my account they charged me a bogus fee of 2$ for “updating my balance” what??? These company is out here doing their best to gouge our every dime and penny they can. Stay with the competitors, send a message and maybe in the future they’ll understand to change their pillaging ways.

- Best way to see the city!

Love these scooters!

- Make it Faster

I love this service but the scooters used to be faster (in Los Angelas). I like fast scooters. I’m in Calgary and I feel like the government interfered somehow to make them slower. The babysitting state needs to stop. They don’t pose much of a danger to others and it should be up to the rider if they feel comfortable going full throttle. Still such an awesome service but I won’t use it nearly as much (if at all anymore) at this speed.

- I loved it!! I wish we had this in Victoria bc


- Premier essai, horrible

La trottinette n’avance pas, la batterie étant probablement vide. Obligé de revenir en marchant dans la zone de service. Je rate mon rdv et on me charge le prix d’un taxi. Pénible.

- most frustrating experience

Downloaded the app on the spot to get around a city I’m a tourist at, trying to convert 40 min walk into 10 min ride. From the get go the scooter turned really slow, would beep for out of range - 200 m into the ride. took me another 25 min to park it basically dragging it on myself. The service zone is basically invisible on the map - could only differentiate it later sitting in a cafe. Initial instructions didn’t cover any of the issues I tan into and app provides no feedback on what is going wrong. I suppose my geolocation was also off on the app as I was circling a spot that was allegedly a confirmed parking space. Most frustrating experience. Mostly from lack of experience and information , but I moved 300m from original spot and wasted money, 30 min of my time (+being late and sweaty).

- Fraudulent.

Calgary by-law says Scooters are limited to 20kmh. LIME scooter actually show you your speed, and if you track it with speedometer app or smart watch, it checks out. Try the tracking your speed on BIRD; however, and you’ll find that while the initial kick-off is WAY snappier that Lime (20kmh, maybe?), the scooter immediately throttles you down to 15kmh. Add on top of that, the $1 unlock-fee, the $0.35/min, and you have yourself a very good reason to use LIME. I loved these guys in early August. Smoother ride than, and just as fast as LIME. After the unlock-fee was added; however, the entire experience seemed to change. I thought it was all in my head, but riding numerous scooter, and testing the speed, I’ve actually proved it. It feels like they’re in their “MoviePass” phase right now, where they’re using shady tactics to elicit more funds and prove to their investors that their valuation isn’t BS. Hopefully this only due to this being a pilot program, but that’s a long shot considering LIME does not throttle their speed below 20kmh and haven’t been penalized for it. And of course, the fact that this only seemed to have happened AFTER they were forced to add an unlock-fee, it definitely feels like they’re catching up to a bad business model. Should’ve had the unlock-fee from the beginning.

- Non available

I went to the distillery district on the weekend just to check out the scooters and there was no scooters available. I wasn’t even able to find the station(scooter parking) or designated area. No signs or signage of any kind. App only showed 1 available unit in Yorkville, 20 minutes away. Only 1 scooter for All of downtown Toronto ! Edmonton has them everywhere and people love them.

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Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride 4.160.0 Screenshots & Images

Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone images
Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone images
Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone images
Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone images
Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone images
Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone images
Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone images
Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride iphone images

Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride (Version 4.160.0) Install & Download

The applications Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride was published in the category Travel on 2017-09-11 and was developed by Bird Rides, Inc. [Developer ID: 1260842310]. This application file size is 196.13 MB. Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride - Travel app posted on 2021-10-25 current version is 4.160.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.bird.Ride